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Thread 01 - http://archive.is/A4EhS and http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lots%20of%20Dialogues

Welcome back boys and girls to a new chapter of this growing adventure inside the world of Monster Girls also called Mamonos as you’ve recently learned. You are an elf without memory plunged into a world you scarcely understand, thankfully you’ve been allowed to gain a few breaths as you start to learn your predicament, with your thirst of knowledge resulting in your magical awakening.

It is only a little past noon of your second day in this world, not bad at all.

Now then, please make a choice between the following magical natures.
File: DumWF.jpg (9 KB, 398x299)
9 KB
Holy [Defensive and healing type of magical nature inherently used by angels. Holy is often spoken as an energy of its own, the other side of the Corruption coin, even acting as a poison if monsters imbibe large quantities. It works perfectly to purge or exorcise corruptive taints and heal people from the brink of death while also allowing you to forego one of magic key rules; spells can be created outside your body. It is difficult to make Holy malleable as it manifests as shields, but this simplicity also makes it extremely useful to be used as a base for becoming a hybrid. Also, offensive Holy is rumored to exist but it is considered taboo so there’s no concrete evidence of its manifestation.]

Blood HARD MODE [It is important to understand that Blood magic is not only despised by all known civilizations but the revered goddess of Unity, Mother Earth, actively hunt down its practitioners. Choosing this highly dangerous nature will mean painting a target on your back and force your friends to overcome their initial taboos. Being naturally skilled in influencing blood means emulating life, spells are tied to a concept of evolution that can (and often does) goes out of control. For your apprentice-self, this means that you’ll only be able to do shapeshifting-like phenomenon until you learn more. Rituals, wards, and curses will need actual research to master, blood magic is extremely dangerous because it tends to induce insanity in a similar manner to Corruption, but much more intrusive and deadly.]

Soul [Magic over souls is an incredibly odd thing as it means emulating angels natural abilities to strengthen themselves with emotions. Initially, this means body reinforcement (especially toughness) but as you learn more about your capabilities and gain people trust you’ll be able to strengthen allies and bestow numerous blessings on those who trust you, culminating with weaponizing your very soul. This magical nature is highly customizable despite starting relatively weak, has to potential to make you an extremely effective leader, and has unrivaled support potential.]

>While the list is short there will be plenty of options for deeper customizations if you decide to become a hybrid with summoning, necromancy or warrior/stealth (both functions similarly, skills make the difference) or go deeper into becoming a specialized mage.
File: 166179-538_super.jpg (41 KB, 600x450)
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There has to be… no, there is something inside of you, a key difference that marks you as a mage. Each of your breaths carries an increase in vitality, your mind maps your numerous, limitless blood vessels as the world of demons vanish; you needed no sight, hearing, smell or taste anymore only introspection. You are a mage you were one before emerging from that ashen pillar; a sharp pain ripple through your drug addled mind, jolting through your head, creating a barrage of sensation as your sense of touch reawakened for half-a-second but this pain is one you have to endure as you imagine your bioenergy traveling through your entire self, lighting yourself up in natural bioluminescence like Teruko previous example. These invisible vessels, these paths imprinted like veins, these circuits are where your soul travel. This bioenergy is its own lifeblood, a ferocious stream traveling alongside your natural body without any hope of interactions; there is coexistent between body and soul, this is what Focus is.

An invasive rush of heat assail your addled mind and all the drugs dwelling inside your bloodstream vanish in a furious assault of will reacting to Teruko intrusion in your body despite your own willing self. Her drug, her help, evaporate and you are brought back into the royal academy in pain as your knee smashed painfully against the table.

…and like that, Focus was gone. It had been half a second of clarity, half a second of might that sealed your identity forevermore. Arawn Loukanos is a mage.

‘’Mysir are thee fine? Awakening is undeniably rough especially for adults, please speak thy mind.’’ A worried, yet dignified voice spoke in a tone that failed in being hushed.

‘’I…I did it right?’’ Your body hadn’t suffered exertions or wounds but you were still breathless as you gazed at Teruko widened eyes, your natural self-control had abandoned you in front of this revelation. Goosebumps of excitement sent trembles of trepidation in your limbs, forcing you to close your hands into fists to regain control. ‘’I’m not too sure what my nature is yet.’’

Everything had been far too fast, too instinctive, for you to make senses. All you did was... finding what was already there.

‘’Yes, that’s how awakening is. Thine body is going through a phase of adaptation that should last 3 to 4 hours but I recommend waiting until tomorrow before trying to cast anything.’’ Teruko offered you a polite nod as she slowly sat back down, apparently, your excitement had caused her to rise. ‘’Soon enough thine veins shall bulge upon entering Focus and thee shall glower an organic luster, a projection of thine magical nature. Thee shall understand instinctively upon entering Focus, so please do not force thyself so soon, it will put a painful strain on your health.’’
File: 9.png (832 KB, 800x1049)
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832 KB PNG
‘’I huh…’’ You were actually at a lost for words for a fair few seconds, your lack of memories made Teruko remark more profound than she undeniably believed. It was the first time now someone remarked on your personality.

''I try my best to avoid being ruled by my emotions.'' You settle on that.

''A trait women love and hate in equal measure.'' Teruko mouth showed hints of white teeth as she let out a good-hearted chuckle. ''Not quite a man of romance, mysir Loukanos?''

That was not a subject you expected after such a heavy lecture on magic and as you stayed silent for an uncomfortably long time, Teruko shifted in her seat as you scoured your inexistent memory for...something adequate. You weren't a man of anything, much less love.

''I have...other things to consider.'' About the best compromise, you could come up with. ''Didn't you say you'd only start prying if we became friends?''

''Muh? Have I?'' The lizard made a grand motion of pointing at herself by touching her chest with her fingers while cocking her head to the right, long hair flowing smoothly to rest on the table. ''Mayhap I've gone beyond my standing by assuming our blossoming relationship to be a newfound friendship?''

''No, no'' You immediately counter, shaking your head. ''I'd very much like to count you as a friend, Teruko.''

''A friend to whom you owe a favor hm?'' She goes to pinch her chin with a full teethed smile, tail slapping under the table.

''I could fetch your food next time.'' You answer while relaxing on your seat, turning to look at the place the girls have been stuck into for a while now, only to finally see those double oaken doors opens.

''I'd rather ask you to keep an eye on Vilma,'' Teruko answered softly, only to make a gentle dismissive motion with her hand as you turned to observe her, she nodded for the approaching duo, marking a definitive end to your comfortable back and forth.

Elina and Vilma were fast approaching with the angel showing an impressive magical skill by having 5 bowls of food, a pitcher and a few wooden mugs resting on a levitating golden table that, upon further inspection, revealed itself as a piece of Holy magic, a projection of angelic might that leisurely accompanied the girl strides. The lich, for her part, seemed even more withdrawn, only showing that impressive soft colored hooded cloak, head cast toward the ground.
File: 40.jpg (102 KB, 555x720)
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102 KB JPG
‘’Pfuh, sorry.’’ The angel announced after making the journey to the pavilion, Vilma immediately plopping down beside you without any kind of upward glances, purple eyes glued to the table.

‘’Way more people than usual, a group from Internalization came to test our food or something so things got a bit hectic.’’ While explaining Elina began to serve the bowls, taking them off her magical shield and placing them between you and Teruko, with the lizard woman snatching the first of three stews, immediately digging in with a fork she must have kept on her person.

As Elina slowly transferred the goods off her shield, you saw her glance toward Vilma dogged motionlessness. ‘’Troubles?’’ you asked as you took your share of stew, leaving the more elaborate meals for the pregnant lady.

‘’Irritations,’’ Elina answered with a smile, pale red-furred wings flapping to an apparent good mood, her sweet smile sent an odd chill of dread up your spine. She waved at your apparent discomfort…

>Roll 1d6 for perception.
>he's back to 4chan
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171 KB JPG
Yes, this board is pretty nice.

I say we got soul brothah, soul magic that is! How do rolls work this time around?
dice+1d6 in the option field.

For now, I'm keeping things simple with rolls. Higher is better and I'll take the highest from 3 different ids. Once we go deeper things will change here and there, but nothing complicated for now.
Rolled 3 (1d6)

Crap, sorry. Haven't rolled on 4chan in a long time. C'mon dice gods!
Does Soul have the drawbacks that Siegfried experienced, such as using our own memories to power the spells?
Can't answer that. Everything has a drawback you'll discover before long, no choice is perfect.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Rolling for horns.
File: 1.jpg (113 KB, 532x800)
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113 KB JPG

…her hand had a bruise on her knuckles, a red discolors marred her spotless skin. It had been only a glimpse and she took great care to avoid showing it, although there wasn’t any hiding it now and when you observed her expression you could tell she knew that she had just given herself away. ‘’Nothing to worry about, we’ve got the feed for mama bear here.’’ Elina smiled, her expression coming off as forced while Teruko didn’t acknowledge her words and only continued her adorable pace; she kept taking small bites at rapid speed, having safeguarded three of the five bowls for her own consumption.

‘’You girls not hungry?’’ You asked them as you noticed Elina giving you the last two. Curiosity about her hand might have to wait…
‘’Nah I’m good.’’ The angel plopped herself beside her teacher as there wasn’t any other open space, wings once again phasing through obstructions and limbs. Your eyes wandered toward Vilma who… was as immobile as ever, you could only gaze at her unmoving profile of purple skin.

‘’You won’t get much out of her until she’s fed.’’ Elina chimed in, smiling at her teacher, hands hidden under the table. ‘’You guys became friends?’’

‘’Yeah, she’s been helping me a great deal understanding magic.’’ This word prompted a shift from Vilma and, seemingly struck out of a reverie, she turned to look at you silently; all the bags under her brilliant eyes did not help her natural beauty at all. ‘’Turns out I’m a mage.’’ You announce as casually as you can, though not without a lack of pride and as you dig in angel and undead throw each other an incredulous look.

‘’Seriously?’’ Elina asks her teacher, who despite her apparent food high, still possessed enough presence of mind to nod.

‘’His nature remains a mystery but he should rest until tomorrow, it’d be much safer that way instead of brute forcing exercises.’’ Teruko spokes despite her mouthful of foods.
File: 1446336479883-1.png (807 KB, 1000x788)
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807 KB PNG
‘’So, he’s a bonafide natural mage, talk about being a miracle teacher! Here she is teaching a couple of failures and somehow manage to awaken a man natural talent.’’ Despite the joy in her tone, Elina statement earned a frown out of you.

‘’Don’t speak of yourself in such a crude way, I may be… preoccupied but mine horns remain sensitive to untoward noises, I wouldn’t bother with a pair of incapables if you two were truly so useless.’’ Teruko loudly puts down her empty bowl and grasped her second one, throwing her students a glare. ‘’Have some pride in thine accomplishments; aye tis true there’s not much to show for our efforts but we haven’t been sitting idle twiddling our thumbs either.’’
Sermon done, the foreign lizard went back to her meal while Elina smiled awkwardly and her quiet friend went back to stare holes at the table.

‘’Arawn is a mage huh…?’’ Elina couldn’t keep quiet, head tilting left and right with something akin to a smug smirk. ‘’Are class over for today?’’ She suddenly her teacher.

‘’Aye.’’ Teruko gave a curt answer, then swallowed her food. ‘’I did not expect to become an impromptu teacher of magic and I’ve no mind to start summoning exercises when it’ll be afternoon in less than an hour, you are free to do whatever it is you want… I shan’t remiss companies for a few more hours.’’ She was a step between bashful and arrogant, her red eyes never once left her food.

Hm, so you have free time for today… well, you don’t have any obligation anyway.

>Should you confront Elina about her injury, something happened in the school. (Write Arawn attitude and/or dialogue if you so wish)
>Do some activities with the girls? (Crash course in summoning? Pester Vilma about Necromancy? Something else?)
>See if you can find Sieglinde (Alone or in a group?)
>Go out into the city. (You’ll likely be alone for that.)
>[Free choice]
>Find Sieglinde, acquire horns.
>>Do some activities with the girls? (Crash course in summoning? Pester Vilma about Necromancy? Something else?)
Discuss magic theory to give Vilma something to talk about.
What is necromancy?
Can summons summon summons?
Beyond the basic elemental magics, what other types exist?
How are artifacts created and what can they do for the different schools of magic?
Did the Elves and Dwarves have their own specialties?
Oh yeah, I'll see about introducing some time management soon, for now, whatever choices you make will advance the day forward until evening.
>Do some activities with the girls

Part of me wants to confront Elina now but it can honestly wait until later when we're alone with her. For now, happy fun time with the girls!
File: 1445313711963.jpg (207 KB, 1000x1310)
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207 KB JPG
There was a moment of silence after the girls discussion, with the wind rustling through grasses and soft hollow clicks of forks becoming a comfortable background noise but you spied the lich gaze on your second bowl, prompting you to break the silence. ‘’Go on, take it’’ You murmured softly, prompting her to blink in surprise and observe you like a scared little animal until her head bowed gently in acknowledgment.

‘’O-okay.’’ She answered and reached for the bowl of steamed vegetables and cooked meat. No way was she undead, it takes true living to get a craving for good food.

‘’I’ve no qualm about staying here with you three, I have a whole lot more to ask about magic now that I’m a proven mage.’’ Your statement broke the angel out of a reverie, she had been staring listlessly at the school door while Teruko murmured something about ‘’ravenous’’ you couldn’t completely make out because of her own bottomless hunger.

‘’Being lazy huh?’’ Elina grinned, stretching her back. ‘’Sticking together is fine by me, got anything to do Vilma?’’

‘’Ah…’’ Not expecting this prompt, the lich words were accompanied by a soft ruffle of her cloak. ‘’…maybe this evening.’’

This caused an apparent frown on the angel face while her purple skinned friend went back to eating silently, imitating her teacher by taking numerous small squirrel bites.

‘’I’m mostly curious about summoning, what’s with this school and all, is it not considered magic?’’ You’ve only caught a glimpse but what those three mantises did and that fight between the two demonesses was undeniably outside the norm.

‘’It’s in-between,’’ Elina answered while the other two women attentions were roused by this subject. ‘’Mages are born with talents whilst summoners are trained, it’s a small but very important distinction but… I believe it’s still magic, one that isn’t reserved by winning a genetic lottery.’’

‘’Then every monster can be a potential summoner because of interaction between souls and their inherent Corruption?’’ You push away your empty plate while Teruko finished her third and last one, leaning back to rub her round stomach in contentment.

‘’Yeah but it still has a degree of personal talent, mostly with interaction with wandering spirits. Take a bit of know-how, a will that know how to dominate while letting go at the same time; most warrior species are too strong-minded to do it properly.’’ Elina gazes upward, toward the roof of the pavilion.

‘’Wandering spirits?’’ You ask, momentarily interrupted as the heavy oaken doors of the school open to a group of Mamonos chatting amongst themselves, some glanced your way but they went to occupy one of the far away pavilions.
File: 23.jpg (114 KB, 600x800)
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114 KB JPG
’Pieces of souls that are born following strong emotions.’’ Teruko is the one that answers while Elina kept a cautious stare at that group but quickly went back to smiling while staring at you and Vilma who was concentrating on the discussion. ‘’Humans, monsters, angels, animals… even plants; everything that lives possesses a soul and this, in turn, leave an imprint. Plain existence causes souls to fill and deflate. Cities are a perfect breeding grounds for summoners, as people lives create numberless entities trapped behind a veil these entities aren't exactly alive unless you count fire like a genuine living thing. Throne Town has a weakened protection, making training summoners that much easier, allow me to demonstrate.’’

Plopping her elbow on the table, the pregnant white lizard eyes closed and she opened her palm in a claw-like grip, time passed silently as you and her students observed with rapt attention and before your speechless eye something like a flame; a wavering piece of non-burning blue fire, erupt spontaneously, creating a surge of warmth and an odd potent shadow in the afternoon sun.

‘’This is what apprentice learn, grabbing and dominating wandering spirits and encasing them in a cocoon of Corruption so insignificant you won’t see me spew out the excess. This spirit is one of my earlier emotion, my satisfaction, and joy from eating was hovering around me, attached to my soul like… a spider leg, all I did was pluck it out and give it definitive form.’’ Teruko casually put her palm on the table where that limbless blue fire jumped out and plopped on the wood without causing undue spread. ‘’They aren’t sentient, not until I strengthen its presence in order to make it a proper minion.’’ You could see two small vertical slits of dark inside the bulbous circle of its flaming body, it was undeniably observing it’s surrounding.

‘’Journeyman consists of the majority of student here, creating summons out of nothing and providing them with bodies we refer as ‘’astral bodies’’ for genuine interaction with the world, this little guy could be considered that, albeit a small form. Deeper mastery leads to something like this…’’ Teruko finger tapped a mug and her summoned flame levitating toward the object and disappeared inside. Ominous cracks emerged, causing squeaks and scars to cause what would undeniably be a thorough breaking yet to your astonishment, the wooden mug became malleable, it’s material reshaped itself to form… a turtle. A small, palm-sized wooden turtle had repurposed the mug and now began a slow, lengthy investigation of your table, poking nearby bowls to peek inside.

