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Alright, the last thing we did was simply to deliver some wood to a carpenter and furniture workshop, abusing our mech's flight ability to transport luxury materials across the country.

After that, a few days have passed, and we're hard at work guiging the 'growth' of our new home.

While sci fi may have made it seem as if nanomachines = magic, the truth is that they are still technology, and regardless of how convenient they are, they're still quite limited.

In this case, by the programming skill of their programmer, and Lazard was just a pilot, not a technitian or grease monkey.

The most we can do, is have them build large, simple structures over a period of weeks, such as our original bunker and now our new home behind Lyann's home.
After making the base structure of the building, he then spends time tending to small touches.
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"Lazard, what are you doing?" -says Lyann as she wipes the sweat off her forehead as she approaches from inside her house.

She has been welding a disk to try and improve her radio antennae, so she's shining with sweat, a pair of dark welding goggles on top of her head, her working overalls' upper part falling down now that she's taking a break.

Her figure looks quite amazing with her short shirt sticks to her. Uhmm... of course it's not cotton, but when we tried examining the material of the clothes she gave us, all we got was 'Unknown #7' out of our mech's computer.

Still, this is organic, right? I mean, I dont think they have the technology for plastic and such, yet.

The technology on this world feels so scrambled around.
From what we saw in the port city, they have metallic ships being pushed along by paddle wheels, you know?

They don't have phones or radio, but they have long distance messages through linked technom,ages that bounce messages from one place to the other using transmission magic... its sort of like a relay race or the pony express, but since its instant from relay post to relay post, it's quite fast.

And expensive, because the technomages that do this work charge a hefty fee,

"I'm supervising the construction." -we say from inside the mech cockpit
"Is that so?"
She looks up at us with suspicious eyes.

To be honest, the nanomachines don't need supervision once they begin to work, but all of a sudden, the weather turned amazingly hot.

Our cabin's a sealed, self contained atmosphere designed to exist in space, you know? there's no way it isn't nice and fresh.

The pretty redhead approaches the mech, and leans forth to support her hand on it...

"Ovor Sotaedo!" -she sings out loud

The hell?
Our cockpit opens suddenly.
She climbs on board...

Lazard is wearing a hawaiian shirt and blue shorts and sandals as he sips a nice cool drink and the mech plays a relaxing BGM.

"Lazard, help me raise the antenna!" -she huffs with annoyance as she puffs her cheeks,

She looks like an adorable redheaded squirrel.

>How did you open the cockpit!?
>Ah, yes, yes, you got me.
>I'm an alien superfriend, you know? your atmosphere is lethal to me when it is that hot, so please quickly close the cockpit! (Bluff: Roll 1d20)
Ugh having a conflict with sys.4chan.org to the point its almost 1 post out of 30 tries what devilry is this!?
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>I'm an alien superfriend, you know? your atmosphere is lethal to me when it is that hot, so please quickly close the cockpit! (Bluff: Roll 1d20)

I just got to.
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolling her sense motive...

...see you in the next post
"I'm so sorry!" -she cries out as she quickly shuts the cockpick closed.

Ah, it feels really nice inside...

Oh, it looks like the doctor is visiting. She just came out from the house's backyard door.

I wonder if it's an official visit? she's still wearing her doctor's robe.

Oh, she took Lyann into the house...

Uhmm I'm running out of fruit juice.

>Go into the house for more
>Chillax where we are
>Go into the house for more

Well gig is up, fun while it lasted.

"Ah! Lazard, what are you doing here!?" cries out Lyann as we enter the house.
"...it'll be alright as long as I don't raise my body temperature too much." -we roll with our pretext
"Is.. is that so? alright..."

"Uhm? what's this about?" -Mako looks at us full of curiosity.

>Give it up
>Try to convince her too
>Give it up

Only meant as a jest to start with so come clean with a smile.
>>Give it up
but in a joking wya
and nice to refind this qst:) where have you been hiding op

"Ahahaha..." -laughs awkwardly- "I was just making a little prank..."
"I see," -says the pretty doctor as she crosses her right arm under her breasts to hold her left elbow so she can support her face against her hand.- "I bet it was funny."
"Fuuu..." -says Lyann softly as she realizes we were joking- "Lazard idiot! you help me with antennae!" -she says angry, but her voice is so lovely its hard to really feel any anger over it
"Yes, yes." -we say with a smile as we raise our hands to ry and defuse our friend's anger

She looks kind of cute as she stands on tiptoes before us, trying to make herself look bigger than she is.

