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Two figures stand in the very middle of a flat plain.
They knew this would happen, they knew this would be the ideal spot.
Suddenly one of them looks up as he senses something.



"Do not interfere."

Haschwalth pauses for a moment.
"Of course."

Suddenly the thing they've been sensing gets close enough for them to see.
Their skin began to dry up, their eyes stung as they gazed into the radiant figures aura.
With a loud crash the ground caved in under the figure. He looked beyond furious.

"Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni.
It's an honor to finally meet you... again."

"Juha Bach..."

The quincy smiled as the Head Captain purposefully mispronounced his name.
"You look well if a bit old.
The years certainly haven't been kind to you.
Is this really all that's left of the monster I faced a millennia ago?
A wrinkled old man who can't even stand up straight?"

Yamamotos flaming reiatsu flared up, its tongues charring the surrounding area violently.
Raising up his cane he unsealed Ryujin Jakka and drew it from its sheath.
This amused his opponent greatly.

"Ah... there it is!
Just looking at it is making every cell of my body scream in pain.
You've done quite a number on me a thousand years ago, you know."

"Clearly it wasn't good enough.
But do not worry whelp! I won't make the same mistake twice...
Reduce All Creation to Ash... Ryujin Jakka!"
With the words said the fire from behind the Captain Commander disappears and they burst out from his sword instead.
"This time I won't be satisfied by merely atomizing you!"

Smiling at this the king raised his hand and swept it in front of him in a horizontal motion.
At his command a massive holy bow formed in the air, miles above their heads.
With the weapon casting a shadow on Silbern it fired straight down at its own master.
Almost without effort the quincy snatched the massive bolt of reishi out of the air and he began squeezing it.

Slowly but surely the arrow got condensed down into a broadsword of pure reishi.
Brandishing his new weapon he readied it against Yamamoto.
This annoyed the Head Captain somewhat.
"Is something the matter?"

"I can't decide whether or not I'm happy that Kaizar Soize got the jump on you first.
I suppose I'll have to thank him for that one."

The Kings eyebrows twitched at that comment.
Not even the reveal of Ryujin Jakka got that much of a reaction out of him.
It must be a sore topic.
File: 510Yhwach's_Broadsword.png (405 KB, 410x867)
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405 KB PNG
But before either of them made a move a group of Soldat jumped the Head Captain from the shadows.
A portal opened up literally in his own shadow cast by Ryujin Jakkas flames and they began firing away.
However... it did not matter.

The fires of the old man began to invade the portal and reduced all the quincy inside to black ash.
Yamamoto did not even have to move his eyes away from Yhwach.


Raising his free hand the Commander took off his Haori as well as all the clothing covering his torso, revealing his muscular and scarred body.
As his wounds began to glow in the radiant light of his zanpakuto he stared intently at the quincy.

He spoke up.

Suddenly disappearing from sight the old man raised his sword as he moved at high speed, aiming to bring it down on his unsuspecting opponent.
However the technique that's normally so fast that the opponent only becomes aware that they were cut much later was simply not fast enough.
Bringing his sword up high Yhwach blocked Yamamotos attack and the two of the are now at a stand still.

Grinning at this the quincy spoke up as sparks of reishi fill the air around him.
"Is this the best you've got old friend?
Surely you don't mean to beat me with just your shikai!
Or... are you just too scared to release your sword fully?"

Not answering his opponent Yamamoto raised his free hand and gripped hard around the Quincys arm.
At this His Majestys eyes opened wide.
Normally such an iron hold would break the hands of an average person or even a sternritters with Blut on, but not his.
Still it did mean that he was now held in place by the shinigami.


"Ennetsu Jigoku..."
Yamamoto spoke the name of his technique and at his command seven pillars of flame erupted from the ground.
As the flames began closing in on them Yamamoto looked deep into his opponents eye.
"You have grown arrogant you maggot.
An interesting fact given how I defeated you last time.
Still, you assumed that I've grown old and rugged in these thousand years. A foolish mistake.
I do not need to use bankai to destroy you. These flames will suffice!"

A bit taken back by the Commanders suicide move Yhwach pointed the stump of his left arm at the ground.
From his mangled appendage veins burst forth and they began spreading around in the ground.
Quickly as he poured his energy into them a protective dome surrounded the two combatants.

"Blut Vene Anhaben!"
File: 506Zanka_no_Tachi.png (879 KB, 1520x1200)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
With the flames of Ryujin Jakka sufficiently held at bay Yhwach grinned at his opponent.
"Arrogant? ME?
You conceited old fool!


The Commander bashed the quincy in the face, breaking his nose in the process.
With the force of his punch hurling him away the quincy broke through his own protective barrier and as he flew he dragged his veins with himself through Ryujin Jakkas flames.

Quickly recovering from the attack Yhwach snapped his nose back straight as he retracted his blood vessels into what's left of his arm.
"Okay... that actually hurt."

"Then you won't like what's coming next...


"S-So... you finally caved in!
You deranged fool!"
Yhwach reached for his medallion and attempted to activate it.
However as it failed his eyes opened wide in surprise.
"T-This can't be!"

"Zanka no Tachi..."
Yamamoto looked at his opponent.
"What's wrong? Why won't you take it?
As I thought. You can not take it away, can you?
How unfortunate for you..."

>Zanka no Tachi East
>Zanka no Tachi West
>Zanka no Tachi North
>Zanka no Tachi South
>Other? (write-in)
>Zanka no Tachi North
This is the best one at a range, how's it going Spook?
Still a bit sick from whatever garbage I caught last week.

But I'm slowly improving.
Throat hurts a lot though

Good to hear boss.

BRB gonna go do some research on this broken bastard so I vote for the best move.
>Zanka no Tachi North
Looks like the old man is doping.
East is just touching something with the sword, which burns it from existence, West is a cloak of fire of the same intensity so whatever touches him gets burned away, North is similar to East but it's ranged, and South raises an army of the dead.
This is pretty accurate.

Also East and West are kinda like passives which are always on while North and South are actual techniques
Alright I'm back!

So for the newbies here's a guide.

West is basically "Fuck you I'm wearing the sun now."

South is basically "Fuck you it's thriller night now."

North is basically "Fuck you and everything that exists in that general direction especially."

South is the Wildcard.

That works too though, thanks dude!

Now then, let's kill a "god"


>Zanka no Tachi North
Is the old man gonna fair any better than in canon, considering he still has both arms?
Right so there seems to be complete agreement that North should be the first one.
That's good because I always thought it was the lamest of the 4.

Also while I'm at it please start rolling 3d10s
Best of 3
DC:16 Crit: 22

Rolled 4, 3, 4 = 11 (3d10)

Rolled 3, 3, 8 = 14 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 4, 5 = 17 (3d10)


Time to get our Purge on
Fucking clutch as all hell.
File: Ebola.png (550 KB, 600x592)
550 KB
550 KB PNG

That's one arm saved
(yes, failing the DCs means you start losing body parts)
Damn, that was a real booty clencher.

Tbh I've always thought Yamamoto was more powerful offensively than Ichibei was.
That's just because Ichibe is not about killing you.
He's about crippling you and THEN killing you
Yhwach stares at the blade intently.
He can hardly accept the fact that he simply can not steal it away from Yamamoto.

"I see the blade got more rugged over the years..."

"Is that it?"
A familiar voice speaks up from behind him.
"That faint little thing is a bankai?"

"Don't get careless Haschwalth...
That thing. That thing is beyond comprehension.
All the power that his sword possesses is compacted into the blade itself.
You may not see the flames themselves but the heat is still there.
One cut and that is it.
It may look dying... but it's anything but."

"Hmph... Tell me Juha.
Do your wounds ache? Do you wake up in a cold sweat every night when you remember my blade?
I hope so... but..."
Yamamoto raised his sword and held it out in front of himself horizontally.
"What you remember from back when... that monster...
Was a mere child. Much like myself."


Hearing this Yhwach began visibly sweating. Quite a feat considering that the ambient heat of Zanka no Tachi is currently evaporating all moisture from the Seireitei and even some segments of the Rukongai.
"Y-You're bluffing!"

