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At long last the Quincy fell to the ground.
His blood pooled up around him as your grandson finally sighed with relief.

"It... It's over!"
He slowly makes his way to you and kneels down beside your motionless body.
"You okay old timer?"

I haven't felt like this since the blitz..."
You extend your arm to Dante and ask him something.
"Care to give your grandpappy a hand?"

Chuckling a little he grabs hold of you and helps you stand up.
But once he takes a good look at your body his mood sours.
"Are you alright?"

Most of your body is in shambles.
You just barely managed to produce two functioning legs and you still have only one arm remaining.
But even that pales in comparison to the myriad of lacerations dotting your body.
Combine that with the fact that several of your bones shattered and now their shards are now sticking out of you like a sore thumb and you look like a cadaver in a slasher film.

"I'll manage..."
You try to calm him down but it doesn't seem to work.
"Now... bring me to the others."

As you rest on Dantes shoulder he carries you to where the rest of your family and comrades are.
He sets you down right next to them and you waste no time spreading your slime all over their bodies.

"You should fix yourself first before you worry about us!
You look like shit!"

And I'm fine...
I'll live. They might not."

With that being said you closed your eyes and started regulating your breathing.
After emptying your lungs you started taking long and deep breaths, drawing in as much of the reishi dense air as possible.
You feel your muscles swelling with newfound power that amplifies the pain you're feeling but you ignore it.
Slowly you transfused whatever energy you consumed into the others and used it to heal their wounds, both physical and spiritual.
Once they are all fine and start opening their eyes you shifted your focus onto yourself and began mending your own injuries.

Wha- What happened?"
Tia asks you in confusion as the others are also coming to their senses.

"I don't know about you-"
Asher answers her.
"but I personally passed out after a while.
Well... at least my insides don't feel like they are on fire anymore.
So that's a plus."

Another immortal chuckle fuck who refused to play by the rules!
These Quincy bitches are seriously starting to piss me off!"
Marr grumbled to no-one in particular.

Pretty much the only one that remained silent was Nnoitora who felt quite defeated.
Understandable after what happened... But this is not the time for that.
After pulling out the last shards of bone out of your body you turned back to the others.

>Are you guys ready to keep going?
>I agree with Marr. This is getting ridiculous. If any of you want out now's the time.
>Other? (write-in)
>>Are you guys ready to keep going?
Slow fucking day, huh?
>Are you guys ready to keep going?
>>Are you guys ready to keep going?

File: 628Zeichen_Palace.png (334 KB, 1351x761)
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334 KB PNG
"Are you guys okay?"

"I... I think we are."
Your wife answers your question with a bit of hesitation.
By the looks of things Askins otherworldly powers have faded... but they clearly left a mark on them all.

They don't look sick, nor weak. Just tired.
And you can't blame them either.
Their bodies must've been pushed to their limits in an attempt to resist the effects of the quincys toxicity.
All the others also give similar answers to hers with each of them being a bit shaken.

After giving your daughter a hug and telling her what a strong girl she is however you made your way to the one that's most affected.
You okay?"

Nnoitora just slowly shrugged at that.
"I don't know...
For a second there I thought maybe...
Maybe I could help...
Now I just feel useless..."
He tries to muffle a curse under his breath so that Sophia doesn't hear him.
"How many times have we fought?"

"I don't know... I lost count a while ago."

And now when it'd matter I couldn't put up a fight against an immortal bastard.
Practically the only thing I've been practicing for years and for what?!"

You laugh at that.
"So you think it's all for naught?
While we're not even halfway through?"
Hitting his shoulders you try to cheer him up.
"Now... get up.
We still got plenty of bastards to beat up."

"You always knew how to cheer me up...
Fine. Let's go."

As you return Spoony to the fold the others immediately start strategizing.
What's the plan?"
Dante asks you while pointing at the two neighboring islands.
"We still got these two, right?"

You nod.
"I say let's go for the weaker one.
I feel like we could use some extra time to heal.
So let's leave the bigger one for later."

Everyone just silently agrees with you, even Marr who you expected would object.
So with everyone coming to an agreement like that you made your way to the island to the right.
Where a hopefully weaker enemy will await your arrival.
File: Spoiler Image (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
After leaving yet another city that you managed to level you hopped across the chasm that was between the two islands.
And at the moment you landed on solid ground you began feeling that something was not as it should be.


"Do you guys feel it?"

Asher looks around for a few moments, trying to pinpoint exactly what you were referring to.
I can't get a read on where the reiatsu is coming from."

"It's like we're surrounded..."
Marr observes and catches you off guard.
If even him, someone with such impaired spiritual sense can pick it up then it must be true.

But you've never felt anything like this ever before.
You can't track down the source of the power as seemingly the entire city is radiating with that one individuals energy.
And it's not like that person is firing off his reiatsu constantly, no this power is too calm for that.
It's more accurate to say that this individuals reiatsu is spread all over the island.


It was so faint I barely picked it up."

"Erm... care to elaborate?"

Deciding to let everyone hear this time you spoke up more clearly.
"I felt something similar to this once.
I think we might be dealing with a deity.
So watch your backs."

Venturing further into the completely deserted settlement you steadily grew more paranoid.
The absolute silence and the blinding whiteness would've been enough on its own.
But you just couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was always watching your every move.
And just as the tension got almost unbearable you suddenly felt something.

A wave of force washed over all of you.
However even that otherwise normal occurrence felt strange and alien as the reiatsu didn't hit you from the front but the back, as if all that energy was rushing inwards.
And sure enough the wave converged in one area where you finally found your target.
whew, i'm late but i'm here now, as usual
i just can't seem to get up early enough for the start of the run, ever
Upon turning around a corner as you were following the signal you came face to face with the man responsible for all this.
Or more accurately you find what you assume to be a man.

The Quincy was not like anything you've seen from these people before.
An individual of rather small stature stood in the middle of a junction where two roads crossed paths.
Wearing a rather large cloak the beings image was obscured completely.
However even with its features invisible to you his outline was obviously deformed with his head being overly large, almost as if he had large tumors growing on his head.

Whatever that thing is it made no sound.
In fact it didn't seem to react to your presence in any way.
One thing was clear: This thing had the energy of a god.
And it wasn't just another fake.
This one was genuine.

Breathing slowly it let out a hissing sound which unnerved each of you.
"W-What is that thing?"

"Is it even human?"

Dante then turns to you after shouting.
"Not even a budge.
Either it's retarded or it has the best poker face I've ever seen."

"What do you say Dear?
Is it dangerous?"

You focus your attention on the thing but with the cloak hiding its features its hard to guess anything.
Even its reiatsu seems to be unnaturally stable.
Like an iron wall, it was unmoving and still.

"I... don't know."

>But let's not find out (Attack)
>Let me try something... (attempt to converse with the creature)
>Secure this area. I want the whole place to explode if it so much as moves a muscle
>Other? (write-in)
It's okay.
Time zone differences can be a bitch
>Let me try something... (attempt to converse with the creature)
>Let me try something... (attempt to converse with the creature)

Okay then.
Even if I wait for 1 more it wouldn't change the outcome so...


Oh and please roll 3d10
Best of 3: DC 23; no crit
Rolled 9, 5, 9 = 23 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 1, 10 = 21 (3d10)

oh fugg
Rolled 8, 9, 9 = 26 (3d10)

tres, for speed
File: fc3.jpg (22 KB, 600x471)
22 KB
File: 637Pernida_profile.png (270 KB, 614x716)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Raising your hand you tell the others to remain calm.
"Stay sharp...
I'm going to try something."

Suddenly each and every one of your companions ready their respective weapons.
"Christ I hate it when he does that..."
Asher grumbled as you slowly walked up to the creature.

Arms spread wide you tried to appear as non-threatening as possible.
Much to your surprise the creature hardly seemed to acknowledge your presence.


Once you were within earshot of the creature you could hear its rhythmic breathing and hissing.
Slowly it inhaled and it almost sounded like it causes the creature pain to do so.
Then it let out a ghastly hiss that could chill you to the bone.
And with each step it got louder and louder.

Finally once you were close enough you attempted to reach forward.
And from underneath the hood black veins sprung outward and latched onto your hands.
As the things wrapped around your arm and began tunneling into your flesh you got a closer look at them.
They were covered in blood but did not carry it and they were much too thin.


And just as you said that suddenly an unimaginable sensation of pain began to overwhelm you as the nerves of this creature began exerting control over your body.
But you did not falter. In fact you just smiled at this development.

"So... this is how you want to do it?

