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Welcome my friends to another Race of Hera Quest!

I am your humble host, SwordAnon.

You will be playing the role as a member of the almighty race of Hera. The [Hera raised] [mutant] known as Gyro.

The standard voting system is in place. We’ll be using a dice system for success or failures. The best outta five rolls with the standard being 1d20’s for actions. Ones and twenties being crit-fails and crit-successes.

>Write-ins Welcomed.

>Let’s have fun.


>Last Time

Last time on Race of Hera Quest! You were created and introduced to the Universe 6 Planet of Hera. You trained with your sister, encountered a pirate robot that was after the fugitive known as ‘Pamela’. Learning that the great Emperor of the Universe Frost was not as benevolent as your master Kami thought you met with the Shinjin, Prince Kai and fought against the mercenary mech enhanced Saiyan, Gin-Sin.

His partner a ‘Miss Enchanto’ and the person behind all of the technological marvels revealed herself after you were forced to use the mysterious earrings. Fusing with Prince Kai, you became the mighty Gai! After a bit of a scuffle, you captured the two, and brought them back to your Lookout home. They were placed in the custody of Miss Fortune, the djinn attendant of your mentor Kami.

Taking the time to train in your fused state, you quickly take to learning the teleportation technique of Instant Transmission. Once de-fused however you find yourself limited to only the Planet of Hera…
File: 1515718918214.png (641 KB, 1249x601)
641 KB
641 KB PNG

It’s been a few days since the fight with Gin-Sin, and you have been trying to master the technique that you learned from Prince Kai. Using instant transmission, you find yourself able to move around your world in the blink of an eye. However the problem lies just in that, your unable to go beyond the world you were raised on…The man who taught you that, the shin-jin known as ‘Prince Kai’ tells you that it’s even impressive you managed to do just that in the short amount of time of training you had. Although the fusion you both were under helped immensely. You also learned a surprising amount of details about the Kai. Like his training from being the North Kai to graduating to Grand Kai under his own power, which caught the eye of the Supreme Kai, Fuwa. Prince Kai’s desires to become the Grand Supreme Kai coming from the desire to help all of creation rather than just one quadrant. A noble cause that most of his kind did not seem to share...

You awaken before the sun rose like you do every morning. Doing your normal warm up exercise of 1000 push-ups, 1000 sit-ups, 1000 squats, and a 1000 kilometer run before a hearty breakfast. Your meal being served to you by Miss Fortune, a superb chef despite her not needing to eat. Your sister meanwhile is in her usual spot, meditating and deep in thought.

Pamela meanwhile was looking through all of Miss Enchanto’s work. She was fascinated by the technology the bluenette had, and was also deep in thought as she examined every inch of the technological marvels the woman had made.

Prince Kai had stayed for a day, discussing private matters with Master Kami. ‘God business’ or whatever they called it that you weren’t allowed to be apart of. Departing, he gave Pamela a loving embrace but took the earrings with him. Apologizing for the trouble he had caused her only to be stopped mid-sentence by a kiss. After, Prince Kai thanks you all before he vanished to go back to the Other World.

Your two ‘guests’ Gin-Sin and Enchanto were treated fairly, and even allowed out of Fortune’s room with the promise that they both behave. Not wanting to risk being taken once more by the djinn, the two reluctantly agreed.
“Gyro. You have a free day today before your training with Master Puntia. What do you plan on doing?” Miss Fortune asks, as she takes your empty dish to clean.
“Oh...uh...not sure. I guess I’ll…”

>A. Interact with Gin-Sin and Enchanto. See what their deal is.
>B. Check out the lower realms, Tortuga Town got hit pretty hard maybe they need help rebuilding…
>C. See what sis is doing on her day off and join her.
>D. Help out Pamela with the technology.
>E. Check out one of the places of power you saw when you were ‘The Mighty Gai’.
>F. More training!
>G. Other? (Write-in)
No? No takers at all or is this just too early?
I don't follow this quest, I know someone who does. Dunno why he hasn't posted.

Let's go for

Well I thank you for the vote Star. C it is.

