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Welcome back friends to a new chapter of our quest. I can only offer a sincere apology for failing to do my usual threads in the past two weeks; I was sick and to be frank I’m not fully recovered but I think it’s more than time to continue. I’ve left you on this cliffhanger for long enough, it’s about time to see what this goat loli-baba has to offer, right?

For a quick reminder as to what we are about to do; last thread we’ve cemented our desire to venture into a spooky forest to help Vilma, our friend Lich, in gathering corpses as ammunition to strengthen herself for a duel that has yet to be announced. You and the girls wish to be proactive and, thankfully, decided to inform the teacher Teruko who offered a much better alternative to potentially angering a dragon, albeit with the condition of accompanying your band on this adventure despite her late pregnancy.

It’ll complicate things for sure, but you decided it was wise to keep her aboard regardless because she’s familiar with your destination topography and -more importantly- the culture and language in case you’d happen to cross path with natives. None of the girls enjoyed the real possibility of killing innocents because of a language barrier since you’ll be, technically, trespassing into a foreign country to accomplish a taboo ritual.

Those who take a pragmatic stance toward necromancy are dreadfully few.

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Sheet of perks and spells for our main character - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FFJHeWTu21_OktfrfYkJQhpV5HQw4PtFKav_QoMYjQY/edit?usp=sharing
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‘’Got some fish eyes on you, not too familiar with Throne Town huh?’’ Belphegor stated proudly, observing the closing of this hidden ''elevator'' that was somehow dwelling behind a piece of rock wall of Sieglinde living room. Both of you had stepped into what you'd consider a claustrophobic cage with the gentle glower of an artificial blue light keeping the darkness at bay. ‘’Well, you won’t be finding any of that tech anywhere else, even our capital is a bit rustic. All this fancy stuff is for Daiyu’s girl’s enjoyment, it's my little playground of sanity...’’ Her musing was accompanying by soft buzzing emerging from the surrounding slick metallic walls ‘’This thing was made by capturing and replicating mages momentum ability, you know that capability of launching fireballs? The force behind it, that gravity, is the same thing moving our coffin, with greatly reduced momentum so we don’t splatter ourselves on the roof.’’

‘’This talent of conjuring pleasant pictures for explaining your devices make you a great teacher.’’ That casual way of mentioning a lethal accident was surprisingly dreadful to hear, was alchemy a craft of deadly progression?

‘’Is fine is fine, we're here and this thing emerges into my lab so I won’t need to blindfold you before stepping into our topmost floor.’’ She sounded sincere, even managing a guilty upturned look as your height difference was that much more pronounced in this cage. ‘’It ain't that I don’t trust you, my lab is fine but until Daiyu, Sieglinde, Deruella, and Martha agree, you oughta think this roof to be off limit. Everyone lives on the fourth floor, this one is more or less reserved for Supreme Mamonos politics and stuff related to the Throne’’

You could only silently raise your eyebrows at this sudden serious shift that had Belphegor expression change into worry. ‘’No hard feeling.’’ You announced against the backdrop of awkward stones-on-stones scratching.

‘’You’ve got the making of a cool lad.’’ Belphegor gently tapped your arm with her dull claws and your tomb-like vehicle came to a full stop. ‘’Oh yeah, take it all in.’’ She proudly murmured as the obstructing door slid open awkwardly.

It revealed a big room droning a constant buzzing noise that somehow sent constant tiny vibration into a dirty wooden floor. Carving in the western wall of stones created welcoming windows that allowed a majestic gaze of the academy sole entrance and further beyond, into the sea of buildings that was Throne Town proper, perhaps more aptly described as a megalopolis. Separated into three districts by what seemed to be artificial canals, you spotted two churches and a cathedral jutting out majestically from commons habitats. Midday sun streaming from those openings wasn’t enough to illuminate the entirety of Belphegor large laboratory, about twice the size of Sieglinde room by your quick evaluation.
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Belphegor ventured forth, her light clops emerging as an echo of strength. Feeble blueish lights shifted into a comfortable shine of sunlight as her habitat somehow recognized its mistress and whatever remained of the darkness was cast away, revealing an overture into alchemical wonders.

At first, you kept your eyes locked onto the diminutive demonic goat who was maneuvering around a strange pillar-like furniture that vibrated constantly and upon realizing your absence, she waved for you to follow as you observed all these makeshift walls; Belphegor laboratory was one massive open room with smaller segments created from metallic pillars. A forge was nesting on the furthest wall and as you made your way through a doorway made of two rotating pillars, you came across a full tank of glowing blue liquid with a tube attached into a cylindrical machine with a constantly spinning spherical core the size of your head, revealing itself as one of many sources for this place constant buzzing.

‘’Right right, I think I’ve put the stuff around here. Don’t go touching anything.’’ Surrounded by short walls you stepped into what you could only assume to be the little mastermind main study, with more than five tables full of strange metallic apparatus, a second tank full of worrisome sickly green fluid… How big is this place? How much of a fortune was dwelling in this bric-a-brac of technological wonder?

‘’Fascinating…’’ You murmured, feeling an urge to touch a nearby object but wisely decided to wait for Belphegor permission, her absence did embolden you to observe things a little closer but you quickly happened upon something incredibly unusual.

On the rightmost side was something you first mistook as a statue. About three meters tall - a full head above all these walls of scrap metals- a golem-like entity stood dormant. Made as a simulacrum of humanity, it’s shape was humanoid yet different enough to feel foreign in a way that Mamonos could not replicate. Thick gray stones piled atop each other in a near half-hazard way to make an uneven torso, arms thicker than your body, with fingers bigger than your head, looked forged in a flexible looking metal of steel-like attribute projecting a faint shine of emerald out of crackled joints. Up above a metallic featureless was a hole… a seat, yes. It was a seat carved into the rocks with a staff implanted above the unmoving face.

A golem? Some type of alchemical weapon? Either way, it was big, made of stones and with the ability to move; a deadly combination indeed. How did she even put it in this place?
File: B.jpg (249 KB, 733x1000)
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The left side was occupied by another oddity; a cocoon of metal enshrined an unusual armor. Strange tubes were linked into several joints of its frame while copper-like material combined with gold and iron to create an entire head-to-toe shell that had you wonder if anybody could put it on their lonesome. One big piece of topaz shone a quiet luster in the middle of this thing chest and an equally dull shine throbbed faint yellows from small rectangle for eyes, projecting an eerie sense of sentience.

It took a light sensation on your arm, a gentle poke from a sharp claw, to instill a new presence of mind. ‘’Can we… Is it possible to bring one of those?’’ You asked the short she-goat showing a wide, smug and very satisfied grin.

‘’Nope.’’ It was a firm affirmation despite her childish appearance. ‘’Those two are true alchemical masterpieces that won’t be deployed for a discrete operation, we aren’t going to war. Beside…’’ She clicked her claw-like fingers together. ‘’You’re too green, a fragile lad like you will buckle under pressure.’’

‘’Isn’t Teruko safety worth it?’’ You retorted, knowing full well the futility of your argument.

‘’It is, that’s why I’ve prepared three toys you’ll be able to handle.’’ Belphegor waved at the armor. ‘’Those experiments can stand up to Supreme Monsters, it’ll make a whole lot of people nervous if they get out of here.’’

Ah well, you remain a simple apprentice magician surviving on people charity and already getting a fancy magitek weapon, now’s not the time for greed. Perhaps if you could prove yourself to Belphegor somehow, you'd be a step closer to getting a lesson on those two wonders of alchemy.

Lying on a table surrounded by odd, broken pieces of metals that had been unceremoniously dumped on the ground, the little she-goat armaments were neatly on display and one thing, in particular, managed to look stranger than everything else.

‘’Arms really stand out huh?’’ Your little companion announced, waving for the equipment like prized wares.

Arms was a hard sell for a descriptor. This piece of magitek seemed to be a pair of brown bark-like material attached to a large metallic belt with enough girth to cover half of your stomach with two protruding shell-like spheres acting as a center of balance and origin point. Two flexible membranes extended out of these circles, blunt and phallus-shaped, they evoked images of squids, some kind of feeler-like appendage that…

‘’Tentacles?’’ You filled the word that didn’t quite settle in your mind.
‘’Nope, artificial arms. See, this belt is called Stanislaw Limbs, made by a cleric who hoped to find an alternative for pricey prosthetic to help out invalids, although he ended up accidentally making a fancy -if unpopular as all hell- weapon.’’ Having prepared her oration, Belphegor stopped to knock on those arms, creating no sounds. ‘’As you can see it’s a pair of flexible worms about two meters tall that can crack open a man skull, able to flex and retract like your own limbs; nothing fancy and that’s what makes it good. Belt will synchronize with your body energy flow and your reserves will be used to animate them.’’


‘’ The arms will put a constant drain on your magical battery.’’ Belphegor announces flatly. ‘’It’s a very small amount; weak mages, for example, can easily last two or three days if they're conservative with spells. Still, it can sneak up on ya if you’re too fling happy with magic.’’

‘’Duly noted.’’ Stanislaw Limbs looked to be a consistent type of weapon, it could certainly be useful to have some type of defenses to help you in a melee.

‘’Right, gauntlets then.’’ The small instructor wasted no time in your musing and grab a piece of armor. She showed it off silently, allowing you to peruse this object of competent making to your neophyte eyes. Iron metals shone a dull silver with leather padding inside to make it comfortable, built large enough to protect your forearm and leave your elbow free. Aside from three particular pieces of sapphires embedded into its inner arm, this piece magitek seemed to be a fancily decorated gauntlet.

‘’I’ve taken to call this one the XYZ.’’ She seemed proud of that title so you decided to remain silent… only for the girl’s feet to clomps audibly and her youthful feature to twist in a displease grimace. ‘’Hrmph.’’ She growls, utterly failing at looking intimidating. ‘’Come up with something better since I’m clearly incompetent at naming things.’’

‘’I’ll try.’’ You decided to calm her down with a lukewarm agreement, giving names was a sensitive topic.

A strangely adorable trait.

‘’You do that.’’ Belphegor cleared her throat, pretending to ignore her reddening cheeks. ‘’This piece comes in a set of three, though you can only handle one for now since you aren’t used to handling magitek safely. Going overboard on weapons will strain your brain and trust me, nobody wants that.’’

‘’Alright, I was entertaining a hope of using everything but I’ll refer to your good judgment.’’ It was a shame you couldn’t do second best after being refused with using those wondrous artifacts.
File: 1.jpg (1.02 MB, 1296x864)
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‘’Thank.’’ She nodded then cleared her throat, small clawed hands keeping a lazy hold of that weapon. ‘’This thing is simple: put it on, let it synchronize with your body with harmless bloodletting and your magical pathways will provide the fuel it needs to activate. Those sapphires you see are modified cores attuned to a specific magical nature, essentially it allows a soft alteration of your magical nature into another. By using this gauntlet as a point of origin, you’ll be able to cast ice-related spells.’’ Belphegor extends her small right hand without missing a beat to speak. ‘’Throwing javelins, encasing your fist in ice, unleashing a hail of frost out of your palm… You can’t go and, say, conjure yourself an armor, any altered spells you wanna make needs it’s origin in the gauntlet.’’

‘’I’ll still be able to continue using my natural craft?’’ She nodded and casually dropped her ''XYZ'' on the table.

‘’Ayup, it’ll extend your tactical capabilities. It’s a bitch to maintain though, spells needs twice their usual costs and channeling something too strong could break the gems. You’ll have to be a tad careful in your measurement, this XYZ also comes in a fire or lightning flavor so you’ve got choices there.’’

Belphegor had already grasped the last object, another gauntlet made of a combination of bronze and gold with strange white lines of from another unidentifiable material constructed deeper into the metal, a curious glance inside revealed something akin to porcelain. ‘’Mh?’’ You frowned in curiosity, earning a chuckle out of Belphegor.

‘’Angelic stuff, no clue how they make it. This is one of Rugert Anchor, a weapon made in a joint project between clerics and a faction of angels. It works like the elemental gauntlets except they channel Holy magic to create shields -and only shields-‘’ She makes a point to wag a claw at this precision. ‘’Healing isn’t going to happen because it’s plain impossible to replicate. This thing will allow you to create shields of various strength by using your arm as a core. Feed enough of your magic into it and you’ll be able to make a good 2 meters wide protective square, trying to go beyond this maximum capacity is liable to break it, so don't get too passionate.’’

Curt yet gentle, Belphegor leisurely dropped the item on the table, claws coming together to mark a few audible knocks. ‘’I’ll leave it to ya to choose yer stuff. A man oughta have that freedom.’’
File: 1365215137772.jpg (202 KB, 1440x900)
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Given what you've practiced of your own magical craft so far, you might have to rely on one of these weapons for offense.

>Stanislaw Limbs [Give you a pair of blunts weapon with a 2 meters reach that will constantly consume a marginal amount of magic. No special rules with them for dices, simple and effective weapon.]

>XYZ [Come in cold, fire or lightning variant. Allows you to create elemental spells centered on your hand and arm.]

>Rugert Anchor. [Grants you the ability to create shields centered around the gauntlet. Weak ones mean simples conjuration of a portable shield but medium-to-high strength spells can make big enough obstruction to protect your entire party. Rather dangerous since you'll need to stand at the forefront of menaces since, unlike what you've seen from Elina, this piece of magitek will not create anything at a distance.]

>Free Choice

The gauntlets need twice as much fuel for spells, translating into this rule.
Low consumption = Medium
Medium consumption = High
High = 1d6 roll to prevent breaking it.
So Belph has a mech and her very own Iron Man suit hiding in here? Nice. If we go with the limbs can we use em' to link up with someone from a distance to power em' up?
>If we go with the limbs can we use em' to link up with someone from a distance to power em' up?

