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Welcome back friends to a new chapter of our quest. I’ll see about working on a summary soon, nobody should feel intimidated to join us.

Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

Characters met by Arawn. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ishEn1-U1A1i3FbZ-YiQd65xk2jXpLab1XnM2hTNZvs/edit?usp=sharing


You will need to resolve yourself to a solution about your memories. One option is to perform a soul ritual in Zipangu – the land specialty- with three other people as anchors to avoid any risk of crippling yourself in the ritual. This will mean sharing everything you discover with them about your past, no secrets, nothing to keep to yourself.

Your other choice is to do a Blood ritual with Sieglinde and her little sister Deruella, doing so will allow all of your memories to come back at the cost of sacrificing everything you've accomplished since your awakening. This is your only option if you wish to keep your past private.

Side activities

None, Vilma has her ingredients and requested Sieglinde to keep them safe.
It’ll be up to you to find how to occupy your time.


You’ve earned three ‘’privileges’’ to enjoy the monstrous additions of Sieglinde, Elina, and Belphegor after your successful gambling. To be used at your leisure, though only once.

You also owe Vilma a favor so keeps that in mind, never know when she’ll come to collect.

A recent elbow injury will slow down my update speed, sorry about that folks.
I hope I'm not a Peep.
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With Teruko excitedly chattering while firmly holding onto the tribal Mamono shoulders (who definitely sensed something amiss now), your professor managed to create a welcoming atmosphere that managed to extract Elina out of her usual stoicism and talk with a nearby maid to realize the newly kindled ambition of transforming a wild dark scaled lizard lady into a domesticated handmaiden. Vilma awkwardly stood beside the newcomer, needing more time to recover from the emotional whiplash that followed her bitter angry outburst.

She’ll open up after a little waiting. If you were to hazard a guess… you’d say the lich might have grown protective of her new friends.

Tension was low with these three, the only one radiating nervousness would be Sieglinde awkwardly sitting at the table away from all of them, big hands of shiny dark scratching its surface as she observed Hao in thoughtful silence.

Getting out of your chair, the princess smirked with an acknowledging smile as you made your way for Teruko who had managed to force her tribal prisoner upright, revealing the foreign girl as a tall lass indeed because Hao was clearly a full head above Elina, coming at an exact measure to your own height, forcing the short pregnant professor to peer around her shoulder for vision.

‘’Be sure to come back and show us Hao new vocation.’’ That quiet, curious dark lizard observed you with sharp green eyes after hearing her name, growing mildly suspicious at all this attention.

‘’Mysir isn’t accompanying us?’’ Teruko asked with evident surprise. ''It was thee who displayed the greatest enthusiasm.''

‘’I’ll be speaking with her highness.’’ You pointed at said woman casually with your thumb, earning an amused chuckle. ‘’She wants to see our new friend transformation more than any of us.’’ You decided to lay it a little thicker, replacing the demonic redhead satisfaction by a quiet huffing protest. ‘’Show us all that hard work later, alright?’’ You winked at your professor with a frowning Vilma doubting your credibility and the angel coming back with a particularly duteous-looking human maid sporting a stern (yet pretty) face and intense gaze that likely identified all specks of dust in the room.

They’ll do fine.

‘’Always looking for a middle option huh?’’ Sieglinde commented as you pushed a chair to sit next to her.

‘’I guess I don’t like being forced into an absolute.’’ You answered while observing the girls walking away, surrounding their tribal addition; it was a shame you couldn’t witness Hao expression, it was likely to be a precious one. ‘’You want to see her in those clothes as much as I do.’’ You added, earning another quiet chuckle.
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‘’Perish the thought of pretending otherwise, she’ll look gorgeous.’’ Answered your royal friend. ‘’I’d love to continue this happy chatting but I need to inform you of something important Arawn, I’ll eventually tell the others about it too but… there’s a sensitive topic I wanted to speak with you alone.’’

Her shift into a serious mindset was almost physical; Sieglinde profile hardened into a composed expression and her red eyes, usually honest and so easily overwhelmed by life little events that came with being inside a burgeoning circle of friends, held a poise worthy of her age that reminded you of her position as Supreme Monster and eldest daughter of the Demon Lord.

Her pedigree was easy to forget because she allowed herself to be natural with you and the others.

She got out of her chair during your musing, her long slick tail of darkness catching your eyes as she made her way to a nearby desk atop which rested a big piece of paper; Sieglinde grabbed it carefully to avoid accidents because of her hands and came back with a swishing appendage and feline gait that elicited images of a predator.

‘’Before I begin...’’ She stated plainly, messy red hair falling forward, rolling open her package to reveal a map of the Allied Kingdoms. ‘’Let’s establish some context; what did you think of that forest we ventured into yesterday?’’

An easy question. ‘’It’s an abomination.’’ You didn’t need to be elaborate and she smiled at your laconic opinion.

‘’Indeed, I’m of the same mindset which is why I’ve decided to organize what we demons refer as… a ‘’Suppressing Mission.’’ It has long been the Demon Lord duty to seek out pockets of alchemical, magical or otherworldly horrors and destroy them to prevent innocents deaths; a burden similar to Mother Earth eternal vigilance against Blood Magic.’’

That sounded ominously dangerous, you didn’t expect she’d attempt going back there so soon.

‘’Belphegor went into Throne Town to get an audience with general Zazawu and hopefully recruit him for our cause; all demonkind inside my mother territory are required to render service in exchanges for autonomy so, I could easily raise a potent army with all the family residing here… It's not what I'm after. That forest is a danger to everyone but it’s existence provide a fantastic opportunity for a political stunt.’’ A sigh escaped her lips and she reached for a nearby water tankard. ‘’Sometimes I wish I could operate out of pure altruism…’’ There was a hint of sad negativity in her voice that sparked a reaction from you.

‘’Benevolence doesn’t mean being rash or stupid, Sieglinde. Purging that place will be good for all the tribes in the outskirt of Zen, nobody asked you to do it in the first place, if there’s an opportunity to grasp in doing so… I’d do the same.’’
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A mindful smile came to rest on her pale features. ‘’You’re a pragmatic one too huh?’’ A few seconds of silence followed as she observed you intensely, her stare sending many chills of anticipation down your spine. Her mind was jousting with a serious topic, you could almost grasp her hesitation despite this unshakable resolve of hers.

