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File: start map.png (32 KB, 750x750)
32 KB
Welcome to Big Cat Civ Quest.
This is more intended to be an in-between quest where people can end out burning time waiting for other civ quests to move along, and in that we'll be trying some experimental game ideas, like playing on a tropical, mostly water based map.

The rules are as follows:
>Each turn is a week.
>Each turn will consist of one Development and two Actions.
>Actions are things like building, raiding, scouting, and crafting.
>Developments are things such as creating a new Technology, Cultural or Religious belief, or a Law

We have a discord located here: https://discord.gg/UFtXEJy
It's advised you use it because collaboration with your fellow team members will be terribly hard without it.

Now in a moment I'll introduce our three tribes.
File: Turn 1 Jaguar.png (40 KB, 1564x668)
40 KB
First is The Jaguar Clan.
These cats are the smallest of The Clans, however what they lack in size they make up for in agility and versatility in their jungle island environment. As of yet they've been living by a lake and feasting off the capybaras that come to drink there.

The Jaguar Clan receives a +10 Roll Bonus to Scouting Actions.
File: Turn 1 Lion.png (39 KB, 1564x668)
39 KB
The Lion Clan occupies the grasslands on the north-most island and feed from the buffalo that graze their. For generations they have depended on pride hunting tactics that have brought down their large prey time and time again.

As a result of their lifestyle, The Lion Clan receives +10 Roll Bonus to combat.
File: Turn 1 Tigers.png (39 KB, 1564x668)
39 KB
Tigers live along the edge of a river upon an island near the south-eastern portion of the map. They have managed to survive there by hunting the swine that populate the area and feed upon the many plants decorating the hilly riverside.

They have earned their right to be called hunters by adapting to stealth hunting and ambush attacks, leading them to have a +10 Roll Bonus on Sneaking Actions.

TURN 1 BONUS ACTION: Define what kind of leadership your clan has, and give your leader(s) a title.
Leadership: one family is designated royal blood, chosen by the Great Sky Cat from decades ago.
Action: send scouting party
Action: send out hunting party
Develop: develop more religious laws and enforce them upon our native population
Jaguar reporting in! Good to see the inspiration spreading.

Develop: Social roles. The King is premiere, then females are dominant in the Jaguar tribe, as they are viewed as prospective mates for the Shadow King to spread his genes. Melanistic traits are favored, giving black panthers a social advantage over their rosette counterparts. So King > Black females > rosette females > black males > rosette males as a social hierarchy.
Action: Scout for new resources
Action: Hunt capybara
Bonus Action: The Jaguars are led by the Shadow King, a melanistic black panther who claims to have visions from the spirits.
After conversing, we're making some slight changes

>Social roles
All black tribe members become part of the religious/spiritual caste, and are led by the Shadow King in these activities. The rosette tribe members are responsible for the rest of the tribe's functions, and their leader is decided by merit, traditionally a race that can be made as a challenge at any time. Female Jaguars are typically stronger than males, so this position is usually held by one of them

In addition to the Shadow King, the Jaguars are also led by a Commander from the rosettes, but this seat changes often, while the Shadow King only changes upon the former one's death
Leadership: Her royal highness is wise and kind. Fearsome yet beautiful. It is the greatest honour to give your life in her service and to defend her honour. Lions have a lioness queen they aspire to be worthy of.

Develop: Hierarchy of strength and honour. Lions host public tournaments that any may enter to determine strength and cunning. These are public events in front of her majesty herself. Rules are that it's hand to hand combat, with only the lion's strength, agility, cunning and skill to become victorious. Lions will also have duels of a similar fashion to settle disputes when an agreement cannot be met. The champion of the tournament will have the unparalleled honor of being the queen's personal guard. 2nd will protect the 1st princess, then 3rd place the 2nd princess etc etc.

Action 1: Scout the isle for rescources

Action 2: use rocks for strength lifting and sharpening claws between combat
>NAKED hand to hand combat. Think the Olympics except instead of Zeus it's for her majesty
Scouting party along the beach north-west

Hunting party inland along the river
To be clear we hunt sneaky briki way
Rolled 36, 15, 2, 67, 67 = 187 (5d100)


Tigers, Tigers+10, Jaguar+10, Jaguar, Lions
File: Turn 2 Tigers.png (50 KB, 1564x668)
50 KB
The Tiger Clan goes on a short expedition to find what their island may hold, and as they motion themselves along the North West of their island they come to find that a number of turtles that wander about along the base of the island's hill. They are sparse in number, though there are enough to make meals out of when dragged back to camp.

The Hunting Party manages to chase about and hunt the various wild pigs that decorate the riverside, however they've managed to bring back the normal amount of meat they normally would, and no great change is seen from daily routine.

