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The Hunter Association is an organization of the best and brightest humanity has to offer who protect the people, knowledge, culture and the natural world.To become a Hunter, one must pass a test known as the Hunter Exam.

The Hunter Exam is a test that happens once every year, it is known to be one of the most difficult and dangerous test ever conceived.

Back-Breaking Physical tests paired along with Complex and Unconventional mental tests which are all conducted under extreme environmental conditions, which is all done in order to find even one person with the skills to survive the intense physical pressure.

Those who pass the test are shown to be the best warriors and survivalists known to human kind. Passing the exam gives them a Hunter License, proof of their prowess and accomplishments.

This license gives them access to 90% of the entire world, 75%access to restricted places in the world, free use of all public utilities, almost 0 legal consequences for murder and most importantly, A lifetime of wealth and fortune.

However, the morality rate of the Exam known to go as high as 90% with a pass rate of 1 out 10,000 contestants ever passing the Exam every 3 years. Despite this, Thousands upon Tens of thousands of men and women still enter for even the smallest chance at winning the title of Hunter. Whether this be out of insatiable greed, heroic honor or outright desperation.
In the Hunter Exam, the only thing that matters is the need to win and the strength to do it.


https://youtu.be/_uQ3zOQt_p8 [Embed]

Quest Archive:


Combat rules:

>Last time of Hunter x Hunter quest

Derrick awakens from a strange dream after being escorted by Noell and Florette to the objective. After awakening, he chooses to (Reluctantly) thank his impromptu Saviors for their assistance. Afterwards, he has a chance encounter with Rea, who has been missing for more than 6 hours, only to find out that she doesn’t know who he is.

He decides to chase after her, only for her to threaten him with strange questions and nearly kill him for approaching her. However, he’s saved by a man named Augustus Landon who stops Rea before she is capable of Slitting Derricks Throat. After a quick talk with his (Second) Savior for the day, Derrick goes to the Carlton Twins, who inform him of something strange going on in the exam.

A few minutes later, the train whistle blows and signals for the aspiring hunters to board it to have a train ride before they reach the Hunter Exam. But Before Derrick can board the Train, he and 7 others are called to stay outside to be told of a ‘special’ event they would be participating in.

He is told that he and 7 others will have to participate in a Cowboy moviesque live show, where they will have to separate into teams of 4 and battle each other for a prize that will aid them in first stage of the Hunter Exam.

Derrick and the others then spend the next 2 hours preparing and learning about each other before it was time for The Show. They have now been gathered and given a chance to plan and ready themselves for this grand show!

Just a few more minutes before the Greatest Show on the Planet begins…

And so, the adventure continues….!
You don’t have much time now. It’s been about 10 minutes since you and everyone else have been gathered at this Booth in the first car and started planning. After a majority vote, you were practically forced into the position of leader where you now have the responsibility of distributing roles and places for all your teammates to go with for this show.

This wouldn’t be too difficult on its own, after all, it wouldn’t be the first set of people you’ve lead into a death trap….

But considering just how large your battlefield is, suddenly things don’t seem so simple anymore. This Train is colossal, with more than 90 cars being tugged along by that beast of a train engine towards the Hunter Exam site. If Noell’s Deduction is to be trusted, then the Robbers should be headed toward Cargo Cars on the Other side of the Train now, which gives you both time to plan and move people around before they can do anything.

Your objectives are to protect the passengers of the train while also keeping the ‘Cargo’ safe, which is a piece of cloth with a weird design on it. You’ve already gotten a few ideas on how to do this.

Like throwing the Cargo in your room and locking the door, or tearing it into 4 pieces and giving each one to your teammates so they would have to beat all of you to steal the Cargo. You even thought of decoupling the train so that Robbers couldn’t reach the passengers at all.

You ran each one by Sheldon, for the first one he said, “You can put it anywhere you like, you don’t need to carry it. But I should warn you, while other passengers can’t access your room, that doesn’t mean you’re the only that has permission.”

When you asked him what he meant by that, he just wagged his finger and gave you another lecture on spoilers.

The second was immediately shot down, when you asked for a reason, he said, “I know it’s just a piece of cloth. But Ami spent a whole week learning how to sew just to make that flag for all of you. I will never allow my precious sister’s effort to go to waste, so you better forget any ideas involving the destruction of the cargo you’re supposed to be protecting.”

It was a cool idea, but you kinda knew that would be the answer. The last one didn’t even get a verbal response. Sheldon just gave you this look that told you that he would sooner throw you off the train himself then let you mess with it…

Those were only a few of the ideas you had, you still have some more time to get a plan together before the show begins. However, you shouldn’t think too hard, in your experience, no matter how perfect the plan, how great the tactician, there will always be un-foreseen events that will cause the entire thing to go belly-up.

With that said, time to work your brain.
Now I must wait for everyone to file in.

Sorry to be late. Now then...

>It’s time to plan! There will be sections like this quite a bit throughout the quest where you will have plan for a major event or try or complete a mission given by the Hunter Organization (Or otherwise). During these sections, you will have a cast of characters that will have to be given a role*(A specific task or set objectives for that character) and a team*(Characters that will aid other characters in completing their role, but might have a different role than they do).

>Every character is assigned a role and a team for a given mission. There are no strict guidelines on how you setup your teams, you can have multiple characters handle one objective, but each character can have a different role, split people into pairs and each give them one role and objective, or even send characters off on their own, if you think they’re badass enough to solo any task you give them.

>There are no guidelines as to how to setup your team and the QM will not tell you any details you don’t already know, so don’t ask for any hints or tips as you’ll get nothing of the sort. You can pair anyone together based on whether you feel like they would work well together, or because you want to see them butt heads like a pair of horny Moose, it’s up to the will of the majority.

>Each character has a different set of traits, weapons, relationships with other characters and unique personality quirks that determine how they act with specific roles and teams, these stats are collectively known as Talents. A characters Talents are used to determine which roles they should be placed in and what kind of teams they work best with.

>For example, Noell possess the personality quirk: Lonely Boulevard. This quirk makes it so that Noell works far better when he’s alone and causes trouble when you put him on a team with anyone else. In most cases, that would mean it’s more beneficial to just give Noell a role and leave him to do it himself.

>However, you must bare in mind that Noell also possess the Close-range Specialist trait which makes him a master of close-range weapons of any type but also makes it so he has no form of long to medium-ranged attack, making him weak against long distance opponents. This means pairing him with Florette whom posses the, long-range expert trait, would make up for his weakness but lead to in-fighting among the team.
>During the planning sections, you will be given a list of the characters available to you, a list of roles that need to be filled and a list of objectives that need to be completed. Once every role has been filled and every team formed, there will be one last vote to decide if the majority is okay with the teams presented and then the planning section will move onto to the action section.

>The Action section is much simpler, you go into battle with the teams and roles you’ve chosen and hope that everything doesn’t go horribly wrong. If a character dies because of your terrible decisions, you can only hope those closest to them can find it in their hearts to forgive you…or at the very least, not kill you in your sleep...
Character list

Noell Cromwell

Age: 23

Height: 5’11”

Titles: 72nd prince to the Brenho Empire, Resident Edgelord

Weapons: Long saber/(N/A)


Close range-specialist: A master of every form of close combat, can use any close-range weapon at its maximum potential at the cost of having no training with ranged weaponry.