‘’I intend to ask foreign people to provide the bulk of our thousand-strong forces in order to publicly strengthen the Demon Lord faction with these realms; if they do provide help for my mother sacred duty, it’ll be akin to proclaimed a support of independence for their countries after our success.’’

‘’There’s another independent country of Mamonos beside Zipangu?’’ You supposed she’d be asking the island-nation but they weren’t alone?

‘’The Commonwealth will be informed of our intention and hopefully, send us a few of their people, thereby putting an end to our cold relationships and officially open a trade agreement alongside a treaty of free movements and non-aggression with us demons. My mother has been spending a long time with Zipangu leaderships to make this official and put our past war behind us… this Suppression would greatly speed up negotiations.’’ There came an ephemeral smile as she joined her hands together. ‘’Maybe we’ll get to meet some of Elina friends, too.’’

Silence fell as Sieglinde expression hardened, her careful gaze locked onto yours; she’ll be treading on this mentioned sensitive topic.

‘’There are two more nations of monsters we’ve been keeping eyes on.’’ Short for infiltration and subterfuge. ‘’One is antagonistic to our cause and won’t be influencing this operation.’’ Her big, long and pointed black finger tapped the general area of the plains beyond Eliaures, the so-called contested grounds.

‘’The desert realm of the self-proclaimed goddess-queen won’t be joining, this last realm I’m talking about is here.’’ When her finger tapped into an area of the Allied Kingdom you nearly knocked your knee on the table in surprise.

‘’What!?’’ You coughed to control your volume, casting a glance into the corridor where the girls happy chattering echoed into Sieglinde grand chamber, alongside hints of tortured whines. ‘’There’s a realm of Mamonos inside the elven forest?’’

Sieglinde had pointed at the center of that map, the abandoned elven forest of your race left alone by mankind.

An area that could, eventually, be restored to elven hands… tough not so much anymore huh?
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‘’They’ve been there for only three years.’’ Sieglinde continued after gauging your reaction; you weren’t sure what to feel as emotions mixed into awkward bubbles in your guts but you could control yourself admirably and she understood that. ‘’The Pharaoh realm had been embroiled in a decade-long civil war that she ended up winning, hundreds of thousands of rebels made an exodus for a new land after losing the conflict, that’s where they ended up.’’ She tapped that defined circle of vegetation. ‘’Mamonos native to the Allied Kingdom often escaped there and human of all kind would also try to seek refuge in elven ruins, both population mingled well enough to create a small, tiny country of veterans soldiers and desperate outcasts.’’

‘’A petty kingdom huh?’’ You muttered, such a presence would definitely be a worry for nearby monarchs. ‘’How did they even traverse humanity lands to get there?’’

‘’The rebels were helped by the strongest of all known Supreme Monsters.’’ Sieglinde answered flatly, staring at the map. ‘’Tuilelaith Helewidis somehow managed to get a city-sized army into that forest without alerting any countries, she’s the one who actually reached out to us after having her Mamonos establish themselves in elven ruins.’’

Alright, that certainly explains matters of transportations.

‘’The leader of this tiny nation of refugee monster call herself the Overlord, her given name is Gwendolyn. My second sister Maria joined that lady as a temporary retainer to provide correspondence with us and that’s where my Suppression mission provides its opportunity.’’

‘’You want to invite them and publicly acknowledge their existence…’’

Sieglinde nodded at your conclusion, fingers scratching into the wood as she leaned away from the map.

‘’The Commonwealth share my mother policy with Mamono self-determination, this Suppression would essentially open diplomatic talks between both nations.’’ Her eyes narrowed into a dangerously alluring red line.

‘’Thereby giving them legitimacy and strong backers against human aggression.’’ You understood why she was thinking of this mission as an opportunity.

‘’And if you, Arawn Loukanos, last living heir of the elven royal family were to publicly acknowledge them…’’ A line of thought that dried your mouth, it was so obvious she’d leverage your identity when it came to politics; feeling surprised at all almost felt like you had unconsciously blocked out this idea.

Would people even acknowledge you? Surely, it’ll be more complicated than waltzing into human lands proclaiming your heritage.

‘’Well, I’ve gone off track.’’ Snapping out of her pressuring bubble, an awkward smile came to rest on the red princess features. ‘’Sorry.’’ She voiced quietly, exactly when a happy squeal from Teruko echoed from further up the corridor.
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‘’Planning too far ahead, I need to finish that Suppression first, the devil is always in the details.’’ She awkwardly joined her hands together, fat, long tail drooping behind her back, continuing its descent to lay low on the ground. ‘’Wanted to let you know that, well… people were living in your family forest, I’m not imposing you to join for that dangerous expedition.’’

Right, you don’t have to think about that yet. Vilma upcoming duel, Hao presence as an outsider, your training, your memories… it’s a whole lot on your plate.

‘’I’m thinking of reaching out to Teruko husband and have him guard her once we set out on this cleansing.’’ Perhaps eager to change the subject, Sieglinde observed you carefully, a few hints of guilt sharpening her traits. ‘’Those Javed could always try something with her once I’m gone and I'm sure he can spare a day or two… but yeah, I’ll act on that later. Vilma battle comes first.’’

It was a whole lot of process... Separating emotions from logic wasn't as easy as you first thought.

>''What is Teruko husband doing?'' (You'd just like to change the subject, besides her wife is expecting a child soon, what could be so important as to potentially miss hist firstborn birth?)

>''Could I meet these leaders in my family lands?'' (Tuilelaith Helewidis, strongest of Supreme Monsters... surely she'll have information about your people near-genocide.)

>Free Choice
>''What is Teruko husband doing?''

Hrrm. Using our lineage for politics like that... leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But that is not here or now, no need to think too much about it at this juncture in time.
File: Sieg07.jpg (350 KB, 800x1120)
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This entire scenario was leaving a bitter taste in your mouth; it was undeniable that your existence provided ample opportunities for political maneuvering but Sieglinde has already proven herself reasonable. It couldn’t be a ploy to manipulate you, right?

If you were to begin such doubts you’ll definitely poison your relationship, yet you couldn’t quite dispel them altogether… Bah, you’ll take care of that later. She was right in saying she’s been thinking too far ahead.