The Royal Family is officially chosen as the head of The Clan, and is seen as the highest standing authority to those beneath them, so says The Sky Gods, who give authority to their laws and actions. It's become more commonplace that others within the clan to idolize their leaders, and often choose favorites among them as their patron leader.
File: Turn 2 Jaguar.png (51 KB, 1564x668)
51 KB
The Jaguar Clan develops an order of shamans that guide the clan under the ownership of a high leader called The Shadow King. He is a black pelted jaguar that has deemed the likes of other black pelts to be members of his religious caste, leaving a few new members to come join with every generation.

The hunt for Capybara went well, many of them were dragged from The Jungles around The Lake to make the meat income a good portion larger than usual. As a result of this influx of food the clan receives an immediate 2 population, but this is not a growth increase.

The scouting ends out going horribly. Those who went out into The Jungle are soon enough sent back from their expedition to tell the story of scaled beasts that grace the lower lake, strange elongated creatures with teeth that can pierce the deepest pelts, and seeming almost invisible against the lake's surface at first glance.
File: Turn 2 Lion.png (49 KB, 1564x668)
49 KB
A queen is chosen from The Pride and made into the pinnacle of Lion Society. She looks over those beneath her as they compete for their social status through rigorous shows of strength and fighting prowess by lifting stones and sharpening their deadly claws along them as well. This puts only the best fighters by The Queen's side for her protection. Those following protect her daughters, who each in their own right are seen as masters of The Clan, however in a much less official manner.

The Lions go about exploring more of their island, as as they wander they soon enough come to see that a number of odd, striped creatures have started to drink at the far side of their lake, keeping together in tight clumps that confuse onlooking hunters. Regardless of this, hey have managed to hunt some, and bring their meat back to The Queen's Lands. The Lions have discovered Zebras.


Develop; animal husbandry (pig domestication). Our first pig is your mother
Action: scout middle of island. We use our sneaky cheeky tactics to scout. By keeping our noses to the air and our ass to the grass, we hope to find some interesting relics
Action: capture turtle for domestication. They're fast and smart but I think we're up to the task.
Develop: Domestication for buffalo & zebras. The majority of buffalo & zebra will remain wild for sport hunting, but there will be a consistent supply within the camp solely for food purposes.

Action 1: Lions use their sharp claws to skin pelts from the buffalo & zebra corpses before eating them. They clean the bones & skins in the lake

Action 2: Lions scout further looking for resources. Food is nice, but other stuff would be more interesting to the lions.
Develop: We value the best. So we have our best rosettes begin carving sharp implements we can wear over our claws for hunting and defending ourselves without hindering our ability to climb and grapple. Claw weapons! Look out, crocs - we'll make you into purses and belts soon enough.
Action: We scout the island for more resources away from the lake
Action: We begin to build basic homes in the trees, using our mighty climbing prowess. Being off the ground will keep us safer, and give us an edge in ambushing whatever might pass below.
Rolled 86, 4, 72 = 162 (3d100)

Tiger, lion, jag
Wonder if they can do more than just hunting pigs. After much thought they realize that if they keep them in rudimentary pins later ! +2 pop a turn +ivory

Turtles proved to be a fast pretty to capture but after much effort they were snatched up and droped off at home. + 2 pop a turn + turtle shells

During there scouting they were also able to find a large forest of brown wood! This wood is much lighter and more buoyant then just regular wood however they have no means of collecting it at this point. They also find Flint ! However they have nothing to do with it at this moment+ Flint

Lions successfully heard the Buffaloes and now have a regular Supply at them however hurting the zebras proved to be too much for right now. (Sorry only 1 free animal with the dev, others require an action) +2 pop a turn + ivory

Lions clever use of there claws grants them the boons there prey leave behind. +Heavy fur +stripped skin +bones (plentiful)

there scouts where districted with being the best grappler and weren't able to actually scout....

There improvised claws work as an improvement on there own! +5 to hunting and melee combat until weapons are discovered. + Improved claws

Useing there new and improved claws they make nests to better ambush prey! Very successfully even! +4 immediate pop

The jaguars had a very good scouting trip! They found zebras and Robin's as well as some regular trees. +2 pop per turn
File: turnsheets.pdf (29 KB, PDF)
29 KB

Develop: Fishing in the lake

Action 1: Lions find swimming and catching fish in the lake is a great workout between great hunts

Action 2: As they don't really need the food, when bored they'll begin chasing zebra and buffalo to spook them and see who can catch & release the most prey. This competition should help lions move as fast as, or even faster than the wild game. They will keep an eye out for resources & points of interest while sprinting across the plains
Development: Tigers go and learn how to make fires to avoid heat loss and to stay warm. They find out that using flint is really good for making fires.
Actions: Tigers go and explore the area some more, and hunt and capture some pigs, if possible.
Action: Tigers go and practice at swimming down by the river, i was drawn your grace...
Development: The Jaguars start keeping the bones of their kills, and carving them into various things. Implements for carving, cutting, or digging, as well as various trinkets. The Shadow King and his shamans become adorned in bones
Action 1: This land surely has a great bounty for us to claim. Send scouts North past the lake
Action 2: As well as another party to the East. Between the two, we will undoubtedly find something of great value
Rolled 57, 60, 46, 43, 63, 100 = 369 (6d100)