"Believe what you want to. It won't change the truth.
Zanka no Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin."

Swinging with his sword as it's held out Yamamoto unleashed the incomprehensible heat of his blade in a concentrated wave of reiatsu.
Seeing it incoming Yhwach let go of his blade and ducked underneath the attack.
And good thing too because he saw his reishi broadsword which was capable of contending with Yamamotos shikai being snapped in half like it was a piece of wet tissue paper.
The wave then kept going forward until it reached Haschwalth at which point it just disappeared.

Still standing on one knee the quincy king began sniffing as a strange scent caught his attention.
The air felt like it was searing his lungs from the inside but the smell was unmistakable.
He reached for his scalp and felt like his hair was on fire.

"Hmph... shame.
That cut was going to erase your very soul from the cycle itself.
But seeing you on your knees almost makes up for it."
>But seeing you on your knees almost makes up for it."

Damn, forget North that was the real burn right there.
I always thought it was because OMG was swinging a sword around that was literally hotter than the surface of the sun and Monk-ey boy just kinda reality-warped things like a candy-ass.
Rape Monk will wither you to death with his hax, Old Man Genocide beats you half to death then immolates your soul out of existence.
File: bbleach-3557037.jpg (88 KB, 800x420)
88 KB
"Do you understand now whelp?
This is not the same sword you encountered a thousand years ago.
Back then I had access only to Zanka no Tachi East...
This was North.
You do the math!"

As Yhwach was busy coming to terms with the true nature of Yamamotos Bankai Haschwalth was busy slowly inching away from the battlefield step by step.

Suddenly Yamamoto decided to go on the offensive and using Zanjutsu he began swinging his blade around.
Without his weapon around Yhwach couldn't do much other than dodging. At least until he managed to create a replacement.
However as Yamamoto is flailing wildly at him he notices just how much the Head Captain is holding back.
For a split second he almost gets confident about that which almost resulted in him receiving a cut.

Using hirenkyaku he decided to amp up the speed of the fight a bit.
And as he did so he had enough time to observe his cloak which actually was cut.
"A... cut? But no flames?"

Yamamoto kept chasing the quincy with his sword.

"N-No more flames!
It just erases things!"

"Zanka no Tachi, Higashi: Kyokujitsujin.
My sword no longer produces fire. Everything it touches gets annihilated by its heat!"

Just as he finished that sentence he began moving around more boldly.
And as he stabbed the ground with the very tip of his blade it is revealed why he was so careful with his own weapon up until now.
As soon as Zanka no Tachi touched the ground a massive crevice got burnt into it, large enough for several buildings to fall over and into it.
There were no flames, no explosion, no fanfare. One moment and it was just gone.

Despite witnessing the overwhelming power for himself Yhwach seemed confident.
Raising his hand he conjured another bow in the sky which fired a sword to him.
"How boring!
This simply means that I just have to avoid that pesky sword of yours!"

Swinging down hard with his sword at the open Yamamoto he reeled back in horror as his sword quickly disappeared into nothingness the moment it got anywhere near the old man himself.
"W-What is this?!"

"I do wonder myself.
Come one. Swing at me again.
I'm sure you can do it this time."
But as Yamamoto looked at his opponent in this moment of respite he turned his attention to the Seireitei.
"Let's end this charade quickly Juha. I'd rather not wipe out the Soul Society if I can help it."

>Surprise him with Hakuda
>Cast the biggest spell you have
>Bring out South
>Other? (write-in)
>Bait him by beginning the incantation for a big spell then sucker punch him with your fire body
>Surprise him with Hakuda
Let's do this >>2064592 but use East instead of Hakuda.
If OMG doesn't want to destroy Soul Society, why would he use Goryutenmetsu?
>>Bring out South

Take. Him. Down.
>Bring out South
I'll go for this
I'l change from my vote too this >>2064592
This sounds good.

Also, yay! Caught this while it started.
This clearly got the most votes.

please start rolling 3d10 once more.
DC: 17 Crit: 22

Rolled 1, 4, 3 = 8 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 9, 8 = 23 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 5, 7 = 21 (3d10)

Oh geez. RIP arm time.
Rolled 1, 1, 6 = 8 (3d10)

This is pretty tense senpai.

File: egg scum.jpg (42 KB, 391x406)
42 KB
File: Yamamoto_-_Sokotsu.png (422 KB, 1689x1407)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Raising his hand Yamamoto opened up his palm and pointed it at Yhwach.


"Limit of the thousands hands,"


"respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness."


"Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky."


As the ten pink balls of energy built up and materialized behind Yamamoto Yhwach raised his hand and from his fingertips he began shooting countless holy arrows the size of tree trunks at Yamamoto.
However as they got close to his body they all evaporated one by one.

"The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders."

Growling loudly Yhwach conjured charged Yamamoto in a desperate attempt to prevent him from firing off his Kido.
Using hirenkyaku he doubled up his speed and focused as much of his power into his Blut as possible in order to withstand the intense heat that grew stronger and stronger as he got closer to the Captain Commander.
Perhaps most surprising to him, his swords actually got past the dead zone that stopped all of his other attacks prior to this one.

But that was as far as he was going to get.
As he quickly found the iron grip of Yamamoto around his arms.
He looked at the shinigami with fear in his eyes.

If you fire that now you'll also die!"
To his shock however the ten balls of reishi disappeared as quickly as they were made.

"Sacrificing that much power for a decoy...
Was certainly worth it!"
Pulling back his fist Yamamoto clenched it tightly before ramming it into Yhwachs guts.

The sound of his punch was explosive and the force behind it even more so.
But internal damage was not the main concern of the Quincy king at that moment as he was busy attempting to put out the flames that now covered his coat.
Agonizing as his clothes fused to his molten skin his grip on his sword weakened and he dropped the weapon.

"I suppose I'll allow you to see the reason for your defeat..."
All of a sudden Yhwach saw flames erupting from Yamamotos body, covering him in pure heat.
"Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui.
You see..."
Yamamoto cracked all of his knuckles as he formed two fists.
"not only my sword is coated in my flames.
My entire body, my very being is like the surface of the sun.
None of your feeble attacks could ever even reach me.
And as you can see... even with their intensity being much weaker than those of Zanka no Tachi East... they are still quite effective.
With his fists ready Yamamoto drove both of his hands forward.

The fact that he had his tongue sticking out and that he was gagging in pain did not change.
Yet he felt almost no pain.
His mind went completely blank with a sensation of white calmness overwhelming him.
Indeed his reaction was more just a reflex from his body than something he did consciously.

But as the moments passed slowly his mind adjusted to the pain.
And now... now he was capable of feeling it.
Suddenly the "whiteness" disappeared and it got replaced by a strange buzzing sensation mixed with pain.
He looked down at the source of his agony and saw nothing.

As in what used to be his left side including his liver, one kidney, a lung and several bones including but not limited to a few ribs and his pelvis were simply gone, erased from existence, vaporized.
What's most disturbing however is the fact that he could not figure out what exactly caused such devastation in him.
The heat? Or perhaps the sheer overwhelming power of the shinigami? Perhaps a mixture of those two elements.

Regardless of that Yhwach was in quite a horrible shape.
Seeing the damage made him realize that he needs to go all out.
Right. Now.

Unable to move from the spot where he was standing he raised his remaining hand and from it roman numerals scribed onto thin films of reishi began flowing from his hand.
After some brief german chanting he spoke the name of the technique.

"Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger!"

From the ground beneath them a massive reishi construct began emerging.
As it took form it began engulfing the area in its blue light which felt oddly painful to look at.
Panting from his grievous injuries Yhwach addressed his opponent.

"Don't bother trying to run away!
This is the ultimate defensive spell of the Quincy.
And now that you are inside Gods Light shall incinerate your very soul out of existence!
If I die here.... then the last thing I'll do is dragging you with me to Hell!"

"Hell you say?"
Yamamoto raised his sword.
"I'm afraid you are sorely mistaken old friend.
I told you... no afterlife awaits you.
And as for Hell..."