She swiftly grabbed another jug and spat something inside and pushed it beside her with a grimace.
File: Lich101.png (3.31 MB, 2700x3300)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
‘’That’s… amazing, doing it so casually…’’ Vilma spoke in a whisper and when she realized you were staring at her, she retreated upon herself, rising her shoulders and doing her best to look away. ‘’I-its well… it’s possession.’’ She revealed after numerous pauses in her speech. ‘’O-our world is something like Mother Earth ego, so-so… summoners create entities out of themselves but to impose their will upon objects like this, to create material bodies, its s-something that… well, it’s rare.’’

‘’Not so rare,’’ Elina continued, sounding strangely serious. She had somehow managed to stealthily grab the small turtle and poked its head, causing it to retreat in its wooden shell. ‘’Necromancy works exactly like that, it’s just that Teruko is good enough to create stuff out of material now. I’m still stuck on the apprentice.’’

‘’E-Elina.’’ Vilma stuttered, grimacing looking on guard now as she observed you fearfully.

‘’Tis plain truth, our angelic busybody is no liar. What do you think about necromancy, Arawn?’’ Teruko wiped her mouth with a handkerchief she, once more, produced out of nowhere. Maybe her dress had pockets you hadn’t seen?

‘’Me?’’ You asked in return, forcing your eyes off the lich to give her some reprieve. ‘’I’m not sure what necromancy function, the name implies raising the dead… that’s about all I’ve got.’’

‘’Then let me rephrase my question.’’ There was a small but noticeable shift in Teruko demeanor, her red eyes stared at you without wavering, growing thin -nearly closed- and her previous jitters and constant movements had disappeared. ‘’To raise the bodies of people ancestors and putting them to work, to interact with broken souls left after death and put those negative emotions to tangible uses; this is what necromancy is, a magic of material mistakingly compared with blood magic.’’ By now you felt genuine sympathy for the purple-skinned lich, you could spot her grimace from her profile.

‘’Nobody really knows what happen after death but there -is- a certainty,’’ Elina spoke after her tutor, understand your amnesia and preventing you from asking something dumb. ‘’Souls are broken after a body dies and these emotions -these wandering spirits- linger, attached to areas and bones. This is how skeletons and risen dead infestation occurs but Necromancy is about utilizing these non-sentients souls, this energy and putting it to use. What do think about that?’’

Teruko appeared confused by Elina sudden seriousness but you understood now; your curiosity about necromancy had you stepped into a sensitive topic and with this perspective… and this crash course in summoning, you had to give an answer.

>People worships their ancestors, is it right to use their remains? That is the magic of necromancy.
>Free Choice
Is it wrong to take your grandfathers clothes out of storage and put them to use? To use your grandmother’s sewing needles after she’s gone?

I think that’s just squeamishness on the part of people who can’t accept their own mortality and want to put the things that the once-living left behind as a way to think that they too shall become greater after the inevitability of their own death, a form of egotism created subconsciously.

There’s nothing thing wrong with necromancy itself, only how it is applied, just as with any other magic.
Necromancy doesn't seem so bad on it's face. Since you apparently don't need blood rituals or other forms of active living sacrifice to use it I don't see any initial ethical problems.

Well, unless some intrepid necromancer went and started the Zombie Apocalypse. I read a manga where a necromancer did that...
Also, don't forget to vote about a magical path, I think we got two for Soul magic? Make it easy to see so I can tally it up.

It’s versatile.
File: rsz_1316071581789.jpg (15 KB, 200x249)
15 KB
It had been a douse of cold water to have the mellow atmosphere shift into something so serious, your friends were almost judging but you decided to swallow your rising frustration and give the question proper thoughts. ‘’Give me a moment, I haven’t thought seriously about it.’’ You informed while crossing your arms, inviting a long silence that was only broken by wind and far-off echoing chatters from nearby Mamonos.

…yet you arrived at a resolution fast enough to surprise even yourself. For a moment you focused on Vilma, her lithe yet curvy form agonizing over this silence. She was a lich, there was no hiding that; undead are called this way because they need to consume something from living people and she seemed fearful of your opinion, this attitude of hers combined with Elina and Teruko protectiveness made it all too obvious that Mamonos held a poor opinion of this magic. No doubt because they were the biggest proponent of ancestral worships, yet you couldn’t just go along and say what she’d like to hear; it was an undeniable important philosophical divide on which you needed to take an honest, serious stance.

‘’Is it wrong to use objects that belonged to your deceased family?’’ You speak up before an immediately attentive audience. ‘’A person body without souls isn't alive and as you’ve helped me understand, pieces of souls peeled off from someone demises are emotional leftovers without wills or agencies, while a tomb is an undeniable respectable place to collect oneself in grief, the body itself, the skeleton… using it for productive uses doesn’t sound any worse than summoning.’’ You heard a sharp intake of breath on your flank and decided to lean forward and put your hands on the table to mark that you weren’t done, making the poor summoned turtle hide again.

‘’While I do respect Mamonos ancestral worship, magic is magic; Necromancy sounds like a path similar to your own, Teruko, as it influences a select few things. Perhaps people are squeamish since it can be attributed to some kind of grave robbery but there’s no changing death and I believe that practicality trumps over sentimentality.’’

‘’Even if this raises the important ethical question about manipulating the remains of loved ones?’’ Teruko asks while her students gave a pair of different smiles; Elina was satisfied whilst her purple-skinned friend was… at ease, she raised shoulders had sagged and her guard had lowered significantly. She looked even more tired now.
File: Minotaur11.png (15 KB, 276x397)
15 KB
‘’Ask permissions?’’ You counter, feeling a little smug. ‘’If the bodies are well maintained to prevent diseases, I could see Necromancers as fantastic labor forces. Who wouldn’t love to employ a bunch of non-tiring, non-complaining spooky workers? I think people get strong reactions about it because they are reminded of their own mortality, not so much because it’s insulting their ancestors. Magic is only evil if you employ it for nefarious means.’’

‘’Hm… Good.’’ Satisfied, Teruko backed down, letting out a sigh while rubbing her stomach, casting a sideways glance at the crouching sun. It was now well in the afternoon and a few more students were trickling in to enjoy this comfortable weather.

‘’Ah…’’ It was a fragile tone that broke the new silence, all eyes inevitably turned to the quiet girl, making her shrink on herself. ‘’...N-nothing important. I-I was curious about your opinion, that’s… it.’’

‘’You can ask me anything, Vilma’’ You speak with a smile and she can’t stare at you, her brilliant amethysts were observing a peculiar group of demonesses full of blondes and brunettes with a pair of… bulls-horned almost two meters tall women?

Damn, so those are the warrior species?

‘’I-I… I remember I need to go.’’ Vilma gently sprung to her feet, causing everyone to observe her in surprise. ‘’L-Library… a book, also I lost something from my room this morning s-so I have to go.’’

‘’Tis only 4 hours past noon tops,’’ Teruko spoke with a frown, then directed her gaze at the nearby monsters. ‘’What kind of research are you doing? You’ve yet to tell me.’’

‘’Just… history, magic like runes and wards.’’ Her hands joined together and the lich began to awkwardly twiddle her thumbs. ‘’I-I should go before the library closes, yeah?’’

‘’I’ll go with you.’’ Elina slapped her hand on the table, already risen to her feet. ‘’You should stay though, I’m sure Arawn has lots and lots of things to ask, you like talking about magic right? Even hearing the basic, it’s fun so why not stay?’’

‘’N-no it’s… you two can help him it’s good.’’ But despite her words, something kept Vilma boots firmly rooted on the grass.
‘’Then I’ll help ya find that book and whatever it is you lost, were friends’’ Elina spoke with a definitive tone and a soft glare to her submissive friend that brokered no arguments.

‘’I’ll… I’ll be fine.’’ Yet the lich insisted before her protective friend and a moment you stared at the angel hand, her bruised knuckles were nicely healed.

‘’There’s no harm in staying, dear.’’ Teruko chimed in now. ‘’With Arawn newfound disposition I reckon we could breach the subject of your talent much more leisurely and go in-depth, too.’’
File: Lich41.png (526 KB, 757x997)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Yet… Vilma shook her small head as if something was compelling her to venture forth, out of this protective pavilion.

It is soon-to-be evening now… Sieglinde said that she’d be coming around this hour, staying at such an obvious would make it far easier for the Lilim to find you.

>Should you insist that Vilma stays?
>Allow her to go? Alone or with Elina?
>Accompany her with your angelic friend, Teruko look tired… it’d be best to say goodbye to her for today if you decide to leave.
>Something else? [Free Choice]
Forgot to add that I'll stop here for tonight.
>Should you confront Elina about her injury, something happened in the school.

We should certainly discuss this with her. Maybe not make a scene out of this in front of her friends, but if someone is giving her a hard time, we want to know who it is, at the very least. Because, there is a high chance that person will either pick on us, or try to turn us against Elina in the future.

And Arawn is smarter than letting that happen, if he can help it.

Plus, we want to be ready to defend Elina should she require it. For that, we need immediate info on the situation.

Something like. "Maybe I am being a bit too alarmist, but... from what I have seen so far from this place, I'd like to make sure of something.

Nobody is giving you a hard time over being Teruko's apprentice, are they? This little trouble you ran into, it sounded like it happens fairly often."
(Argh, I posted it too late >w<)

I als owant to take this chance to vote for

>Soul Magic
>Accompany her with your angelic friend, Teruko look tired… it’d be best to say goodbye to her for today if you decide to leave.

Let's say bye in amiable terms to Teruko and accompany Vilma. If she insists on going alone, we follow her stealthily. We shall not let her stay alone unsupervised or in company of these, if we can help it.

Also, memorize that group's faces and make a mental note to look into matters. The expressions they make, the tone of voice they use, the things they say, etc. when they are talking to Elina or Vilma.

I can't help but be paranoid! My Bullying senses are tingling.
File: Garret.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Ah, it looks like you too might favor my intention to make Arwan into a stealth master like Garret or Styx fellow anon, only nicer, more charismatic, and less mercenary.

I don't think we should go for stealth just yet however as we have no training nor any unlocked natural skill at it. We *do* have an obvious excuse to go to the library independently of all other considerations of course which should keep Vilma from smelling a rat.

We seek more information about this world's history as we're quite deficient in that field. Hell we could even ask Vilma where to look in an earnest sense. We could then go for stealth, y'know, pick up a promising book and just take advantage of our apparently superior elven ears to follow her around by sound behind the ample cover of several bookcases (stealth is easy for everyone if you *make* it easy like that).

A quick question to the QM though, how gossipy is the angel and how likely is she to start saying things she probably shouldn't to people like Vilma? Us being puked out of the throne as a total amnesiac due to her hackneyed ritual is something any smart rational person would keep under tight wraps but this angel seems... naive to put it lightly.
She hasn't given you away so far, it's up to you to trust her. You could try to get a 1 on 1 talk about it if you'd like, I can't quite give a clear answer about character traits and/or intentions. You'll need to make your own conclusion on that front based on your interactions.
I don't know much about Garret or Styx. I do believe that we should be able to act undercover, though not necessarily turning our whole persona into that of a shadow. We should have presence, when we need to have it. Be a beacon of confidence for our friends. But, we must not be afraid of resorting to information gathering, sabotage of our enemies and quiet tidying of unruly business without raising a fuss over it.

Let's save the histrionics for when they are needed. Perhaps the time will come where we revel to everyone our origins from the throne.

But for now, the task at hand is to protect our friend from bullies. If she doesn't let us do so overtly, we will do it from the shadows.
Play "Styx: Master of Shadows" and/or "Thief II: The Metal Age" to get what I'm aiming for here dude. Dirt cheap on Steam and well worth your investment.

I agree we should protect her from bullies but we must not be overt about it all. I said it last thread so I'll say it again now. "Smart" victims of bullying despise pity thrown upon them. They do *not* want it. What they want is genuine acknowledgement independent of said pity. Act on pity outright and keep on acting on it like that and they'll come to hate you more than their bullies...

Just... putting that out for consideration....
I will see about getting those games then. Thank you for your advice.

For now, we can always play the clueless fool that just really thinks he is accompanying a girl to get her books.

And, I think it's fair to say, we are not acting out of pity. We are acting out of concern... but more importantly, out of JUSTICE!

Bullies are not welcome in a learning environement. So if that's what it's going out, then it's not pity what drives us, but a sense of duty.

The moment they cross our friend, is the moment they cross us, and the moment we decide it's time to fix things one way or the other..
So can I assume that it's a pair of votes to accompany the Lich with Elina under the (truthful) excuse of wanting to learn more about the world and thus accompany her into the library?
Yus! :3
File: 620px × 465px.jpg (35 KB, 620x465)
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Just so long as we truly sell it. Seems we've got a majority vote for Soul Magic so far so our earnesty ought to be beyond reproach if that's our innate knack in magecraft.

The amnesia isn't hurting us on that front either. Easy to be earnest and forthright when you're literally as "innocent" as a child all things considered.
>Allow her to go with Elina.
I want to extract more information from Sieglinde about the current state of Elves and if any means of contacting an enclave exist.
That could become a secondary objective within the library. Pretty damn sure the Demons have a Dewey Decimal System equivalent figured out by now and our MC "Elf" does not seem to be deficient in the IQ department.

He's "dumb" as hell right now objectively yeah, but that's due to lack of experience (he was quite literally "born" yesterday). When ya be smert, ya fix that problem frighteningly fast. Sieglinde may well come to fear us (or at least her fear for her friend) once we really get going. After all, we're a sentient/sapient summon as of right now, and she warned her angelic friend about those for good reason...
Enjoyable drawing!
You couldn’t explain why you disliked the idea of letting Vilma go on her own, perhaps it was a ‘’gut feeling’’ born from her diminutive and downright vulnerable attitude so far? Were you being overprotective and you misunderstood her situation? Was it plain pity on your part? You couldn’t pretend to have any experiences in this matter but Elina and Teruko didn’t seem to like allowing the Lich to go off on her own and they tried their best to keep the girl here without coercion, which had resulted with quiet Vilma unable to face either of them.

Here you thought to have made some progress toward friendship by telling your honest opinion on the girl controversial magic.

‘’I’ve been thinking to take another trip to the library.’’ You speak up to break the ice, earning a set of stares that immediately made you uncomfortable. It’s true that it sounded like a damnably convenient excuse, Vilma was trying to be on her own for a reason.

‘’I’ve been meaning to see what kind of information the library has on elves alongside some books on describing different types of magic or summoning but I’ve also been thinking of possibly studying the Demon Lord reign.’’ Once again you weren’t lying; you had no uses for lies since your awakening and your explanation seemed to instill a strangely awkward feeling in the girls, the word ‘’elves’’ undeniably carried some kind of cultural baggage, perhaps on an even bigger scale than Necromancy.

‘’We didn’t stay too long yesterday huh?’’ Elina spoke, slowly rising to her feet to walk beside Vilma who kept her stare firmly planted aground. ‘’Mind if I tag along? I’ve never had that much passion for history but your presence really make me curious about elves too.’’

‘’Mh, finally starting to be diligent, lady angel?’’ Teruko slowly got up, picking up her moving wooden turtle while picking up the bowls. ‘’Would you allow them to accompany you, Vilma?’’

‘’I huh I…’’ She didn’t know what to say, so you decided to give her a push.

‘’I still don’t know how the library really works, I’ve only been there once.’’

‘’Yeah, I don’t know much either It’s so big and I’m not sure if you need special permission for the Seekers…’’ Elina chimed after you, looking guilty, if not a little miserable.

‘’U-um… Okay, I suppose… I-I just read things, yeah. It’s not really fun in a group?’’ And so, Vilma yielded, biting her bottom lips after speaking while Elina grinned in small triumph, though you easily spotted the cautious glance she threw at the groups of Mamonos; combined with that bruised knuckles you spotted a few hours ago, you definitely suspected that something was going on.

‘’Teruko?’’ You spoke, prompting the pregnant tutor to turn around curiously. ‘’If you see Sieglinde, could you tell her where I and Elina are?’’
File: 2.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
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141 KB JPG
‘’Oya? You are friend with Daiyu’s eldest?’’ She asked back with raised eyebrows.

‘’I hope she thinks so too, she’s been helping me a great deal.’’ Sieglinde had been the one who found out the significance of your name and, despite her position, gave you the freedom to choose how you’d like to spend your coming future. Perhaps it won’t last but her goodwill wasn’t something you’d forget.

‘’I’ll pass thine message if I happen to cross path aye. Have fun you three, the library is big enough to talk without bothering people but minds thine volume all the same hm?’’


The castle-manor of summoning still managed to fill you with awe as you stepped inside, it’s corridors (outside those dreary dorms) were big and polished, made of ashen-white stone with nicely carved decorations made directly into the walls. Mamonos threw incessant curious glances in your direction as you hadn’t made a single effort to hide your pointed ears and, despite yourself, you did feel a tad bashful under such attention.