Lion, lion, tiger tiger, jag+10 jag+10
File: AG_jKM0f.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB

The Jaguars use their supply phones to good effect carving small trinkets such as bowls and statues. They also carve inscriptions on to the bones that represent pieces of their culture ranks of their units becoming a status symbol for the elite. Happiness improves adding +1 pop per turn

They also search for the Bounty of the land finding a Marriott of useful items in their Quest of discovery. From the Earth's heart they pull flint and sand. Rough and unworkable in there current State these materials are sure to provide a use later.

While digging up the sand they find pieces of wood poking through, this prompts them to dig further. After many hours they uncovered a structure form and mysterious to them. They are unable to decipher what lies before them until withen it's hold they find a box with drawings and diagrams, it depicts the structure they are standing on riding waves across the open ocean and how to make more of this craft. DISCOVERY ! canoe and longboat crafting plus 2 useable boats. You will still need a supply of wood and carpentry before you can actually make more
Stone and rock, rock and stone, flint fire flint fire shock and awe ! Fire is discovered

The tigers indeed find more pigs to round up! These will make great selections to pins

Drawn to the water, the calling of the sea. To avoid becoming hotter, you answer the waters plea.
Swimming is a devolpment but regular bathing helps hids your scent ! + An additional 5 to sneak rolls
Of bones*
By scaring the fish from one section of the lake over to the other lions are able to bunch fish together to make grabbing them out of the water much more effective, if only in lakes. +2Pop per turn, can be expanded on with better tech

Lions commemorate their discovery of fishing with a great hunt which yields extra food. +4 immediate food

Learning to run faster and faster then any other creature would take a cultural development and practice from birth, yet Sprinting across the dry earth provides it's uses. +5 to tracking prey items and an immediate +2 pop
Develop: Lions believe that honing every aspect of oneself to it's maximum potential is essential to a prosperous happy life, both for themselves and to serve the queen at their peak. Lions train from childhood to acquire their physical & mental peaks. The first task is to run on all 4s faster than any other creature in the land for extended periods of time.

Action 1: Explore the island as far as possible

Action 2: Collect any resources lions find. Surely there's something useful here beyond food. If not then lions will have to get creative
Development: Pig meat sure does taste great, but some tigers are now eating it by burning it into the fire before eating it. It sure does taste better.
Actions: Tigers go and explore the area some more to try to see if there´s anything interesting to look around the island
Action: start building a habit for tigers to go swimming around, as well as competing who swims the fastest! plus it keeps tigers clean and sexy :)
Development: Striking flint together, the Jaguars discover fire. They don't know all of its applications yet, but the shamans think that if nothing else, it's very helpful for setting their atmosphere
Action 1: Take our new boats around and scout along the Eastern coast, while getting a feel for using them
Action 2: There are still surely resources for us to claim inland however, so we send another group of scouts South
I didn't mention that the extra pigs increase pop per turn by +2
Rolled 2, 49, 72, 43, 83 = 249 (5d100)

Lion, lion +5, tiger, jag+10,jag+10
File: Spoiler Image (267 KB, 1024x1449)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Lions develop cultural practice of starting a train their young to run faster and longer from birth. They are now able to outrun any prey or predators that they meet, only tribes who have put similar effort could possibly match their speed.
>Pic related gotta go fast

The first scouting party of lions got distracted chasing some tail however the second group was much more successful and was able to find a large cash of Flint in the bed of a dried-up River
File: Spoiler Image (19 KB, 184x246)
19 KB
Sizzling the food not only makes sure all harmful bacteria are long gone but makes food taste better! +2 pop per turn, any additional animals or spices you add will improve this bounes passively
Man bacon is the best isn't it?

While out hunting tigers find a supply of a clay-sand-mud mixture, not puer enough to make actually bricks but semi firm blocks can be made if enough time is used. You also find some green prickly plants you call cat-tus. +Clay mixture (inpure) and +cactus

Bathing regularly and practicing against one another regularly still dose not teach you how to swim. But it dose clean away flees +1 pop per turn
File: Spoiler Image (15 KB, 291x291)
15 KB
Fire ! Warmth! The building blocks of the ancient era !
>Shamans still not impressed

Pushing through some very tall gras jaguars get the boat into the water. There learning came slow but after some time the Jaguars develop a Proficiency in moving their bolts Ford backward and to either side. It's a good thing the previous owners left all the instructions and photos not writing! You also discover some koi that swim along the coast but they remain unable to be caught or eaten due to the waters depth. +Koi +long grass

Development: Although the water at the river is not that bad, to some tigers it tastes really weird and it´s kinda greenish so it´s gross to them. They start boiling it to see how it tastes.

