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This is still an experiment. It will develop similarly to a Civ or a Skirmish, but the setting is a Low Fantasy Victorian-era world where magic is present. Similar to an Isekai, your character has died in the real world, having lived an unfulfilled life. Perhaps you gave your life to save someone else's. Perhaps you missed the chance to do something while you were alive. Perhaps you simply ended your life, uncontented with its many facets.

To your surprise however, you've awoken in a strange, yet familiar world. You feel fundamentally different, as if there is a new power stirring within you. You know this feeling as the gift of magic, with potential far greater than many of the people in this world. You are an Outsider; a person whose soul had been wrought from another dimension.

You're not alone, either. You've awoken alongside other Outsiders from Earth, too. Whoever you were back in the old world is mostly inconsequential now.

You were greeted by several humans with clothing that looks similar to what someone from the 19th century London would wear. They then introduce themselves as members of an organization called the Xerenith Order.

Your summoners have brought your soul here to help fight against threats that they cannot fight against alone. The Order promises to give you funding, safety, and a roof over your heads, so long as you continue to work with them.

Ultimately, there is no explicit way to 'win'. As a player, you are encouraged to set your own goals. Maybe you'd like to amass power, or return to Earth, or even rebel against your summoners. The choice is yours.

Keep in mind that this is an experimental thread; there may be radical changes to the game as a whole, later down the line.
How to join: - Currently admitting a limited amount of Players. Pop into our Discord for more info
Make your character. It can be a male or a female. Post your full character info in each of your Action posts like in a regular civ or skirmish.

You have 3 "Skill points" from your backstory. Skill points can be used to gain Skills, which are categorized into six different archetypes: Might, Finesse, Sorcery, Resolve, Inspiration, and Industry.

a. Name (trip/namefag yourself)
b. Give a short description of your character. Pictures are also appreciated.
c. Allocate your skill points. These can be skills that you knew in your old life on Earth(i.e. Mathematics, Firearms Proficiency, etc), or gained when you became an Outsider(i.e. Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, etc). Do note that these skills can be as general or as specialized as you like, but must be within reason(i.e. Magic Missile is an acceptable starter skill, but Create Matter isn’t).

How to play: -
To start you post your character sheet with actions for each turn.
a. Action Economy. Each turn you will be given 5 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions. Major actions use 2 [Action Points]. Social and minor actions only use 1 [Action Point].

Examples of major actions: Training, spellcrafting, building, etc.
Examples of minor actions: Social interactions, resting, etc.

For every action(whether it be major or minor), you must roll.

-General formula uses [General Dicepool] + [Archetype Bonuses]
-[General Dicepool] is 1d100
-[Bonus] are added to the action you are making.

Each tier into an archetype related to the action now grants a +5 Bonus.

If you have Bread Baking (Industry) and your action is to Bake Bread you roll 1d100, and add a +5 to your action.
If you had 12 Finesse, you had a Well-Rested Status that gave you a +10 bonus, you had a skill that gave you +5 to actions related to Stealth and you posted an action related to stealth, you'd roll a 1d100 and get a total boost of 25:
10 from the Finesse, 10 from the Status, and 5 from the related skill

b. All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any action posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.

c. After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XWb8hdB
Detailed Rules: - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZBCNA9jh-dqVZllbqO4EVunLAlrNjWOWGNbr9-FhMAE/edit?usp=sharing
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=mass+isekai
Previous Thread: >>2317783

Turn 3

The Factory
An old metal processing plant that was closed down decades ago. Chosen for its proximity to the city of Burhtic, this building is close enough to get to the city, but also far enough to make sure that if something were to happen, the Xenerith Order would have ample time to stop it. The factory floors were cleared of machinery, meaning that there is plenty of space for development. The lack of comfortable amenities might leave something to be desired, however.

Default Buidling:
>Sleeping Quarters
>Dining Hall
>Free Space for Development (9/15 left)

Expansion Units: 4/15
Structures: Forge, Library, Spell Repository, Chemist Lab,

=====[Xenerith Order News]=====
Library Status:
It turns out that demon innards are actually very poisonous and that it takes a steady slow pace and proper supplies to clean it without assuming major health risks. The Order’s staff did most of the job but the terrible odor refuses to be exorcised from the place. Due to the recent Imp fight, the windows in the library are broken and need replacement; also the self-help section of the library got damaged.

Does anyone know how to get THIS PERSISTENT FETID SMELL OUT OF HERE?

The current damage has been mostly repaired and cleaned up, but we still need finishing touches so the Library can be 100% functional again.

[Helping takes a Major Action with a roll for it, 1 successful rolls is needed to fully repair it, until it's repaired no bonus from it should be received for any test. If repaired in this turn the usual bonus will be applied in retrospect to any relevant tests made during it.]

Spell Repository Status:

Looks like one of our members had an accident in the spell repository that involved lightning, there is a big mess of burnt wood and broken windows in the main room and most of the recent logs on magic development have been lost. The Order’s staff is too occupied with unloading supplies right now and can’t focus on repairing it, any Outsiders that volunteer to help with that should expect to get at least a small reward for it.

At this moment, the Spell Repository is now back, somewhat, to its former self and is in working condition!
Outsiders that helped, find your rewards in your action posts.

Old Aisle Status:
It seems like the oldest part of the factory was involved in a particularly destructive incident involving the attempt to make an Multi-Purpose Medical Room, which resulted in the destruction of the infirmary, the demolition of one of the walls of the forge and a giant hole in the wall of the second floor of the Factory.


The Order would like to inform all the Outsiders that their help would be well received, and while they aren’t really prepared to lend any meaningful rewards, having the damages restored is probably of vital interest to everyone who may need these facilities. And keeping the water and the forest fauna outside would do much to let everyone sleep without worried of awakened by a flood of water or spiders in the middle of the night.

[Failures can result in more “interesting” results than the usual even if done inside, every failure after the first will be considered “Outdoor activity” as the interior is partially exposed to the elements. Furthermore, resting actions receive a -10 as they will be frequently disturbed by water or people trying to keep the water at bay. This lasts until the storm passes or the building is restored.]

[The forge is being fixed by the order, but can’t be used this turn.]

[The infirmary was relocated to the opposite aisle, but is working at half the efficiency for the next 2 turns. All rolls involving it will receive a penalty depending on the complexity of their dependence on it.]

Weather Report:
The rainy weather is somehow even worse right now with rain and thunder everyday. It's really recommended to be inside and avoid unnecessary trip into the wildness or the city. There is plenty of suspicion that the storm is magically created, and anything weird coming from it should be expected to be hostile, furthermore, it seems to be moving in the direction of the sea. The Order’s is currently studying its point of origin.

[Failures involving outdoor activities have harsher consequences, the unusual amount of magical energies around give a +5 to any magic related actions, but crits may have unexpected consequences, as the powers involved could go out of control. Crit fails may call the attention of whatever the storm is or serves to.]

Dinner is served at 7 p.m.
Great opportunity for Outsiders to catch up and talk during the week.

This month we will be giving you access to a special menu of pork based meals, feel free to ask our cooks about it, but remember that it’s also an limited offer, so hurry before it's over!

=====[QM Announcements News]=====
Since we are still experimenting with the system, check out the 0.7 Rule book. Linked in the OP.
>[Major] With a tutor found, Priere spend time with him getting acquainted with the way the upperclass does things.

You begin your training under the refined and dignified Magnaglory Excellentius. He teaches you the ins and outs of the trade, giving you information about social etiquette. Halfway through the training session, he begins to tell you how a man should act, prompting you to stop it there. When you bring up the fact that you are in fact, a woman, his typically regal demeanor breaks. “W-wait, seriously?! You’re a woman?!”

After much reassurance that you are a woman, and some more panicking on his part, Magnaglory turns to face you. “I am deeply sorry for my… outburst, my good sir…” He states, before sputtering to correct his mistake. “Miss. I meant miss.” You hear him mutter something about not getting used to that for a while. Regardless of this, he still teaches you what to do to maintain social norms; though for a woman this time around.

>[New Skill] - [Basic Etiquette: No combat effect]
>*The ins and outs of basic manners and ways of presenting yourself in high society, or at least the ability of being recognized as part of its social scene.*

>[Minor] Try to get some rations for a small expedition outside the city limits.
You start asking around for some rations to be of use in a small expedition, however, the people at the kitchen doesn’t really have much that fits the description and are hesitant as to spend their long lasting supplies with you just to satisfy your whims. The usual requisition process don’t help you much either, as the Xenerith personnel prefer having you around and aren’t eager to dispense resources that will only risk your future potential help to their case by letting you go to nobody-knows-where in the middle of a stormy weather. “You’re an outsider kid, not some super-hero or powerful magician, stop being so irresponsible” one of the older fellows at the general requisitions officers tells you straight to your face.

You try persuading the kitchen personnel again, this time planning to ask for tabby’s help and point out the fact that they gave stuff for blume last week, but some random dude stops you while you’re heading there. “I heard you need rations” he says, in a monotone voice while he seems distracted looking at nothing, you wonder from where he came and for how long he was seated here without you noticing, in fact, you’re pretty sure you have never seen him around before either. He continues, “I may have some old military rations in my office, just wait a minute.” before finishing his meal and stand up before heading for the kitchen and then returning to access the door to out of the hall, you wait for some minutes and then he returns. “Here” he says before dropping a large metallic box in your lap, it reads “Royal Guard Emergency Rations” on its front and looks to be very old. “Don’t worry about such small details such as age, this stuff is made to last, and to be fair, we didn’t even invented expiration dates yet, so you have nothing to worry about.” He says in a joking tone before leaving you with the box. Then you realized that he never said his name, what a weird dude.

>[Old Military Rations- Can keep you fed for 2 weeks, tastes just badly enough to make you prefer anything over it, but not as bad to the point of being useless as food.

>Hanako the Wisp [pet]
>[Major] Head outside the city to explore for riches and glory (Mostly for fun). See what Hanako the Wisp can do along the way.

Finally prepared, you and your loyal companion Hanako go forth on a quest to explore new worlds and to go where no outsider has gone before!


The first few hours are pretty uneventful, there is a lot of mudd and a considerable amount of insects, the forest isn’t in a good shape for walking at the moment, and your most common animal company are some spiders that insist on jumping on you. You actually manages to see a boar drinking water along some small stream of water, but it runs as soon as you risk a step in its direction. You go pretty far before setting a very improvised camp between some rocks before night falls, it's going to be harsh out there without real camping supplies and using only the few things you got from your bedroom, but you’re sure that at least it’ll take more than being under equipped to kill you.

This goes on for the next few days, with your normal food running out in the middle of the way and you eating some berries that you saw at dinner before to avoid having to start consuming your rations or having to go hunting, you actually also manages to cat some fish and a bunny, in a surprising stroke of luck in your fifth day walking.

Someday, though, your luck runs out, and you go all day under dark skies with just a few berries in your stomach, you find no fish around, and the only small lake that you found had this weird voices of dying people coming from it, so you kept away from it. Also, you were awakened by an earth slide in which you lost at least one blanket, an extra towel and a bunch of sorted cutlery. The standard issued backpacked that you grabbed from inside of your wardrobe is feeling lighter now, and you’re pretty sure that there is some big arachinidean thing following you. Your tests with hanako didn’t resulted in much effect yet, either, you know that you can kind of communicate with it through gestures, and that there seems to be some magic involved, but even if hanako tries to follow your movements in the best way it can, it just doesn’t seem capable of interacting much with the environment, at best illuminating things with its light or bouncing off of objects without any apparent kinect force…. The animals fear it, though, and even insects seem to try to avoid bumping into it.

But that big spider like thing that is stalking you probably doesn’t care about that, so you decide to go up into the terrain of on of the few recognizable landmarks that you are using to find yourself up with, the Lizard mountain(that doesn’t have any lizards, just vaguely has the approximate shape as one, if you ask the locals.), that marks the limit between Burhtic’s Ring Forest and the “Fungi Kingdom” to the west.

It starts to rain, HARD, and you climbing becomes increasingly difficult, forcing you to search shelter into an small cave. You give one look back, to confirm that the thing is retreating too, and don’t hesitate, throwing an extra torch into the cave to illuminate it as you go in, and hopefully surprise whatever that is inside.


There isn’t really nothing inside, and you manage to get a night of sleep inside it, waiting for the storm to go away.

In the morning, though, you are brought awake by hanako bouncing off of your face repeatedly, its an horrible sensation, really, as if someone were lighting up one flashbang after another while you try to sleep. You hear some strange noises… And cautiously head to the end of the cave, the direction from which you hear them.You notice a “small” triangular passage, just big enough for someone pass through by bowing a little bit, or but large enough for a cow to pass by if it could get down to the point of rubbing its belly on the ground. You send a wips ahead to scout, no reason to go in blindly if you can use them as drones, shit, you could have sent them into the cave instead of throwing that torch in too. You see a lot of boars, they seem very young and cute but too big to be just cubs, unless they come from a really big species, there is at least a half a dozen of them, and most have this strange mushroom looking structures growing out of their backs, purple and somewhat transparent, filled with some kind of liquid that seems to shake inside of it when they move. There is another version of this same mushrooms growing around the edges of the place over old tree trunks and foliage that was pushed inside and to the corners in some kind of nest related pattern, around this huge crater in the middle of the relatively large room, in the ceiling, there is a hole in the exact middle that illuminates the crater directly, with vines stretching into the cave and being infected with those weird mushrooms too.

Before you have any more time to scout, you hear something coming into the cave from your back, and realizes that the cave is just narrow enough to make it impossible for it to miss it as soon as it get inside, you could try to get the jump on it with the room’s entrance to your back, and you could also retreat into it, in where you could probably hide yourself under the foliage or behind one of the many big rocks that lay around the place if the boar cubs, which in the moment seem to be occupied bathing in the water pooled into the crater, aren’t alarmed by your presence.

>What do you do?

>[LIVE ACTION SEQUENCE REQUIRED. ROLL d100. MelchiorQM will DM the Live Action Sequence.]
>1(Minor). Ask Everett to help me out with some training. Also Introduce him to Melchior while I am at it. (relevant modifiers: +10 Hero's feast)

Everett saw the fight, or small spar, between you and Melchior. And he even took Melchior to his own personal sports doctor. You start to think that Everett is more than just a mountain of muscles and you start to admire him more and more.

You get a visit from him at The Factory. Despite the cloudy and chilly weather, he is wearing a striped sleeveless shirt. He invites you to the Pub where you met him the first time. Over a couple ales he gives you his advice.

>“Look kid, I'm no knight and I don't really like the idea of duelling in armor against a naked opponent. The most manly way of dealing with any opponent is doing it by your own naked fist. There's no other way, but the manly way.”

Everett spends the next few hours taking about sportsmanship, being a good dueling opponent and how to avoid dealing damage that you cannot reverse. He goes rambling back and forth about his wrestling adventures and his own power...

>“... was it 16 or 17 years back? I don't remember the exact year. But I was there. It was a small merchant ship. At the Hagawaba Harbor. Huuuge fighting ring in the middle of the docks and a small sack of golden coins for the Prize. Some of them guys were halfs or traders, but not, let me tell you, that nothing can absolutely beat the strength of a well placed punch to the gut…”

He finishes his Ale and slams the mug on the table. And gives you a look. You can see the sadness in his eyes… he clears his throat and turns back to you.

>“You did well and it was nice of you not taking that kid consciousness. He was unprepared for what you had for him. And, that's okay. Everyone has different sets of skills. And if only I…”

He looks outside and sees that the sun is starting to set.

>“Well, you'll have to excuse me. I have to go and I have a meeting with some members of the Gym. From his pants pocket he takes out a small printed cardboard card and hands it to you. You can find me here and if you swing by, I'll personally make you stronger, son. But leave that wooden club of yours at home. “

He takes up and leaves a few coins, a few golden and a few bronze ones at the table.

[Everett’s inspirational Words] - +10 to your next roll involving training.
[Location: Everetts Gym] - Gain +10 on all unarmed training done there for three turns. After those 3 turns, it gives a +5 Bonus.
[Sack of Potatoes] - Melchior recovers to 60% HP.

>(Everett can’t give bonus to magic skills, he is a brawler, not an draining magic specialist)
>2-3(Major). Apparently the weather is good for magic or something. Spar out in the field we were summoned in with Melchior with Everett watching to give us pointers. See if I can sap TP from people I hit like I can sap HP. (Attempt to create skill: [(Inspiration) Draining strikes- (passive, improves sapping strikes) Sapping strikes additionally drains TP when it is active, successful hits restore 10 TP to Neo and drain 10 Tp from the enemy.]) (Relevant modifiers: +10 Heroes feast, +5 Everett(general melee), bonus if crit from magic weather.)
A few days passes after the last meeting with Everett, and with the inclement weather in the air you decide that it is an excellent time to develop a new technique. One of your skills seems to drain an opponent’s stamina and transfer it to your own, so what if you could do the same with their energy? You take your gear with you out into the field, bringing Everett with you. Once you ask for pointers, your trainer just shrugs.

>“Sorry kid, I’m no mage when it comes to this kind of stuff. I can help you with your forms though.”

He tells you. You begin practicing your Sapping Strikes, but changing something up. Instead of absorbing physical vitality, you try draining the more ‘spiritual’ aspects from the target. It takes a while, but once you get the theoreticals down, you begin practicing on live targets. Everett volunteers, saying that it would be “good for practice”.

You and your mentor get in position, and you even manage to land a few solid hits on him. Whatever you’re doing, it seems to be working. “Oh yeah. I can feel that.” Everett says as he deflects one of your attacks. You keep at it for a while, eventually ending the spar. You feel battered and bruised, but not particularly tired. That must mean it worked relatively well.

New Skill:
[Draining Strikes(Inspiration): Binds 20 TP. Each time you make a successful melee attack and deal at least 50 actual damage, the target loses 10 TP, and you gain that amount of lost TP.]
Ability to drain energy from an opponent.

>4-5 (Major) While outside in the field, try to create a skill to get rid of debuffs using magic. This seems like something a front line fighter might need, so ask Everett if he can help with this too.(Attempt to create skill: [Inspiration: Cleanse- remove debuffs at a TP cost as a bonus action.]) (Relevant modifiers: +10 Heroes feast, +5 Everett(general melee)?, bonus if crit from magic weather.)

>“I’m sorry, Neo. But that definitely is not my area. But I can tell you this, from my own experiences, a clear focused mind is capable of wonders and most of the time, you can find inspiration in nature.”


Everett says goodbye and you start to think about his words. Clear mind and getting inspired from nature? Maybe a stroll through the forest near the [Summoning Fields] would be a good idea, or so you think.

