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Judge Magnus sits comfortably in his chair, sipping on a tumbler of scotch. He sets the drink aside, squinting at the Ipad his granddaughter bought him.

Magnus is in his favorite armchair, in front of a fire he'd call "comfortably warm". He squints again at the Ipad, doing his best to squeeze his fingers across the screen and enlarge it.

The old man hears a noise. "Hello?" He says, resting his Ipad on his lap. "Is someone there?" He puts the Ipad aside and starts to rise.

"No, please, don't get up," a man says, entering the living room. The man is wearing a three-piece suit and tie, as well as a surgical mask.

"Who are you!" Judge Magnus demands. "I'm a federal judge, and you are in a heap of trouble for trespassing!"

"Hehe," The man says, pulling on his surgical mask. Another man, also in a suit and mask, enters the room and stands behind the first. "It's funny you would say that, "heap of trouble," Because that's exactly what you're in your honor. But your trouble is considerably worse than my trouble,"

"What are you talking about!" Judge Magnus says, getting up from his chair. The two men make no move to stop him.

"Why, this of course," The man in the mask says, holding up a ring with an eagle on it.

"o-oh," Judge Magnus says, slowly sitting back down. "You're-you're with them,"

"That's right Judge Magnus," The man says, stuffing the ring in his breast pocket. "And I'm here to tell you you've been a very, very bad boy,"

"What are you talking about?" Judge Magnus says. "I've done everything they've asked of me,"

The first man in the suit and mask takes a few steps towards the sitting judge. He retrieves a phone from his suit, facing the screen towards Judge Magnus. The blue light illuminates the old judges wrinkles. He squints to see what's on the screen.

"See that, judge?" The man says.

"What am I looking at?"

"Is that not your signature?"

"Ah," Judge Magnus says. "Yes, I see it now. That's a search warrant I signed today,"

"That's right," The man in the suit says, pocketing the phone. "It's a search warrant you signed. And do you know who owns the land the police will be searching?"

"oh no," Judge Magnus says, almost a whisper. His voice gets louder. "I, I didn't know! I swear I didn't know! I would have never signed off on it had I known!"

"Well, that's your problem see?" The man in the surgical mask says. "You had a list of all the untouchable properties. You knew which were ours and which weren't,"

"I, I must have missed it!" Judge Magnus says. "But whatever it is, we can cover it up! I'm a powerful federal judge!"

The man in the surgical mask laughs. He wipes at his eyes, then leans over in front of the judge, bringing his face level with his. "This isn't some drug operation, or slavery ring you stupid fucking fool." The man in the suit straightens back up. "What they find there will seriously screw with our plans,"

"I, I can fix it!" Judge Magnus says.
"No, no you can't." The man in the suit turns away. "We will fix it. And when we are done fixing it, we will come back and end your life. I suggest you get your affairs in order. Your loyalty has bought you twenty-four hours and a quick death."

The two men in suits leave. Judge Magnus hears the back door close, then slumps in his chair. He grabs the scotch, drains it, then puts his head in his hands.
The five police vans churn in the mud as they struggle to drive over the muddy road. Every bump sends the SWAT members inside the van knocking against each other.

You are Lemeny Mauv, Lem for short. You're a SWAT commander with thirty men under your leadership. Today they are armed to the teeth with every conceivable bit of armor strapped on.

"Hey captain!" Dawson yells. He's a couple seats down from you. "What's the big idea going out in the middle of nowhere? It's like we're geared for war!"

>Shut up Dawson, 'fore I put that mouth to good use
>Steady on there Dawson, I'm just as much in the dark as you are
>Probably a bunch of kids and their fucking pokemon go's, amirite?
>Steady on there Dawson, I'm just as much in the dark as you are
>Steady on there Dawson, I'm just as much in the dark as you are
Best hope it's nothing, Dawson. Second best kinda day when we get sent out and there's nothing. Better than when there's something, for sure.

"I feel you captain," Dawson says, checking over his MP5. "But I was checking google maps, nothing in these parts,"

"Like I said Dawson," You say, leaning back against the van. "Best hope it's nothing,"

The vans slow down, then stop. The doors open and you and your thirty men stream out.

Waiting for you is a long, vast field. In the distance are two stacks of a nuclear power plant.

"That look like nothing, Dawson?" Robbie, another SWAT member says.

"Focus men," You say, leading them to a ring of ten police vehicles.

Waiting for you is Chief Clemmens, as well as a woman in a suit.

"Captain Mauve," Chief Clemmens says. He motions at the woman. "This is Detective Rachel Patters,"

"Please to meet you," Rachel says, holding out her hand. You shake it.

"What's the situation?" You say, your men gathering behind you.

"Five missing kids," Rachel says. "We've been searching for them for two days now, and we're about at the 36 hour mark,"

"And you think they're here?" You say, surveying the field.

"About a mile that way is a massive underground complex. One of the fathers of the missing children found an entrance,"

"So?" You say. "What are we doing following a civilians lead?"

"Well," Chief Clemmens says. "The father is actually a police officer. He's been obsessively searching these last couple days, try as we might to stop him,"

"But the point is he may actually be on to something," Rachel says, holding up a plastic bag. Inside is a red stocking cap. "This is from one of the missing children. We found it in the field. We've searched the field and the surrounding woods. Now all that's left is the underground complex,"

"Why do you need us then?" You say. "Are you expecting something?"

"It's a big complex," Chief Clemmens says. "And we can't seem to get any information on it,"

"And that?" You say, pointing at the stacks of the distant nuclear power plant.

"Shut down ten years ago," Rachel says. "The underground complex could be connected, but again, we don't know much,"

"Let's get started then," You say.

Detective Rachel leads you and your thirty men across the field. The tall grass brushes against your armor pads. Your men spread out.

After a mile you reach a hole in the ground. One of your men shines his MP5 flashlight down, and a concrete wall, as well as a door, appears in the beam.

"Set the charges, Dawson," You say.

Dawson runs down into the hole with a bag slung over his head. Several other SWAT following, forming a line behind him. Dawson retrieves a clamp from the bag, as well as three bricks. He sticks the bricks and the clamp on the door.

"Line up men!" You yell. You all stream into the hole, guns at the ready.

"Clear!" Dawson yells.

The door blows inward.

"Go go go!" You shout, waving your hand forward.

Your men roll through, waving their guns around and illuminating the interior.
It's a large, circular concrete room. There are two tunnels, one leading away, the other leading down.

>Let's split up, Robbie, take half down, I'll lead the rest forward
>Let's split up, I'll take half down, Robbie, you lead the rest forwad
>We are not, under any circumstances, splitting up, everyone follow me _____ way
>Let's split up, I'll take half down, Robbie, you lead the rest forwad
>Let's split up, I'll take half down, Robbie, you lead the rest forward

"Detective Rachel, your choice," You say as your men split up.

"I'll go with you," Detective Rachel says, peering at the tunnel that leads down.

"Johns," You say, singling out one of the SWAT. "You're lead, let's go!"

You follow Johns down into the darkness. Your flashlights bounce around the walls, lighting up damp concrete.

The tunnel ends and you enter into an even larger, circular room. You pick up your radio.

"Robbie, report," You say.

"Nothing yet captain," Robbie's voice cackles through the comms. "Tunnel's still going. What about you?"

"Another room," You say. "Keep me posted, over and out,"

"Over and out,"

"Alright men," You say. "Quick sweep, let's go!"

The SWAT team moves around the room. Several of them call you over at once. You and Detective Rachel approach the nearest one.

Your man has his flashlight pointed at the ground. There's rings in the ground, with chains attached to them. Candy wrappers are strewn about.

"Someone's been here," Rachel says, putting plastic gloves over her hand. She takes a pair of tweezers and picks up one of the candy wrappers, depositing it in the bag. You walk over to the next man who called you over.

There's more rings, and more chains. And of course, more candy wrappers. You look up at the third man who called. "James, you got chains and wrappers over there too?"

"No captain,"

Rachel catches up to you, and you both approach James. His light illuminates an iron grate, big enough for two people, stuck in the ground.

"Huh," You say, trying to shine your mag light down into the depths. You can't see anything but darkness.

"Captain, listen," James says, putting his hand to his ear.

You and Detective Rachel bend down, listening to the grate.

"Is that?" Rachel says, scrunching her face in confusion.

"Singing," You say, standing back up. "Though nothing I've ever heard before."

>What do you think, Detective Rachel
>Dawson, let's get some more charges over here!
>Let's rendezvous with Robbie
>What do you think, Detective Rachel
Not about to breach it without her input. She's the one most likely to have an inkling of what's going on here. And if it's actually the kids, we might spook or injure them.

Taking the time to rendezvous probably isn't a good idea. Who knows what could happen to whoever's down there before we get back?

"I'm," Detective Rachel says, squinting into the darkness. "I'm not sure,"

"Anything else about this investigation you want to tell me?" You say. "I've been at this job fifteen years, and I've seen a lot," You wave your hand at the grate, where the singing can be faintly heard. "But this? This is new. And I don't like that,"

"It's just some psycho, more than likely," Detective Rachel says. "This has happened once before, twenty years ago,"

"Missing kids?"

"Five of them," the detective says. Her voice grows quieter. "One of them being my sister,"

"Ah," You say. "I think I'm starting to get it. Dawson! Charges! Everyone else, get your rappel gear ready!" You take out your radio. "Robbie, report,"

There's only static on the other end.

"Robbie," You say. "Report, over,"

"It's the structure," Detective Rachel says. "It's likely interfering.

"Great," You say. "Let's go boys!"

Dawson sets the charges, then backs up. "Clear!" He shouts, and the grate blows downward.

"Ropes!" You shout.

Two men go into the hole first, followed by two more, and than another two. You grab the rope, tossing a pair of repeal gloves to the detective.

"You ever done this before?" You say.

"Yes," Rachel says, putting on the gloves.

"Good, meet you down there."

You disappear into the darkness. You hear your men below you. As you continues to slide down the rope, the singing grows fainter, then disappears.

At the bottom your men spread out. You're in a tunnel, leading off in both directions.

"Which way captain?" James asks, shining his MP5 down one way.

Detective Rachel hopes off the rope, walking over to you.

"Detective," You say. "Which way?"

She takes out a compass, consulting it briefly. "Call it a hunch," Rachel says. "But I want to go in the direction of the power plant," She points down one end of the tunnel.

"Paulson, you're on point!" You shout, taking up position behind him.

You and your men stream down the tunnel, waving their lights about. It's even damper down here than it was a level up.

"Contact, up ahead!" Paulson shouts.

"Go go go!" You yell.

You and your men burst into a well-lit room. Every wall is lined with shelving, and in the center is a man. He has a child tied up, which he is slowly lowering into a large mason jar.


"Hand on your head!" Other SWAT members shout. You fan out into the room, guns trained on the man. He wears an old timey barber's outfit, and is wearing a burlap sack with eyes cut out.

The man sets the child down, then reaches in his pocket.

"Don't do it!" You shout. "Fucking freeze!"

The barber pulls out a razor, and is immediately shot by fifteen MP5's. The echo of the bullets rings around the room, slowing fading out.

You can hear the singing again.

"Secure the room, now!" You shout.
Detective Rachel is running over to where the child is. She kneels down, checking the body.

"Well?" You say, coming up to her.

"Alive, just asleep," Rachel says. "But this isn't one of the missing kids,"


Rachel rummages in the child's pocket, but finds nothing. "It's not one of the missing kids, I don't know who this is,"

"Captain," Dawson says. He's pointing at another door. It's gigantic. On it is a warning from the DOE, declaring it a high security zone.

"Dammit!" Rachel punches at door. "That's another goddamned warrant we need! We don't have time for this! Captain, we have to blow the door!"

>Leave and get the warrent
>Inspect the room, including the corpse
>Blow the door
>Inspect the room, including the corpse
>Blow the door
Search the room - one minute. We only need one man to set the charges, that leaves fifteen pairs of hands and eyes.

You think for a long, hard moment. "I want this room searched!" You call out. You turn to Dawson. "Set the charges,"

"But," Dawson says, glancing at the door. He walks up to you, leaning in close. "Captain," He says, his voice lows. "That's a sign from the goddammed Department of Energy. AKA we're all going to be held on treason charges,"

You walk up to the door, and pull out your knife. "Dawson," You say, pointing your knife at the corpse. Two of your men are inspecting it. "You ever seen something like that?"

"What," Dawson says, glancing at the man. "A kiddie killer? I mean, I've read about them. There's serial killers everywhere, you know?"

"No Dawson," You say, taking your knife to the door. You slash once, twice, and the sign comes off. "We're dealing with something different, I can feel it. And now," You point at the door with your knife. "No sign, see? It was peeled off when we got here,"

"You're the captain," Dawson says, taking out more charges from his pack.

You walk over to the corpse. "What do you got?" You say. Your men have removed the burlap sack. The man's face underneath is strange, almost bloated. Markings cover his cheeks and neck.

"No I.D," One of your men says. "Nothing in the pockets, except this," He holds up a ring with an eagle on it.

Detective Rachel comes over, sliding a glove over her hand. She takes the tweezers, plucks the ring from the SWAT member's hand, and deposits it in the bag.

"Charges are ready!" Dawson calls.

"Line up men," You say, motioning them with two fingers.

"Clear!" Dawson yells, pressing the detonator.

The doors cave inward, but don't open all the way. There's a narrow gap in the center, wide enough for one man going through.

"Go go go!" You shout.

Inside is a warehouse-type structure, two stories and with large lights hanging down. The lights flicker, illuminating a chilling scene:

The singing is loud now, though you can't tell where it's coming from. In the center of the room are a handful of men sitting in a circle. The chairs they occupy are plastic, and faded. They wear suits and burlap sacks.

"POLICE!" You shout as the rest of your men stream in. "HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!"

The men make no moves, continuing to sit. The singing dies out. In the center of the circle is a large mason jar, with a child inside.

Your SWAT surround the sitting men, pushing them off the chairs and onto the ground. They still don't move. You rip off one of the burlap sacks.

The man is dead, his eyes burned clear out of his head. Your SWAT tear off the rest of the bags, and find the same burn injuries on the rest of them.

"Shit," Detective Rachel says, peering at the burns.

"What is it," You say. You look around at the floor. "There's no evidence of a fire,"

Rachel gingerly touches one of the burns with a gloved hand. "It's like a chemical burn, but nothing I've ever seen before,"
"Get that kid out of that jar!" You order, pointing at it. "And secure this room!"

Your men hasten to do so. They find no other doors, and nothing else in the room. The child is slumped over Johns shoulders.

"Is it one of the missing?" You say. Rachel shakes her head no. "That's it then," You say. "We're getting both of the kids out of here, and meeting up with Robbie. Go!"

Fifteen minutes later your back in the field. The sun is hidden behind a gray cloud cover, and the wind is picking up.

"Chief," You say, spotting Chief Clemmons with several other officers.

"Is that them?" The chief says, pointing at the kids over your SWAT team's shoulders.

"No, different kids,"

"What did you find?" The Chief says.

"You're not going to believe it," You say. Detective Rachel is oddly silent. "But first, where's Robbie?"

The Chief just gives a half shrug. "Isn't that your man?"

"We split up, he should be back by now,"

"Well," Chief Clemmons says. "I haven't seen him.

>We're going in, now
>I want a second SWAT team onsite asap
>Screw this, get the bomb robot, I don't want to send in more men
>We're going in, now
Chief, if we're not out in an hour, call in for backup.

"Chief, we've got about a dozen dead bodies down there, they'll need to be I.D'd, but you'll need rappel gear to get too them. Also," You point at the children. "Medical attention,"

The chief crosses himself. "Any of the dead bodies kids?"

"No," You say. "But that's about the only comfort you can get from this situation,"

"I'll take care of it," The chief says, signalling to the officers standing around him.

"Alright boys," You call to your men. "We're going back in, let's go let's go!"

The fifteen of you stream back into the compound. Instead of taking the path that leads down, you head straight. You walk for five minutes before your lights find the other SWAT members. They're standing upright, guns forward, unmoving.

"Report!" You call. "What's going on up there?"

They don't move. You reach the first man and grab his shoulder. He continues to look forward. You wave your hands in front of his eyes. He doesn't react.

You move on to the next, and then the next. They're all frozen. Finally you reach Robbie.

"Wake up!" You shake him. He blinks his eyes, then looks at you.

"Oh! Captain! How did you get here?"

"What's going on?" You say, motioning back at the others. They're no longer frozen, slowly moving their limbs and blinking.

"We're checking out the complex, like you asked," Robbie says.

"You're only five minutes from the entrance!" You say, waving behind you.

"No, we've been exploring for hours," Robbie says, blinking again. "Thought we'd never find our way out of here,"

"Fuck," You say, almost under your breath. You're an experienced man, but everything about this screams danger.

>We're all grouping up, we move forward
>I don't like this, we're leaving until re-enforcements arrive
>You and your men take a break Robbie, me and mine will go ahead
File: 1504385791486.jpg (136 KB, 1280x640)
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136 KB JPG
I'm going to a new wi-fi spot, so don't be alarmed when my ID changes
We need reinforcements.
If write-ins are allowed:
>Have Robbie and his men describe in detail what they saw while they were exploring.

>You and your men take a break Robbie, me and mine will go ahead
Reinforcements won't help if everyone who enters is afflicted like this, and grouping up might get all of us hit at the same time; we need at least one team on standby to watch from an external standpoint.

Institute a comms check every 5 minutes. In case of excessive distortion, forward team remains in place and standby team moves further in until they get better reception. If either side does not receive any response, forward team pulls out and standby team goes in to link up.

"Robbie, describe to me what you saw," You say.

"Well," Robbie says, looking around. "We were in a series of tunnels. They kept splitting off, going on and on. We chalked directions on the walls so we could find our way back,"

"Take you and your men outside and get me re-enforcements, I want another SWAT team on sight asap,"

"You got it captain," Robbie says. He signals his men and they stream back.

"Sir?" Dawson says, coming up to you.

"We're going on," You say. "I'm taking point. Look for chalk on the walls,"

You move on, leading the others. The tunnel does not wind, instead immediately ending in a circular room.

There is chalk. Everywhere.

Arrows pointing up, down, diagonally. There are no exits.

You walk around the room, running your gloved hand along the chalk. It comes off on the fingers.

Your men spread out, inspecting the chalk.

"That's it," You say. "I've seen enough. Rendezvous back at the entrance."

Ten minutes later you're all outside with the chief and Detective Rachel. There are at least forty more police vehicles there, with officers streaming into the compound with body bags and cameras. Five ambulances are also there, taking the two children on stretchers inside.

"So," Rachel says, crossing her arms. "We've got twelve corpses, two children, and a bunch of mason jars," She looks up at the stacks of the nuclear plant. "We're going to need a warrant for that complex,"

"That's going to take time," The chief says. "If we get it at all from the DOE,"

"Any other leads?" You ask.

Rachel produces a baggie full of wallets. "I've got three ID's, three home addresses. Two are names I don't recognize, but the third is David Walker,"

"The celebrity?" You say.

Rachel nods.