Focusing your willpower you flexed your arm and the contortion of your muscles began crushing the nerves of the creature which let out an ear splitting screech of pain.

"Two can play this game you foul creature!"
Reaching forward as you gloated you were intent on ripping that shroud of his to shreds.
As your fingers ripped the fabric apart the beasts image was finally revealed to you.

Massive fingers unfolded as their cover was removed.
Now completely exposed the massive hand opened its palm, in the middle of which laid a single eye ball with a pair of pupils within it.
"The left hand of the Soul King..."
"The left hand of the Soul King..."
"Well... I didn't expect that..."

You hear the others bewildered by the creatures appearance.
And you are reminded how they did not witness the other arm like you did.
But it mattered little now.

With his nerves stuck in the harsh embrace of your muscles you moved forward and with your free arm touched the beasts palm.
"Now this should be much easier!"

With a powerful glow emanating from your chest you attempted to merge your mind with that of the creature.
Your entangled nerves served as a fine connection between the two of you.
Plunged deep into the mindscape of the deity you found yourself in a rather strange world.


You were still in the Soul King Palace but devoid of the changes the quincy have made to it and instead with a few... different alterations.
A sense of vertigo got a hold of you as you realized you were upside down.
Looking around you saw all colors in the world inverted, light became dark, dark became light.
As you felt yourself being lost in this alien landscape with the structures around you shifting slightly the ground opened before you and the hand emerged from it.

Rain began to fall from the ground towards the upside down sky as the creature spoke up.
Its voice echoed unnaturally, making it sound more like the dying shadow of a ghost.
"Your very presence here is a mockery of nature itself...
You shouldn't be here!"

Cracking your neck you looked the being straight in the eye.
"Never stopped me before.
And besides... I wanted to talk.
So how about you introduce yourself now that we ARE here."

The being looked down at you.
Judging by its annoyed look you'd guess it was contemplating banishing you from this place.
But seeing as you are still here it either chose not to or is incapable of doing that.

"I... sense the presence of my brother upon you...
How strange...
Very well... I shall entertain you.
For I am known by many names: Change, Evolution, Enlightenment, Light-"


"That too...
I am Pernida Parnkgjas.
And you... you are which shouldn't be... an enigma.
A ghost among ghosts. Kaizar Soize."
"I don't remember asking you about myself.
Instead I want to know why one of the hands of the Soul King would ally itself with the quincy!"


"Hmph... fool.
I did not ally myself with the quincy.
They allied with us."

"Excuse me?"

"Before you assumed the mantle of evolution I was.
When the first quincy emerged I was...
When the first civilizations emerged I was!
Millions of years before the spark of life existed I WAS!"

"And you expect me to believe that?
When you're not even two thousand years old?"

"Do you believe such universal constants did not exist before an artificial construct?
The first of the Quincy was our creation. My brother and I shaped them in our image. A glimpse into the future, what humans could be.
They were meant to be the instrument of our vengeance against the ignorant shinigami and proof...
Proof that the pathetic designs of nature can be surpassed... if only we assert ourselves a bit."

"But it bit back didn't it?
Your design is just as flawed as what you hate!
Now you are nothing but the lapdogs of the being you spawned!
The same being that self destructs when exposed to hollow energy!"

Judging by the narrowing of the creatures sole eye, that hit it where it hurt.
"The quincys Soul Suicide was a deliberate design choice.
Your very existence as a hollow is proof of life's failure. You are flaws in the system.
Our design is free of your taint. And once every last one of you is removed from the cycle there will be no more hollows.
No more failures, no more faults.
As for Yhwach... you are correct in one thing.
The primary subject did surpass all our expectations, so much so that we chose to submit ourselves to our grandest creation.
But make no mistakes... in the end we will achieve our goal. We will be victorious.
Even if by unexpected means... we will win."

You tighten your grip around your sword in your rage.

>This exchange is over... (sever the connection)
>Not if you die here! (Attack)
>Other? (write-in)
>Man I've heard that before, They lost in the end too. You are so much like the flawed creatures you want to remove its funny.
>>This exchange is over... (sever the connection)
>Do you know what happens when bones break? They heal back, stronger than before. Hollows may be broken souls, but that does not make them a failure. We are our inner strength made manifest. You've lost your way, if you can no longer realize that. Look at me - do I seem in any way diminished since my human soul turned into this? Look at the shinigami - they've been trying desperately to copy us, and they struggle to achieve even half of what we can manage on instinct alone.

basically, try to convince him that he's wrong about hollows and that we're fuckin based.
these two are pretty much an option for talking more, if you're waiting for some kind of tiebreaker.
They'd fit decently well with each other.
Slow day huh?

I'm gonna support >>2378490
Nah I was waiting to see if more people show up...
Guess not
oh shidd
File: 637Pernida_towers.png (664 KB, 839x680)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
You can't help but snicker at that.
"You people remind me of a broken record.
Because I've heard that shit before. And it always ends the same way.
But the fact that you are so much like us "flawed creatures" is so funny it's sad!"


You shake your head.
"I'd rather not.
If you can't see it for yourself then I can't tell you anything that'll make you realize!
But what I can say is this: Do you know what happens when bones break? They grow back, stronger than before!
It's the same with us humans! Not just hollows!
We grow stronger through our trials and tribulations! Every failure will become a foundation upon which a success is built!
Yes we may become little more than animals but in truth that's our strength resurfacing!
And if you can't see this then maybe you should consider relocating your eye!"

"You're speaking nonsense..."

"Am I?
Look at me!
I am an embodiment of what you represent!
Do you honestly think I've grown weaker after my death?
No... I've not diminished... In fact I've got back what I lost as a human!
And because of that we've reached heights previously unknown! Look at the shinigami as they now struggle to keep up with us, beings driven by instinct!
You yourself said this: I am an enigma! Something that shouldn't be! And yet you still doubt us!"

Then there was silence...
Only the sound of the rain could be heard in this twisted version of reality.
But then the creature spoke up.

"How amusing..."

"What is?"

"The fact that you likened yourself to me...
And that you truly believed what you just said.
Let me correct you Kaizar Soize.
You are not an enigma because you are somehow "exceptional".
No... it's much more literal than that.
You are something that shouldn't exist! Period!
Also you did not achieve anything, you merely reclaimed what was lost once.
And the fact that the shinigami were governed by my brother, the manifestation of stagnation diminishes your accomplishment somewhat.
But your grossest mistake... your most inexcusable crime was likening yourself to me!"

Suddenly the arm began to pulsate and grow several times in size.
With its shroud being ripped apart the now fully grown arm pointed at you.

"What you call growth is nothing in comparison to true evolution!
Unlike your limited growth my development is limitless!
If I didn't reset my development to 0 periodically I'd threaten the very world itself!
So don't think even for a second we are alike! HOLLOW!"
AH YES, Now spooky is getting me going.

I can't wait to taste its soul

Forming a bow in its enormous hands the god took aim straight at you.
Judging by its size alone that arrow was more like a lance than anything else.
The incredibly dense reishi within it flew at you at an alarming speed.

But that did not worry you.

Raising your forearm you swatted away that horrid pillar of blue energy and obliterated it with one strike.
Looking up at the beast you let out a smirk.

"Did likening you to us flawed humans offend you that much?"

It fired off another shot at you but you nimbly dodged it without retaliating.

"So let me guess!
Your whole plan revolves around creating a perfect world without any flaws just to satisfy your own ego...
Did you ever think what'd happen in an ideal world without conflict? Without struggle? Without imperfection?
Why would anything change, grow or evolve if there is no need for it?"

Now fuming with rage the beast began firing at you indiscriminately while it kept on growing seemingly without limit.
But as you weaved between streams of glowing, deadly arrows you reached deep within yourself.

"Hogyoku... tell me something.
Is anything happening on the outside?"

"Not presently. No.
You have the creature on lockdown."

Then I... I have a request."

"Anything you want."

>I want to teach this thing a lesson! (This will cause a merging)
>I want you to stay out of this one. Just keep us here.
>Other? (write-in)
We barley got out of our last fight, I am really tempted to fuse with plot rock.
>I want to teach this thing a lesson! (This will cause a merging)
>>I want to teach this thing a lesson! (This will cause a merging)
Screw it, probably gonna have to do it at some point. Might as well get used to the new power before our fighting the final boss. Please don't let this screw us over.
>>I want to teach this thing a lesson! (This will cause a merging)
>I want to eat it, and show it who is the dominate creature here
>>I want you to stay out of this one. Just keep us here.