As you go deeper and deeper into the Forest you start to feel this itch. Your arms and face starts to sting and you feel like itching is the only way to subdue the feel. The more you go through the plants and bushes, the intensity of the itching increases. It drives you to the point where you feel the urge to scrape your skin into the bark of the trees to calm this feeling of itchiness. You start to do this, but then Everett’s calm words resonate on the back of your mind. You take a second to relax and clear your mind from the itch and the pain. You focus on the idea of removing it, of not feeling the pain. Not feeling pain. Getting the pain away…


Not feeling pain.


After a while you realize that, you don’t feel that itching sensation anymore. It’s like it is gone forever. On your skin, you only see the red marks of your own scratching.

[Clear (Inspiration): Costs 20 TP. As a Major Combat Action, target any creature within 15 feet. Removes most status effects from that target, including but not limited to Petrified, Confused, Sleeping, Silenced, Blinded, Poisoned, Burning, Paralyzed, Chilled, Frozen, and Slowed.]
*Remove various abnormal status effects.*
>M:Fredrick is very angry that janitors of the order can't even clean a blood of otherworldly abomination, so he decides to do it himself

After seeing how much you care about those old books, the janitors aren’t really surprised by your desire to help, but are annoyed by your attitude about their work. “Look, if you think that cleaning out demon remains from the floor is that easy, be my guest!” one of them says as he throws protective gear to you.

It turns out that the stuff is so poisonous that they the nearest thing they have to a hazmat suit in order to clean it. The clothing looks like an standard diving dress, but with enchanted leather instead of metal, with runes and “chalk line” of some kind of strange metal written on some parts. They have no problem of fitting one for your use, but you're not young enough for this anymore and take a good amount of time to just learn how to reliably move with it.

You spend hours each day scrubbing demonic innards from out of the floor and pieces of damaged furniture, and throw a incredible amount of cleaning supplies on the whole place. You only don’t try burning it with holy fire because you fear that it could somehow go badly and burn the whole place, but you where close to doing it out of frustration of having to go around in such a heavy suit breathing in this horrible fetidness for days. Maybe it's a good thing that you don’t have all that energy from the youth anymore, or you would probably have done something stupid at this point.

You managed to make it a lot cleaner, and to force the smell to recede to breathable levels, however its far from over.

>[Anti-Corruption Protective Suit]
Quality: Fine
Defense: 0 DEF; 10 MR
Resistances: 30 Poison; 10 Acid; 10 Necrotic
Weaknesses: None
Special Effects: None

>M:Find a gun or some other ranged weapon, you can't rely on throwing books and casting fireballs forever

You go to the armory looking for something to defend yourself with without having to rely on magic.

Everything is much calmer, cleaner and organized now that they’re done with unloading and storing stuff that came from the order last week. You don’t manage to find the old man that you heard that was in charge of this place, as some helpful apprentice had informed you in the hallway, but a tall and very muscly girl comes to talk with you.


“I’m Hunnet, the third in command around here, Gurdis is taking some days off and my other superior is on his lunch break, what can I help you with?”. You ask her for a gun or some other kind of ranged weapon, and she gives you an distrustful look as if wondering if any big gun would be of much use for someone as old and non-athletic as you. “Eh, let's be realistic, Grandpa, you probably doesn’t want to carry a rifle around all the time, and some rudimentary weapon as a bow isn’t going to be an easy ride for you to learn how to properly aim… Here, that's probably the only reasonable choice for you.” She lends you an pistol. “Come back if you need more ammo or anything else, see ya!” she says before sending you off the place without even doing the proper bureaucracy to requisition permission to remove something from the armory. At least you got a gun, even if it was in some informal way.

>[Old Single-Shot Derringer]
Quality: Fine
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Non-Scaling
Range: 30 ft.
Damage: 50 Piercing
Special Effects: After attacking, you must take a Minor Combat Action to reload.
Description: Its an early model that has resisted the test of time, its well maintained, but its age shows itself in the opacity of the metal and the shape of some of its components.

>[Hunnet] - Third in command at the armory.

>m: Find whoever summoned that imp and yell at him until he learns his lesson about summoning otherworldly beings in the library

Seeing that the professional investigators of the order are taking too long, in your opinion to find the culprit, you decide to take the matter to your capable hands. You start by researching what sort of things could bring such creature to this place without being detected by everyone in the building, and narrow it down to summoning, and question the investigators about it. They said that they already have concluded that much, but even if they have some equipment and may be able to get some link between the creature and possible summoners, they can’t really jump to conclusions without an confession. After some more minutes of inquiring though, they decide that can’t hurt to have someone more looking into it, and concede to you a strange looking gadget for the sort of technology you have seen around, looking like some kind of victorian EMF scanner with this very complicated layout that make the readings so difficult to translate into anything useful that they need to give you an complex explanation on how to use it. They lose an entire afternoon, and all of their patience with you, in order to do that, but manage to the basics into your brain: It is used to compare the vibration patterns(or something like this) of two samples and discover their level of proximity on the scale.

With that you spend a lot of time scanning everything possible to only get inconclusive readings, and discover that any human is at least 50% compatible with any other, if this thing even really work, until you decide to just press every Order’s personnel into informing you of any summoning magic they have seen being practiced by outsiders.

After the usual suspects, like Prier, you hear of some guy who was seen trying to summon things without much success in the gardens, and as soon as you find him you immediately remember that he was around and the first to run from the library in the day the Imp appeared. Instead of just trying to persuade him into confessing, though, you let your military training do its job, and move up to him undetected, before assuring that his compatibility rate was as high as you expected(98.8%) and jump up on him throwing accusations from out of surprise on him.

Jestre barely have time to react and almost falls back from the scare, he is so confused by your sudden barrage of threats of punishment and hard criticisms to his behavior that he doesn’t try to deny it, assuming that you’ve caught him with some undeniable proof that he forgot about, instead trying to make up excuses to avoid some harsher punishment. It becomes quite the spectacle, though, with all the people were around, a great number of the order’s apprentices just leaving some class, stopping by to pay attention to this outsider clash. The guards appear to try to get some order of what is going on, but even they are intimidated by your accusations and harsh lessons on basic responsible behavior that they don’t quite manage to do much about stopping you or ending the scene. To make things worse, some gardner girl takes your side as a witness of Jestre’s misdeeds and start reporting how he bullied her around to do “improper things to mention”, a mix of surprised, anger and confusion go through is face, and he starts to try to explain how everything go it wrong and that he is being terrible wronged by things that doesn’t fit the description or the magnitude of her accusations, but his poor choice of words involving the terms “naked” and “massage” only makes things much more worse, putting the entire audience in perplexity, the girl in shame and the guard in hurry to arrest him on the spot.

He still goes down protesting and resisting the whole way he is carried until the brig, but now he isn’t your problem anymore. You hailed by an hero by the audience, and for a moment you bask in the glory.

>[Appraised by the Order: +10 in all rolls with people of the order for the next turn, and then +5 until your fame fades completely.]

>[Satisfied with Yourself- +5 in all major actions next turn.]

>[Vibration Compatibility Detector- Lets you check the vibration proximity of two different samples or beings. Cannot be used in combat]
[Gabriel Logan]
>Find some writing material and begin copying the Bible from memory, so that you may spread the Word of God.
The Master of the Temple always said “A Knight that reads all the bible is one powerful in his faith. But the one that memorizes it entirely surely is insane.”, he wasn’t alone in that opinion, as most of your companions ridicularized you for wasting such time trying to burn each paragraph into your memory, “THOSE FOOLS!” you exclaim while writing passionately, you finally proved them wrong on thinking that you would always have a bible at hand. You spend all of the time you aren’t occupied with your followers or your basic necessities writing the bible from memory. Its too much work to complete in a week, but you find out that your memory doesn’t disappoint you.

You miss those fools, you wonder when you’ll see them again, but you have no desire to make your meeting sooner than what God wills it to be.

>[Unfinished Bible- It got a quarter of the old testament written in its large pages, and a very resilient leather cover with an improvised cross draw on its front.]

>[Complete Knowledge of HIS Word (Christianity) (Industry): Grants +5 to all rolls performed by any skill with “(Christianity)”.]
*Complete knowledge of the word and the canonical interpretation of the church about it.*

>Find the fighters of the group. The Lord needs soldiers willing and able in the fight against evil.

Even if you have a few dozens of followers at this point, and at least half of them has a weapon, most of them has no training or almost any real fighting experience, if only four being worth of notice.

Wilhelm Fisney Yonderland is a tall old man that has been alive for more than nine decades now, in his distant younger years he was a eximious swordsman and duelist, in an epoch in where swords skills were still much in vogue and could reliable be an advantage in combat if one were skilled enough with his blade and fast enough with his feet to strike the enemy down before he had the chance to aim. But after some long years of adventures in the service of the king of his hometown, he retired to become a private tutor for young nobleman who wanted to learn his arts. Sadly, the firearms of now killed the search for his techniques and he moved to the outskirts of the city to pass his last years in contemplation of spirituality, as his children have assumed the responsibility for his estate back home. He isn’t the most social fellow and lived alone in the big house before it became your base of operations, and even if he still got his sword skills his body isn’t as in shape as it were and he can’t even walk much without a cane. He has interest in christianity in a more philosophical sense but doesn’t really like to be directly involved with things, prefering to be at help only if really necessary and even so by delegating jobs for others. Surprisingly enough, he actually likes your company and your “flaming passion” and is okay with having you around. He also don’t like the Xenerith Order, since his old arch-rival “Swift Slayer Jensen” joined them after retiring too, decades ago. Finally, he has a disgust for “demonspawn” as he finds them prone to the worse that is possible in mankind.

Henry Hatford Hamon is a thirty four years old lazy drunkard who can’t see the correlation between his habits and the “concept” of sin, being capable of being extremely honest and sincere in his faith without realizing that his avoidance to live under the required discipline is a problem. Still, he served in Burthic Army for ten years as part of an marriage accord that he should reap the benefits of after getting out, and he actually ended up getting out quicker than the expected after getting shot in the knee and almost losing the leg, fortunately he miraculously managed to fully recover in a few years, but that was the only consolation to discovering that he was betrayed by the father of the woman he wanted and that his love had already married another, since then he spends the money he gets from the army on the bars around the city, telling his story for whoever happens to be around at the moment and pay attention to him. He is actually super happy of being part of something bigger than him again, but keeps repeating that he lives by the mantra of “A good soldier isn’t the one who wins the battle, but the one who outlives the enemy” that kept him from dying for so long in service against all sorts of enemies, because of this he does everything with minimal effort and goes back to drinking and lazing around at the first opportunity. He blames the demons and demonspawn for his misfortune… You don’t know quite why, but he can come up with dozens of “reasons” that most people would usually consider only conspiracy theories. At last, he has the odd habit of assigning nicknames to people based in military hierarchy, as such he calls you “Commander”.

Harry Truman is a twenty three years old boy and factory workers who helps build “riverboats”, whatever that is, he was pushed by everyone to attend you inquirings for warriors just because of his size, he is seven feet tall and very muscular, but hasn’t really seen much fighting. He actually is quite afraid of hurting people since he once accidentally punched his sister and almost killed her. His father was a soldier who died in combat and he still has an old rifle that belonged to the deceased, which he uses to hunt ducks and small prey on the outskirts of the city on weekends. He is also very shy, doesn’t talk much and shows a anxiousness around women that shows his “inexperience” with them.

The last one is an odd case, this girl just showed up while you were rounding up the fighting able and threw herself at your feet. You had seen her before and gotten suspicion of the fact that she was always covering her whole body and trying to hide her face with unusual amounts of clothing, but had just assumed that it was some kind of disease and kept away from her. She reveals herself to be one of the “Demonspawn” and starts to tell a sad tale. She claims that she was abandoned by her parents at an orphanage very young because of her condition and was pushed around and hurt by the other children while growing up because of her appearance. Upon becoming of age she miraculously managed to marry a merchant that took a liking to her “exotic” appearance, but which abandoned her after twenty years because he found a younger looking wife that could actually bear him a child. Since that episode, more than a decade ago, she has lived the worst parts of the city doing anything to survive another month, and has outlived attempts against her life from other criminal scum and done herself a bunch of “despicable things” when needed. She asks for forgiveness and swear that she shall serve you and the LORD if she is permitted a new life, but implores that you won’t give her away to the authorities, as no merciful god would prefer that an useful servant should be submitted to meaningless torture, slavery and death at the hands of those who dwell with wizards and heretics. She claims to be fast and inhumanly flexible and to be skilled in all sort of the usual criminal tricks, but to have an extensive criminal record that hunts her name where she goes. Her appearance is one of bluish gray skin and long pointy ears that stick through a long silver hair… But the most bizarre detail is that for her story to match she would have at least fifty years, but looks no older than twenty, with an well endowed curvaceous body that should be almost impossible for an older woman.

The old swordsman averts his eyes and leave the decision for you, before walking away. The ex-soldier is surprised that you actually stopped to hear her and say that you should banish her at once if you don’t plan on putting her out of her misery, but sounds unusually hesitant in sprouting all that. The young surprisingly breaks his silence to oppose anything hurtful that could be done at her and state that everyone deserves a second chance.


The rest of your followers are watching the scene, they look afraid and hesitant about the woman. The female demonspawn seems to be about to start crying, if the tears are any indication.

>[As a minor you can order one of the npcs to do something, or the remaining ones without order to act as an group independently of the rest of the cult. If not receiving any orders they are assumed to be executing any other orders ordered to the cult at large.]

[None of the NPCs is even near to you at general capabilities, but they can do certain things that you can’t or do others better than you are able of doing right now. So choose wisely.]

>[Wilhelm F. Yonderland] - Very old retired swordsman and christian enthusiast.
>[Henry “Triple H”] - Ex-soldier, drunkard and hater of all demon related things.
>[“Strong Harry”]- Boat builder and heavy lifter.
>[????] - Professional thief, ex-”entertainer” and criminal “demonspawn” scum.

>Sadly I am just one man, and more people will be needed to spread the word and aide others in finding Him. Find the most pious among the believers, and personally teach them all I can of the Lord.
Most of them doesn’t really had much experience with the word to know for sure what they should do or believe in, and it's too soon to really be sure of anyone's faith at this point. At most, they seem interested in what you have to say and the most practical applications of the path you offer, such as the negation of magic. You suspect that most of them already had some form of quarrel with the current authorities and a distrust for the supernatural to begin with and just were united by your speech in alliance against a common enemy…

Nevertheless, you take your time to teach the most willing to listen about what its means to be a christian, and about the will of the LORD. After a series of reunions and personal talks most of them look like they had a sudden realization that matches all the different aspects of what is involved in this new path you offer.

>[Your Cult can now preach the word by themselves if ordered to. They are also motivated by their new knowledge of HIS will and gain a +5 in their actions for the next turn]

[Helsing Ludwig]
>[Major] Record all of my Medical Knowledge into a Journal of Sorts, and if I personally believe the quality is good enough (Roll above a 70 on its specific roll), give it to the Infirmary. If not, I attempt to create another until I believe it is perfect. No use keeping secrets if it can save lives, no?
You aren’t quite sure of how you managed to do it, but through the course of an week you write as if you were possessed, as by absorbing so much new info on the last week you now felt the need to put it all out. The days go back one after another with you mostly don’t even seeing the light of the sun, and working far into the night, only stopping when too exhausted to actually continue. Somedays you don’t even return to bed, passing out in one of the chairs of the library and to wake up to continue again.

Then it's finally ready, and another day go by with you sleeping through most of it.

It was just impossible to include everything, but this journal is now just good enough to give an overview of all your medical knowledge by just saying enough to let people infer the little details needed in order for it to fit in a cohesive structure… And you even managed to spare some time to do a few illustrations for it.


>[Medical Journal] - It has an extensive overview of the theories and practices of modern medical technology, it is decades ahead of anything they may ordinarily have right now, but its very dense and of difficult reading as you have to infer a lot of things from the correlation of the complete information contained in it in order to able to use it in any practical way.

You give it to the infirmary personnel and they go crazy about it, skimming through the pages and asking you questions like you’re some genius from the future that came to quench their thirst for knowledge, even the “Master caretaker” of the aisle seems impressed, and spend one afternoon exchanging info with you over some coffee and biscuits, before deciding to write you an commendation for your next project in order to impress the Grandmaster into allowing your next project to come to fruition.

>[Master Caretaker Edward] - Chief of the infirmary.
>[Major] See about having a Multipurpose Medical Room created in the Factory

The mental exhaustion of that night make things difficult to remember, but you’re sure that things went somehow like this: Edward wrote you a recommendation letter, and the infirmary personnel insisted that you went out to see the requisitions office as soon as possible, you relented to their enthusiasm with your idea for the Multipurpose Medical Room and you all ended up in a small commotion in the Requisitions Master personal office. A few minutes later the Grandmaster were there too, and after reading the letter and seeing the enthusiasm of the infirmary personnel he seemed to only get more suspicious of the whole affair, but he never confirmed your suspicion of his suspicion and gave an order to begin the creation of the room at once. There weren’t many personnel free at the moment, so it mostly were you and the infirmary folk carrying boxes over to a room in the old aisle of the building, there was also cleaning involved, but they pushed on you the direct coordination of the project and you had much to worry about managing the resources allowed for your use. Another day went on like this, and by the end of it things were mostly done, you just had to unpack the supplies and decide what to do with those colored boxes marked as “exotic material” that you left in one corner.

You have no idea of what exactly led to this, maybe you forgot a window open and someone got in, maybe something that shouldn’t be stored together interacted to cause the affair, or maybe there was just too much weight on one side of the room.

What you are sure of is that you were all awakened in the middle of the night by an explosion. And that the infirmary personnel, and specially you, took the most of the blame by the whole incident in which the great part of an entire section of the old aisle came down.

>[Blamed] - You aren’t in good terms with the order right now, you receive -30 in all requisition rolls, and -10 in all rolls involving people of the order that you don’t have some previous good relations with. This don’t expire until you get on their good terms again.

>[Lost Supplies] - The supplies for the room you wanted were lost in the crash, if you want them you’ll probably have to go get them by yourself in some other place.
>[Minor] See if this town has any Pet Shops that specifically sell Domesticated Doves. Not to Buy them, as I don't believe I have any of this worlds Currency on me, but to see if it Exists.

After that you decide to spend some time in the city, you know, far from any xenerith-affiliated people angry with you. It's better to give them some time to cool off, especially the huge guy they call Grand Master, he already doesn’t seem friendly at his normal state, you don’t want to see him angry.

Surprisingly enough, your clothes don’t seem to give away much of your outsider nature, so you don’t go through the usual hurdles the order’s people warned you off, so you camly spend a whole day walking around the city looking for a pet shop with trained doves.

You manage to find one specialized in birds, they have much more than just doves, but it's mostly just the ordinary usual species one could find in any other pet shop on earth, there is some weirdly colored ones, but they probably are just some variation of some closely resembling species back on earth.

