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Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Perks and spells for our main character -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing

Characters met by Arawn.

Welcome back friends to a new chapter of our quest. I don’t have much news to share this time, so I’ve redone my opening with important reminders and documents.


You will need to resolve yourself to a solution about your memories. One option is to perform a soul ritual in Zipangu – the land specialty- with three other people as anchors to avoid any risk of crippling yourself in the ritual. This will mean sharing everything you discover with them about your past, no secrets, nothing to keep to yourself.

Your other choice is to do a Blood ritual with Sieglinde and her little sister, doing so will allow all of your memories to come back at the cost of sacrificing all of your current souvenirs. Although this way you'll be the only one knowing your past.

Side activities

With your venture into the undead forest a success, Vilma has all of her needed ingredients. Now you need only wait for Elenor to start spreading rumors of a duel and challenge your purple friend unless you can think of another strategy.
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Inside Sieglinde Jawahir massive bedchamber and living room was a small, comfortable celebration after a nail-biting adventure. 4 girls were enjoying themselves as they huddled closer around the smallest of their group, almost making her disappear outright as small diminutive Vilma was hidden by Sieglinde and Teruko’s back, their chatters vibrant and curious as they peered into the result of today’s efforts and risk while above them floated a lazy fairy of golden green color often casting timid, worried glances your way.

You didn’t know what kind of atmosphere you and the angel projected during your quiet, intimate dialogues that had now grown silent, perhaps the girls had made a note to allow you two to continue this quiet conversation that had now grown incredibly awkward.

‘’I’m sorry, forget…’’ Your hesitation, your silence, translated into a rare sight of fear from the dauntless winged woman and it was all you needed to finally get out of your torpor and spare her further agony.

‘’It’s fine.’’ You smiled at her, sincere because you’ve never truly lied before. An urge almost has you reach for her head but you relent, your self-control has always been very precious. ‘’I’ve thought about this lack of memory plenty of time but… not in a way that can be easily spoken, one of those things were thoughts and speech don’t translate so well.’’

There’s a flash of further hesitation on her fair traits, nervousness has her chew her bottom lips. ‘’I’m sorry, you don’t have to force yourself.’’ There’s a sense of vulnerability about her that pinch your heart and immediately motivate you to shake your head, else you’d wrap her in a hug.

‘’No, no, it’s fine. It’s good that I talk, really.’’ You begin, not too sure how to voice your thoughts, so you decide to take a plunge and speak form the heart. ‘’This amnesia makes me desperate.’’ You announce cleanly, earning a surprised stare from the quiet angel. ‘’I have to know more about what I discover. When people mention old history, I feel like secluding myself in the library and study what I’ve missed. Knowledges like Mamonos cultural aspect I should have figured out years ago always make me afraid I could end up hurting one of your girls in ignorance.’’ You felt like your words were nothing more than a chain of complaints instead of the explanation Elina deserve to know but she listened in silence and gave quiet support placing her palm on top of your hand, such a gentle gesture at your stare at your limbs for a moment.

‘’I make it sound agonizing but it’s not that bad.’’ You try your best to downplay your amnesia, you don’t know if she buys it because she only blinks at your smile. ‘’I want to know my past, who I was, all of my histories, learn about elves. Their catastrophic disappearance, their culture, their cities, how they are doing now…’’
‘’Finding out won’t really change the person you are now, right?’’ Elina found a moment to wedge a question and it stung your heart something deep, enough for you to look away to hide a wince.

‘’Hard to say isn’t it?’’ You responded, knowing your deflating enthusiasm was obvious. ‘’Memories are weird, all I’ve got is my name.’’ You already had a pair of options for dispelling your amnesia and both scared you enough to distract yourself with all kind of activities. ‘’I find myself highly inadequate when I stand beside all of you girls.’’ You decide to quickly change to subject to something more palatable, if embarrassing.

‘’Why? I and Sieglinde understand your situation, Teruko and Vilma haven’t asked but they’re good person who’ve been helping you, right?’’ You wondered if you should feel glad for this reversal, Elina apparent emotional turmoil had been replaced by empathy and worry.

‘’I’m lacking…something. Experiences I suppose would be how’d I put it. All I can offer when I try to help is my instincts and I feel that it’s going to fail me sooner than later; I’ve got debts to you all that I’ll never be able to repay even after I recover everything. I was granted time and peace of mind after awakening with absolutely nothing. I don’t have to worry about food, I’m allowed to learn about the world at my pace, I can discover my abilities with help from competent companions with whom I’ve grown close enough to be friends in 4 days.’’

‘’I got lucky.’’ A sense of shame urges you to shake your head, marking an end to your awkward explanation.

‘’Having people willing to help you and taking their hands wholeheartedly is a good thing.’’ Elina smiled, this time not out of sympathy, her demeanor had grown peaceful as if she resolved something within herself. ‘’ There are no debts amongst friends, you’re here, you want to improve who you are; that’s a desire that was immediately picked by Teruko you know? It’s why she’s been willing to teach you, Sieglinde is willing to take chances with people and you’ve proved her right. I know I’m going to sound hypocritical after what you’ve told me…’’ Her lips parts gently to show hints of white teeth in an awkward smile that made her all that more beautiful and human, a far cry indeed from that worrying statuesque attitude -an absence of emotions- that motivated you to sit beside her in the first place.
‘’…Memories can be an awful burden’’ Her voice came out in a gentle flow, upturned blue eyes observing you for, perhaps, hints of displeasure. ‘’Especially for immortals, despite your situation – your lack of everything- it’s really heartening to know you’re such a good person.’’ Her hand gives you one last squeeze before lifting itself off. ‘’It’s good to get some perspective about you.’’ Elina muse, tearing her gaze off to look at the stone roof. ‘’Amnesia isn’t so scary when you’ve got good people around you huh?’’ Her face lit up with genuine cheer and turn toward you, letting long strands of damp golden hair fall down her covered shoulders, appearing to shine from the residual light of her glowing halo.

You don’t quite know if your silence is one of hesitation or stupefaction, your heartbeat quickens and you briefly wonder if this feeling of heat spreading throughout your body could be attributed as ‘’smitten’’. It takes worried frown to break the harmony of her features to get you talking. ‘’Yeah.’’ You answer vaguely. ‘’Not a bad way to summarize it.’’

This prompts her to jump to her feet, closet wing bending unnaturally to slide off your body. ‘’Come on’’ She speaks imperiously, gesturing for the girls. ‘’Let’s make this a proper celebration.’’

Whatever was eating away had her was gone or, perhaps, locked deep enough to be perfectly hidden. Her newfound energy earned a collective curious gaze, with Belphegor quickly breaking the silence.

‘’Aight sure! It’s only early evening so let’s go and take it easy all night!’’

>Today’s hours flew by quickly…

>Free Choice

[We could either get some slice-of-life going or jump for Day 05. Post what kind of activities you'd like to do with the girls if you want some fun time for the evening, otherwise, I’ll write up the beginning of the next day]
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Acquire goat horns.
>>2392556 Let's see what kind of game they'd like to play. >>2392930 Are you trying to get us killed? We can't just go for the exotic bits out of nowhere. We were lucky Sieg was feeling merciful when we did that to her. God only knows how the goat would punish us!
File: Hellhound109.png (216 KB, 884x893)
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216 KB PNG
Timid. Playing it safe only gets you the boring ends. Sometimes you have to make like a haji and grab that goat by the horns and go to town.
‘’Okay, okay!’’ You speak out, clearing your throat and swallowing remnants of negativity. You really hadn’t expected such a personal exchange with Elina, your legs still felt wobbly… maybe you were still settling down from that adventure?

Not that joining them around a table was difficult. Elina took place silently beside Sieglinde who observed her curiously and you took the only spot left between Vilma and Belphegor and, from this angle, you witnessed a few fluffy maids coming and going out of this room, taking off with plates of this makeshift buffet and others coming back beverages; their presence certainly was a stark contrast to the quietness that usually lingered throughout the floor.

‘’Hey!’’ Belph suddenly hailed the closest maiden, startling her. ‘’That tribal, she’s still sleeping?’’

‘’Y-yes mam!’’ The maiden, a canine Mamono, answered with a bow. ‘’We’ve finished cleaning her an hour ago and put her to bed inside her highness designated chamber, our headmistress examined her health and diagnosed her current status as exhaustion. She’ll be fine after waking up.’’

‘’Good work.’’ Sieglinde congratulation was met a curtsy and out the girl went, likely to be even younger than Vilma.

‘’Hm, praythee you two lovebirds could share with us thine blossoming romance?’’ Elina visibly stiffened at Teruko sudden remark while you… well, to be honest, you expected something like that and thus remained suitably stone-faced.

‘’Nothing like that!’’ Elina squeaked in protest, then cleared her throat. ‘’Yeah, nothing like that.’’ She nodded to her words while you noticed Vilma curious glance and a smug expression on Belphegor.

Aw hell, she’s been your wingwoman so far but now the time to get teased huh?

‘’Got an adorable atmosphere sitting on that bed.’’ The old little goat started, wiggling her eyebrows while Sieglinde palmed her face. ‘’Hell, can’t blame ya. Arawn a bit rugged but he’s got style and Elina is such an elegant lass, made my old heart pump to see you two together.’’