Soldier of Brenho: Has sworn an oath and been disciplined to never use or train with any form of ranged weaponry, even at the cost of their own lives.

Strategic Fighter: A Combat Tactician who has experienced enough real battles to strategize in the middle of a fight.

Impatient Warrior: Hates drawn out fights, tends to go for the kill and end a fight as quickly as possible regardless of the situation. Lower combat stamina and weakness to deceptive foes.

Unique Trait* Textbook Sociopath: Has trouble feeling empathy or strong emotions towards others. Prevents him from panicking under stress, but makes him prone to making cold or heartless decisions in combat. (Unique Traits are very rare or Character specific traits that can be both harmful and helpful to a Character in battle.)

????(Unknown Trait)

Personality quirk*: Lonely Boulevard: Works much better when paired on his own, tends to make trouble or cause stress when put in a team. (These are completely unique traits that define a character’s personality)

Relationships: * (This is a list detailing how well the characters get along as a team and how nicely they get along outside the battlefield. These can be improved during times of respite and help with determining which characters to team them up, or keep them away from. The relationships are ranked on a scale, the starting number is almost always 0((No relationship/Unestablished bond)) and can go as high as 5((Life-long confidant)) to as low as -5((Eternal Enemies)). These relationships can change quickly, so don’t get attached to any specific pairs or teams as you never know when it might all fall apart. There will be a short description of text beside each relationship, detailing the Character’s thoughts on the person.)

Derrick Holums:0/5, Generally seen as an annoyance or pest in any given situation. However, he has proven himself to a competent fighter and a tenacious survivor, better than most of these idiots anyway.

Florette Rutland: 5/5, The head maid of your family and your personal assistant. She has helped you through as many terrible and dangerous situations as you have with her. You wish you could say better things about her, but she requested that you only criticize and insult her instead, her reasons for such a request are better left un-spoken…

Etheline Brooks:0/5, You’ve only just met her, and you can already tell she’ll be a massive pain in your neck. Her saccharine personality and apologetic attitude get on your nerves and you're not sure how's she has survived till now.
Florette Rutland

Height: 6’1

Age: 29

Titles: Cremox’s Strongest warrior, Head maid to the Royal family, Noell’s Doormat

Weapons: Martial Arts/Sniper rifle


Long-range expert: Has mastered the use of most ranged weaponry and can use any to its greater potential.

Defender of Cremox: The kingdom of Cremox is known for out-lasting their enemies rather then fighting them head on. Any fighter from the region has an abnormal amount of combat stamina and pain resistance.

Meat-shield: Has a tendency to take damage in place of their teammates.

Clumsy: Has problems when it comes to handling complex tasks or roles and will usually screw-up or forget what their told.

???(Unknown Trait)

???(Unknown Trait)

Enduring fighter: Has chosen defense and resistance as their strongest attributes, this has given them the ability to take far more damage than the average human.

Personality quirk:???(Unknown)


Derrick Holums:0/5, An interesting fellow, you don’t really know anything about him personally, but you do know he has an abnormally strong will to survive and is an impressive fighter. He’s also one of the first persons to interact with young master Noell without any monetary incentives or otherwise, you’re sure that he and him could be great friends.

Noell Cromwell:5/5, The son of the 72nd king of Brenho and your master. Over the few years you’ve known him, he’s proven to be one of the most dependable, amazing people you know. You would do anything he asks of you, even die for him if need be. He may seem a little cold and mean at first, but he’s a great person underneath it all, you’re sure. Besides, you kind of like that side of him…

Etheline Brooks:0/5, A very sweet girl. You don’t know anything about her, but her reactions are very cute. But as cute as she is, you hope she didn’t come here thinking she could talk and hug her way out of every situation, there’s no room for sympathy in this fight.
Etheline Brooks

Height: 5’3”

Age: 19

Titles: Tech Princess, Queen of War Machines, Local Sweetheart

Weapons: Busted and Blue (Shock Baton)/???


Tech-wizard: Has mastered the use of advanced or complex weaponry and can use any to its full potential.

Engineer: Is Capable of upgrading or modifying other people’s weapons given sufficient time and spare parts.

Gadget-User: Has a plethora of tools and machines to match any combat situation.

Nervous-Wreck: Tends to break down or screw-up when put in tense or pressuring situations.

???(Unknown Trait)

???(Unknown Trait)

Tech-dependent: Without gadgets or advanced weapons, the user can become virtually useless in battle making their technology their greatest strength and weakness.

Personality Quirk: Do the Evolution, Etheline is a technological genius who has devoted her entire life to the advancement of machinery. She can repair and create any technology no matter how complex or time-consuming. She has an extreme love for the field of robotics, something her family is famous for.


Derrick Holums: 1/5, A cool guy who's as kind as he's dependable. You were kinda of afraid of him back when you first saw him at the Airport, but after that amazing speech, you quickly came to admire him and look to him for advice. You also owe him for abandoning him back in the Moonlight forest, a debt you intend to pay back.

Noell Cromwell:0/5, A good-looking but really depressing guy. The first time you met him, he was carrying Derricks’ blood-soaked body after finding him in the forest, not the best of introductions. And the first time you ever talked, he called you a flower-head, which sounded cute at first, but when you thought about, that’s actually a massive insult isn’t it! You certainly don’t hate him, but you could do without hearing his apathetic voice for a while…

Florette Rutland:0/5, A nice lady who’s wearing a maid outfit for some reason. You kinda just decided you would ignore her considering she seemed have her own business to take care of, but now you’re on a team with her. She seems to like Noell and even calls him ‘young master’ like he’s royalty or something, but he only responds to her with insults and a bad attitude. You feel so bad for her….
Derrick Holums

Height: 6’2”

Age: 24

Titles: Bouncer of the Drowned Sorrows bar, Wise man of war, Blondie

Weapons: Thunderstruck (Electroshock Gloves)/Compound Bow


Strategic Fighter: A Combat Tactician who has experienced enough real battles to strategize in the middle of a fight.

Street Fighter: Tends to fight using their environment to their advantage.

Unique Trait: Trigger-word: When Derrick hears a certain word or phrase, he will go into a blind rage and have his attack rolls boosted by a +20 bonus.

Strife-filled existence: Has suffered extreme stress and danger on a near daily basis and thereby adapts quickly to dangerous situations.

Deductive-fighter: Is capable of discerning enemy plans with little to no prior evidence, making them great for counter-strategizing.

Personality quirk: Painted Black, Due to a serve traumatic event caused by a certain individual, Derrick has had his very essence and personality painted Black. What this means however, even Derrick Himself doesn’t know…


Noell Cromwell:0/5, Annoying Emo who somehow keeps get involved with you despite both your mutual attempts at avoiding each other. You met back on the Airship while you were investigating that fake slasher murder and you’ve hated each other ever since. You gotta admit that he’s a pretty damn good fighter and seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulder. But all that is dwarfed by his toxic personality and strange sociopathic nature. If he really is a prince to a huge kingdom, you can only feel sorry for the poor fools who get ruled over by that sadsack of rotten tomatoes.

Florette Rutland:0/5, Interesting lady, seems to be working as Noell’s personal maid and gimp considering how much abuse she tanks from the cranky bastard daily. She and him saved your life from the Apex predator, so you don’t immediately dismiss her insane idea of you and Noell becoming friends, she seems to only want the best for the bastard like a nice older sister, but the only he gives her in return is verbal abuse and non-stop criticism for even the simplest of mistakes. You once questioned why he acted that way to her, which he answered by stating that he isn’t doing it because he wants to. Which confuses you greatly, if he isn’t doing it to be an ass, who asked him to…?

