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The castle of the quincy was a dreadfully boring place.
Nothing but silvery white structures and furniture everywhere.
You felt like you were about to become snow blind the entire way through it.
However your eyes quickly adjusted to the almost magical if surreal setting and you soldiered on.

As you ran past most rooms without even bothering to check them you noticed something odd about the place:
There was nobody inside.

Ever since you left Askin you encountered literally no resistance.
An odd thing inside the very heart of the enemy stronghold to be sure.
But at the same time you aren't about to look that gift horse in the mouth and continue marching towards the head asshole.

While remaining vigilant just in case the enemy planned an ambush for you, you felt something overcome you.
As you got further in you felt something familiar though you couldn't pin point it exactly.
Although that odd sensation of dread was slowly mounting inside, you had no choice but to keep going.
However as you scaled stairway after stairway and reached the very peak of the castle a revelation came to you.

"I see... so that's why the entire place was empty..."

Do these assholes have no shame?!"

You let out a weary sigh and rubbed your eyes..
"Well... no choice but to go forward."

Standing up you looked at the massive castle door and more importantly, the mass of reiatsus behind it.

Be careful...
With all of the enemy in one place...
This might prove difficult even for you."

"You don't need to tell me..."

>Draw your blade and kick down the door
>Sneak through
>Other? (write-in)
Well, we pretty much know where they're going to already, don't we? Why don't we simply...meet them there? Squad zero might be on our shitlist, but we can probably stomach that long enough to put up some traps to welcome the quincies with.
Well, you canbut there are about a dozen people on the other side.
Do you like those odds?
Why would we use the quincy's method of getting there? Garganta there and, assuming squad zero works with us against a mutual enemy, it's then 6 vs 12 and all of the ones on our team would be fuckin combat monsters. I do like them odds.

7 if you include mera. She might get pissed if someone excluded her so casually.
Huh. Taking people a while to filter in, huh?
I think I'll actually just change my vote to
>Sneak through
Because if my previous idea ends up being retarded for factors I didn't consider, I don't wanna be the guy who put us somewhere fuckin stupid.
Yeap... I almost expected this to happen.

Anyway that is not something unworkable as long as you are smart about it and don't tackle a task like that head on when the enemy outnumbers you so much
>Sneak through
Welcome back spook
It's probably just a combination of the first month of the year being the second busiest month for most people (last month being the first busiest), running on a saturday for once instead of a sunday, and the usual early-morning hours for us americans. The NEETS that make up any quest's playerbase haven't woken up yet.
Things'll get rolling, don't you worry. They always do.
Erm... for a while now I've been doing it on saturday.
Wasn't I?

I don't even fucking remember anymore
File: 2dd.jpg (14 KB, 300x300)
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That...that can't possibly be true...can it?
Am I misremembering?

Shit dude, I've got no clue. Take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm sick as a dog today. I thought I had a whole conversation that never happened yesterday.
>>Sneak through
I feel for you man I also got sick as fuck post new years eve.
Get well my dude
I can't believe this quest is fucking dead.

RIP German Hollow Quest, flawed but a hell of a lot less flawed than any other Bleach Quest.
Ayy finally we have 3 votes!


Also while I still have your attention...
Roll 3d10

DC: 25 no Crit
Best of 2 but if the third hits the mark I'll accept it due to the slow thread
Rolled 1, 6, 2 = 9 (3d10)

Rolled 2, 6, 5 = 13 (3d10)

Watch me get Kaizer killed by this roll senpai.
Rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5 (3d10)

File: 1512836322966.jpg (11 KB, 240x142)
11 KB
Rolled 4, 3, 8 = 15 (3d10)

what about 4th?
File: 1511549876424.png (67 KB, 230x230)
67 KB
In retrospect, I don't know what we were thinking when we tried to sneak past the guy who can see the future.
Too bad Aizen isn't still around. That was one of the worst moments in the quest by far desu.
You kiddin me? Kicking his teeth in was one of the greatest moments.
Also, you didn't read the last omake, did you?
>Also, you didn't read the last omake, did you?
No, I'm pretty sure I missed the last thread in general.

>Kicking his teeth in was one of the greatest moments.
It felt unearned and contrived to me.
File: Spoiler Image (85 KB, 736x862)
85 KB
You touch the large door and attempt to press against it.
The heavy wood moves slowly but it does not creak and the hinges don't seem to be rusted.
Still opening it up would most likely alert everyone on the other side to your presence.
Looking away from the barrier you look up at the walls reaching to the skies.

"Hmmm... no windows.
This is going to be problematic."

Deciding that it's better to make as little noise as possible, you took off your jacket and tossed it to the ground.
Without the excess noise of it flapping in the wind you took a step forward and slowly opened the massive gate.
Focusing your senses you paid close attention to any slight change in the movements of those on the other side you proceeded.
Luckily none of them even nudged in response to your infiltration.

Smiling to yourself in satisfaction you stepped through the open archway and slowly closed the door behind you.
Without making a sound you slowly crept alongside the wall in an attempt to circle around the enemy.
Now seeing them you count no less than 10 individuals, including the big guy himself, hopefully this one isn't another decoy.
Strangely enough you also saw the backside of Askin. How he managed to get here before you, makes no sense to you.

As you get to the side and finally see the profiles of everyone you make out a few other... interesting figures.
Uryu, his father and his mentor are all standing behind His Majesty.
Normally this would make your blood boil but right now it's more important to keep your cool and besides... you are willing to trust the boy even if you have a hard time doing his father.
But they are still not the most interesting ones of the bunch.

Several Quincy stand in front of them, all wearing massive hooded cloaks adorned with the typical six pointed quincy star, only colored black.
They must be the most elite of the quincy forces, the cream of the cream.
But... even with them, the "good" quincy and His Majesty's shadow accounted for that still leaves one person.
And once you see him your eyes snap wide open.

Suddenly your breathing becomes less controlled and more erratic.
The sound of your heaving is so loud it actually alerts the quincy to your presence.
Slowly you rise from your crouched position until you are standing upright.
You hear a pair of muffled voices in the back of your mind but they are drowned out by a steadily increasing pressure.
Feeling your veins throb in every inch of your body you finally feel something snapping in you quite literally.

A vein in your left eye bursts open, tinting your sclera red.
Finally your voice rises up as your rage can no longer be contained.
Opening your mouth you shout a single word hard enough to tear your own throat open.

>missed the omake

There he stood in his golden splendor, covered in an attire seemingly made from glistening bones, radiating power.
Now you understood that uneasiness you have all but forgotten.
Oh how you hate this feeling. That sensation of someone standing behind you, ready to cut your throat open with a knife but not actually doing it until he is done enjoying your misery.
Now practically foaming from the mouth you reached for Basilisco and unceremoniously tore the leather belt holding it in place apart.
With your blade drawn and ready you charged the group without thinking about it for even a second.

In response to your rather obvious presence the quincy began retaliating.
Uryu was the first who raised his bow and fired several arrows at you.
Blinded by rage you simply ducked under what you could, like a savage animal.
What you couldn't avoid you simply caught with your open palm.
Once the Heilig Pfeil penetrated your skin you closed your fist around it, crushing it into nothing but pure reishi.

With Uryus attack failing miserably the rest of them also jump into action.
Haschwalth produces his shield and stands in front of His Majesty.
Avoiding Yhwach completely you rushed in Aizens direction, making His Majesties servant look quite silly in the process.
However the rest of them are more perceptive.

As you bring down your gleaming blade in the hopes of shedding blood you see someone getting in your way.
A muscular arm holding a shield came to Aizens aid, blocking your swing completely.
Your red eyes jerk upwards in an attempt to look at the poor bastard daring to stand in your way.
However the figure practically towers over you and you can't quite make out his face under the hood.

He does not speak a word and seems to be adamant about halting your progress.
His fellows however have other ideas.
One of them produces a massive rifle and jumps over his comrade.
Aiming down at your head he pulls the trigger on his weapon.