‘’Gotta make it fast,’’ Elina growled as she flanked Vilma right side while you occupied her left.

‘’Something wrong?’’ You ask while peeking at the hooded girl who was keeping an even forward stare to avoid running into anybody.

‘’No, no… I don’t like getting ogled.’’ Elina waved at you, red wings flapping as you proceeded down the main corroded then made a turn toward a secondary, less populated hallway. The angel pace was almost uncomfortably fast but the Lich seemed perfectly able to keep up so, for a minute you said nothing until an idle glance at the angel healed hand made you remember what you saw at noon.

>Should you confront Elina about what happened earlier?
>Or stay silent so your group can arrive at destination quickly?
>[Free Choice]
I want to discuss with Elina something else, entirely.

It's about time we express a bit of curiosity about whether her being an angel makes it difficult to live in here at all. And also, about what led her to live in this place.

I have the feeling that is better than trying to openly discuss the matter of her and Vilma being bothered because of jealous students coveting her teacher. (that is what I believe is going on, here. We just dn't have enough evidence to accept it as truth yet.)
>[Free Choice]
Talk to Elina if she knew of any martial arts or self defense that she can teach us later if the time permits.
>Or stay silent so your group can arrive at destination quickly.
‘’Elina?’’ Your voice was met by a cautious stare from the angel who had to inevitably slow her pace to hear you out. You decided to inspect your surrounding and noted a lack of monsters, though enough still walked through this corridor, forcing your group into a file.

‘’ I have a question for you, a bit personal.’’ You had many things to ask, she is your anchor in this world.

‘’Not gonna talk in the library?’’ She flashes you an awkward smile while Vilma stood still, her amethysts eyes scanning each entry and exits soundlessly. Your group also stopped next to an empty class, which seemed to possess its own miniature arena.

‘’I’d rather ask you now, I’ve been wondering all day about you both.’’ Your words prompt the short Lich to observe you. ''I want to ask you, specifically, how are you doing in this academy as an angel? I wasn’t sure if it was, well, proper to ask with Teruko nearby. Your own presence is possibly even odder than mine, how are you viewed by Mamonos?’’

‘’Mixture of envy and disdain.’’ The angel spat out, putting her back on the wall where her wings phased through, there wouldn’t be any progress for the library now. ‘’Let’s get in there, it’ll be more comfortable to talk.’’ She gestures with her chin for an empty classroom and you obliged.

‘’I…I really should…’’ Vilma protested.

‘’Vilma, stop. I’ve no idea what’s going on with you but you’ve already taken out five books two days ago, I’m willing to respect your privacy but… you’re honestly worrying me, Arawn already suspecting something so let’s drop this awkward dance.’’ Elina tone was hard, perhaps a little harsh as well and the purple girl shrunk where she stood, trying to hide her head within her shoulders, however, the angel insistence made her walk within the classroom akin to a prisoner receiving execution.

You entered last and decided to close the door, a nice square opening of glass allowed anyone to easily peek inside…hopefully, none of the tutors would take offense to a trio of friends occupying this empty place. ‘’You saw my bruised hand huh?’’ Elina asked you after you turned to her, Vilma had taken one of the few seats of this small room near the small, odd construct capable of erecting a barrier, likely made to contain wilder entities during a lecture.

‘’Yeah, but it’s not really what I want to know. How hard is it for you to live here anyway?’’ You could tell she had fully expected you to ask her straight up about this small injury as she grimaced, bottled aggression manifesting in a restrained growl.
File: 3.jpg (141 KB, 1280x784)
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141 KB JPG
‘’Only word that comes to mind is pariah. Sieglinde, Vilma, Teruko… and you are only ones I can speak to amiably. Never went to Throne Town proper so I can’t say how the atmosphere is out there.’’ She sighs, shaking her head, hefting a finger to enroll a strand of blond hair around it. She gave Vilma a diminutive smile, the small lich had thrown back her hood to give you both her undivided attention.

‘’Are they jealous of you and Vilma being Teruko students?’’ The lizard commented on it, suspected it, but hadn’t tried to ask.

‘’That’s probably the biggest source of envy yeah. Undead aren’t liked by demons and I stand out like a sore thumb with my wings and halo.’’ She pointed at her glowering, floating circle with a smirk. There was something in her eyes, her smirk… an experience brought by age that was eerily similar to Sieglinde. Is this a trait shared by long-lived immortals?

‘’There’s one girl in particular that really, really wanted to learn under the master summoner of Internalization and since that’s not happening, there’s been this posse trying to find us when we're nice and alone; moments like these away from teachers has them snuff us out like hyenas but it’s never been -too- bad, really.’’ Her words bring a grimace to Vilma who briefly rubbed her tired eyes then interlocked her fingers together, lips pinching silently as she, too, tried her best to handle her bottled emotions. ‘’Insults, jeers, bits of intimidation from jealous Mamonos barely a year past 18, something happened recently to embolden them because.’’ The angel shrugged. ‘’I had to punch out a cunt at noon for being brazen enough to steal my friend food in front of me, you really gotta stand up for yourself y’know?’’

You had pegged most of the girls here to be relatively young, not quite apprentice but neither able to call themselves full-fledged summoner; no doubt this state of in-between was incredibly important for their future as summoners, having studied under a renowned instructor could open a lot of doors inside the bureaucracy of demonic Mamonos.

At least… that’s how you could make sense of it, you didn’t have much knowledge to base this observation, it was clearly different from the Supreme Monsters you’ve heard Sieglinde rant about.
‘’You know martial arts?’’ You asked to change subjects and Elina smiled with a mixture of gratitude and pride.

‘’Folks have been teaching me for the past 12 years or so but for the month I’ve been here, Sieglinde gave me a few pointers. She’s really, really good at punching and kicking people.’’ The angel hands clenched into fists then relaxed into open palms repeatedly, trying her best to show her admiration.
File: 111.jpg (296 KB, 1280x993)
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‘’That tail is dangerous too.’’ You add, to which Elina giggle while Vilma let out a short huff akin to a restrained chuckle. ‘’Stop me if I’m being too forward but where are you from, Elina? Angels aren’t a normal sight inside the demonic capital’’

You saw Vilma silent nod to your question, she had known your benefactor far longer than you yet was equally curious. Elina stayed silent for a few moments, her grin and good humor vanished into listlessness and her hand went to scratch the back of her golden head.

‘’Y-you don’t need to…’’ Vilma murmured with a twisted, awkward smile that was a vain attempt at being reassuring.

‘’No, no… I should speak a little more. I’ve always been looking to find a good excuse.’’ Then she huffed and stood straighter, arms crossing under her medium breasts, hefting them upward. ‘’I’m from Zipangu. Specifically, a retainer to queen Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, my loyalty isn’t exactly the best…’’ She grimaced at her words while Vilma's eyes widened. ‘’You could say I’m here as a gesture of good faith between the Demon Lord and the Commonwealth but I’m honestly here to learn summoning.’’

She nodded at her words, tapping her foot on the ground while casting cautious stares your way.

‘’You’re from… there? A-and you know people that important?’’ Vilma spoke with long pauses between words, unable to keep her mouth from gaping.

‘’I needed a good reason to befriend Sieglinde right? It all started when I decided to look into summoning, how demons handle soul manipulation and, well, she overhead my problems then offered I come here. Rest is history, I’ve been here for a month and been failing spectacularly, but at least I made a couple of friends.’’

So, this is the history of Elina arrival? There’s something she’s omitting, mainly what could have spurred her interest in demonic summoning but you’ve already pried more than enough.

‘’I-I…I see…I-I’m…I’m from far away too.’’ Vilma finally showed a tiny smile.

‘’Yeah, I thought you weren’t from these parts because there’s nobody else around willing to help you with your soul consumption.’’ Elina seemingly stuck a sensitive topic because Vilma winced as if sucker punched by this statement. ‘’Don’t be ashamed, Vilmy, I’m not coerced into it, I’m glad to help you.’’

‘’Y-yeah… Nobody else would allow me, I-I might have had to go into Throne Town.’’ Her precious tiny smile was back and you found yourself mesmerized, she had only showed various expression of agony and surprise in the short hours you’ve gotten to know her. You almost blurted out that Teruko was a willing donor, too, but remembered that she couldn’t because of her pregnancy.
File: 50.jpg (2 KB, 300x168)
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‘’Don’t,’’ Elina spoke with surprising authority, features twisted into a snarl but she relaxed upon witnessing your confusion. ‘’There’s an organization in the capital that helps out undead with their needs but it's shady. They are administered by some kind of powerful family called Javed, and outside hearing Sieglinde badmouth them I know nothing concrete. Having her indebted to some group doesn’t sit well with me.’’

From the window leading outside you witnessed the crouching sun projecting potents rays of dusk, drenching the courtyard in eerie shadows and making it difficult to observe anything from this angle. Elina wings were nicely outstretched, having regained consistency as they rested upon the glass, creating a gorgeous shadowy winged silhouette that stretched right into you and even reached the door. At this hour... there wouldn't be enough time to go to the library but, more importantly, as this comfortable silence stretched and both girls closed their eyes, you started to feel... inadequate. Elina had just shared a short piece of history, her reason why she was here, where she came from, her problems with the students and you couldn't offer anything in return because you had absolutely nothing.
File: Big Girls.png (344 KB, 715x600)
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344 KB PNG
A loud knocking struck everyone out of their contemplation.

''Oi open up!'' A muffled voice came through, filtering as gruff and heavy through the door. From the window you peek a pair of tall Mamonos -the two bull-horned fellows you remember spotting earlier- who was leaning down and smooching their faces onto the glass, making it impossible to see anything else.

''Somebody missed their appointment!'' The other minotaur spoke, though her expression quickly changed into genuine surprised upon spotting you. ''Hold the fuck up they got the elf with em? Shit, this ain't worth the barrel of crap we'll get!''

From behind another voice -muffled and quiet- somehow filtered through. ''Elf? That's... pretty bad, the little leech only needs to remember what she had to do today, so there's no need for anything drastic.'' The two near 2 meters tall musclebound clopped bull-horned women were making it impossible to spot this third companions of theirs.

''I-I'll be right back!'' Vilma suddenly jumped to her feet, only for Elina to grab her arm, which the Lich immediately tried to shake off.

''Hold on now, they are way more brazen than usual.'' She spoke while one of the bulls roared a heavy ''Hurry the fuck up, I can already smell the maggots from here!''

Elina promptly answered with her middle finger. ''Shut up you milk drinking cows!'' Then she gently let go of the Lich who turned her back to you and these intruders, only offering her hodded back while the Minotaurs didn't take kindly to the insult and gave the door a solid punch.

Bam. Its entire length shook, they had the strength to break it down.

''I could make a Holy shield to reinforce the door and we can stay here a little while longer to speak.'' Elina offered, crossing her arms again to look at you, then turning her attention to Vilma. ''Or things could get violent, how do you feel about that Arawn?''

Despite your feelings of inadequacy, this afternoon dialogue had honestly been great... it only took a few knocks to ruin it.

>Free Choice.
“I see that if this is the quality of students here, that Lady Teruko’s reluctance to take on the locals as students is well warranted.
“You three! What are your names! My REPORT must be complete, and a refusal to cooperate will be noted. With extreme prejudice.”

Threaten them that they will be reported. We have no pride keeping us from having Sieglinde track them down, unlike Elina or Vilma.

Indeed, I like this idea. Let's make sure to memorize their faces an names. Should they decide this is not worth it, let's not pursue matters, but if they get violent, we are to be a wall for the girls. Let them maim us if they dare. We will release the Sieglinde on them later.

Maybe they'll get horned into submission. >:3
‘’Let me handle this.’’ You answer the angel, forced to take a few steps to round her flank as her wings folded around her shoulders. Your statement was met with an incredulous expression but Elina attention quickly shifted to Vilma.

‘’Okay just… be careful, minotaurs can be very dangerous.’’ She took a few steps back while one of the big women beyond the door hurled another ‘’open that damn thing!’’ that made you wonder why there hadn’t been any tutors intervening yet.

‘’That’s not going to happen’’ You speak up, allowing anger and frustration to slip past your emotional barrier; your voice sounded gruffer than intended but it carried your message and the big, musclebound bulls attention were immediately shifted to you.

‘’Oooh crap it’s the elf.’’ You heard the left one with a lightly chipped horn mutter.

‘’Huh yeah, why not pal? We just need to ask something outta that Lich over there, she missed an important appointment with a friend of ours.’’ The right one grin came as downright froggy, it wasn’t that she was bad on the eyes. Quite the contrary, both minotaurs had some boyish charms to them but goddess did they show terrible smiles.

‘’You three!’’ Your voice makes them both stiffen, good. ‘’Give me your names, I have a report to give to her highness Sieglinde Jawahir and a refusal to cooperate will be noted, with prejudice. You’ve not helped your case at all by daring to bother me during important business.’’

Emotional business related to making friends for your very second day in this world, neither truth or lie, your race possesses a reputation amongst monster that you were fully willing to embrace.
‘’Shit how the hell does he know Eee-k…’’ The left bull horned woman stiffened as if suddenly pinched. ‘’Only us two sis be here sir’’ She continued, to which you rolled your eyes.

‘’I heard your friend hidden behind your huge features, don’t play dumb.’’

‘’Did he just call you fat?’’ Asked the right one frowning and her sister shrugged.

‘’Then I’ll have to report this interruption of yours, students. My own business with Vilma is far more important than whatever little childish idiocy you seem to be entitled to, if you want the girl you’ll have to tear down that door and go through me.’’

You weren’t finished, your annoyance and frustration boiled over, your fist loudly slammed on the woods beside the glass, shaking them slightly as the two girls observed you as if you’ve gone rabid.
‘’ Quit stalling and tell me your fucking names!’’
There was an immediate change in the girl attitudes, where previously they undeniably saw you as some kind of fragile thing protected by dangerous people, their eyes narrowed in exact replicas of worrisome, angry glares fully acknowledging you as a foe. ‘’Fuck you’’ said the chipped minotaur girl. ‘’Your angelic whore smacked me in the face and I’m supposed to let you play favorite? You might be the Demon Lord pet but we aren’t supposed to bend the knee just cause you knife eared fucks got yourselves slaughtered.’’ Then she smacked the door too, her huge fist making it shake all over.

Her sister was looking back, toward someone that was hidden away from the square window. ‘’Let’s just go’’ She spoke with a snarl. ‘’Harming an elf is a barrel of shit, we’ll find that walking corpse later or tomorrow.’’

‘’The hell is that supposed to mean?’’ You answer back but the group was already walking away, chatting amongst themselves, distances and the door reducing their conversation to muffled noises.

‘’Pretty good honestly,’’ Elina spoke from the windowsill, palm resting on Vilma hooded head who was keeping a dogged vigil of the courtyard outside with hands balled into worrying trembling fists. ‘’Kinda odd nobody came despite that racket, maybe they had other people watch the corridor exits. They really wanted to get you huh, Vilma?’’

The Lich said nothing and Elina bit her bottom lips, sending a mournful look toward you and as your eyes crossed, she shook her head and jumped back on her feet. ‘’Nothing bad happened so it’s fine, everything’s dandy, this world is full of people who love to take stuff away from you, why do you let them, Villy?’’

The Lich didn’t answer but her shoulders shook and her head changed position to look down at the ground.

‘’…Are you honestly thinking I’m pitying you now?’’ Elina asked with a total absence of emotion, sending a hot rush of feelings up your face as you finally understood this atmosphere; it had perhaps been a month in the making, but it was clear that Vilma had tried hard to keep the angel out of her problems, only for things to worsen, leading to a confrontation.

‘’I’m staying right here until you say something.’’ If Vilma was stubborn in silence then Elina was perhaps even more tenacious, the angel folded her arms under her breasts and her red furred wings cast another eerie shadow, their shadowy projections were swallowing you whole. Her previous agony had morphed into a strangely confident grin.
’I’ve been observing you for the last two weeks or so and you’re clearly stuck in some kind of situation that’s making you clumsy, stressed and scared. Even Teruko is worried, she told me to look out for you.’’ Then she turned to you. ‘’Did she ask you the same?’’

‘’Yeah. I owed her a favor and she collected it immediately by asking me to keep an eye on you, Vilma.’’ You had already calmed down and, thankfully, your fears of some explosive argument between these two friends were slowly lessening. It was clear that Elina had a good head on her shoulders, perhaps even more talented than you were at controlling her emotion, you’ve let yourself go earlier…

Or maybe you had been afraid that she was a bit too prideful, it was clear Vilma was misunderstanding Elina genuine concern for pity.

‘’Friendship is even purer than love, y’know?’’ Elina continued, her voice… had a vulnerable edge, there was something sincere inside that apparent naivety and her wings flapped to mirror her desire to sincerely reach for the Lich. ‘’What is it that you love to do, Vilma?’’

‘’…Learning how to be a good necromancer.’’ Finally, she spoke. It was a nasal voice and she took a long, hard breath.

‘’And who’s taking that away from you?’’ Elina attempt was genuine but, somehow, it only worked to make Vilma shake her head.