Unfortunately not, those things are pure weapons. With modification, something like that is possible but you don't have time for that now.
Darn. If we use self-reinforcement will that affect the limbs too? If so I'm all for going HULK SMASH on the legions of the undead!
I guess i'll go with the holy shields.

If we could use the arms to jump high or run fast with them then they'd be tempting.
File: Arms.jpg (494 KB, 1063x1500)
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494 KB JPG
You'll be able to synchronize with them by enhancing your body, yeah.

It's a pair of giant limbs, similar to this picture, albeit more flexible and fatter. They'd be able to lift you up, though you'd need a successful roll to accomplish anything fancy because you lack training.

If there are no other votes in the next hour or so, I'll make a roll to break the tie.
I guess i'll switch to the arms then.

Could we get sleeker and more discrete arms later?
That'd require altering their design. While you're a mage, nothing prevents you from trying to become Belph apprentice and delve into alchemy to create your own weapons.

Otherwise, you'd need to ask favors out of the goat.
File: 1518715781706.jpg (586 KB, 2014x1200)
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‘’I’ll take those limbs.’’ It had taken a while to make your decision and, frankly, you were truly tempted to insist on getting that belt with a gauntlet.

‘’Oh? Mind telling me why?’’

‘’Efficient and simple, that’s how you put it.’’ You turn to observe the short goat demon, spotting a strange array of tubes with glowing liquids on a table behind her. You’d probably be able to spend days lost in here admiring all of this chaos.

‘’And?’’ Oh, right.

‘’We are going into a forest.’’ You cleared your throat and focused on explaining yourself. ‘’A potentially haunted one full of undead, I believe that if we happen to get swarmed it’d be much safer for myself to hold my own against walking corpses, help keep the pressure on any of our flanks to a minimum. If these limbs truly act as you describe, then my inexperience with magitek shouldn’t be a burden. My efficiency will be consistent to oppose whatever threats that try to assail us.’’ Those things weren’t exactly charismatic or good looking but you’ll take crude efficiency over gallantry.

‘’Hm, alright you’ve got a good head. I’m convinced, now then let me explain how it work and activate it…’’

It was a short explanation, Belphegor wasn't a woman to linger explaining pointless things. The crux of Magitek activation and manipulation was tied with manipulating your magical flow, something that a surprisingly high number of mages were inexperienced in, yet your short exercise with Vilma taught you many rare lessons.

Putting on that bulky belt made it uncomfortable around your stomach but the arms were activated flawlessly. ‘’You’ll sense a presence, a weight on the back of your head.’’ The little teacher had warned you and, exactly after activation, you felt this uncomfortable sensation in your brain, something you could only describe as a ‘’spot’’ that, apparently, was the entire reason why Belphegor refused to allow any combinations of weapons; the risk of brain hemorrhage for a neophyte was far too high.

In the end, the process of activation demanded 10 minutes, far shorter than the usual half an hour it took for the average apprentice.

‘’Don’t try to swing em here, just wrap those things around you or something when we go back into the elevator because I swear, I’ll have you as my indentured servant if you break anything.’’

‘’I’ll… keep it in mind. It’s a weird feeling.’’ Stanislaw Limbs were odd beasts indeed, now that they were fully activated, attuned to your soul and magical pathways you felt their drain. It was as if you were opening and closing your palm constantly and their presence held a similar feeling to your own arms; they were moving according to your will yet when you tapped them gently wit ha fist, there was no feedback or sensation.

Meaning you’ll need to rely entirely on sight to gauge their effectiveness.
‘’Think it’s possible to get some sensations out of them?’’ You asked your short elder and cast one last, forlorn glance at her marvelous pair of artifacts, one day… maybe one day you’ll get to test them.

‘’Yeah but that’ll need some alteration to their design and, well, it could be dangerous. What happens if someone cut em up in battle? That feedback pain could translate to your brain mistaking it as your own arm getting butchered, keeping em dull like that might be hard for precision but you don’t need delicacy for smashing open a walking corpse.’’

‘’Option is still there though?’’ You continued to ask as both of you stepped into the elevator.

‘’Maybe, unless we get some hard proof that it’s too dangerous, alchemy can make a whole lot of impossible things suddenly within reach. Though it’s usually nowhere near reliable like magical weapons, it’s also much easier for laymen to get their hands on strong arms.’’
Interesting… learning more could be worthwhile but time-consuming


The shrine of the demonic throne remained bleak and boring despite the valiant group of women present and waiting for you re-emergence. Grayish walls and an utter lack of furniture made of a poor sight aside from three strange small claw-like pillars jutting out of the ground where an eerie sphere of darkness ominously levitated on their central point, waiting to be unleashed.

‘’Oh, gals were busy too.’’ Belphegor remarked, voice echoing into all that nothingness. ‘’That’s…’’ Both of you noticed an oddity at the same time; a new presence had invited herself amongst them, a small entity was flying around Teruko who had also found a walking stick, standing upright and proud despite her protruding stomach.

It was a tiny woman with magnificent butterfly wings of greenish-white, with long leaf-colored hair constantly moving as if caught in an eternal breeze and stranges unidentifiable sparkles surrounding her forearm-length body, this entity could only be identified with a single title.

‘’…A fairy’’ You ended Belphegor statement long before you could pretend to be in synch with her.

This unidentified girl promptly hid behind her mistress as you got closer with the she-goat, your newly acquired equipment completely overshadowed by that adorable little thing peeking up from Teruko shoulder.
File: 5.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
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141 KB JPG
‘’Needn’t be so shy, darling’’ The teacher spoke softly, nodding to you and Belphegor as you got closer, seemingly familiar enough with alchemy to avoid looking impressed by those tentacles on your flank. Besides her was Vilma so thoroughly enchanted by this tiny floating girl that her shiny, glossy eyes didn’t acknowledge your arrival while Elina was standing with Sieglinde near those pillars, the princess was hard at work channeling something and, from this angle, her arms seemed covered in tar. ‘’You’ve certainly acquired an ominous weapon mysir and I can only keenly thank thee for being so adamant in keeping mineself safe.’’

‘’Don’t worry, I'm genuinely excited in Magitek and it was a perfect reason to convince old little Belph here to lend me something.’’ Your statement was immediately answered by a grunt and a clomp.

‘’Don’t call me old, you’ll make me scare off that scaredy floating girl. Who is she anyhow?’’

‘’Ah, that’d be my darling waif, my partner, my half; come on now little lady Titania…’’ The fairy didn’t speak, only continued peeking upward. She immediately retreated deeper behind her mistress when Teruko tapped her head. ‘’…shy, but that shan’t hold her back. It is she, the source of mine unusual ability to heal, it is her who altered mineself to do what Holy cannot. Allow her some time to grow warm and embolden herself with thine presences and you’ll find a steadfast friend.’’

‘’Whoa!?’’ Vilma suddenly screamed and the fairy flew up like an arrow, leaving behind a trail of glittering powders that keenly reminded you of tears. ‘’Ah…’’ The lich immediately grew diminutive, observing in guilt the flying little forearm-sized girl hiding in a large pocket of Teruko tunic. ‘’…sorry. I didn’t think Arawn would look like a spider.’’

‘’Don’t like eight-legged freaks?’’ Belphegor asked with a smug grin, earning a silent shake of her head while Teruko chuckle ended, apparently greatly amused by the antics of her fairy.

‘’We’ll be ready, Sieg finished calibrating the Throne.’’ Elina suddenly cut into the middle of your warm discussion, looking wholly unamused or… no, she was plainly cold and resolved to this coming trial. Body clad in blue armor and right hand holding onto a halberd of similarly colored metal, you realized that she projected an aura that could only be described as war-like; she was heading onto a battlefield and made sure everyone knew it, too.

‘’Aight, I’ll go fetch me drones.’’ Belphegor didn’t want and jogged for the twin statues.

‘’So, anything… special to keep in mind?’’ You asked, flexing your new acquisition so they’d avoid keeping too much space beside you. Was that how Elina felt with her wings?
File: Sieg 02.png (154 KB, 635x903)
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154 KB PNG
‘’Nay.’’ This was answered by Sieglinde whose steps clicked as if covered in metal. Her arms and legs were covered by a shiny black exoskeleton and her deformed yet elegant hands had changed into monstrous claws without thumbs, she’d be completely unable to manipulate equipment and her gears showed it, for she was protected by half plates, ring mail, and leather. Her tail had also changed, it’s tip wasn’t a fork anymore; it was a blade, pure and simple.

Yes, she was heading for war too.

‘’Impressive?’’ She asked you with a satisfied grin, eyes trailing the length of your new acquisition.

‘’Yeah, I hope I am too.’’ You rubbed the back of your neck, feeling the ground tremble with Belphegor approaching golems.

‘’I think you’ll do just fine with those. Now…’’ The princess cleared her throat, horns angled a little differently than you remembered. She’d be able to make lethal headbutts. ‘’…this portal was created by using Teruko memories but it has been two years, so it is entirely possible things have changed and we’ll end up somewhere different and dangerous. There is no telling what kind of necromantic mishap is happening with more than two thousand people massacred in a forest that hasn't received any cleansing rites.’’ Her speech had brought a change in all the girls, their warm disposition changed into a steel-like determination that bled into the normally nervous Vilma who had no fear of locking gazes with you anymore. ‘’Under no circumstances are we to split up and if I and Belphegor rule it, we -will- retreat. Both of us can create a portal linking here, so if one of us happens to be incapacitated…’’ You felt like protesting but the Demon Lord daughter would not suffer such emotions now, she was tempered steel and pragmatism; a two-hundred-year-old veteran. ‘’…The other will make your lives a priority. Am I understood?’’

Everyone, you included, silently and vigorously nodded.

‘’Alright, any questions?’’

>Anything to ask, Arawn?
>I’ll also need a few 1d100s to determine the state of the forest. Three rolls from three different anons would be perfect
Rolled 6 (1d100)

no questions
Rolled 33 (1d100)

Alright, I'll make a roll too. We'll make do without the numbers I need.
Rolled 37 (1d100)

File: trees.jpg (154 KB, 758x505)
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154 KB JPG
Sieglinde took the time to observe everyone as the silence after her briefing stretched on, only interrupted by the cavernous, booming steps of Belphegor golems that would accompany your group. The princess lingered on Teruko, earning two set of stares when the mentor fairy gained enough composure to avoid melting when stopped by the demonic royal redhead. ‘’Alright’’ That seemingly managed to satisfy her. ‘’Open it up, aunty.’’

‘’Aye, sure.’’ Belphegor casually answered, flanked by her pair of giant. You briefly wondered if she wouldn’t bring any weapons by a belt fit to her teenage size revealed that she packed quite a bit of miscellaneous equipment; while absent of weapon you figured you could trust this old little goatling to take care of herself admirably.

Her small deformed hand extended for the hovering ball of corruption and a tiny tendril of smoking corruption escaped the veteran alchemist to be swallowed by her target that underwent an immediate metamorphosis; it stretched into a massive oval-shaped swirly manifestation of hypnotic corruption.

‘’Gonna take a look with my pets, if I come back running expect the worst.’’ Belphegor casually announced and boldly walked into that portal wide enough to encompass her rocky bodyguards side by side.

This created an immediate sense of tension, Elina grasped her halberd and moved to point it at the portal while you faced forward with your arms, ready to lunge at any would-be zombies… only a small arm covered in brown fur poked out from that swirly nexus to make a welcome wave, then promptly disappeared again.

‘’It’s safe.’’ Sieglinde said, nodding. ‘’Let’s go.’’

So begin your very first adventure.


Stepping through a portal was a surprisingly casual experience. Like opening a door, there wasn’t any certitude to know for certain what awaited you and the biggest clash came from a brief sense of disorientation when making a drastic change of scenery. Bleak, gray spartan nothing gave way to greeneries that were -far- from normal.

The portal had been erected into a small clearing with a hill flanking your left and enough trees to make it impossible to spot any landmark aside from the raised earth, there was no denying something was odd with the forest because everywhere you look, what ought to be normal bark covered piece of natural timbers showed a crook so noticeable it had the entire group stunned.

Almost all the trees were twisted in C shapes that often made them bump or outright grow into each other, creating a deformed scenery of chaotic vegetation, an overgrown manifestation that had you think of a widespread epidemic or, maybe, something similar to magic; none of these trees showed any hints of normalcy and as the portal of darkness petered out, bleak silence and fogs affirmed that your group had stepped into someplace -very- odd indeed, a true haunted forest. A place that could have, somehow, twisted this world reality.
File: 1.png (54 KB, 304x345)
54 KB
‘’Ah this is…’’ Vilma was the first to break the silence, quickly accompanied by a few snapping twigs as Belphegor drones moved to keep a secure lookout on the group flanks.

‘’I didn’t think it’d be so… evident.’’ Teruko spoke gently, frowning with a hand on her belly. Her silent companion had floated down to sit on her shoulder and glared into that ominous twisted nature, it would seem that fairy could also be filled with pragmatism.

‘’It… it’s only been two years?’’ The lich asked her teacher while everyone else listened in silence. She was the most knowledgeable with necromancy and even the two elder demons respected that.

‘’Yes, unless I suffer from dementia I can assure you, little love, that my date is absolutely true.’’

‘’I-I see… This kind of twisted nature, all these haunted trees…’’

‘’Put it bluntly, Vilma.’’ You decided to edge her on, earning a quiet smile.

‘’I-I’ve never experienced anything like it but from what I learned f-from my… my master, a forest twisted like that should need a decade unless… provoked by something, like a necromancer. Or something else, like a second massacre without cleansing rites.’’

