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File: End_of_Anon_Vs.png (432 KB, 1024x768)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
>You are Anon
>15, probably not single and too autistic to mingle
>It’s not your fault that your head is stuck in the sand
>For a few moments you flop around on the ground getting coarse, rough and irritating sand everywhere
>Once you eventually right yourself, you see a vast ocean of pink fluid stretch off into the horizon where the giant disembodied head of your mother either floats or sticks out of the water where it touches the ocean floor
>Much smaller but still colossal Zombinas jut out of the water crucified, much closer than Luna’s head
>Looking over all of this, only one thing crosses your mind
>A: “Fucking Peepfags.”
>Then you notice Muscles is gone

Welcome back

>Character Sheet, Rules, Tools and Buddies

>In retrospect, some would consider your April Fools prank war with Star to have gone too far.
>Sure it started out small
>You raising a frog from the dead, then sending it over with a tiny top hat and cane to REEE at her when nobody was looking
>Her replacing Luna with a tiny chocolate version
>It tasted pretty good and had a pink marshmallow filling
>The real embarrassment came from you not noticing the difference for half an hour
>Then it got a little weird
>You replaced her wand with a vibrator
>She just punched you in the nuts for that one
>And finally it got a little wild
>You crucified a laser puppy on a burning cross
>Right on her front lawn
>After that, she made a “peace offering”
>She got Zombina a dress
>If you had any fashion sense beyond what anime taught you, you’d probably say it was a very nice dress
>Susan sure as hell thought it was
>Called it the “Besh dresh Evaah!” and hugged Star
>She took it too damn far
>You saw the smug look Star gave you while she hugged your pure zomgurl
>That bitch needed to go down
>It was only natural that you accepted when Luna offered to do the biggest prank this reality had ever seen
>Which is how you got to here.
>It was still completely worth it.

>You are currently on a beach, overlooking a giant pink ocean
>You see something shiny and yellow flitting far away over the Luna Connection Liquid
>The beach you’re currently on seems to stretch down for quite while
>You also see that something managed to crawl out of the LCL and walk into town, a thick trail of LCL left behind it
>More than should be possible for it to be just dripping off
What do?
0w0 what this?
Follow the trail. Also, are we purely armless or do we have a normal arm again?
You have one arm and a stump!
oh fuck where is THE WAND
see if you can eat the liquid
I guess if we have butter johnson, we could make a temporary replacement. Between wand and cloak, we should be able to fly where we want relatively fast
Follow the trail. Also, see if you can eat the liquid
Lie down and die because we're trash
>You've just woken up to the second apocalypse
>Your mother's head is lying out at sea smugly staring up to the sky
>The ocean itself appears to have been replaced with a pink viscous fluid
>You've lost an arm
>Naturally the first thing you do is taste the strange liquid
>Looks like pulpy pink lemonade
>Tastes like bloody anus
>Maybe there's a reason your school tried to place you into "Special Education" for the 8th grade?
>After clearing the nasty assty shit from your mouth you reach for your wand with your non-existant monster arm
>A: "God damn it. Wait. Gaw fuck."
>Luna needed your wand to pull off this prank.
>Right now you assume that your wand is with your arm
>Fucking gone
>Getting the absolutely necessary step of putting strange things into your mouth you decide to follow the trail of whatever walked out of the pink stuff
>"Walked" being a generous term
>The rut left behind whatever pulled it's way out of the LCL is a testament to that
>It seemed to be sheeting off the stuff as well
>Hell, the size of the LCL it leaves behind looks to be getting bigger the more you follow the trail
>The town itself is quiet
>Clothes lie in pools of LCL
>A few crashed cars mark those who vanished while attempting to escape
>An eerie quite pervades the town
>The trail seems to keep going towards the Diaz residence

