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Welcome back friends to a new chapter of our quest. Nothing important to add here, all docs have been updated.

Don't mind the thread number, I've put the wrong one when archiving.

Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

Characters met by Arawn. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ishEn1-U1A1i3FbZ-YiQd65xk2jXpLab1XnM2hTNZvs/edit?usp=sharing


You will need to resolve yourself to a solution about your memories. One option is to perform a soul ritual in Zipangu – the land specialty- with three other people as anchors to avoid any risk of crippling yourself in the ritual. This will mean sharing everything you discover with them about your past, no secrets, nothing to keep to yourself.

Your other choice is to do a Blood ritual with Sieglinde and her little sister Deruella, doing so will allow all of your memories to come back at the cost of sacrificing everything you've accomplished since your awakening. This is your only option if you wish to keep your past private.

Side activities.

None, Vilma has her ingredients and requested Sieglinde to keep them safe.
It’ll be up to you to find how to occupy your time.


You’ve earned three ‘’privileges’’ to enjoy the monstrous additions of Sieglinde, Elina, and Belphegor after your successful gambling. To be used at your leisure, though only once.

You also owe Vilma a favor so keeps that in mind, never know when she’ll come to collect.
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Before I post the update I'll need you guys to vote on one of these choices. Like our first thread where I had you choose an important character trait for Arawn, you need to choose between one of three flaws that will slowly but surely start becoming apparent now that our protagonist is settling into a routine despite his lack of memories. I'll take the entire thread to tally up, so don't expect to see any shift for now.

Not to be misunderstood as a weakness against seduction (Arawn remains a stoic at his core). This trait will have our protagonist inevitably drawn toward women, especially those he's forged a strong relationship with and may have some lewd stray thoughts here and there. This will give our elf a particularly strong libido, so it'll be important to keep yourself constantly busy to avoid succumbing to bases urges.

Periods of intense activity will require rest. Passionate training or days like that operation in the forest will have Arawn naturally spend a day of rest to recuperate - which isn't necessarily a bad thing- because you could convince your entourage to take it easy. Arawn will naturally be drawn for comfortable endeavors (sleeping longer, lazing in the sun etc). With constant discipline, you'll easily avoid falling into excess.

Stoicism doesn't reduce the strength of Arawn emotions. Rage manifest as a dying coal fire with a potential to spark into an explosive inferno; this is the only flaw that can make Arawn seriously lose control of himself and general situations that anger him can make him prone to impulsiveness despite the importance he put on keeping constant mastery of his emotions.
Enemies will earn few chances at forgiveness and anybody who hurt his friend in present or past can be subjected to his wrath.
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Evening of Day 05

If your encounter with Deruella was a glimpse into the Jawahir family relationship, it was easy to see why Sieglinde would go to such length to save one her sister, although hearing how much it affected her -how different a person she was 13 years ago- afflicted you with many conflicting feelings about your own amnesia. What kind of man were you in the past...? Would the blood ritual make you into someone fundamentally incompatible with these women who've been supporting you? Sure you might be keeping a journal but will it really have any influence?

The small storyteller last remark filled you with a faint amount of pride and guilt, for someone to so easily choose the few against many lives was… Impressive, scary and definitely unfair, nobody around you claimed themselves impartial.

You've definitely been lucky.

‘’Say, Belph, what did you mean about Sieglinde being crippled?’’ You had to break this awkward silence while doing your best to keep your anger in check, it may be more than a decade in the past but knowing that a man nearly killed your benefactor and affected her health this much was… enraging.

‘’Ah, yeah…’’ The goat-girl immediately grew uncomfortable, three-fingered hand tapping one of her curved horns. ‘’Kinda let it slip, don’t go telling anybody okay?’’ She smiled like a child caught lying and busied herself with her plate for a moment, allowing everyone present to voice their agreement. ‘’Siggy a Supreme Monster, she hasn’t fought any duels since Zipangu but people still believe in her strength, having someone in her close circle spreading bad rumors would be plain sad.’’

‘’You don’t have to say anything if you’re uncomfortable.’’ Elina commented after watching the small Mamono, getting up from the bed to discard her empty plate.

‘’Nah, it’s cool. Sieglinde doesn’t talk about herself, she likes pampering people, making sure they have nothing to worry about and abhor causing trouble when, y’know, it’s perfectly normal to impose on friends and family.’’ Belphegor cleared her throat and let out a big sigh as she moved into the crux of this subject.

‘’When Sieglinde was wounded by that spear, it caused an unexplainable phenomenon. The corruption in her body underwent a change, it became difficult for her to manipulate it. This eventually culminated in making her battle transformation sloppy until she grew accustomed to it's altered effects.’’ Belphegor clicking her clawed fingers together. ‘’It left mark on her body. Those hands are an obvious sign; she always had pretty fingers but now they've become big, mean and ready to carve out your throat, covered by that strange black metallic carapace. Next is her tail, previously it was like a regular succubus, y’know alluring appendage of leather with a spaded end.’’

You keenly recall Sieglinde little sister sporting something like that.
''Now it's deadly. Her feet are also monstrous, plainly so really, she's using custom-made boots to hide them though honestly, she has no need for any coverings.''

''So, her being crippled means trouble with handling her Corruption?'' You asked, feeling pangs of worry for the redhead now. She was still affected by those wounds.

''Yep. My other hypothesis is much more sinister.'' Belphegor went silent, glaring into her empty plate, her usual jovial and casual attitude that had managed to remain during this talk was gone. ''It's possible the Corruption inside her body underwent a mutation and she's delaying an inevitable demise.''

‘’How!?’’ You sprang to your feet, earning a surprised gasp from Hao who was dutifully standing near Teruko. ‘’Wouldn’t her family find out about that? Aren’t they expert in Corruption?’’

You didn’t even know how this biological force worked and from the hard faces of the girls around you, you might have asked an elementary question.

‘’Yeah of course.’’ Belphegor nodded, scratching her chin, out of everyone in your group she was the only one who didn’t know your amnesia, yet flawlessly went along with you. ‘’Problem is, nobody could affect her body or take on the overflow of Corruption, you can bet your soul her mother spared no expense in finding a solution. Didn’t do anything in the end, she’s the one who cured herself and it left a mark.’’

‘’From thine words, milady, would mineself be wrong with assuming her highness cannot purge herself with Internalisation?’’ With your mouth feeling far too dry to speak, Teruko spoke with cold purpose and manage to stab into Belphegor heart, earning a wince that was all the answers you needed.

‘’Yeah, I’m not absolutely certain yet because Sieglinde keeps saying she’s fine when this topic comes up… but I’ve yet to see her pour any overflow into a vessel scheduled for extermination.’’

‘’Meaning our red darling has been accumulating a decade of Corruption if of course, we are assuming this scenario.’’ Teruko lips pursed together, her sharp traits frowned in displeasure as her grim thoughts sent a chill up your spine.

‘’How could she be dying?’’ Elina cut straight into everyone fear without an ounce of delicacy.

‘’Mamonos Corruption is a natural part...part of their b-biology, the only problem is this continuous volume of production that can become extremely...extremely unhealthy if it isn’t expunged.’’ Vilma made herself known, her quiet tone coming off as neutral. ‘’Daiyu wishes upon t-the Demonic Throne affected this energy and projected her biology into all monster kind, this is why Mamonos are always females… and there’s an argument about making...making us part succubus.’’
You’d have loved sitting and listening to this lecture with a proper mindset, that pillar of marble you came out of seemed completely inert.

‘’Demons Lords of the past always affected Corruption with part of themselves, traces of other, older Corruption still remain; any monsters coming into contact with this liquid horror ran a terrible risk of awful mutations of bodies and mind.’’ Now that sounds terrible, you could tell this quiet Lich was serious, her mindset sharpening her mind and discarding her stutter. ''If...If Sieglinde is somehow mutating, she could become a danger to everyone here, or maybe she'd go crazy without notice or fall sick without hopes of getting any better.''

''Can't the Demon Lord do anything about it?'' Elina asked, frowning in frustration.

''She can deal with that old stuff.'' Belphegor answered while craning her neck, earning a few audible cracks. ''If Siggy is creating a new strain, now that's another story. I'm probably fearmongering with this train of thoughts, the bottom line is that she's lost her past strength because of that near-death experience in Zipangu.''

An admittedly poor attempt at changing the mood, she put on a forced smile, looking to all the friends of her niece with a rare, honest vulnerability. She really did confess to something important, you'll have to think about this a little later on your own.

>''Teruko, do you think Titania could do something?'' She described herself as a healer without having to rely on Holy... Though wouldn't she have said anything if she could? Either way, knowing wouldn't hurt.

>''Hey Belph, why don't you and Sieglinde accompany us for training tomorrow?'' Custom be damned, Supreme Mamonos aren't above helping out friends and it's a good way to change the subject.

>Free Choice.

All the maids have disappeared after their long duty, your group will likely be tucking in for the night soon.
>''Hey Belph, why don't you and Sieglinde accompany us for training tomorrow?'' Custom be damned, Supreme Mamonos aren't above helping out friends and it's a good way to change the subject. ...Also, offer a headpat, but only if she doesn't shy away from it.

>''Teruko, do you think Titania could do something?'' She described herself as a healer without having to rely on Holy... Though wouldn't she have said anything if she could? Either way, knowing wouldn't hurt.
Yeah asking this seems prudent. Not to mention Arawn is undoubtably worried about Sieg.

As for voting on the Flaw;
To me this seems to go hand-in-hand with Arawn's stoicism - bottling emotions makes excellent fuel for the methaphorical coal fire.
>>''Hey Belph, why don't you and Sieglinde accompany us for training tomorrow?'' Custom be damned, Supreme Mamonos aren't above helping out friends and it's a good way to change the subject.

Tuck horns into bed.


>''Hey Belph, why don't you and Sieglinde accompany us for training tomorrow?'' Custom be damned, Supreme Mamonos aren't above helping out friends and it's a good way to change the subject.
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1.14 MB PNG
You could always ask Teruko about Fey magic tomorrow if you can get a moment alone, or try your best to be subtle about learning her abilities if your red benefactor happens to accompany you. With moral amongst the girls plainly stuck at a low point, you decided to rise to your feet and stretch, thereby earning many curious stares.

‘’Hey Belph?’’

‘’Yeah?’’ She clearly had a thing for informality.

‘’Why don’t you and Sieg accompany us for tomorrow training?’’ It might honestly be the first and last time all of you would be able to spend an entire day as a group, you’ve no doubt Sieglinde preparation for that suppression mission will eat into her time; if there’s no trouble with meeting this Zazawu guy, she ought to have an open window.

‘’Oh?’’ Her good-natured, childish grin came back to her face. ‘’You know what? I like the sound of that.’’

‘’Minself does agree.’’ Teruko voice was a jovial chime and she slowly rose to her feet with a hand on her belly. ‘’Supreme both of you are aye but I -do- feel like imposing mineself by requesting both of thine presences, after all, one of my prized students will be committing to a fight…’’ Eyes turned toward Vilma who, having discarded her cloak, straightened her back and planted her purples stares on her knees. ‘’… Tis mine belief tomorrow will spawn rumor amongst students; the day after will witness tutors speaking of it. Jealous Elenor shall come to challenge thee either in the evening or that morrow morning, mine dear.’’

‘’You’re giving me three days?’’ Vilma had spoken quietly, dry voice by hints of fear that motivated her teacher to stroll closer and bring her small scaled hand to pat her student pale hair.