''I've never had friends.'' She hadn't completely shut down but neither did she try to open up some more.

And that marked an awkward silence, with the disappearing sun and darkening sky quickly announcing evening final arrival.

>Should you reveal your amnesia to the Lich? Perhaps this way... she'd understand your relationship with Elina a little better alongside your own position in the academy.

>Maybe Vilma should be allowed some space? It's going to be night soon, there's nothing much to do besides eating and preparing to sleep.

>Free Choice

Stopping here tonight.
>Should you reveal your amnesia to the Lich? Perhaps this way... she'd understand your relationship with Elina a little better alongside your own position in the academy.

We have decided her to be friend. And that means, we need to open up to her, for her to open up to us. Let's admit our amnesia, ehile hinting at our origin, but let's let Elina decide if she wants to share the part of us being summoned out of the throne.
Damn, work made me miss the thread. Still, good stuff. First, we're gonna remember the bitch that called us a "knife-eared fuck". Once we level up a bit we're gonna make her pay for that. We can't let that one slide, our ancestors certainly wouldn't.

Also, Elina is one of Ame's retainers? Ouch, what with the loss of Orion and (if they're still around in this quest) the other remaining Embodiment-types siding with the monsters/humanity on top of Elina jumping ship? Oh boy Angels that's gotta STING!

Finally, I don't care either which way but above all else do *not* even HINT at our true origin if the other anons decide to spill the beans about the amnesia. At least, not here for God's sake. These walls probably have ears and if the wrong ones are tuned in we're totally screwed if that cat gets outta the bag. Remember, INH wants suffering...

I am still putting that choice up to Elina, though I suppose she will be able to place things in subtle terms rather than blurting it out.

Lastly, I recall there is some sort of tutorial-like period where mess ups are minor. I'll only start to worry about the Rejoicing when INH says the dreadful words of "Tutorial over" or "Hard Mode Initiated".

I don't think we will be punished for opening up to our cute Lich friend. Though, if we do, we WILL have to root out these bullies. the last thing we want is them trying to extort info about us out of her.
Yeah, training wheels are still on but tragedy can still happen if there's a major fuck up on you guys part. The girls are a proactive bunch so they should help you out prevent the worst, but once we start unraveling your memories and get into one of the two major flashback arcs I've got in store, that's when hard mode start.

Alternatively, you folks could always force me to throw away my hard work by NOT uncovering Arawn/your past but you wouldn't do that to your QM, right guys?
I'd like to deny you, but I don't think our Psuedo-Elf would turn down that meat on the table once offered. I mean, if I was him, I'd jump at the chance to dispel my damned amnesia any way I could (within reason of course). Sadly, as they say, some things are better left lost and forgotten...
Bulli the INH.

In all seriousness, ate you gonna set aside a day to keep running this, or is it gonna be sporadic?
>Free Choice
Allow Vilma some space, and continue on to the library.
There is the truth of the Elven Genocide to uncover.
I'll try to run during the weekends or so, Friday to Sunday. For now I'm keeping it a tad sporadic since it was Christmas and New Year Eve is happening real soon, but overall I'd like to keep myself active until the thread hit autosage.

We've got a pair of different votes, I'll see about waiting a little bit for a tiebreaker.
>>Maybe Vilma should be allowed some space? It's going to be night soon, there's nothing much to do besides eating and preparing to sleep.
>>Free Choice
Go find succubutt horns to rub.
>Free choice

Find those horns and rub them
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‘’I’ve only recently gotten a pair of friends’’ You speak after a few long minutes of awkward silence, enough of a moment to allow Vilma to regain some mental strength, your sudden interruption prompted both girls to observe you. A part of you felt like trying to reveal a little something for the Lich, but maybe that’d be going too fast; you barely understood most of your emotions, it was entirely possible that you were desperate in wanting a solid relationship. And there was also another important fact about your amnesia; revealing it would mean omitting or outright lying about emerging out of that Demonic Throne. While you may not have any good idea on what to base friendships on, coming clean about your problem while staying quiet about such a vital aspect of your short past seems downright unfair, it’s clear that Vilma has something of her own to deal with but she’s the one who ought to come forward about it in the end, even if those troubles come knocking, you can’t do much if she keeps on rejecting you and Elina.

‘’We can always start today, right? Us three being buddies. Let’s walk away from here and go somewhere else, breath some new air. I… wasn’t too wise in succumbing to my curiosity earlier so now we’ve had to deal with plenty of stuff. Maybe we can still do something in the library before closing hours, I’d like to find a book or two.’’

You tried your best to put on a carefree smile while walking at the door, carefully inspecting the hallway through that piece of glass. Nobody seemed to be waiting in ambush, a few Mamonos were walking (or slithering) leisurely. Elina must have been right with her earlier hypothesis, those gals -those bullies- definitely blocked the way, so there must have been at least 5 or 6 of them in total.

‘’I’ll... I mean…’’ Vilma wasn’t turning her back to you anymore and tried her best to look at you and Elina despite her awkward grimaces. ‘’…I’m clumsy a-and maybe a little prideful, I can’t really see… o-or I mean, I mean…’’ Her stuttering had her stop in frustration.

‘’Vilma it’s fine. We're not going away, you don’t need to talk so fast.’’ It wasn’t an admonishment, Elina interlocked her fingers behind her back, waiting in the middle of the classroom while the diminutive Lich craned her head downward.

‘’I don’t really know…I can’t see the difference between pity, sympathy or genuine empathy too well. I-I’m sorry if I sound hostile but I… don’t really know how to see this difference.’’ She offered a weak, guilty smile, pinching the side of her hood to throw it back on her head.

''Just hang out with us, you’ll see soon enough! You don’t have to face those cunts alone y’know? One of friendship beautiful basic…’’ Elina winked flapping her wings. ‘’…is sharing problems with each other even if it’s only ranting.’’
File: Succubutt.jpg (443 KB, 595x842)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
‘’Th-then you…Then you too should share your troubles.’’ Now that earned a painful wince out of Elina.

‘’Yeah.’’ Having been bullseye so effectively drained the pep right out of her and she glanced at you in hesitation. ‘’Maybe after a bit of time.’’

‘’…yeah.’’ Vilma agreed and that’s when you turned the knob and open the door.


Your wishes for a history book wouldn’t be granted so easily. While the new harmony between Elina and Vilma was comfortable (if not downright gorgeous to your inexperienced self) it came at a cost of time and as your group silently went up the first flight of stairs leading to the mansion second floor (almost entirely dedicated to that massive library) you came face to face with a spot of fiery red.

‘’Seriously? Where the hell did you guys hang out? Saying to your teacher you’d be in the library only to give me the slip? It's almost night, library is closed.’’

It had been pure luck to stumble on Sieglinde, she had just taken her first step downward when your trio emerged from the first flight of stairs. She looked suitably annoyed, garbed in trouser and a long shirt, nothing compared to yesterday luxurious outfit. Her speech had been pictured with an imperial swoosh of hair, even adding a head tilt to properly end this noble picture from a lady of wellborn blood.

‘’We were a tad busy, sorry.’’ You offered as plainly as possible, rubbing the back of your head while Vilma noticeably stepped back, thoroughly intimidated by the redhead demoness.

‘’Oh yeah?’’ Sieglinde closed one eye, glaring but much more annoyed than angry. ‘’Well, we didn’t have an appointment so I guess it’s fine.’’ And like that you were forgiven, she leisurely descended to your group level, nodding at Elina who nodded back silently and briefly glancing at Vilma who was trying to hide behind the angel wings. ‘’This is…the only undead of the school huh?’’

‘’Vilma’’ Elina answered. ‘’She’s our friend.’’

‘’Oh? You’re not the introverted sort huh?’’ You didn’t answer, your gaze was fixated somewhere else.
File: Sieg1.png (283 KB, 800x800)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Those curved horns atop Sieglinde vivacious cascade of red truly were forming a crown and their saw-like tips looked downright dangerous, flesh and leather would definitely be ripped to shreds No it would be much safer to reach around for the curvature or near their roots, while their dark colors were ominous it wasn’t going to maim your hand.

‘’…what are you doing?’’ It was a deadpan question that revealed your total lack of self-control because you’ve just gone and reached upward to rub her left horn with your fingers. It possesses a comfortable organic warmth and a slick surface only disturbed by jagged edges, running your fingers on its length also revealed a thoroughly smooth surface and soon enough a new temptation rose to grasp her horn with your palm. It was thick like her wrist, only allowing your middle finger and thumb to touch. Despite being hard and slightly uncomfortable grasping the Lilim horn made you feel powerful.

Your illusions were quickly dispelled when you noticed that thick tail with it's deadly spaded end pointing at your torso while her red eyes were stuck in a worrying frown. Meanwhile, Elina and Vilma were both covering their mouths with their hands in perfect mirrors of total stupefaction.

‘’Well?’’ Sieglinde asked, taking a step closer as she couldn’t make any distance. ‘’What do you think you’re doing, pretty boy?’’ She wasn’t flirting even if her grin had grown broad enough to show her teeth, quite a pointy bunches too.

Monstrous bits are irresistible. Could it be that... you have a weakness to the unusual anatomy of Mamonos?

>Free Choice
>>Free Choice
Horn in one hand, tail in the other. We will dual-wield this succubutt.
We may be overstepping our bounds. Let's not take it any further. Release the horn and bow slightly, apologizing.

"Umh... I am sorry, I acted on a strange impulse that overcame me. I'l... ask permission next time...?"

If we mess up, tragedy will happen. Even if nothing great happens, we don't want to lose out on a friendly relationship with Sieglinde just because we can't resist them horns.

Also, we could say something like. "We WERE at the library, but we got some unpleasant visit earlier that had us go somewhere else."
File: Aw crap2.jpg (35 KB, 415x324)
35 KB
Oh no! I can't believe the anons actually went and voted for that one. We basically just groped the Demon Lord's Daughter out of nowhere dudes. We didn't even take her out to dinner first!

"I... I don't know what came over me just now. Did I do something bad?"

The only thing that's gonna save our ass now is the fact she knows we got amnesia bad. If we're lucky we'll only get off with a harsh threat that drills it into us that no, you don't just grab the exotic bits out of nowhere.

And yes, we are weak to the monstergirls. How could anyone not be?

You're trying to get us killed aren't you...
We're already in it and she presented such a lovely tail to us. We could apologize and offer for her to rub our dagger ears to make up for it once we're done.
>act casual, as if we don’t realize proper etiquette, which we don’t.
“Oh? Was I not supposed to do that? I was curious. I wanted to try it with the two Minotaurs before, but they were too busy trying to be bullies for me to try.”
So two votes for trying to be smooth and two other for apologizing.
Don't get scared now.
Uh oh.

BAD END 1 - Touched Horns too Early.

RIP Arawn Loukanos.
As this anon said, play the fool. Don't even apologize, just play dumb. After all, we are an amnesiac who didn't even exist so long ago.
I was about to roll for it but you've provided a tiebreaker. I'll go with that.
File: 56.jpg (415 KB, 827x856)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
‘’Was I not supposed to do that?’’ You ask, all smile, hand still firmly gripping the curvature of that thick horn, creating a noticeable twitch on Sieglinde left eye that lasted only a few precious seconds. Her face showed a wide grin of strange joy that couldn’t possibly rival your own satisfaction at touching something so unusually exotic.

‘’Do you go around feeling up butts and touching wings now?’’ There’s not…much… hostility in her tone. Sieglinde tilts her head to try and free her horn, which you let go reluctantly. You had gripped it rather strongly, leaving a small red imprint on your pale palm.

‘’Wings?’’ You ask, turning to give Elina a stare, making her immediately shake her head and take a backward step, almost tripping Vilma who got dragged along by the movement. ‘’Did I do something bad? I’ve just… been tempted to touch them since I first saw you, really. Honest.’’

You weren’t a complete fool (at least, you hoped so) you knew damn well you might have overstepped a few boundaries here but… damn it, you couldn’t feel an ounce of guilt. In fact, that deadly tail pointed at you like a cobra ready to strike was just more temptation, it looks leathery all over, flexible yet tight, unlike that hard, deadly horn.

‘’Bad?’’ Her grin got even bigger and you notice a cute red coloration on her cheeks, then, she laughed. A nice, short ‘’Hohoho!’’ that carried absolutely zero decorum or gravitas, she came off as plainly arrogant. ‘’Mamonos are women, I’m not sure if I should be mad or impressed with your guts. Not even backing down or apologizing huh? Just…oblivious.’’ Thankfully for your steeled nerves, her tail backed down. ‘’I wonder something too, so stay still.’’ Without waiting for an approval or acknowledgment, Sieglinde stepped inside your personal space and reached for one of your pointed ears.

She grasped it quite delicately despite those long, clawed dark fingers. Her skin felt a tad cold, making you wince involuntarily but you stood your ground when you felt her bent your skin leisurely, then letting your tip plop back into position to tap it gently. ‘’Huh, I thought those were harder.’’ She murmured in what felt like honest wonderment while you tried your best to keep yourself stone-faced. She hadn’t been shy about stepping closer and while your bodies weren’t touching, there were only a few centimeters of progress until your torso touched her (adequate) chest. Your instincts were very much flaring that doing so would be a bad idea so you decided to wisely endure her near groping and violation of your person while also realizing that, out of everyone you’ve seen so far (barring the big cows), Sieglinde was actually of even height, you could easily gaze into her red eyes focused on your ear.
File: Sieg13.jpg (297 KB, 815x1000)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
‘’That was educational.’’ Satisfied, the Lilim stepped back, tail briefly coiling on itself then relaxing. ‘’Did I do something bad?’’ She asked you, giving her hair a swoosh.

‘’No, that means I can grab your horn again?’’ You were fully committed to playing this game.

‘’Wanna learn martial arts?’’ She asked while crossing her arms over her belly.

‘’Not right now, maybe in the future?’’ Even your amnesiac self understood this roundabout way of asking for an ass-kicking.

‘’Huh you two…’’ Elina coughed with Vilma peeking out of her red wing. ‘’Are good friends huh?’’

‘’Don’t go counting yourself out now Elina, I’m sure Arawn busy hands will find themselves on your wings soon enough.’’ There came yet another swoosh of hair. Those words prompted a smirk to spread to the angel features.

‘’He’ll need to earn it.’’ She announced with absolute certainty, making you keenly aware that she punched a minotaur today.

Let it be known that touching exotic bits isn’t a good idea, at least Vilma probably wouldn’t be opposed to friendly headpats…right?

‘’Yes, yes indeed. I’ve been trying to reach you guys for a while.’’ Clearing her throat and putting her deformed hands on her hips, Sieglinde regained much of her charisma by looking a little more serious, she spared Vilma a single glance, then observed you and Elina in silence before coming to a conclusion.

‘’One of my sisters made an impromptu visit this morning, she’ll spend the night here but I think she could help with your… predicament. She’s skilled in areas I’m not and more than able to keep a secret, too.’’ She showed an honest smile, eyes straying toward Elina and Vilma. ‘’We’ll probably be awake until late at night if you decide to come, but you’re involved in this too Elina… I won't prevent you from coming.’’

‘’I’d prefer to stay in the dorm.’’ The angel immediately answered, turning to her quiet undead friend. ‘’I want to ask a few things about summoning and necromancy, you okay with that?’’

Being so suddenly thrust into the conversation left the lich momentarily stunned, no doubt what happened with the eldest daughter of the Demon Lord had been another blow to her common sense. ‘’O-okay.’’ She squeaked, sending a fearful glance at Sieglinde who kept a gallant, inviting expression. Definitely trying her best to avoid intimidating this new arrival.

‘’Just say what you want to do tonight, mister oblivious.’’ The demoness turned to observe you, once again offering you to choose your immediate future despite your highly compromising existence... Though her jab was a little too literal for your liking.

>Should you meet Sieglinde sister, thereby informing another Supreme Monster of your existence?
>Or refuse and instead reveal to the Lilim everything that occurred today? Perhaps ask for her help with Vilma situation?
>Free Choice
Stopping here for tonight got struck by a little wave of fatigue so I'm gonna rest up. I'm not doing anything on new year so maybe I'll see about continuing tomorrow too
So it looks like touching her horn feels good from her standpoint but it's also something they'd only let their "lover" do it seems. We will have to look up mamono courtship rituals so that we avoid similar faux pas in the future (i.e. learn the threshold we must reach before we can indulge in our vice safely).

I have a vague sense of dread regarding who exactly this sister might be but it may be worth the risk. If we meet the mystery Lilim it won't trigger the memory recovery efforts early right? We're barely level 2, we ain't prepared for that shit yet.

You may not be, but most anons are. I wouldn't count on much traffic.
>If we meet the mystery Lilim it won't trigger the memory recovery efforts early right?

That'll be set at your pace. You could find the procedure early but it's entirely possible to wait until you feel ready.

>You may not be, but most anons are. I wouldn't count on much traffic.

Yeah, that's fine, I like writing so continuing the thread is exactly what I want to do. Were progressing at a steady pace.
>>Should you meet Sieglinde sister, thereby informing another Supreme Monster of your existence?
Acquire more horns and/or headwings to rub.
>>Should you meet Sieglinde sister, thereby informing another Supreme Monster of your existence?