What do?
I support >>2442837
Fucking, follow the god damn trail more. And if they're there, say hi to the Diaz's. Not Marco tho. Just Angie and Raph.
Go to the Diaz residence, be sad because all of our happiest memories are there
Enter and say hi to our other mother figure.
>"Yo dude yous making a mess holms"
File: Spoiler Image (1.41 MB, 1920x1080)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>Tapping into your autistic focus you stay on the trail
>The abandoned stores and houses hold no interest to you
>Besides, its not like they'll get unabandoned any time soon
>You jog through the streets as fast as your nonathletic legs can take you
>Not very
>Taking your time, you make it to Marco's house
>The trail ends at the door
>A lump of congealed LCL sits slumped against the locked door of the house
>Jesus, there are bones poking out of it
>It shifts at your approach
>You see two eyes on a vaguely reptilian form look at you, one melted to the point of uselessness
>Lump: "You! You did this to me!
>Oh hey
>It's that lizard dude
>Tappy or some shit

What do?
Oh shit, wuddup? You OK man? You're looking a bit goopy.
"TINKLES! Long time no see buddy!"
give him a noogie
Sorry, I promise I'll fix it!

(You sexy thing)
Tapu Fini! Long time no see! How's it goin', bud?
>give him a noogie
>then see if we can't fix him up
Any suggestions on how to fix him or are we just saying that to make him feel better?
Duck tape should do it
Promise to find wand, or try out blood for blood since niggas apparently forgot that a lot of our magic was wandless

And by a lot i mean all
Good old funyons force feed.
>A: "Ayyy, what's good ligga?"
>T: "Wha-"
>A: "You looking a little mushy there, Sappy. Don't worry I gotcha."
>You say this while poking him on the snout, your finger sinking in a quarter inch and bending it downwards while Tovfefe yelps in pain
>You pull out a bag of Funyuns and begin to pour the entire contents of the bag into his mouth
>His snout manages to reform it's shape
>Goose egg for everything else about him
>T: "A bag of chips isn't going to do anything! I can do so much more than anything you could and even that can barely hold off my assimilation!"
>A: "Damn Tuppy, calm down. It's just a little LCL. I drank some of the stuff and I'm fine."
>T: "Because you and your imp of mother is what did this!
I've taken your absolute stupidity into account but I never thought you'd be stupid enough to actually end the world over a petty rivalry.

>A: "Hold up, what did you mean by 'imp of a mother'?"
>The lizard just glares at you
>Or he's glaring at the lamp post
>You can't tell with that ruined eye of his
>A: "That's what I thought, bitch."

>You currently have Froppy at your mercy
>He seems to know what's going on
>He will not sloppy your floppy
What do?
Try blood for blood and if that's not working find a jar and carry him in it
Give him a light kick for insulting Momma. And ask him what the fuck he means by the end of the world. I thought it was just a prank bro.
"So Tapioca, I heard you like to keikaku, whats your plan now?"
Sounds decent.
>You kick the goop lizard in the ribs for insulting your mother
>Despite still looking like bones, they bend to where you kicked them and stay there
>It seems like even they're mostly goop now
>A: "Talk shit get hit, Tippy."
>T: "It's Toffee."
>A: "Yeah, sure thing Taffy. But what did you mean by end of the world? This is just a big prank."
>T:"Just a- Everyone on this planet and potentially in this entire reality is being rendered down into a slurry of souls and biomatter. Even Septarian regeneration can't stop it. I can feel my mind slipping away piece by piece. Things that should be easy to remember is becoming muddled.
>A: "Hold on to that thought."
>Before he can reply you burst into the Diaz residence
>Windows are still no match for Cruci-Crush
>The wall around it is also no match
>Running through the hole you quickly make it to the kitchen
>Many food runs over the years on countless sleep overs taught you exactly where to look
>Mr. Diaz's prize jalepenos fresh from the extra large mason jar
>You quickly run back with the now empty jar in hand.
>A: "Aight, keep talking. What was the plan here?"
>T: "What are you doing with that?
>A: "Don't worry about it, Yippy, now keep talking."
>The mush lizard grunts with clear annoyance
>T: "My plan was to find Ms. Butterfly and attempt to work out a way to reverse this. I knew your feud was with her and that if anyone was to be spared by your mother it would be her; if only to rub her face in it."
>A: "So Star is probably running around somewhere looking to try and kill me?"
>The once proud Septarian nods
>A: "What else is new. One last thing."
>T: "What are you- No! NO!"