Action: It´s becoming some kind of a sport to go try and catch fish at the river. Catching one proves a great ability in swimming and being stealthy plus it brings more food to the table.

Action: From time to time some tigers get into fights with each other, and sometimes they can get pretty nasty. The royal family is becoming increasingly worried about this situation, therefore, they have decided to create a civilian police force: The Civil Tiger Guard (or the CTG). Being part of this group is a great honor and brings a lot of pride to have one in your family. They make sure they enforce civil order and obedience to the tribe
Develop : fire

Action: explore east to.the coast

Action: extract fish oil out of the fish remains (squeeze, boil in water etc)
Rolled 87 (1d100)

Rudimentary water purification the only makes a lot more water drinkable but also helps stews taste a lot better! +2 pop per turn

After spending three consecutive turns doing things in the water most tigers have become very accustomed to moving through water, this includes sneaking through the water to catch fish. Moving silently so it's not the startle them can be carried on to other skills. +2 immediate pop, no stealth penalties for when moving through water, you will receive your full stealth bounus

The tigers are left officials to help keep the peace happiness of the tribe. Any actions taken against the happiness of the tigers will have a less effectiveness due to these peacekeepers. +1 happiness from the pride of having faimly in service.
>Stripped lives matter
Fire matches the warrior culture of the Lions leading to an increase in happiness!

While squeezing hard against some fish and boiling what remains lions are now able to separate oil from fish.+2 on scouting rolls due to the health benefits of fish oil.

While on the hunt for supplies and something interesting the Lions discover a strange creature. It has the body of a turtle but the head of something more strange. These things are sure are stronger than snapping turtles!
>Discovered Turocs !
+4 immediate pop from hunting
Development: armed with the knowledge flint! one after noon meowmeow was trying to catch fish in the water but was not havng any luck, then in a spark of genues thought of puting a sharp flint on the end of along stick. she called it a spear and used it to stab fish from the banks of the water. after sharing her idea others started expiramenting with diffent uses for flint and wood the result where awsome the first tools of the tiger tribe where made that day not of wood or stone but of flint. flint spear, axes, pick axes and much more!
Action: As the population grows, their desire for religion outstrips the ability of even the Emperors ability to bestow them! Beseeching the Great Sky Cat, the Emperor asks for guidance. It comes to him in whispers on the wind "create a priesthood." The Emperor is humbled by such an easy answer. The priesthood quickly grows to half a dozen members who control key parts of society: Religion, War, Economy, Resources, Education and (something else I dunno). The Emperor is reduced to a mere figurehead, but thats the way he likes it. It gives him time to hand out alms and work with the farmers in their fields. He is giving the title Emperor Dymatzu the Humble by the poor folk. The priesthood quickly go about creating an highly organised religion. Weekly meetings are held and are mandatory to all tiger kin. Life and death are discussed: if you were a good worshipper, you get to run along the Great Sky Cat in the warm, Neverending Plains of Advera, hunting all the big game you could ever wish for. If you were a bad worshipper, or you did not defend your religion when it called upon you, you are hunted by The Evil Elephant and his legion of bats in the Neverending Winter valley of Sellar.
Action: start gathering wood with our newly built axes!
Stored turn:
Development: We develop domestication, and use our free animal on zebras
Action: We scout northward along the coast with our boats
Action: We scout westward past the lakes
Current turn:
Development: We develop fishing using our long grass to catch koi fish
Action: Jaguars domesticate Capybara
Action: Jaguars domesticate Crocodiles
Develop bone and hide armour with turtle shell shoulders.

Action : lions tie turtle shells to bone handles using hide to tie them together making crude spades. They dig an arena pit for competitions and a toilet pit for sanitation

Action : look through the dug upnsirt for resources ( rock ore etc)
Rolled 25, 38, 35 = 98 (3d100)

Jags+10, jags+10, lions
The Lions using their hides, bones and shells crafts themselves a set of light armor, this armor will be effective against light slashing damage and very light piercing damage. The show shoulder pads provide moderate piercing protection

The Lions also use one of their actions to create a very crude Spade, while not able to actually break apart Rock they are able to ships and moderately effective with it. Lions game the ability too shifts sand in the future
Using this they craft themselves a semi deep pit for them to fight and have others watch from above increasing happiness.
The Jaguars discover animal husbandry and put it to use!
Zebras are in pins +2 pop per turn
domesticated Capybara +2 pop per turn
domesticated Crocodiles +2 pop per turn
They also use their long grass and a piece of uncooked meat as bait to begin fishing, it's not THE most effective but it definitely helps. +2pop per turn from koi

During their search passed Lake they find cactuses growing in the wild.
During The Scouting of the coast the Jaguars find sandstone sheets among the sand
Tigers have invented Flint weapons! Flint is much sharper than just regular Stone however it is also much more fragile, since weapons will do extra damage against unarmored foes/trees however if they Clash against harder materials they will break and a new set will need to be used.