‘’What’s Teruko husband doing?’’ Sieglinde gaze lit up at your question. ‘’Maybe it’d be best to ask my teacher, though I’m honestly wondering what could be so important, his wife expecting a child within a month…’’

‘’Helping the prince of Fallerin establish a Free City of monsters in the Allied Kingdoms.’’ Sieglinde answered, gazing at you with a friendlier smile. ‘’He’s leading a peculiar mercenary band, small in numbers but tight-knit and really skilled for all kind of jobs; to keep it short, he’s acting as security and arm for the prince ambition.’’

‘’A Free City?’’ Alright, that was yet another major thing to know, at least now you can put some perspective on this man.

‘’An experiment and opportunity for Mamonos of the Allied Kingdoms to prove themselves, at least that’s how it’s being passed around in the House of Dukes.’’ A sigh escaped the demoness. ‘’A valiant effort, one that I’m wholly respecting because Mother Earth knows how badly monsters are being treated in some of these realms… Hard to say how the Overlord presence will shake things up.’’

‘’Teruko must be missing him.’’ It was always regrettable for a husband to miss time with his pregnant wife, world events were always capricious with their timings.

‘’Definitely, this Suppression is a good enough excuse to reunite them for a day or two. I’m not expecting anything from the Javed.’’ Sieglinde grinned, red eyes twinkling as she spotted something interesting in the corridor. ‘’Doesn’t hurt making absolutely certain our spirited instructor is safely guarded.’’

Approaching steps were nearly synch with your rising good mood, this princess was as shrewd one with a good heart.

Leading the march was a spirited rotund white lizard with extended arms as she invited herself into the somber bubble of your discussion with Sieglinde, perhaps not even realizing it at all given her happy smile and the satisfied expression on Elina and Vilma, even that human maid was here with a tiny curl of her lips as she closed their formation and prevented their charge from fleeing.

One of Elina tall red wing was fully deployed behind the short professor as a makeshift screen, adequately masking the last person of the group.
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‘’Already?’’ Sieglinde blinked in surprise, unable to resist a genuine smile as she spotted hints of black and white clothes behind those soft red plumes.

‘’There was a surplus costume for her size and build.’’ Elina answered in snobbish satisfaction, wrapping her arms under her bust. ‘’Real struggle was getting her in there.’’

‘’Now’s time for a true treasure to be shown under royal perusal!’’ Teruko announcement was followed by a grandiose sidestep and a despairing yelp from the individual behind Elina organic screen, which promptly folded and… slapped the poor unprepared girl on the back, pushing her forward.

‘’Awawawawa!’’ Hao, thankfully, was a fully trained warrior and managed to avoid faceplanting despite her unfamiliarity with a long luxurious skirt. She slammed both hands on the table to curtail her momentum, stopping a few centimeters short from colliding with you and found herself very shy indeed. Gazing with upturned eyes to you and Sieglinde, frozen like a hapless, cornered bunny.

She donned the outfit extremely well. Her long hair of natural dark and it’s organic spread made them almost melt into the dark silk, only to reappear when her head angled them toward the frilly white apron, Hao scales accentuated this duality of pale and dark while her naturally tanned skin brought an exotic impression that made it difficult, if not impossible, to tear your eyes away from that tall and shy vulnerable face or forward horns, that fat dark tail peeking away her flank was also a marvel.

‘’Ooooh…’’ Sieglinde was charmed, her big hands had joined together and you swore a few droplets of tears had crawled down her shining eyes as she observed Hao in near reverence while the foreign girl was still deadlocked in this…statuesque impression, green eyes on you with enough desperation to make you genuinely worried, poor girl must be panicking.

>Try to convey she look good with a headpat.

>Stare back until she get her bearing, she’s too tense… this vision alone is a gift, no need to push your luck.

>Free Choice
>Try to gesture for Hao to take deep breaths to calm down.

Can't have completely freak and run off.
Try to get her to calm down with a headpat.
Hao’s breathing was stuck in a worrying degree between fast and hyperventilation, her chest concealed by the tasteful white apron moved in uneven motions that managed to feel hypnotic, forcing you to keep your eyes into a proper position or else get (rightfully) called out. She was sweating a bunch, too; visible beads of liquids imbibed her pretty face and she constantly dried her hands in the darkness of her dress.

‘’Slow now, Hao… there’s nothing to be afraid of.’’ You spoke softly and earned a confused stare for your concern.

Right, language.

Putting a hand on your chest, you took a long deep breath and let it out slowly through your nose, trying your best to convey concern and friendliness by repeating this operation with a smile. She caught on after your third repetition, straightening her back and lifted her hand away from the table, putting a fist between her breasts and breathing in… and out, tension not quite leaving but kept under control.

‘’She’s perfect!’’ Sieglinde exclaimed, her near manic emotions translating into a constant worrying glint. She was already fast on her feet and rounded your flank to pull Hao into a hug who stiffened shyly in response by, perhaps thank to your help, managed to avoid panicked; there was a strangely sad downturn to her emotions as if energy had flown out of her. ‘’Nobody will be able to say she’s not a proper maid when she looks she’s so adorably graceful!’’ Sieglinde went on to nuzzle the diminutive Hao while you discovered that… that everyone else was staring at you in obvious disapproval.

‘’Oh... eh?’’ You could only voice dumbly under such pressure.

‘’Mysir lack talent with women, I can forgive that knowing his circumstances.’’ Teruko began, leveling an index and earning three set of approving nods, even that austere unknown maid was somehow disappointed. ‘’Thee stand as this room only gentleman and a young lady put on unfamiliar clothes, mayhap not for thine sake, but yee still possess the duty of giving her your honest impression!’’ This index soon retreated into a fist. ‘’It better be a good one! A clever man like you can work around language barrier!’’

Not exactly much of a choice, though Teruko might be onto something because Hao kept throwing fleeting glances your way while Sieglinde kept on hugging her, perhaps suffering from an overload of sisterly feelings. Either way, the demoness was in complete bliss.

>Free Choice
Let's hope all my painkillers aren't messing with my ability to write. If you guys want some greentext choices for inspiration do tell.
>Free Choice
Acquire Horns.
Straight up grabbing her horns? Now that'll be fun.
idk, give her a kiss on the cheeck i guess.

Is siggy subtly asking us for our blessing to sponsor the assholes that took up elf lands after they were massacred?
If so i've got half a mind to tell her to fuck off
>Is siggy subtly asking us for our blessing to sponsor the assholes that took up elf lands after they were massacred?

I can't give a definite answer, it's something you'll need to work out on your own.
...I honestly got nothing, the language barrier is quite the obstacle.