>You've gained 1 jar of mild Toffee Sauce!
>You are currently at the wreck of the Diaz house
>The fluttering yellow light seems to be getting closer to shore
What do?
me thinks the shiny thing is Star, and i take it she might be pissed. just a hunch
Go get some glasses from the diaz's to see what that yellow light is.
Decent idea
>You slide that sticky Coffee sauce into your back pocket
>It gives one final wimper as it enters the dark
>You run back through the hole of the ruined house and up into the master bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Diaz
>All their LCL is on the bed
>But all their clothes were on the floor
>You focus on important matters
>Namely, looking for Mrs. Diaz's binoculars
>A: "Got'em"
>They were with the rest of their travel stuff
>Running over to the window you find the yellow sparkle is now significantly closer than before
>Checking through the binoculars you see that it is indeed a very mad Star Butterfly
>She seems to be following the same trail you did towards the Diaz house
>You have maybe a couple minutes before a very angry Star gets to where you currently are
What do?
Go up to her and say our classic catchphrase:
I just gotta go with this one.
>Summon as many deadbois as your herculean will can muster.
>Baffle her with our stupidity.
>A.K.A. >>2443549
>Failing that. Cunt kick her and take her wand.
File: Bomb pepe.gif (2.24 MB, 695x392)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB GIF
fuck it, not like we can out run a giant mutant bug that is the magical equivalent to a tsar bomb to the face
And by nigga. You mean Mewgga.
>Well fuck it may as well go down swinging
>You prepare yourself as well as you can practicing your famous catch phrase multiple times
>You quickly project your WILL outward, hoping that maybe there'd be a body or two you could rais-
>Oh holy fuck
>All this pink shit
>All of it
>It can all be raised from the dead
>It's all soul and flesh blended together
>And there's an entire ocean a few miles away
>Just past the murderous magical girl
>Her shrill shreik fills the air
>Yours is rough by comparison
>A lion issuing his challenge
>She's heading straight towards you now
What do?
Fleshzord 3.0

raise jelly ocean man
Time for some fun. Use the pink goo to create a giant undead mech. A new body for us to make the bug more sizably correct.
>Hit her with moms head.
>In a tidal wave.
>Shes tough.
>Mom I mean.
>Also she never liked star that much.
>You guess this is what she meant by "Throw my giant disembodied head at that harlot sweetie."
You have to get there first. Any suggestions on how to do that? You have a decent amount available to you now but nowhere near as much as you could have.
Create a simple construct out of what's near us to ride us over to the ocean of goo to create super ultra plantiary Dia Anon Lagann
Flesh-Monorail us asses to the ocean
File: 1511118383235.png (203 KB, 693x378)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Session pause for at most an hour while I cook dinner. Think up some strategies on how to best beat the shit out of Star while I'm gone.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

Here's a strategy. I take a dice and roll this fucking high.
Crush her like A BUG.
I like this strategy.
This is also a good strategy.
Rolled 6, 1, 3, 9, 2 = 21 (5d10)

>Yeah you got this
>You suck up as much of the pink slime as you can
>It slithers out of houses
>Out of cars
>You feel a small vibration from your back pocket as Guppy gets shaken up by the goo in the jar trying to escape
>The LCL slides up your legs and coagulates around your stump
>You have two arms again!
>You satisfyingly clench your new fist as a pink road forms before you
>The sludge coagulates around your feet and you rocket forward, propelled by it
>Wind roars in your ears while faint whispers speak in your mind from the LCL
>A high pitched whine can be heard before a resounding boom
>A building next to you is demolished in an instant
>You hear the whine again

>+25 from the LCL!
>Oh Also.
>I need a warform yesterday. I can not be lamer than sparkle butts.
Rolled 12 + 25 (1d20 + 25)

Rolled 13 + 25 (1d20 + 25)

Not what I mean, but kk
Rolled 17 + 25 (1d20 + 25)

Gotta blast!
Rolled 15 + 25 (1d20 + 25)

>Star Rolls an 18
>With her modifiers it's more than enough

>You're going fast
>Not as fast as your skelecycle
>But faster than Star
>You race down the street
>Blasts of pure magical energy flying uncomfortably close
>Rocks and other debris fly into your path or into you, causing you to slow down in order to avoid them or to regain your balance
>It's during one of those times you need to regain your balance that Star hits you
>You're good
>And the LCL is doing it's best
>But she still clips your leg
Anon loses 60 HP and is crippled!
>The explosion sends you flying over several buildings, causing you to kick up massive clouds of sand where you land
>Your liquid arm has dissipated
>The leg where she hit you?
>It no longer exists past your knee
>You feel small waves gently caress your head as Star slowly floats down towards you
>You hear a high pitched whine, but you don't think it's coming from her wand
>That whine is all you can hear

What do?

