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File: Luna.png (607 KB, 1141x642)
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Rolled 9, 6, 4, 9, 2 = 30 (5d10)

Only the light clanking of the knight’s armor and scuffling struggle of Prince Septarian can be heard as they march both the foreign prince and their own queen over to their king, the dagger still lodged deeply into Septarian’s back and the queen still motionless.

“What is this? What is going on? Ouibliette, what sort of treachery are you-“ Princess Cobwella, your aunt and Queen Prismara’s sister begins to shout before she is cut short by your father, King Ouibliette.
“I have ordered nothing of the sort, Cobwella, and it would do you well to remember your station.” King Ouibliette says, pointing a silencing finger in Cobwella’s direction.
“Now, Sir Anders, halt! You better have a damn good explanation for this or I’ll give you over to Beastmen along with their prince and let them decide what to do with you.” Ouibliette continues, directing his attention towards the lead knight, who stops and motions towards the bleeding lizard in his grasp.
“My liege, the evidence is upon them and requires close inspection to see, though I suspect we’ll find their means of escape shortly.”

The beastmen slowly advance towards the now, stationary knights and the Mewmun party, their shock wearing off and their rage returning. Whatever uncertainty the armsmen surrounding the king and his retinue is put aside at the sight of this advancing hostile force. The Imperials seem to be slowly edging around the beastmen to the exit behind them.

In between all of them, and closest to the knight, stands you, Luna Webwillow. Happy 10th Birthday, princess.

>Roll me a WIS Check
>What now?
File: Luna umbrella.png (213 KB, 483x467)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Welcome to Luna Quest!
This is a fanfiction of a fanfiction where you play as the mentor of the previous MC during her rise to power!

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/2pnVd5Bn
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Luna%20Quest
Rules: Coming Soon!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scribe_QM
Rolled 3 (1d10)

I shall provide your first roll this thread, pal
Please roll a d20 instead of a d10. Thanks my man.
Rolled 13 (1d20)


Of course. Blessu!
Rolled 4 (1d20)

>15 Total
>Both DCs Passed!

While all this is going on, you notice several things. The look of utter hatred Cobwella gives to your father. The near breaking of the Mewmun line at Cobwella’s accusation before the Thornbridge brings them back in line. The stirring of Queen Prismara. How the dagger in Septarian’s back is slowly sliding out and the small amount of movement in his feet. The light red lipstick on his neck and the silvery scales on your mother. Chief among the things you notice however is that the beastmen have also noticed you.

A few glance in your direction and some small exchanges are made within their raging pack. A single beastman breaks off on the far side of the pack and takes a roundabout path towards your direction. He is a smaller creature that would remind you of a coyote if he didn’t also have the eyes of a fly.

>What now?
He has no idea we have a knife.
Let him get as close as he wants without making a sound. When he makes it to us.

Stab him in the eye.
Rolled 5, 9, 10, 5, 7 = 36 (5d10)

>Stab him with your steak knife
Roll me some STR and pray.
Cunning, I like it! Support!
You know what, you have advantage because it's a surprise.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Rolled 10, 17 = 27 (2d20)

>STR Roll
>Our STR is -5
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Rolled 20, 4 = 24 (2d20)

File: Coyote.png (885 B, 91x45)
885 B
885 B PNG
>I can't believe that actually worked

You are an easy target. You are a princess, a little girl caught up in drama and the traumatic experience of having your mother and a foreign prince dragged into the center of your birthday party with the accusation of infidelity. Weak. Alone. A Powerful bargaining chip. This is what the coyote thought before you drove your knife into his eye.

He had paced around you and came from the rear like a practiced hunter. But the Webwillows haven’t held the crown for so long by being wilting, defenseless flowers. Just as he is upon you, you pull the knife from the folds of your dress and swing the knife in a wide arc towards the space behind you. A sharp crunching sound meets your ears and your eyes adjust to see the ruined face of the coyote twisted in pain as you withdraw the knife from his cracked right compound eye, it’s darker red gleam mixed with the strangely pinkish clear blood leaking from it. His scream of pain alerts the others.