The manager of the place is an white haired young man that claims to be twenty one years old even if he doesn’t really look like it, but by his intelligence and talking pace, this doesn’t seem that far of a stretch.

The boy talks with you at length about his birds for some minutes, while wearing long thick gloves that covers his arms up to the elbows and make him look more like an gardner that a store clerk, he also let it slip that he is actually related to the person who owns this array of bird related stores to which this one is related to, and that he can ask them for any specific specimen disponible in the market if you pay at front.

>[Oswald] - Bird store clerk.
>M. Help out cleaning the Skill Repository. I don't think someone would get much use of it if it's in this state.

You try cleaning around the place to the best extent you can with the janitorial supplies they give to you, but the main problem isn’t exactly the detritus and ashes that were over the whole room, but the need to replace broken furniture and repair structural damage, also there is a lot of things that can’t be really just cleaned out but instead need to be replaced entirely, as you can’t do much about burn marks.

To make things worse, some of the broken stuff is too heavy to you and by persisting in trying to throw them out by yourself you end up hurting your back. At least Argus was around to help move you to a more comfortable place to rest.

|[Back Pains] - You receive -5 in all physical actions until you do something to make it better, or someone helps you with it.

>M. Try to practice rolling for combat situations. Rolling to avoid damage and strikes.

You heard enough about the Imp battle to be determined on not being it, so you dedicate your time out of the kitchen to train rolling out of the way of things in those plains in where you firstly were brought in this world.

You roll and roll and roll and roll and roll, for hours, while you tried to imagine attackers trying to hit you. Sadly you didn’t really had anyone to help you on this, so you mostly only really learned how to move next to the ground efficiently, learning how to keep momentum without losing control or hurting yourself, and many ways of controlling your direction and your fall from different angles of “launch”.

Your newly hurt back didn’t like it much, and it only made the pains worse after a few days, so you had to stop doing that to recover.

>[Dodge & Roll] (Finesse) - Costs 30 TP. As a Reaction to an incoming attack (after the accuracy roll but before the damage roll), move 5 ft in any direction. Then, if you are no longer within range of the attack, it misses. Otherwise, it must re-do its accuracy roll. Until your next turn after using this skill, you cannot make any other reactions.
*Avoid an incoming attack by rolling out of the way*
>m. Visit the local marketplace. Learn about the fruits and vegetables of this place.
One day, curious about the markets and products of this world, you decided to follow Alrid in the task of going to the market for supplies. He was somewhat grouch about it as he usually is, but actually didn’t mean having an additional capable pair of hands to help him with things.

The whole affair wasn’t anything of exceptional, it was just… “normal” and “happy”, that morning was grey but not really looking as if it was going to rain anytime soon, and the stroll to the city was pleasant. You actually didn’t went into major part of the city per se, stopping in a somewhat rural market-place near the entrance of town, dedicated to the fresh product of the local producers in where the order has some connections, Alrid introduced you to a bunch of various minor acquaintances who supply the factory with their products, and left you to look around and do some minor tasks with some money while he went on to haggle with a few other sellers.

You played with some children, got some free sample from some of Alrid’s friends, met at least two nice doggies, and made small talk with some of the housewifes and local women who are the most loyal frequenters of the place. At the end of day it was as if you were already just part of the local market scene, even if some people knew or at least suspected of your outsider status because of Alrid and that little but present cultural disconnect that almost slipped in the conversation sometimes, in the end, though, you realized that people are just people, and humans are just humans, not mattering the world they are in, and your outsider status wasn’t even brought up once in the conversations and interaction with the people in the market.

While you were going back you realized that you forgot to handle Alrid the change, but he told you that you could keep it, if you promised to go back with him sometimes, as some of the order’s vendors actually seemed to like having you around, as if you there gave a relatable face to the people they help to feed but doesn’t really personally know.

>[Very Modest Savings] - You have a modest sum of money to spare, you can make use of it as an free-action, or spend it to give a +10 modifier to an Minor Action related to commerce(ex: searching for the most cheap but still useful “X” on sale.)

>[Known Face] (Farmer’s Market) - You’re not a total stranger to the people of the market, their clients and the people who live closer to it, that may have its perks in the future.

>Major Actions
>Huh, that's pretty cool that slaves are a thing. Maybe I can go have my own cutie slave girl.
>Go to a slave market somewhere and attempt to get my own cutie slave girl!

You try asking around the order to discover where you can get some “cute slave girls, ya know wat im saying?” but they don’t seem too happy about it. You wonder why. However, after going around in the city you manage to discover that there is really just two places that still get slave auctions with any frequency, one is the “Royal Auction House of Burhtic” who always had at least one specific hall just for this type of stuff, and the other is some large plazas in the port that get “products” from overseas. There is also some private auctions sometimes when slave merchants from other cities come here for business, but there is no way that you’d be invited to one of these anytime soon.

You check which day will be the next auction, and wait until the opportunity comes. Unfortunately a huge storms happens to fall over the city when the time comes, and you have to go through all that hurdle to show up in time, but you manage to get there, even if drenched.

It's just like being on a movie, there is a bunch of nicely dressed people seated in an orderly manner in front of an stage in where other people are being selled one after another. There is an specific order and proper way in which things are organized, but you don’t really pay attention for that minor importance stuff, as you are still much focused on the surreality of the situation. Many “products” go through the stage during the few hours of duration of the affair. You notice that there a preference for male slaves over twenty something years, as it seems that there is some new law that orders that certain slaves upon achieving twenty one years have to be freed, but you don’t manage to get to the bottom of the stuff as the people in the auction seem apprehensive of talking to a stranger that clearly doesn't fit the place.

There is plenty of slave girls being sold in this session, and fortunately(for you) they seem to be the most cheaper people on sale, with at least a dozen of them to choose from… If you had any money that is… WELL, if you had a ton of money, that is. Doing a improvised comparison, you notice that buying a slave is on the same price range of an high end car model, even if the prices varies a good deal in both directions. So even the cheaper half of the girls, who you wouldn’t call “cute” in no normal circumstances, are way out of anything you can expect to spend in any near future. They’re all under the effect of the law mentioned before, also, so you would have to free them eventually, as their age range from 12 to 18 years.

One exceptional girl is marked on your memory, though. She was brought over the stage with other 5 other “products” from some very pale tall blond guy who looks important, which is much to say taking in account that each seller mostly brought one or two slaves with him, the public start whispering between themselves about the guy and his “fifth attempt of trying to sell such an overrated product”, the girl is a Demonspawn with dark skin, and black eyes with yellow irises that contrasts with her skin color as much as the silver hair does. She is human in all the other ways, though, don’t having claws, hooves, horns or wings, and just looks in a soulessly manner to the people in front of her, with her young but already somewhat developed body moving only in a automatic manner. The blond guy is called “Count Kaeh-Ivy” or something, you overhear, and is one of the last remaining really influent slave merchants of Burhtic.

In short, he wanted double the usual price for the girl, as she possess some rare transforming magic that lets her change her features temporarily, which she demonstrates in public for the fifth time. Nevertheless, no one really wants to risk having a difficult to contain Demonspawn slave around, even if her power is indeed rare, so the only ones that do make an offer for her do it outside of the auction personally, but offering only a quarter of the price for her. You wouldn’t normally really know this, but you only managed to get one of the seats at the back of the lines, so you manage to overhear some private bargains with the count.

Broke, and with the event already next to its end, you decide to call it a day. But while trying to head for the door, you are interrupted… By the Count himself!

“Oh, what a rare sight to behold, it's good to have the pleasure of an outsider’s presence in such unusual place for such encounters.” he directs at you, almost as an whisper, as if trying to be inconspicuous. “My name is Kaiiv, and I’m but a humble servant of the needs of this city, which a quench with my dedicated work, that is. You are…?”

After presenting himself he continues: “It's a rare sight to see one of you around, you know? Your kind, and I don’t say this with any offensive intent, seems to not be much interested with this line of work… Maybe it has something to do with the worlds you come from not having slavery? I wonder… But listen, I love to make new acquaintances as an way to learn new things and keep up with the last tendencies of the world, you know? And I think that we both may have something to gain from that, if you’re interested in this niche of the servant market… So why don’t you pay me a visit sometime, hmmm?”

He give you his card, with the coordinates to his manor on the outskirts of the city.

After leaving the place you notice that you don’t have any idea of how he knew that you were an outsider.

>[Kaiiv Phantomblood] - (????) nobleman and slave merchant.

>[Jeanne] - Doppelganger slave.

New Skill:

>[Slavery Savvy] (Industry): No Combat Effect.
*Knowing a lot about slave-related events, persons and activities.*

You know what really sucks after coming here? The lack of music. I'm gonna change that. I'll bring music into this world and become rich and famous for it.
>I know this will be hard but invent the Phonograph and pioneer the music industry in this world!!!

You explain your great and revolutionary idea to the requisition office, trying to sell the idea to them in order to get the necessary investment to start working on it.
After staring at you and nodding for various minutes, and occasionally looking each other with an embarrassed look, they keep quiet for a few seconds after you finish explaining the workings of such an incredible device. “Ehhh… Uhhhh… Just… Give me one sec please, just… Don’t move from there, okay?” one of the clerks says before leaving the room for a few minutes.

Then he returns with an gramophone and starts playing it.


That… Didn’t went as you expected, but you still spend a good time of your next days trying to discover something about them to improve and salvage your reputation form such an embarrassment.

New Skill:

>[Knowledge of Sound Recording and Reproduction: No Combat Effect.]
*Experience crafting, repairing, maintaining, creating or improving instruments related to the inscription and recreation of sound waves, such as spoken voice, singing, instrumental music, or sound effects.*
File: The Rising Sun.png (83 KB, 1200x800)
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Minor actions
>Inquire where I could find one of these half demon half human devilmen. I want to befriend one. Bonus points if she's a cute devil girl!

Again, you decide to set sail on a quest to find exotic specimens of this world, in this case, devilpeople.

As in the last time, asking around in the order doesn’t give you much to work with, but at least the point you the fact that those people tend to keep to themselves in the less friendly parts of the town.

You go around burhthic on a investigation to find these legendary land in where magic people dwell, and you’re met with suspicions a even occasional hostility for approaching the topic, even if you try your best to be suave at it. After a few tries, mainly in not much popular bars in least trendy parts of the town, someone finally finds it funny that you're looking for a place with “cute devil girls to make friends with” and give you some directions to a place called “The Rising Sun” on a shady street on the edge with the most dangerous part of the town. Actually you end up finding what you’re looking for even before reaching the place, if the people in hoods with hooves instead of shoes are any indication, but most of the strange humans that you see around doesn’t look interested in making small talk, and whoever who doesn’t look menacing seems to be in a hurry to get out of this streets with menacing strangers.

After a not much long walk from the bar, you find yourself in front of an establishment with a very familiar looking flag painted in a outdoor over the door. The bouncer, an big green muscular dude with fangs and small horns who looks like he came directly from Shadowrun, isn’t happy with you showing around, and says that he can practically smell the “puny xenerith magic” on you, and tells you that you should behave if you don’t want to get your ass kicked.

Inside… Lets be real, its a brothel, a XIX style brothel, somewhat modernized to have electric light systems and music that actually sound too good to be from a gramophone. It has a main area with an bar, a bigger stage, and a few small stages with poles, with a lot of wooden tables and some very comfy looking couches. People are dressed waaaaay too much for this sort of place, to the point that it makes you wonder if the guys are choosing the women based on much stylish their clothing are. It seems that its prohibited to smoke on the main room, but there is a hallway with the entrance being covered by an tapestry in the other side of the hall over which there is some strange machine that is ventilating the air as if trying to keep smoke inside of it. You sit on the bar and use most of the little money the order agreed to give you before leaving to order and drink, before confirming your suspicions: Its a place full of only devil-ladies “professionals”.

You barely have much time to deal with the possibilities that come from it, when someone sits beside you, someone with blue hair, someone that you know. A storm of memories flash though your eyes faster than you can hold onto them, and everything goes dark.

You wake up laying on a couch, with your head resting on the lap of one of the scariest women you have ever had the displeasure of looking upon. She is pale as a corpse, and as one, doesn’t seem to breath much, the lower half of her face is distended in this nightmarish smile, and her eyes are obviously too big for her head, as if she was some sort of real life anime character, with an fluffy red hair that only makes she looks even more like some psycho clown. Her eyes shift in a kaleidoscopic of colors for a couple seconds before setting in a fosforescent yellow that stares down your soul, and your hear echoing in your mind: “Hello… Sorry for earlier, it seems that I went too far with my powers in that joke. I’m “Canada” one of the hosts here, I hope I can compensate somehow for making you pass out… It wouldn’t do much good for the reputation of our place, you know?”

Surprisingly, even after the terrible first impression, you manage to keep an decent conversation going for hours with the lady of the night, she is curious about your world and informs you that the owner is an veteran outsider named “Yolanda”, who is somewhat homesick and likes having other people of her world around as much as she likes naming things as references to Earth. The girls themselves doesn’t know much about the “Outsider lore” as they call it, just learning some meanings and references as other outsiders stumble into the place at random. She asks you if you would prefer her being another person to you, at first you’re confused about that, but then she explains to you that she got an somewhat uncommon heritage of powers from her monster blood: She is an psychic, specialist in self-cosmetic-illusions and basic telepathy stuff, that's why she is talking directly into your mind, and also why she is the number one host of the place.

File: Canada.png (277 KB, 590x572)
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277 KB PNG
As it is an rainy slow day, and the owner or her second in command “Belgium” isn’t around, she doesn’t worry about killing time away “chatting” with you about random things, and even if she keeps being somewhat professional and detached, you feel like you got to know her better. You also pick up on some small interesting details, as such as Yolanda claiming to be from 2022 and being upset that she didn’t ever met an outsider from after her time… That puts some things in perspective, like the fact that while every girl was named after countries, there is just one “Korea” and that there is one girl just named “South”.

You wonder what should have happened in that timeline to explain having a hostess nicknamed “Syberia” around.

>[The Rising Sun] - Bar at the Outskirts of Town
>[”Canada”] - “Shapeshifting” personal entertainer.
>[Typhon, “the Orc”] - Big and green brothel bouncer.
>Minor Action: Acquire basic glassblowing tools from the Order.
They don’t have at hand the things you need, but the master in duty of the requisitions department really sees the utility of having this kind of stuff at their disposal and go personally convince the Grandmaster about it. You aren’t quite sure of how they managed to bypass their difficulties with acquiring the materials to construct the tools you need, but the guys from the order make it clear that they went the extra extent to make it happen, and they trust you to make it work. Still, they only got the minimum of resources needed to modify the facility to work for glassblowing, so you and the volunteers at the forge put extra work in making it happen.

You spend most of your free time to set adapt the forge to make use of the new tools.


> Major Action: Repair Library.
Meanwhile the glassblowing shenanigans aren’t ready, you decide to give a hand in helping repair the library… Cleaning isn’t much your stuff, really, so you set out to substitute the furniture that was damaged, go through each book to check if there isn’t any remaining demon stuff on them, and get the sizes of the windows to make sure that the reposition pieces fit.

You had to keep wearing the protective suit the whole time you were inside the most affected zone, though, but you’re used to heat and heavy clothing by now. The best part is that the janitor team has no problem is letting you keep to stuff, as they aren’t eager to have to clean it and have convinced their superiors that the outsiders could probably make more use of it than they already do.

>[Anti-Corruption Protective Suit]
Quality: Fine
Defense: 20 DEF; 30 MR
Resistances: 20 Kinetic; 20 Acid; 15 Cold; 30 Poison;
Weaknesses: 30 Heat; 30 Electric
Special Effects: Reduces the wearer’s Speed by 10, protects from most common forms of corruption.
> Major Action: Repair Spell Repository.

Lending a hand to help repair the other place was waaaaaay more fitting for you. Your strength was useful in pushing things around, removing damaged furniture from the vicinities and even helping that young girl to be carried to a comfortable place after she forced her little body too much and needed to stop. You also changed all the stuff that could be replaced with the help of the forge, from doorknobs to window frames, even if you don’t have the glass to fill them with, yet. Other than spending time with the other outsiders, nothing really worth of noticed happened though. So you had plenty of peace to focus on the job or make small talk with them.

>[Standard Repair Kit- And metal box filled with tools for repairs and maintenance, gives +5 to any rolls for crafting, repair and maintenance in which the tools can be useful in some way. Needs to be resupplied in some form after 5 uses, as its tools need maintenance.]

>[Basic Repairs and Maintenance: No Combat Effect.]
*Ability to perform simple operational and functional checks, as well as servicing, repairing or replacing non-complicated devices, equipment, machinery, and utilities.*

When you get back to the forge you discover that while you were away helping around, some young outsider helped Oscar to requisition materials for the forge again, “Taku” or something was his name. Oscar also explains about how he crafted a lot of very small weapons for some small statues that the boy could animate. There is even some mini-katana crudely made and half done on one of the tables, you doubt that Oscar’s weapons will be of much use.

>First action continuation:

...And then one day you wake up in the middle of the night to discover that part of the old aisle had gone down, taking one of the walls of the forge along with it… The walls in which the glassblowing equipments just had been moved to. Lucky, Oscar ran fast enough to the forge to take out a fire that had started and avoid losing more equipment, but the glassblowing stuff is beyond salvageable.

>[No Glassblowing- The Glassblowing equipment were lost and the order doesn’t have spare stuff, you’ll have to get it somewhere else or look for a bigger order’s base to requisition it to.]
[Melchior Santos]

Thanks to the help of [Neo] and Everett you have been healed by Everett’s personal nurse. You awake back in your room at [The Factory.]

>[Sack of Potatoes] - Melchior recovers to 60% HP.

>(Minor) While everyone is probably frustated about the unusable state of the spell repository, [...]
>57+20=77(result of the minor)+(skills if any applies)
>(Major)Through this process I let the blood from within my veins move from outside of my body[...]
Wanting to grow your powers you decide to set out on a journey of meditation. You sneak into the forest next to the factory with ease thanks to the dark and rainy weather that has been persisting. Deep within the heart of the woodlands you settle down next to a large hawthorn tree after making sure nobody has followed you thus far. Drenched by the downpour you close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can feel the world around you come into focus the slower your heart becomes.

After many moments you become attuned with with the nature around you. You can feel the essence of the tree next to you, and now can sense the interconnected web of energy that flows between all the living things in this forest. Cutting the tips of your fingers, you place your hand on the roots of the mighty tree. The blood and rain get washed into the soil and you can feel as if you have become extended as one with the tree.

Doing this every night for a week yields the corrupted result you’ve sought out. You can change the colors of the tree and sculpt its shape. You have successfully given your power to morph to a tree. Woohoo.