‘’I-it wasn’t like that!’’ Elina affirmed with more emotion and reddening cheeks, flapping wing poking Sieglinde behind the head. ‘’We talked…’’ She cleared her throat and sat back down.

‘’With a lover’s atmosphere… aah, don’t go ruining this blossom.’’ Teruko added smiling with such a strangely satisfied emotion that forced the angel eyes wide and stammer in total embarrassment.
File: 1.jpg (232 KB, 461x455)
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232 KB JPG
‘’Come now girls, let’s stop that bullying.’’ Sieglinde made a show of moving her table to try and project some form of decorum, though you didn’t pay attention to what she was saying because your gaze was fixated on a certain she-goat glowing in total smug self-satisfaction. Those horns of hers, curved backward in almost full circles, possessed uneven ridges and a healthy color of soft brown that made you wonder… wouldn’t it be nice to touch them? Grab them?

Yeah, definitely.

>No wait, bad idea [Roll 1d20 to resist the urge]
>Let it happen. Payback for making Elina red.
>>Let it happen. Payback for making Elina red.
File: Baphomet18.jpg (557 KB, 3000x3500)
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557 KB JPG
You’ve always put a certain emphasis on your self-control in the short time of your awakening; being something like an empty shell made it far too easy for panic to enrapt your heart and make you do something regrettable. However, observing Belphegor monstrous bits awakening a primal feeling that soon blossoming into… an urge, a desire, perhaps even an outright wish; your entire body demanded hands-on knowledge of these mundane additions protruding out of her head.

It’s not a slip if you’re only obeying your primordial feelings, right? It’s your nature as a person, a man!

‘’Ghk!?’’ You don’t know when you reached but the result was satisfying.

Belphegor feet loudly clomped on the ground as your palm wrapped around her bark-colored horn and you extended two fingers to feel the curvature of her second one. It was a good feeling, solid yet smooth with uneven spots that grew thinner or rougher yet never once hurt your skin as you slid it up on down…

‘’Lad?’’ Belphegor had tilted her head to observe (no accuse) you upside down while all the women at the table gave you a suitable set of open-mouthed stares that made it obvious you’ve gone and committed one hell of a faux-pas.

At least Sieglinde was enjoying herself because she exploded in quiet snickering that had her hug her body in a vain attempt at keeping quiet.

‘’Whatcha doing there?’’ Belphegor asked you, grinning broadly as you wondered if she was about to snap her head or suffer some kind of aneurysm from blood mounting to her head.

Right, grabbing horns is a gesture of dominance, it means you own the girl in question… and the little goat happens to be a Supreme Monsters, adopted sister of the Demon Lord.

>’’Enjoying myself.’’ [Don’t show fear… don’t show fear…]
>’’You girls want to play a game?’’ [Pretend nothing happened.]
>Say nothing, keep on rubbing.
>Free choice
File: honk.png (73 KB, 560x651)
73 KB
>>’’Enjoying myself.’’ [Don’t show fear… don’t show fear…]
"Didn't you say we should take it easy?"
If anybody is wondering.
Nothing bad is going to happen. No need to be afraid, you'd know if things got serious.
Anyhow, I'd like to at least get another vote before proceeding, make things fairer.
File: 5.png (601 KB, 1240x1748)
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601 KB PNG
‘’Enjoying myself.’’ It was folly and you damn well knew it. Belphegor horns were smooth to your touch and pleasant to hold so you continued your ministration as she observed you in this upside down posture while Elina, Teruko, and Vilma were too flabbergasted to react, only Sieglinde managed to settle down because of a need for air.

‘’Didn’t you say we should take it easy?’’ You continue to push your luck, sliding your hand upward as your progress had you almost give the little goat girl head a rub.

‘’Kehehehehe’’ She laughed in this awkward position, upturned grin being downright demonic as continued this ominous observation, there was an intense emotion dwelling in her eyes, though you were far too dreadful to guess anything concrete.

Let it be known that you are a man without regrets. It’ll make for a nice epitaph.

When you tried to go further down while wrapping your hand properly around her leftward horn, it acted as a sort of signal for Belphegor who suddenly thrust her head forward with such force that, had those things on her head been sharp, she’d have sliced right through your fingers, instead she gave them a bruise as you retreating your limb. She managed to avoid slamming her forehead on the table and proved herself competent indeed, for her movements carried her into a pivot on her chair while standing on her knees to face you. Her hands, small things of clawed three-fingered fur-covered animalistic designs reached for your head before you could recoil and pinched your pointed ears, immediately pinching the tips, immediately making you wince.

‘’Ah uh, you’re huh…’’ There wasn’t anything to do but endure, yet found yourself surprisingly… stone-faced by her comfortable ministration. Even when the furs of her hands caressed your skin, you were barely reacting.
File: Sieg 03.jpg (330 KB, 784x1090)
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330 KB JPG
Something that was an evident source of disappointment for the little old goat, whose expression of triumph shifted into frustration. ‘’Hrrrm’’ She groaned, pinching your ears with a little more force, this time succeeding at extracting a jump out of you.

‘’I heard elven ears were supposed to be an erogenous zone.’’ She stated flatly, to which Sieglinde reacted by palming her face (again) and the girls took this as a queue to finally regain their minds.

‘’T-to touch a Supreme… My oh, my Goddess…’’ Teruko fanned herself while rubbing her stomach, her fairy looking to have fainted while levitating. Elina was caught in a concert of coughs (having choked on her saliva) and Vilma was adorably bug-eyed, remaining still in a way that somehow made you feel proud.

‘’I huh…sorry?’’ You politely smiled at the frowning goat whose claws were now trailing the line connecting your ears to your head, sending a few shivers throughout your shoulders.

Yeah, that was sensitive.

‘’Ah!’’ Like that Belphegor freed you and plopped on her chair with arms crossed on her belly and a head titled in your direction. ‘’You got guts, kid.’’ Her grin returned. ‘’I like that, though now we oughta get something going, filter out that energy!’’

There won't be any hard feelings at all, molestation notwithstanding, you got to feel your second parts of monstrous bits, one more notch into a life goal you didn't even know to possess.

Today really was a good day.

>Play a few games with them? (Will expand next post)

>Laze around after all of this excitement? (Jump to the next day)

>Free Choice

[Ending here for tonight. I thought we could get some slice of life done but I guess it was a bad day for activity]
File: Drunk-O-Meter.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
Damn you work! Had to miss this until now.

Gotta say I'd have voted to go along with all this save for resisting the urge. I would have rolled hoping to crit fail to see what'd happen then.

We must play games now. More opportunities to increase our bonds with them and just because slice of life stuff is fun. Also, not sure if tomorrow is gonna have good participation either.

Well, it might, but the participants are likely to be drunk (I know I will). Everyone's gonna be getting pretty darn Irish if'n ya catch my meaning.
I'm not ready to throw the towel quite yet, I'd like to take the entire month to gauge general activities and then make a proper judgment.

I'll gladly continue with slice-of-life if that's what players want; I'll write up an update tomorrow as usual.

For now, I might have to see about changing my policy for updates and, honestly, just go with the first given answer I get if nobody else answers after 30 or so minutes. Unless it's a particularly important choice.
File: Red 11.jpg (148 KB, 750x750)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
‘’You lasses hafta settle down, going all bug eyes over nothing ain't good for moral y’know?’’ As Belphegor settled down and flashed the stupefied trio of monstrous women a grin, you noticed that a few small wooden pints empty of liquids had been idly discarded around her.

‘’Yes…’’ Teruko whispered, letting out a tiny uncomfortable cough as something in her eyes told you she might have re-evaluated a few things. ‘’Nothing, hm?’’ She paused again, shuffling one long strand of white hair away from her forward curving horn. A few hard breaths from Elina revealed that she recovered her impromptu choking while Vilma's eyes were firmly stuck on the table.

Come on you didn’t do anything that bad right?

‘’Our man fondness for horns goes beyond common senses.’’ Sieglinde had also recovered from her hilarity although couldn’t stop grinning. Her hand was carried into her vibrant hair to remake hr constant habit. ‘’No such thing as taboo with Supreme Mamonos, has he been influenced by you, auntie?’’

‘’Actually, Sieglinde.’’ A strong feeling of thorough self-satisfaction motivation you to interrupt her with a levered index and she met you with a confused frown with no end of anticipation. ‘’This obsession of mine expand far beyond horns; my eyes are compelled to examine every bit attached to Mamonos and I always need to resist the urge to sense them with my hands. Wings, tails, horns, scales, exoskeleton… What make a monster what they are is… it’s almost a pull.’’ Your sudden urge to be thoroughly honest imbibed your palms with sweat so you decide to rub your hand as goosebumps erupt all over your bodies as you witnessed tails and wings curl in sudden tension and, suddenly, all the girls had been intensely listening.

Making you grow inevitably timid. That was, well… From the heart, yeah. ‘’Ah, um… that’s how I think about it. I don’t know about others but, well, Mamonos are endearing.’’ It’s not exactly backpedaling This unshakable feeling of being a prey before predators added cold sweat to your goosebumps.

‘’My, oh my. Does explain thine presence hm?’’ Teruko was the first to break the ice, thin tail curling near her shoulder, overhead tiny gaps revealed that little Titania was caught in overwhelming hilarity.