File: necklace.png (351 KB, 550x420)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
You decide after a moment of doing some chores to see what Kado is up too. Doing Master Kami’s paper work again, she looks up to when you approach the study area. You peer over her shoulder, and find your eyes crossed as you try to read all the complex words and numbers she had written out. Filing them away she turns to you before nervously biting her lip and looking to the left.

“...We’re leaving for training tomorrow. Master Puntia’s training is suppose to be twice as rough as what Master Pitaya put us through.” She says, looking unsure of herself. Something you don’t usually see in your older sibling. She’s always generally confident in her skills. Always a step ahead of you but to hear her voice this kind of concern leaves you...worried.

“Look, we’ve both beaten whatever Pitaya-sensei put us through. You and I candle handle it together,:” You say confidently, getting a smile from Kado who taps you on the forehead.

“Your always so confident. Maybe a challenge would be good for you.” She says, grabbing a cup of steaming tea that had been assembling itself, surprising you as it floated into her hands. You two have just figured out telepathy, but this was new. Psychic stuff was a bit tough for you, never can get your mind around it. So to speak. “There’s still so many things we might have to face...and I worry we won’t be together all the time to have each other’s back. We may have to learn how to get along without one another...if that happens we can’t fail. I intend to be the Guardian of Hera which means we’ll need to protect it...but we much succeed in our training to do so…” She takes a drink of her tea, and goes quiet as she reflects for a moment. “What do you want, Gyro-chan? You seem content with training and fighting.”

>A. I just like being a hero as a hobby...
>B. I just want to be stronger and fight strong people.
>C. I fight for JUSTICE and because Kami-sensei told me that’s good...
>D. I’m just trying to help people because it’s the right thing too do.
>E. I am looking for something beyond strength….
>F. I’m just trying to keep up with you sis. If you wanna be Guardian, you’ll need a protector.
>G. Hey, maybe I wanna be Kami, or who knows. A God of something else…
>H. Other?
>candle handle

Good lord, no wonder no one posted.
F and G
Sorry, had a hectic day
Quick question, do you have a discord? And if not do you want to join one?
File: Spoiler Image (34 KB, 634x300)
34 KB
You know I just made one. So yes.

“Hey, who’s said your going to take over for Hera.” You say with a wink and a bit of a tease to lighten the mood. Kado smiles, to you. “Your going to need a protector too. Someone who can’t do what Miss Fortune can’t. Besides maybes there’s other God positions I can take if I’m strong enough. Prince Kai had a possible offer if I got stronger…” You say, this time surprising your sister.

“Oh, what sort of offer?” She asked, as her tea floated away to be cleaned.

“All he said was to become stronger then our fusion, and he’d tell me. If I do that, then I have a chance to match the Grand Supreme Kai.” You say, folding your hands behind your back. “I was really strong with those earrings. Showed me I had a lot of room to improve and there’s a lot more beyond that. I gotta meet that so I can keep Hera and you safe, sis.” You say with a confident thumbs up to her. “Even if there is no Kami or Kai, there is Gyro.” You assert to her, as seriously as you could muster. Kado holding her hands to her face to stop herself from laughing.

“Ohehehe I’m sorry but...that’s...just what I needed, hehehe...thank you Gyro-kun. You always make me laugh when act serious. Next you’ll be posing before fights.” She says shaking her head to you.

“...well I haven’t practicing or anything but-” You try to get out before biting your tongue. “But - Master Kami wouldn’t let us do this if he didn’t think we were ready. If you need to prove it, you just need to kick my butt. Do that and you’ll be ready for anything. I’ll be happy for the work out.”

“Well..what are you doing for the day brother? I have no plans beyond preparing for our departure tomorrow to Master Puntia’s training grounds.” She says, as the two of you leave the study room and head out to the Lookout’s exterior…


>A. I’m going to just double down and master what I’ve learned. Wanna help me with that?
>B. We could make a new move together. Something no one's ever seen before.
>C. We could make a new combination technique together. Show everyone we can overcome anything.
>D. I was thinking we’d go on an adventure together, see what Hera has for us.
>E. We could go ask Master Pitaya what Master Puntia’s training is like, maybe he has tips for his brother?”
>F. Other? (Write in?)
>>B. We could make a new move together. Something no one's ever seen before.
Mind posting that link to the discord?
For some reason I couldn't friend you, here's a server I made for this quest https://discord.gg/3Z5VDH
“We could make a combination technique together.” You say, the fusion from days before giving you the idea. Your sister’s technique had inspired the Mighty Gai’s super move and it gave you more ideas on how you and Kado could combine moves to gain an advantage.

