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The fierce battle shook the entirety of the Soul King Palace.
Tremors spread through every inch of the realm, bringing much calamity to the serene landscape.
It was in the tallest tower at the center of this place where a certain group of individuals not involved in the conflict grumbled.

Jacob cried out as he lost his footing yet again and tumbled down the shaking halls.
Only by activating the Ranso Tengai did he manage to regain any semblance of balance. And his fellows were exactly the same way.

"J-Just shut up and keep walking!"
Ryuken ordered his senior.

What's wrong Ryuken?
The world ending finally made you lose your composure?"
His son chastised him.

"B-Be quiet you!
And keep planting those damn bombs!
Once this little 'distraction' of ours ends they are sure to find out about the sabotage."

"You're too naïve Ryuken..."
They can see the future...
The only reason we came this far is because they let us. Because it amuses them."

His father scoffed at this.
"Your logic is as flawed as ever Uryu.
If that's the case they never would've let us plant bombs in the first place!"
Uryu decided to remain silent.
"That's what I thought.
Now let's keep going."

Ryuken was stubborn as a mule and so was his master.
They never would've accepted the truth of the situation.
That it was not the hollows who served as a distraction...
With His Majesty asleep and the Grand Master shadowing them from afar Kaizar and his friends have to worry about two less enemies.
It's not much but it's better than nothing.
So he remained bit his lips, shut up and did as he was told.
His only consolation was the knowledge that Yhwachs right hand man was tumbling somewhere close by just like they were.

But as they kept on undermining the entirety of Silbern with their explosive devices they came across something peculiar.
Something that managed to get even Ryukens attention.



Both of them looked at the massive, reinforced door.
They were already underground, near the end of their little journey.
So that ominous barricade could only be one thing.

"The dungeon."

"What the hell are you two talking about?
Don't tell me you're actually worrying about those shinigami!
They brought this on themselves! They shouldn't have come here!
Don't tell me you're actually willing to blow yourselves up but not two of your arch enemies?"

"They are our friends!"

"Only yours Uryu...
They are more like acquaintances.
But Isshin is a relative. And as much as it pains me I'm indebted to him."

But with that said...
Adlersflügel has a point.
Given the strength of Isshin and Yoruichi it's unlikely you could break their shackles even if you went down there.

>Go down anyway. They deserve an explanation
>Don't. It wouldn't be wise to let Haschwalth catch up with you
>Other? (write-in)
>>Go down anyway. They deserve an explanation
>Go down anyway. They deserve an explanation

Not saying a word Uryu turned to the reinforced gate and gently touched it.
The thing was simply massive, thick enough to shrug off any attempts at opening it.
His fellow quincy walked up to him and shared their observations with the boy.

"That thing ain't gonna budge kiddo."
Jacob pointed at not the door but at the wall surrounding it.
"The only way you'll get in is if you tear it out of the wall.
But look. One solid material, not the bricks you see elsewhere.
They really went all out with this one, even the walls of the prison are reinforced."

"It's not just that."
Ryuken conjured his bow and fired a very weak shot at the vault.
Almost immediately the bolt began bouncing all over the place as it got reflected.
"The walls are made of Sekki stone but the door also repels reishi... somehow.
It's quite literally impenetrable."

"You're right..."
Letting go of the door the boy turned away from it.
"Lead the way."


His seniors left the boy behind who did not actually follow them.
Instead he turned back to the door and gently tapped the hinges of the vault.
With two loud pops that were muffled by the raging battle they broke and the door fell to the ground.
The quincy felt the quake that the massive construct caused upon landing.

"What the-"
They jerked their heads around and saw Uryu standing in the newly created entryway.

The boy just shrugged.
"Guess it got loosened by the constant tremors.
Let's go."

Upon entering the jail His Majesty created not so recently cold shivers ran along the spines of the quincy.
Despite the pristine conditions of the palace proper the jail was quite horrid.
Dark and grimy with rusted chains hanging from the ceiling and rows upon rows of cuffs adorning the walls.

"Looks like they are expecting to house quite a few people."

"And those chains...
They are made of the same material as the door..."

But the repulsive interior was nothing compared to what they were about to see.
So is this whole session gonna be about Uryu or are we gonna eventually switch back to the fight?
No, just partly

No sense in starting with Gerard if half the players will miss out on it
The two shinigami they came for were found kneeling in a pool of their own blood.
With their hands suspended with in the air by very tight and visibly uncomfortable chains they were quite a sorry sight.

"Their bindings tore open their wrists..."

Hearing the new voices made one of the shinigami look up, revealing his swollen and discolored face.
Came for another round you quincy-
Ryuken! Uryu! And erm..."


Sorry. I thought you were someone else.
So... what brings you here?"

What did they do to you?"

"Oh nothing...
They just beat the crap out of us.
These chains on the other hand... they are a bitch.
Especially the ones around our necks."

Without looking up Yoruichi also spoke up.
"They are smart... They knew how to put the collars on properly.
Not too tight, not too loose, just enough to cause you pain every time you swallow or breathe, to remind you of your situation constantly."

Uryu knelt down next to the lady.
"is something wr-"

"Don't touch me!"

Isshin just sighed at this.
"Leave her be.
They roughed her up just as badly.
Wouldn't want to ruin her image now would you?"

"I'm... sorry."
Ryuken responded after a nervous swallow.

"Eh. Don't be.
We knew what we signed up for.
Buuuut with that said...
I'd like to know what went on in your head Ryuken!
You just up and vanished with your son in tow without a word!
I thought we were friends."

"We're not.
I'm family with Masaki and by extension you...
And I didn't want to involve you in this."

"Your little quest for revenge?
I liked Katakiri myself. And so did Masaki.
You could've told us!"

Because you don't understand Kurosaki.
You have no idea what's going on."

"Then MAKE me understand!"

Uryu shouted at both of them.
"I'll tell you Kurosaki-san.
I followed my father in his asinine plan of infiltrating the Wandenreich because of what he told me-"

"What do you mean HIS plan?!"

"Not now!
As you might know the Quincy had an old prophecy about the return of the king."

"Masaki told me something about it..."

"Well, what if I told you that the prophecy was not true?"

What do you mean?"

"I mean that it failed.
A thousand years have passed a few years ago.
And nothing happened!
But Ryuken knew that it was true, that He SHOULD have returned!
Something was wrong... and we came to find out what."

"We found the Wandenreich and that they postponed their invasion for some reason.
The Kings powers should've awakened fully in the middle of the war.
Instead he waited patiently for it to awaken and then waited some more.
But by the time we realized that we were already trapped...
Up until now they were toying with us. We wanted to break free but all our attempts failed.
So we are left with no other choice."

"We'll blow this whole fucking place to kingdom come. Ourselves included.
If we'll die anyway then we'll do it on our terms."

"And ensure that They don't win!"
Ryuken ended his train of thought.
Oh okay, also have we fused with plot rock in that fight or not?
Not yet
That made Isshin smile a little but he quickly stopped as it hurt quite a bit.
So those guys are afraid!"

"Didn't you hear anything I just said?!
Did you forget already what He did to you?!
It's always the same thing with you..."

I thin he's right."

"Erm... not to interrupt you two or anything but the Grand Master is getting a bit too close for comfort!"

Time to leave!"

>No. I'm done running around!
>You're right. Let's go
>Other? (write-in)
>>No. I'm done running around!
>>You're right. Let's go
>No. I'm done running around!
>See if you can at least free the two prisoners somehow, before he arrives.
I'm done running around doing nothing!"

"You can't be serious..."
The boys tutor face palmed himself.

"What do you think will happen to them if they find the door open?"

"Well you shoulda thought about that BEFORE you tore it open!"

"I did."
Turning away from his seniors he touched the place where the chains are bound to the wall.
One by one each of them exploded violently out of its place, freeing the bound shinigami who promptly fall as their legs give out.
"Sorry but that's all I can do.
I'm afraid I can't remove the collars without seriously damaging you first."

Thanks Uryu.
Once this is all over... you and I... are going drinking."

And with his final sentences muttered Isshin closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Yoruichi soon followed suit and curled up into a ball while sobbing.
His two comrades however were not too moved by this display.

"Good job Uryu.
You managed to make the last minutes of these two shinigami a bit less miserable.
And only at the cost of our lives and our entire plan! Nicely done!"

"Oh just shut up and follow me!"

"Follow where?
To the Grand Master?
No thanks. If I'll die then I want to accomplish something with it!
At this rate we might just kill ourselves!"

"Then run if you'd like!
I for one don't care.
I'll handle him. You can just run away like the coward you are!"

"Tch... Cocky brat.
If you want to die so badly then don't let me stop you!"
Without saying another word Uryu then took his leave and stopped right on top of the fallen door, waiting for his opponents arrival.
"H-Hey! You aren't ACTUALLY serious! Are you?"

Realizing the full gravity of the situation the stubborn quincy eventually caved in.
Him and Ryuken followed Uryus lead and made their final stand.
And good thing too because it only took a few minutes for Haschwalth to arrive on the scene.
Smiling malevolently he opened his closed palm and a large amount of paper like chips fell on the ground before him.

"You shouldn't litter you know!"
The Grand Master smirked and Uryu scowled at him.
Haschwalts acted nothing like he expected. Perhaps it was a side effect of the power transference or perhaps he was just that good at hiding his true emotions from others.
But in the end it did not matter.
"And now I found you standing before the prison... with its door blown open.
If I didn't know any better I'd say you fine fellows betrayed us!"

"Enough with the act.
I know this must be amusing but you are not nearly as clever as you think you are."

"Really now?
And who's to say that?
Some half blood who was so pathetic His Majesty took pity on him and gave him power even though he was an obvious traitor?"