‘’You’ll be ready, we’ve already fetched thine precious artifact.’’

Vilma didn’t answer, her head was kept at a constant low angle.
‘’Man, it’s impossible to say no to that timeline.’’ Belphegor giggled, jumping to her foot, hoofed limbs clacking loudly. ‘’How about turning in? I dunno when Siggy’ll come back, might as well sleep of tonight morosity.’’

‘’Are we to sleep together once more?’’ Elina was the one to speak now, having been pensive since the short lich exposition, her mischievous smile transferred to the tiny aunt.

‘’Suppose it’s too late for Teruko waling off huh?’’

‘’Yes, of course.’’ The pregnant lizard-woman agreed, giving Vilma hair one last ruffle (earning a grunt from the lich) and turned for her maid. ‘’She’ll need proper pajamas and as for our gentleman…’’

‘’I’ll take the left flank, he can sleep beside me.’’ The angel spoke in your defense before you could mount any kind of excuse, your open mouth let out nothing but air and, thankfully, you closed it swiftly and silently to avoid looking like a horny teenager. ‘’We're all missing our red mistress, she’ll need to see it for herself.’’

It took a few seconds - an agonizingly long moment- of standing still and smiling dumbly at a terrifyingly glaring thin red stare of this motherly scaled one, her tail loudly slapped behind her (making Hao jump and step back in defense) and you understand instinctively there’d better be no lewdness on your part.

As if you’d ever have such a weakness.

‘’Tis a big bed and all of us are waiting for our friend yes? There wouldn’t be any hurting in his stay… though I’ll need to see you kicked out, mysir, for us women need to change into comfortable clothing.’’

Meaning a whole bunch of pretty girls in pajamas.

>Will you be a gentleman, be a little boring and get to sleep? (Skip to the next day.)

>Or perhaps you'll honor every man in the world by fully absorbing this rare sight of pretty Mamonos in pajamas and do your best to sleep in your designed place? (Wait for Sieglinde to come back, it won't be difficult staying awake)

>Free Choice
>>Free Choice
Collect goat's debt
Hmm, sleep is tempting...

Are we getting kicked out of the room for good, or only while they change?
I'll need a few more anons to agree on that, all of you guys earned that favor.

While they change. Basically, the choice is to have a little fun during the night or skip to Day 06.

I originally wanted to write the girls in pajamas but I figured I could leave it as a choice.
Well now, color me surprised. I'd like to see if we get one more vote from one of the anons who posted above so I'll be sure we get a true majority.
My sensible part tells me no.

But screw it, I listen to that part too much anyway!
Oooh boy, alright. This might take me a little while to write, gotta make sure I do something good since it's a rare occasion.
The other two have been overdone.
No one ever gives sloth some love
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65 KB
You guys can pretend all you want, but deep down you know we're lust with an insatiable draw towards munster bits.
I'll probably give Arawn a strong libido regardless because this is clearly becoming a personality trait.

Gonna post now.
Tonight proved to be a new learning experience as waiting for all the ladies took an entire hour, they all needed to suitably prepare themselves with a bath and a thorough requisition of Sieglinde room that had you sequestered into your stodgy guest chamber, granting you the occasion to work on your journal (even adding Sieglinde health issue while you hesitated about it in the bath) and, after finishing putting everything to paper with serious hesitation about which solutions you ought to favor, you managed to sneak your book under your mattress before Elina unceremoniously opened your door.

‘’Hey, come on knock I haven’t slipped in to my… sleeping clothes.’’ Describe your sleepwear as pajamas would honestly feel like insulting her appearance. Elina was drop dead gorgeous with a simple, two pair uniforms of dark blue silky fabric (at least that’s how it looked to your eyes; you didn’t dare try to feel anything.) It espoused her curves with shameless forwardness and you had to force yourself to observe her eyes, else risk falling into captivation with her bust. With only a pair of thin ropes holding her camisole, her wings extended out of her skin in a naturally gorgeous way.

‘’Were ready.’’ She spoke with a smile, damp hair wafting a definitive feminine odor that tickled your instinct. Her glowing halo created shadows with her wing and reinforced the golden magnetism of her head.

‘’Y-yeah, so am I.’’ You decided to enter Sieglinde room at your pace after Elina left, the angel having closed the doors behind her, opening it instilling an impression of… grandiosity, an ultimately selfish impression of being master of this house.

Don’t get conceited, don’t get conceited.

Your entrance earned the stares of this group of women and it took your entire willpower to avoid grinning like a horny teenager. Elina with her back to you seemed even more elegant and beguiling, she began sharing a piece of oatmeal with Belphegor who was the only one sitting at the table. The small goat had thrown off her boyish clothes to wear something that looked to be hemp in a similar pair to Elina, with a long pink camisole and a pair of shorts instead of a skirt which, you noticed, couldn’t hide a bump on her buttock that was a telltale reveal of a tail.

That’d be a mouthful.

Next was Teruko sitting on the bed, her heavy pregnancy has her slip into a single long dress of peerless white exactly like her damp hair clinging to her horns and face, attached by two large ropes of silk on her naked shoulders that also revealed discovered arms; organic scales covered most of her forearms to stop at her wrists, a rare distinctive glow revealed a silvery ring on her left ring finger. She seemed… fragile, yet motherly.
Vilma had her back to you, garbed in an adorable purple one piece with a hoodie that sported a pair of cat ears, with every inch of her body covered it was difficult to describe her as anything but adorable and you understood she was making an active effort to avoid a face to face. All the better honestly, you’d succumb to a paternal urge to hug her.

Last was a large bump in the bed sheets that could only be Hao who shooks and whined as Vilma prodded her body with her hand, undeniably far, far too shy to show her pajamas, she chattered a stream of singing plaints in her native tongue in protest to the lich proddings.

‘’Feast for the eyes huh?’’ Belphegor commented as you got closer, handing you the last piece of food.

‘’Gorgeous.’’ Was all you needed to say while popping food into your mouth, earning a friendly scoff from Elina as she bashfully held onto one of her arms, wings folding around her shoulders while Teruko audibly scratched one of her scales.

‘’Only looking.’’ She spoke sternly, yet her gestures made it seem like she was… preening, a glower to her smile made it seem like she was enjoying your attention.

‘’I’ve been thinking of a little something.’’ A new idea appeared in your mind like a sudden crash of thunder and you couldn’t resist smiling after eating your share of oatmeal, Belphegor and Elina observed you in innocent curiosity… Sheer joy, your first true sadistic streak almost made you shiver in anticipation.

‘’I’d like to take my favor with you, Belphegor.’’ You didn’t ask, you didn’t need to and for delicious seconds you were met with pure silent and honest astonishment.

‘’Abababa!?’’ The old goat soon to be victim slammed her hands on the table and pushed her chair back, only to be stopped. ‘’Et Tu…!?’’ She gargled at the angel decisive swiftness and threw a pleading stare at Teruko.

‘’Under mine watch, aye.’’ She stated, earning a childish whine from the dramatic Supreme Monster, you also finally locked eye with Vilma, her semi-long damp hair kept clinging to her face in a most alluring fashion while Hao, of course, kept hiding.

‘’Guuu…’’ With her shoulders firmly held by the angel suddenly domineering smirk and her pride as the decisive blow, the hoofed small girl swung her animal feet with a rising blush blossoming her cheek in organic scarlet. ‘’…Choose yer goddamn time! I’ll win our next game, grr… Grrr!’’ She crossed her arms and hmph’d in adorable displeasure.

‘’Thank Belph, tonight was too much of a precious opportunity to let it go.’’ You spotted a worrying acknowledging glint in Elina and Teruko eyes, you’ve probably gone and labeled yourself a pajama fetishist now.

Honestly was it far from the truth?
File: 3.jpg (3.35 MB, 3076x4241)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB JPG
You closed the distance making her peek at your approach and groaning, settling her head straight. She’s been caught completely off guard and her dislike was immensely satisfying, your hand landed on her head with a quiet pomf that saw her moan a ‘’muh’’ and you set out to feel her horns again. It gave off a similar feeling to Hao’s and Teruko’s appendages; full pieces of organic bonelike additions that naturally sprouted from her head, their fullness translated to a surprising hardness that’d lead to one hell of a headbutt. Your palms traveled her spirals and uneven ridges, going far enough to reach the roots on her scalp. There wasn’t much sensation here outside wet hair, skin, and hardness of horns but it was sensitive enough to almost earn a kick as your nail trailed these roots with more dexterity.

‘’Hrm. Enjoying yeself eh?’’ Her pep was slowly coming back and she threw you a confidently twisted grin.

‘’Never think otherwise.’’ You almost slipped out a darling. ‘’Your arms.’’ That demand was an actual slip but, thankfully, Belphegor wordlessly obeyed and you began your second of three ministrations under a stern teacher gaze and a surprisingly curious angel while Vilma and even Hao were peeking at you curiously.

Her camisole had her small arms completely naked, allowing you to detail the exact parts where skin meet fur and this metamorphosis occurred; Belphegor goat-like transformation happened in the middle of her forearms and that’s where you began, cradling her right with both of your hands and earning a bashful ‘’Hey now…’’ you discovered that her damp fur still managed to feel coarse, progressing through it caused inviting ruffling sound; her three precious fingers were more claws than proper digits yet you found them flexible, easily bending to your advances, you interlocked your hand with hers and felt her second limb, ending in this same position as you stayed on her knees, staring up at this red-eyed old goat woman who seemed so thoroughly embarrassed her eyes shone with a buildup of tears.

‘’Git on with it!’’ She growled, sweat pouring down her face.

Last were her legs, her current attire revealed them completely; furs melded with flesh midway into her thighs so this is where you began. Her dark brown furs came exactly like her arm, rough, gruff yet not altogether unpleasant. Hearing the audible sounds of your fingers traveled on her leg elicited a strange sense of naughty satisfaction that had everyone gaze and listens in rapt attention. Her hooves heralded the end of your wager, small tidy feet of very hard organic material of likeness to her horns, you tapped them gently with your fingers and earned protesting grunts that had you stop afraid of another kick.
She didn’t allow you to feel her last leg, her raised animalistic feet loudly slammed on the ground and, having clearly endured far too much, Belphegor got up and dodged under Elina obstructing wing to take cover under the blankets (somehow lunging right under them midjump) spouting broken commons that you understood as ‘’Enough laddie!’’ and ‘’Hug me Hao!’’ Both bumps under the blankets now morphed into a bigger blob.

‘’You huh…’’ Elina watched her senior with rare vulnerability on her face, poor angel seemed intimidated. ‘’Really take your time.’’

Dimming light revealed the mother-to-be toying with the alchemical power of the room while holding a lamp. ‘’Enough excitement young’uns.’’ She assured, speaking to a room full of adults. ‘’Tomorrow a busy day.’’

You could still feel that hair, the hardness of those horns, the warmth of that small yet old she-goat. You had to close your hands into fists to get a better feel of your hands. The elegant angel walked forward, looking over her shoulder with a quiet smile. ‘’You’re fun.’’ She whispered quietly in the silent room, leaving you puzzled but happy about this compliment.

Belphegor favor consumed!

File: Sieg 01.png (1.15 MB, 991x1421)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Sleep did not come easily; settling into bed beside Elina was a small joy that kindled animalistic excitement and your fresh memory of Belphegor exotic parts carved an undeniably precious memory into your psyche, your mind kept lingering into worries about Sieglinde and, to a smaller point, Vilma upcoming duel.

