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You sprint forward, leaping fist first into a stalagmite deep within your hidden temple. The stone bursts upon your impact, sending fragments of rocks and dust flying out into the large common area of the structure and a dull reverberation up your arm. As you rub your forearm in an attempt to assuage the dull pain caused by the reckless strike you look upon your handiwork and think of your time here. It had been four years since you had gone into hiding, with Glossaryck being a tutor just as much as he was an annoyance. His teaching style was frustrating; using riddles to bring about answers from within yourself. It was an effective method though you often wished he would just tell you the damn answer so you may continue your training and take back your birthright. You had already gained so much power, you know your training was near it’s end.

“Well done, Luna! No rock could possibly hold you back from your kingdom.” Glossaryck says as he descends from the dark, stalactite ridden ceiling above, a hot steaming cup of tea in one hand. You scoff and cast Cruci-Crush on the very tip of a stalactite directly over his head, the small piece of rock being covered by a translucent sheen of dark pink for but a moment before you release the enchantment and allow its normal weight to return. Glossaryck catches it in his cup of tea and takes a sip.

“Hm. I’m not a huge fan of the more earthy flavors of tea, but I have to admit this tastes better than before. Thank you, Luna.” He says, taking another sip before starting to float off. “Oh! Almost forgot! We have visitors directly outside the temple mouth. Go do what you will with them.”

Glossaryck doesn’t even turn around to tell you this as he floats deeper into the temple.

>What now?
Welcome to Luna Quest!
This is a fanfiction of a fanfiction where you play as the mentor of the previous MC during her rise to power!

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/2pnVd5Bn
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Luna%20Quest
Rules: https://pastebin.com/zAiFjdT7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scribe_QM

Also that's supposed to say #3, not #2.
Well, go greet our visitors of course!
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Visitors? In the time you’ve spent in this temple, you’ve never had visitors.

You run off in towards the entrance of the temple, Mr. Velvet Ear following close behind you with your candle. You pass several rooms and worship areas on the way there, many of them severely damaged from both your training and time. Gravity can have devastating effects when not properly controlled.

You slow as you see a warm glow come from just outside the entrance and Mr. Velvet Ear snuffs out the candlelight. As you approach, you begin to hear voices.

“… freezing my ass off out here trying to find this damn girl. The king is wasting us out here. We should be fighting beastmen, not searching for a four year old corpse.”
“You complain about the same shit every night. Give it a rest and allow me to scrape the mud off in peace.” A second voice says.
“Fuck that, and fuck this. My grandfather killed beastmen, my father killed beastmen and I should-“
“You should shut the fuck up and be more like Rat over here. That reminds me. Rat! Go help Fulke get the mud off him.” A third voice butts in with the sound of footsteps as you poke your head around the corner.

Four men in muddy Armsmen uniforms sit around a small fire, the sinkhole behind them a wall of pitch black darkness. The smallest of them, who you assume to be Rat, seems to be around your age and is currently scraping all the mud off the man known as “Fulke” while the third man whom you assume to be their leader takes a seat.

>They currently don’t see you, nor are they actively searching for anything.
>What now?
It's been a long while since we've had visitors! Let's have some "fun!" Start sneakily making spooky noises. Have Velvet Ear move their stuff around (if what I've read is true and they can't see him) use cruci-crush or focal shift to snuff out their fire. Giggle creepily. All without them noticing us. Then maybe kill them. I dunno.
Fear is a powerful thing. Properly applied, fear can crush rebellions, scatter armies and turn any tide. You could crush them in an instant if you wanted to, but you decide to play with your prey.

You send Mr. Velvet Ear ahead, to sow chaos where he can. He completes this task the same way he carries out all of his duties: with elegance and efficiency. A spilled water skin here, a nudged ration there combined with the sounds of disturbed rocks and scraping stone on stone coming from both within the temple and out in the sinkhole quickly causes these men to devolve into scared wretches, huddling with their backs together near their fire with their weapons out. You notice that the helmeted and bandanaed Rat curiously does not hold a weapon, but rather has his hand out, pointing his palm randomly into the darkness surrounding their camp. A brush against one of their cheeks by Velvet Ear causes the man to nearly jump out of his skin and fall backwards towards the rest of the group. You take this moment to extinguish their fire, plunging the cave into darkness and eliciting a shriek from one of the men, to which you respond with some ragged breathing that quickly falls silent.