Well, our nice and relaxing days pass by without a hitch like this.

Soon, our new home is ready, so we spend some of our money into buying furniture and other needful things. then have a small celebration with Mako and Lyann.

For this, Mako is wearing a long, single piece party dress that reaches down to her ankles, with a high and wide cut on its left side and numerous small laces keeping it closed. It looks both charming and elegant on her, with the light fabric of it gently falling over her body, doing a wonderful job of covering her completely and yet somehow not at all.

Lyann on the other hand is wearing a pair of elegant white pants and jacket... it looks like a military uniform and fits her nicely.

Ah! its a musketter(?) uniform, right? like those of the guards at the city gates!

"Lyann, you were in the army?"

Since we gesture to her uniform from up to down, she nods and continues

"All techno mages are required to serve for 3 years in the army. It's like this in every nation." -she says
"In some, that service is life-long." -adds Mako

Wait, she's pretty young, right? in her late teens, I think, so... I guess they recruit... no, draft them at a very young age.

"Ah, but you get an education during and after your service term, you know? that's how I had a chance to get official recognition, which is why I was studying Lazard's ruins."
"I see, I see."

Uhm... it's better than my own draft experience. Well, we were at war at the time. I wonder who won, and if it even matters 1.2 million years later.

Humanity is still alive up there among the stars, right?


"Lazard, what are you going to do now?" -asks Mako
"I think I'll start a party and then a mercenary group. Being a soldier is the only thing I know how to do, after all."
"Mercenary group... why not join the army?"
"They would probably welcome my mech with open arms. Me, less so. Plus, I don't know anything about the politics in the world or even this particular region, so I would rather not get involve. A mercenary can choose his own contract."
"I see."

"But, you need a class A party before you can start your own mercenary band." -says Lyann
"I know..."

>Thats why, join my party, you two! its fine if you are just ghost members. I will do all the fighting anyway
>Thats why, join my party, you two! its fine if you are just ghost members. I will do all the fighting anyway
>>Thats why, join my party, you two! its fine if you are just ghost members. I will do all the fighting anyway
il need some one to work on my mach repairing, makeing new wepons or doign some marge fucky with the teach its made and theres and if she learns enguh we might be able to make smaller weaker version of it and call the group armored core or AC or ravens. and any fightign group needs a doc so how about it? youl all get cuts from the jobs i take and you can see and learn new things

""I'm sorry, but I refuse."" -they both said at the same time
"I'm impressed by your coordination, but why!?"

"Wouldn't it be pointless for me to join? You won't get hurt inside your armor, right? my patients need me" -says Mako
"I won't be doing anything, right? So I won't get any part of the rewards either. As a scholar in the service of the kingdom, I receive a monthly allowance. If I was to sign up as an adventurer, I won't"

Honestly, I thought it would go something like
""Yes, of course""
And that would be it...

"I don't mind paying you a salary. I want to form a mercenary band later on, anyway."
"Is that so?... I need at least this much a month for it to match my national allowance, you know?" -she writes down a number and shows it to us.

It's fine, we can pay that much easily right now.

"Seems fine..."
"I want to renegotiate it every year."
"Annually, uh?"

In a way, I'm rather happy that she thinks we will stay together for years.

>No, just this much
fire enguh but il be waiting to see new wepons and or gadets for me to use.:) and info you want from the mach pc is yours to read.
and doc i know right now i probs wont be gettign hurt inside of this mech but will you be willing to join when we have more peopel on foot and not in a meach fighting? puls we might be able to rige up a robot doc to tend to people here? become best merc group, then take over the land lol
build big com towers t otry to find orther humans

"Ah, I was playing one of the jokes, too?" -says Lyann with a startled expression.- "I would join your party, Lazard!"

So she was joking... well, it's fine.it's fine. We should probably re negotiate contracts from time to time anyway to adjust based on personal proficiency and such.

"Mako, I understand you want to take care of your patients, but you don't actually need to come with us during fights. I just want you to figure as a ghost member so your rank raises up with ours. That way you can be an A ranked adventurer at the same time as us, and help us fund the mervenary band."
"Oh. That is alright, then." -the pretty doctor nods.

Alright, Lyann get! Mako get!

Uhmm... I guess this housewarming party became a party-founding celebration, then.