‘’It’s a motivation!’’ You immediately speak up, witnessing a curl of Elina wings. ‘’Piled on tops of many others! I’m not a surface-level pervert who’s only after exotic women!’’ You’re not making this worse right? Right!?

‘’Ehehehehe!’’ At least Belphegor guffaw spared you a set of oppressive, judging stares. ‘’Tonight’s an evening to dispel illusions huh?’’ She wiggled one of her three fingers as you saw Sieglinde extracting her face out of her large hand. ‘’Gives me a fantastic idea.’’ Belphegor plopped on hands on the table and rose to her knees to give herself some decorum.
File: 5544.jpg (41 KB, 612x612)
41 KB
‘’Let’s play a few games! With Arawn as our main player?’’

‘’What now?’’ Sieglinde squeaked and nearly went back to facepalming as she earned a smug ‘’tut-tut’’ from her tiny aunt.

‘’A few wagers to end the night.’’ The little goat turned to you and winked. ‘’Some simple games to play and if Arawn wins, well… he gets to touch monstrous bits.’’

‘’And if he loses?’’ Elina asked with surprising seriousness. She was standing straight in stone-faced seriousness that, well… it was a genuinely dreadful sight for reasons you were unable to explain. Pure instincts, yeah.

‘’Well, he’d owe whoever beats him a favor.’’ Belphegor shrugged and sat back down, deformed fingers clicking on the wooden table. ‘’Whatcha say?’’

‘’Tis an idea to mine liking aye, I could use a pair of strong arms to fetch delicious treats from mine enjoyment in the capital.’’ Teruko leaned forward with a vicious smirk. ‘’Count me in.’’

‘’I-I don’t have…’’ That was when Vilma piped up, her gentle voice almost an oasis in the desert; not so much because it was attention-grabbing, she was plainly adorable to hear.

‘’Head pats,’’ Elina answered before you could and, strangely, her mask broke apart in a surge of awkwardness when she looked her undead friend in the eyes, as if unable to endure Vilma expression. ‘’If he wins, you’ll get head pats.’’

‘’O-okay…’’ Hand wrapped around her little bag, Vilma closed her eyes and smiled.

‘’You's totally in.’’ Belphegor almost descended on you and promptly jumped off the table to go fetch… things.

‘’Goddess, what’s going to happen tonight?’’ Sieglinde had her black hand on her face again.

[Here's a pair of games where you'll be playing against a single opponent. You will only have time to play each girl once.]

>Dices. [Similar to poker, good old-fashioned rolling of dices will be played against a girl. You get to roll twice and keep three of 6 dices, you need to land pairs of chains to win in ascending orders. (Twos beat ones, two pairs beat a chain of three etc)]

>Liar Games. [Each player get six cards, 4 of which are paupers, one is a slave and the last a king. Your objective is to play your king against an enemy pauper to win but if the king is countered by a slave, you lose. Playing a slave against a pauper also result in a loss.]

>Free Choice (Always accept suggestions. You can always refuse Belphegor ploy and play for fun, that'll definitely disappoint her.)
And if we're losing we can offer double or nothing - loser spends the night at the winner's whims.
Dice, we shall roll dice. Also, it seems like there's booze about. Why are we not drinking? We should try to get everyone drinking.
Dices it'll be. You guys roll me 6d6 while I write and leave you in suspense about the result of your first opponent (who I'll also roll for).
Rolled 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 4 = 11 (6d6)

C'mon baby!
Rolled 6, 6, 2, 4, 5, 6 = 29 (6d6)

Rolling for legal and consensual molestation.
You guys are free to choose one result and reroll up to three dices.
Errr...which roll was the "better" one?
File: roll-the-dice.jpg (40 KB, 500x301)
40 KB
Rolled 6, 2, 4, 4, 1, 2 = 19 (6d6)

‘’Aight, dices it’ll be!’’ A brief debate had erupted over which game would fit better for these important wagers (that felt like gambling away your future) and after a disagreement between Teruko and the little goat, both girls managed to settle down over Belphegor initial likes with those neat dices of bones and soon enough space was made on the table as Sieglinde silently got up, took one of the moving trays and venture for those strange metal pipes coming out of a wall which contained a liquid you remember very well.

‘’Imma be first!’’ Belphegor wasn’t about to be talked down now. ‘’Gotta show how it’s done and earn my first favor from boy elf here.’’ She grinned broadly while toying with her pieces of carved bones made into surprisingly smooth squares.

Then came a few quiet squeaks as Sieglinde trolley stopped, full of mugs inside which liquids of blue and reds, soundlessly serving you, Belphegor, Elina and herself with the alcoholic blue while Teruko and Vilma got the peculiar red drink, you nodded your thank and proceeded to stare down that combative little goat. ‘’Alright’’ You looked at her dead in the eyes while guzzling that burning alcohol. ‘’You’re on, goatly.’’

Her chuckle made it obvious now there would be no turning back from these wagers. ‘’Those two seems ready to erupt in a fistfight of friendship’’ Elina observed with trembling wings, then stare suspiciously at her drink while the princess finished rounding the table and sat down with a worrying glint in her eyes. ‘’Gambling is exciting.’’ She spoke ominously while you took all six of the dices in your head and, under a particularly intense gaze, rolled your results…

That was met with a frown from Belphegor. ‘’Oi oi, got Mommy earth blessing this lad…’’ Despite her small hands, she had no trouble grasping her mug for liquid courage, then grasp her beloved dices to roll her own result.
Rolled 1, 2 = 3 (2d6)

Both were honestly pretty good, seem like second anon left though so we might have to go with your own result.

Or you can choose his. you'Re free to reroll one of three dices.

Belph decided to reroll her 6 and 2
I meant up to three dices.

Belph got 3 pairs. Want to proceed with the results or make a reroll?
Alternatively, we can forget about rerolling and just proceed with a single result to speed things along.

(Meaning Belph initial roll here >>2396584 was soundly beaten)
Rolled 6, 4 = 10 (2d6)

Darn, the dice gods are in your favor tonight. reroll the 1 and 4.
Craptastic! If I had that option I'd have gone with it.
It's alright, I can veto your reroll only this once since you didn't know. However, this means the game will proceed like this from now on, which I think is a better idea. It'll speed things along.

Unless another anon make his voice heard, this game of dice will be done with a single roll of 6d6
File: 24.jpg (22 KB, 334x218)
22 KB
Clicks and clacks of rolling bones on slick woods colliding with each other and nearby wooden pints had replaced all the excited chatters, a thick tension of anticipation from this gambling created a surprisingly intense atmosphere and your heartbeat had grown swift and frenetic with the knowledge of what you could win… and lose.

Once the little goatling result came in, her forehead hit the table like a dropped rock and Sieglinde erupted in giggles. ‘’Aaaah no way!’’ Belphegor whined, grasping the back end of her horns with her hands. ‘’I’m gonna get molested! He beat me with the weakest numbers! Oooh…’’ Her theatrics had her tone fall into a pitiful croon. ‘’Oh woes! Oh sorrows!’’ She was almost braying.

‘’Victor earn the spoils’’ Sieglinde mercilessly cut into the middle of her aunt whine after a few seconds to retake her breaths, earning an expression from her kin that was a mixture of anger and misery.

‘’You’ll get molested too, swear on me mum.’’ She stuck out her tongue at the redhead who glanced at you with a knowing smile. Yeah, something like that happened.

‘’If I may pontificate…’’ Teruko spoke up with a levered index while her students were trying their best to avoid laughing. Was she about to erupt in a prayer or something? Nah, she must have misunderstood the word. ‘’…Ours wagers do not force Arawn to collect his due right away, mh?’’

‘’W-what?’’ Belphegor endless energy had her take a large swig of ale and nearly choked on it.

‘’Yes, yes.’’ The lizard agreed with herself. ‘’Nothing implies that, one could almost believe it to be… a debt of sort, a little thing to keep inside one mind. If Arawn wins then mayhap he can collect his due whenever he wants.’’ Her smile was absolutely merciless and for the first time, Belphegor looked at a loss for word and vulnerable.

‘’Oi oi!’’ It didn’t last. ‘’If I’m gonna get molested, I wanna get it over it, especially if…’’ She took a swig of her drink. ‘’Mine belly s’full of burning might!’’

‘’It is so wonderful to witness thine loss, little darling.’’ Teruko clapped her hands gently and eyed you with a kind of sadism that was genuinely unnerving. She wasn’t displaying animosity or displeasure, no, Teruko Gunji was so thoroughly enjoying Belphegor agony that you could only describe her as ‘’glowing’’ in a way that ought to befit a peaceful pregnant woman. She was radiating pure happiness.


>Will you take your winnings right away and touch more of the goat monstrous bits? (specify)
>Or do it later when she’s not full of alcohol? (In this case, name the next opponent you want to roll against.)
>Do it later
"Moderation is key."
>Do it later
Oh shit, Teruko is channeling the rejoicing priest! What did the goat ever do to her?
Nothing. Teruko is a pure sadist, that's all.

So, who do you guys want to roll against?

Even if we lose against her, we get to give headpats! It's a win-win for us!
shes fine, angel after though
File: do it.gif (992 KB, 500x281)
992 KB
992 KB GIF
Rolled 5, 6, 6, 5, 6, 5 = 33 (6d6)

‘’Moderation is key.’’ You agreed with your teacher, not exactly certain if it was coercion or you genuine will; Belphegor winced, whined and clacked her fingers on the table.