>Gained [Corrupt Attunement](Inspiration): People can now gain a mutation by drinking your blood. Roll a d100 to see how much of the power the person gains. Grants 30 Holy Weakness.

>(Minor) The Imp probably didn’t get into the library by himself, I don’t really worry about WHO brought it to existence, but I investigate to discover how it ended up there and what caused it.

You found Frederick nagging an Outsider that you don’t recognize. You overhear their conversation, and from what you hear, you realize that demons can come from Outsider magic. In this case, it was summoning.

>[Food for thought] - You know that demons can spawn from failed or erroneous magic.

>(Minor) I tell the outsiders about my upcoming duel with Neo, and even get a good seat for Blume. When the day comes we duel.

Ooops. The Duel already happened and most of the people are expecting a rematch!

>[Rematch] - More people will attend your next spar with Neo!
[Nico Abrera]
>Minor: Make small talk with the barflies, specifically the Devil's Children. Try and get to know more about them, specifically about their origins or how it's like being one of them.

As the days pass you have plenty of opportunities to make small talk with the usual patrons, its almost an official part of your work, taking in consideration that the social experience is a vital part the bar life.

Unfortunately, the Devil Children aren’t much happy with discussing their lives with an stranger, and you manage only to pick some things up by overhearing conversations, like the fact that their condition comes from demonic heritage in their family tree and that most of them avoid exposition of their condition to society by working in jobs that don’t need much human interaction and living on the most shady parts of town in where no one will bat an eye for much longer on another stranger. Your habits of trying to approach the subject only attracts suspicion from the ones that usually show up on the bar, what isn’t good if you take in consideration that the criminal background of part of them make them extra paranoid with anyone who seems too much interested on them. At least Silva saves your neck and manage to redirect your reputation to only “the new guy who talks too much”, instead of “potential police mole”.
>[Social Outcast] (Bar)- Your fame at the bar is in bad shape, you receive a penalty of -5 in all your social rolls relating to it and its frequenters until you manage to fix things somehow.

>Minor: Ask Mask more about the job offer, but only when Silva's not around.

Mask is around almost everyday, and seems open to human interaction at any time he isn’t occupied with one of the many people that occasionally shows around just looking for him, specially when a certain very clingy Devil girl isn’t around. But recently Silva started to be around most of the time, possibly worried that your greeness will get you problems with not much civilized people, leading you to not being able of talking freely with masked fellow, that just makes small talk as if he didn’t personally knows you and jokes with Silva when her humor isn’t foul with him.

One day he tries to pass a napkin with some address written on it to you while Silva isn’t looking, though, but she catches it as if she was just cleaning the bar and get rid of its secrets before you have an chance to look at it, before giving a very cold look to mask.
>Minor: Go and buy a decent Hunting Rifle with my [Very Modest Savings +10]. Make sure Silva doesn't notice.

You go around the district looking for a rifle, and you manage to find a very good looking one for a more than reasonable price, and spends all your money in it. It is not until you reach “home” and manages to avoid Silva that you get to dismantle it only to discover that it is not in operating condition. Furious, you go back to the “nice-store-that-doesn’t-ask-too-many-questions” to ask for a refund. The owner scoffs at you and tells you that he never mentioned that it still worked, and that you should have read the sign on the inward side of the door that warns about him not being responsible for any problems that may happen with his products. He tells you that it wasn’t really on purpose, because sometimes “good deals” end up being illusions or other strange tricks when dealing with people at this place, and if it helps in any way, he could lend you at least old maintenance manual for a time, but that you aren't getting a refund.

Also tells you all this while pointing a shotgun to your face since you stepped in, “You gotta be fast and be prepared in the line of work, nothing personal.”

When going back to the bar, Silva sprouts from a corner while you are least expecting “Nice gun” she says, “There is no need to hide it from me, but don’t start any trouble with it, okay?”, she smiles, “Don’t be surprised, we can’t be defenseless around here… I too have my own weapons, in a way.” and continue walking to do what she was doing before.

(These are its stats after repaired, it takes at least one minor action from you or another person to repair it.)
>[Damaged Single Shot Rifle]
Quality: Fine
Two-Handed Weapon
Type: Non-Scaling
Range: 60 ft.
Damage: 100 Piercing
Special Effects: After attacking, you must take a Minor Combat Action to reload.

>Minor: Take a break by having a drink. Call it a day from here.

After a exhaustive week of hard work and misadventures, you call it a day when the bar finally closes, while you and your silver haired boss are tidying up everything you decided to pour to yourself a mug of your most popular drink: Black Fog.

Urg! It tastes horrible! Maybe the demon’s palate is really too different from the usual human taste afterall.
[Alejandro Valencia]
M: I rest. Like holy balls I have so much to recover from. (I do 2 minors if resting is a minor)
You TRY to rest, you mean, but those terrible nightmares and horrible visions you have everytime you close your eyes and let your mind wander are having none of it, oh crap, you have no idea of what they hit you with, but it's as if you never left the place, and are haunted by the memories of that ordeal every time you manage to get some sleep. You spend most of your days trying not to move or to think about anything, to avoid exhausting your mind more and having to sleep any sooner. It seems that the nightmares are so bad that they even affect anyone who is sleeping closer to you, showing them the feeling of being mentally assaulted and beaten before they wake up screaming in pain. The nurses just begin to drug you up to sleep… At least that makes the nightmares go away for the time being, allowing you to actually get any real amount of sleep.

>[Traumatized] - Mentally Scrambled is now permanent until you fix yourself somehow.

>[Mentally Scrambled] - You were involved into a long lasting and intense psychic warfare against more powerful and experienced opponents, as such:
Firstly: All mental power uses against you gain advantage.
Secondly: All psychic power uses from you are at disadvantage.
Thirdly: You need to spend the double of the usual amount of TPs to activate your psychic powers.

M: I do the action above again

You’re not sure of how it even happened, but you’re brought awake from your drug induced slumber with screams and a pain even worse than your last experiences. For a second you have a incredibly detailed flashback of your life that you don’t remember having the last time you died, shit, you are DYING AGAIN AREN’T YOU? You look around to try to discover what is going on, just to become fairly sure that your body is being smashed under tons of rock and metal, and that there is some magical stuff dripping on you. You actually doesn’t even feel much of the pain at this point, as your already hurt mind is trashing around your brain at full speed trying to find a way out, you manage to at least get out of the big pile of rocks before noticing a bunch of metal rods impaling you, and the trail of blood in the ground under you, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

Your mind vibrates stronger and faster at each moment that goes by, your psychic powers going on overdrive, and then...

m: Hit up conversation with people at the infirmary

Oh wait, this isn’t the infirmary.

Where the fuck are you!?

You try to move, but you only hear a short lasting sound like a humming noise.

You look around… You’re in the hallway in where the infirmary is located, there is a bunch of people around you looking into the room.

They are looking some people try to save your body, that is still breathing, they spend some time at it, and confirm to everyone that you’re going to survive.

Relieved, you try to move again, but it is as if your body was tied to some kind of long metal pole with a sharp tip.

Oh crap.

You’re pretty sure that you are a spear of some sort.

To make things worse, that's some top tier bizarre stuff going on with your body, as you see some creature like a puddle of liquid metal with an rosy aura seeping into it through its eyes and mouth… With no one being able of seeing it.

...And then, the world also looks bizarre, as if you’re seeing some overlayed parallel reality stacked over the “land of the living”. And that's not even mentioning this tall hazy humanoid being made of shadows that is probing your body with a long stick, as if checking if you’re still alive.



>[Mana Circuits] - You now doesn’t have to worry about HP, as you don’t have a physical body anymore. Instead, your spirit form is keep together by the mana that flows through your soul. If your TPs reach zero… Who knows what happens?

>[Phylactery] - The spirit world is constantly filled with “storms” or “currents” that carry anything that isn’t “tied down” or “grounded”... And that's the best metaphor your mind came up with to explain the weird alien things happening all the time, what matters is that you’re vulnerable and probably completely out of control if you become “adrift” without a host. As such, you need to keep yourself linked to a host at all times, be it an human or some magical construct.”

>[Implanting Yourself] - Now you can change hosts for your soul with “Implanting Belief” as you’re much alike to a wandering will at this point. It costs a minor action and 30TP to do that. Non-Intelligent hosts can be “inhabited” for any amount of time, but possessed people eject you from within them if they wake up(in case you are sleep walking with them) or tries do something they disagree with (in case of willing channeling).

>[Mana Regen] - The spiritual winds going through you directly end up slowly replenishing your mana circuits, you regen an amount of mana per turn equal to Sorcery+(Inspirationx2) in TPs freely each turn.

>[Host: Humming Spear]
*A lance made by some unusual alchemic metal, it's some sort of artifact, but that may be unintentional as most of its circuits are deactivated.*
>Magic Siphon: Allows you to recover mana more easily, by spending a minor action you can “rest” while vibrating, recovering 10 extra TP that turn.
>Humming: You can Hum to call attention if there isn’t someone holding you, most people are unable of seeing or hearing this, though.
>Enhance Magic: As an reaction, you can spend 10TP to enhance the range of a electrical power being used by someone holding the lance.
>Unused Circuits: It has a lot of “spiritual space” that isn’t being used and that you don’t know what it does, maybe you could explore that.
>I think I shall keep to myself this week. I'm more used to that way. And I'm not sure people really want me distracting them from their own goals right now. I'll practice magic alone. Other than the magic part, that is how I have lived my life up until now, and I will continue living this way. As a matter of practicality, the magic I will practice will be the Ice branch. (Sorcery)
After many various problematic experiences involving ice that occupy most of your week, you decide that it's probably better to train outside, but quickly find out that there is too much movement near the factory even during rainy weekdays. So you head out a bit into the forest, even if not going that much far in.

You go through your usual practice procedures, playing around with variations of the things you already have control of, but you the quietude of the forest in this day of gray skies really makes itself noted by you, in contrast with the constant rumble of your erratic companions that already characterizes the live in the factory. It allows your thought to flow adrift in the sea of introspection, being carried aways by its currents and rocking softly on its waves. You think about your past, home, family and departure, and about the uncertain future that waits you now, in this strange continuation of your life. It allows feelings that usually don’t reach the surface of your mind to show themselves in your psyche, and to manifest through your body and your magic.

You’re afraid of letting them continue, at least initially, but they shape your magic in newer and stronger ways, and persuade your mind defenses of letting go.. Just this one time… And you concede to them.

You let it all soar through you, all your love, your anger and your sorrow, and shines through your magic and your tears.

Then, you feel like you’re paralyzed in the stormy sea of sensations, emotions and magic flowing around you, unable of letting go of the feeling of liberation that shakes everything around you and slowly seeps your energy away. You’re confused as to what is happening, how you let it happen, why the world is spinning and if you’re going to die here being at the center of some magical storm. Then the explosive force around you reach the heavens and a loud conflagration occurs. And you fall down to the snowy cold mudd under your feet.

There is no much time to regain your senses until you hear another loud noise and almost falls down to your knee again when the earth shakes. Something just hit the ground with force, there is an crater in the distance… And something is standing up.

It's too cold, you’re out of your breath for a second, and there is this damn mist all around you… Oh no, its coming from you, and your humid clothing is getting rigid as if freezing… What is happening?

To make things worse, it’s starts to rain.

>[Condition: Icy Touch] - You keep draining the heat from everything around you and nullifying it.
For the next five turns.

>[Misty Condensation] - Your skin contact with the air keeps forming streams of mist that spread through any place you are in, when in a non-well ventilated room it fills the whole place with mist, giving -2 to all accuracy rolls and -10 to any actions that rely on vision, it's also very scary for anyone who has a personal problem with magic, giving you -30 to interact with that sort of people in any way that isn’t intimidating, it also makes you easier to spot, granting -15 to all stealth related rolls.

>[Out of Control (Icy Touch)] - One of your skills can’t be turned off, and that is a problem: You receive -15 in any resting related roll, as you keep freezing your clothes, your food and anything that touches you up to any point the environment allows, and you need to spend a minor to get any rest at all(or you can’t regen HP in that turn). Furthermore, being wet will hurt you as the water will quickly froze on you, and you receive AP 0(Cold) attack for every turn you spend on the rain, it can’t be dodged unless you have some kind of cover to hide beneath. Any water that hits you will also count as an AP(Cold) attack. Swimming is a big no-no.

New Skill:
>[Icy Touch] (Inspiration) - Binds 30 TP - As a Shift Combat Action, makes your hands severely decrease the temperature of anything they touch. Freezes anything in your both hands’ equipment slots. Grants +30 AD(Cold).
**Continuously decrease the temperature around your hands.**

[Live action event, what do you do? Link to this post.]
[The rest of your actions will be posted after the Live Action Sequence]
[Blumelein Von Abenthot]
>study the geopolitics of the country. (major)

You ask around, read some stuff that you can get your hands on, and overheard any conversations that you can, managing to get a grasp on some things:

Currently, you find yourself in Burthic, the capital and largest city in the Island of Oshaelys Tail. Burthic is home to a large amount of Nobles and working middle class and is located in the middle of the island and control the lands and manage it toward the other cities. Their current government system functions as Constitutional Monarchy The long standing royal family declines as the queen’s influence diminishes. The current Queen is Queen Margaery II, a newly appointed one to the throne. But as nobility ruled and influences the cities as much as they can, they became naturally despised by the lower class as the amount of resources and access to information make more plentiful after the technological revolution of the steam machine.

The other cities/lands other than Burthic is Tatedil the traditional city which holds mostly forests and uses some land to the west of Burthic for farmlands and mostly agriculture. Swadedal the most technological city holds tons of power and many inventors and builders live here. Many educated painters and stone carvers from Burthic end up here to create something original in hope to bring it to Burthic and advance society. Luteshvia the mountainous and rugged city though small territory, holds the largest bays and coastal defense. They manage other posts around the island and from the shore, can be often seen scouting. Goyavetland the dry lands have a more higher land area and is more arid and hot. Forest fires are common here and stop settlements from spreading. Then there is the mines of Nauerndern to the far west of the Island that holds high rock formations. Entering caves usually ends up into lakes inside or tunnels around the island.

You learn much culture about these people. Many appreciate realism and nationalism in their art and stories but the recent fads have been of romanticism and abstract art. Painters come and go to make a name of themselves and to anyone it was a delicacy to have such skills. Architecture is complex and varying with all types of buildings can be seen everywhere. Jewelry was also marveled as it was a sign of wealth.

The main three most powerful families are the royal family, the Lovecrafts and the Goldhearts, with the two of the most notorious lineages of Burhthic being the Phantombloods and a lineage involved in slave traffic that you didn’t manage to get the name of.

The royal family notoriety comes from its obvious power and influence, while the Goldhearts are a lineage with a big number of notorious ancestors that have their influence spread over a number of ventures across the island, with a great number of territories too. While the Phantombloods are descendant of some legendary hero that lived centuries ago and while they somewhat possess a natural talent for magic, it always express itself in some sort of weird vampiric gifts, making them distrusted by the other nobles, even if not as much as beings of magic usually are, however it was a distrust enough slowly rot their influence across the centuries, leaving them now just as some exotic urban relic of a distant past.

There is some talk about the current affairs of the noble families, but you don’t quite manage to have access directly to it, just reading some news on it and overhearing rumors about their political movements. It seems that some decades ago a old but mediocre clan rose up in influence at a fast pace by absorbing a lot of the small ones through a series of arranged marriages and power splitting bargains, allowing their allies to have influential positions on their power structure if they agreed to merge. As the result, the new clan as not much cultural proximity to the original even if the core top lineages remained and the lineages that got absorbed managed to knit a strong political cohesion between their members.

The catch, though, was that to really make a difference and secure their place as the big three they had to persuade an alliance of minors clans of the swamps in the north of the western peninsula that leads to Nauerndern, a bunch of mysterious xenofobic nobles that are very closed to the rest of the kingdom, that is… Its no official information, but everyone and their mothers know the stories about why those guys are that way, about how the demonic blood runs down through that lineages, and now about how that same blood goes down the Lovecrafts.

To make the rumors worse, recently they stopped investing in expanding, that was what gave them their current power with sheer number of territory extension through all the island, and have engaged in a lot of marriages with the Phantombloods, and even if they are not their only current usual partners in marriage, its enough to make people assume that they are trying to clear out the curse in their veins with less worse magic descendancy.

But the most disturbing thing you hear isn’t about the current system, but their most currently problems. Most of the stuff is pretty banal or even not that problematic when compared to modern states of the world you came from, but… You discover that some island on the sea, just across the horizon if going in on a straight line from Burhtic, was completely taken over by an army of monsters with some giant flying thing accompanying them. You’re not sure about how the kingdom plan to deal with that, but whatever their plan is, it seems that the Xenerith Order, and the Outsiders per extension, are a part of it.

>write a part my book on communism, fascism and autobiography called Naked Kampf (major)

You defy everyone’s orders and go inside the Library to get a journal in which to write on, AH! You’ve smelled worst things before!

A bunch of pages go by before you start having doubts about things… Is this the best writing style in which to write these things? Should you lie your age? People may give you more trust if you present yourself as an older person, no? You also notice that you got much to say when its related to what your parents or other people said to you… But you don’t actually have that much of experience to write about when relating to yourself, of course, you survived many things, but you weren’t really involved in the heart of political happenings that heavily influenced the world in where you lived in.

You still persist for a good number of pages, before mostly running out of ideas and distract yourself with other things in order to “get inspiration!”. Maybe you should talk to that austrian guy, he seems to have a lot of ideas about such things.

>[Very Unfinished Journal] - Has a good amount of pages about political systems and their economic influences, all related to the information you got from the world you came from. There is also some very sparse notes about personal experiences and about Blumelein’s life in Earth.

>go buy clothes on the city with Vira(if she accepts, if not me go with anyone who is ok with going) (minor)

With your studies done for now, and the first pages of your book written, you decide to ask Vira to help you go shopping in the city. You don’t remember if you ever went to go shopping in the usual sense, as the closest experience that you can relate to it was your mother bargaining with black market people, so you’re curious about how it looks like in this world.

Unfortunately, Vira isn’t around! And nobody seems to know where she has gone! So you travel through the whole factory and then search for her outside, just in time to get a glance at her going into the forest.

Why is Vira going into the forest? Maybe she is like Melk and likes to practice deep into unknown territory with no one around to spy her secrets? You decide to follow her to see what is doing.

You keep some distance and persist at a slow pace, just enough to not lose her out of view, but you end up tripping on a root an falling on the dirt, losing track of Vira. You almost panic when you realize that you also got lost from the way you came, but you manage to find Vira’s footsteps on the mud and track her down.

You hear this loud swirling sound while you’re approaching her, and then this cloud of cold air cover everything like the aftermath of an explosion! You grab a tree trunk to not go flying, but it’ll take more than that to take down a innate survivor like you! And hunger is no longer here to help cold that you down!