"We're going to need to raid their homes," The chief says. He looks to you. "We've got another
SWAT team coming, that's enough to raid all three residences.

>I'll take David Walkers's mansion
>I'll take the no-names places
>Let's wait and see what the forensics team say about the complex first
>I'll take the no-names places
Keep us posted on what forensics finds. But we'd be idle hands if we just waited here for it.
Good plan support.

I assume we have more teams coming in yes? if not then radio back and ask the Chief to bring in more men.
>I'll take the no-names places
If possible have a talk and let the other captains and their seconds in command know whats up, and to watch for weird fuckery.

"Let's go!" You shout. "Mount up!" You walk up to Robbie and throw a hand on his shoulder. "You good?"

"Yeah?" Robbie says. "Why wouldn't I be?"

You don't say anything about the chalk, instead just nodding. "I'm taking this residence," You say, holding up an ID. You put it in your pocket, then give the other one to Robbie. "Here's the other, they're a block apart,"

"You got it captain," Robbie says, taking the ID.

"Chief!" You call over. He looks up at you. "Think you can get those warrants by the time we get there?"

"I'll get em signed and emailed to you!" Chief Clemmons says.

"I'm coming too," Detective Rachel says.

"Sure you don't want to go to the celebrity's house?"

"My partner will go there," Rachel says. "He's good, better than me,"

"Don't sell yourself short," You say. "Me and mine are good at the flashy stuff, but we still need some brains. You can ride shotgun up front,"

Your men get into the police vans, and they tear out of the muddy field. You take out your cellphone and dial a number. A man on the other side answer.

"Mauv you sonuvabitch, I hear we're on an operation together,"

"Captain Rahm," You say. "I've just got back from a very disturbing crime scene, are you going to the celebrities house?"


"Be on your guard captain, this is a dangerous situation,"

"Lem Mauv telling me to be careful? Now I know something up! Haha, sounds good though, I'll keep you posted, maybe grab you a David Walker souvenir"

"Do that," You say.

It takes forty minutes to reach Taft and 19th. There are already a few police cars, waiting for you arrival to move closer.

Your vans split off, Robbie and his team going farther down. Your vans screech to a halt in the lawn of a shoddy townhome.

"Let go!" You shout.

You and your men jump out of the van, running up to the front door. Johns and another come forward with a battering ram. It only takes one hit to breach the entrance.

"Go go!" You shout, motioning with two fingers.

The pointman charges in. "POLICE! POLICE!"

The rest of you follow. The interior is dark, and cluttered. One of your men trips over a stack of books.

"Clear!" The pointman yells.

"Five of you upstairs, five of you take the basement!" You shout. They move out. You and Rachel stand in the center of the dark room while the remaining men spread out.

"It looks deserted," You say, peering around. Rachel puts on another plastic glove and wipes the finger across a book shelf.

"There's dust everywhere, no signs of any activity that I can tell." She moves on to the kitchen, taking a moment to open the fridge. She recoils, shutting it quickly.

"Clear!" A voice calls from upstairs.

"Clear!" Another voice calls from downstairs.

You pick up your radio. "Robbie," You say. "Report, over,"

"Empty captain, no furniture, nothing, over,"

"What the absolute fuck," You say, under your breath.

"Captain Mauv," Detective Rachel calls.
You walk over to her. She standing with one of your SWAT from the basement. She motions at him.

"They found a door leading to a tunnel,"

>There's our next target then, let's go
>I'm fucking tired of tunnel, grab the bomb robot
>Reconvene with Robbie, we're going in together
>>Reconvene with Robbie, we're going in together
>Reconvene with Robbie, we're going in together
Spread out a little and advance slowly.

It takes fifteen minutes for Robbie and his team to arrive. They come in, weapons ready.

The group moves down to the basement. There are already five SWAT there, lights illuminating a door.

The door is strange, stone, and large. There are markings across it, in a spiral.

"What is this medieval shit," Robbie says, moving closer.

"Dawson," You say.

He nods, unslinging his satchel. He produces four charges, placing them on the door.

"Clear!" Dawson yells.

The door blows inward, and your men move in. The tunnel leads down, down into the darkness. Your men move slowly, calling back to each other every five minutes.

You emerge into a larger tunnel. It takes a moment, but you realize it's subway tunnel.

"Contact!" Your pointman yells. "POLICE FREEZE"

You have just enough time to illuminate several men in suits and surgical masks before they open fire.

"DROP THEM!" You shout, leveling your MP5 and squeezing the trigger. The rest of your men follow suit.

The tunnel lights up, the gunshots filling the air with deafening sound.

"We're fucking out in the open!" Robbie yells.

>We have the numbers, neutralize them all
>Retreat, we're getting out of here
>Charge forward, lead your men
>>Charge forward, lead your men

Your MP5's out, but instead of reloading you let it fall, catching on your arm strap. You run forward, pulling your berretta and squeezing off a full clip.

The smoke clears, the sound dies down. There are ten men in suits bleeding out on the ground.

"Status!" You say.

"Jims down!"

"Rico too!"

"Samson and Paul are dead," Robbie says. "Craig too,"

"Three dead, two wounded," You say, gritting your teeth. "If I see one more fucking suit, burlap sack or surgical mask, I'm going to shoot to wound so I can hurt,"

Detective Rachel walks forward, dropping down on one knee by one of the bodies. She rips off the burlap sack.

"Robbie," You say. "You and four others, get Jims and Rico out of here," You turn to Detective Rachel. "I've got three men dead, what have you got?"

She's depositing rings in a plastic bag. "More eagles,"

"That's it?"

"Well, that and the subway tunnel many, many miles out from downtown,"

"Captain!" A SWAT member yells. "Incoming lights!"

"What the," You say, squinting. "Clear the fucking tracks!"

Your men move over to the side.

"Weapons up!" You yell.

Twenty-four guns train on the tunnel. The subway train pulls into the station, slowing down. The doors slide open and you see it's empty.

>Take the subway train to it's destination
>Follow it on foot
>Leave, wait for re-enforcements
>Wait here for re-enforcements, take the next train or go on foot
>Leave, wait for re-enforcements
>Take the subway train to it's destination
Can we grab some extra firepower from the dead people? What where they armed with?
File: 1504385206965.jpg (53 KB, 560x405)
53 KB
Brief break to eat, when I return we'll either roll for tiebreaker or see if there's a tiebreaker post
>Take the subway train to it's destination
We lose the element of surprise if we fall back here, I think. Though I'm not keen on walking in without intel.

"I don't like this captain," Johns says. "We could sure use some backup,"

"Check it out," One of your SWAT says, kicking at the corpses. "They got N4 PDW's,"

"Grab some," You say, then motion towards the train. "Punch your tickets boys, we're going for a ride."

Your men, as well as Detective Rachel, rush into the cars. The doors close not a moment later, and the subway lurches off.

It builds speed, zipping along the tunnel. You pass under lights, which bathe the cars in alternating shadows.

"Get low," You say, hunching down. "I don't want whatever's at the next station to see us coming,"

Your men hunker down, below the windows. The train begins to slow.

Once it's stopped, the doors open.

"GO GO GO!" You shout.

Your men stand and flow out of the subway car, guns up. The station is full of large mason jars, and people in work gear.


"HANDS!" You yell, pointing at one of the workers.

They all slowly get on their knees. Your men push them onto their stomachs, placing knees on their back to keep them down.

"Finally," Detective Rachel says. "Somebody alive we can question," She goes to the nearest worker and motions for the SWAT to get off him. Rachel brings the man up to his knees. "What's your name," Rachel says.

"dàshĭguăn de diànhuà shì duōshăo?" The man replies.

"Dammit," You say, lifting your helmet up. "Anybody speak, whatever that was?"

Your cellphone starts ringing. You see it's chief Clemmons.

"Chief," You say, answering.

"Captain, stand down and return to the station,"

"What?" You say. Your men look up at you.

"I said stand down and return to the station. We just got contacted by the D.O.E. Not only have they revoked all warrants issued in the last ten hours, but they're shutting down the investigation. Anyone you have in custody, you are to release immediately,"

Your stand there, speechless.

"Captain Mauv, do you understand?"

"Yessir," You say. You end the call.

"What's wrong?" Detective Rachel says.

"They just shut down the investigation," You look at your men. "Let them go,"

"Captain?" Dawson says.

"Let them up, we're headed home," You turn to the man Detective Rachel was questioning. "Where the fuck is the exit?" You say, making walking motions with your fingers.

The man seems to understand. He points to a door. You motion for your men to follow, and you leave the station.

The door leads to a stairway, which leads to another door, which leads to a transformer station access room. It's only a single room, which leads outside.

You're further up Taft street, closer to downtown. Your police vans come to your location, and you all load up. The ride back is silent.
Back at the station, everyone de-gears and gets ready to clock out. You're still in your armor, having only taken off your helmet. You stop by Detective Rachel's office.

"Hey," You say, knocking on the open door.

Detective Rachel is peering at her computer. "Hey," She replies.

"Look," You say, staring awkwardly at your helmet. "I know today probably, hurt. It's a thick bureaucracy we work under-,"

"Have you ever heard of Little Lucky?"

"Yeah," You say, looking back up. "That famous kid who went missing awhile back, right?"

"Opposite side of the city," Detective Rachel says, still staring at her computer. "Everyone wanted this kid found, there's a hard, ongoing investigation,"

"Okay," You say, furrowing your brow.

"They tracked a lead to a shack, but didn't find anything inside. Except for a large mason jar."

"Shit," You say. "They're connected,"

"But to everyone else, they're separate investigations. Luckily we've encountered a lot of mason jars in the last ten hours," Detective Rachel says. "And they had another lead in the Little Lucky case. There were tire tracks at the scene of the kidnapping, they're van tracks, and we've narrowed it down to three hundred vans across the city,"

"That's a lot of vans," You say.

"Yeah, but one hundred of them belong Falco Shipping,"

"Oh yeah?" You say.

"And I just got a judge to sign off on a warrant to search the shipping grounds. You in?"

>Let me call back my men
>We need rest, it's been a long day
>I think we should tread carefully, gather more information
>>We need rest, it's been a long day

"And I suggest you get some rest as well, detective," You say, pointing at her. "First thing tomorrow we'll head out."

Detective Rachel stares at you, then her shoulders sag. "Yeah, okay. But first thing tomorrow,"

"We'll say six," You say. "I'll let my men know,"

You leave her office and walk to the parking garage. Easing into the seat of your El Dorado, you let out a deep sigh.

It takes forty minutes to reach the neighborhood where you live. When you first moved in eight years ago it was a diverse and refreshing family neighborhood. It still is, just with different families. The whole street is in the midst of remodel as yuppies move in.

You climb up the stairs to your third story apartment, unlocking the door and letting yourself in. Your dog, Schawser, runs up to you and jumps up.

"Hey fucker," You say, grinning. "Get the hell off, I'll feed us both in a minute,"

Twenty minutes later you're sitting at a table, eating a plate of stir fry. You left the pots on the stove, you'll clean later.

You're staring at your phone, reading news articles on Little Lucky, the nuclear power plant, and anything at all on eagle rings. You set down your phone, then pick it up and make a phone call.

"What's up," Captain Rahm says on the other end.

"How was the celebrity's house?" you say, taking a sip of your beer.

"The first nine rooms were pretty cool," Captain Rahm says. You can hear him watching basketball. "But that's about as far as we got before Chief told us the operation was off. Hey I heard about your boys down there in the tunnel. I'm sorry."

"Part of the job," You say, taking another sip of beer.

"What'd you find?"

"A subway tunnel, some chinese I think,"

"Well fuck," Captain Rahm says, muting the television. "Ain't that some shit,"

"None of this is sitting right with me man,"

"Look you're preaching to the choir, ol' Walker's house screamed "I'm a goddamned psycho who murders women alone in the woods,""

"And you didn't see anything?"

"I mean, besides all his furniture?"

"Anything with, eagles?"

"C'mon Lem, the hell you on about?"

"Ah nothing, get some sleep man, I'll let you go,"

"For sure, and hey, you can borrow some of my guys till you train some new ones."

"Appreciate it," You say.

"We've got each other's backs,"

You set down your phone, finish your beer, and head to bed.

The next morning you and thirty others stand outside Falco Shipping. Detective Rachel is there too, as well as another.

"Captain Mauv," Rachel says, coming up to you. "This is Detective Larson, my partner,"

"Good to meet you," You say, shaking his hand.

"Same," Larson says. "How do we want to do this?"

>Me and my men will sweep the grounds, you round up management
>I'll go with you to round up management while my men sweep the grounds
>No need to raid, let's just walk into the office with the warrant
>I'll go with you to round up management while my men sweep the grounds
I meant

Your men spread out, breaking off in two's and three's. You walk up with Detective Rachel and Detective Larson.

The office is a wide, single story white building with aluminium walls. Inside is a waiting room, with a door and a reception desk. The receptionist looks up and smiles.

"Hello, what can I do for you officers?"

"Where's the boss," Detective Rachel says.

"I'm sorry, Mr. and Mr. Dellmont are currently away on business. We have an on-site supervisor you can speak with,"

"Is he on-site?" You say.

"Why, yes," The receptionists says, putting a finger to her chin.

"Don't bother, my men will find him,"

"I've got forensics coming to take tire molds, collect samples from the treads," Detective Larson says, getting off his phone.

The supervisor is brought in moments later by Johns and another SWAT.

"Well," Detective Rachel says, looking the man up and down. "We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way,"

"I'm sorry," The supervisor says, putting up his hands. "But what in the fuck is going on,"

"Where's your boss," Rachel says.

"Business trip?" He says.


"I have no idea,"

"When does he get back?" Detective Larson says.

"Look guys I don't know what this is-"

"Save it," Detective Rachel says. "Take him to the station.

You drag the supervisor outside, handing him off to one of your men. You return inside. Detective Larson is standing near the door, on his phone.

"Well captain," He says, typing out a message. "What do you think?"

"Forensics usually has the answers," You say.

Detective Rachel walks up. "Captain," She says.


"All the places we've been too, what do they have?"

You think a moment. "Fucking tunnels,"

"That's right," Detective Rachel says. "Tunnels. And If this place is wrapped up in the eagle ring stuff, I bet there's some underneath here,"

"That's uh," Detective Larson rubs the back of his neck. "Guys that's technically another warrant,"

>If we find some, I'm going in
>Let's wait on forensics
>Let's grill the supervisor again
>If we find some, I'm going in
>Let's grill the supervisor again
>If we find some, I'm going in
If they are related there's a chance higher ups will call us off again. The quicker we can get to the bottom of this the better.

"Robbie," You radio.


"Find me a door that leads underground, over,"

"Roger that,"

You walk out of the office with the detectives in tow. "How about another go at that supervisor?" You say.

"See, here's the problem," Detective Larson says, almost speaking to himself. "If we try and get the warrant, and are denied, there's no way we can go in there. But if we don't get the warrant and go in, all our evidence may become invalid,"

"It's not about evidence anymore!" Detective Rachel says, throwing her arms sideways. "Child kidnappers, creepy tunnels and secret subways?? Men with some of the most expensive rifles available and creepy costumes? Larson! We are actually on to some very dangerous stuff here!"

"Yeah well, as long as we have captain boots here," Detective Larson says, jerking his thumb at you. "We should be fine,"

"I can't help but admitting to being eager to figure this out," You say. "My men have already earned that in spades detective,"

"Captain," Robbie's voice crackles. "You're not going to believe this shit,"

A few moments later you and the detectives are standing in a parking garage for the trucks. Your men have uncovered door controls for a wall panel. It leads to a secret elevator, big enough for any of the trucks.

"Well isn't that some shit," Detective Larson says, taking out a cigarette. "This just got interesting,"

You pick up your radio. "Lonny, get me that fucking supervisor, everyone else, report to parking garage C."

Your men gather in the garage, and the supervisor is brought to you.

"Want to explain this?" Detective Rachel says, pointing at the elevator.

The supervisor shrugs. "What, am I supposed to know every secret place in here?"

"Would have sure helped your fucking defense," Detective Larson says. "I'll get some officers to down here to take him away,"

"No," Detective Rachel says. "Let's bring him with, see if any of this jogs his memory,"

You and your men move into the elevator, as well as detective Rachel. Larson waits outside.

"I'll meet the officers," he says. "Hold down the fort,"

"Suit yourself," Detective Rachel says.

You push the button, and the elevator shudders. It then starts a slow descent.

"Well," The supervisor says, looking around at the men in tactical gear. "This is rather intense,"

"If you'd seen the things I've seen, you would be too," You say. You turn to the supervisor. "And if you HAVE seen the things I've seen, I'm going to be very, very angry,"

"I'd let us know now, if I were you," Detective Rachel says. "We could sure use a guide,"

"I am very, very sorry, but I have no idea what this is,"

"We'll see about that," You say.

The elevator grinds to a halt, and the gates slide open. Your men push out, fanning across the room.

It's circular, and concrete. As expected, a tunnel leads out of it.

"Alright men," You say. "Marcus, you're point. Line up men, we should be fucking perfect at this by now,"
You move down the tunnel. By your watch, it's a good thirty minutes of walking before you reach a destination.

The tunnel leads out into a massive, warehouse sized room. There are jars and strange machines lining the walls, and work benches and bellows occupying the floor. At least a hundred people in white work clothes are at the work benches.

Men in three-piece suits and burlap sacks are standing guard.

>Go in guns blazing
>POLICE, Everyone on the ground!
>Sneak around, get a feel for the room
>Go in guns blazing
Make sure to shout out "POLICE, Everyone on the ground!" just before we shoot.... for liability issues.

You look back at your men and signal for them to pick targets. You hold up three fingers, then two, then one.

"POLICE!" You yell.

"POLICE!" Your men echo, jumping up. You shoot the nearest guard in the shins. He goes down, bringing up his gun to fire. You grit your teeth and shoot him in the head.

Gunfire breaks out. It's incredibly loud. The guards fire back, and the workers dive behind their benches.

"Check your fire!" Detective Rachel yells. "There might be kids in here!"

Your men hardly hear her. There are more guards than expected. The SWAT takes up positions behind the machines and the work benches. Mason jars shatter, raining down glass.

"Fuck fuck fuck," You mutter, training guard after guard down your sights.

>Keep at it, take them from range
>"Fall back, regroup!"
>Go off on your own, circle the room
>Write in
let your second take over, and lead a 5 man team to circle the room.

You signal Robbie, then five other men. The gunfire is still deafening, with glass raining down around you every time a mason jar is hit.

You and the others circle around. Robbie and the others lay down heavy, suppressive fire.

One of the guards notices you. You pop up and shoot him, then duck back down and keep running.

Your men manage to slip to the rear of the room. "Cut them down!" You yell. You straighten up and open fire.

Caught between two corners of the room, the guards go down. You hold up your fist, and your men stopping firing.

"Secure the room!" You yell. "What's our status?"

"Two wounded, one dead," Robbie says.

"I swear," You mutter. "Get the wounded out! Secure these workers! And find me someone who speaks english!"
Sorry to cut it short tonight, but I plan to run this tomorrow as well. Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned for continued mystery and action in SWAT Quest
This is fucking cool. Have a good night.
Our team has taken 8 casualties and 4 of those are dead.