‘’Grmmm…’’ She seemed to vibrated with her growl. ‘’…Get the hurt out as fast as possible, that’s how you heal so instead you go and make me stew huh?’’ Her furred hand gripped her pint one last time to finish it and she, without even looking, went to grab a second one on the trolley so thoughtfully delivered by the princess.

Where had those maids gone anyway?

‘’Fine, fine! Make me stew, make me anticipate you bunch of sadist!’’ with that polite curse, Belphegor wrapped her arms on her belly and plopped on her chair with closed eyes and levered chin to truly make everyone understand she was pouting like the little girl she looked like… Only to peek for her wooden jug and take another healthy swig, imitated by yourself.

‘’ I shouldn’t forget what I’ve just won huh?’’ You twisted the knife a little more, earning a mocking, silent grimace from the Supreme Monster. ‘’Alright, Vilma?’’ Your tone made her twitch like a released arrow.

‘’Y-yes?’’ She let down her empty pint as the girls around observed you with an obvious expression of protectiveness; no funny business with the lich, that’s for damn sure.

‘’Want to?’’ You asked, grabbing the bones dices and pushing them toward her.

‘’Of course!’’ She spiritedly answered, reaching her purple colored hands for all six of them and, cupping them like precious treasures, let out a strangely long and sensual breath into them.

‘’You really want to win that bad?’’ Elina asked, genuinely impressed.

‘’Yeah.’’ The undead girl looked at you with blistering pride a challenge, a small inferno was raging inside her quiet frame that made you gulp with rekindled cold sweats.

Maybe, huh… maybe you should win, yeah?

>Roll me 6d6
Look at her go. This is bloody amazing.
Rolled 6, 2, 4, 1, 5, 5 = 23 (6d6)

>That roll
Holy sheeeeeit.
Rolled 2, 4, 6, 5, 4, 2 = 23 (6d6)

Jesus Christ that roll...
Rolled 1, 5, 6, 1, 6, 6 = 25 (6d6)

File: Lich41.png (526 KB, 757x997)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Once her numbers came on the table, she was the only one who didn’t understand their significance and the silence that followed her roll brought a noticeable dejection to her anticipation that began to morph into sorrow.

‘’We won’t see better numbers tonight.’’ Sieglinde grimly announced, uncrossing her legs and smirking confidently. ‘’Goes beyond beginner’s luck.’’

‘’H-huh?’’ This brought a noticeable change to Vilma quiet expression. ‘’It’s good?’’

‘’Good? Lass, I’d bring you to gamble against elder vamps!’’ Belphegor answered reaching for her dices without breaking the results. ‘’It’ll take like, a chain of five or something just as ridiculous to beat ya, think you can do a miracle, Arawn?’’

Oh, she had regained her pep alright, Teruko was silently glowing with pride while Elina was, for the first time, laughing. You reached for the dices and, with all the grim resolve of a man walking for the headsman noose, decided to at least try to meet your fate with dignity.

‘’Can’t even put up a fight!’’ Belphegor guffawed as your throw resulted in a thorough loss, just about the very same conclusion you had with the goat. You couldn’t have failed any harder even if you tried to sabotage yourself.

‘’O-oh, I won?’’ Vilma squeaked with a smile and a tone of disbelief.

‘’Yeah, Arawn chances were extremely slim.’’ Elina answered, throwing you a satisfied smirk. Yeah, yeah… you’ve lost but hey, you yielded to the most reasonable girl.

‘’S-so Arawn owe me?’’ Vilma asked, eyeing you timidly.

‘’Yep.’’ You answered grimly and strangely satisfied. ‘’That was the wager.’’

‘’Losing this hard oughta entitled the lass to two!’’ Belphegor exclaimed, to which you just had to retort.

‘’So, I’ll get to rub you twice?’’ That immediately deflated her satisfaction, she proceeded to drown her sorrow in fruity ale, prompting you to imitate her.

Feeling the strong alcohol burning down your throat made you briefly wonder if you were getting drunk but… well, how could you tell? You had no idea how it felt like.

‘’A favor... well I do have something to ask…’’ Vilma began and stopped quickly, fiddling with her fingers, unable to meet yours or anyone else eyes.

‘’Thine winning can be collected at another date, dear.’’ Teruko voice and attitude had none of her previous satisfaction with pushing her sadistic enjoyment into Belphegor harmless despair, now she was almost like a parent. A proud one, who thoroughly enjoyed your loss.
‘’Y-yeah but I’ll say it! I’ll say it!’’ Clearing her throat, Vilma suddenly leaned forward and rested her waist on the table (subsequently adding her generous bust on the wood) and under everyone growing stupefaction, she reached for Sieglinde jug, took it, and in this awkward pose downed a surprisingly large amount of alcohol. ‘’Baaaah!’’ She groaned, slapping the pint on the table. ‘’Thank, princess!’’

‘’You’re welcome.’’ Sieglinde answered without missing a beat, grabbing her jar to peer into it and, with a shoulder shrug, drank the rest of her blue alcohol.

‘’I want a favor to collect later!’’ Vilma tone was awkward, loud, uneven, stressed out and somehow adorable. It made you stand up straight, instilling a feeling that you were about to receive a sentence.

The purple girl slowly slid on her chair. ‘’I-I want to taste… I want to… I want you t-to…t-to…Kuuu!’’ Her hands loudly slammed on the table, shaking dices, jars and foods and she trembled from head to toes. ‘’I-I want you to let me… I want to taste your soul! When I’ll have to do it! I want you to nourish me!’’

She retreated within her sweat and hid her face inside her hood, gripping it’s top to force it over her head, almost ready to tear it apart. This brought another silence and, like clockwork, all the girls (besides Belphegor) turned to observe you.

Goddess this is terrifying. You sought refuge in your ale, then got off your chair to grab a new pint.

‘’Come to collect whenever you want, Vilma. I’ll never refuse you.’’ This made her twitch but she was far too embarrassed to show her face and a collective sigh escape the other women.

…Perhaps her demand was a personal one, either way, you can’t back down.

One loss and one win so far. Everything you’ve earned and the favors you owe will be properly listed once the game is over

>Name your next opponent.
Wings! Glorious angel wings demand touching!
File: 7.jpg (174 KB, 1680x946)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Rolled 5, 5, 3, 2, 6, 6 = 27 (6d6)


‘’Mmmh?’’ She was already reaching for the dices as she pretended not knowing your intention. ‘’Challenging me?’’ It was good to see her forlorn mood a few hours ago had truly vanished.

‘’Absolutely, I need to break out of this bad luck before it becomes a streak.’’

‘’And I’m to be your angelic rescuer?’’ She replied while putting three of the dices in each of her hands, gorgeous red wings flapping and halo brightening.

‘’That’s some sexual tension.’’ Belphegor bluntly spoke while tracing a scratch on the table, making Teruko and Sieglinde laugh in unison and your knee knocked on the table, displacing bottle and plates and forcing you to let out a tiny groan of protest and pretend everything was fine.

Damn it, goat.

‘’N-no… nono no not at all!’’ With embarrassing red coloring her face in a shade similar to her wings, Elina shook her fists toward Belphegor. ‘’You’re just being mean because you know I’ll beat him!’’ She announced cleanly, earning an immediate grin of defiance from the Supreme little goat.

‘’That so?’’ Belphegor responded and Elina fists slammed on the table.

‘’Absolutely! I’ll win and earn my favor!’’

Hey now, this girl is being a little pretentious… Her excitement brought a shake to her hands and with surprising grace and dexterity, all the dices traveled down Elina pale palms, falling down by sliding off her major and ring fingers, she even curled them upward to make the dices jump and spin in the air…

>Roll 6d6
Rolled 3, 4, 6, 3, 4, 2 = 22 (6d6)

You've got a hot hand tonight...
A shame you didn't get a five. So close to a great hand!

Still, I'll wait for other anons to roll for a little bit, people are here tonight so there's still a chance.
Rolled 5, 5, 1, 4, 5, 1 = 21 (6d6)

Three of a kind with one of the strongest number and a (weak) pair is better than double pairs.

A win by the skin of your teeth.
File: 2.png (324 KB, 700x786)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Her numbers were strong and met by approving nods and grunts from the girls arrayed around the table. ‘’Mh, rather weak…’’ Elina whispered with dissatisfaction and silently observed you reach for the dices, an intense expression of resolution was preventing anyone from speaking; so immense was her competitiveness that it choked any attempt at funny comments.

When your throw revealed victory, a triumph so sweet that it could only be described as a finger above the finish line, Belphegor was the first to pump her fist in the air.

‘’Ahahaha!’’ She pointed a clawed finger at the silent angel who, now, seemed to have grown very, very serious. Not angered, rather, resolute to a point you could only describe her as unreachable; so full of strength it was genuinely choking. ‘’Big words eh? You lost!’’

‘’That is indeed the case, good madame.’’ Elina had somehow managed to worm her legs closer and sit atop them on her chair, her hands were resting on her belly, almost cupped together in prayer and those wings. Tall, gorgeous appendages of feathery reds bent timidly, enshrining her shoulder. Belphegor triumph dwindled in confused silence, then shifted into an investigative stare as the old goat somehow found something curious about Elina attitude.