You rush into the direction of the blast, only to come upon a small clearing in the forest, just in time to see Vira trying to get up in a dizzy way, while something crashes from the sky at high speeds unto the other side of the clearing, not that far from the girl.

Oh oh, there something getting up from the crater, and it doesn’t look happy…

[Live action event, what do you do? Link to this post.]
m - Beg for metals to help with his projects.

At first, the requisition office doesn’t seem to see much use in giving you metals, as you don’t even know how to work it. But then, one of them whispers something to the guy who was talking to you, and they agree to give you a crate full of this lower-end iron that isn’t getting much use anyway.

>[Very Low Quality Iron] - Shouldn’t really be used to make equipments that are going to see battle, but if you make an figurine out of this, it would have less health but increased defense. The additional weight may also interact in some form with any special effects its schematics possess.

M(+5 Industry) - Go to the blacksmiths to turn metal into weaponry for your figurines.

You immediately bring the iron to the forge, but only find a young boy named Oscar doing some small repairs in window frames and adjusting some household items. He explains that he is just an apprentice here and probably can’t do much for you, but that he is eager to help in order to get more experience and improve his skills, sadly, though, they lost most of their material last week in a unfortunate episode, and this metal that you brought also won’t be of much help, as they even refused getting more of it before because of its low-quality. They could try to get something out of refining it, but that would take time, and the head smith is stressed because of the last problems with the forge and took off to help repair the Spell Repository and clean the Library.

The two of you aren’t okay with just giving up, though, and you really want those noble weapons of superior japanese design to your elite guard of golem-figurines. So you both head to the requisition office to get hold of some proper materials. The clerks aren’t amused with that, and seem to have been having a great influx of Outsiders asking for resources, if the bunch of infirmary people around the personal officer of the master of requisitions is any indicative, but the concede onf giving you some extra material if you just go away from their sight.

When you return to the forge Oscar is extremely happy with having new material to practice stuff with, and is so glad with your help, as he is just somewhat too shy to ask the requisitions people stuff by himself, that he spends the rest of the day concentrated on crafting the mini-weapons to your very specific suggestions. He also says that he is going to inform the smith master of your help, but you doubt that it’ll make much of an difference.

>[Oscar] - Smith's apprentice.

>[Japanese-Themed Metallic Figurine Weapons] x10
Quality: Crude
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Martial
Range: Melee
Damage: 1 Slashing/Piercing
Special Effects: May only be equipped to doll-sized hands.

M(+5 Sorcery) - This explosion magic gives him ideas, however the area of effect is dangerous for allies. Taku tries to find a way to direct the blast upwards instead of outwards, this way it will be more focused on a single target.
You practice a LOT with the explosion magic.And a great deal of random weird things end up happening, with most bizarre of them being this one time you tried to suppress the existence of the blast in all three dimension, resulting on it disappearing… And then you felt this horrible sensation coursing through your body, and the grass in the area of the blast of non-existing explosion began to wither and die… Spooky.

Has an result, the unused area on the “back” of the factory now has a lot of crater in it, and you expect much more to come, if you continue training with explosions. After many of your fiery blasts, which devastated the area and turned the ground a burnt black, you managed to force the brunt of the explosive force upwards into the air. As an added bonus, this seems to sustain the effect, creating a pillar of flames that continue to spurt forth from the ground for a short time after the spell.

Also, you’re pretty sure that Yanyunnyan would call this an heresy and a total abomination to everything explosion magic stands for, so you hope that there aren’t many more crazy explosions experts around to bully you because of your magical taste. You know, it’s almost like back on Earth, but with explosions instead of waifus.

>[Flaming Pillar: Costs 50 TP. As a Major Combat Action, target a point within 30 ft. Make an attack anyone at that point. Deals additional AR equal to AP. Deals heat damage, and inflicts [Burning] upon dealing 50 or more damage. For the next three combat rounds, anyone beginning their turn in the targeted point or moving into the targeted point takes 30 Heat Damage and is inflicted with [Burning].]
*Summons Literal Pillars of Flames*
Major Action(s):
>Going back to the hospital, I spend most of the time helping the orphans in the small wing assigned to me, using my first aid skill on the minor ailments and my magic on the more problematic injuries. (First Aid +5, Heroes Feast +10)

The first day pass by being uneventful, with only some occasional mischief of the children, as it is usual from them. You do a lot of first aid for minors injuries and keep an eye on the ones that shouldn’t be running around but keep trying to do so. Its tiring, but an rewarding job.

Closer to the end of the week, though, new come by of an village attacked by demons, it seems that the place wasn’t very populous to begin with and the monsters descended from the sky and started abducting people and killing those who gave much resistance or couldn’t be carried. Most of the survivors managed to reach the hospital with the help of the carriages of the only rich merchant in town, there is some speculation as what type of demons could do such thing that far into the mainland, but the emergency doesn’t allow for much talking. Most of patients are immediately taken into the emergency aisle, but because of not enough beds, girl that was poisoned by them is taken into a special room in the children aisle, and you’re called to help.

She trashes around and cries a lot during the whole night, and she finally is without energies and falls unconscious, you use all your powers to buy her time and keep her alive while the medics do their best to save her, and even when they have done the max they could you continue at her side casting your powers in her, to at least maybe buy time to let her body recover as it can.

She survives, but she might never awaken again.

There is some talks about “ending her misery” by some of the more detached people in the place, but they can’t really do something without even checking if her family is still alive.

To make it worse, some of the personnel of the place had too high expectations of your powers and believed that you might would be able to stop the poison of spreading through her body. They don’t say it directly to you, but you catch them whispering.

>[Doubt] - Lasts 2 turns. Double roll any action that involves a the hospital or your powers. We will use the lower roll unless you have a crit after adding modifiers.
Minor Action(s):
>Spend some time talking to Amelie Goodheart about my past. That the reason why I started to help is that I can actually be of use here with my new skills compared to my feelings of uselessness back home. (Heros Feast +10)

As each days passes, Amelie seems more and more entranced by your stories of your last life, hearing attently and staring impressed at your face while you talks about even the most banal of things, to her your last life was like some kind of fairy tale with “automatic carriages”, “Flying carriages” and gadgets that allow people to teletransport “magic letters” instantaneously to each other, a place of “moving pictures” that could tell stories without needing actors to perform each time they were played and were most commoners could live a life as rich as current nobility. Nevertheless, she should be using these lunch breaks to pass time with everyone to know their needs and peculiarities to make things easier for everyone, but it is a if each day whe gets more anxious to her more about this magical world you come from, and can’t avoid giving priority to spend her time with you. So to reach a balance she tells you to wait until the closing of the main doors after night fall to come see her on the office next to the main office, her office, that is.

It's the first time you see her without the ritual head piece that makes she look like a nun, and without shoes too. Her hair smells of burnt herbs, probably the ones she keeps burning at the small brazier next to her desk to “purify the air”, and a flowery fragrance occasionally can be felt in the room coming from the only window that resides behind her chair. It's a very narrow room, made worse by the archives and shelves on both walls. But the privacity that it allows, and the sip of wine she always take before ending her duties for the day, make discussing personal things more easier. You start to talk about your feelings of uselessness in your last life, and how that motivated you to help this others in this second chance, and after very little initial output she goes:

“I can’t know what is going through what you lived, but I feel like we can be sure of at least one thing about that, no life goes without importance, no existence is unneeded in the grand scheme of things… Even if it appears as so, it's impossible to negate the fact that even the most smaller of things influences everything connected to him, and that this connection spread through all that is, even if the difference is minimal, nothing could go the same without it… And this is even more true about people, we never know what things, what feelings and values we are producing for other people by just being there… Even a small bit of attention can be very precious, just look at children, they are very honest about it, and aren’t we all eternal children trying to learn how to live?”

The conversation goes on and on for this first time for hours, to the point you two are almost falling asleep in your chairs, with her spending a great deal of it to comfort you about what happened with the little girls and assuring that she will make sure to see this story end only in the best way it can, and that she didn’t lose hope yet of maybe saving the little being. She also offers to you something somewhat ominous… a fragment of the sting that left the child in the way she is now, she asks you to bring it to the other Outsiders in order for them with their “incredible knowledge” discover what can be known about it, and maybe researching a antidote. You aren’t really sure if that is even possible, as this thing can just as well be magic, but you lose a moment staring into the reflective dark surface of fragment… After which you discover that she has fallen asleep in the desk.

>[Amelie Uplifting Words] - +15 to all rolls that involves the hospital or your powers. Lasts two turns.


>[Fragment of Demon Sting] - Its crystallized venom, try not hurting yourself with it.

>[Amelie’s Trust] - You have a spare key to her office, to use to wait for her there while she don’t end her shift. You can visit Amelie with an minor action even when you don’t take other Hospital-related actions.

>Go to the order and ask for a bow and either a protective cloak or light armor. While I know guns are a thing here, the bow would be a less noisy weapon in combat and therefore better for someone like me. (Heros Feast +10)

You ask the amory for a protective cloak or some light armor, and the tall and very muscly girl that attends you seem to have exact the thing you need. “We had this as our standard guard uniforms a long time ago, but they didn’t get widespread use as they were quickly replaced during the first boost of popularity of firearms that happened just a few months after they were put into circulation.” She tells you as they fit it to your size “But, eh, you know, even if its kind of lucky for you that they are still in good state and everything, maaaaaaybe, just maybe, that might be a sign that you should get something more… Bulletproof, you know?” she chuckles while staring at you with her predatory yellow eyes.

>[Cloaked Leather Armor]
Quality: Fine
Defense: 30 DEF; 0 MR
Resistances: 35 Cold
Weaknesses: 30 Heat
Special Effects: By using a minor action you can curl the cloak around one of your arms as an shield, it works like an small shield:
Combat Actions: Block - 10 TP, As a reaction, attempt to block an incoming attack with your shield. Block Check 4. On a successful block, increase DR by 40.
While the cape is being used that way, your DEF bonus is reduced 10.

After that, they hand you a good quality, but simple bow of the type they still keep around for sport and some specific uses, it doesn’t have anything of remarkable feature on it.

>[Old Wooden Short Bow]
Quality: Fine
Two Handed Weapon
Type: Martial
Range: 30 ft
Damage: 50 Piercing
Special Effects: None

>I look for someway to make some coin. If I'm ever going to start up that guild, I'm going to need some serious coin. (Heros Feast +10)

Looking around the city for a way to make some money proves to be harder than you think, there is some opportunities, but mostly they don’t accept outsiders, and those who do are either the lowest end jobs possible, risky stuff, heavy stuff for low pay or undesirable jobs in the poorest zones of the city. There is also some posters about rewards to claim from doing certain one time activities, but those will take time. You should have thought of a way of making money instead of just wandering aimlessly and expecting some opportunity to fall on your lap, it seems, maybe you could start some kind of venture, like do some artistic stunt on the streets, sell lemonade, charge people for the use of your powers or whatever else that can comes to mind. In the end you could probably just beg for some coins,but you doubt that would help.

One day you mention it to one of the children in “your” section of the aisle, and they seems ecstatic to help. They tell you about some scary dollmaker lady that can create the most incredible of dolls, but has some rare skin disease that makes her very pale and vulnerable to the sun. It seems that she came to the hospital a few times and is even known by nobility because of her products, but still have people whispering behind her back about she being some kind of vampire, and even the children are somewhat afraid of her, as they think that she makes the dolls with younglings fool enough to go too close to her shop. Nevertheless, she needs help to buy groceries and everyday stuff as she can’t go outside during the day, and since the rumors about her condition have began to spread, even if the people of the hospital already have confirmed to the authorities that she is not a vampire, she has been having difficulties on getting someone to do the stuff for her. And to boot, she seems to be paying good just for these minor kind of delivery stuff.
When you reach her house you notice that it is a 2 store house in a somewhat german looking street, with a doll shop in its front, and a high fence and door that leads to a backyard on the side. She probably lives on the second floor, and the house seem to be very big even if the store takes most of the first floor. On a metal sign over the big front windows and entrance door its written “Doll’s Palace”, and you don’t hesitate to ring the bell over the door.

After a minute or two she opens the door, and stare you as with some small hint of suspicion in her eyes while she hold a candle support with one hand, it's dark inside as the curtains are closed over the windows and the direction of the sun doesn’t went shining light inside at this moment, but the candle illuminates enough for you to realize that this is really some kind of expensive and luxurious place, with rows of dolls on shelves on the walls and over furniture short enough to be at reach of children.

“Hello, what can I help you with? We’re not in working hours at the moment, so if you’re interested in…” She states while seemingly trying to short the interaction as soon as possible. “I’m here because I heard that you need some help with things being delivered to you.” you cut her, making she come closer to the door and give you an more interested look. You realize that is very unlikely that she is just albino or something, as her eyes are purple and her skin is closer to pale gray than the usual light pink you used to see in albino people, she might not be a vampire, but you’re pretty sure that there is something supernatural going on with her. “Hmmm… I guess it won’t hurt to give you a chance, let's see then…”

First she asks you to go to the market and buy a bunch of assorted groceries and usual household supplies from a bunch of different stands, it takes some time and some kid try to pickpocket the money, but it goes as expected with no unusual problems, then, satisfies by you delivery, she asks you to get some crafting materials from a special supplier on the other side of the city, you spend the rest of the afternoon just to find the place in a very movemented street, but it ends up being simpler than the first one when you manage to grip the instructions about selecting the specific stuff she needs.

You go back to her while the sun sets at the horizon, she gives an attencious look to the things you bought and lend you a bunch of coins. Then, she becomes thoughtful for a moment, and give you an uncertain look while seeming hesitant in her body expression, only to finally smile and make you an offer:

“You know… There is this place on the outskirts of the city that I buy things from once in a while, but as it is located in the most shady districts of the town it needs to be reserved to not have any unexpected problems with people looking for trouble, so you’ll need a keyword for getting stuff there, oh, if you accept my offer, that is… But I’ll make it worth for you and pay you an extra as big as what I’ve already paid you… So, what do you think?”

>[Special Event: Choose if you accept or no, then wait for the reply before posting your next action.]
>[Live Action Sequence. MelchiorQM will DM the Live Action Sequence.]

>[Some Coins to Spare] - You have a good amount of coins to spend, you can make use of it as an free-action, or spend it to give a +5 modifier to an Minor Action related to commerce(ex: searching for the most cheap but still useful “X” on sale.)

[Jeanne Heartfelt] - Professional doll maker and “?????”.
[Isaac Thorne]
>Major: Focus on resting. I'm far too injured to really do anything strenuous.

You try, but you just can’t get some quality, continuous resting. You keep having these nightmares with the gods of thunder edging you to go combat some castle in the skies or something. Sometimes, though, is just the girl singing softly, but refusing to answer your questions.

Eventually these dreams becomes more rare, and then fade completely, but the trauma of having had them still makes you too anxious near the sleeping hours, making it difficult to fall asleep.

>[Tired] - Sleeping has been hard, -5 in all rolls that aren’t related to relaxing in the next turn.

>Major: Help clean up the Spell Repository. Shouldn't be that difficult, and it's only fair that I pitch in after causing it.
You’re no total stranger of doing smalls repairs and tidying places, as it was sometimes required in your line of work, and in your personal life too, as you couldn’t always rely on other to help you with this simple tasks. That being said, doing it as mean of repaying the damages caused is both satisfied and uneventful to you, as you get focused and completely absorbed by the task at hand, only stopping to check on Tabatha when she hurts herself by trying to do too much for her physique. After that, you get worried with her and end up putting extra effort in the work to not have her trying to do more in that state.

With Argus help you two manage to leave everything near back to functional state, you just need to really fix the windows and do the most boring task: Coping the experiment logs that survived to some fitting archive… And that's going to take a good time of whoever gets his hand on doing that.

>[Standard Repair Kit] - And metal box filled with tools for repairs and maintenance, gives +5 to any rolls for crafting, repair and maintenance in which the tools can be useful in some way. Needs to be resupplied in some form after 5 uses, as its tools need maintenance.

>[Basic Repairs and Maintenance] - No Combat Effect.
*Ability to perform simple operational and functional checks, as well as servicing, repairing or replacing non-complicated devices, equipment, machinery, and utilities.*
>Minor: Investigate the spear I got. There's something strange about it, and I'm not sure if it's merely my delirium or if it's something magical.

You try checking around for info about the spear, only to found out that nobody around of the other seems to have heard of it other than of some sparse mentions about humming spears before, as it seems that they were a common high end weapon centuries ago during some time in which alchemy was momentaneously popular with the nobility. There is also nothing about your spear on the library, other than mentions in alchemy text books about the materials that usually went on the preparation of humming spears, and they are not anything really eye catching, just chemical formulas involving alchemical signs you don’t know the meaning of. Also, Gurdis is no around for the moment, and their subordinates don’t know anything about it other than it came from some larger Xenerith Order’s base.

Lastly, the requisition personnel inform you that the spear as posthumously donated by the widow of Richard T. Python, who died recently leaving the possessions of her Outsider husband to the order. An older guy who was around tells you that he heard the name before, “Oh, my dad knew that guy, he was some chemistry guy who was somewhat interested into alchemy and helped around back in the day, never was really the sort that called for any kind of attention, but when he got older he started playing hero by rushing into battle as if he got a deathwish or something… And that was it, wasn’t really the most relevant outsider that the order got around.”

You experiment a little of it, but it mostly just functions as Gurdis said, Humming when it spends some hours away from your touch but not really responding much to any other stimuli… It is also very conductive of electricity, but you’re in no shape to joke around with your powers in this moment.

Closer to the end of the week you wake up with the sound of an explosion, and scared awake from your first good night of sleep in some time you rushed, spear in hand, in the general direction of the noise, you’re still quite confused and wondering if that was the best thing to do when you reach the infirmary and discover that some accident had taken place, with a great section of the old aisle coming down and almost killing some guy. Then, without any apparent reason, your spear starts to hum, just for a moment, in your hand, before going back to its usual state again. Huh, strange.
[Alisa Gaschen]

>M: Ugh, I can't study magic with the spell repository in this condition! Seeing as it's not just going to fix itself, I might as well lend a hand. I let out an exasperated sigh

You get just in time when to find Isaac and Argus finishing the heavy job, and they’re relieved to know that you’ve come to help. There is a ton of books to check for damage and the entire previous log of the spell repository’s use that needs to be copied into a non-damaged format, well… At least the part that survived the lightning and the small fire.

And entire afternoon go by with you giving the finishing touches to the repair of the place, and it extends into the night until you’re done re-organizing the books that survived and someone finally comes by to change the glasses of the windows. Surprisingly enough, you manage to get a good look on the whole process of repairing stuff and learn more than a thing or two yourself, but to be fair, that's probably because the young boy that came to help change the window got distracted with your company and kept talking about all the procedures that went into repairing the whole place, according that what his master told him.