Only by instinctively jerking your head to the side do you manage to avoid your entire head being blown off.
Instead the invisible projectile tears away about the entire left side of your face, exposing your teeth and skull.
Still filled with rage you let out a bestial scream.


Suddenly the shield of the man guarding your target begins to let out a loud scream as metal grinds against metal.
In that instance you feel something wrapping itself around your leg and look down.
Some sort of a crimson rope tied itself around your ankle and it now began tossing you around as it seemingly came to life.
Flung back at the massive door you tear it off the hinges as you collide against it.

Your vision began to blur as you stand up after suffering that concussion.
Just about the only thing you could make out was Aizens smug face as he clapped at you.
"Ta ta for now!"
Dun goof'd Kaizar
File: YJk0TaD.png (197 KB, 579x614)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Following that the entire area lit up like a christmas tree.
As in the entire Seireitei was enveloped in a golden glow as the massive Sun Gate activated.
Aizen raised his arm to the heavens and the glyphs reacted to it.
The barrier above the Seireitei produced by the Sekki stone barrier opened up like a blossoming flower and the 10 quincy flew high up in the air in a beam of light.

You remained there on your knees, clenching your fist.
Only one word could escape your mouth.




Miles away a person cocked her head up.
D-Did you hear that?"

"Not now third seat!"
Hisagi ordered his subordinate in a hushed tone as he dodged another of the quincys attacks.

"What's wrong mother?"

"I thought I-"
Rike then parried another Heilig Pfeil and threw her glaive back at the quincy in retaliation.

Her weapon is however stopped by another quincy.
This one was clearly much stronger than the rest as clearly proven by Daibakazes blade stuck in his forearm and not even phasing him.
That giant of a man then turned to his less powerful brethren.
"Are you alright good citizen?"

"Y-Yes Sir Mask sir!"

Puffing his chest the man upright while ignoring the zanpakuto sticking out of him.
"Foul villains!
How about you pick on someone your own size?!"
He then turns to his comrade.
"You can all leave now.
Help your brothers like I helped you! And leave these ants to me!"

"Y-Yes sir!"

Rike then looked at Hisagi and Takeshi in confusion.
"Who's this clown?"

But Hisagi was left speechless as he stared at the man.
"T-Third seat!
Be careful!
This man is no doubt a-"


The man the struck a pose before finishing his speech.
"Prepare yourselves!"

Rike was both confused and scared.

>She supported the lieutenant.
>She urged her fellows to gang up on the quincy.
>She began scheming
>Other? (write-in)
>>She began scheming
>She began scheming
She's a smart gal, she'll be fiiiine.
>>She began scheming
>She began scheming


Also roll 3d10 for poor Rike.
DC:20 Crit: 24
Best of 4
Rolled 4, 10, 7 = 21 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 2, 9 = 17 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 6, 7 = 21 (3d10)

File: 710868-promo1.jpg (48 KB, 600x402)
48 KB
Rike let out a coy little smile and looked at her commanding officer.
"Hey Lieutenant!
Let's take him on!"

"What? A Captain class enemy?!"

"We don't have a choice, do we?
And... if we can take out just one of them with superior numbers then that will lessen the strain on all captain class fighters. Right?
Come on! I've got a plan!"

Sighing in resignation Hisagi looked at her.
How do we do this?"

"Just charge him!"

"I'll go as well."

"That's out of the question Takeshi!"

"Sorry mother but we can't allow ourselves that luxury now."
With that he took off.


Hisagi followed his underling and raised his zanpakuto.
He breathed deeply and resigned himself to this reality.
In order to protect his subordinates he has to do it.
"Reap... Kazeshini!"

With his zanpakuto unleashed and out for blood Hisagi charged ahead of Takeshi and assaulted Mask head on.
Spinning his scythes around he threw threw at the Quincy's left side who despite his size was quick enough to dodge the rotating blades.
Meanwhile Shuhei used Shunpo to move to Masks right side and once his foe began to get tangled up in Kazeshinis chains he pulled his other scythe back.
Seeing the blade coming back to chop off his neck Mask quickly ducked down only to find Takeshi approaching him at a rather alarming speed from above.


The massive Flamberge came crashing down with the destructive force of a meteor right on top of Masculines head.
However the Sternritter was quick witted enough to realize that something was afoot.
Raising his two hands he attempted to clap and catch Hachibi Ryus blade between his two meaty palms.
Unfortunately for him he did not realize just how dangerous that guillotine was and he found the wavey blade slicing bits of his palm off with the sheer power behind its massive weight.
The hungering sword didn't stop there and it took a bite out of Masks shoulder.

Despite being in a great deal of pain Mask looked up at Takeshi who was terrified by the mans tenacity.
"Despicable villains!
Not having the guts to fight one on one!"

He raised his bleeding arms and grabbed hold of the boys shoulders as he was still attached to his opponent by his own blade.
Mask tightened his grip in an attempt to crush the boys shoulders and Takeshi screamed up in pain.
That's when Kazeshinis blade finally arrived and cut deep into Masks left forearm.
He grunted in pain but did not let go of the boy.

Hisagi simply stared at this in disbelief.
File: James.png (43 KB, 270x320)
43 KB
Once Takeshis shoulders started letting out a bunch of popping noises Rike also jumped into the fray.
Sucking in air through her teeth she hissed at how stupid this idea was and how she was going to kill both her son and Hisagi once the war is over with.
Extending her arm towards Mask she shouted the command.


All of a sudden, the blade that was still stuck in the quincys arm began rotating in place and began cutting him to shreds like a lawnmower.
Finally the last strands of flesh holding the mans arm in one piece gets torn apart and it flies off as its owner screams in pain as the weapon dismembering him flies back to its owner.
Momentarily the Sternritter loses his grip and Takeshi breaks free but not before kicking his captor in the jaw with a flip.

With a somersault he landed on his feet and quickly he let go of Hachibi Ryu.
Raising his right hand to his left shoulder he popped it back in place and he let out a loud grunt.
His mother hurries to his aid and looks at him with worry in her eyes.

"Are you alright?!"

"Y-Yeah... hurts like hell though."

And with that she beat her over the head with her fist.

While the shinigami are busy bickering amongst themselves Mask is grasping at his stump.
"H-How shameful...

Suddenly from behind the large quincy a little man waddled out.
Obese for a man of such a short stature he looked at the injured mask with teary eyes.
"M-Mister Mask?
Y-You can't be hurt!

Suddenly as if given power by the cheering words of the little guy Mask De Masculine stood up and from his stump sprouted a new limb.

Striking another pose Mask mended his ruined attire with reishi.
The shinigami just stare at this spectacle in horror.

"H-Hey... guys...
Did he just get bigger?"

"Oh shit..."
Rike gasped as the quincy before them swole to double his original size.
File: hqdefault.jpg (38 KB, 480x360)
38 KB


"Tell me you came up with something!"


Surprised by this declaration the shinigami made a tactical retreat and started sprinting as fast as their legs could carry them.
Mask was not pleased by this turn of events.

"Get back here you cowards!"
Following the example of the villains he started running however he also made a jump along the way.

Hitting Hisagi in the back with the attack Mask managed to send the lieutenant flying quite a distance away.
Meanwhile the other two were mortified by the magnified strength and speed of the quincy.
What now cowardly villains?
Which one of you shall come next?"

The two of them stared blankly in the face of death for a solid minute before any of them managed to collect themselves.
Eventually Rike swallowed hard and took a step forward.
She extended her fist and pointed at herself with her thumb.
"I am."
Then she let out a smug little smile and turned that thumb of her horizontally and rotated downward by 90 degrees.

Not sure what to make of this gesture Mask was quite surprised when he found the ground crumbling under his feet.
Suddenly Rike cried out to her son.