“Luna! Get over here! Damn it! Go get her!” Your father yells as a handful of armsmen and Black Circlet Knights start to run towards you.
“The Mewmuns have drawn first blood! Charge! Avenge our prince!” The beastmen roar as a portion of their horde charges towards you and the royal retinue behind you while the rest make towards Prince Septarian.

>What now?
Fuckit, we're in this deep, let's try to kill that one guy who may or may not be the king and our father. Try using our teeny tiny size to get under him and slash his achilies tendon, if Mewmuns even have those! Then we'll climb up on his back and stab him in the back of the neck!
We have no reason to want to kill our father. I suggest we actually try to use the chaos to our advantage. Stay in the center of the crowd. Hide under the legs. Try to find a safe place to hide. Maybe even try to save Mom.

Bonus: Warn Dad that the Lizard Prince is about to be not paralyzed.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Let's see if we go with regicide or being daddy's girl.
Rolled 9, 6, 5, 5, 6 = 31 (5d10)

>the dice say to stab
Well then lets keep it going. Gimme some more STR with advantage for surprise.
Rolled 19 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Rolled 19 (1d20)

I honestly woulda voted for Quest's option.
Rolled 10, 14 = 24 (2d20)

The path diverges.
File: Spoiler Image (159 KB, 1090x1500)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>14 Total

You look at the oncoming pack of beastmen, the quickly recovering Coyote fly in front of you and realize you may be in slightly over your head. The Coyote mutters something in his native tongue before leaping towards you, claws outstretched. Neither of you noticed the stomping of that handful of Mewmuns grow louder. You barely notice the sword that lashes out from somewhere over your shoulder and skewers the Coyote mid-leap. The Armsmen form a makeshift shield wall between you and the rapidly approaching beastmen. The Black Circlet Knights among them grab you and begin to take you back to the king.

“You three! Hold the line! Princess, come with us!” One of them says as he leaves the three armsmen to their fate. The Mewmuns seemed to have split into three groups. The largest group, the armsmen, is heading towards the queen and the prince with Thornbridge commanding them, the smallest group is comprised of a few knights who are acting as guards for the escape of the king’s retinue. Those knights that remain are heading towards you, with your father leading the charge. He’s the man who’s responsible for this. The liar. He probably lied about your mother as well. Don’t trust him. You can never trust him.

“Luna! Are you- Damn it! Get up there and help those men! They saved my daughter!” Your father shouts, having his attention drawn away from you and towards the now two armsmen holding against the beastmen. He runs past you with his knights, saving the man who saved you from an axe wielded by what looks like a giraffe. He’s not looking, now’s your chance. You slink up behind him, using the sounds of battle for cover. You swing towards his ankle, looking to hamstring him. And then your knife plinks off the back of his greaves.

He turns, the rage of battle in his eyes turning to shock.
“Luna?” He says, his expression then transforming into absolute heartbreak. His sadness turns to rage as the butt of an axe hits him in the back of the head. The Frog who swung it was cut in twain a moment later and your father lets out a howl of rage.

Two knights restrain you, forcibly ripping the knife from your hands as they begin to drag you out of the room while you struggle your hardest.

ENOUGH!” A voice rings out from the mix of fighters. A dark form with streaks of red rises over them all. Eight eyes and eight sharpened limbs towers over them all, seeming to threaten each and every one of them simultaneously as they twitch from target to target.

Prismara was awake and she had another war to end.

>What now?
Session pause for 1 hour!
File: 821.gif (2.71 MB, 480x270)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB GIF
Call out to her. It's your mom!
Clearly she can and will save you. She'd never want to let you be taken like this.




>Spider forms

I never used these.
This aught to be fun
Yeah, sure. This works. Maybe. I don't know what's even happening anymore. Why are car insurance mascots banging our mom?!
The knights dragging you continue to do so despite the appearance of the enraged queen behind them.

“Mom! Mommy! Help!” You scream, hoping to get the attention of the one parent who you can still trust.
“Luna!” She shouts as she begins to rush towards you, but then she stops halfway through the mass of people over the form of Prince Septarian. While the knight who held him was now a broken, shredded mass of meat and metal, he still had managed to drive the dagger further into Prince Septarian, his legs and tail still limp beneath him.