>[Basic Repairs and Maintenance(Industry)] - No Combat Effect.
*Ability to perform simple operational and functional checks, as well as servicing, repairing or replacing non-complicated devices, equipment, machinery, and utilities.*

He’s nice and doesn’t seem to be afraid of you in any way, as if he was totally oblivious to whatever in you that scares most people, it's almost touching, really, but he would probably be too young for anything more than friendship.

>[Oscar] - Smith's apprentice.

You actually tells him about your desire to make an potion brewing room, and he seems intrigued by it, and then tells you that he actually made a small portable stove a few days back and tried offering it to requisitions office but they refused because it was too crudely made for their expectations, and that he wouldn’t care you having it instead, as it isn’t get any use on the forge anyway.

>[Portable Stove and Mini-Cauldron] - Allows potion making and food cooking wherever you are, so long as you have fire, may not be the most ideal set to for this, though.
>M: These conditions are woefully inadequate for me to practice my craft. It's almost as if these people have never met a proper necromancer before! I begin to organize and aquire supplies for a small potion making/necromancer supply room.

You ask the order’s people for resources to make a proper room for potion brewing and necromantic studies. The word “Necromantic” doesn’t seem to go well with them, even if they tell you that they had necromancer around before, they just continue to give you this look of cautious distrust as if you just had told them that you could juggle knives because or saw that in TV once, or if you have told them that it was great idea to talk about it openly in from of the spanish inquisition. You don’t quite understand why, what could have happened to make everyone of the guys in the requisition office like this? Nevertheless, you ignore it and ask what they can actually do to help you in that, but they apologize for not being able to help right now as all their resources have been directed into making some new medical room and a glassblowing thing. You’re disappointed.
>m: Find whatever idiot blew up the spell repository. I'm going to give him a strong verbal lashing

The logs of that day were lost, you checked yourself, it seems that none of the personnel of the order where there in the moment of the accident too. There is no much other evidence than maybe your suspicion that the whole thing probably involved lightning magic, but you’re not sure of who has it, or even if someone has it. You decide to ask Isaac, Tabatha and Argus about it, but....

...Isaac was too occupied recovering and the personnel told that it was probably better not to mess with him right now, as he was casting magic around while sleeping.

...Argus is too occupied with tidying up the forge after the wall fell down, and says that he doesn’t know anything about it.

…Tabatha wasn’t there at the moment, and seem hesitant by your question if she knows someone with such powers, and agrees to think about it.
Minor Action:
>Repair the Derringer myself. It's been a while since I've worked with guns, and hopefully my skills still apply to older guns.

You’re out of luck, old weapons seem to be out of your area of expertise, and the only thing you are sure about them is that you’ll need help to make your derringer work again, be it in the form of direct help or at least by getting hold of some manual about it. You could fiddle around about it some more, but maybe that would be somewhat risky, even if you might learn more by working from nothing yourself.

>(Now repairing either takes a Major(for trying alone and maybe learning a skill) or 2 minors(one for getting help and other to repairing it).)

Major Actions:

>Go running in order to try and increase my speed. If I'm going to be catching any criminals, I'll need to be faster.

You drop the possibility of going to the riverboat factory for a week, and spend most of your time running around trying to get a better timing. Your persistence and concentration in your training works faster than you’d imagined, and you not only get slightly faster by improving your running stance, but also learns how to put more effort and energy to your leg muscles in order to push your body further in a faster pace.


>[Last Stretch Boost] - As an Reaction, you can spend 5TP to go 5 feet further when using shift actions.]

Some of the apprentices from the order manage to see you training after the first day, and from then on, a bunch of female apprentices always hang out the limits of the factory during their breaks to catch glances of you running around shirtless. They don’t really get much near of you, but by the end of the week one of them informs you that they “just happened to notice” that you didn’t really had any way to measure your running time, so they pooled their money to buy you an chronometer to help incentivize you to continue.

>[A group of female summoner apprentices] - Names below
>[Katheryne] - Ginger, long hair tight in a bun reveals a chiseled, lively face. Kind soul.
>[Judithe] - Gray, frizzy hair. Athletic frame.
>[Corinne] - Blonde short hair and expressive big blue eyes.
>[Cecilia] - Expressive green eyes and smooth skin. Tall.

>[Bronze Chronometer] - Helps measuring time, seems somewhat expensive, but selling gifts may be a bad idea.
>Track down Wilhelm Abraham Smithson, the self-proclaimed greatest thief.

You conduct your own urban investigation, it takes time, and sometimes involves staying until late into dark corners of bars overhearing information, while sometimes it involves walking down dark alleys on shady districts to bargain info with people who may know something, your entire savings go through with it, with the few coins that weren’t direct spent on it being lost in the hands of some pickpocket.

It seems that the Smithson family was once rich, having some type of license signed by the crown that gave them unfair legal advantage over other candle makers in all the Burhthic administrational zone, an advantage that they grew into exploring more and more as generations passed, getting to the audacity of one day suggesting that the streets should be covered in order to make the consume of candle’s greater and “heat up the economy” while saving the candle makers from “an unfair competition”. Things changed severely with the widespread use of new technologies and the opening of the market by the government to allow its benefits killed their previous advantage, a fact that they were not happy with. Then it wasn’t much time after it that Wilhelm, the current heir, got involved in some political conspiracy that went wrong, but instead of getting caught, he escaped the authorities with the help of some of his contacts, and started to use his knowledge of society workings and magical artifacts to make a carrier in crime. Usually he is only really involved in schemes and large cons that he conducts indirectly, but recently he has been trying to showcase his abilities by himself in order to impress some supernatural crime syndicates that usually wouldn’t let him join. His main weapon is a staff that allows him to shoot magic cannon bullets, but sometimes he show up with other exotic gadgets, even if he doesn’t have any magic by himself.

You don’t manage to discover his hideout, but you get hold of a rumor that we’ll use the encounter between two famous thieves in a neutral place to boast his way into one of their parties, if there is a time to act before he becomes too connected to be still simple to reach, that time is probably then.

>[Rumors] - He will be at the Hangman’s Noose in 2 weeks(turns), you may be able to find him before that, but if you choose to ambush him there you should spend an Major action to do it when the time comes.

>I stretch my muscles, my body is in perfect condition for some training, so instead I take that time to train. (Major Action)

You train as hard as you can in the next days, taking care to not overtax your body and exhaust yourself without need. But you miss the company of other fighters to help you hone your techniques by forcing them to their max, and end up not managing to go much far from your usual performance.

>In the end, maybe some training is in order before a rest, it is not like I am that tired, also I feel ny own energy as nature itself, it is never good to lose contact.(Major Action)

You also take your time to keep yourself connect to the energies of the all that are one, that flow all around your being, into you, and through you. It not only helps keeping your connection open, but also let you sense an extension of yourself, an limiar of energy between you and the unlimited being of the all, that you can tap into it in order to become closer of the totality of all that is.


>[Auraic Channeling] - Grants additional TP equal to Inspiration.
Capability of tapping into the energy stored in the extent of yourself between this dimension and another

>After seeing those new clothes, those are of a gardener, I remember my own clothing as a monk, then closing my eyes after the training, I take a decision, I should find some sort of work to gain some money, I will need clothes as food… Obviously not before dressing myself and thanking the gardeners for then, it is a gift from kind hearted people, as such it can't be dismissed.(Minor Action)

You have even less luck getting a job in the city than you had trying to get into fighting clubs, your clothes help a little not being immediately being recognized as an outsider, but your behavior and exotic appearance betrays you and make it harder to be trusted. At least you manage to find some requests posted in the city for thing that need to be done. One of them is for a raid against a nest of “Demons” it seems, you’re not sure if it's to be taken literally, but it sounds dangerous by the way its written.

>[Rescue Mittens, the orange tabby cat. ] [2 Major Actions: Locate and Catch]
>[Catch Evelyn, the local jewelry thief] [3 Major Actions: Track, Locate, Fight and Catch]
>[Report to the Xenerith Order and Explain you would like to Join the Raid.] [1 Major Action]
File: TURN 4 GO.gif (3 KB, 300x300)
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RULEBOOK v0.7: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f0it79jDenJQN3ufLu05Xd6fwEzWSspUjlEIiKkijis/edit


(Link your actions to this post as usual)
Rolled 71, 11, 24 = 106 (3d100)

>Nico Abrera: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hOPCRZ15Ln4j6D6qvjH9OP_-weRLxsE6rHDCGed6wRI/edit?usp=sharing

Repair the damaged rifle. [Industry 1] (+5)

Wait for a chance to talk to Mask properly. "Before I take on your offer, can we agree on something first? If I start working for you, can I get your guidance in return? I can apparently control spaces and hide objects in them for some reason, but I have no idea how magic in this world works. I could make good use of it in the future, but I wonder if that's all it can do..."

Start getting in shape with simple body-weight exercises. I need to be able to fend for myself.
Rolled 73, 15, 97 = 185 (3d100)


[Traumatized] - Mentally Scrambled is now permanent until you fix yourself somehow.

[Mentally Scrambled] - You were involved into a long lasting and intense psychic warfare against more powerful and experienced opponents, as such:

[Mana Circuits] - You now doesn’t have to worry about HP, as you don’t have a physical body anymore. Instead, your spirit form is keep together by the mana that flows through your soul. If your TPs reach zero… Who knows what happens?

[Phylactery] - The spirit world is constantly filled with “storms” or “currents” that carry anything that isn’t “tied down” or “grounded”... And that's the best metaphor your mind came up with to explain the weird alien things happening all the time, what matters is that you’re vulnerable and probably completely out of control if you become “adrift” without a host. As such, you need to keep yourself linked to a host at all times, be it an human or some magical construct.”

[Implanting Yourself] - Now you can change hosts for your soul with “Implanting Belief” as you’re much alike to a wandering will at this point. It costs a minor action and 30TP to do that. Non-Intelligent hosts can be “inhabited” for any amount of time, but possessed people eject you from within them if they wake up(in case you are sleep walking with them) or tries do something they disagree with (in case of willing channeling).

[Mana Regen] - The spiritual winds going through you directly end up slowly replenishing your mana circuits, you regen an amount of mana per turn equal to Sorcery+(Inspirationx2) in TPs freely each turn.

[Host: Humming Spear]
*A lance made by some unusual alchemic metal, it's some sort of artifact, but that may be unintentional as most of its circuits are deactivated.*
Magic Siphon: Allows you to recover mana more easily, by spending a minor action you can “rest” while vibrating, recovering 10 extra TP that turn.
Humming: You can Hum to call attention if there isn’t someone holding you, most people are unable of seeing or hearing this, though.
Enhance Magic: As an reaction, you can spend 10TP to enhance the range of a electrical power being used by someone holding the lance.
Unused Circuits: It has a lot of “spiritual space” that isn’t being used and that you don’t know what it does, maybe you could explore that.

>M: I explore these "Unused Circuits"
>M: Try to fix this "Mentally Scrambled" thing from myself with Implanting Belief onto myself.
>m: I try to move as this... Spear thing.
Rolled 2, 60, 43 = 105 (3d100)

Character Sheet:

>Major Action: Find out Exactly what caused this Explosion. I Feel this underlying hatred could get worse if I just let it stay, so the first step I should take is Finding out what started it in the first place.

>Major Action: Create a Floor Plan for a Multipurpose Medical Room, Including what it may need, and how it will be Placed. I will keep this to myself, for the moment, until I know it is well enough for me to take action with.

Minor Action: Discuss with Master Caretaker Edward how I may better my relations with the Order. He's been here longer, Maybe he knows something?
You can only make 2 of the 3 Majors needed for this in a turn. So please choose a minor and roll your last dice again.
Rolled 52, 42, 49 = 143 (3d100)

>[Catch Evelyn, the local jewelry thief] [3 Major Actions: Track, Locate, Fight and Catch]

'Really, a thief?' I shook my head, letting out a sigh, that is less than good, I will try to do something about it, catching the task, I decided to go foward and start with it.

First, I must find this thief (Major Action - Track), see her location (Major Action - Locate) and keep an eye around (minor action - Observation)
You shouldn't have rolled everything again, nor deleted your old post, so we are keeping the first two rolls of the old post and using the last one of the second post as the result for your minor.
>I go near Vira and try to drag her into the forest.
"we need to get out of here vira! I have a bad impression"
File: orie_by_khaliqa-d7qqqzf.jpg (906 KB, 786x1100)
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906 KB JPG
Rolled 91, 22, 48 = 161 (3d100)

Agnes Von Baumgarten

Agnes was a normal girl back in her previous life. She was a regular 16 years old girl. Everything in her was normal, except for the fact that she couldn't stand the way people behave towards others. Agnes despised people's doublestandards and degeneracy. She used to watch anime to scape from reality, but with these new powers changing reality won't be a problem.

Skill set:
>Summon The Magical Rapier 「Laion Slicer」 (Sorcery)
>Swordsmanship (Might)
>Drawing (Industry)

>Major Action: Practice Swordsmanship.
>Major Action: Try to gather useful information about what is going on.
>Minor Action: Rest.
"Oh, hello there"

Tabatha takes a good look at the new girl.

"I haven't see you around here. Are you another Outsider?"
Agnes doesn't understand what is happening. She realizes that she can't do much in such a strange place without some help.

"Hello... Sorry, but what are you talking about? Where am I and what is an Outsider?"
"Oh joy, a new girl..." Alisa rolls her eyes. "Welcome to our absolutely amazing base of operations. They spared no expense in the process of building it." She gestures to the giant hole in the second story. "Welcome to life after death. You have been summoned to help 'The Order' defend this realm from demonic invasion. I do hope that we can live up to your expectations"
"Life after death? Is this possible?" Agnes asked herself.
"Wait... Why me? I don't think this is a life after death situation, but even if it was... W-why would 'The Order' choose me?"
"Just take a look around. I don't think any of us were chosen on purpose. I mean just look at Tabatha. Poor girl wasn't even done growing up when she died."
Rolled 91, 66, 98 = 255 (3d100)

>Keep working on the Bible

>Renovating one of the larger rooms into a Sanctuary.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." You can't say you've never sinned before. And while your first instinct is to purge the demonspawn, the young man does have something of a point. If the girl is willing to dedicate her life and soul, assuming she has one, to the Lord, who are you to deny her? You're still a bit hesitant to trust a demonspawn, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.
>Speak with the demonspawn, learn more about her, and what she's done.
"Aren't you just a sweetheart?"

"Look, we don't know a lot stuff about this place, but I can tell you what I know."

Tabatha takes the mysterious girl to a table at the Dinning Hall.

"Looks like this is some kind of life after death and we were brought here by the guys that wear a mix of robes and Victorian clothes. They are the Xenerith Order and they have brought us here, or summoned as they say, to fight forces of evil way beyond our comprehension."

Tabatha ponder for a little

"Why? There's no why, really. We are just here."
"Blume? Wha- Nevermind, you're right, we should leave right now. I also have a really bad feeling. The rain hurts. And it's so very cold. And..."
I look back at the crater, hoping that I won't have to fight for my life today.
Rolled 57, 16, 34 = 107 (3d100)

1 (Minor) Ask the cooks for some of that good pork. I caught it, might as well enjoy it.

2-3 (Major) Head to Everett’s Gym and do some general strength training with the guys. Make use of my good constitution to get the most out of it. (Attempt to create passive: Mighty Resolve(Resolve)- Points in resolve additionally increase base AD.) (Relevant modifiers: Everett +5, Everett’s Gym +10, Everett’s inspirational Words +10, (Pork Dinner +5 ?))

4-5 (Major) Practice dodging attacks using my reflexes. (Attempt to create passive: Reflexive dodge(Finesse): If you make a speed check against an opponent to dodge an attack, you have advantage.) (Relevant modifiers: Everett +5, Everett’s Gym +10, (Pork Dinner +5?))
"Lets go FAST! this remembers me the day i... i died, lets run fast!"
"I see... Well, the same can be said about me. I was only 16 when I died."

"I didn't mean to disturb you with all those questions. I was a little bit confused."

"I'm no the best when it comes to fights, but I'll try to help this Xenerith Order. And since we are in the same circumstances, I don't mind helping you."

"Besides, helping 'The Order' seems to be the only way to get out of this world." Agnes said to herself.
Rolled 50, 42, 82 = 174 (3d100)

Name:Fredrick Helmharden, current Head of Research

Character Sheet:

Status effects:
>Appraised by the Order: +10 in all rolls with people of the order for the next turn, and then +5 until your fame fades completely.
>Satisfied with Yourself- +5 in all major actions next turn.

>M: Fredrick is not a man who leaves job only halfway done, so he continues cleaning(+5)
>M:Fredricks old, like 76 years old, so his bones aren't that strong anymore, which is why he needs some armour(+15)
>m:Find out if there are other nations in this world(+5 due to "Gain Information" skill)
File: tatsuo1.jpg (65 KB, 424x600)
65 KB
Rolled 100, 7, 63 = 170 (3d100)

Takeshima Tatsuo
>A delinquent with a heart of gold. Was a brute at first, but was inspired by a cop, and saw the error in his way. Was gunned down by his former accomplices, who thought he had betrayed them. Wishes to use his second chance to atone for his past life.
>Martial Arts (Might)
>Ki Burst (Might) Empower an attack with a surge of internal energy
>Power Through (Resolve) Reduce damage taken through sheer force of will

>(Minor) I'm in a weird place, with no idea how I got here, with some weird people. My first reflex would be to beat them to shit then run like hell, but that's not what an ally of justice would do. Calmly ask them where I am, why I'm here, and what's up with their clothes. Without scaring them hopefully.
>[Major] My body feels like it's full of strange energy since I'm here. Find a secluded place, and attempt to see what's up with that, and if I can use it for something.
>(Major) Try to find a tailor to get them to fix my gakuran. The bulletholes look terrible, and the uniform is the pride of a delinquent. Even though I'm not really a delinquent anymore. It's still important.
File: beewoman.jpg (88 KB, 500x500)
88 KB
You see an humanoid form sit inside the crater, with one arm on its head as if trying to recover from the impact, it looks as winded as you for a moment, but then uses its other arm get hold of the border of the crater and support its weight in order to be able to stand up, you see that it has two armored antenae on its forehead, two red eyes with this bizzarre crystaline effect on them, and a body covered in orange and black, with parts of some chitineous armor that cover its legs up to its knees and hides its lewd parts.
From its back it project two insect like crystal wings that doesn't really look much flexible, but have this weird shining carvings on it that reminds you of alchemical artifacts.

Oh, and it also has four arms.


It stops mid rant when it see you two, and by the moment it stops you can see that huge bee tail on its back.


The Bee woman's wings start shining with more light and she sits in the air with two of her hands on her face and two arms hugging herself while she shakes herself in reaction to your perceived cuteness.