Lions also develop a complex lore and the beginnings of a religion. Happiness goes up twice as the faith tigers have slowly grows!

Tigers also use their new Flint's weapons to cut down trees! However sometimes Flint tools are needed to be replaced while cutting wood
Anchor !
Turn 5 bonus!
It's tribe choose one of the following
>Great scientist +2 extra dev this turn
>Great builder choose a building/weapon/tool that you do not have the tech for yet and build it! If it's a building you know I can build one if it's a tool or weapon you build enough for each of your tribe to use however more can't be made for new tribe members. Can go up to the middle ages
>Great Warrior/general +10 to roll of in a group fight and +20 if they fight 1 on 1 (can die in a fight if you loose)
>Great Prophet or Entertainer- makes your tribe the Envy of other people and raise happiness. Has a chance to convert a small percentage of another tribes members to your faction once you meet them In person (can die)
Development: Ever since the civil tiger guards were established, the fightings among tigers has greatly diminished. However, sometimes tigers go leave the town to fight with other tigers, although there was this particular case that impressed the medical community. There was a fight between two tigers that ended in one of them getting their leg spit in two after getting hit with an axe. This tiger was rapidly losing blood and it seemed it was over for him. But suddenly one of the "doctors" there had the brilliant idea of burning the wound to stop the bleeding (cauterization). This proved to be highly effective and it saved his life

Action: after one particularly harsh storm that left the whole tribe wet and cold, it is clear that something has to be done. ideas are thrown left an right, ranging from moving into caves to living in trees. finally, someone had the idea of building free-standing shelters. the brilliance of this concept instantly wins the support of everyone. builders create small huts made of baked clay brick to improve the strength of the clay, and wood supports, at the center of every hut, is a small fire pit for warmth and cooking. now no one will be left in the rain again!

Action: for the past few nights food has been vanishing from around the tribe. The CTG has already ruled out any tiger as the thief. So that means it has to be wild animals taking the food. demands are being made for something to be done about this become it becomes a serious problem. however, since there is no central food store not much can be done. after 3 more nights theft which now includes tools, everyone has had enough. plans for a keep are drawn up and then built. acting as a food storehouse and armory for weapons and tools now instead of having animals try to steal our things at night they are safe in the keep hall guarded by the CTG.

>Great Prophet- makes your tribe the Envy of other people and raise happiness. Has a chance to convert a small percentage of another tribes members to your faction once you meet them In person (can die)

the great sky cat has inspired one of his flock and he is known as the great missionary whiskers. preach the word of the one true god-the great sky cat
Development: Jaguars develop axes
Action: Jaguars collect lumber
Action: Jaguars scout inland

>Great scientist +2 extra dev this turn
Development: We invent carpentry
Development: An experiment with fire leads to cooking
Develop: stone tools with bone handles

Action 1: dig a quarry

Action 2: lions believe that when they find a new worthy beast to hunt, they should attempt to tame it straight away so they can ensure the population is reserved for the future so they may always hunt it. Lions do this on all currently known prey and will automatically do this is the future.

Bonus action: build a large impressive galleon at the eastern coast. The ships name is the queen's grace.
The galleon should be complete with a large gold and red sail, carved decorations lined with gold, a crows nest and roaring lion ith a hugr mane at the front
The Lions developed stone tools wrapped and Bone these both look impressive and are practical.
Lions can only tame one animal at a time when he using an action so they take their earliest known prey item zebras and begin domesticating them. +2 pop a turn

Lions also use them the tools and zebras and buffalos to move large Stones across the plains to fit their needs when they need too. They now have access to very large-small rocks as well as rock dust.
The Galleon matching this description can hold up to 300 people comfortably and up to 500 people uncomfortably. They can also carry very large amount of cargo, drive over smaller boats and sail at fast pace.
Rolled 31 (1d100)

Jags +10
A particularly smart Jaguar scientist named Jack Black-Panther has a Eureka moment! He discovers how wood was worked to make things like the boat they discovered as well as how to make stone tools and cook ! Man that guy was well versed!
+2 pop from the discovery of cooking-zebras are the base of there diet
+1 pop for variety from crocodiles
+1 pop for variety from Capybara
+1 pop for variety from koi

Jaguars develop all sorts of stone tools though they have special interest in Axes, they use these next axes to cut some lumber while a scouting party gos out.