I do want to mention that there are some worrying conflicts towards Elina and Vilma that might require her help at some point.

Other than that, she just invited us to spend the night in her company and probably another of her relatives. We may not have a chance to make such a good impression in a while, so I vote we spend time with Sieglinde.
>Meet Sieglinde's sister
And a good chance to ask another Lilim about what happened to the Elven civilization.
Good point, we can tell her about that on the way. I don't think she's gonna just teleport us to her dear sis so we'll have the chance to chat a bit as we make our way towards the one I fear we're about to meet.

I vote we leave the info dump regarding the bullies to Elina though. We'll be doing that knowingly so it'll give us some more info about the personality of this Lilim based on future interactions...
Actually, scratch that. Just let Arwan do what comes naturally. He hasn't yet shed his innocence. Wouldn't make sense for him to be that shrewd and scheming (yet).

We can always express concern. Things are clearly not okay. We are not scheming, but we are perceptive.

Someone is trying to mess with our friends and not one is doing anything about it. Surely we can convey that genuine worry of us without it feeling like we are plotting a cunning get-back plan. Which, we aren't. (for now)

That said, we did state to the minotaurs that we were reporting this to Sieglinde, right. If we don't, and nothing comes out of it, they will be sure we bluffed and won't be so esitant to give us trouble next time.
File: Sieg 12.jpg (360 KB, 937x815)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
‘’Don’t go holding that over my head for too long.’’ You reply to her teasing without trying to be too grumpy about it, her smug smile would have earned a grunt out of you if you weren’t so good at keeping a stoic façade. You might be pretty good at controlling yourself but… you can certainly slip. ‘’Meeting your sister doesn’t sound like a bad idea, were you hoping to go immediately?’’

‘’Yeah, I didn’t expect to impose like that, what’s with you making a new friend. What’s your name, girl?’’ Sieglinde took a few steps to stand beside you, regarding the intimidated purple-skinned lich with a genuine warmth in her gaze that honestly surprised you.

‘’V-Vilma’’ It didn’t work to coax her out of the angel wings but she at least tried to force a smile and keep her face forward to make sure the Lilim wouldn’t’ be staring at a hood.

‘’I’ll be helping out Arawn here with some of his trouble, sorry if I’m taking him away for tonight.’’ The redhead looked more relaxed now.

‘’I-it’ll be…it’ll b-be fine. Y-you’re helping him?’’ An iota of Sieglinde expression managed to transfer into Vilma, you and Elina shared a smile, maybe encountering the demoness earlier would have been even better.

‘’Yeah, I’m sure he’ll tell you soon enough. You’ll be good for tonight Elina?’’ Her tail coiled on itself as she observed the glowing heavenly woman.

‘’Peachy.’’ The angel threw her friend a thumb up. ‘’We’ve broken some ices today, we’ll get ourselves some foods and get to our rooms. Be sure to present yourself good Arawn, what’s with meeting another member of the royal demonic family of Throne Town, no pressure at all.’’

‘’Thank, Elina. You’re such a friend.’’ Yeah, no pressure. Sieglinde presented the offer leisurely but… there’s no denying that you’re about to meet a second princess. Goddess, what if you somehow stumble upon the Demon Lord herself?

The angel and the undead exited quietly during your musing with Vilma trailing behind Elina, the duo quickly disappeared out of view after rethreading your previous paths, their resonating steps melting into the echoing activity of evening hours of this agitated school.

‘’No regrets?’’ Sieglinde asked, climbing up to the second floor and you followed when she stopped to let you come up beside her.

‘’None, I’d like to talk to you about a few things on the way.’’ Today had been very busy, you’ve learned so many things in such a short time that your head felt a little lightheaded yet your energy was still a roaring inferno. You wouldn’t’ be catching sleep anytime soon, Sieglinde sudden large yawn didn’t even infect you.

‘’No groping my horns or tail on the way.’’ You managed to avoid wincing and resist the childish temptation of wiping her smug grin by going against her wishes.
File: Demon 02.png (331 KB, 675x955)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
‘’That was… an uncharacteristic impetuousness, it won’t happen again.’’ Sieglinde guffawed and had to grasp a nearby ramp as your walking had you round the library to descend a flight of stairs, going this way would have you emerge around the eastern flank of the school.

‘’Being a stone-faced monk is boring.’’ Sieglinde jumped down 5 steps to flawlessly land beside you. ‘’It’s safe to say you’re a natural stoic, though it’s nice to see you can actually express a few things now and then.’’

‘’I’ve had plenty of emotions today.’’ You replied with a grimace. While your existence so far could be attributed as less than a child, you did genuinely like to be in control of yourself.

‘’Mask slipped? Not just because of my horns?’’ You gave the demoness a half-hearted glare and gestured for that organic crown, making her immediately step away, then return to your side in one smooth motion as if she had entered and finished a little dance.

Okay, she might be pretty fast.

‘’Don’t you dare, Elina understand your situation but I’m certain that girl, Vilma, is convinced you’re a madman or got balls of steel now for touching these things.’’ She tapped a horn with her knuckles, barely creating any sounds. ‘’Grabbing them like you did earlier means one thing; you own me so don’t be getting any ideas.’’

‘’What about your tail?’’ You tried your best to keep this stone face she mentioned earlier but a grin still slipped through when she silently glared at you in response.

‘’Should I test the hardness of your balls with my knee?’’ Point taken.

Your walking had you emerge out of the school and into the public paths between Summoning and Internalisation, which in turn, led toward Throne Town and the Shrine you awakened into. Your destination was obviously for the throne for Sieglinde leisurely walked in its direction with many students throwing your odd duo curious looks.

‘’To, huh, change the subject.’’ You couldn’t help a little tinge of fear that you might have overstepped some boundaries but Sieglinde didn’t do her usual hair swooshing that always translated into some kind of agitation, her quiet smirk told you that she might have been enjoying this back and forth too. ‘’I’m a mage, I should know my nature by tomorrow. Teruko told me to take it easy today since I’ve just awakened.’’

Sieglinde tail twisted on itself, producing a light sound of leathery torsion. ‘’Oh? I was half expecting it to be honest, elves always had a natural proclivity for magic, good to know you’re getting things done.’’

‘’And there’s something else, a bit delicate.’’ While there wasn’t anybody close to overhear your conversation as you and the Lilim were walking down the lonely path for the Demonic Throne, you still dropped your voice, earning a frown out of Sieglinde as she understood your tonal shift.
File: Demon 03.jpg (99 KB, 1000x1249)
99 KB
‘’That girl, Vilma, is having troubles with some students. Probably more serious than simple bullying because Elina had to be violent at noon with punching a minotaur. This afternoon we had a small group try to bust into a classroom we went into to have a private discussion. While I had them back off, I honestly doubt they’ll stop, if anything I’ve angered a pair of minotaurs sisters, I'm worried about the lich.’’ That was your very first confrontation with Mamonos if it hadn’t been for that door… could you have kept your bravado? Hard to say, you were honestly enraged back there but you still have no idea how you’d react in a violent conflict.

‘’That's what you guys were doing huh? If they punched you out I’d have all the excuses I need to slam down hard into the entire academy.’’ Sieglinde hair made a brief airborne travel as she slid her hand inside those thick curls. ‘’Undead have it hard and there’s not a single one besides Vilma. It was inevitable that students would target her especially since she’s one of Teruko apprentices. Even nobles are mad about this, for the most esteemed tutor of the academy to choose a pair of rejects has a whole lot of people grumbling.’’

‘’Isn’t there anything you can do?’’ In the end, you were only dealing with a minor problem, for someone in Sieglinde position as a daughter of the demonic leader, all of her actions could translate into some kind of political nonsense.

‘’I don’t give too much of a damn about my position, saying that you, Vilma and Elina are off-limits should be easy enough… although that’s likely to ostracize you even harder and have you lot lose honors with the entire school since you had to ask big bad Sieglinde to protect you.’’ The demoness stopped walking as you reached the shrine heavy metal doors, she crossed her arms and rested her back on a nearby white wall, red eyes hovering toward a nearby garden. ‘’Mamonos are hard-headed proud bunches, the ideal way to go about it would be a sanctioned duel; even Supreme Monsters settle disputes with fights.’’
File: 1366929537687.jpg (1.07 MB, 812x1150)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
‘’A public confrontation?’’ You ask, frowning. You couldn’t imagine that diminutive, fearful purple skinned walking up to one of those minotaurs and challenging them.

‘’Losing would still grant her honor for showing she has the guts to confront someone that wronged her, whilst having me protecting your group would have everyone in the academy see you as cowards. Vilma could still choose a champion to fight for her but it’d be much better to stand in an arena by her lonesome and settle things with her own efforts’’

‘’It’s not that simple.’’ You answered while rubbing your chin, gazing upward toward at the sky, without the sun Throne Town natural redness had changed into an eerie darkness that had you quickly look back for Sieglinde.

‘’Yeah, these fights are meant to settle conflict so there’s always a wager. In this case, Vilma tormentor would undeniable ask for her to stop being Teruko student, so if she loses…’’

‘’Her situation could end up worse, even if she were to gain honor, the undead stigma would probably render that meaningless.’’

Sieglinde fingers audibly clacked in agreement. ‘’Safest option is to continue enduring this mess until some kind of incident occurs.’’

‘’That doesn’t sit well with me.’’ You growl, earning a gentle smile from Sieglinde. Maybe an incident already did happen...

‘’Mamonos have always strived to emulate mankind, that means getting it’s bad parts too. You ready to come meet my sister?’’
You couldn’t affirm you were with utmost certainty but right now you couldn’t help Vilma situation by pondering what-ifs; Mamonos culture wasn’t merciful.

>Free Choice
>I know there are not many choices here, you could think of this as half of an update but I prefer to post it so you guys can talk about this development while I prepare this new encounter.
Well, lets go and meet her sister.
Ask her which sister we're meeting, and if she's a stickler for protocol or not.
If not, we can be relaxed.
If she is, then we need a quick refresher on the do's and don'ts of royalty.
>>Free Choice
Meet her sisteru and once we're in front of her make a point of asking Sieg in front of her if rubbing succubutt wings is the same as horns. They're daughterus of Daiyu so some of them will have headwings that will need attention.
File: ....png (26 KB, 196x229)
26 KB
Such lecherous behaviour!
File: 1367010632054.png (136 KB, 560x651)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
I am a simple man with simple needs. Needs for munster girl bits.
Let's meet teh sister.

Until we are confident that she's cool, we keep our hands away from their monster/demon bits
Gonna go with this. Though the more important bit is if we should be formal or informal. The name can wait until we actually see the pretty face of the unknown sis, but our attitude going in if we wanna make a good impression can't.
Happy new year my man. Here's to your health.
File: Umu.jpg (32 KB, 640x326)
32 KB
Happy new year anon, here's to a nice year of questing.
I'll be posting today. Not sure when but I fully intend to do so.
I also want to wish a happy new year to everyone here.

My monstergirls gathered together and ate from an alraune's self-grown grapes as the bells rang to welcome the new year. It was un.
File: Sieg 05.jpg (350 KB, 800x1120)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
‘’Thank for being so thorough, Sieg. I’ve been ready the moment I agreed.’’

‘’It’s fine, it’ll be fine.’’ She cleared her throat, doing her usual quirk with her hair with a newfound coloration on her cheeks. ‘’One thing I’ve learned is that most problems occur because people refuse or fail to communicate properly, we’ll deal with tomorrow problems as they come, for tonight… I’m a bit nervous.’’ Her deformed hand firmly gripped the big handle of the door. ‘’Make sure to keep those hands idle.’’ She winked, forcing a sigh out of you.

With a solid tug, Sieglinde opened the shrine door, revealing its big circular hallway overseen by a lamia curled within her greenish coils, holding a book, peering up curiously at the intrusion. Seeing your duo earned a silent nod of acknowledgment and the Lilim waved back while dragging you into the nearby stairs.

‘’Fourth and fifth floors are a mixture of laboratory and living rooms for my family, most of the big important stuff is on top so you won’t see anything special.’’ She was already up the first flight of stairs, glancing back at you over her shoulder right as you managed to tear your eyes off her backside and observe this upcoming trial.

‘’Should I know of any etiquette to follow and faux-pas to avoid?’’ You began climbing while the redhead huffed, waiting for you to take the lead.

‘’Sis has never been a stickler for ceremony, you can simply be yourself, Arawn. I’m not certain how she could help with your amnesia but I figured it’d be good to have her opinion. She’s much better with Corruption and magic than I am.’’ As you reached the door of the second floor, Sieglinde pace increased and you kept up, impressed with how she could still speak without sounding winded by this impromptu exercise. ‘’You do need to prepare for something important.’’

Sieglinde stopped moving in the middle of the stairs to look at you, she gently grasped your arm while a claw-like finger carefully tapped her face, pointing at her eye.
File: Sieg11.jpg (464 KB, 855x1090)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
‘’My little sister has a special condition with her eyes. Her pupils possess weird shade of red and the sclera are completely dark but that physical characteristic isn’t the problem, she projects a type mental force unconsciously and usually wears a limiter that siphons this excess of magic but I want you to face it head on and break that hypnotism on your own.’’ She paused to observe you, frowning when you did but quickly kept on talking. ‘’I’m not trying to put you in danger it’s just that… well it’ll give her a good impression and it’ll honestly be a good exercise, restoring your memory through magic or soul manipulation is inevitably going to mean interaction with your mind, so if you can do well for this little exercise, we’ll be on the right track to actually do something safely and honestly, I don’t like the idea of my sister having to walk on eggshells if she’s going to help you.’’ She gently tapped your shoulder. ‘’You’re a strong guy, it’s not going to be dangerous, not afraid of a little exertion, right?’’

Sieglinde tried her best to avoid looking awkward but her smile and wavering tone gave away how nervous she was about this; your silence likely didn’t help.

‘’You really want me to make a good impression on your family huh?’’ Sieglinde didn’t expect your teasing and for a precious few seconds, she observed you with a mixture of astonishment, confusion, and embarrassment that translated into widened eyes and a gaping mouth.

‘’Pfh.’’ Now she was sulking and it was damnably fun to see you manage to create her hair swooshing tic. ‘’I’m going to race you for the 4th floor.’’ She suddenly took off in a run and right as you began to follow her tail sprang upward for your face, missing only by a fair few inches and nearly sending you tumbling down the stairs, it was only by gripping the ramp that you avoided a dramatic fall.

‘’Cheater!’’ You screamed at the demoness who already proved her superior athleticism by climbing half a floor of stairs.


Fast was one thing, Sieglinde was quite another. You never pretended to be in shape but still tried earnestly to, if not win, avoid being so pathetically beaten but the lean, tall Demoness had you beaten by a full minute and as your winded self reached a strangely big metal door with a hand-like indentation in its middle, the red girl flashed you a smug grin.

‘’You don’t have any kind of pot belly but you’re still huffing and puffing like an old man huh?’’

‘’I’ll have you know…’’ You took one big breath and pretended that you were fully recovered. ‘’…that I would have won if you had played fair.’’
File: Sieg 04.jpg (265 KB, 1113x1487)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
‘’Victory wipe away dishonor, buddy’’ Sieglinde created an ‘’O’’ shape with her index and thumb while removing her second hand from its weird receptacle inside the door, making an impressive line of luminous yellow travel upward and create an audible clack. ‘’Alchemical lock, follow me now this place is a bit confusing since there’s lots of room. It’s just as big as the ground floor.’’

The doors of weird metals opened by themselves, revealing a big empty room of circular architecture because of the nearby throne, Sieglinde walked right on through to open yet another door inside that revealed a proper hallway and she gestured for you to follow, adventuring deeper inside this inner sanctum of the demonic royal family while everything the demoness opened closed by itself after you passed through. It wasn’t too dissimilar in material and architecture from the castle-manor, strange lines of glowing liquid similar to bioenergy lined the walls and roof, often stopping at glass-like light, you had to tear your eyes away from something so… unusual to keep a proper pace with Sieglinde.

‘’This is the alchemical infrastructure you’ll find all over Throne Town. Demons invented it so the city had plenty of time to toy with concepts, especially since my family has a little genius loyal to us and us alone. Living easily and lazily has been her favorite motto.’’

‘’Will I be meeting her too?’’ You ask, giving your feet a little spring to catch up with her.

‘’I hope not. We're here now, it was a bit of a detour since all we did was follow that circle wall, but this is our main room.’’ Spoken casually, she also gripped the wooden handle and pushed the oaken door open.

It was indeed luxurious inside, several filled libraries lined a wall with three desks full of papers and strange metallic apparatus, tubes, were coming out of the walls. Further on were the kind of furniture to expect for royalty; luxurious chairs, even a bad had been placed right in the middle of it all. The shine of alchemy had been replaced by much more palatable oil lamps and across the room on its eastern side were two strange statues of rock overseen by a lady that was undeniably a demon of utmost decorum.