No gods. No masters. Just eating them. Al dente.
Actually what would happen if we fuse and then eat this guy?
Only good things obviously
File: yey.jpg (6 KB, 240x210)
6 KB
Well now...
It's about time!

Let's roll 3d10s then!
Best of 3.
DC: 15
Crit: 22

Rolled 4, 2, 10 = 16 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 4, 6 = 17 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 7, 6 = 18 (3d10)

Is the DC to see if we have to go through the process like Aizen did?
It's because it's your first time and to see how well you can use that sort of power
File: Hogyoku.jpg (27 KB, 540x350)
27 KB
"I want to teach this thing a lesson..."


"And to do that-"


"We'll have to fuse."

Then you hear something you didn't quite expect to ever hear from the Hogyoku...
"Your wish is my command!"

Then you heard your heart beat quite hard once and suddenly you felt your entire going dark for a moment.
Your head reeled backwards uncontrollably and your body uncontrollably fell to the ground.
Upon landing your legs sunk into the concrete below.
It was similar to how partial fusion with the Hogyoku feels but this was much more intense.
The four small bridges connecting the orb to your body formed and you could feel the energy filling your veins.

But the angered god didn't just wait patiently for you to do whatever you wanted.
Instead it crushed its own bow and aimed its fingers at you.
With five different nerves fired at you at the same time he hoped to crush you from within with them.


As you felt that incandescent energy filling your body your resurrección activated on its own and the edges of your armor began emitting a purple glow and you could feel your reiatsu changing.
With newfound power mixed into it your spiritual pressure practically exploded out of your body.
One swipe and you snatched each of the blood nerves out of the air. The blood on them practically began to boil as soon as it came in contact with your body.

At first Pernida let out a screech similar to his first one but it quickly got silenced as you began spinning in place while still holding onto its nerves.
His body lifted off of the ground and as it did you quickly stopped your legs and instead rotated only your arms.
You had to admit it was quite comical to see a god being flung around like a rag doll but it had to end sometime.
With one downward slam you crashed the massive body of the Left Hand into the ground.
Tugging at its nerves you actually managed to sever them from the main body before you could lift him off again.

A bit disappointed by this you let go of the blood nerves and instead looked at yourself.
"Is... this..."
Your words echoed unnaturally.
"what being God feels like?"
Closing your fists you tested out the strength of your grasp and shook your hand.
"No... I guess not.
God Killer will suffice."

You turned to Pernida.
>Tfw the Hogyoku is bro levels of chill now

I'm glad we didn't just JUMP in it.
Pushing itself off of the ground the giant hand looked at you.
"W-What's this?!

"Since killing you would no doubt be problematic... I just made things a bit more fair.
And I wouldn't complain if I were you.
After all I just spared you from the humiliation of being beaten by a mere mortal."


"W-What blasphemy is this?
Where did you acquire a Gods essence?!"

"From your friend Aizen."

Without moving a single muscle you used Sonído from a standing position and appeared before Pernida with your fist pulled back and ready.
One decisive thrust was all that you needed to make the towering giant fall forward in quite a human manner.
It was clearly in pain and that scared it more than anything else.


"Fine craftsmanship isn't it?
Does it hurt?
All I did was nullify your immunity so my attacks inflict damage.
Other than that... I'm just using what was already present in me...
How does it feel? To experience what being human feels like for the first time?
What being preyed upon feels like?!"

It then tried to swat you away but you moved out of the way before it could hit.
"Impudent hollow!
I'll show you... to make a mockery of god..."
Pernida then did something you did not expect... he tore off his own fingers one by one and tossed them away as he kept regrowing them.
Suddenly you were surrounded from all sides by exact copies of the left hand.
"Is a grave crime indeed!"

Looking down at your hand you were more concerned with your own powers than with your actual enemy.
Even basic movement felt completely alien to you. And though you managed to use it properly up until now it was mostly just gut instinct.
Against so many opponents you'll have to actually pay attention...

>You'll have to thin their numbers first
>Destroy them all in a singular display of godly mighty
>Tell Pernida you'll let him live if he surrenders now
>Other? (write-in)
>Destroy them all in a singular display of godly mighty

>Destroy them all in a singular display of godly mighty
So right now we're Aizen when he was taking on the Yamamoto and Isshin?
Pretty much
>Destroy them all in a singular display of godly mighty
> You know if we you had just swallowed your pride and admitted that you might have been wrong, things could have gone differently
Good, good, that means we can trick Gremmy into turning himself into a condom.
Okay then!

Time to roll the dice again!
Best of 3
DC: 16 Crit: 18

Rolled 8, 3, 4 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 3, 10 = 21 (3d10)

We're boned desu
I think you mean them, cause I don't see anything wrong here.
File: a0e.png (186 KB, 646x350)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 6, 7 = 14 (3d10)

>go to fix the toilet
>come back
>see this
Oh fuck yes.
Eating this shitstain will be oh so satisfying.
File: images.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB

They all took aim at you and from each of their fingers fired off volley after volley of arrows, hoping that at least some of them would hit their mark.
Not moving an inch from the spot where you were standing you began calmly dodging each and every projectile that came your way.
Their speed, trajectory and even force were quite apparent.
After observing and avoiding them for a while you decided to make your move.

Just by jumping slightly you appeared to be flying through the sky and the many hands followed your movement.
Amusingly enough as they adjusted their aim they managed to hit each other quite a few times.
But any and all wounds they received healed without any problems.
Good to know.

Deciding to round the hands up you used your hyper movement to appear next to each of them at least once.
Throwing one punch at each of them so fast that nobody could even see them you shoved them inward.
Now at the center of the ring they each attempted to look up at you.
Some of them couldn't quite do it as their bones were broken in quite a few places.

Looking down at the monsters you gave them their final lesson.
"You know...
If you weren't so stubborn and swallowed your pride...
Things might have ended differently."

Naturally they opened fire at you while incoherently screeching but you paid no attention to them.
Using Sonído you teleported down to the ground, right in front of the beasts.
Then you switched places twice more to keep them on their toes.

Once you felt like they were sufficiently dizzy you stopped and extended your hand.

Rather unceremoniously you fired at the monsters.
There was no wind up, no charge and no indication to the attack actually happening.
Almost as if it came out of nowhere a tidal wave of violent energy washed over the godly creatures.
The power of the blast surprised even you.

Without charging for a second you managed to fire off a blast powerful enough to not only erase the Left Hand and all of its clones at once but to vaporize the entire section of the island behind it.
As the blast faded you suddenly realized that despite your glowing hot reiatsu dissipating the air was still practically boiling with heat.
And from these wounds cracks began to spread all over the place.
At that moment you realized what was going on and decided to pull yourself out of the creatures mind.
As you snap back into reality you tear apart the nerves still connecting you to the creature and watch as they turn into nothing due to your reiatsu.
Quickly you separate yourself back into two entities and watch the sad creature before you.
It appears to be completely unharmed however the spark of light is gone from its eyes.
This thing before you is nothing more than a cadaver now.

The others are quick to rush to you while you are still trying to recollect yourself.
While they are busy asking questions you are busy with trying to remember your name and why the fuck you are here.

"What happened?"
Tia asked you.
"You were just standing there for like 10 seconds!"

Nothing happened.
But this thing is dead."

"It looks alive to me."

"Brain dead..."

Was that really it?"

"I... guess?"

"Should we do something with the body?"

>No. Let it rot where it is.
>Yeah... I'm kinda hungry
>Other? (write-in)
Will there be any negative consequences for eating it?Like we if eat it, it turns out that yawch can just decide t stop our powers or something?
>Yeah... I'm kinda hungry
>Yeah... I'm kinda hungry
This is true, but isn't it meta?
You'll have to decide that for yourself
>Ask plot rock its opinion on if eating it is good or wise Go off that choice
>Other? (write-in)
Tie a note to it telling whoever finds it to preserve it for study, then toss it over the side.
If we can get away with this then it gets my vote.
Well erm...
Okay then.

Stepping forward you looked at the sad, pathetic creature that was once a god.
For a second you considered tossing him down the side of the island but then you remembered the barriers protecting the realm and how those would annihilate what's left of him.
So rather then letting it go to waste you said this.

"I don't know about you but I'm hungry and I'd rather not let some nutjob come across it."

Reaching down you started taking bite sized chunks out of him.
For being a supposedly divine being the thing had quite a foul taste.
But it was unquestionably brimming with power.