‘’Such grace in defeat, a literal glow.’’ Teruko whispered in genuine amazement while everyone else (including you) was stunned into silence.

‘’Will you claim your due, Arawn?’’ Elina gently asked, awakening you from this awe induced stupor and you cleared your throat, breaking everyone else dreamy demeanors.

You almost blurted out the desire to have her call you Master. That’d be a waste… and well, against the rules anyway. Still, Elina wasn’t mad, it was exactly how Teruko described. Graceful in defeat, downright beautiful, even timid Vilma had forgotten to throw her hood back on.

Angels are amazing existences.

>Will you claim your reward now? (Specify actions)
>Or later? (Name your next opponent. Sieglinde or Teruko)
Ho boy, getting a wee bit Irish right now. I say we wait and claim it later and try and take on Sieg. We'll save Teruko for last hope her hubby doesn't get mad if we win and touch her a bit.
If activity dies down we can always continue later. This slice of life is fun to write, while I'd like to post bigger answers, I think my pace is good enough.

Teruko hubby finding out she almost died in some godforsaken forest is much more conducive to anger.
I'll continue tomorrow, feeling a wee bit of mental fatigue so I'd prefer to keep myself in top shape for my last day of big, continuous activity.

See you tomorrow folks. Feel free to vote too, for now, I'll operate with the assumption that we'll challenge Sieglinde but things can always change.
Firmly clutching the handle of your wooden pint, you consumed a full third of its alcoholic, fruited content as you came to a conclusion that almost felt like a curse. ‘’Later.’’ You announced firmly at the unbending angel whose reaction was an endearing flap of wings, a confused tilt of head and a surprised yet graceful frown. This concept of delayed pleasure really went against your innermost desire as you observed those sunset-colors appendages stretch and a primal desire in your guts roared in defiance then stayed as a surge of self-loathing that had you grin at the assembled women.

You might have a little obsession here. Calm down, Arawn; Mamonos aren’t chiefly made of exotic parts, Elina isn’t even one!

‘’Later?’’ Elina repeated and relaxed, allowing her legs to slither from under her. ‘’Hm, irritating anticipation.’’ There was a grimace on her features and it elicited a chuckle out of Belphegor.

‘’Right? Right?’’ The little goatly tapped her claws on the table, the increasing redness of her cheeks slowly hinting that alcohol had an effect on her small body. ‘’Dude is totally cruel! Debts sucks!’’

‘’You say that as if I don’t owe a favor to someone.’’ You defended yourself and slouched in your chair, making Vilma shoulders straighten at this attention.

‘’You already got my horns tonight so hey, might as well let you feel em a little longer.’’ The little girl retorted, casually bringing her child-sized mug to her face.

‘’You’ve got unusual arms, hands, and feet.’’ You replied almost mechanically, grinning in satisfaction when a -far too brief- redness mounted to the old goat face. You had been tempted to add tail, but thankfully wizened up enough to keep that from slipping out, good thing you seem pretty tough with alcohol!

‘’Rrrrrtch’’ Belphegor cleared her throat and growled, somehow adding something about ‘’weird’’ and ‘’elf’’ in an incomprehensible statement that gurgled into nothing as she interrupted herself with another swig of ale.

How can a teenage-sized girl be such a bottomless pit?

‘’Is, huh… is something wrong?’’ You had noticed that Teruko had been staring at you for a while with a strangely happy little smile, her fairy had stopped her levitation to come rest on her mistress shoulder, keeping intense attention to all these going-on.

‘’Nay, the opposite.’’ The professor slowly shook her head, making her long straight hair almost slither like a serpent, an impression undoubtedly born from all those scales on her skin. ‘’Mysir is an adorable man.’’

…That was unexpected. You felt an unfamiliar surge of heat mount to your face. ‘’Really?’’ Belphegor asked, for once voicing your thoughts, fully recovered from your teasings.
File: Red 12.png (355 KB, 496x702)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 2, 5, 1, 1, 3 = 13 (6d6)

‘’Yes, yes. I can’t wait to win mine game.’’ She chuckled in response, bringing a hand in front of her lips that somehow brought an image of a noblewoman; how did this lizard straddle such a thin line between pride and arrogance?

‘’I’ll play you last for that.’’ You announced, reaching for all six of the bones dices and pushing them for the silent princess who had been observing everything in quiet silence.

‘’Oh?’’ She expresses, putting down her nearly finished mug -the only one you’ve seen her consume all night- and silently stare at you.

‘’Yep, you’ve got more than horns.’’ You cleared your throat, earning a chuckle out of Elina while Vilma smiled awkwardly.

‘’Say what now? He got you too!?’’ Belphegor tone broke midway in a combination of surprise and indignation. ‘’This lad making a harem or something?’’

‘’It was just a fluke.’’ Sieglinde responded gracefully as you stared dagger into your drink, it was this damn thing fault that you made slip up!

‘’I could use a victory and a favor out of him to enjoy myself for a little while.’’ An ominous expression came to her face and she gave her long red hair it’s usual swoosh, she could be rather dreadful when she put her mind to it.

‘’What, you want a boytoy for a day or something? Did you even have a lover in all thos-‘’ It didn’t last. Belphegor far too informal statement immediately colored the princess pale cheeks in a tone similar to her hair.

‘’Stop! Stop! Stop you old pruned out hag!’’ With one hand of black exoskeleton, she reached forward to grab all of the dices, dulled claws still scratching the surface. Sieglinde hands natural deformation made them stand out from the rest of her body, made much more obvious now that she held all of the dices effortlessly. ‘’He’s got a streak of two to one, it’s about time royalty seat him straight!’’

‘’Huh-uuuuh.’’ Her niece insult had washed off without effect. ‘’Something tells you’d like it more if he won.’’

‘’Not. At. All.’’ Sieglinde closed fist of shining darkness shooks. ‘’I’ll show you!’’ And with rekindled passion, the redhead Lilim threw all six dices on the table…

>Roll 6d6
Rolled 1, 5, 2, 2, 6, 5 = 21 (6d6)

Dammit, how'd I miss this?

Maybe I rely on quests being bumped to the front page after people post too much.
File: Apple 01.jpg (150 KB, 800x1067)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
I update twitter as often as I can when I settle down to do my threads, it's about the only reliable way I have to inform my players of activity once I hit autosage.

Aaand Sieglinde already lost. Poor little applehead.
Rolled 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 2 = 16 (6d6)


Let's see what happens!
I should check your twitter more often then. And keep it in mind if you state when you plan to run.
I'd like to participate more but... time-zones! they won't let me! *sob*

>Sieg lost
Out of curiosity, what was her favour gonna be if she won?
I always try to be consistent with my quest schedule, I usually stick with beginning on Thursday or Friday and use the weekends as big ''update days'' then perhaps try to sneak in a few updates during the week if I can. If real life happens to get in the way, then I'll post on twitter the day of my supposed beginning to inform why and usually start the day after, or skip the week if things get serious (I'm often ill).

As for hours, I aim to begin during 3-4 pm EST.

>Out of curiosity, what was her favour gonna be if she won?

A massage.
D'aww. A massage? That would almost feel like a win for us!
Thanks for the clarification.

>A massage
...The longer this game of dice goes on the more I think there never was a way for Arawn to really 'lose'.
File: Wagging demon 1.png (896 KB, 1771x1771)
896 KB
896 KB PNG

When her highness Sieglinde Jawahir witnessed the result of her dices, an ominous silence fell, and quickly broke, when she perfectly imitated her aunt despair by slamming her head into the table… only this time her forward bent horns -deadly sharps- pierced into the wood, preventing any kind of pain or disorientation from mitigating this embarrassment.

‘’Wow.’’ Belphegor snickered. ‘’You’re really trying huh?’’ She leaned forward to pat her niece who mumbled something about curses and bad luck.

‘’Do end our poor supreme one suffering in grace.’’ Teruko stated, that dangerous sadism actually gone, replaced by pity.

It was probably worse, really. When you casually threw your results, the royal applehead didn’t budge, not even when one of the dice clicked with one of her horns.

‘’Hm, average; far better than mediocrity.’’ Elina stated coldly.

‘’Ugh!’’ That made her demonic friend twitch and, suddenly finding her head stuck, Sieglinde was forced to put both of her hand on the table to extract herself out of its wooden entrapment as her horns had dug much deeper than anticipated. Her tail being a thick fat protuberance of leathery black-red skin, rested it’s long spaded, saw-like end near a collection of empty pints and thumped endlessly on its surface.

‘’I am a daughters of the Demon Lord, first born Lilim of my dearest mother and so I shall face loss, punishment and pay my debts with grace befit my blood!’’ Big hands of pure, shiny dark came together almost in prayer and a vulnerable, expectant made you gulp, your heart thumped in excitement. ‘’You due, master elf? Now? Later?’’

And so a new tension fell on the table, not exactly negative but… an oppressive heat had you sweat as aunt and angel seemed to judge you, pregnant lizard observed in rapt curiosity and finally, the quiet short undead was blushing and hiding her face.

>Will you rub the Lilim monstrous bits? (Specify actions)
>Or let her stew like everyone else and play your last game?
>Let her stew
Might as well stick with waiting. After all, if it ain't broken don't fix it.