Fuckit, we still have our magic, cruci-crush Star. That should hold her down.
Actually, nah, scrap that. make a new leg and just portal to the ocean of goop.
>"Star! What the heck!? I needed that leg!"
>do >>2443995

>"April Fools Faggot!"
>To the goocean.
We're already at the ocean goop! I was blind! Don't supporrt that vote! Make the stupid zord already!
CHANGING TO >>2444002
File: 1469144833007.jpg (28 KB, 781x501)
28 KB
Not this garbage again
File: Kaijunon.jpg (31 KB, 460x306)
31 KB
>You are down
>But you're still not dead
>With a flick of your wrist, you Cruci-Crush Star, sending her down into the sand creating a larger cloud than you
>Star has taken 30 points of damage!
>Even with the pressure of enhanced gravity on her, her glow is not extinguished
>You see through the cloud that she's managing to get back up with great difficulty
>The wet sand is sucking her in, though for now it's more of an annoyance than any real threat
>You exhale and focus on the ocean of soul and flesh behind you
>A wave washes over you, and pulls you into the ocean, submerging you completely
>The Cruci-Crush wears off and Star darts back into the air, scanning for you up and down the beach
>She almost doesn't notice the quickly growing glow from beneath the surface of the LCL
>She fires directly into the mass of light, but it does nothing
>You rise from the depths
>A titan that cannot be stopped
>The blasts that she covers you with is nothing
>What holes she puts in you is replaced by more fluid near instantly
>You look for Star
>But all you see is an insect

What do?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef-3Yxs30g0 swat this insect.
>punch her like she punched us
>Punch her.
>In the cunt.
>Happy Easter.
Tell her it's just a prank bro, IT'S JUST A PRANK!!
"Seriously? You know this was just a prank right?"
>You wade towards her as she peppers you with bolts of force strong enough to level sky scrapers
>The steam from her attacks waft off you in waves, your form boiling
>But you are implacable
>You cannot be stopped
>To her credit, Star never gave ground
>Even when you raised your arm to swat her down, she let loose a blast stronger than any of the others
>By the time she released the spell, your arm was half the size it was before
>Still gargantuan
>She braces as your arm swings downward, fast enough to break the sound barrier
>You stop your arm just a few feet away from her
>A much smaller, human sized arm juts out of your hand and punches her in the face
>A: "April Fools!"
>A second fist shoots out of your forearm like bullet and hits her right in the Mewgina
>Your arm smashes into her at near sonic speed sending her flying into the fluid below
>You see her glow slowly fade in the LCL
>You can feel her there as well

What do?
Bring her back above water using the goop to punch her some more.
Now we save her because real mom's LCL too.
Capture her and bring out your favorite jar of mild toffee to tell you his keikaku on how to fix this mess

And i mean tell both of you cause mama ain't no prank slouch
Sounds about right.

you sir have a brain
>Relax. None of this is cannon.
>Also my wand can fix this. I roofied you and Marco and stole your souls. Along with.... Most people?
>also yes save star.
>Even when she hates you and you hate her, you show mercy
>You scoop Star up, your more congealed hand picking her up out of the water
>S: "A-Anon. You're-"
>You then flick her onto the beach
>She smacks into the shore and her glow fades entirely
>Maybe you're not showing that much mercy today
>The mason jar containing Miphee slips out of your back pocket, your true form far beneath the surface of the LCL sea
>It fires out of a wall of self pressurized liquid and onto the shore shattering and releasing Luffy by Star
>T: " GHAH! Why would you do that? Just let me die!
>A: "Not until you tell me how to fix this."
>T: " If I knew how I would have already! As far as I can tell, this is how your mother ended her reality! She tricked you, Anon! There's no coming back from this! There's no magic plan to fix what she's done! "
>"Come now, deary. You don't really believe that do you?"
>Oh fuck what? Where is that coming from?
>"I'm over here, dear. I have been the whole time."
>The giant dismembered head of Luna is talking to you.
>It rights itself in the LCL to face you, most likely smashing several islands in the process
>L: "Isn't this one of your memes, Anon? Just finish the meme and it'll be over. You have a comatose girl on a beach. I think you know what to do."