While scouting through the Sandy world that is there island they discovered something strange.
Living Stones
Plants called living stones grow in the sand of deserts, exhibiting on the surface only a small portion through which light can enter. A walk through a desert may result in confusing these living organisms with small pebbles or rocks. Some living stones are almost impossible to discover until they have flowered.
cauterization helps heals deep wounds that tigers suffer helping keeping some alive when they wouldn't normally. However Tigers who are heavily cauterized will not be as nearly effective in combat as healthy troops. +3 pop a turn, + some would be dead troops after battle survive

Tigers use their semi baked clay to make structures to protect themselves against the rain. The improved shelter helps not only happiness Button child-rearing as well! +1 happiness +1 pop a turn

Tigers also build an Armory and food store house combo allowing food to be kept slightly longer as well as having a place to organize their stuff. Anyone wanting to steal their stuff would have to break into there armory, +1 pop per turn -10 to stealing tiger stuff

Mr. whiskers leads the tribe in a grand opening prayer! The religion of the great cat in the sky has been truly founded in the Glorious fashion with its profit at its side the world will come to know there truth. +3 happiness + ability to convert other tribes people
Rolled 11, 10, 8, 4 = 33 (4d12)

Post to this anchor!
>Rolling for me
Develop: Cooking. Lions use flat stones, stone bowls, oil , water & fire to fry, roast and boil different parts of their animals, allowing them to enjoy improved meat flavours aswell as eat previous inedible parts of their animals such as organs or create stocks & stews.

Action 1: Tame turocs, make them help us fish

Action 2:Create a stone road linking the village, quarry & coastal galleon.
Development: agriculture
Action: Farm the living stones
Action: Scout north in our boats
Development: Tigers start to design new tools such as pickaxes to start extracting materials from the earth.
Action: Tigers start mining with their new tools and start extracting stone for future buildings.
Action: Tigers are getting more and more interested about their nature and habitat. They start collecting every kind of plant they find to analize and categorize them.
Rolled 61, 9 = 70 (2d100)

Lions Turocs,jags +10
Cooking provides the nutrition for this warrior tribe. Useing the Turocs to help capture some fish and useing there existing food stocks the tribes make a mighty stew!
+2 immediate pop from the stew
+2 pop per turn from cooking- Turocs base for diet
+1 pop per turn from variety of lake fish
+1 pop per turn from variety of zebra
+1 pop per turn from variety of buffalos

The quarry,gallon landing area and village are all connected now !
Watering and farming through agriculture gives The Living Stones a much better yelid! X2 living stones.
Plant matter feed to the the existing tamed animals makes them fatter thus providing more to eat!
+1 pop a turn from zebras getting fatter
+1 pop a turn from koi getting fatter

While surfing the waves in their longboats the Jaguars spot strange opaque creatures floating in the water. Although the jags have no way of capturing or keep these creatures alive they now know there. Discovered Jellyfish !
Not only do tigers have Flint tools but now after chipping away at the Stone with Flint they discovered how to replicate their Flint tools and just own tools as well providing a lot more durability for mining harder materials!
Using their new stone tools Tigers Triple-A that storm formations near them and create rough blocks of stone to be able to be used for later up to a medium size. Very large stone requires a quarry to be built.
After much thought Tigers realize that plants that look different might be able to be used for different things! Shocker!
Tigers after spending some time searching through the plant matter immediately next to their camp find that they were next to trove of good stuff the whole time ! Discovered Aloe and flowers!
>bounes rolls from op
Tiger, lion, jag
60+ contact, 80+ event , 95+ bigger event
Development: With all the information that we gathered, tigers start to analize and see how all these types of plants can be used as herbal medicines.
Action: Although boiling water really helps purifying it, tigers realized if you make a hole, you can find more pure and sweet water. They build a well.
Action: We look in the search for different kinds of animals in our island.

The PDF is the anchor.
File: 1514847906297.jpg (62 KB, 750x750)
62 KB
Rolled 82, 86, 19 = 187 (3d100)

Now with rolls
Also updated map
From the watery depths a strange creature emerges from the ocean and walks steadily towards lion/tigers camp.
The beast moves steady and slow. Hailing the Chieftains of either tribe it communicates in perfect tiger/lion.
"We have been watching you from the depths I have seen intelligence in your eyes I come as a messenger. With picked apart your language so that we may speak it to you. We are few in number and simple in the way we live. We protect the magic giving tombs at the waters depth.
Elepus tribe contact has been made!
They give each tribe a basket of fish as a sign of good peace. +10 immediate pop for the two tribes
File: 1514849384786.jpg (62 KB, 750x750)
62 KB
>Actual map
Develop: Masonry and carving

Action 1: Build houses using stone blocks, arched roofs with pelt doors and windows providing improved sleep and insulation.