Swinging his sword with all of his strength the boy aimed at not the quincy but the ground before him.
With a loud crash the chasm opened up under them and Mask fell into it.
Smiling with satisfaction Rike looked down and spoke.

"This won't hold him for long!

>Take out the little guy while I keep him busy!
>Unload everything into him! I'll go and take care of his "backup"
>Other? (write-in)
>>Unload everything into him! I'll go and take care of his "backup"
>>Unload everything into him! I'll go and take care of his "backup"
Okay then.
No point in waiting any longer

Roll 3d10
DC 26 no crit
Best of 3

Rolled 10, 8, 1 = 19 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 6, 6 = 16 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 8, 10 = 25 (3d10)

Okay... fine.
I'll allow it even if it screws over my initial plans

Just so you won't call me heartless.
Nah. It's fine. Let's see our sons bankai or his bloodlust
Sorry for my lack of appearance to vote n shit, I was out for a little bit.
I'll be in and out all day, just know that at the end of the day I definitely look forward to reading the quest. Always have.

very well

I just wanted to go easy on you because I was a dick on purpose and originally wanted it to be 25.

But if you're okay with it
No problems man.
Just enjoy yourself
Rule of cool. Whichever results in the most badassery in the end.
File: 3561939-bleach+02.jpg (59 KB, 320x320)
59 KB
"Unload everything you have into this guy!
Maybe if I take out that little wart he'll stay down for good!"

The two declared simultaneously.

As Hisagi and Takeshi began bombarding the hole in which Mask fell with Kido Rike made her way to James.
The little guy was already in the process of yelling to Mr Superstar when Rike quickly untied her sandal and threw it into the dwarfs mouth.
Arriving with a dive kick aimed straight at the face of James she held him in place while planting her feet into his stomach.

"And I hope you choke on it you bastard!"
Raising the hand in which her zanpakuto is she made her preparations.

Daibakazes blades snapped open as the glaive readied for combat.
Rapidly it began spinning around in Rikes palm and she smiled at James.
"Let's see... will it blend?"

She thrust the spinning blade into the little sidekicks face and turned it into purée.
As her hakama got stained with viscera she took a step back to examine her handiwork.
"This should do it."


However as she looked at the red paste her eyes snapped open.
"What... the... fuck?!"

Looking at the red liquid she saw white spots appearing in it.
Slowly those little blemishes turned into countless little faces, each chanting rhythmically.

"su... sup... super...

Suddenly she turned around and screamed as loud as her throat could let her.

Suddenly a massive beam of light shot up from the hole, sending the two shinigami flying.
Rike turned back to the abomination hastily and raised her hand.
"H-Hado #54! HAIEN!"

From her fingers purple tongues of flame came forth and began incinerating the reforming James'.
Unfortunately for her the horrid little creatures still don't seem to register pain and even as their vocal cords liquefy they keep chanting relentlessly.
"Superstar! Superstar! Superstar!"

Rike began repeatedly casting Hado 54 in the hopes of containing this pest but to no avail.

But as she was occupied with the cremation of the little gremlin she failed to notice another presence slowly creeping up to her while laughing.
"Keh keh keh keh!"

As the earth erupted from the ground Hisagi and Takeshi couldn't help but jump backwards as all the rubble around them landed heavily.

"D-Did mother fail?!"

"Let's not assume the worst.
Maybe this is just a last desperate push from the enemy..."
However as Hisagi looked down at the enemy and got a read on his power he got scared.
"Oh no..."

Standing in a much wider hole now Mask grew in size once more, this time his muscles ripped his original clothes apart.
Only his undergarments and his belt remained while his mask underwent a drastic change as his power got unleashed.
"Oh yes!
No matter the amount of trickery!
No matter the cowardice!
A real hero NEVER DIES!

"No friggin' way!"
Hisagi looked at the enemy.
"Is that a Vollständig?"


The belt of Mask began glowing and in response to that a pair of wings appeared behind his back as well as a star shaped halo behind his head.
The shinigami swallowed nervously at this.

Any bright ideas?"

"Sadly... I only have one very bad one...
Hisagi then looked to the side.
"Ah Chisato!
What happened with the other one?"

*huff huff*
"Sorry Lieutenant...
Couldn't be done. The other one is almost as indestructible as this."

We just discussed how we are out of ideas.
How about-"
But before he could finish Hisagi had to dodge a cut from... Chisato herself.


"What do you mena Lieutenant?"



"Come on Takeshi.
This is just how I am don't you remember?
Our usual little back and forth?"
Rike spoke as she continued to slice away at Hisagi to no avail.
"Anyway I'd like you two to stop moving around so much.
You'd do me a real solid because I really want to please Pepe-sama."

The two men cried up at the same time.

All of a sudden Mask turned to the side and placed his hand above his eyes as he scoured the horizon.
With but one movement he jumped into the sky and landed near his fellow.
"Thank you Pepe!
You are my greatest ally!"


Takeshi watched this little exchange from the corner of his eyes.
He heard as the Luchador greeted the morbidly obese black man.
And he heard the name: Pepe.
All of a sudden it clicked for him.

In between dodging two slices from his mother Takeshi spoke to Hisagi. His voice was unusually cold.
Can I leave my mother to your care?"

"F-Fourth seat!
Don't you dare!"
Takeshi gripped hard on his sword.
He cried as Takeshi took off.
May Takashi kill Pepe1000 times for the crime he has just committed
File: 9238569856.jpg (29 KB, 500x326)
29 KB
I can't take this seriously because of a fucking internet frog
Hisagi cursed.
"No choice then...
Bakudo#62: Hyapporankan!"

Using his strongest binding spell Hisagi pinned Chisato to a nearby wall before taking a deep breath.
She closed her eyes and spoke the word.



Suddenly his blades began vibrating wildly and thick reiatsu leaked out of them, enveloping Hisagi.
By the time his transformation ended Rike managed to free herself from her bindings and looked at the newly released Hisagi.
And even though she was under the spell of Pepe she still felt something overwhelming her senses.

Hisagi meanwhile just stood there, face to face with Chisato.
He felt strangely calm and yet... thirsting for blood.

>Make sure Chisato doesn't harm herself before helping Takeshi
>Ignore her and go for the source of the problem
>Other? (write-in)
File: fbf.jpg (85 KB, 1020x888)
85 KB
And yet you used the same frog in your post
>>Make sure Chisato doesn't harm herself before helping Takeshi
>>Ignore her and go for the source of the problem
>Make sure Chisato doesn't harm herself before helping Takeshi
Alright I'm here, shitty sleep and general shittiness kept me for a while but I'm here.
Okay I'm back after checking if my teeth will explode due to having found some blood in my saliva.


And while we're at it please roll another 3d10
DC: 16 Crit: 22
Best of 3
Rolled 5, 4, 4 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 7, 8 = 20 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 8, 10 = 22 (3d10)

File: Its gonna be great.png (131 KB, 996x702)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
File: 1502521020259.png (214 KB, 541x320)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
File: rRaG8in.png (349 KB, 626x461)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
File: Grim_Reaper_by_moni158.png (709 KB, 900x1056)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
Chisato raised her weapon at the scythe wielding figure.
It seems that even though the curse still holds its influence weakened considerably.
"S-Stay back!"
That strange primal fear inside Rike spoke up.

However Hisagi had no intentions of attacking her just yet.
He was still acclimating to his own bankai given how he used it for the first time ever.
Looking at his scythe and saw that the two separate weapons merged into one and that the blades on one side grew considerable, making the armament look more like the traditional farm implement rather than the one he had before.

He gave it a test swing and just by the sound it was obvious that the blades were ready to reap and that they were sharp.
It felt unusual to him having only one weapon but at least the familiar sense of distaste over his own weapon gave him some solace.
After finishing his "tests" he turned his attention back to Rike.