What do?
>Choke Star?
>Jack it on her?
>Something else?
>Jack it on her
File: Starnon never.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1112)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
Whisper into her ear three words that she's been waiting to hear all her life "Starnon never, RIP."
Kiss her

>starnon forever

The ultimate meme
this works too i guess

>Starnon never rip.
>Stop shipping me mom we already made you grand kids.
>I mean with star. I guess toffee is still open.
supporting this

fuck off jeb
I'd say choke but memes apparently
supporting star/never/
Dude, I am on mobile with shitty wifi. You'd be reeing at me for being a one-poster. I trip so that people know it is me, and I do it for basically every thread.
No one gives a fuck who you are
>Wanting people to know who you are
Say Starnon never.

While jacking it.
Screw it, I like this most.
File: eoq_2.png (584 KB, 1141x642)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
>This is easy
>Your avatar breaks apart and sloshes back into the ocean as your true body launches forward towards the shore
>You've seen End of Evangelion a dozen times before
>You've got a pretty good idea of what to do
>You emerge on the surface of the sea and walk across it on a leg of fluid to Star's form
>Her breathing is shallow and her dress is ruined
>You really did a number on her
>You take her into your arms, cradling her on that beach
>You slowly lean down towards her face
>You then shift slightly so that her ear is next to your mouth
>A: "Starnon never ever, mewgger."

>A flash of pink light overtakes you
>You are standing on the surface of a small pink circle
>Several different people surround you
>Once they notice you, they begin to clap vigorously
>Janna: "Congratulations!"
>Star: "Congratulations!"
>Jackie: "Congratulations!"
>Skullnick: "Congratulations!"
>Toffee: "Congratulations!"
>Sabrina: "Congratulations!"
>Ferguson: "Congratulations!"
>Alphonzo: "Congratulations!"
>Bow: [Dinosaur sounds]
>Ludo: "Congratulations!"
>Omnitraxus: "Congratulations!"
>Hekapoo: "Congratulations!"
>Nick Cage: "Congratulations!"
>John and Emily: "Congratulations!"

What do?
Ask for nick senpais autograph and look for Marco.

There is a reason for his exclusion
Tell Scribe "congratulations" for making it through this trash heep
>Thank you
>Where's Marco?
Where is Marco

And why didn't we jack it to go full eva?
File: Luna_Freeform_Jazz.png (301 KB, 533x676)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>A: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'Thank you all'. Are we done with this yet, mom?"
>The people around you are still applauding and staring at you
>A: "Wait a minute. Mom, where the fuck is Marco?"
>A light turns on a few feet away from the edge of the platform illuminating a hidden room from the inside
>Luna is in respectable sleepware, a modest yet luxurious sleeping cap adorns her head while she lounges on a fancy pink couch
>A single tray of half-eaten nachos lies on a table in front of her
>Several empty trays litter the ground
>L: "Don't worry dear, I was just borrowing him."
>You blink and suddenly you're sitting in the room next to Luna
>Marco opens a door that appears to lead into a kitchen
>He looks run ragged, his hoodie disheveled and unwashed
>In his hands he holds another tray of nachos
>M: "Anon! Thank God you're here! Your crazy mentor-"
>A: "Mom."
>M: "Whatever! She's been forcing me to make her nachos for the past three days!"
>A: "And she didn't say stop. Keep 'em coming, bitch boy."
>Marco looks stunned before he lowers his eyes
>He places the tray in front of you
>He walks back into the kitchen a broken man
>L: "He's only been here a few hours, the caitiff."
>A: "Hey, can we get him in a maid outfit?"
>L: "Of course."
>A: "A sexy maid outfit?"
>L: "Is there any other kind?"
>A: "Fuck. Yes."

The End.

The next season of actual quest starts in a few days folks! See you there!
See you faggots saturday.

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