Now you didn't want to be a covetous asshole but you couldn't exactly share it with the others..
So once you were done and felt your body digesting the divine reiryoku you transfused your own power to those that were hungry.
Once all that was done you tapped your stomach and spoke to the others.

"Well that was easier than I expected!
Now... we only have those 2 really strong guys to deal with...
Aaaand here's where I'll have to call it quits.

I hope you enjoyed this as always.
If you have any omake requests then I'm open for suggestions.
I already have one almost done that I've been writing in my free time.

So... see you guys next week
Thanks for running.

IIRC the rock-paper-scissors of the Elite 4 mean that Pernida's power should beat/match Gerard, so that's good.
Hmmm...maybe an omake of the battles in the seireitei. Im mostly wondering if we can expect backup in the final showdown.
Zaraki alone would be a huge help, but retsu and ukitake would be cool to have on hand too.
Now I have a problem with this one.

Because it's been quite a while and it's hard to keep track of who surrendered, still fighting, died or underwent soul suicide.
So unless you want me to pitch them against mooks I might have to delve into non-canon territories and make shit up.

Would that be okay?
Or do you just want a recap of who's still fighting who?
Or are you okay with the shinigami fighting mooks?
That's... not how that works!
These aren't pokémon! Even IF Pernida could pass as one... and Gerard... and Lille...
And Askin could be a trainer...

FUCK! Guess they are the elite 4
Recap works for me, i don't care much about mooks
I would also prefer a recap, you don't need to talk about mooks.
Okay it's decided then.
I'll haveto scour the archives for a bit for it though...

But with march 15th being a holiday for me I think I'll have the time to do it.
>march 15th being a holiday
Caesar died for your freedom?
No, it's the date of the 1848 Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union.

Basically a bunch of literature loving fuckbois and many, many students decided what's enough is enough and demanded change.
They wanted the current regime changed, they wanted democracy and freedom.

Which was surprisingly successfull up until the moment when Daddy Russia introduced the citizens to the wonders of the T-34.
>1848 Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union
I'm pretty sure the 1848 Revolution was against the Austrian Habsburgs because the Hungarians were mad they didn't have enough influence in the Empire.
Did I just...

Oh fuck...
Yeah I did.

For some fucking reason I thought it's the soviet one!
God fucking damn it!

Yeah you're correct and I shouldn't be allowed to breed for making such an idiotic mistake.
But in my defence we have a few of these where we rebelled against a bunch of people that were dicks to us so they all kinda blur together after some point.

Basically yes, it was the revolution against the Austrians.
Because we didn't like being the bottom bitch.
And this little rebellion also didn't end nicely for us.

The russians still intervened and curbstomped us only not with tanks.
We also had 12 generals executed who became martyrs
Still, your country had it better then Poland, but that's not saying much.
>Because we didn't like being the bottom bitch
It had a lot to do with forcing Croats and Slovaks to speak Hungarian too, Kossuth did have good intentions but the Hungarian nobles were as stupid as the Kaiser.

1956 was totally justified though.
You're right in that our nobles were fucking obnoxious to deal with.
Every time we got a competent king they couldn't do shit because those inbred fucktards would just overthrow them if things didn't swing their way.

We were called the "Happiest Barrack" that's true
But being the guy that gets raped the least in prison is not much of an achievement.
You're still getting raped boi
File: Kurosaki_Clinic.png (435 KB, 640x480)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
Omake Special: Humanity

The Kurosaki Residence was bustling with activity.
With the whole family gathered up and with two additional guests the living room was packed.
And despite their dire situation the mood was actually rather cheerful.

As Ichigo was holding his daughter he observed Orihime run through the tv channels.
"Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope-
Ah! Perfect!"

She suddenly stopped at a sports channel and began watching the MMA match.
In his surprise Chad spoke up.
"Is this what you wanted?"

"Erm... no?
I just thought this looked interesting."
With that question answered she turned back to Masaki.
"By the way Ms Kurosaki! Thanks again for inviting us over!"

Chad also gave voice to his gratitude.
Thank you very much."

"Oh it's nothing.
It's safer to be at one place anyway."

But as the mood remained rather cheerful and the casual conversations kept going on something snapped in one of the participants and they slammed their hands on the table.

"Quiet down Karin!
You'll scare Rena!"

It's just... What is going on Ichi-nii?
Dad is gone and you are just sitting here!"


"And? AND?!
We've been sitting here patiently waiting for you to charge after him recklessly like you usually do!"

"We? Who's we?!"

"Me and Yuzu!
We were both ready to jump in right after you!"

Yuzu nodded in acknowledgement.
"We agreed that we both wanted to help dad and knew you'd go after him so..."

"Well I'm not planning on doing anything like that.
You'll have to get some other excuse for going to the Soul Society."

And that is what's so unsettling!"
Karin continued.
"What's with the sudden change in attitude?
What happened to our dumbass brother who was always so reliably bone headed?!"

Rukia berated her sister-in-law.

Meanwhile Ichigo just sighed.
"Because things changed."
He looked down at his daughter and then back at his sister.
"Didn't you think about it? WHY dad left without a word?
Because he felt like it's something he had to do.
But with him gone someone will have to look after all of you.
That's why I chose to stay here...
And you should do the same. Stay here and leave the fighting to Kaizar and the Soul Society, don't endanger yourselves."

With a sigh of resignation Karin sat down and started grumbling.
"It's really the end of the world if YOU are the one acting mature..."

"Hey look! I didn't plan on becoming an early parent!
But now that I'm here I might as well act like one!"

With the happy mood returning to the household the folks got back to what they occupied themselves with.

However... unbeknownst to them dark forces were at work.
Suddenly the ground started shaking and everything else with it,
But just as quickly as they came the tremors faded away.
File: 1Q.png (77 KB, 300x465)
77 KB
And after a couple more minutes of awkward silence they felt them come back.
This time however they all looked up at the ceiling when they felt a massive surge of spiritual energy coming from above.
They all rushed out to see what was going on.

Looking up at the sky they saw a gaping wound in the fabric of reality.
Like an infected wound it secreted a thick substance that looked like liquid death.
From the puss tiny, one eyed creatures emerged chanting frantically.

"Chi... Chi... Chi..."

An endless, unthinking, uncaring horde marched towards the Kurosaki household.
Needless to say the tenants were quite distraught by this.

"W-What are those things?!"
Rukia cried out.

"Don't know...
He handed his daughter to her mom and quickly grabbed hold of Kon.
After popping free from his mortal body he charged towards the coming mass.
"Let's not wait and see what they want!"

As he moved he quickly found his friends following him.
"Chad? Inoue?!"

"We'll help!"
They both spoke simultaneously.

The group charged forward, their weapons ready.
Ichigo swung his sword, Chad his fists and Orihime sent out Tsubaki to cut the creatures apart.
But their expressions quickly soured once they saw that the liquid lifeforms were just that, liquid.
Though they initially appeared to get damaged all their injuries disappeared only moments after they were attacked.

Falling back Ichigo began shouting angrily as the little critters charged them, still chanting and with their hunger rising.

With one mighty punch the boy sent forth a roaring shockwave of pure reishi which obliterated the little black creatures in an instance.
"I thought so...
They are made out of pure reiryoku.
Only energy based attacks will work."


But as they started to cheer up at this development they realized one tiny problem.
Namely that the creatures kept pouring out of that crack in the sky and they showed no signs of slowing down.

Can you destroy them all at once?"

"I-I don't know...
Maybe if I used Ban-"

"Can you?"

But I'll need time or I might kill myself."

As he began charging Chads body got covered in a thick armor, making him look less and less human until his entire upper body is covered and he looks like some sort of a demon.
He clenches his fists and the air crackles around him.
"Follow me Inoue... I'll cover you."

With ungodly strength swollen up within him Chad charged the amorphous black mass and started decimating them while Orihime acted as support, rounding up the little monsters with her shield and bringing them within range of Chads attacks.
Each punch obliterated hundreds if not thousands of the monsters. But they kept on coming.
Manwhile on the ground Ichigo found himself in a rather uncomfortable conversation.

"Hey Zangetsu..."


"You know what's up.
I need your help."

"Oh... do you now?
Are you sure you'd rather not go back inside and play the pacifist family man?"

"I am...
And whether you like my reasons or not...
I want to murder something..."



After taking a deep breath Ichigo began building up his energy.
Pure white strands of reishi began spewing forth from his body and as the earth began to quake he spoke up.
With an explosion the boy clad himself in power as he embraced his more bestial side.
Raising his sword above his head he began to focus.