“Shit! How the hell-“
“Where is it? Where is it!”
“I’m going to die in a fekking cave!”
“Hold on, I-I got it!” A higher pitched, yet raspy voice says. You realize this must be Rat.

You feel something brush against your mind and begin to make your next move before you realize that you can no longer see.

>What now?
Alright, fun's been had. Time to deal with some of the riff raff. The king wanted to find us? Well now he found us. If at all possible, let's crui-crush one of the guards from the darkness. If that's impossible, that "Rat" A rather fitting name if you ask me. might be able to provide light for us to see. If this is all the case, then bide our time and wait for death until after the lights are back on. But leave Rat alive no matter what. he seems to just be a squire, but he might have answers to a few questions we have.
You ignore the tickle against your mind for now, and recall their position, how they huddled together near their fire. You throw out a Cruci-Crush field that’s off center, hoping to spare at least one for later questioning.

“Shit! Whe-“ is all an unfortunate man calls out before his voice is replaced by the sounds of bending metal, the snapping of bones and the tearing of meat.
“Oh fuck!”
“Move! We need to move!”
“There! I found it!” Rat says as the tickle in your mind hardens and attempts to plunge within it.
>Roll me WIS
Your eyes adjust to the darkness, and what pale moonlight reaches down into the sinkhole streams against the forms of the frightened men. One is backing away towards the entrance of the temple, his hand and sword held out in front of him. Another backs towards the cave wall and out of view of the mouth, obscuring themselves from your sight. Rat has moved a few feet away from his original position, though his hands are outstretched directly towards you.

>What now?
Considering there's only one of you,
I'll just take your roll the moment you post.
Rolled 15 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

Oh, oh shit. I Thought.... yeah I thought wrong. Oops. OK, mistakes were made. Crush Rat. He's a problem. Remove the rat.
File: Spoiler Image (3 KB, 82x50)
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You ignore the growing pain within your mind and focus as hard as you can on splattering Rat onto the walls of the cave. He begins to shine a translucent pink before he jerks one of his arms, and an excruciating sensation of burning overtakes the back of your skull, leaving your mind completely defenseless.
“Holy shit! It’s her! I-it’s Luna!”
“What? Rat, are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure! We need to get out of here!” Rat says as he begins to back out of the cave, one arm still focusing on you, keeping your mind pinned as best he can against your growing rage and steel will.
“Fuck! Rat, get running and we’ll hold her off for as long as we can down here.” The third man says before ordering the other survivor to get back in the cave. The man near the cave entrance looks between the darkness of your cave and the fleeing Rat, who’s grip on your mind fades quickly after he leaves your sight.

>They know who you are
>They sent a runner who is also psionic
>The two remaining men are too far apart to Cruci-Crush at once
>What now?
Fuck. OK, This is bad. Real bad. Gravity shift (and if possible, activate cruci-crush while that's happening) on one of the guards so they go flying into the other and give chase!
You don’t have time for this. You flick your hand from the lead man towards the man standing by the mouth of the cave, casting Focal Shift and sending one man crashing into the other. You release the spell as they both fly over the edge of the sinkhole overhang, sending them both screaming into the darkness below.

You Starwalk up the slope Rat took as fast as you can and find footsteps in the snow leading off into the woods, with a small amount of movement quickly disappearing into it’s darkness. The moon is bright and its light is more than enough to see and hunt.

>What now?
We could just follow him with the footsteps. But that'd be boring. And uninteresting. Also we might not be that good at actual tracking So, let's use one of our powers. Let's make a new friend! Could just get a bloodhound for tracking prowes, but let's go further and make it a man with a bloodhounds head and the man himself is a master hunter. Create him and ask him to track down the rat.
This has gone too far and gotten too out of hand. There’s no time for any more risks. You close your eyes and crouch down, ignoring the cold and temporarily calming your anger and fear of discovery. You picture him, this tracker. The leathers of a trapper clothing him and his dark, short cloak hanging off his back. The very last thing you picture is his hooded head, the snout of a tracking hound barely poking from it’s dark depths.