A few days later, we are in the constable's building again, looking at the available quests.

By the way, it wasn't explained to us before, but ESPECIAL type of quests are those who have failed multiple times or noone picked up, so they've been reclassified so anyone who wants a quick promotion or is fine taking risks, can take them.

Our clearing the mines from the grayclaw monsters was such a quests, so as the new month rolls around, we have been upgraded to D rank.

I wonder if we should keep selecting SPECIAL grade quests to raise as quickly as possible through the ranks?

ESPECIAL: A band of stump giants is wandering around the western countryside, devastating fields in their wake. Please deal with them.

Rank C: A water spirit beast has appeared in the M'uuau Og Skaeut Lake, please remove it, as it is eating all the fish and attacking fishermen.

Rank D: A Guov Warg pack is ravaging our tloov herds! please take care of them! - Town of Nov Havo

Rank F: Please gather as much Harv Guaett herbs as you can! - Town of Saerk Waekout (this is a local quest)
>Rank D: A Guov Warg pack is ravaging our tloov herds! please take care of them! - Town of Nov Havo
Rank F: Please gather as much Harv Guaett herbs as you can! - Town of Saerk Waekout (this is a local quest)

for now I say this at least till we can start getting a handle on the ammo situation.

Uhmm... Im gonna wait for a bit to see if someone changes his mind. Otherwise I'll throw a coin
I am willing to switch to

Rank C: A water spirit beast has appeared in the M'uuau Og Skaeut Lake, please remove it, as it is eating all the fish and attacking fishermen.

if that helps, 1 target is better for ammo then x? targets.
Sounds fine since you can kill it with one shot if you hit it. Probably. But he was probably thinking of CqC vs the monster pack. Well, your mech can travel through space so im pretty sure it is waterprood so you could dive and smack the thing with a stick if you want to

At least it'll be easier than rolling a fight with 20+ monsters


"I'd like to take this mission, please." -we are quite confident on our language skills by now.
"Of course." -the constable writes the mission on his archive and explains to us that we will need the head of the beast as proof, unless the local constable can testify to its removal in person.

Thus, we go back home so we can enter the mech.

Lyann isn't home right now?
It's kind of odd that she's not on the backyard, either, since she usually is working on the radio or the antennae.

As we climb the stairs to the cockpit and open it up, we find her inside on the pilot's seat, wearing a light shirt and a sarong, enjoying a fruit drink and some snacks.

"A/C is great." -she says as if that explained it all.

We shoo the pretty girl off the cockpit.

"I got a mission, so please get off the chair."
"Aaah, I don't want to..."

>Up up, don't be lazy! (gently throw her out)
>Fine, scoot over (somehow squeeze on the pilot chair and take off)
Send her on her way don't want to put her in any unnecessary danger.

We gently pick her up in a princes carry

"Ah? Lazard, so daring."
"Yes, yes."

We gently lower her off the seat

"L-lov!" (T/L: "H-hey!") -she whines as we gently push her out of the cockpit

Honestly, this girl has no self-awareness at all, does she!? is she even aware that we're a guy? it's even hard to find a safe spot to look at since she's so naturally pretty when she's wearing her work overalls, you know?

In a swimsuit, of course it's even harder!

Wait, she IS wearing a bikini bottom, right?

...I feel like it would be dangerous to ask.

"Lazard, meanie. Stingy. I like A/C"
"Yes, yes. Please say if you want me to bring anything back from the M'uuau Og Skaeut Lake."
"Fuuu... stingy. Bring back auaerso fruits."

We wait for her to descend the stair and step back from the mech before lift off, then head towards the lake.

Uhm, thankfully the map we've been working on includes the lake. Let's add a name tag to it... there we go.

It should be a 31 minutes flight.

This girl, I swear...

*** 31 minutes later ***

We arrive at the lake, and do a check from above. The sensors are powerful enough to penetrate through the water all the way to the bottom, giving us a 3D map of the lake... it has a lot of caves. This could be a problem.

>Buy some fish, use it to churn the waters
>Dive right in and look for it in the caves
>Buy some fish, use it to churn the waters

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

Uhmm.. who knew we could throw bait that far off with just the mech's arm.
Honestly, it would be amazing if we could use the railgun for it, somehow, then we could easily spread bait all over the surface of the lake but... yeah it would be hell to clean it up afterwards (the gun) and Lyann would nag at us.