>Zanka no Tachi: South
>Zanka no Tachi: South
>Zanka no Tachi: South
>Other? (write-in)

Ah the sheer level of beatdown going on right now is a sight to behold.

Really shows the difference of someone born with a bullshit power and someone willing to train like a bastard in order to not only reach that level, but /surpass/ it.
>Zanka no Tachi: South
>Other? (write-in)
Zanka no Tachi: South
>>Zanka no Tachi: South
>>Zanka no Tachi: South

I picked the second South. The obviously superior choice.
>>Zanka no Tachi: South
Right that was a bit of a cuntish move from me but I can't think of a better ending than this and I needed a break.

So for the last time...
Roll 3d10 for OMG
DC: 15 Crit: 25
best of 3

Rolled 5, 3, 1 = 9 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 7, 6 = 18 (3d10)

I'll try not to fuck up.
Rolled 9, 1, 8 = 18 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 2, 7 = 10 (3d10)


People were more than likely going to choose that option anyway looking at the previous vote. It's a fan favorite.

25 for a crit, yeesh. FakeWach won't go down easy.
"Since you are so eager... I'll let you experience it!"

Following that Yamamoto stabbed his blade into the ground and by extension the Sankt Zwinger.
The moment he did that flames began erupting all around them and unlike last time the ground did not get erased.
Instead from the fires that steadily tear down the holy temple around them black, charred skeletons emerged en masse.

Yamamoto looked at his terrified and confused opponent with a cold, detached gaze.
"Zanka no Tachi, Minami: Kaka Jūmanokushi Daisōjin.
Juha... Welcome to Hell."


As the smoldering corpses kept rising seemingly from the depths of hell itself Yhwach did not waste much time ogling them.
With his weapon raised he began slashing away at the hordes of undead that began swarming the area.
But no matter how much he tried, no matter how hard or how quick he swung there were always more and more and more.

Their sheer numbers were not the thing that broke the King however.
It was something much more sinister.
Because as he was busy smashing the animated bones to bits he started noticing something.
He was uncertain whether it was due to his memory or if it was a hidden effect of Yamamotos bankai but he started recognizing the skeletal soldiers surrounding him.

He snapped his head from one direction to the other, looking at a different skelton.

Suddenly the faces of his former fellows began flashing before him.
And the more he looked the more faces he recognized.
Consumed by the horror of what he beheld all he could do was screaming.
This pleased Yamamoto greatly.

"I see you figured it out for yourself.
Indeed all these bones are the people that fell by my blade.
And just for you I chose these ten thousand souls from your children.
Don't worry about smashing all of them.... there is plenty more where they came from."

Slowly but surely Yhwach caved in under the ever increasing pile of undead soldiers that fought him tooth and nail.
Up until the very last moment before his wailings ended he saw the faces of his former comrades flashing in front of him as they tore his guts out with their bare hands.
Fuck I forgot about the fake one normally, but haschwalth wasn't travelling with him though?
Fake Bach was with Hashbrowns but there's no Aizen so why would this be Fake Bach?
Because the big man has a flair for the dramatic and he's kind of a dick.
Simple tactics

Why take the field and risk your life when a subordinate is willing to do it for you?

Added bonus you can see the enemies aces without revealing any of your own.

He's just /that/ much of a bastard.
"How does it feel?"
Yamamoto looked at the remaining quincy.
"To see your God killed like a dog right before your eyes?"

"I wouldn't know..."



Suddenly Yamamoto felt something emerging from behind the blonde quincy.
His blood froze when he saw an arm clutching a medallion in it rising up from the shadows.
Soon Yhwach appeared behind the young quincy while the one he just buried under a thousand skeletons was still right in front of him.
Then... his army of undead warriors disappeared alongside the flames that coated him and his sword.

Eyes wide open he stared at the Quincy King in disbelief.
Then he looked at the spot where he thought he buried him and saw a bald man with his guts torn out.
"W-What is the meaning of this?!"

"Oh Yamamoto... my old, senile friend.
You were always so bone headed, a true barbarian to the very end.
That's what I always liked about you.
Did you really think I'd face you after what you did to me a thousand years ago?"


"Oh... and that look on your face when you thought you were immune to our medallions.
Sadly these devices depend greatly on the users strength and...
Well Royd over there was quite competent but... I mean come on!"
Letting out a hearty laugh he looked at the medallion in his hand and then at Yamamoto.
"But thank you for that demonstration!
I'll make sure to put it to good use!"


"You just don't get it do you?
Zanka no Tachi... NORTH!"

A wave of fire flies out from Yhwachs sword, much like it did for the Commander.
But this time the attack doesn't miss and it severs Yamamotos hand from his body.
Looking a bit disappointedly at his new toy Yhwach spoke up.

Either you are way too resilient to heat or the Bankai lost much of its potency...
Well, no matter.
You'll still die no matter what."

"Y-You bastard!
I swear! I swear on all things that exist!
I'll chase you 'till HELL!"

"Yeah, yeah. We get it."
Raising his free left arm Yhwach suddenly conjured several bows of incredible size around Yamamoto and began blasting him relentlessly with arrow after arrow.
As he rained down his attacks he turned to Haschwalth and spoke up.
"Good job by the way Haschwalth."

"Thank you Your Majesty."

"And in time too...
A few more minutes and we might have had to retreat... again."

"If that came to be I'd have handled him personally."

"Very good."
>"If that came to be I'd have handled him personally."
The Balance is good, but it's not THAT good.
He's referring to the Day/Night shifts. I forgot to ellude to that

The fight was dragging on for so long that the sun was setting.
Meaning Haschbrowns and Yhwach would've switched
I wonder how pissed Ryujin Jakka is right now. I mean it was already just a living embodiment of BURNING but now it's separated from the only guy bad enough to really get it. It must be quite cross with the Quincy king right now.

Man Ywach is such a bitchnigger.

Not even man enough to fight his own opponent, has to hax him down like 10 levels just to be able to fight him, has to /steal/ his ult just to have a chance, and after all that still has the nerve to act like he's better than Yamamoto.

I can't wait until we break this guy like we did Aizen.
File: 138.gif (115 KB, 262x386)
115 KB
115 KB GIF
That is seriously the gayest end holy fuck. I legit hope kaizar rips his damn head off in front of all the other quincy.
Yeah... imagine how shit it was to resd when it came out
File: Spoiler Image (686 KB, 837x625)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
As their conversation ends Yhwach casually flicks his hand and the barrage ends.
They both walk over to Yamamotos body and look at him.

"Still alive after all this?
The years were indeed kind to you if you are in such great strength."
Yamamoto had no strength left to reply.
"Now then... what do we do about you?
I suppose killing you and turning you into my eternal, undead servant would be fitting after what you've done to my children.
But... I also like the idea of the shinigamis greatest hero dying in a ditch without any grace what so ever.
Yes... I think that'll do.

Suddenly a figure arrived on the scene.
Its presence was small enough that they could slip by undetected up until now.
The two quincy looked at the young shinigamis horrified expression.

"Well what do we have here?
A moth drawn to a flame?"
Isane stared at the Captain Commanders mangled body and she was on the verge of tears because of it.
"Hmmm... a medic?"
Yhwach looked at her and smiled.
"Well... what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Try it."
Confident in the damage he dealt he taunted Isane into attempting the impossible.

Little did he know that this tipped the girl over the edge and she reached for her zanpakuto.

"Look Haschwalth. How adorable!"

"Indeed Your Majesty."

But the two quincy quickly shut up as Isane begins doing her work.
A thick, murky fog begins to flow out from her blade and it slowly covers the area around her.
Soon things start to chill as frost begins to settle on them.
This gets Yhwachs attention.

Well now...
Little girl you just earned my attention.
Shouldn't have done that."

Turning off his newfound Bankai Yhwach drew a regular sword from his belt aand slowly began walking towards Isane.
However he's quickly stopped by Haschwalth.

"Your Majesty!"

He stopped and looked up into the sky.
"Yeah... I see it..."