“Oh? What did you have in mind? Combine my Psycho Vortex and your Saikou Spiral?” Kado asked, guessing one of the ones you had in mind.

“Or your Psycho Barrier and my Psycho Breaker.” This one would be harder for the two of you to pull off but would prove very effective and it would combine attack and defense to make something unique.

“Mmmh.. Or we could combine a technique with our new weapons.” She suggested, her pole arm flying into her hand and she leaned against it, waiting for your decision.

“Well, it’s dangerous but we could combine our strongest moves together. Make something that could take out even someone like Gin-Sin.” You answer. “It’d be hard to train because we’d need somewhere safe to do it…”

>A. Psycho Vortex + Saikou Spiral
>B. Psycho Barrier + Psycho Breaker
>C. Katchin Sword + Katchin Spear
>D. Super Move Combo (Mega Psycho Breaker + Super Psycho Vortex)
>E. Write In?
>>B. Psycho Barrier + Psycho Breaker
Rolled 38, 54, 49, 21, 67 = 229 (5d100)

Alrighty, roll me a 1d100 DC: Best outta five.

...This might take a while.

'Psycho Barrier Breaker or Psycho Breaker Barrier'?

Basically the two of you become a giant spinning cannon ball now if successful. Maybe something neat like.... Cannon Ball Run. S'movie reference pun.
DC: 60* best outta five
Rolled 42, 90 = 132 (2d100)

Gonna do 2 since it's slow right now, if I need to re-roll I'll do 3d100
That 90 will do ya.

File: fieryspindash.png (36 KB, 200x133)
36 KB
The combination attack trials was easier than either of you thought, the attack consists of you both combining the best aspects of each move and then firing it off at the enemy. You find the orb shape also helps when spun whether on the ground or in air. Giving the sphere time to ‘charge’ up it’s able to propel much faster and farther then you could on your own power. Together your ki becomes a bright blue orb that leaves a fiery blue trail behind you both.

While Kado focused on holding the barrier together, that gave you all the needed focus all on simply attacking. Testing this skill for a bit of time, the two of you work on it and while she’s able to keep up you notice that if you were to use the new form you seemed to pick up from Pamela you would overpower the barrier and break it before the attack could launch. Syncing up your power was key in this new technique together. You try to use instant transmission in tandem, but found out it would be easier if you both knew the technique instead, your focus being split on movement and fighting causing you to lose synchronization of your ki. Remaining in harmony required a cleared, thoughtless mind that worked with the flow of things as your Master Kami taught you.

“We can use this to anyone who’s too strong for us separately.” You say, after the twelfth practice run, before you felt you got the move down. You feel better having taken this time with your sister before your training trip. “There’s room for improvement but we should see how it does in a fight first…”

“I’m sure we’ll have plenty of chances to test it in the future.” Kado said, looking up to the sky, before turning back to you. “I’m going to help Miss. Fortune make lunch. If you still wish to train, I recorded my notes for telekinesis for you and if you want to get a jump on magic there’s a book in the library that helps explain some basics for you.” She suggests, heading to the Lookout’s kitchen.

>A. Help with lunch!
>B. Read the notes on psycho-kinetics
>C. Magical Theories
>D. Ask Master Kami for advice…
>E. Test out your ki control on the clackers for Miss Fortune…
>F. Sword training
>G. Other?
>>E. Test out your ki control on the clackers for Miss Fortune…
Ki control roll then 1d100 outta 75

Best outta five.

Will be continuing after work.
DC of 75,,,
Rolled 20, 87 = 107 (2d100)

Well goddamn, just a one man machine aren't you anon.


Hope other anons find this interesting...
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
What did Miss Fortune say exactly? You ask, as you remember her words once more..