She starts floating in your direction, and from the sky, two huge strange insects that look somewhat related to bees come flying and start following her on her path in your direction.

"Ohmyyyyyyy.... From where did such a cute little being as you came? Do you have a name to match your heartwarming appearance?"
You hesitantly accept, as the actual directions for the place doesn’t imply that you need to go much deeper into the shady part of the town, and because your previous pay wasn’t really that much for someone who intends to make a guild one day, heck, you don’t really expect to get the amount needed for her, but you need to start somewhere, and a fast trip won’t probably hurt.

After almost another hour of walking, and some paranoia with the menacingly looking people on the streets, you go into a back alley and knock with a metal handle on a very thick wooden door. “Who is it!?” an angry voice shouts from the inside, and you reply with “The best cut of meat is the heart of a mushroom”, there is a moment of silence… Then a small window of metal next to the door opens and the deep manly voice inside says “Put the money in the plate, will ya?”, and just after you comply a block of bricks on the wall reveals itself to be an secret window, that opens just enough to allow the passage of a very big male hand holding a thick brown paper bag. They keep the money and you get the bag, and after that it's just another trip back to the shop.

You get quite curious about what could be inside, though, even more curious as the paper starts dripping something… That you recognize to be blood.

[What do? Look inside? Get rid of it? Take to the authorities? Deliver it? Other? Write-In]
>Whisper to Vira
"I'll distract her, you run away"
>look for the queen and shout
"Mein name is Blümelein Von Abentrot, what is your name?"
File: IMG_1327.jpg (322 KB, 1280x720)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
While I find myself...concerned a bit about what the hell did I just get, I said I would deliver it to Jeanne and I still plan too. It wouldn't do for me to jump the gun on what lies inside the bag. Not that I'm going to check. I rather not take the chance it's something that would leave me scared for the rest of my life. Perhaps I'll ask about it once I finish the delivery.
Rolled 2, 1, 25 = 28 (3d100)


Angela Tokugawa
A beautiful and genious woman with dark hair and 31 years. She doesn't appear to be japanese. She worked as a young medic, died from overworking herself on researchs for medicines to make everyone have a better life.
Wants to use this second life to live a free and calm life.
She was reborn as an 16 years with long blond hair dressed as a witch and a small physique.


>Longevity(Resolve) (Small regen per turn, give resistance to power that age me)

>Don't thread on me(Finesse) (Doesn't have to pay TP for Payback, may get a penalty to all non Payback attacks if necessary to balance.)

>Donating Life to myself in the future(Inspiration).I can invest life energy to accumulate for the future,

>(Major) Study geography in the library
>(Major) Get a map
>(Minor) Tell the recruiters that they are going to have problems with me if they try to order me to fight
(waiting vira's actions)
File: Oh Yea huh.gif (6.99 MB, 405x221)
6.99 MB
6.99 MB GIF
Name: Zoot... Martingale
I'm Zoot Martingale, a 20-year-old stoner that goes to the Mageknight Academy of Madrid. Well, I was until I got caught by a bunch of angry people who had a grudge against my parents. They tied me up to some train tracks. :/
Anyway, I've had a few encounters with demons here and there, and I'm no stranger to magic. Also, I finally remember about my girl Brooke... ah man, I miss her now. We met on the beach when a pit fiend came out of nowhere and started setting everyone on fire. XD

[Firearm Proficiency] (Finesse)
[Speechcraft] (Industry)
[Time Slow] (Sorcery)
[Gather Information - Industry] Add a +5 when gathering information
[Slavery Savvy] (Industry)
[Knowledge of Sound Recording and Reproduction] (Industry)

Buddies: Joseph, Low rank of the Order, NanaT.O., Vira, Virgil, The medicinist, Blume, Fredrick, Tonio Bella, Old and Excentric Furniture Artist, ”Furniture guy”, Canada, Typhon, “the Orc”, Kaiiv Phantomblood - (????) nobleman and slave merchant, Jeanne - Doppelganger slave

Stuff: [Commoner’s Clothes],[Vest] +1 to DEF, [Small bottle of Opium Aspirin] As a free action, Taking a drink from the bottle removes the pain and gives you temporary double (Resolve) and +3 damage reduction for a turn,[3 Rolls of Weed] As a free action, smoking a roll grants you temporary double inspiration but halves your social actions with strangers until the end of one turn, [Vampire-Slaying Derringer] Quality: Fine Main Hand Weapon Type: Non-Scaling Range: 30 ft. Damage: 50 Piercing Special Effects: After attacking, you must take a Minor Combat Action to reload. Description: *A very nice looking pistol full of silver-made decorations, it has the initials A.V.H. carved into its handle.*
File: Zoot Soot.jpg (1.2 MB, 1851x2777)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Rolled 5, 55, 12 = 72 (3d100)

Major Actions
That count I met at the slave auction was quite the mysterious fellow. You know what, I'll take him up on his offer and learn more about the slavery market, and also tell him about my interest in the girl "Jeanne" I think her name was.
>Go to Kaiiv's mansion and discuss business. "Good day Count Kaiiv!" I say with a bow. "You have peaked my interest in the conversation we had last we met. I do happen to be interested in this niche market. Also, I'm curious about that girl Jeanne that you brought that day." I say trying to look as professional as I can.
Modifiers: [Slavery Savvy][Speechcraft][Gather Information]+5+5+5

I have an idea for a cool new spell to make. I wanna turn into smoke! Ever heard of the expression trying to catch smoke with your bare hands? That's what the spell will basically be. I turn my body into a cloud of smoke while still keeping my human shape. Then I will be sort of intangible for a little bit, but I won't be able to talk or touch things cause ya know smoke.
>Create spell [Zoot Soot] Letting me turn into smoke for a short amount of time.

Minor actions
This brothel is fucking awesome. They have music, comfy couches, and demon ladies!
>Ask to work at the brothel. "Hey Canada, you know how you said "I hope I can compensate somehow" after freaking me out?" I say with a grin. "Well, this place is pretty great. It reminds me of the kind of places I'd hang out back when I lived in Vegas. So I wanna talk to your boss Yolanda about working here. I mean I don't want to sell my ass or anything, so any other job you can give me I'll take.
Modifiers: [Speechcraft]+5
I whisper back.
"I'm not going to leave you here on your own."
I stand up straighter, and look directly at the bee-like woman.
"I am Vira Vesperia."
>whisper to vira
"dont let you guard down"
File: anime prussian garbage.png (199 KB, 500x576)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
>She looks at Blume with an expression of disgust.
"Urhhhg... Why... I'm obviously not talking to you, you little... thing..."
>She stares back at Vira with an expression of joy again.
"Vesperia? Owwwwww thats such a sugary naimie! Soooo, have you ever thought of not living in the mudd surrounded by shaved monkeys? I'm sure that you would love to live in abundance and beauty in our castle in the sky! We have lots of honey and tea parties everyday!"
>She tries to grab Vira's cheeks with both of her lower arms, while on of the upper ones pats Vira's head.
>I've never felt this bad since I died remembers the people ho said to me i am not a arian i am a half kommunist.
"vira... i dont know if this is a good idea"
>show the tongue to the bee
If the dress code where she's from is anything like what she's wearing, I'd better not.
"Thank you for the offer, but I must decline. I still have some things I need to do here. I'm sorry to cut our introduction short, but I'm in a hurry to get back, so if you'd excuse me I really must be going."
File: corruptedbees.jpg (53 KB, 576x432)
53 KB
Rolled 3 (1d20)

"Hmmmm... Not a problem, I can carry you two."
>She looks very sad for a moment.
>Then she floats back while looking hurt and click her fingers, making the giant bees circle to flank you.
>Their stings starts cracking with lightning.

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Looks like this isn't going to end peacefully after all.
"dammit i hate bees"
Rolled 17 + 34 (1d20 + 34)

Rolled 9 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

> Look for how to write better. (Major)
> Continue Writing my book. (Major)
> Find some accessory for my derriger. (Minor)
(after the battle, i am doing this for the 72 hours rule)
Just realized I forgot to link character sheet, sorry

Rolled 5, 60, 27 = 92 (3d100)

Cedric Daniels
A tired, unsociable man with a peculiar sense of justice. He died confronting a mugger trying to rob a woman while walking home from his office job. Relatively unamused with most everything, and willing to do anything in order to save the most lives.

Marksmanship (Finesse) - +1 to accuracy rolls when using projectile (but not thrown) weapons.
Persevere (Resolve) - Once per combat, if HP would fall below 0, HP becomes 1 instead and cannot fall below 1 until the end of your next turn.
Gunsmithing (Industry) - No combat effect.
Toughness (Resolve) - Grants additional HP equal to Resolve.
Last Stretch Boost (Finesse) - As a Reaction, you can spend 5 TP to go 5 feet further when using shift actions.

[Old Trusty Single Shot Rifle]
Quality: Fine
Two-Handed Weapon
Type: Non-Scaling
Range: 60 ft.
Damage: 100 Piercing
Special Effects: After attacking, you must take a Minor Combat Action to reload.

[Damaged Derringer]
(These are its stats after repaired, it now takes at least one Major action from you or two minor actions for another person to repair it.)
Quality: Fine
Main Hand Weapon
Type: Non-Scaling
Range: 30 ft.
Damage: 50 Piercing
Special Effects: After attacking, you must take a Minor Combat Action to reload.
???: It has some flower pattern carvings along all of its handle, was owned by some mysterious person who left a note in it.

[Bronze Chronometer] - Helps to measure time, and appears somewhat expensive.

Major Actions:
>Well, might as well try to repair the Derringer on my own. It would be good for extending my repertoire of gunsmithing.
>Continue running in order to increase my speed, using the [Bronze Chronometer] to keep time. The time to take down Smithson was fast approaching.

Minor Action:
>Begin looking into the mysterious V. V. from the note on the Derringer. There were surely some records on past Outsiders, and any information would likely be helpful.
Rolled 42, 97, 24 = 163 (3d100)


Having seen the rather low quality of the iron presented to me by this Taku person, I enlist the aid of Oscar, giving him instructions on how to properly fold the iron and make it more pure., similar to how the Japanese smiths during Feudal Japan would have folded it.

"I learned this technique when I was... Maybe 20? Hardly a fraction of my current age, at least," I say, intent on folding iron.
> M: Use Metallurgy on the box of Low Quality Iron.

Then, I'll gather up my things and taking one of my swords for myself. "I'll leave you here to watch the forge. Don't burn anything down or whatever while I'm gone. I'm gonna try and mine some more iron; or, at least, talk to the Order about getting some more. Maybe they could also handle getting me some more glassblowing tools."
> m: Speak to the Order about getting some mining equipment, more materials, and more basic glassblowing equipment.
Then, I'm gonna try and move to enchant my sword with some kind of flame effect.
Rolled 43, 92, 64 = 199 (3d100)

And add five onto that first roll.
File: will_o__the_wisp.jpg (689 KB, 1000x1588)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
Rolled 34 (1d100)

[Live action sequence]
With little other choices Priere venture further in the cave system hoping to hide from whatever is coming in. At the same time she redirects her currently summoned wisp to stand over the exit of the holes ready to either distract or explode on the intruder if needed.
The delinquent noticed a group of girls discussing something. "'scuse me. You're also from Earth ? You don't like the weirdos in robes." He tried his best to keep a non-threatening face as he spoke, scowling a little despite that.
File: Bee fight turn 1b.png (893 KB, 1056x848)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
You're in a clearing, the terrain is muddy and its raining, to North and Shouth you can see the treeline not that far from you, but its somewhat afar from your front and back.
Its raining.

Everything that isn't under a tree is dificult terrain, the trees here are tall and with wide tops and roots mostly underground, so they offer protection from the rain and do not cont as difficult terrain.

Each Hexagon ocuppies about 5 ft of area.

If you're trying to go through difficult terrain, you need two minor actions to get +1 Hexagon of movement.

>The Bees get difficult terrain because of the rain, but the Bee-Woman is immune to it because of her levitation.

Rain damage is applied at the begining of Vira's turn.

>Misty Condensation only affects Viram unless someone is against the wind with Vira in front of them.
>The Wind is blowing from East to West.

Rolled 14 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>minor aim b2
>major shoot b2
>shift 0410
Rolled 81 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

Rolled 72 + 13 (1d100 + 13)

OHK on the Second bee.

Full Description ta the end of the turn
Rolled 17 (1d20)

>The Bee-Woman Spurts chittin gauntlets with sharp finger armor... And Start "Vibrating" the air around her into some sort of magic shield.

>The Last bee shoots lightning from its stinger at Vira, it crackles and sparkles while being fractionized into some larger area of effect because of the humidity of the air and the rain.
Rolled 7 + 18 (1d100 + 18)

Rolled 68 (1d100)

Vira takes 7 Damage

Now the rain tries to freeze her up.
Rain hits her HARDER than the electricity
File: Jeanne2.jpg (421 KB, 1000x930)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
It's already night when you reach the doll shop for the last time. You decided to not look inside, and hurry up and stick to the shadows and less crowded passways to avoid anyone paying much attention to the bloody bag in your hands, its looks really scary and you don’t want to get traumatized.

You ring the bell and anxiously and nervously waits in the front door, desperate to get rid of the thing as fast as possible, as there is still plenty of people around, and trying to hide it by holding it more closer to your body could risk wetting your clothes with it and… WHY DON’T SHE OPEN THE DOOR ALREADY!?

As if reading your mind, she opens the door again and start looking like she is trying to hold an smug smile as soon she sees you face.

Then you almost pushes the bag into her face while trying to get rid of it, and she just stares at it a few inches from her face, with her smile suddenly disappearing to give way for a uncertain and somewhat embarrassed expression.

She gives a forced ashamed chuckled as if she just had realized that this could be a somewhat bad idea.

“Hahaha… Errr… Hmmmm…. Well…”

She takes the bag and open it to look inside, glaring for a moment for it as if with an hungry and satisfied look, before recovering her usual cold demeanor.

“Ahem, Well, as I was saying, everything seems to be in order… Hmmm, you actually seem to be quite handy in taking care of such things, going this unusual extra mile for me and everything… I will give you an offer, you can return by next week if you still see value on the job, I’m sure this could be the beginning of some worthy cooperation for both of us… Just don’t show up late, that is, or I could give a chance for someone else to get the things I need.”

She pauses for a second while looking for a place to put the bloody bag on, gives up on it, apparently realizing that it would soak anything in blood, and starts to produce an little bag of money from her pursue with her other hands.

“Here is what I promised you, with an little something… It was good doing bussiness with you and… Oh… Just, Hm, Refrain from talking about this last delivery to other people, okay?”

She smiles at you, lend the money, and goes back inside.

Phew, what a day.

>Savings updated to:
>[Very Modest Savings] - You have a modest sum of money to spare, you can make use of it as an free-action, or spend it to give a +10 modifier to an Minor Action related to commerce(ex: searching for the most cheap but still useful “X” on sale.)

>Sturdy Money Purse: Its made of some high quality leather, and has this small but very loud bells that are difficult to take off even if you have a blade. Makes it harder for someone to pickpocket you. Can easily be attached to clothing by using a simple but sturdy small mechanism that resides in its upper part.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Shift: Casting Stance
Major: Cast Freeze on B1
Rolled 96 + 114 (1d100 + 114)

It seems that the skill damage were higher than I though, so Vira is actually at

Bee is dead.
File: Rainy forest.jpg (22 KB, 852x480)
22 KB
As rain poured down from the sky, Blumelein didn’t wait for whatever the bees had in stock for them, and dashes back at an impressive speed even if hurdled by that nasty terrain of mud and snow. She was quite used to this sort of things, like, you know, running for her life and stuff, and knew that her lungs would carry her through a short boost of unusual energy for a few more seconds before she would have to catch her breath and control her pace. She didn’t needed any instructions or explanations about this, it was just something she learned intuitively with time, just as the focus to aim a gun at some even at times like this, what she did as soon she turned around to face the bees again.

She had just enough time to guess which one of them was glowing more before shooting it down.

Vira was still somewhat surprised by the situation and feeling the urges of the adrenaline coursing through her body to register much of that. She saw Blume running, of course, but just guessed that she had a change of heart and decided to bail like any other child should, its wasn’t until a perfect shot explode the head of one bee that she realized that the little girl was still putting up a fight. There were too much things happening at once, the bee woman spurting from the skin of her arms some dangerous looking chitin gauntlets full of sharp edges and starting to vibrate, the other bee throwing lightning at her direction… She barely had time to dodge most of it by some improvised squatting while she tried to focus into a stance more appropriate to calling forth her powers, and even so the electric vibrations still hit her right in the top of her face, almost stunning her as she called forth an wave of cold to counter attack.

The demoniac bee was frozen in the spot, and hit with so much force from the glacial winds that it was throw into a tree and shattered to pieces.

She turned to face the woman, who was smiling at her with some smug smile beneath a passionate glare.

“You’re even better than what I thought!” She readies herself as if about to charge flying in the direction of the girls.
File: Bee fight turn 2b.png (894 KB, 1056x848)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
You're at +5 Speed bonus from Blitzkrieg this round. Your Derringer needs recharge.
You're at 49TP, 245 HP and in Casting Stance.
Rolled 41, 79, 86, 76, 42 = 324 (5d100)


>Minor: Take the [Fragment of Demon Sting] back to the factory. Somebody here has to have an idea on how to turn this into a potential antidote for the future.

>Major: The poor girl from the demon attack... though doubt plagues my mind, Amelie's words have me knowing I still need to try and do more, so that she can recover. I'll even stay over at the hospital in the little room they gave me to keep myself close by to her and the other kids. (Doubt, Amelie Uplifting Words +15, First Aid +5)

>Minor: Return to help Jeanne with her shopping needs this week.

>Minor: Go to the range and practice using my bow.
Rolled 14 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

>recharge mein gun (Minor)
>Shift 0513
>Shoot the bee woman (major)
Rolled 86 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

Rolled 38 + 60 (1d100 + 60)

You hit her it seems to have really hurt, but not as bad as Vira seems to be now.

The bee woman uses her minor to shift to 0911, putting you between her and Blumelein's line of fire, then it MUDA MUDA MUDA your stomach just after entering aggressive stance.

It auto hits because of casting stance.
Rolled 64 (1d100)

>103 Damage
>142 left.
Now rain
>39 damager
>103 left.
Vira turns... Almost passing out and puking, but ready to act.
Just leaving something clear here, you're not "Wet" yet, but Blume and the Bee will be at the begining of this turn, Vira gets +2 turns of resistance because the rain has to overwhelm her self-freeze before she can be considered as such.
>but Blume and the Bee will be at the begining of the next turn,*
Reaction: Payback Attack.
Go for it.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 9 + 30 (1d20 + 30)

Speed Contest.
Rolled 10 + 34 (1d20 + 34)

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Damn it.

