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Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Twitter for schedule updates - https://twitter.com/TaleOfMonsters

Welcome back boys and girls to a new chapter of our newly awakened mage in a world of monstergirls, we’ve spent lots of time learnings about history and the people who’ve been gracious to us, our amnesiac elf is quite a sponge, isn’t he?

Do remember that educating yourself and your lack of memories shouldn’t prevent you from making decisions or being proactive for Mamonos do not like indecisiveness! Documents about the girls and a few summaries of learned lore will be done by next thread.
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Yesterday had been lively indeed. From morning to evening you sought to absorb information about this world mysteries yet it had been people that left the strongest impressions. You’ve gotten to know a pair of lovely Mamono, one a skittish diminutive lich with the other being this grand academy most revered tutor in her later months of pregnancy who proved herself magnanimous indeed by providing excellent instruction in magic. Then came your mag awakening and slowly but surely the beginning of a blossoming friendship culminating in a spirited evening, only for nightfall to finally give you some context about your people genocide, while also getting to know one of Sieglinde kin.

Yes, you had to look back on yesterday events to keep yourself calm because right now, this peaceful morning in your third day of existence began with something you could only assume as a crisis. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself gazing into a strange pair of soft purple spheres that didn’t belong to one of the sisters you platonically slept with. A small girl had invited herself on your very person, having quite literally decided to lie on your stomach to observe you, sharpened features showing an expression of studious concentration. Long brown hair stopped near shoulder blades covered in a dark purple shirt, a pair of adorable fluffy ears mingled with thick strands on the side of her head, creating an illusion of yet more hair. Atop that healthy bark colors were two large horns stretching backward, of consistency that evoked images of healthy woods, yet definitely belonged to a mountain goat.

This invasive little one monstrous traits were evident. Animalistic hands supported her chin, a deformed mixture of three-fingered claws covered in pale furs. Her feet propped upward because of her bent knees, revealed themselves as hooves also insulated by pelt that stopped around her ankles.

Your mind went through a quick mixture of confused panic when this intruder weight gently stirred you out of spirited slumber and now enough time had passed for the haze of sleep to lift, her only movements being the constant up and down of your breathing stomach.

Is this… no way she couldn’t be the Demon Lord right? Her stares had been fixated on your hand, Sieglinde hadn’t let go despite your sweaty palm, your interlocked fingers creating a perfect misunderstanding.

‘’Hi’’ You croaked softly, throat dried from 8 straight hours of lying down and your increasing fear after being caught (literally, in this case) red-handed with Daiyu Jawahir eldest daughter.

‘’Hello’’ She answered back with the same volume of tone and unchanging emotions, at least now her gaze of amethysts was back to observing you. Her voice was sweet, yet absent of childish energy

What in the world could you say now? You certainly had a pressing need from being awake, alongside desperately wanting out of your humid clothes, all because of these warm blankets.
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‘’Ya fu-‘’

‘’Nothing like this happened at all.’’ She somehow managed to keep a perfectly still face as you interrupted her, doing your best smile and squeezing Sieglinde hand, earning a groan out of the demoness.

This created a noticeable frown on the goat lady face.

‘’…You’re my girls boyfriend?’’ A rising edge to her tone volume gave away an undeniably passionate emotion stirring within that tiny frame, her noticeable attention to plural was dreadful despite her huggable frame.

No way. No damn way. That was your biggest fear, being caught by none other than the ladyship overlord and that somebody is… Is she a goat? Daiyu Jawahir is a 12-year-old looking humanoid goat?

‘’A friend of pure feelings, mam.’’ You thankfully avoid stuttering or breaking your voice, feeling a strange self-destructive urge to touch her fat horns.

Your efforts were met by the Demon Lord plopping her elbows on your stomach to support her chin, earning a growling ‘’ugh’’ out of you. Her stare had more emotions now, looking downright disapproving. ‘’Why not?’’ She spoke loud enough for a normal conversation. ‘’They aren't good enough for ya?’’

Wits failed you, reducing you to a gaping wonder as you stared at this tiny mother, you couldn’t pretend to be a good judge of character but surely, she… she was kidding, right? Is this truly going to be your first meeting with the most influential liege of this world?

‘’I never implied such, mam.’’ You replied while hiding the agony produced by her digging elbows, she was small but dammit pressure like that was unpleasant. You had to look sideways, observe the dozing sisters in some impossible quest for help. Sieglinde was facing you in undisturbed sleep and you might have forgotten your situation if a certain head of white hair wasn’t moving, immediately revealing an open pair of tenebrous eyes observing your agony in rapt attention, visibly enjoying this spectacle while keeping quiet.

Goddess, this Lilim…!

‘’Whatcha implied then boyo?’’ She remained listless but thankfully spared you further agony by removing her elbow, she contented herself

''What Deruella would be willing to share, milady.'' Your mild panic had completely chased off the haze of sleep, now was the perfect time to appear master of yourself and in control of this conversation.

When this goat suddenly plopped her head on the sheet covering your chest and took a long audible sniff, you understood that you never had any hope of taking the lead.

''Smell like a virgin.'' Announced the cheeky kid looking without hesitation, lifting her head off your body to wink at your frowning face. Now you had an urge to pull those floppy ears to wipe that smug grin clean. Meanwhile, the pale demoness audibly guffawed, causing a stir in Sieglinde. ''Deruella would have eaten you up, fact you've got energy this morning was-''
File: goat.png (759 KB, 884x1280)
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''Slander is a cause for jail.'' Came a spirited remark and you didn't know whether to sigh in contentment or thank a lucky star for the Lilim pride, you threw a careless glance her way and understood that this morning was indeed one of mixed blessings. The sundress she wore yesterday was almost off, one strap falling off her arm to reveal a generous pale cleavage, one eye closed while giving your predicament a lazy glance, audibly yawning, doing a perfect impression of someone that just woke up instead of having spied your agony since it's beginning.

''Mh?'' Sieglinde eyes fluttered open. Her wavy hair clung to her face showing a surprising vulnerability when a quiet smile graced her feature upon you being the very first view of a new day, something almost unbearably desirable in the Lilim expression made you forget the intruder.

''Belph? What...'' Red eyes drifted for your joined hands as she spotted the goat directly inside her field of view, Sieglinde dry voice died in a whispering gurgle.

''It's cute you never outgrew that handholding habit of yours.'' Good to know you didn't need to explain yourself to the sisters mother. Sieglinde was quick to rise, throwing off the blanket and letting go of your joined hands.

''He... he had a hard day alright? There's wasn't anything wrong with sleeping here, we've got comfortable privies, baths, a big bed and I introduced him to Deruella so... so it was fine!'' Her reddening cheek, flailing tail making a mess of the pillows and that wild bed hair was enough to plaster a satisfied smile on your face, one you found to share with this ''Belph'' she-goat.

''Hey. You're a big girl, I ain't here to be making any ideas, just fetch those drones here.'' She pointed to the stoic statues of rocks crouching in the corner. What were they doing...? ''I expected to have you and Deru together, you ain't one to take dudes to bed y'know?''

Belph hooved feet loudly clapped on the stone floor as she rolled off the bed and you tried to wiggle out, only to realize one of your legs had gone numb. Great.

''And I am?'' Deruella said in annoyance, she had already replaced her messy clothing and noticed you staring by giving you a wink.

''How many time did I catch ya?'' Now facing forward for the golems, you noticed a cute brown tail swaying around Belph waist, having previously enrolled itself around her midsection.

''Only with women, auntie. You didn't have to cause a scene by fetching those drones.'' Deruella chided the small girl who shrugged in nonchalance. Sieglinde rubbed her forehead, throwing you an evident look of resignation.

''This one is Belphegor, my mother best friend and something of an aunt to us.'' She began to explain, taking a pillow and throwing it firmly at the goat head, impaling it atop her horns. ''Oi don't do that!'' Her victim immediately reacted by pulling it free and slapping it on the ground.
File: 21.png (322 KB, 559x789)
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322 KB PNG
''I'm an alchemist.'' The little girl who clearly was was an adult - older than Sieglinde without a doubt- spoke with a newfound grace to her stance despite that childish outburst. She faced your sleepy trio with a confident smile, one hand grasping her hip. ''Don't go minding me now, just fetching some stuff.''

Her arm showed a strange glow, dark blue lines imprinted in her skin lit up in a manner similar to Focus, manmade strokes circled around four strange symbols on her limb and disappeared up her shirt. Her claw tapped into a pair of diamond-shaped glyph below her wrist, making both giants of stones grabbing their knees in the corner akin to traumatized war veterans jerk in synchronization, stand up and walk in heavy steps toward the goat-girl, each stomps creating reverberations that made nearby furniture tremble. You also spotted a cat take off from under the bed.

''You...'' You preferred to avoid speaking something obvious, it was clear enough this girl could control those giants of rocks.

''Don't go minding me now young'uns'' The goat said while deliberately breaking her voice, coming off as braying instead of whatever grandma caricature she was trying to make.

''Indeed, let's not.'' Sieglinde agreed, gently coming off the bed by walking on hands and knees, tail slithering upward while the movements of her hips naturally-

Hold on now Arawn, you may be young of soul but you are no adolescent! When you heard her naked feet slap the ground you chanced another stare, catching Deruella who winked before silently moving off.

Of course, she'd know you were staring.

''It's late morning isn't it?'' Sieglinde spoke next to the much smaller girl, frowning at her rumpled clothes.

''Kinda yeah.'' Belphegor shrugged back, looking at her glowing arm. ''Tutors already began some duels, you behind schedule?''

''Maybe.'' As you got up after regaining feeling in your leg, a noticeable lack of white clothes revealed that Deruella had somehow disappeared without a trace or sound.

''You have something in mind for today, Arawn?'' The redhead asked as she turned to you, stepping away from her little aunt who waved goodbye, audibly exiting the room with this pair of ominous golems, their movements easily reverberated into the room well after they were gone.

''I'll think of something as I prepare to get out, thank for hosting me yesterday, Sieg.'' It hadn't been the height of comfort but the emotional fulfillment had left you feeling peaceful despite the very important decision you'll need to make in the near future.

It should be safe to embrace Focus and getting to know your innate talents now... but in the end, what should you do?
File: Hellhound109.png (216 KB, 884x893)
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>Spend more time with Sieglinde, get to know what kind of duties she has to do? Maybe help her?
>See if you can drag out the Lilim outside for some self-defense training? Yesterday taught you a lesson in Mamono aggressiveness.
>Meet back with Elina, Teruko, and Vilma and hopefully train your magical skills with them?
>Free Choice

Here's some meta info.

Skills gained by training and story events will become perks that allow modifiers for rolls (that can be negative, like wounds for example) into Arawn character sheet when you start making gains. Given your current state, you have absolutely nothing outside a good deal of knowledge.

Here’s an example of a perk related to measuring the amount of energy needed to create a spell. They are normally situated between small, medium and high choices (going for a desperate cast where you burn your batteries is a whole other affair and will be treated case by case.) A successful control of your reserve need 1d6, lower numbers being better.
[Apprentice Measurer] Give a permanent -1
[Intermediate Measurer] Give a permanent -2
[Master Measurer] Entirely remove rolls and will allow you to gauge your reserve by percentage. Meaning you’ll be able to know exactly how much energy you have and how much you’ll want to pour into your spells.

These perks are dynamic in creation, pretty much entirely related to what you’d like to improve in. They can also be spontaneously gained during a crisis and in general, they work to give modifiers for D6 and D20 when I’ll ask for them. Characters, story, history, mysteries will remain the core of this quest but I figured that customizing Arawn should be fairly fun for you guys. There’ll be potential to gain something by following what you are interested as a group.

But overall, you aren’t a weak newborn, just unfocused. Getting into a fight this early in the quest will mean making a few rolls without advantageous modifiers.

Being a mage also allow one subclass and it is possible to focus on Soul Magic. Summoning, Necromancy, Warrior/Rogue (learning a few tips in martial arts won’t lock you into a warrior-path, you need to wholly commit to your decision) are fairly self-explanatory and combine very well with your engrained potential. There’s no rush about focusing your talents, especially without your memories; not that I’ll prevent any early unanimous decision of course. There’s no way to completely ‘’break’’ yourself or render your talents useless since the story will always trump rolls in this quest, you’ll need more than bad rolls to get someone killed.
Acquire horns, either of the succubutt or goatly variety.
>>Meet back with Elina, Teruko, and Vilma and hopefully train your magical skills with them?

We've spent enough time with the royalty.
File: 7.jpg (174 KB, 1680x946)
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>Waited a little to see if there would be more answers. Sorry for the delay

‘’I need to check something out in Throne Town’’ Sieglinde suddenly said as you made up your mind about your activities of the day. ‘’If a serious issue pop up, ask the guards of the shrine for Belphegor and Deruella, one of the two oughts to come and see what’s wrong, otherwise I’ll come check up on you in the evening like yesterday. You planning on working with your magic?’’ She had shed all of her morning awkwardness and planted an even stare on your person, hand holding her hip and tail audibly flexing from several backs and forth torsions.

‘’Yeah.’’ You answered, feeling spirited bubbles of excitation blossom within your chest. ‘’Elina, Teruko, and Vilma taught me many things, I’ll have to continue being in their debts.’’

‘’They’re a good lot.’’ The redhead walked forward and planted a hand on your shoulder. ‘’Don’t feel inadequate, Teruko and Elina love teaching and helping people, I’m sure you have a good impression of that Vilma girl too.’’ She waited, gauging your expression with a friendly smile then pointed for the exit. ‘’Let’s freshen and eat. I’ll show you our private bathrooms.’’


You emerged out of the Jawahir home and into a magical school in full activity comparable to a small city, with Mamonos of vastly different attributes coming and going, some lazing near the Shrine trees while groups practiced handling corruptions. Activities for summoners always looked impressive, confined to small arenas made up of translucid golden walls their creatures fought one another in merciless slaughters that brought many curious monsters from Internalization. Your destination was easy to identify, the trio of students and their tutor had taken roots into that pavilion you shared with Teruko for most of yesterday.

‘’Oh? He comes?’’ You heard the rough accent of the white lizard as she gave you a lazy wave, prompting both girls to turn around.