As the two turned their attention skywards they saw a sole figure approaching them rapidly.
But despite its incredible speed it let out no spiritual signal what so ever.
He was coming.

Crashing down on the ground next to the confused and terrified shinigami Kaizar Soize looked at her.
"Hello Isane!"

She called out to him with tears in her eyes.

You then turned your attention to the two death row rejects.
"I see you've got the arm back."

"Actually we've never met before.
But I believe introductions are pointless right now."
He pointed at the bald quincy laying on the ground.
"You mangled only my stand-in."

Looking at the horribly mutilated corpse you turn back to the soon to be mutilated corpse.
"A coward and a bastard.
You've just earned my contempt Quincy."

But he raised his hand.
"Before we do this... I have something else to take care of.
You see, as much as I'd love to tussle with you my time is precious and it's currently running out.
So if you don't mind I'll just do this!"

The Quincy then holstered his weapon and spread his arms
Would have been great if the medallion containing Ryujin Jakka just melted and everything was fire and everyone had to deal with that instead of "lol i'm god" no selling shit. There is a time and a place for No Selling. OMG is not one of those.
Yes. And people were pissed about it alright.

But even that was nothing compared to gallon of piss Kubo gave us to drink in the final few chapters.

I hope we heal OMG while this asshole is posing like a peacock for his 'special attack'.
It's a good thing Bleach ended after the "Final Getsuga" and everything after was just Ichigo's doodles in class and didn't actually happen. Yup. And he kept his hairline.
And out of nowhere, Best Girl!
File: 603Yhwach_revives.png (519 KB, 989x704)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
From that moment the King only said one word.


He said with a grin.

Suddenly a strange white light began flowing out of his hand and before your eyes it started melting the surrounding area.
You saw all the reishi from all over the place siphoned into the Quincys hand and then expelled into the sky.
A massive pillar of the substance shot upward and split into several smaller beams that made their ways to various points of the Seireitei.
The moment they landed you felt an incredible amount of energy being twisted and perverted into something... astounding.

Reiatsu signatures began appearing. Signals that you very clearly felt dying out some time ago.
Your eyes widen as the light fades.
"What did you do?!"

"I turned the tides!"

From behind the King his assistant spoke up.
"What about Royd Your Majesty?"

"His brother lies in the belly of a beast.
They lived together their entire life. Let them die together."

You stare in disbelief at the Quincy while simultaneously focus on the newly arisen reiatsus.
The situation is bad.
Several of the already defeated Sternritter have been resurrected while your army is exhausted and suffered a lot of damage.
You need to make the call right now!

>Charge the head bastard
>Retreat. Fall back with all your forces so you can fight another day.
>Other? (write-in)
But the Fullbringer Arc was good until the Japanese fans literally weaponized their autism against Kubo.
>Retreat. Fall back with all your forces so you can fight another day.
>Charge the head bastard
He did mention the switch was coming, holding Yhwach's attention here might not be a bad idea.
>>Retreat. Fall back with all your forces so you can fight another day.
A good commander knows when he needs to get his boys the fuck outta dodge. Even if we could totally kick his ass. Yeah. Totally.
>Retreat. Fall back with all your forces so you can fight another day.
>Charge the head bastard
The situation might not be as dire as we think. Hollows took out several quincy heavy-hitters. That means their soul would be completely destroyed from soul suicide, so I doubt ywach could bring them back so easily.
Care to elaborate?

I'm not familiar with this one
>Retreat. Fall back with all your forces so you can fight another day.
we can probably get yamamoto back from the dead and that will be a massive ass help all things considered, especially since the only one who can really deal with him is the quincy king anyways since even in just shikai he can murder the shit out of 90% of the people here.

>>Charge the head bastard


Exactly, some of his boys are back on the field to be sure, but the guys we personally took down are staying down.

Also if we bail then that means that OMG is dead, or at the very least severely depowered.

If we can just grab that Medallion before we bail then I'm willing to call this a tactical victory more than anything else.
Retreating it is

Please roll 3d10
higher is better.
Best of 3

Rolled 8, 7, 9 = 24 (3d10)

Wiggles bless my roll!
Rolled 5, 10, 8 = 23 (3d10)


Don't like running, but if that's what people want to do then that's what we're doing.
Rolled 10, 4, 2 = 16 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 1, 9 = 18 (3d10)

There was such a backlash from the lack of Soul Society characters among Bleach's Japanese fans (mostly fujos IIRC) during the Fullbring arc that Kubo's editors put pressure on him to end it early.

He may have also gotten threats but I'm not 100% sure.
Hmmm that sounds very plausible.
Given how the same people whined Byakuya back into life
File: 2dd.jpg (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
I hope this roll is good enough to snatch isane and yamamoto outta there with us

Please tell me we're at least giving this bastard a parting shot before we leave.

I'd settle for insults but a literal parting shot wouldn't go amiss either.
Oh you'll give more than that.

A right, proper middle finger
>"I stole all of your waifus."

Ywach's fw?
He had a grand total of about 5 of them.
Almost everyone else was a dude.

And his "soul mate" was molested as a little boy.
It's obvious Yhwach has no interest in baginas
Rolled 1, 2, 4 = 7 (3d10)

Rolling to seduce Jugram to cuck ywach
>Jugo spreads his cheeks for his majesty
>He had a grand total of about 5 of them.
Bambietta, Liltotto, Meninas, Candice, Bernice, yeah, there's only five female Sternritters.
There was also that one woman in the presence of Haschbrowns but she might have been a golem or something because her eyes were all weird
Rolled 5, 8, 10 = 23 (3d10)

Attempting to seduce Ywach to cuck Jugram
She wasn't a Sternritter, but you're right. She probably had some significance that was lost in the rush to the ending.
File: DEVILISH.jpg (78 KB, 470x595)
78 KB
File: hqdefault.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
Turning to the shinigami kneeling above the heavily wounded Yamamoto you address her.


"Is there a way for the shinigami to contact each other?
Like with some sort of spell or magic!"


"Then do it!"

Suddenly she drops her zanpakuto and from the pouch on her side she retrieves some black ink with which she scrawls strange markings on her arm and on the ground under her.
Extending her arm forward a rectangular window opens before her which starts glowing.
"Bakudō #77. Tenteikūra!
I-I got it! I'm connected to every shinigami Kaizar!"

"Good. Now can you do it to hollows as well?"

"W-Wha-?! T-That's impossible!
It's too many!"

While grumbling you step up to her and touch her shoulder.
The Hogyoku within your chest begins glowing as it starts to assist Isane in the task.
Of course the orb is already aware of your intentions so it knows what to do.
As you keep your arm on Isanes shoulder you transmit one very simple message to everyone.

"Listen up people! Kaizar here!
Please do NOT panic!"

Following that you closed your eyes and began focusing.
Your power began building up and once you had reached the required level you opened your eyes and looked at the Quincy in the eye.

"I'm coming for you!"

Then a strange aura began enveloping you, Isane, Yamamoto and pretty much everyone else that you were connected to via the Tenteikura network.
The only ones you left alone were the ones who explicitly wished not to be taken away.
Granted outside Isshin not many people wanted that.

In a flash of light all souls that were not Quincy in nature were transported to a location far away from the Seireitei itself.
Suddenly you find yourself in a temporary space where you and everyone else was thrust into by the Hogyoku.
You see arcs of light traverse this realm and begin wondering why are you remaining stationary.


"Ah so it was intentional.
What do you want Hogyoku?"

"I'm afraid this... was too much for me.
Relocating so many at once demanded too much of my energy.
Sadly I won't be able to assist you for a while. At least until I finish hibernating."

"Damn it!"

"I'm... sorry Master."

But you shook your head.
"No. Don't be.
You helped me out a great deal.
Please rest as much as you like."

"Thank you Master.
I shall take you to your destination now...
>meanwhile in Ywach's brainspace: "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?"
File: worry.gif (111 KB, 294x233)
111 KB
111 KB GIF
>In a flash of light all souls that were not Quincy in nature were transported to a location far away from the Seireitei itself.
You...don't reckon this got the entities inside of the soul king's palace too, do you?