"The one who knows what your powers are and how to fight them!"

"Bold claims.
But it's useless to bluff now...
With His Majesties eyes at my disposal I can see through your lies."
File: Gerard's_Vollstandig.png (180 KB, 602x720)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
I hate to admit it but finally ridding the world of you will feel very satisfying!"

"You'll die trying!"

Uryu then looked around.
I'll show you your hubris.
But not here. This place is too cramped for a proper fight."

"And just what makes you think I'll do as you say?"

"What's wrong?
Will the right hand man of His Majesty really have to skew the odds in his favor?
And here I was buying your speeches of grandiose..."

You know... I know you're playing me.
But you're right!
And just to hammer in how right I am I'll crush you at your strongest!
Then you'll know what fate befalls traitors!"

Turning around on his heels Haschwalth made his way towards the stairs and the other quincy followed him.
The two elders contemplated shooting Haschwalth in the back who quickly reminded them that he can see the future right now and so they opted not to try that.
But as the children of Yhwach prepared to wage war on one another others were busy fighting for survival.
Not too far from them, where the tremors originate from the hollow trespassers are currently engaged with a being known as Gerard Valkyrie, the Heart of the Soul King.

Gerard who has grown to the size of a skyscraper towered above all the hollows and using his immense size tossed them around like ragdolls.
Swinging his massive sword around he struck Kaizar who raised his forearms in defense.
Blocking a sword the size of an aircraft carrier would've been bad enough but having to focus on NOT damaging the blade itself made things much more difficult.
But on the flip side with the immense size of the blade it struggles to cut anything and instead acts more like a club.

The force of the strike flung Kaizar several yards back and into one of the not destroyed islands.
Quickly bouncing back from the impact he attempted to throw a punch at the giant who swiftly blocked Kaizar with his shield.
Gerards speed is further demonstrated when he quickly brought up his knee and sent the impudent hollow into the sky.

But as he was focused on one hollow the rest of them went in for the attack.
Nnoitora slashed at the shoulders of the titan which caused the limb to fall down limp.
Marr then puched the nordic warriors ankle with full force, causing the giant to lose his balance.

Harribel cried out as she shoved Gerard with all her might causing him to fall over.

Sadly before they could capitalize on this opening Gerards body let out a massive amount of energy that pushed the advancing hollows back.
As they were getting their bearings after being sent flying the hollows gasped in surprise as Gerard stood back up, clearly unharmed.

He is... unstoppable..."
Nnoitora gasped.

You looked at the six armed arrancar and spoke up.

>There is no such thing as unstoppable! Keep attacking!
>I agree... Let's fall back and think of something.
>There must be a way... (write-in)
I am just gonna wait until someone suggest a good idea because I got nothing. If we leave will he just recover and then we have to blast him past he previous forms again?
>>There is no such thing as unstoppable! Keep attacking!
>>There is no such thing as unstoppable! Keep attacking!
>> fuse with the hogyoku
I get the feeling I am gonna regret this as I don;t think we have a way to permanently damage him. Maybe just fuse with plot rock and use fire sword to burn him to the point there is nothing left to regen from
>I agree... Let's fall back and think of something.

The Almighty looks better on Hashbrowns than Yhwach.
>there is nothing left to regen from
He will literally reconstruct himself from the area's light.
Changing to
>I agree... Let's fall back and think of something.
Where is that fucking monk when you need him.
Well now...
Looks like retreating wins.

Now if you would please roll 3d10 to see if you CAN get away from Gerard or not
Best of 3
DC: 19 Crit: 25
Gerard is all about Miracles. Honestly it'd probably be best to break him rather than try to kill him.
Rolled 1, 8, 9 = 18 (3d10)

So kill the new king?
Rolled 7, 4, 1 = 12 (3d10)

If we get a crit does that mean we also get to skip the Gremmy boss fight?
Rolled 7, 4, 8 = 19 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 3, 4 = 17 (3d10)

By the skin of your god damned teeth
No. If you crit you slip away from Gerard completely.
A success means you just buy a bit of time.

A loss means that Gerard is not amused...
Can we beat Gremmy with math?
I am curious how exactly you expect us to kill this guy spooky, I am pretty sure it took a shot from the king of the quincys himself to do him in.
Gerard and Haschwalth were both Auswahlen'd, it's not like Yhwach attacked them. Which in their cases may not have even worked.
Nah. He can be beaten.
But not with these rolls
Come to think of it, he shouldn't have been able to Auswahlen Gerard, it's stated by Askin that he and Pernida both had always had their powers, and were not granted them by Yhwach.

One more plothole for the end of Bleach.
Rolled 2, 10, 6 = 18 (3d10)

Rollin' for Gerard
Well then we are fucked . I don't think we are gonna get strong enough to lower the dc until handy is full digested.
Oh don't worry.
At this point I'm just waiting for either a crit or a fail.
Then shit should get interesting.
>I'm just waiting for either a crit or a fail
Everyone roll with as much mediocrity as possible.
>we'll just bore Gerard to death
>he gets so bored he thinks getting out of this would require him dying
>him dying would need and be a miracle
>he kills himself unwittingly
"I agree with you on one thing...
He's truly a monster.
I say we fall back and try to come up with a plan."

"Really? HOW?
The guy's the size of a city!
Where the FUCK do you think we can hide from that?!"

You give Nnoitora a mischievous smirk.
After quietly whispering your plan to him you pat him on the shoulder.
"Get the others and go.
I'll serve as a distraction."

Quickly jumping away from you he slowly made his way to each and every one of your teammates.
After making sure that they all got the memo you sprung to action.


Soaring through the sky you come face to face with the giant who is less than amused by this.
"Impudent little vermin.
When will you learn? It's futile!"

Raising his sword Gerard delivered a downward chop with his sword.
Stomping with one feet then with the other you firmly planted yourself on the reishi platform that you strengthened considerably.
Welcoming the attack with open arms you clapped your hands around the blade as it was coming down at you.
To your and Gerards surprise you actually managed to stop the attack with your platform only sinking several meters.
Now smiling to yourself you moved the enormous blade aside and it obliterated the platform you stood upon.

With one kick you flew back up with a ball of turquoise energy gathering in your hand.
Mixing both slime and blood into the mix you created quite a large Cero.
After all... what would be a better distraction than a nuclear bomb?
Groaning under the pressure you finally let the blast loose.


Instinctively Gerard raised his shield to block the attack.
But unfortunately for him you aren't dense enough to actually hit him with that thing.
The globe of energy grew unstable as it traveled through the air and just before making contact the reishi making it up violently erupted, filling the entire area with a turquoise mist of pure energy.

As he looks around all the quincy can see is a blue clouds conducting blue lightning around him.
He tries to extend his senses in order to find you but all he can feel is your power radiating from all direction.
For a few moments he's looking around in confusion.

He began swinging his sword around violently.
Define interesting.
File: Garganta_de_menos.png (474 KB, 1020x576)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Garganta: The Precipice world.

It was a gamble.
Gathering up everyone and the moment you blanketed the entire area slipping in between the dimensions.
But it looks like it paid off.

Everyone is gasping in exhaustion.
And by that you mean everyone.
It did not matter how the air was filled with reishi when you were forced to fight with such intensity.

"Did everyone make it?"
The first and perhaps most important question popped into your mind.

Nice distraction by the way.
How much energy did it cost?"
Dante asked you.

"Too much.
But let's not discuss that.
Does ANYBODY have an idea?"
The awkward silence made the background noise of the Garganta quite unbearable.

"It doesn't matter what we do...
All injuries disappear almost instantly."
Harribel observed.

"And his body doesn't seem to abide by the rules."
Asher also adds to that.
"I tried forming an iron clot in his main artery.
And even with his brain not getting any blood he was fine!"

"I guess you could call it a Miracle! Huh? Huh?

"What's worst is that our power doesn't seem to give the bastard cancer either!"
Nnoitora grumbled.
"So... any ideas?"

You are left speechless.
Nothing that you come up with feels like it'd work. Not against this monster at least.
And monster is quite a fitting name for this beast.

"I uh...
Might have a suggestion."
Asher raises his hand.
"But you might not like it."

"At this point I'll take anything my boy...
So out with it. We can't afford to be picky."

"How about we just keep doing what we were up to up until now?
You know, hit him over and over again?"

"And... how's that meant to help us?"

"Well... he keeps growing the more we hit him. Right?
Then... how about we just feed him as much damage as possible and make him grow to a size where he can't support his own weight any longer?
Or do you think that there is no such point?"

You pause for a moment.

>actually not a bad idea
>the worst idea I've ever heard
>Other? (write-in)
adjective: interesting

arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention.
>>actually not a bad idea
>>the worst idea I've ever heard
Knowing him and his power of miracles he will get so big it will be considered a miracle that he's still able to stand and move.
>the worst idea I've ever heard

"It is a miracle I can stand at all!"
It's a shame we can't just throw this fucker at the end and say have fun or get the monk to fight him.
Hmmmm... Normally I'd wait for some more votes but I think I'll take this then.

Very well.
I'll get to writing.
Meanwhile you can get to rolling the dice!

Best of 3 as usual.
DC: 22 Crit: 26
>the worst idea I've ever heard
>what if we just turned him completely into iron to stop him from moving?
Rolled 6, 10, 5 = 21 (3d10)

File: 1322624126071.jpg (105 KB, 704x650)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 2, 3 = 9 (3d10)

Rolled 2, 4, 8 = 14 (3d10)

Ah crap, having a brain fart moment, how do you roll again?
That goes into the Options tab mate

Care to give us a hint?
>>what if we just turned him completely into iron to stop him from moving?
"It's a miracle I can even move at all!"