Did we get replacements before this mission?
Can we upgrade our equipment later?
What time do you think you might run tomorrow?

What kind of police are we, ie city PD, rural or small town sheriffs and deputies, state troopers, federal etc.

Thanks for running.
Well aren't you as sharp as a tack. You related to someone important or something, somebody important or something?
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Captain Rahm lent you some of his men, and I haven't focused too much on gear, but it's definitely fun for me to incorporate it more.

Your City PD, MP5's and berettas and other standard gear, I'm open to upgrades and promotions to Federal SWAT.

As for run time I'm thinking 1 pm US Central time
don't mp5s cost 3x more than ar-15s? I've been told mp5s are being replaced with AR's due to cost and more range+power from a rifle.
I think our character should be angrier or more emotional about the deaths of his squadmates. Is he a veteran? Has he seen THAT much death?
File: 1445396779138.jpg (38 KB, 525x462)
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You're absolutely right, but there's still a fuckton of MP5's in use.

Noted, Captain Mauv's been SWAT for fifteen years, and has been used in the DEA more than a couple times, and those missions are usually pretty dangerous. But he could probably be more shook by this entire situation. I'll try to write it in during the next downtime.
Well we don't really get much screen time with out team, it had over 30 people, aside from robbie, only the dead and wounded got some names.
Your men secure the room, throwing the workers to the ground and keeping them pinned.

"English!" You shout, walking around with your gun across your waist. "Who here speaks english!"

One of the men hesitantly raises their hand. You drag him to his feet, then take him over to where Detective Rachel is.

She's staring at the machines interspaced throughout the room. She approaches one, bending down to get a closer look.

"Looks like some sort of distillery," you say, throwing the worker on the ground before her. "Hey, did you want to question this one? He speaks english,"

"Distillery," Rachel repeats, still focused on the machine. She runs her hand along some tubes to where they end inside a large black box. "Yes and no. It's certainly distilling something," She points to a tank. "Heat," Her fingers move to another tank. "Pressure," Her hand points to strange circular objects. "Possibly a centrifuge,"

"What is this?" You say, loudly and slowly, to the worker. You point at the machine. "You see this? What is this?"

The worker shakes his head. "No no no, no talk me," He shrugs several times.

"I think that means he doesn't know anything," Detective Rachel says, turning away from the machine. "You know we've only got a couple moments before someone calls and revokes our warrant,"

"No service," You say, holding up your phone. "They'll have to come down and tell us,"

"Captain!" Someone calls. You and Detective Rachel turn and spot Leopold, one of your best snipers. He's kneeling by another machine at the back wall.

The two of you approach him. He holds in his hand a data pad connected by wires to the ginormous machine. He shows you the data pad. It's a heart-beat monitor, as well as other vitals. "I think there's someone in this machine," Leopold says, pointing at it.

The three of you spend a few moment inspecting the machine before Detective Rachel finds an access panel. She slides it back, revealing glass.

Beyond the glass is liquid, and inside the liquid are children, floating around the massive tank.

"Oh now this is just fucked," Leopold says, taking a step back. Your other men look from where they have the workers pinned. Everyone stares at the tank full of children.

"Are they?" You begin. "Are they dead?"

"No according to that," Detective Rachel says, pointing at the heart-rate monitor.

"This is out of my league detective," you say. "Me and mine are good at clearing rooms, but I can't help you with this mad scientists shit,"

"Whoa whoa whOA," Leopold says, holding the data pad in his hands. "All the numbers just went crazy!" He shows it to you. The bars and meters are climbing and falling at rapid intervals.

"Shit," Detective Rachel says. "I've got a hunch Mr. and Mr. Dellmont are trying to cover their tracks,"

"Grab the workers!" You yell. "Retreat, NOW!"

>Retreat with your men
>Look for another exit
>See if you can't free the kids
>See if you can't free the kids
Take pictures and video of everything, even if all we can take are cellphone captures.

Everyone exits the room, SWAT, workers and detectives. You stay behind.

In front of you is the large machine, with its glass plate. You stare through the plate, and the children floating around inside.

You draw your berretta and aim for a spot on the glass that won't hurt the children inside.

"Captain Mauv,"

You turn, looking for the voice. A ring of twelve children is behind you.

"Shit!!" You yell, nearly falling back. "What are you kids doing here? Go that way towards the elevators! This place is going critical!"

"What are we doing here?" A girl says, cocking her head. She points at the machine. "You mean inside there?"

You look where she's pointing. She's singling out one of the children. You move to the glass and peer inside. A girl floats by. The same girl who just spoke behind you.

"W-what?" You say, looking between the two identical girls, one in the tank, the other behind you. "Are you, are you in my mind?"

The girl shrugs. "How am I supposed to know? I'm just a child. But I am a lot of places these days,"

"I need to get you out of here," You say, motioning at all the kids circling you. You point the gun at the glass.

"Please don't," The girl says. "I think we're already dead, or something close. We can't survive outside after they jar us,"

"Tell me who did this," You say, gritting your teeth. You check your bodycam to make sure it's active.

"So many people," The girl says, her voice sad. "But it's fine now, we like being able to go wherever we want," The other children nod in agreement.

"Why though! What's the point of all this!"

The girl smirks. "Mister, they don't tell us anything, we're just pickles to them,"

"Yeah well, fuck that," You say. "Give me a name or location, anything!

The girl seems to think for a moment. "Well, you were already close. The two giant stacks are a pretty scary place,"

"The nuclear plant," You say, almost to yourself. Red lights start flashing, and a siren wails. "I," you begin. "I'm sorry. I wish I could save you,"

"Don't worry about us Captain Mauv," The girl says, smiling. "We're not alive, remember? But you, you should be careful," The other children nod. A dark silhouette appears behind them, shaped like an adult man.

"That's right," The silhouette says, its voice grinding on your ears. "You are the dog who won't quit chasing cars. You are the dog who will soon meet his tire,"

The lights blink, and the children, as well as the silhouette, are gone. You looks around, then break into a dead sprint across the room. The machines around you start winding up, growing higher and higher in pitch.

You find an emergency access point, tearing it open. You run down the hall, grabbing the railing of a spiral staircase and sprinting up it.

You reach the top just as the ground below you upends.
You break through the roof, sailing up, then back down. You impact on the ground, sliding a ways.


You look up to see your men surrounding you.

"Are you okay Captain?" Robbie says, staring down at you. He extends his hand, and you take it.

"Get me detective Rachel" you say, sitting up.

An hour later you're in detective Rachel's office with detective Larson.

"They're already trying to shut down the investigation," Detective Larson says, putting his hands in his pockets.

"I've contacted Little Lucky's estate, they'll make enough of a scene that they'll have to continue," Detective Rachel says.

>I think we should try to get a warrant for the Nuclear Power Plant again
>I think we should get a warrant for the Dellmont's mansion
>Look for allies within the Judicial system
>Look for allies within the Judicial system
And enemies, we'd have to secretly protect these judges too.
>>Look for allies within the Judicial system
We're going to get stonewalled if we try to get those warrants. We'll still need to be careful who we try to butter up though, since it seems there are some influential people in league with the child-picklers.
Im so impossibly erect by this quest
Gunning down kiddy fiddlers will do that.

"Judge Mencia," Detective Rachel says.

"What, that mexican judge lady?" Detective Larson says.

"American, asshole, but yes. She's an activists judge, will sign off on anything she thinks is for the right cause,"

"What's her definition of a right cause?" You ask.

"When she hears about this?" Detective Rachel says, holding up a manilla folder. "She'll have our back,"

"That's the problem though," You say, leaning against a file cabinet. "We don't know who are enemies are. They've obviously got some pull,"

"Larson," Detective Rachel says, taking out a plastic bag. It contains six golden rings. "All of these have eagles on them, can you look into it?"

Detective Larson catches the bag, nodding. "Sure thing," He disappears from the office.

Detective Rachel turns to you. "From here on out things are going to get tricky. I don't want you getting pulled into this and lose everything,"

"There's something about people who use children for evil that really makes me want to kill someone," You say. "You've got a judge, and a team. My team, specifically,"

"Thank you captain,"

Detective Rachel's phone rings. She answers it. "Uh huh. Okay, alright, thank you your honor," She ends the call. "That was it, that was our warrant,"

"We've got warrants?" You say, getting off the file cabinet. "For where?"

"Delmont's home and the Delmont's club. I've got a surveillance operation in the process of setting up, and they think they've already got hits on both brothers."

You walk over to detective Rachel's desk, putting your hands on it and raising an eyebrow. "Detective, has Chief signed off on all of this?"

"I told you, I contacted Little Lucky's estate. How much do you know about the kid's family?"

You shrug. "Isn't he a rapper?"

"No. He's not. Just trust me when I say our mysterious enemy really fucked up when it took a member of that family. They're almost a bigger ally to us right now than the judge,"

Detective Rachel stands up and walks around the desk. "I'm going down to talk to forensics before the raids, they've finished a report on the burnt-eye corpses, and the file hasn't been squashed yet. Want to come?"

>Go check out forensics
>Touch base with Chief
>Touch base with your team
>Touch base with your team
let the eggheads have more time to find more things.
>>Touch base with your team

"I'll pass," You say. "I need to check in with my team,"

"Alright," Detective Rachel says, gathering her things. "I'll let you know what they found,"

You leave the office and go down the hall. Passing the offices, you find the gear lockers where your team is putting away their armor.

"Robbie," You say, coming up to the first locker. "Dawson, Johns, Leopold,"

The men nod at you, continuing to put away their armor pads. "Captain," Robbie says, shutting the locker.

"How's everyone holding up,"

"Well enough," Robbie says, leaning against the locker. "We're all kinda shook, it's been a helluva 48 hours,"

"I'll say," You cross your arms. "Look guys, I've gone ahead and put myself behind Detective Rachel and Larson's investigation. We're going to be back up for all of the Little Lucky leads,"

"Oh yeah?" Dawson says, sharing a look with Johns.

"Yeah," You say. "And I need to know my team is behind me on this. Everything you've seen so far, how does that make you feel?"

The men just share looks again. "Shit captain," Dawson says. "What do you want us to say? We're dealing with some sick stuff,"

"That's right," You say. "And I want to end it. Whatever it is,"

Robbie nods. "I'm with you captain."

"Yeah, me too," Johns says. Leopold nods.

"And I know the rest of the guys will feel the same way," Robbie says. "We're all itching to find the sick fucks behind this,"

"Alrighty then," You say. "I'll see you guys tomorrow, we've got fresh warrants,"

"God bless America," Dawson says. "Shit never ends,"

An hour later you're at the Green Dog bar, throwing darts with Captain Rahm. You watch him nearly get a bulls eye, then walk over and pick up your own dart.

"So, Detective Rachel," Captain Rahm says, watching you throw. "You've tossed your men in with her huh?"

You finish throwing, trading places with Rahm and sipping your beer. "I appreciate you loaning some of your men today. It could have been them that were killed you know,"

"I know," Rahm says, throwing a dart. "Part of the job,"

You drain your beer. "You ever feel like we're at war?"

"Fuck man, you forget I actually served. I know war, and trust me when I say they've got some real nasty ways of killing people in haji land,"

"The guys we've been encountering lately," You say, picking up a dart and aiming. "They've got better guns than us,"

"Yeah and they wear burlap, c'mon man it's just druggies or cultists, we'll win. We're the police right?"

"Yeah no, I get that," You say, tossing your empty beer in the garbage. "I just want to know how many I'm going to lose before this is all over,"

"Yeah well, you can keep loaning from my team to fill your loses," Captain Rahm says.

"You sure? Rate I'm going, it's not going to end well,"

"I've heard the stories Lem," Rahm says. "I know they're taking kids and shit. And I know someone's trying to protect them. That pisses me off,"

"Yeah," You say, gathering your jacket. "Me too,"
The next morning you and your team gather at the station. They're pulling their gear out and strapping in.

Detective Rachel and Detective Larson approach you. "Well," Rachel says. "Me and Larson are splitting up, I'm going to the mansion, he's going to the club. We think a brother is at each location.

>Have Robbie go to the mansion with half the team, you go to the club with the other half
>Have Robbie go to the club with half the team, you go to the mansion with the other half
>Have Robbie go to the club with half the team, you go to the mansion with the other half
>Have Robbie go to the mansion with half the team, you go to the club with the other half
Le castle Varna seems appropriate
>Have Robbie go to the club with half the team, you go to the mansion with the other half
Just from an out-of-character desire to not have to worry so much about civilians. The choice is fairly arbitrary otherwise.

Jeffrey Dellmont stands on a small soapbox while a tailor sizes his suit. The man's bluetooth beeps.

"Alexa, answer," Jeffery Dellmont says.

"Hello brother," Adam Dellmont says. "Are you at the mansion?"

"Hm, yes," Jeffery says. "I'm getting fitted for suit. Are you at the club?"

"I am, and you'll never guess who's here,"

"Oh? Is it Adam Driver again?" Jeffery says, letting the tailor measure his other arm.

"No no, I wish. It's the police. They've surrounded the building and they're about to burst through like brutes."

"Isn't your after-hours party still going? It's only five in the morning,"

"Yes they're about to make a terrible mess. I think I'll let the security have a go at them, see how many I can kill,"

"Do be careful brother," Jeffery says, sucking in his chest so the tailor can measure it.

"Well that's why I'm calling actually, I wanted to tell you the same thing. Chances are they're coming to the mansion as well,"

"Dammit all," Jeffery says. "They'll tear up the lawn,"

The door to the fitting room bursts open. "Sir!" A security guard says. "We have to get you out of here! The police are raiding!"

The sound of glass is heard, at the security guard slumps against the doorframe.

"Oh my," Jeffery says, getting off the soapbox. "I'd stay down Mr. Tailor, it would appear they have a sniper and they are not playing around."

Meanwhile, In the front yard, you're charging across the lawn with your men fanning out in either direction. You stomp up to the front steps with two men carrying a battering ram.

They slam it once, twice, three times into the door before it finally gives.

"POLICE!" Your men yell, streaming inside. "ON THE GROUND,"

The security teams fire back, sending flakes of marble and plaster everywhere. Vases shatter, paintings fall off the walls, and curtains are shredded.

The security teams are using high-powered rifles.

The man next to you takes a bullet to the neck. He kicks wildly as he slides to the floor.

"Surrender!" You scream, emptying your MP5 down the hall. "Or don't and die!"

Your men break down every door, clear every room, and spend countless bullets doing it. You walk purposefully through the kitchen, looking for the Dellmont.

"Sir!" A SWAT yells. "The garage!"

You charge into the garage just as a Hummer and a lamborgini are squealing out into the street.

>Take the other lamborghini, chase after
>Run to the SWAT van
>Call in air support
>Take the other lamborghini, chase after
Van goes after Hummer, Call air support to go after Lamborghini aswell

Order a squad to pursue the Hummer, we and 3 other men if they can fit in the sports car to come with us.

Order a city wide cordon and police chase to block it off and corral the vehicles to a stop.
>Take the other lamborghini, chase after
Take the other lamborghini, chase after
>Take the other lamborghini, chase after
>Run to the SWAT van
Is- is taking the lambo actually legal, even if we are a cop?
Yes, sort of....
So we'd have to argue that we took the car because we suspected it to be involved in illegal activity, and our using it to seemingly chase down Dellmont himself was merely incidental in its seizure?

Seems doubtful, but the votes have already been cast, so...
File: Judge.jpg (39 KB, 281x400)
39 KB
You got any objections?
hey guys, sorry about the abrupt stop, had some flatmate issues last night

Anyone still interested?
Im here op
not gonna let this goldmine end here mate.
Do em

"Oh no you fucking don't," You say, sliding over the hood of the lamborghini. You tear open the door and get inside.

"Captain!" Johns says, running up to the passenger.

"Wait," You say. "YOU drive, I'll ride passenger,"


"That's an order!"

Johns gets behind the wheel and grabs the keys resting on the dash. The lamborghini roars to life.

"Oh hell yes,"

"GO!" You yell.

Johns tears out of the garage, sending smoke in every direction.

"I need Lanesfield and Potters street blockaded!" You say into your radio. "In pursuit of a black lamborghini and a black hummer!"

Johns does an admirable job of driving, working the gear shift and the pedals and easily catching up to the hummer.

You grip the handle and lean out the window, resting the MP5 against your shoulder. You only squeeze off a few rounds before the rear glass of the hummer blows out from return fire.

"Fuck!" You say, sliding back into the lamborgini. Johns jerks the wheel, narrowly missing a hail of bullets. A truck in the oncoming lane squeals to a stop. "Get beside them!" You yell.

The Dellmont brother and his entourage hit Bramble Boulevard and tear down it.

"Where the fuck are my blockades!" You yell into your radio.

"Sorry Captain Mauv," dispatch crackles. "Blockades have been denied,"

"Fucking hell," You say, throwing the radio to the dashboard. Johns accelerates faster and faster, dodging slow-moving cars. He punches the gas, sending the lamborghini airborne for a split second.

He lands it, roaring up beside the hummer. You hold out your MP5, spraying as you pass. They return fire.

You feel a bullet hit your shoulder. John's cries out in pain.

"You good?" You yell.

"They got my damn hand," Johns says, throwing his arm between his legs while he drives with the other. "And I can't accelerate anymore,"

You only have a split second to think. You kick open the door and jump onto the other lamborghini.

You land it, grasping with your good arm for a handhold. You grab one of the back fins, flipping over and aiming at the hummer behind you with your MP5.

You empty the rest of your clip into the driver. The hummer swerves into a streetlight and flips into the front window of a Starbucks.

You flip back onto your belly and throw away the assault rifle. You pull your berretta and empty it into the engine block of the lamborghini.

It slows to a standstill. You roll off the roof, quickly reloading your pistol. The driver gets out, drawing an machine pistol on you. You close your eyes, in the middle of loading.

The driver jerks, then crumbles to the ground. Johns comes running up to you, then stops and throws his hand on his knees.

"Fuck," He says, trying to catch his breath. "I gotta get in shape,"

"Thanks for the save," You say. You walk around to the passenger and break the window with the hilt of your berrett. You open the door and drag Jeffery Delmont from the car.
"Officer I'll have your badge!" Jeffery protests. You throw him to the ground and drop your knee on the small of your back.

"Jeffery Delmont, you have the right to remain silent," You say. "Anything you say can be used against you. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court. With these rights in mind, are you going to answer my questions here and now? Or am I going to have to blow out both your knees?"

"I'll have your goddamned badge!" Jeffery yells. "I'll have you jobless and homeless, I'll send columbians to attach your testicles to a car battery!"

"That's it," You say, handcuffing him. You flip him over, retrieving a flashbang from your belt. You pry his jaw open and jam it inside. "Here's how this is going to work," You say. "I'm going to take this grenade out, and you're going to tell me where you keep all the kids. If you don't I'm going to put it back in, and nothing but your jaw strength will save your face when I pull the pin. Do you understand the rules?"