Questions of diseases led to your benefactor potential futures which inevitably forked into your own existence and ambition. It became bad enough that you decided to stare at Elina pretty sleeping face, as questions bounced in your head up until a gentle creak of the door revealed the last missing person skulking in the darkness.

With only a single dimmed lamp to illuminate this vast room, you only spotted a vague outline, a body wrapped by darkness with long thick hair giving appearing as mutated shadows while her crown-like pair of big horns projected a genuine monstrous aura, she'd work wonder in a spooky haunted house. Her progress was silent as she got out of her clothes, head turned toward the bed and a quiet chuckle emerging out of an obscured mouth. Sieglinde walked right next to you, your own space occupied the extreme right flank of this unreasonable bed, there was ample space for one new body and your eyes adjusted to enough darkness to detail the Lilim.

A short tank top of dark color concealed modest breasts yet revealed enough skin for her belly button to be seen while her lower body was clad in form-fitting pants of fabrics you couldn’t identify in the darkness. With curly hair surrounded her like a bed of flowers and soft, healthy skin, you found yourself genuinely attracted to Sieglinde demonic mutations, making her seem that much more exotic. Her big hands were dangerous, almost gleaming with metals whilst her feet reminded you of Teruko earlier lizard summon with only four toes and thick heels covered by some non-organic carapace.

A distinctive fruity odor- booze- wafted into your nose as she shuffled into bed…

>‘’Had fun?’’

>Say nothing, let her do as she please.

>Free Choice
File: DFDeSi7UwAAKo-0.jpg (9 KB, 400x243)
9 KB
>>Free Choice
Acquire horns.
>>Say nothing, let her do as she please.
Does she notice that arawns awake?
Or is it too dark to get a read on that info
Too dark to get a confirmation, it doesn't seem like she knows but you can't be certain.
>Say nothing, let her do as she please.
>Say nothing, let her do as she please.
File: Sig habit..png (57 KB, 429x750)
57 KB
Her movements were careful and deliberate, with hands and knees on the soft mattress, there was an evident organic sway with her curves, modest breasts lightly shifting with her feline-like predatory disposition, swinging tail drooping low and curling upward to avoid slashing into blankets, the princess slowly crawled into bed with a satisfying sigh, turning around to face you and… an élan of impulsiveness, something you can’t explain as anything but fiery rashness. had your arm move around her shoulders and pull her close, earning a surprised gasp and a careful movement of her head as she maneuvered to avoid hurting you with those long horns.

There were no words, you couldn’t speak anything even if you wanted because your eyes had grown wide in disbelief with what you just did, your heart was beating fast, thumping, thumping, thumping... Cold and warm vague traveled up your spines yet… Her Highness didn’t move, the demonic princess settled on a spot midway between your throat and clavicle and let out a long-satisfied breath. Her body was warm, light beads of sweat transferred to your pajama, her chest squished against yours, tepid arms resting against your chest... She was alive. Decidedly, definitely, absolutely alive

‘’Am I scared?’’ You asked yourself, hearing Sieglinde constant breathing, feeling that warm exhale caress your throat lulled you into a sense of security. ‘’Did Belphegor and Vilma scare me that bad’’ This woman -this demoness- was potentially sick, she’s been wounded in a war because the only thing she wanted was to save her little sister. Having her breathing here right now… slowly but surely settled your emotions.

Then you felt your second arm that you hadn’t dared moved being cradled by careful fingers. You couldn't break Sieglinde comfort but at your other side, Elina interlocked her fingers with yours and cupped the backside of your skin with her second hand, cocooning your lightly damp limb with warm skin and a pure heart of concern.

…you might become unable to sleep peacefully without them.

>Ending thread for today.

Day 05 over

That's a cute way to end Day 05.

Would having been awake and taked to her have made her reluctant to lie close to Arawn? If so, this is clearly best end. ....though, chatting might have had us grow closer to her. >w<
There weren't any bad decisions, really. You can see this event as Arawn starting to become a bit more decisive, the pressuring period of his amnesia is gone so a personality is starting to show, formed from all the experiences he's been having.
Nice to hear! Now the prmary concerns are the duel, the future expedition into the forest and, on a later term, whether we Soul Link, or restore our memories by force, right?

Anything else I am missing?
File: 10.jpg (240 KB, 1006x901)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
That's all of it, training and relationships is an ever-evolving affair.

Sieglinde is expecting the expedition to start around Day 12 or so.

Time will go a bit swifter now that you're getting a better bearing with the setting.
Darn, RL made me miss this thread today. Oh well, it went basically as I would have hoped. Loved Belph's reaction to the favor. The goat is really growing on me.

Really, really worried about Sieg though. She couldn't have lost all *that* much power given her showing in the forest but it appears that she's currently locked into her "combat" form as her default. Sucks to be stuck like that but it could have been far worse. She can still access further, more horrifically murderous/monstrous forms like her mommy without too much risk right?

Kinda torn between Sloth and Wrath as our critical flaw. Him being a lazy shit would befit his noble/royal ancestry but at the same time the blessings of Khorne may well save our bacon at a critical moment...
File: 1.jpg (238 KB, 400x569)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I can't answer your spoiler anon, gotta see if the redhead would be willing to talk.

The flaw isn't that critical, Arawn is tempered by your entourage; people around you will help you not being too much of a lazy ass and player inputs will keep him constantly disciplined, though I'll gladly toy with that flaw later on.

I intend to have Arawn evolve, out of everyone in the cast he's definitely the one with the most potential to change. A boring protag is a sin.
File: Belphegor pats.png (429 KB, 1771x1771)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
I myself want to shy away from rage. No losing ourselves to stupidity over getting angry over something. No hurting someone accidentally when we are in a bad mood. No angering our friends with histrionics.

Also, I tried to doodle Belph pats
Gave me a giggle, good stuff.

I'll tally up once later in the week and see what'll be our flaw so there's plenty of time to decide.
Oh good, I thought it'd be something that we'd have to roll on with a mid to high DC whenever it came up. If it's just something that simply colors our interactions with the odd check to see if we crit fail our attempts to control ourselves when it *really* applies then I'm actually partial to wrath (though I reserve the right to change my mind after I've slept on this). Stoic types do "feel" and more often than not they feel very strongly, but they see/know what emotional reactions get you (i.e. bad ends) so they dedicate a lot of energy to suppressing it all.

That works... right up until it doesn't. Once it does not work for those types? Ho boy, will you EVER regret making them snap!

I like your drawings dude. I hope you keep delivering the good stuff.
Wrath is the one flaw that could need a DC check in some situations, but it's not entirely bad in of itself as you've pointed out.

I've come up with a new system of training I'll introduce tomorrow so Sloth penalty will be obvious and Lust... well, it's Lust. It's a more insidious flaw without obvious gains or malus, pretty girls will be that much harder to resist. You can still go BEGONE THOT if the hate is strong enough.

These flaws are similar to our choice between passionate or controlled; an important character trait.
File: Elf doodles.png (429 KB, 1771x1771)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
I wonder if elf ears are erogenous for elves too, in this timeline. Or if it is just for the female elves.

Thanks for the encouragement, I try :3
Also, if you had to pick one of the three types of elf ears in this drawing, for Arawn, what would you go with? I want to keep it in mind if I end up trying to do fanart of him.


I haven't described Arawn physical traits much because I think everyone has a different idea about him. Elves vary wildly in aesthetic, from Tolkien otherworldly beauty to the more down to earth Elder Scroll look.
Alrighty, I will go with short elves for arawn, and maybe a bit longer ears if we meet other elves or long eared monsters.

It's okay to be vague in the description. I will likely improvise details if I draw him, but I will try sometime.

And as for elf ears being lewd, if it doesn't get an answer yet, it's fine too. Perhaps a lucky monstergirl will help us find out. Much to Arawn's embarrassment. :3c
Thread 06 had Belph molest Arawn ears, he didn't give much of a reaction. Our dude is resistant to lewd touch.
>before Elina unceremoniously opened your door.
Man we need to start locking that door. At this rate I can easily see Arawn developing a pet-peeve about people disrespecting his privacy.

>blessings of Khorne
But Aanoooon, that's Heresy!
Jokes aside, shouldnt that be the blessing of Khaine since we're an elf?
If Sieg's condition is a worst case scenario then we truly will be worthy of becoming an Avatar in my mind. Nobody fucks with our close circle of friends and gets away with it.
File: 1.jpg (158 KB, 900x1273)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Day 06

Waking up inside the princess room was becoming routine; even if coming to alone was a disheartening experience, angel and Lilim were up and about discussing something with each other on the far end of the room where her highness alchemical appliances had been stashed in a makeshift kitchen without walls, both girls working together to make a breakfast large enough for this sizeable group coddled on the bed. There’d probably be enough space for one last person… maybe two if everyone squeezed together.

Deciding to observe the two pajamas wearing beauties in silence and enjoy this rare moment of utter comfort inside a royal bed, time trickled in utopic peace, sounds of cooking breakfast mingling with chatting friends, some words coming to your ears about training; Elina had already convinced the redhead to accompany your group for the entire day.

Then after what felt like an hour, your routine began. Girls woke up, Hao hid under the blankets, Belphegor kept you at a healthy distance and the two thoughtful matriarchs (why you thought of them this way felt like a mystery) had prepared your breakfast in a separate plate, politely kicking you out to allow all of these women to prepare themselves for a long day and, as you’ve learned yesterday, chat.

Thus, you finished working on your journal by your lonesome for the better part of two hours, taking care of you every need by asking a patrolling maid for directions to auxiliary facilities. Your hiding spot for your book was obtuse but still left you with a feeling of awkward vulnerability, you’ve put some damning thoughts in there. Investing in an enchanted book wouldn’t hurt in case a curious snooper got lucky.

Once Elina barged into your room uninvited again, your morning began.

Too bad guest chambers have no locks.


Making an impression after leaving the princess shrine was becoming a normal thing, too. With students loitering around the public spaces and small open fields it was impossible to avoid stares from the simple act of leaving its cradle. Not only did you have Belphegor and Sieglinde - both considered the highest authority on the premise- but a certain newly initiated maid was following along with a decidedly confident gait despite her dislike of this chainmail skirt.
File: 6.jpg (333 KB, 1091x1500)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
‘’How’d you get that axe out of your place?’’ You asked, peering at the dark-scaled draconic maid who shouldered that humongous piece of murderous crag with leisure, needing only a single hand to hoist it whilst you needed medium reinforcement to actually lift the damn thing.

How strong is this tribal girl?

‘’Asked Priscilla.’’ Belphegor answered with a chuckle, thoroughly enjoying the apprentice’s attention. Your own jaw had dropped upon seeing this mixture of frilly clothing combined with the brutal magical axe. ‘’She’s the head maid for a reason, where are we going anyhow?’’

How did a purely human person manage that?

‘’Forest, it is secluded, open and comfortable.’’ Teruko answered, slipping into her teaching persona with pride. ‘’Mineself negotiated a permanent settlement yesterday; nobody from the Elementarist school should bother us.’’

Strolling along without a care in the world would also magnificently project the fact Hao had become Teruko’s personal helper because both Supreme Monsters were publicly hanging out with her now.