Personally I wouldn't mind some greentext choices.
Already in the process of writing the update, you won't be sabotaging yourself so no fear on that.

I'll offer greentext choices when dealing with Hao from now on.
Show your honest impression

An easy thing to say, not so much to execute under the concerted judging gazes of these spirited Mamonos who’ve grown mightily protective of that tribal outcast, were they all seduced by her vulnerability?

Not that you could hold it against them because Hao really was adorable in this bubble of shyness and hesitation, at least Vilma didn’t seem wholly submerged in this group hysteria but she wasn’t about to help you either, her gaze was curious and eager to learn.

Is Teruko a good role model? You aren’t so sure anymore.

Perhaps a reasonable man would balk under such a collective pressure of female imposition but a swell of pride gave you other ideas. ‘’Hey, Hao.’’ You smiled, seeing her lift her chin to observe you and wiggle in Sieglinde grasp, the princess finally regained enough presence of mind to liberate the poor girl and pretended nothing happened by turning her back and hiding her blossoming cheeks.

Really, Sieglinde shift between extremes far too often.

Seeing that pretty headdress on Hao's head allowed your smile to remain genuine and she stiffened when she saw your hand hovering closer, all the girls observing you nodded in approval… only to gargle in sudden incredulity when wrapped your palm around one of those pointed horns juxtaposed near her cheeks. Smooth, warm and stiff, this piece of Mamonos biology didn’t feel like scales and could perhaps be compared to bones, poking their tips revealed them as dangerously sharp compared to Teruko flat hammerheads.

‘’W-w-what is he…’’ You heard your professor fume while Sieglinde had whirled around to stare at you in disbelief that soon melted into a palming of her face.

‘’Giving his impression… I guess?’’ Elina replied sternly, you couldn’t see her from this angle and, frankly, you were all too glad for it.

Cultures and general manners for tribal Mamonos weren’t the same because your gesture of possessiveness was received with genuine puzzlement that changed into a careful gaze for your hand touching her appendage and she allowed herself to relax as you stepped even closer and (to your great regret) stopped your horn touching so as to avoid making the girls angrier.

…Not that it’s going to help much because your lips gave the awkward foreigner a kiss on her cheek, something she undeniably understood because she stepped back while holding the side of your face like nursing a burning wound, now observing with big wide eyes of pale greens. ‘’You look good, Hao.’’ You said gently, smiling wholeheartedly.

‘’Mysir is claiming her!’’ Teruko nearly screamed, scaled tail snapping the air. Thwack
File: 1521048216056.jpg (166 KB, 1024x1280)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
‘’Woo… Bold, maybe too much. Dice game was a bad influence.’’ This time you cast a glance at Elina remark, she was standing next to the professor and share an almost exact face with the sober maid who radiating pure disapproval.

‘’Nonverbal communication doesn’t require such skinship.’’ Even Sieglinde added her pile of dissatisfaction, keeping her nose high up in the air and avoiding your stare.

Mad as they were you didn’t need to feel an iota of guilt because Hao expression was a radiating sunshine of bliss, her face had blossomed into an enchanting beam of heavenly happiness with a low rumbling chirps escaping her mouth, her native tongue coming out in jubilant whispers.

‘’…Why is it so effective when this gentleman made himself understood?’’ Teruko whined in envy and you wisely stayed silent and avoided smiling.

‘’I think that kiss might cause confusion.’’ Elina responded, having noticeably mellowed out as she pinched her chin and observed resplendent Hao in peaceful contentment.

That… might be something you should watch out for.

‘’Ooh? Youngsters be having fun?’’ A spirited voice made herself known as echoing clomp revealed Belphegor identity, the short she-goat had returned from her errand and subsequently earned everyone attention, waved her furred deformed hand and earning a set of welcomes in return, Hao remained firmly lodged in the clouds and didn't realize anything was happening.

''He'll be coming, Sieg.'' The short elder continued as she stopped near Vilma, earning a serious nod from the princess. ''Though it'd be best if you were to meet him this evening, there's still plenty of time and Throne Town ain't far.''

''Official business?'' Teruko asked with Belphegor winking and nodding her head.

''I'll head out right away.'' Sieglinde didn't pause to think, she acted and sent her hand into her hair for its usual swoosh before settling her gaze on you. ''...would you like to come with me, Arawn?''

Not an offer anybody expected, it was clear she was going to meet this general, this man-monster called Zazawu... though it also provided an excellent opportunity to be alone with her, she breached a very important topic earlier.

>Go with Sieglinde and venture into the capital. (Anything you'd like to ask her, or will you stay silent until you get to meet this general?)

>Stay here with the girls, pass the time in their company... perhaps talk about magic and Vilma upcoming duel.

>Free Choice

Time will proceed into the evening hours.
>>Stay here with the girls, pass the time in their company... perhaps talk about magic and Vilma upcoming duel.
>Go with Sieglinde and venture into the capital.
Ask her about meeting the people living in former Elven lands.
>Stay here with the girls

Hahahaha! We made them extremely jelly, very nice. While I'd like to meet this Zazawu chap, the hilarity potential here is too much to pass up. A den of jealous women, tis both heaven and hell.
Voting will close in 20 or so minutes.
File: Apple 01.jpg (150 KB, 800x1067)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
A wiser man would take this chance for a graceful tactical retreat and accompany her highness into the capital; all eyes were on you now and, while your friends were fully understanding (Hao aside) the circumstance, there was a certain underlayer of… frustration that itched your skin.

‘’I’ll be fine, Sieg.’’ You did have a whole lot of think about, her highness had certainly opened a barrel of worries.

That’s how you wanted to justify yourself anyway. Sieglinde nodded without showing any emotional hints and her somber gait carried her close to you, whereupon she gently tapped your shoulder. ‘’Don’t worry’’ You voiced, earning a surprised blink. ‘’We’ll take good care of your den.’’

‘’You… huh? You intend to stay here?’’ It was so easy to break her poise, now she regarded you in genuine disbelief.

‘’Of course.’’ You firmly established your ambition while the girls, aside from Belphegor being suitably spooked with Elina and Teruko attitude, silently glared at you.

‘’Ah, alright.’’ Sieglinde sighed in defeat, stepping away from you. ‘’Priscilla?’’

‘’Mam?’’ The glass wearing austere maid straightened her back.

‘’Inform the guards to give everyone here permission to venture throughout my family living rooms if they decide to go outside, they’ve already made themselves at home anyway, might as well make it official.’’