“My name is Bower, mistress.” The dogman says as he stands before you, his boots resting on top of the snow without sinking in or disturbing it in the least. “And I assume these,” he says, motioning towards the tracks leading away from you “Belong to the man I’m trying to catch?” You nod, and he takes off on all fours into the woods. You follow as best you can, Starwalk assisted leaps keeping you from falling into deeper patches of snow and clear obstacles that had obviously given Rat trouble. Eventually you reach a still and quiet section of the forest, where the footprints disappear at the base of a tree and you feel Rat hone in on your mind once more.

Bower’s head slowly sweeps the ground, following something before he stops and points upward. “There! He’s in that tree!” He shouts as you quickly look to where he’s pointing. A small yelp can be heard at your sudden movement and the grip on your mind laxes as his focus is broken. The darkness of the overhead branches still obscures Rat from you.

>What now?
Thank Bower and then steel our mind! We're not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. After that, start climbing in the tree for a better view of him! Once a view has been obtained, gravity shift him so he'll be pulled into the sky. If he happens to lose his grip and fly into the sky, wait like ten or so seconds before turning it off and take a couple of steps back so we're not standing in the splash zone.
File: Spoiler Image (55 KB, 615x543)
55 KB
“Thank you, Bower.” You say as the dogman bows and you jump up towards the canopy. As your Starwalk sends you rocketing towards him, the grip touching your mind becomes even more scattered until it vanishes entirely and you find yourself staring Rat down in the moonlight, both of his hands shakily pointing a dagger at you, a poor choice on his part. He had nothing to grab branches with after you reversed his personal gravity. You slowly glide back down to the ground and wait an additional ten seconds before releasing your concentration on Focal Shift.

You take a few steps back and wait for quite a bit of time before hearing something heavy disturb the branches overhead and fall all the way down to the snow below with an awful crunch. Rat looks at you in disbelief, his helmet and bandana lost in the fall, revealing his light brown hair and green eyes. A final hive of anger pulses out from his mind before his head lolls to the side and naught but echos remain.

Congratulations! You’ve earned a Fate Point
>Rules Updated!
>Character Sheet Updated!
What now?

>Well, guess we found out where Somnius went.
>Quest, I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. For a long time I’ve felt…
>Fucked over by the dice system!
>Bullshit, we rolled a 20! How was she still standing after that?
Huh.... weird ass kid. Anyway, now that that weirdness is over, loot him for stuff. See if there's any notes or letters on him that detail orders or just anything of interest on him. And there was another guy who was just turned into unfolded laundry meat right? Maybe there's a few uncrushed things on him too.
You hold your head in your hands as the final echoes subside, their ghost voices shrieking about something called “railroading” before fading into nothing. Walking over to the corpse of Rat, you quickly begin to search his body and take what seems both useful and not ruined by the copious amount of blood seeping out of him.

>Gained 58 Mewmun Pfennings!
>Gained Hound Treats!
>Gained Crystal Shards!

Among his belongings was also a letter from a mermaid that wished him safety, however once you realized these weren’t orders or plans but rather a proclamation of mutual love you threw it off into the snow. You left Rat in the woods bloody, broken, and alone.

The walk back to the Temple was a short and cold one, with neither you nor Bower up for much conversation. Both of you just felt tired. As you enter the mouth of the temple, you see that Mr. Velvet Ear has already rekindled the Armsmen’s campfire, allowing you to see the mess of metal, leather and meat that was once a man. Just how far the spray of blood got up the wall truly surprised you and you have very little hope that much survived your Cruci-Crush. It occurs to you that any orders or plans they may have had would have been in the possession of their leader who is currently resting at the bottom of the sinkhole. Retrieving him could be a task saved for another day.

As you and Mr. Velvet Ear walk slowly back to your room, Glossaryck once again enters the low candle light provided by your friend.
“A little messier than I thought it would turn out, but I knew you could do it!” He says as you walk down the old halls, ignoring him the entire way.

Session End
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so it whas a anon copy possibly a love intresst if he did not die
Anonymous "Rat" MacMood is as dead as a doornail and unfortunately for him, not converted into an undead psion for Luna.

>love interest
Well, I mean, yeah that could have been possible as an undead if a little creepy. You needed to either major in Life and heal him with Blood for Blood, or somehow save him with regular medical attention without magic to keep him alive and keep the true LunAnon route open. You also could have approached the encounter nonlethally, but we both know that wasn't going to happen.

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