A fantastic technicality that’d make any jealous, desperate noblewoman forced to swallow whatever ploy they’ve to strongarm the inventor of Internalisation in advancing their lineage.
File: Red 23.jpg (362 KB, 1600x1800)
362 KB
362 KB JPG

As always it took another half-an-hour of walking to reach the familiar grounds of this wooden park, all this while Hao radiated pure, smug satisfaction, locking eyes defiantly with any summoning students she could find as they practice their crafts in competitive bouts inside protective arenas.

This also brought a silent revelation; you became an outsider amongst these monsters, your place wasn’t with the students or the general community of the academy.

Well, you couldn’t feel any guilt about that. You’ve made your choice.

‘’Can’t say I’ve sat and really observed how apprentices do things.’’ Belphegor commented, delicately placing a provision backpack on a picnic table.

‘’My supreme little one shan’t only be observing, we have three people here who are trying to improve themselves.’’ Teruko grinned, red eyes focusing on her armed maid who had put her magical weapon on the ground. ‘’Four I’d wager. Mineself lack talents in helping warriors, mayhap our draconic darling will voice her desires soon enough.’’

Hao had been decidedly silent, not in any particularly bad way, she was in a similar situation to your own a few days ago; absorbing all of this novelty with endless enthusiasm.

‘’Y-you’ll… still, keep your entire attention on me?’’ Vilma squeaked out, earning a full-teethed grin from the pregnant professor.

‘’Thee shall fight soon, my darling student. Tis vital your preparation continues unabated, albeit with less intensity than yesterday.’’

‘’T-thank for that.’’ Vilma breathed out a relieved sigh.

‘’What will you be doing?’’ Sieglinde asked you, a constant smile on her face and an excited edge to her tone had given this inviting cheery mood from the moment she talked to you and it infected everyone nearby to instill a lively atmosphere that was… different than usual, but incredibly precious.

''Thinking about it.'' You answered while quenching a burgeoning thirst.

''Mine apology that I cannot oversee thine magical progress mysir.'' Teruko, sitting on her makeshift throne of wood, bowed her head to make her regret heartfelt.

''It's fine!'' You felt a rush of embarrassment, this proud woman really was endearing. ''I understand why Vilma needs your focus.''

Now was the time to plan your day...
You need to separate your training into two different ways. Regular or Intensive.

Regular will have you choose a single parameters/action for a stretch of 4 hours, thereby making your training day into a two parts activity. Doing it this way makes things safer and easier for Arawn, he'll also be more pensive, taking his time can lead to a higher likelihood of improvement and success for some enterprises.

Intensive is how we did things on Day 05. Four timeslots for an entire day, separated into bouts of two hours each. This type of training simulates Arawn giving his all to a reckless point and can be genuinely dangerous depending on chosen activities. This will fatigue our elf, doing it too much will lead to decreasing health.
High-end spells, perks, parameters, and skills can only be improved with this type of training.

Finally, your friends can help broaden your skillset.

Hao is a fantastic warrior with talent as a hunter from surviving on her native plain, allowing her to teach out how to tract, sneak and fire a bow. Alongside general warrior skills.

Sieglinde will practice martial arts on her own unless asked for aid, she can teach you hand to hand combats.

Elina is a master-at-arms with unique abilities because of her angelic nature.

Belphegor is a general helper, she'll do things on her own and can be requested to support anything.

So, to make things simpler, I'll ask three things.

>Regular or Intensive training

And either

>Learn skills from a companion (You can bring more than one.)

>Pratice magic on your own or with someone (As above, more than a single friend can tag along.)

Reaching a majority vote will have me post more options as to what you can do.
Alright, let's see if I understood correctly...
>Intensive training

>Learn skills with a companion.
Ask Sieglinde to give some pointers on hand-to-hand (proper form for punches and kicks and the like). Followed with training with Hao because I cannot resist a potential Ranger route.
After that practice magic on our own.
File: Muscle_wizard.jpg (150 KB, 600x890)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I beleive we should brush up our physical combat, especially considering that our magic is that of strengthening ourselves. Plus, being able to track sunds like a must to me. A mage with physical moves...

>Learn skills from a companion (Hao and/or Sieglinde)

As for training style.... both are good in my book. Since we are only starting in Physical things, let's not extert ourselves. We nmight need that strength later.

>Regular training
You could train with Sieglinde and Hao together, companions can also learn skills from one another. (I really should have put that in there)

Going Intensive will allow you to choose another type of training after two hours but we'll get there once we cross that bridge.

Essentially the first bulk of your day will go like this

>Intensive Hand to Hand training with Sieglinde and Hao.

You'll be able to choose something else with them afterward; you'll need to wait for midday and everyone reconvening to choose magic training or more companions.

>Hao and Sieg.

We've got one for one, seems we'll go with the maid and redhead.
...Holy crap, we can LITERALLY Cast Fist with our Soul Arm spell.
How did I not make this connection earlier?
yes, then my vote is to train together with them, IF they'll agree to it. I am guessing not all girls will be effective to train in group with.

Like, what if two girls didn't get along at all/theri styles weren't very compatible, but we tried to train with them together anyways? I imagine thing could be less effective, or at least, it might worsen their relationship, instead of the other way around. ...Though 'forcing' two people who don't tak to each other to train together might actually lead to them solving their issues, or at least help. Something to keep in mind, I am guessing. Though they are still speculations, on my part.

But our FIST spell is still weak. We should look into training it soon. Perhaps we could consider implement this magic appendage to our combat training? Showing it off to Sieg and Hao so that they may consider the advantages a third limb may have, on combat.
>Showing it off to Sieg and Hao so that they may consider the advantages a third limb may have, on combat.

Always possible.

I'll wait for a potential tiebreaker for about... an hour I'd say.

Hao and Sieglinde seem to be set in stone, so we'll see if we go between Regular or Intensive.
We do need combat training so Sieg and Hao are good (especially if Hao can start us down the stealth tree later on). We should start with regular training as it's essentially our first "point" in any of those skills.

It seems that we can start with regular training and go with that up to a point but then we'll have to go intensive if we wanna top something off yes?
I'm willing to change to Regular Training if it means we can keep things rolling.

Sieg and Hao will most assuredly find advantages to a third combat limb, given that they seem to have a substantial amount of experience.
Meybe we could see about studying our Body Reinforcement spell... I'm curious about if we could extend the effect to items we're holding. Theoretically - if it is possible - it would mean we're never unarmed.
Yes, Regular is pacing yourself, going slower.but steadier. You can still get good bases by going Intensive, you'll pay for it later by having Arawn getting tired.

Advancing from Journeyman Appraiser to Expert will need Intensive focus on that perk for example. And even then, it'll be better to get other skills in magic first, you guys jumped the skill tree of that perk pretty aggressively so Arawn is still lacking some bases.

We can go Regular then.
>Learn from Hao
File: Red 23.png (598 KB, 992x1403)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
>Regular Training
>Hao and Sieglinde (Hand to hand)

‘’Me and Hao?’’ Sieglinde blinked in surprise at your forwardness, gaining the dark-scaled lizard attention and both women shared a friendly stare.

‘’One day, there’ll come a time I’ll need to defend myself with fists and legs.’’ You slap a clenched hand into your open palm. ‘’Better know how to defend myself instead of flailing incompetently even if I can magically reinforce my body.’’

‘’Mh, valiant logic mysir.’’ Teruko slowly got up, holding her stomach. ‘’Do allow mineself to inform our candid dragoness, tis, not everyday one participate in training with her highness Jawahir.’’

‘’I’m not that good.’’ Answered a bashful Lilim, running a mutated hand through her vivid locks. Hao wasn’t sharing this opinion because her eyes gained an adorably childish shine of excitement upon starting a quiet conversation with Teruko in her native tongue.

‘’Wanna watch our necromancer?’’ Belphegor poked the austere angel with her elbow.
‘’I’ve got a little something in mind for her.’’ Answered the flying woman, earning a look of sheer horror from the short purplish skinned lich whose gaze shifted to you for some kind of support.

Hang in there, friend! You could only raise in thumb in silent support, making her wince and look down in dread.

Friendship sure is rough.

As your newly formed trio ventured deeper into the forest, away from the other group, you began hearing echoes of battles and witness clashes of magic manifesting from their chosen woodland arena. Sieglinde was the only one who didn’t look back, her proud straightened spine carried her forward with swift momentum, only stopping at a large clearing of trees no more than 5 minutes from the park.

‘’Okay.’’ She said, nodding in satisfaction.

‘’Alright!’’ Hao excitedly expressed, her frilly dress letting out an ominous metallic scratching noise as she punched her palm.

Boy, going all out with this girl might be a recipe for regrets.

Sieglinde smiled at her antics, plopping her hand on the maid's shoulder and let out a few words in Hao native tongue, coming off as very awkward but managing to make one word understood enough for the tanned tribal woman to face you with a more reserved, demurred stance. You requested to learn after all and both of them know how to fight empty-handed.

‘’We’ll go more into general self-defense instead of proper martial art; it’s a similar starting point, for now, I want you to two imitate me.’’ Being garbed in a simple dark hemp shirt and similar trousers, you did your best to avoid starting at the bulges on her chest when Sieglinde began to stretch, quickly imitated by Hao who, to your mixed satisfaction, showed to be wearing proper pants under that skirt as her movements inevitably had that skirt move a little too candidly.

Thus, you began imitating them, finding these stretches admittedly difficult with all of your blunders being gently corrected by Sieglinde cherry voice while Hao perfected this exercise, soft green hues locked onto her highness with scary concentration.
You gotta do the same!

‘’Hands-to-hands combats amongst monsters is very different than what you’d find with mankind because Mamonos show wildly different builds; grabs are incredibly difficult because a wide variety of Monsters can genuinely out muscle someone like me if I were to reinforce my body with Corruption.’’ Sieglinde bends her body to touch her toes, breasts brushing against her pelvis; Hao had already imitated and you did your best to avoid pulling a muscle while craning your neck to observe your mentor.

This really was a fantastic idea.

‘’Not to say they don’t happen but it’s better to attempt them after stunning your opponent. Strikes, kicks and flowing rhythms are what Mamonos weaponless combats gravitate into because plainly put, you need to fight against superhumans.’’ Rolling her shoulders, the horned redhead stretching came to a close and you did your best to avoid getting caught staring at her moving wonders.

''So, it'd be better to focus on punches or kicks, though if you're feeling adventurous we can attempt brute forcing a cadence from which you'd be able to lock down a single opponent into your pace.''

With Hao jumping in place and a quickened breathing infecting everyone present, you had to decide on where to focus this training.

>Focus on punching
>Focus on kicks
>Try the harder training on how to gain this ''rhythm''
Forgot to mention that I'll need 2d20 once we reach a majority.
>Focus on punching
Can't go wrong with good ol' fisticuffs!
>Try the harder training on how to gain this ''rhythm''
I am not sure if I understood the nuances of the Rythm thingy, but for now, we have an extra fist. So learning to punch gives us more use with it.

>Focus on punching
Sieglinde was saying you can impose a pace of battle of battle on a single opponent with a peculiar rhythm, think of it as how to move properly in a fight.

Your two votes for punching and three players presents, I'll need 2d20 as I can safely say we've got a majority.
Rolled 16, 7 = 23 (2d20)

Well, let's see how the Dice Gods feel about our current course of action!
>>Focus on kicks
Hm, maybe I've moved on too fast.

Either way, you guys are still free to vote.