‘’We're here to grab a few corpses for you to use, there’s no need to uncover any mysteries.’’ Sieglinde statement cut right into the middle of your group hesitation, she even slapped her hands together. ‘’We move together, Belphegor takes point with her drones; uproot trees if you need to, but keep formation.’’

‘’Aye, I’ll be a meter ahead. Though which direction?’’
File: Treeees.jpg (33 KB, 620x465)
33 KB
‘’North’’ Teruko immediately spoke. ‘’It happened north, I would love it if you avoid attuning to your mortal nature, little love.’’ She murmured softly for her student, who blinked in surprise, having already embraced Focus. ‘’Such an evil forest must house angry spirits and other manifestation invisible to our normal eyes, you shouldn’t burden thineself with evil vision.’’

‘’I-I was thinking of maybe… seeing if I could pinpoint the nexus of this haunting.’’ Vilma nervously imbibed her lips. ‘’M-maybe the corpses moved.’’

‘’Do this if we happen to find nothing.’’ Teruko firmly retorted, stepping closer to her student to rub her hooded head. ‘’Let us press on northward.’’

It would seem you have a destination and, at least, no foes to worry about.

What pace do you wish to dictate?

>Slow and careful, Teruko is pregnant and you’ll venture into unknown territory visibly cursed by angry massacred people. You can’t afford to be swift here.

>Even. Teruko insisted on coming, she can keep a good pace and lingering too much is a bad idea, what if this forest decide to awaken and boot your group of interlopers out? You already faced one angry tree this week.

>Fast. You might have to help Teruko but you should take this boon while you can; you’ve emerged into a quiet forest full of undead that aren’t reasonable, cute girls like Vilma. Reaching your destination quickly and exiting is your best bet to see everyone safely back home.

>Free Choice
>>Fast. You might have to help Teruko but you should take this boon while you can; you’ve emerged into a quiet forest full of undead that aren’t reasonable, cute girls like Vilma. Reaching your destination quickly and exiting is your best bet to see everyone safely back home.
I say even pace. Make sure everyone stays close, who knows what these hidden spirits can do and we don't wanna lose anyone.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Pretty sure you guys are my only two players for tonight so I'll make a roll to break the tie.

1 = Fast
2= Medium pace
File: 5345.jpg (49 KB, 624x414)
49 KB
‘’Has the forest changed much from your memories?’’ Elina suddenly asked the quiet teacher, out of every one of your group, the angel had been chosen as rear guard, this would make it difficult for her to converse once your group began its march.

‘’Aye, much enough to dispel familiarity but the ritual to activate our portal also rekindled old memories, we ran south once we were ambushed; this hill remained vivid inside mine mind. When our band of survivor came into this area, we used it to briefly scour our surrounding and we decided to keep going in our previous direction. We need only keep a forward straight line.’’ Teruko waved at the mutated trees and her fairy took off from her shoulder perch to keep herself aloft above her white scaled mistress. ‘’For that was how we ran.’’

‘’North it is.’’ Belphegor spoke, holding onto a compass and, facing the correct cardinal direction, put it back into her utility belt. Hel golems already began their lumbering walks and proceeded to tear apart a couple of unfortunate vegetation to make room for themselves and your group.

‘’Think you can keep a good pace, Teruko?’’ You asked your teacher, earning a proud smile.

‘’Of course mysir. I wouldn’t have insisted on accompanying thee if I was to be a handicap!’’ Her bravado wasn’t shared by little lady Titania who cast a worried glance at the heavily pregnant Mamono.


Adventuring deeply into this mess of a forest proved difficult once you exited the small hilly clearing because fog and trees melded together into a messy clump that made it difficult for the golems to proceed and, often, your group ended up having to walk around corpses of giant trees that had no place to be house-sized in this temperate forest.

With you protecting the right flank of your group, you made good use of your limbs to help clear a path for Teruko something that, at first, was met by objection but you managed to avoid wounding your magic mentor pride by using the excuse that you were exercising with your newest acquisition and after a little more imposition on your part your genuine help managed to win over the prideful pregnant woman.

But… things were eerie, with dead-like trees and their anomalous bodies you felt very far indeed from Mother Earth sacred reality.

‘’No critters anywhere to be seen…’’ Vilma murmured in the middle of the march, it wasn’t easy to speak while maintaining this average pace in this infernal terrain. At least now things had cleared enough to allow the two drones unimpeded travels and thus, no longer choke your groups with noises of breaking woods and thrown rocks.

Those two had created an impromptu road by themselves.
File: Treees.jpg (572 KB, 1400x974)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
‘’I swear sometimes some of these trees are taking a swipe at Teruko.’’ You growled. It wasn’t an exaggeration, five-time now you moved your limbs to crash into suspicious branches that somehow snuck near your pregnant charge.

‘’A reliable… fuuu, reliable man. I do thank you.’’ Sweat was pouring down her face and often Teruko took a few big breaths – which translated into your group slowing their pace ever so slightly- nobody had the heart to comment on it.

‘’Heads up.’’ Sieglinde interrupted your burgeoning discussion, Belphegor had made a sign she found something odd. ‘’Let’s see what she found.’’

You emerged into another clearing -much smaller than the previous one- with an incredible pair of trees in the middle surrounded by sickly, dying grass. Both trees looked dead, their bark ashen and white yet bright green moss had grown to cover the upper parts of their bodies while somehow leaving the roots bare. Both were joined to each other by a single mutated branch linking them to a bridge.

‘’Hell is this?’’ Belphegor voiced your thoughts, her drones already circumventing to take a protective stance on your flanks.

‘’It’s…maybe it was used as a ritual?’’ Vilma spoke, with Elina behind her glaring in confusion at this corruption of life.

‘’Seems like it was damaged.’’ Sieglinde added, taking a few protective steps near those joined trees, pointing at various holes, lines, cracks and even burn marks. ‘’A battle?’’

‘’M-maybe I could… I could use my magic to find out?’’ Vilma squeak with an awkward smile. ‘’If somebody living has been here…’’

‘’This isn’t our objective.’’ Elina grimly announced, tapping the soil with the staff of her halberd and supporting her teacher who was taking this impromptu break for recovery. ‘’Living or not, Teruko presence with us is to ensure we do not harm natives; we shouldn’t go and search them.’’
File: Lich41.png (526 KB, 757x997)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
‘’But… if anybody has been here, they are in danger.’’ Vilma didn’t down, the leathers of her gloved hands creased as she balled them into fists. ‘’…nobody deserves to stay in such a horrific place, things get horrible beyond words at night.’’

‘’We won’t stay for that long.’’ The angel threw an icy look at her purple skinned undead friend. ‘’All of us are here to help you, Vilma. Don’t put us into further dangers.’’

Then, the short, diminutive little necromancer shiny purple eyes turned for you in distress, which soon enough melted into a smile. She wished to know more, to attempt a little necromantic ritual in this messy place... and will need your voice to affirm it.

>Should you allow it? Something happened here and that makes you curious. It’s true that your intruders in this place but if anybody is in danger… Is it not your responsibility to try and at least know about it? Even if you hail from the other side of the world?

>Protest and agree with Elina. It is a little cold hearted but you have an objective to do, you can’t allow distraction.

>Free Choice

Continuing tomorrow.

>Protest and agree with Elina. It is a little cold hearted but you have an objective to do, you can’t allow distraction.
I know this is stupid, I know you're baiting me into a trap, but damnit I'm too nice a guy. If it won't take too much time I say let her do her thing. However, I'm not suicidal so if it'll mean we run a good chance of being in this shithole after sundown or pissing off vengeful spirits we agree with Elina anyway.

From what Vilma said, this place turns into a Death World after dark, don't wanna find out the flavor of that it is the hard way if we can avoid it.
File: Torako1.jpg (49 KB, 1280x720)
49 KB
I'm not attempting anything.
>>Should you allow it? Something happened here and that makes you curious. It’s true that your intruders in this place but if anybody is in danger… Is it not your responsibility to try and at least know about it? Even if you hail from the other side of the world?

Good thing we decided to go fast. We should hopefully be able to finish fast.
Plus if we save people then maybe they can give us some info on this place and its dangers. might help make our mission easier.
>Protest and agree with Elina. It is a little cold hearted but you have an objective to do, you can’t allow distraction.
Not going to do anything that would endanger Teruko or her child any further.
Was right in the middle of writing, it's a little too late to change vote now anon. Sorry.
File: 1.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
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141 KB JPG
‘’Think you can do it safely?’’ Your question was met with a positive smile of sunshine from the diminutive girl and an equally intense glare of disapproval from Elina but you stood your ground, looking right back at your angelic benefactor with unyielding spirit.

‘’Of course, I’ll… I’ll see if anything is dwelling inside these sick trees, dominate it, squeeze it of information and then break it apart to purify their antipathy. It… it won’t take long.’’

‘’Is it truly wise, darling?’’ Teruko asked between heavy breaths, slowly but surely settling down from the effort. She still seemed to be firmly planted on her feet despite uneven breathing. If that was because of pride or genuine stamina, you couldn’t guess.

‘’Yeah, if I want to excel in my magical path then I’ll have to handles scenes like these.’’ Clearly emboldened by your support, Vilma walked for the trees while Elina glared in silent disapproval, only to veer her attention at Sieglinde and her aunt observing these proceedings.

‘’What about you two?’’ She asked them, metal covered fingers audibly clicking with her weapon staff.

‘’Aint no objection from me, never saw necromancy is an actually calm context so I’m curious,’’ Belphegor answered while keeping a firm attention on the thick vegetation surrounding the group.

‘’No lives depend on the swiftness of our success.’’ Sieglinde added gently and smiled at Vilma. ‘’To care for a stranger wellbeing is admirable, you have my support… but I will not allow you to get sidetracked with trying to become a hero, don’t forget why we are here.’’

An adequate compromise and Elina grew quiet after a disapproving grunt, attention back on her pregnant teacher. ‘’I’m fine, dove. Truly. I needn’t be handled with velour gloves despite mine belly, for I can assure Titania would insist on making us come back if she believed me in true dangers.’’ Despite such affirmation, the floating fairy wasn’t ready to agree because she let out a huff and joined the angel camp of pouting disapproval.

Once Vilma embraced focus thereby emanating a luster of organic purplish light out of her body, it marked the definitive end of this pleasant conversation. Practicing necromancy inside a haunted forest was… not the wisest idea but information was a rare commodity, getting any kind of orientation as to what has been happening here isn’t a complete waste.

It certainly didn’t feel like you’ve crossed thousands of miles in the blink of an eye either.

With you, Teruko and Sieglinde eyes firmly planted on the little lich, Belphegor and Elina took to keeping secure vigils on your group flanks and you braced for some kind of manifestation when the undead girl touched the dead bark but, thankfully nothing happened and the necromancer stood still with closed eyes without showing any demonstration of her natural talent.
File: 54c2627cd50f1.gif (356 KB, 800x480)
356 KB
356 KB GIF
Right, necromancy only showed its power after spells reached their apex or another party was also skilled in its employ; spirits dwelled in a dimension of their own that made them invisible to naked eyes and necromancer were able to naturally bridge into this parallel reality, that was how things functioned when you synchronised your flows and witnessed your first glimpse of an angry spirit.

‘’Ah…’’ Like that, Vilma seemed to have accomplished her invisible spell and stood up.

‘’I’ve never seen a magic so peaceful…’’ Sieglinde murmured as the little lich trotted toward your trio while you silently glared at a spot above her, fearing some kind of new cancerous entity latched onto this kind undead girl.

‘’I-I have two things to report.’’ Vilma cleared her throat, making Belphegor an Elina steps closer. ‘’There was… someone here once. A few days ago, a Mamonos was murdered near those trees, though I don’t speak their language so I don’t know why; they were fighting someone else, armed with an axe clad into an armor and… full of scales similar to Teruko. That’s as much images as I managed to extract before purifying them.’’

The pregnant teacher audibly gasped at this new.

‘’Oh? That happened so quietly?’’ Sieglinde asked, earning a proud smile from the student.

‘’Y-yes… Necromancy is… well I didn’t see any need to give those spirits semi-corporeal forms, I took from them what I wanted and shattered what remained of their egos. I had to revisit part of their memories, they were pursuing this rogue armored clad, axe-wielding lizard monster girl and one of them died in this clearing, heavily damaging those joined tree in their conflict.’’

‘’Scores of tribes travel round the borders of the Zen empire.’’ Teruko wedged in the conversation, eyes closed in a frown. ‘’This new of yours has become mine belief that perhaps some conflict amongst these folks resulted in this deadly encounter, I cannot fathom any other context.’’

‘’Right, somebody alive is here and has been at least surviving for three days.’’ Belphegor claw gently clinked together, provoking a reaction out of her golems who had finished clearing a makeshift road. ‘’Not bad, we’ve been giving ourselves away so I reckon we might run into em if they haven’t’ been killed by this spooky place.’’

‘’Y-yes about that…’’ Now Vilma had grown visibly nervous, gloved hands fiddling with their leather coverings. ‘’…this forest is awakening.’’

‘’Can we assume it as a bad thing?’’ Elina decided to speak up, all traces of irritation completely gone.
File: ccdbd24592721217.jpg (171 KB, 720x879)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
‘’There are scores of spirits surrounding us, this fog is a sea of vapor-like substance holdings… clumps of malice, pieces of emotions and personalities that peeled off greater wholes; I think something very dangerous is dwelling here because… because there’s so much negativity all around us t-that… it’d be dangerous for necromancers to try anything at all.’’

‘’And by awakening…?’’ Sieglinde asked, deformed fingers flexing.