Etheline Brooks:1/5, One of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met, she’s a little strange at times and has a weird attachment to that metal warhorse she calls MUMA, but otherwise a great girl. She admires you for that stupid speech you gave and has promised to ally herself with you because of it. although how that promise is worth is up for debate. You have to yet to see her fight, but if her slaps and back-pats are anything to work off, she’s quite physically fit despite her frail demeanor. You only hope her nerves will be able to keep up with all that muscle.
>Now comes the objective list which details all the things that need to be done in order for the mission to be a success. The objectives are separated by three types, the first being known as Dire objectives and the second as optional objectives. And the third...will be revealed later.

>Dire objectives are the most important ones and should be done right away while optional objectives are basically side missions that aren’t necessary for the completion of the mission.

Objective list

Dire Objectives

>Protect the passengers for an hour and a half

>Protect the Cargo for an hour and a half

Optional Objectives

>Capture all robbers

>Not every objective needs to be completed to finish the mission, only Dire objectives have to be fulfilled to successful complete a mission and even then, sometimes it might be better to only complete a few mission objectives then just fail the other ones. Once again, use your own discretion.

>Completing Optional objectives can net you some sweet stuff or boost your reputation among your peers. But that means they're especially hard to complete but worth the extra effort.
>Next is the roles to be filled. Each role can have any number of people trying to complete it at once, but it’s best if you don’t assign anymore characters than 5 to a single role unless you feel that the role is extremely important or very likely to fail. Each role will have a set of strategies for the character(s) to follow.

>1st role: Cargo protector

>Assigned Characters: Noell


Send them to find a good location to hide during the fight

Disguise them and have them hide among the passengers

Give them a partner who they will switch the cargo with regularly

have them hide the Cargo in their rooms

>Write in

> 2nd role: Passenger Protector

> Assigned Characters: (N/A)


Rush the robbers head on and prevent them from reaching any of passengers.

Move the passengers to another car in order to control where the robbers go.

Stand guard at the area between the sleeper cars and the engineering labs to prevent them from reaching the passengers.


>This show isn’t very complex, so the strategies don’t need to be either. If you feel unsatisfied by any of the strategies presented, you can add your own. But in that case there are a few rules:

>1. it cannot be something that involves knowledge the character(s) do not posses (NO METAGAMING).

>2. It must be something the character(s) are physically capable of (You cannot ask Noell to activate his Nen and rekt the robbers asses as he does not have any Nen to use.)

>3. It must be approved by majority vote.

>That’s the end of my lengthy explanation, now get planning!
Holy shit god this is way more in-depth then i would've ever thought
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When I write something. I like to go all out.

I told everyone that we would really starting getting this quest going in this episode. Shit is about to start moving, fast.
You layed out everything pretty clear so i don't have too many questions but here are some i thought up
1. Is there a window in each room that we could open to climb on top of the train

2. Do relationships give us minus' or bonus' to rolls when working together or is it just how well they get along

3. Do we each get a rope and how big is it

4. And this is an unrelated question but last thread you mentioned Netero does that mean characters from the canon of hxh exist in this universe like gon or hisoka


2. Higher relationship status means better rolls and better effects, while lower relation means a negative effect for even attempting to work together. The higher or lower the relation, the greater the effect, depending on the team and relation, special things can happen during missions.

3 Yes and long enough to tie up someones arms and legs, hog-style.

4.Yes, most of the original characters from the Hunter x Hunter universe still exist. However, some might be a bit different than their original characters.
Ok cool. Here are some options I thought up and I wanna know what the everyone else thinks

1. Put Noell in a room and if someone tries to attack him then he'll have the advantage because the tight space makes range users less effective

2. Have noell still run but hide the cargo on someone else to trick then but this is kind of risky

I also like the disguise idea but for know I'll just try and throw out some ideas and see what everyone thinks before we make any choices
I also forgot to add that if it gets to bad he could escape through the window for the 1st plan
Thought of some more questions

1. What bonus does each rank in relationship give you

2. What bonus does lonely boulevard give noell for being alone

3. Can we move the passengers freely however we want or do we have to convince them

Sorry for not posting. I am just waiting for more people to appear as this cannot proceed without at least 3 other people coming on.

But in the mean time, I shall answer your questions.

1. Depends on the person, for some it just means better combinations in battle, for others, you'll get better stuff outside of battle. I won't tell you which is which though.

2. Lonely boulevard makes it so Noell is an almost unstoppable fighter because he doesn't have to worry about killing a teammate on accident. Despite his appearance Noell is quite the genius warrior.

3.You'll have to convince them, but it won't be very hard.
Ok thanks I'm also waiting for the others to show up because i wanna see their ideas before writing anything out it's a shame this quest doesn't have more participants its a real gem
Cargo protector: Noell
>Have him hide in someones room with the cargo and fight if anyone comes in. If thing's get to bad he can escape through the window

Passenger protectors: Everyone Else
>Stand guard at the area between the sleeper cars and the engineering labs to prevent them from reaching the passengers.
That's the plan I'm going with. Hopefully more people will vote

Woah. I've been waiting so long I almost forgot this was happening.

Since It seems no one else is coming, Guess That means this is the plan.

File: Noell Cromwell18.jpg (501 KB, 1024x1563)
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501 KB JPG
"Noell. Take the Cargo and head to your room." You state.

"So don't head to the roof? What if I get cornered or someone stops me before I get into the room?" He asks.

"If you get concerned, there should be a window that will let you escape to the roof and run to another car from there. I'm pretty sure that every car but the Cargo Cars and Engineering Cars have windows in them, use your own discretion to decide where you go from there."

"And if I get stopped on the way?" he asks again.

"Then you fight whoever you encounter or play a game of hide and seek with them. Doesn't matter, as long as they don't get the Cargo, we win." You explain.

"Understood." Noell nods his head and grabs the Cargo and slips it into his jacket.

"What about the rest of us?" Etheline asks.

"Guard Duty. There should way less passengers in the riding and lunch carriages right now. Most of them have gone to bed or run away because they heard the Carlton twins are having a show." You state.

"The people in their rooms don't count?" Etheline questions.

Sheldon chimes in, "The tasteless minority are of little matter to us. Anyone who won't enjoy a free show on a luxury train ride can disappear for all we care. Anyone who didn't stay in the riding or lunch carriages has no part in the show!" He explains.

"You say minority, but how many of the 5000 people riding this train actually struck around for the show?" Noell asks.

"...500." Sheldon reluctantly admits.

"A tenth of the original passengers pitied you enough to stay. If I ever want to ruin someones birthday party, I'll be sure to have you two on speed dial." Noell states.

Sheldon reels back in surprise, Noell speaks, "What? Not strong enough to handle a reality check, Mr. Terror Hunter?" He asks.

"No. I was just surprised you get invited to Birthday parties." He responds.
File: Thunderstruck.jpg (39 KB, 580x340)
39 KB
Noell opens his mouth to counter, but seems to give up when he realizes he's never been invited to a birthday party.

Florette puts a hand on his shoulder and speaks, "Don't worry young master Noell, even if you don't get invited to someone else's birthday, Me and all the other maids of the household will always celebrate yours alongside you. I will stand beside you always and give you any gift you desire." She explains, trying to comfort him.