Probably my last post for tonight. Thanks for running OP!
File: Sieg 04.jpg (265 KB, 1113x1487)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 2, 1, 2, 6, 6 = 19 (6d6)

‘’I’ve no doubts you will, your highness.’’ This time, unlike Elina, an urge to tease -perhaps your bubbling, newborn sadism- motivated you to bottle up your desires and grin at the smoldering anger appearing on the ashamed demon lovely visage who easily predicted your intention.

‘’It’s why you’ll be able to wait for my judgment on when to claim your debt.’’ A collective chuckle (aside from Sieglinde and Vilma) erupted after your statement with the princess leaning or, more accurately, melting into her chair with crossed arms and a clearly pouting face of sheer disappointment.

‘’Are you a coward?’’ Sieglinde bluntly asked, briefly stunning you from hearing something so dry.

‘’Niece coming in hot!’’ Belphegor stated with a clap of hands then leaned half her body on the table to catch her dices and push them toward Teruko, whose pregnancy had prevented her from acquiring them.

‘’You want to be touched so badly?’’ You retorted, feeling smug; she hated her loss and you thoroughly enjoyed her radiating negativity that she was completely unable to control. What an awesome thing it is, winning.

‘’No, just have your winning over and done with!’’ She ended with a ‘’hmph’’ and an annoyed swoosh of red hair.

‘’I’ll choose my time.’’ You retorted, taking your pint and taking one, long, victorious swig. ‘’You’ll know when it’ll happen.’’ You flashed her a grin and followed with a thumb up, the princess immediately looked away and pouted.

Adorable. Even Elina and Vilma were smiling.

‘’Hm, three out of five, tis up to mineself to save a little amount of Mamonos honor.’’ Teruko had grasped the dice now, their awkward sucks of rubbing and scratching against each other gave her statement a most ominous edge, or maybe it was because her smile was thin and dangerous with red eyes observing you intensely. ‘’A manservant for a day would be most welcomed.’’

Now THAT was one hell of a wager. Forget straddling a line of pride, she both feet into arrogance. ‘’I won’t back down, no matter the result I’ve earned the biggest shares of winnings.’’

‘’Tsuu, none of the matter mysir.’’ Teruko leaned forward until her protruding stomach came to rest against the table, one of her hands holding the dices went to rest against the wood while she pinched one of those bone cubes to hand it for her fairy, Titania promptly grabbed it with both hands and nodded to her mistress.

‘’Tis me who play now, ours is a wager between one another and no one else. Averages matters not hm? Will elven pride triumph over mine certain triumph?’’ With this theatrical, villainous speech, the foreign lizard monster threw her dice in synch with her floating little girl…

>Roll 6d6. Let's see how this end!
Rolled 2, 5, 4, 1, 3, 5 = 20 (6d6)

Let's go~>>2400274

Also, hey, my drawing is in the earlier post! <3
>1 2 3 4 5 chain and a pair of 5s.

Damn, that's a strong way to end it. Probably the best hand you've gotten all game. Elven pride worldwide it seems.
Rolled 2, 5, 3, 3, 2, 5 = 20 (6d6)

Hear me o Dice Gods!
Is it really that good? I am unsure how this dice rolling is counted X3
Similar to poker. Pairs are strong, 3s of the same numbers better but rolling 5s or 6s is much, much better overall.

Chains of 4 number need a strong hand to beat but 5 or 6 numbers can be considered flushes and other similar ''big'' hands.

Gonna be away for 30 or so minutes as I'll be off eating supper. Be back soon.
File: Dice don't like Sieg.png (471 KB, 1771x1771)
471 KB
471 KB PNG

I see! Heheheh.
Rolled 6, 5, 3, 4, 5, 6 = 29 (6d6)


I feel like we should collect only on teruko immediately , nothing too forward though
File: 1485161867718.jpg (2.37 MB, 2040x2160)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
The professor result was met with a shrug of disdain from Sieglinde while everyone else nodded in acknowledgment aside from Teruko floating little maiden who shook her fists at the bone dices. ‘’Above average…’’ The white lizard settled on her chair, rubbing her stomach, flashing the Lilim a satisfied grin. ‘’…better at least.’’


Now came your turn, you grasped all six dices and fell under everyone gaze. Shaking them all for a few seconds, feeling a strange sense of satisfaction from the interlocking cubes and a sweat of dreadful excitement shot up your spine, motivating you to let go, spreading all of these squares in a messy display…

Only for Sieglinde to slam her knee on the table, making a few pints fall without touching the result of your roll. ‘’Guh! No way!’’ She squeaked, wincing with an eye closed as she messed her limb.

‘’Wanna get some gambling done with a few Supreme Monsters?’’ Belphegor asked with a surprisingly neutral face (aside from cheeks reddened by alcohol). ‘’I could use a few favors from stuck up cunts for my experiments.’’

‘’Language, little lady.’’ Teruko admonished tapping her index on the table, this somehow motivated her fairy to charge at you straight on and, in a concert of adorable squeaks of exasperated annoyance, tapped your head several times with her tiny fists and flew away the moment you raised your hand to hide behind her mistress.

‘’Now now, darling.’’ Teruko gave the little fairy a head pat and she peeked away from the lady-lizard neck to stick out her tongue at you. ‘’Loss is a loss, my… this feeling, knowing that such a pleasant experience slipped through mine fingers…’’ Teruko made a show of holding her heart. ‘’…Truly an experience in despair, to think I’ll also have to wonder for days on end when this newfound debt will have to be settled!’’
She wasn’t one to admit true defeat huh? Lose at dice but at least try to predict your intention with your winning, which by the way, amounted to a whopping 4-1.

‘’I presume Lady Titania could pay your debt, milady?’’ You smiled in pure joy when the mother-to-be blinked in stupefaction and was, for the very first time, reduced to silence. ‘’Aren’t you sharing the same body and thus, could be considered similar persons on some level?’’

‘’That’s…’’ Now Teruko grew protective while the girls exchanged a few confused (if not fearful) stares with each others over this pretentious little battle of pride. ‘’…Mine little darling to be used to cover mine debts?’’ That gorgeous girl of green and gold had now hidden behind her mistress back.

‘’Tis a technicality, worming into this truth like a detestable little merchant trying to squeeze more Chunks out of fair folks. Not untrue, thine statement.’’ An angry mother now, not quite so prideful anymore, though perhaps a little too worked up… Was pregnancy to blame? ‘’Whatever it is you wish to do shall be done before mine eyes, mysir is an honorable man and… Titania -does- need to be less afraid.’’ This made her shake her shoulders as something collided with her spine.

‘’Hmph! Protest all you want but tis true we lost, so quit thine childishness!’’ With this final sentence that had reduced everyone into stunned silence, Teruko settled down and wrapped her arms under her busts, facing you with rekindled pride. ‘’What shall it be, my dear student? Am I to stew like all thine fair maidens?’’

Not so graceful in defeat but always imposing. An interesting lady, this Teruko Gunji.

>Collect on your winnings right way. (With Teruko, Titania? Both? Specify your actions)
>You’ll collect this debt at a later time, perhaps it’s time to wind down and settle for the evening?
>Free Choice
When does the hubby get back from wherever he is? Also, Teruko has a tail as well as a horn right? Any exotic bits I'm missing?
>Collect on your winnings right way.

Let's collect it right away! Though, I say, that we subvert their expectations and resort to tame headpats for each one~
>When does the hubby get back from wherever he is?

Information you'll need to learn ic.

>Also, Teruko has a tail as well as a horn right?

Two horns bending forward, pic related.

>Any exotic bits I'm missing?

Patches of scales on her skin, entire neck is covered in rough white scales and there's a cute spot in the middle of her nose and another one between her eyebrows.


Headpatting both of them huh? Vanilla and pure.
we could go to hand-holding for pure lewds. Also, I am wondering if we head-pat enough we will eventually gain proficiency in head-patting and our skill at it will rise. Bonus rolls for actions that involve headpats! >:3
File: 14.gif (2.99 MB, 322x182)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
An interesting viewpoint though you shouldn't feel any guilts at being a little adventurous either.

I'll wait for more votes to see how you guys want to spend your winning with that proud professor.
>>Collect on your winnings right way. (With Teruko, Titania? Both? Specify your actions)

Titania, can we just like, hold her in our palm and pet her like a pet? like her wings or something. maybe poke her cheek and hold her tiny hands.
>that gif
Damn, that's hot.

Well, if we are gonna spend it now I say we start with headpatting both her and the fairy then transition it into touching and rubbing Teruko's horns (no grabbing them though, she's a married woman after all) and gently touching fairy wings. After that we go for the tail and use both our hands to thoroughly, lovingly, examine it in minute detail.

Also, during the headpatting of Teruko we do make a point to graze over that scaly part on her forehead.

Absolutely. Anything goes, up to you to remain reasonable.


Quite in depth, I like it.

I think I got the gist of my player's desires. Fairy and lizard touching it'll be.

Not such a pure elf after all.
File: 3.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x1350)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
‘’I’ll have you collect right here, right now.’’ While bells of reason rang in your head for you to take a step back and perhaps inform this unreasonable teacher you didn’t possess any ‘’fair maidens’’ yet, a surge of pride and perhaps… other things motivated you to put your foot down.

Emotions were hard to describe, given your current memory impairment. Instinct and logic always formed a strange harmony with you.

‘’N-now?’’ This definitely deflated Teruko bravado but she still clung to pride and gently rubbed her scaly neck. ‘’Thine will it shall be. Here?’’