‘’We got lucky, the forest was… sleeping for lack of a better term, our portal provoked a reaction and our progress had spirits slowly take notice of us, I’m not sure what’ll happen next but… I-I think we might start to witness strange manifestations. Ghost attempting to spook us or intimidate us, maybe a few trees will get aggressive, I didn’t try to extract anything else, I'd need an older spirit to get a better idea.’’

‘’Then you'd be able to attempt a new ritual to gain a deeper knowledge of this activating manifestation?’’ This question from the redhead was met by a stunned silence that quickly shifted into a gaze of confidence.

‘’Yes, princess!’’

‘’Hold on, hold on I think we oughta increase our pace here and reach them corpses.’’ Belphegor cut in, earning an approving nod from the silent angel. ‘’If this forest is awakening as you say and spooky stuff start happening, getting to our destination fast before any kind of resistance is mounted against us strike me as wise.’’

‘’Or we could be walking into a trap.’’ Sieglinde retorted, almost crossing her arms together but stopped midway when she felt her deformed hands touch her limbs. ‘’People fought a few days ago and this forest has been haunted for years, this place we are standing in is a nice ten meters free of trees. If something were to ambush us when the drones are making a path…’’

She didn’t need to continue; such a scenario created its own ominous end.

In the horizon of warped trees, you noticed a movement and soon recognized a silhouette wrapped in darkness. A humanoid… silhouette was standing amongst the trees with branches and twigs deforming into half-circles as if trying to cradle this entity that, to your stunned silence, disappeared without trace under a ray of sunlight.

…Awakening huh?

So far, your arrival has been lucky, you’ve managed to make good progress toward your destination but now might be time to change your strategy.

>Should you insist on reaching your destination quickly with you and Elina supporting the weaker members of your group to greatly increase your pace?

>Agree with Sieglinde and have Vilma learn more about this forest supposed rousing? If someone is alive here and killed somebody else a few days ago… who knows how that could have affected this haunted place?

>Free Choice.
Roll call, any of you guys here? Perhaps there's something confusing? Asking for precision is fine, we haven't exited intro phase yet so there's no need to be -too- afraid of bad things happening. Your party is top tier.
>Agree with Sieglinde and have Vilma learn more about this forest supposed rousing? If someone is alive here and killed somebody else a few days ago… who knows how that could have affected this haunted place?
Go with this one.
>>Should you insist on reaching your destination quickly with you and Elina supporting the weaker members of your group to greatly increase your pace?

If vilma could speak the language then it'd' be worth trying but alas.
Even if theres an ambush we've got some strong monsters with us.
If we had the shield i'd be more confident in rushing but it still seems a good idea.
I'll wait for a potential tiebreaker for an hour or so. It is a fairly important decision so I'd prefer not to use a roll here.
Ah well, I can always update tomorrow. We'll take it nice and easy this week so I'll wait for a player input in this choice.
How much time would an additional ritual take? If it's not long I'd be inclined to letting her do it. If it'll take a bit then I'm more inclined towards getting to our objective before the spooky stuff starts happening.

Also, would it be possible for us to make the voices of the spirits audible to the party somehow so that Teruko could translate?
>How much time would an additional ritual take? If it's not long I'd be inclined to letting her do it.

A second one will need to be more elaborate because Vilma will need to seek more precise information, so it'll take about 10 to 15 minutes.

>Also, would it be possible for us to make the voices of the spirits audible to the party somehow so that Teruko could translate?

If you wish to act as a mana battery for the necromancer, then it'll be possible yes.
About how much time do we have until sundown then? That's the last thing I'm worried about.
While I can't place an hour, the sun was a little past its zenith when you emerged in the clearing so you have plenty of sunshine left.
Ok, Mana Battery for Vilma so Teruko can translate the words of the dead it is. We tell her to be extra careful and paranoid about it though. We do *not* want a repeat of what happened the last time we did that.
I almost switched my vote but i'm concerned since using the arms already drains our mana and this would take more wouldn't it?

Modification to this >>2363096 votes will work.

I'll have an answer tomorrow, barring a sudden unanimous change of mood.

Once your reserves to lower you'll feel physical pain and weakness like vertigo, nausea, and drop in temperature. I'll make sure to show these symptoms if you guys ever reach certain thresholds of your reserves.

For now, you've got a full tank.
>Should you insist on reaching your destination quickly with you and Elina supporting the weaker members of your group to greatly increase your pace?
Intel is useless if the trap has already sprung.
‘’I don’t like the idea of proceeding blindly.’’ You decided to add your opinion on this matter, earning the analytical gaze of all the girls aside from Vilma whose chest puffed with visible pride. ‘’There’s something I want to know about your necromantic ability Vilma.’’ This statement immediately made the hooded girl straighten her back and dispel her pleasant smile. ‘’I’d like to help you by mingling our flows again because I think it’d be valuable to allow a few spirits to speak, Teruko would be able to understand their words and possibly reveal something you’d miss with your ritual.’’

‘’A-ah?’’ You could tell it wasn’t an idea any of the girls had considered because you earned a set of analytical stares that brought you no end of discomfort.

‘’It’s…possible. It’d cost a significant amount of magic b-but… well you do act like some kind of magical clay so, well… yeah, it’d be easy with your help but, um… I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.’’ Subjects to another surge of nervousness, Vilma hands produced another audible crease of leathery nature. ‘’Spirits in this state would just… throw insults, curses and voice their envy of our bodies.’’

‘’Nay, nay mine darling. Our sir logic is pleasing me, perhaps it would be useless efforts but you can trust me to make senses of chaos if there is anything to be found. It would make a good exercise of both thine talents.’’ Teruko was done leaning on her staff for support and stood straight and proud, even her fairy had a little confident smile.

‘’I-I um… I guess there’s always a chance? B-but um… Arawn you’ll see this forest true face y’know? Like last time, synchronizing our flows bring you under my necromantic influence so…’’

‘’I can take it.’’ You affirmed her. ‘’Already did, once right? Don’t drink too much like last time.’’ You ended your sentence with a thumb up that managed to shed some reservation out of the quiet girl and her gaze went toward the dirty soil silently.

Maybe that was a sensitive topic.

‘’I suppose avoiding an ambush is wise enough, I’ll keep a lookout for our front.’’ Belphegor didn’t seem bitter to have her suggestion overturned and casually clomped for a visible spot away from the group, waving for her drones to come back.

‘’Right.’’ Elina had also seemingly shed off her pout and took to guarding the other vulnerable flank. ‘’This won’t be as simple an endeavor as I first believed, we can afford the time.’’

‘’Indeed, do begin you two. I’ll stay here with Teruko.’’ Sieglinde ended her sentence with a light clearing of her throat. She had to catch herself again to prevent her deformed hands from wounding her body a second time by stopping midway from doing her usual swoosh of hair.
So, it was that you and Vilma sat facing each other. ‘’Holding hands again?’’ You couldn’t prevent a little tease, earning a grunt and bashful upturned eyes that couldn’t be hidden by her hood anymore. She silently extended her hands and sat crossed legged so you obliged by imitating her and interlocking your fingers firmly; her hands were smaller, delicate limbs of purple skin yet still much warmer than your owns.

Then you witnessed her embrace of Focus; an organic purple luster shone out of her body and you followed suit, witnessing a grayish illumination of iron-like luster projected out of your own body and with your joined hands, your flow – the invisible rivers that were the veins of your souls, shyly joined together and without any combative intentions or mistrustful resistances, your spell was accomplished when you started to see… different things.

Swimming around newly mutated trees was a new phenomenon of levitating faces dwelling inside a thicker fog that never entered the small clearing, these faces showed various changing emotions while being caught in a constant state of flux, traveling around trees or disappearing deeper into the forest. There was also a sound, a concert of chaotic whisper and coughs. Dry voices melded together in a foreign language as if dozens of thirsty people angrily insulted your presence in quiet whisperings that blended together in a brouhaha of malice.

There was also a familiar pull, Vilma’s use of your magical nature. Your wonderous pasty soul as she liked to put it was being drained in a way that left a constant feeling of coldness throughout your body, incredibly uncomfortable sensations that required genuine concentration to endure or risk ruining your synchronization. New magical phenomenon began to occur after a few moments, something was peeled off the forest, navigating around the dead trees you’ve been used for cover and flew right into Vilma awaiting body which immediately made her open her eyes and, thank to your joined soul, her intent came as a filter; her mood was… domineering. A will of iron, a persona of an imposing tyrant had filled little Vilma’s body and she cracked an imaginary whip, torturing this invasive malice she ad -quite literally- kidnapped away from a collective consciousness of dead soul and after a thorough beating of a few seconds of inward, thought-tortures a purplish ghost-like entity came out as a simple round will-o-wisp. It began to speak in a clear voice, possessing strange flowery language that made Teruko gasp.
Another soul was plucked out of that sea and Vilma proceeded with another merciless domination; breaking apart the soul weak ego and molding it to her will, creating yet another will-o-wisps who joined its incoherent babbling to his newly roused sibling. Images also began to filter through your link, only glimpses or perhaps overflow from Vilma ritual entered your mind; images of a woman of dark scales and tan skin fleeing from a trio of Mamonos with similar attributes. Then shrill sounds made you jump, the merciless clash of steels heralded a duel in a spot of the forest you hadn’t visited, trees twisted and swung to try and maim both warriors who had to navigate around each blow while trying to slaughter one another… another shift came just as suddenly, like a fever dream an image of dirty soil replaced both actors. Spiny vines twisted around bleached limbs and a single red eye without lids lied dormant.

How could you tell?

Nothing more than a gut feeling, a certitude born from those poor souls who relayed this information unwillingly…

‘’Ah.’’ Then Vilma breathed out and she broke your links, forcefully shaking herself free of your intimate handholding. ‘’T-that was… I’m not sure…’’ You notice her newly conjured will-o-wisp had disappeared.

‘’Darling, are you alright?’’ Teruko had bridged enough distances during your ritual to place a hand on her student's shoulder despite needing to kneel.

‘’Y-yes.’’ Vilma slowly got up to her feet and you followed suit, trying your best to examine your body after this first spell…

Nothing seem to be wrong with you yet, no obvious symptoms of lowered reserves

‘’I was surprised.’’ Vilma continued. ‘’Lost my concentration so my ritual broke, s-sorry.’’

‘’Needn’t be, nay. I’m not entirely sure what they were talking about for I heard many curses and wish to possess mine darling little Lisbeth.’’ Teruko hand went to gently pat her stomach, brows knitted together in defiant anger. ‘’Yet I was able to make some sense for they were speaking of a nest, a nexus, a hole where they could be comfortable, where they could finally have vengeance. A safe place in the north…’’

‘’No coincidence that it’s our destination’’ Elina spoke and you noticed that Sieglinde was glaring back the way you came. ‘’Your pursuers might not have granted your people any rights, but they probably dug a mass grace and so with time it became a cancer on this forest.’’

‘’N-not that simple. For a situation to grow this bad would need a decade at least, b-but if… a necromancer or maybe someone used a type of unknown corruption decided to make things worst, t-then…’’ Vilma had already let go of Focus while you kept your magical alive, twisting and exercising with Stanislaw Limb as you pondered what you saw and felt.

Necromancy is one odd magical craft, somehow sharing abject cruelty and empathetic mercy…
‘’I think there’s a mutated entity dwelling up north.’’ Vilma concluded.

‘’Will that make the corpses unusable?’’ Elina asked, standing close to her friend and teacher.

‘’N-no.’’ You heard a flap of clothes and a gently clacking cloak. ‘’I only need basic things from them to accomplish my magic and beat Elenor…’’ Vilma let out a soft, discouraged whine. ‘’…it’s not worth putting you all in danger.’’

You lost the rest of their conversation because your attention made a dramatic shift. It was pure luck, your angle of sight had you concentrate on the right flank of your group so it allowed you to glimpses movements far different from that sea of souls; a humanoid walked from between mutated trees in complete silence. Shuffling like a cripple, this…thing was a body covered in moss and gore, humanoid features long decomposed made any hints of sex or identification impossible. Hints of ribs poked out from its stomach, pieces of intestines had melded with this overgrown moss and attached to its wrist were a pair of spiky vines of an exact 30 centimeters (thank Focus for such precise calculation).

With feet being nothing more than circled holes where roots grew and broke with each step, this shuffling corpse, this…vineman continued it’s silent journey, slowly closing in.

>Free Choice
Sneaky git. Point out the hostile and get moving towards the objective. As we do that ask Vilma what it is and what she'd recommend we do to it (i.e. is it better to just ignore it and run or should someone blast/smash the fucker before he does something bad like calling in a zombie horde or that aforementioned mutant abomination on us).
File: 2.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
‘’Girls!’’ Your voice was akin to a sudden bell that caught everyone unaware.

‘’Company!’’ One of your weaponized limbs is fully extended for the silent green intruder shuffling its slow walk toward your party and before anybody else could remark or move, swift thundering concerts of earth trembling steps revealed one of Belphegor golems making a single-minded murderous charge that wouldn’t be interrupted despite your academic wishes. You only had time to witness the vineman feet planting themselves on the soil and lunge its arms forward, making it’s attached whips audibly clack on the invasive drone before being ruthlessly rammed and trampled beneath a 3 meters tall giant of rock, reducing its body into a pasty gorish mess.

‘’Belph!’’ You roared at the tiny goat pointing her glowing arm at the offender.

‘’What?’’ She answered casually, shaking her shoulders and waving for the golem to come back, it’s rocky body now covered in mossy gores.

‘’We could have studied it a bit! Or try to learn something before killing it!’’

‘’An autopsy can work just as good, you wanna get whipped by those spiked vines?’’ She smiled at you broadly, thoroughly enjoying your irritation. ‘’Forest is awakening, right? Can’t be too careful.’’