‘’Out at dusk and back in the morning?’’ Elina grinned, wings back to phasing through obstacles. ‘’that’s a healthy young man, I often heard that elves had no libido.’’
File: 1511979103689.png (958 KB, 823x1370)
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958 KB PNG
‘’I’ll have you know that nothing of the sort happened, the Jawahir household has many beds and rooms.’’ Was this a lie? You preferred not to dwell on it, saying you slept in the bed of two Lilims would be… unwise. ‘’Had something important to talk about.’’ It felt better to wash off your near-lie with plain truth.

‘’Mh, so did we actually.’’ Elina was swift to understand your implication but she couldn’t help a satisfied smile when she tapped Vilma shoulder, making the purple girl considerably tenser. ‘’You missed a cute heart to heart.’’

‘’E-Elina’’ Vilma squeaked in protest.

‘’I’ll have to catch up this evening, were you three about to do something?’’ You had noticed that one of the arenas wasn’t being used.

Teruko leaned forward, idly glancing for that empty spot. ‘’Maybe, I was waiting to see if you’d come. Given thee recent awakening I’d wager thee wished to know more of thine gifts, though it is plain truth mine girls need a little action, we could always make do while learning of thine capabilities.’’

‘’I’m honestly too curious to be able to focus’’ Elina said, looking strangely serious.

‘’I-I…um, I guess… I’m a little curious too…’’

So were you, but seeing how the girls handle a serious summoning could be just as compelling.

>You’d much prefer to exercise magic for today, learn what you can do…
>Perhaps you are much more curious about the girls summoning? How do they do it?
>Or would you prefer to witness Vilma controversial talents?
>Free Choice
>You’d much prefer to exercise magic for today, learn what you can do…
>You’d much prefer to exercise magic for today, learn what you can do…
Such was your passion that you almost embraced Focus. With a hand on the seat shared by the angel and undead, you observed each of the women who so casually greeted you, like you truly belonged amongst them. ‘’Why not make myself a guinea pig for today?’’ You spoke with a toned that matched your good mood, prompting a laugh from Teruko and she began gentle movements to carefully squeeze out of the pavilion.

‘’Then let us away from this loud place and go near the forest of Elemental, there’s a nice park that should be empty this early. That way nobody will spy on us.’’

‘’You really like nature don’t you Teruko?’’ Elina said while getting out, followed by silent and diminutive Vilma who, thankfully, didn’t seem tortured by merely existing like yesterday.

‘’Tis calm smells fresh and it looks pretty. Too much is a boorish torture but something nicely maintained makes for comfortable learning grounds.’’ Now out of the wooden construct, her pointed tail made a few swishes as she put a hand on her belly. She was showing amazing energy with such an advanced pregnancy. ‘’Let us away, walk by the outside of the arenas to avoid unnecessary mingling.’’

She took the lead at a slow pace, quickly flanked by Elina, while Vilma lingered, gazing into the groups of summoners battling each other. You saw similar faces like the trio of mantises, the purple lamia, and a few demonesses, Minotaurs would be far too easy to spot; it seemed however that Vilma had seen something that gives birth to agitation for her hands had closed into tight fists. When she noticed you staring, her purple eyes widened and she silently jogged for her tutor and angelic friend.

Sieglinde had explained a part of Mamonos culture yesterday, was there someone in that pile of cadets causing her woes?


‘’I think I might be ready in the next two months.’’ On the way, discussions drifted toward Teruko health and she looked positively glowing in happiness. Long white hair fell around her strange horns to give her a unique, foreign grace that really had you wonder about her ancestry. She was Mamonos, yet all the lizards you've seen were much stronger in bodies and traits

‘’Um, I know I never asked because I didn’t know if it was polite…’’ That was another question that had you curious an evidently, Elina had waited for the two months of her stay here before asking because her thumbs twiddling fiercely behind her back. ‘’…Will your husband be there?’’
File: 14.jpg (401 KB, 900x460)
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401 KB JPG
‘’Do not be afraid to ask me anything, dear angel. It is not sure if he will be here for Lisbeth.’’ That brought a visible frown of sadness on her naturally thin face and she stopped observing the angel and concentrate on the path forward, beside you Vilma rubbed the back of her neck, accidentally throwing down her hood. ‘’My man is busy within the Allied Kingdoms. I shan’t fault his absence for I know with all my heart that if he cannot be here, then it is for something truly serious.’’ She must have understood the heavy mood because a smile blossomed her sad face, transforming it back into her usual graceful happiness. ‘’Leave me more time to find him a second wife, I’ve failed quite miserably so far as nobody fits mine standards.’’

‘’Oh?’’ It was an unusual slip from yourself that almost had you slap your mouth shut.

‘’Exempting mine students, of course, a tad too young for something so serious and already within another’s grasp, breaking harmony is the most unforgivable of Mamonos sins .’’ Her sentence ended in a giggle under the angel half-hearted glare.

‘’A-ah? What do…eh?’’ Vilma was nearly aghast and upon being victimized by everyone stares, quickly pulled her hood back up and looked away, withdrawing within herself akin to a sulking child.ç

‘’Methink teach here like playing matchmaker.’’ Elina pointed to the white lizard with her thumb, earning a cute ‘’fu fu’’ as an answer. ‘’We are here, so let’s get to it’’

That was indeed true. Walking from the arenas to this park had taken the better half of an hour and you understood why the Elemental school was secluded because it’s large building towering above a forest, your little adventure had you take a beaten path for a few moments and emerge into a leisure park entirely made out of wood. Chair, table, even another pavilion, everything had been carved from barks still rooted in the dirt soil.

‘’Impressive.’’ You admitted while Teruko sat upon an elaborate seat that almost looked like a throne.

‘’Indeed, it is comfortable. Let’s begin right away shall we, mysir Arawn? Thine ability, thine Focus, thine magic… if you would have us, then do reveal everything you can. I may be a tutor but I do value mine students opinions so all of us will teach and learn alongside thee.’’

‘’Work for me.’’ It felt great to genuinely trust everyone around you, angel and undead observed you silently, perhaps as curious as you were excited.

Now… comes Focus. You had already embraced it before, you knew it existed, there was no hesitation, only a natural fear of the unknown you had to dominate.
File: 166179-538_super.jpg (41 KB, 600x450)
41 KB
You embraced it without conscious tick or knowledge it even happened; one moment you stood there, being your boring self and next came a rush, a feeling of power and a sense of satisfaction, like… like drinking cold water to satisfy a parched throat. Focus came and stayed, bringing knowledge, from somewhere deep within your missing memory, an instinctive certainty filled your mind, a remembrance not unlike grasping an elusive dream.

‘’Whoa, Arawn you’re… gray’’ Elina was the first to break the silence, nothing of your vision had changed; her blonde hair kept their beautiful vitality and her wings flapped, causing nearby leaves to fall.

‘’Gray circuits.’’ Vilma murmured in awe.

‘’Soul, my nature is one of souls.’’ You announced dryly. ‘’I don’t quite understand what it means but I think I can… reinforce my body?’’ You had nothing but guts feelings but it seemed you hit a bullseye because Teruko nodded.

‘’Yes, humanity warriors do exactly that; body reinforcement through interaction with souls but to actually have a magical nature about it?’’ She fell silent, brows furrowing together in displeasure. She was the kind of scholar who disliked mysteries?

‘’I’ve never heard of that,’’ Elina spoke everyone’s mind.

‘’I do believe so’’ Teruko agreed while you opened and closed your palms, feeling an urge to cast something. ‘’Mayhap we can operate on a warrior procedure, witness how thee fare by interacting with thine body with magical spells that come to thee naturally; this at least would prevent mishap’’

‘’You have something else in mind?’’ You almost growled when you felt Vilma poke one of your veins, this ‘’circuit’’ as she called it felt surprisingly sensitive.

‘’Souls interaction, of course, one of the girls here could be a guinea pig… but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. Summoners interact with pieces of souls, mine dear Vilma magic is also based on souls but all of these are practice from rigorous studies.’’ She interrupted herself by hovering her index. ‘’Thee are instinctive, thee are a mage; a conqueror of reality so it could be dangerous to attempt interaction. In normal circumstance I would insist on doing it myself’’ She gently rubbed her stomach, offering an apologetic smile.

‘’Mine pregnancy prevents it, for my little one soul is still being formed like her body. Our friends would need to help, do you trust him, girls?’’

‘’I do’’ Vilma answered first and went back to looking at the ground upon collecting everyone stares again.

‘’Yeah, so do I’’ Elina gently twiddled with one of her golden strands, looking off into the trees.

>What would you like to focus your training session on?
>Yourself, your body?
>Interactions with others?
>Or perhaps you want to try something else? (Experimental training can be dangerous)
>Yourself, your body?
>Yourself, your body?
Safest step, and doesn't stress our new memories or soul.
>>Interactions with others
Remote horn acquisitions.
File: 1.png (188 KB, 900x720)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
‘’Taking care of myself before putting others in dangers sounds wiser.’’ Who knew how incompetent you’d be and potential harm the girls? You’d never forgive yourself.

‘’Hm, then something like a warrior, while still being a mage… I’ve observed my husband work and train but assuming you function similarly is too dangerous a road, so let us operate as mages instead.’’

‘’Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.’’ She leaned on this throne, throwing a glance at the girls flanking you, observing in rapt curious attention.

‘’Hm, okay, then body reinforcement should be the spell thee understand instinctively for I cannot think of anything more basic. A spell is fueled by bioenergy so you’ll feel it leave thine body; as you know, your capacity cannot be easily affirmed so do avoid going overboard.’’ She lazily pointed toward a nearby tree. ‘’See if you can strengthen your body enough to leave a mark in the bark with your fist if you believe this requires a small or strong spell is up to thee.’’

‘’So he’s a warrior?’’ Elina asked as you began to concentrate, facing your immobile foe of nature.

‘’I wouldn’t say so, he could reinforce his body like one and temporarily be considered a strong combatant but I don’t think it would naturally alter his toughness without magic like warriors naturally do.’’

Interesting topic, but now wasn’t the time. Deep within you, bioenergy fueled your soul exactly like blood kept your body alive and through interaction was magic. You had to concentrate, control, alter, imbue body with soul…

>High Consumption for something remarkable, that tree got no chance! [1d6]
>Medium for a challenge of control and avoid maiming that poor thing. [1d6]
>Low for security and making sure you don’t leave too big a mark. [1d6]
>You guys should come to an agreement as well
Rolled 3, 5 = 8 (2d6)

Rolled 2 (1d6)

>>High Consumption for something remarkable, that tree got no chance! [1d6]
>Medium for a challenge of control and avoid maiming that poor thing.
File: 67.png (184 KB, 532x328)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Pretty good, only had two rolls in the quest so far and they were successes.

Unless other players don't want to go for a big spell.

dice+1d6 in options.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

>Medium for a challenge of control and avoid maiming that poor thing. [1d6]
Rolled 3 (1d6)

>>Medium for a challenge of control and avoid maiming that poor thing. [1d6]
Rolled 4 (1d6)

File: ebb.jpg (199 KB, 960x640)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Creating a spell is a truly weird experience. It was a feeling of power, of movements; knowledge of a flow that wasn’t in your body filled you with brief confusion, thankfully Focus anchored your mind and concentration. You had power over this, your body was an extension of your ego and all this energy was to be used and controlled. Feeling your heartbeat helped and pulse of power, bioenergy reshaped by your will manifested in a conscious feeling of strength. There was no visual cue unlike what you saw with Teruko, your spell flowed throughout your being and impose the change of your will and soul; creating harmonious equilibrium around a simple concept of augmentation.

Faster, stronger, tougher. Finding a medium, a place to stop between strong and light mean creating a half-full glass within a strong flow of might, a rush of sensations you had to curtail…

‘’Oh?’’ Teruko noticed something had changed. Barely a few seconds had passed after her discussion with Elina; your mental jousting with your instincts hadn’t taken 15 seconds, your body was already much, much more different than it was a minute ago.

You have spent a little too much energy on reinforcing yourself. Your reserves remain full, there are no side effects.

‘’Already?’’ The chatty angel said, observing you curiously. You answered with a confident wink and walked in front of the tree, balled your hand into a fist and struck.

Solid bark immediately gave way in an agonizing sound of broken wounds and shaking leaves as your strike carried a reverberation into the tree many branches. You had given it a serious tried and your fist was indented into that thick trunk, pieces of coverings sliding off to hit the ground while crust stuck to your skin, falling off pieces by pieces when your hand moved, showing a complete lack of wounds or even splinters; only dirty marks and reddened skin remained trophy of this vegetal maiming.

‘’Okay,’’ Elina added a whistle to her remark. ‘’Pretty good.’’

‘’Yes, quite… humans synchronize with their weapons, witnessing such damages with hands alone is impressive.’’ Teruko added, having gotten up from her wooden throne. All the girls had come together to observe your work, fingers passing along the trunk indentation.

‘’Will my reserves be consumed if I maintain this… form for long?’’ It didn’t feel right to call this reinforcement a spell, you always imagined something more sudden and grandiose; you had produced an enchantment, a constant effect.

‘’It’ll be impossible for thee to run out of energy without doing anything else.’’ Teruko stepped back, audibly trampling a few leaves. ‘’Maintenance is much easier than creation, this reinforcement of thine may look basic but…’’ Her eyes wandered back to your quick work. ‘’…Thee are making up for a mage weakness, human magic users tend to lack in toughness.’’
File: 9.png (832 KB, 800x1049)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
‘’I think you created a begrudging spirit…’’ Vilma murmured, making you wince.

It is a simple thing, reinforcement, but of undeniable importance. Perhaps learning some martial arts could do well, at this rate you could make yourself strong enough to break steel.

‘’What do you suggest I do for training?’’ The girls had calmed down after seeing your work, Vilma seemed impressed enough to forget her shyness.

‘’All the basics are important. Knowing how to measure thineself for creating adequate spells without wasting energy is vital but so is knowing what you can do. Outside bodily reinforcement, I am unsure how to test your gift, mysir.’’ An awkward frown interrupted the gallant Teruko as she slowly walked to her wooden seat, both girls listening with attention. As curious as you were, no doubt. ‘’Mine hypothesis is that you may have no other type of spells on thine lonesome, Arawn. Souls are people egos and emotions, to have magic with it… I can only think that you will need to interacts with others for thine own gifts to shine, in what ways? I cannot guess.’’