Meanwhile Chad and Inoue attempted to keep the tide of blackness at bay.
At first they tried destroying them one by one or by large groups but they quickly realized the futility of it all.

The girl pulled out her wrist blade from the reforming monstrosities.

"Can you create a fence?"
He pointed at the hole.
"I need a tube leading there!"

Nodding she sent out her fairies and formed a triangle shaped barrier at the side of the little beasts.
Folding it over itself she created a long tube that managed to contain the eyeball creatures at a considerable cost.
The construct was massive and as such drained her quite a bit.
"S-Sado-kun! I can't keep this up for much longer!"

"You don't have to...
Puños de dualidad!"
Pulling back both of his hands Chad struck the formless black mass with everything he got.
Though the creatures were quick to reform after being hit that did not bother him too much as he turned around and shouted.


Quickly Sado rushed to the girl and after picking her up took her far away.
Meanwhile Ichigo shouted with everything he had as he unleashed a freakish amount of spiritual energy.

The white mass of energy roared as it traveled forward and obliterated everything in its path.
With the black creatures pushed back into their hole they had no way of avoiding the terrifying attack.
As the Getsuga Tensho entered the hole in space its light eradicated the darkness.
Now panting with exhaustion Ichigo looked at his hand.

"I... I did it! YES!
I'm not DEAD!"

"Shocking how not holding yourself back is a good thing, ain't it?"
His zanpakuto mocked him.

"Tch... you'll never change, will you?"

"Probably not."

However before he could get too happy about successfully not killing himself with his own bankai Chad came into the picture.

Now wha-
Oh shit!"
File: Chad_Complete.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB

Though the swarm of monsters was destroyed from the gaping wound in reality something new emerged.
A single inky, black tear dropped down onto the ground and from it emerged a single entity.
About the same height as Chad, the creatures form was unquestionable.

Ichigo and Orihime cried out in fear.

Perfectly black and almost featureless, the beast had only a pair of white eyes and a row of white, sharp teeth that made it look like a living nightmare.
As it drooled the beast let out an ear splitting howl and charged the humans with unnatural ferocity.
Purely by instinct Chad jumped in its way and stopped the beast with his shielded arm.
It clawed, scratched and bit like a rabid animal, threatening to tear the latino boy apart.

Pulling his white arm back the boy stood his ground as the beast continuously attacked him.
"La Muerte!"

Swiping with his right hand he exposed the beasts torso for a clean hit.
The Doppelgänger gasped in pain as the shockwave echoed through its body and reduced it to dust.
His friends quickly rushed to his side.



"Are you alright?"

The bloody boy simply turned around and gave them a thumbs up, despite not being able to see due to his bleeding forehead.
But as they sighed with relief and as Orihime started healing him they heard another noise coming from the sky.
Cautiously they looked up to see what was coming.

However they sighed with relief when they saw the wound in the sky closing up.
Looks like it's over."

But... what was that?"

Omake: END
What the fuck is that
Is it some kind of manifestation of Ywach's nightmares?
You stand tall above the desecrated corpse of Pernida, the Left Hand of the Soul King.
Slowly you wipe the blood from your mouth as your friends watch the deities corpse turning into nothing.

"That really hit the spot."

"Are you sure that was wise?
Who knows what that thing even was?!"

"Countless corpses compressed into one entity...
As for what it will do to me-"
Slowly you turn your attention inward and hear the world around your growing fainter.
"Care to enlighten me?"

"I'm afraid I can't Master."


"It's... shameful to admit this but I won't know if consuming the creature will have any adverse effects until you finish digesting it."

"How so? Aren't you supposed to be infallible?"

"That's just how things are sir...
You could call it a... safety measure for gods.
No two higher beings can actually exert much control over another one.
They can to some degree but not enough that the matter of "Unstoppable force meets Immovable object" occurs."

"I see...
What would happen anyway?"


The word sent a shiver down your spine.
And with that you return yourself to the real world.
"Well I guess we'll see what happens with this thing inside me."

"That's not,,,, very reassuring."

"I'll worry about that when it comes up.
Now then... Are you guys ready?"


"Yeah... we're ready."

"Then let's go!"

One by one you took off and headed towards the last island that has any life signs on it.
After which comes that snotty little brat in the middle and hopefully the big guy after him.
But before you'd start liking the progress you've made you're reminded that things are still far from over.

"So... how do you want to do this Kaizar?"
Tia asked you, clearly nervous about something.

Well using this method worked much better than the direct approach.
Then again we might not GET another chance like this one.
But still-"

>Let's scout the area first
>I don't think this will work again (Just attack the enemy head on)
>The enemy likes to use underhanded tactics but can't exactly fight them. Let's use that to our advantage
>Other? (write-in)
>The enemy likes to use underhanded tactics but can't exactly fight them. Let's use that to our advantage
>The enemy likes to use underhanded tactics but can't exactly fight them. Let's use that to our advantage
>>The enemy likes to use underhanded tactics but can't exactly fight them. Let's use that to our advantage
3 votes. I'll take it.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (69 KB, 1920x1080)
69 KB
"Yeah... the last fight went smoothly.
The enemy may like using unconventional methods...
But it really does look like they are not comfortable when they are used against them."
You nod to yourself and then look at the others.
"Okay guys!
Gather around. I have a plan!"

For a moment they look together and then comply, stopping in the middle of the sky as you get to work.
After meticulously covering each and every one of them in slime to suppress their reiatsu you lead them into the floating city.
Finally the plan could commence.

Naturally the enemy would become wary of your spiritual pressures disappearing into nothing, so you sent in Marr to meet your next opponent.
Soon enough you heard the explosions going off as your short tempered comrade started his work.
But strangely enough the tremors you felt paled in comparison to what you imagined.

After all this time he's finally listening to what I'm saying."

"I think it has to do with that scary energy you were giving off when you merged your mind with that creature..."

"W-Wait! You could feel that?"

"But of course.
We even saw it.
He in particular looked... perhaps scared is the correct word."

"Well... shit!
Let's not waste this rare opportunity then!"

With that you got to work as the shakes overcoming the island slowly increased in intensity.
At your maximum speed it doesn't take you too long to scour every inch of the island, even its underside was not safe from your little team.
By the time everyone was done with their respective areas the earthquakes were getting a bit out of hand.

"Sweet Jesus! Does that moron not know to hold back?!"
Nnoitora grumbled.

"He managed to somehow hold back up until now.
We should be thankful for that!"

"But then why did you send HIM of all people?"

"Because he's the best distraction we could ask for!
And besides, do you really think he'd remain in STEALTH?!"

Good point."
File: Gerard.png (14 KB, 267x189)
14 KB
Upon reaching the very center of the city you were even more amazed by the apparent care that Marr put into this fight.

"Well look at that!
He even left some buildings intact."

"I'm frankly amazed how much he could follow instructions."
That ring is almost exactly the size you asked..."

Tia was correct in that.
Back before you started you gave the Tyrant some instructions about exactly how little he should destroy.
Pretty much anything his normal punches could reach was expandable but you needed most of the island intact in order to cover you and your friends.
But that is no longer necessary...

Making your presence known you jumped over the nearby buildings and landed in the crater your ally punched out.
"Hell! It's about god damned time!"
Marr grumbled.

"Sorry about that.
We were busy."
You quickly give a passing glance to the Quincy that Marr was fighting and you can't help but reel back in surprise.

It's no exaggeration that he is nothing like what you expected.
He doesn't even resemble any of the other bow wielding maniacs you faced before this point.
In front of the hugely muscular hollow stood a viking warrior of legend.
Mostly lacking in clothing, he wore only a winged helmet, a pair of pants, armored boots and an impressive looking crimson cape.

He's even built like a nordic demigod with his muscles being as big as Mars.
With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other he turned to you and gave you a wide smile.
"About time ye cowards showed yourselves!
I don't know what all this sneaking was good for but surely you must've realized it was pointless!"

You take a good long look at him because something about him is bugging you.
Then you finally realize it and your eyes snap open alongside your mouth.
He is completely unharmed, not even a scratch is on him.

The viking twirled his sword around and invited you with it.
"Now come foul creatures!
I Gerard Valkyrie shall take on all of you!
Let us make history tonight!"

You draw your sword and everybody instinctively follows suit.
Judging by their expressions even they feel that something is seriously wrong here.
And your suspicions quickly got confirmed when Marr shouted at you.


The others look at you for guidance, not realizing you are as confused as they are.