Jeffery Delmont nods, staring at the flashbang protruding form his mouth.

"Good," You say, taking it out.

"If you're looking for missing kids," Jeffery Delmont says, spitting slobber to the side. "I heard from an acquaintance of an acquaintance there's some in dock D down in Perview. Or maybe it was somewhere in government housing?"

Sirens start up, getting very close. Jeffery Delmont smiles. "You know, hearing those are a relief. I think you're out of time to be barbaric captain."

>"Johns, take Jeffery to one of our training gyms, I can't let him fall into the wrong hands and destroy this investigation,"
>Let the cops take him into custody, work on the leads he gave you.
>Be more specific, or those sirens aren't going to save you.
>>If he cooperates, hand him over to the police. If not, have Johns ready to smuggle him away.
>>"Johns, take Jeffery to one of our training gyms, I can't let him fall into the wrong hands and destroy this investigation,"

Put the hurt on him not gonna lose more men with vague info

"Be. More. Specific." You say. "I want an address, something solid damn you!"

Jeffery Delmont smiles. "Go. Fuckyourself. Pig."

You drag him to his feet and shove him towards Johns.

"W-what captain?" Johns says.

"Get him to the secondary gym we use, I'll handle the police,"

"You fucked up now officer!" Jeffery yells. "I'll have you killed! Eviscerated! Everyone you love too! You'll wish you were arrested by I.A instead!"

You storm up to him, bringing your face close to his. "I've seen children in jars asshole. I've seen ten-year olds hooked up to machines for whatever sick shit you've come up with."

"You better hope you don't have a ten year old," Jeffery says, then spits in your face.

Johns drags him away just as one of your SWAT vans pulls up. Robbie's driving, and Dawson slides open the doors.

"Everything alright captain?" Dawson calls to you. You nod, pointing at Delmont.

"Johns will tell you what to do," You say. You nod at Robbie. He nods back. He's seen the same things you have.

The vans speeds off just as a fleet of police vehicles round the corner. You walk over to the smoking lamborghini and lean against it.

SWAT, as well Federal agents come out of the cars. They spread out, with two in suits approaching you.

"Captain Mauv?" One of the men says.

"Yeah," You say, taking off your helmet and resting it on the lamborghini.

"I'm Special Agent Pat Segone, FBI, this is Randy Patswald, Internal Affairs,"

"I.A?" You say, raising an eyebrow. "What's I.A doing in the first responders wave?"

"Nevermind that," Agent Segone says. "Where's Jeffery Delmont?"

You shrug. "He escaped, obviously,"

"Captain do you realize you endangered countless civilians lives by engaging in a high-speed pursuit?" Patswald says.

"I'll admit the vehicle of choice was a bit unorthodox," You say. "But a high-speed pursuit was necessary. I'm sorry, but I just have to ask this again, why is an I.A officer here? This is highly unusual, certainly noteworthy,"

"Captain," Agent Segone says. "The Little Lucky case, as well as all associated investigations, are now in FBI hands,"

"Ah," you say.

"You, as well as your team and the detectives you're working with, will hand over all evidence to the FBI immediately,"

"Sure," You say. "Though you'll have to talk to the detectives," You motion at your beretta holster. "They're the brains, I'm the hammer,"

"Return to your station captain," Agent Segone says. "We'll meet you there,"

"I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of you Captain Mauv," Patswald says.

You take your helmet and walk away. Back at the station, you slowly slip out of your gear, deep in thought. You slam your locker shut, then walk by Detective Rachel's office.

"Hey," You say.

She looks incredibly depressed, staring at her screen. "Hey," She says, still staring at it.

"You hear from those FBI agents?"
"Yes," Detective Rachel says, sighing and leaning back. "Looks like the Little Lucky investigation is there's now,"

"Say," You say. "If we found, you know, other missing kid cases. Ones that after some digging we realized were related, and we had good leads, would you want to pursue them?"

"Of course," Detective Rachel says. "But every site we know of has been addressed as no longer our jurisdiction,"

"Not every site," You say.

"Well," Detective Rachel says. "We'd have to get it signed off by the chief,"

"Leave that to me," You say, leaving her office.

You walk down the hall, lightly knocking on Chief Clemmons door.

"Enter," He says.

You open the door. "Chief, you got a moment?"

"Ah fuck, there's the troublemaker," Chief Clemmons says. He motions at the chair in front of his desk. "Please, sit,"

You take a seat, clasping your hands. "They shut down the Little Lucky investigation,"

"The FBI took it," Chief Clemmons says. "The family will be relieved,"

"Possibly," You muse. "They certainly shut down the other investigation,"

"Yes, I know that stung. But that's law and order captain, more qualified people are on it I'm sure,"

"Yeah," You say. "But you know me, I never like to let things go,"

Chief Clemmons mood grows dark. "For your sake captain, and mine, I would let this go. That's an order,"

"Sure," You say. "But I still want to rescue some kids you know? What if we found some missing kid reports, or sex trafficking, would you sign off on it?"

"I don't know captain," Chief Clemmons says, scratching his chin. "You, Rachel and Larson have got me in a lot of trouble lately with the higher ups,"

"It would keep me busy," You say.

"Fine, give me some leads and I'll sign off on them if they're not treading on any toes,"

"Give me two hours," You say, smiling.

An hour later you're at the gym. The lights are off. Johns, Dawson and Robbie stand in a circle around a card table. Jeffery Delmont is tied facedown on it, with a sock in his mouth.

You motion at your men. "Good job guys, I'll take it from here,"

You have a box of popsicles in your hand, as well as a blowtorch. You set the popsicles where Jeffery can't see them.

You walk around to where Jeffery can see and lean down in front of him. You show him the blow torch. "See this?" You say. Jeffery nods. "These things are funny. When you use them on people they don't hurt! can you believe it? That's because it completely melts the nerve endings," You flick the torch on and off, bringing the flame to where Jeffery can see it. "It's only after it cools that it hurts," You stare at Jeffery hard. "Oh fuck does it hurt,"

Your men watch you. Dawson takes out a popsicle, unwrapping it and sticking it in his mouth.

You take the sock out of Jefferys mouth, walking behind him.

"Fuck you!" Jeffery screams. "You'll never get away with this!"

"Give me an address," You say. "Or I'll melt your back,"
"Fuck you!" Jeffery screams. "I'll have you killed! You can't do this to me!"

You turn on the blowtorch, then motion for Dawson to give you his popsicle.

"But captain!" Dawson protests. You give him a look and he hands it over.

"Last chance Jeffery," You say, holding the popsicle and the blowtorch.

"You'll be tried for treason!" Jeffery screams.

"Suit yourself," You say, sticking his back with the popsicle. "Feel that freeze Jeffery? That's your back melting, pretty soon you'll smell the burning flesh."

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Alright alright!" Jeffery says, thrashing. You take off the popsicle. "Dock D, shipping containers E-F! And I was telling the truth about those government housing projects! I don't know which ones though!"

You nod, shutting off the blowtorch and handing the popsicle back to Dawson. He makes a face and tosses it to the side.

"Well shit," Robbie says, crossing his arms. "What do we do to him?"

>Keep him in the gym until your done with your raids
>Hand him over to the police, try your word against his
>Fill him up with drugs and dump him somewhere, hope his short term memories are fuddled
>Fill him up with drugs and dump him somewhere, hope his short term memories are fuddled

I dont think we should turn him in honestly. He's already mentioned that he has connections to IA and you don't know how many dirty cops he got on his payroll

FBI got a track on him and he might be smart enough to escape. I dont like to leave it on chances of drugging so... what if we bring him with us?

He did 'escaped' right? Bring him to the government housing with drugs in his system
Changing to bring him with us. If we do bring him with us he could help us identify perps

"I've got an idea," You say. "Robbie, do you have that giant duffle bag still?"

"Yeah," Robbie says. "Wife thinks it's ugly as hell,"

"Bring it here, we're bringing Mr. Delmont with us,"

"My back!" Jeffery screams. "You burned my back!"

"It was a 95 cent popsicle asshole," You say, kicking over the card table. "You're lucky my desire to bring justice to this case is stronger than my desire for hurting kidnappers,"

"Yeah we'll see," Jeffery says, lying on the floor. "Everything you have will be throne out in court when they find out what you did to me,"

"As long as the kids are free," You say.

Robbie brings over the dufflebag and you stuff Jeffery inside. Then you meet up with the rest of your team.

At the station, your men are gearing up. "Not much downtime eh captain?" Leopold says, throwing on his helmet.

"Not if we can help it," You say, opening your locker.

You all meet up with Detective Rachel and Larson in the conference room. There's a map up, detailing government housing and the shipping yard.

"Alright," Detective Rachel says, taking the floor. "Thanks to Captain Mauv's anonymous source, we have one solid lead and several possible leads. Judge Mencia has signed off on the shipping yard warrant, but we'll need some more solid info for the housing."

"I've roped in some detectives to work on the housing," Detective Larson says.

"Which leaves you guys to help me take the shipping yard," Detective Larson says, turning to you and your team. "You at full strength captain?"

"Rahm's team has lent us a few," You say. "Peters, Smith, Regington," You say, nodding at them. "Appreciate you being here,"

They nod back.

"Very good," Detective Rachel says. "Then we need to plan our entry into the shipping yard," She zooms in the map using her tablet. "As you can see, it's massive, and any entrance we might make will give any criminals inside time to scatter,"

You walk up and peer at the map.

>Enter from the main gate, make a beeline towards the containers and try and encircle anyone
>Sneak in from a side entrance, do your best for a stealth approach
>Approach from the sea, though your team is not trained in amphibious operations
>>Sneak in from a side entrance, do your best for a stealth approach
>Sneak in from a side entrance, do your best for a stealth approach
Can we get Another captain and his team with us?
I expect something like this.

"I say side entrance," You say, tracing a route with your finger.

"It's pretty big captain," Robbie says. "We could use another team,"

"This is all we're getting," Detective Rachel says. "Until we come up with some more evidence and leads, it seems there's certain interests aligned against ours,"

"Ain't that some politics," Dawson says, crossing his arms.

"It's more than that," You say, darkly. "Familiarize yourself with the routes, we're rolling out in twenty,"

Twenty minutes later a convoy of SWAT vans streams out of the station. You sail down the road, taking lefts and rights until the city turns into the industrial park.

You park a ways off, with a factory in-between you and the shipping yard. Your men jump out, grouping off into three groups of ten.

Detective Rachel places herself with your group, wearing body armor and a protective visor.

"Alright men," You say. "We train hard, we work better, let's go!"

The three groups move forward. Two men run ahead, each with bolt clippers. They snap the lock and slide the gate open just in time for your three teams to pass by.

The groups split off, with yours taking the lead. There are thousands of shipping containers, rising up like walls on either side of you.

"Report," You say into your radio.

"Clear," Robbie's group says.

"Clear," Sigmund's group says.

You lead your group around a bend and are immediately met with a torrent of bullets.

"Fuck!" You charge backwards, catching the next man and pushing him back behind the corner. "Fuck!" You say as high-calibre machine-gun fire tears up the lane. You take out your body cam and hold it out from cover. It reveals several vehicles forming an impromptu gun nest. The dreaded bark of an M240 echoes off all the containers .

"This is Red Leader!" You shout into your radio. "I've encountered a goddamned gun nest, they know we're here! Be advised for machine gun nests!"

"What do we do?" Detective Rachel says, ducking down as the 50 cal tears up a nearby container.

>Leopold and Reginton are the best snipers on the force, we distract the nests until they can get in position
>We've got a few grenade launchers, we'll distract the nests until we can clear the nest
>Take a few men and try and circle around, though there are likely more defensive nests
>Leopold and Reginton are the best snipers on the force, we distract the nests until they can get in position
>>We've got a few grenade launchers, we'll distract the nests until we can clear the nest

This or the snipers are the way to go
>Leopold and Reginton are the best snipers on the force, we distract the nests until they can get in position
Do we have any smoke grenades?
Why can't we use the grenade launchers at the same time? odds are we got tear gas and that could to help prevent them from shooting accurately.

"Leopold!" You shout into your radio. "Reginald,"

"We got you captain, over"

You look back at Olsen. "Get up here with that grenade launcher!"

Olsen ducks down and runs up the line of men towards you. You take out a smoke and rip the pin. Tossing it, you then throw a hand across Olsen's chest.

The smoke pops, and then you nod at Olsen. He runs out, fires off two grenades, and runs back as the m240 cuts up the smoke with bullets.

"Uff!" Olsen yells, catching a bullet in his calf.

"You good?" You say, throwing a hand to his chest.

"Just clipped me," Olsen says.

"We're in position captain, over,"

You use your cam to look around the corner. Your gun nest is quiet, the cars around it catching fire.

"Our nest is clear, we're moving forward, clear the path for green and blue, over,"

"Roger that,"

You signal your men forward. You come around the corner. There are a few men at the gun nest. You start firing, as do your men fanning out behind you.

A few well-placed shots clears the nest, and you split off into two groups as you pass it by. You reconvene on the other side, spotting the E containers racks.

There are men all about, as well as a crane. The crane is in the process of moving a container onto the back of a truck.

Your men open fire. The slavers fire back. They may have superior numbers, but your men are better at placing their shots.

You quickly clear the F yard. Grabbing your radio, you head towards the crane.


"Green lane is clear, over,"

"Blue lane is having trouble, they're using semis for cover and Reginald can't get a clear shot.

You hear a door slam, then see a truck taking off for the main gate. The crane operator has also sent the crane slowly spinning, and it's threaten to eventually smash into a stack of containers.

You have ten men with you, plus Detective Rachel. You can assign any number to:

>Stop the crane before is smashes into the shipping stack
>Go after truck
>Assist Blue Lane
>Stop the crane before is smashes into the shipping stack
Sniper and a partner take out the crane operator -2
>Go after truck
Shoot out all its tires, and jack one of the vehicles (with a MG on it?) and pursue. -3
>Assist Blue Lane
Send the rest to mop up and help Blue. -5

"Detective Rachel," You yell, "Go for the crane controls," She takes off in a dead sprint. "Ross," You yell, motioning at your team's sniper. "Take out that operator!" He nods and follows Rachel.

You send five men towards blue team and signal three to follow you. You throw the dead driver from a dented range rover and then you all pile in.

The ranger rover squeals its tires then takes off after the truck. You lean out of the passenger window and start firing. It takes a full clip, but you manage to get both tires.

The truck swerves, and you motion for your driver to get up beside it. He does, and then he jerks the wheel sideways.

You knock the truck into a shipping container. It spins, smacking into another container and abruptly halting.

The range rover squeals to a stop and you hope out. The three of you surround the truck cabin. You open the driver side and tear a man down from it.

The other SWAT member open the passenger, and receives several bullets in the chest. Your third men kills the passenger.

"Get him to an ambulance!" You yell at the third SWAT as you drag the driver away. Your man nods, picking up the wounded SWAT and carrying him back to the range rover.

You take out your radio. "Status, over,"

"Blue team is clear, over, we're coming to F site,"

"Green team is on F site,"

"Detective Rachel?"

"She's up on the crane, over," Ross radios. "I sniped the operator, but it's still moving,"

You go to the back of the truck and hancuff the driver to it. Then you open the bay doors.

The rear is full of children. They stare wide-eyed at you.

"Everything's going to be alright," You say, putting up a hand. "I'll be right back kids," You pick up your radio.

"I need multiple ambulances at Cornarbor Shipping Yards, we've got children in a ship container needing immediate medical assistance."

You uncuff the driver and drag him back to F site.

"Hey hey!" The driver yells. "You'll dislocate my arm!"

"Oohhh buddy," You mumble. "You better hope this walk calms me down,"

You arrive at the F row of containers. You can see the crane lowering a shipping container to the ground.

"Detective," You radio. "You good?"

"Yup," Detective Rachel says. "If you found children, I bet there's some in here. But hey, send some of your men up to take over for me, I need to be on the ground for some work,"

"Yeah," You radio back. "You're going to need to gather evidence while you can,"

You send up two men towards the crane while Detective Rachel climbs down. You walk over to Robbie.

"What's our losses," You say.

"Surprisingly little since this turned into a fucking warzone," Robbie says. "Three wounded, but no one's going to die today."

"Thank God," You say. You throw the driver to the ground, then lean down towards him. "Names fucker, places, give me everything,"

"I just work here!" The man says, throwing up his hands.
"Not good enough!" You yell, gripping him by the lapels. "I got a truck full of children back there! You'll be lucky if I don't start blowing off your kneecaps!"

"Ahhh," The man says. "Fuck I don't know man!" The man peeks from behind his hands. You're taking your baton out. "Ah fuck! A man name Pennydove! Pennydove! Always wore a surgical mask when he was around, like those chinese!"

Detective Rachel gets to the bottom of the crane and walks over to you. You can hear sirens in the distance. Your phone rings, and you pick it up.

"Captain Mauv," Chief Clemmons says. "Guess who I just got off the phone with,"

"Would it be a certain FBI or I.A agent?" You say.

"You guessed it, they're minutes away from coming to your scene and taking it off your hands. Mauv I told you to be careful damn it! How do you keep picking cases that are getting me phonecalls!"

"You should think on that, Chief," You say, then hang up.

"Well," You say to detective Rachel. "I'm afraid that's that,"

"It's not over yet," Detective Rachel says, smiling.

Four vans appear, speeding towards where you are.

"Ah shit," You say, taking off your helmet. "It's the press,"

"Yup," Detective Rachel says. "I called in an anonymous tip."

"What?" You say.

"Yeah, it might not keep the case in our hands, but it will buy us some time. Answer questions for me while I dig around, alright?"

"Wait!" You call and she walks away. She doesn't turn back, instead taking out a pair of plastic gloves. "Dammit," You say, turning to face the vans.

They come to a stop, and four camera men and four reporters get out of each one.

"Channel 5 News here!"

"Excuse me, would you be Captain Mauv? Channel 8 News,"

"Sir, sir over here, Channel 3,"

"We got a report that you were rescuing children from a slavery ring, is this true?"

>We're not sure what we're dealing with yet, but rest assured the department will bring those responsible to justice
>We've got some very sick people who've taken children from their families. I expect a bigger operation, and I want to personally promise that myself, as well as Detective Patters and Detective Larson will find those responsible and bring them to justice
>I just want to say, if anyone's out there who was a part of this, and you're listening right now, I'm coming for you.
>No comment, no comment, next question, no comment
>We've got some very sick people who've taken children from their families. I expect a bigger operation, and I want to personally promise that myself, as well as Detective Patters and Detective Larson will find those responsible and bring them to justice
>Write in
>Go see for yourselves.
Put camera's next to the containers with us pulling kids out of them.
For some reason we keep getting our warrants pulled and investigations taken over.
where is everyone?
out having a life with friends ;-;
this is fine

You show the reporters to the shipping containers. Ambulances roll into the shipping yard, followed by a stream of police vehicles.

Three more containers are taken from block F by the crane, but after tearing them open they only reveal jars and cable generators.

"Goddamn that's creepy," Robbie says, peering inside.