Oh fuck.
Just be patient for a few minutes and you won't NEED a hint
"That's the worst idea I've ever heard!"

"Why? I think it's pretty solid!
No matter how strong you are some laws you just can't break.
With all that muscle he'll be breaking his own bones with every move, he'll collapse under his own weight!"

"Then how about this?
'It's a MIRACLE I can stand at all!'
We need something else.
Maybe... incineration?
No... No No NO!"

You are left scratching your own head.
Desperately you're trying to claw your way towards an answer that looks more and more like it doesn't even exist.
So this is what despair feels like...
But you won't have too much time to savor it as something else overtakes you.



Suddenly you felt the entirety of the Garganta rhythmically shaking.
"This is..."


"It's like a... like a..."



All of a sudden the fabric of space burst open right before your eyes as a massive fist punched a hole into reality.
Fingers wedged between the arm and the Garganta itself began tearing the hole ever wider until you saw an eye peeking in.

"T-This can't be!"
You gasp in surprise.


Suddenly the second fist made its explosive entrance.
Most of you were sent flying back by the force of the punch.
Those that were not so lucky were swiftly grabbed by this monster and were chucked out of the safety of the Garganta.
One by one you were forced back into the Soul King Palace until the Garganta shut itself off automatically.

You were the last one to land but your impact was every bit as painful as the others was with a massive crater marking your landing.
Needing a moment to shake yourself free of that concussion you looked around desperately looking for the others.
"Is everyone alri-"


But your eyes snapped open and your mouth was left agape after seeing the others.
You could feel an ever increasing pressure in your throat, like your heart is having a stroke in your neck.
Tears began pouring out of your eyes as you began screaming uncontrollably.
They were alive, you could feel as much.

But either they were unconscious or they suffered injuries that they would die to.
Either way... their fates were sealed as Gerard took a few thunderous steps towards you.
Oh so I take it that this is what is gonna cause Kazier to become that thing Yhwach's dream.
Harribel, Sophia and Nnoitora landed on their heads and were knocked out cold.
Dante was conscious but it looked like his body suffered too much damage.
But the worst ones by far were Asher and Marr.

With his fullbring completely broken the fragile little human felt an intense pain spread throughout his body.
He took a closer look at himself and found no signs of external injury.
After quickly scanning himself he coughed up an alarming amount of blood.
"Well... shit..."

He was bleeding internally.
Critical organ failure was imminent. Quite a painful death he concluded.
But as he gasped at his own misfortune he alerted someone to his presence.

Is someone there?
Are you awake?!"
The rather brutish looking arrancar asked Asher while remaining on his back.

"Y-Yeah. I am still here..."

"Ah good. Then I'm not the last one.
H-Hey... could you help a brother out?
I can't seem to get up."

Sighing Asher began crawling towards the bleeding hollow.
In his mind he already accepted his situation. And since he was going to die anyway it wouldn't hurt to help someone with his last, dying breath.
But upon arrival he was quite surprised by the arrancars condition.

"I... can't feel my anything from the chest down..."

"Well... that's perfectly normal.
With a spike that size stuck in your chest."
Asher looked at the broken piece of concrete that impaled Marr.
It's clear that it broke his back and its tip is now sticking out of him.

"Uh-huh... and when does it get better?"

Soon friend. Soon."

Then the hollow that bore the title of the Tyrant did something he never thought he would.
He slowly began crying.
"I don't want to die again!"

"Well I'm afraid that's all part of life big guy...
We all have to die somed-"
And like a bolt from the blue something struck Asher in that moment.
"I'll be fucking damned!


I... can use what little power I have left to stabilize you Mr Arrancar!
It won't be pleasant and you won't walk! But you'll live!
However... I want something in turn!"
File: Spoiler Image (896 KB, 1004x1019)
896 KB
896 KB PNG
Seeing your friends and family like that made you positively mad.
Practically foaming at the mouth you raised your sword and shouted as loud as you could as the giant slowly marched towards you..
Gerard raised his sword into the air in preparation of the strike but something stopped him.
He turned his head to the side and so did you.


Suddenly a pillar of pitch black energy erupted from the direction of your friends.
The energy rose to the sky and tinted everything greenish black, turning the day into night for a moment.
And from the center of it all a figure clad in black armor appeared.

Hugely muscular and wielding a spiritual pressure that's truly terrifying he slowly made his way to you.
Once you made out his silhouette however your eyes opened wide in disbelief.

The figure stopped dangerously close to you but did not speak a word.
He looked at his hands as if to see if it's really his and then gave it a good squeeze.
After a bit of flexing the silent figure inhaled deeply and spoke up in a deep voice.

"So... this is how it feels.
How strange. For years I've worked on my form, never realizing its faults.
But now... to just feel how it should be.
And to move without restraint, without fault and without pain.

"Asher? A-Are you alright?!
Is it really you?!"

"Of course!
I'm just... a bit lost.
For years all I've heard from you is how hard it is being hollow.
Feeling that never ending hunger, to know that you are a monster...

Gerard snapped at the two conversing hollows and attempted to stab the newly arrived hollow.

But Asher simply raised his hand and grabbed hold of the blade without issue, canceling any momentum it previously had.
That eager to die?
Fine by me. I still have to pay you back for what you did to my FAMILY!"

>Punch him
>Cut him
>Let's try this "Cero"
>Other? (write-in)
>Toy with him. Make him feel despair.
>Let's try this "Cero"
Oh shit! This is just like Kenpachi's bankai!
Which also didn't work...
Except Kenny went mad while Asher is a smart boi
>>Let's try this "Cero"
Who is harder to deal with,Gerard or that one guy who's power is imagination or what ever it was?
Hands down.

Because Gremmy can kill himself
His name is Gremmy. Canonically it's probably Gerard since he could physically match Bankai Kenpachi and Gremmy's body fell apart when he tried to match Shikai Kenpachi.

But he's after Gerard in this gauntlet, so maybe he'll use his vollstandig and have no limits or some bullshit.
Okay. I think I got a pretty good idea on how to do this.


Oh and just for formalities sake roll 3d10.
Best of 4.
DC: 10 Crit 18
Rolled 3, 1, 8 = 12 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 6, 2 = 18 (3d10)

I hope I get triple ones just to see what happens.
Even so, his ability can still hurt himself. If Kaizer were to instil fear into him to the point where he believes he can't do anything against Kaizer then his power has already screwed him over as he literally couldn't do anything. It's like that one fuck from a certain magical index.
This is correct.
Gremmys greatest weakness is that his powers are always on (for a good reason) and that they affect him (also for good reason).

The problem is making him afraid of you
Beating Gerard, Lille, and Pernida has to help.
Just tell him his ass looks really, really pretty.
Rolled 2, 6, 4 = 12 (3d10)

So with this fight over how do you think we should take on Yhawch. Even if we fuse with plot rock it doesn't seem to give that much of a boost.
Oh, neat, Asher finally died.

And that's actually a good thing.
Oh and that's not the best part...
The best is that Marr is the one that sired him
>Marr is the one that sired him
That sounds disgusting.
File: Spoiler Image (511 KB, 836x788)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Gerard try as he might couldn't pull his sword free of the hollows grasp.
Grunting and groaning as he tries to twist the blade Gerard struggles against Asher.


Looks like you got a problem!
Allow me to help."

Once Asher closed his hand Hoffnung turned to dust and with his support gone Gerard began falling forward.
Just as he was about to do a gigantic belly flop right on top of you Asher raised his hand and caught the falling man with ease.

Now you no longer have to worry about getting it stuck anywhere."
With a casual toss he sent Gerard back where he came from.

As the Sternritter flew off the island he found himself staring down the barriers below.
In an attempt to save himself he flapped his wings and flew back up to where the hollow that humiliated him was.

Gerard announced his arrival with a shout.
But once he was up there he saw no signs of the former human.

Nice wings."
Asher gloated the Miracle before tearing the wings off of his back and smacking him with them.

Landing face first in the dirt the fallen arch angel struggles to get up.
He manages to sprout a new set of wings that are both larger and more majestic than the ones he had before.
"How many times must I tell you?
It doesn't matter how many times or how hard you hit me.
Every time I come back stronger than before!
But then again... What would I expect from a human that was foolish enough to taint his own soul willingly!"

Using Sonído Asher appeared right in front of Gerards face and smacked him so hard the Sternritter was sent flying.
Flicking his wrist, Asher responded to the Quincys taunts as the poor guy was still flying uncontrollably.
"And you don't seem to get it!
It doesn't matter how many times or how strong you come back!
If I have to I'll kill you and keep killing you forever!"

As Gerard regained control over himself Asher began cracking his knuckles in preparation for his finisher.
"Now then...
Let's see if I get this!"
Deeply inhaling Asher absorbed the reishi from his surroundings and incorporated it into his own blast.

The black and green mass of energy made its way towards Gerard who was quite distraught for some reason.
Desperately guarding his head with his bare hands he attempted to block the cero but it was futile.
With both of his arms and his head obliterated his body fell to the ground.
As expected he immediately started to reform himself.

But something caught Ashers interest.
Ah! I see how it is now!"

Where the head of the Sternritter used to be only one thing remained:
A Quincy cross which was hidden within the skull of Gerard.
The medallion rapidly began drawing in energy from its surroundings in order to reconstitute its owner.

Asher let out a jackal like laugh.
"So Mister Miracle...
After all your speeches about miracles you turned out to be just a child clutching a cross, hoping it'd save him.
Aaaand that's as long as I can go guys.
We'll (hopefully) continue tomorrow (or today for me)

See you guys then
Thanks for running.