‘’It is a fair assumption.’’ You concluded for Teruko. It’d be extremely unreasonable of yourself to expect she’d know everything, after all, she admitted earlier that she never knew any mages with something so esoteric.

‘’I got an idea,’’ Elina said, looking spirited. ‘’How about a fight, Arawn?’’

‘’Huh? What?’’ Hold on now, you’re not up to harming friends.

‘’I’m an angel, while unable to summons anything, I’ve got skills in other areas. Since all you can do is reinforcement, you could always try to master it right?’’ She smiled, reigning in some of that overflowing energy. ''I'm not saying we should do anything too dangerous, it could always be a start right?''

‘’Or we could attempt a reasonable attempt with magical soul interaction.’’ Teruko interrupted, levering her index, taking her usual teaching stance. ‘’Alternatively, you could concentrate for a few hours to make many different spells and thus, learn how to control your flows for measuring spells.’’

>Should you fight Elina? It’s beyond reasonable but hey, she offered.
>Take Teruko suggestion and explore potential new avenues for your magic?
>Concentrate on mastering the basic of measurement? (This will advance time until evening and I will need 1d20 to gauge the effectiveness of your training)
>Free Choice
As I’m still not in the best of health, I’ll stop here tonight and continue tomorrow.
>>Should you fight Elina? It’s beyond reasonable but hey, she offered
Get the upper hand by immersing yourself in her wings. She'll be too stunned to see our attack coming.
>>Take Teruko suggestion and explore potential new avenues for your magic?

Sooo, as a soul mage, can we fuck with other peoples souls as we get stronger?
It could be possible but it would depend on context since bodies and souls are part of people egos, a mage cannot create spells ''inside'' of them. Like, say, a fire mage won't be able to make someone skin spontaneously combust since it's their body and their egos. Not the reality of the world.

Still, your nature is esoteric and thus, weird, hard to explain and even more to master.
>Take Teruko suggestion and explore potential new avenues for your magic?
Listen to the professor.
Hate to have missed the thread but glad in a way I didn't get to weigh in as a "begrudging" spirit is way better than the vengeful one I would have potentially created with my vote and roll.

So it seems that we've unlocked full power nasuverse-tier self-reinforcement with the potential of going even further with it. Good! Nice base to start from.

Second, if I'm reading the choices correctly, it's 1)move towards mastering this current spell and get a bonus towards successfully casting it in the future, 2)work towards getting another spell, or 3)start towards getting the next rank in mana efficiency for all spells.

Also, y'all know that I wanna make ol' Arwan into a sneak master so good he'd qualify as the very best assassin-class servant you could ever hope to summon. That means tools of the trade if'n ya catch my drift. Flash/smoke bombs, arrows/throwing weapons of various kinds, potions, magical items/daggers, y'know, standard rogue shit. Any chance Belphegor could be persuaded to be our personal "hook up"?

Glad to see she's here in this reboot. I liked her concept and wanted to get to know her character more.
>Any chance Belphegor could be persuaded to be our personal "hook up"?

If you can build a good relationship, that's certainly possible. 3/5 of the Demon Lord family has been introduced now, this thread is where things start to really open in how you want Arawn schedule to go and what you want to do.

It's kinda slice of life, but I consider that a good thing.

As a general word of advice, the Demon Lord family is very close, being mean to someone is bound to alienate everyone.
Kinda figured and also wanted to ingratiate ourselves with them. We will be very good friends with the "Demon Lord" faction. Tons of benefits in that.

Might complicate our "romance" paths though. I mean, we've already gained a few points with Sieglinde and it seems the rest of them are quite... eager, to see her happily married or at the very least have an honest to goodness "boyfriend" for once it seems.

Dear god it's like your own parents and other direct family clamoring for grandkids, to become uncles/aunts etc... We've likely successfully managed to trigger instincts we may have well been better off not triggering and we're not even a week old yet! God help us if Daiyu gets wind of this development!!!
>Might complicate our "romance" paths though

I'm genuinely curious how that one is going to develop. It's reasonably too soon for anything of the sort, but I can't help being curious.
File: 53.jpg (900 KB, 800x1020)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
‘’You like to fight, Elina?’’ It was impossible to deny that your newfound strength brought a desire of to prove yourself and you wondered how this small angel handled herself in a physical conflict; first glances created the easy assumption that she was fragile but as you’ve learned right now, magic and souls can shatter such misconception.

‘’Not actual battles.’’ She answered with a hint of bashfulness, back resting against a tree. ‘’A serious fight with limits is enjoyable because it feels like a sport and it’s nice to put practiced skills to work.’’

Interesting, she seemed strangely embarrassed because an easy blush invaded her cheeks, however despite your mounting bravado prospect of confrontation was folly because of your undeniable inexperience.

Yes, it was wisdom, it wasn’t because you felt intimidated by this haloing woman.

‘’I’ll agree another time.’’ She nodded soundlessly and her lack of emotion had your attention return toward Teruko. ‘’You said we could explore another way to use my magic?’’

She and Vilma had been watching your brief discussion with rapt attention, they must know something about the angel. ‘’Mh, yes.’’ She blinked out of her reverie, turning at the hooded lich within arms reach and gently pinched her hood to yank it down.

She was met by a thoroughly unimpressed purple stare.

‘’Don’t be like that, you’re the only one that can help Arawn with this exercise.’’ She turned to you as you approached, with Elina coming back after inspecting your work one last time. ‘’Body Reinforcement seems to be thine instinctive spell, that one thing you can do extremely well; like Holy shields or my healing, it is the spell you ought to always remember for there is little wrong you can do with mastering it. I cannot presume myself an archmage or spirit healer.’’ She gave a polite smirk. ‘’Thusly shall I operate on mine knowledge of summoning for mine hypothesis is that thee might be able to interact with someone else because of thine nature with souls.’’

Her face turned to Vilma who straightened her back from this attention. ‘’Thee are the only one who can help him and as thee stated previously, trust blossom within thine bosom so perhaps you could make this exercise possible?’’

‘’I…’’ Your eyes met with hers and she immediately planted her skittish stare on the ground. ‘’I-I suppose so. I…I’m able to summon, though I’m not sure how interaction can work, t-that’s how you’ve put it right?’’

Teruko nodded, and gestured for Elina to come closer, the angel promptly obeyed. ‘’I will need thee on standby in case anything dangerous happens, we are threading unknown grounds thus I will need thine scrutiny added to mine own.’’
File: Lich41.png (526 KB, 757x997)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
‘’Yeah.’’ She answered her teacher dryly. ‘’I’m really curious how this is gonna go, but I do wonder… could it be possible to make this interaction work with Necromancy? It’s extremely similar to summoning, could you pull off something here Vilma?’’

‘’We…are in a forest.’’ She answered softly, gazing around the area full of chirping birds and swaying plants. ‘’There’s a few… restless things, I think. I’d need some time to meditate, but I could… I could accomplish something, though summoning would be safer maybe? I wouldn’t be able to make anything dangerous with that.’’ There was a rare sense of eagerness within the lich, it allowed a rare tiny smile to nestle on her pretty face.

‘’Perhaps it would be better for Vilma to use her mastered skills for us to truly see if Arawn is apt to affect anybody with his magic, I’ll leave this judgment mine, two students.’’ Teruko wasn’t one to let things stay idle, were you starting a bad habit of ogling pretty girls? ‘’Soul interaction should work if both of thee holds hands and sit close for that would allow Arawn magic to easily travel and weaken Vilma natural barrier of ego, you need to make certain what type of summoning thee both wish to use for our experiment.’’

When the words ‘’holding hands’’ left Teruko pale mouth, Vilma purple face turned a darker shade and she pulled her hood back up to stare at the ground in a fierce desire to reject the reality of the world, she didn’t voice any opposition so… it was fine, right? You’d likely wound her pride by asking permission.

>What type of summoning should Vilma use?
>Regular, the thing she’s been struggling with. It could make things difficult for getting tangible results but it is safer
>Necromancy is where she’s skilled, if she can use it here then you should do it for maximum potential at mastering a new spell.
>Free Choice
>>Free Choice
Summon horns or fluffy wings for guilt free acquisition.
>Necromancy is where she’s skilled, if she can use it here then you should do it for maximum potential at mastering a new spell.
>Necromancy is where she’s skilled, if she can use it here then you should do it for maximum potential at mastering a new spell.
>Necromancy is where she’s skilled, if she can use it here then you should do it for maximum potential at mastering a new spell.
>Necromancy is where she’s skilled, if she can use it here then you should do it for maximum potential at mastering a new spell.
‘’If a little finesse is needed, then use your necromantic skills.’’
‘’O-okay.’’ Vilma rubbed her palms and went to throw her hood down for the umpteenth time, turning to observe the professor who kept her red gaze on you.

‘’So, it shall be.’’ She announced while leaning forward, keeping a hand on her stomach. ‘’You two ought to sit facing one another while holding both hands; ideally you would also touch foreheads for such a position links the most important points of egos of thine bodies but I fear it could make for overwhelming sensations, it is much more important to establish trust and that you aren’t scared by whatever manifestations does happen from this joined spell.’’

‘’We’ll… we’ll do fine.’’ Vilma answered right away, making Elina grin broadly. ‘’Don’t you dare comment.’’ She growled at the angel who shrugged in answer, still keeping her smug smile.

‘’Don’t distract her. Are there spirits close?’’ Teruko wasn’t one to let herself distracted, you decided to wait sagely until they were done.
‘’Y-yeah… it’ll be fine. I’ll need to concentrate and mediate a little bit b-but let’s… let’s do this alright?’’ Upturned eyes and scared emotion looked to you in vulnerable hesitation, you had to curtail your own emotions to avoid making a weird face that’d intimidate her.

She quested for your hand in careful hesitation so you decided to become bold and grab that small limb of purple skin gently, making her twitch and nearly jump under the gaze of the two older women and, definitely witnessing this motherly attitude from teacher and friend, Vilma coughed, huffed, threw you a sideways glance and locked her stare on the dirt to take ten steps away from Teruko wooden throne and plopped on the ground, forcing you to sit.

‘’It’ll work out.’’ She murmured to herself and grabbed your second hand while crossing her legs together, imposing upon you to imitate the position so your knees would touch. ‘’You should control your flow, see if you can direct it in your palms…’’ She explained softly while Elina and Teruko bridged the distance.

Her body became alight in a gorgeous purple glower, bulging paths or ‘’circuits’’ as she put it earlier revealed Vilma magical gift in earnest and you noticed that many of these lines congregated on her face, specifically a point on her forehead to create a strange oval-shaped symbol, leaving you stunned until her eyes opened again. ‘’Anything wrong?’’ she asked without fleeing, this proximity even managed to rattle your emotional wall built by Focus.

‘’No, I’ll do so… I’m not used to it.’’
You’ve gotten a good idea about directing your energy now, it was best to think of it like a spiritual bloodstream; you didn’t feel your traveling blood but the concept was similar insofar that liquid traveled throughout your body. Thus, your flow converged within your palms and fingers interlocked with Vilma’s and gently you reached, imagining your flow like the branch of a river joining into a bigger lake…

Vilma gasped and your foreheads collided. ‘’Gu!?’’ You leaned back, breaking this newly created link.

‘’Sorry! Sorry!’’ Her hands tightened their grasps, her cute face twisted into an agonizing expression of remorse.

‘’Nay, nay it is fine. Joining like this is good, it means you haven’t built an unconscious emotional wall with him.’’ It was good to have the tutor close, her gentle authority threw cold water into your rising emotions and made it easier to settle down.

‘’I…I felt something, while I was searching for souls and coalescing them there was a surge of unknown within me.’’ Her eyes, now glowing from Focus, observed you with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. ‘’I’m ready now, I know how it feels, do it again Arawn, please.’’

You nodded and closed your eyes again, repeating your previous operation and this time, your magic disappeared into Vilma body, disappearing from your palm and into a bottomless well. You were careful to measure yourself, going for a weak continuous flow instead of mitigated strength and so, for a few moments that stretched into minutes nothing happened aside from your loss of energy comparable to bodily water being thrown into desert sands.

Until a new sensation arose, out of the undead purple palms. A small, tentative spiritual poke, warm water to your cold liquid.
Surprises might have broken this link but you curtailed your emotions once again and allowed this…manifestation, this part of Vilma to travel your inner stream, mingling with your spiritual flow of energy.

‘’Can you… feel that?’’ She asked in a murmur, the entire forest seemed to have grown silent.
File: 1.jpg (725 KB, 1804x2344)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
‘’Yeah.’’ You answered stone-faced. It wasn’t this joining she was talking about, something extremely ominous was hovering above the diminutive lich, you might have panicked were she not looking so calm. It was a ball of chaos, an invisible tumultuous manifestation of… of anger, frustration, sadness, and envy. It began to coalesced after you acknowledged its existence, twelves spiritual tendrils planted into Vilma small back, pumping some kind of juice into her body while a floating ball of malice just… hovered above.

‘’Insects, plants, trees even a few animals have died here recently, as is normal in such a big forest. No matter how insignificant these creatures of Mother Earth possess souls and I’ve consolidated them to create a spiritual manifestation. This, in essence, is necromancy.’’

‘’It’s pure negativity, sadness, anger… You’re mitigating it aren’t you?’’ She looked completely undisturbed, what was coming out of her hands was pure emotional abuse that sought to take roots within your body; thankfully it wasn’t difficult to trample, however, if you were to feel this source directly…

‘’Of course,’’ She answered with a smile, looking genuinely at peace.
‘’It’s so…ugly.’’ In so many ways.

‘’What? There’s something here?’’ Elina suddenly spoke, only to be silenced by a shrill ‘’Shh!’’ from Teruko who was watching and listening, even leaning forward despite making it uncomfortable for her stomach.

‘’What death leave behind is gloomy.’’ Vilma smiled, closing her eyes while that strange symbol on her forehead glowered a tiny bit brighter. ‘’I wouldn’t be able to do much with this entity in normal circumstances, but…’’ Eyes reopened with a stare of such gentleness your heart was moved, why is she so at peace inside that maelstrom of adversity? ‘’…you’re a battery, providing me so much power there’s no need for Corruption, maybe… maybe we continue like this?’’ She shifted in her stance, tightening her grip for a few seconds, giving Elina and Teruko a stare that had you curious; both women weren’t showing any emotions, looking serious enough to be intimidating.