‘’That… that was… a mutated corpse.’’ Perhaps curiosity had won over her usual fear, your small lich friend was walking for the remains of that humanoid creature, flanked by Elina while Teruko and Sieglinde were further back.

‘’Know what it is?’’ You asked her and she shook her head wildly, provoking another clack of her purple clack.

‘’A corpse is a corpse so it’ll be able to be used for my purpose. It was housing a soul I think and even now…’’ She had embraced Focus and was observing the carnage with analytical glowing eyes. ‘’…more souls are hovering around that broken shell but they can’t do anything. I-I think it’s safe to assume it might have been poisonous, those vines…’’

Good thing everyone besides Teruko were wearing combinations of leather, mails, and plates. Not that you intended to get whipped to test your armor integrity.

‘’So, are they altered walking deads?’’ Elina asked, lowering her halberd to point at the defeated vineman.

‘’Yeah, though… um… there’s something going on. This fog, that sea of souls is… I can see pronounced faces now.’’ Her voice shook despite Focus usual suppression of emotions and your gaze shifted to that eerie whiteness that, you noticed was moving. Some kind of current had been born without your notice and to your natural eyes, the fog has begun a clockwise rotation at the edge of the clearing.

‘’That’s not a good thing?’’ Elina asked with an ironic smile, one you shared once your eyes crossed.
‘’I don’t…!’’ Sharp sounds interrupted your friend, a twig being broken, a branch being stepped on; presences in the woods made themselves known. Creatures emerged out of the fog, shuffling humanoids covered in mosses made a slow progress for your position; five increased to ten and once the forward group stepped into the dead grass surrounding you, that number had increased to twenty as yet more heads emerged out the twisted trees.

‘’…!’’ Elina growled and a sharp sound of steel sang in the air as she pointed her weapon at the newfound near-silent menace. One would expect to hear moans, whines or even echoing steps from this increasing group yet… They were animated by silence outside odd ruffling when a peculiar body lost its balance.

‘’Do me proud Bobby!’’ Before any semblance of strategy could be found, Belphegor had launched the same drone that had murdered the first incursion into that small horde and it rammed into this organic mass like a close-range ballista. Nothing stood in its way, heavy rocky steps made the soil trembles, ravaging anything in its path. The drone kicked, punched, whipped and even jumped; soon enough causing its own mini-earthquakes as dozens vinemen uselessly flailed their poisonous barbed wrists in response, only to be promptly bashed into uselessness.

‘’Back for those married trees.’’ Elina ordered and you complied, grabbing a scared Vilma and shaking her out of her awed stupor. The group had already converged in its position, furthest away from this menace safely plugged by one of the golems; it’s siblings sagely waiting with the girls.

‘’We’ve got more of them.’’ Sieglinde announced, waved her deformed hand toward your left flank where a group of moss-covered men had silently emerged. Others did the same from the south, where you came and soon enough scattered vinemen stepped into the clearing full of trees from all directions; thankfully in scattered numbers.
File: Lich101.png (3.31 MB, 2700x3300)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
‘’A-awa… this is… bad. So many angry…They want to get at Teruko.’’

‘’Me?’’ You barely heard the teacher when Belphegor second golem charged a clump of undead and pulverize a group of ten in less than five seconds.

‘’They want to possess your child, something is compelling them to… bring you north.’’

‘’As if that’ll happen.’’ Sieglinde scoffed. ‘’This is still much safer than angering a dragon. So kind of this forest to bring your needed ammunition, why not slaughter as many of these abominations as we can?’’

‘’Don’t take this as a game’’ Elina growled and proceeded to take off in the sky, launching herself upward in a potent gust of wind, gone to survey the area and perhaps place a number on this herd.

‘’She's grumpy.’’ The princess pouted, though soon smiled broadly when both golems continued their single-minded sweeps. Things… were stable for now so you could afford to strategize. ‘’We've got a scattered horde coming at us from all angles and our position is a circle without any kind of obstructions, not exactly a worthwhile defensive spot.''

''Yeah well what do we do now? Vilma can use them right?'' Belphegor asked the little lich who was far too nervous to speak, she only nodded. ''Should we move toward a big patch of corpses to have her collect em and we protect her during that? Maybe a few of us make a diversion?''

''Whilst I can only praise mine demonic benefactors cold blood...'' Teruko voice was a gentle breeze of composure despite all of the carnage. ''...we ought to act now for this gang is becoming a swarm and little Titania is eager for a fight; knowing boorish souls wish to kill mine child made her angry.'' The long green haired girl of butterfly wing nodded vigorously and promptly raised a middle finger to a nearby vineman as he was getting squashed by a drone.

You've got a horde of strange moss-covered zombies with 30 centimeters reach on your hand, coming from all angle. Your right flank is seeing the most pressure as the numbers of vinemen is slowly increasing, and thus demand the permanent presence of a drone to keep their numbers in check.

What should you do?

>Free Choice
[Rolls might be needed depending on what you decide to do. I can also provide a few suggestions if you guys want but I'd prefer to leave it to players, for now, see what kind of ideas you can come up with.]
We should do a fighting retreat to a better more defensible positions so we can kill all of them, then we'll have more than we'll need and more.
We are not yet in melee range. Can Teruko use some of our potent mana to create more summoned creatures to crush the vinemen and provide more protection?

Defensible position where? We’re in the center of a clearing right now, and entering the forest again means that we’ll be vulnerable as we contend with both the vinemen and the vegetation getting in our way.
>Can Teruko use some of our potent mana to create more summoned creatures to crush the vinemen and provide more protection?

Yes, becoming a battery and boosting a mage spells is one of your core abilities. The better question to ask is if you trust Teruko to avoid getting carried away by the mistaken impression that you are a bottomless well.
Anywhere, we run and look for one. while summons tide and hold them back.

Can we pull a tree or cut one down and use it as a bat with our body enhancing magic?
That's beyond you. You're not exactly giant sized.

Try to remember what your companions can do, I'm not exactly making this easy since I haven't written a summary about them so feel free to ask me what people can do.
That still sounds like a bad idea, since there's nothing but forest where there's more bodies for the forest to animate. The forest itself is against us and you want to run into it in the blind hope that there's a defensible position somewhere, without knowing anything about the land.
Can Vilma do anything right now, or is she overwhelmed with the number of spirits?
What has Belphegor herself been doing?

Sieglind should be able to use some spells but she seems to be geared towards melee combat right now.

And what can Titania do?
>Can Vilma do anything right now, or is she overwhelmed with the number of spirits?

She can raise corpses or use their spirits as summons. She can also concentrate on accomplishing your objective by reducing dead vinemen into bone powders and start collecting her ingredients. She needs about 30 to 40 ''men'' to accomplish your objective, though can easily be pressured into lesser numbers.

She's perfectly fine otherwise, though rather stressed out since this is her very first battle.

>What has Belphegor herself been doing?

Controlling the golems rampaging through the enemies and keeping close to the group. She hasn't pulled out any weapons yet because none of the enemies have closed in, her golems have been slaughtering everything efficiently so right now she's holding your right flank so to speak.

>Sieglind should be able to use some spells but she seems to be geared towards melee combat right now.

Sieglinde is entirely melee oriented. She's using corruption to alter her body and strengthen it because that's what her mother excels at and what she's been taught. She's keeping watch on your other flanks without setting out to kill anything yet since the vinemen numbers are kept in check by the drones.

For now, your situation is stable but your next action is liable to change this as the numbers of enemies is steadily increasing. They can't harm Belphegor golems but they can certainly slip pass them.

>And what can Titania do?

Heal, do fey magic (can't describe that since you'll need to learn about it ic) and act as a catalyst/channeler to help Teruko summons. Her abilities are symbiotic with your magic mentor, so both always act in unison.

And finally, Elina is in the air and will easily follow your lead. She can strike anywhere and pull out just as easily because the terrain is perfect for her abilities.
I'm thinking that the faster we can get out of here the better.

With that in mind I think Vilma should focus on getting what she needs, while the rest of the group makes corpses for her to... process.

Elina, however should swoop down on the horde occasionally to keep the numbers manageable. She ought to be able to slay multiple zomies at once with her spells.

Loving the quest so far OP, deifinitely going to keep an eye out for updates!
Well, given all that, so long as Teruko or the fairy can cure poison if we or someone else gets unlucky with the vinemen's whips we're pretty much set. Have Elina throw up some shields as a defensive redoubt then have her go nuts. She will act as emergency support if a flank looks like its about to falter or something surprising happens so not "too" nuts though. Get Vilma gathering the materials, summoning a spirit/raising a corpse or two if it'll aid her in getting it done faster/safer. Ask if Teruko wants to summon something with our aid and warn her that we are *not* an infinite mana well so don't go nuclear on the summons if she does.

Otherwise we defend Teruko and destroy any enemy that manages to break through the defenses with our weapon. Once Teruko or Vilma are done using us a battery we cast self-reinforcement to maximize our combat ability in that last role. Sieg and Belph can, well, just keep killing to their heart's content throwing any destroyed corpse she can Vilma's way for her to process if it's not too much trouble and won't risk them hitting our lovely little necromancer or anyone else we care about.
Thank for the compliment. Always make me bashful.

Alright, so to summarize; have your lich concentrate on collecting bone dust, link your flow with Teruko to strengthen her magic so she'd set a perimeter with summons, Elina is to set shields to help protect your core while acting as a surgical strike to keep the horde balance and the two Supreme Monsters are to be kept as insurance.

No rolls needed for any of that since the only weak link in term of discipline is Vilma and she has more than enough support to off-set her failing.

I'll see about posting during the evening.
Will update tomorrow because I've gone and underestimated how much I need to write.
File: 3.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x1350)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
‘’Teruko let’s-!’’ A cavernous boom interrupted your sentence followed by falling woods and breaking vegetation. A big sickly oak came crashing down on your left; landing atop one of Belphegor golem who, thankfully not only shrugged off this interruption but quite literally punched through the sickly bark and proceeded to grab an unfortunate vineman to swing around as a makeshift mace as a wave of creatures slowly poured out of this newly opened front.

What a battlefield terror.

‘’Mysir?’’ Teruko hadn’t been phased by this incredible noise.

‘’I’d like you to use me as a source of magic.’’ You tapped your chest for emphasis. ‘’It should allow you to safely cast strong spells after joining our flows.’’

‘’…How big a sample am I to procure from mine generous student?’’ Despite being clearly inexperienced with such a ritual she didn’t hesitate to accept.

‘’You might believe me a bottomless well but I’m not, I’ll trust you to pace yourself; if you can summon something strong to kill this horde and let Vilma collect her samples, well… do it.’’ You saw your artificial limbs twitch at your words and pretended it was some simple defect instead of failing confidence.

‘’Yes…agreed. I have been wondering about thine paste and there shall be no danger for my little one, for I shall take and thee shall be giving hm?’’

Next was laying out a proper plan with the Supreme Monsters, a dialogue that demanded no more than a minute yet -such precious time- witnessed an increasing number of foes that quickly overwhelmed the ogre sized rock construct on your most pressured flank; tens of bodies came shuffling in your direction as they simply circumvented the golem instead of battling it.

‘’I-I can do it!’’ Vilma feverishly slapped her cheeks. Your strategy was an easy one; Elina was to clean up your pressured flanks and you group would be running to secure it afterward and protect Vilma as she gathers corpses in a way that, she insisted, didn’t need any of them to stay ‘’whole’’. An eerie precision asked by the angel before she took off in flight again. There wouldn’t be any need to move with all the vinemen already killed by one of the golems

‘’Don’t worry for me now.’’ Teruko assured you when your fingers came interlocked, your wriggly artificial limbs also circled the vulnerable woman to avoid any mishap. ‘’Mine is an old blood and Mamonos are sturdy gals, a jog in my state won’t hurt. Right, darling?’’ She asked her mute fairy who clearly wasn’t of similar mind because Titania pouted silently, then quickly glared at a nearby corpse that came undone when one of its brethren was thrown right into it.
File: 2.png (1.58 MB, 850x1202)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
‘’Sure is lots of these fuck-‘’ Belphegor swear came interrupted by a momentous burst of wind that was to be your signal to proceed. Elina bust of activity was carried by a gust of hurricane that had you take a protective hold on Teruko while the nearby mixed trees creaked and bent under this sudden assault of wind. One second Elina was flying and then… the right flank literally exploded in one ear-splitting burst of energy; limbs detached from this force, close trees came uprooted, vinemen in the clearing lost their balance and even nearby Bobby was sent on his bottom. The force of Elina landing had even created a small crater and, more absurdly, she hadn’t even taken any time to recover; with roaring winds that made Vilma scream in fear and your hold on Teruko tighten, the angel small apocalypse had a brief second wind where she planted her halberd on the ground and another burst ripped apart a horde converging on her position. They were sent flying and crashing into trees buckling under pressure or their soft bones simply broke under this pressure that’d easily carry off a grown armored man.

Absurd. Angels are absurd!

‘’Wawawaa!’’ Vilma screamed when her cloak almost choked her but, thankfully, Sieglinde large tail curled around her waist to keep her standing.

‘’Let’s go!’’ The princess shouted and took off running while Belphegor stayed behind to supervise with, you noticed, a weapon in hand; a long scythe of glossy darkness (similar to Sieglinde altered limbs) hovered beside her and mercilessly decapitated a nearby vinemen, the very first to breach to the perimeters of your inner group.

Elina efforts had only bought a few seconds because another horde came shuffling through the forest debris. Her wings had her levitate and with a smooth motion of wholly inorganic flight she flew or more accurately floated as if skating on ice, at a perfect height to easily thrust her halberd right into her flailing foes heads while conjuring a protective square of shields to render their reach useless.