"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do Chisato...
But it's for your own good."
Putting both hands on his weapon Hisagi arched his entire body back in preparations of a mighty swing.


Seeing this Rike started to panic.
He had to fight and kill Hisagi somehow. For the sake of Pepe.
But at the same time she found it hard to muster any strength against such a ghastly foe.
However once the grim reaper before him made his move she had no other choice but to defend herself.
She cried out as the scythe came at her.

The speed, movement and the arc of the blade made it hard to predict its exact movements but Rike still managed somehow.
Once she saw the movement of the blade she raised her glaive, hoping that she could use it as a makeshift shield.
But as she braced for impact something odd happened.
Instead of the two blades clashing against each other... there was nothing.

Her eyes trailed off of her opponent and onto the blade.
When she finally saw what was going on her eyes widened in horror.
"Oh no!"
The blade of the horrifying weapon passed through her own without any resistance... and without causing any harm.
You know, it's kind of embarassing, but I was confused about who Hisagi was for a good bit there. I had to look him up to remember him.
I think Shuhei just has that effect on people. Took me a long time to really cement who he was in my mind mostly because he never really gets any development despite having a pretty interesting Zanpakuto and being generally a chill guy.

"This blade...
Was made for harvesting lives..
But I am the one that chooses which!"

With Hisagis bankai phasing through Chisatos shikai harmlessly the blade wraps around the womans neck.
Following that Hisagi pushed the snath forward and that too passed through Rikes arms without any trouble.
Placing one leg forward he began pushing the helpless girl while her upper arms were practically pinned to her torso.
Once the two of them reached a nearby wall Hisagi pushed her even further until Rikes back was touching it.

The blade just like before passed through the concrete like substance without any issues, however this time it became tangible while inside the wall effectively locking it in place.
Once that was secured he let go of the weapon and conjured another scythe that was identical to the last one and repeated the same process as before.
Using two more scythes to bind the girls legs in place as well he took a step back and took her Zanpakuto away from her.
"I'm keeping this.
You stay here while I'll go and sort things out."
He spoke softly as he produced a new weapon to wield in battle.

Meanwhile on the other side of the battle another shinigami was staring down not one but two Sternritter who are just laughing at him.
"Look at this one Pepe!
I can't decide whether he's shaking because of fear or anger!
And I can't even credit him for his bravery.
Just moments ago he was ganging up on me with two others!"

"Keh keh keh!
Does that mean I can have him?"

"But of course friend.
I'm much more interested in the other one anyways.
It seems he was hiding some true power somewhere.
At least he'll be fun."


Takeshi spoke while fuming with rage.

"Oh? Are you threatening me little villain?
Whatever... Pepe. You can handle him, right?"

"Keh keh keh keh.
Of course!"
Putting his hands together the quincy formed a heart shape with them and attacked.
Jumping to the side Takeshi avoided the quincys attack much to Pepes dismay.
"What what?
You refuse my love?!
What insolence!"

"The only thing I want from you is your name in an obituary!"
Raising his blade Takeshis eyes burned with the fires of hatred.
"And I'll put you on it myself! EVEN IF IT COSTS ME MY LIFE!"

Takeshi screamed and raised his shikai with all his strength.
He felt like all the exertion was giving him a hernia but he did not care.

Mask then used Hirenkyaku and with only a casual swat sent Takeshi flying through several buildings.

His body broke through wall after wall after wall.
Several of his organs ruptured and most of his bones shattered like glass.
But worst of all he felt a stray piece of rubble embedding itself in his spine when he finally stopped.
He was practically foaming at the mouth.
He hurt the boy.
Kaizar's dad radar must be going crazy right now.
Just wait until he hears that a thermostat was destroyed in the process or brutalizing his child.
From atop a snowy mountain a great dragon made its descent.
It had eight tails and eight horns spouting from its head.
Feeling a great disturbance it came in a desperate attempt at self preservation.
He looked down at the bloody mess that was left of its master and sighed.

"You've gone and done it again...
Foolish boy."

Barely being capable of speech at this point Takeshi looked at the creature with the last of his strength.
"O-Old man..."

"Hush boy...
I suggest you save your strength...
Because you'll need to say exactly 2 more words..."
The dragon sighed.
"It may go against my better judgment but..
I guess we hit rock bottom.
So here's the name for you..."

Gathering what power he had left he stood up with the help of his zanpakuto.
He knew that he was reaching the limits of his endurance... and possibly his life.
But there was still one goal in his mind. One goal that burned brighter than a thousand suns in what remained of his brain.

>Save Mother!
>Other? (write-in)
>>Save Mother!
>Save Mother!
I thought long and hard on this. I'm still not 100% sure. But, here we go anyways.
>>Save Mother!
>Save Mother!
My NobleBright wont lemme choose the other option.

Now we might have to do this one slightly differently.
Roll 1d100 to determine the damage done
Higher is better
Best of 3

File: 1507756879022.png (89 KB, 330x328)
89 KB
Rolled 39 (1d100)

Rolled 59 (1d100)

Rolled 95 (1d100)

if nobody else will do the third, then...
pray it's high
File: GE.jpg (45 KB, 800x450)
45 KB
It's habbening boyz
File: 1513543955276.jpg (11 KB, 194x260)
11 KB
also sorry bout not rolling, I would've but I'm also doing other stuff atm.
I think it worked out juuuuust roight
File: Hannibal.jpg (191 KB, 563x480)
191 KB
191 KB JPG


He didn't have enough strength to say the word at once.
But once it left his lips the sword in his hand hummed strangely and it let out a powerful glow.
The sudden expansion of reiatsu was so violent and quick that it annihilated most of what was left of the building Takeshi was thrown into.
With him exposed once more the Quincy finally turned their attentions towards him.

Pepe was especially distraught by this.
"Wh-What is that?
C-C-C-Could it be that shinigami runt?"

Even Mask with his limitless ego was sweating profusely.
"N-No... that can not be it.
He's as good as dead.
But this sensation... YES! It can't be anything else!
Such magnificent strength! It must be the greatest villain of them all!
The Final Boss Kaizar Soize! He must have come to avenge his sons death!
How noble for a villain! But this is just perfect!
Now we can-"

But before Mask could finish he felt the power in the distance fluctuate and before he could blink it disappeared.
For a moment there he began to panic as to where it went. But once he located it he was even more terrified.
Looking to the side he saw Takeshi standing only a few feet away from him.
His eyes tried to scan the boy to make sense of what just happened.


Sprouting from the wound he just sustained a set of 8 aetherials wings emerged from his wound.
They were in no way connected to his body, instead they levitated behind him however they were still a very imposing sight.
His weapon also underwent significant change. No longer a mere zweihander the blade was now adorned with a variety of markings and ornaments.
And much like his body that too was covered in glowing green markings that also seem to originate from his back.

The young man only said one word after that.

As the shinigami was just standing there Mask finally had enough time to gather his courage.
"Hoho! I see you had a bankai all along!
I may have under estimate-"

But as he was talking Takeshi raised his sword and with a simple swipe cut Pepe.
The moment his blade came in contact with the flesh of the quincy the laws of physics screamed under the duress that Takeshi was subjecting them to.
All that mass moving at such speed and coming in contact with living tissue resulted in the fat mans body being erased at once in a massive explosion of kinetic force.
Jesus christ! A bankai that powerful, that potent...
Even zaraki's bankai would struggle under such an unstoppable force.
Kaizar's spunk has to be like Ambrosia, his whole family is so BS. I love it.

As Pepes body popped like a balloon Gekirin continued its downward arc until its tip touched the ground.
At which point Takeshi pulled his sword up and an entire chunk of the Seireiteis foundation rose up like a slice of cake.
Mask observed this in horror as he realized that's the exact same thing that'll happen to him very soon.


In that instant Takeshis eye snapped to where the little gremlins were and with a thrust created a wave of force that obliterated the foul creaturers, at least for a time.
Suddenly Mask De Masculin felt rather emasculated, if that was even possible.