The Palace is basically like a separate dimension, despite it being located above the Soul Society.

Also Tenteikura can not reach them
File: Spoiler Image (409 KB, 680x601)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
You are the last one to pop back into real-space.
Upon your arrival you were greeted by the amazing sight of everyone scratching their heads in confusion.
What you find most interesting however is the fact that people were seemingly dropped off randomly, meaning that hollows and shinigami are forced to mingle quite a lot.

"W-Where are we?"
Isane asks in confusion.

"This is..."

"Outside the Seireitei?"
A few others ask awkwardly.

Deciding to shed some light to what has happened you hop into the air and begin levitating for all eyes to see.
I'm Kaizar Soize and I was the one that contacted you just a moment ago.
As you may have realized... the Quincy have regained what strength they lost in this last engagement.
Also your Commander has... he has been gravely injured let's just say that."

"So you removed us from the battlefield?!
Also... HOW?!"
A short statured female captain speaks up against you.
You do not recognize her.

"I saved ourselves so we can live and fight another day.
And I... took inspiration from Aizen on that one."

There is an ominous silence following that one.
You decided to give everyone some time to process exactly what just happened.
That serenity is however broken when someone points towards the Seireiteis direction.


As everyones attentions are turned towards the place you just evacuated you see massive stone walls descending from the heavens above.
The massive constructs form a protective barrier around the city and from this distance you can even see it projecting a spherical force field around it.

"D-Did they activate the defenses?"
You ask in confusion.

"No Arrancar-san..."
Captain Kyoraku steps up to you with an eyepatch on one side of his face.
"Not in such short time at least.
I think the boys upstairs decided to use the walls to lock something IN for a change."

"Can't they just get out?"

"The Quincy? Not likely.
Their entire schtick is the manipulation of reishi."

"I see..."

"So let's not worry about that for now and for starters let's figure out where the heck we are."

"Oh... that.
I uh... kinda brought us to the only other place I could remember in the Soul Society."
You turn around and point forward.
"That should give you an idea."

"Oh no..."
So if they're trapped in the Seireitei let's just carry out Aizen's plan of crashing this Soul Palace with no survivors.
If we remove Ywach's ALMIGHTY will he die?

Yes, yes he would.
A feminine voice then penetrates the awkward silence left by Kyorakus inability to speak.
"Well well well...
What have we here?
All I asked from today is a nice, quiet afternoon nap when NOBODY disturbs me.
And just like that the entire fucking court of pure souls shows up at my doorstep!
Now... before I kick the ass of whoever is responsible for this I just have one question...

Kukaku exploded with rage at everyone.

As a great number of people try to calm her down most others just wander around aimlessly without a clue about what to do next.
Looking around you immediately spot a few potential things to do in order to reduce this great chaos you've created.

>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him
>Try to talk with whoever is in charge of the shinigami about what to do next
>First you want to make sure your family is okay
>Other? (write-in)

>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him

We need the old bastard for this war
>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him
>>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him
>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him
In fact, we should shout for all wounded to be gathered together separate from the healthy for treatment, and for all medical personnel to assist in that.
>>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him
>>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him

Time to Heal the Tank before we go raiding again.

Also enjoy your new home you wannabe Nazi fucks, we'll deal with you in a minute.
>Find Yamamoto and help stabilize him

"If you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to heal your old man."

Kyoraku does not bother to stop you and you can even hear a faint "thank you" coming from him.
Leaving his side you decided to seek out Yamamotos reiatsu and when that failed you simply followed the stench of burnt flesh.
Upon arrival you found that someone else has already beaten you to the area.

"Captain Unohana..."

"Kaizar Soize...
I assume you came to assist."


"Then please take a seat.
I could use the help."
Deciding to comply you followed her hand gesture and took a seat on the other side of the still critically wounded Yamamoto.
"Just please exercise some restraint.
To him death would be preferable to hollowfying."

"I'll try my best..."

As you take your place next to her you begin following Unohanas instructions and start either treating or maintaining critical areas so she can get to them later, all the while she's explaining the situation to you.

"I already ordered my men to start rounding up people.
They should finish organization in a few hours."

"Will they be able to do it?
Things are quite hectic out there."

"They are used to such conditions.
Here. The area next to the liver.
I must also thank you for saving Isane.
I don't know what got into the girl to disobey the Commanders orders."

"Were your orders to stay away from the battlefield?"

"Yes. To treat the injured in our barracks."

"Then your orders were stupid.
Providing first aid on the battlefield is essential!"

"It is not our place to question our orders.
We simply have to obey them.
Please hold this in place.
But this is quite an interesting development.
One not even He anticipated."
She looks at Yamamoto.

"Did he anticipate getting killed?"

"He prepared for it.
But now that it actually happened...
We'll need someone to take his place.
Even if he survives this he may not return to active duty for a while."

"You seem capable enough.
Why not you?"

"I refuse... I refuse whole heartedly.
He had... has two wonderful aprentices, either of which should do.
Kyoraku may seem foolish but when he's needed he can be dependable.
And Ukitake may have the spirit of a child but he's the more mature out of the two...
But enough talk about our internal struggles. I imagine you have your own questions."

Realizing that she probably knows more about the situation you take a shot at it.
"What's all this about? What's their end goal?
Why all this?"

"You are right to assume it's not just for the sake of revenge...
Their end goal is and always was the Soul King."



In that moment you received an epiphany and stood up.
"Please give me a moment!"
You then hastily retrieved a communicator from your pocket and started dialing.
The moment they picked up on the other side you started speaking.

"I know. I know.
Clogs monitored the whole thing.
ho shit, its time.
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 421x497)
37 KB
"Right! The Quincy are after the Soul King but they are trapped.
Meaning they'll go to your location for the archive!"

"Way ahead o' ya.
We already downloaded everything and blew the facility to kingdom come.
The kid also got extracted just in case.
We'll keep working in the candy shop."

With that you hung up and returned to Unohana.
"I've contacted the ones left in there.
Looks like they have everything under control."

"That's good to hear.
However... there is also another issue."


"That the walls of Seireitei have been activated.
And that means the Royal Guard are aware of what's happening down here."

"Is it possible that they'll show up?"

"It's not a possibility but a certainty.
What is uncertain is when they'll show up."

In that instant a devious idea begins to bubble up in your mind.
You don't necessarily have to wait for them to show up.
Then again you really don't want to encounter them without the Hogyoku active.
But as you are entertaining that thought you find yourself being done with the procedure itself.
In the end you could contribute little to it other than providing Unohana with your mucus.
Still it did manage to stabilize Yamamoto to the point where he can safely be left alone without him dying.

As you stand up and stretch your back you see that quite a large crowd gathered up around you while you were busy saving the head captains life.
A bit amazed by this fact you prepare to walk away and back to your people before Unohana actually stops you.

"I must thank you Kaizar.
The Captain Commander and I were old comrades.
And even though it makes little difference I am still very thankful."

"Don't sweat it.
I'm sure if our positions were reversed you'd have done the same."

"Do you honestly believe that?"

You pause for a moment.
But some of you would.
And that's enough for me.
Besides, I quite liked him myself."

"Still... a good deed must not go unrewarded.
And I believe I have just the thing."

"... Go on."

You see a certain change in Unohanas eyes.
You can't quite put your finger on it but it's enough to make you feel scared.
"It has become painfully obvious that we are ill equipped to deal with this situation.
Specifically the man responsible for this... atrocity.
And I believe our best chance at avenging our commander... is you.
With Central 46 likely to be erased by the quincy... there is nobody to stop us from doing this."

"What exactly are you talking about?"

"I... would train you.
Kaizar Soize!"
And that's as far as I'm capable of going.

Many apologies for this but as I'm typing this I'm on the verge of coughing up blood and my throat hurts from the constant abuse.

Archive's up and I'll see you guys later.

I might do some omakes during the week so if you have any requests then don't be shy to ask them.