He says something to Prismara.
Prismara looks to him.
Then to you.
Then back to him.

You watch your mother shift back into normal form and remove the dagger from the princes back before the knights carry you out of the dining hall and away from the battle.

Session End
The timelines converge! How exciting.
How awful.

We can't forgive this.

Now -both- of them are traitors.
>Now -both- of them are traitors.
Well shit.
File: LQ Title Card.png (180 KB, 483x467)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
The sky slowly darkens as the evening sun sets beyond the woods outside the keep. You watch the sky and the solitary cloud that would slowly meld into the black of night were it not for the moon giving it a silvery outline. The warmth of your bed offering you little comfort to recent events and the news that you were to go back to the capitol of Mewark from this summer home.

It had been two months since the night of your birthday party, and on that night and many nights following you had cried. After that night, your father refused to look at you. He remained distant, having Bethany keep you busy and fill your time. You had caught him once staring at you. For the few seconds you managed to hold his gaze you saw utter sorrow staring back. You hadn’t seen your mother at all since that night until three days ago. The same day you saw her and Septarian burn at the stake.

Your father had gathered you, the nobles, and the officers of the Armsmen and his knights into the ballroom before releasing the two would be lovers on opposite sides of the hall. In the back of your mind you had held on to the hope that your mother was innocent. The hope that your father lied and your mother would come rushing over to you to ask forgiveness for not saving you. That hope died when they both ran to each other’s arms and you felt hot tears running down your cheeks.

They were burned in the courtyard. The same one where the knights had found their escape carriage and driver. Your mother was granted a mercy and given older wood. The smoke suffocated her before the flames reached her, even concealing her as she burned. Septarian was given saplings.

He had burned for hours; his healing factor refusing to give up long after he had with implacable iron shackles holding him in place. In the end, he and the queen were charred and blackened things on the ground, and a cloud of ash in the sky. You had watched all of this, and by the time your mother had been obscured by smoke you had no more tears to shed.

There is a sudden knock at the door followed by a hushed voice.
“Luna! Luna! Let me in!”

Bethany. She had been the only person you had been able to talk to these past few months.

>What now?
>See what she wants
>Might as well play the pretty princess for now
>Remember the smoke and ash from Mother
>Remember the lies of Father for killing your trusted companion.
Open the door a crack and ask what she wants.
Turn her away. We melancholy and shit right now. Play with dolls as a substitute for when things were alright, or to re-enact the events as they unfolded as we saw it to make sense of how things came to be like this.
For a moment, you entertain the idea of leaving Bethany out in the hall and leaving yourself to your misery, but then remember you are a princess. Appearances are important not only for your position, but also for your plans. You crack open the door and begin to speak before Bethany forces the door the rest of the way open, nearly knocking you off your feet. She then nearly envelops you in a fierce hug.

“Luna! I’m so sorry!”
“Bethany, what is-“
“’m sorry child, but the king has gone mad! They’ve already grabbed Cobwella!”
“Bethany, what are you talking about? What happened to Aunt Cobwella?” You ask, fear beginning to creep into your voice as Bethany attempts to put on a brave face.
“Yewer father and his knighted thugs grabbed ‘er, said he was ‘pourgin’ treachery from the court’ and dragged her away! We need to go, Luna! I think ‘eard them say something about getting yew next! I-I don’t know where we’ll go but it’s not safe here!”
“I think I may be able to help with that” A voice calls out from under your bed.

A blue blur whizzes out from that dark space and stops suddenly over your head, eye level with Bethany.
“Who are yew? W-what are yew doin’ in the princess’ chambers?” Bethany says, standing suddenly and eyeing Glossaryck with surprise and fear.
“You can see him?”
“Everyone can see me, child! And my name is Glossaryck, a pleasure to meet you, Bethany.” He says, giving a near comically deep bow towards the handmaiden. “And I know a place to take the princess.”
“Luna, get behind me.” Bethany says, nearly shoving you behind her.

Down the hall, you see Mr. Velvet Ear for the first time in months.
“Mistress, there are knights coming down this hall.”