"P-Please! I concede!
Raising his hands to Takeshi he signaled to the shinigami that he's willing to be handcuffed.

Takeshi looked at the quincy with unending hatred and contempt but spoke calmly.
"Do you think a Villain cares about any of that?"


Then Takeshi grabbed him by the neck and crushed his throat.
At this point Mask really wanted to scream as reality dawned on him.
But Takeshi was not done with him. Not by a long shot.
As he was shoved back Mask tripped on his own feet and now he was groveling before the shinigami.

Takeshi spoke as he raised his sword with two hands.
"Feel the weight of your own sins!

One swing.
That's all it took.
With both James and Mask gone Sternritter S: The Superstar and the Sidekick finally died.
The only thing that remained of them in this world were their memories and with time even those would fade.

But that came at a cost.

Once he finished his attack Takeshis sword reverted to shikai and promptly snapped in half.
His own body with its sustained injuries gave out and he fell to the ground.
But on top of his already existing wounds now he also lost the function of both of his arms as the force of his Bankai literally grinded their contents into dust.

After he lost consciousness Hisagi came to his aid.
He tried to wake the young boy up.

Realizing that it's futile he quickly opened his satchel and retrieved 3 vials from it.
A gift from the armies of Hueco Mundo. A vial of healing serum, one for each of them.
Not having any choice he jammed all 3 syringes into the boy to stabilize him.
Once he was sure Takeshi wouldn't keel over and die he made his way back to Chisato who also lost consciousness once Pepe was destroyed.
With a sigh he turned off his bankai and took the two of them to safety.
Aaaand seeing how it's pointless to start anything else I think this is as good of a place as any to stop.

Archive's up and I'm also willing to accept some Omake requests so feel free to post those.

Next thread will have to wait a week as I'll be working from 4 am until 6 pm on Saturday so I'll be dead during the weekend.
Don't ask.

Anyway take care until we meet again!
And I hope you enjoyed yourselves
File: G1OYqBt.png (33 KB, 292x268)
33 KB
Many thanks for the run Spook. Looking forward to the next one.
Woah, time flew. Damn.
Only omake idea I have is detailing whatever the fuck Aizen got up to in hell. From the moment of the execution up to his freedom. With timeskips as appropriate, of course.
For Omakes Ideas:
The adventures of an insufferable asshole in hell (Aizen)
The Mantis-Man Hunter(What Nnoitra is up to.)
Alternate-Kaizar in the Quincy forces. (Basically if Kaizar was a Quincy in this war.)
great thread, sorry I missed it. is Takeshi going to go visored from the 3 vials of goop? because that'd be pretty cool from a character development point of view
Is Aizen equal to kaizer using plot rock now he has some hell energy in him? At this rate I think the only way we are gonna be able win is to actually fuse with plot rock.
>Omake requests
Lewds. Rukia guarding and molesting Ririchiyo.
Bro, yo, forbidden love though. So no.
Even with technically zero actual genetic bond between himself and Kaizar, he still manages to be a bullshit deus ex machina machine

This entire family is made up of anti-keikaku spanners and it's great.
What do you mean, zero? He's his actual son. From when he was alive.
Japanese noblewomen did that stuff all the time.
Literally who
She's basically the equivalent of a twelve year old girl. Star of a movie or filler arc, I can't remember which, she does in fact look like a child. Also head of a noble house because everyone else fucking died. By the way she refers to herself with "we" instead of "I".

Basically anon is into lesbian pedoshit, so another average day on 4chan.

She's from the second worst filler arc only underpassed by the Reigai arc.
Basically I won't use her in any way shape or form because of how pointless her and her entire arc was with the Bakoto and Captain Amagai
>second worst filler arc
New Captain Amagai was better than the Bount Arc, it was half as long and not nearly as boring. Zanpakuto Arc was better though.

>Not using filler
Wow, it's almost like you're a good QM.

Um, actually, she's a soul, so she's definitely not really a kid, so it's not that at all.
>Um, actually, she's a soul, so she's definitely not really a kid, so it's not that at all.

Yes yes, you only like to fuck things that LOOK like children but aren't we get it, spare us your pedo rhetoric.
Is it shorter?
From the point Yuichiro shows up until the Bakoto arc ends is pretty long.

Then again my personal enjoyement might influence things as I liked the bount arc and loathed this one.

I dunno, they just handled the bounts better.
They integrated the filler very well and tied the bounts to both the shinigami and the quincy in a plausible way, had characters with actual depth (Koga was the fucking shit in that) and after the arc was done they kept some of the characters in the background (The Soul Pill guys in the plushies)

I don't know man... what makes me hate fillers so god damn much is how it's a pointless waste of time. You know that by the end the status quo is restored and nothing changes nor does anyone ever recall those events.
But Studio Pierrot went the based way and owned up the Bount arc and tried to integrate it into the main canon.
Remember when Ichigo was fighting white Zangetsu and remembered all the guys he fought before? Yeap Kairya was among them.

Don't get me wrong the Bount arc was not a G-8 situation, not by a long shot but by Bleach standards I think it was one of the better fillers
>Is it shorter?
It's less than half as long, 21 episodes to the Bount Arc's 45.

The Bount Arc went on too long and they didn't have enough to work with. It would have been better if it weren't such a slog.

She was old enough to get married, wasn't she?
My mistake

Isn't the age of consent in Japan super low?
Being eligible for marriage doesn't count for much in that case

Either way I don't judge those that are into lolicon.
There is a difference in being attracted to imaginary characters and wanting to fondle children
File: 1510755474546.png (984 KB, 894x894)
984 KB
984 KB PNG
>Being attracted to real people, ever
Okay, I'm objectively /not/ a lolicon, she's clearly older than she seems. Ergo she's not a loli, it's all about the age.
That argument is about as solid as claiming that traps aren't gay and you know it
>it's all about the age.

Absolutely degenerate. What a poor excuse for being sexually aroused by underage mammalian bipeds.
Traps aren't gay.
Nothing is gay unless it involves balls touching. You should know this by now, pleb.
But what if a trap is having sex with a woman, is that gay?

That's the one thing they aren't though.
>That's the one thing they aren't though.

>I swear officer she said she was 18

This is your argument.
>A character that's over 18
It's going right over your head, so I'll drop the act. The character /is/ a loli, but she's not 'underage' because she's over 18.

I would still be a lolicon, but it's not a question of age.
I still remember that one greentext where one boi realized that "Boypussy" is literally just "Man Ass"
You could feel his anguish through cyberspace

That's straight.
Weird... but straight
And you miss the point that being a lolicon is literally one drive down to the park away from being a pedophile. Begone ye degenerate filth.
File: 1495087692159.png (1.95 MB, 1294x881)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Either this is a comedy act or genuine retardation
File: The_First_Level.png (1.95 MB, 1280x696)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Omake #1: Memories

The trial was quick and to the point.
At first the judges gasped at the wretch that they had to sentence but once the shock wore off they proceeded to recount the crimes of the sinner.
After about an hour of both made up and accurate facts they head of the five judges spoke up and the rest of Central 46 went to silence.

"Aizen Sosuke...
Your crimes are as numerous as they are unforgivable."


People kept interrupting the judge.

"For your crimes against the Seireitei... your sentence is Death.
Your execution will be carried out an hour from now at the Sokyoku Hill.
Take him away!"

The guards grabbed the bindings of the horrid creature known as Aizen Sosuke and dragged him through the dirt to where he'll meet his end.
He was shown no mercy and was given no option to defend himself.
But no matter how much they wanted to punishi and humiliate him, deep down he was just happy that it was all over.
Death came to him quick as the Sokyoku burned him.