'Till we meet again
I can get on board with that. Seems like it'd fit, since they can both go ultra pyschopath when they need to.
Well this is gonna be fun
>my throat hurts from the constant abuse.
That's so delectably lewd. Thanks for running.

I want to support Ukitake for Captain Commander.
Also I just want to point something out:

Unohana just now used your mucus to heal OMG.
She closely observed how it works and she now KNOWS what makes you so fucking strong.
i.e. your adaptive physiology.

Take that however you will
...She's going to do the EXACT shit to us that she did to kenpachi in the OTL isn't she?

Near-murder us over and over again to force us to get stronger

Well hello Fear-boner.


Thanks for the run Spooky!
Get some rest spooks
>First point of the training is -
>- no, I'm going to make you more stab resistant.

Well fucking ow.
>might do some omakes during the week so if you have any requests then don't be shy to ask them.

Pesci and or Jin laughing their asses off in the captured Quincies faces when they hear the Quincy named a unit the Schutzstaffel and that their orders are to hunt Kaisar down. and especially their explanation why.
seconding this. also any other stories with the captives learning more about Kaizar/the hollows
>Due to repeated subjection to Unohana's mystery Bankai ability, and possibly her healing magic for when he's so injured that the einherjar alone cannot repair him, he has developed even more advanced regenerative abilities, and an INCREDIBLE hierro. From exposure to constant outside healing and from repeated cutting, respectively.
Considering her blade is made out of blood and she does weird healy shit with the shikai it probably gives you like super-double-HIV-AIDS or something.
Oh right, and let's not forget
>Kaizar manages to unlock Mera's bankai
File: 1388436615450.jpg (120 KB, 894x894)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I've returned from Limbo and I feel slightly less miserable..
So now that I've managed to recollect myself somewhat I have a quick survey to ask from you guys. (More from the role playing neckbeards rather than the weaboos)

>How do you like Kobolds?
And I mean the western, lizard like one rather than the japanese furry one with a snout

I dig this.

And given how everyone was transported just now I have the perfect opportunity to do it.
(This will also save some time from the actual thread because there was one line I really wanted to give to Liltotto and Bambi)
File: 1510063088444.jpg (52 KB, 409x535)
52 KB
Too easy to kill, don't put up enough of a fight.
But at least the meat tastes like chicken instead of being terrible
I enjoy kobolds in general.
Dog-mans included.
I skimmed much of the past few threads, what was their reason again?
Lizard tits wtf.
File: Kobold_5ba03b_6299925.jpg (160 KB, 700x990)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

Or something similar

Oh you meant why Pesci and the others would laugh if they heard about the Schutzstaffle?

That's also quite easy.

You see when Kaizar finds out.... that the quincys are not only trying to copy the nazis with their uniforms... but that they also named their elite for after the SS... he's going to go so ballisitc that the bomb in Hiroshima will look pleasant in comparison
I'd actually pay to see that.
Believe me, you will sometime in the future.

AND you don't even have to pay for it
They tend to be a fun roleplaying option both on table and in different games since their inherent low physical strength means you have to tailor them to a different playstyle than most if you are going warrior.
they make pretty good mages though

I like them as slaves to the dragons, either created for that purpose long ago and abandoned OR still serving.
they deserve death and nothing more mostly cause one asshole player played one and fucked the party over hardcore
I'm back and I see most people have some... less than desirable experiences with kobolds.


Anyway I'll be doing 2 omakes I think.
One of them will be the quincy girls bringing some much needed laughter to the exhausted warriors of the hungry beast realm and the other...

Well you'll just have to wait and see.
All I can say is that it's plot related
just realized another two people know who kaizar was.. Spoony and Uryyu,
Uryyu might be with the Quincies but he actually knew siegfried by name. you would think he knows what is gonna happen when the SS shows up
Also Spooks i have a song for when you write that battle the lyrics are also extremely fitting


there are more here on this page but Teufelslied is the one i knew offhand from family research.
i will post the translated lyrics in the next post for the lazy bastards that won't open the link
SS marches in enemy’s land,
And sings a devil’s song.
A rifleman stands on the Volga shore,
And silently hums along.

We care for nothing around us,
And the whole world can,
Curse us or praise us,
As it pleases.

Where we are we always go forward,
And the Devil merely laughs!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
We fight for Germany,
We fight for Hitler,
The Red will get no rest!

We fought well, in many battles,
In North, South, East and West.
And we now stand, ready to fight,
Against the red plague.

SS will not rest, we annihilate,
Until noone threatens Germany’s happiness,
And even when our line thins,
For us there is no return.

Where we are we always go forward,
And the Devil merely laughs!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
We fight for Germany,
We fight for Hitler,
The Red will get no rest!

ideology spawned pretty terrible shit, but made some Haunting sounding music
I'm kind of late but fuck Kobolds, most fantasy races in most fantasy worlds deserve genocide.
shit.. if i was not already on a watchlist because of my great grandfather i almost DEFINITELY am now
You are very perceptive my dude.

Danke, I'll make sure to put these to good use

I wouldn't worry about it too much
Jewgle and their ever more Skynet like bullshit is probably keeping tabs on everyone anyways
Omake #1: Clarity

A purple glow enveloped the area.
Regal, powerful and irresistible.
Awakening in a strange field, before an even stranger building the individuals that were hurled through space looked around in confusion.
Shinigami, hollow and everyone in between have been mixed up as the Hogyoku and Kaizar hurried to relocate them all.
Only relatively few people were transported together with those that were close to them, such as the Quincy and their overseers.

"W-Where are we?"
Liltotto asked from her friend.

"No idea..."
Bambietta responded.
"But I think I'm gonna be sick!"

Mass teleportation?"

As Pesci recovers from the ordeal he looks around and speaks.
"Must've been the Boss' doing."

"This is... insane!"
Bambi responded in horror.

"Not quite."
An unknown voice speaks up.
"As far as I'm aware this isn't the first time such a thing happened.
It's just surprising that someone else can actually do it."

"Ah Mister Kariya!"
Pesci greets him.
"It's good to see you are well!"

"Thank you Chef."

The quincy look at Jin in utter confusion.
"Y-You are not hollow."

Jin laughs at this and speaks with a smile on his face.
"And as far as I'm aware neither are you.
The question is, are you deserters or are you prisoners?"

"The latter."
Liltotto kicks back and leans on the soft grass as she recalls the last couple of minutes.
"So... it worked, huh?
The Commander is beaten... which is why the dog ran away..."


It's not like it'll change anything.
And besides... something's off.
So anyway, Yamamoto is out of commission which means the plan succeeded.
Then the Auswählen came and everyone that didn't undergo Soul Suicide came back.
Which is why Kaizar Soize decided to take everyone out.
The only problem is...
Why weren't we affected?
Either your spine should be fixed or we should be dead.
But... so far nothing happened."

Sophia sips from her cup which she held onto during the whole transportation procedure.
"I believe I have an answer for that."
Then suddenly Wiggles popped out of her front pocket.

>A few minutes earlier


"... Shit!"

They felt the earth rumbling.
Cold shivers ran down their spines as they felt the Auswählen incoming.
Liltotto stood up and attempted to pick up Bambi in order to make a run for it.
However she quickly tripped and fell to the ground.
Resigning their fates they closed their eyes and decided to wait for the inevitable.
But in that moment when they weren't looking a tiny creature left Sophias side and jumped into the air.

The piercing holy light penetrated the buildings walls and closed in on the two quincy.
In that instant the Captain formed a tiny platform of reishi under his tiny feet and he lifted one of his forelimbs into the air.
Suddenly as if it hit an unbreakable wall the Auswählen stopped.
File: QDcM4Ii.jpg (364 KB, 1024x561)
364 KB
364 KB JPG

I literally just deleted the entire stuff I just wrote for the SECOND TIME!

Update for this omake will have to wait a little while I go and get shitfaced
Holding the holy light in his hand Wiggles spoke up dismissively.

"Another human posing as God.
How ridiculous."
Sighing he looks up at the divine light he's holding in place.
"I'm sure the Master will punish you appropriately.
However! These two are under his protection and by extension mine!
I shan't allow you to interfere!