>Let's all charge in!
>You go help Marr! I'll hold him off
>Other? (write-in)
>Let's all charge in!
>>You go help Marr! I'll hold him off
>You go help Marr! I'll hold him off
Fuck it, merge again.
It worked well enough last time!
Not sure I want to write the shonen equivalent of premature ejaculation...
Unless the others are okay with it I won't do that.


Oh and while you discuss that matter please also start rolling 3d10s.
Best of 3:
DC: 20 Crit: 25
Rolled 10, 7, 2 = 19 (3d10)

I have but one roll in me and then it is back to the grind. I apologize for my lack of presence.

pls dice
Rolled 5, 6, 9 = 20 (3d10)

A'ight! A'ight!

Just one more!

Also... seriously?
Nobody even wants to discuss fusion?
Rolled 1, 9, 6 = 16 (3d10)

Okay... fuck it!
I'm rolling
File: 647Gerard_profile.png (130 KB, 412x305)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
"You guys..."
Steadily you began building up your power.
"Go and help Marr.
I'll hold him off!"

They nod and head off in the direction of the rampaging beast.
Only your wife staid by your side.

"I'll help."

Well then...
May I have this dance my lady?"

"Of course."
After flicking her hair Harribel drew her sword and you did the same.
"Destroy, Tiburón!"

"Mend and Maim, Basilisco!"


Once released the two of you charged the warrior Quincy with everything you had in an effort to test his strength.
Unsurprisingly Gerard stayed true to his appearance and fought rather un-quincy like.
Raising his shield he blocked the overly large blade of Harribel and locked swords with you at the same time.
Though he looked rather satisfied by this feat of his your wife did not intend on letting him enjoy it for too long.
With a sweep of her leg she managed to unbalance the steadfast warrior.
And now that her blade was free once more she swung it back in order to charge up her attack.

Seeing Tia charge a Cero within her blade you quickly broke free of Gerards hold as well.
Fully intent on capitalizing on the incoming attack you quickly dashed to the side and reached under the quincys arms.
Now with his arms raised and put into a lock he had no choice but to take the blast completely.

As Harribel swung her yellow blade the Cero hit Gerard square in the chest.
The heat and force of the compressed reishi hit you just as much as it did your opponent but you grit your teeth and kept him in the lock.
Once the yellow wave faded however he quickly flexed his arms and thrust them forward.
Surprised by the strength of this man you actually failed to keep him pinned and he broke free, bashing in your face with his elbow as he did so.

Swinging in a wide arc with his longsword he retaliated quickly and mercilessly.
Only by raising your own tail did you manage to avoid being greatly wounded.
As the Quincy pulled his blade free from your flesh he gave you a massive grin and began gloating.

"You got guts lil' hollow!
I'll give you that!
But I'm afraid you're gonna have to do better than that to hurt me!"

Coming up from behind the quincy your wife raised her sword with both hand in an attempt to crush the humans skull with it.
Turning around surprisingly quick for a man his size Gerard faced her and parried her strike with the greatest of ease.
But he's a bit taken back when he's unable to swat Tiburón aside and it weighs on his sword.
Then... he just smiles once more.

Realizing this you moved in to help your wife but you were too late.
Before you could even reach her or the Quincy her arm suddenly burst open and her blood splattered on the ground as she screamed.

I'm not actually certain how we're gonna beat Gerard

He only died in canon to deus ex machina, after fighting like half the cast (including Bankai Kenny) and constantly autoressing himself
He's pretty fucking ridiculous, Maybe we can super cancer him though.
And maybe that will just make him Super indestructible
With your eye going bloodshot red you kicked the laughing quincy in the side hard enough to hear his ribs crack.
As he's sent flying with remarkable force you rushed to Harribels aid and began mending her arm.


I just got caught off guard."
She winced as her flesh snapped back in place.
You did your best to make it painless for her but doing things quickly always consequences.

Meanwhile the bastard that's responsible for this stood up from the pile of rubble that fell on him upon landing.
Hah! HA-HA-HA!
You almost managed to disappoint me Fear Eater!
But finally you showed me something worth my time!
Guess you DID earn that reputation of yours after all!"

You turn to Marr and start demanding some answers from him.



Raising his sword skywards the Quincy began to gloat.
"I am Sternritter M, the MIRACLE!
And just as my name suggests I am the stuff of legends!
This sword of mine is called Hoffnung!"


"I see you didn't skip your German classes!
You are correct! And as the name implies it is the manifestation of Hope itself!
As such it can never be truly destroyed and woe be to those who attempt it!"

With that he charged you with his maximum speed and his sword pulled back.
Staring him down through his flight you raised both your hands and clapped them together once he was in reach, catching Hoffnung between your palms.

Despite your hands bleeding from this little stunt you did not relent and tightened your grasp around the blade.

"La Gota!"

She fired a compressed bullet of water right past your head and into Gerards chest.
The impact shot the man back from where he came from while his sword remained in your hands.
If that blade of his is so dangerous then all you had to do was take it away from him.
At least... that was the plan.
But as you attempted to gloat over the fact that you played the foolish quincy the sword disappeared into a few tongues of blue flames and then reappeared in Gerards hand.

"So it's a reishi weapon after all..."

Grasping at his stomach Gerard looked at you and smiled albeit with a pained expression.
"Of course!
What do ya think I am? Stupid?"

Cursing slightly you awaited your fellows to group up behind you.

"Hey old timer! How's it going?"

"Not good..."

"Sadly we don't have any good news for you either..."
You raised an eyebrow at that and Marr quickly answered you.
"As I fought him this guy kept growing stronger.
So we better end this quickly!"

That complicates things somewhat.

>Then I say it's about time for our little surprise...
>In that case let's waste him!
>Other? (write-in)
And my pc seems to have slowed down quite a bit.
I'm gonna do a quick reset to see if that fixes the issue.

So don't be alarmed if I go off the radar for a bit
>In that case let's waste him!
Gonna be heading out for the day. Will see how it ends later.
>>Then I say it's about time for our little surprise...
>>Then I say it's about time for our little surprise...
Heh... okay!

Then if you don't mind please roll the dice again.
Best of 3 as always.
DC: 17 Crit: 23
Rolled 6, 5, 1 = 12 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 1, 6 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 4, 10 = 18 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 1, 8 = 10 (3d10)

Ugh... fine.
Rolling again!
>rolling this bad
Well I guess you better start rolling then!
Unless you want me to do it for you

which you might considering your current opponent
File: screenshot-474.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Taking a deep breath you looked at the others and quickly shouted at them.

And as if they were waiting just for that each of them, with the exception of Dante, jumped high into the air.
Your grandson jumped only after he saw Marr leaping because he knew that the dinosaur was bad at creating reishi platforms.
But once all of them were high enough you let out a smirk as the quincy just stared obliviously.

Taking out a switch from your pocket you showed the prominent red button on it to Gerard before pressing it.


One by one the charges you set exploded all across the floating city, bringing down all structures on it.
But things did not end there.
Absolute calamity ensued as the force of your explosives sent cracks through the entire island.
As the fragments of the rock shifted and turned due to the tremors you jumped into the air and watched Gerard slowly realized what was happening around him.

Sadly for him it was already too late.
Once you were in the air your friends above began charging their individual Ceros and you followed suit.
The plan was the same you had against Askin, only planned out and executed much better.
To send the quincy tumbling down so the barriers between this realm and the Soul Society would tear him apart.

After adding your own azure colored blast to the cavalcade of others you had quite a vibrant beam of death hurling towards Gerard who just lost his footing.
Reflexively he raised his shield to cover himself, which honestly amused you as that buckler of his was comically undersized for the viking.
It didn't come as much of a surprise to you then that it also didn't offer him much protection from your blast.
>so the barriers between this realm and the Soul Society would tear him apart
Haha, I hope SS is adequately defended. Also he does have wings.

Ooh, looks like I showed up just in time for the light show!
File: Gerard's_Wings.png (191 KB, 735x533)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Pretty much the moment he collided with the blast he got sent flying backwards with great speed.
He grunted and groaned as he struggled the swirling mass of reiatsu in front of him until he realized just how much he got sent back.
Looking behind himself he saw the protective barriers approaching him at an alarming rate.
In a fit of panic he reached for his belt and activated the mechanism built into it.


Soon a brilliant flash of light strong enough to eclipse your combined attack engulfed the entire Soul King Palace.
In the blink of an eye the energy you managed to gather up was obliterated and where it once was a single spark of light shone brightly.
Looking down at the thing you quickly realized that it was approaching your location at an alarming rate.