It was a deep pain... and it got even worse.
But compared to what he experienced in every waking moment since the day Kaizar mutilated him it was nothing.
To his surprise the mighty Sokyoku was not nearly as fearsome as the legends lead to believe.
His soul was not erased at all and instead he awoke in a strange and unfamiliar place.

He thought to himself.

However when he gazed at the horrific plane he strangely felt nothing.
The pain was gone and that was enough for him.
Little did he know that his true punishment was only beginning.

The Kushanada, the arbitrators of Hell were quick to notice him.
His sins made him smell rotten to the skeletal giants and they swiftly moved to punish him.
It was the first step in the grand machinations of the torturous realm... Death.
Without his Zanpakuto Aizen could hardly put up a fight against the gargants and they overwhelmed him with sheer numbers.
When he was smothered his sentence could properly begin... the initiation was complete.

Reborn in a pit of lava Aizen found the binding black chains of Hell impaling his soul.
Now he was a proper Togabito.
The first level.

It was perhaps the most "pleasant" part of Hell.
But even that had reiatsu so choking that it was enough to drive the average man insane.
Here resided the prisoners who behaved well enough and gave up.
In their infinitely stretching rows of cells they were relatively safe, only occasionally slaughtered by the Kushanada if they got ornery.
But solitary confinement was not an idea that intrigued Aizen too much.

So he resisted...
And every time he tried to fight back against his wardens he'd get killed again and again and again...
Until one day the Kushanada had enough of the problematic specimen and tossed him into the next level.

The second level.

This place had a different approach for rehabilitation.
Here the prisoners were no longer preyed upon and instead Hell allowed the environment to "educate" the inmates.
An infinite plane of never ending waters where the only place one could find respite were the massive stone flowers sticking out of the water like massive islands.

There was no food here and all the water had salt in it.
It was a deceptively cruel yet simple place.
Either you dry up, starve to death or drown until you repent.
You can try to swim in order to find something... anything to survive. But you won't.
And deep down Aizen knew this.

Yet he kept swimming.
At least drowning was a relatively fast way to die compared to dehydration.
And it allowed him to think... think long and hard about his past actions.
But he never said as much as a word, even when he met other prisoners.

However even a man with nerves of steel like his would get bored after a while of dying the same way over and over again.
Realizing that his chances of getting back up were pretty slim he decided to try his luck with the lower level.
After diving down and reaching the very bottom of the sea he finally fell through it and down to the next plane.

The third level.

Unlike the last one this place was not deceptive at all.
You got exactly what you imagined.
The realm was composed of nothing but an endless stretch of active volcanoes.

Even being in the vicinity of the rolling sea of lava was enough to kill a man.
If the ambient heat wasn't enough then the fumes of sulfur, carbon and various other toxic materials were sure to take care of you.
Death here was much more frequent than on the one above it but also much more painful.
And his old friends the skeletal Kushanada also made their return.

Out of curiosity he tried his chance against them one more time.
Sadly his ordeals were not exactly beneficial to his physical condition and he was slaughtered even faster than before.
The fourth level.

Aizen did linger in the third level more than the other ones.
But not out of choice.
Once he found the entrance to the next level he quickly delved deeper down just to see what else this twisted hellscape had in store for him.

What he found was rather... unusual.

This place was different.
A vast black desert with absolutely nothing to it.
The only landmarks around were the resurrection pools scattered around the place with hundreds of miles of desert between them.
There was nothing to kill or even harm him.
And hardly another soul to talk to.

For days he wandered the dunes, wary of what might jump at him if he lowered his guard even for a moment.
But nothing came.
Realizing that this was the first time when he was not in immediate danger he stopped and began analyzing his situation, a thing he wanted to do for a while now.
He knelt down and touched the black sand.
It was rough, coarse, got everywhere and faintly radiated reishi.
Quickly he realized what it really was: The ground up corpse of the dead.
Seems like no matter what you do Hell has its way with you. Either you submit and pay for your crimes like a good boy, in which case you get sent back to the wheel.
Or you resist... and die a myriad deaths until your soul crumbles after countless rebirths.

"You will break.
One way or another."
It seemed to speak to him.

This joke was not lost on Aizen.
For the first time since his arrival in Hell he made a sound and laughed.
Using his vocal cords after such a long period of silence hurt... a lot.
He felt like his throat was tearing itself apart under the strain of work but he didn't mind.
He needed that laugh.

After finally collecting himself he cupped his hands together and raised a handful of corpse dust to his face.
He wanted to analyze it. He wanted to see the extensive amount of damage a soul can sustain before it crumbles.
Finally he had time to learn about this place, to figure out how it exactly works.
This sensation of wonder and discovery reminded him of his younger days when he still had things to learn.
He found the sensation oddly satisfying.

He then died again and again of malnourishment.
But after a while he did not even notice it anymore.
His research occupied his mind completely.
File: Hell's_Will.png (242 KB, 639x360)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Final level.

He can't remember how much time he spent on the fourth level.
He didn't care.
After thorough study of the composition of souls he hardly cared about anything anymore.
Now he just wanted to see what's at the bottom.

Much like the last two levels this one was also a place covered in fire and brimstone.
This was the place where the Kushanada were born. He just knew it.
This was also the place where the most vile scum of the earth was kept on a short leash.
The purpose of this level was singular: Destroy the soul.
And it showed.

His jailers greeted Aizen with great enthusiasm.
He never seen so many Kushanada in one place before.
He did not even know there were so many.

As they stomped closer and closer to him Aizen welcomed them with open arms.
The Kushanada raised its fist, ready to crush Aizens body and bones.
But it missed.

As odd as it looked the creature actually missed Aizen.
This pleased the togabito greatly.
With its hand embedded hard in the bedrock of Hell Aizen could walk up it easily.
Placing his hand on the skull of the Kushanada he slowly began caressing it.


"There there.
We all make mistakes sometime.
Seeping crest of turbidity.
Arrogant vessel of lunacy!
Boil forth and deny!
Grow numb and flicker!
Disrupt sleep!
Crawling queen of iron!
Eternally self-destructing doll of mud!
Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!

Around the head of Hells guardian a massive black box formed.
It not only cut it off from the rest of its body but also reduced it to nothingness with the sheer force of gravity.
As the Kushanadas corpse fell helplessly to the ground the others turned around and left the area.
They saw none of that. They did not even realize what was happening.
To them it looked like their brother hit his mark perfectly and with that they could move on to other tasks.

Aizen smiled and made his way to the headless carcass of his jailer.
He had work to do.
To transplant the very flesh of the Kushanada into himself.

But with that final memory flashing before him Aizen opened his eyes.
The men surrounding him looked at him in confusion.

"What's wrong Aizen?"
The King of the Quincy asked him.
"A bit taken back by this divine view?"
He pointed at the Soul King Palace.

Forgive me.
I was just lost in thought."

"Well it matters not.
Are you coming or not?"

With this our business is concluded.
You brought me back, I opened the way here with the Oken I made in Hell.
From this point onward our paths diverge."

"Then what will you do now if you don't mind me asking?"

Aizen sat down.
I have some unfinished business to take care of."

Yhwach smiled.
"As you wish.
Well... good luck with that."

Omake #1: THE END
That's not the omake you promised, where's my lesbian lol- I mean totally consensual and not underage yuri?
This was a very good omake
File: 1d5.jpg (33 KB, 600x646)
33 KB

Rukia is not really an option buuuuuut....

Female shinigami abusing a loli.....

I think I have an idea.........................................................................................................................................................................................................
Guys I'm sacred.
I-is it Momo? Nanao? Nemu?

Normally black hair isn't my favorite but SS is a chink fest desu.
Amateur. It's obviously Kiyone. Or Ran'Tao since the bounts are canon. Could even be Shino since Ywach is canon.
>Ran'Tao or Shino
No thanks, I'm good. For different reasons but still nah.
My friend, this is what is known as shitposting. No one even knows who those two are without looking them up.