"Great. For my next Birthday, I want your resignation form filled out in front of me." He states.

Florette shivers and goes quiet. Etheline looks very confused at the mention of 'maids' and 'households', you make a mental note to explain Noell and Florette's relationship to her later, even if you barely understand it yourself.

You continue,"Anyway, the rest of us are going to head up to area between the sleeper cars and the engineering labs to bottleneck the robbers. That way we can engage them before they even have a chance to enter the main area." You explain

"The between the labs and sleeping area? Where's that?" Etheline questions.

"Do you know about that long, narrow passage way you can head through to head the sleeper cars? I mean there." You state.

"Well I haven't been to the sleeper cars yet, I was a little caught in the project you gave me Derrick." She states.

"Speaking of which, where is that?" you ask.

"Oh! Don't worry, I finished them before we all got called here. Here you go." She explains before taking out a pair of metallic, chrome looking gloves and handing them to you.

>Received Thunderstruck gloves, They've been equipped as your close range weapon.

"What are those?" Florette asks in an intrigued tone.

Etheline is about to open her mouth to explain, but then she stops and looks at you. You quickly realize she's asking permission to tell Noell and Florette about your weapons.

You did make it quite clear to her that you didn't want anyone knowing about the tools and weapons you own. It would be terrible if you lost the element of surprise if someone hostile learned about it, or someone who talks too much.

Can you trust Noell and Florette? You don't have to worry about them spreading the info, Noell isn't chatty type and Florette seems like she can keep a secret. The real question is whether or not cluing them in on your weapons will bite you in the ass later down the road...

What will you do?

>Tell Them

>Don't tell them
A surprise Etheline whipped up for me.
I assume this means don't tell them?

I'd appreciate if you just cast a vote to options presented or present me an alternative via a write-in.
>Tell Them
Might as well its pretty simple and she's about to see it in action

>Hey guys! Check out my sweet-ass gloves.
You nod to Etheline and speak, "Not like I'll be able to hide It's effects during combat anyway. Go ahead and tell them, I need an explanation of it works too." you explain.

Etheline nods back and turns to Noell and Florette and starts explaining, "These gloves are known as Thunderstruck, they're a pair of highly advanced combat gloves that conduct and release electric energy." She begins.

"Conduct and release electric energy? So they're shock gloves, correct?" Florette questions.

"They're much more then just shock gloves. Derrick handed me his old pair and I gave them quite the massive make-over." She states.

"What does that mean?" you ask.

"Well your old gloves were classic pair of SAP gloves or weighted-steel gloves, the kind people use to negate the damage inflicted to themselves while punching, while also ensuring no loss in attack power themselves." She explains.

"I didn't want to completely change your weapons nature, so I took the concept and changed the materials around." She states.

"How much did you change?" you ask.

"Pretty much everything." She states

"I replaced the carbon-fiber layers with a sliver casing to conduct electricity all over your fingers and knuckles. There are various wires running through the glove to the sliver casing which activates in response to stimulus." She explains.

"Stimulus?" you question.

"Like punching someone in the face, or blocking a powerful kick. The shock is powerful, but it's only there while the stimulus is causing it to activate. Immediately after, it stops completely." She states.

"So it shocks as long as I can land the blow. That's pretty great, but won't these shock me if the wires come loose or something?" You ask.

"I changed the gloves material to rubber and insulted the wires in between the layers. As long as you don't punch yourself in the face, there should be no danger of you getting shocked." She explains.

"Great, but as far as I know, sliver is a pretty weak metal. I can knock plenty of teeth in with it, but my old gloves were strong enough to block bullets and stop knives with no danger to myself, guess that defense is gone." You state.

"That's where your wrong. You see that metal plate on top? That's made from a titanium alloy which can be used to block knives and even ricochet bullets!" She states confidently.

"What if can't move my hand in time and it catches the rubber part of the glove? Wouldn't it just pierce through and hit me?" you question.

"The rubber is tougher than it looks, but if it sustains too many slashes it will leave your skin open and may even screw up the wires underneath." She admits.
File: Etheline Brooks26.jpg (31 KB, 379x379)
31 KB
"Where did you get a titanium alloy? Isn't that some of the highest-grade stuff in military ballistics? Can't be easy to get your hands on." You ask.

"Huh? Is it that rare? We had tons of it back at the labs in Ethical Engineering HQ." She questions in return.

"Okay then Tech Princess. Commoners like me are amazed when they can even get their hands on a pound of high-quality steel, didn't know you could just carry around Titanium alloys in satchel like it's nothing special." You state sarcastically.

"Huh? Oh no no no, that's not what I was saying! Of course I couldn't just be carrying something like that around. They had all kinds of amazing materials in the engineering labs. When they said you could make weapons of mass destruction down there, they weren't joking!" Etheline exclaims.

"Why exactly are you guys handing a bunch of potential psychopaths the means to make dangerous weapons?" Noell questions Sheldon.

"We were informed to by the Chairman to do this. This kinda thing doesn't happen every year you know, we were told by the Chairman to supply the train with anything that we thought would make the Exam more 'Interesting' as he put it." He answers.

"So you're helping the examines murder each other because that's 'interesting'? And they call me Anti-social." Noell retorts dryly.

"While we were told to supply materials. We put nothing that was inherently lethal among them, very painful and possibly bone-breaking, yes. But not lethal." He answers

"And you wonder why no one watches your shows." Noell states.

You and Etheline ignore Noell and Sheldon as they begin their back and forth again, Etheline speaks, "Tech princess is a pretty great nickname, even though I think you were making fun of me." She states grumpily

"But wait, does that make you my cyber knight since you're using my equipment?" She asks smugly.

"I'll be your cyber knight or your cyber donkey if it nets me more awesome gadgets. Any other features I should know about?" you ask.

"Only one and it's the most important one, The electro-blast. The highly concentrated blast of energy which is almost guaranteed to stun whoever it hits!" She exclaims excitedly.

"To activate it, you just need to bring your thumbs together at the sliver casings." She says while pointing to the sliver parts of the thumb.

"There are a special pair of wires underneath each sliver casing that hold an insane amount of electricity, but it can only flow when connected in a circuit with the other wire." She begins.

"That circuit is the sliver casings on the thumb, so when they meet, the circuit completes and all the electricity will begin to concentrate into that point rapidly." She continues while demonstrating with her hands.

"Then you just have to release the circuit to cause the electricity to explode out in front of you! Creating a field of electricity in front of you, causing almost anything in a 5m radius to get a brutal shock." She finishes by clenching her fists.
Sorry to stop now guys. But work calls to me early in the mornings, That should be the last of the exposition posts there, so the fighting should begin tomorrow.

For now, have a good day.
And so we begin.

"So I can make an electric explosion so long as I can find a moment to twiddle my thumbs right? Great, and this has no drawbacks? No chance of my fingers randomly exploding right?" You ask just to be sure.

"The energy is sure to be released right in front of you, so as long as you don't use it in an extremely enclosed space or somewhere with lots of conductive materials, then you be in no danger, probably." She explains.

"That probably at the end there worries me slightly, but I'll take your word for it." You state with a nervous tinge to your voice.

"But even if these things end up blowing my fingers off, I'm still grateful that you went out of your way to make them for me. I can't imagine you didn't have other projects." You say as you stow away the gloves in your pockets.