This result will remain if we go punching.
Rolled 4, 4 = 8 (2d20)

Let's see~
Rolled 8, 11 = 19 (2d20)

Rolled 6, 11 = 17 (2d20)

Outside regular exercises, punching could likely be considered one of the most basic fundamentals of self-defense, your thoughts briefly strayed toward your newly discovered spell, wondering if knowledge learned here could be applied into a better mastery of this weirdly shaped third limb that could be conjured with an easy effort of magic. Mastering your body came first and after hearing your desire, Sieglinde focuses to have you and Hao do a few more stretches focuses on arms and shoulders.

‘’Quick yet brutal, punching competently is much harder and it seems. Kicks can really, really hurt but punches are what allow you to control a fight and keep yourself alive, and…’’ She grew silent, gazing in thoughtful silence at her hand of glossy darkness and its natural claws. ‘’…let’s move on. I want you to start punching, I’ll teach how to avoid throwing your shoulders and breaking your wrists.’’

Walking between you and Hao, Sieglinde reached for the eager scaled lady and had her stand a meter beside you, promptly starting her first round of tutoring. You quickly realized you only know how to flail around for pathetic strikes. With careful words and attention, you almost singlehandedly took Sieglinde entire focus while Hao observed the two of you curiously and, after a dozen minutes, she finally understood the activity and began to throw jubilant punches in the air at an even, regular interval.

From your point of view, she was doing solid forward strikes, shoulders barely inching forward yet Sieglinde found something odd and pointed out Hao error with broken languages and lots of gestures, punching the air without the corkscrew wrists movement the maid-in-training had been doing.

After feeling satisfied with your progress, her highness moved into an abnormal activity. Guiding you and Hao under a particularly large tree, she gave its trunk a punch and earned a small cascade of leaves where she proceeded to strike them with straight jabs, grabbing almost all of that slow fall of vegetations in seconds.

‘’Repeat that without moving your wrists.’’ She spoke while closing one eye and smiling smugly, letting her gains fall under Hao shining eyes; the tribal girl understood her highness purpose.

‘’Quickly opening and closing your fists when facing Mamonos can become important in case you need to redirect a blow; always operate thinking you are at a disadvantage. Magical enhancing will make you fast enough, but it’s good to get it down naturally.’’

This bout of training showed Hao talent on a point that would, perhaps, have you feel wholly inadequate had your ego been on the swollen side. The tribal dragoness moved with purpose and grabbed every leaf in an ever-expanding radius around her, often forcing Sieglinde to punch that poor tree again and again while you languished behind.

Damn was that tanned maid good, watching her being so controlled in movement and strikes was awe-inspiring.
File: 1519151368514.png (387 KB, 600x1062)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
So, you decided to imitate her under your demonic instructor careful eye.

>Hao presence improved your own training.

With a few pauses to wipe sweat and drink water, you and Hao carefully practiced under Sieglinde tutelage, resting your arms after three solids hours of exercises to learn how to better kick and move around; all of it done naturally because they’d translate flawlessly into a magically augmented body.

When midday rolled around, you weren’t a mess of sweat and desperate for air, muscles pain in your arms translated into organic fatigue, Hao might have walked away from this schooling with better results than yourself, but you weren't wholly unsatisfied. It felt good moving like that

>You have earned the perk [Apprentice in self-defense (Fist and Movements)]

Sieglinde instructed you on how to handle stronger opponent without weapons or magic. You've learned how to throw good punches which, honestly, is much more important than it sounds. You also learned how moves around efficiently in order to get some space without dropping your guard.


>I will post the continuation tomorrow.
I've been feeling woozy and light headed all day and I think it's affecting my writing. Next set of choice will be similar to >>2456762 as everyone will be reconvening together, though a special activity will be unlocked as this is a special day since everyone is here.

Poor rolls were mitigated by Hao presence, this is how Regular training will go; nothing too amazing but there's very little risk of anything going wrong.
Nice, it is progress.
Good job as always, INH. Looking forward to the continuation.

I thought the 16,7 roll was pretty good! Or were you counting my 4,4 and some other worse rolls, too?
First three rolls. Overall average results, wasn't enough to get two out of three parts for the full perk.

However, Hao allowed you to figure out movements by imitating her. All you need is training kicks and you'll get full Apprentice.

Just remember that Sieglinde taught you how to run interference and get away from your opponent, not beat them into submission.

It's much better than flailing around like a madman though.
File: Rozaline.jpg (491 KB, 1167x1000)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
Aww she cares about us and has prioritized our survival chances over our damage potential. Seems Belph had her pegged though. For some mysterious reason she's finally decided to drop her guard and let others besides direct family get close to her.

Thing is, like many of that type, that's a rare thing and are they are very scared it'll backfire (yet cannot help but hope so they risk it anyway at some point). Belph is likely right about her fear that if one of us happens to die or suffer a terrible fate she'll revert to her previous state. Seems like she is "a being of solitude" if ya catch my drift...
Reaching the park required another five minutes trek that was done in comfortable silence as you accompanied a pair of satisfied Mamonos, this exercise really sank a rather embarrassing truth; those two women had more than enough capacity to floor you in a few punches even with your newly acquired knowledge. While you may have honored your duty as a man yesterday night with those heavenly pajamas, your own pride was… tickled, yeah only poked a little by understanding your rather evident skill gap. Sure, you’re a 6 days old amnesiac with an esoteric nature that doesn’t help you much in direct fight, you’d still like to keep up with these awesomely strong women.

Hao happy humming managed to dispel most of your feeling of inadequacy, her good mood being genuinely infectious and you often found yourself staring at Sieglinde, she wasn’t wearing anything different than usual but there was a… spark with her general atmosphere that made you happy to have suggested her presence for training.

When your trio emerged into that land of wooden chairs and picnic tables, the magical group had beat you to the punch; Teruko was occupying a table, having spread enough food for two grown men whilst Belphegor and Elina stood near a prone Vilma. The girl was lying on her back, limbs spread wide and holding onto a gourd.

The pregnant teacher fairy was also up and about, standing on the table and maneuvering around all the food to pick and choose pieces of chickens, vegetables, fruits and briefly stood like a panicked rabbit upon witnessing your arrival as she battled between genuine desire to satisfy her hunger or succumb to shyness.

‘’I think...I believe I’ve begun learning how to hate.’’ The lich commented on your arrival, heralded by noises of broken twigs and grass trampling steps.

‘’Now, now, nobody needs such dramatism darling.’’ Teruko answered her student, earning a groaning protest and quietly waving at your group.

‘’Muh.’’ Vilma complained, taking a lungful of fresh air.

‘’Ya did good lass, ain't exactly easy to be making fresh summons while dogged by a group of bloodthirsty bats.’’

‘’A-a mean angel and-and crazy goat.’’ The lich dryly retorted, bringing her container to her mouth and choking on it’s watery flow as she failed to properly drinks

‘’Take heart in this being thine last effort, it wouldn’t be good to go into combat without a rested body.’’ Teruko added, extending her index to gently rub her tiny friend scalp. ‘’Tis good were all together for I have had a little idea.’’

‘’Oh? Special training?’’ Sieglinde commented, approaching with slow careful steps to sit at Teruko table in clear hope to avoid scaring off Titania, which seemed to work given the fairy ravenous appetite keeping her still. That’d be as far as the princess could go unfortunately and she gazed with forlorn eyes at the skittish fairy throwing careful glances her way.
File: 3.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x1350)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
‘’Learning more than training, though I trust all of thee worked diligently?’’

‘’They’re both good pupils.’’ Sieglinde answered, peeling off pieces of foods with her monstrous hands and you decided to plop down next to her while Hao observed the green-winged tiny girl in fascination. Poor Titania was feeling serious pressure now and inched closer to her scaled mistress.

‘’Hm, good.’’ Teruko eyes shifted to you with a smile, which you gladly returned and the other three missing women came back to occupy the table empty spots, Vilma lagging behind.

‘’I do have a request, with both Supremes in our presence, I’d like to do something bold.’’ An air of seriousness came over the pregnant teacher gentle demeanor, making the lightly bioluminescent fairy look up in mixed feelings that transferred to everyone sitting at the table. ‘’It is mine wish to show Vilma a proper duel, for her to gain actual experience of how two strong Mamonos fight against each other.’’ Teruko delivered succinctly, biting into an apple.

‘’Whoa, you mean us fighting or something?’’ Belphegor, as always, pointed out the issue directly without subtlety.

‘’Exactly, one or two duels in this groups of valiant women and promising sir.’’ She flashed a smile in your direction. ‘’Should be a learning experience for everyone. When will be our next opportunity for spending a full day together like this? There is an arena inside Internalisation we could… requisition and show true skills against one another.’’

‘’T-that… you’d go so far?’’ The lich anger had all but disappeared now and everyone observed this unreasonable teacher with varying amount of dread.

‘’Mineself could summon terrifying foes with Arawn aid, a little bloodthirst doesn’t hurt anybody.’’

It would certainly make one hell of a way to end this training day. And reinforce how unreasonable this teacher can be.

>Should you support this idea? (Scene will shift into setting fights in your group)

>Or insist on more regular training? (Here you’ll be able to choose another Regular Training for the afternoon)

>Free Choice
>Should you support this idea? (Scene will shift into setting fights in your group)
Sparring experience never hurts.
...Well it can physically but we can only stand to gain from this. Worst case scenario we come out of this with an even more of a bruised ego.
>Should you support this idea? (Scene will shift into setting fights in your group)
>Should you support this idea? (Scene will shift into setting fights in your group)
>>Should you support this idea? (Scene will shift into setting fights in your group)

shes the teacher here, she knows whats up
File: 1.png (755 KB, 800x1000)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
‘’Bold.’’ Was the first word that came to your mind and it escaped your lips without thinking, dispelling a sense of hesitation you didn’t even realize was starting to creep up. ‘’I like it’’

‘’I don’t like serious fights, but sparring… I suppose you’re suggesting actually going close to all-out?’’ Elina asked her teacher and was met by a silent nod. ‘’There’s no avoiding it I guess, I’m with Arawn.’’

‘’Mmh.’’ A frown came to rest on Belphegor usually jovial features. ‘’Wouldn’t hurt, heard that Elenor can get violent so…’’ She snuck a glance at Vilma who straightened at this attention. ‘’Don’t go tensing up, lass. Helping ya out is fun, you’ve never been into the duel arena, right?’’

‘’Mineself won’t allow you to run away.’’ Teruko whispered for her fairy who seemed distraught by this change of mood, her scaly finger coming rubbing the greenish hair of her…other half? Their relationship can’t be easily summarized as friendship.

‘’That’ll make Hao happy.’’ Sieglinde muttered, earning a curious stare from the scaled maid. ‘’ I and Belph can make this work, dropping in on short notice and locking the doors should boot out any stalking visitors.’’

‘’Yeah yeah!’’ The goat stretched, lips twisting into a wicked grin. ‘’Let’s go soon, this oughta be really interesting.’’


Reaching this new environment was an amusing odyssey. Leaving the park and strolling through the summoners courtyard made you feel like royalty with both Supremes hanging out in your group, your first actual visit of Internalization left an impression because of how damn big of a palace it was. Hundreds, if not thousands shared this space learning one subject through different means, from meditation to battle and genuine lecture in classes.

Your group became a cause for concern that nobody dared disturb so you followed a leading Belphegor guiding you into a descending path that’d probably elicit descriptions of hellish descent had you a flair for the dramatic.

This culminated in reaching an impressive set of double doors that opened with Elina and Hao straining efforts, offering a majestic view of one of Mamono culture most efficient problem solver: a small underground coliseum.