She was observing these strange humanoids without sparing a backward glance and the first thing you noticed was her paleness; this demoness was of a pure white that couldn’t even be rivaled by Elina. Skin of spotless alabaster covered by a silky sundress with an opening on her hips that somehow allowed a pair big leathery wings (easily twice the girth of her arms) of snow-like color to spread, her backside also showed a thin spaded tail of ivory pallor. Even from here, 5 meters away, you were genuinely impressed with this lady demon silhouette; where Sieglinde was lean and elegant, this other was alluring, possessing a full hourglass figure genuinely accentuated by her thin dress.
File: Deruella_1.png (2.67 MB, 823x1200)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
‘’Still toying with those golems, Deru? I’ve… brought someone who could use your help.’’ Sieglinde stepped forward while the pale woman knuckles gently tapped on those unmoving creatures

‘’Ooh?’’ Even this white succubus voice dripped with raw sex appeal. ‘’Could it be that rumored elf? Of course it is, someone so precious has to be protected properly, right little love?’’ And then she turned, revealing a sharp face with a cruel, cruel smirk, body marked by strange swirly tattoos on her throat, clavicle and naked shoulders. There was these eyes, this pair of shining red things floating in a sea of darkness.

It immediately assailed you, an invisible forced slipped inside your head, gripping your brain, tightening an invisible screw and squeezing. Compulsions foreign to your will sent your heart into a pumping flurry, sweats hot and cold erupted throughout your body, an honest compulsion grew into a sincere desire to serve. It was no princess standing there but a queen and you as a man belonged on your knees obeying her will and fulfilling her ambition; it was natural, your name didn’t matter, she will give you what you need, what you deserve when she deemed fit.

‘’Ugh.’’ You punched your chest hard enough to double over and cough, chasing off this invasion, this squeezing and replacing it by a strange haze. You are Arawn Loukanos, an amnesiac. Elf. Mage. Prince of Luminaris. Arawn Loukanos has been alive for two days and hasn’t bent anything to anyone, you have two friends with another pair in the making and…

‘’Why, dear sister, haven’t you told me he was not immune? I would have worn my ring…’’ Everything was gone after this lady spoke.

‘’No, he had to overcome it on his own. Sorry about that, Arawn.’’ Sieglinde had somehow moved to your flank without your noticing and you grimaced involuntarily, casting a bold glance at this white demoness and immediately lock her fearsome gaze with yours, this time without side effects.

‘’Ooh? Already looking back without signs of aggression or fear, only pride in your own identity hm?’’

‘’I’m not too sure what I’m feeling.’’ You sighed, quietly rejoicing you wouldn’t need to fight off another mental attack.

‘’These eyes of mines compel people to obey.’’ The white lady smile putting a finger under her chin. ‘’It's natural to resist and fear or hate me as a result.’’

‘’I’ve had a proper warning.’’ You nod to Sieglinde, earning a smile.
‘’Well done my good sir!’’ Her sister gives you an applaud that you aren’t sure how to take… she didn’t seem sarcastic but everything about this woman dripped with assurance and pride, skirting an arrogant line on a level that Sieglinde could never compete. ‘’Call me Deruella, Deruella Jawahir. The third daughter of the Demon Lord, youngest of my line.’’

‘’Arawn Loukanos.’’ You honestly felt overwhelmed, this woman took so much space without suffocating you. It was pleasant, yet also demanded you to get used to it.

‘’The elven prince?’’ Deruella asked in genuine surprise, tenebrous eyes seeking her sister who nodded in agreement.

‘’There’s a bit of a story to that.’’ She added leisurely.

‘’One I would gladly love to hear, sit down you two.’’ Deruella gestured for the arrayed chairs. ‘’I’ll be getting some refreshment.’’ The lady demon walked off toward one of the far away desks, opening it to take out a plate and several glasses then began toying with all the nearby apparatus.

‘’Not too scared now?’’ Sieglinde asked as she sat first, you still felt stunned by this moment, this encounter with Deruella; to be in the presence of such feminity was… a learning experience.

‘’I’m starting to realize that I really am a friend of a Lilim.’’ It was the best statement you could think off and the smiling scoff you earned from the redhead managed to relax you.

>Should you try to get to know these ladies better? The Demon Lord? (Any small topic to talk about?)
>Or get straight to business with your amnesia?
>Or perhaps discuss the Dwarven-Elven Genocide?
>Free choice
File: DFDeSi7UwAAKo-0.jpg (9 KB, 400x243)
9 KB
>Should you try to get to know these ladies better? The Demon Lord? (Any small topic to talk about?)
>Free choice
Ask Horns if we can acquire Wings.
>get straight to business with your amnesia?
>>Or get straight to business with your amnesia?
really curious about the genocide though.
>get straight to business with your amnesia?

We should get to know miss Deruella after we state our business.

The other two choices also have to get answered, but this one first and foremost.
>Or get straight to business with your amnesia?
Sieglinde little sister tinkering with those alchemical tubes produced sounds of rushing water to echo in the large room and bright colored liquids smoothly landed into one of the glass Deruella pre-emptively put to catch this spewing stuff, filling them up with a sky-blue bright substance.

‘’Wanna do some small talk?’’ Sieglinde asked as she, like you, observed the white Lillim.

‘’We've come to ask about my trouble, right? We ought to start with that’’

‘’Mmh? An elven prince and my dear elder sister need my help?’’ Deruella retorted from the other side of the room, somehow picking up your quiet conversation with Sieglinde. Holding onto her tray, she quickly traveled to reach the seat beside her sister while placing the beverages on a nearby table, somehow dextrous enough to avoid spilling anything despite her quick pace.

Seeing how leisurely Sieglinde took a glass to down its content, you imitated her and managed to avoid gagging on the strong fruity stuff going down your throat.

First taste of alcohol, check. It was pretty good.

‘’Small nature, Arawn?’’ Sieglinde teased with a thoroughly broad smile while her white sister was curiously peering at you both, her tenebrous eyes weren't that scary anymore.

‘’He’s your boyfriend.’’ Deruella announced without an ounce of interrogation, the sheer certainty of her tone made her wavy-haired fiery sister choke and nearly drop her glass.

‘’I knew!’’ Sieglinde coughed while you decided to keep your mouth wisely shut. ‘’I knew you’d say that I knew you’d attempt it and I even prepared myself yet you somehow find the perfect timing to sneak your damn remark!’’

Deruella smirk was absolutely devilish, a big, yet thin smile that showed hints of teeth as peerless as her body. ‘’You are the most wonderful person in this world to tease, little love.’’

‘’Yeah sure.’’ Sieglinde rolled her eyes. ‘’Don’t go calling me that because you’re a head taller than me, Arawn got a little something to ask so let’s get to it before you somehow swallow us into your pace.’’

Swallow, huh? No, wait hold on, you had to down your glass in one go to get your mind out of the gutter as Deruella attention was now focused your person. You might have vanquished the eerie projection of those demonic eyes but she still oozed this… aura of glamour that you had to remind yourself to not get too relaxed. Still, it’d be nice to give those white wings a rub.

‘’I’ll be blunt about it all, as unbelievable as it is, I have no recollection of myself, it started when…’’

Your story wasn’t a long one. Relating it all still managed to instill a small sense of accomplishment; no matter how small, you -did- have a past to share and seeing Deruella hang onto your words silently sipping her glass made you feel like an actual person.
File: Sieg05.jpg (107 KB, 825x1246)
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107 KB JPG
‘’Hm, interesting… I can see why you wished to give him some space, little love. Martha, Belphegor, mother, myself and Zipangu folks would be very curious indeed about such a unique phenomenon and the handsome young man it produced.’’ Leaning forward to put her empty glass on its plate, you decided to observe Sieglinde lively hair so as to avoid being too…enthralled by Deruella bra-less chest. ‘’There is a ritual that can help with your case, you’ve proven to not be weak of mind so it should be safe…’’

‘’Yeah about that, I’m not sure if doing blood magic is a good idea.’’ Sieglinde cast a careful glance your way.

‘’Blood magic?’’ You repeated, it sounded quite ominous. Then again so did Necromancy…

‘’It’s a very dangerous type of magic, hated all over the world for a pretty good reason since, well, it's poison like Corruption. It -can- be useful if you’re really careful in making your ritual.’’ Sieglinde deformed hand curled into a fist. ‘’It’s kind of my specialty, though I’m no practitioner, I’ve studied it thoroughly; you can think of it as a force that emulates life, it imposes a constant state of chaos and evolution into living bodies but with proper tools, it’s possible to channel its powers in constructive ways. I’m still unsure if it’s a good idea for you, Arawn, so I’ve been wondering if sis could repair mind or stimulate souls with Corruption.’’

‘’Corruption is far too literal for something requiring so much finesse,’’ Deruella stated flatly, leaning back in her chair with those big hip wings flapping leisurely, making her dress flow upward, revealing spots of skins up to her thighs. ‘’I’m very good with it, and I know that you’ve always wondered how I’ve gained my followers; it was through genuine efforts and affection, little love, not by mind control or moral degeneration.’’ Deruella smile has lessened, showed something akin to nostalgia.

‘’I’ve yet to know with any of them.’’ Sieglinde huffed back, opening an eye to observe you before concentrating back on her taller younger sister. ‘’Bottom line is that you can’t restore memories with Corruption?’’

‘’Nay, I can think of two solutions.’’ The white Lilim leaned forward, rubbing her wings, fingers dancing on their deadly bony tips. ‘’A blood spell is accomplishable by having my sister direct my own effort; I’m a practitioner but she’s so dearly better than I am with genuine ritual.’’

‘’I had to learn it, it wasn’t because I wanted to.’’ Sieglinde grimaced as you stayed silent. ‘’It was for protection, really.’’ She added features twisted in a mixture of awkward guilt and frustration.
File: Deru1.jpg (41 KB, 500x707)
41 KB
‘’I’m not judging, I didn’t even know Necromancy was a taboo so Blood magic doesn’t hold anything over me.’’ Why would you take offense to something like that? It’s not like they’ll go drain virgins women of their life essence… right? Sieglinde relieved smile was more than enough to convince yourself of your stance.

‘’Such purity.’’ Deruella gently clapped her hands together, making her older sister stiffen after she relaxed from your statement.‘’Now this ritual would be invasive, it means reaching your soul, pulling out your memories and shoving them back into your head. You’ll need to rethread one or two key parts of your life in order to recreate your identity, then everything should flow back smoothly, only…’’ Deruella tone trailed into sweet nothingness where she gently blew into her palm. ‘’It is almost certain that you will lose all of your memories from your awakening and your time in Throne Town thus far; this ritual will be a second awakening, sacrificing your friendship with Elina and Sieglinde to uncover your past.’’

She stopped to grab another glass, leaving her seat to refill yours and her sister while you stayed silent. Sieglinde wasn’t showing any expression now, her red gaze was firmly planted forward while her features remained listless, stony like those statues in the room.
‘’Another solution would be to employ Zipangu skill in soul manipulation. A certain practice of theirs is called a Soul Link whereupon a man like you can join his soul with several Mamonos, creating a precious bond.’’ A strange semi-hard dark liquid emerged out of Deruella spine to grab her glass as she joined her fists to emphasize her words.‘’You, my sister, Elina perhaps a third or fourth women could be put into a group trance, their souls would act as anchors, plunging you into deep unconsciousness and guiding you to revisit your past, perhaps rethreads a few key parts of your memories to re-establish your identity… Those girls would be witnesses to your former days while preventing further losses of memories.’’

‘’They would see it all? Everything I was until Elina woke me up?’’ Deruella nodded, smiling broadly.

‘’This is safer but you will not be the only witness of your days bygone, whoever you were, whatever you did, won’t be known to you alone.’’ The white demoness added, sounding strangely warm. At least you weren’t affected by her charms anymore.

‘’It’s… intimate.’’ You concluded, eyeing Sieglinde who hadn’t moved, her wrist was making half-hearted circles with her glass.

‘’Nothing is forcing you to attempt anything right now, it could be safer to wait until you establish yourself a little more, making memories will strengthen your soul…’’

Interrupting herself with a sip of alcohol, Deruella concluded. ''...You have options, preparation could be made rapidly but that'd mean saying goodbye to this life you've built so far. Going to Zipangu will have you far, far too busy to make returning to Throne Town possible and there's no telling who you will be after our Blood Ritual.''

You have time... and you have the freedom to accelerate events, how eager are you to know your past?

>Free Choice

>As my update time has been getting longer, I'll be taking 2-3 days to rest. I'd like to finish this night scene in this thread at least, so I'll see about starting again during Friday.
The safer option sounds better, but can the Soul Link be severed safely after it's served its use?

And I'd like to learn about what the outside world knew of the Dwarf-Elf Genocide before we go and dredge up the memories of someone who lived during that time.
>Choose the blood spell.
We've been around for 2 days only.
We could write a short list of our experiences and read them when we finish the ritual.

I Also second finding out more about the genocide before undertaking the blood spell ritual.
>The safer option sounds better, but can the Soul Link be severed safely after it's served its use?

Yes, that's possible.

>And I'd like to learn about what the outside world knew of the Dwarf-Elf Genocide before we go and dredge up the memories of someone who lived during that time.

You are only assuming you did.

Talking about the rituals would remove chances for small talks as it's a pretty heavy topic for your demonic company. I'll just come forward and say right now that you won't be able to find out all of its mystery anytime soon, it's something that's been clouded by controversy and secrecy for well over 200 years so getting to the bottom of it is a major, major achievement.

You can easily get more context about it though.
>We could write a short list of our experiences and read them when we finish the ritual.
Get a photo of the Minotaurs and anyone who bullies Vilma.
>photo of Sieglinde
>"Don't believe her lies"

But before we choose either ritual, I think we should ask what the dangers of the blood ritual are, not just the erasure of our current memories.

We don't know in-character that a blood ritual is basically a homing beacon for an avatar of a goddess to come and kill everyone in the vicinity, but either one of these women should tell us about it. If they don't, it'll tell us that we can't trust them, though they'll bank on us forgetting about it when the original Arawn's memories overwrite the current iteration's.
>We don't know in-character that a blood ritual is basically a homing beacon for an avatar of a goddess to come and kill everyone in the vicinity, but either one of these women should tell us about it.

Yeah, they'll take adequate precaution and tell you about it. What you know as a player is also what Arawn knows so doing the blood ritual will also mean an impromptu lecture.

I think you guys chose Soul magic as nature, so that should make things interesting.
>Soul Link

I vote for Soul Link because they show a lot of potential and because intimacy is cool.
If the main person in the soul link dies, don't the other girls connected to him die as well?
It's possible depending on the strength of this link.
Can we not rush the whole memory recovery thing? I think we need to level up a bit before we go down this route. Deruella said more memories=stronger soul and that implies a greater chance of success. I'd rather succeed on the first go without taking too much of a risk of complications, danger to ourselves, or danger to those we've started to care about.
That was my vote earlier. Now as my reasons to pick this, a little more elaborate.

Other from what I've seen in the previous quest, I don't like the idea of a wipe of memory for us.

I don't want to risk waking up as someone else.We might have been a villain. We might be something worse than an old dead elf and that is sure to expose it.

If we gradually recover these memories and go through them with a friend, we will:

1- Strengthen our soul making meaningful memories in the process.

2- Have an emotional anchor to pull back and regain our senses.

It's different to do a wipe and awaken as your former self, than gradually gain the memories and still retaining the current self, not going back to fully being who we used to be.

I want to be able to customize who we are as we go, not to have that imposed on us by some ancient memories (that may be unreliable) that come obvious with downsides.
We might have to see about getting a general vote about wanting our memories as soon as possible or waiting for a little while.

I'll be updating Friday as people want to ask about the genocide, but it'll be important to decide when you guys would like for Arawn to get his amnesia cleared.

It's important to understand that's it'll be a bit of a point of no return once we get underway because recovering memories means getting into a pair of lengthy flashbacks.
I already voted but I'll lay it out for everyone. I think mem recovery is a mid-game tier achievement. It's part of Act 2. We've only barely begun Act 1.

We need to get a grasp on the cantrips of our chosen esoteric nature (already voted for and praying for Soul) and put a good few points into our ultimate build before we delve into the depths of our forgotten past (i.e. Start/middle of Act 2).
I have no intention of rushing the memory recovery. The plan is to postpone it until we are ready. Also, we want to see if we can get back some of thse memories on our own. I mean, our name returned to us. Maybe after a while some more things will pop back? Let's wait and see before we agree to a process that may require the assistance of others, possibly travelling, and that may not even be strictly necessary.

We should forge a proper identity and lasting memories for the eventual soul linking. Also, we will have to spend some time meeting the right monster/monsters to bond our soul with.

...Maybe it be a little too early, but I wonder if Elina, Vilma and Sieglinde are all eligible for this or if there are still unseen requirements.

I personally want a soul bond with Vilma... though we will have to wait to meet more girls first!
>I already voted but I'll lay it out for everyone. I think mem recovery is a mid-game tier achievement. It's part of Act 2. We've only barely begun Act 1.