‘’When you can place your ki into these clackers without thinking consciously about it, then you will be ready to further your ki control.’

That was it...You had to unconsciously move these clackers by infusing them with your ki. Something that sounded simple but the last time you tried you ended up with a fat lip. This time things would be different!

“Hrrrrrrmmmmmm….” You spin the clackers making that ‘clacking’ noise as you try to unlock the secrets of Miss Fortune’s ki control lesson. You try closing your eyes, but your still ‘aware’ of the clackers despite not seeing them.

So you walk around, clacking away until you feel like it’s become apart of your natural rhythm. Making little patterns of notes, you avoid the glances from Pamela. The woman was looking at Enchanto’s hover chair, searching through it. Many items were all neatly organized around her, and she seemed to looking through each item.

“Watcha doin?” You ask, ask you go ‘clack, clack, clack.’ She looks up to you, her look of confusion at the toy in your hand but answered your question when she registered your words.

“I’m chronicling all of this, Enchanto work is much more advanced than I thought…” She said, setting down the 'capsuled' item of the ‘battle jacket’ that Gin-Sin fought in and she had labeled it as such with a warning label. “I don’t think they have any tracking devices on them from Frost, but. - I did avoid her self-destruct traps…well before the remote to their ship blew up but the ship itself is somewhere in your orbit...cloaked.” She said, letting out a sigh. “So only Miss Enchanto would know where it would be…”

“Mmh..” Your sister would be a better person to solve this issue. You stop your arm but the clackers in you hand don’t stop moving instead they stay in place and continuing clacking in the air, as you try to solve this dilemma.

>A.“Maybe I can ask them myself. I kinda wanna fight Gin-Sin again but without fusion or battle jackets.”
>B “That bluenette seemed to know how the Potara earrings worked and wanted to retreat as soon as she saw the Mighty Gai. “
>C. “How does this ‘Emperor Frost’ know about the Potara Earrings? “
>D. Clack, clack, clack….
>E. Write-in
>>B “That bluenette seemed to know how the Potara earrings worked and wanted to retreat as soon as she saw the Mighty Gai. “
>D. Clack, clack, clack….
File: 1358523427568.jpg (137 KB, 1440x810)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Clack, clack clack…

“Miss Enchanto, the bluenette. She knew more about the Potara Earrings. From my fusion with Prince Kai...the earrings aren’t common knowledge. Who is she exactly?” Prince Kai’s fused knowledge gave you an idea, but Pamela was able to quickly fill in the gaps.

“She’s a treasure hunter, and a mercenary, and a weapon’s merchant for the highest bidder.” Pamela explained. “Gin-Sin is her muscle, and because he’s a member of Sadala’s Defense Forces in Frost’s pocket they’re able to go after any sort of target they want. They’ve hunted others down like me - but less powerful.” Pamela summarized, leaving their fates to the obvious conclusion. These two were a dangerous pair, and Gin-Sin was still much stronger then you….


“Do they have other people they work with? Will we have to worry about them?” You ask, wondering if they'd be other Saiyans as strong as Gin-Sin...maybe you could fight them with your own strength, and use that as a stepping stone to beating Gin-Sin with or without that armor.

“Hum...yes and no…They have a group of fellow mercenaries but none of them are as strong as Gin-Sin. “ She answered, biting her lip. “If we fight them together, we should be fine..” The clackers floated around Pamela and then returned to your hand, now spinning around with a ghostly white flame that resembled your aura.

>A. “Who are these other mercenaries?”
>B. “Those things over their eyes, what were those?”
>C. Your weighted cape, think I should try training with that?
>D. Grab the battle jacket capsule.
>E.. Grab an empty capsule
>F. Examine Enchanto’s sniper blaster rifle that you deflected in your fused state.
>G. Clack..clack...clack.
>H. Other
>>B. “Those things over their eyes, what were those?”
>G. Clack..clack...clack.

“Those things over their eyes. The ones that exploded. What were those?”

“Scanners for tracking I assume. Those were new, but I’d guess Enchanto made them.” Pamela kept her eye on the spinning clackers that levitated around you.