Round and filled with sand, rows of seat spiraled in even volumes for enough meters to, perhaps, satisfy a hundred-strong crowd. Small chambers carved into the rock on east and western side acted as chambers for challengers and it’d be easy for any spectator to jump into down for a fight.

This academy really was its own microcosm of civilization.

‘’You guys are free to leave.’’ Sieglinde had already walked to speak with a representative, a peculiar monster-women whose lower body manifested as a spider, making her human half tower above the princess.
File: Sieg07.jpg (350 KB, 800x1120)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
‘’E-eh? Y-your highness?’’ The Arachne was suitably confused, legs twitching nervously, tingling a primal fear in your mind.

‘’My group will be requisitioning this place for a few hours, probably until evening. If your superior gives you bullshit for taking an early break, bring your complaints into my family shrine and I’ll discipline them. Everyone saw me and Belphegor stroll in here, no excuses for thinking you a liar.’’

‘’O-okay, yes, your highness… We, um… we will need a few moments.’’

‘’Take your time.’’ Like that, Sieglinde ended the conversation as the tall eight-legged woman skittered out of view -quite literally jumping down rows- whilst the redhead gave her long lock it’s usual swoosh. There were a few additional monstrous girls back there and they immediately set to work after their leader announced their suddenly open schedule.

‘’This is… This is where I-I’ll…?’’ Vilma leather gloves creased with her nervousness as she observed the dueling ground below.

‘’Throne Town has its own coliseum for high profile duels and a few other arenas like these to settle grudges and politics.’’ Sieglinde explained, tapping Hao on the shoulder who seemed about to jump down in enthusiasm. ‘’This is one of many, built specifically to settle issues in this academy.’’

The dragon maid was jubilant. Holding her axe one-handed and often holding it up straight, she was a genuine vision of controlled bloodlust and eagerness for a fight that, honestly, worried. It might be impossible to have her sit out a fight, or at least she’d leave this place in great frustration.

‘’Mineself doth believes we ought to settle on two duels, our arrival took a while.’’

>Here is how things can be planned out
You can set up a fight between two companions, a serious sparring that could leave them wounded since your group is taking this as a serious fight.

Choosing between two friends will unlock further ways to customize the duel. (Weaponless, magic, flying etc) You can participate, too.

Or have Teruko summon a particularly strong entity for a genuine battle to the death, the danger is self-explanatory here. She can make her entity vanish if things go bad.

Vilma can also use a fraction of her bonedust if you believe she ought to -really- get a proper taste of a duel.
Here's how you can set up a fight

>Hao vs Elina without special rules
This is how grudge fights are settled, in this case, combatants will stop after a serious blow/first blood.

>Assist Teruko in summoning a strong entity and see how Belphegor handle it.

Since both options don't involve you, you'll stay a passive spectator (ie, I'll write out everything without giving any choices)

I'm also getting another surge of bad health so I'll likely do one last update for tonight.
>Assist Teruko in summoning a medium entity for Hao to beat up
Gonna settle for this choice if no other voices make themselves known in about 20 minutes then begin writing.
I am here! Let m read real quick and then I wil vote!
>>Assist Teruko in summoning a strong entity and see how sieglinde handle it.
I'd be down with participating ourselves in a hand-to-hand fight to practice further what we learned today or show the results of our training.

Could duels of teams toake place too?
If so, my vote is two duels:

1- Arawn & Hao vs Vilma & Elina.

I am reluctant to have Teruko fight too, since she is pregnant. Teruko could summon a proxy to fight n her place, or Titania.

2 - This summon substitute/ Titania would team up with Sieglinde and they both could go against Belphegor, maybe?
While team fights are possible, Teruko wishes to replicate the atmosphere of a genuine duel so Vilma can experience how her own fight is going to be.

It's still possible of course and I'll go with it if we get a shift in vote. For I've begun using this >>2461553 action but I can wait for a true majority.
The points to show vilma how a serious duel would go though.
We've never dueled and we suck at fighting, our body strengthening is the only thing that would keep us on the defensive instead of getting steamrolled.
File: 1.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
I'll post tomorrow since Arawn is a spectator for this bout, I've got a fair chunk of writing to do. Tiem to see how your tribal runaway does things!
fair enough. I am cancelling my vote or rather, psotponing this kind of combat for later on, then!

‘’Hao eagerness is almost palpable.’’ As the girls chatted about potential bouts, the lonely maid was a mixture of barely contained excitement that could honestly snap at a moment notice. She knew what this place represented despite the language barrier, hearing her name had her turn to stare at you approvingly with a fiendish grin absent of her usual good-natured gaiety, an expression of… defiance perhaps? Or a willingness to fight that could only be described as bloodlust emanating from her tall frame, carrying into her thick scaly tail that slithered in the air like a serpent.

‘’Mineself doth concur.’’ Teruko agreed, the sharp angles of her face coming as austere as she glared at her maid-in-training.

‘’How about a summon? Something reasonable?’’ You suggested, walking close to your magical professor whose fairy timidly peeked at your face from between a cascade of pale hair, using Teruko long haircut like a curtain.

‘’With thine help?’’ Teruko smirked, almost mirroring her dark scaled genetic cousin in confrontational attitude. ‘’Aye, I’ll satisfy her.’’

‘’Can almost swallow that thick tension like a squirt of manjuices.’’ Belphegor trash comment earned a snort out of Elina while Sieglinde rolled her eyes.

‘’You never dropped that bad habit once you start feeling stress huh?’’ The princess sighed at her aunt, earning a smiling shrug in return and your group began another descent for the seats closest to the sands.

Correction, almost everyone because Hao sprinted off before someone could utter a surprised squeak, she had already jumped -still holding her axe- and dropped 10 meters into the arena, feet sinking with a loud thump as she hefted that piece of weaponized crag on her shoulder.

Even before your group got into position, she motioned a thumb up toward all of your friends and struck her chest, frilly black and white dress giving off its usual metallic scratch with the chainmail reinforcement.

‘’My, suppose there’s no choice. Dear Hao wishes to show off, so let’s give her a proper opponent.’’ Holding out her left hand, Teruko fairy came floating to sit on her palm and an embrace of Focus saw her green luminescence overshadow Titania naturally glowing hair. Her second hand reached for your palm, which you gladly took under a communal gaze of mixed interest.

There, you sought your trusted teacher soul after activating your magical state and she obliged, allowed her vulnerable symbiosis to be felt and, you realize, a second one had become much more vivid and intense; little Titania was up about. She had curled to hug her knees and started shining, becoming little more than a shining ball of green.

>Teruko consciousness carved a fair chunk out of your reserves
Titania flew toward the battleground as you felt a coalescence of your teacher magical will gathering into the fairy before she forcefully ruptured your link. About a dozen meters away from the stretching scaly maid, a burst of light transformed into a magical entity. Something big and nasty dropped into the sands then burrowed underground, you only caught glimpses of darkened hardness as ten meters of dangerous muscles parted this lake of sands. A head thankfully emerged to quench your curiousness; it was a mixture of bugs and serpent with a massive jaw supported by four chitinous feelers.

‘’Whoa! That’d be a Wurm! Its older forms were you alive back then Teruko!?’’

Teruko shook her head, eyes locked onto her entity, it disappeared inside the sands, burrowing on a surface level, leaving trails of disturbed soil like an underwater serpent traveled on calm waters. ‘’Tis not too difficult to replicates things in books.’’ She answered as her creature began to circle round the composed scaled maid with both hands wrapped around her weapon long staff.

Snaking its way across this solid sea, turning at sharp angles with incessant movement, it was easy to deduce the creature was attempting to confuse her.

Hao wasn’t moving, not even trying to follow the progression of this giant underground centipede; with legs kept wide and hoisting her magical weapon on her shoulder, it’s large fissures showed a reddish-yellow color that could only be a concentration of magic. This deadlock continued enough for Teruko summoned entity to embolden itself and charge headlong toward Hao back, twelve meters of chitinous covered muscles peeking out of the sands, sounds of disturbed earth carrying to your ears…

‘’Teeeia!’’ The maid slammed her weapon forward in a way you could only be described as being carried by the axe instead of a proper chop; her legs left the ground because of her momentum (pants underneath skirt keeping her maidenly modesty) and the earth rumbled from discharged magic. Jagged pieces of spiked rocks protruded in a circle around her, kicking up a small sandstorm and unearthing the huge Wurm as they stabbed into its soft underbelly; the entire creature jumped in the air to avoid suffering too big a wound, it’s lower body bending forward, attempting a lethal slam despite suffering an attack.

Perhaps three meters of bug-like carapace cracked from the field like a whip whilst those magical spears melded with the arena’s sands and crumbled, Hao brought her axe above her head, one hand gripping under the shoulder, the second one grasping a handle built out of the poll. Contact came violently, reverberation traveling to your seats, even shaking nearby walls.
A large fracture crossed the Wurm point of impact, pieces peeling off and disappearing in greenish luster. Hao had fallen on one knee and didn’t wait for proper recovery, her right arm shoots sideways, holding onto her axe and, quite literally, launching her body in an awkward jump as her weapon weighted more than herself.

‘’That’s a dislocated shoulder!’’ You couldn’t help this comment.

‘’Not quite, Corruption mingling with warriors Soul Synchrony makes for incredible toughness. She’s likely to get stronger as time goes on.’’ Sieglinde explained calmly, eyes unmoving from this fascinating scene.

The tribal maid landed gracelessly, axe slamming forward again in a cavernous thumping to prevent losing her balance. Her monstrous foe was twisting its frame like an overgrown millipede, having been successfully pulled from the sands, it’s open-mouthed mandible had tackled her previous location, opening itself for another attack which Hao didn’t waste; with only a half-circle of momentum she chopped down with her entire body, slicing through and chunking into a piece of meat.

A force smashed on her left flank with pure beastly savagery; the Wurm had twisted on itself to whip it’s wounded lower half on Hao exposed body, colliding with deadly force, sending her flying a solid meter ahead where Hao controlled this impetus by using her axe as a makeshift anchor.

‘’Teruko!’’ Elina had jumped on the stony bulwark, only to be stopped when the scaled teacher threw her arm sideways in protest.

Hao had barely managed to get back on her feet and reorient herself to realize the Wurm was lunging for her with its large open mouth and four prodding mandibles, undeniably able to deliver lethal damage. ‘’Hahahahaha!’’ Her back was everything you could see about her. This gleeful laugh of hysterical, violent glee carried into a crazy strike, Hao didn’t envision dodging; she only had a few seconds to lift her weapon and chop toward the beast face.

All twelve meters stopped in a cavernous boom of collisions that seemed to shake the entire coliseum. Hao's cutting edge had embedded itself into the upper part of the Wurm mouth and the knob was long enough to reach its bottom jaw and prevent a deadly bite. Side mandibles prodded, sliced and stabbed into her arms, shoulders and back; ruining what was a lovely dress and digging through her protective chainmail, slowly drawing blood. Hao's knees were trembling but hadn’t buckled and for a moment this tug-of-war continued for torturous seconds that left everyone but Teruko in open-mouthed awe.
The beast was already twisting on itself to encircle Hao with its serpentine body. The tribal maid was inching rightward, using sands to help in her advance while muscling against the Wurm long enough for it to finish its entrapment. Hao suddenly abandoned her position, letting go of that handle behind her magical axe head to grab her weapon haft both handed; this new angle scraped the crag edges against the giant worm mouth and dig into its mandibles. The maid squeezed through a gap and, quite literally, violently tore through her foe cheek in a gleeful scream of joyous carnage.