‘’Of course.’’ You got out of your chair, flashing everyone else a grin, gaining a thoroughly interested audience, with perhaps hints of animosity.

Come on! It’s not that unusual to show some guts, right?

When you bridged the distance with your magical teacher, her upturned red eyes possessed a vulnerable shine that she desperately fought to keep down. She looked at you straight, in the eyes, undaunted, unmoving and perhaps a little intimidated. She never seemed small because of her encompassing presence but Teruko Gunji was short, easily comparable to Vilma, making her barely able to reach your shoulders, only half a head taller than Belphegor.

‘’You and Titania, that’ll be my payment. I’ve been very curious about those scales and butterfly wings, there won’t be any danger, right?’’ You asked in genuine concern, observing with guilty pleasure the horrified look on the glowing plant-colored floating tiny lady.

‘’B-both?’’ Teruko asked in disbelief and you nodded, making her wince. ‘’Uugh, worming on technicality… Mysir better put his other maidens through an equal amount of thorough investigative caress! Titania will be fine, come on out you!’’

‘’Whoa now don’t go pulling all of us into your mess!’’ Belphegor couldn’t resist responding at the teacher who turned for the little goat and hmph’ed in loud displeasure, only for your hand to land atop her head, immediately causing her to straighten her back and end this distraction right there.

Hm, smooth, long pale hair… Silky is a perfect descriptor, it slid under your palm with vigor, she took great care of them. ‘’N-not a Mamono part…’’ Teruko protested yet grew strangely docile, which motivated her fairy to peek out from her shoulder and, like that, you put two fingers on her bed of very pale greenish hair.

‘’…!’’ She made a soundless scream, taking a large audible intake of breath to look at you with the kind of sheer bewilderment that belonged to someone witnessing a growing second head. Still, to her credit, (perhaps an effect of her host) this tiny girl didn’t budge and you found out that her hair had nothing to envy her mistress.
File: C50y6kw.png (374 KB, 900x967)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
Your hands moved afterward, left limb descending for one of Teruko smooth pale horn and you delicately extended a finger to press onto Titania butterfly wing, revealing a strangely slick texture, almost like a plant. Her mistress protruding monstrous bit was smooth, without Belphegor imperfection and ridges, Teruko horn was a simple forward exploration of a solid, warm horn, one you almost felt like wrapping your hand around.

An urge you suppressed by putting an end with this temptation to rub that adorable scaly point between Teruko eyebrows, making her frown and earning a faint white scratching mark on your thumb as you suddenly found out that, well, it was a surprisingly rough scale. Good thing you didn't nick yourself.

‘’Phew… well now…’’ Teruko hands wrapped around her big belly, yet you weren’t done. Oh no.

As Titania seemed about to hyperventilate, you gave the fairy mercy and moved behind the pregnant Mamono.

‘’E-eh?’’ She squeaked when she felt your hand on her short tail of pale scales, revealing it as a smooth, tepid piece of solid composition with a tiny, unnoticeable, line of white fur tracing its length. ‘’Ooof!’’ Teruko groaned as you wrapped both of your palms around this wonderful monstrous addition. The tip of her tail forked in two directions, so you slid a finger between them, earning a satisfying slam as Teruko punched the table. ‘’Mysir, my oh my student. Those are hands that’d make women happy.’’ She laughed and you crossed eyes with a curious Elina.

‘’Are you going to be this thorough…?’’ She asked, earning awkward (if not fearful) coughs from the Jawahir kin.

‘’I’m not done.’’ You let go of Teruko rigid tail and it flopped gawkishly on the ground.

‘’W-what? I’m married, mysir!’’ Teruko looked genuinely alarmed now and her brows furrowed in defiance when you approached silently, only to gawk when you held out a palm for her small floating fairy whose emotional ordeal has settled back into harmonious breathing.

‘’Titania?’’ You asked, forgoing any orders. She twitched in fear, then timidly looked up at you, pinching her lips, observing your hand. She hesitated, floated up and down, poked her mistress shoulder, then flew backward and plopped herself on your hand while crossing her arms and legs in a perfect imitation of a haughty, angry lady that you swore, it was akin to holding a tiny Teruko.

Surprisingly weighty, not that you’d go and admit that. She was about the size of a young cat, perhaps a fully grown one if you added the wings.
File: 1.png (208 KB, 334x508)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
‘’Thank.’’ Titania turned her chin upward as an answer and you brought her closer, tracing the length of one of those puffy wings then flipping one of its rounded corners, earning a nervous glance in return. Then, curling your fingers to present your index, you trailed the side of her face, gently poking her cheek and she wrapped her hands around your finger, pressing into it.

She blossomed into a wonderful grin, eyes of greenish-gold fully opening to observe you with newly born trusting confidence, her wings flapped and she brought her face to your lonely finger to kiss it before flying off and... disappeared right into Teruko body in a shower of glittering greenish gold.

This angle also allowed you to witness a thoroughly charmed Sieglinde, the princess big dark hands were rubbing together and she had this expression, this... strain of her features that you could only describe as agonizing happiness.

It, unfortunately, didn't last because she found your straying gaze and immediately looked away with colored cheeks mirroring her hair.

>Any wise comment, Arawn?
>Ending this session here.

You owe Vilma a favor, she wants you to ''nourish'' her with your soul. A safe exercise, if off-putting.
You have earned three victories of Monstrous Bits touching with Belphegor, Elina, and Sieglinde to be taken whenever you wish.

Now's the time to think about what you guys want to do next, there's a whole new day ahead

I'll update Twitter if I post an update or two during the week, depending on what you guys decide to do next.
"Well, how was that? Should I have gone for more, or is this enough? Hmm... perhaps next time I'll be more daring. I am open to suggestions."

And then look to the others who have yet to receive their session of touches.
Titania a cutie.

Aww gyp, forgot to do something with the little fairies feet or legs.

So the pregnant teacher is off the table cause of marriage but what about the fairy?
Does she wear shoes?
>but what about the fairy?
She shares a body with Teruko, you'll need to discuss potential relationships with her.

>Does she wear shoes?

Nope. Fairies are very special creatures and Titania is an exception amongst an already exceptional race.
File: Red 08.png (838 KB, 433x981)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
‘’How was that?’’ You grinned at your quiet audience, clapping your hands together in satisfaction as you observed your worked-up professor. Her tail having this unexpected trail of fur had been such a joy to touch… ‘’Should I have gone for more?’’ You asked, earning scores of raised eyebrows.

‘’M-more?’’ Teruko repeated in a sharp intake of breath. ‘’Plenty minesir, that’s what you’ve enjoyed! How could you do more!?’’

‘’Feet…’’ You answered the white lizard, feeling perhaps far too emboldened for your own.

‘’Her hubby gonna beat your ass with that line of thinking.’’ Belphegor spoke loudly while glaring into her empty pint, carelessly tossing it away and making it clank on the ground.

‘’Yeah.’’ You nodded, earning a suspicious if amused, glare. ‘’Perhaps I should have concentrated on Titania a little more, though I can always be more daring next time, I’ve got three more attempts to improve.’’ Like soon-to-be victims the losers shared an expression of communal dread that had Vilma look lonely and regretful.

She's fantastically competent at tugging your heartstring.

‘’Don’t get so smug.’’ Sieglinde growled, getting up lazily as her aunt pushed herself onto the table to reclaim her precious bone cubes, meanwhile Teruko kept a constant prudent vigil on you while you also noticed Elina being rather… threatening with a near-uninterrupted stare.

‘’Anything you want to say, Elina?’’ She had been quiet after her loss, what was going on inside this blond head of hers?

‘’Yes, it’s something far too improper to ask casually’’ She answered bluntly, red wings twitching with her movement as she became third to rise to her feet,

‘’Hohoho?’’ Belphegor interest was immediately grabbed, her thin furry ears plopped right up beside her horns. Remember to pinches those, Arawn. ‘’Angel got something lascivious in mind huh?’’

‘’Yes.’’ Elina responded without missing a beat and the goat coughed after hearing such honesty, it brought an eerie smirk on the glowing girl face. Maybe, just maybe, Elina had a predisposition for sadism too.

This circle of women houses a bunch of crazies, the only pure one is the lich! Who, by the way, was sagely listening to everything and keenly felt your gaze, so when you crossed eyes with her pair of purple orbs, she hid her face in her hood again.

‘’Let’s sleep here now, this place has everything we need for a good night rest, privy are nearby and there’s even a private bathroom for us all to enjoy.’’ It wasn’t a request, Elina plainly ordered for your group to squat inside Sieglinde living space for a third time now.

‘’Hold on!’’ Naturally, her highness protested but one look at Teruko, who was last to rise and definitely showing signs of fatigue, had her mouth stay agape in silence then loudly close in a snap. ‘’Again?’’ She complained to her haloing friend.
File: Sieg06.jpg (315 KB, 566x800)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
‘’Of course.’’ There would be no room to negotiate, Sieglinde tail drooped and she decided to redirect her ire right at you; for some reason, her red eyes found you particularly worthy of hosting her silent needs of fruitless protestation.

‘’To be accommodated by her royal highness Sieglinde, my…’’ Teruko stretched lightly, slapping the air with her tail. ‘’…Not something to refuse, tis one big bed, easy for us all.’’