Its sorta like Act 1 itself, as we're still in a semi-prologue/intro. Basically, my aim with these is to do my best to establish a genuine past for you guys so recovering these memories means having many full-fledged sessions as you will literally craft Arawn past during two very, very important parts of his youth, with the first flashback directly affecting the other one.

I have two sidequests planned in Throne Town that can be resolved with your actions or without.
If we lost our memories then hell yeah it should be our number one priority to get them back.
Yeah we could have been a villain but we choose that path.
It also means we could have been a good guy and we have wife and kids or something we should remember or a duty we still need to uphold.

I'd be fine waiting a week to strengthen our chances of remembering though.

Also don't want other peoples lives to be on the line and dependent on us not dying.
I'd rather give it a month or two. We need a very strong soul to avoid the worst possible consequences...
eh, with time skips maybe i'd settle for a month.
We never even ran out the 30 days in the last quest and it went over a hundred threads.
Yeah, time is not as vital this time around. That reminds me that I actually came up with a schedule of a sort, a way for you guys to plan some your time.

You days are separated into four timeslots.

Day (2/2)

It is your role as players to decide on what kind of stuff Arawn will do during his stay here.

Areas of Interest

School of Summoning

Cafeteria – Unavailable at night.
Courtyard (Arenas, popular lecture spot, and has several relaxing sights and pavilions.) – Always available. Need tutor permission to activate arenas
Practice rooms (inside the school) – Unavailable in the evening.
Lecture Halls – Unavailable in the evening
Library – Unavailable at night.
Dorm – Always available

Shrine of the Demonic Throne
First three floors are open to the public. No entry unless occupied by someone of authority.

Throne Town
Always available, going there always consume a timeslot.

School of Internalisation and Elements

You have no reason to be going there, could always visit with someone or on your lonesome. Consume times, Internalisation also act as a general administration center given its massive size.


Here is my attempt to give some more way for you guys to play this quest. As a new fanged mage, you’ve finally gained a way to occupy your time, and now you can try to have a little more agency. You can start training your new gift, possibly gaining traits or spend time getting to know the girls, maybe explore the schools to see if you can sniff out trouble, go adventuring in Throne Town… It’s up to you players to decide.

Were still in tutorial stage, while I -do- have a time-sensitive plot going right now, I’m still learning how to manage it so we’ll both learn to adapt to this scheduling thing, don't go believing you're in the red, we are still in tutorial mode. Note that major events and general plot won’t allow you to proceed at your pace so this schedule won't always be available.

Sometimes events can consume more than one timeslot(like what happened with Teruko explaining magic). Those will usually be emotional moments with girls, screwing up your magic really, really bad or some type of event going on. There's no real need to min-max. In the end, plot is the thing that will occupy us.
On second thought this is not really important, we can just decide day by day as we've done so far. Shame I can't delete it, anyhow see you guys Friday.
Recent events conspired to force me to reschedule today's session for this coming Sunday instead. I'll see about sticking to it Monday too, it's not often we get to meet a girl family. Sorry if I'm letting you guys down, the thread should still be alive by then thankfully.
It's okay! I hope things go well and you have fun~

We will continue our adventures next time ;3
File: 12.jpg (136 KB, 867x1200)
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136 KB JPG
‘’I…!’’ Hesitated. Your past was unknown, your amnesia always felt like such a burden even if you’ve only been a victim of this fog for two days, knowing there were solutions filled you with an equal amount of joy and fear for they also demanded you accept an important… consequence.

‘’It’d be sad to lose everything you’ve shared with my darling little love, yes?’’ The tall, sharp-featured woman smirk almost gleamed, an impression reinforced by her naturally glowing eyes. Each glance made you wonders if you’d feel another pressure inside your head.

‘’Don’t impose on him now, Deru.’’ Her redheaded sister immediately took your defense yet didn’t try to meet your eyes.

‘’I have no intention of pretending to be neutral or fair, darling.’’ A laugh pictured the pale demoness speech as she stretched on her seat, causing very pleasant movements of her body, even her thick white hair managed to be suggestive by falling on her breasts. ‘’Our blood ritual would be effective and keep your past nicely locked up but isn’t it romantic to be discovering who you were with someone you trust? This very act could also be the birth of precious intimacy… Who you are now, who you were then; both will naturally hang in a balance, you could reject one or find a compromise together.’’ Caught in reverie, Deruella hand went to cup her cheek, showing a full dreamy smile. ‘’It really is glamorous, I’m almost jealous!’’

‘’Assuming I’m okay with having my soul linked up.’’ Sieglinde pouted, shaking her feet to get out of her boots, their loud clacks seemingly bringing a finality to this argument.

‘’You totally are, little love.’’ Deruella wasn’t afraid of skirting the edges of her sister patience, one had to wonder why Sieglinde seemed to be so easily irritated about her sister remarks because she growled at the pale woman who smugly flapped her hip-wings in return.

‘’I’ll…I’ll have to think about it. Part of me wants to jump on this blood ritual and remember who I am right now but it does have a cost, one that’s making me a little afraid.’’ If there’s one quality you know to possess, it’s honesty; you haven’t lied a single time and something in your tone prompted the demonic women to observe you silently, dropping their brewing argument.

‘’Mh, yes. I’ll ask my sister to keep me abreast of your situation, so once you’re ready we’ll set things up. Deal?’’ Finishing her mug of blue alcohol, Deruella threw you a strange hand sign that consisted of making a V with index and major, she proceeded to jump to her feet and conjure this eerie sticky limb of Corruption to take the plate full of empty mugs and venture back for those alchemical tubes, white spaded tail coiling poking your thigh before walking away.
File: 37.jpg (505 KB, 600x860)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
‘’It is a deal’’ You concluded, silently congratulating yourself by keeping a stable tone. Deruella was a lady who liked to impose her pace. ‘’I have something else to ask, about a…sensitive topic.’’ Your sudden seriousness was met by a confused frown from Sieglinde who proceeded to make herself a little more at ease, resting her chin on a lazy fist to gaze at you silently. Walking on eggshells felt incredibly awkward with these two women. ‘’…I want to know more about this genocide of my people.’’ There was no way to be polite about this, so you opted for frankness.

Your redhead demonic friend visibly winced. ‘’Yeah, with you being a prince...’’ She looked away, toward her little sister.

‘’It’s not so easy to talk about.’’ Deruella spoke in a singsong voice, having managed to walk back to her seat silently, her weird tentacle effortlessly split into 4 membranes that simultaneously served new drinks and put the plate back on its resting table. ‘’I do believe it happened 50 years before my own birth, I cannot imagine a more controversial event. Everyone accuses us demons of perpetrating so awful a deed... yet back then, harming these spirited pointed folks and grumpy shorties made no sense.’’

‘’I’ve no idea where the truth is.’’ Sieglinde interrupted, silencing herself with a sip while you took to downing a healthy gulp; alcohol left quite a satisfying burning as it went down. It didn’t do anything else to your body so far, there was a start for everything right?

‘’What exactly happened?’’ You asked, making both sisters frown with mirrored expressions of frustration. They really were of the same blood despite those wildly different physical attributes.
‘’I wasn’t there to witness the dwarven underground cities of the Everpeaks but I heard they were victims of a virulent plague that…’’ Sieglinde pause, thick tail snaking upward to hover near her shoulder. ‘’…simultaneously stuck all of their holdings and degenerated their culture into anarchy, only a handful of refugees fled; Unity has been taking care of them ever since.’’ She barely paused to continue.

‘’The elves… I don’t know how it happened either, despite the fact that I was in Luminaris when catastrophe struck.’’ She eyed you cautiously, her sister had crossed her arms under her bust, holding her mug with that flexible limb of darkness. They were trying to keep a good mood but their cheerfulness was slowly being drained by this subject.
File: 26.jpg (567 KB, 723x1023)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
‘’Something so drastic didn’t happen overnight, Luminaris was always embroiled in deep controversies after the Great Crusade. They became a constitutional monarchy, they began to heavily regulate visits of their great elemental trees and above all, they allowed the demonic royal family to represent themselves inside their forums, thereby acting as a neutral ground for the fledgling new existence of Mamonos and my mother dynasty, making it easy for us to be seen as actually intelligent and human-like; elves were the first to grant Monster Girls rights of sentience. Something belonging to humans, dwarves and a few old species of monsters like Kitsunes and ice spirits.’’ Sieglinde leaned forward, cupping both hands around her mug of glass. Deruella long legs crossed together as she silently listened.

‘’I was dispatched to Luminaris by my mother and…’’ She growled a tiny show of aggressiveness that also translated to Deruella with a worrisome glare. ‘’…anyway. We invested heavily to come into close contacts with the elven royal family, I should have remembered your last name yesterday, sorry about that.’’ She lightly punched her head with a forced expression, almost prompting a reaction out of you but she quickly went back to talking.

‘’Anyhow, things were messy. Humans and dwarves hated us and constantly assaulted our people and vandalized our embassy, proving ourselves intelligent during sanctioned debates weren’t enough. My mother had no choice but to enter take aggressive actions against dwarves and humans outside the elven forest and great swathe of Mamonos populations were displaced within the Allied Kingdoms to be put under elven protection and despite constantly suing for peace, none of the dwarven and human dukes were willing to hear us out, while their kings were at least pressured by the elven royal family to not declare outright war against the Demon Lord; it was a conflict of skirmishes against their vassals.’’

A sad smile nestled on her face, red eyes gazed into nothing as she had leaned forward on her seat to cup her mug with both hands. Sieglinde mind had made a journey into a long distant past. ‘’I’m remembering your dad a little, Arawn.’’ This statement sent a powerful surge of emotion you squeeze your heart while simultaneously sending a cold sense of dread up your spine. ‘’He was a great man, I remember him personally beating the archduke of Gwalchmai for attempting to force sexual favors out of me.
Apparently, the elven constitution was extremely harsh against corruptions of all kinds.’’ She smiled a gentle, mitigated happiness, shaking her mug and drinking a gulp; something quickly shares by Deruella and yourself.
File: 3.png (1.12 MB, 700x1050)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
‘’Understand back then that elves hands were full in mitigating the war between Mamonos and humanity, trying to end Unity civil war, settling a peace deal between two kingdoms of the Old World and finally dealing with some troubles with elven cousins of theirs in some remote, far-flung part of the world. A cult within Mamono culture also grew into tremendous power, my mother was pregnant with my second sister Martha so I had to concentrate on Throne Town politics instead of our position in Luminaris… Tragedy struck slowly with the weakening of the Elemental Trees.’’

‘’Those were focuses of magic similar to our Demonic Throne.’’ Deruella gently wedged to interrupt her sister, who nodded in agreement. ‘’All of them are gone now, but in those days, they were sites of powerful rituals to grant blessings and, more importantly, bestow gifts of elementals magic onto babies growing in mother’s wombs. This crisis was the last warning before elven civilization was brought to a brutal end.’’

‘’Yeah, I was there in the capital.’’ Sieglinde repeated her earlier words with grim resolve, gazing at you in shame and guilt. ‘’I ought to have seen the signs, humans had been raiding the forest in retaliation of elven support for Mamonos, one of their political group wanted us out, the Trees were sick and access to them was forbidden… All five of their cities was attacked by an unexplainable phenomenon. Some kind of disease, a corruption far beyond what you’ve seen us Monsters use struck the Eternals like a flood. A gate of pure darkness erupted right into a crowd of Mamono cultists; adherents of Épanouissement were the first to change into monstrosities of blood magic and something else. Luminaris inhabitants were massacred as these entities consumed innocents, spreading like a fast acting cancer.’’

‘’How…? Were they metamorphosed into creatures? All the elves of the capital?’’ You could only imagine something out of a book, a grand vortex of darkness spewing spirits of oil-like substances that latches onto people bodies, infecting them, rendering them into pus-like entities spreading an unending plague…

‘’I’ve no idea how any of that happened, Mother Earth herself tried to intervene. I remember seeing a figure of pure gold being held back by a strange purple force long enough for a massacre even beyond the scopes of my mother demonic processor to proceed unimpeded.’’
File: 8.jpg (650 KB, 1000x1414)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
‘’Yes, I read about it.’’ Deruella gently sipped from her glass. ‘’A simultaneous strike on all the elven cities and surrounding villages, unleashing curses and abominations that are still believed to be slumbering in the forest today. The political situation of the Allied Kingdom and the Old World was a mess back then and our culprit played a long, long game by fanning humanity hatred for awakened Mamonos and dwarves dogmatic stubbornness against changing their surface policy to strike a lethal blow against human’s closest allies…’’ There was a predatory glint inside those glowing red eyes of hers swimming inside small lakes of pure dark ink. ‘’…it’d certainly be how I’d do it. Yet to avoid leaving a single hint, to even hold back Mother Earth herself is proof of competence far beyond my own scheming abilities. It’s undeniably the work of a Supreme Monster but to cast suspicions without proof is the path of self-destruction.’’

There, both women fell silent. Your own mixed feelings aside, Sieglinde eyes had become worrying slits of carmine as she glared at her little sister in reproach. ‘’Try to have some tact, Deru.’’
The white lady shrugged. ‘’I’m not good at being dishonest. We’ve no clue who did it, have I caused offense mysir?’’

You felt too stunned to be angry. ‘’No, I’m wondering what Supreme Monsters are, aside from being the obvious top dogs of your society.’’
You did your best to skirt around a sensitive topic, mainly that a monster undeniably committed this atrocity. Deruella and Sieglinde attitudes were also plainly telling; demons were not responsible, an opinion against the world common belief.

‘’Mh, that’s a little departure from the subject, wouldn’t you like to know more about the fallout of this genocide? It certainly traumatized the Allied Kingdoms, for not only did the church stop its civil war-’’

‘’Let’s move on from that.’’ Sieglinde interrupted her little sister now, rubbing the back of her neck with her deformed hand and giving her thick red, curly hair a swoosh. With her second (big) glass down, the redhead was regaining some pep.

‘’Sure sure, queen of Throne Town. This is your territory.’’ Deruella made an ironic gesture of backing off, throwing her hands forward in faux supplication.

‘’You’re one of us too, Felwhore of Lescatie.’’ Your heard a worrying wooden crack and noticed that Sieglinde tail had wrapped around a leg of her chair and damaged it. She blinked in surprise at her own reaction and forced this deadly weapon to slither back onto her seat, pretending nothing happened.
File: Adorable Demon.jpg (85 KB, 602x1041)
85 KB
‘’Muhuhu, I love your backbone, little love. You somehow manage to shift between paper thin resistance and unbendable adamantine, do allow me to satisfy your boyfriend curiosity. It is getting late hm? This alcohol packs a punch.’’ Deruella long legs slowly uncrossed themselves and she leaned forward, putting both elbows on her thighs and resting her chin on open palms, breasts almost spilling out of that sundress. This position certainly enhanced her feminine wiles, combined with a swishing thin leathery white spaded tail and spread white wings, Deruella presence was absolutely stifling while somehow managing to stay positive.

Plainly put she was almost too much woman.

‘’Supreme Monsters have an obvious name for it is the category of Mamonos of exceptional mights and consequently, like human nobles, they are bound into a particular political system that was created by the strongest among us following the Great Crusade ended. It is based on pride, strength, and sphere of interest surrounding peculiar regions or outright countries, meaning that Throne Town is considered the territory of my mother, Deruella Jawahir, her bloodline and the demon Belphegor, making all four of us representative of her demonic ladyship authority when she isn’t here, thereby allowing us all to be Supreme.’’ Deruella marked a pause, eyes questing for her sister attention who was glaring daggers at her drink. Was she… swaying? ‘’Monsters wanting to operate within our sovereign area are to seek permission from us and only afterward can they establish themselves, usually by using their families for a business or other; for example, the Javed take care of undead and operate as a dynasty while the single general Zazawu is a Supreme Monster without a bloodline who actively recruits Mamonos of Throne Town, yet both must seek our counsel when they come to our city, unless of course, we grant them a welcoming confidence…’’

It was a surprisingly simple way to handle things, you were expecting some kind of twist on feudalism given how Mamonos have been imitating humans but this is simply raw tribal politics.

‘’Hm, you understand right? It -is- elementary, too much in fact; loopholes are constantly abused and the founder of this practice has laid claim to the entire Allied Kingdom as her territory, there’s no doubt many Supreme Monsters do not seek the counsel of Tuilelaith Helewidis as she's unable to maintain her authority.’’ Deruella giggled, apparently finding mirth with this strange name. ‘’But she had no other way to enforce a modicum of orders on those monsters who nearly caused humanity extinction during the Great Crusade, that way it’s actually possible to make allies of Supreme, though as you can imagine not all of them subscribe to this practice.’’

‘’Disagreement are settled amongst themselves?’’ You ask, earning a silent nod from the pale demoness. ‘’When an impasse is reached…’’
File: Sieg08.jpg (178 KB, 460x900)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
‘’A sanctioned duel is orchestrated and the winner takes all.’’ Sieglinde grunted, then grunted and downed her mug in one, long gulp. Somehow managing to get back to talking without any visible strain ''Mamonos are a proud, stubborn bunch.''