This carried into new energy because of the weapon weight which chopped into the Wurm impeding carapace, Hao wasted no time to jump over the creature, making a brief saw-like motion where the blade dug into soft innards. Landing safely, she lifted her weapon once more to block another twisting tackle as the creature flexibility allowed new venues of attacks. Edge dug into soft legs, Hao’s silhouette growing strangely hazy akin to a mirage and she… made a hole into the summoned entity side by, literally, tearing through this new angle of attack by bushing back. She didn’t wait to breathe, holding her axe like a makeshift attempt at half-swording, her tail helped keep her balance as she whirled around to slam her weapon into more carapace and move closer to her foe.

‘’She’s wrestling it?’’

There was no other way to describe this, Hao was extremely close with the Wurm and had imposed a certain pace where she’d slip or block the creature clumsy attempts at attacking, preferring keeping constant pressures to finding an opportunity for a flashy finish. Slowly but surely, the violent girl outmaneuvered her enemy with pure brawn and savagery, not unlike a lion sinking its fangs into an antelope neck.

Good thing summons don’t have blood or innards, else she’d be a mess of gores.

‘’My. She’s good.’’ Teruko murmured, flicking her wrist to signal an end for this bout; Hao had carved enough wounds to make a living beast bleed out. The violent maid whirled around for your group and threw a thumb up at her spectators, without any hints of discomforts at her bloody face, torso, and arms. Damages to her body were actually looking severe, ruined dress aside pieces of armors were clumped into pockets of silks, her toned and tanned skin wounded by many tiny stabs and slices that must have been results of the Wurm sharp legs that helped its movements. Arms and shoulders bled profusely, four evident stabbing holes could be genuinely compared to spear wounds yet... she didn't seem to mind and kept on walking with a joyous grin, bloodying her headdress by straightening it out. Movements didn't produce a free flow of hemorrhage while drenching her arms, belly, and skirt in dark crimson only precious droplets trickled into thirsty whites sands, making it obvious she'd still be able to fight.
‘’This girl is entirely self-taught.’’ Sieglinde murmured, arms crossed under her bust, Elina floated down to avoid making the victorious warrior take a long way and, of course, heal her wounds.

‘’Think what she’ll be able to do if she gets proper training…’’ Belphegor continued, observing the cheery dragon bumping fists with a confused angel.

‘’There’s a whole lot of violence dwelling in her bosom.’’ Teruko changed the subject, holding her fairy partner who looked completely healthy despite being a part of that strange creature. ‘’Reminds mineself of a certain husband.’’ She finished whimsically, hand on her cheek with a quiet smile.

A curious look at Vilma revealed her silent, her stare shifting to observe you when you turned to look at her, Elina managing to somehow fly while holding onto Hao. She tilted her head in a silent question to your curiosity and your group erupted into applause once the maid safely landed.

Undeniably, creatures this deadly weren't considered cheating in a Mamono grudge fight.

>You have enough time for one last duel.
>Participating yourself will change the scene into something active on your part, otherwise, you'll hang back and observe again.
>Free Choice
How about Elina versus Sieglinde.
Can Arawn provide some useful mana to the angel?
sieglinde and belphegor
>Can Arawn provide some useful mana to the angel?

You'll need to test it out, though she's likely to refuse if she gets a fight since she'll want to keep things fair.
Belph vs Sieg sounds good to me, the more Vilma can observe Mamonos fighting the better.
Having Arawn fight at this time isn't gonna do much; the skill gap is quite simply too large.

I have to admit I'm looking forward to recovering our elf's memories, by either method avaivable. The wait is gonna be tough though.
File: D1.jpg (2.29 MB, 3000x3900)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
>I have to admit I'm looking forward to recovering our elf's memories, by either method avaivable.

Oh yeah, that does remind me you guys do need to think about what to do in the future.

While the question of memory recovery can wait, Sieglinde suppression is the next ''big thing'' and it'll be possible for you to participate in this operation or stay in the academy with Teruko, and a few other people.

You can also request a meeting with those leaders squatting in your ancestral homeland, otherwise, Sieglinde will be talking to them alone.

You don't need to commit yet but it's something to keep in mind (mostly to help me direct my planning more efficiently).

Also, I do believe Sloth is to become Arawn main flaw.
Would it be possible to get our memories back before the meeting with the people that want our ancestral land, specially the blood one?
Cause that seems like something important that past arawn needs to think on
I think going on the Suppression mission depends entirely on how combat-ready/worthy we can get before it. Mostly I'm talking about spells and combat skills - Sieg will quite likely lend us gear to maximise Arawn's surival chances should we participate in the Suppression.

>Meeting with the squatter leaders
Nope, screw that I say. We're an amnesiac elf who is. supposed. to. be. dead. I fail to see how we have any sort of political power. Not to mention that there really isn't any way to prove our identity.

>Sloth to become main flaw.
Eh, I'm fine enough with this. "A lazy man works twice as hard" after all.
>Would it be possible to get our memories back before the meeting with the people that want our ancestral land

No, the timing would be far too tight. Blood ritual would require some fairly important prep work on Sieg and Deruella parts while soul ritual will need you to be in Zipangu.

Also recovering your memories will be a fairly lengthy process story-wise, we'll be there a while.
We don't even know our identity so i think the power we have is more in that we are an elf.

Shit, just tell sieg that we think its fucked up they're annexing elf lands after they were genocided.You'd think they'd let the remaining elves live there.

When we get our memories back then we reserve the right to kick them all out, with force if necessary. thats assuming we're strong as fuck with magic when the memories come back.
>Shit, just tell sieg that we think its fucked up they're annexing elf lands after they were genocided.You'd think they'd let the remaining elves live there.

The situation isn't that simple, it could certainly make for an interesting discussion to learn in person, otherwise, I could write out a good old infodump if you want Arawn to make some research into the elven situation.

I'll just preface things by saying Elves haven't lived in the forest for well over 200 years, so those monsters occupied and repurposed old ruins. Nobody got kicked out.
I don't mind sloth being the critical flaw. It's not a "common" flaw and it does befit his noble ancestry and immortal status. Those without a finite "natural" end to life always have the excuse of tomorrow...
Could i cast a vote for anger? I don’t think i’ve posted yet due to other things happening before decisions. Sloth doesn’t sound like us right now and sounds less interesting, lust is played out and can lead to uncomfortable situations, and anger is just something that i could see coming out of us when someone messes with the girls.
Nothing stops you anon, though I think we've still got Sloth as a majority vote.
I'll make sure to announce our flaw once I feel like closing the thread.

As long as you remember that Sloth imposes one day of rest for each operation (like the upcoming suppression) and intensive training.
I mintani that I want sloth, that on the longer term, I want to participate in the supression and that I am interested in Soul Liking with them girls.

Fight-wise, I think Arawn could try sparring with Vilma herself. isn't she the one who needs to be ready to fight? Watching impressive people have epic battles is nice, but she needs the confidence that she can hold her ground against an oponent that at least, is not OP.

I am unsure if we will remain as weak as we are for long, so before we become a force t obe reckoned with, fighting with our current stregth will serve to leave a lasting impression on the girls that are watching.
Hm, seem like we've entered autosage. I'll still work on the duel and post it here tomorrow, then probably archive the thread.

Belph and Sieg duel is already set in stone, sorry about that.
Been having some health issue all week, I'd still like to close this thread with our Supreme duel and a little choice afterward but I don't think I'll be able to make a session this weekend. I need to find out what has been affecting me and put an end to it.
It's okay~
Hao fleeting stares often drifted toward you as she hugged herself in embarrassment while speaking with the only other lizard woman, body hidden by scraps of silks, chainmail, and hemp padding. Hints of pale tribal tattoos on colored skin made her an exotic sight, blood adding a sense of danger to her appearance you found genuinely attracting because of this displayed violence.

‘’Mh?’’ A voice emerged from a low angle beside you and you crossed eyes with Belphegor when looking down, her red eyes observing you in obvious interest, this exchanged lasted until a smirk graced her youthful features that sent an unwelcome chill up your spine.

There's nothing wrong with looking at pretty girls right?

‘’Why not witness a duel between our Supremes?’’ You spoke without thinking.

‘’Wanna pit family in a fight?’’ You heard the goat answer your query with amusement. ‘’Didn’t know you had that sadism in ya, pal.’’

‘’That’s not…’’ Spinning it this way was downright unfair.

‘’Hey hey! It’s fine!’’ She immediately backed down, wiggling her animalistic hands. ‘’When’s the last time you lost against me, Sieg?’’

Sieglinde eyes thinned into a sharp frown at such an obvious taunt and she turned to face her cocky aunt, trailing one mutated hand in those curly red locks. ‘’You just happen to be my natural enemy, don’t go taking undue credits.’’

‘’Excuses, excuses.’’ Belph walked away from your flank under an increasingly concerned collection of gazes. ‘’Let’s give this lass a good show, there’s a whole lot of leeway allowed in these duels so why not provide good education?.’’

‘’Y-you don’t…’’ Vilma tried to protest, only for Sieglinde to interrupt her with a careful headpat.

‘’It’s fine, I think Belphegor want to show off a little.’’ Said the elegant redhead. ‘’You didn’t need to bite so hard into Arawn bait y’know? Just come out and say you wanted a fight.’’

‘’Shush, never knew who’ll get to go, everyone is raring for a little action!’’ The teenage-sized Supreme Monster jumped on the rampart with a childishly adorable hop that caused a loud clapping when her feet landed. She proceeded to let herself fall on the battleground without hesitation, soundlessly touching down on sands disturbed by Teruko creature.

‘’Here’s the pride Mineself came to expect out of Supremes.’’ Your teacher spoke, motioning for Vilma closer to get a better view, something the lich did with hesitation.

Elina stared at her demonic friend in concern who, in turn, showed a combative smirk, splendid ruby eyes observing you for a few eerie moments before jumping down 4 meters by vaulting over the protective stone railing, feets loudly thumping against the sands when her aunt reached the arena center.
File: Sieg13.jpg (297 KB, 815x1000)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
‘’Things have gotten tense out of nowhere.’’ Elina mumbled, even Hao had lost most of her cheer, face looking wholly serious and unexpressive, leaning on the staff of her facedown axe.

‘’Ourselves insisted on a serious bout yes? Those two certainly have a history of training together.’’ Teruko leisurely commented, keeping a hand on her stomach. Both Monstrous challengers were silently glaring at one another, Sieglinde calmly trailing the circle of the arena to move away from the wall occupied by your group.

‘’All Mamonos understand how to manipulate Corruption, albeit on various different levels; do expect Elenor to know how to reinforce herself with it, darling.’’ A gentle sound of moving clothes revealed Teruko had moved Vilma hood off her head. ‘’Tis not unlike Soul Synchrony, mineself suspect Sieglinde to be an internal type of manipulator, thus keep an eye on her for it is the most widespread application of the craft, although…’’

There were no provocations, no taunt beside a widely grinning Belphegor. Aunt and niece faced off with ten meters of sands for breathing room. Changes came upon the princess without noises; Sieglinde body twisted, a sudden outburst of tar erupted out of her mouth, clinging to her jaw and mutated the entire lower end of her face into an open maw of jagged teeth. Her hands and arms, already in a state of natural alteration, grew thinner, losing mass to become slick, glossy black carapace. This phenomenon transferred into her legs, giving the redhead a few inches and changing her usual calm stances into a prowling caution with bent knees and outstretched murderous fingers that threw aside all notions of disciplines.