Well, she's also cute when she's angry, so maybe it would be okay?

Anyway, after throwing about 300 kilos of bait as far as we could, we climbed back into the cockpit and began watching the sensors...

Uhmm... the 3D projection looks strange... it looks as if the bottom of the lake is moving... no, wait, it really is!

That thing isn't just at the level of "attacking the local fishermen" is it?
Too big!
Way too big!

It can still fit theough the larger caves, but only just. What the hell is that thing doing in this lake?

Did it felt like being the big fish in a small pond?

And why didn't the fishermen report this to the kingdom?! I mean, it would take a lot of manpower to kill that thing, right?

25ft? more? isn't that already whale-like?

It's like a shark, but it has lobster legs and antennae! Uhmm... would it be more correct to describe it as a immense, claw-less lobster?

It has fish-like fins and tail, though.

>Dive in and shove the shock baton into its mouth
>Just shoot if from above
Always start with a Railgun blast to see how much resistance it has.
>>Just shoot if from above
dont wana get eaten,
i liek your thinkgs
but at the same time the shock baton should get alot stronger as water plush lighting makes it deal alot of aoe and damge(thow that might just end up killing a ton of fish that we can seal as cooked:P) and im guseing we will be slwoer in the water
but try to make it poke its head out of the water befor shotting the railgun dont want miss
and do we have a sona soundwave thign we could mybe pump though the water to stun it as it would be very loud under water
Well, it really is quite the big fish, uh? let's try how tough its shell is.


We are quite used to the halo effect created whenever we fire the railgun by now, though we have grown a tendency to frown due to the ammo loss as of late.

The projectile is hypersonic. It will hit the thing before it or anyone on the ground can hear the shot.

As it cuts through the water, it boils it, causing a stream of steam to raise out of the lake on the impact point.

No we did not boil the whole lake, just a orange-thick tunnel straight to the monster through the water.

Well, of course we've heard of water distortion, but we aren't aiming visually, you know?

That.. thing. Should I call it a shark? a lobster? it sure its big, but that just makes it so much easier to hit.

The projectile hits it right on the middle of its back!

Acording to our onboard targetting system, it was a good hit, but... yeah, its swimming faster now. I wonder if its looking for whatever hit it. But its actually alive, uh?

Moreover, it doesn't looks like it was too big an injury... no, its a orange-sized hole on its back, so of course its a big wound. It's just not that big in relation to its overall size.

That thing's really tough, uh? It didn't even go into shock after taking a railgun hit.

>Hit it again
>Go down into CQC
>but try to make it poke its head out of the water befor shotting the railgun dont want miss

eh, its not as if we eyeball shots with the railgun anyway. Remember we used to fight in space battles

Ah, but you do need to remember, water is awesome at messing with bullets. Wish I could have found a better video but this should give you an idea

true hmmm i was thinking mybe over above the lake make it try to eat yous((open mouth or t=what it useing to eat doge/fly bakwards ad n the raigun it in the mouth trying to make the shot go though most og its body or coul try to hold its mouth open with the sheiild to stop it close on us and we just shock it to death
use flood lights to try to blid it as well
it's daytime though, will that do anything with the sun behind us?

So you want to do this?

Anyway, if I understood right you want to keep shooting it?
yer pretty much:P
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oFl_2p_LHU [Embed]

even thw its day time the flood lights hsould still be bright as hell, it still sucks when some one shings something in your eyes and the light would help with bait
File: Phone pics 027.jpg (2.08 MB, 2448x3264)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
Alright. I'll be honest, I have never been hit with floodlights during the day. I don't think it will do much but... alright, I guess we can at least lure it to the surface with them?

Picture Unrelated, but im a bit proud of how well the map looks since im, you know, 99% blind


We head further down so we can hit the lake with our floodlights.

Even at daytime, sunlight can only penetrate the water so far, so our light shines brightly on the lake's bottom. It doesn't seems to bother it too much, but it does succeed at drawing its attention.

Alright, its coming towards us.
Hey, this bugger is pretty fast when it wants to be, uh?
Yup, pretty fast for such a big guy.
These things don't jump, right?
It's just about to hit the water surfac--


The thing leaps at us and bites unto our mech. Our legs and body up to the chest fit in it's mouth, and the alarms blaze loudly as we are warned about a sudden loss in aeronautics... fucking computer can't it just says we're going down!?

Should be okay, I mean, we're sealed-ready so we can go to space, right? a little water shouldn't be a problem...