…Your plan was working at least.

Your position had now changed for the right flank, about 3 meters away from the line of trees, with more than enough corpses for Vilma ritual despite being dangerously close to the biggest lump of this herd. Undead numbers easily reached into the hundreds, forcing Belphegor golems to fall back and work together, purging significant numbers of foes on their lonesome with methodic, mechanical slaughters and Vilma, overseen by Sieglinde, began her ritual of collection. The demoness was being careful and swift; only reaching for close foes and swiftly decapitating them with her tail.
‘’Are we to begin mysir?’’ Teruko asked, increasing the strength of her hold when Belphegor mercilessly sliced into nearby moss zombies with her levitating weapon, yet taking careful consideration to avoid going too far; your foes had already claimed the clearing.

You were clearly in a skirmish, something similar to an outright war.

‘’Yes, let’s join flow…’’ You tried your best to keep you compose when rows of glowing golden shields suddenly appeared to contain swarms of vinemen. ‘’…Belph and Titania will protect us.’’

‘’Ufufu…’’ Teruko didn’t say anything and boldly reached for your limbs; she was a short lady and made up for it in spunk and spirit. Warms hands with spots of hardness -her scales- even tried to massage your knuckles as she embraced Focus, projecting a gorgeous luster of healthy green, a gorgeous display of vitality. ‘’Open thineself mysir, allow our trust mingle…’’

Her voice was a gentle prodding to cast away hesitation and from your palms, something foreign tickled your limbs, a warm sensation of vitality timidly made itself known and -as always with such magic- could only ask your permission before flowing into your body.

You allowed it and a river, invisible, previously unformed was created; a strong link with an equally amazing current started from you and split into two because of your joined hands. You heard a surprised gasp from your teacher as your magical energy mingled, melded and became one with her body, her green projections -nothing more than Focus normal trait- somehow became intense and for a brief moment sense of hearing failed you as Teruko proved surprisingly greedy, taking and taking… yet also giving.

A foreign sensation was carried by the current of your joined flows. An impression, no a certainty; more than an emotion, more than magic ephemeral non-reality, pieces of Teruko overfilled soul inevitably peeled off to be consumed by yours… and you realized she was a woman of symbiosis because three souls were peacefully coexisting within the tiny confine of small body. A taste of life, pure, simple, honest life filled the empty vessel of your memory and… and it all came to an abrupt end.

Your host had forcefully put an end to your spell by breaking physical contact, leaving you to crumple gracelessly on your knees. ‘’My…my…’’ Her motherly voice broke you out of your reverie, she was gazing down at you with warm eyes, prideful yet absent of arrogance. ‘’Mine student is a thorough blank slate with embers of warmth that’ll be able to make many girls happy, ufufu.’’

‘’Teruko?’’ You could only whine and smile awkwardly. Cold sweat and blank spots in your vision alongside an inability to concentrate properly made it obvious you’ve spent a large chunk of your reserve for this one spell.
File: 1.jpg (159 KB, 1600x990)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
‘’Later shall I be asking forgiveness; now is time for cleaning, an old memory of mine is to be conjured with thine precious paste mysir Arawn.’’ You only caught a glimpse of the enigma that was Teruko Gunji but you understood fully well now that she was an unorthodox woman down to, perhaps, her very existence; summoning was no exception. Her gentle fairy, graceful little Titania, flew toward her mistress to disappear inside her body in a way that thoroughly convinced you she was an independent soul -a true sentient summon- dwelling in harmony with Teruko. Her tail stiffened, her hand around her staff had it slam up and down constantly as if unable to contain it’s energy and then… out came her spell, made by your natural ‘’soul paste’’ in a way no less absurd than Elina previous display of apocalyptic, supersonic collision.

A long serpentine creature emerged out of Teruko and launched itself skyward as if escaping the confine of the white lizard small body. A grand celestial beast of glowing, brightly burning yellows scales traveled in the sky as if swimming in the air and before everyone stupefactions -even the two veteran demons were momentarily awed- this creature this… dragon aimed its long body for the horde and charged in a graceful stampede of slaughter. It swam, growled, grunted and killed everything in the clearing, even uprooted the joined mutated trees in its rampage, reducing vinemen into little more than stubborn insect slapping their whips on impenetrable magical scales.

Everything died with earth-shattering trembles and beastly noises, more than 200 if not 300 vinemen were pulverized in less than a minute and after finishing this carnage, your pregnant teacher magic faded, her luster of green diminished to nothingness, showing her usually pale skin and it, similarly, extinguished the massive celestial beast whose rampage ended in a strangely peaceful nesting amongst the dead, perhaps a hundred meter-long snake of magic hand come and gone in an instant.

''Ah... Even with such amazing help, I can't master this one...'' Teruko rubbed her forehead and slapped her horn. ''Carried away, I got carried away... tis wasn't time to play god''

''...'' Nobody could say anything as she bent over to take a few long breaths to calm herself. She had this horde in less than a minute, something so drastic had seemingly flabbergasted the forest into inactivity because nothing ventured out of the foggy line of trees.

That is until renewed vigorous breaks of wood galvanized everyone back into action and, like an answer to Teruko victory, a lumbering beast came charging from within the horror of your haunted location. ''----!'' Someone was atop it holding onto a sword embedded into the back of its head, screaming something unintelligible against the thunderings steps and chaotic noises of splinters while holding something... big with their freed hand.
File: 65.jpg (228 KB, 740x986)
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228 KB JPG
Not that you could afford to watch them.

That beast was a massive thing, a long-nosed quadruped with a pair of forward teeth lumbered like a rampaging titan, it's body reinforced by the forest usual mutations of mosses and lichens. It crashed -and broke- through Elina shield like paper and bowled a nearby golem out of the way that fearlessly charged it.

The good news was that most of your party was safely out of harm's way; Vilma had progressed near the treeline to continue her gatherings while being protected by Sieglinde while Belphegor had run out of its way and Elina hovered in the sky, only now taking off to try and intercept this new enemy.

The bad one was that it was charging right for you and Teruko, this five meters long mass of flesh would make short work of all three lives nestling within her small frame...

And well there was also you to think about.

>You have only time for a single action
>Free Choice
As always if there's hesitation or lack of ideas, I can provide a set of options.
Zombie fucking War Elephant Cavalryman, boy do you know how to make us feel fucked (as always). The only two general options I'm seeing here are to either brace for the impending shockwave that's gonna result from Elina's attack as we shield Teruko from it or we scoop up the preggers monstergirl and try to get us both out of its way.

How far away is everyone from that thing anyway? About how far is Elina from us and it? Also, about where is Sieg in relation to us?
File: tegaki.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
Pick up Teruko and run slightly toward and perpendicular to the elephant.
Look like 4chan failed to update properly, would have answered sooner.

>How far away is everyone from that thing anyway?

Closest is Belphegor, she's 2 meters off, is very safe.

>About how far is Elina from us and it?

10 or so meters in the air, she's a quick one though.

>Also, about where is Sieg in relation to us?

3 meters on your diagonal right with Vilma, protecting her.

I'd make a crude drawing but I'm having a spot of trouble with my computer.

That work.

Also, I forgot to make an important precision; your core spell can be done simultaneously to an action. It's not quick casting as that's another trait altogether.

And of course, your core spells are the only ones you've discovered so far.
So the direction I want to take us would take us towards Sieg, who could help in slowing down the elephant once it reorients itself.
Indeed. I'll need 1d20 as well, with or without spells.
Is Body Reinforcement already on, or do we activate it now? Because we need it now.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Do body reinforcement to speed off with her faster
It's not activated.

How big a spell do you want?


Read the update to get a hint of your reserve.
No need to reroll, your number count.
Low. Don't want to take chances, and the Limbs are still active and draining mana.
I'll be updating tomorrow as the weekend will be when I'll concentrate to be much more active.

And unless other voices make themselves known, I'll assume you'll go with Light Body Reinforcement to grab Teruko and get out of that mad elephant way.

You can also roll two more times unless you folks are satisfied with that 15
File: Angel Armor.jpg (293 KB, 850x721)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
>DC passed.

There was no time for thoughts or planning; your rekindled embrace of Focus was instinctive, your long artificial limbs gently pushed Teruko in your direction making the lizard lose her footing but you had already grabbed her: one arm around her shoulders, next one lifting her legs from under her knees, your magic hadn’t even finished traveling inside your body that you already poured all of your desperate strength into dodging away toward a glimpse of red.

Body Reinforcement had become familiar because of all of your practices but, something so quick and desperate made accurate measuring almost impossible; you had little time to care. Changes in your body felt almost too short. Your nature of steel-like gray traveled even faster than your thoughts, your legs and arms tingled because of this alteration, this conquest of reality and you jumped without care for your safety and... Safely -luckily- avoided that thundering earth-shaking beast by what felt like a literal thread for your clothes were ruffled by wind and the Stanislaw Limbs, alas not so lucky, were batted away by the creature, making you and Teruko spin out of control during this strength-enhanced jump but you still managed to control your weapons and slam into the murky soil to make you land painfully on your back, knocking all airs out of your lungs, leaving a twin trails of three meters long trace in the dirt.

‘’Iiiik!?’’ The short lizard screamed as she protectively wrapped her arms around her stomach and before you recuperated a terrible sound erupted from what would have been a kill zone and the clearing soil trembled after a momentous collision; you only caught a glimpse of that 5 meters tall giant of mutated meats and muscles crashing down, not from an impact on its flanks because of Elina (who had enshrine yourself and Teruko in a tomb-like construct of magical shields) but something had made the entity tumble forward and, apparently, die on the spot.

‘’T-Teruko! Arawn!’’ A diminutive voice screamed shaken by fear and, you realized, you covered quite a lot of distance in your desperate magic-fueled jump.

Hopefully there won't be any cramps after the adrenaline wears off.

‘’Don’t stop Vilma, you’re more than halfway done; don’t get distracted.’’ A disgusting wet thwack followed the princess statement as she ended a vineman miserable life.

‘’Yooo, okay there guys?’’ Elina shields evaporated and she, alongside Belphegor, had come to inspect your situation.

‘’I…Mineself is fine aye.’’ It was only after hearing her that you decided to let go and, helped by Belphegor, Teruko stood on wobbly feet while Elina did the same for you with a welcoming gentle hold despite all that blue plate.

Unfortunately, she immediately let you go and pointed her halberd at the remaining foe, that giant thing -had- been ridden by someone and now they made themselves known after walking away from that carnage.
A quick inspection of your magitek weapon revealed them to be fine, the glancing blow of that undead creature had only been superficial.

Someone possessing far more decorum than all those walking corpses had walked away from the beast that nearly trampled you dead; clad in damaged, half-broken yet stubbornly stitched together half-plate and ringmail this newcomer stood rigid after coming face to face with your arrayed group (now reinforced by the pair of drones), their face concealed by a metal helm of similar metal that only left a mouth of tanned skin discovered and what seemed to be a pair of dark horns on the sides of their head and, you realize, a thin tail of dark scales nervously curling and swinging behind her, promptly revealing her Manonos ancestry.

Resting on her shoulder was an axe, or at least something akin to it. It looked to be a piece of crag, as if someone decided to tear out a chunk of rock off a mountain and hammer them into a vague shape of an axe from which ominous red lines and paths traveled to father on a central point. Dark, rotted blood coagulated its sharpened face while numerous stains of dry, sickening black made it obvious this newcomer had been even busier than your group in wanton slaughters.

‘’I saw it, she’s the one that killed that creature. I would have charged it but decided to protect your landing when you got out of the way.’’ Elina spoke firmly without breaking her low stance; her red wings were fully outstretched to protectively cover you, Teruko and Belphegor. It was obvious she’d be able to take off again very quickly.

At least the forest had fallen into a lull with only the pitter-patters of Sieglinde and Vilma grass disturbing steps to give a sense of life in the now ruined clearing full of annihilated undead and one big beast that had been laid low, crashed into a sea of mutated trees and now slowly being covered by a blanket of fog.

''Minaste!'' This newcomer loudly proclaimed while extending her freed arm forward with a thumb up.

''She...'' Teruko cleared her throat, body glowing it's inherent pretty green, and instilled some prideful energy into her limbs. ''Hailing. With an accent somewhat foreign to mine memories; this one has to be from a nearby nomadic tribe.''

>You've gained a moment of respite.
>Free Choice.
Allow Teruko to speak for us. That’s why she came here, after all.
Let the girls handle it or would you like for Teruko to translate something in particular?
File: Sieg 01.png (1.15 MB, 991x1421)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
‘’That’ll be our elusive axe-wielding murderer that left an impression on spirits huh?’’ Belphegor remarked as she waved for the stranger, her confident casualness was... difficult to wrap your head around.

Maybe you couldn't calm down because you very nearly died a few minutes ago.

‘’Mh, allow mineself to exchange words.’’ Teruko took a few heavy breaths, turning to briefly lock gaze with you as you rose to your feet. ‘’Thank you mysir, I’ll see about offering proper gratitude once death has been eluded. Now then…’’ She stepped forward, one hand on her stomach and a stubborn angel on her flank whose wings regressed into gentle folds after the teacher gently stroked them to proceed onward.

Damn it that was your chance! Curse.

‘’Minaste!’’ Teruko announced in return and the lizard woman in broken armor -whose stance had gained a noticeable wobble- smiled broadly.

‘’----!’’ Of course, you didn’t know what she said, Teruko had walked far enough for you to only observe her back and you preferred to avoid going forward and potentially cause a breakdown of negotiation.