Who really knows what the future holds in store? Besides, there are other shiggydiggy chicks. Like Izuru or Shuhei. Because those two bitches certainly ain't manly men, no fighting spirit those two. Yumichika however is 3000% man.
>No one even knows who those two are without looking them up
You underestimate my power.
I am disappointed that you don't suggest best girl.
Not even the best Kotetsu.
Anon, how can your taste be so poor?
Isane is tall with short hair and broad shoulders, you're pretty gay if you like her.
You're pretty short if you don't like her. Damn manlets. You know how hard it is to find attractive tall chicks? And I don't mean your shitty 5'10" "tall". And shit, she's still only just over six feet, she isn't even that tall.
You seem to be missing the point anon.
This anon knows whats up
>He doesn't like tall women he must be a manlet
So this is the mental gymnastics of the average homosexual.

>she's still only just over six feet, she isn't even that tall
That's tall for a woman, no matter where you are.
You need to wear heels to get on the rides at amusement parks, don't you?
No, and thankfully I've never had a lumbering Frankenstein for a girlfriend.
How many bricks do you need to reach the pedals in the car? Two? Three? You've never had the pleasure of a finely honed machine of a woman then.
File: Degurekek.gif (69 KB, 250x250)
69 KB
>finely honed machine of a woman
>Over 5'6
A woman should be able to fit into luggage relatively easily.
That's called flexibility m'boi. You'd be surprised at how much someone can compress their body if they regularly stretch.
Without having to do gymnastics stretches, I mean.

It helps though, flexibility is never a bad thing.
I would say
>not wanting to force your girl into yoga sex
But it ain't all it's cracked up to be.
What are your top three Bleach girls anon? I bet they're shit.
They are shit. Or are they?

Unohana, Momo, and Tier. All of which seem to have some affinity with stabbings. This is of course not just listing girls who have been the victims of brutal impalement. Not at all.

90% of Bleach girls are trash, really. Few of them are decent waifus outside of any personal sexual preferences an observer would have.
They're not shit but that's a pretty bizarre trio if I've ever seen one.
Seconding the bizarre. Though Tier is definitely top tier at least.

Added bonus with the Tres Bestias.
File: 195Verruga.png (168 KB, 540x350)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Omake #2: A prayer

The sound of heavy iron clashing against metal and stone reverberated throughout Silbern.
Squads of Quincy fired their weapons at the charging monster to no avail.
Like a wounded boar, angry and relentless, the hollow charged them as it shrugged off shot after shot like it was nothing
Only the heavy artillery managed to slow it down in any way and even that barely managed to put a dent in him.
The frail little humans did not know what to do.

Meanwhile Nnoitora felt like a child in the shooting gallery.
Flailing widely he managed to send entire groups of Quincy flying off into the distance with each individual blow.
He was enjoying himself so much that it made him feel generous and instead of chopping them in half like trees he instead hit the humans with the back end of his scythes.
Because his Resurrección doesn't have that big of a drain on his stamina he's been fighting like that for hours now and he was still in prime fighting condition.

Joyfully he screamed as the enemy slowly realized that running away is the smart thing to do in this situation.

"If you say so Nnoitora."

The little arrancar tailing his companion sighed.
He's been specifically instructed by Nnoitora to not use Resurrección so he doesn't give the quincy a bigger target.
But with that came the sad fact that he was of little use in combat and instead he was relegated to the role of support, using the shield part of Verruga to protect Nnoitoras blind side.
In exchange the larger of the two was covering his partner with his 6 arms.
Little did they know that their fun was about to end.

Quickly looking up in surprise Nnoitora let go of one of his weapons and reached for his friend with an open hand.
He screamed as the projectile landed in his open palm.

The terrified little arrancar asked.

"Looks like somebody wants to die..."
Nnoitora responded as he shook the numbness out of his hand and then slamming it into the ground and activating Pesquísa in the process.
Within moments he found out the assassins position but funnily enough it was a pointless exercise as he revealed himself anyway.

"You got good aim for someone without depth perception."
Bazz-B stepped out from behind a tree and started gloating.
"What's wrong? Are you angry that I aimed at your boyfriend?
Or is my fire too hot for your "iron skin" to handle?"

Nnoitora hesitated for a moment there but quickly he cracked a smile at the quincy.
"Wow... I've never seen someone dig their own grave with such enthusiasm before!"
But there was some truth in what the Sternritter said.
Despite his Híerro being the strongest there is it still was not perfect.
Though harder than steel it was still organic tissue and as such it was both a pretty good conductor for heat and flammable.
That little blast may not have done much but it still hurt a fair bit and it made Nnoitora nervous.
If a stronger attack landed in a more vulnerable spot he could suffer some serious internal damage.

So with a sigh he made a quick decision.
Get out of here.
I want this guy all to myself.
Don't get involved."

"Right Nnoitora."
Hesitant at first Tesra eventually gave in to his partners demands and removed himself from danger while the mantis was busy cracking his neck.

"Tell me Quincy... do you have a name?
Or are you happy with the word "Cunt" written on your tombstone?"

Arrogant little bitch ain'tcha?
I'm Bazz-B. Just so you know the name of the guy that will put you down."

Stopping for a moment Nnoitora let out a soft chuckle.
"Oh I'm gonna enjoy this!"
Then after lowering his posture a bit he started reguating his breathing and his aura sharpened drastically.

Still sporting his typical grin he kicked off from the ground and in the blink of an eye closed the distance between him and the quincy with the big mouth.
Bazz couldn't say the word "Fast" quick enough and found himself staring directly into the single eye of the ferocious arrancar.
Extending 4 of his fingers immediately he activated his H - The Heat and created a flaming greatsword around his arm.
The clash between them was swift and powerful, sending out a shockwave in a circle around them.
However as his arm got knocked aside Bazz realized the direness of his situation.

While he could reasonably counter 2 maybe 3 of the enemies arm with one hand that still left 3 others that could each kill him.
So for the first time in a good while he had to raise his other hand as well.
With two blades on the ready the Sternritter could reasonably stand up to the advancing hollow...
Or so he thought.

Seeing his opponent brandishing multiple weapons as well excited Nnoitora even more, turning a boring but satisfying fight into much more.
Quickly he ramped up the speed of his attacks.
He went from 6 hits per second to 12 then 24 and then 48.
As he became a spinning whirlwing of metal and death Bazz quickly got overwhelmed and his injuries started mounting.
At first it was but one small cut then there was another and another and another until his coat was torn to shreds and his torso was bleeding profusely.
If it weren't for his Blut Vene he'd already be dead.

In his desperation he raised his leg and shouted.
But as he brought down his feet he felt the arrancar kick it with full force.
File: bleach__nnoitra.jpg (135 KB, 1024x721)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Nnoitora laughed as the Sternritters leg made a satisfying crunch when his bones shattered.
As Bazz winced in pain Nnoitora pulled one of his scythes back and then thrust it forward, hitting the quincy square in the chest and sending him flying after crushing a few of his ribs.

Bazz hit a nearby wall with enough force to bring the whole structure down.
As the building collapsed on top of him he thanked the stars under which he was born for the fact that the arrancar hit him with the blunt end of his weapons, otherwise he'd be dead by now.
With a burst of reiatsu he freed himself from the debris and attempted to stand up with his one intact leg.
Realizing that he severely underestimated his opponent he quickly started looking for a way out.
And when he looked around for a bit he found it...

Raising his hand and forming a gun with it he took aim at Nnoitora.
"Burner finger! 1!"
But as he fired he quickly brought his arm to the right and fired at Tesra instead.

Seeing the crimson beam dart past his head Nnoitora quickly turned around in horror in an attempt to scream.
But before he could he saw his companion raise his weapon in anticipation and activating his shield.
The shot of molten lava collided against the barrier and came to a crashing halt.
He screamed.