We are pulled under the water and the thing that gots us is spinning us as if it was a goddamn laundry machine!!

Ugh... argh... ah... fuck...

We can't hit it with the guns like this, they can't point straight down!

>Try and shove the baton unto its nose and hit the electric shock
>Let is swallow us, THEN shoot the railgun
no real choice except the shock baton at this point.
>>Let is swallow us, THEN shoot the railgun
just cous i want want to cut my way out of it deadbody couse we use the jets to force us down into its mouth faster so not to get hit by the teath?
i rely just wanted to use the flood lights. it workd a bait.
better map then i could have made
>Try and shove the baton unto its nose and hit the electric shock
>just cous i want want to cut my way out of it deadbody couse we use the jets to force us down into its mouth faster so not to get hit by the teath?

Uhmm wouldnt the jets normally point down on a mech? like, being under the feet?

>no real choice except the shock baton at this point.

>Let is swallow us, THEN shoot the railgun

We try and stuck our built-in shock baton up its nose and hit the switch.

It succeeds spectacularly on having it let us go, but we are still underwater!

As we estabilize ourselves, it rams us and then bites us. It's bite is ridiculously strong, and manages to sink through our vanadium armor!

31 damage! - Minus Dr 20/- - Total 11 damage out of our mech's 100hp

As it latches on to us and drags us down, we hit it with the shock baton again!

It leaves deep dark burnts on the beast, but it doesn't seems to be too serious, either.

'Ah, it's gonna take a while for the nanites to fix this one'

The devil shark (temporal name) lets us go and swims off, though. This far down, sunlight does not reach, and we can only see the straight line before us illuminated by our floodlights.

>Locate it with the 3D imaging, and shoot it again
>Ready ourselves to hit it and move aside when it tries to ram and bite us again
>Locate it with the 3D imaging, and shoot it again

Lets take a step back and try to keep this thing at a distance.
>>Locate it with the 3D imaging, and shoot it again
>>Locate it with the 3D imaging, and shoot it again

In the deep darkness far from the surface, we have no isse orientating ourselves, thanks to our mech's Enviromental 3D Rendering, which lets us see everything, albeit as a mesh of bright red wire over a black base.

Uhmm... we should be able to see all the way to the moon, how come we can't find it anywhere on the bott- above!

Sure enough, it is sqimming in circles around us. As it begins approaching, we open fire again.

Underwater, the slug isn't as powerful, but it's still powerful enough to cause it to tremble and spasm when we hit it on the nose.

It seems to be a very sensitive part of the monster.

It retreats, and tries to come at us from behind, but we easily turn and shoot it again.

This time, it pushes through and rams/bites us, shakes us, and retreats.

29 damage! - Hardness 20 - Damage 9 - Total damage 20/100hp

As dangerous as it is, it has no way to know that there's no way we can lose track if it anymore.

We start chasing it with the railgun's targetting systems

We shoot it once more, and it finally looks like the thing is truly feeling the effects of our weapon. It comes for us again, gives us a quick bite, and tries to retreat into the darkness!

34 damage! - Hardness 20 - Damage 14 - Total damage 34/100hp

After a final shot, the thing falls to the bottom of the lake. Unmoving, it appears to be dead at last.

>Leave its body where it is
>Take it, maybe we can sell the leather and teeth, or something like that. Its flesh may be good to eat?
>Take it, maybe we can sell the leather and teeth, or something like that. Its flesh may be good to eat?

Also the fact we need to turn in the head to claim the bounty right?
and mybe its parts can be used for meds or some thing
>Also the fact we need to turn in the head to claim the bounty right?


Dragging the body to the surface won't be as hard as pulling it out of the water will be.

The 'muscles' of our mech are obviously strong, but this thing is on a dinosaur-like class. It's to the point where such a thing would clearly be unable to breathe if it was a land animal, you know?

Thats why whales, that are air breathers, suffocate when they are stuck on a beach. Their own weight is too much for their lungs so they can't breathe properly.

Well, let's give it a go... just in case let's shock the shark thing a couple of times... no response.


We can't just pull it up using the thrusters alone. In the end, we had to walk out while pulling it along the bottom.

Good thing the north side of the lake has a rather relaxed slope we can use...