‘’It will be done, milady.’’ Priscilla replaced her glass and accompanied her liege who silently walked away. Sieglinde wasn’t one to impose decorum, although… she seemed a tiny bit sad.

‘’Lad, that was a fantastic moment to get on a date with my niece.’’ Belphegor glared at you after the princess disappearance, oh hell now she’s going to be angry too?

‘’I don’t think I’ve got the… honor required to meet with a general.’’ Trying to justify yourself at all felt like a mistake.

‘’As opposed to being buddy-buddy with the eldest daughter of the Demon Lord?’’ Yeah, you shouldn’t have said anything. Now little Belphegor had crossed her arms and somehow joined the girls consternations with flawless timing.

‘’What’s up with her?’’ Goddess mercy, bless her short attention span. The Supreme Monster attention had veered toward Hao still on her little cloud.

‘’She received Arawn blessing with a kiss on her cheek.’’ Teruko responded, mercifully avoiding mentioning your grab, too.

‘’Hohoho?’’ That light a dangerous twinkle in the goatling eye who now faced you again. ‘’Why don’t you go and give my niece this blessing too?’’

‘’What?’’ You weren’t the only one being slack-jawed and Belphegor glowed under this attention.
‘’She was pretty downcast.’’ Belphegor spoke after a few more seconds of absorbing everyone consternations. ‘’If your lips can drug up a dragon-lizard girl, it’ll give Siggy some peep. Cmon, I dare ya.’’

I dare ya I dare ya I dare ya

Don’t bite, Arawn! Those three hypnotic simple words nearly threw away all notions of self-preservation, logic, and pragmatism you’ve grown to value after your awakening. Ah, damn; it really was a close one.

‘’I can’t exactly go and do that now… I already grasped her horn, if her mother was to learn of this...’’ How many people survived an angry Demon Lord?

‘’Bweeh that’s boring, her mom will understand and Siggy is about to meet a general, she could use a little pick-me-up.’’ Belphegor winked at you, resting both furred hands behind her head while Hao finally regained enough presence of mind to be confused at this scene.

Goddess, it really wasn't wise staying with these girls because you were genuinely tempted to follow through with this.

>''Who dares win.'' Activate body reinforcement and give the redhead a good luck charm

>Remind this goat she owes you a favor and you could collect on it right now.

>Free Choice
>>Free Choice
Collect debt, acquire goat instead Sieg.
Didn't Sieg already leave? Or is she just walking down the hall right now and thus still in range?

I'd rather not collect the debt right now. Might give Hao the wrong impression of us.
>Didn't Sieg already leave? Or is she just walking down the hall right now and thus still in range?

She's in range, there's a fairly big corridor before getting to the steps.
File: 30.jpg (197 KB, 900x1233)
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Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it's about time to stop for tonight so you guys have time to vote.

Moments like these build relationships. These kinds of interactions always have some amount of importance, even if the atmosphere remain relaxed and familiar.
>>Remind this goat she owes you a favor and you could collect on it right now.

The "threat" is enough i guess
>''Who dares win.'' Activate body reinforcement and give the redhead a good luck charm
Antagonized the girls enough already.
Oh hey, teams are gone and I have my name again.

This option will have you go and kiss Sieglinde on the cheek. It's not really antagonizing the girls, honest!
>Kiss Sieglinde

Looking back on this thread it seems like we've been making one bad decision after another. So y'know what, why not ride this train right off the cliff and into the chasm below? Give in to the goat!
If the players made one mistake after another, then doesn't it make sense to choose the opposite of them if you want to avoid a mistake?
I'll stay as impartial as I can as QM, so I'll say this: you're not heading for any disasters.
We haven't made any mistakes though
>''Who dares win.'' Activate body reinforcement and give the redhead a good luck charm

A minute of stifling silence followed Belphegor childish explanation where you locked eyes with her mischievous grinning face. Immortals should, undeniably, be people of restraint and wisdom yet here she was, encouraging the silliest of thing, wanting you to indulge a bad decision, daring your pride as a man to go forward and dispel a cloud of worry hanging over princess Sieglinde Jawahir in a way that would likely have you starved out in a cage if those demons were enforcing their weird version of feudalism.

Elina and Teruko kept radiating negative energy.

‘’Is it really that big a deal?’’ Dear little Vilma asked in confusion, eyes drifting for Hao who had chosen to walk closer, hands gripping her long skirt for ease of movement. ‘’A kiss on the cheek is-is… I mean… it’s a good luck charm.’’

Mother bless this child of common sense.

‘’There is a principle in play, darling.’’ Teruko answered haughtily grasping her elbow and resting her chin on a closed fist. ‘’Not so much jealousy…’’ That was a plain lie! ‘’…but teaching boundaries to a young man so he doesn’t grow needlessly greedy.’’

With Elina piercing stare your attention went toward Belphegor, her wink almost felt like a hand clap to break all that tension in your body; Focus was embraced in a flash.

‘’Focus!?’’ ‘’Magic!?’’ Angel and professor spoke together, giving you the precious second you needed for your spell to form, it’s enchantment spread throughout your body, reinforcing it, filling yourself with vigor and suppressed today’s training fatigue.

Next objective was running away into the corridor, it’s straight line making for an easy escape, the scenery already becoming a blur because of your magical speed. Your imposed will of reinforcement bent reality rules and off you went, accompanied by a throng of protesting screams.

‘’Not so fast!’’ If one person of your group could be trusted to react swiftly, it was Elina and she took off in flight half a second after your departure, like a predator witnessing the escape of its stalked snack.

‘’It’s happening!’’ Belphegor was also following you, having modified her body with a touch of Corruption to keep up with your speed, the short goat woman hoofed feet were creating noisy clamors that reverberated throughout the floor, acting as early warning for any remaining maids as they wisely sought cover inside nearby rooms to keep away from this magical stampede.

Flapping sounds of feather-covered wings had always been something you identified as soothing but now, hearing it behind you added a very real sense of self-preservation to your escape, you were less than a meter ahead of this angry angel, you could feel gust of winds tickling your back akin to reaching fingers scratching against your clothes.
File: 1.jpg (232 KB, 461x455)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
The natural curvature of Sieglinde living space meant you had to mind your speed or risk smashing yourself into a wall but at this rate you’ll reach the princess a few seconds before Elina and accomplish your objective, something she keenly understood because a surge of holy magic near your flank culminated in a semi-solid formation of a golden obstruction. ‘’Unfa!’’ You couldn’t finish your protest, you collided -and shattered- Elina shield, immediately losing control of your footing and spinning wildly out of control into a-

A loud crash resonated behind you and a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, stopping your momentum and effortlessly lifting you to put you back on the ground in one movement, putting a temporary end to the race.