Sighing with relief the one eyed arrancar returned his gaze at his opponent.
Quickly he let go of two scythes on each side and looked at the Sternritter with hatred.
"You're dead..."
He spoke softly and began dashing towards the quincy.

Seeing his plan fail Bazz had to get desperate and extended his hand forward after stopping his Burner Finger 1.

The spiral of flame headed towards Nnoitora who did not bother to dodge it.
Jumping straight into the attack he endured the intense heat off it for several seconds until he got into range.
Grabbing his remaining two scythes with two additional hands each he prepared for his counter attack within the burning tornado.
With one swing he created a wind powerful enough to not only cut the blazing inferno in half but to blow it away.

Then with the second one he swung at the Quincy... and he missed.
Bazz looked at the scythe flying past him and behind his back.
In that instance he was glad his opponent lacked depth perception... until he realized how scythes actually work.
He felt death creeping up on him as Nnoitora began pulling his weapon back.

It was only due to luck that Bazz did not die then and there with his spine cut in half.
Turns out that there was another person observing the fight.
Robert Accutrone carefully watched things unfold from afar and when he saw Bazz about to lose he used his Schrift and teleported next to him before taking the young and very foolhardy Sternritter away from danger.
For a while he cursed at the elderly quincy for butting in on his fight but he was secretly very thankful that the old geezer saved his hide.

Omake #2: THE END
File: Bambietta.png (465 KB, 1024x530)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
Omake #3: The other side

Silbern: The Holy City of the Quincy.
After the initial engagement with the shinigami:

"Wow we rocked!"
Bambietta is in a cheerful mood as the various Sternritter gather around in the mess hall.
"And we nicked so many Bankai too!
What did you guys get?
I got a giant one!"

"Not going to lie, I got a pretty nice ice dragon."
Cang Du added to that.


"I got a frikkin' thundercloud that shoots lightning!"

Then Äs Nodt entered the room, looking even more creepy than usual.
"I got... fucking flowers!
T-They are pink... I like pink..."

"Well we got a good haul then!
His Majesty will surely reward us!
Unlike certain others!"
She added to her last sentence snarkily while pointing at a Sternritter sitting far away from the others.

Siegfried Krieger, otherwise known as Sternritter Δ.
Ever since his promotion to the illustrious rank most of his now fellow Sternritter have been looking down at him, considering him lower in the hierarchy because of his unusual designation.
Which makes him the same as-

"Hey there best buddy!"
Another man sat down beside him and Krieger sighed.



Raising his rifle Krieger blew the head off of Shaz Domino without hesitation.
"If you talk to me one more time I swear to His Majesty I'll find a way to kill you for good."

"Awww don't be like that!"
Shaz spoke as his head reformed itself automatically.

Ever since Siegfrieds induction to the Sternritter Shaz has been obsessed with him.
Perhaps he viewed the newcomer as a kindred spirit, a Sternritter outside the Sternritter.
But to Krieger this was a horrible arrangement.
Not only was he practically an outcast amongst his fellows but he was grouped up with the one reject everybody hates.

However as Shaz was busy pestering Siegfried and in turn Krieger was busy murdering Domino another figure stepped into the picture.
Stepping on the table with her thigh high boots Bambietta stared down at the two with a contemptuous grin.
"So... how many Bankai did you two steal?"
She looked at Shaz and couldn't hold back her laughter.
"Hmmm... unlikely. You couldn't even take out a fly if your life depended on it."
Then she turned her attention to Siegfried.
"How about you then you miserable excuse for a Quincy?"

Not caring much about her Krieger took out his notebook and stared at it intently while answering.

"Really? Why am I not surprised?"

"Mainly because I'm not dumb enough to get in range for the enemy to attack me.
And... as I recall this miserable excuse for a quincy once beat you and your entire entourage."

That struck a nerve with Bambietta.
A vein in her forehead was clearly visible as it throbbed hard.
In her fit of rage Bambietta snatched the book out of Kriegers hand and shouted.


But then Bambietta glanced at the book and she froze in place.
Four vertical lines crossed out by a fifth one adorned the page.
But not just one of them. Row after row, page after page the small handbook contained nothing but tally marks.
And quite a lot of them.

It didn't take her too long to figure out just what those lines meant.
And soon her suspicions were confirmed.

"Seeing you becoming so good at EXTERMINATE-ion is enough to make my optic sensors glitch out Krieger."

"Thanks BG-9."

Suddenly a cold shiver ran down Bambiettas spine.
Even for a cold hearted killer like her seeing such numbers was quite horrifying.
Carefully putting down the book onto the table, she went back to her fellows.
When she was asked what just happened to her she ordered the others to shut up.

As she left however a new figure appeared.
"What was that about?"

Oh... you're the new guy."

He nodded.
"Ishida Uryu."
Krieger furrowed his brows after hearing his name.
"May I take a seat?"

Siegfried hesitated before allowing the boy to sit.
He then returned to his notebook and the maintenance of his gun.

"So... I'll ask again.
What was that about?"

"Just some bad blood."
Krieger responded.
"And you'd do better to leave.
Associating with us is a quick way of making enemies."

"Thanks I'll keep that in mind.
But I already feel a lot of animosity towards me, so I don't care that much."
Uryu then paused for a moment.
"What's in that book?
Seems important."

"You don't want to know..."

"I believe I do."

Sighing Krieger tossed it onto the table for the Ishida boy to pick up.
He hesitated for a moment before opening it up to see what's inside.
When he finally made up his mind he immediately regretted it.
He felt scared just looking at all the marks in that notebook.
He theorized that if all these were scratched into that sniper rifle instead then the gun would have no clean surface on it.

"A-Are these all-"

Mostly. Some hollows are in there as well."

"And... you don't feel anything doing it?"

I feel plenty of stuff.
The smell of gunpowder, the kick of every shot.
I am perfectly aware of what I'm doing.
But I'm just following my orders. The decree of His Holyness."
Later the two of them parted ways after discussing philosophy a little bit.
However once Uryu left the scene Krieger made his way to the Grand Master himself.
After he was granted an audience he knelt down before Haschwalth.

"Grand Master..."

"Sternritter Delta.
What brings you here?"

"That newcomer.
From clan Ishida."

"Oh... him.
What about him?"

"What are His Majesties intentions with him?"

"That is none of your concern."


"Your task remains the same as always Sternritter Delta.
Nothing more.
Now if you have nothing else to discuss then please leave.
We still have a lot of work to do."

"As you wish."

As Haschwalth turned around Krieger stood up and left the room.
However when he exited he was caught by someone he did not expect.


"Well well well...
What have we here?
Snitching to the Grand Master about Bambietta bullying you?"

And tell your friend that if she hates me this much at least she could be less pathetic by spying on me herself."

"She's not my friend.
Do you think just because we both have vaginas suddenly we are all buddy buddies?
So... if you weren't here about Bambi then... was it the Ishida boy that tickled your imagination?"

Krieger rose his eyebrow at that.
"You too?"

Something smells fishy to me.
He showed up out of nowhere and immediately he's getting preferential treatment.
I don't like it."

"And you're telling me this because?"

"Because unlike those other jackasses I couldn't care less about your designation.
I care about brains and you seem to have some.
Now what do ya say? Shall we join forces to unravel this mystery?"

Siegfried scoffed at that.
"Don't kid yourself Berenice.
I do not need your help."

"Well if you changed your mind... you know where to find me."

Omake #3: THE END
File: 1510063088444.jpg (52 KB, 409x535)
52 KB
I'm not surprised at this kill count, to be honest.
You ever see what a .50 cal does to a human body? Practically need only one round to tear someone in half.
I imagine that's why they are called "Anti material".
Now that might be soldier lingo for dense stuff but I like interpreting that as "If it exists this fucks it up"
Anti-materiel, actually. It's French, materiel refers to military material and equipment.
So anti-materiel is a weapons platform designed to disable or destroy military hardware, rather than the personnel.

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