Tightening his hold he shattered the radiant beams like they were glass.
Although the two Quincy did not see or feel a thing that transpired their lives were saved by none other than Wiggles.

>Back in the present

"That's about how it went down."

The two girls just stared at her blankly and chalked this story up to the active imagination of a little girl and concluded that it was sheer luck that saved them.
Jin and Pesci however nodded enthusiastically, as if this story checked out for them.

"But this "Auswählen"... what is it?"
Jin inquired.

Hearing him say the word caught Liltottos attention.
"You... you speak German.
And you have no accent.
Who are you?"

"Just someone who is fond of old memories.
Though I could do without some of them, like the war."

"Which one?"

"THE war."


"Don't mention it.
But please, back to the topic at hand."

So the Auswählen is as it sounds.
A holy selection performed by His Majesty.
Those that are found unworthy are killed and their powers are taken, those that are not are rejuvenated and healed.
It can even bring back the dead as you could see it."

"My... What a troublesome ability."

"Yeah. But it's not like you are one to complain with a mass teleport like that.
No wonder His Majesty insisted on letting the SS handle him."

Hearing that the blood in Kariya froze and all hair on his body stood up as a cold wave washed over him.
Sweating bullets, he asked Liltotto something while shaking like a leaf in the autumn wind.

"E-Excuse me but... what did you just say?"

"The "SS" should handle him?"

"And what does "SS"-"


Reality dawned on both Kariya and even on Pesci, who have heard Liltotto mention something about this before but didn't really pay much attention to it.
They looked at each other and could practically hear the others psyche shattering like mirror.
And suddenly they simultaneously burst out.





Pesci reaches for his phone and frantically begins dialing.
He was laughing so much he had to start over no less than 4 times.
Finally he managed to get through.



"H-Hey, what's wrong Pesci?"


"Look I really couldn't care le-"


After closing communications Pesci wiped a few tears off of his face and attempted to recollect himself alongside Kariya.
Meanwhile the Quincies had no idea what was so funny for them.

"Care to explain what was so humorous?"

"W-Well young lady!"
Jin speaks up, still trying to suppress his laughter.
"You DID collect information on us, right?"

"Yes but only about combat potential.
His Majesty thought that anything else would be pointless information."

"Y-You see signorina-"
Pesci resumed Kariyas train of thought.
"Your Boss may have made a terrible mistake right there!
See, the Boss doesn't merely dislike people who imitate Nazis for ideological reasons.
He hates people like that so much because he WAS one of them!
SS Hauptscharführer, Siegfried Krieger to be precise!"

At this Liltottos AND Bamis eyes grew wider than a plate.
They swallowed nervously at the realization that they were involuntarily mimicking their enemy.

"And let me tell you something.
When He hears of this, about your "special unit" he will chase them down into the bowels of Hell if he must!"
Kariya finished his thought.

Suddenly the girls felt really fortunate about being captured and imprisoned.

Omake #1: THE END
>You done messed up A-A-RON!
Love it
Next run when?
Please check Twitter

I don't even know when the next omake will be
Take care

Can't wait until these poor bastards show their faces.

It's gonna be a bloodbath.
I don't mean to be a dick but... you do know what the SS are capable of, right?

I mean outside the big man himself they are amongst the strongest beings in the setting.
Heck, any of them would be a worthy candidate for the position of BBEG in most other settings
Yeah but Kaizar is the real deal monster. 100% war-crime down to the gooey marrow of his fuckin' bones. Don't lump him in with those faggot-ass SS-cosplayers.
They got collectively one shot and murked by unreleased Niimaya.

Before Auswahlen of course.

And with Gremmy alive, will Askin even be an elite?
Now my memory is fuzzy when it comes to the TYBW timeline but I'm pretty sure Askin was chilling on a rooftop with a picnic basket and watched Gremmy fight like a baller because he was already picked.

Granted he WAS very surprised when he realized he was the only one chosen to be a member.

Also, I'm not planning on Gremmy being in the SS for one big reason.
And you'll see that when it'll be his turn to fight someone... quite strong
File: 2GdoHBI.png (254 KB, 798x671)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Omake #2: The throne.


Silbern. His Majesties throne room.

"Ah... finally!"
Yhwach sat down on his throne heavily.
"I've been waiting all day for this."

Haschwalth knelt down before his king.
"I'm glad you are satisfied Your Holiness.
Please take your well deserved rest.
Now that you have Yamamotos Bankai, our victory is assured."


"Yes Your Majesty?"

"Do not delude yourself my son.
We must stay vigilant while all five of the war potentials remain..."
Yhwach leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling as he started reciting names.
"Kurosaki Ichigo - the half breed, Urahara Kisuke - the smartest man alive, Zaraki Kenpachi - the monster, The monk - the wise sage and Kaizar Soize - the wild card..."

Haschwalth frowned at this.
"Forgive me Your Majesty. I have forgotten."

"It's okay...
Just do not underestimate the enemy. Especially someone that could take down a being like Aizen Sosuke."

It is terrifying that beings that transcend the Captain Commanders power exist."

"It's not just about power...
It's more than that.
In the timespan of a thousand years Yamamoto has grown stronger but softer.
Back in the day he would've sacrificed the entire Seireitei and thousands, if not more, souls in the Rukongai just so he could kill me.
But these others. They are proper monsters..."
His Majesty then put his elbow down and rested it on the arms of his throne.
"Speaking of which...
Please let them in before I fall asleep."

Nodding diligently Haschwalth gestured towards the main door and it swung open and revealed 3 figures standing there patiently.

"Welcome my children!"
The three quincy entered and knelt before him.
"I know it was disheartening for you not to fight but I couldn't stand the thought of losing my descendants right after they returned to my fold.
Ishida Ryuken. Uryu. And finally And last but not least, Adlersflügel."

"We understand Your Holiness."
The eldest of the three spoke up iin a grizzled voice.
"What is it you wish of us?"

Yhwach smiled at this.
"I have a very important mission for you...
Now that the prelude has ended it's about time we start making progress towards our goal."
His Majesty leaned back in a more comfortable position.
"There is a building here, hidden, deep underground.
In it lays an archive holding vast amounts of knowledge concerning the Soul King Palace.
It is our key towards the very heavens themselves.
Go and retrieve it for your father so we can end this once... and for all."

"As you wish Your Majesty."
The elder quincy looked at the two Ishidas and started ordering them around.
"You two! Let's go!"

Yhwach called out for them.
"Uryu... my son.
Once you return. We shall proceed as we discussed."

"Yes... Your Majesty."

Bowing respectfully they all left the building.
His Majesty just smiled at this.

Haschwalth turned to his father and spoke up.
"Are you sure this is wise?"
Askin wasn't much of a shitter, to be honest. We should let him live.
File: 142353426.jpg (68 KB, 700x700)
68 KB
spooks died
No I didn't

I'm just going to do this one slowly over time.
Plus I have another omake already in the works
File: Spoiler Image (94 KB, 1040x768)
94 KB
Yhwach raised an eyebrow at that.
"Do you question my decision?"

"No, your Majesty. Of course not.
But naming a stranger, not to mention someone who wishes to undermine you, your successor will cause a divide between your followers.
And not to mention him becoming Sternritter A as well."

"I'm well aware of that Haschwalth.
Indeed, some will follow my orders to the letter.
Some may stop and think about it and go against my will."

"I see. So it is all part of your plan.
Then I assume the ones who disobey you shall be punished afterwards?"

Following my orders no matter what they might be or thinking for themselves and disobeying illogical orders.
Both make sense... from a certain point of view.
Those that make up their minds and follow what they believe shall be left alone.
And those that do not have such principles, those who would switch sides so they'd be amongst the winners.
Those will be purged."

"I understand.
Please forgive my ignorance."

"It's okay...
Now please, leave me be.
I'd like some time to relax before I doze off."

I hope you'll dream of your victory Your Majesty."


With that Yhwachs right hand man left the throne room.
After closing the main door however two figures emerge from the shadows.
Haschwalth is well aware of their position and power but not even he suspected that they were present all this time, nor could he comprehend their very existence.