"I already told you that I'm just returning the favor and I can always find more time to work on other things. It was quite fun to work on something I didn't come up with for once. This is my first time making something for a friend..." She states as she trails off.

"Friend?" You question.

"Oh! Sorry! Is it still too early for me to call you something like that? It kinda just slipped out.." She fumbles as she explains.

What will you say?

>It's fine, You've earned the right to call me that now.

>It's alright, I haven't quite got over what happened. But you're getting there

>Yeah, you've still got a ways to go before you've earned the right to call me that.
>It's fine, You've earned the right to call me that now.

File: Etheline Brooks14.png (349 KB, 800x666)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
"Don't worry about it. I think you've more then earned the right to call me that." You state.

Etheline gives a surprised and confused expression, you speak, "What? I thought you'd be happy to hear that from me." You ask.

"Oh! Yeah, yeah, I am happy about that. It's just that I didn't expect it to be so easy for me to get you to forgive me like that! I was kinda expecting you to tell me 'keep up that sweet talk and maybe you can get me to call you that too' or something." She says while scratching the back of her head.

"Is it that hard to believe that I might be a forgiving person? And no one said you were off the hook for what you did. I already said it would take more then some flattery and cool new toys to win back the trust you've lost." You explain.

"Oh..." She states sadly, "But If you still can't trust me, how can we be friends?" She asks.

"Well to call us true friends would be a bit of a stretch. But It's clear that you're at least making an effort. Even if we aren't true friends yet, just being good friends who can rely on each other is a good first step." You explain.

"So that means I've still got a ways to go before I can redeem myself. And here I thought I cleared my name..." She states in a wry voice.

"Is that frustrating?" You ask.

"Yeah. Yeah it is, but even so. It's not impossible right? As long as I know that, I'll keep working on it. Didn't I already tell you Derrick? I just love challenges!" She exclaims with a smile.

>20 points earned, relationship level 2 unlocked: True ally.

>Bonuses unlocked:

>You now get a +20 bonus to all team rolls with Etheline

>You can now have Etheline Develop new weapons and tools for you whenever she has a chance

>140 points till the next level.
"I'm glad to hear that." You state as a smile cracks across your face as well.

As you say that, you hear the sound of static and then the sound of someone clearing their voice before speaking, "Hello, Good passengers of this train. We're so sorry for the delay, but our preparations are now complete." Ami voice plays over the intercoms.

"Looks like times up" Noell states with a determined expression.

You don't respond, but you and everyone else in booth become a little more tense as Ami continues, "The show begins as soon as this message ends. Tonight, we will be re-enacting a train robbery where our actors are none other then a set of eight aspiring hunters who will be fighting with their chances in the exam and even their lives on the line. The sheriffs who have been tasked with the protection of this train will be battling the robbers who aim to steal the cargo and kidnap the passengers." She explains to the passengers.

"Yes. Even you, the passengers watching this spectacle will be a part of this show, we've taken measures to ensure the robbers don't do any permanent damage to you, but don't come crying to us if you end up with a few extra bruises, just think of it as more reason to blame the sheriffs for not doing enough to protect you."She states in an attempt to put more pressure your group.

Most of you brush it off, but you swear you can see a cold sweat drip from Etheline's forehead. Ami continues, "You can expect this show to be one of danger and action, hardship and competition, perseverance and Hope! Both teams face the possibility of a despairing defeat even death! Even so they walk forward to fight, that kind of bravery is something that can only be found in the hearts of Heroes, survivors and maybe even Hunters." She proclaims.

"So, for those heroes, survivors and Hunters of tomorrow, I have one question..." She trails off for dramatic effect.

"Are you ready for The Greatest Show on The Planet?"

With that, the intercom cuts off and Sheldon speaks up, "That's your cue heroes. Get moving." He says with a smile.

You and the others don't even waste a second on moving out. Noell takes the lead as he'll be going off on his own and has to reach the sleeper cars before the robbers do.

Considering he'll be dashing way ahead of the rest of your group, you'll just have to hope his sword skills are great as he makes them out to be if the robbers cut him off half way.

It probably won't even take the robbers more then 3 minutes to cross all the way through the trains and reach your area.

That means you all have about 2 minutes to set up your ambush. Everyone else realizes this, as you all begin to dash to the exit and move quickly through the train cars in order to make your way to the 25th car.

You all easily clear the first 15 cars in a matter of a minute, during which, you realized that all the passenger seem to have moved up and occupied the the first 10 cars.

Sure is great that Sheldon and Ami have such a terrible reputation among the examines, it would have been impossible to defend all 5000 hunters at the same time.

You hit 20th car before something occurs. Suddenly Florette stops dead in her tracks and stares at the window beside of her, you and Etheline stop as well, you speak first, "What's wrong? We're in a rush here ya know. Did catch some nice scenery or something?" You question her in a hurried voice.

"...." Silence is her only response.

"Um, Is everything alright Florette? What are being so quiet for?" Etheline asks in a concerned voice.

"...." Once again, she remains silent and tense as she stares at the window beside her.

"Okay. Now you're just creeping me out. Did you have a stroke or something? We have an ambush to set-up! Get moving." You command in an impatient voice.

"Both of you. Run ahead." She suddenly commands.

"What? Why?" You ask.

She quickly takes a battle stance and jumps back, "I SAID GET MOVING!" She shouts in a voice you've never heard her in speak in before.

"Why are you shouting at us? What's wro-" Etheline didn't even get to finish her sentence before it happened.

In an instant, lights in the train car flickered off and suddenly you were surrounded by Darkness. "What!?" you shout as you jerk back from the sudden loss of light.

Then, two windows smash open and you hear someone jump into the room and begin to run around.

You instinctively take a guard stance and ready yourself for the surprise.

>Roll 1d100-10 to react properly
Rolled 82 - 10 (1d100 - 10)


> 2 points less and you would have lost a leg.

Holy shit really
File: Spoiler Image (13 KB, 633x349)
13 KB
You have no idea what's happening and things are moving to fast for you to analyze what's even going on. So you simply choose to abandon thought and rely on pure reflex.


You waste no time as you pull your gloves from your pocket and put them on. You lower yourself into a perfectly balanced stance and close your eyes.

Your eyes had yet to adjust to the darkness and since it's a cloudy night, there's virtually no light in the room. Thus using your eyes is pointless, you need your ears to hear what's happening.

In the span of a few seconds, you hear the sound of one person dashing across the car, heading straight for the door leading to lunch cars, that must be the robber, whoever it is.

You begin to move towards them, but then you hear the sound of another set of footsteps dashing over to them and starting a skirmish with them.

You can't tell if that's Florette or Etheline, But they seemed to have stopped the robber's advance. After a few seconds of punches being exchanged, one of them is knocked back and begins to dash around again.

The sound of dashing footsteps rushing towards you at a insanely fast speed. You bring your arms up to defend your vitals, but that's when you hear a SHING sound slip from the assaulting figure.

The attacker has a knife! you change your defensive stance to a parry stance, as you catch an extended arm that was aiming at your left leg. You attempt to put an a hand on their elbow and twist their arm.

But the attacker is swift and flexible, they move with your arms and jump up and latch onto your extended arm using their weight to pull you towards the ground. With the agility of a monkey they maneuver themselves just below you as you fall, causing you to land on their legs which they then use to throw you across the room.

You go barreling through the air and barely manage to recover as you roll on landing and correct yourself into a combat stance again.