Ah, just I feared, as soon as we reach the surface, it just won't come out of the water. Well, anyone who has ever tried diving knows that the heavy equipment that bogs you down on earth, its practically weightless in the water. By the same token, it means that things that are already heavy in the water are ridiculously heavy out of it.

Well, at least its not sinking... I wonder if we could use a large rock as anchoring spot and install a pulley system... but there's no such convenient rock anywhere.

There's some trees, but I get the feeling that they would snap like toothpics under this weight.

>Cut the body and life it out of the water in parts
>Cut the trees and use the logs as wheels
>Cut the body and life it out of the water in parts

'Uhmm... I wonder if it would be fine to cut it lenghtwise in two halves, as if I was making fish steaks? Or should I cut it into slices? Well, its a really long beast so we could probably get a nice, amazingly long bit of leather if I cut it lenght-wise, right? Let's go with that'

Just in case, let's poke it with the shockbaton again... I mean, I'm quite sure it would have tried to resist by now while we were pulling it along the floor or when we took its head out of the water, but just in case....

Yep, still dead.

Why am I being so timid, you ask? because the mech has no way to cut anything. I'm gonna have to step out and do it with my chainsword.

And so...

Fifty minutes later, I'm knee-deep in fish (crab?) guts and blood. The local fish already ate their fill and left.
This much blood and guts in the water, it can't be called anything but pollution, I guess.


The chainsword finally comes out at the end of the thing's tail.

Ah, this was really exhausting. As an army officer, of course I'm in good shape, but that doesn't means I will be unaffected after holding to a chainsword for almost an hour and using it to cut through skin, flesh and bones so tough that a railgun only made small holes on it.
Not to mention the scent.

Ugh, let's sit down on the sand for a bit. The lake for hundreds of meters is red right now, so we can't even wash up unless we go a fair distance away.

No use, it's really too stinky, got to clean up.
So, we walk along the beach to the end of the blood stain on the water and go in to clean some of the blood off ourselves.

Well, its not perfectly clean, but it's way better. Now I can take a break on the sand.

Honestly, once I've caught my breath, I'm going to wash again. There's no way I'm going to be lying down on the cockpit's seat while still dripping fish fat and blood. I don't even want to think in how hard it would be to clean that off the chair.

By the way, now that I had a chance to feel the skin of that thing, its amazingly rough. It's to the point it can cause you to bleed if you rub it a bit too hard.

Alright, that's it, I feel like I'm on my second wind now.

Washing washing washing

Ugh, it didn't all come out. Ah, I'll throw a blanket over the seat before I use it. Way easier to clean that way.

Climbing back into the mech.
Reaching into the small luggage compartment.
Stretching the blanket over the seat.

There we go.

Right, it is literally half as heavy now, but the mech still only barely manages to pull each half into the beach.

Yeah, at least its out of the water now, but there's no way we are taking it to the town like this.

>Let's chop it up even smaller
>Let's rent a wagon
>Let's rent a wagon

Turn in the head and rent a wagon for the rest.

The constables are quite shocked by our scent as we walk into their office... is to the point where animals follow after us.

I guess those are the equivalent of cats on this world?

They look more like chickens with claws rather than wings. Well, there is no way such a convenient even as a meteorite will come around in every world to wipe out dinosaurs and such, after all.

The reward is quite nice... It raised our Welath Bonus by +2

Uhmm... I kind of wish we could have kept the head. I mean, the jaws alone would make an amazing wall piece.

Well, now that we've been paid, let's rent a wagon... aaah... I want to get this done quickly, get home and have a bath...

Oh wait

>Lets rent a room in a local inn and have a bath now
>Let's rent the wagon and get it over with asap
>Let's rent the wagon and get it over with asap

Well, let's see...

We make a deal with a tanner. He'll get the leather cured for us in exchange for money.

As for the meat... I don't want it. I really don't want it. Let's see if anyone will buy it...

Meh, it's not bad... but it's not enough to raise our Wealth Bonus either

Ah, thanks God that is done with. Now let's have that bath.

We can remove the blanket... ah, we've brought this blanket from Earth, it would be a shame to throw it, let's try and wash it when we are back home.

Now that I look at it... there's a tooth stuck in the armor. This thing it's big enough to be used as a shovel....

'I guess I'll keep it as a souvenir'

We make the flight back, and land in the rear garden, as usual. Well, now we have a concrete disk to land on. I'm sure the flowers and grass in Lyann's garden are grateful.

"Lazard, what happened? Are you alright!?" -Lyann asks as soon as we open the cockpit.