‘’I think you could… try something, right now you’re feeding me energy.’’ Her tone never went above a whisper. ‘’It’s not a spell at all.’’

>Do you continue being a battery for Vilma spell?
>Or see if you can take the lead, change things; this entity she’s stuck with is inherently negative so maybe… You can influence that?
>Do you cut your flow instead? This is a bad idea, better stop now.
>Free choice
>Continue being a battery for Vilma spell.
>Do you continue being a battery for Vilma spell?
Stay the course
Can you calm negative spirits? If so we should try to reduce the malice this entity bears.
It's possible yes. For now, majority want to stay the course but I can wait a little longer to see if people want to change votes
>>Free choice
Sooth the malice by offering it fluffy angel wings or smooth angel halo.
I don't think it works that way dude. Besides, how about we not suddenly start offering up our friends to malicious entities. That's just a dick move and we're nicer than that.
Changing vote to stay the course, I don't wanna force ya to roll for it.
File: Lich101.png (3.31 MB, 2700x3300)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
‘’Don’t underestimate basics, Vilma.’’ It was your turn to speak, your voice caused a tiny ripple in your joined flows, the lich losing concentration from her confusion. ‘’Being a battery is fine, take from me what you need without having to use Corruption.’’

Her colored lips pursed together and worriedly glanced at the teacher before settling back to you. ‘’Alright, this thing is a little wild.’’ She smiled, a forced one, yet regained her previous peacefulness and made a few circles with your joined hands. A quickening of your flow heralded the lich greedy need for magical fuel, your attuned eyes witnessed eerie pumping from these twelves things piercing her back, evoking images of leeches.

As your magic flowed the spirit gained definition and additional foreign emotions assailed your senses. Gluttonous hunger had you imbibe your lips for unavailable food, wanton lusts had you grunt and close your eyes to cut yourself from Vilma feminine charms. Seconds stretched in agony as your reserves gave and gave into Vilma excessive needs, the entity hovering above her was changing into a ball of flesh, a mass without traits that previously defined faces and mouths.

Then, to everyone astonishment, Vilma forcefully broke her stance and rose to her feet, breaking your hands, making it impossible to continue your spell, also leaving you empty of these assailing emotions. She thrust her arm upward in the middle of that gurgling mass of flesh and…absorbed it like water into sands. It flowed into her in one continuous current, leaving her panting and coughing.

‘’W-what just happened?’’ Elina quickly spoke as you were assailed by strong vertigo.

‘’It’s fine!’’ Vilma shouted, looking anything but; visible sweat poured down her face, her clothes clung tighter to her body. ‘’Necromancy usually need a dead body to work, otherwise, I make some kind of astral entity but this is… It’s like Arawn magic is, is some kind of… paste. That thing was about to erupt into our world, I-I had to…’’

‘’Little one, have you perchance been carried away by desires?’’ Teruko voice betrayed her alarm, you easily cast aside your malaise when Vilma clutched her chest.

‘’No! I knew what I was doing! This was just a first…’’ To your horror, small eyes opened into the lich purple flesh, tiny droplets of reddish-orange seemed to carve open wounds on her uncovered cheeks and hands, only to disappeared without damage. ‘’It’s too strange to be a simple spirit! Nothing’s wrong!’’

She took off running with speed that shouldn’t belong to a girl of such small stature and you would have followed, had Elina arms not been thrust before you. ‘’What are you doing!?’’ Vilma was possessed by this damn thing!
File: S009AAE.jpg (145 KB, 1280x784)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
‘’Don’t’’ But the angel kept her ground while the pregnant lizard woman observed severely, Vilma had thrust her hands to a tree -the one you had wounded- and her veins lighted up in visible conjuration. Changes were immediate, the light brown bark turned into a sickly grayish dark, leaves fell in abundance, branches crackled, drooping or outright breaking to fall uselessly on the ground. Dark liquid pus oozed out of holes made by falling crusts, somehow avoiding Vilma hands despite their continuous downward crawls. Soon the lich was surrounded by dead vegetation and a loud gurgle emerged out of that tree followed by an ominous crackle, a huge piece of bark near the top branches fell, revealing a big disgusting eye swimming in altered maple.

‘’Possession!’’ Teruko screamed while Vilma fell on her butt.

‘’It’s… one of the most potent necromantic spells, a poison that inhabits the bodies of lower entities, forcing two souls to fight and the body to die only to reanimate what remains…’’ Her voice was forced into silence when the tree bent in a cavernous crack of haunted life; no wonder necromancy is the magic of death.

‘’Stay still you rotten husk, you’re just a bunch of dead animals, plants, and insects!’’ More eyes began to open all over the trunk, that poor tree twisted its gargantuan body in something akin to pain, Vilma shook her hands, projecting a new spell that translated into reality as a snaking root on the dirt to touch her admittedly abominable minion.

That’s also when something collided with the entity. Elina had left your side, having taken off on an impossible flight in a forward line, clutching a weapon – a halberd- that appeared from some unknown magical manifestation. Her polearm easily sunk into the undead tree, creating a belching gurgle as dark pus spewed out but the girl was already gone, having left her polearm embedded while Vilma quickly ran away once the deformed branches of her minion swung wildly to clobber your benefactor.

It was an effort in futility, whatever limbs the angel didn’t dodge midflight by thoroughly ignoring basic laws of motions (up, down, helixes even outright stops that should leave her dizzy didn’t break her rhythm) were blocked with spontaneous conjuration of golden shields and soon enough she emerged out of the constantly reforming branches, full of magic and flew in close circles around the trunk, ignoring her halberd and instead laid out her palms to create a continuous stream of pure eyes burning white flames.
The creature emitted noises, mixtures of meaty squeaks and broken wood as the angel Holy magic flew into the abomination body and, you noticed, her halberd was ejecting a continuous stream of similar magic. This marked a clear end, Elina was far too swift and agile to be clobbered anymore and she quickly rounded the tree body several times, covering it in every inch of what was an undeniably violent exorcism. Soon the creature dark gray colors replaced all remnants of healthy brown and its remaining branches fell; Elina was circling a dead, naked thing once she landed aground.

‘’O-oh huh… I guess I didn’t have control…’’ Vilma was squatting behind you and had pulled up her hood, not making any efforts to look.

‘’Yes, well… that creature might have been close to a Supreme Monster my dear, dreadful student. Things could have been dramatic without our dear angel.’’ Teruko was also sitting and kept a close hand on her stomach.

Strong gusts of wind heralded the angel arrival, her weapon was already gone; she landed soundlessly and smiled broadly when her wings folded around her flanks.
‘’Thank for the workout.’’ Her breath came out softly and she cracked a few fingers in satisfaction.

‘’You…you’re not mad?’’ Vilma wasn’t daring to look up, she had taken a stick and made a few circles on the dirt.

‘’Why would I be? We all knew you’d be doing something potentially dangerous. Possession is a hell of a thing, first time I’m seeing it.’’ She walked and stopped beside you admiring her handiwork. It had left plenty of mark on the forest; while no other trees came close to being uprooted, a small earthquake had ravaged the vicinity. Honestly, it was only a tree… but you did feel remorse, that thing seemed in pain. ‘’Think we should take off and pretend we didn’t do anything wrong?’’

‘’I cannot move fast.’’ Teruko retorted and pinched Vilma hood to force it down, earning a pouting grunt. ‘’I am not mad my dear, only impressed. It usually takes a magical tome to allow possession yet Arawn gift, this magic of soul… thee described it as a paste hm?’’ She eyed you curiously, her question was met by a soundless nod from the lich. ‘’Them mayhap I am not being arrogant in assuming you could be especially compatible with summoning, or even necromancy; did you try to influence Vilma work, mysir?’’

‘’No, I allowed her to take everything she wanted.’’ It had been rather… intimate.

‘’She's greedy indeed mh?’’ Vilma soundlessly put her hood back up. ‘’What say you mysir Arawn? Want to inspect the damage? I suppose we could try a more…controlled experiment next.’’
That was some serious excitement and she hasn’t had enough? Won’t anybody come snooping because of the sounds?

In the end, what do you make of all this?
>Whatever choice you make will advance time into afternoon
>Take off quickly and discuss these findings, that was more than enough for today.
>Perhaps you can be carefree too, you can always try to get some more exercises done.
>Free Choice

Your magical reserves feel fine. Outside of brief vertigo, you feel confident in your batteries
You have discovered two spells. Body Reinforcement and Bioenergy Battery.

We'll continue tomorrow. Sorry if you saw my first draft of the above answers, I failed to reread myself properly.
We were a battery for Vilma, let’s try being a battery for Elina.
>Perhaps you can be carefree too, you can always try to get some more exercises done.
Keep testing our limits
Poor tree, first we hit it, then we accidentally turn it into a mockery of nature before having our angel hand out a mercy kill. Seems Elina might be a bit of a battle freak though not that I mind, battle maidens are sexy.

So if we let someone use us as a battery they get a huge boost to their summoning/necromancy capabilities? Also, will it ever be possible to put some range on this power or at the very least only have to hold hands? As it stands we'd need someone to tank for us while we power boost a buddy as we'll both be sitting ducks until their spell is finished.

Finally, can the link go both ways? As in, can we take from others if they're willing and able to give? Might be helpful if we don't gotta worry about burnout as much in our training so long as we have a topped off mage buddy around.
>So if we let someone use us as a battery they get a huge boost to their summoning/necromancy capabilities?
That does seem to be the case from what happened right?
>Also, will it ever be possible to put some range on this power or at the very least only have to hold hands?
Yes, either by training yourself as some discipline will allow you to create an enchantment. Being in a warm relationship is also another way to really boost this spell; trust is paramount for linking your flow with someone else and something like love will make it much, much stronger.

>Finally, can the link go both ways? As in, can we take from others if they're willing and able to give?
Yes, your nature is souls and while described as primarily support, it remains true that you touch on something everything living possess.
INH you are speaking my language. I'm hearing everything I wanna hear. My dream build just became feasible with that info!
Isn’t that information somethinghat should be acquired by experimentation in-character, not given out just because someone asked?
That's true. It's not like you can accomplish those feats yet but I think it's not a bad idea to help you guys orient yourselves, get a little taste of what you can accomplish.

I won't be so free with info in the future.
The info seems to be something one could extrapolate into given the events that unfolded if they were smart enough.

We could always verify our instinctual suspicions with the next test and make our suspicions 100 percent verifiably correct. For example, try taking mana from Elina and/or seeing if we can help her or Vilma successfully perform a cantrip summon (something they've been established as being previously unable to do *consistently* far as I can follow). Arawn ain't no dummy, he can into abstraction from experience.

I knew you wouldn't be. I remember your antics, you took great joy in teasing us with that precious info that you'd only deliver *after* we made a critical decision/roll. Like you said, such moments are the joys of being the GM...
So the ease with which Vilma performed a high-level necromantic summon was more due to the type of mana that Arawn can provide, not the amount?

>Free Choice
Does Teruko know how to create ofuda's and similar written spells/talismans? I want to see if Arawn's mana will make creating permanent or semi-permanent objects of magic easier due to its nature.
>>Perhaps you can be carefree too, you can always try to get some more exercises done.
File: 5.jpg (602 KB, 827x1169)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
>Disregard my previous statement about a chunk of time advancing, won’t happen here

Teruko gentle teasing transformed into a comfortable silence as the group turned to admire the dead tree and its surrounding damage once again. For your part remembering Elina dextrousness filled you with no end of awe for your angelic benefactor. Flying at such low altitude amongst trees, branches and chaotic obstructions truly had been an amazing display and you couldn’t help but examine her wings and body for damage. You only found some dirt marks and grass stains on her clothes; her wings kept their gorgeous sunset color without imperfection and there wasn't even a bloody scratch on her few exposed pieces of skins.

She's truly living up to angelic reputation.

‘’Are you sure we can continue exercising here?’’ You broke the silence, stirring all the girls out of their reverie.

‘’Yes yes, Tis not a first for outrageous happenings on school grounds. Someone from Elemental will come snooping around and a few curious folks are likely to come looking but I’ll wave them off. My method of teaching is a little spirited.’’ She chuckled and patted Vilma head, finally winning over the undead girl to make her stand. ‘’Anything else you’d like to do, mysir?’’

‘’Yeah, I want to try linking flows with Elina.’’ Necromancy had been quite the experience, how would Holy fare?

‘’Me?’’ She spun on her heels to face you, pointing at herself.
‘’Yes, you.’’ You affirmed, crossing your arms. ‘’You’ve shown an amazing spectacle but I wonder if my own gift is compatible with your magic, we know that’s the case with Vilma.’’ Said girl nodded, still twiddling her thumbs behind her back. ‘’What say?’’

‘’We’d be holding hands and stuff right?’’ Her wings produced a nervous flap to accompany her hesitation.

‘’No stuff.’’ You correct, trying your best to be inoffensive. ‘’Just hand holding.’’

‘’I don’t know if it’s a good idea.’’ It wasn’t shyness holding her back, her gaze fell to observe a point on the ground, looking genuinely remorseful. ‘’You want to interact with Holy magic right?’’ She waited for your nodding before continuing. ‘’’’Yeah, Holy is a little special because it works in absolute; it can only do a few things but it does them really well, I don’t know if you’d be able to do anything and I can’t summons things like Vilma so I’ll wager you’d only waste your time, Arawn.’’

‘’Tis true Holy is a stubborn enigma’’ Teruko voice was a gentle chime. ‘’I reckon it is still worth a try for curiosity and knowledge sake; removing what ifs and maybes is an important step even if we are met with disappointment.’’

‘’I’m…not sure if it’s worth it, really.’’ Elina was showing weak stubbornness and didn’t try to look anyone in the eyes. ‘’I’m not a compatible person when it comes to soul.’’
File: Lich20.jpg (57 KB, 559x524)
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‘’I think it would be a worthy exercise if only to close books on that front.’’ You agreed with the teacher but decided to back off. ‘’I do have an important question for you, Teruko.’’