“...Gyro, if I am able master Sir Pitaya’s training. I shall meet with you to train with Sir Puntia like you and Kado. You..were able to transform into my people’s ‘Monstrous transformation’. If you ever need help learning how to use it, I will be happy to help.” She says, before pulling everything together. “Lunch will be soon... I
need to clean up and get my things ready. Nice talking to you Gyro..." She said before carrying off all the work in the chair but this time it was now floating instead of being carried.

You stop the clackers in you hand, but confident that you mastered what Miss Fortune had been trying to teach you. Though you wouldn’t truly know until you spoke to her again at lunch…you have some time to kill, but your already ready for the trip tomorrow...

>A. Visit Kami ask him why you were able to copy Pamela’s transformation...
>B. Visit Kami him more about Saiyans.
>C. Focus and transform see if Gyro can access the monstrous form at will.
>D. Go do some light reading in the Lookout’s study. Maybe there’s something there on ki control?
>E. . Go see our ‘guests’ Enchanto and Gin-Sin
>F. Other? (Write-In)

Lunch time is after this post then it's crunch time.
>>A. Visit Kami ask him why you were able to copy Pamela’s transformation...
>B. Visit Kami him more about Saiyans.
File: NlLAhkh.jpg (153 KB, 600x419)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Rolled 88, 20, 31, 41, 34 = 214 (5d100)


Heading to the center of the Lookout, you go to Kami’s meditation chamber. Where he meditated on the Prayers of Hera, spoke to the Gods like Prince Kai and other Guardian duties you were still ignorant of. The Kami of Hera had sensed your approached and the door was already open for you and it closed behind you, by simply your master’s will alone.

“Master. I- have questions. About what happened and hoped you could shed some light on things.” You begin.”What exactly are the Saiyans exactly...? And...what happened to me, I transformed like Pamela and then did it that fusion.”

“The Saiyans are a hardy race. Their endurance is known wide as is their fighting prowess, and their King’s Pride. Their defense forces not only defend Salada but their warriors protect and save other worlds...though propaganda from Frost has warrant some of that information suspect…” Kami said, with a deep frown. He lifted his hand and materialized a large scrying orb. “I observed the battle, to be honest I was expecting some sort of transformation but not that.” The deity of the Planet Hera, waved you and raised a sphere that showed your fight like some television broadcast. Your transformation in high display and you get a good look at the big green scaley form, and then next to you was Pamela in the same Monstrous Mode.

“Your power is doubled, and you gain primal predator aspects just like Miss Pamela. What did you feel during this time?"

>A. I didn't really question it, but being stronger was nice...

>B. I didn't push it, but I did want to get more violent but the fusion prevented that.

>C. There was an internal shift inside of me and I was able to just...do what she did.

>D. There's a wall of power that I still cannot break through, seeing Pamela's transformation only shifted this ceiling cap of power...

>E.Why can't sis do this too?

>F. other? Write in?
>>D. There's a wall of power that I still cannot break through, seeing Pamela's transformation only shifted this ceiling cap of power...
“There is something...stopping me, a wall that I can’t break, I can’t seem to break out this shell.” You feel like your unable to break past your limits, something seemed to be slowing you down...

“You’ve grown stronger than anyone your age, but you are correct. There is still untapped potential in you but - it is seems to be a very reactionary ability. You’ve met other shapeshifters such as the Dragon Brothers.” Kami’s orb showing his two first twin disciples Dragon Master Pitaya and Puntia.

“Being a dragon would be neat…”

“Perhaps you could in time, your powers seem to grow with you. You’ve trained with only mostly Hera-seijins.” Kami said, showing the less than a handful of non-Hera-seijins you’ve trained with that you did not recently just meet…

“^Then key this transformation power is to see what sticks and if I can copy it...if Pamela’s monster mode wasn’t just a fluke…you said you expected a transformation, is that what this is?”