"Sheesh. I thought he'd never stop!"

"You need to forgive him Gerard.
He is my other half after all."

"Yes. That "one in a million" stuff."
The muscular figure walks out into the light with his hooded friend in tow.
The considerably shorter figure lets out a sound half between a hiss and a pained moan as mist escapes his mouth.

"Poor Pernida.
Looks like he went a bit overboard with his regression... again."

"Can't be helped Gerard.
It'd be quite problematic if the people upstairs noticed him too soon."

So we've been thinking... actually it was Pernida who done all the thinkin' and I'm just relayin' it but details.
It's good that you got that nifty lil' bankai of yours.
Now it's only a matter of usin' it.
Remember bucko, we bet everything on you.
It'd be a shame if the same thing happened that occured a thousand years ago!"

And you'd do well to remember who is in charge around here!"

"Aye! We haven't forgot.
It's because you turned out far better than we expected that we decided to bow down to you "Father of all Quincy".
We know our place in this world better than anyone.
But... remember to not get too cocky.
We are at the finish line after so much time.
Don't. Fuck this up!"

After that the two figures retreated from whence they came
With them out of the picture Yhwach could finally sleep and swap his power with Haschwalts.
Up until now he thought he could get a good nights sleep but these two always had a way to unnerve him.
No dreams for him now, only nightmares

Omake #1: END
Omake #3: The Traitors

"Are you sure we are heading the right way?!"

"Yes Sensei... for the tenth time... we are not lost!"
Uryu grumbled.

"Okay... then HOW is it possible that we've been walking for twenty minutes straight?"

"They gave us a specific route.
Unfortunately in order to follow it we have to go by foot so we don't miss the landmarks.
And Silbern is rather large if you didn't realize it already."

Look at Mister Sternritter A.
Got a title and already he feels entitled to backtalk to his teacher!"

"You are still on about that?"
Ryuken looked at his elder in disdain.

"Well Ryuken I don't know if you noticed yet but your son literally sold his soul to SATAN when he drank his blood!"

"And what was I supposed to do? Refuse the greatest honor a quincy can receive and reveal our treachery?"

"Please! Do you honestly believe that they don't know we are not loyal?"

"No. But it's better that we don't reveal our hand too early.
For now we should just play along and bide our time.
Hopefully we can dance around the issue for long enough so we can initiate our plan."

For a few minutes none of them spoke a word as not even the grumpy, old quincy had no way of retorting to that.
"So anyway...
What letter did you get?
You're awfully quiet about that."

Uryu hesitated for a moment.

"Aaaand... what does it stand for?"

"I'd... rather not say.
In fact I'd like it very much if I never had to use it."

"Keeping secrets from us?
I keenly remember you telling me that we have to trust each other when you tried to convince me to joing in on this asinine plan."

"Sorry Sensei...
I hate telling you this but I'll have to ask you to trust me."

"You seem to be awfully conceited Uryu.
I urge you to remember that even with these new "abilities" of yours, you ultimately don't amount to much."
His father chastised the boy.
"When the time comes for fighting you should stay out of our way."

"See Ryuken? This is why everybody likes you.
I'm starting to suspect your wife didn't actually died to the Auswählen and simply killed herself so she could be rid of you!"
Ryuken quickly raised his bow without a word at him.
"Oh... what's wrong?
You insulting my dead mother and my family is fine but when someone insults you it's suddenly "unacceptable"?
I may be a psychopath but at least I have some self control! Fucking Arschloch!"

Remember that we have a common enemy!
You can kill each other later!"

As they kept walking slowly Uryu suddenly stopped and reached for the ground.
"I think we're here..."
He began knocking on the stone slab and it made a hollow noise.
Creating a fully material bow, much like his fathers, he aimed at the floor and with but one shot opened up the chute.

This leads to the underground prison..."
Jakob knelt down and looked at the hole.
"Looks like everything below surface level remained the same.
Can't decide if it's foresight... or inability."
Not wasting any time Ryuken went ahead and started descending into the hole.
As the two followed him the elder quincy addressed the younger one.

"This is why we should've left him back home.
Can't stand that bastard."

"Get in line!
Ryuken has a habit of making others hate him."

Creating two platforms of reishi they also began floating down.
"Sorry about that...
I didn't want to insult your mother.
Sweet woman really.
It's just a shame she was the mixed blood instead of your father.
She was the only good thing about your father."

"Funny... I think even he knows that.
Sometimes I question if he even wanted to have me or if that was just my mothers wish."

"I think somewhere in his rotten heart he cares about you.
Probably the reason why he always wanted to steer you away from the quincy lifestyle was this war.
Since your mothers death he's probably been lusting after revenge and just didn't want you to get involved."

"Maybe... maybe he's been pushing me and everyone away so he wouldn't be missed."

Or maybe he's just an asshole."
Jakob then lit a cigar with his zippo.
"This is the kind of shit why I never bothered with a family.
Fucking Blood War."

The trio then landed within the underground area of Muken where their objective was located.
For about half an hour they did not even speak to one another as they searched the area.
However at the end of it all they found what they were looking for.

The oldest of the three grumbled and they walked up to the building.

But as they got closer they abruptly stopped at the entrance.
"It's located near the very edge of the Seireitei...
This must be the barrier that the Sekki stone projects."
Uryu mused.

"Let's get this over with.
This... wall.
It's making me feel sick."

They unanimously agreed and entered the Tsunayashiro Clans home.
However once they opened the door and saw what was inside they were overwhelmed with horror.
They assumed that due to the close proximity of the Sekki barrier they couldn't feel the reishi of the ones inside.
But in truth they did not sense anything because all the residents were practically butchered inside and the walls were redecorated with their blood.

For a solid minute they just stared at the horrific display in silence.
The first thing that escaped anyones mouth was a quiet "What the fuck?"
Slowly but surely they entered and more of the massacre was revealed to them.
The sight combined with the smell was enough to make their stomachs churn.
But nothing, absolutely nothing made them more unsettled than actually walking on the blood soaked floor.
Even Ryuken who had plenty of experience with death was unnerved by the half coagulated blood that made the floor slippery and
sticky at the same time.

After seeing a particularly messed up area Jakob couldn't handle it anymore and he threw up when he slipped on a mans brain that got squeezed out of his nose like toothpaste.
Making quite horrid retching sounds he raised his hand to his fellows.
"I'm... I'm okay!
I think..."

As they made their way towards the archives they finally gathered the courage to speak up.
"W-What do you think happened here?
It wasn't us, was it?"

If it was they wouldn't have sent us here in the first place.
And there are no shot marks anywhere."

They finally reached the place they were looking for and once they entered they got even more questions.
A man standing in the middle of the only clean room in the entire building raised a hand and greeted them.
He wore the shinigamis uniform but welcomed them as if they were old friends.


"Hey there Ryuken!
I've been looking for you guys!"

Was this your doing?"

"You know... Masaki was worried sick about you guys.
You didn't show up to our party!"

"Answer the question!"

Isshin just shrugged at this.
Though as much as it sickens me I kinda wish I was."


"Hey there Uryu!
It's been a while!
How are you doin'?"

"I'm... fine.
Tell me. Are you here to stop us?"

I know how stubborn you quincy can be, believe me.
I just came to talk some sense into you guys."

"Then... you won't mind if we take what we need?"

"Sadly you can't really do that."


"Whoever redecorated the rooms upstairs was very thorough.
They wiped everything clean in here.
There is literally nothing to take.
I even found a secret lab within the secret archive of this secret clan and even THAT got trashed.
Now that we discussed that...
Are you ready to listen to me?"

Omake #3: THE END
>surrounded by hyperviolence that looks like the DOOMGUY on acid ran through the place
>Isshin gives zero fucks

Don't mess with a doctor.
He always had massive balls

This is the guy that stared down God Aizen and White without a bankai AND he kept the Dangai stable for... A year?

Looks like the plauge doctor brought out his A game.

When he wants a place purged it's fucking purged.

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