‘’Get off me you imp!’’ Elina growled while pushing against Belphegor face who was holding onto the angel waist, the supreme little Mamono being far too stubborn to obey.

Your savior was none other than Hao, who somehow managed to catch up to your significant advance and spare you the ignominy of breaking into a wall or potentially throwing a door off its hinges. She greeted your astonishment with a thumb up followed by pointing forward where your target was finally revealed; Sieglinde was standing at the big double doors leading for the stairs, observing these proceeding accompanied by her maid while sporting a suitable expression awe.

‘’Gooo!’’ Belphegor gargled, crawling upward and holding onto the angel clothes who, unfortunately, wasn’t about to let things go either; her body lit up in gold and magic manifested in the form of a big elaborate screen of aureate holy.

‘’I’ll save Sieglinde chastity!’’ Elina screamed dramatically, holding her palm forward in a fruitless attempt to reinforce her obstruction, you also began to hear strange thumping sound further behind her, the path curvature preventing you to see whom…or whatever was approaching.

You’re not after anyone’s purity! The angel flashed a victorious, proud grin as you felt bubbles of anger and frustration twist your face.

‘’Aaaaaah…’’ The tribal maid, your silent savior, was looking mighty different. Her body was… shifting, moving without taking any steps as if her very image was caught in running water or became a mirage; a strange manifestation that stopped after her long breath. ’’Sei!’’ Clearly trained in hand-to-hand combat, Hao had held back her fist and let it out in a powerful lunge that collided with Elina magical protection, slamming with an incredibly loud echo of violence that also projected an aftershock of gravity that almost knocked you on your feet… or maybe it was the fact this newly made maid shattered this potent protection in a single punch.
File: Red 08.png (838 KB, 433x981)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
‘’W-wha…’’ Belphegor and Elina had forgotten their struggle to stare in awe at the now disappearing glass-like golden shield, Hao wasn’t so dumbstruck; she patted your shoulder and pointed forward right as you witnessed Teruko riding some type of two-legged beast with Vilma in front of her.

Now was the homestretch, you didn’t need to speak, you nodded at the tanned maid and set out running with the last obstruction showing herself; Priscilla left Sieglinde side and calmly walked forward… You knew exactly what to do.

With a burst of magic enchanting your legs and settling in your foot, your reinforcement translated into an inhuman jump that easily carried you over the dutiful human maid, unfortunately, you realized far too late that Hao wasn’t accompanied you. The poor girl had stepped onto her long skirt and faceplanted gracelessly, sounds of scratching metals revealed her dress to be one reinforced with chainmail.

‘’What’s happening!? Arawn!?’’ Sieglinde was a peerless martial artist and could easily floor you with a punch or chokehold but she trusted you and thus held back, looking at your reinforced body in a mixture of too many emotions to name, your landing had thankfully been flawless so you let go of Focus and approached her.

Sieglinde pride wouldn’t make her back down so you took advantage of that fact to put a hand on her shoulder (making her twitch) and bring your lips to the princess pale cheek. Smooch

‘’!!!?!?’’ Her reaction was a... noise. Something like a gargle mixing with a choking exhale heralding a heart attack. Sieglinde took a step back, a prudent second one, her poise completely shattered by a rushing blush to make her face share the color of her hair, her big glossy dark hand held onto her cheek and her plush lips opened and closed like a fish out of water.

‘’I’m not angry at you for anything, Siggy.’’ You whispered at the redhead, trying your best to avoid mixing words with your huffing and puffing, it had been one hell of a run.

‘’E-eh?’’ She asked, far too overwhelmed for proper dialogue.

‘’You looked a little bit sad, I just wanted to let you know, that’s all.’’
A brilliant glint appeared in her eyes and her face twisted with mixed emotions that were far too numerous to name. Her face had turned into a shade of apple and trembles rocked her tall frame in an adorable way, making her vulnerable without looking pathetic. ‘’I-I huh!?’’ Slowly but surely she regained cognizance, carmine eyes widening even more upon witnessing her aunt and the angel coming closer.

Those two were laughing, stumbling forward while holding their stomach, goat demon and composed angel overwhelmed by jubilant hilarity.

''I don't understand what's happening!'' Sieglinde yell was a high-pitched whine of agony, she ran for the stairs, grabbed the ramp and jumped over to fall three stories below, the cavernous crash of her landing reinforced the girl's incessant giggles.

Then closing the march was Teruko and her undead student riding some kind of big two-legged beast of burden and Hao came to stand beside you, peering into the stairs curiously.

...This goat is a bad influence huh?

>Since everyone is here, why not accompany Sieglinde into the capital?

>Go back to the princess room without getting carried away this time, ask Belphegor why she loves teasing her niece like that. That goat is not your image of an immortal, that's for sure!

>Free Choice
>>Go back to the princess room without getting carried away this time, ask Belphegor why she loves teasing her niece like that. That goat is not your image of an immortal, that's for sure!

Maybe asks why they all freaked out from kissing hao, after all, we learned that from titannia
>Go back to the princess room without getting carried away this time, ask Belphegor why she loves teasing her niece like that. That goat is not your image of an immortal, that's for sure!
So this is our calling?
Teruko summoned creature looked to be a kind of overgrown docile-looking lizard walking on its hind legs without any other limbs beside a thick tail firmly planted on the ground, it began disappearing after stopping its movement, slowly lowering the professor and the lich.

‘’Mineself cannot even feel a trace of anger.’’ Teruko said with a smile, eyeing the laughing duo that you decided to join. That entire chase had been instinctive, stupid and childish… yet incredibly worth it, Sieglinde was a perfect target, always so honest and wound up...

‘’This is fun…’’ You heard Vilma mutter and finally, Hao came back with a relaxed smile, observing your trio with burgeoning affection.

Your group rethreaded old grounds and went back into Sieglinde living room without any of the maids being shaken by this shenanigan, all of them went back to finish their duties as your group went to leisurely loiter in the princess space. Something in the atmosphere had… changed with the girls, cheerfulness replaced their confrontational mood, Teruko had even invited herself into her highness alchemical appliances to cook supper (ingredients being delivered by some of the maids of course) and showed Hao how to do it.