Shift: Aggressive Stance
Minor: Take Aim
Major: Attack the bee woman.
Rolled 13 + 72 (1d100 + 72)

Damage Roll.
Missed, go ahead to do your next action.
You're at 39TP now.
File: frost.jpg (270 KB, 1024x683)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Blume doesn't hesitate before running in a directional trajectory in relation to her old position and Vira's position, she deftly changes the paper cartridge of the gun and aim it at the bee woman before she has the change to hide her body behind Vira’s form, hitting the bee woman in her right leg just above the knee.

It takes away the predatory smile on her face, changing it for a expression of pain for a moment, before she turns her face to glare in hate at Blumelein.

Vira almost has the chance to dodge it, while trying to make the most of the distraction by trying to slap the bee on the face, but the bee woman just ducks her head while throwing a flurry of punches directly to Vira’s exposed belly. She not only loses her breath completely for a moment, but also end up having to resist the desire to puke out her breakfast right there.

The rain is still pouring down in a softly but constant manner, and the effects of Vira’s powers being out of control is beginning to appear, there is a thin crust of ice forming around her clothes, hair and parts of her exposed skin as the rain freezes immediately as soon as the drops spends more than a second on her. Her body is shaking visibly of the cold and each breath seems harder to do, but somehow through sheer force of will she manages to keep standing.

She throws a punch at the bee, directly at her exposed face, and the woman gives a short lived pained squeal as a layer of ice burns skin while covering the whole lower left quarter of her face.

Her arms move abruptly in front of Vira and misses her repeatedly even with not much attempt to dodge on Vira’s part, as if it was more like an gest of improvised desperation to keep her away for a moment.
File: Bee fight turn 3b.png (894 KB, 1056x848)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
>Blume's turn
>If you miss an attack with Vira between you and the monster woman, the speed contest will be done against Vira first, and only if she dodges will you make an speed contest against the bee.
>Vira gets -5 against such an speed contest for dodging a shot as she is turned to the target.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Rolled 13 + 32 (1d20 + 32)

Speed contest against your wisp.
It has speed 48
Rolled 19 (1d20)

File: Priere Fight turn 1.png (893 KB, 1056x848)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
>Blue W= Crater with water
>C=Cave wall
Your wisp is in the same spot as the Boar right now.

There is two entrance to this room, the hole in the ceiling with thick vines falling through it and almost reaching the water, and the hole from which you came.

The hexes next to the walls count as difficult terrain, as they are filled with leaves and dead tree matter.

What do you do?
>Priere: Switch to prone stance (minor) and stay hidden

>Wisp: Move over the rock at 1006 (shift)
File: Fungi herald moth.jpg (87 KB, 600x400)
87 KB

The boar at first looks cautiously at your wisp, not really understanding the nature of what he is observing, but it doesn’t take long to assume that whatever that is floating in the air in such strange manner is probably hostile, and charges at it with full speed, trying to pierce the ball of ghostly flames with his horns.

Horns? Oh yeah, now that you’re observing it close, you can clearly notice that it has horns. Not only that, but you also notice that the mushrooms growing from its back aren’t spreading across its full body, just getting thicker and taller where they are, it seems.

The wisp pulls energy to propel itself higher for a moment and the boar misses it entirely, you duck behind a rock and start trying to slowly lay on the ground without making any noise… Then you notice some dead moth about a feet or two of distance from your face, being consumed by fungi as it decomposes. It's a terrible sight.

The wisp begins its trajectory to one of the rocks farest to the entrance, and the boar seems inclined to follow it, as it cubs squeal in fright of such fight happening inside their home.
File: Priere Fight turn 2.png (898 KB, 1056x848)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
Boar moves to 1008
>Priere: Shift stance to evasive (minor) Move to 1312 (shift)

>Wisp: Move to 1304 (shift)
Can't shift stances with Minor, change your action.
>Then shift to evasive (move) and shift 5 feet to 1710 (minor)
Rolled 17 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

That rock between you and the boar and the slow pace of traveling through the difficult terrain helps being undetected, but the cracking noise of stepping onto sticks and old leaves doesn't.
Roll 1d20
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Rolled 13 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

The boar has seen you, it is uncertain about who to follow.
Rolling for the wips threat level it gets +1.
Roll for yours at -1
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Rolled 15 (1d20)

It keeps following the Wisp then, boar shifts to 1204 and attack the wisp.
Rolled 82 + 46 (1d100 + 46)

It hits
It was already weak from being far from you, now its dead.
File: Mushroom Boar.jpg (223 KB, 1920x1080)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Boar continues its dash in the direction of the wisp, who keeps floatings back with a superior speed, letting the boar almost catch up to it for just a moment before going further away, to not let it realizes that the chase is impossible.

Then you get up and start maneuvering around the nearest rock in order to slowly trace you way to the entrance of the cave… You know that's just a matter of time before the wisp goes out completely by either force or distance, and you need to be as close as possible to the entrance when it happens.

The boar stops for a moment and look directly at you, noticing your presence, you are paralyzed by surprise for a moment while you look back at this, and it's a distraction great enough to cease your connection of control with the wisp for a moment… What the boar takes advantages of when he lunges for it again while ignoring you for the moment, you try to maneuver it, but it's too late, and one of the horns hit the wisp as it tries to get momentum again.

The boar then looks directly at you, the only remaining threat, and the cubs squeal happily and shake the water erratically.
File: Priere Fight turn 3.png (897 KB, 1056x848)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
Rolled 17 (1d100)

>Move to 1312 (shift)
>Give a small prayer to aniki in heaven to guide me (minor)
>Summon a wisp (major 10tp)
File: Priere Fight turn 4.png (897 KB, 1056x848)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
You feel more confident, inspired by your memories of aniki, but nothing else happens.
You summon a wisp, you are now at 46TP again.
The boar goes full speed at your direction!
It reaches you!
>Wisp: move toward the boar kids likely in 1209 1309 or

>Priere: Brace (minor) move to 1318
Rolled 20 (1d20)

The Boar attacks you
Rolled 31 + 46 (1d100 + 46)

Rolled 1 (1d20)

It misses as it is distracted by your new wips and goes to follow it.

Do you want to do an opportunity attack on the boar?
No, just to get my stuff and get out of here.
You ran to the entrance, picking up you already packed stuff in the way. By the time the boar hits your wisp, you're already out of the cave.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Since the forge is down, I'll instead study enchanting instead of folding metal.
Rolled 20 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

>(Minor) recharge derriger
>(Shift) 0813
>(Major) shoot bee woman wings
Rolled 5 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 79 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

You just blew a hole in both wings of the bee, reducing it to a lot of crystal shards and blood gushing everywhere.
Rolled 9 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Bee tries to punch Vira to unconciousness
Rolled 20 + 60 (1d100 + 60)

>17 left.
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Vira is at -57, Unconscious.
File: evil smile.jpg (49 KB, 852x314)
49 KB

Blume walk through the mud and frost with effort, recharging her weapon again as she does that, she gets Vira out of the way and points the gun with both hands to the bee’s wings, she knows that if she mess this up, there is a good chance of her not getting a second chance, as Vira probably won’t last long, and the bee will be free to float away from her while carrying Vira to a gulag.

She shoots, focusing her will on the shot like her her last walk through the snow… She won’t fail this time.

The bullet go exactly through the center of both crystal wings when the bee maneuver to ready her next attack on Vira. Shards of crystals and bloo flies everywhere, the metahuman scream a terrible vocalization of deep pain and animalistic hate, a scream so terrible that distract Vira instinctively, making her pull her arms close to her chest in reflex, a fatal mistake that leads her to be punched in the head at full momentum

She gets dizzy, everything is spinning, it's terribly cold, she tries catching her breath, but only gets more frost in her face, covering her eyes and making breathing even harder, almost close to impossible, she feels the impact of hitting the ground and humidity of the mudd, things stop to freeze… Everything goes black.

The bee falls on her knees on the mudd in front of Vira, and lift Vira’s body as if holding a hostage.
“I’ll make an offer to you… If you turn back and leave your “mommy” here… I will not follow you… You can search help or whatever… Or you could try to shoot me and discover who of us is the fastest with a gun…”

She readies her claws at Vira’s throat.

>[What do you do?]
File: tenor.gif (779 KB, 480x270)
779 KB
779 KB GIF
Rolled 67 (1d100)

"ok, dont kill vira stop this now! i beg you"
>starts to pray
"God I offer my soul and my blood to you save me from this situation and I will do your will ... I never prayed for you but I beg do not understand your reasons but I beg!"
>I get on my knees
"Save us i beg you god, my mother taught me this prayer before we die of hunger I hope it's enough, Pater noster, qui es in cælis:
sanctificétur nomen tuum;
advéniat regnum tuum; fiat volúntas tua sicut in cælo, et in terra.
Panem nostrum cotidiánum da nobis hódie;
et dimítte nobis débita nostra,
sicut et nos dimíttimus debitóribus nostris;
et ne nos indúcas in tentatiónem;
sed líbera nos a malo.
File: angry eyes.gif (76 KB, 240x130)
76 KB
The bee start shivering, and maintaining a low pained groan filled with hate. Her wounds start gushing more blood and she strengthen the grip on Vira’s throat as an response. She looks tired now, as if her body was feeling heavier from the loss of blood.

“Cuuuuuuuuuurse yoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... Are you trying to risk her life more with your shitty holy magics?! I SWEAR I’ll kill her if you continue, this isn’t a bluff!”

You notice that now she has a gunshot in both legs, even if you didn’t really shot both.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

>reload the gun without letting the bee see.
"If you want to kill someone, please kill me, she does not deserve it."
Rolled 5 (1d20)

She squints at this.

“You're not much better than walking garbage for me, I don't care about what happens to you, but I'm killing the pretty one before she is damned to live a life of misery among you naked apes.”
>Your weapon is reloaded, and she hasn't noticed it yet.
Rolled 10 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

"Okay, I surrender, I accept your deal."
>precise stance
>aim to the head of the bee
*god please dont fail with me*
At the head? its -8 for double damage then.
Vira gets shot.
Roll for damage.
Rolled 27 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

>64 DMG
File: Bee fight turn 4.png (893 KB, 1056x848)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
The bee shifts to your direction moving to 0812.
Then it throws Vira at you.
And goes for punching you.
>[Do you catch Vira?]
Chatching vira is a free action, but may lleave yourself open to attacks.
>dont catch
Rolled 4 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Rolled 9 + 24 (1d20 + 24)

Rolled 7 (1d20)

This is what Vira takes of damage
The attack from the bee misses.
Vira is now at -128
>(minor) catch vira
>(shift) 0816
>(major) 0819
You leave the bee behind in the rain, it screams repeatly from anger, but its too slow to catch up to you.
Rolled 57, 68, 78 = 203 (3d100)

> Look for how to write better. (Major)
>Seek better relationships with God (Major)
> Find some accessory for my derriger. (Minor)
File: hakunon3.jpg (27 KB, 225x350)
27 KB
Rolled 35, 76, 6 = 117 (3d100)


Now that she was ousted from her refuge, Priere needed to find a new place to weather the storm. As such she decides to try her chances going southward, hoping to find a cave or shelter. While she's at it she tries to develop some magic to endure the elements, or at least stay dry.

>Major Move South [if allowed develop a magic skill to lessen environmental effect on the target otherwise ignore this]

Assuming she finds a shelter and not wanting a repeat of the earlier misadventure Priere will attempt to create a ritual to put an area under her control.

>Major: Work on a [Territory creation] spell

In her free time and with nobody to talk to Priere gets plenty of rest.

>Minor: Rest
Roll 1 (if magic training is allowed while traveling) and 2 get a +5 due to magic action during the storm
Rolled 99, 68, 51 = 218 (3d100)

>I'm going for that pork dinner again, I'm not going to miss my opportunity of eating such exquisite food.(Minor)

>Now that the spell repository is repaired, I'm going to take advantage of that fact and use it to further my studies in nullifying magic again. This time I'm going to be covering my next immediate weakness... Having my followers and corrupted stufff(and ME) being detected by magic use. I'm going to learn to hide my magic aura inside of me and nullify its magic irradiation before it gets out of me, as if my skin was a automatic nullifying barrier against undesired magic traces from my powers and their presence.(Create a passive inspiration skill that hides my magic nature and its consequences from the perception of other who could otherwise passively detected it. Making it goes undetected unless actively investigated for)(+[Spell Repository]+[Inspiration]+[Nullify Magic]+[Neural Damping]+[Storm]+[Pork Dinner])

>I'm making SURE that I'm not followed again, that no one is waiting to ambush me there, and that no one is watching me do it... And then I'm going to infect my "testing tree" with the "Null Aura" to learn how to transmit it through corruption too.(Create a passive inspiration skill that makes "Null Aura" also transmitted by corruption when it is used on a target.)(+[Spell Repository]+[Inspiration]+[Nullify Magic]+[Neural Damping]+[Corruption]+[Storm]+[Pork Dinner])

>Free Action
You said that I could freely mold the tree as I want, but never specified my changes to it... It looks like a normal tree, but inside of her there will be an secret storage space that can only be acessible through "molding"... I'm going to store my Nekopara shirt inside of it.
Rolled 12, 41, 66 = 119 (3d100)

Name: Isaac Thorne
A twenty-four year old electrician who died in a car crash on the way home. Having accomplished nothing of note in his life, he awoke in a new world.

SD: Sorcery 2 / Resolve 1 / Industry 2
>Large Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Lightning Bolt (Sorcery)
>Toughness (Resolve)
>Electricity Knowledge (Industry)
>Basic Repairs and Maintenance (Industry)

>[Tired] - Sleeping has been hard, -5 in all rolls that aren’t related to relaxing in the next turn.

>Major action: Rest some more. I need my injuries to be treated. (+5 Heroes' Feast)

>Major action: With the Spell Repository back in good condition, maybe I should try my hand at spellcrafting again. This storm has given me an idea. Perhaps a spell that absorbs lightning in the area and enhances my next electric spell. (+5 Heroes' Feast, -5 Tired, +5 Spell Repository, )

>Minor action: Eat my fill of the boar. I missed my chance last time, so I might as well try to eat it now.
>i still run as fast as i can for the factory as i speak with vira while she is not awake
"you will be fine vira, i saved you now we will be ok. There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people that is what my dad teachs to me"
>for me she is not heavy
>as i run i remember my passed life all the people i loved dying or suferring
"i dont understand god, why?! but thanks you give me the opportunity to scape, now its my part of the promise... when i get to the factory and heal vira i will do you will, god please continue to make me stronger to save the people i love amém"
>eye vira with a worried face as i run
"dont worry hold on"
[Vira Vesperia] Actions from last turn
>And I will focus on practicing ice magic. Without anyone else interfering. I wonder if it's true that a person's personality impacts the type of magic they receive. Ice for cold-hearted folk like me, fire for hot-heads, psychic for the cool-headed businessman. If so, I can't imagine why I have anything to do with Light. Could it have been some kind of fluke? Ah,
I'm probably overthinking it. (Sorcery)

You try to solve your new condition by yourself, or at least not let it steer you away from focusing on training, so you start channeling the cold OUT of your body continuingly to avoid having it just coming back at you constantly as it is doing now, after some hours of intense concentration each day you finnaly manage to get somewhere with it… Unfortunately, now it just makes your condition worse, as your cold powers have become more potent even with you not concentrating on them.

You give up on it for now. Also, you’re too cold to keep paying so much attention on making things even colder... *Brrrrrrrrrr*

New Skill:
>[Improved Cold Channeling] (Sorcery) - Gains +5AP when trying to cause cold damage.
Proficiency on using magic to freeze things.

(Now the damage from your “Out of Control” condition is improved by +5AP too. Also, you need to be considered “Outdoors” to not receive the penalty for “Misty Condensation”, even if other in the same building as you are not affected to the same extent, as you in the origin point of it.)

>23+5=28 <Update, this is one of Vira’s minor from turn 2, it wasn’t in the thread.
>If I have any free time, I suppose I'll check the library for another subject I was interested in: Alchemy. Alchemy was, on Earth, a shoddy mix of actual chemistry, occult superstition, and Pagan beliefs. Given that magic and demons are real here, I think it best we investigate all of the occultish nonsense people believed on Earth. Since alchemy is, loosely speaking, a science, I'll start with it. (Industry)

You manage to get a few of the orders textbooks on the stuff, but you have a poor time trying to concentrate on it while you’re trembling and trying to keep yourself covered up to the neck at all times. They don’t have much information on them, you infer that alchemy as to do with the very little of magic theory that isn’t outright ignored by the normal population as something uncertain and potentially evil. So it has to do with theorizing over the interaction of known magic substances and the effects of those magical effect crossovers, also, the making of artifacts is based on it, but it's mostly based on a very specific subset of topics that are related to the theory in which the making of artificial magical circuits are based on. You are at least pretty sure that making artifacts is dependent on preparing a suitable host for those inscribings and magical conduits, but thats is as far as you get on it.
Rolled 51, 24, 86 = 161 (3d100)

Vira Vesperia

Freeze (Sorcery)
Deep Freeze (Sorcery)
Improved Cold Channeling (Sorcery)
Cast Light (Inspiration)
Blinding Flash of Light (Inspiration)
Icy Touch (Inspiration) [OUT OF CONTROL]
Biochemistry Knowledge (Industry)

Commoner Clothes

Leader of the Outsiders
Misty Condensation

>That was close. Way too close. Who was that lady? Some kind of bee woman... I fear she might come back for me. I'd better try to stay indoors this week. I think that could have gone a lot better if I'd had a weapon. I'll talk to Argus, and see if he has anything. Ideally, it'd something lightweight that I could use as a magical catalyst, but I'll take anything that'll help me in a fight.
>You know what else would have been useful? A healing potion. I should really look into making those.
>Everything hurts. So I think I'll try not to exert myself this week. And get plenty of rest.
"No one will pass by this when i control that kingdom NO ONE NEED TO PASS BY WHAT I HAVE PASSED!"
>in the factory i o after food
"We are all, don't worry. Right now, as you can see, I rather help in the kitchen than fight and adventure myself."

Tabatha stretches her hand.

"Me names is Tabatha. Nice too meet you"

"Oh, hello stranger."
"Hi, how are you?
Its my first time here im a little lost and i am not sure what i can do... " ^^
"Nice to meet you, Tabatha. I'm Agnes" Agnes show a gentle smile.

"I would cause more trouble in the kitchen than anything else..."
Rolled 51, 23, 93 = 167 (3d100)

Just give me a bullets point update

Major: Help in whatever areas I am needed. Like cooking or cleaning

Major: Ask for a very simple melee training area. Maybe a few sandbags on springs for stabbing/boxing training.

Minor: Hang out a little more in the markets.

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