>What do?
The blue fool lead us to Williams corpse and showed us the truth, I say he can be trusted the most out of this entire situation. Though that's not saying too much.
Trust him, for he has only spoken puzzles to test and truth when asked.
Support >>2203780 and >>2203790
“They’re coming!” you say, turning back towards the blue fairy and older woman.

Glossaryck flips towards Bethany, inertia causing him to slowly rotate mid-air in front of her. “So what do you say? I can get the princess out of here,-“
“But I need to stay here and distract them. I know.” Bethany finishes for him.

You feel a tap on your shoulder, and Mr. Velvet Ear hands you the runaway bag you made the night of your birthday party. You try to say something to him, but he shushes you with by putting a finger over his lips.

“Ah. Yewve already packed. Yew always were a smart girl.” Bethany says as she hugs you once more, this one even tighter than the last. “I’ve served yewer line since yewer grandmother was queen, and I saw yewer mother grow to become a strong queen, the kind of queen I know yewell become. What happened to her was wrong, and none of this is yewer fault. Remember that.”

Bethany leads you out of the room with Glossaryck following overhead. Mr. Velvet Ear stays within as the door shuts behind you and locks it from within.
“What in the-“ Bethany says as she looks between the door, you and Glossaryck.
“Oohoho! Telekinesis! Very nice!” Glossaryck says as he floats down towards you, getting uncomfortably close to your face.
“What? That wasn’t me, that was Mr. Velvet Ear! Couldn’t you see him?” You ask before the sounds of approaching plate armor fills the halls.
>How do you escape?
>The front door?
>The servant entrance?
>Through the barracks?
>Out your personal exit (The window and tree)?
>What now?
Our personal exit, duh.
File: Mewmun Armsmen.png (56 KB, 171x300)
56 KB
You move down the hall as quickly and quietly as you can while Bethany stands guard outside the door to your room, giving you one final smile as you go. It’s not long before you hear the sounds of talking turn to yelling behind you, a shrill shriek and a few seconds of silence before you hear their boots hitting your door. It won’t be long now until they break it down and discover your ruse.

As you approach your exit, you find Mr. Velvet Ear standing in front of the window. He motions for you to be quiet and points down towards the bottom of the tree outside. Standing there are two armsmen leaning on their weapons and talking to each other.

“You really gonna do this?”
“Aye, Horace. Orders is orders.”
“Roj, she’s our princess-”
“And he’s our king! Listen, there’s a good chance those knights will grab her and we won’t even see her. Just keep standing here and enjoy the easy night.”
“It just doesn’t sit right with me is all. I thought we were supposed to protect the royal family, not help out in a fucking coup.”
“It’s not a fekking coup! King Ouibliette is getting rid of everyone who may be on the side of those beastmen. War’s gonna break out soon and it’s the best thing to do. Who knows what that whore of a queen told her.”
“Oh right, the little girl is gonna stab him in the back.”
“Watch your fekking tone and shut up!”

You hear a crash as the door to your room flies open. You’re running out of time.

>Climb down?
>Go for a different exit?
>Turn yourself in? To who?
>What now?
Climb! Tap into our spider ancestry and climb down like the wind!
>Climb Down sounds like a good idea.

Also in the meantime we could try turning into a bird if we accidently falll....
File: Temple.png (321 KB, 640x360)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
As you hear more yelling behind you, and heavily armored feet pounding down the hall, you know that you’re out of time. You jump out of the window and latch onto the tree the same way you’ve done so many times before, scuttling down as fast as you can. The men react with a start as you drop down in front of them, illuminated only by the moonlight and what light escapes the keep.

“Oh shit.”
“Roj. Don’t.”
“Horace, it’s our fekking orders! Princess, you’re coming with u-“

A sharp clanging sound can be heard as the armsman named “Horace” smashes his mace into the back of his friend’s head. The armsman reaching for you goes limp immediately, though you can see that he’s still breathing.

“Fucking damn it, Roger! Why the hell did you make me do that? Shit! Princess you need to go! I-I have to hide this dumb piece of shit until he wakes up.” Horace says before dragging his “friend” off into the bushes.