‘’Oh?’’ Your change in subjects made the pregnant Mamono face you.

‘’Magical items.’’ Those two words lit up a sudden fire of scholarly excitation in the eyes of your tutor. ‘’I’m wondering if my nature could be compatible in that area.’’

‘’Mh, yes I… I didn’t think of this angle,’’ Teruko admitted, brows knitting together and growing silent, bringing her index up to her mouth and biting it gently. ‘’Tis not my area of expertise in the slightest.’’ She admitted, letting her hand down. ‘’Theories are in mysir favors for what I -do- understand from magical talisman and runes lies in interactions between special minerals and magic. Precious rubies are known to hold spells like fireballs, if Vilma comment is to be taken literally, then perhaps you could indeed act as a foundation for magical items, perhaps even magitek. I dare not assume further, for I risk proving myself a foolish, stupid woman in my ignorance.’’

‘’I’m a paste huh, Vilma?’’ You grinned at the lich who nodded vigorously. ‘’That’s heartening to know it could be possible, do you think we could try creating anything?’’

‘’I’m afraid that couldn’t be easily done.’’ Teruko sighed in defeat, suddenly wincing. ‘’Oof… sorry, Mine girl kicked. This magical academy prime directive is for its students and mages to be completely self-sufficient so there is not much… budget to work with. Tutors need to make a request to higher-ups if they wish to try a special activity. It is not my expertise, so we’d need a skilled crafter to safely exercise your talents.’’

‘’Something to keep in mind then, thank you for being so thorough.’’ You tried your best to avoid grimacing at this hurdle, Teruko looked genuinely excited (more than you) and you couldn’t deny wanting to try this new angle, for today you’ll need to satisfy yourself with pure, organic training.

‘’Say teach.’’ Vilma gently wedged in, pushing an absent-minded Elina who looked thoroughly lost in thoughts. ‘’You hungry?’’
‘’Ah…’’ That brought a bashful emotion to Teruko features, a cute blush blossomed her pale cheek. Her husband really was a lucky guy. ‘’…yes, I didn’t plan this outing carefully enough and forgot beverage and food.’’

‘’I’ll go get stuff, we are probably in the latter half of noon so dinner rush is over.’’ That suddenly snapped Elina to attention.
‘’Oh I’ll-‘’ Yet Vilma interrupted her.

‘’I’ll-I’ll be fine, I just need enough money for us all.’’ Outside her stutter, the diminutive lich wasn’t plagued by her usual vulnerable aura. She planted a solid stare on her taller haloing friend.
File: 1.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
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141 KB JPG
‘’It’s been a while since you last did necromancy huh?’’ The blonde said, rubbing the back of her neck.

‘’Yes’’ The purple smaller girl responded. ‘’I…I may have gotten a little r-rusty but it also made me remember why I came here in the first place, I can fetch some food.’’

‘’Mh, today is a good day yes. Food and drinks would add wonderful satisfaction to this day of study, go little one.’’ Teruko had already produced a fair few coins out of a pocket. ‘’Be quick, if you meet anyone then tell them Teruko Gunji is having a -very- important session with her students and will hold a personal grudge against anyone holding you back.’’

The little lich didn’t answer, only nodded and turned around walking toward the exit where… hold on did you see some movement amongst the trees?

‘’Totally someone,’’ Elina announced beside you, glaring.

‘’Not important.’’ Teruko finalized. ‘’Elemental folks are recluses, they know better than trying to disturb us and we are not inside their forest no matter how much they whine otherwise. Arawn exercises are more important than snoopers.’’

>Should you insist on trying a joint spell with Elina?
>See if you can find that spy?
>Race to accompany Vilma? Yesterday proved...dramatic at this hour of the day.
>Or should you concentrate on a peculiar exercise to better yourself magically? (Specify. Do you wish to get better at Body Reinforcement? Magical Measurement?)
>Free Choice
>Or should you concentrate on a peculiar exercise to better yourself magically? (Specify. Do you wish to get better at Body Reinforcement? Magical Measurement?)
Get better at measurement for now.
I forgot to mention that training a spell will make time skip and, accordingly, I'll need a couple of 1d20 to see how well you guys do.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Let's see how this goes.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Rolling for horns.
Bit too late for that anon, I'll be posting shortly.
File: 1365215137772.jpg (202 KB, 1440x900)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
‘’What would you suggest for me to better understand how to measure spells?’’ Vilma had long since disappeared when you let go of your urge to follow her or pester Elina, looking back into the dead tree was another reason to try and be a little conservative… or at least gain better competence at keeping your flow in check.

‘’Dispelling and redoing thine reinforcement,’’ Teruko answered, walking back to her chair. ‘’Thee should try to find a quiet place, meditation does help for us mages.’’

‘’Will do.’’ Turning to the professor and your winged benefactor, both women occupied a close space, Teruko looking a little worse for wear and tired.

‘’Don’t go burning yourself out.’’ The angel said as you took a nearby carved seat.

‘’I’m fully confident you’ll come to my rescue.’’ You retorted, earning a good-hearted chuckle from the girl whose attention quickly shifted toward Teruko, the tutor began to talk about summoning now and, while the subject was undeniably interesting, you had a job to do.

>18 (Success)

Things settled into mundanity as your exercises extended minutes into hours, with Vilma eventless return marking a time for a break that didn’t last too long; the girls were quickly monopolized by Teruko and settled near the dead tree as they began a longer, thorough discourse on what you could only assume as summoning.

Creating, maintaining and dispelling the reinforcement of your body proved easy but your flow, your bioenergy that acted as manifestations of your soul proved difficult indeed to master. Rivers truly were apt images, often you’d lose control and create an enchantment far stronger than you’d realize and, no matter what kind of trick you could imagine, this current was far different than trying to keep yourself from drinking or holding water in your throat. It required a… sense of familiarity, mastering this was comparable to exercising with a weapon. Understand your reach, know your weight, acknowledge your strengths, avoid being carried away...

The spiritual movements of this liquid need to become second nature.

Noon hours quickly dwindled into a crawling sun whose rays effortlessly pierced through the many short leaves of the forest, marking a day end that wasn’t quite dusk.

‘’Phew…’’ You breathed out, dispelling what was perhaps your thirtieth reinforcement. It was a good sign that your body wasn’t feeling any kind of weirdness from so many interactions with your magic.

You are feeling a slight headache and a general sense of pressure inside your head. Your reserves might be getting low.

It wasn’t so bad, you could describe this as a satisfying fatigue and… it certainly hadn’t been in vain, you’ve gotten used to your unusual flow.

You have earned the perk Apprentice Measurer, granting a permanent -1 to all future rolls.
File: 1485161867718.jpg (2.37 MB, 2040x2160)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
‘’Are you fine, Arawn?’’ You had already gotten up and took to rub your temples, Elina was the first at your side after several hours. Your legs had almost gotten numb from your admittedly statuesque disposition.

‘’Yeah, I think I understand this measuring business a little better.’’ You let go of Focus and slowly began to recover from this spiritually tiring ordeal, you were confident you could push yourself… but it wasn’t so wise as an apprentice.

‘’Getting the hang of it is the easy part, growing better is where the real struggle begin. Also, if you wondered.’’ The angel crossed her arms and gestured with her chin for the other pair. ‘’I think Vilma ran into some trouble earlier but didn’t make a fuss about it, she was a bit nervous and absent-minded during Teruko teaching, maybe I’m just overthinking it.’’ She shrugged at her own words, wings folding around her shoulders enough to allow views of her profile.

‘’Those minotaurs again?’’ You growled, feeling an urge of anger that easily chased off your weakness of mind.

‘’Maybe’’ Elina admitted dryly, halo dimming. ‘’I might be overprotective.’’

When your last two companions bridged their distance, Elina turned toward them, specifically Teruko. ‘’Will you be turning for today, teach?’’

‘’Yes, quite.’’ She interrupted herself with a yawn. ‘’Let’s avoid mentioning what happened with the tree, aye? Paperwork is boorish and we all know I’m far too precious for this school to do any kind of reprimand, you three should enjoy yourselves; we’ve had a fulfilling day.’’

With a backward wave, Teruko marched off on her lonesome into the dirt path that led your group into the park. A quick observation of the angel and lich revealed them to be in good shape, no swaying, sweating or overall tired look on either of them, in fact, they seemed to be sharing a smile and in overall better constitution than yourself.

‘’Honestly, I think I’m wasting Teruko time.’’ Elina breathed out, going back to cross her arms after the white lizard teacher disappearance. ‘’Nothing we try work, at least you managed to make a spirit from your own emotion today, Vilma.’’

‘’I…It wasn’t really good.’’ She whined, grimacing.

‘’You still did it, while me?’’ Elina huffed, stomping the ground. ‘’2 months without results, I don’t think angels can summons and teach is too polite or stubborn to admit it’’

‘’She’s clearly not going to give up on either of you.’’ You spoke, turning around to observe the disheartened angel. That lizard was undeniably a proud woman but certainly not a bad one, of course, you’ve only known her for two days… but the truth remains that you have a good impression of her.
File: 13d.jpg (599 KB, 777x1100)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
‘’I…I um…I-I don’t really want you to go a-and well… it’s fun, right?’’ Vilma had stepped away, turning her hooded back to both of you. She looked… no, she definitely was vulnerable.

‘’Yeah, it is.’’ Elina immediately admitted with a peaceful smile, looking at you in strange amusement.

‘’U-Um… I wanted to mention... to ask something… that’s why I waited for Teruko to leave.’’ The hooded small shapely girl had summoned enough courage to face you both and you exchanged a knowing glance with Elina. ''C-could we… um, could we stick together until tonight?’’

‘’Fine with me.’’ Elina answered before you even began to ponder options. ‘’Remember what we spoke about yesterday, right?’’ She was soft on the small undead, there was no denying that. ‘’Be sure to explain to us what happened, though it might be best to do it away from here, we are rather isolated.’’

>Should you ask Vilma for some details?
>Agree to meet up with Sieglinde? (Alone or with the girls?)
>Head out to Throne Town and see what this capital is about?
>More magical related business or training? (Specify)
>Free Choice

I'll be stopping here and continue Friday. I wanted to see what kind of activity I'd get by running during the early week, I'll stick to weekends and maybe add Mondays and/or Tuesday as bonus for important moments.
>>Agree to meet up with Sieglinde?
Acquire horns. The girls can come if they're down with horns, I guess.
>Agree to meet up with Sieglinde?
With the girls.
I could have told ya that one dude. We all got lives by and large...

After all that's happened oh yeah, this. Keep it all Platonic though, we're just an innocent Elf who just wants to touch the exotic bits if and only if we get consent (the horns notwithstanding, we just... couldn't help ourselves!)
>I could have told ya that one dude. We all got lives by and large...

Oh it's fine, I'm not disheartened. I had a fairly free week so I wanted to see what kind of schedule would be best, I'll definitely stick to Friday to Sunday in the future. We can just consider this thread as an early start.
I thought I could push myself this evening and keep to my schedule but I'm far too tired to keep myself consistent, I'll aim to pull double duty tomorrow
Its ok. Don't burn yourself out.
Thank. I'll aim to start earlier tomorrow.
Getting out of the park and into the usual courtyard was a simple story of rethreading old grounds (while meeting again with the admittedly slow Teruko) under a crouching sun with a surprisingly increasing crowd of Mamonos giving your group various suspicious expressions until the professor headed out along the road first fork; that little hiccup with the tree had resulted in some kind of rumor.

‘’Let’s keep to the courtyard.’’ You decided to halt your progress, pointing to the empty pavilion that had become your group makeshift congregation area.

‘’Not heading into the library?’’ Elina asked, keeping her voice low as a fair few Mamonos lingered around.

‘’I’d like to wait for Sieglinde and avoid yesterday gaffe.’’ Elina nodded with an amused grin, patting Vilma who had gone back to looking tense, she was the first to seat herself.

‘’Want to share what happened with you at noon?’’ Elina tone was curt and it brought a noticeable twitch on Vilma's shoulders.
‘’Ah…’’ She began, only to momentarily interrupt herself. ‘’…I’m fine.’’ She spoke without meeting anyone eyes.

‘’Yet afraid enough to want to stick together as a group?’’ Elina retorted as you kept a lookout for a certain redhead without success, people lingering around were slowly dwindling to nothing.

‘’I’m not scared,’’ Vilma responded with deflating spirit, features twisted into a telling expression of nervousness. ‘’I… well I-I… I’m not a coward, I…I told a girl to...to leave me alone, and-and since I embraced Focus she didn't try anything. That's all.’’ A few trembles had her hands join together and she leaned forward, stopping her lurching by resting on the table. ‘’Say Arawn? You… her ladyship Sieglinde Jawahir is helping you with some of your problems, right?’’

Her pale purple eyes held an expression you couldn’t describe; she looked awkward, scared, if not a little discouraged yet far from hopeless.

‘’That’s the case.’’ You answered, giving up your quest to spot the demonic princess arrival. Waiting on Sieglinde had turned into a rather important discussion.

‘’I’m helping him out, too. He’s in a bit of a tight spot.’’ Elina chimed in, crossing her arms over her bust and winking at you.

‘’I see…I understand.’’ The small, shapely girl tone came out in a smooth flow. ‘’I thought about it a lot yesterday after we talked I got a little angry but those minotaurs… well, it’s obvious I’m not exactly liked around these parts huh?’’ She gave a defeated chuckle; you and Elina didn’t have the heart to make any remarks and contented yourselves with friendly smiles. ‘’Someone wants to take my place as Teruko student.’’ Vilma closed her eyes and craned down her neck, hood blocking views of her face.
‘’It’s been like that ever since I came here but things have been getting worse. People usually stuck with telling me to go away and free Teruko from being burdened by my existence, giving me a few slaps, trying to convince me to quit but I figured they’d get tired after a while, I had anticipated this treatment given what I am so… it wasn’t unbearable, all I had to do was to keep being stubborn.’’ She sighed, interlocking her fingers, besides her, Elina was showing a noticeable scowl. ‘’Three days ago, in the evening, that girl, Elenore and her Minotaurs cronies they…they tried to force me into Throne Town saying inane things like repairing our friendship or creating common ground while having fun in the capital, that our dog of war should end.’’ This time it was your time to frown, what kind of hypocrite logic is that? ‘’That’s when I really got scared, I couldn’t sneak away since those cows flanked me and when we go to the gates I decided to try and take off, though I failed.’’ The lich rubbed her arm with a self-depreciating smile. ‘’Thankfully someone was there, by pure luck a small goat Mamonos happened upon our scene when coming back from the capital and ordered us to cut it out and followed us all the way back into the arenas. They… they must have known who she was because all three of them obeyed her.’’