Action 2: Greet the elepuses. Lions are pleased to meet you and invite you for an audience with the queen, a banquet of fish, and a tournament in the honor of finding another intelligent species. Please tell us about yourselves, why do you grace us with your presence? What Magic shrines? Is the sea vast? Do you know of any other intelligent species in this world?
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Using the aloe and some of the flowers at their disposal tigers create rudimentary medicine. They can help with burns from the hot sun as well as deal with pain of of hurt tigers. +3 pop a turn, more troops will survive a battle if there able to get medical equipment after the fight

Useing there stone tools Tigers begin taking deep holes into the Earth to find water first for Kemp's remain fruitless however eventually they make a well. They also have a bunch of deep holes around there homes which frankly looks silly. +2 immediate pop from more access to water and +1 pop a turn

They also discover some Buffaloes sleeping in some grass. They make easy hunting but are untamed. +3 immediate pop
Lions begin carving very large chunks of rocks into smaller more manageable ones putting these rocks into medium sized blocks, stacking these blocks makes a sturdy yet rudimentary home.
+1 happiness
+2 pop a turn

The new tribe informs the Lions that this island has suffered many wars from tribes past. Magic items and Relics scatter the Islands and particularly the ocean floor. Elepuse's have taken as there scarred duty to protect and keep the magic Relics, tombs, and shrines as well preserved as possible under water. They inform the Lions that the koi tribe of the deep wants to use capture the magic items. The mainland is full of smaller tribes huddling around these different relics as well One well off tribe that uses it's magic to fuse other tribes and animals together to make hybrid creatures. Over time some of these creatures devolp intelligence.
Elepuse-lion influence gos from 0 to +1
>JAGS have 1 turn

Development: The river has become a center for sport for many Tigers, where they compete seeing who´s the best swimmer, and sometimes, if they´re lucky, they get to catch a fish! This has drawn the attention of many tiger builders and designers that they were wondering if they could make some kinda platform from which tigers could stand on in the middle of the water. Many ideas and plans are discussed and drawn in clay. Tigers have been able to develop shipbuilding.
Action: Thankful to our new neighbors, we give them a basket in return with some well-cooked pig meat and some small turtles that they can pet too <3. We also show interest to them to trade in the future with them.
Action: We go in search of new ores!
Rolled 15, 55 = 70 (2d100)

Tiger +10 and +5, tiger
File: jaguar settlment.png (41 KB, 191x141)
41 KB

-Saved Turn-
*Development: The clan's stagnation hasn't gone unnoticed by the community, and blames of its long running quiet has fallen upon the ruling class. As a result the power of The Shadow King is demoted to head of The Clergy Only, and The True Clan Leader is instead selected through a direct vote from The Population. Members of The Clergy may not be elected.

*Action: Take the longboats and canoes together to off from The Jungle Island to scout along the coast of The Big Island to our East.

*Action: Our carpenters shall stay home and construct a proper building for The Jaguar Elections to be held and for The New Leader to live in. This shall be a long, grand hall built for feasting and celebration, with a roof carved and built to look like an overturned canoe.


-Current Turn-
Development: We invent Fiber Fabric. Using the fibers drawn and dried from the jungle foliage and tall grasses we've gathered from our island, we shall start to weave them into sheets of material that we can wear over our bodies.

Action: Establish a docking settlement near The Beach of our island where it's been marked on The Map. This is where we can manage the many scouting missions with our boats we'll inevitably go on.

Action: Send a number of Sailors onto The Big Island to scout as far up the mountainside that our scouts can manage. Let them come back with any findings they might have.
Jags +10, jags+10
Rolled 64, 23 = 87 (2d100)

Now with rolls
Tigers after trial-and-error develop shallow water boats. They are now able to float across bodies of water taking considerable time

The Tigers prophet and Priests run able to greatly influence the Elepuse envoy but not enough to covert him. He dose rember the words spoken to him though

The Elepuse also enjoys a wonderful banquet of food as a welcome gift! He is happy to see that tiggers enjoy food too.
Elepuse +1 relationship

All shipping through the Earth Tigers also discover rocks with a soft Green sheen to them.
Jaguars invent democracy! Although the Shadow King himself is not pleased the people rejoice and having more of a voice!
+1 happiness

From the see the Jaguars can identify that parsley in word they see clay hunts circled around a large fire. However the Hutt's do not seem very tall and the openings seem small enough that only a cub could effectively crawl to and from.

Meanwhile back at home Jaguars create a town hall 4 Jaguars to meet gather and speak. The sense of cohesion and togetherness increases the happiness of jaguars and gives everyone a voice to match their democracy.
+2 happiness

I drying out strands of grass and reading them together Jaguars are able to make simple cloth clothing. This clothing keep some warm at night however offers little in the form of actual protection. Discovered weaving

Jaguars also make a simple settlement near the water. It's a place for the ships to dock this will no doubt be the place of many scouting and warring efforts for the Jaguars in the future.

The Jaguars also move inward a little bit making sure to keep enough distance away from the clay building say discovered earlier. Wow scouting Ford they begin to hear commotion from the clay hats from down beneath the mountain they also see a large amount of long grass in between the base of the mountain and the settlement. Feeling that they should not stay there too long they Retreat back to their boats before they overextend taking with them some seeds and Oates and roots of plant fiber in the local area. +3 immediate pop
Turn 1:
Develop: Glass from heating sand at high temperatures in stone furnaces (just a tall tube of stone with a lid and a fire at the bottom)

Action 1: Lions line the roads with torches of bone with the tops covered in oil fat & hide which burn for extended periods.