As you recover, you open your eyes just in time to see the lights finally return and your sight lands on the bastard who nearly cut your leg off.

Your eyes widen in surprise as you lay eyes on your business suit clad attacker. She crouches in the center of the car, in a stance that allows her to dash and attack on either ends of the car she wishes to.

You recognize everything about her, barring that glaring red hair that reminds you of the stark difference between the woman you once knew.

You can't help but blurt out her name, "Rea!"
The sound of her name causes her to quickly shift her head to face you. You are once again met with that murderous gaze in her eyes. Those unfiltered wells of despair.

She doesn't say a word, but she doesn't need to. That glare tells you everything you need to know. That sneak attack was her attempt to incapacitate one of you using the ballistic knife she in her right hand and escape to kidnap the passengers.

Shit! You were so focused on ambushing the robbers that you never thought of them using the roof to sneak up on you. Going for the bottleneck strategy was a bad move.

You take a moment to look around, you notice that you were thrown near Florette, it seems she was the one fighting Rea in the dark. Meanwhile, Etheline dashed off to the other side of the car and it looks like she was hugging the wall to make sure she didn't get attacked from behind.

That was a good move, now we have both her exits blocked. However something else is bothering you at the moment, Where the hell are the rest of her teammates?

Did she seriously come alone? You don't see anyone else in the car, so where did the rest of the robber team go?

Before you have the chance to start thinking, Florette speaks, "Do you happen to know this lady, Mr.Derrick?" Florette asks as she stands combat ready in tae-kwon-do stance.

"Yeah. Well, at least I thought I did. She used to be a friend of mine." You answer.

"Do your friends always carry around knives and attempt to stab people in the dark?" She questions.

"Unfortunately, yes." you answer.

"Well then I hope your relationship will not impede you in stopping her. She nearly slit my throat five different times in that last exchange. She's dangerous." She states.

"Really? Damn it." You curse.

"What are we to do? There's three of us and one of her. Do we proceed with the plan or attempt to take her down here? What is your choice leader." She asks.

How do you attack?

>Ignore her, stick to the plan and seek out the other robbers.

>Attack her all together, she can't take all three of you on at once.

>Send someone to seek out and find the other robbers while someone else stays and fights.

>Send both Etheline and Florette away and fight Rea yourself.

>Attack her all together, she can't take all three of you on at once.
We might have to use the the thunder burst thing now I'm gonna call it "Shockwave" because that sounds cool

>Three-for-one special!

>Roll 1d100+30 to team attack.

Rolled 6 + 30 (1d100 + 30)

Rolled 5 + 30 (1d100 + 30)


Now there's the shitty rolls we all know and love!

Wanna wait on a third? Or accept this result?
Actually didn't you say we could have 1 person reroll in a previous thread
Here it is
Whoza, you even found the exact post.

Well then fine. You may re-roll and see if lady luck is kind!
Rolled 50 + 30 (1d100 + 30)

Thank you you're a kind god
I'll take an 80 over a 35 or 36 anyday

>Rolled 80

>So close you can almost taste the bitter defeat.
File: Derrick Holums23.jpg (125 KB, 500x733)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

"We can take her out here. We just have rush her and corner her. Then we can move on to her other teammates." You order.

"A team attack then? Understood. Should I assume we're going for a pincer attack as well?" She asks.

You nod and say, "Try and play hit-and-run with me. Every time I land a strike switch with me."

"What of Ms.Brooks?" She asks.

"She's got the best part of the plan. Just fight with me and you'll get it. Let me go first though." You state.

"As you wish." she says as she stands at the ready.

You step forward and dash straight at Rea without hesitation. She reacts instantly by uppercutting with her blade and nearly stabbing you in the eye.

You dodge a series of quick knife attacks before you manage to slip in-between her stabs and wind-up a big right swing aimed at her face. She dodges it you big swing quickly, but doesn't realize weaves her way solid jab from your left arm.

The blow crashes into the side of her stomach and sends a wave of electricity zapping through it. She staggers from the attack, which gives you time to jump back and let Florette jump in.

Florette wastes no time using Rea's stagger to her advantage as she moves in quickly with a series of high kicks which Rea barely manages to block in time.

Rea grabs Florette's legs mid-combo and wraps her arm around it like a snake. She brings her knife in quickly to stab her leg, but Florette counters by using Rea's iron grip as a swinging point for her deliver a brutal spinning kick to the side of her head.

The monstrous blow sends Rea spiraling backwards. That attack left both you and Etheline stunned, but not as much Rea considering the way she's holding her head.

You use this time to give Etheline a hidden signal. You bring your hands up and stack them on top of each other and take a baseball batter's stance and swing at her.

Etheline immediately realizes you're asking her to bring out her stun baton and ready it. Because you're about to throw her a Pitch.
File: Spoiler Image (438 KB, 763x1046)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
You charge in and rush at the stunned Rea. She can barely react to you coming in like a pro boxer as you throw jab after straight at her head and upper body.

Even stunned, she's still a deadly fighter as she manages to duck and weave each attack while dodging backwards the entire time. She even manages to deliver a few slashes while she's dodging that nearly catch you once or twice.

You'd feel worried about this, If you were even trying to hit her that is.

You keep throwing fast combo after fast combo, making sure she keeps dancing her way back towards Etheline whose already got her baton out and winding up to strike the back of Rea's head with a burst of air pressure.

You'd almost feel bad about doing to this to her if she hadn't almost stabbed like 14 times now. Only a few inchs more, Lucky you got enough stamina to make a race-horse seem lazy.

In a matter of seconds, you've driven Rea right into the baton's range and you watch as Etheline pulls her baton back to swing. You prepare yet another obvious big swing to make her dodge right into the attack and you can't help but smirk at how easy this was to pull off.

However, you weren't left smiling for long, because it seems you weren't the only one smiling about how much of an idiot there opponent is.

You notice it as it flies out. You hear the small object as it cuts through the air at high-speeds and comes at you from the front. You might have been able to catch it if you were just a little more focused on your surroundings.

The flying object blazes past Etheline's hair and just past Rea's head. The small object catches your arm mid-swing and pierces it's way into your flesh and causes you to stagger backwards.

It's in that moment, instead of rushing forward and stabbing you, Rea bent backwards dodged Etheline charged up strike, which released a powerful gust of air which knocks you backwards and sends you flying towards Florette who quickly catches you before you get blown away.

You examine the wound in your right arm and notice that someone threw a knife into your forearm. You look in the direction that the knife flew from and you see another familiar face, one you were also dreading to have to see so soon.

The recoil of that strike sends Etheline backwards into the arms of the person who threw the knife, they gently catch Etheline as they speak, "Whoa. That's one powerful magic wand you're waving there, Pinky. If that hit my teammate over there, you could've knocked her out." They state smugly.

Adorned in a red suit and covered in scars, there's no mistaking her anywhere. She speaks again, "You know, I used to love playing Cops and robbers when I was a kid. They said I was one of the best robbers in the city, They told me I could make a career out it. Wanna know why?" She asks.

The scarred face beauty brings up a knife holds it at Etheline throat, "It's because when it came to sneaking around and winning. I was a Career Criminal." She says in an intimidating tone.
That's it for tonight, I will start posting again tomorrow.
Wait was that a defensive roll becuase don't we get a plus 5 to defensive rolls because we slept in the bed
Found it

Thanks for finding the exact post again. But no, that was a team attack roll. Which you got a +20 bonus from Etheline, +5 from your weapon bonus, +5 bonus from Florette (You automatically get a +5 bonus from people you have no relationship with it).