That was your chance! Yesterday you’ve been refused a worthwhile snuggle with the girls on account of Vilma timidity but that didn’t matter now! ‘’I’ll…’’ Reality, alas, was a harsh mistress for Elina and Sieglinde threw you a frowning choking glare of such radiating disapproval your mind drifted for a societal picture… those rare moments where wives disapproved of their husband decisions on an instinctive level. Nothing negative, no anger or hatred, only a warning, a dreadful conjuration of no. that only women could muster.

‘’…use the guest room.’’

Yeah, it’s the couch for you, because you won at dice. Totally fair.

Or maybe you shouldn’t be staying with your married pregnant teacher. There’s still tomorrow!

‘’Us girls need to talk.’’ Elina stated, regaining enough emotions to smile. Eerily

‘’We do?’’ Belphegor asked, wrapping her hands behind her head as her feet clopped loudly on the ground, out of everyone she was the only one to smile at you in compassion.

‘’Indeed.’’ Sieglinde agreed. ‘’Not such a bad idea to stay after all, why not celebrate Vilma lucks amongst us girls? Arawn can rest, he’ll need it I’m sure!’’ Adorably bitter, for a woman wielding such incredible influence, Sieglinde truly was endearingly vulnerable, often projecting a mistaken impression of inoffensiveness.

‘’Sure, I’ll get myself ready for a big day tomorrow; I’ll make a few tickets, too. I’ve earned them.’’ When you turned around to walk away, Belphegor loud laughing accompanied your steps and you decide to close the princess door to give the group privacy. Your room being in the same corridor meant a short trip and a maid coming out of the place next to yours revealed they housed the tribal girl close indeed.

Really, today has been one hell of an experience. Adventure, battle, death, triumph… Enough to earn a little reprieve but will you allow yourself to rest?

File: 1.jpg (161 KB, 1000x898)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
With the introduction phase over, our quest opens up. The main objective posted in my opening isn't too urgent. A time will come when you'll have to make a decision about your memory (which you can fast forward if you want) and Vilma situation need time to develop if you want to follow the girls strategy (letting Elenor come forward with the challenge first).

Now you've got time to spend more leisurely.

Train, learn, study, investigate... You guys will need to come to an agreement on what you want to do until noon, where you'll be able to reevaluate your activity.

Ask me any questions and I'll provide answers, if you need to learn about it ic then I'll say it.

Subclasses unlocked

Belphegor can teach you Magitek while training your body to handle its strain.

Elina and Sieglinde can teach you the basic of a warrior.

Vilma can train you into necromancy.

Teruko remains available for your study of magic.
We should start keeping a journal in case we choose to do the blood magic method

I definitely vote Learning from teruko til we get more subclasses.
>We should start keeping a journal in case we choose to do the blood magic method

Starting on one is definitely doable. (Make sure to hide it because it'll contain all of Arawn innermost thoughts, desires and opinions on the girls.)

We've got all week to votes, nobody ought to feel shy about what you want Arawn to improve in.
Training magical stuffs sounds good to me!

Would training with Belphegor lock us out of getting more subclasses later? If not, I vote to spend some time with her, strengthening our body and learning the basicas of magitek.

Otherwise, Teruko is a solid choice, if it will mean giving us more options for the future in terms of specialization.

How difficult is it to invest a little on all doctrines aned become a jack of all trades kind of mage?
I say we should train with belph
Magitek seems to be a great prospect in my eyes

By the way
When arawn started talking about his obsession with monster bits I immediately imagined an otaku like character vigourously and eloquently explaining his passion
pushing up his glasses while the lenses gleam from his dingy apartments ceiling light

Am I the only one?
File: 1.jpg (1.02 MB, 1296x864)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>Would training with Belphegor lock us out of getting more subclasses later?

I'll ask for one last communal decision if you guys want to lock yourselves into a subclass after spending time with your trainer, a sort of ''do you truly want to commit?''

>How difficult is it to invest a little on all doctrines aned become a jack of all trades kind of mage?

Depend on how you want to spend your time, such a training will leave you with almost nothing in term of free activity. No dates, no research, no relaxation... for potentially little gains.

2 votes for Belph, one for Teruko.

It's because of the low-tech mech and steampunk suit, isn't it?
Train with Teruko and learn more magic.
Also, you've unlocked almost all available subclasses in Throne Town; there's one last trainer I'll introduce next thread and that'll be it.

More classes are going to be available later but you could think of them as elites versions of what's available here, they will depend on where you'll be and what future comrades you make.
Which subclass will be putting us more on track towards making our Elf into a master of stealth?
Warrior/Magitek synergize with it but the last trainer will finally allow you to gain genuine skill in that department, though not an actual specialization, pure stealth doesn't quite exist, it's always mixed with battles skills.

Stealth isn't something you can easily learn because... well those skilled in it don't show themselves and I've been wracking my brain with little success to make it happen.
They don't show themselves... to just any random schmuck out of the blue that is. End of the day people gotta eat and no man (or mamono) is an island. They have friends and people who funnel them work for money. Any competent intelligence agency/info broker knows how to get in touch with a good number of these folk (if they don't just employ/train them directly).

The tricky part, I'd imagine, is getting them to trust you enough to share their knowledge or somehow cajoling or forcing them into it.
File: 5.jpg (192 KB, 800x960)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Bingo, the other problem comes from the skills themselves.

Demons skills in subterfuge are unparalleled because one of Corruption universal ability is modifications of the body as you've seen with Sieglinde, which lead into Succubus shapeshifting, with some even changing into men (without naughty bits). Corruption used this way cannot be felt by magical items either, you gotta let it out for radars to ping, now coupled with skills at sneaking and non-magical body reinforcement and you've got extremely dangerous, quiet, demonic ladies.

Problem is, Corruptions is vital for these sneak mistresses so they can't train you; humanity is hopelessly outclassed in this department and can only rely on practical skills and technology naturally geared for murderous warfare.

Trackers, rangers, hunters are all universal no matter the species and this would be where you'd get your first chances at getting core stealth skills, but a Garret-like thief with a magitek zipping claw and cloud arrows is pretty much a unique existence and would be highly sought after specifically because of these skills.

In general, humanity is really lacking in skillful stealthy agents. Inquisitors have gotten pretty damn good at hunting sneakers though, trying to become a shadow elf or something is going to be very difficult since people have honed their skills in pursuing supernatural women or busting their lies open.
I think we have two counts of magic training and another two with Belphegor for Magitek.

I'll work on new thread tomorrow so there's still some time to votes tonight. I'll have to make a roll and break the tie unless we get another vote, or someone change theirs.
Let's go with more spellcasting and magic,then. Not really interested in warrior builds. Stealth is eh. Minor subtlety skills are convenient, but let's not base Arawn around that character archetype. Let's not be batman. Caster > Asassin.
Majority leaning for a session with the pregnant professor.

Wonder if you guys are ready for that soul rabbit hole. We'll see.
I sure am! Soul link with monstergirls! <3
I still want stealth ultimately and I think Belph's path is more conductive to it for now. Tools of the trade, as I said before. But if an extra point in magic won't lock us into anything yet it couldn't hurt (maxing out mana control is gonna be a must for most any build we go for really).

Batman? Who said anything about that? Garret or Styx is more the kind of character I'm going for.
Crap, realized that's kinda a vague vote. Basically, if we won't be locked into full magus path by going with Teruko today and it's what most of the others want I'll go along with it. Otherwise I wanna go with Belph and start ascending the tech/gear tree.
Screw it, let's go full on Gandalf!

...If only so I can eventually push for a "I arrive precisely when I mean to!" write-in.
File: Robe.jpg (176 KB, 629x772)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
The classic aesthetic of robe and wizard hat is really lacking in this setting now that I think about it.

You guys have chosen a pretty difficult nature since it's really hard to properly define (aside from being primarily geared for support). I'm sure you'll work out something.
>we are going to be gandalf
Hm. So if this is us choosing a Subclass do we have a Main class, so to speak.

Well not YET, takes time to reach that level. Also depends on if we Anons can reach a consensus on it - we might still veer into being a magical warrior or thief.

IF we get a conical Wizard's hat, can we have it enchanted to be a hat of Holding?
Just imagine how light we could travel with something like that!
>"Arawn, what do you have in that hat of yours?"
>"Better question is what DON'T I have in this hat."
>Hm. So if this is us choosing a Subclass do we have a Main class, so to speak.

Yep, you're a mage. This means you don't have inherent talent in being a warrior or a natural affinity with magitek... Mages are similar to DnD sorcerers in being naturals wielder of magic so they tend to branch out into other profession/classes. (Elenor is a Fire Mage/Summoner for example.)

''Pure'' mages are pretty rare because it means mastery over their nature.

>IF we get a conical Wizard's hat, can we have it enchanted to be a hat of Holding?

Something like that would be considered a major magical artifact because it'll essentially carry its own pocket dimension that can be physically traveled to at will (even if it's only plunging your arm into it). Theoretically possible but waaaay out your league.

Magical items are created by using runes or inserting special magical material into weapons (or forging one out of them). Think titanites from Dark Souls. They never runs out of magic or enchantments so even weak ones can be pretty strong.

I'll be posting the new thread in an hour or two and link it here.
File: 1507833777356.png (157 KB, 605x650)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>>2411670 Time for migration.

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