It happened so quickly, you only realize their battle had started when Sieglinde mutated hand batted into a projectile, fingers curling into a fist to strike in the way you practiced earlier today against a dark missile that was soon accompanied by another one, then another… Strange dark spheres where ceaselessly thrown at your demonic benefactor, forcing her to stand her ground by punching them away, each collisions provoking cavernous thump of dreadful devastation, causing noticeable aftershock of flying sands and dancing red hair.

‘’The Jawahir bloodline is famous for their talent in battle metamorphosis, mineself doth wager her highness to be proficient indeed, even if she were to look frightening… her gallantry remains.’’ Teruko tone took a hoarser timbre, you found it difficult to spare enough attention to listen when Sieglinde defense was a millimeter away from a terrible ending.
File: 1.png (1.15 MB, 1170x975)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Belphegor still remained her adorable teenage-sized goatwoman self, although a new anomaly reinforced her Supreme status by employing Corruption in a most unusual way. Dark tendrils had erupted out of her spine, eight feelers of jet black murky disposition, wafting visible trail of smoky darkness as if they were sizzling with air contact. Lack of ossatures allowed them to bend at any angles and they fully employed this capability by curving like a trebuchet and whip forward at amazing speed, throwing balls of darkness at the monstrous redhead with lethal momentum; each of those limbs firing in continuous pattern allowed nonstop throws of these ‘’stones’’ that forced Sieglinde on the defensive.

This pattern continued yet the princess managed to inches forward centimeters by centimeters, black arms blurring in a continuous flow of punches that redirected or outright annihilated Belphegor projectiles, coating her with disgustingly thick syrupy juices.

‘’A casting type.’’ Teruko murmured, this time earning a set of curious stares from you and Elina and she smiled in satisfaction, enjoying the attention. ‘’Corruption manifestations are physical and rarely subtle, while rightfully known as a poison it can be used inside a Mamono’s body for reinforcement coupled with Soul Synchrony, this is what dear Hao used to vanquish mine challenger.’’ The tribal girl spared a glance for her translator, wiping a trail of dark ink crawling down her nose. You took a protective step back. Getting infected at this stage wouldn’t be helpful for anybody.

‘’Not all species are suited for reinforcement or metamorphosis, thus come Corruption third complicated application; physical imposition outside the body, quite similar to magic hm?’’

‘’Ah!’’ Belphegor voice echoed out of the arena as her barrage came to an end, allowing Sieglinde a few seconds of respites, silently massing her fists and straightening her beastly posture. ‘’Enough warm up for ya kid!?’’ Those tendrils retreated around her body like spider legs, flat round tips showing mace-like proportions ready for new hurls.

Answer came in a loud chomp of a noise when the Princess altered mouth closed and reopened with enough force to echo into your gallery. This led into a sprint, dark feet kicking up a small sandstorm, bridging meters with ease as her gait reminded you of her movements yesterday night; her dancing tail made for a predatory projection that awakened a primal fear of your brain similar to Belphegor wriggling spider legs.
File: 111.jpg (956 KB, 890x1100)
956 KB
956 KB JPG
Another rain of projectiles crashed upon her in merciless speed, Sieglinde dodged with dextrous avoidance, dropping into a near-prone position then springing in the air with an impressing push of her legs, only to slam back onto firm soil because her tail had embedded itself in the arena grounds, thereby evading her aunt last cascade of three Corrupted missiles aimed at her anticipated landing spot. She landed on her feet, kicking up another cloud when her long appendage tensed and ripped up a part of the soil, her position was reduced to a low squat with bent knees, she immediately slides her feet on a forward angle and pounced forward like an ambushing cat.

She tore through meters in an eyeblink and this bout turned around even faster because Sieglinde barely reached her aunt, something like a wave smashed into the princess who only had time to crisscross her arms above her face to protect against a violent bashing trauma. One of Belphegor wriggling appendage had shot forward, ripping out of her skin in a bloody gush of tar and it expended in midair to become a meter-wide rectangle that slammed into the princess with more than enough force to reverse her momentum, all the strength behind her body enhancement and metamorphosis had undeniably painfully whiplashed yet… she was barely stunned when her arms smashed her forehead. This long tail of hers stabbed the ground again, balancing her momentum to make her smash into the ground yet she fearlessly threw forward her hands which stabbed into the sands up, digging to her wrists and, still prisoner of this speed, angled her feet to curb her fall and jumped, flipping backward with her tail whipping her previous position and cutting another one of Belphegor weird missiles.

‘’This is crazy!’’ Vilma gargled, having wormed herself beside you and her teacher.

‘’Our goatly senior never once lost a duel.’’ Teruko added with a satisfied smile. ‘’Fought general Zazawu to a draw, very few indeed can claim similar achievement.’’

‘’Come on come on!’’ Belphegor screamed, holding her small furred arms beside her body as two more wriggling tendrils tore out of her back.. Her right eyes had undergone a strange change, its red pupil had become erratic whilst the white sclera had darkened in a way that instantly reminded you of Deruella mind invasive stare. ‘’Ya’ll need ta educate some of em Supreme cunts giving yous dese fucking headaches so get closer you weak shite and stop hopping around like a bug!’’

Dark spit flew out of her small mouth and half of her tendrils – the ones on the upper part of her body- spiraled around her small arms, bulging them odiously with dark fleshes, replacing her cute little hands by two pieces of meaty wriggling corrupted limbs she smashed together and, you swore, leeches fell off. Enough voluminous liquid had fallen out of Belphegor back to make transform sands into mucky slushes.
‘’Mh, this is getting a little out of hands.’’ Teruko statement awakened the group from it’s awed torpor but there wasn’t much time to discuss, Sieglinde had made good use of this minute-long lull.

Changes in her were subtle, you noticed a trickle of tar leaking from her half-open mouth and her eyes, naturally on the round and wide sides, grew thin enough to disappear, replaced by a glowing carmine that seemed to burn while leaving painful afterimages, looking at her provoked a sharp ache deep inside your eyes sockets.

‘’Ugh, why...why is she l-like the sun?’’ Vilma rubbed her eyes in frustration.

‘’Corruption ought to be physical…’’ Elina murmured for the first time, glaring at her friend, enduring this painful manifestation with furrowed brows.

Sieglinde had begun a strange motion, her body swung sideways, going up and down as she bent her knees and stretched them, the glows on her face leaving constant illusions of burning spherical natures; you couldn’t detail her body as precisely anymore, it didn’t seem like there had been any changes…

Belphegor was clearly unamused, the wolfish grin of triumph she had constantly displayed was replaced by a scowl and she aimed one of her mutated arms at the swaying redhead, leeches traveling in clockwise circles that, without warning, erupted.

It was like rain, Belphegor was unleashing a sea of small projectiles that came one after another in a constant uninterrupted barrage, fingers-sized slugs of Corruption slammed into the wall, bouncing off its surface and even cracking these cold hard stones when they missed her fast niece, creating unending echoes of wars.

Sieglinde hadn’t grown any faster or nimbler yet her movements were… odd, you couldn’t follow them effectively. One second, she was crouching, the other jumping, after that she landed on one foot, then she bent her knee and… somehow flipped forward?

‘’I can’t follow her at all!’’ Vilma whined and you put your hand on her head.

Belphegor ammunition had already run dry, her niece had been going into a rapid long spiraling circle that she’d often break by running and dodging in opposite directions, this lull had been her opportunity and she charged for the goat, conquering meters in seconds with desperate bloodlust, whatever spell she had conjured increased in intensity and her arms -which had grown longer- reached for the little goat who fearlessly stood her ground, dropping on her butt while levering her organic weapon. Your eyes were burning as you kept staring at your demonic benefactors, tears welled up but you stubbornly tried to witness her glory up until… up until something happened, her body… reformed itself? Her image wasn’t the same it… huh?
File: 1445555888707.jpg (379 KB, 849x1200)
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379 KB JPG
A burning throb inside your retinas forced you to look away, missing Sieglinde valiant attempt at triumph. You don’t quite know how to describe what you saw… She, her image flickered, her protective redness dimmed for less than a second and you saw something that was far too fast to be described, leaving behind nausea and panic that demanded your trained self-control to keep still.

Rubbing your eyes, you managed to avoid whining, thankfully feeling no more than an ache that was already lessening into a quiet throb. Sieglinde had failed to strike her aunt, she had come flying backward from another strike, arms protecting her face again, this time covered by acidic gunk that was eating into the protective glossy exoskeleton of her forearms. Belphegor limbs enhancement were completely gone, part of the walls behind the princess displayed dented impacts from her corrupted ammunitions, tendrils regenerated, wriggling out of her small spine…

‘’Enough mine dears Supremes!’’ Teruko bellowed, clapping her hands. ''Tis not the time for settling grudges, only showing ours undead friend a duel pace and in this, you've provided admirably! How long do ye intend on staying for purification?''

Elina had already climbed on the ramparts, you wondered if her long stretched out red wings appeared like a standard for the two women below who, thankfully, weren't lost in throes of battle to disregard Teruko's interruption. Aunt and niece observed each other silently and wordlessly nodded, bringing an end to hostilities, this ''spar'' had been one hell of a dangerous endeavor.

''W-whoa s-so... This is why there's a special place for Supremes to fight?'' Vilma murmured as she observed the kins body change one last time, corruptive influence lessening to recreate their proper inviting self albeit covered in icky gunk. Belphegor had also managed to create a mud-like substance near her feet from the sheer volumes of lost fluids; thankfully there didn't seem to have any lingering grudges from this fight as the demoness and the little goat walked side by side, traveling for an open gate.

''Might have been a tiny bit rash, though it was quite a learning experience mh?'' The white lizard lady turned around and rested her hands and legs on the rampart, facing the intimidated group with an uncomfortable smile. ''This is a glimpse of many reasons why Supremes operate within unique political spectrums.''

''No such things as pity in these duels.'' Elina growled, coming down her perch and stopping beside you.

Echoing steps revealed your friend's arrival. Both were covered in dry dark liquid, that not only ruined their clothing but also left visible marks of faint, ashen black. Belphegor kept her mutated eye constantly closed Sieglinde arms were visibly wounded by the acidic retaliation of her aunt, arid holes throughout her carapaces being slowly healed by seeping, sticky gunk.

Hao immediately stepped forward, giving both of them a vigorous thumb up.
File: Baphomet18.jpg (557 KB, 3000x3500)
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557 KB JPG
''Don't get close.'' Elina warned, putting her hand on your shoulder. ''You could get infected.''

''Yeah, gotsa little bit carried away.'' Belphegor smiled with a guilty wince. ''Don't worry, this ain't really new for us.''

She patted her niece who silently rubbed her jaw and shrugged.

''You two ought to requisition Internalization sauna.'' Teruko clapped her hands a second time. ''No such thing as waiting, you've certainly shown Vilma the proper attitude for dueling!''

...Sauna? Did she really say that? A sauna...?

>Ending thread here. Sorry for the delay. Opening of next thread will have proper choices.

After reviewing, it's safe to say that sloth is going to be Arawn fault. I won't suddenly slap our protagonist with sudden laziness, I'll try my best to make this change feel gradual; see you next week folks.

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