Still, there's one truck full of children, as well as a shipping container holding people of all ages. You're handing a water bottle to one of the children when Agent Segone comes up to you.

"Well Captain Mauv, excellent job I may say so myself," Agent Segone says. "But we'll take it from here,"

"Is that all you do?" You say. "Follow me around and shut down my investigations?"

A camera leans in close.

"Get these fucking press out of here!" Agent Segone says. Police officers shepherd the reporters away. Agent Segone turns to you. "For your information we're on the same team, I'm just putting the considerably larger resources of the FBI behind this, to solve it faster,"

"Sure," You say, leaving.

Your men pile back into the SWAT vans as the ambulances take the people away. Detective Rachel insists on riding back with the children.

"I'll meet you in my office in two hours," She says, waving and heading towards the emergency vehicles.

Your team gets back to the lockers and starts putting away their gear.

"Hey everyone," You say, getting their attention. "I want you guys to listen up. I don't know if you've picked up on this or not, but we're hunting some pretty evil people. And it seems we've got enemies who want to stop us. If I had to guess, we're going to start being disciplined and investigated by I.A, for no other reason than we're kicking someone's cash cow. I know some of you got families, maybe you don't want to take this as far as I do. But we rescued kids today. And there's more to it. Unexplainable shit, things I can't even begin to describe." You pause, and clear your head of memories. "If you stick with me, we'll bring at least half these fuckers to justice. But it could cost you your career, your job, your reputation. Shit, who know's how far they'll go to stop us. So, all that to say, you want out, this is your time,"

Thirty men stare back at you. "Well fuck," Robbie says. "I'm with you man.

The rest of your team nods. "We're in it to win it Captain," Dawson says.

"Alright, get some rest boys, you've earned it,"

They clear out. You go to the station gym and do a few sets on the machines. You're on the treadmill with headphones in when Detective Rachel returns. She signals you to follow her into her office.

You grab a towel and lean in the doorframe. "How're the kids?"

"Fuck," Rachel says, slumping into her chair "I dropped them off at the hospital, but I don't know what's safe and what isn't anymore,"

"They'll be safe," You say, popping the lid off a water bottle.
"Well, I found some things at the shipping yard," Detective Rachel motions at a box full of baggies. "And forensics should have my reports on the burn victims from the underground complex,"

>Go over evidence with Detective Rachel
>Tell Detective Rachel about Jeffery Delmont, question him again
>Call it a night, get some rest
>>Go over evidence with Detective Rachel
>>Tell Detective Rachel about Jeffery Delmont, question him again
>Go over evidence with Detective Rachel
Ask her how far is she willing to go to bring some of the perpetrators to justice, even if it means crossing some legal lines, and moral grey zones.

If she is willing to go there, we tell her about our prisoner, if not then best not to burden her anymore.

"Well let's see what we've got," You say, picking up the box.

"So I don't have to tell you that this case is full of weird stuff," Detective Rachel says. She takes out a manilla envelope and slides it to you. You pick it up and peruse the contents. "As you can see," Detective Rachel says, threading her fingers. "The burn marks aren't chemical, they're radiation scars. The burns were sudden, the victims died almost instantly"

"Shit," You say. "I didn't even think to bring geiger counters into the first complex. My whole team could have radiation poisoning,"

"We ran equipment through there right before they revoked our warrant," Detective Rachel says. "No radiation levels, and certainly nothing to cause that kind of burn damage, "

She takes out another envelope. You take it and hand her the one with burn victims back. "That you have is the kids we found,"

"The ones in the jars,"

"Yes," Rachel says. "Both are in comas, we're unable to wake them. And look at their toxicology report."

"Holy shit," You say, looking over the five-syllable names. "What are these drugs?"

"I'm not sure, but a fellow detective of mine in the department recognized one from his time in the service. It's a steroid, very experimental,"

"Dammit," You say, almost under your breath.

"The jars," Detective Rachel hands you a third folder. "Are made of very strange material. We assumed glass, but one of the lab techs got curious because of some weird light properties he noticed,"


"No idea," Detective Rachel says. "But he assures me it isn't glass,"

You're both silent for a moment. You wipe yourself off with the towel, then tuck it under your arm. You stare at Detective Rachel for a moment, and she stares back.

"Detective Rachel, how important is this case to you,"

She doesn't say anything for a moment. "I told you when we first met, about my sister,"

You nod, you remember.

"Well, I'm pretty sure she was some sort of guinea pig for them, whatever this is. Whatever's happening to these children, happened to her. And I don't want it to happen to anyone else ever again,"

"Even," You say, pausing. "Even if it means going outside the law?"

Detective Rachel sighs, then clenches her fist. "I hate this so much. I hate that this is happening. I hate that it's been happening for years and no one has been able to stop it."

"Alright," You say, interrupting her. "Come with me," You start out the door. "And bring that evidence box."

You walk down the hall, with Detective Rachel following.

"Captain!" She says. "Where are we going?"

"Hey guys!" Detective Larson says. "Where are you going?"

He stops right in front of you, and you Detective Rachel bumps into you.

"Oof," She says.

"Ah," You say, "We're uh, we're going on a date. Drinks."

Detective Larson narrows his eyes at you, then breaks into a smile. He claps you on the back. "Aw you old dog, have fun you two, I'll catch you in the morning,"
You hurry past him, Detective Rachel in tow.

"What the hell was that?" She hisses as you enter into the parking lot.

"I'm a shit liar," You say. "I'm just glad you don't already have a boyfriend, or fuck, what if you had been secretly seeing Detective Larson?"

"I'm not secretly seeing anyone!" she says. "And how do you know I don't have a boyfriend!"

"Hey," You say. "As long as Detective Larson doesn't know,"

You get into your El Dorado, and motion Detective Rachel to get it.

"I swear," She says, buckling her seatbelt. "I hope this is worth it, I have animals I have to feed,"


"A cat and a dog, now drive," She says, holding the evidence box.

Twenty minutes later you're at the gym. You switch on a single light, which reveals the boxing ring in the center. In the middle of the ring, Jeffery Delmont is tied to a chair.

"Oh what the fuck," Detective Rachel says.

"We got him after a hell of a chase," You say, slipping under the boxing ring ropes. "He implied he was going to be set free, and we couldn't have that,"

"So you kidnapped him?" Detective Rachel says, slipping under the ropes and picking back up the box.

"Sure," You say. "He was my anonymous source that led us to the shipping yard," You walk up and take out the sock from Jeffery's mouth.

"Fucker!" Jeffery says, spitting. "I need to pee! And I'm hungry!"

You take out a snickers bar and a bottle of water. You unwrap the bar and stuff it in his mouth.

"Eat up buddy, you'll need your strength,"

Jeffery Delmot chews it, almost out of spite, then swallows. You hold the water bottle to his mouth and let him take a few sips.

"Alright," You saw, screwing the water lid back on. "It's time you explained some things. First, radiation burns on corpses, and kids in jars. What's the connection,"

"Ooooohhhhh," Jeffery says, a slow smile spreading across his face. "Oh ho ho ho ho," He laughs.

Detective Rachel walks up to him and slaps him. You look at her in surprise.

"The captain asked you a question! What's with the burned corpses and the kids in the jars!"

"Oof," Jeffery says, shaking his head. "That was uncalled for. I'm sorry, I just didn't realize you'd seen all that," He lets out a few more chuckles. "You're in way, way wayyyyyy too deep,"

"So explain it, while you still have a jaw," You say.

"What can I say?" Jeffery says, shrugging despite the fact he's tied to a chair. "Anything I say you won't believe,"

"I'm starting to believe in a lot of things I didn't," You say. "Like the existence of irredeemable people,"

"Ohh my friend," Jeffery says. "You'll find a lot of that and so much more if you keep digging. They'll kill you, you don't stand a chance,"

"Maybe I don't," You say, leaning in close. "But I'll take as many of you down with me as I can,"

"Your funeral," Jeffery says.

"The jars asshole," Detective Rachel says. "And the burns, go,"
"Well," Jeffery says. "There's certain people who desire to escape. And children are a part of that,"

"Escape?" You say. "Escape what?"

"The mundane!" Jeffery says, raising his head to the ceiling. "The tawdry boundaries of reality! Life itself!"

"And kids do this how!" Detective Rachel demands.

"Hell if I know," Jeffery says. "I'm not a scientists. I just do my part,"

"Give us names, addresses," Detective Rachel demands.

"That's not how it works sweetie," Jeffery says. "Nobody knows anybody's name. It wouldn't stay secret if we didn't,"

"I'll beat it out of you," Detective Rachel says, setting down the evidence box.

"Hold up," You say, blocking her with an arm. "He keeps looking at that computer, what is that?"

"This?" Detective Rachel says, picking up a work-site computer. "I don't know, I found it in one of the trucks at the shipping yard,"

"Let's get it to the techs, have them crack it,"

"You're just wasting your time," Jeffery says. "You're going to die, it's just a matter of how quickly and who gets to you first,"

You put a sock back in his mouth. "We'll be back for you later buddy, just enjoy our hospitality,"

"Let's go," Detective Rachel says, hefting the computer. "I think we may have our first solid lead,"
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175 KB JPG
That's it for tonight guys, thanks for reading. We'll pick up sometime tomorrow as the stakes are raised
we recording all of the so we can blackmail him later right? If we end up killing him we could burn the recordings.
Oh yeah, there's a bodycam you put to use when you need to. You offload things to a flashdrive so it stays out of I.A's hands. You're not proud of it, but these are strange times.
That works, cool. See ya later.
You drop Detective Rachel off at the station and head home. You climb the stairs to your apartment, letting yourself in and fending off Schwaser.

"Alright alright," You say. "C'mon, I've had a long day,"

You walk over to your pantry, grabbing dog food and pouring it into the Schwaser's bowl. You then head to the fridge, opening it and grabbing some leftovers. You then open the freezer and retrieve a bottle of whiskey.

You pour yourself a glass and sit heavily at your kitchen table. The sound of Schwaser noisily eating fills the kitchen. You take a long sip from your tumbler, then set it down.

"Shit," You say, putting your head in your hands.

The next morning you're at the station for morning range practice. Your men are lining up at the in-station firing range when Detective Rachel summons you into her office.

"Hey Captain, you got a minute?"

"Sure," You say, signaling your men to go start without you.

You follow her down to the basement where the labs are. After several hallways you reach a dingy corner with desks and computers jammed in tightly.

There are three chairs, but only one of them is occupied by a stringy looking man with a hunch.

"Captain Mauv," Detective Rachel says. "This is Zack, he's the overnight tech here at the station. Zach here spent all night tinkering around the computer, and I was going to get his input before he clocked out,"

"Captain," Zach says, shaking your hand and smiling. "You realize you're internet famous now, right?"

"Oh?" You say, looking confused.

"Yeah!" Zach says, clicking on one of his computers. "See? Someone on twitter tagged you as hot cop after your interview yesterday, and now its trending!"

"Well ain't that some shit," You say.

"Yup. People also really dig that you're going after human traffickers. You're "Good Guy Cop" now as far as the internet is concerned,"

"I've always thought the internet was a pain in the ass," You say.

"I'll take anything that keeps the investigation going," Detective Rachel says. "We can work this to our advantage if it trends long enough, maybe feed into it with our own PR,"

"You missed your calling Detective," You say. "You're sounding like a politician,"

Detective Rachel dismisses the notion with a wave of her hand. "So Zach, what'd you find?"

"Oh yeah," Zach says, swiveling in his chair and waking up another computer. "This shit is incredible. Completely encrypted, I had to use every single computer in the labs to crack it. I'm hoping nobody's gets pissed at the power bill,"

"What'd you find?" Detective Rachel asks again.

"Well, it's connected to a larger network, but as soon as I tried to access it bricked the computer,"

"So, nothing,"
"Well now, I was ripping off as much as I could from the computer. I tried to access the network about halfway through the download," Zach picks up a flash drive and hands it to Detective Rachel. "Look, I know it's not my place, but there was a list of locations on here that are linked to highly classified operations. Not that I know about that, but the wording, hell you can spot that stuff a mile away if you know what to look for. You're really going to be getting into some shit if you check these places out,"

"Way ahead of you buddy," Detective Rachel says, fingering the flashdrive. "Captain, meet back at my office after your drills, my partner should have some leads on the projects,"

You go up to the range and watch as your team aims. This morning they practice differently. Before they were driven, but had their fun.

Now there's a sense of seriousness hanging over everyone's heads. Each shot seems like the most important shot the SWAT officer takes. You want to address it, but you feel it too.

Something's changed. It may not be official, but you're at war, and the men practicing before you know it.

After practice you return to Detective Rachel's office. Detective Larson is waiting there.

"Hey," You say. "What'd you guys get?"

"There's definitely trafficking going on in the housing districts we looked at, nearly four operations.," Detective Larson hands you a docket. "Since its your men, I'll let you decide which ones you want to raid,"

You look it over. There's a twenty-story housing project, easily housing two-thousand people. It's rumoured to be completely controlled by the the Azteca 17's gang.

"That one could go either way," Detective Rachel says, seeing which one you're looking at. "It's got trafficking going on, and it's a tight operation, but it could also just be the cartel working on its own,"

The next one is two small housing blocks, connected by a narrow courtyard.

"That was is just rumours," Detective Rachel says. "But it's over some sewers, and you know how our enemies love those,"

"No solid evidence though," Detective Larson adds. "Just hear-say."

The third one is a downtown homeless shelter.

"I know," Detective Rachel says. "It disgusts me too, but some of our colleagues have been investigating it for awhile now, and when I perused the file I decided to add it."

>Twenty-story Housing Block
>Small Housing Blocks
>Downtown Homeless shelter
>Downtown Homeless shelter
I got a hunch that not everyone in there is homeless

"I'll go with your instincts Detective," You say. "Let's check out this shelter,"

"That one we have to approach delicately," Detective Rachel says. "We can't just raid it. Detective Larson and myself will enter, while you wait outside in unmarked vans. Should we suspect danger, then and only then will we employ your team,"

"Got it," You say.

Your men load up in the vans, and take off down the street. You all sit on your benches silently, swaying and bumping shoulder pads as the vans take turns.

"Think there's going to be any fucking gun nests?" Smith says. A few laugh.

"Fuck man that was crazy," Dawson says. "You know I went to Iraq twice? Never once had to deal with that shit we dealt with in the shipping yard,"

"I wouldn't be surprised if it gets worse," You say, almost to yourself. The ten men in the van snap their attention to you. You can't help but smile. "But hell, everyone placed their shots in practice, so we're going to give them hell one way or another,"

Robbie holds up a finger. "Hey uh, just cause he won't tell you, everyone should know Leopold's gotten five headshots from at least four-hundred yards in the last three days,"

"Man shut up," Leopold says as the rest of the van cheers.

"It's true!," Robbie says, thumping him on the shoulder. "This guy sniped two guards at the rich dude's place, and plugged the gun nest like it was nothing!"

"Alright alright," Leopold says, raising his hands. "Drop it,"

The vans park on various spots around the block. You've got a few surveillance screens, and your men watch them as Detective Rachel and Detective Larson park in front.

Your van is behind the shelter, in a alley leading up to the rear loading ramp. There's also a back set of doors, which you plan to enter through should things get dangerous.

You lean back against the van and watch the screen depicting all the cameras set up. The vans parked in front show you a staggered stream of people entering and leaving the shelter. A few people in raggedy clothing gather outside.

"Think they'll find anything?" Johns says, fiddling with his glove.

"Everywhere we chase this thing, cockroaches scatter." You say, watching the screens. "I'd sure like to catch more of them,"

"Yeah well, if you don't mind me saying captain," Dawson says. "It's more like stomping hornet's nests than cockroaches,"

Johns taps your shoulder. "Captain," You look at him, and see he's pointing at the rear loading ramp.

Two men have just opened the back loading door. They pick up a body and toss it down onto the concrete below the ramp.

You squint. The men are wearing burlap sacks.

"Oh fuck no," You say. "Weapons ready!"

"Captain!" your radio cackles.

"What, over,"

"The shelter, someone's lighting it up with machine guns inside!"

"Fuck, the detectives are in the front!" Johns says.

>Enter through the loading dock
>Enter through the rear doors
>Go around and enter from the front
>Enter through the loading dock
Enter through the rear doors

"I'm going through the loading doors!" You shout, jumping out of the van. "You guys go through the rear entrance and work your way up!"

You men jump out and move quickly towards the door. You sprint across the concrete, sailing over the body that was dumped and jumping up on the ramp. You get inside just in time to catch the two men in burlap sacks.

"Freeze!" You yell, pointing your rifle at them.

Both of them slowly get on their knees, hands raised. You tear off their sacks and toss them on the ground.

"Those things?" You say, pointing at the burlap. "Those really piss me off. Because everyone I've met with one was either dead or I killed them. Now, where are the children?"

Gunfire can be heard in the other rooms. You know your men are busy clearing whatever threats are in the shelter.

"I just work here!" One of them says.

"I am so sick of that answer!" You brandish your gun. "Where in here do I go to find the children?"

Your world spins, and you see stars. You feel your body impact against a wall, and then roll off it onto the ground.

"F-fuck," You say, trying to get to your feet. "What was that?" When your head clears you see a nearly seven foot man stomping towards you. He has a crowbar in his hand, and is wearing the burlap sack for a mask.

You feel your head, and notice your helmet's dented in. "Fuck," You say. You spot the other two men drawing pistols.

You drop both of the men with the MP5, then you duck out of the way as the giant swings his crowbar.

You empty your MP5 into the giant's chest, realizing too late that he's wearing armor.

"Dammit!" You yell. You charge him, tackling him in the waist and pushing him backwards. The giant gets two hits on your back with the crowbar before you collapse.

In pain, you roll over just as the giant bring down the crowbar. He barely misses, and you rip your berreta from its strap.

The giant makes to raise the crowbar again, but you point the beretta in his face. "Don't. Fucking. Do it." You say. "Drop it!"

The giant screams and you unload your pistol in his face. He falls over on top of you.

You push him off and stand up. "Report!" You say into your radio.

Just as you let go of the button, you see part of the floor give way. It's an elevator, used to take things to the basement from the docks.

You run over and jump down the shaft before the elevator gets too far. You land safely, then quickly reload your MP5 and your beretta.

"Multiple hostiles," Robbie radios back. "Clearing the rooms one by one, over,"

"Copy that," You say. "Taking loading bay elevator to basement, send backup when you've secured the shelter, over,"

The elevator stops with a clang. There's a man waiting at the bottom holding a briefcase. He seems startled to see you, and you pistol whip him to the ground.

"Stay down," You say, then you move down the hall.

At the end is a wide, circular room. In the center of the room are ten people in suits sitting in a ring.
In the center of those people is a jar, and inside the jar is a child.

>Charge in guns blazing, try and free the child
>Observe, see what happens
>"Police! Stop whatever is about to happen at once!"
>Observe, see what happens
>Observe, see what happens
Hope we are close enough to the edge to dive into cover in case it turns into something like raiders of the lost ark
>Observe, see what happens
>Observe, see what happens

Double take and make sure the guy behind us stays down.