You weren't defending from anything there. But you're gonna have to defend now...

"Vanilla!" Etheline shouts out in surprise.

"Quiet down there Pinkie. Now's not the time to be shaking around so much, my knives are sharp to cut flesh just be touching it." She states

"Derrick, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about." She taunts as she changes her focus to you.

You promptly pull the knife in your forearm out and examine it in your left hand. It's a classic Throwing dagger with a black handle and a long blade.

Blood seeps out your right arm in a long stream where the perfectly vertical cut in your arm is. That throw was not only perfectly accurate, the strength behind it was balanced enough pierce through your flesh in an instant.

She's got the technique of an assassin and the knives to back it up.

"You and your maid friend better not move. It might cost Pinkie her life if you're careful." She threatens in a gentle tone.

"Both of you, stand up. Bring your hands above your head and drop any weapons." She orders.

You stand up quickly and do as she says, you drop the knife to the floor and remove your gloves. Florette also brings her hands up.

"That's good, we don't want anyone getting an itchy trigger finger right? That includes you, Rea. Get over here." She orders

Rea promptly pulls back and get in front of Etheline and Vanilla, "No need for any unnecessary violence. It would really hurt my heart to kill such a cute girl." She explains.

"You keep saying that Vanilla, but you wouldn't actually kill me right?" Etheline asks in a hopeful voice.

"Well I certainly don't want to. But that prize sounds really nice and if knife comes to throat, then it has to be me holding the blade." She explains apologetically.

"Where did you come from? I didn't detect you before now." Florette asks.

"Same place as the red-head there, Mary Poppins. I'm surprised no one noticed me since two windows got broken at the same time. When the Red-head broke in, she attacked right away, so I decided to hide while you guys were fighting till I saw a chance to do something." She begins.

"You guys are real observant, so I couldn't find a good moment. But then Derrick starting rushing at Red-head like a bulldog in heat and got caught up in the moment. So I just took my chance there." She finishes.

You have to admit she's right. You even heard both windows being broken and yet you didn't see it coming till it stabbed you right in the arm.
"But that's enough small talk right? Let's cut right to the chase. Where's the cargo? Do any of you have it?" She asks.

"The cargo?" Etheline questions.

"Yeah. Ami told us that the cargo would be with one of you guys and we should get it off you at any cost. Do you have it Pinkie?" she asks.

Etheline goes quiet and looks away, "I guess that means no." Etheline states.

"What about you Poppins? Got a piece of cargo hidden under that huge dress?" She asks of Florette.

Florette also goes silent, but keeps her eyes on Vanilla, "Nothing on you either? Or maybe your just giving me the cold shoulder? Well either way, one of you has to tell me where the cargo is or Pinkie will have to build a new set of arteries." She states.

Everyone in the room get a little more tense as she brings the knife closer to Etheline's throat, She then focuses on you, "What about you Derrick? You won't give me the cold shoulder will you? Just tell me where the Cargo is and I'll let Etheline go." She states.

How do you answer?

>Tell her the Truth.

>Lie and say you have it to lure her into a trap.

>Stay silent
1. They don't know what the cargo is right

2. Do we have anything on us that we could convince them is the cargo even if it's something ridiculous

3. What trap are we planning for the lie option or do the players have to make one

1. No, but they do know that it has a symbol on it.

2. No, not at the moment.

3. You can write-in a trap if you want, otherwise I have a few options for you.
Ok then I'll then I'll just go with this
>Lie and say you have it to lure her into a trap.
Forgot to type it out there but try to get in a position where we can blast them both with the shockwave without harming our allies if possible
>>Lie and say you have it to lure her into a trap.

>Decide how you will trap her.

>Try and signal Florette to attack her while you approach her

>Attack her yourself when she lets her guard down.

>Signal Etheline to attack
She won't expect it and she said herself that her baton could do some serious damage plus she may get a relationship bonus to her attack
We should also try to distract her somehow to make the attack even more surprising
Pretend to throw it to her, Hopefully Etheline can disengage from her while distracted and Floette can make a shot.
What would we throw

Are you asking me to have Etheline do something? Cause I can.

Are you okay with that?
I was trying to cause a distraction and opening. Etheline is kinda shit without her gear so I was just getting her to get herself out of the way while Vanilla was distracted.

anything that could be the cargo.
Did she lose all her tech if she did then we can with you're plan

I never said she had no equipment.

It will be a bit of a random box, do you want to open?
Well if she's useless without tech then i assume she has a trump card or something if she doesn't she can focus on just getting away from her so they no longer have a hostage
I'll take that as a yes then.

You think for a good moment. You run a few scenarios through your mind as you think of all the ways what you say next could cause a complete disaster or save everyone here.

You can only think of three possible endings here.

You could:

1. You attempt to lie and lure Vanilla into a trap where Either Florette or you would attack her and free Etheline.

This would be risky, but could be the only way for you to save Etheline without revealing your plan to the enemy. In the worst case scenario, Etheline ends up dead and you get attacked before you have a chance to retaliate.

If you can't attack, then your only option is :

2. Tell the truth and hope that Vanilla actually lets her go. You doubt Vanilla will actually kill her as long as you comply, but you do think she won't let Etheline go without knocking you and Florette out.

Either option will lead to you risking the life of an innocent girl and risking your own life and victory for the team. No matter, the plan will be risky or stupid

If you're doomed to look stupid and take risks no matter which path you pick. Why not go with a third option that's as stupid as it is risky?

You can't believe your about to do this, but you speak regardless, "Etheline." you say to catch her attention.

She looks you in the eye as you continue, "Can you handle this?" you ask.

You see Rea and Vanilla eyes narrow in suspicion, "What are you talking about? Does she have the cargo or something?" Vanilla asks.

You ignore her and speak, "You told me that you wanted to show me you didn't come here unprepared, that you were ready to survive in the dirt and with no one around to save you." you state.

Etheline perks up with interest, you continue, "Show me that resolve wasn't some joke. Show me your promise to become a Real Hunter wasn't some bluff." you state.

Etheline's expression slowly begins to shift and bend into a an almost devious smile, She responds, "Okay, I'll show you something amazing then. Just free me for a second and I'll show you my Real Strength" she states.

Vanilla begins to get annoyed, "You two have been babbling for a while now. I warned you, you try anything stupid and I will kill her. You make even one move and she's dead!" Vanilla threatens as presses the knife right against Etheline's Jugular.

Etheline's smile only widens in response to the danger, "You're the one that's been babbling for way too long, Vanilla." Etheline states.

Etheline then turns her head to face Vanilla directly, the movement opens a small wound on her neck as she nearly presses her face against Vanilla's, She speaks again, "I may be a nervous mess on my own. But if I've got my friends with me, it's a different story. I'm going to end this now." She states

"Seriously, what the hell is this? Stop bluff-"

"Derrick! Give me an opening!" Etheline shouts before Vanilla can finish.

>Roll 1d100+5 to create an opening
Rolled 26 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

Rolled 75 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

Guess I'll just re-roll now so we don't have to wait

>Rolled 75

>Now that's taking a chance.

In an instant you bring your hands down and grab the knife on the floor and bring it with you as you dash off towards Vanilla.