>you turned out to be just a child clutching a cross
If we had let him grow stronger would the cross stop mattering like it seemingly did with the Captains?
Thanks for running
File: uryu.jpg (8 KB, 204x247)
8 KB
The three quincy made their way up a flight of stairs, following the Grand Master to the palace entrance.
Upon leaving the castle they stood and faced Haschwalth who finally addressed them.

"Will this suffice?
Though I still don't see what's the point.
After all... a grave is a grave, no matter where it is."

Undoing the buttons on their sleeves the three traitors untangled their chains and revealed their crosses.
"He's right you know...
What happened to that thing we discussed earlier anyway?
You know, the part where we agreed that we can't beat him in a straight up fight?"

"What's wrong Jacob?
I thought you're ready to die."

"I am... but I'd rather have it mean something and not just throw my life away like this!
And just who the fuck told you we are on a first name basis?"

"Can you two just pack it in and work together for once?"
Uryu then formed his bow but before he could make the first shot an unwelcome guest appeared.

"My my...
What do we have here?
Do you need some help taking out the trash Grand Master?"

"No Gremmy..."
Haschwalth responded just as he noticed a massive black pillar rising off in the distance.
"Get back to your post.
I'm afraid you'll be needed soon."

But make sure not to die to these traitors.
It'd be a shame if I had to replace you!"

Slowly the intruder made his way back down the stairs in anticipation of the hollows.
Uryu wasn't entirely sure what Gremmys powers were but he knew enough to be fearful of it.
Maybe this way they'll actually stand a chance.

Follow my lead and open suppressing fire on him. Don't let him get in range.
Jacob, do what you do best and cast as many spells as possible.
We'll be relying on you for both damage and support!"


Following that the boy wasted no time opening fire on Haschwalth and his fire soon followed suit.
The hail of arrows assaulted the grand master without mercy.
But even though they knew what to expect the three quincy were still surprised by the prowess of Yhwachs right hand.
Without effort Haschwalth danced between the flying bolts.
He did not receive just as much as a scratch.

With Uryus and Ryukens assault dodged without an issue it fell upon Adlersflügel to do something, anything about the rapidly approaching knight.
He cried out and fired his gun, instantly casting the spell with it.
But even the invisible strike that could instantly eviscerate its target was avoided without an issue.

Now with his broadsword raised he prepared to cull those that'd stand against His Majesty.
Uryu in particular found it very difficult to react to Jugrams speed as he moved in an unnatural way.
Ryuken quickly used Hirenkyaku to retreat to a safe distance but Jacob was not so lucky.
With his attack being the last one he simply didn't have enough time to move.

>Move and try to block with Blut
>Cast a spell to cover for him
>Shoot at Haschwalth, try to keep him at bay
>Other? (write-in)
What the?!
Do trips not show up because of this faggy shit?

Well that's going to be fun...
>>Cast a spell to cover for him
>Cast a spell to cover for him
Fuck you for running today Spook, I didn't want to take part in this team bullshit.
File: 1520711064352.gif (498 KB, 250x141)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
I made that decision without realizing I'd be running on Aprils fucking fools day...
Welp serves me right I guess.

>Cast a spell to cover for him
That's a decently one sided vote.


Oh and please roll 3d10s
DC 17 Crit 21
Rolled 5, 3, 9 = 17 (3d10)


Please don't fuck up, please don't fuck up
Rolled 2, 3, 4 = 9 (3d10)

How does Haschwalth feel about Bazz-B getting Bazz-BTFO?
Doesn't really care that much.
And unlike Kubo I won't try to 'redeem' him at the end.
Rolled 1, 4, 3 = 8 (3d10)

Since it's already a success I'll just roll for the last one myself.
If someone rolls after me and crits I'll accept it
File: jugo.jpg (106 KB, 1347x772)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

Uryu reached out with his hands and begins drawing in energy from his surroundings.
His fingertips flare up with power as he calls forth the arcane powers to do his bidding.

"A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!"

From his hand silvery film of reishi burst forth and wrapped itself around the sword of Haschwalth.
For a moment there the grand master didn't know what to make of this.
Surely this whelp did not expect such a thing to hold him back!
He did not slow down his strike one bit, thinking that he could cut through the bindings without issue.
However not only him but Uryus master also was surprised when Haschwalts advances were stopped for a moment.

Not one to waste such an opportunity Jacob dashed away and into safety with Hirenkyaku.
Meanwhile the sword wielding quincy scowled as his sword erupted in flames and tore its bindings to shreds.

"What's wrong?
Didn't you foresee me stopping your sword?"
Uryu taunted the angered knight as he dashed away.
He wondered if it was because of his arrogance that Haschwalth didn't use the Almighty if it was his inability to use it properly that caused this failure.

With an annoyed look the grand master swiped with his sword and sent forth a roaring wave of reishi towards Uryu.
Seeing the approaching attack the young Ishida slammed his hand on the ground and began another incantation.
"Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!"

The reishi making up the surface of the ground melted and formed a very dense, silver cloud in front of the boy.
Haschwalths Heilig Pfeil crashed against it loud enough to cause Uryu to reel back in pain.
But he was still very satisfied with the results.

"Did you really assume that'd work?
I've seen Kurosaki perform that same trick at least a thousand times already!"

"Impudent little brat...
No matter.
You can struggle as you might but it won't change the outcome!"

But just as he finished his sentence a pair of spirit bolts zig zagged in front of him before hitting the ground under his feet.
Of course he saw them coming and jumped out of harms way but it did not change the fact that he was slowly being pushed back by the combined efforts of the traitors.
He once again used the Almighty and gazed into the future to get a more clear picture of what they are planning and he quickly snapped to where the eldest quincy was.
Shooting another blast of condensed reishi he attempted to stop Jacob from casting his spell.

Honestly, never ever doubt the debuffs.

Small and weak they may be, but do enough and you can bring even a god to its knees.
Abandoning his already set up ritual the elder quincy slid away on a platform of spiritual particles.
Arriving by the side of Ryuken he grumbled as the attack demolished his work.

"Damn it all!
We're not making any progress at all!"

"That's not true...
We successfully kept him away for now."

"Yeah but we can't keep up this pace forever!"

"But neither can he.
And besides... we only have to hold out for just a little longer."

And what then?"

"Then we can start damaging him."
Raising his bow Ryuken aimed at the grand master once more and began charging an alarming amount of spirit energy in his weapon.

Ryuken fully expected Haschwalth to dodge the attacks like he usually did.
So it's no wonder when he saw his enemy just standing there, being riddled by arrows he was more than a little surprised.
With a myriad arrows sticking out of his body the grand master of the Sternritter fell on his back as he started bleeding out.

"Heh... hehehe- URK!"
He coughed up blood as he chuckled.
"Good morning..."


Suddenly the white suit of Ryuken got stained red as his body was practically torn open in an instant.
Getting on his knees the elder Ishida found himself gasping for air as he suffered a lot of damage.
His comrade cried out to him.

Meanwhile Haschwalth continued his hearty chuckle and stood up.
All the wounds he previously received were now gone, even his uniform was restored completely.
"I'm glad it has come to this.
Sadly the powers of His Majesty are quite... cumbersome to use.
I much prefer my own."

Shit... he's bleeding out!"
Dropping his gun the older quincy knelt down beside his wounded comrade and began mending his wounds with his magic.
"You're not gonna leave us in this mess you hear me?!"

Uryu just stared at this scene as it unfolded.
He didn't feel much when he witnessed his father being injured.
No... instead he was more concerned with what just happened.
"So... this is your Schrift I presume."

The Balance.
You could say that the real fight starts now."
Haschwalth then formed a shield in his free hand, completing his knightly look.
"What's wrong Ishida Uryu?
Do you hate me? Did I anger you?"

Without showing any emotions Uryu responded in a cold tone.
He made sure I wouldn't feel a thing if he died.
But that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to kill you."

"I'd like to see you try."
Raising his sword the Sternritter taunted Uryu to attack him.
And for some reason the boy felt like obliging him.

>Activate the Sanrei Glove
>Start using your quincy tools
>Don't let him goad you. Keep your distance and analyze him
>Other? (write-in)
>>Don't let him goad you. Keep your distance and analyze him
>Don't let him goad you. Keep your distance and analyze him

Let me see if I remember how this works...

He gets hit and he can transfer the wounds to keep shit 'balanced'.

The more you hurt him the more he hurts you and then just heals himself.

If you can kill him without him activating the bullshit move that would work, but if he even has a sliver of life he can simply turn it around on you because 'muh balance'.

Mien Got Kubo was a hack writer.


Okay fighting him ain't going to get us nothing, not like this, but sitting still is only going to get us killed.

If we can knock him out somehow that might work, but fuck me if I can figure out a way.

>Don't let him goad you. Keep your distance and analyze him

We need more intel I think, there's got to be some kind of chink in this cunt's armor.
>>Don't let him goad you. Keep your distance and analyze him
And finally you understand my pain.
Do you see what I have to work with?

Almost everyone in the SS had the power of "Lol nope!"

But yeah that's a pretty good summary of his powers.
Furthermore you also can't block. At all.
Even if you stop his attacks he just "Balances" things out and say that lol no you can't stop me
Well Gremmy isn't gonna be too hard write around, all you really need to worry about this fuck and Yhwach.
Again, pretty one sided.
Please roll 3d10 once more to see how hard Haschbrowns steps on your neck.
Losing here won't be too bad

Best of 3
DC: 20 Crit: 25

Rolled 4, 7, 9 = 20 (3d10)

Here we go
Rolled 9, 6, 6 = 21 (3d10)

By the way spooky how are Ichigo and the others doing back on earth.
And as usual we can hardly make a DC of 10 but every time you need to perform above twenty you do it without a sweat.
Rolled 10, 2, 1 = 13 (3d10)

Fine since they beat up the goop monsters
Not our fault.