Not that mattered much because Belphegor leisurely activated her alchemical tattoos and controlled golems to come closer, creating many booming steps that sent this unknown girl into a strangely excited mood because she screamed another exclamation while pointing at a lichen-covered Bobby.

‘’She likes your ‘’earth spirits’’ mine good professor.’’ Teruko remarked, causing obvious delight in the goat who curled a single claw forward in direction of the girl, earning another thumb up in return.

You also caught the tail end of Vilma ritual, at least one of many; she was holding a small purple bag in her left hand while her freed one made constant rotations near a pulverized vinemen, slowly reducing it into a fine powdery substance that oftentimes caused scores of tiny purplish fireflies to zap into the forest.

Meanwhile, Teruko exchange with this newcomer had progressed into a proper dialogue that saw an awkward end when the girl when to rest her big axe on the ground, making it loudly thump as it splatted on the squishy ground, nearly making Elina take off in combat.
File: Baphomet18.jpg (557 KB, 3000x3500)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
‘’Don’t be so brutish.’’ Teruko immediately admonished the haloing girl by knocking a few knuckles on her pauldron. ‘’Allow mineself to report and avoid any unfortunate mishap.’’ Finding a moment of pause to replace a strand of hair over her forward horn, Teruko showed a peaceful smile and turned to face you and the group while Elina stubbornly clung to her vigil.

‘’This little one name’s is Hao and she revealed to be a runaway from her tribe, she ran here because she didn’t have any other choices.’’

If the dead are to be trusted, this girl has been in one mighty three days long ordeal, one that had taken a definitive toll because her wobbliness had become genuinely worrying; this Hao had planted her axe on the ground out of need because she kept a firm hold on its staff, as if a breath away from crumbling.

‘’She’s been fighting for her life ever since and managed to cause this forest to… go asleep, that’s how she put it; although our portal suddenly worsened the situation and her camp came under attack by vinemen and, inevitably, one of these creatures.’’ Teruko waved for the carcass of that dead giant. ‘’She’s…’’ The mentor sentence was interrupted when this newcomer, Hao, suddenly leaned forward and faceplanted. ‘’…tired.’’ The white lizard finished with clear worry written all over her features.

‘’I’m done!’’ Vilma also chose this time to scream and, in her joy, jumped in place while cradling this silky bag without noticing a sneaky green man that, fortunately, was cleanly decapitated by a blur of dark and red; Sieglinde had killed the intruder before you finished turning your head.

‘’Not a moment too soon!’’ Belphegor exclaimed, pointing for the forest as, all around you, the second wave of undead came pouring out in a slow, persistent silent shuffle.
‘’Let’s not go back without bringing the girl now!’’ Teruko lost her composure, pointing at the crumbled warrior still clutching her axe in unconsciousness. ‘’Consequences of ours intervention be damned, none so deserve to be gnawed by rotting bodies!’’

‘’Doesn’t strike me as wise.’’ Elina retorted, still in battle stance. The foes were a good 7 meters away now, it’ll be child play to run forward and protect the girl while escaping. ‘’We’ve no clue who she truly is.’’

‘’Doesn’t matter!’’ Teruko screamed in rage and promptly smacked the angel behind the head. ‘’Life is life, even those guilty of heinous crimes hold precious possibilities, I shan't stand by and let wanton slaughter happen beneath mine gaze! Not after mine oath!’’

>Either way, this forest isn’t done with you.
>You are free to escape.
>Free Choice
Run in and pick up Hao, axes and all, with our limbs then escape.
Use another low Body Reinforcement.
this is fine

Too bad she didn't ask what her crimes were before she fell unconscious.
Will update tomorrow, I'm a little more fatigued than I thought.
File: 50.jpg (2 KB, 300x168)
2 KB
When one of the enemies stumbled and reached for the helpless Mamono, a stir of anger prompted you to rekindle your enchantment of reinforcement, adding a new surge of magical enhancement on top of your previous one; you've had more than enough practice with this degree of power to easily brace against the following feeling of vertigo as your brain adjusted to your newfound capabilities. When you took off running you almost completely overshot the fallen woman and nearly slipped on slippery dirt. ‘’Look at him go!’’ Belphegor exclaimed, her golems already hot on your heels with their obvious steps.

With Stanislaw Limbs operational, your very first foe was to be a shuffling undead with bark and grass almost stitched into its body and the lower end of its jaw missing. It reaching forward in a mindless attempt to whip its weapons attached to rotting (yet solid) wrists… only for its face to cave in a resounding splat of meats, skull nearly exploding from the impact of your magitek weapon.

Your first kill; easy enough when the enemy is mindless.

A loud thump followed by a flash of blue revealed a certain stubborn angel landing beside you, gore-covered halberd hefted to protect your vulnerable flank only for Belphegor drones to reinforce your sides, their lumbering murdering prowess promptly slaughtering whatever offensive the vinemen were trying to mount.

‘’You’re a reliable one’’ You didn’t think she’d be so… pragmatic, Elina certainly showed a cold (if interesting) side today. She still accompanied you without hesitation despite her mistrusts of this unconscious Hao who wasn’t moving a muscle.

‘’You'll take the axe?’’ She asked (making a point to ignore your remark) and you nodded, grabbing that piece of weaponized crag one-handed, fully confident in your magical reinforcement.

‘’Oof it’s heavy!’’ You immediately exclaimed and promptly added your second arm to properly lift that thing, earning a set of raised eyebrows from the no-nonsense angel who let go of her halberd -making it disappear in a gorgeous shower of bluish fireflies- and lift the passed out dark scaled lizard with surprising gentleness, accompanied by awkward sound of rubbing metals.

‘’Aight ain't no need to stay here!’’ Belphegor screamed, her own weapon discarded as she held Vilma hand, Sieglinde and Teruko closed the march at a light jogging pace.

Teruko efforts were almost for naught now, the forest had sent another wave of its mindless drones that easily outnumbered the first wave that assailed your party.
With less than a minute of breathing room, Belphegor grasped the amulet hanging from her neck, broke its chain and spat a piece of oil-like saliva upon it, creating an immediate crack on what previously seemed to be a peerless piece of crafted onyx. She threw the jewelry in the air at a high angle and, somehow, it stopped as if thrown against a wall to planted roots into the airs as if reality itself had grown tangible; snaky spirals of darkness traveled to plant themselves on the ground in seconds.

That tiny shape expanded into a familiar shape swirly blackness, an exact replica of the first magical phenomenon that transported you here.

With Belphegor golems having cleared a suitable perimeter, there was absolutely nothing holding you back; you stepped through first with this glowing axe in hands…

And emerged into a bleak ground of gray stones surrounding one thick pillar of similar material, with Elina, Vilma, Teruko, Sieglinde and finally Belphegor and her minions, whose entry marked an end for your portal.

Quest to acquire ingredients for Elina was a success! She has now everything she needs to unleash her full necromantic potential, as long as her ammunition last.
Difficulty: Easy - Clear

>This adventure wasn't intended to kill or maim anybody... even if the potential was there. You can expect later conflicts to operate in a similar fashion, though with more actions and rolls because you won't have a thoroughly overpowered party.

‘’Aaaah I need a bath! And someone to clean up these guys!’’ The goat didn’t even wait for the portal to properly disappear, she was despairing over her moving half-sentient statues as they clearly needed a good scrub. Grass, vines, lichens, gore, blood and perhaps even traces of toxin all mingled with their rocky body that, thankfully, didn’t make too much of a mess because their heavy feet were only covered in dirt.

A trait shared by everyone, that’ll make cleaners unhappy…

‘’In and out in about two hours. Job well done.’’ You heard princess Sieglinde comment while, for some reason, shaking her hands and slapping the air. Their deformation was slowly rescinding, revealing a thumb that had been previously morphed into murderous claws. Beside her, Vilma was clutching her bag like a precious jewel; both hands cupped the object and she held it close to her heaving chest, eyes closed with a rare honest smile; you’d have loved to linger and bask in this satisfaction…

‘’What are we to do with this one?’’ Elina asked, breaking your feeling of accomplishment.
File: Sieg1.png (283 KB, 800x800)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Now that you could take a closer look, this self-titled tribal outcast was a complete mess. Her damaged armor barely clung together and would probably fall apart after she took it off, a dented helmet covering her entire head would take a genuine challenge to take off. Long brown hair lied hidden by a ruined cloak covered in dirt and rotted blood, making you wonder if she'll need to cut them off outright, she was also wafting a particularly unpleasant odor you could only characterize as ''death'' because pieces of rotted meats clung to her battered body.

''She didn't attack us,'' Sieglinde answered her angelic friend, walking closer to closely examine the passed out woman.

''She still murdered people in that forest, likely exacerbating the situation...'' Elina retorted, glaring down at the tribal girl.

''Wondering about wrongs now that we've kidnapped a fugitive?'' Teruko scoffed, now also closing the circle around Hao. ''We ought to celebrate and rest now that mine precious students have gathered her material despite all of this danger... Though I reckon not everyone needs understand details of our venture aye?''

In the background, Belphegor guffawed while you kept a firm hold on this strange, primitive weapon that... was likely magical. Those lines of reddish magma-like substance made it obvious something was going on with this axe.

''I'll call for some maids to properly clean up this girl in my bathroom'' Sieglinde talked while giving her red hair an imperial swoosh, she clearly missed doing it back in that forest. ''Then have them inform me when she wakes up. I know of a few demons who can speak her language... but it'd likely be best for Teruko to work as an interpreter because you struck a good first impression.''

''What if she runs rampant?'' Elina immediately asked, holding onto the girl with surprising protectiveness despite this blunt nihilism.

''I'm willing to take chances.'' Sieglinde retorted and cast a glance your way. A silent message that was immediately understood, Elina yielded with clear guilt written all over her pretty face.

>It is now the afternoon of your fourth day and with this near-lethal situation over and done with, adrenaline is being dissipated and people will slowly divert to rest and do a few activities...

Here is where the quest fully opens up now. You need to decide on what activities you guys would like to do. Be it meeting someone, trying to improve your magic or skills, or simply venture out on your own. The girls are already planning some activities or duties, it<s up to you to keep them company and find out what they are planning on doing.

Introduction phase is over.
I think ya meant we got Vilma's materials but oh well, woohoo nobody died!

Teruko spoke of celebrations, I say we take her up on the offer and try to make plans with the ladies for some fun. Also, how close are we to burnout? I think we might be a little too close for comfort and thus might wanna petition someone to make a modest deposit into the elven mana bank so we don't have to suffer horribly for our selflessness once we drop focus.
>I think ya meant we got Vilma's materials

As always I fail to reread myself.

>Also, how close are we to burnout?

You are feeling light headed and cold sweats erupt all over your body here and there. That's as many hints as you'll get.

So you'd like to throw a little victory party?

Draining someone else magical energy isn't something you can do for now. Your Battery spell is a one-way street as far as you can tell.
We can't slack off in our studies now.

Go to the Library and learn what we can about Zipang and the Commonwealth, and also Elven society and the collapse of their civilization.
Probably too early to sleep and not in the mood to read a huge text wall of background info.

I vote we go learn some new soul spells or train them. If thats a no go then party i suppose, if vilmas there
Yeah, all the girl would be there if you want a small celebration.

Practicing spells could be done on your lonesome or maybe with a few of the girls, though you'll have to be careful because you've spent a whole lot of energy in the forest.

So, tallying up.

>Small party: 1
>Library study :1
>Spell studies/pratice: 1

I'll wait 30 or so minutes to see potential new votes or for an anon to change theirs.
Alright, time for a little celebration.
File: red 08.jpg (721 KB, 900x1200)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
‘’Teruko mentioned festivities earlier.’’ As an awkward atmosphere sprouted from Eline and Sieglinde little confrontation, your diversion came as something unexpected because all the girls -teacher included- observed you for a few seconds in confusion.

‘’Why yes!’’ Teruko immediately agreed, slapping her hands together. She had let go of Focus already and, hesitantly, you decided to follow suit… and gladly realized you hadn’t reached Overcast threshold. Your symptoms of lowered reserves were already gone… phew. ‘’Ceremonial jubilee if such’s to be our lot, it is truly mine belief all of us continue sharing good company after this venture!’’

‘’Fine with me.’’ Belphegor immediately agreed, her animalistic feet producing their usual echoes as she walked closer. ‘’Gonna need half an hour or so to clean up and get that axe in my lab, you won’t mind following me to put in there right?’’ She gestures for the piece of crag in your hands.

‘’As long as you inform me what it does.’’

‘’Eh.’’ She grinned. ‘’Deal. You'll know after I do. Where are we to get festive, lad? Got it all planned out?’’

Her wagging eyebrows made it impossible to keep you from throwing a satisfied smile. ‘’Of course.’’ You notice Sieglinde twitching upon realizing your intention. ‘’Her highness room is perfect for hosting us.’’

‘’Aaah?’’ Stuck in place near the angel and her unconscious charge, Sieglinde expression was a mixture of stern disapproval and outright fear as she observes everyone marks of today’s adventure. ‘’…Not going to happen unless people clean up and change clothes!’’

‘’Something her highness boundless magnanimity and wisdom already prepared for.’’ You affirm, prompting an immediate ‘’really’’ in response from the redhead who profoundly blushed from her gaffe.

‘’Oh whatever.’’ She yielded quickly to everyone gaze. ‘’Leave your boots here, I’ll have the guards fetch my maids a day earlier than usual so Hao isn’t left to rot and you dirty lot don’t go ruining my fortress of solitude.’’

‘’Pssh, you love hosting them.’’ Belphegor took this moment to continue teasing and earning a strange reaction from the princess. Sieglinde wiggled her deformed fingers in hers (and your) direction silently while walking off and being the first to take off her boots, following by a puppy-eyed Vilma and a dumbfounded Elina.