Action 2: Dig deeper with the quarry, looking for new useful materials underground

Turn 2:
Development - Learn the Galleon design so if it ever sinks, lions can construct another boat that's functionally the same (even if its not as lavish)

Action 1: Talk more to the elepuse's. Can they tell us anything about the tribes that exist, who are they, where are they etc? What about elepuse society itself? Also can they tell us about the kind's of magic that exist?

Action 2: The Queen's Grace takes it's maiden voyage for the lions to get used to her, they explore the coast of the island, hoping to do a full loop & report anything they find.
Development: After all these discoveries on plants, some tigers got curious in how to grow them. Aparently if you water them regularly they will grow. Tigers have discovered agriculture!
Action: Tigers decide to build a water-powered mill. Designs about it have also being set in clay.
Action: Some tigers go and try to domesticate those huge buffaloes we found earlier.
Development: Agriculture
By digging out sections of our lake-side property we'll start planting the oats we've scavenged and start taking harvests from them seasonally.

Action: Contact The Huts
Make contact with The Clay Huts, attempt to establish friendly communication if we can. We'll have to see how first contact goes before deciding if these guys are enemies or not.

Action: Build a Store House
Now that we've started to plant Oats we'll certainly be needing a place to put them that's safe from jungle animals. We'll create a building in the middle of camp to hold all our food safe.
Rolled 49, 10 = 59 (2d100)

Lion lion
Lions develop the ability to make Pure Glass due to their Stone furnaces and then previously filtering through sand earlier with their Spades.

Lions places torches along the road making it much harder to sneak though the road durring the night. -10 to sneak rolls on the road at night

The Lions are able to find materials while they dig. +Green ore +sandstone

Through much time studying in reverse engineering lions are able to draw up diagrams of a galleon however until they learn carpentry and simple buoyancy from shallow ships they will not be able to build a galleon. (Learned gallons, letting you skip the tech of deepwater ships and go right to gallons later)

The Scouting Expedition was not as successful as they hoped but they do get a handle on moving there ship.

>Lore coming later
Tigers domesticate the Buffaloes that they find earlier by the river.
+2 pop a turn
+1 pop a turn from cooking variety

Wow Dolly me that sure is a shocker that when you water plants they do in fact stay longer. More plants means more food for all the domesticated animals that's tigers have. In turn making them fatter, In turn making more tigers. It's all very complicated you see...
+1 pop a turn from pigs being pig a 2nd time
+1 pop a turn from fattened Buffaloes
+1 pop a turn from fattened turtles

Tigers also make a water powered mill letting Tigers make paper from the grass and other materials available.
>Jaguars already have agriculture so they will have one development banked

The store holds much oats, more oats more Jaguars. Oats are the best thing for jags. Oat oats oats....
+3 pop a turn from making there farm animals fatter

A few Jaguars approach tribe and they can see the tribe come to life in reaction to them approaching. Coming out of the small holes near the base of the huts are some elongated tribesman. They wear no armor and move completely without sound. They seem cautious of you as the flick there tongues out. There leader wears a necklace with a large shiny gold jewel. Although no words are spoken the Jaguars can hear in their minds a message from their leader.
Greetings Jaguars you are very far from home, why have you approached us?

>Speaking to them is a free action
Research: It´s becoming increasingly difficult for Tigers to keep up with what´s going on around the tribe as it keeps industrializing and growing. When the tribe used to be a 30 member tribe back it was easy to keep up with current events. But more and more often now Tigers get to know their neigbors less and less due to their town growing at such an amazing rate. And so the smartest of Tigers developted writing and reading, so they could start writing about Tiger´s history and it´s legacy.
Action: As a writing system it´s developed the mill they built not so long ago starts to become use as they start using it to make paper, so people can now start writing on them. Yupee!
Action: After the discovery of agriculture Tigers start wondering if they can start making a life for themselves by dedicating to growing them and selling them to Breeders. Surely this could be a really profitable bussiness? Tigers start growing crops.
Develop: metallurgy

Action 1: smelt and shape the ore using the glass furnaces

Action 2: lions begin evaporating seawater on the coast up onto slanted glass panes above the bowl. This condenses the evaporating water which runs off into a separate bowl, creating clean water and salt
-Stored Development: Since we already had Agriculture we'll put ourselves to work weaving our plant fibers together and making large nets to catch fish in.

-Development: Start digging out pits in the Jungle Floor and covering their tops with sheets so we can disguise them with layers of leaves and dirt. We'll make a pitfall trap to catch wild animals in.

-Action 1: Start constructing a wooden wall around the main camp to form a strong defense against the wild animals of the jungle. It's a dangerous place out there and we certainly don't want them wandering in.

-Action 2: Send a shipment of meats to the Snake People to signify that we're a friendly neighbor.

-Diplomatic Action: Tell The Snakes that we want to know about their cultural ideals and way of life so that we might come to improve our own society by being enlightened by their own.

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