Blame the fickle whims of fate.

Or the fact that we're more comfortable telling gods to fuck off than we are bending a paperclip.
I'm not complaining.
I just find it funny.

If this keeps up I might have to adjust things in the next quest...
Like giving Dice rolls to mundane things like getting up from a chair.

Legendary badass who can kill monsters the size of mountains but can't tie his fucking shoelaces without tripping face first into a glass table
File: example.jpg (128 KB, 777x654)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Like this

As tempting as it might be you can't just charge in guns blazing.
No... that's something that Kurosaki would do.
So as Haschwalth keeps inviting you with his sword you hopped in place and created a board made of hard light and took off with it, giving the grand master quite a headache in the process.

He tries to follow your example, kicking into a higher gear and chasing after you in a desperate attempt to cut you to shreds.
You ride straight into the walls of the castle and ride up its side as Haschwalth chases you.
It's become quite clear that he won't relent and with his speed he'll catch up to you sooner or later.

"Let's do this."

You quickly pull the brakes and stop mid air.
Watching the blonde quincy dart past you couldn't help but smile a little.
Quickly you pulled your bow back and unleashed a quick volley of three arrows at him.
Two of the purposefully missed their marks while the third, the weakest one, hit him square in the back.

In anticipation of the coming attack you activated Blut Vene and your eyes opened wide when you felt a sharp pain in your back.
"I-It went right past it!"
You winced as the sensation of the impact caught you off guard.
But at least now you got confirmation on how his ability functions.
This complicates things.

Not wanting to get caught off guard you started moving once more, further leading Haschwalth on a wild goose chase.
Again you waited for the sternritter to make his move before you opened fire on him.
Judging by his reactions it makes no difference to him if he kills you with his sword or his Schrift.
Seeing how damage seemed unavoidable you chose to keep hitting him with stray arrows.
At least this way you knew when the pain was coming.

After each shot you honed your senses to a razors edge.
Watching, observing.
You already knew what he was doing... but you needed the specifics.
What's the delay between him being damaged and returning the damage to you?
Does it actually hurt him when he gets shot?
Questions that needed answers.

Your wounds were slowly mounting but so did your knowledge of his Schrift.
His reactions were well masked, no doubt the results of his extensive training, but they were there.
He was not invulnerable. Every time he got hit he winced slightly.
Furthermore there seemed to be a very slight delay between him being hurt and the reflection.
Using his reaction time as reference you'd guess it takes him anywhere between half a second and a second to transfer the pain back to you.
Depending on how hurt he is of course.

So in theory you could hurt him so much that he can't use his Schrift.
But if he survives...
If he does not die in one hit...
You'll feel it.
File: uryu_fucked.jpg (10 KB, 203x248)
10 KB
"Not good...."
You frowned at the implications.

But at least there is a bright side.
Something you did not notice initially but it became clear pretty fast.
That shield of his is not just for show.
In fact it seems to be connected pretty closely to his Schrift, the Balance.
Every time he gets hit and he recovers the damage seems to be transferred to his shield as well as you.

"I see...
So he can't redistribute all the damage to just me.
No... that would not be 'balanced'."

The problem was how sturdy that thing appeared to be.
Whenever Jugram was scratched the shield barely took a hit and only in the case of serious damage did it get visibly damaged.
And this is the other key factor: His power has a limit.
You're not sure if he could just create a new shield, most likely he could as it seemed to be a regular holy weapon, but even if he could that'd still leave him open for a few precious moments.

"So there is a delay as well as a limit, large as it may be..."
You do not like where this is going.
"At this rate-"

"Did you finally realize it?
Even if you were my equal you couldn't kill me before I killed you.
Give up Ishida Uryu... and His Majesty might even forgive you."

You kicked your board as hard as you could and jumped free from it.
Twirling around in the air you aimed at Haschwalth with quite a powerful arrow.
By your calculations if it hit it could potentially kill him.

So you loosened the bolt and it flew straight at the Sternritters head.
What followed was exactly what you expected.
Jumping in the air Haschwalth avoided the lethal blow and instead allowed the arrow to hit a non vital area.
With his speed he could've easily snatched the arrow out of the air and crushed it with his bare hands.
But he wanted to hammer in the fact that you are completely out matched.

Approximately 0.8 seconds later your chest caved in on itself and a hole opened near your right lung.
Without any grace you fell to the ground and hit the concrete floor hard.
Coughing up a profuse amount of blood you staggered to get back on your feet while Haschwalth landed.

"You're competent...
I'd go as far as to call you a genius.
But intellect alone won't win you this fight...
Give up and submit yourself to His Majesty!
I won't ask again!"

Your legs were shaking so much that you could hardly stand.
Feeling fluids fill your lung your chest started aching even more.
"Looks like I have no choice..."

>Use your Schrift
>Activate your Vollständig
>Other? (write-in)
>>Activate your Vollständig
It's not the time for the schrift yet...
>Activate your Vollständig
>>Activate your Vollständig
>>Activate your Vollständig
A hint: It's not Uryus canon schrift...
Oh? What is it?
I'm mostly asking because uryu would know it, and it's good to keep what the character knows in mind for tactics
I... can't argue with that reasoning...
But it would ruin the surprise...

Very well I'll give you a few hints and then a spoiler at the end of this.
>You've seen it in use already
>It's something he swore he wouldn't use

It's A: The Antimatter
So Bambietta but even better?
well FUCK
Should probably use it when we're in vollstandig later on, schrifts are always maximum overkill like that

Just like how the sun is just a campfire but even better
It's true. You know how many marshmallows you could cook with the sun?
But anyways it seems that this will be dragged out a bit.

So roll 3d10 once more.
DC: 19 Crit: 25
Best of 3
All of them
Rolled 5, 2, 9 = 16 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 7, 6 = 20 (3d10)

Psh, nothin personnel hashish.
Rolled 3, 4, 6 = 13 (3d10)


Reaching for your gauntlet you immediately caught Haschwalths attention.
"Surely you jest.
You and I both know that won't change a thing."

But that's no reason not to try it!"
Pulling the pin out of the gauntlet of pain you unleashed the power that was stored within.
"Vollständig! Lucifer!"

With a burst of energy your body was pushed beyond its natural limits, elevating you to a higher realm.
Though similar in nature to the Shinigamis bankai the Vollständig is more like an evolution of the body rather than the soul. With the soul growing to get accustomed to its new container.
Now with your powers fully unleashed you stand up with your sole glowing wing.
Haschwalth just stares at your body in awe as you seemingly ignored all the damage he inflicted on you.
Little does he know that this couldn't be further from the truth.

By forcibly blocking your pain receptors, using Ransotengai to move yourself and using curative magic you could temporarily fight at full capacity once more.
Though your wounds are slowly being mended you have no doubt in your mind that you'll just end up being more hurt soon enough.

Pulling back the string of your new bow you loosened a single arrow in Haschwalths direction.
The speed and strength of the shot was apparent as the grand master only reacted to it once it passed his head.
"That one was just a warning shot..."
You spoke as the arrow hit the castle gate and tore it open.
"Either you start taking this seriously or I'll blow your head off with the next...
Your choice."

That was just a bluff.
Sure the power of the arrow was impressive but controlling it is an entirely different matter.
You'd call that a lucky shot despite it missing, it's so hard to aim.
But the sternritter seemed to have fallen for it.

For the first time he lost his composure, hesitating for a moment before responding.
"I see...
So this is the power of the morning star....
Very well.
I'll give this form the recognition it deserves.
Vollständig: Michael!"
Doesn't going Vollstandig heal wounds? Not as well as Ressurecion, but I don't the Sternritters' wounds heal when they use it?
I... don't recall that being a thing.

Mostly what I remember is that in Vollständig all their powers get a massive boost so they can use Ransotengai to shrug off otherwise lethal blows
Without any sort of an external device Haschwalth activated his holy form just by speaking.
This astounding accomplishment of his only paled in comparison to the amount of power he was suddenly releasing.
His form was a lot less elaborate than yours. But its simplicity somehow made it much more grandiose than yours.

With a halo behind his head and a pair of wings he began walking towards you.
"You should be honored Ishida Uryu.
You are the first one to have made me use this form.
I hope you won't disappoint!"


After finishing his sentence the Sternritter disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Only through his intuition did Uryu manage to dodge the attack so it wouldn't be lethal.
Though the massive broadsword only hit him in the side it was still incredibly painful.
And that sensation... it felt like Jugrams sword was in fact a Selee Schneider.

In response Uryu couldn't do much but reach for his own reishi blade that was made by his master.
Quickly activating it he briefly clashed swords with Haschwalth.
The sparks flying off in every direction confirmed his suspicion regarding Jugos blade.

Not good!

He thought to himself.
At this range there was not much he could do as his opponent had a massive advantage against him.
Exchanging blow after blow with the sword wielding quincy Uryu made a desperate, split second decision and used one of his masters techniques.

"Ransotengai! Einmarsch!"

The threads holding him together and moving his body quickly unraveled and made their way to Jugo.
With the wire like strands wrapping themselves around Haschwalts chest Uryu finally turned the tables on his opponent.
Swinging with all his might he managed to spin and toss the Sternritter hard enough that he flew several meters away.

Now with some breathing room Uryu restructured his strands of reishi and stitched his wounds together.
It was only a temporary solution but it was better than nothing.
Taking aim once more he unleashed shot after shot at the charging quincy.
Though none of his shots connected that did not bother him that much.

I just need more time!