She waits for us to climb down, and approaches us... then quickly steps back.

"You smell!"
"It's not me, it's the clothes."
"Go change!"
"Alright, alright."
"Are you alright?"
"Welcome home." -she says with a smile.

That really helps to heal our heart.

She still steps back when we approach though.

When we come back out, we find her wearing her work clothes as she studies the cuts in the mech's armor.

"What happened?"
"A big one."

Well, we should give the nanobots time to fix the armor, so what should we do with the rest of the day? Actually I think it will probably take them 2 days to repair all of that... to think an animal could chew through armor.

"Lyann, want to go buy clothes with me?"
"I don't have much in the way of clothes."
"Ah. Alright!"

We nod, and she goes back into her house

"Date, date..." -she sings softly

-Offers his arm to the lady-

"Uh. I am not really opposed to the whole "date" thing. After all nothing is better then being accompanied by a beautiful woman. However I hope you don't put too much into the prospect. "
wheres the shioping mail at
>wheres the shioping mail at


"Okay" -she answers with a smile- "No problem."

I wonder if their musical tone is some form of accent? it's really nice and cute. Girls' voices are musical and pleasing, while the guy's have a gentle accent on their speech.

Well, in order to go shopping, we need to go to a larger city. Rather than going in the mech, it looks like Lyann wants to go in her bike

>Insist we take the mech, it will just be a 5 minutes flight
>Holding to her will be nice. Sure
"Are you sure there is enough room? Can't exactly care much on that sure we don't need a bigger means of transportation?"

"This is good." -she says as she shakes her head
"This is good." -she says again.

She is wearing a pair of leather pants and a shirt with a padded but short leather jacket that, if closed, would only cover her arms, neck and chest. It has buttons.

I guess zippers are unknown around here.

"How are we carrying things back?"
"I have pockets" -she says as she starts her 'bike' with a brief spell.

The bike (she accepted to call it such, tho its actual name was 7 words long) starts with nearly no delay between zero and max speed. We reflexively cling to her waist before we are thrown off, and the nearby world turns into a blurr.

You know, even tho this isn't going even at 1/20th of our mech's speed, the sensation of movement in an open vehicle and inside an armored mech's cabin are completely different.

Yes, we're clinging for dear life. No, there's nothing sexual about it, not even a little bit.

I wish I could say 'ah, her hair smells really nice' or 'oh, she's so soft' but, right now, we are just clinging as hard as we can.

The road is mostly dirt, but thankfully it is mostly straight, so we only get close to a heart attack before arriving in the city.

"Lazard, you let go now?" -she asks as she stops the bike
"I want to, but my arms won't listen."
"No, really, please wait a minute..."

We eventually do manage to dettach from her, and get off the bike.

Ah, not being on the driving seat is truly awful.

The gate guards give us a brief look, and then politely avoid questioning us as we go into town.

What should we go for?

>Clothes as familiar as possible to what we are familiar with
>Local fashion
>Clothes as familiar as possible to what we are familiar with

"Well, guess I better buy some clothes that I am used to. Nothing too out different."
>"Well, guess I better buy some clothes that I am used to. Nothing too out different."

"Is that so? alright." -says our redheaded friend

She stares at us without looking at us. If you've ever looked at something while thinking of something else, you know what that is like.

"What is it?" -we ask after a moment
"I've only seen you in uniform. I don't know what your normal clothes are meant to look like."
"What abou the shorts and shirt of this morning?"
"I already forgot. It never happened."

She said so completely seriously, you know?
Our joke has been wiped off her memory.

"Let's go to a man's clothing shop. I'll look around."

She casually leans forth and takes our hand, then pulls us down the street while looking quite happy.

Uhm the local's clothes aren't that different. The styles tend to favor shorter clothes, but pants are still a thing for men.

Shirts (not t-shirts) are the norm. Hats are rare.

Oh, and both men and women tend to wear boots reaching to about their calves.

Lyann takes us into a shop. Its a tailor's shop... I guess there's no convenient mass-made goods uh?

It takes quite a while for the tailor to finish writing down all his measurements.

By the way, the man has bright blue skin with tiny white dots around the eyes and forehead. His horns are straight and point up from the sides of his head, and he has a tail.

Well, we were a bit worried about him poking us since he was moving around so much, but I guess he would be used to how much room he needs, after all.

Oh, he shoes us a catalogue made from drawings.