The jar flashes with a blinding light. You cover your eyes, but you sight is gone. You hear pulses, or rather, you feel them in your temple. Wave after wave washes over you.

You feel your eyes explode.

"Christ fuck!" You scream. Blood trickles down your face, though you can only feel it.

The pulses are so bright you somehow make out silhouettes, despite the lack of eyeballs. The silhouettes are the sitting people.

Their burlap sacks are on fire, as are their clothes. They rise from their seats, looking at their hands as the chairs turn to ash.

The pulses continue, the bright flashing searing your empty sockets. You think your skin should be burning too, but for the moment you can't feel it.

The burning figures turn to you. One of them takes two steps, then is suddenly in front of you.

Your training kicks in. You draw your beretta and fire off a round. The flaming silhouette goes down. The other figures freak out, exploding in flames and swarming towards you.

You scream as you squeeze the trigger. One headshot, two headshot, three headshots. The figures collapse into ash. You squeeze off a few more rounds.

Your gun starts melting and you toss it to the side. You draw your knife and tackle the last figure. You plunge it in his neck and he turns to ash.

In front of you, the child is glowing with pure light. You try to shield your non-existent eyes, but the light shines through the skin of your hand.

"Kid!" You shout. "You have to stop! I can't help you if you don't stop!"

The child turns to you in the jar, as if noticing you for the first time.

"Oh," It's voice radiates through the glass, bursting your eardrums. "I didn't realize the wolf was here,"

"Kid!" You yell. "You have to turn off whatever you're doing! You're probably killing a ton of people with radiation!"

The child laughs. "No, fierce wolf, when I sing, only the people who come to me hear it. And you, I suppose."

"I'm not a wolf damn you! I'm a man who's trying to get you to a hospital!" You put your hands to your ears and feel blood trickling out. It's any wonder how you can still hear.

"You're the wolf to us," The child says, smiling. "The man in pain calls you a dog, he says he wants you to find your car and die. But we think you're a wolf, one who might bite the man in pain,"

"Kid you're not making sense!" You yell over the pulses. "Give me a name, anything to go on and I'll pass it on!"

You don't have much time left you guess, you're probably baked through with radiation by now.

"The stacks wolf," The child says. "It was always the stacks. But the other places you were looking at were good too," The child looks up. "Ah, time to go then,"

"Wait!" You yell.

"We'll meet again Captain," The child says.

The light fades. You wait for your vision to leave you, but the room comes into focus. Strange focus. Defined, distinct focus. More clear than you remember ever seeing anything.

"Captain! Captain!"
You turn and see several SWAT members running towards you. It's Johns and Simmons, as well as a new guy.

"Oh fuck!" Johns says, throwing a hand to his mouth and coming to a stop. "Fuck!" He rips off his radio. "I need medical down here now! Captain Mauv's lost both eyes, and his ears are pouring out blood!"

"No no," You say, putting up both hands. "I can see fine,"

"H-how?" Simmons says. He waves in front of your bloodied and burnt sockets.

"You just waved," You say, pointing at his hand.

Simmons holds up three fingers. "How many fingers, cap?"


"What the actual fuck," Johns says. He and Simmons, as well as the new guy, take a step forward.

"Yeah, his eyes are gone," Simmons says. He takes out his phone. "Whats on my screen, captain?"

"If you're asking me what your background is, it's a giant pair of titties,"

"My god," Johns says. He opens one of his gear packs and takes out a pair of sunglasses. "Put these on captain, you'll freak everyone out,"

"What's our status,"

"Three down, one dead. It was Patterson,"

"Damn," You say, shaking your head.

"Detective Rachel was also shot, she's being rushed to the hospital with the others," Johns says. "Oh and that FBI agent is taking over our seen upstairs,"

The elevator clangs and the EMT's rush over with a bed.

"Better have em check you out captain, just in case," Johns says.

>Not right now, I have to go check on detective Rachel
>Not right now, I have to go speak with that FBI agent
>Yeah, probably right
>Yeah, probably right
I don't understand, our eyes are gone?
As in burned out?
Still needs to be treated, even IF we can see.
>Yeah, probably right
make sure the swear to absolute secrecy and discretion.
wipe the blood of our face, get in the ambulance and see if they have gieger detectors or something similar.

So what kind of glass eyeballs should we get?
I wounder if we can have eyeball glasses that can magnify our sight.
>Not right now, I have to go speak with that FBI agent
I think our eyes are burnt out like the first guys we found with the burlap sacks on that were dead.
>Yeah, probably right
Do not d8sclose that we can see

"Hey!" You motion at the EMT's. "Walk back this way, this place may be radioactive,"

"Sir!" One of the EMT's runs up to you. "You're in shock sir. The EMT squints at you, then tears off the sunglasses. "Oh God help us, Bets come look at this,"

The other EMT nods from where she's standing. "I can see it. Help him over to the stretcher,"

"I don't need a stretcher," You say, "What I need is you guys to walk with me back to the elevator and ride up before we all die of radiation poisoning!"

"Sir just take my hand and sit on the stretcher," The EMT says. "You're in shock,"

"Captain," Johns whispers.

"Yeah okay," You take the EMT's hand and let him walk you over to the stretcher, though you can see the way perfectly.

"Sir if you could sit right here, yes that's it, just right behind you, feel it out with your hand,"

"Paul look," The other EMT says. "His ears are bleeding,"

"Shit I didn't even notice. Sir? Can you hear us, is there any ringing?"

"Hear you just fine," You say. If you had eyes you'd be rolling them.

"I'm going to apply some cream to your burns then wrap your head in gauze, is that okay?"

"Sure," You say.

The two EMT's take q-tips and apply cream around your sockets. They then wrap you head in gauze.

"Damn," You hear Simmons whisper. "Captain Mauv looks like he has a mummy head,"

"Shut the fuck up," Johns whispers back.

You can see through the gauze. See is a strange word. You perceive everything through the gauze.

"Okay, we're done wrapping you," The EMT says. "Now please lay back on this stretcher. Are you in pain?"

"I am not," You say, laying back on the stretcher. "Oh Johns, Simmons, there should be a man by the elevator, did you see him?"

You can actually see him right now, from where you lie on the stretcher. He's all the way at the far end of the hallway.

"Yeah, we'll grab him for you captain," Johns says, patting you on the shoulder.

"He was claiming he could see," Simmons says to the EMT's.

"Ah," You hold up a finger. "Clearly I was just delirious. It's finally setting in that I have lost my eyes. It's, quite heavy,"

"Ah shit captain," Simmons rests his hand on yours. "We never had a better fucking leader,"

The EMT's roll you onto the elevator, and your SWAT men pick up the man you knocked out. Together you all ride the elevator up.

The elevator emerges in the loading bay. It's full of emergency workers and police officers.

"Johns," You yell, sitting upright on the stretcher. "Get these people out of here! We need a radiation team in the basement to make sure no one's getting 10cc's of cancer!"

"Sir!" The EMT's protest. "Lay back down!"

You see Robbie talking to Agent Segone. Robbie spots you, and quickly runs over.

"Oh fuck no, fuck no," Robbie says, coming to a stop by your stretcher. "What the hell is this?"

The EMT leans in close and whispers in Robbie's ear. For some reason you can hear it perfectly.
"Eye's are gone, severe scarring tissue, hearing could go at any moment,"

Robbie turns on Johns and Simmons. "What happened!"

"Nevermind that Robbie," You say as they wheel the stretcher. "Tell me what you found upstairs,"

"Just those fucking burlap men with guns sir," Robbie says, following your stretcher. "Seem they were in a real big hurry to liquidate their assets,"

"Assets?" You say.

"People, sir, they had em locked up in several room, connected to all sorts of shit,"

"Very good Robbie," you say. The EMT's lift your stretcher into the ambulance. "I'll be at the station shortly,"

"Sure captain," Robbie says, a pained expression on his face.

Thirty minutes later you're sitting on a hospital bed, your head still wrapped in gauze. A nurse walks by your door.

"Uh, excuse me sir," You say. He pauses and comes in.

"Can I help you?"

"Yeah, did a Detective Rachel Patters get brought in here?"

"Yeah, we got everyone from the Shelter shooting,"

"Thanks buddy," You say. The nurse leaves.

>Go check yourself out, it's time to get to work
>Go check on Detective Rachel
>Wait for the doctor, see if he has any answers
>Go check on Detective Rachel
>Go check on Detective Rachel
We take some R&R and make sure everyone's safe while healing. Everything thinks we're a blind deaf, this gonna be fun.

You sit up from the hospital bed and grab your IV dolly. You roll it out with you as you leave your room.

You walk down the hall until you reach the nurses desk.

"Hello," You say. The nurse looks up.

"Hey! Sir! You need to go back to your room! You could have fallen and hurt yourself!"

"Right yes I understand," You say, gripping the IV dolly for support. "Actually if you could just tell me what room Detective Rachel Patters is in, I'll be on my way,"

"Oh no buddy," The nurse starts to stand.

"Hey!" You say, pointing at her. "I work with her and I'd like to know she's safely in a room!"

The nurse narrows her eyes at you, but taps something out on the computer.

"She's in room 315," The nurse says, coming around to your side of the counter. "Now please, let me walk you back to your room,"

"Fine," You say, allowing the nurse to escort you back.

Once she has you safely lying out on the bed, she leaves back to her station. You wait until you see her close the door, then rip out the IV.

You stand up and leave the room. You check the hallway first, then, seeing it's clear, you walk towards the stairwell.

You go up one flight of stairs to the 300 level, and start counting doors. You find 315 and knock.

There's no answer, and you let yourself in.

Detective Rachel is sitting upright in her bed, sipping on a milkshake and watching the television. Her eyes move to you, and widen.

"Shit!" She says, nearly dropping her milkshake. "Who the hell are you!"

"It's me," You say. "Captain Mauv,"

"Oh," Detective Rachel puts her hand to her mouth. "Oh no, oh no Captain, what did they do to you?"

"Nothing too serious," You say. "At least not yet,"

"Your whole head is wrapped, I'd say that's pretty serious. Did you get shot?"

"Eh," You dismiss the question with a wave of your hand. "What about you, what happened at the shelter?"

"You wouldn't believe it," Detective Rachel says, setting aside her milkshake. "It was like right out of a movie. Everyone from the food workers to the maintenance staff was secretly packing weapons."

"Ridiculous," You say, shaking your head. "This is more action than any department has any right to see,"

"You look like a mummy man," Detective Rachel says, laughing.

"Yeah, and you sound like they got you on some morphine. You get shot by the janitor?"

"Some old woman was hiding a machine pistol in her shawl," Detective Rachel says, rolling her eyes. "I'm glad I wasn't the one to shoot her, but that's still messed up,"

"Hm, yeah," You say. "Look, I've got to go back down before the nurse loses her shit. How long do you think you'll be bedridden?"

"Couple days tops," Detective Rachel says. "If you beat me out of here, call me anytime something happens,"

"Think I'll stay for at least one night," You say, waving to her as you leave.
Five hours later you're lying in your bed and staring at the ceiling of the hospital room. You've had some time to think after visiting the other wounded men from your team, and you really don't know what to make of the day.

You've lost your eyes, that much is sure. But what have you gained? You can certainly hear almost everything in the hospital, from a man eating on the third floor to a woman crying on the fifth.

Your mind threatens to shut down just thinking about it, and you decide to call for some drugs and try to get some sleep.

This doesn't happen, as you soon pick up distinct voices. It takes you a moment to realize they stand out because they remind you of the men on your team. Hard, determined. Deadly.

"Yeah, the Captain Mauv guy is on the second floor. He's blind and deaf so it should be easy. There's two more members of his team, but don't worry about them. The detective is on the third floor, 315. She could be awake, so do her quick,"

Your gut drops in your stomach. The voices sound like they're in the lobby. They're talking about you and Detective Rachel, and it doesn't sound like they want autographs.

You look around your room, spotting an oxygen tank. You rip open the biohazard box and take care not to step on any of the needles that fall out. You grab a scalpel off the floor.

>Lie in your bed and wait for them to come to you, surprise them when they're in your room
>Call hospital security
>Go out hunting for them, use your superior senses
>>Go out hunting for them, use your superior senses

Not sure security can handle them and we can't wait or they'll get the detective while we wait.
>Go out hunting for them, use your superior senses

You grip the scalpel and steal out of the room. You do your best to focus on the gruff voices, but your hearings going in and out.

You do make out the sound of elevator doors closing.

Your sprint down the hall and tear up the stairs towards the 300 level. You make it to Rachel's room just as the elevator doors are opening. You dash in her room, hoping whoever was in the elevator didn't see you.

The detective is asleep, her snores echoing faintly in the room. You hide behind the door.

The door cracks open, and two men walk inside. You grab the one closest to you and stab him in the neck with the scalpel. The other one turns towards you, and you stab him in the eye.

He gurgles, falling backwards. You drag both bodies into the hall. A nurse walking down with a clipboard notices and screams.

"Shhh!" You say, holding a finger to your wrapped head. You check over the bodies and pull out a sig sauer. The nurse is still screaming. "Dammit woman!" You yell. "If you keep screaming I can't listen for the others!"

She shuts her mouth and slowly backs away from you. You grip the pistol and listen.

You can't hear anything, at first. Then the sounds of gruff voices float up to you.

"I'm telling you he's not in his room, and 2 and 3 aren't answering their radios."

You sprint back towards the stairwell, running down to your floor. You reach it right as two men are walking out of your room.

You whip up the sig sauer, aiming at the first man.

"Police!" You shout. "Don't fucking move!"

The men laugh. "Can you even see anything?" One of them asks. The other draws a gun.

You drop him with two well-placed shots. The other man throws up his hands, then dives back into your room.

You edge along the wall to your room, than fall back when the man pops out with a MAC-10.

Bullets whip past you as you fall to the ground. You return fire, squeezing off as many rounds as you can before you hit the floor.

The man slumps to the ground, having been pierced through the forehead by one of your shots. His MAC-10 slides across the floor, and you kick it away.

"Shit," You say, breathing heavily. You suddenly remember Detective Rachel and get back up.

You take an extra clip from one of the dead men and reload your pistol. You then jog up to Detective Rachel's floor and wait by the door.

Ten minutes later there are over a hundred police officers swarming the floor. Detective Larson, as well as some other detectives, walk up to you.

"Captain Mauv," Detective Larson says. "I'm over here captain,"

You pretend not to know his exact location. "I can hear you detective,"

"You hear anything? Anything at all? One of the nurses is saying you dragged out two of the bodies,"

"That I did," You say. "But I don't know who killed them,"

"Well, go back to your room for now captain, I'll get one of the officers to help you out,"
>"Actually, I can see rather well enough to check myself out, detective,"
>Go back to your room, but than check yourself out when everyone's distracted
>Stay for the night
>Stay for the night
>Listen in on the scene
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Gonna call it a night for tonight guys, as always thanks for reading, and I'll resume tomorrow as shit goes into high gear
i do not like the implications of that image, but I look fowared to it all the same
Getting Evil Within vibes

"Sure," You say, letting an officer to take your hand. "I'm in 210,"

He takes you silently to the elevator, which you ride down.

On the second floor you run into a trio of hospital administrators.

"He's one of ours," The officer says. "Just taking him back to his room,"

"No," One of the admins says. "There's two bodies outside his room, and until you guys clear them we have to keep that end empty,"

"Alright," The officer says. "What room then,"

The admin points down the opposite end of the hall. The officer takes you to a room, then leads you to the bed.

"Uh, captain Mauv, right?" The officer says as you sit on the bed.

"That's me,"

"Is there, I don't know, since your heads wrapped, is there anything you need me to grab?"

"I should be fine," You say, throwing your legs on the bed and settling back.

"Well, thank you sir, your team always has our respect, you're always in the thick of it,"

"Thank you, officer..?"

"Riesling, Nick Riesling"

"Thank you Officer Riesling," You say. "I'm proud of my men too,"

"Well, I think they're posting me outside, so let me know if you need anything,"

"Will do officer," You say.

He leaves, and you open your ears. The sounds of the hospital are loud, and frantic. Nurses and doctors whisper about the shooting. One nurse clicks her tongue.

"Hm hm hm, what's this world coming to," She says.

You try and hear other parts of the hospital. You don't know how to control your senses, but after lying in silence you pick up on Detective Larson's voice.

"-and this looks like a scalpel wound, there, there's the scalpel," Detective Larson is saying, one floor up.

"I just don't get it," Another detective says. "Four men, clearly hitmen, come up to kill a detective and a SWAT captain? Isn't Detective Patters on the missing kids cases?"

"That she is," Detective Larson says. You can hear him putting something in an evidence bag.

"So what, since when did child traffickers go after police? That's suicide right? They know we're going to hunt them down and kill them, right?"

"Maybe they do, maybe they don't," Detective Larson says. "We need to get positive ID's on these men though, see if they really are contract killers,"

"I've got about twenty officers I'm going to be posting throughout the hospital, that should be sufficient, right?"

"Twenty's more than enough," Detective Larson. "You don't have to post that many,"

"Well, you know," You hear the detective's clothes shift as he shrugs. "This is just a clear attempt at cop killing,"

"Alright, I need to check on my partner, than I'll head out. You got this?"

"Yeah, yeah, go check on her,"

You shift your head, having heard enough. You know why they tried to kill you, and you're guessing Larson knows as well. But what's the point of telling anyone when anyone could be working with the enemy?
You hear Larson making phone call. You scowl, trying to shift your head and dull your senses. It doesn't exactly work.

"Hey, it's Larson,"

You hope he's not calling his wife or anything, as you really don't want to listen in.

"Detective," An alarmingly deep voice replies. "I must admit, we're disappointed that your partner and the captain are still alive,"

Your head snaps to attention. Did you just hear what you think you heard?"

"You're disappointed in me?" Detective Larson says. "I've done everything you've asked of me! Everything! You think I like you going after my partner? YOU failed twice now to get her out of the way. I can only help so much,"

"I don't like your tone detective," The voice says, strangely sweet. "Let's not forget that it is up to you to help us succeed, for you certainly have the most to lose,"

"Y-yes, of course," Detective Larson says. "Can I, can I talk to her? I just want to hear her voice, and know that she's alright,"

The deep voice laughs on the other end of the phone. You can somehow feel the vibrations through the air. "Detective, I am not some kidnapper. This is not a ransom situation. I took your wife because I desired her, and when I am done with her I will kill her. That is all there it to it. But, maybe, just maybe, if you please me, I'll let her go later,"

"What do you want me to do?" Detective Larson says.

"There's a car waiting for you downstairs. They have a box with a needle in it you can use on your partner. That will take care of her. Then, when you're done, meet my men over at a gym used by the SWAT team. Jeffery Dellmont has been talking, and it's time to silence him,"

"Y-yes, of course," Detective Larson says. "Just, please, don't hurt her,"

"ahhhhahahaha, detetive you are a treat. She is already hurt, you will decide for how much longer it continues,"

You leap out of the bed, startling a nurse coming inside.

"Sir!" He says. "We need to get you hooked back up to a saline drip!"