Our race is able to achieve of full power. Stronger than what Miss Pamela archives and less dramatic physical change. The Guardian before me achieved this form and saved Hera with it. Sadly I am unable to achieve this form, but I believe you and Kado can…” Kami showed a picture of a man who...you feel looks familiar but only because he was a fellow Hera-seijn but with skin of Chartreuse, bright scarlet hair and an aura of lime green. “This power is five times stronger than that Monstrous Form. It is the true power of our race.” He explains, while you stare in the orb until the vision fades.

>A. How do I achieve this?
>B. How close is Kado to achieving this?
>C. Would this power and Prince Kai’s Kaioken be combinable?
>D. Other?
>>B. How close is Kado to achieving this?
>C. Would this power and Prince Kai’s Kaioken be combinable?
File: OGKami.png (469 KB, 1024x767)
469 KB
469 KB PNG

“Kado’s stronger than me. Is she closer to this then me?” You both had surpassed Kami as children but the recent fights had shown that even together the two of you were outmatched by Pamela before the crocodile transformation emerged. If Kado succeeded in hitting this before you, then Planet Hera would have a Guardian like it did it before. One who could protect it in dire times.

“Mmh. Gyro, you have a quirk about you. One that lets you reflect the potentials of others. One that will you let you go beyond that of even of the most gifted of your time.” The cloaked guardian let the orb hover in the air between you before landing in your hands. Now you saw Kado, changed like the guardian and stronger than even your fusion with Prince Kai…”She has the potential to achieve it like you, but every Hera-seijin who trains hard enough can unlock their full power if they are devote enough too it.” He says as he rested in his seat, the orb changing to show you bathed in red light, training against her. “You wish to know if Prince Kai’s technique is possible? It is forbidden unless you’ve earned a Kai’s training to use it without permission. Succeed with Master Puntia and perhaps Prince Kai can teach it too you." He said, sensing another question but allowed you to ask this time.

“Is it possible to combine the two Master?” You ask, and the orb flashed green and red. The sphere exploded and you could hear your voice and Kado’s shouting out attacks like in your sparring matches. That was not a good omen, but you were not bothered by the risk if it meant protecting your sister...

“Possible, but you need far more training and experience before you should even attempt it…” Kami said, frowning at the remains of the orb. “...come, lunch is ready. We will be discussing much and we have little time before you all depart.”
You use Instant Transmission to teleport to your table with Kami sitting down at his usual spot beside Miss. Fortune. The clown djinn smiles to you, tossing you another clacker. A bright lime green one to match the red.

“I hope you enjoy the food, I made sure to prepare everyone’s favorites for the occasion.” Fortune giving a nod to Kado. “Lady Kado suggested the the theme, and it felt appropriate for the evening to be indulgent…”

>A. Gyro likes sandwiches of course…
>B. You’ll have a similar taste to your sister. A lover of soups and healthy foods.
>C. You have a ‘Saiyan diet’. High metabolism and eat a lot.
>D. Gyro has a sweet tooth for fruits, candies, and junk food. Chocolates too.
>E. Gyro prefers anything\ing home cooked...
>>D. Gyro has a sweet tooth for fruits, candies, and junk food. Chocolates too.
File: Zangya12.jpg (156 KB, 534x402)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Rolled 852, 636, 543, 161, 350 + 1 = 2543 (5d1000 + 1)

A Mr. Buu / Beerus diet...
Miss. Fortune gave you a sugared ensenji fruit treat.

Add me a 1d500 to your 1d1000 best of five roll...

Rolling for your sister...who's diet proves a natural boost.

Add highest power level to current power levels for training done...
that was suppose be a plus 100...
Rolled 206 + 1 (1d500 + 1)

Rolled 355 (1d1000)

Not sure exactly how to roll this
perhaps just a +500 then
Rolled 882, 849 + 500 = 2231 (2d1000 + 500)

Rolled 286, 351, 454, 438, 43 + 250 = 1822 (5d500 + 250)

Well you and sis break 10k, that's good.

Monstrous Form: 20k.

Pamela gets a meal that's from galactic cultures across the galaxy, some in names you can't even pronounce...

She informs you that the transformation you share is also beneficial endurance wise. Like a crocodile it does not wear you down and if injured the transformation will passively self repair.

it will probably also stack with everything possibly...max monstrous form would be neat...

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