‘’That’s where they wanted you to go yesterday.’’ You announced, stating as fact but Vilma must have misunderstood it.

‘’Y-yeah.’’ She cleared her throat, keeping her awkward composure. ‘’I can only assume so.’’

‘’And you were willing to go with them huh? Going to the library, it was to meet with that demonic bitch? Get you kidnapped for good?’’ Elina growled eyes narrowed into a dangerous snarl that, thankfully, lasted a few seconds; she melted into a guilty grimace on witnessing an equally remorseful expression on her small purple friend.

‘’I thought that… it was my problem to deal with. I don’t really know what you have to deal with, both of you though it knows it’s important enough to involve royalty so… so I understand if I cannot be told.’’ Now it was your turn to feel guilty, you had a good opportunity to confess your amnesia yesterday but it seems Vilma worked through her hesitation. ‘’If someone like Sieglinde is helping you, Elina is also helping you and you’re accepting it without any kind of hesitation, it made me think that well, it’d be okay to do similar.’’ She forced a smile, awkward as it was, a friendly warmth dwelled within. Perhaps as inexperienced as you were, the lich was reaching out.
‘’Our exercise today… I-it made me think that we're friends.’’ The hooded girl glanced at her open purple palm. ‘’Teruko was quick to explain but necromantic possession is... really pure evil. It’s not a justifiable spell, you two saw what happened, I messed up by absorbing Arawn energy and had to eject the excess into something that’d be able to contain it, making the souls eat its previous occupant alive a-and… well, the body died so they nestled inside, you saw how it looked. That kind of thing… it’s ground for summary executions in many countries. W-what did you two think?’’ This question was likely what Vilma truly wished to know the most, she didn’t look up from her palm study and Elina was quick to respond.

‘’Necromancy is a magical path like any others; it’s potential for evil need to be directed for good. Angels have a tendency in holding souls as sacred, I’m not one of them. I have accomplished my duty in expunging, exorcising and cleaning the mess of that treant. All those grudges, the confusions, anger and envy dwelling in those amplified emotions given flesh have been exhausted, the ego of those creatures passed long ago, so there’s nothing to be guilty of.’’ Something in Elina countenance made you raise an eyebrow; there was an underlying coldness in her tone, a steel pragmatism that almost felt out of place, uncharacteristic of this usually warm, winged haloed blond.

Now wasn’t the time to linger on such thoughts. ‘’Aside from my sheer astonishment at witnessing such a metamorphosis and fear for your and Elina safety, remembering that entity is having me wonder if I could learn this magical path.’’ You smirked when Vilma attention audibly snapped in your direction from the ruffle of her clothes. ‘’I share a similar mind with Elina and since you are being bold right now Vilma, I’ll also contribute another of my secret opinion; I hold no grudge with Blood Magic, only the belief that it, too, could be used for good if those that employ it are of virtuous hearts.’’

‘’Oh?’’ Elina remarked with a satisfied expression. ‘’Don’t go sharing that in a crowd.’’

‘’You really sound like a scholar Arawn…’’ Vilma murmured. ‘’Blood Magic scare me but since you’ve put it like that, it could be healthy to have a business curiosity in its employ.’’

‘’Don’t go trying to practice it.’’ The angel retort was dry and sudden. ‘’Not without being able to defend yourself successfully.’

‘’It was only food for thoughts.’’ You spoke, leaning forward to gently tap Elina hand, making her groan in embarrassment and reach back, wings folding through woods. ‘’I’m sure Vilma has more to say.’’
‘’W-well… um… I huh, I got a little carried away I guess.’’ She laughed, fully back into her clumsy speech. ‘’I…I don’t really know what to do, is all… so-so I think sticking with you guys would be best, I never had friends before, I don’t really know how to trust people outside my master. Maybe it hasn’t been that long for you Arawn… or Elina? Does it take a while to be friends?’’

‘’I’ve been taught that you only need an hour to build a solid bond.’’ The angel answered with a chuckle, clearly remembering a fond memory. ‘’Necromancy is important to you isn’t it? It’s a huge taboo, your species itself is surrounded by negative superstitions yet here stand Arawn, myself and Teruko; not giving a damn.’’ She shrugged in self-satisfaction. ''Doesn't need much more for friendship.''

You wouldn't be able to put it better yourself. Vilma bashful smile didn't hold her usual worries and you'd have enjoyed basking in this silence, this lingering feeling of near physical trust if it wasn't for a sudden glare from Elina. This hostility without cause was directed at a point above your shoulder; a backward glance revealed its evident origin. A pair of tall, sisterly minotaurs were standing side by side, more than big enough to obscure a full person behind them, oozing the kind of complacency that made it obvious they enjoyed your winged friend enmity.

''Ah...I-I guess it can't be that easy.'' Vilma had also spotted them and it must have been a queue because they began to talk amongst themselves, distance making it impossible to discern their conversation. From the eastern path you also -finally- identified a certain head of long wavy red hair on a lonesome quest to make into school ground, it was nice to see that Sieglinde head was bright enough to be spotted at a distance.

''Maybe I ought to talk to these cunts,'' Elina growled, nail scratching the wooden table as she balled her hands into fists.

''N-no...not yet, maybe they'll leave. No real need to complicate anything, right?'' The undead tried to calm the haloed girl bubbling angel with no success.

''A slam of my staff in the solar plexus will send a good message.'' She responded with a worrisome sideway smirk. ''I'll keep myself sagely put if you want; you're right it's your problem Vilma so I'll obey the solution you like until they decided to break our peace.''

It had only taken a few seconds for her words to become a self-fulfilling prophecy for that duo, with another person behind them hidden by the bull-woman bulks, began to make their way in your direction. The courtyard, you noticed, had been completely deserted.

So much for a touching evening.

>Should you stay silent and see how the girls react?
>Try to prevent a conflict by exiting the pavilion and confronting this incoming trio?
>Remind them that a royal demon is coming to intimidate them?
>Free Choice
>>Remind them that a royal demon is coming to intimidate them?
Wait for horns, then rub horns as a reward when she's done.
>Free Choice
Stay silent for now, and stall for Sieglinde to arrive and take care of the three problem students.

She said she had to see them doing something directly, right?
Suffering a small irl interruption, update will be 20 or so minutes late.
‘’Elina, Vilma.’’ Your voice came out a little harsher than you intended, it caught their attention easily. ‘’Sieglinde is coming, take a look yourselves. Let’s try to stall, with luck they’ll dig their own graves.’’

‘’Might as well provoke them.’’ The angel responded, scoffing when the big women waved.

‘’Maybe once the princess is closer.’’ You kept yourself whispering.

‘’I hear ya.’’ Elina agreed and leaned back while Vilma kept a doddered gaze on the wooden table, hands hidden beneath it now.

The big Mamonos were easy to hear thank to loud clopping noises made by their hooved feets, they had rounded their path to stand on the pavilion eastern exit, thereby blocking you of Sieglinde progress and stood with unearned pride, both bulls a perfect mirror of the other gesture with placing their big hands on equally marked hips, tails swishing.

‘’Hey hey, we might have come on a wrong foot yesterday. Got a bit pissed.’’ One of them, the right one who smiled crudely after your defiance yesterday, had her froggy grin plastered on her face.

‘’Yeah, we're here to pick up buddy-friend Vilma because she’s been missing a really important assignment.’’ The big sister agreed, making the lich withdraw within herself.

‘’How about you three fucks off?’’ Elina barked resting her chin on a closed fist, glaring raw enmity at the pair of bulls.

‘’Why you gotta go and be rude right away? What happened to hi?’’ The monster who referred to Vilma as ‘’buddy-friend’’ leaned into the small habitat and put an admittedly big hand on the table.

‘’Brigid, do avoid uncouth confrontation, have you not promised to act as a proper, civilized Mamono?’’ There came a third voice and the final lady if this trio showed herself. Having stepped away from the bulls-women back to stand a few inches behind your seat, your immediately zoned on your sense of familiarity for with this long-haired blonde. Twisted red horns craning upward in a faux-crown, long thin leathery wine-colored wings sprouting from her back, ominous red eyes and legs, torso and arms concealed within a body fitting plate armor of darkened blue gave this lady an admittedly impressive amount of elegance compared to her brutish cronies.

‘’Why is the academy ace gracing us with her presence?’’ You decided to open your mouth, not quite turning to face her so you could keep the Minotaurs in sight; that one called Brigid scoffed and leaned away.

‘’I’ve been wishing to know more about a man like you, mister elf. Are you becoming a student here?’’ She asked back, smiling with full glossy lips of pale purples.

‘’Only temporarily.’’ You kept yourself vague, this was the school of summoning greatest combatant, Elenore Jucunda and she managed to carry herself with some amount of decorum.
File: 80.jpg (656 KB, 739x1080)
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656 KB JPG
‘’You are indeed a lucky man to be receiving her ladyship Teruko Gunji graces. I do think it is only worthy of an elf to stand amongst the best.’’ She smiled and, combined with her appearance, it was a genuinely pretty one.

‘’Why don’t you three go away? We were having a good time until those inbred came clopping.’’ Elina sneered and almost provoked something worrisome out of the still unnamed Minotaur who nearly punched the table, only to be interrupted by her sister.

‘’Hush, your holiness. Improper words from one of your pedigree are unbecoming, I am only here to fetch a friend.'' Elenore smiled politely, wings flapping in a way you’ve often seen the angel do. Elina openly laughed and leaned back with a wide grin, shining eyes glowing with hatred.

‘’I-I don’t… I told you at noon, I don’t want anything to do with you, the Minotaurs or your posse.’’ Vilma slammed both fists on the furniture, having summoned enough anger and rancor to throw away her crippling hesitation. Her features had twisted in an ugly snarl, full of such smoldering hatred that it robbed her cute grace; anger truly didn’t help your small purple friend.

‘’That won’t do, my dear. My only objective was to make you understand a vital truth, nothing bad will happen.’’ Elenore threw a glance at the two bulls who took a backward step, still impeding any and all vision of Sieglinde. ‘’It is important for you to be amongst your own kind but if you truly keep being stubborn… perhaps you and your friends would like to accompany us three?’’ Elenore's hands came to rest atop one another, her wings flapping yet again. ‘’Throne Town is an important city, it’s not good for students to stay holed up in this enclosed fortress.’’

Vilma said nothing, she closed her eyes and undeniably worked on keeping a reign on her emotions while you… You were feeling strangely focused, there was anger that someone was making your friend agonize yet your mind was freed from any emotional turmoil.

You know Sieglinde to be clever, if she still hasn’t made herself known, she’s watching from afar.

>Should you agree to this activity dropped on your out of nowhere?
>Refuse categorically and request they leave you alone; there won’t be another friendly warning from you.
>See if Elina can provoke the Minotaurs into something drastic?
>Encourage Vilma to let out that anger she’s still keeping locked in her heart?
>Free Choice
>Free Choice
Ask her what exactly we would be doing in Throne Town.
Though Teruko chose Vilma and refused Elenore; why does she think that Vilma dropping out would make Teruko take Elenore as a student; does she really intend for all other students that Teruko chooses to quit until the professor is left to scrape the bottom of the barrel and take Elenore on as a student?
At that point, why would she bother?
>>Refuse categorically and request they leave you alone; there won’t be another friendly warning from you.
File: 1.jpg (2.55 MB, 1500x1875)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
‘’It’s far too late for any kind of leisure activity in the capital, doubly so since we’ve been training since morning.’’ You retorted, decided on leaning backward to observe the long-haired demonic blonde, giving you a view of the arenas.

‘’Going into a refuge for undead, a place full of dear Vilma’s kinds; somewhere to belong. Perhaps not as a family, but she’d definitely be amongst comrade. I might have been pushy before explaining, do pardon me.’’

You didn’t need to turn to see Vilma’s emotion, the girl's silence had them give you the reign of this impromptu negotiation so you focused on this would-be noblewoman.

‘’If Vilma were to stay and leave this grand fortress it would somehow lead to Teruko choosing you after losing one of her two official students?’’ The demoness smiled at your enmity, she didn’t seem to agree right away thankfully. ‘’Hasn’t she refused you already? Do you intend to plot the removal of Elina too, when you suddenly find out that she’s still stubbornly set on keeping you away from her?’’

Teruko Gunji was a proud woman with enough motherly affection to keep the academy worse students and refuse numbers of noble girls. How many people of prestige tried to bribe the pregnant lizard with money and favors? This dogged refusal went as far as causing problems for Sieglinde who had to handle blue blood complaint.

‘’I only need to prove myself.’’ Elenore response was firm, her belief clearly shown on her face. She stared at you in unwavering spirit. ‘’Those of talents deserve nothing else, once she isn’t bound by administrative incompetence, I can work on truly proving myself to her and be in harmony with her Holiness Elina as we study under her ladyship Gunji, all in the righteous knowledge that we’ve allowed Vilma’s agony to end.’’

‘’Not gonna happen.’’ Elina barked.

‘’It is elementary wisdom to share life amongst one kind, your holiness.’’ Elenore retort was full of grace and a tinge of arrogance that grated your patience.

‘’Elenore a good righteous woman!’’ One of the Minotaur, Brigid you think, spoke loudly. ‘’ She knows what’s good for people. We haven't done anything bad, just trying to help is all.’’

‘’By trying to kidnap someone in broad daylight?’’ You can’t help but feel anger shake your voice, you turn to glare at the Minotaur who meet your gaze with an embarrassed smile.

‘’That ain't it, just got carried away.’’ She mumbled, pep drained.

>Make your stance clear and end this farce of a conversation. Warn them off once, there won’t be a second time.
>Let Vilma speak her mind. Who is this woman impudent woman deciding on what’s best for the lich?
>Free Choice
Friggin' net I swear...