You push him out of the way, running into the hall.

"Captain?" Officer Riesling says, looking up from his phone.

>Try and warn him about Larson, tell him to guard Rachel's room and then run to the gym
>Go up and grab detective Rachel, bust your way out of the hospital and go to ground
>Go up and wait for Larson in Rachel's room, confront him there
>Go up and wait for Larson in Rachel's room, confront him there
Doesn't matter if Jeffery dies, but the detective must live
>>Go up and wait for Larson in Rachel's room, confront him there

both should be fine if we go after larson right?
This quest is moving in all sorts of wonderful directions! When do we start "seeing" the things that "live" beyond normal human perception?

You brush past Officer Riesling.

"Let me know if I'm going to run into anything," You call over your shoulder.

You round a corner and duck into another room. Officer Riesling and the nurse run past, calling your name.

"Oh hello," An old woman says. You turn and spot her in the bed. "Are they trying to give you shots?"

"No ma'am," You say, nodding. "Just trying to see my friend,"

"Well good luck to you," The old woman says. "And if you see that blasted nurse tell him it's an icebox in here,"

You leave the room and run towards the stairs. There's several police officers zipping up the corpses outside your old room. You slow down to a walk and pass them. They glance at you, but only one of them straightens up.

"Hey aren't you the SWAT captain?"

"You have me confused with someone else," You say as you walk past.

"Can you see under all those bandages?" The officer calls after you, putting his hands on his hips.

"Yes thank you," You say. You enter the stairs and rush up them.

On the third level there's police milling around outside Detective Rachel's room. You pause, then duck into the first room.

An old man is asleep inside. You go to his room phone and dial the third floor desk.

"Hi yes," You say. "I just want to report an armed man coming up the elevator,"

You hang up and peer outside. The desk nurse is waving over the police. They go over to her, and you slip past them into Detective Rachel's room.

She's asleep as well. You can still see the blood stains on the tile where you stabbed the killers in the neck. You move to the bathroom and shut the door.

Ten minutes later Detective Rachel's door opens again.

"I'll just be a minute," Detective Larson says.

He comes in the room and quietly shuts the door, then locks it. He approaches Detective Rachel's bed, slowly opening a small case he holds.

"Detective," You say, stepping out of the bathroom.

"Shit!" He says, spinning. "Oh," He says. "Captain Mauv, how the hell did you get in here?"

"Oh I just slipped past," You say. "More importantly, what's that case you have in your hand?"

Detective Larson scrunches up his face in confusion. "What? You're missing both your eyes, what are you talking about?"

"I'll make you a deal detective," You say, taking a step closer. "I'll stop pretending to be blind, if you stop pretending you're not here to kill your partner,"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Detective Larson says. He sets the case down on the side table and slowly draws his gun.

"Dammit Larson," You say, lunging at him. You tackle him back against the side table, sending a lamp and a tray of food clattering to the floor.

"Hello?" An officer says, trying the handle. It's locked, and he tries harder. "Detective Larson! Are you alright?"

You and Larson struggle against each other, knocking over Detective Rachel's saline drip. She sits up in her bed.

"W-what?" She says, sleepily. "Is that you doctor?"
Larson hits you with his shoulder and you trip over a cable on the floor.

"Hey!" Detective Rachel says, throwing her sheets back. She's clearly doped up, and has trouble getting off the bed.

You kick as hard as you can at Detective Larson. You catch him in the stomach, sending him falling back into his bed. You scramble to your feet.

"Captain Mauv!" Detective Rachel says, steadying herself against the wall. "What's, what's going on here?"

The police are now pounding on the door. You pick up the saline drip pole and slam it onto Larson's shins.

"Fuck!" He screams. He grabs his gun and shoots at you. You feel the bullet whiz past your head.

You smack the gun out of his hand with the saline pole, then hit him again in the shins.

"Fuck!" He yells. "Stop hitting me there!"

You drop to your knees and grab Detective Larson by the lapels. "Listen here," You say, shaking him. "I heard you're in some deep shit with your wife or whatever, and I feel for you, but if you're really working for them I will kill you,"

You hear a noise and turn. Detective Rachel has an oxygen tank. "Wait!" You say, and she slams you in the head.

You wake up back in a hospital bed. You try and move, but feel you're handcuffed to the bed. Officer Riesling sits in the room with you.

"Hey," You say, shaking the handcuffs. "Get these off of me,"

"Sorry captain," the officers says. "But they say you're in shock, and also blind,"

>Lure the officer over, get the handcuffs from him and then escape, trust that the police will now protect Detective Rachel
>Lure the officer over, get the handcuff keys from him and get yourself and Detective Rachel out of there
>Wait and listen
soon. Actually we were in the catalog next to Task Force 666 for awhile last night, and if this quest does well enough I was toying with the idea of asking Kaz if he ever wanted to do a one shot crossover. Wishful thinking probably,
as I have several more plot points to get to
>Wait and listen
Specifically listen in for anything related to detective rachel

You yank on the handcuff one more time, then sit back on your bed. You listen.

The sounds come back to you. A cart squeaking across the floor. Two nurses having a heated conversation. The squawk of police radios.

The sound of Detective Larson reaches your ears. You try and shed all the other sounds, concentrating on his voice.

"I'm sorry!" Detective Larson says. "You have to believe me! You can ask any of the other police, Captain Mauv was there! He lost both eyes, but he somehow fought me off! Like he could see!"

"What did you say?" A deep voice says. You recognize Detective Larson is on the phone again.

"The, the SWAT captain," Larson says. "I know it sounds crazy, but he was waiting in the room for me. He fought me off, I just barely convinced the other officers he was crazy,"

The other end of the phone is silent. Finally, the voice returns. "I see,"

"Please, you have to believe me," Detective Larson says. "Someone killed all four of your men! We weren't sure what happened, but now some of the other detectives are wondering if Captain Mauv somehow did it!"

"I believe you detective, though that won't help your wife,"

"I can do this, just give me time, they have the captain restrained in his room,"

"No, I think that's enough attempts for one night on poor Detective Patters, the captain however will be dead in ten minutes,"

"My wife, please,"

"There will always be opportunities to please me detective, you have not outlived your usefulness yet. Just ensure none suspect you were trying to kill Detective Patters,"

"O-okay, yes of course," Detective Larson says.

"And detective?"

"Yes sir?"

"Go the gym now, I'd like you to be there when my men kill Jeffery Delmont,"

"Of course,"

The phone call ends. You hear Detective Larson hastening to the elevator.

"Hey!" You yell at Officer Riesling. "Get me out of here!" You yank on the handcuffs.

"C'mon sir," the officers says, looking up from his phone. "You know I can't do that,"

"You don't understand, we're in danger, someone's coming to kill me!"

"Yeah, we know, and we got like twenty cops on two floors and the lobby,"

"You don't understand!" You yell, yanking on the cuffs. "These people, they don't care about police or anything else!"

Officer Riesling nods, standing up. He walks over to door and opens it. "Nurse?" He calls down the hall. "The captain's getting agitated, can I get someone in here?"

"Fuck," You say under your breath.

Officer Riesling returns to his seat. "Sorry captain, it's for your ow-"

The cop stops talking. He scrunches up his face like he has to sneeze. His head jerks around, his eyes rolling back in his head.

"Officer Riesling?" You say, confused.

The cop slumps in his chair, then slowly straightens back up. A strange look is on his face.
"In 1698 Thomas Savery patented a steam pump that used steam in direct contact with the water being pumped."

"What?" You say. The officer is talking to no-one in particular.

"Savery's steam pump used condensing steam to create a vacuum and draw water into a chamber, and then applied pressurized steam to further pump the water."

"What the fuck are you saying?" You say, looking hard at the officer.

He turns to you, drawing his gun.

"Oh fuck," You say.

The nurse walks in with a tray. "Sorry," He says, walking towards you. "Tonight's been crazy, as I'm sure you know,"

The nurse is oblivious to Officer Riesling. He sets the tray down and takes out a syringe and vial. Officer Riesling, standing behind the nurse, aims his gun at you.

"Fuck!" You yell, grabbing the nurse. You shove him back, and the nurse falls into the officer. The officer's gun goes off, shooting out the oxygen tube in your room.

"Fuck!" You yell. You grab both handrails on your bed and start rocking back and forth. Both the nurse and the cop struggle to stand back up. Officer Riesling puts his hands around the nurses throat and starts choking him.

You topple the bed over, sending the nurse and officer sprawling again. Officer Riesling gets to his feet and picks up his gun. He shoots the nurse twice.

He approaches you, aiming the gun at your head. You look around, and spot the syringe stuck in the vial. You grab it and jam it in the officer's leg.

Officer riesling staggers, then falls to one knee. You knock his gun away and it goes off again, hitting an electronic panel and causing it to spark.

Officer Riesling passes out from the syringe contents, and you root around his belt. You find handcuff keys and work to unconnect yourself from the bed.

You smell more oxygen pouring into the room from the broken tube. You can also hear the sparks.

"Fuck fuck fuck," You say, unlocking the handcuffs and tearing them off.

Police are running down the hall, you can hear them approach.

"Don't come in here!" You yell. "It's about to explode!" You run to the window. It's on the second floor.

You don't even have a moment to think. The world lifts up behind you, a massive roar erupting from the room. A ball of fire pushes you through the window.

The world spins for a bit, until you come to a stop against a wall. You slowly open your eyes.

Your hospital room is on fire. You shake your head, clearing your thoughts.

Larson. You remember. He's going to kill Jeffery Delmont.

>Steal a car and get to the gym
>Call Robbie
>Call Robbie and several other members of your team
>Call Captain Rahm
>Call Robbie and several other members of your team
Odds are we have some guys on our team guarding him right now...
Seconding. Also how they figured out where we had Delmont makes me worried.
don't we have a cop that is spying for them, that just tried to kill us? Hes partners with Rachel?

:arson could have talked to Rachel while she was doped up.

You slowly get up. It was a two story fall, but as you move your arms and legs you only feel bruising. Perhaps rolling saved you.

The wall you stand by is only waist high. It separates the ambulance lane from the main parking lot. You jump over it, running between the parked cars.

You find what you're looking for. A young woman is on the phone, closing her car door.

You run over to her grab the phone from her hand, quickly ending the call.

"The fuck?" The girl says, turning on you. She takes a step back, a horrified look on her face.

You take a moment to remember you're wearing a scorched hospital gown and your head is completely bandaged.

"Sorry," You say. You dial a number in her phone and hold it to your ear. She continues to watch, slowly backing away.


"Robbie, it's me," You say.

"Shit captain, what's up?"

"You trust me, yes?"

"Well yeah,"

"We've seen some crazy shit together, yes? Things that aren't normal?"

"Man c'mon, you know I don't want to think about-"

"Pick me up at the hospital, now. Call anyone you can get a hold of and tell them to get to the secondary gym, make sure they're armed."

"Uh, captain?"

"Robbie! I need you to trust me!"

"Right, right, I got you. I'll see you soon,"

"Asap," You say. "And bring me some clothes,"

You end the call and toss the phone to the girl. "Thanks," You say, then run over to the bushes.

Ten minutes pass. In that ten minutes, eleven firetrucks and fifteen squad cars swarm the hospital. Robbie pulls into the parking lot, taking a moment to slow down and gawk at the fire.

You come up to his side window and beat on it.

"Shit!" He says. He recognizes your wrapped head and unlocks the door. "Uh, captain," He says as you get in the car. "What's going on?"

"Larson is working for the enemy," You say, getting in. "He's headed to the gym to kill Dellmont,"

"No I mean, how did you know this is my car? Aren't you blind? And did you know there's a fire?"

"I'll explain later just drive!"

You look in the backseat as Robbie squeals out of the parking lot. You find what you're looking for and crawl in back.

"So," Robbie says, slowing for a red light.

"Run the light, there's no one coming," You say as you slip on some pants.

"Oookay," Robbie says, nodding in confusion. He runs the intersection and keeps going. "But, about you losing your eyeballs,"

"What do I look like Robbie?" You say, throwing a sweater over your head. "A scientist? I don't know anything about anything that's happened in the last three days, I just know there's some people I need to kill, and some people I need to keep from being killed,"

"Fair enough," Robbie says. You finish putting on a pair of shoes and crawl back into the passenger. "You want to share with me these lists?"

"We've got to protect Jeffery Dellmont and kill the people who are trying to kill him,"

"Right, right," Robbie says.

"Did you bring me a gun?" You say.

"Uh yeah, glovebox,"
You open it and retrieve a glock and holster from inside. You slip on the holster, buckling it.

It takes almost 45 minutes to reach the gym. Robbie slows down a block away.


"I see them," You say. Outside the gym are three black sedans and a black van. You cock your gun, then motion for Robbie to park. "You see any of our boys?" You say, scanning the street.

"Not yet," Robbie says. He checks his phone. "Leroy's about ten minutes away, Johns and Dawson are five,"

>Go in the back alone
>Go in the back with Robbie
>Wait for the others to show up
>Go in the back with Robbie
who's watching Dellmont?
>Go in the back alone
Maybe we can cut power to the building

"Do we have anyone inside?" You say, getting out of the car. Robbie follows, slamming his door shut.

"I mean, I think Leopold was in there an hour ago working out, but no, not right now,"

"It's you and me then," You say. You run across the street and into a back alley. Robbie follows with a handgun.

"Look Captain, I don't mean to second guess you or anything, but there's four cars up front, and we just have small arms. I mean, we don't even have our armor on,"

"It's not the armor or the weapon," You say, getting up close to the rear entrance of the gym. "It's the training,"

"Right right, place your shots, you tell us all the time. But its not just that, you lost your eyes right? What are you doing running around like this?"

"You said you trusted me," You say, putting your hand on the back door. "Real quick Robbie, the circuit breaker, it's in the back, right?"

"Yeah," Robbie says, gripping his glock. "What, you gonna cut the power?"

"I think so," You say, nodding.

"But then we won't be able to see,"

You smile underneath your bandages. "Robbie, this investigation has been a shit show from hour one, but I've learned a few tricks I'm going to use to lay the hurt on the enemy,"

"Okay," Robbie says, still looking confused.

"Wait here and flag down the others, don't come in unless you hear shooting."

Robbie nods. "Alright captain, it's your show,"

You open the back door and move into the gym. You find the circuit breaker, or rather, you hear its distinctive hum. You open up the panel and shut down everything.

The hallway was already dark, but the few lights up front shut off. You grip your glock and run forward.

The gym is quiet. You spot Jeffery Dellmont, still tied to a chair in the middle of the ring. There are twelve silhouettes scattered among the equipment. Two of them are approaching the ring.

"Detective Larson," You call. "You in here?"

Twelve beams of light suddenly turn on. You duck behind a weight rack, crawling on your hands and knees behind it.

"Captain Mauv," Larson calls out from among the figures. "I'll admit, I'm impressed. That's twice you've cheated death,"

"Larson," You call out from behind a leg-machine. The beams of light flash around, trying to find you. You duck behind the boxing ring. "Larson," You repeat. "I understand they have your wife. I also respect that you're on the force." You move low, shifting behind a bench press. "So this is your one chance to get on the floor, before the shooting starts,"

"C'mon captain, you shouldn't have come," Detective Larson says. "These men are going to kill you,"

You flip up from behind a rowing machine. You fire three times, then duck back down.

Three bodies hit the floor. The lights flash around like crazy, trying to find you.

"Get on the floor Larson," You call out.

"Captain you're crazy," Larson calls back.

You pop back up behind the boxing ring and fire three more times.

Three more bodies fall.
"Last chance Larson!" You yell.

A moment passes, then you hear Larson.

"Fuck," He says, then drops to the floor.

You whip up from behind a weight rack and fire four more times.

Four bodies hit the floor.

"Jesus Christ!" Larson yells. "How did you do that?"

You walk around the boxing ring to where Larson is hunched on the floor. You kick him, savagely, then bend down and grip him by the lapels.

"That was for trying to kill your partner," You say.

"You don't understand!" Larson says. "These people are animals! You think I want to help them? I want to hurt them just as much as you do, they have my wife for chrissakes!"

You throw him back on the floor and straighten up. Robbie, Johns and Dawson are rushing in.

"Please captain," Larson says, slowly getting up. "They're not afraid of anyone. They even told me where they keep my wife, because they know I can't do anything!"

>If you know where your wife is, me and my team will rescue her. Then you'll help us end this
>Cooperate now, tell us everything, and I'll try and get the courts to go easy on you
>You took an oath, Detective, we'll see some answers from you back at the station
>If you know where your wife is, me and my team will rescue her. Then you'll help us end this
>>If you know where your wife is, me and my team will rescue her. Then you'll help us end this
>If you know where your wife is, me and my team will rescue her. Then you'll help us end this

>There are twelve silhouettes scattered among the equipment.
>You fire three times, [...] Three bodies hit the floor.
>You pop back up [...] and fire three more times. [...] Three more bodies fall.
>You whip up [...] and fire four more times. [...] Four bodies hit the floor.
Have I failed at reading, or does something not add up here?
dammit, good catch, one got away
Oh shit
Damn, and here I was hoping Larson just really needed to lose weight.

Guess we should send some guys to get on that before we even talk to Larson, huh?
>Twelve beams of light

10 goons killed 1 is probably Larson, where is the 12th guy? was Larson waving around two flashlights?
Use our spidey senses to find the last guy.
Never mind.... I seem to be having update problems.
>If you know where your wife is, me and my team will rescue her. Then you'll help us end this

"Captain!" Robbie says, coming towards you. He trips over a bench. "Fuck, how can anyone see anything! Captain I hear you, I assume there's no hostiles around?"

"It's clear," You say. "Johns, get up on the ring and check on Dellmont, would you? Robbie, call the team, tell them to gather at the station. Dawson, check out front, I think one of the men here escaped,"

You help Larson up to his feet. "Where's your wife,"

"She's in a place known as Dante's 7 Rings Club,"

"Never heard of it,"

"Course you haven't," Larson says, nursing his ribs. "It's the most exclusive of the most exclusive. Only billionaires and super models and the occasional actors are allowed in. There's no trace of it on the internet or anywhere else."

"So then give me a location,"

"It's in a seven story building nestled between the Piedecker skyscraper and the Carnegie skyscraper."

"You're coming with us," You say. "And you better believe you're taking point. Alright boys, back to the station, we got a late night job to perform," You pause and point at Jeffery Delmont. "Bring him too,"

"Who boss?"

You forgot no one else could see. "The Delmont guy,"

You all pile outside. "Dawson," You call down the street. "You find him?"

"Sorry captain," Dawson says, jogging up to you.

"We'll have to move quickly then," You say.

You all get into your respective cars and drive off. Jeffery is wedged between you and Detective Larson.

"Give me your phone," You say. Detective Larson looks at you for a moment, then fishes out his phone and hands it to you.

You find Judge Mencia's name and dial the number. You're nervous. If you're being honest, you've never asked for a warrant before. You'd rather face a room full of gangbangers. But you don't trust Larson, not yet.

"Hello?" The judge answers. She was clearly asleep.