With a powerful gust of wind the quincy suddenly came face to face with you once more.
And to say that his new appearance shocked you would be an understatement.
Just like in the age old legends he arrived on a pair of angelic wings, like his namesake.
He was the first one of his cult to truly be called an angel.

Your friends were equally impressed by that, more because of their celestial appearance rather than their capabilities.

Breathing rather heavily the arch angel looked at you with his weapons readied.
Though I must admit... I did not expect you to force me into using them quite yet.
But now that I've come this far... might as well go all out.
Don't you agree hollows?"

Asher observed as the angel before him began his charge.
Quickly raising his sword to block he was face to face with the alarmingly quick quincy.

"You are a man of the cloth. Are you not?
I wonder... how does it feel?"

Buddy you are barking at the wrong tree!
I am the last person you'll get with this godly mumbo jumbo of yours!"

But before the priest could properly retaliate his son actually came in for the rescue.

Dante brought down his bastard sword only to find the Quincys shield.
Sparks flew in all direction as the boy gritted his teeth in his attempt at cutting into the damn thing.
The Quincy mocked his efforts and attempted to raise his off hand in order to block.
But he quickly found out that such efforts are wasted as Dante did a quick time stop and chopped off that particular arm.

Now screaming and reeling pain Gerard disengaged from Asher who in turn also delivered a powerful slash at him.
Though the wound wasn't fatal it was enough to cause Gerard to bleed quite a lot.
But now that he was open like that a whole lot more pain was about to come to him as Marr also sprung into action.
Clasping his two hands together the Tyrant clobbered Gerard over the head and sent him down once more.
Dante gave him quite a surprised look as he spoke up.


"Don't thank me yet you moron!
The fight's not over yet!"

They all looked down and saw the bloody and battered quincy trying to stand up.
But strangely enough despite losing an arm Gerard was quite cheerful about his situation.

Well said! Well said!
Indeed the fun is just about to begin!"

Dante looked down at him and started mocking the one armed quincy.
"Maybe but I think that concussion of yours is a bit severe if you think you-"

However before the boy could finish Gerard just raised his newly amputated arm and a new one sprung in its place.
With his powerful, newly formed muscles bulging he gave the arm a few good squeezes before speaking up.
"Ah! Good as new!"

Okay we might have a problem!"

"Now then hollows!
Care to try that again?"

"I-Is it just me or did he get... larger?!"

"This is bad..."
Tia observed and you had to agree.

>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
>Focus on defense for now! Whatever happens do not let him get you!
>Other? (write-in)
>>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
>>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
>This is not the time to hold back guys! WE NEED TO GO ALL OUT!
Contentious vote, huh
You guys gon' die!

Roll 3d10.
DC: 16 Crit: 22
Best of 3 And pray you don't crit

Rolled 6, 5, 7 = 18 (3d10)

Time to roll a 30
Rolled 7, 9, 10 = 26 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 7, 6 = 18 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 2, 5 = 16 (3d10)

>We have to roll low
Gerard is my favorite ritter desu.
File: 1521075839295.png (1.03 MB, 776x804)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG


The one time I roll high in a quest.

File: 1504411016344.jpg (62 KB, 640x640)
62 KB
I really don't know what I expected
File: doom_paul_1.png (907 KB, 720x720)
907 KB
907 KB PNG
This is gonna turn into a hulk vs. his weight in bees universe.
Who would win in a fight though, Gerard or his weight in bees?

Honestly, neither of them.

It's just everybody who isn't them would probably lose.
>neither of them
If they're able to sting him enough to obliterate his body he'll turn into light and all the bees will disappear.
Maybe if we make him big enough he'll collapse into a black hole and die?

That'd still kill us, but in a less focused kind of way.
Iunno man, maybe we can time it right. It'd also kill Ywach, yeah?
Erm... not to be a dick but a black hole would be FAR worse than anything the Hulk or fucking bees could do to you.

In fact falling into a singularity like that has to be one of the most excruciatingly painful and slow deaths possible

True, but a black hole isn't powered by hatred for all non-bees and some actually bees and pollen, or a wannabe nazi with a hardon for killing hollows.

It's just there, and you dying is because it's there, not that it specifically wants you dead.
>In fact falling into a singularity like that has to be one of the most excruciatingly painful and slow deaths possible
Just after being sat on by your mom.
Since when is critting bad?
Since it's fucking Gerard Valkyrie we are talking about
Yeah, but rolls seem more like a measure of how well you handle the situation. Higher for being able to succeed better and come out on top, lower being doing less well or even outright bad, falling for the enemy's bullshit, etcetera.
Rolling high shouldn't be "you rolled well, now you're fucked dumbass"

It's like this. Our vote was to attack with everything we had.

Our crit meant that we hit like a fucking truck.

The problem is the more you hit this fuck, the more bullshit he gets.

Our aim was to out bullshit his bullshit.

Our calculations seem to have been a bit, off.
Succeeding while fighting Gerard is a bad thing though.

A pretty much perfect Byakuya/Kenpachi/Hitsugaya triple team attack only made him stronger.
Seeing him regenerate like that suddenly made you realize something.
"The Miracle...

The others naturally gave you some dubious looks.
However they quickly realized how serious you are when your reiatsu began growing even more.
Soon you entered your Segunda Etapa and the others around you followed suit.
Harribel of course used her own, Sophia actually moderated herself and did not in fact release her sword, Dante clad himself in his ultimate armor, Marr finally stopped holding back altogether, Nnoitora focused himself and brought out every ounce of strength he had and Asher was also there.

But once everyone was at their peaks you began your relentless assault.
You were the first one to make his move, with an aetherial Basilisco in one hand and a released Mera in the other.
At your top speed Gerard simply couldn't keep up with you as you sliced and diced him apart.

Then came Tia who unleashed a torrent of boiling water on the Quincy.
Only barely did you manage to escape the scalding hot waves.
However someone who wasn't as cautious as you entered willingly.
Dante pierced the waterfall and began his own attack as he was seemingly unaffected by Tias water.
With a Cero wrapped around his blade he severed Gerards waist from his torso.
And just in time for the others to join in on the fun.

After Harribels attack faded away the duo of Nnoitora and Marr cut loose and pummeled what was left of Gerards upper half.
Wanting to be as thorough as possible they hit it with a combination attack each, leaving nothing but a blob of flesh.

Meanwhile higher above Sophia turned to Asher.
"Can you help me a bit?"

"Erm... sure?
What's wrong Sophia?"

"I want to make a Cero but I need help with controlling it and you are good at it."

Go ahead then!"

Raising her hand Sophia gathered enough energy to create a sphere the size of a small house which left Asher speechless.
"Help me condense it."

The priest raises both of his hands and begins manipulating the reishi in it.
Soon the globe becomes the size of an elephant, then a car and then it contracts and becomes small enough to fit in the little girls hand.
"Here you go."


Casually tossing the ball in the vague direction of the Quincy she concludes that she contributed enough to this fight.
The glowing orb fell and pretty much it entered the field of vision of everyone people scrambled as quick as they could.
Soon enough it detonated, sending ripples through the air and burning Gerard to a crisp.
Yes, BUT.
A high roll in this scenario could mean that we NOTICE what happens to him with attacks, and cut the shit before his power is unmanageable. Since that would be "doing better" overall.
The only way to take Askin out was by nuking him, same with Pernida, bar merging.
File: Gerard's_Vollstandig.png (180 KB, 602x720)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
You watched the fireworks die down from a safe distance.
Though not even comparable to the one she fired off before this Cero still packed quite a punch.
And once the blast faded you could feel the quincies presence no more.

Sighing with relief you made your way to your daughter and ruffled her hair.
"Good job sweetie."
Then you turned to the others.
"Is everyone okay?"

"I uh... I think so.
Poor schmuck didn't even have a chance to retaliate."

"That's just how things go when you are outnumbered so much.
But we really had no choice.
With his healing and constantly increasing power..."


However as you finished that you felt something terrible happening.
Somehow the entire Royal Realm quaked as arcs of lightning ran across the sky and a powerful white light began blinding you.


The power was unmistakable.
It belonged to the quincy you thought you destroyed utterly.
But it was there, as clear as day and growing stronger.
And from the light something emerged.

First it was a hand, grasping at nothing and yet pulling itself free from the radiant void it came from.
Then came the body...
Gargantuan in size and brimming with power.
Familiar yet... strangely different.

As he wrestled himself free from whatever dimension he clawed his way out of his enormous size became apparent to you.
With his mighty wings spread wide and his armor glistening in the light he was truly a sight to behold.
He spoke up.
"Did you believe you could win so easily?"