You felt like asking a dangerous question, namely what in blazes motivated Elina and Teruko anger after your kiss with Hao but, this time, wisdom told you to shut up. Monster girls may not be fully human but they are women; your instincts whispered that it was a mystery best left unsolved.

‘’You really like teasing your niece huh?’’ You spoke into this comfortable silence, Belphegor, Elina, and Vilma were sitting on the bed in unshamed procrastination. Your question made the short goat snap her head in your direction with a satisfied grin.

‘’She needs it.’’ She answered with quiet conviction. ‘’Sieglinde been far too wound up all of her life, she’s gonna crash soon enough so having some fun, making her a little more natural and honest with her feeling is good. Beside.’’ She winked, flashing her teeth. ‘’She’s so easily overwhelmed by her feelings that it’s impossible not to go and tease her.’’

‘’Never thought I’d see her make those faces.’’ Elina added, crossing her arms and folding her wings. ‘’We didn’t have any kind of real relationship before…’’ The angel blue eyes shifted to you and she grew silent, unsure how to proceed. ‘’… I never thought we could become genuine friends, in the months I’ve been here we entertaining something of a graceful, distant if amiable relationship. Nothing so… natural.’’

‘’Right?’’ Belphegor leaned near the angel and peered at the lich who put a finger on her book as marker.
‘’I… I like Sieglinde. I’ve always heard Supreme Monsters and immortals, in general, to be beings of immense grace that always demanded respect from others, it’s… it’s nice. N-not having to worry…’’ Her stutter was lessening and she bashfully beamed, showing rare hints of teeth.

‘’Right, immortals…’’ You mused, reaching for your pointed ears. ‘’…I suppose there are all kinds, I had a similar opinion about them, though you’re certainly good at shattering preconceived notions, Belph.’’

‘’Hehe.’’ The goat chuckled at your words bending a leg upward to rest her chin on her knee then wrapped her limb with her arms, suddenly appearing endearing yet… mature. ‘’Immortals and Supremes tend to be too serious and pretentious, I was like that in the past too, before someone made me learn I can be myself with the people I care about.’’

‘’A mighty prankster?’’ Elina asked, looking at her teacher who spoke in her native tongue with her maid.

‘’Amongst other things, I’m about 425 years old I’d say. Lost count for a couple of years, but I learned to shed away the desire of always appearing grown up. I’m me, I like laughing, I like making stupid childish moments that makes us laugh, harmless competition for no other reason than having fun, sleeping together in a big pile, playing dices with friendly wagers… Immortals are always expected to move the world, like human born with awesome talents but it’s important to relax and do dumb stuff even if were supposed to be ‘’better than mortal men’’

She paused at this expression wiggling a few of her animalistic fingers in disdain.

‘’If important people think me an immature teenager cause I wanted to see my niece getting smooched on the cheek, then let em. I got my duties as adopted sister of Daiyu, I aint gonna run away from em and I sure as fuck will be enjoying my life, especially if I can pull willing buddies into it.’’ Belphegor changed position, letting her leg fall back down and flashing a grin for you, Elina and Vilma. ‘’I think it’s a way to stave off the Syndrome, at least I won’t have many regrets if I get hit again, Siggy has changed a whole lot since you guys came outta literally nowhere to keep her company.’’

You blinked in confusion at her mention of a ‘’Syndrome.’’ The conversation was moving though, so you might have to impose yourself.

Still, this goat in an interesting woman. Shedding the desire of ‘’appearing grown up’’ huh? It was almost an oxymoron as if she went and described herself as mature in embracing immaturity…

>’’Syndrome? What Syndrome?’’ Surely this little goat isn’t sick!

>’’How was Sieglinde in the past? Hell, last week even? Our presences can’t have be that much of an influence’’ Maybe this will lead into learning Sieglinde past…

>Free Choice

>’’How was Sieglinde in the past? Hell, last week even? Our presences can’t have be that much of an influence’’ Maybe this will lead into learning Sieglinde past…
>’’How was Sieglinde in the past? Hell, last week even? Our presences can’t have be that much of an influence’’ Maybe this will lead into learning Sieglinde past…
And remember to update our Journal.
File: goat.jpg (1.02 MB, 1672x2344)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
‘’Sieglinde in the past, huh?’’ You’ll ask about that syndrome another time. Vilma's eyes lit up with sparkling interest as you voiced the question she didn’t have the courage to ask. ‘’I’m interested.’’

‘’I haven’t known her for a while.’’ Elina swiftly imposed herself to be the first speaker, observing the grinning Belphegor. ‘’She struck me as a polite, distant damsel, a reasonable demon whose attitude felt a little unreachable, though I think she tried reaching out to me and that’s why we had something of a friendship going on. She’s changed during this week though, really.’’ Belphegor nodded.

‘’Yep, she wasn’t depressive or anything like that before you guys went and shattered her little world, just distant… rewinding the clock though, that’s where things start getting nasty.’’ Some of the goat pep was gone, a frown and a worrying glint of frustration aged her face by a decade, making you and the girls grow silent, afraid of having stepped into a potential taboo. ‘’You guys remember that Crusade in Zipangu 13 or so years ago?’’

‘’Y-yeah…’’ Vilma answered for everyone as Elina showed a rare grimace while you, of course, only knew what was available in history books.

‘’That’s when Sieglinde really changed for the better, it was the beginning of a long process, a healing of old traumas even if everything that happened in there was a right clusterfuck within a mess of deadly chaos.’’ Belphegor laughed, craning her neck to look at the ceiling. ‘’Demon Lord, Lilims, Heroes, Supreme Monsters, Embodiment, even Mother Earth. A little apocalypse in the making, Sieglinde was thrust into the middle of it all to help her mom. Back then she had no patience, angry at everyone and lashing out at perceived enemies or anybody that bad mouthed her mother; even today, Siggy doesn’t accept anybody being a cunt to her family so you can imagine how tense things were on that island since they were still recovering from an invasion twenty year prior to this crusade.’’

Today she was actually doing her best to create a positive relationship between Zipangu and the demon realm. Could you really fault someone being angry at people insulting their family?

‘’Kinda glad she moved on from all of that, I’m always a little afraid she’d slip back into that persona if something bad happened, it’s been a lifetime since she had any friends.’’ Perhaps this could be one of many reasons explaining Belphegor presence her with her niece, she really cared for that redhead; Belphegor voice was full of honest feelings that even had Teruko listen.