The paper is yellowish and really soft and smooth. This isn't the paper we are used to, right?

>Try to sketch something (roll 1d20 for craft (visual Arts))
>Pick something
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>Try to sketch something (roll 1d20 for craft (visual Arts))

"I am going to try out my artistic side here...Lets see."

-Lazard doodles on the sheet trying to draw clothes. Tee shirts, Cargo pants, and Pocketed vest.-

"There... What do you think?"
The sketch... its a good thing we went with a career in the army, because as fashion designers, we would've starved.

The tailor seems rather understanding, though, and works with our sketches to come up with new ones that are much more acceptable.

It looks quite different from what we had in mind, though, and a lot more like local fashion, if still different.

Well, that's probably as much as we could hope for?

Once that's done, Lyann takes us to a hat shop and gets us a wide wing hat. It looks like a flying saucer, honesty. A round, wide disk with a done in the top... I think i've seen some straw hats like this somewhere.

"Are the hats of the men outside not good? they look nice." -we ask remembering the hats most men seem to wear.

This one isn't 'bad' but it looks more like what children wear.

"Those are married men?" -she says, looking at us with curiosity- "Oh! Lazard married?"

>No no, I just didn't know
>Uhmm... we slept under the same roof for more than three days, so were married in my culture (joke - roll 1d20 for bluff)
>Well, aren't we? (with a serious expression)
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Well there is my suit, we are kind of a pair. (trying bluff for this joke instead.)
Rolled 11 (1d20)


Rolling her sense motive (she has -1 by wisdom :P )

The pretty redhead looks at you with wide open, sparkling blue eyes as you talk, but then frowns and looks at you through tiny slits as she closes her eyes to look at you more seriously.

"Not sure if serious..." -she says as she leans into you

Right, no sense of personal space

"Ah, well, in my home, we called that 'married to your work' you know?"
"Uh... Lazard is weird."
"I'm sorry, I was joking."
"y-You meanie!" -she punches us

It doesn't really hurts, but we make a show of it so she'll forgive us faster.

"I can still wear it even if I'm not married, right? I like those hats more."
"...I guess."

So, now that we look like a dandy, let's go to a shoe store. Our current footwear is just our military boots, and while they are durable and high tech enough to keep our feet comfortable and dry anywhere (armies tend to prioritize footwear, you know? successful ones anyway), it's no fun to wear the one pair all the time.


They don't fit.
No, that's incorrect.
They fit right, but for some reason, it really hurts when we try to walk in them.

Well, I'm not a medical expert, but I guess it was too much to expect, for their feet and ours to have the same structure. I wonder if ...

>We have money, let's have a shoe mold made just for us.
>Let's just buy rugged-looking sandals. They're just a lenght of thick but flexible leather, no shaping involved.
>We have money, let's have a shoe mold made just for us.
personally it always bothered me, how shoes would always fit. I know its nitpicking, but there's no way different species have the exact same structure. Elven shoes should not fit human and viceversa, for example
-after getting the mold done for the shoes-

"Well, if this is a "date" then how about we follow the date traditions of where I come from?" -winks at Lyann then drags her off for some more shopping.-

"There's traditions?" -she asks with curiosity
"Of course there are. First, you should buy your date something to remember the occasion, feed her, and probably take her to see a show."
"Ooooh!" -she stares with a little bit of awe- "I wonder what I should feed you? oh, and we already bought you the hat, so that's fine, right?"
"No, no. I'm the one that's meant to buy you things..."
"Is that so?"

That's how, we kept paying attention to the street stalls whenever one came around, until we found one selling cheap jewelry.

"How about a hair ornament?"
"It'll get lost soon enough. I'd rather you buy me a set of tools."
"You are terribly unromantic."
"Then, how about we buy some flower seeds and plant them on the garden? then, we can watch them grow together." -she says with a smile

As for food, we had some kebab sticks.
It's good to know that practical things are truly universal.

"Now we should watch a movie..."
"Ah, we don't have those here."
"You know them!?"
"Yes, from studying your computer."
"Oh, right."

We think about it for a bit

>Then, let's watch a movie together in the cockpit
>Then, how about we see what your people think of as entertainment?
>Then, how about we see what your people think of as entertainment?

"What does your people do for entertainment?"
>"What does your people do for entertainment?"
:-) Protagonist thinks about obvious stuff two people can do... [harem member gained]

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