Vanilla attempts to slash Etheline's throat but hesitates for a moment as she stares right into Etheline's eyes. In that moment of hesitation, Etheline delivers a swift elbow strike to Vanilla's Liver.

The heavy blow causes Vanilla to push Etheline to the ground, she crashes into the ground hard.

You speed up your rush to get to Etheline, but Rea hops in front of you and brings her knife out to stop you.

On reflex you dodge Rea's stab by sidestepping and in that instant, An explosive BANG resounds throughout the train car.

You hear the sound of a bullet cut through the air behind you and watch as Rea gets hit by it in her supporting leg.

She falls to the ground and lands on her face. You look back to See Florette crouched down with a smoking rifle in hand.

Etheline recovers from off the floor and grabs something in her pocket. She pulls out what looks like a smartphone and begins to rapidly press at the screen.

Vanilla recovers and bring her knife down with lighting fast speed. But she only makes it half-way before you step in.

You Throw the knife in your hand in the hopes of hitting Vanilla. Your only experience with throwing weapons is darts, which you barely manged to land a Bullseye in half the time.

but it seems all the drunken nights of bored practice and random dart contests were worth the trouble. The knife flies true and stabs Vanilla through her lower left leg.

She looks over to you as she buckles and begins to fall, you speak, "Consider that payment for my arm." you state.

As she falls to the ground, Etheline finally finishes typing up whatever on her phone and speaks, "And consider this payment for thinking we'd give up without a fight." She says as she holds the phone up to the air and taps her screen.

File: Spoiler Image (174 KB, 765x870)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
With that final tap, the phone begins to lets out a Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound.

Everyone in the room comes to a standstill at the sound. It drags on for a good few seconds before stopping completely without anything happening.

Vanilla removes the knife from her leg and stands up slowly, She speaks, "What? All that build-up and it was just a dud? You're more disappointing then you look Pinkie." She says in a surprised voice.

Rea also recovers from the dummy bullet she was shot with and stands behind you, you turn to face her as she bring up her knife.

She looks down on Etheline's still prone form and speaks, "You had me scared for a second there. But I guess it really was a bluff. It was a damn good bluff considering you're free now, but what are you going to do now? Situation's barely changed." Vanilla states.

"Vanilla. I just want to you know that I still consider you my friend, so I want to say sorry before what happens next." Etheline responds.

"Huh?" Vanilla sounds.



It's then that you hear something. The sound is distant, but definitely you hear something. everyone else hears it as well, Florette and Vanilla begin to focus on the sound as It gets closer with every passing second.

Etheline speaks again, "I may not be a great fighter on my own. Anyone in this room could knock me out or worse in a real fight. But that's the nice thing about being an engineer. No matter the weakness or the short-coming. With the right technology, there's always a way to account for it." She explains.


The sound is close enough now to start reverberating through the room. You realize the sound is coming from outside the train. You and everyone else look out the right window and see the source of the sound.


You stagger back as you see something running alongside the train.

A huge metallic figure that resembles a human being, covered in a familiar military camouflage design and carrying a long rifle in it's hands which begins to glow blue as it aims into the Train.

Etheline turns to you and speaks again, "Thanks for putting your faith in me Derrick. Now. GET DOWN" She declares as she puts her head to the floor.

You and Florette follow her orders and hit the deck. As you hit the floor, you hear a deep, robotic voice shout out, "SENTINEL MODE ENGAGED. ELIMINATING HOSTILES"

"Wh-" Vanilla and Rea don't even have time to speak before a blue, vibrant blast roars out and consumes the inside of the train car.

The lights flicker and various objects are sent flying, among those objects, you see the flying bodies of Rea and Vanilla being battered around the shaking Train car.

You get shaken around as well, you almost think the train is going to topple over for a moment before it finally stops.
You wait a moment before standing up as you bring your head up from the prone position.

You examine what used to be a properly designed and beautiful looking Lunch car. Now it's a pile of ruined furniture, broken plates and scattered utensils.

Among the piles of broken and battered objects. You find Rea who's been buried under a pile broken wooden tables. You find Vanilla limply hanging off the wall, which her body has caved in thanks the force of the blast. A little more force and she would've have been blown right out the train.

You get up slowly, still disoriented from the monstrous attack despite not receiving a direct hit. The room reeks of ozone and semi-burnt wall furnishings.

Etheline gets up along with Florette. You turn to face her with a surprised expression. You struggle to find the words for a moment as question after question races in your mind.

But you eventually manage to string the most important words together and form a question, "What the hell was that?" Is all you can ask.

Etheline smirks and says, "Proof that I'm not all talk. I promised you proof that I wasn't screwing around and I just gave it too you." She answers.

"No, no, no, you don't seem to understand the question. I'm asking what the hell that thing is." You ask as you point your finger at the huge metallic solider that continues to keep up with the speeding train outside.

"That's a Mobile Unmanned Modular Attack and Scouting Unit. Or as I like to call her, Muma!" She explains.

"That's Muma!? I thought Muma was like some cute metallic pet horse thing you kept around for scouting. Not some death-cannon wielding robot!" You blurt out.

"Muma is not a horse! She's the strongest, smartest unmanned drone ever created and my Magnum Opus. She was the first major project I ever completed." She explains.

"Why did you never use this till now?" you ask.

"Never really had the chance to. You managed to win almost every fight without my help. Plus it's really difficult to use on a train or an airship as the enclosed environment leads to friendly fire." She explains.

You can't believe that strange metallic horse actually ending up saving your ass. You were honestly starting to doubt if Etheline really knew what she was doing here, but I guess she just proved you wrong.

"I know this is amazing and all. But do we really have time to be standing here considering we still have two other guys left to fight?" Etheline asks.

"Damn, your right. we can admire combat robots later, for now we need to get moving and check on Noell and the passengers." You state.

"That's exactly right, we'll have to tie up these two and get moving. The show has only just begun after all." Florette states.

"Your right. We don't even have a second to waste, after all..." You trail off as you begin to walk towards the exit of the train car.


"The real fight begins now." You state with a smirk.

[To be Continued]
Fun session thanks for running. Now time for... MORE QUESTIONS
1. Do you know when the next thread is

2. Did Etheline give Noell a communication device or something

3. Do we get any relationship points from winning this encounter together or does all that come after the mission

Thank you very much for enjoying my quest and If there are questions, then I shall answer.

1. I want to say Saturday. But you know how it is with me being on time.

2.Yes. But Noell's in a interesting situation that would make it bit difficult to communicate. You'll know when it comes up.

3.Yes, you will get a run down of all the stats and incidents at the end of the mission.
Hey God O'Rock you have a twitter or a discord?

I do not actually, never had a reason too.

I could set-up a twitter or a discord if people want.
I've been in the other threads and I'm just kind of peeved that I didn't know this was running till now and couldn't participate
Very sorry to hear that. I'll try and set-up a twitter by next session so this doesn't happen again.
I mean it's mostly my fault for not looking the thread up but i really like the setting/idea for this Quest and would lke to play

And I kinda feel like an ass for complaining
We should tie these two up and then tell Muma to go and look for Noell

Tell Florette to get on the roof and shoot anybody that comes up that's not us

Does Etheline have and Close Quarters weaponry if yes we could put her up to the car with the passengers she'd be able to call Muma back if she needs any help

Then we could roam around and help when needed
We could tell muma to wait outside of there base so It could beat thier asses if they try to bring any passengers or the cargo there

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