''Mmhm, always carrying such strong emotions...'' Deruella mused, forcing herself to finish her own mug in a similar manner to her sister and a new silence came crawling back as both women grew pensive, often throwing you cautious glances. You had to digest a whole lot of things, Sieglinde threw you quite the perspective with the genocide of your people, so perhaps this Supreme Monsters business had been a clumsy attempt to divert attention.

Or maybe it was getting particularly late, there was no telling how much time had passed in this completely enclosed room...
Should you retreat to your room for the night? It'd be a little wasteful, maybe this alcohol was emboldening your nerves or all these grim talks of massacres had left you numb because you didn't feel any strong emotions, perhaps you were in some kind of shock?

>Should you ask some personal questions out of these demons? (Specify)
>Ask about those strange moving statues in the corner?
>Something else?/Free Choice
I have questions but lets not go full bore on the personal issues just yet. Gotta get closer to them. Let's ask about those golems.
>>Ask about those strange moving statues in the corner?

Im starting to think we should do the blood ritual sooner rather than later.
Lot of shit we'll forget by putting it off so long, that shits gonna scar our new friends.
File: DRONE01.png (54 KB, 304x345)
54 KB
A sense of lethargy had settled into the room and you felt yourself drifting off into grim thoughts, your mind returning toward those rituals and, especially, the easy solution of blood magic but when you spotted the odd humanoids moving…rocks, you couldn’t help but rise to your feet.

‘’Mh? What’s up?’’ Sieglinde words had a slur to them and her constant blink made you wonder if she had drifted into sleep.

‘’These.’’ You point at the statues, who seems to focus on you because of your movements, their strangely grim faces could only be described as some kind of strongman caricature.

‘’Ho ho? The drones?’’ Deruella jumped to her feet, trotting beside you with surprising swiftness as she waves at the creatures sagely staying in their spot. They were about 2 meters tall of pure carved stones, their purpose certainly looked self-evident.

‘’Drones? You mean they are artificial?’’ You never know with monsters and magic.

‘’Of course,’’ The lady referred as ‘’Felwhore’’ answered, all smile, gazing over her shoulder for her sister who had curled into a ball for some reason, hands wrapped around her empty mug, looking positively miserable. ‘’These are golems from Zipangu, you see 40 odd years ago demons were at war with these brave island Mamonos and they were getting the worst of it because of our infectious use of Corruption; while we ultimately lost the conflict, they learned from it and heavily invested into alchemical golem technology.’’ She waved for the strange beings again who just… stared, unblinking, looking at each other, then back to the pale mistress.

‘’Think of them as material summons, I’ve managed to bring back a pair -perfectly legally I assure you- here for study and test how they fare outside Zipangu coordinating antennas. They might make for surprisingly handy servants.’’
File: 1391561413589.png (987 KB, 716x872)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
Technology and not magic? Fascinating, the academy only seems to use alchemy for a few gadgets and its infrastructures but these are genuine weapons, or at least something similar. ‘’Zipangu monsters created soldier’s immune to Corruption in case of another demonic attack?’’ You asked, earning a nod from Deruella.

‘’They ended up fighting against crusaders and angels instead, they proved surprisingly effective when combined with actual soldiers to take advantage of breakthroughs brought by these mindless, fearless weapons.’’

This brought the conversation to a close, you were genuinely tempted to witness some kind of demonstration from those drones but it was undeniably far too late for any of that. Instead, you began to wonder how the elven situation could have changed if they had soldiers immune to any kind of infectious magic…

‘’Ooya, I do believe this little love of ours might have dozed off.’’ Deruella had taken a silent few steps away from you, hands prompted on her hips with her wings giving a few flaps while her tail danced leisurely. Sieglinde profile was on full display and her diminutive stance was only for her head to rest on her knees, with hair audibly coming and going out of her nose.

‘’She’s weak to alcohol you know? She only drinks in the company she trusts.’’ Deruella turned back to you, licking her lips, making you wonder if her expression was blissful or malicious. ‘’Poor girl always has trouble keeping herself awake, would you do the honor of laying her into this big, queenly bed, mysir Arawn?’’

It only dawns on you now that in this increasingly late night, you’ve been left alone with Sieglinde little sister, a demonic woman easily a head taller than you and undeniably full-fledged Supreme Monsters fond of teasing, isolated inside this big room that conveniently held a bed that could adequately hold the three of you…

>Free Choice.
I guess the best thing to do is to lay her down on the bed
And go back to our place......
Unless she insists on us staying the night (and knowing her teasing nature she probably will)

Besides you know what they say!
"Never look a gift demoness in the mouth"
Put her in bed and then head off to our room, time to sleep.
File: Too prim for that.jpg (353 KB, 1280x1354)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
‘’It’s a man job to carry women?’’ You retort at this ever-smiling teaser, earning a good-hearted chuckle.

‘’It is ever a man role to do much for his many ladies, Mamonos get weak in the knees when subjected to gallantry.’’

While you could have said something about these implications you decided to stay silent instead of proving further ignorance of monstrous culture and gently tiptoed toward Sieglinde, gently prying the mug from her weak grip, then you softly gripped her arms to liberate her legs, wrapping your palms around her ankles while forcing her torso backward, back onto the seat. Sieglinde felt warm to your touch and groaned in reproach at your intrusion, causing more than a few leaps of your heart as you began to fear a reality about being caught, your friendship was only two days old.

When you observed Deruella, her absurdly gleeful was more than enough to galvanize your pride. You’re going to put this demon to bed and nothing at all is going to happen, it’ll be a boring trek to your dorm!

Sieglinde proved…compliant. Slipping your arm beneath her knees then holding her back to lift her into a bridal carry earned you a mumble and her face nicely tucked itself into your chest, you did your best to quietly calm your raging heart so as to appear peeeerfectly master of yourself in front of that white demoness.
That is until you reached that queenly bed where Sieglinde even breathing lost its previous pace, you immediately understood before you glanced down.

‘’…’’ There was nothing to say, really. Nicely tucked in your arms, horn resting near your heart, her sea of curly red silk almost looked like a blanket in the nest of your limbs, even her worrying expression of frowned feature and thin eyes was genuinely inviting. She truly was a demoness, a Lilim, a succubus with a particularly thick tail shaped like a spear that proved itself able to strike with a cobra swiftness, now aimed at you.

‘’I’m…close to overreacting.’’ Sieglinde broke the silence with pursed lips, wiggling gently in your arms, tail drooping. Meanwhile, Deruella was audibly laughing but you couldn’t spare her any attention now.
File: 1465710585931.png (178 KB, 1000x1000)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
‘’I…I might have dozed off but I’m not drunk, you huh… you’re making me embarrassed. It’s the alcohol, right? You never tasted any before so maybe it emboldened something; drinking makes me sleepy but it’s not enough to truly pass out you know? Touching women isn’t wise, you um… I think Elina would like it I’m not exactly a proper lady, you could have poked me until I woke, I wouldn’t have been angry just grumpy why are you still holding me? My legs feel stiff, I think they’ve gotten numb or I’ve actually begun to overreact now, it’s not good to be touching women, right? Oh yeah, I already told you.’’ She was speaking in a single breath and completely ran out of oxygen, cheeks blossoming with enough vitality to rival her hair while an expression of agony settled on her face. ‘’Are you planning to sleep here?’’ She asked while exhaling, craning her neck for the very close bed.

‘’Oh yes, I do believe he is, right mysir Loukanos?’’ And there was Deruella who had walked all the way to the flank of this big bed that could easily fit 5 people. ‘’It’s far too late to goo… I mean it’ll be comfortable here.’’ She tapped the mattress with her tail, making it rebound upward.

‘’IIIII…I’m not embarrassed… this is perfectly fine, really normal. Yeah.’’

‘’Indeed, little love.’’

In retrospect, you really should have seen this coming.

>Free Choice
Go back to dorm.

gosh, shes really good at messing with people.
File: 1379053369182.jpg (111 KB, 400x400)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Acquire horns and make her sister jealous.
Drat, I don't know how to play this one guys. It feels like we're gonna regret whatever choice we make...

No, because we like living and would like to continue doing it.
The only choices you'll regret are ones that don't involve horns.
if it keeps me from being impaled
I'll deal

and before you say it
Not in a good way
We've already grabbed the demoness by the horns. Wavering now is how you get gored.
Shes said no guys.
how do you think its gonna go when we ignored her and do it again?
Calm down peeps
Update will be soon. Deruella is a wonderful handful.
File: 7.jpg (485 KB, 600x649)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
Your face was beginning to feel hot and humid while your arms somehow tightened their grips around Sieglinde surprisingly lightweight frame, something she felt keenly for a quiet ‘’Au?’’ escaped her lips that somehow managed to broaden Deruella grin. ‘’I…’’ You swallowed a lump and conjured some more courage, or maybe it was something primal and foolhardy; gazing into the little sister tenebrous eyes convinced you to stubbornly try your best to go against her wishes.

‘’I should go back to my room.’’ You spoke dryly, concentrating on the bed else Sieglinde blushing face would cause a stutter. ‘’I know the way.’’ That wasn't entirely true for you didn’t remember the exact route but you’ll be able to manage, yeah? Thus you gently moved to liberate the awakened redhead who crawled away from you swiftly (like a scared cat) upon landing on that comfortable mattress, tail slithering behind her while she hugged herself with pursed lips, red cheeks and a thoroughly vulnerable aura that was so… so… desirable.

‘’Now, now my dear friend.’’ With a ballerina grace, Deruella seemed to float on the soil as she moved beside you, landing a hand on your shoulder that rooted you firmly in place, always smiling, gazing to you with overflowing warmth. ‘’A restful night sleep inside our quarter will be more than adequate to energize these tired bones of yours.’’

‘’I’ll-‘’ Yet she interrupts you, stepping close enough for her breasts to squish on your chest while hovering a finger in front of your lips, reducing your protest into a meaningless gargle as a renewed surge of warmth invaded your body.

‘’Deru!’’ Sieglinde came to your rescue but you couldn’t look away from those hypnotizing eyes of dark and reds, the demoness stepped back with a pout but wasn’t yielding for by placing her hands behind her back and outstretching her wings, she talking with closed eyes as if addressing a pair of kids.

‘’Are you two perchance believing the utterly flawed notion that your short friendship somehow translates that a platonic night together is too soon?’’

You weren’t certain what you were even thinking, your complete ignorance of relationship had you into a flight-type reaction to avoid ruining your friendship with Sieglinde but the redhead was seemingly struck somewhere sensitive for she went back to hugging her knees silently.
File: 14.jpg (105 KB, 750x950)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
‘’Bollocks, my dear pair of awkward loves. Relationships are built upon events like these, why care about some type of stupid common sense that says emotional bonds require time to build? It’s not like Arawn is the kind of bounder that would take advantage of a pair of maidens.’’

‘’Hell no!’’ That actually made you genuinely upset. Never mind the fact that any man trying something so suicidal is likely to get castrated, Sieglinde mentioned earlier that a man tried to get sexual favors out of her and that… well, it sticks with you rather strongly.

‘’Indeed, and tonight could always disappear from your memory when you so choose, mysir Loukanos.’’ Deruella words squeezed somewhere sensitive, you hadn’t thought about that angle at all and genuinely found yourself speechless. ‘’At least us both shall remember, why not allow us to continue remembering the man you are today?’’

There was… warmth. Genuine, plain warmth in her smile and tenebrous gaze. Deruella gently pinched her chin while gestured for that big bed.

‘’I…I guess it’s not so bad.’’ Sieglinde yielded without looking at you, keeping a very first stare toward the pair of confused drones sulking in the corner. ‘’Keep your pants and shirt and you can…sleep here. Us sisters always share a bed when we can be together on nights like these so… it’s not unusual to have three, even five people here.’’ By the end of her little speech, the redhead deformed hand was awkwardly scratching her cheek.

‘’Yes, yes. There is nothing wrong at all.’’ Deruella opened her arms, wings outstretched, welcoming you like a mother. ‘’Why not stay for a restful night of sleep?’’

Warm. Both of them were so full of emotional warmth it was almost drowning you

>Free Choice
Wake up a hand full of horns and a hand full of wings and a curious demon lord to answer to.
As i said
Dont look a gift demoness in the mouth!
Ok, it's pretty much impossible to say no to that. No funny business though, we will be as chaste as an ascetic monk!

good enough
The Felwhore sure is persuasive.
File: 201.jpg (59 KB, 600x848)
59 KB
To observe both of them standing there left an impression far, far more important than you previously thought. Observing overt Deruella so welcoming and Sieglinde reluctance melting into acceptance made you feel… strangely safe, which in turn kindled an impression of denial; tonight seriously couldn’t be happening!

‘’I…alright. I’m nervous.’’ You admitted, to which the pale demoness nodded while Sieglinde laughed, allowing herself to relax by changing position. ‘’I’ll… get ready.’’ You weren’t certain of your thoughts, something in Deruella speech and the sisters demeanors had touched you rather deeply, a strange mixture of peace and passion kept your heart in flutters of constant loud beatings… perhaps sleeping here felt, ever so slightly, as if you found somewhere to belong.

It was far too soon to truly commit to such thoughts.

You only needed to get out of your boots and remove a few pieces of clothing while still remaining adequate. ‘’No funny business.’’ You affirmed while glaring at the pale demoness as you made your way onto the mattress, Sieglinde had already retreated into a hill of pillows, stubbornly clinging to her shirt and pants, leaving herself barefooted.

‘’You two almost treat this like a punishment, relax, relax. I won’t be wearing anything different too, it’s Arawn first night mmh? It’ll make a precious memory.’’ Deruella crawled onto the mattress, taking slow and deliberate movements with swishing tail, sashaying hips and falling thick hair. ‘’The lights are dim, this room is large, it won’t be difficult to sleep like this at all.’’

‘’Suppose not…’’ Sieglinde murmured, you were close enough to hear and she didn’t move when you stopped some distance to her left flanks whilst Deruella boldly plopped down on the right to sneak under the covers.

‘’Get closer now!’’ Her wings flapped, making a little mess of the sheets, revealing that she had wiggled some flesh out of her dress, hefting it up high enough to nearly see-

Remember, no funny business. Ascetic monk.

Sieglinde silently slipped under the sheets next, taking long, careful movements while giving you many upturned looks, never once attempting to voice anything. Such proximity revealed even more things you didn’t know about her body. Her legs were quite longs, her hips had a definite full shape to them that was actually more defined than her little sister, her torso was on the short side with her breasts being something of a small cup that couldn’t rival Deruella-

Remember, ascetic monk.

This… should be a nice memory, yeah. It’s not going to be easy to sleep.

‘’G-good night. It’ll get a little better after a few minutes.’’ Sieglinde spoke after her clearing her throat, lying face up on her pillow with her sister being so obviously at ease she was turning around to observe the both of you.
File: Sieg03.jpg (416 KB, 857x1002)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
‘’Yes, sleep. All of us need it, we’ve been drinking for a while so it won’t be difficult.’’ She spoke with something melodious in her tone, causing a tiny pang of inadequacy in your chest. It’d be nice to have some kind of blessing outside of good night… or maybe you were still feeling inside a fever dream.

That is until you felt a presence on your shoulder that slowly snaked down to find your palm and as you curiously looked up, you gazed into Sieglinde unnatural shade of red that seemed to have gained a luster similar to her sister. She gave you an awkward smile and hesitantly touched your hand, a look to Deruella flank revealed that both sisters hands were interlocked and resting on a pillow, with the taller, yet younger demoness having closed her eyes into a peaceful smile.

Why were you so hesitant about this? It’s only sleeping, these girls… These demons were kindred and as you observed in continued silence, you saw Sieglinde hesitation turn to sadness, the warmth of her limb almost disappeared until you firmly grasped her hand, creating a bump in the sheets as you imitated her link with Deruella.

Now you understood, monsters view relationships differently from human, after your awakening you haven’t once gazed at a family. Your boldness earned you a shy smile and an acknowledging nod from your benefactor.

Deruella Jawahir was quite the woman; hopefully, you’ll be sleeping peacefully after everything that happened today.

Your awakening as a mage, making a pair of new friends, confrontations with minotaurs and now sleeping with Sieglinde and her sister… Amnesia aside, this is certainly much better than being stuck as a non-existence inside the throne.

>Thread End.
You guys have to digest another big dump of lore with the elven tragedy, I'll see about starting the new thread around Friday or Saturday. I'm thinking of making a google doc stuff to keep track of characters at least and maybe some Lore stuff.
Thanks for the thread dude. Looking forward to next time. As an aside, did we gain some points with Sieg?

Achieved the best possible end for this encounter.

Deruella statements about her sister, while definitely teasing and exaggerated, also held a whole lot of truths. She knows her older sister -very- well.
Yaay! Best end!

I am a little late to the party, but well done, guys! :3

I still vote for Soul link~
Sacrificing memories of the present in exchange for memories of the past is a no-no! :3

Let's see what happens next thread!
Great thread
Loving the quest

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