A rustling in your tree can be heard before Glossaryck emerges munching on a freshly picked apple. Your tree was not an apple tree. “Well, princess, shall we?” He says, flying into the woods with you following close behind.

The trek through the woods and into the deep forest is a long one. The warmer summer nights had already begun to give way to Fall and the eventual winter. You had brought no food with you, and only had to eat what food could be scavenged from the surrounding forest. Days seemed to blur together as you walked through that forest, making time appear to go by both very quickly and agonizingly slowly as you crunch through the first fallen leaves of Autumn. After several days of travel, and a near innumerable amount of riddles and indecipherable jests, Glossaryck leads you down the rocky slope of an immense forest sinkhole and to the doors of an abandoned Beastman Temple. It was there he taught you how to win your kingdom back.
>Pick one area of magic to major in and one area to minor in!

Kinetics: Become both the immovable object and the unstoppable force.
>>Strength of Mind: Luna can use her WIS score in any STR based checks and attacks.
>>Nullification Field: Any attacks made against Luna that have a physical component have a chance of having their wound severity reduced or even completely nullified.
>>The Speed of Thought: Luna uses her mastery of kinetic magic to increase her speed to inmewmun levels.

Energy: Everything moves a little bit. Even things that look completely still.
>>Ignite: Luna imbues the target with thermal energy on the atomic level, causing a large amount of heat to generate rapidly and may cause the target to combust.
>>Condense: Luna removes thermal energy from the target, causing it’s temperature to rapidly approach absolute zero.
>>Coldsnap: Luna rapidly freezes and heats the target, causing inhospitable expansion within the target. The target then explodes sending frozen shrapnel all around.

Gravity: An omnipresent force.
>>Cruci-Crush: Luna increases the effect of gravity on an object to up to one hundred times its usual effect
>>Starwalk: Luna can make herself or others temporarily weightless, allowing them to float.
>>Focal-Shift: Luna can change the direction of gravity on a target or herself.

Life: And the other side of the coin.
>>Devour: Replaces Consume and leaves either a weak, desiccated body capable of being raised from the dead or nothing but a pile of dust to provide twice the healing.
>>Blood for Blood: Steal the vitality of your enemies, or transfer your own life force to injured friends.
>>Raise the Living: Animate the bones within a target using an artificial soul of an imaginary friend.

Even more cont'd
Flight is always something you can't pass up. Even if it's makeshift. Gravity. We shall literally crush our enemies while floating.
Addendum, not only could we do some makeshift flight, but we could also just makeshift telekinesis. We could fucking change the direction of a sword and then cruci-crush it and then just have a bullet sword go through people.
Spells that Luna will have no matter what choice you make.
>>Raise Dead: Use your WIS to summon and bind a soul back to it’s corpse. Costs WIS to sustain undead permanently.

>>Create Friend: Use your CHA to create an imaginary friend. While these friends are physically, they’re also invisible to everyone but Luna and a few select others. They can feature specializations Luna would otherwise not have access to, i.e. a doctor friend would know more about medicine and wound treatment than Luna would on her own.

>>Consume: Use the flesh of the living or dead to heal yourself of one injury, leaving behind a withered, fragile husk.

Please pick an area to minor in, friendo.
Well we'll probably need blood for blood to hea-
>Consume heals us like the cannibal perk in Fallout
NEVERMIND! Kinetics seems super duper helpful, even in minor. We should get that.
Energy for major and gravity for minor
File: JPEG_20171210_050126.jpg (31 KB, 338x338)
31 KB
Considering the importance of this vote, I'm going to call the session here and allow everyone to get their vote in. Next session I'll count up all the votes and we'll go with that. Also, write in options are always welcome. If you have an idea for a different area of magic go ahead and write something up! I'll look at it and maybe do some balancing if I think "Makes a big explosion that kills everything in 200 miles" is too strong or something.

I'll have the rules written up and posted tomorrow. Have a good night, folks!
Major in Kinetics, minor in Gravity
major in life and minor in gravity
>Major Kinetics
>Minor Energy

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