‘’Not you.’’ The redhead was quick to point out her angelic friend. ‘’Keep that sleeping beauty comfortable.’’
File: Sieg05.jpg (107 KB, 825x1246)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
One hour later, inside her highness Sieglinde Jawahir personal room…

It had been sudden, impromptu, imposed and thoroughly unplanned yet celebration inside the very heart of the demonic stronghold was a surprisingly gentle affair that had you almost feel bad for your earlier teasing.
Sieglinde had somehow managed to find enough bathrooms for everyone alongside fresh clothes (even for you) and as your small group trickled into her vast room (almost big enough to compare to a house) a little victory banquet had been set up with fluffy maids sharing their genes with mammals coming and going to place last minutes pastry deliciousness.

‘’All of you can serve yourselves.’’ Sieglinde had announced to people genuine stupefaction and allowed herself to be satisfied with this lovely hair swoosh that made you wonder how this waterfall of red managed to show curls.

Teruko, usually composed, couldn’t even speak; her legs carried her to the wheeled tables and nearly ate right off the presented plates.

And so, as time passed and everyone got over the initial needs to fill their stomach (with Teruko bottomless hunger as an obvious exception), things diverted into quiet and comfortable chats…

>Would you like to keep professor Teruko company? Ask her something in particular?

>See what Sieglinde is doing? She’s been talking with her aunt and Vilma and left the room for a while, this is supposed to be a celebration!

>Speak with Elina? The angel has been quiet, sitting on her lonesome on the bed and doing… well, absolutely nothing but listen to everything around her.

>Try and bring everyone together with some sort of game?

>Free Choice
>>Speak with Elina? The angel has been quiet, sitting on her lonesome on the bed and doing… well, absolutely nothing but listen to everything around her.

I want to check out vilma and sieglinde but i gots to know whats eating the angel
I'd like to see if we'll get a few more voices as whatever we decide to do will lead to a shift in the scene.

I'll start writing Elina option in about 30 minutes.
>>Speak with Elina? The angel has been quiet, sitting on her lonesome on the bed and doing… well, absolutely nothing but listen to everything around her.
>Try and bring everyone together with some sort of game

Must have happy fun times after nearly dying a horrible horrible death.
File: 1.png (1.02 MB, 742x999)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Taking your last bite of what you’d consider a girly meal (sugary pastry, cakes… a depressing lack of meat and vegetables!) you walked to sit beside the silent heavenly woman as you caught morsels of conversation from Belphegor and Vilma, she was slowly but surely warming up to the old goat by explaining basic of necromancy you already knew.

For a moment, after you silently invited yourself to sit beside Elina, were genuinely stunned by her appearance. She had come out of a recent bath and despite one good hour since, her semi-long golden hair was still visibly damp and clung to her face, leaving a few strands stuck on her cheeks while cascading down the back of her neck. She was garbed in a dress that previously belonged to Sieglinde yet fitted her perfectly; a mixture of dark blue and white gave Elina an almost studious appearance that came off as elegant, if not otherworldly because of her glowing halo of molten gold and wings of soft reds that curled backward on your arrival.

Yeah, she’s a looker and you had to clear your throat to recover your mind, prompting a surprised blink and a flap of wind from the thinking damsel.

‘’Something’s eating you?’’ You asked quietly. The room wasn’t too loud and, honestly, the atmosphere felt comfortable.

‘’Huh?’’ Elina answered, blinking in surprise a few times. ‘’Arawn? Are you worried about something?’’

‘’Yeah.’’ You nodded and pointed to her. ‘’You.’’ You wormed closer, enough for your legs to rest against one another.

‘’That so?’’ She whispered without much spirit, turning to observe this quiet little celebration. This attitude was a bit of a contrast to her usual teasing casualness, she even showed plenty of rages back when you got to confront the bullies.

‘’You could say I’m recovering.’’ She continued to speak indifferently. ‘’Thinking, too. This adventure made me realize a few things.’’

‘’Oh? Is it too personal to share?’’ Your question was met by a noticeable quiet jerk of her arm, something Elina pretended didn’t happen.

‘’Maybe, I’m still… thinking.’’ Her blue eyes locked onto you for a brief moment where… you couldn’t deduce any emotions, you could almost describe her as serene or perhaps resolved. ‘’What do you think about that tribal?’’ She bluntly asked, making you rub your chin in contemplation.
File: 1.png (387 KB, 800x960)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
‘’Nothing profound. She seemed friendly enough, although the way she passed out makes me believe that girl survived until total exhaustion in that hell and, well, our presence might have been the only relief she felt in days.’’ It was plain bad luck that she had been riding that thing when it came to try and trample you dead; good thing the worse didn’t happen!

‘’Not what I’m asking.’’ Elina shook her head, causing a few wet strands to fall forward near her eyes. ‘’I didn’t mind leaving her back there. What do you think of that?’’ Her bluntness made you wince.

That was a bit... extreme.

She noticed that, too. Elina smiled, showing a new expression of derision that elicited a mixture of confusion and astonishment in your bosom.

‘’Aren’t I cold?’’ She stated, not so much asked, yet perhaps still waited for some kind of affirmation on your part.

>’’You were only thinking of our safety.’’

>’’I’d describe you as protective, remember how you reacted with Vilma?’’

>Free Choice
Gonna continue tomorrow, we've got time.
"Protective, I would say. Though perhaps a bit overly so. Taking risks for anything beyond accomplishing our task didn't seem to sit well with you. It's as if you couldn't bear the thought of any of us getting hurt. Especially if you could do something to prevent it."

Damn this angel is like a disgruntled emotional trip mine, hope this gets the point across gently.
Crap, same guy here, replace "could do" with "could have done" on that last sentence. I need to sleep now.
Yeah this sounds good. Supporting.
>’’You were only thinking of our safety.’’
‘’Protective I’d say’’ Back when you were in the thick of things you didn’t give many thoughts to her attitude because there was something much more pressing at hand, Elina left no chance at all for the horde when she first struck. ‘’Maybe a little overly so, you didn’t like taking risks for anything unrelated to our task.’’ You measured your tone in a whisper and the angel wings twitched at your words as if you poked a sensitive wound. ‘’You tried to keep any chances for anyone in our party to get hurt to a minimum right? The idea of someone getting hurt when you could have done something to prevent it had been on your mind all this while?’’

Her blue eyes drifted toward her legs and closed in thoughts, her small mouth stiffened in a narrow line when a peculiar thought went through her mind but, minding the atmosphere and her position, Elina managed to relax or at least put on a mask of serenity.

‘’Feels like an excuse doesn’t it?’’ She answered quietly, a tiny curl of her wings being the only indication of emotions.

‘’No.’’ You answered firmly. ‘’You might have been wrong and argued with us a little but you didn’t stubbornly stick to your ideas and try to impose it on us after we reached a consensus; you followed the plan, offered your perspective isn’t wrong.’’

‘’Even if it’s cruel? I made Teruko really angry.’’ Was that what was eating her? Hard to say, Elina was a completely closed book.

‘’I don’t see it as a bad thing as long as you keep a good head on your shoulders and continue thinking of our party safety.’’ It was difficult to imagine some broader perspective without your memories. This battlefield action had been your first armed conflict, your baptism in blades as some would say; you still felt like a green recruit despite this notch on your belt.

‘’That’s not how I ought to be…’’ Elina murmured quiet, dreadfully so in fact, only keen elven hearing allowed these heartfelt words to reach you. It wasn’t something casual eating at her. Yesterday night, or perhaps today’s early morning, had her wander Sieglinde grounds in search of the Demonic Throne while murmuring about that faction of Mamonos that opposed the Jawahir reign in the past… but maybe you’d be overstepping boundaries by asking about it.

Or perhaps she had intended for you to hear it without realizing it.

>’’How should you be, Elina?’’

>’’Have you ever heard of the Sabbath?’’

>Stay silent, maybe she wants to ask you something?

>Grab her hand and force her to play a game with the girls. (Kings Game? Truth or Dare? Something else?)

>Free Choice
>’’How should you be, Elina?’’
We should try to get her to open up - but if she doesn't want to speak, we drop the matter for now.
‘’How should you be, Elina?’’ You matched the timbre of your voice to her whispery quietness as the girls around you enjoyed their socializing, by now Teruko had joined with Belphegor and Vilma, Sieglinde had also decided to stop being too busy to join them, all of them were peering curiously into the necromancer small silky bag.

‘’Ah…’’ The angel didn’t expect something so direct and her wings curled awkwardly, coming to rest on your side as it couldn’t phase through your body as they often did in the past. Her pale hand clutched at her dress and evident hesitation was displayed on her face, almost prompting you to backtrack.

‘’I was raised as an apprentice, back in the angelic heavenly domain.’’ She explains quietly, afraid to be overhead against the background of happy chatting. The girls would glance to your duo here and there and Elina never failed to present a pleasant smile. ‘’I… I was heir to the Embodiment of Love a lifetime ago.’’ That explained her prodigious display back then, reducing close to a hundred enemies into a mess of meat… ‘’Once it counts, I don’t exactly stay warm and empathetic; you’ve seen it already. I don’t like fighting or killing but my mind always drifts toward pragmatism in order to accomplish the objective I have to do even if, well, situations changes.’’

‘’You speak as if you have to do everything yourself.’’ She laughed at your remark, a sweet giggle of ironic disposition that tugged at your heartstring.

‘’I’m colder than I ought to be, that’s what I meant.’’ Her wings twitched again, their close proximity allowed you to feel an oddity in their consistency; soft winds flowed from those pale red feathers in a constant exhale, making them that much smoother and comfortable. ‘’I forgot what it meant to fear for people dying, I hadn’t seen any battles for at least five years...’’ Elina shook her head and sighed. ‘’Maybe I’m being melodramatic and worrying over nothing.’’

Words of comfort failed you, even if your mind worked feverishly to try and find something -anything- to lessen this choking burden that had shackled the angel throat. She had shared an important hint of her past and, evidently, her mood was tied to that fact, making your amnesia hard to relate indeed.

Maybe that was why she confided in the first place?

‘’Say Arawn?’’ Elina asks you with newfound resolution. She turns to look at you, prodding your elbow wit ha friendly jab as if a second-wind of energy had replaced her lethargy. She even smiles politely while replacing a few strands of damp hair. ‘’How does it feel to have no memories?’’

There she went and changed the subject, asking a simple yet profound question…

>How should you describe your amnesia?
>Free Choice
Would you guys like a series of choices to help you out?
I just got here but i woudn't mind

>'It make me desperate to know more about everything I come across. What kind of history have I missed? What's the common sense and knowledge I should be possessing to avoid harming myself or those I've grown to care about? Part of me always wants to run into the library and study old history, learn about elves, Mamonos, human... Find out more about my ancestry and also try to understand those who've helped me so far. I don't have any real experiences to take from and I fell relying on my instincts is a mistake when I try to help, I constantly feel inadequate, stuck in a permanent debt to you and all the girls.'' [Be frank, show your honesty and yearning for your past]

>''I'm still coming to term with it I suppose. I try to live without regrets even if it means asking for help constantly, I was incredibly lucky to awaken with you and Sieg ready to help. It's a burden, sure, but I can shoulder it with the friends I've made in these 4 days. They've been quite hectic huh?'' [Downplay your desperation and focus on the good of your situation, really it is not that bad in the end.]

>''I feel like I won't be able to make any lasting bonds until I discover who I was. My sheer inexperienced might also lead to hurting somebody, I want to regain everything I've lost as quickly as I can... though I'm still hesitating to commit.'' [A little bit cold and dismissive but this is a touchy subject, you do not want to share your experience with anybody yet... well Sieglinde being an exception.

>Free Choice
>'It make me desperate to know more about everything I come across. What kind of history have I missed? What's the common sense and knowledge I should be possessing to avoid harming myself or those I've grown to care about? Part of me always wants to run into the library and study old history, learn about elves, Mamonos, human... Find out more about my ancestry and also try to understand those who've helped me so far. I don't have any real experiences to take from and I fell relying on my instincts is a mistake when I try to help, I constantly feel inadequate, stuck in a permanent debt to you and all the girls.'' [Be frank, show your honesty and yearning for your past]
File: 1360374225375.jpg (259 KB, 800x810)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
I think I might have to stop here. Feeling a little strain to write as I've gone all week.

I'll see about starting a new thread around Thursday with the result of what you guys want to see, so there's time plenty of time to cement your interaction with Elina.

We'll continue this slice of life/important dialogue later this week. I want to make sure I do our angel justice.

Thank for entertaining me so far, I think going for a long and steady road for these threads is the way to go since I don't have enough players to progress too far during an evening and, well, I'm slow to update either way.
As we've now left the introduction phase of the quest, I'd like to ask a general opinion. What do you guys think of our adventures so far?

Anything I could do better or that you'd like to see in the future?
Well, aside from your occasional grammatical slip up (which I can forgive as you are not a native speaker) you're doing good enough for me!

Also, don't count on the player count staying low if you ever become consistent in the timing of these threads. You do that and you'll eventually get people like me if nothing else. People who saw your threads in the catalog for a few weeks in a row back in the day on /tg/ and got curious because hey, who doesn't love monstergirls?
I only had a single thread in February because I got sick for, like, all of that month so I understand why things have been quiet this week.

Now that's it's past me I'll do my best to stay consistent with an end of weeks schedule.

If there's anything you guys don't like do tell me. While now we are enjoying a little party and talking with Elina, things will truly open up afterward.

I'll also work on my companions/npc summary. Was too eager to start now that my health had recovered so I didn't finish it yet.
You're doing great

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