Let Vilma vent, this haughty bitch has it coming.
>Free Choice
"So you think that you can prove yourself to Lady Gunji's satisfaction, even after she denied your application? And that she is incapable of choosing her own students? Such arrogance from a pupil, to think she knows better than her master!
"But perhaps we should go directly to her, then? See what she has to say to your presumption that she cannot choose her own students because of bureaucracy."
Wait, see what she does, we need to get them to do something stupid while Sieglind is watching.
I'll see if another player backs any of these votes.
oh shit, voting this.
A quick glance at Vilma revealed that she had gone back into her old habit of staying still as a statue, keeping her head down low enough to mask it with her hood, bringing another bubble of anger to shake your solid walls.

‘’You truly believe you can prove yourself to Lady Gunji satisfaction?’’ She nods at your pause, contempt within you rose to create a derisive smirk that remained uncontrollable. ‘’Even after she rejected your application?’’ It hadn’t been a week since you’ve known the white lizard but you struck a nerve or something close because Elenore faux mask of peace crackled in a visible wince.

‘’Why are you so dogged on believe she doesn’t have the freedom to choose her own students? Isn’t she the creator of Internalization, where you both belong?’’ You wave at the Minotaurs sisters who glare back. Their little pretense of friendliness was gone now.

‘’Brenda and Brigid are friends willing to help me, her ladyship Teruko only deserve students of talents with whom she can impart her gifts; nothing else matters, true aptness is to be cultivated.’’ She placed a hand on her torso, gazing past you, observing Vilma for a few silent moments.

‘’Arrogance, this academy ace is truly crippled by pride; to pretend you know better than your master is disgusting, I would be nauseated if I had eaten an early supper.’’ Taking a role similar to her; that of being noble, better, grander than she’d ever be struck you as a good way to get under her skin and the way her eyebrows knitted together was hopefully a sign of success.

‘’Let us go and put your hypothesis to the test. Teruko Gunji retreated into what I can only assume as a tutor dorm and since we are clearly standing at an impasse, only her ladyship wisdom could bring an end to this farce. Why not witness for yourself this presumption that she has been hounded by bureaucratic nightmare into having her students forced on her, it’d be a right mighty laugh to see you refused again, I long to witness it.’’

Elina snickering was audible and Vilma had regained enough courage to look at you in some kind of mild disbelief.
Elenore red eyes were closed and her smile had vanished, her traits hardened into controlled displeasure. ‘’You are a discredit to your elegant race, sir elf.’’ Her eyes reopened into thin lines. ‘’You who came here less than a week ago dare pretends to understand how tutor need to operate? Still this foolish tongue, the army beyond the veils has need of talent and it is groomed here, inside the school of summoning; nothing else matters, the best tutors enrich their apprentice’s potentials. Her ladyship understands that fact, all three of you are far too lucky and privileged to need ponders this truth.’’ Delusions aside, you had to give this lady credit, she had talent in controlling herself; it would have been much easier to target her spirited cohort of bulls but at least she, too, dropped her façade to sneer in open hostility at your group.

‘’Brenda, Brigid. You are doing wonderfully in holding yourselves back.’’ She spoke without moving, the sisters were clearly struggling in keeping quiet; reduced to a mess of growl and crackling knuckles, they were a hair breath away from doing something regrettable and Elenore kept them on a tight leash.

‘’I will dispense with my generous hand of friendship and fixate on truth.’’ She pointed at the silent lich. ‘’This one pertains to her kind in Throne Town; her continued existence within our hallowed ground is an insult that has been endured for far too long. Nobles demons of many houses have petitioned together to impose your absence, little one but it had never been my wish to listen to such talentless hacks; thus, have I, in my benevolence, tirelessly sought a refuge when this inevitability came to my knowledge.’’

Elina suddenly embraced Focus and let go just as quickly; it had been such a sudden shift that everyone twitched in near synchrony and the tension managed to increase twofold, nearly choking you into silence. ‘’Ha… I do wonder what it is you love, demon.’’ The angel spoke wit ha grin, making the blond cross her arms under her modest busts. ‘’Don’t bother answering, because I’ll kill you if you don’t satisfy me.’’

‘’Petty threats?’’ One of the big bull-woman scoffed but there was no retort, no, Elina kept a firm solid stare at the demoness, a way that was perhaps reminiscent of a hunter. It was your first-time witnessing bloodlust and by Mother Earth mercy, the haloed woman was scaring you.

‘’You…’’ Vilma was trembling, her voice came as a squeak, a crack in rocks, her shell was crumbling. ‘’…You…Who do you think…you are?’’ Tears began to fell from her eyes and she tried her best to keep herself graceful, opening and closing them to chase an ever-increasing amount of water.
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‘’Aaw look.’’ A sister, Brenda, pointed at her and laughed. ‘’Went and made the little one sad, cmon peeps let’s be friendly.’’

‘’Shut up…! Shut up you inbred deformed retard!’’ That was successful. The bull woman went red in a second and lunged, only to be roughly pulled back by her sister when the demoness arm shot out sideways in a poor imitation of military gesture.

‘’You are most unbecoming, little one. Do control yourself.’’

‘’No!’’ Vilma screamed punching the table…

>Should you let her unload? She’s cracking. Crying, sniffling, so full of anger that it was tearing apart her heart, coming out in an endless flow of tears.
>Make them all leave? This is getting out of hand, it’s your side that’s losing their cool.
>Free choice
>Let Vilma vent so long as she doesn't embrace Focus or start something physical.
>Free choice
"You say that Lady Gunji understands that the best tutors bring out their apprentices' potential. Then it seems obvious that she sees no potential to be found in you; that you have reached the limit of your potential and that you would be a waste of her time."
Let Vilma vent but stop her the instant it seems like she's about to cross a line. If Vilma hurts anyone her expulsion is almost guaranteed. We must not let that happen!
oh shit, anons bringing the fire.
Will update tomorrow, sorry about that. Got surprised at how much I need to write for this update and I'm a little too tired to reread myself.
It's cool, I just hope Vilma doesn't do anything rash or stupid. It's obvious we're in a flame war now, each side trying its very best to troll the other into an act of violence so it can claim the moral high ground and make requests from the administration from an advantaged bargaining position.

C'mon Vilma amd Elina, you got a big brains, please realize this and act accordingly!
This situation had been two months in the making, while this result hadn't been how these ladies imagined it, a confrontation was still a much better deal than letting Vilma endure abuses. You exchanged a silent glance with Elina who had managed to put a damper on her murderous intents, both of you looked at Vilma glaring raw murder at the blonde, completely ignoring the set of bull monsters resisting their urges to trample over your position.

‘’You can't accept that I am genuinely worthy of my teacher efforts.'' Vilma's voice was a perfect mirror of her emotion; gravely hurt, almost devolved into screams.

''This attempt of yours, this poisoned benevolence is pure envy; not once have you shown anything Teruko cares about, so it’s normal she wouldn’t want anything to do with you! You're so full of rot it only takes a discussion to discover your putrid heart!’’ Wham, her small hands slammed hard onto the table and she let out a long, long breath.

‘’Why not try to meet your kind, little one? You are not alone so-‘’

‘’Don’t give me that bullshit you desperate whore.’’ Had you wanted to stop her now, you’d be unable to. Such a raw manifestation of rage left you speechless, how many days of bottled abuses and emotions were being let out now? It was amazing that she wasn’t yelling and only kept on crying. ‘’I know from whence you come, Elenore Jucunda.’’ You found it difficult to swallow when Vilma showed a wide tear stained grin of dreadful satisfaction.

‘’…so?’’ The demoness colors had visibly drained and her cronies were exchanging confused glances.

‘’Your entire family nearly perished during the fall of Lescatie forty years ago. Only your mother remained and she became a concubine to some Supreme Monster in the hope of retaining a noble title. You somehow managed to be the only thing popping out of her belly, a desperate little girl inside whom she entrusted her wasteful dream.’’

Vilma was relishing every second of her ominous tale despite her continued waterfall of tears. She had managed to stun her opponent into a speechless, color drained silence
‘’Controlling dead spirits isn’t easy but they can bring back wonderful bounties from unguarded dreams. I had plenty of motivation to tame recently killed creatures in the forest so I could get to know you, Jucunda. You never bothered to take basic protection despite knowing what I can do, for a time I felt a little sympathy and I was too scared to act on what I've extracted from you. Not anymore.’’ Vilma giggled and interlocked her fingers, making an audible sniff. ''You're an envious snake who surrounded herself with sycophants because you can't handle opposition that can't be beaten down with violence, trying to uphold a dream that isn't yours while pretending your rotting noble name has any worth. Why not go unearth some tomb, show how much of a disappointment you are to whatever remains of your kins? They've got to be disgruntled knowing their last descendant come from a whore of their blood.''

You had to exchange an impressed stare with Elina, you hadn’t quite expected Vilma to…explode in such a manner, even less to know how much she planned this.

Let it be a lesson to never underestimate a woman vindictiveness.

‘’You…you’re craft is evil.’’ Elenore managed to squeak out, her features sharpened into first signs of rage, a silent intent of murder had her jaw clench shut. The bulls seemed too stunned to do anything.

‘’It wouldn’t be hard to tell Teruko about it, her already low opinion of you will easily hit rock bottom.’’ Vilma chuckled and leaned back in her seat, smile turned into a manic grin. ‘’You want to use Teruko Gunji, the inventor of Internalization, the Mamono responsible for ushering a new wave of hope for monsters, as a stepping stone to build a reputation. I’ve hit the bullseye yeah?’’

‘’Her ladyship already didn’t witness any potential in you.’’ You decide to add, unable to resist wedging some more into that haughty, pretentious succubus. She had been an image of control but your provocation manages to stir a nerve, maybe the simple fact of talking, of taking Vilma side, was enough to break pieces of her emotional walls. ‘’You’ve already hit your limit, she’d be wasting her time with you; a lady so full of envy.’’ Her voice opened and fail to say anything when a loud stomp heralded one of the minotaurs interruptions.

‘’You damned knife-eared bastard should have stayed dead in that hellhole of a forest!’’ One of the sisters had enough, you didn’t know whom because she advanced in a blur, a towering manifestation of raw might…that had Elina almost jump out of her seat, embrace Focus and conjure a shield around your profile with such expert reflexes that it truly reinforced your doubts about her battle experience.

Yet there hadn't been any collision because the warrior-monster never made it close.
She had already hit the ground before you could get out of your seat, her thick musclebound body and the angel blurry shields had hidden how and who had struck her down so easily. You only spotted a blur of speed and when Elina shield dispelled itself, Sieglinde was standing behind the monstrous woman, having caused the bull to fall on one knee and bridge their height, she was already mid swipe for a jumping kick accompanied by her tail, causing a sicking double thunk on the side of her opponent head, sending her crashing on the ground before the Lilim landed.

‘’Bri!’’ Her sister gargled but held back in front of the well-known redhead massing her deformed hands.

‘’She’s stunned, big cows are really tough, give her a few minutes,’’ Sieglinde spoke, giving a wave as everyone besides you and Elina twitched on seeing the second most important woman in the capital.

The silence was total and extremely awkward. ‘’Cmon don’t you guys choke out on me, it was one hell of an interesting scene.’’ She smirked, eyeing Elenore while her standing friend trembled with rage but decided to lift the ko'ed Mamonos off the ground.

‘’There’s only one thing to say’’ Elenore's voice cracked, her body trembled in angel but she still managed to keep an impressive amount of decorum. ‘’I shall duel this thing.’’ She pointed at Vilma who was now vigorously rubbing her face on her cloak, with Elina giving her pats and whispers of good jobs. ‘’And have her highness Sieglinde Jawahir stand as my witness for this dishonor I have suffered.’’

‘’Oh, I’ve heard things, attempted kidnapping, meeting with a criminal family… d’you think your deal with the Javed would go unnoticed?'' Sieglinde waved one of her big fingers sideways. ''It’s been three days, you’re behind schedule so they’ve had someone sneak in here and warn you to get a move on.’’ She scoffed, clamping her hands on her waist, tail snapping. ‘’Lucky me, I know all of their agents in the city and so does a certain security force of my family, my mother throne remains firm because of intrigue my dear, something everyone forgets.’’

‘’I fear no threats from leeches. They are undead, they can take care of this one, as leeches need to stand amongst each other.’’ Elenore attention was solely focused on Vilma, Sieglinde eyebrows rose in interrogation and you wondered if that was ground for disrespecting royalty.

‘’Yeah well, you so have some legitimate ground in your request but I’m not about to give a damn. The one who’ll decide is Vilma, not you, so why don’t you go away and rest?’’ A growl from the ground interrupted the redhead and she stepped away to allow a groggy Brigid to stand up, the big woman rubbed her face in a painful grimace, only to straighten upon witnessing who had ambushed her.
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‘’This… will not stand. I will have satisfaction.’’ Elenore growled, tearing her eyes off the lich to glare at the Lilim.

‘’It will if I say it, so begone. You’re free to attempt leaving, that’ll remove you from the academy register.’’ Teruko sneered, giving Elenore shoulder a tap. ‘’Dealing with Supreme Monsters is a bad idea, girl. The Javed are one of the five original vampire families, so don’t try to leave this fortress; you've managed to curry favors from a few nobles so don't let that get to waste.’’

She didn't retort. Elenore heels audibly slapped and her long legs carried her away swiftly, her pair of bodyguards quickly followed in concerts of mumblings growls; they at least possessed enough wisdom to avoid insulting a princess in broad daylight.

''Phew.'' Sieglinde sighed, looking over her shoulder for your trio. ''Was I too soft?'' She asked, tensions leaving her face leaving behind an honest smile.

Everything had come to a very sudden end.

>Free Choice
>"So, who are the Javed, and what's the deal they have with Elenore? Criminal organizations are unknown to me. And sorry about trying to throw my Elven weight around; perhaps I should back it up with some physical force next time?"
>Headpat Vilma and ask her if she does intend to accept the duel. Maybe she can pull on some of our thick mana before the duel to help fuel her necromancy.
It's always possible that Elenore's mother became a concubine to an occupying force in order to protect her daughter.
But we don't have enough information, and only have Elenore's limited knowledge, to know if her mother deserves much blame or not.
Elenore herself, on the other hand, deserves what she gets.
Oh hell, the bitch owes Vampire Nobility favors? I'd feel bad if she wasn't such a bitch. You really don't wanna owe the "Prince" and not deliver the goods if ya know what I mean.