Your friends just stared at the giant with their mouths agape.
Some of them even managed to mutter uncontrollably.
"T-This can't be!
H-He was fucking dead!"

Being beaten within an inch of your life...
And then not only coming back from death but triumphing...
That's what you'd call a Miracle, isn't it?"
Creating his blade of hope once more he pointed it at you.
"In case you didn't figure it out yet... I'll educate you before you die.
Miracles are called miracles for a reason.
If they could be birthed from the mundane and ordinary... they wouldn't be worth your attention.
No... they should be special. Things you can not explain with mere words.
And to embody the word Miracle... one needs to be just as wondrous."

Finally comprehension dawns on you as you stare at the giant before you.
"I-I understand!
No matter how much we hit him... he always gets up! Stronger than before!
Because he-"

"Makes Miracles...
That's what you wanted to say.
You are correct.
But you knowing that won't change a thing...
For I am Gerard Valkyrie, Sternritter M - The Miracle!
And the Heart of the Soul King!"
Gerard pointed his sword at you.
"And you... I'll make sure I'll avenge what you did to my brother!"
Let's just run towards where Yhwach is.
And sadly this is where I'll end things off.

I don't know when the next session will be.
Probably not next week.
Anyways, see you guys later.

And I hope you had a pleasant weekend.
>Probably not next week
Oh boy! It'll be this week.

Thanks for running.

See ya next time Spooky.
Thanks for running
Spooky if you let him kill us because we rolled well and end the quest like that I can;t see your next quest getting any followers at all.
Honestly I expect even MORE fuckery even with meta aspects like dice from some of the more reality warping sternritter. I wouldn't be surprised if when fighting Ywach for real he can straight up influence our votes or arbitrarily set the DC however he wants. These guys 100% cheat and Ywach couldn't actually be beaten in canon except for silly asspull that didn't even amuse anyone. Like shit, if instead of Ichigo just pulling his old sword out of his ass he somehow manifested the Hogyoku out of wherever Urahara hid it that would have been dope.

Really I think you just need to calm down man. We've made pretty good progress fighting discount asgardian since we've forced him to show off his super bullshit so now we can double super bullshit and plan for when he double double super bullshits in response.
You worry too much.
The crit was still a success as he did literally nothing to you and you managed to straight up push him past like... two forms in one go.
But I am not THAT much of a cunt and I don't know why you think I am.
And just to clarify, yes Critting was punished but guess what would've happened if you failed?
Yea Gerard woulda hurt you but that's nothing you can't fix AND he wouldn't have powered up.

This was also not the first time I did this.
File: 1205968_original.png (92 KB, 768x244)
92 KB
Omake #2: The Sleeping God

With the war entering its final phase God has fallen asleep.
For hundreds of years it's been like this.
During the day he's the God of the Quincy, during the night he's the Father of the Quincy with his powers momentarily switching with Haschwalts.
The reason for that was simple.

It was in this healing trance of his that he managed to recover from the fatal injuries he received a thousand years ago.
Using Haschwalth as a vessel for the Balance during the day he retrieves it during the night so it can aid him in the retrieval, consumption and digestion of the souls that rightfully belong to him.
But now with the Soul Kings power and throne in his possession he will no longer need these services.

As he drifted into a deep slumber something happened to him that he did not foresee.
A thick, black, ink like substance secreted from his body and began invading all other realms.
Unable to rest peacefully his body twitched uncontrollably as he mumbled to himself.

"N-No... please... don't..."

Vivid images beset him, visions he had no control over.
His children being slaughtered, their desecrated corpses forming a pile that towered above him.
A group of his most precious descendants betraying him and submitting to the enemy.

Robert Accutrone, Berenice Gabrielli, Candice Catnipp, Bambietta Basterbine, Liltotto Lamperd, Meninas McAllon and Cang Du.
The crosses on their uniforms torn off and cast aside. They hunkered down behind the enemy lines and betrayed their bloodline.
And every time he tried to reach out to punish these unruly children as a good father should he felt something stopping him.
An imposing, unstoppable guardian, a dragon watched over them.
As it looked at Yhwach its glowing eyes burned a hole in his soul.

Many of his children also died.
But thanks to His Majesties power they were brought back stronger than ever.
However... some were not so fortunate.
Lost in Limbo, a bottomless pit, their souls cried out for their father to help them.
But alas he could not. They ceased to exist long ago and not even He could do anything about it.
Loyd and his brother Royd, Quilge Opie and Giselle Gewelle suffered such fates and their loss will eternally haunt him.

And the rest of his children are now stuck fighting a seemingly never ending war with the very beasts that they are deathly afraid of...
File: nap.png (11 KB, 286x176)
11 KB
These men were all resurrected or resuscitated by His Majesty only to have their fates sealed one more time.

Äs Nodt has confronted a shinigami with one eye.
And despite his power of the Fear... he was losing.
The Captain saw the one thing that he never wanted to see: The death of his lieutenant, his niece, the person he swore on the death bed of his brother to protect.
For the first time in his service as a Captain of the Gotei 13 Kyoraku Shunsui has gotten angry.
And in his anger he did not hesitate to use his bankai to wipe away Äs Nodt from the face of the Earth.

Bazz-B his other son who was ever so defiant was in no better position.
Stuck in a fight with another beast of a man Ukitake Jushiro who also used his full power of manipulating both water and lightning to not only counter but surpass Bazz-B's assault.
The waters extingushied his passionate flames while the lightning made Bazz realize just how weak he was in comparison.

His two other sons: Driscoll Berci and Mask De Masculine, two of his most physically strong children were also brought to the brink of death by two equally impressive shinigami.
Zaraki Kenpachi swung his massively oversized sword over his shoulder as he looked at the mutilated Mask slowly piecing himself back together upon hearing the cheers of James who has been pinned to a tree and is now coughing blood.

I don't want this pain anymore!
Just let me die already!"

You shouldn't play with your foes like that."

"Heh... you're one to talk!
That guy can't even scream anymore since you cut out his vocal cords!"

"This is simply payback for the death of an old friend of mine.
Yours is just unnecessary cruelty."

I've been getting bored anyway.
So... what do you say? Shall we finish this?"
The two Kenpachis then readied their blades and executed their foes swiftly.

The last of his flock were Jerome Guizbatt, BG-17, PePe Waccabrada and NaNaNa Najahkoop who were being overwhelmed by 3 shinigami.
Sui Feng the Captain of the 2nd division, Momochi Takeshi the descendant of a monster and Kotetsu Isane, the lieutenant of the 4th division.
His sons were swiftly overrun by the Shunko of the two warriors while the third one supported them from the back.
The combined powers of the boy and the Captains Shunko broke the Blut of the Quincy effortlessly while their other abilities were used to deliver a swift death to each of them.

And just like that all of His children that were brought back from the dead have been killed once more.
But his torment did not end just yet...
The Schutzstaffel, the creme of the creme of the crops, his most elite warriors fell one by one as well.

Pernida Parnkgjas just died... but perhaps most strangely his soul did not return to Yhwach.
Askin and Lille, both of whom should have been invincible also met unfortunate ends.
Now only Gremmy, Haschwalth and Gerard stood between him and the hungry beasts knocking on his door.

His Majesty worried.
As he observed the ongoing fight of Gerard he saw dark clouds looming over the battlefield.
Something dark and very dangerous was about to awaken, something that instilled fear even in him.
He could just feel it.

And suddenly... the dreams faded.
God opened his eyes and he saw a featureless, black figure standing in front of him.
The beasts eyes were pure white and were the only things he could see beside its sharp teeth.
That monster let out an ear splitting howl and jumped at him.
He raised his hands in protest, trying to defend himself. But it was futile.

Whatever that thing was it was unrelenting, uncaring and filled with bloodlust.
As the creature bit his neck he finally truly woke up and broke out in a sweat.
He clutched his chest and felt his heart beating so hard he could feel his own pulse in his throat.
Nervously he looked around and once he confirmed he was alone in the room he fell back into his throne and let out a nervous laugh.

Since when do I have nightmares?
Or... was it?"

Staring blankly in front of himself God was left confused and looking for answers.
After calming down and realizing he's not going to get any answers he decided to fall back asleep.
This time he didn't dream about anything.
That was also a first in his life...

Omake #2: THE END
File: 17832.jpg (9 KB, 250x222)
9 KB
Very nice omake
Quincy BTFO
>wherever Urahara hid it
Urahara didn't know what the fuck happened to the Hogyoku.
I'm pretty sure it ended up back with him once he took it out of Aizens chest

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