Uryu managed to keep his distance as he picked up Haschwalts rhythm.
Though extremely tiring he did manage to keep up with the insane speed of the grand master.
Every now and then tried to mask his plans by pretending that his injuries are catching up with him.

Each time he fell to his knees he got dangerously close to getting his head chopped off but every time he managed to spring back up at the last moment.
He kept this up until he ran laps around the courtyard, touching the stone in certain places in preparation for his plan.

But Haschwalth was not an idiot. Far from it.
It didn't take long before he caught on and noticed Uryus pattern of running, 'falling', retreating and more running.
The next time the young quincy tried the same trick he charged up his blade and shot a massive beam of pure radiant energy at him which tore the pavement apart.

"That's quite enough!
I don't know what you're planning but this ends now!"
He pointed his sword at Uryu and spun it around clockwise, creating many copies of his sword.
With a thrust he launched all twelve blades simultaneously at the boy.

Uryu tried to dodge out of their way but he saw Haschwalth waiting for just that.
So he took a gamble... and braced for impact.

Most of the swords just grazed him slightly.
But two of them got embedded in his abdomen.
Luckily they missed his spine so he didn't just pass out then and there.
However... the preparations ARE complete.
The spell circle is complete, ready to augment whatever spell he casts.

All he needs to do now is decide which one...
>Sankt Zwinger (This will utilize the Schrift)
>A teleport
>Sankt Zwinger (This will utilize the Schrift)
>>Sankt Zwinger (This will utilize the Schrift)

>Sankt Zwinger (This will utilize the Schrift)

Yeah, we might want to end this before we literally get cut in half.
>tfw you'll never get split in half by daddy Haschy
File: 1521129838544.jpg (123 KB, 942x943)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
At last...

Roll 3d10. For the last time.
DC: 10. No crit
Best of 3

Rolled 6, 9, 7 = 22 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 5, 7 = 20 (3d10)

Rolled 2, 9, 6 = 17 (3d10)

..... I sense large amount of fuckery in our presence
>Hey hasbrowns, what did the uranium say to its atoms? Split.
File: juzma8sv35z4.jpg (41 KB, 500x570)
41 KB
File: Uuryu's face rn.jpg (45 KB, 640x803)
45 KB
File: big_1469569787_image.jpg (63 KB, 1280x720)
63 KB
Uryu took a deep breath and then turned to his fellows.


"Grab Ryuken and get out of here!"

"A-Are you insane?"


Haschwalth merely looked at you dismissively.
"You think I'll let you do that?"

"Look behind you..."
Haschwalth turned around and saw the palace towering above him.
"You move and I'll demolish this place! Along your god!"

"How amusing.
And what makes you think you can do that?"

"The power you gave me..."

"You mean your Schrift?"
Jugo just stared at Uryu in dumb confusion.
But then he did something quite uncharacteristic of him. He laughed.
"Ha-Hahaha! I hope you don't expect me to believe that!
Even if that's something you'd do I have no doubt in my mind you'd have already used your Schrift.
Which means that in this situation it's completely useless.
But even if it wasn't I'll let you in on a little secret...
I know you won't use it.
Because no matter what future I gazed upon there was never an instance in which you ever used it.
I find it quite fitting... a half blood had his potential unlocked by His Majesty and it still amounted to nothing..."

"You're wrong."
Haschwalth raised an eyebrow at that.
"It's true that I don't like using a power I got from you but that's not the reason why I didn't use it yet...
Or the reason why you didn't see me use it in the future.
But I'll tell you why! Because I swore... I swore on my pride as a Quincy to never use it in a fight!
That's why you didn't see me use it in the future...
But now... now that I have no choice left... I'll kill you with the same power your god gave me!"


Uryu then formed an arrow unlike any he did before.
Made up of pure reishi the construct glowed brightly.
It looked like a traditional arrow at first but it quickly changed.
The head grew pale, almost transparent as the reishi in it slowly turned to nothing.
Now the hollow arrowhead waited as Uryu focused with every fiber of his being on it.
Slowly a black, ooze like liquid appeared inside, filling its new container to the brim.

Jugram just stared at the blackened arrow and felt uneasy.
Something slowly overtook him. Something he haven't felt in quite a while.
Raw, primal fear.
And he did not know what to make of it.

That thing inside the arrow...
He didn't know what it is, only that it's dangerous.
So dangerous that he could hear a voice in his mind desperately screaming at him to run as far as possible.
And for a while he contemplated it.
Uryu spoke as soon as he saw Haschwalths weakness.
"I'll say this only once: Run and never come back!
Abandon everything you believed in your entire life! Abandon your trust in your god and run like a coward!"

That hit a nerve with Jugo.
He screamed with a mixture of fear and anger as he raised his shield.

I'll take it!
Whatever it is it can't stand up to His Majesties power!
I refuse to accept that!

Uryu smiled.
It was almost too easy.
"Very well!
Then I'll show you... what awaits your god!
And just so you know! This is for my mother!
You bastards!"
Uryu then pulled the arrow ready.

The arrow was let loose.
With a sharp sound it tore its way through the air.
But the boy didn't have time to waste.
Almost immediately he slammed his hand on the ground and began conjuring up the most powerful spell he could.
The ultimate defensive spell: The Kirchenlied.

And he worried... worried that even with the circle augmenting its power it won't be enough.
The truth of the matter is that he was in fact terrified of his own power. For he knew how easily it could eradicate him.
His Schrift: The Antimatter.

As the protective walls of the church made of light rose higher and higher Jugo finally braced for impact.
He raised his shield in an attempt to block it.
Little did he know that it did not matter in the slightest.

Upon impact the container that was the arrow shattered without even scratching the shield.
But what followed was nothing short of apocalyptic.
First was a bright, blinding flash of light followed by the intense heat and the unstoppable force of the explosion.
His Freund Schild didn't simply get destroyed... it ceased to exist.
And in that instant when time seemed to stop for just a brief moment Haschwalth himself was also obliterated alongside a good chunk of the palace itself.

Naturally the Kirchenlied didn't last long but it did soak up the brunt of the blastwave.
What was left was powerful enough to shatter Uryus defensive wall and send him tumbling down the massive flight of stairs that lead up to Silbern itself.
After slowing down a bit he managed to stop himself... and thanked his lucky stars that he didn't make the arrow any bigger.
And that's as far as I can go for today...
Two sessions in a row can get quite draining.

But fear not for I have some wonderful plans for the week.

Here are some of the omakes I cooked up.
If you have your own then I'd happily add them to my backlog:

>Kaizar meets Äs Nodt
>Kaizar visits a few old friends (Basically pandering to a very small fan club to a particular character)
>Shini-sonny spends time with his dad
And finally
>The Hogyoku looking through some of Kaizars old memories with Mera

Next session will be next week (hopefully).
Take care of yourselves until then
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running boss catch you on the flip side.
Oh good, they get to see Kaizer in his early hollow years.

See ya spooky, thanks for the madness
holy shit ishida, das a broken ass ability.

I'm wondering why the idiot god thought it was such a good idea to give that to him.

Antimatter? Really?

Some shit is just too broken to describe, and what Antimatter is capable of trumps even that.
probably because he like his idiot balance buddy thought he would never get cornered enough to use it, and now he has, so it turned from something absolutely forbidden to something he might very well use again one day if things seriously go to shit, or if the quincy king decides to be dumb enough to show up in front of a rather pissed off ishida.
Really it's that in its full power the Almighty just straight up invalidates Uryu's abilities. It's not just precognition it does other stupid shit too. Hashbrowns just can't use it properly like Ywach can. Any power he knows becomes his "ally" and in turn he becomes completely immune to it and any damage it may otherwise have caused him. So I don't think Uryu's Schrift could hurt Ywach at all. Of course it all comes down to how bullshit Spooky wants to make Ywach's version of the Almighty.
>Eat the Fear. Show him why Kaizar is the Fear Eater.
That's only partially true.

In reality it's not something that obscure.
But it's just as potent.

He can not simply see the future (as in every potential future) but he can alter the future and decide what WILL happen.
And so the present will go accordingly even if it doesn't make any sense (aka Ichigos Bankai)

It never made a lick of sense to me...
Yhwach clearly had the ability to give specific powers to others.
But it was also HEAVILY implied that it "awakened" already existing powers within the quincy.

Even the Antithesis was so broken that I can't see Yhwach giving it to uryu
Kaizar, Marr, ant Tia chimaera when
>not Nnoitora, Asher, Sophia
I suppose if you don't want best daughter to hurt herself you could substitute with Marr. Maybe Dante though I don't know how it would work with him being partly human but hey fucking soul magic.
Ohohohoho, you are like a little baby. Let me show you.

I'll see what I can do about it...
>had the ability to give specific powers to others.
>But it was also HEAVILY implied that it "awakened" already existing powers
I think it's that a Schrift is the expression of one's own soul, the same way a Zanpakuto is from the influence of the Soul Reaper's soul on an asauchi, but there's no medium.
But it was very vague.

During the fight with Ichibe old Jesus gave himself the power of speak again.
And I quote: "I give myself the power of voice"

Now I don't know if that was a schrift but it felt like it.
But yeah your theory is also solid.

However because it was so ambiguous I decided to just have fun with it
If it was a Schrift, he was able to give it to himself because he didn't have a voice at the time.

The thought that Yhwach could use any Schrift is nonsense.
One of Ywach's gimmicks is that he can give power in some fashion to others and take not only what he gave back but also part of the person who received it. It's not entirely far-fetched that he can steal powers or some facsimile of them from people, especially ones he had a part in giving. I mean shit, they invented medallions that can steal a bankai which is literally a part of someone's soul.