We should ask about the Vampires and this criminal network as we try and make Vilma feel better. Poor girl, hopefully this confrontation has helped her feel better about herself.
sweet fuck, should have trusted her to hold her own.
goddamn, girl
‘’I’m sad I didn’t see your entire combo in full glory.’’ You say to stave off this incoming awkwardness. Poor Vilma had reached one hell of an emotional high and she wasn’t ready to fully handle this sudden whiplash.

‘’Two kicks behind the knees and I grabbed her clothes to force her on her ass, then a jump with a big swipe combined that my leg and tail. Nothing fancy, it would probably kill someone of a normal constitution.’’ She responded while scratching the back of her head and closing one eye, keeping a forced vigil of the courtyard that had a few Mamonos already lingering; there’ll be rumors tomorrow.

‘’Still impressive since I can’t hope to replicate that.’’ You decide to get up and move out of your seat to stand beside the demoness, giving her horn a poke that was immediately meet by a half-hearted glare. ‘’Sorry about throwing my elven weight around, I should probably back it up a little more seriously next time.’’

‘’Hard to say if you’d be able to because of the protective law, anyone that really want to harm you has two choices.’’ She holds up a pair of deformed fingers. ‘’Sanctioned duel or ambush somewhere secluded, they’d probably kill you outright to avoid trouble, although if you start a brawl there’ll be enough wiggle room to avoid any serious consequences.’’

‘’Duly noted.’’ People could potential get desperate if you try to make things physical. ‘’Think you could share information about these Javed and their deal with Elenore? Or should Vilma be the only one to know?’’

‘’N-no!’’ The mentioned girl chirped, clearing her throat several times. ‘’I want to…I want to know and you guys deserve it too.’’

‘’Since I have the little lady permission, I can share what I’ve got.’’ Sieglinde winked at the lich who tried her best to rub her eyes in a respectful manner. You had to admit to feeling impressed with that undead, she was back to looking inoffensive now that anger and frustration were vented. ‘’Coming?’’ The redhead asked you as she took a seat and you followed wordlessly.’’

‘’I had to bluff a little with Elenore since, technically, Javed aren’t a criminal family. They trace their origins into the earliest era of recorded history, namely the age of Pretenders Gods, one of the five antediluvians vampiric ancestors who sired their entire race and, arguably, the existence of undead.’’ She let out a sigh. ‘’That’s useless backstory for us, let’s content ourselves with the reality that they are Supreme Monsters and have established themselves in Throne Town as guardians of undead.’’
‘’R-really? I haven’t heard about it… not even her… not even Elenore’s dreams told anything.’’

‘’Probably because her deal was recent, yeah?’’ Elina asked, earning a nod from the princess.

‘’I’m convinced Teruko also kept that away from you. If she had known they had attempted to kidnap you so casually…’’ Sieglinde whistled. ‘’…Would have been a sight as impressive as your own anger, remind me not to cross you.’’

‘’I-I would never…’’ Vilma was interrupted by a sweet giggle from the royal woman.

‘’Don’t walk on eggshells around me. Anyhow, the Javed hold significant influence over all groups of undead inside the capital because nobody else can help and protect them. It is a benevolent surface hiding a rotten core, I cannot act on it easily since it’s Supreme Monsters politic and there’s no blood flowing in the streets. Everything is lowkey, made in subterfuge and usually they wouldn’t be stupid enough to attempt sneaking in here, the great fortress of Daiyu Jawahir.’’

Sieglinde joined her hands together and leaned back, glaring at the table. ‘’Supreme Monsters function by establishing their territory but there’s always one place, a nest of sort, that is considered of paramount importance; unannounced arrival and business in our claimed area is forgivable but snooping around the Demon Lord nest is one of the worst insult imaginable, that gave me enough authority to drop on their mansion with 100 succubuses and force a meeting with their leader.’’

‘’Why in the world would they do that?’’ Elina spoke while giving Vilma head a gentle rub then slowly pulled off her hood afterward. ‘’Vilma is talented so I’d understand why they’d want her but aren’t they risking their entire position in the capital?’’

‘’Indeed, no matter what Elenore promised, she is no Supreme Monster and, in normal circumstances, she wouldn’t have struck any bargains.’’

‘’So there’s something fishy going on.’’ You added when Sieglinde went silent.

‘’Yep.’’ The princess clacked her fingers. ‘’You see, the Javed household involved with our capital is only one part of their dynasty, the current head is something like a niece of their overall patriarch and she’s out for revenge.’’ She paused, gauging the table. ‘’She wants to harm Teruko, possibly kill her but I suspect she wants to cause something vicious like a stillbirth.’’

‘’Wha!? No way!’’ Vilma slammed her hands on the table while Elina eyes grew dangerously thin.
‘’Last year, the good professor and her husband had some business with the Javed that ended badly and they slaughtered a huge part of their operations in the Allied Kingdoms, alongside a few important higher vampires that belonged into their actual bloodline; Teruko will be the one to share details if she wishes. The short story is, there’s a vendetta between the growing Gunji family and the Javed juggernaut.’’ Sieglinde snickered and settled into a sinister expression. ‘’And us Jawahir are protecting one side.’’

‘’So they wanted Vilma because she is close to Teruko.’’ Elina concluded, keeping her hand atop the messy hair of the lich.

‘’I can only presume Elenore revealed her existence and subsequent link with the tutor, perhaps she taught she’d be able to protect her. Her deal was simple; she'd bring Vilma into their home and that was it. The vampires were the ones who got impatient.’’ Sieglinde sighed and scratched her cheek. ‘’Stupid girl, it is a shame she’s so talented; nobles like her so it’s not prudent to try and… wave her off into the army.’’

‘’Speaking of Elenore.’’ You lean onto the table, reaching forward to give Vilma forehead a rub, making her close her eyes from the sensation and reopen them in confusion at your impromptu intimacy. ‘’You did good, what do you intend to do for that duel?’’

‘’Ah…’’ Vilma went silent, her brief spark of happiness gone in an instant. ‘’…I don’t know.’’ She admitted. ‘’It’s possible to have a champion b-but… rumors will spread.’’ Elina and Sieglinde nodded. ‘’I’d accept it if I could prepare.’’

‘’With my magic?’’ You wedge in, hopeful.

‘’That’d only be one part, I’ll need corpses, hopefully, old ones that haven’t received funeral rites; I could reduce them into bone dust and conceal them in a bag for ammunition.’’ Her hand went to her neck and moved awkwardly, trying to finger something that wasn’t there. ‘’I-I do… have someplace I c-could maybe find it but I’d need… help and preparations against cold.’’

‘’You don’t need to rush.’’ Sieglinde said, trying her best to appear mature. ‘’Any questions about these Javed?’’

>Free Choice
What should we look out for in regards to dealing with Vampires (and the Javed in particular)? What are their abilities, can they turn us against our will and will they possibly be gunning for us if Elenore spills the beans?

Not gifted with words but something to that effect said better would be nice.
‘’Would the Javed target us because of our link with Teruko?’’ You ask, immediately considering the worst option. It had been something that Elina pondered because she vigorously nodded her head.

‘’If they do, then my mother will ravage them with an unequalled vengeance, it’d be cause for war between our houses, fully supported by Supreme Monsters politics. All of you are my guests and friends, Arawn being an elf would grant us even more legitimacy.’’ A cruel smile nestled itself on the Lilim features for the briefest of moments; she caught herself daydreaming and cleared her throat to rein her emotions. ‘’It is a possibility because the leader I met today did not strike me as someone particularly… logical. That elder vampire is a begrudging sort although skilled enough to force my hands into another status quo.’’ She growled, ending her sentence with a worrying scratch when her long, deformed claw-like fingers left a few trails on the wooden table.

‘’How would one deal with vampires?’’ You decide to cut straight into the middle of matters.

‘’Entirely depend on their ancestry and if they’ve been altered with blood magic or, goddess forbid, are genuine cultists.’’ Sieglinde was quick to answer, giving everyone at the table a serious look. ‘’Younger generations can reinforce their bodies like warriors, use glamour and illusions to mask themselves, sneak amongst crowds or infiltrate nobility. Others give into the bestial nature of their vital need for blood; think of a werewolf in giant bat form. Vampires of older ancestries are much more… troublesome.’’ She paused to sigh. ‘’They are tough, incredibly, damnably enduring and can unleash violence by natural uses of blood magic; vampirism is something of a disease as even Mamonos can be infested, so you can expect old or unlucky ones to be natural users.’’

‘’Blood magic…’’ You hear Elina whisper with an angry scowl.

‘’It’d be entirely concentrated into their bodies, older vampires can metamorphose themselves into entities of predatory intent wholly focused on the murder of their preys, I’m sure you can work out what kind.’’ Despite this ominous subject Sieglinde smile was gentle like the passing breeze. ‘’If any of you do come under assault, concentrate on fleeing and report to anyone of my family; mention us by name to any guards or tutors here. The events shall be observed through hypnosis to create an undeniable proof and once we have it…’’ A loud scratching sends a chill down your spine as she dug into the poor wood. ‘’…the Demon Lord will go to war.
It is little wonder why the Javed are trying their best at subtlety.

‘’Alright, what about Elenore? They know her dealings have failed?’’ You speak dryly, earning a smug smirk from the redhead.

‘’If they are smart, they’ll cut their losses and expect that she’s been uncovered; otherwise, they might attempt to pressure her but the girl is genuinely strong and given today emotional... fallout, I suspect she’ll lash out at any further attempts of intimidation. So, for now, all of you should be secured inside this academic fortress because I do want to make this clear.’’ The eldest princess took a breath, steeling herself.

‘’ Any attacks on one of you three or Teruko means declaring war with Daiyu Jawahir, Demon Lord.’’

Yesterday, you had seen a side of Sieglinde that reminded you she truly had more than 200 years on her shoulders; her melancholy when retelling your people demise had been touching. Now, there was a solid, unbreakable wall of will shrouded in violence inside her every word; she wasn’t trying to intimidate any of you but Vilma shuddered all the same and you keenly remembered that she must have participated in more than one wars.

‘’Glad to be buddies, Siggy.’’ Elina was completely undeterred by the demoness gravity and was met by a surprised blink that quickly melted into a genuine, friendly smile.

‘’Yeah, so am I. You guys should decide what kind of things you want to do. A lot has happened quickly, you can afford to rest up.’’

You were far too worked up to do so with any success, it was, however, not a bad idea to get situated.
Elenore Jucunda is from a fallen noble family of demons and wish to be elevated back into nobility her first step was to become Teruko student and acquire sufficient gravitas to gain a post of influence in the army. She was the mastermind behind Vilma agonizing days in the academy and recently tried to kidnap her by making a deal with the Javed Supreme Monstrous family.

This Javed clan is one of vampire, old ones tracing their ancestry to some antediluvian bloodsucker that started their whole line. Unknown trouble last year between them, Teruko Gunji and her husband resulted in a conflict that seemingly ended badly for them, with several of their holdings in the Allied Kingdoms lost and a few prominent members of their dynasty slain. This has resulted in a vendetta against the small Gunji family.

Vilma claims that she could go ‘’somewhere’’ cold that would allow her to fetch old corpses to gain a vital advantage against Elenore. It is undeniable the academy ace will never be satisfied without a sanctioned duel; she is very popular in the academy, it is entirely possible she will pressure the administration into forcing one.

What do you plan on doing with this new development? You might not have all the pieces but it is important to have an objective, a general sense of what you should do.

Thankfully you are not pressed for time.

>Should you insist that your entire group spend tonight inside Sieglinde huge chamber?
>Retreat to your dorm and tuck in early for tonight?
>Free Choice

I'll probably stop here for tonight; there are two choices to make. This obvious one to calm down and rest up and a broader one for what you wish to do in relation to this entire situation.
Encourage Vilma to fight?
Wait and see for the next few days?
See if you can get more info out of Sieglinde to truly put your nose into monstrous politics?
It's important to make an ambition and keep it for the following days; Arawn can remain flexible and react swiftly to changing events but that's not necessarily imitated by the girls.
>Should you insist that your entire group spend tonight inside Sieglinde huge chamber
It's safer, and this will let the Javed's know that their cover has been blown, and will likely make them abandon Elenore and not attempt right now.

Also, we could use the time to ask Vilma where she will get the bodies, and help her plan to get them.

Right now, we should encourage Vilma to accept the duel and prepare for it, was well as preparing defenses for anything Elenore might throw at her. We should determine what weaknesses the Undead have, and develop countermeasures, as Elenore will most likely try to destroy Vilma under the aegis of the duel.
Not sure if we should bunker up with Sieg, I don't think we need to be *that* paranoid yet but it could also lead to a good scene and give Vilma a chance to score points with her. Our bonds with our buddies matter, to so does their bond with each other. A closely nit party is the best party.

We should also ask everyone about the potential duel and see how confident Vilma is in regards to winning it. Lastly, keep leveling up whenever we get the chance. Arwan has powerful friends but he needs to get to the point of pulling his own weight.
My week is looking pretty busy, might be unable to do a new thread.

I've been thinking of continuing using this one and have you guys participate in a fun evening with Arawn and the girls, everyone deserves some proper rest after so many emotions, I could do one or two updates for the coming evenings and stop after we reach page 9 or so.

Fluff is always a nice thing right?
That's ok, though I was hoping to continue the plot next weekend (it's starting to get good).

Also, hate to say it but your grammar is slipping a bit. A minor issue but someone's gotta point it out.
Grammar in my regular updates? Damn, that's pretty serious. I'm a slow writer and rereader so fitting a good number of updates per evening is challenging.

Continuing plot is always important but I also want to write happy things
Sticking with this thread is fine.
You only like happy things because it makes the suffering more satisfying and gut wrenching.
Slice of life truly become a precious thing once rejoicing begin.
>our own dorms are fine and we should focus on getting vilma her combat stuff.
even if the duel doesn't happen, shes gonna need it eventually.
if only to protect her self
Sorry for being late, last three days were pretty rough in term of work. I think I'll be able to hold my regular session Friday, combining fun time with plot should work out fine.

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