>Ask for more details about the events of Zipangu Crusade, how did it affect Sieglinde?
>Rewind the clock further back, how was she as a teenager? A child?
>Free Choice
>Ask for more details about the events of Zipangu Crusade, how did it affect Sieglinde?
Yeah, I can understand not liking people badmouthing your family. But I can also understand when the people badmouthing your family are the same people your family assaulted and started a war against, and killed quite a few family members of.
‘’How much was she affected by these events?’’ You prodded the old small goat and she frowned in remembrance, disliking to dredge through old stressful memories that seemed to lack all positivity. Elina, Vilma even Teruko were all listening in rapt attention because all of them, even if they hadn’t admitted it, considered themselves Sieglinde close friends now.

It hadn’t escaped Belphegor because she took her time to observe the group and silently crossed her deformed arms on her belly.

‘’Her family was reunited after the crusade failed and Daiyu fight against the Embodiment of Strife proved to Zipangu our sincere desire for peace so, overall, it was a positive venture… but man was getting there a trial.’’

Soft squeak of a moving tray revealed Teruko homemade cooking of delicious green vegetables, potatoes, and fishes with strange juices pulled out of those pipes, Hao began acting like the maid she was by giving everyone plates and people ate on the bed or chair, something that’d definitely tick off Sieglinde.

‘’See, her mother joined force with Zipangu in order to find her daughter, Deruella, who’s been plotting to topple all three of that island clans, the Crusaders were actually considered a secondary concern for most of the leadership as they had no real idea what Deruella could do, but her pedigrees and capabilities were known and feared.’’ Belphegor quenched her thirst with a tiny gulp. ‘’So, in come Daiyu and myself actually trying to save her life and putting a stop to her machinations, Sieglinde wind up joining after a week as she finally tracked our location; with war looming and two enemies factions vying for control of the island, she stepped right into the middle of a hornet’s nest as an unashamed ally of her mother.’’

‘’Would you say she was a bit too proud?’’ You asked, trying to picture the redhead... in this near-neurotic state. Gods, it must have been ugly.

‘’Nah, she was afraid.’’ Belphegor put emphasis on that precision by shaking her hand. ‘’Afraid for her sister, for her family, terrified that somebody irreplaceable would die; only one person with influence promised to try and allow us a face to face with Deruella if such an opportunity occurred instead of outright killing her, so unlike her mom, she began to see everyone as an enemy and grew paranoid while I fought with the Demon Lord on the frontline to prove our sincerity, Siggy… became a little ugly even if she taught Zipangu leadership how to handle and counter blood magic, there was an aggression, an anger within her that worried me a great deal.’’

One could say it might have been the lowest point of her life.
File: Demon01.jpg (493 KB, 1280x1675)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
‘’Thankfully we caught a lucky break because Deruella reached out to Zipangu folks and requested a dialogue. She promised to defect for their cause in order to oppose the alliances of angels and crusaders as they possessed an incredibly dangerous weapon that needed to be dealt with.’’ Belphegor sighed and you found yourself letting out a breath, goddess she must have been wound up so tightly and ready to blow…

‘’That’s when you truly joined with Zipangu to fight off the invaders?’’ Elina asked, only to frown upon earning a long silence from Belphegor.

‘’I got wounded fighting angels so I wasn’t there to see how the negotiation went.’’ Belphegor pinched her lips together and closed her eyes, a low burning coal fire of anger filtered throughout her small body. ‘’Sieglinde got crippled by a mage of Zipangu to save her little sister life, she took on an ice spear in the guts and nearly died right there.’’

‘’What!?’’ Elina straightened her back and nearly threw her plate away. ‘’Ice!? That guy nearly killed her!?’’

‘’Slow down, lass. It’s the past now.’’ A satisfied smirk came to rest on her youthful face, Belphegor was definitely happy someone was mad about this. ‘’I don’t know the details, what I -do- know is that Daiyu nearly slaughtered Zipangu entire leadership, thankfully she was stopped by a friend and her kids. Our alliance was officialized after that little incident. I’ve been too afraid to ask the details to be honest, it's bad memories.’’

Belphegor chuckled in embarrassment and filled her mouth with vegetables. ‘’Everything ended well.’’ She talked while audibly chewing and finished her mouthful before continuing. ‘’Siggy family was finally together again and she took a bigger part in politic by properly assuming her role as the eldest daughter of the Demon Lord, though if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this debacle about my niece…’’

Clearing her throat, the proud little aunt was back to smiling, showing an eerie expression of bloodlust. ‘’If she has to choose between ten thousand people or one of you guys, she’ll first seek a third option. If that choice is absolute, she’ll let those people die without regrets. She’ll let kingdoms burn to save her family, but thankfully she learned to seek other solutions. It’s not a good idea to push her into extremes paths.’’

Silence followed, Hao observing everyone with big hoenst eyes of worries. ''Darling princess not one to lean onto others, what a path she's trodden.'' Teruko murmured, voice low and respectful almost like uttering a prayer.

Things felt tense again.

>''You mentioned her being crippled?''

>''Do you know who hurt her, Elina?''

>See if you can change the subject... how about Vilma duel?

>Free Choice
>''You mentioned her being crippled?''
Most likely Deruella did something stupid again to deserve it, and Daiyu is at fault for letting things get to that point.
File: Frosty.jpg (943 KB, 650x1000)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
Assumptions like that are pretty bad anon, this is old history now, it was a situation where everyone was at fault. Though you'll need to speak with people that were actually there to know what happened.

I'll be stopping here for tonight, I might be able to do one answer for tomorrow and Wednesday, I intend to restart this session Thursday as that'll be when my schedule opens up.
>>''You mentioned her being crippled?''
Is that why her arms are always covered in black metal stuff?
>''You mentioned her being crippled?''
She didn't seem crippled in the forest or anything but you do keep mentioning a deformed hand or something. Time to get the info!

Also, there was another Ice user I believe but the likely culprit is who Elina thinks it is so... that's gonna be an interesting interaction for us now if/when it happens. Siggy nearly got killed by the other Siggy! We might owe him a hard punch in the gut over this depending on the circumstances of it all.
>''You mentioned her being crippled?''

I would like to switch to Vilma's battle, but I think showing concern for our friend is a must.

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