Ywach is an asshole with an asshole's powerset. He taught himself how to not be a vegetable by stealing people's souls when he was a child.
File: 316.jpg (134 KB, 895x895)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I just lost 2 hours worth of material because the electricity went out for a second!
File: 9f9.png (1.49 MB, 1065x902)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
File: R522_Mera.png (65 KB, 551x369)
65 KB
Omake #1: Memories

You've been hearing voices in your head the entire day. The side effect of hosting 2 sentient entities in your body...
But while usually it's not that bothering because they only really speak to you whenever they want something this time it was a fair bit annoying.
Because it wasn't words that you've been hearing, oh no.
Instead you were blessed with having to listen to a loud, crunching sound seemingly at random.
So after messing up your paperwork three times in a row because the sudden noises startled you, you had enough.

Upon entering your mental world you were greeted by Mera who was sitting in a large armchair, eating popcorn.
"Yo Kaizar!"

Fighting your ticks you looked at her and the glowing sphere next to her seat.
"What the heck is going on?
And where did you get the chair and the food from?"

"Ball was nice enough to make them for me."

Sighing with defeat you looked up what the two were staring at, a large and wide canvas onto which images were being constantly projected.
At first you didn't know what to make of them because the "movie" seemed to be shot from a first person perspective.
But after staring at it intently you started recognizing certain things.

"This is-"

"Lady Mera has been asking me questions regarding your past.
I thought this'd be both much easier and more educational for me.
Care for a seat Master?"

Silently you nodded and sat down only for the leather armchair to materialize under you and catch you in your fall.
Now that you could focus on the 'movie' you started remembering things.
You thought you've forgotten these already. But it looks like not entirely...

"Where was this?"
Mera asked you, stuffing another handful of snacks into her mouth.

Leningrad more specifically.
It was one of the most brutal things I've ever participated in.
Luckily they pulled me out before things really kicked off."

Wait what? Just how long was that assault?"

"A little over 2 years and 4 months.
Lady Meras historical knowledge is...
Shall we say limited?
So I felt like she might be interested in these."

"Just how much did you watch already?"

"It was all related to your time in the military.
But we are running low on materials already."

"Man this is getting boring!"
Mera grumbled.
"Can we watch something else?"

I'll show you what I can.
So please pick whichever tickles your fancy."

Suddenly the image gets distorted and blurry as images from different periods of your life flash at an alarming rate.
But rather than being confusing somehow you see each event with crystal clarity.
Mera watched silently as your life as an officer in the military flashed before you and as your life ended.
Her eyes twitched a bit as she saw your earliest memories as a hollow.

She spoke.
The projection slowed down though it still would've been too fast under normal circumstances.
It was bizarre reliving your first days as a spirit to say the least.

You got to witness your first meeting with other hollows and their subsequent deaths, your journey on a train towards Poland and your exploits on it.
Mera pointed in bewilderment at the horse headed figure you headbutted and later mutilated viciously.
"Hey! Isn't that-"

"Alistair Marsh.
Now you get why he's always so antsy around me...
Despite working with me for years now."


Then came the plant like hollow whose name you've already forgotten.
It saddens you how little you remember of the first being you could've called a "friend".
Her subsequent death also made you feel slightly sickened.

"Hey! Look at lil' Asher over there!"
Mera looked at you with gleaming eyes as if she just forgot about your other, more savage actions.
"Shame about those pajamas..."
Her tone suddenly shifted to a more sour one.

But you kept on watching.
Witnessing your meeting with Pesci, your little heart to heart talks.
Then you swallowed hard, remembering what was about to come.
"Hogyoku let's-"

"We already saw that Master."


"I heard rumors about it.
So I asked Ball to show me and that's how we ended up doing this.
At first I was angry, didn't know what to think.
But then I remembered the reason why I'm her... Because hollows being sentient and not just mindless beasts... changed a few things.
I'm not saying I liked that but... I see why you did it.
Kill or be killed. The shinigami would've done something similar in your place..."

With a heavy heart you looked at the images.
Unsure what to think of them yourself.
Back in the day you'd have argued the same thing.
It was for the sake of survival, you had no choice, they'd have done the same.
But now that you are somewhat allied with the shinigami it's becoming more and more complicated to think about these things.

Luckily for you however another voice spoke up.
Cold and emotionless, the Hogyokus words echoed through eternity.
"Do you regret anything Master?"

You sigh.
"I do.
We all do.
But there is no point in mulling over something you can't change."

"What if I said you can?"

You shake your head.
"I've seen plenty of times what being obsessed with the past can do to a man.
I don't want any of it. I'd much rather focus on the future..."

"You always manage to surprise me Master.
Most men would gladly jump at such an opportunity."

"Most men don't know what they want.
They just think they do.
In truth they never give it much of a thought for such matters.
Nobody cares for the long term consequences... only what they get immediately afterwards."


"You gotta leave the past be.
Worry about tomorrow, not yesterday..."
There was an awkward silence after that.
Luckily for you the Hogyoku had just the thing for that.

"Oh dear...
It appears we've ran out.
How about something less melancholic for now?"

Suddenly the image changed.
This time you felt something odd about it.
Nothing seemed to ring a bell about it.
The vision was unfocused, as if the eyes of the person moved around randomly.
Then something blocked your view and there was only darkness for several seconds.
But something did remind you of something.

"T-That voice..."
Mera looked at you in confusion and then back at the screen.

The projection slowed down until it ran in real time.
Now without being distorted the voice made your eyes snap open violently.

"Theeere we go!
It wasn't that bad now, was it?"

Your mouth was trembling as you saw the towel being moved away.
Suddenly you saw your reflection in a mirror and heard your own voice.


Mera gasped.

But you were caught up with something else entirely.
Only visible partially in the reflection was a face, mostly obscured by your body.
You took a step forward and reached out, only for your hand to pass through the illusion.
Looking at your hand you clenched it into a fist and swallowed nervously.

Sniffing in an effort to hold back your tears you spoke up.
"I... almost forgot how she looked..."
Not looking up you silently muttered a 'thank you' to the Hogyoku.

Suddenly you felt Mera wrapping her arms around you from the back.
"There there big guy... there there."

Wiping your eyes clean you took a deep breath and broke free of the zanpakutos hold as you turned around.
Looking down at her you gently pat her head and ruffled her hair.

After giving you a mile wide grin Mera went back to her chair and tapped it signaling you to sit down on it.
Obliging her you did so and she sat on your lap.
Following that the two of you continued to watch segments from your life while the fiery girl kept teasing you about how big of a wuss you were back in the day.
But you didn't mind.

In fact it felt great being able to laugh about your past with someone else.

Omake #1: THE END
File: two-pints-beer-main.jpg (193 KB, 1200x800)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Omake #2: A favor for a favor


The bottlecap let out a satisfying hiss as you twisted it off.
Do mine!"

The carrot-top boy handed you his bottle and you obliged him with a grin.
Pressing the neck of the bottle to the flesh of your forearm you gave him a good demonstration of your capabilities.
"The trick is pressing it hard enough..."


If you put your mind to it then anything can be a bottle opener."

After giving back the bottle to the boy the two of you hit the bottles together with a satisfying click before drinking.
It was a rather smooth lager but without the typical malty aftertaste.
These coupled with the crisp, dry flavor made it a treat to drink.

How is it?"

Briefly stopping mid chug you wiped some of the foam off of your mouth as you responded.
Not bad. Not bad at all!"

I suppose that's as good as it'll get, huh?"

Can't abandon my german pride like that."
With the beer going down so easily you couldn't hold back and took another swig of it.
"But say...
Are you even allowed to drink?"

"Listen I'm not even supposed to be a father, yet here I am...
So get off my case, will ya?"

"Okay, okay.
It's not my place to say what you can or can't do.
And it's not like I gave it to you!"

Even when I was just 15 I looked like I was 20.
Especially with this hair.
So getting it was never the issue... more like dad drop kicking me every time he smelled booze on me."

"Wasn't that how he reacted to everything you did?
But anyway...
Why did you ask me to put on the gigai Ichigo?"

"Is it too much to ask that just once... once I don't look like a madman speaking to himself?"

Fair point."
Greedily you consume the remainder of your drink and let the bottle hang between your fingers as you look around.
You noticed it before but now that you've been walking for a fair bit it became much more apparent.
"By the way.
Interesting choice for a walk.
Never knew the old industrial district is popular with the youth."

Since when?"

"Since the first abandoned warehouse.
But I just decided to be polite since you were buying me beer."

"Okay, let me explain!
You remember that incident with Zangetsu and uh... Zangetsu?"

"That powder keg they lit a match under?"

"It's not like they wanted to cause me harm!
It just sorta... ended up going awry.
But they still wanted to help me and so..."

"You feel like you owe them.
I get that.
But that still doesn't explain why I'm here."

"Well you see...
I'm still struggling with Bankai and thought maybe they could help.
But even with my mask at my disposal they still mopped the floor with me so I...
I uh...
I kinda got pissed when they were criticizing me and might have implied you could mop the floor with them."

"Well I don't see why that-"

"At the same time..."

"So yeah...
They got mad and wouldn't let me go until I agreed to call you here.
So just please! Could you mess around with them for a couple of minutes?"

You sigh after suppressing a burp.
"Okay fine but it'll cost you!"

"Another round?"

"More like two."

Afterwards you walked for a little bit before you arrived at the same decrepit building they were last at.
Focusing just a little bit with your eye you saw past the illusions protecting it and saw a radiant, orange barrier around the unassuming warehouse.
"Just give me a sec."

But you weren't in a particularly patient mood and held Ichigo back.
"Nah. I got this."