"Hi, Judge Mencia, I apologize for calling you this late, but this is Captain Lemony Mauv, from Rachel Patters team?"

"Ah yes, Captain Mauv, I saw you trending on twitter the other day,"

"Right, well, I don't know if you know this, but Detective Rachel was wounded in the line of duty yesterday,"

"I'm so sorry to hear that,"

"Right, well, we've got a lead on the people who hurt her, and they're also tied to the people who have been kidnapping children,"

You hear rustling, then Judge Mencia's voice is clearer. "You have my full attention captain,"

"I'd like a warrant, if you wouldn't mind,"


"A building between the Piedecker and the Carnagie buildings,"

"Tell you what Captain, you email me an exact address, and I'll email you back a warrant,"

"Thank you your honor,"

"And captain?"

"Yes?" You say, switching the phone to your other ear.

"Make them pay,"
Twenty minutes later you're at the station. The rest of the team is as well. They're all gearing up.

They can't help but sneak glances at you as you buckle in your armor. You're still wearing the bandages, and everyone's heard the report of you losing your eyes.

"Alright men," You say, standing before them and fastening on your helmet. "I've asked a lot of you lately, and I'm going to have to ask a little more. We're going into another place that's going to make a lot of powerful people very angry. Again, I need to ask for everyone's trust,"

"We're still with you captain," Robbie says, sliding his gloves on. "In fact, me and the boys cooked up something new," He turns to the others. "Hey boys! When unit 11 is going through hell, what do we do?"

"Keep Going!" The men yell back as one.

Robbie turns back to you. "We're behind you captain,"

"Alright then," You say. "We've got to talk about how we're going to pull this off,"

>See if Delmont can get you and Larson in, scope out the scene
>Split into two teams, breach from the front, breach from the back
>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above
>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above
I say we blitz them
Do we have any helicopter?
>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above
Thread music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6rtjUMJDxA
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_bPfNPkd2k
>>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above
>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above>Split into three teams, breach from the front, the back, and above


A dark, concrete room is illuminated by a single bulb hanging from the ceiling. A woman is handcuffed to a bed. She's curled up, pressed against the headrest.

The single metal door swings inward. The woman holds herself tighter, trying to press further into the headrest.

"Welllll, Mrs. Larson," A man says, walking inside. He has on an apron and rubber gloves. "It's a damn shame, but your husband failed my boss three times now,"

Three more men flow in. One of them begins setting up a camera. The other two go over and grab the woman. They then handcuff all four of her limbs to the bed.

"So," The man in the apron says. "Because he failed, my boss says I get to get downright nasty with you. Mrs Larson, have you ever heard of a snuff film?"

The other man finishes setting up the camera and gets behind it. The two men who restrained the woman stand against the wall.

"Yup," The man in the apron says. He walks outside for a moment, returning with a chainsaw. "Snuff films are all the rage these days. I got two billionaires and half a dozen models upstairs who are watching this on the big screen, so you'll have to excuse me if I get a little dramatic. But hey, that's showbiz for you,"

The man in the apron revs the chainsaw. It roars to life. The woman on the bed doesn't make a sound, only closing her eyes. Tears start flowing from her eyes.

"Hey, hey!" The cameraman waves. The man in the apron turns off his chainsaw.

"What!" The man in the apron yells. "Can't you see I'm trying to work here?"

"Sorry," The cameraman says. "But I thought I heard gunshots,"

"Gunshots?" The man with the chainsaw says. "Really?"

A loud smattering of pops is heard. They echo into the concrete room.

"Hey yeah," One of the men standing against the wall says. "I think I hear it too,"

"You guys are ruining my performance," The man in the apron says. "Just make sure you get my closeup," He starts the chainsaw again and approaches the bed. He holds it above his head, adjusting his stance.

The door to the room flies up. Detective Larson strolls in firing his gun, followed by two SWAT members.

Larson shoots the man with the chainsaw. It falls from his hands, bisecting him all the way to his groin. Larson pushes the dead body away as the other two SWAT members kill the rest of the men.

"Oh god, oh god," Larson says, kneeling down next to the bed. "Emily, Emily I'm so sorry,"

"It's fine," Emily says, sniffing back tears and smiling. "Goddammit I thought I was going to die,"

"Not today honey," Larson says, holding her hand as the SWAT work to uncuff her. "And never from these bastards,"
"Blue team ready, over" A radio calls.

"Green team ready, over,"

"This is red leader," You say, getting your repel gear ready. "Breach on my signal,"

You and nine other men toss their lines over the side of the building. You all grip your lines, securing your locks.

"Let's go boys," You say, then jump over the side of the building.

The other nine men follow. You run down the side of the building, twisting the rope to come to an abrupt halt. The other nine men stop beside you in the air.

"This is red leader, over," You say into your radio. "Breach!"

You men press of the building, then come sailing back towards the windows. All nine of you burst through.

You roll on the ground standing and waving your gun around. You're in a large, red room full of cushions, half naked women and men in suits and animal masks.


The women scream, and several men rush in with guns. Your team starts placing shots, doing their best not to kill any models running around.

The men in animal masks trip over themselves trying to get out of the way. You quickly finish off the last guard.

You can hear more gunshots down below. Your men are working their way through the bottom levels.

Your radio cackles to life. "Captain Mauv!"

You answer it. "I'm here, over,"

"Chief Clemmens is on the phone, he's furious, wants to know who's leading the team. He says that FBI agent is headed over with a whole elite team to clear this mess up. I imagine that means we're the mess that's going to be cleared up.

>Call Chief Clemmons, explain you can see and explain the situation
>Sweep the building for evidence and get the hell out of there
>Send everyone away, hide yourself inside
>Sweep the building for evidence and get the hell out of there
>Sweep the building for evidence and get the hell out of there.
>Sweep the building for evidence and get the hell out of there

Take the tape. I am sure they are recording it so we get some evidence if they incrimintae larson and his wife

"Tell him Robbie's in charge and he has a warrant," You say. "Everyone, grab anything that's not nailed down and lets get out of here. Larson, is the target secured, over?"

"This is larson, my wife is safe, over,"

You wave your finger in the air, signalling your men to wrap it up.

It only takes ten minutes, but your thirty men strip the building. The men in the suits and animal masks huddle with the models in the corner of the room.

"Who are you people!" A man in a dog mask yells. "Are you police?? Do you have any idea who I am??"

You walk up to him and rip the mask from his head. "Huh," You say. "You own Amazon or something, right?"

"I'll have your badge, your job, I make more in a minute than you'll make in your entire life!"

You smile underneath your bandages. "Come on, you're practically asking to be pistol whipped."

"I will fucking end you!" The man spits. The models around him edge away from him.

"Wow," You say, taking out your beretta. "You just run that mouth, huh?"

You smack him across the face with the butt. "Tell you what," You say. "I'm not in a good mood because whether you realise it or not, you're wrapped up with people who I hate.So, while my men are busy taking everything, why don't you give me a name and I won't hit you again,"

"A name?" The man says. You smack him again. "Fuck!" The man screams, spitting out blood. "What do you mean?"

"Who owns the club?"

The man just spits more blood and starts crying out in pain. You shift over to one of the models.

"Hello little lady, would you mind telling me who owns the club?"

Her eyes are wide and her nose is lightly powdered with cocaine. "Mistress and Sir Snowfall," She says in a thick european accent.

"Why thank you," You say. You turn back to the man knock him over with your fist, then gently lay his dog mask back on his face.

You stand up and signal your men to follow you. You reach the lobby of the club, which is strewn with the bodies of security guards. You whole team is there, carrying out boxes, servers and baggies full of evidence.

The vans are waiting for you. Your team piles in, then the five vans take off. You can hear the distant sirens of the Agent Segone's team in the distance.

>Take all the evidence back to Zach in the labs, have him work on it while you go to ground for a couple days
>Take all the evidence back to Zach in the labs, go check on Detective Rachel
>Have your men hide the evidence in a secure location, go to ground for a couple days
>Have your men hide the evidence in a secure location, go check on Detective Rachel
>Take all the evidence back to Zach in the labs, go check on Detective Rachel
>>Take all the evidence back to Zach in the labs, go check on Detective Rachel

"Alright listen up," You say. The others in the van look at you. Detective Larson is there too, holding a blanket around his wife. "We're going to get this evidence back to a lab, then we're going to work overtime to end this. I'm looking at your Detective Larson."

He nods. "Whatever you say, captain. I just need to get Emily to a safe house,"

"I'll get two of my men to take you there," You say. You turn to your teammates in the van. "The rest of you, get some sleep. In five hours I want us on the range. We're probably going to be seeing a lot of shooting in the next couple days,"

"Captain," Robbie says. Everyone sways a bit as the van turns. "I've been checking my phone, and they think you're dead. Specifically that you died in the hospital explosion,"

"Then that's what we're going to go with," You say, tapping your bandages with a finger. "They'll likely promote you Robbie, so congratulations on making captain,"

"It'll always be your unit, captain," Robbie says. "We'll just have to keep you a secret,"

The other men nod. "Well alright then," You say. "If that's how you and the other men feel,"

"I would like to know something," Detective Larson says. He gestures to his eyes.

"You want to know how I can see?" You ask. Larson nods. "I can't tell you detective, I'm just the gun guy. But at this point, I'll take any advantage I can get,"

Once everyone's dropped off at the station, you have Leopold take you back to the hospital. You do your best not to be seen while walking through the station parking garage.

The hospital is another matter. There's nothing more difficult than sneaking inside a policed hospital, but after you rewrap your head and change clothes, you successfully pass yourself off as a burn victim.

The nurses lead you to a room and leave to fetch a doctor. You wait till they disappear down the hall, then you steal out of the room and head down two levels to Rachel's floor.

There are still police there. More police than ever. Hospital workers are rushing to and fro to clean up after the room explosion. If there was a fire, it's out now.

Getting to Detective Rachel's room is difficult, but you manage it by going on a room over and slipping up into the ceiling tiles. You feel foolish inching along a pipe like a monkey, but it's important for you to make sure the enemy hasn't gotten to her yet.

You drop down into her room, next to a dozing police officer. You step over to Rachel's bed, shaking her.

She opens her eyes. You put a hand over her mouth when she tries to scream.

"Detective," You whisper. "You're in terrible danger," You take your hand off her mouth. Her eyes dart to the police officer dozing in the chair, then back to you.

"I heard you died," She says. "After fighting with detective Larson,"

"Detective Larson was working against us," You say. "Until we rescued his wife,"

"Larson? My partner?"

You nod. "Fraid so, they got to his family,"
"And now he's working for us again?"

"Yeah, he should be highly motivated to get back at whoever is doing this,"

"Whoever, whoever, we keep coming up empty for names," Detective Rachel says. "Do we have any new leads?" She struggles to get up on her elbows.

"Yeah, Zach's going through boxes of evidence as we speak," You say. "How long are you in here?"

"They're discharging me in the afternoon," Detective Rachel says. "What are you going to do while Zach roots through evidence?"

>Question Detective Larson about what he knows
>Pay a surprise visit to one of the club members from last night
>Go back to any previous crime scene with your newfound senses
>Go back to and previous crime scene
Preferably the smoke stacks.
>Pay a surprise visit to one of the club members from last night
I'm very disappointed that billionaire didn't trip and fall out a window, dropping 7 stores to the ground.
This. With our new abilities we should be able to pick up on things we didn't "see" before
Don't we need a warrant on that place from a federal judge no less, since its like under the DOE?
which in meta the guy died but we don't know yet.... could try and use that as an investigation angle
I think we've passed the point of needing a warrant + they won't know it's us because we're "dead"
But not the rest of our team, unless we go in there all alone.

You stare at your El Dorado on the street. Above you, your apartment is swarming with FBI agents. Agent Segone is obviously trying to find anything you might have known before you "died". You can hear them tearing apart your closet and drawers from the sidewalk were you stand.

Luckily you got your Go Bag and Schwaser out of the apartment just as they were busting in. You hold Schwaser's leash. The big dog stares up at you, sitting patiently.

"Yeah buddy," You say, slinging your duffle bag over your shoulder. "I wish we could take her too, but everyone knows I drive an El Dorado, so we're going to have to get something new,"

You call a Lyft and it pulls up beside your old car. You're slightly amused that the FBI were so busy destroying your apartment they didn't notice you on the sidewalk three stories below.

Once in the car you dial Larson.

"Captain," He says, answering.

"Did you get that tap on the billionaires phone?" You say.

"Yeah, I know his location," Detective Larson says. "You going to go shake him up?"

"Naw," You say, "Think I'm going to go look over an old crime scene. But I'd appreciate it if you could,"

"Ahh, I can't exactly work outside the confines of the law like you can,"

"I know," You say, resting your head against the window. You watch the apartment complexes slip by. "But fuck those guys, am I right?"

"Heh," Larson says. "yeah fuck those guys. Alright Captain, I'll see what I can do,"

An hour later the Lyft drops you off in the field. You wave him off and trudge across it, holding Schawser's leash. The dog strains at it, trying to smell anything and everything.

You stop at the entrance to change. There's still police tape crisscrossing the entrance, but any presence of police is long gone. You finish changing and duck under the tape to enter the underground network.

Upon stepping inside, the door slowly shuts. Schawser does not like that, barking once at the door. The bark echoes, and this strange sound convinces the dog to just hid by your legs.

You can see perfectly and walk to the center of the first room. You sit , crossing your legs and placing Schawser near you. You're wearing your armor from last night, but you've ditched the helmet, wearing only your bandages around your head.

You listen. The two tunnels lead off, one to the far room, the other down, down into the earth. Sounds drift out of the darkness of the tunnels.

Though again it's all shades of gray to you, you can see perfectly fine.

You hear singing coming from the tunnel that leads down below. The singing is different this time, disjointed and distant.

From the other tunnel that leads to the dead end room with chalk, you hear a strange ringing, almost like a phone.

>Go down towards the singing
>Go forward towards the ringing
>Just sit there and enjoy the sounds
>Just sit there and enjoy the sounds
Get our Zen on.
Just sit there and enjoy the sounds

Schwaser doesn't like sitting still. He pulls at the leash, growling. You pull him to you with the leash, then start scratching his head.

"I know buddy," You say, listening. "Sometimes though, we just have to sit still and take stock of things,"

The singing continues, growing louder and more distinct. You couldn't call it pleasant singing, but it does fill the silence.

The ringing also continues, though it fades as the singing grows closer. Before the ringing is completely drowned out, you hear a noise, as if someone picked up a phone and answered it.

Schwaser is no longer restless. He is now hiding behind you, whimpering. The singing grow to a crescendo, and then cuts out.

You hear the tap of a drum, the rustle of feet and wrappers.

A line of children walk into the room. Walk is the wrong word. They are a couple feet off the ground, moving their feet and swaying side to side.

You get to your feet, slowly. The children parade past you, doing a circle around the room and then heading back the way they came. Some of them make eye contact with you and nod.

The last child circles the room and heads back into the darkness. You get behind him and follow.

Now that you're a part of the child parade, you notice other strange things about them. They're slightly translucent, in addition to float-walking. The bodies shift, losing definitive shape and then reforming.

Suddenly they vanish. You find yourself in the room with the iron rings and chains. You slowly draw your beretta.

A man appears. He wears an old-timey barbers outfit, and a burlap sack over his head. You recognize him from the three bullet holes in his chest and head. He whips out cleaver that seems to jump with excitement in his hand.

On the opposite side of the room appears two figures, engulfed in flames. They seem to be shouting at you, but you can't make out their garbled words. One of them starts walking towards you.

>Concentrate on the dead barber, try and take him down first
>Concentrate on the flaming figure, try and take it down first
>Jump down the hole in the floor towards the lower tunnels
>Ran back out towards the entrance
>Concentrate on the dead barber, try and take him down first
Are we gonna try to shoot apparition or do a physic battle.
supporting my own vote
>Concentrate on the dead barber, try and take him down first

He's armed, for a lack of a better word. Better deal with him first.
>Jump down the hole in the floor towards the lower tunnels
People we've personally caused the deaths of, huh? Now's not the time to get caught up in the past.
>Jump down the hole in the floor towards the lower tunnels

"Police!" You yell at the barber. "Don't-" You stop talking, realizing you're yelling at a dead man. You swallow, edging slowly around the barber, putting him between you and the flaming figures.

"Look buddy," You say, leveling your gun. "I can understand if there's some hard feelings, but you know I won fair and square,"

The cleaver jumps in the barbers hand, flipping and shimmering in the air. The man continues to approach you.

"They never fucking listen," You murmur, and fire off three rounds.

The bullets pass through the barber and one of the flaming figures, impacting in the wall behind them.

"Of fucking course," You murmur, taking another step back.

Singing suddenly breaks out, and the barber and flaming figures freeze. Children float up from the floor, grab the barber's apron, and drag him down. The undead man claws desperately at the air, but the children laugh and sing as they pull him through the floor.

"wha," You say. "What?" You take another step back.

The flaming figures glance wildly around. The children rise from the floor again, grabbing both figures by the legs and dragging them into the floor.

You've seen enough, you leap into the hole towards the lower tunnels. You bounce off the wall and slam down into the water.

You should have broken a bone, but find yourself bruised. You should have broken a bone when you fell from the hospital, but you were only bruised. You push any thoughts of what it could mean from your head, and get to your feet.

You hear a click and get a facefull of light. You instinctively grab the flashlight and slam its holder against the tunnel wall.

"Oof!" A man yells. You can see he's wearing burlap. You pull him from the wall and slam his head into the brick. You pull your knife, having lost your beretta in the fall, and charge the next guy.

"I surrender!" The man yells, throwing up his hands. You rip off his mask and grip him by the collar.

"What's the idea huh?" You say. "Kidnapping more kids? Storing jars?"

"What?" The man says. "Look I'm a truck driver, I'm helping the guy you just hit move out some boxes,"

"And the burlap sacks?" You say. "Just throwing those on for atmosphere?"

"N-no," The man says. "The people who hired us said you have to wear them, or you'll start to see things. Something about fumes,"

"That make sense to you?" You say. "Burlap stopping fumes?"

"Look man they paid me good money, you can ask him when he wakes up," The man points at other guy slumped against the floor.

You let go of the man and point down the tunnel with your knife. "You come from that way?"

"Yeah," The man says, itching his head. "It leads to a sewer grate in the parking lot of an old power plant,"

"Hm," You say, staring down the way the two men came. It was the one direction you hadn't taken, because it likely led to the sewer systems. What you didn't realize is it led under the power plant parking lot.

>Go down the way the men had come, towards the powerplant parking lot
>Go to the room where you first saw the jars and the burnt men
>Try and take the two men back for questioning
>Return for Schwaser
>Find our gun.
then tell em if they aren't involved to gtfo of doge, most people wearing burlaps end up like this, show our lack of eyes to him but not our entire face.
New thread when?
I Think the reason he isn't running as often is because he's running 3 quests at a time. This guy's a legend
Safety bump
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Thanks for the safety bumps all, gonna take a hiatus while I run another quest to recharge my love for tacticool, check twitter or keep an eye peeled in the catalog for the return of SWAT quest
What other quest are you running?

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