Not even acknowledging the presence of the wall you casually walked through it as it shattered to a million pieces.
Nervously the ginger boy followed you through your improvised entrance.
Placing down the bottle on the ground before kicking down the door you made your presence known.

"Knock knock..."

Looking over the place you saw the rag-tag group of shinigami that call themselves the "visored".
Spread around the half crumbled interior of the building doing seemingly random stuff their de-facto leader gave you a surprised look as he averted his attention from his manga.

"I swear Hachi you're useless..."

"I'm sorry Shinji b-but he just tore through my barrier."

"I swear..."
Turning back to you he snapped shut his comic book and stood up to greet you.
"Welcome! Welcome!
Please make yourselves at home!"

"No thanks...
The last time I saw a dump like this was in Berlin... when it got bombed."

"Hey it's not THAT bad!"

"How many spells do you need just to keep it from falling apart?"

I don't wanna answer that."

Now pretty much all of the visored are looking at you and your little show.
Except the guy with the star shaped hair and the sunglasses, he's too busy reading a comic book.
Suddenly one of them, the short girl in the red track suit jumps up from the couch and marches to you.

"Hey! You tall fuck!"


"Fight us!"

"Well I'm glad you're at least forthcoming.
But before I say anything let me ask this: Why now?"
But the girl did not answer to you nor did any of the others.
Instead she just glared daggers at you.
"I see.
So me killing Aizen never stopped bugging you and you got tired of ignoring it.
Very well. If it'll help you cool your jets.
But may I suggest we take it elsewhere? I don't want this shack to fall on us."

"This way please!"

Shinji pushed a button on a wall and a hidden staircase revealed itself to you.
After you the visoreds stopped what they were doing and followed you one by one.
Upon arriving in the secret underground area that Urahara constructed you just had to wonder if digging holes is just a hobby of Mr Hat-and-Clogs.
"How do you want to do it then?"
You asked them as you cracked your neck.
"I'm fine with whatever. Just lay down the rules beforehand."

Shinji turned to the fat man.
"Make the usual arena. Double reinforced and four, no five times the usual size!"

Suddenly the big guys expression changed as he sat down, becoming completely focused.
After slamming his hands into the ground a box shaped, triple layered barrier arose around you.

Looking at it you concluded that it was a bit stronger than the one you just destroyed.
A light brawl it is."

"Guess again you shit!"
The little girl walked up to you with her sword drawn.
And as her mask seemingly manifested out of nowhere her voice distorted.
"Because if you hold back..."
With a flash she disappeared.
"You'll die!"

Looking down you saw Hiyori in a low stance and about to strike you.
Taking a quick step back with your physical body you tore your spirit form out of it as it fell back.
With a lightning quick motion you reached for your own weapon and drew it to intercept the incoming blade.
As steel clashes against steel the shinigamis eyes fly open at you and her fellows start commenting on it.

"Hey Love...
Wasn't his sword overly large the last time we saw it?"

Oh yeah... you're right Rose.
It's not even that cold."

"Maybe arrancars can control the length of their blades like we do..."

Look at his side.
This guy just got a new knife!"

"Do you think he carries it to humiliate others?"

Meanwhile Hiyori just growled at you.
"I thought I told you!


With a flick of your wrist you knocked her sword easily aside.
Using this opening you wound up your other arm and punched the girl with enough force to send her crashing into the barrier her comrade just erected.
Gasping and using her sword as support she struggled to stand up.
Despite your hit she managed to hold onto just a sliver of her mask, barely enough to cover her right eye.

Her darkened eyes stared at you with a mixture of fury and disbelief as she gasped.
"What... the fuck..."

I didn't actually expect you to keep that thing together.
But I'd be careful... if that thing shatters you'll start feeling that damage you just took."


"I saw Ichigo fight a few times. I know how you function.
And FYI... if you must rely on such a fragile thing for a boost then make sure to guard it well..."

"Oh really?
Hiyori dropped her sword and raised her two hands.
Charging three separate balls of energy, two in her hands and one in her mouth, Hiyori prepared to unleash her wrath on you.
But you couldn't help but whistle at her efforts.

Triple Cero. How did we not come up with that?
Well... guess it doesn't matter."
Raising your hand you also charged up your own blue variant with a bit of extra mixed in.
"Guess I should respond in kind."

The moment she unleashed her blasts so did you.
But instead of an epic clash of two sides all you got was your own Cero tearing into hers before exploding.
Hiyoris friends just stared at that.

"A-Anti Cero?"

Turning to look at the others you spoke up.
"Cero Absoluto... but in essence yes.
Now I suggest you all start chiming in before I lose my patience and go home..."

Two of them immediately reacted.

"Okay Love."
With a flick of their hands they both summoned their respective masks.
"How about you guys?"

Let's teach this punk a lesson."
The guy with the short, white hair spoke up and donned his own hockey mask.

Before any more of them could join in on the fun however Shinji placed his hand on the green haired girls shoulder.
"Hey Mashiro.
I suggest you stay out of this one."

"Awww you're mean Shinji!
I want to have fun too!"

"Truuuust me.
You don't want to be a part of that.
How about you Lisa?"

Might as well.
Maybe I'll get a kick out of it."
The girl with the glasses also calls forth her hollow powers but in addition to that also releases her sword.

"Whoa... seriously?"

"Don't just stare Rose...
Crush Down! Tengumaru!"

"My my...
Things got out of control very quickly.
Very well...
Play! Kinshara!"

And finally the last of the visoreds went the extra mile for you.

You couldn't help but smile at that.
"Now that's more like it!



"That large club...
It's a fire type. Very dangerous...
But the others are also a threat.
I suggest you take them out quickly or they will overwhelm you."

"Well even if his sword is a fire type..."
You twirl around Mera and point her at the ground.
"Doesn't mean he is.
Now Scorch!"

With one quick stab you jammed your knife into the ground.
As the white hot blade made contact it immediately began heating up the ground.
The temperature began increasing rapidly as you turned the floor into a frying pan.
And thanks to the box their ally provided all that heat had nowhere to go, turning your little arena into a sauna.
Taking a deep breath beforehand you managed to last far longer than the shinigami, even with your slime drying up and falling off your skin in flakes.

In only a few minutes all but one of them fell to the ground without as much as a fight.
File: 366Visored_prepare.png (2.38 MB, 2133x1600)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Seeing Hiyori still holding onto consciousness seriously impressed you.
But unfortunately you can not keep this up any longer without endangering the other shinigami.
So after increasing your power a fair bit you punched a hole into the barrier which shattered soon after.

"You surprised me...
I thought it'd be one of the captain class fighters that would remain, if any."

She was heaving badly after not being able to draw breath for a while.
With drool escaping her mouth she looked at you with the same ferocity as before.
"This wasn't even the scariest time I got choked to death...

Smiling you holstered Mera and drew Basilisco instead.
Inviting the shinigami you gestured for her to come at you and gave her a proper fight.
She released her own sword which was nothing more than a large murder stick.
Not wanting to further humiliate her you also activated your resurrección before beating her into submission.

Battered and bruised she laid on the ground with the shattered remains of her mask around her she looked at you in equal parts awe and disgust.
How the fuck are you so strong?"

"Before I answer let me ask you a question."
You sit down next to her.
"When did your incident with Aizen happen?"

"About a hundred years ago..."

"And what did you do in that time exactly?
What progress did you make? How stronger did you get?
Yeah you can use those masks without losing yourselves to your hollows but other than that... when was the last time you made progress with them?
Even Ichigo, fucking Ichigo mastered them more than you. And he is not even a proper visored.
Yeah you have a great control over it, far more than your friends but that's still not much!
The sad truth is that whenever I came here I saw you laze around doing jack shit.
And somehow you are confused about not getting stronger?!
In these 100 years did you even bother to get a job?! Or are you just a bunch of homeless freeloaders?!"


"I did..."


"I work at a convenient store. It's not much but enough for food at least.
And yeah, I've been trying to get stronger for the sake of revenge.
But when there is a monster gnawing at the back of your mind every second of every day it gets a bit hard to really give it my all!
She looked at one of the knocked out visoreds.
"Some of us already gave up."


"Love and even Lisa to some extent.
They got disillusioned about the Soul Society.
Being sucker punched by Aizen is one thing but then getting back stabbed by those you trusted, those whom you dedicated your life to when you were just a victim.
They long since stopped caring about paying back Aizen and just wanted the shinigami to eat shit hard.
Then you came...
You stepped on his neck and straightened the shit of the Gotei...
A fucking hollow!
So how do you think we feel?"
"In the end we wanted to confront Aizen.
Deep down I knew we would get slaughtered and that's fine. At least we tried.
But if we won... and the Soul Society somehow apologized to us and asked us back...
We woulda said "No. Go fuck yourself".
That was our goal.
Now... we're doing nothing.
While you thrive."

You stand up and dust yourself off.
"Well I hope this was at least a good wake up call..."


"But if you ever get tired of being angsty then feel free to give me a call.
We'll arrange an operation for you that reverses your hollowing if you so wish.
Then you could rejoin the reformed shinigami or take up residence in Hueco Mundo.
You won't get welfare checks from me like Urahara but at least you can finally meet others.
And maybe you'll realize that there are so many people with their own unique problems that one of them is bound to know how you feel."
You turned to Ichigo.

"Hey! Kurosaki!
Toss me that bottle!"
After snatching it out of the air you filled the glass with a handful of slime and placed it near Hiyori.
"Apply orally to internal wounds and rub it on external ones.
You'll be good as new.
And seriously... do call.
We always have more room in our ever growing freakshow."

Omake #2: THE END
Thanks for the omakes Spooky, now i kinda wanna see how they would even react to how different hueco mundo is these days.
hiyori is still a cute lil' bitch

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