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It's time for you daring denizens to defend the Digiverse from danger and disaster.

Wyatt has left the party.
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THIS IS AN EPISODIC QUEST - we're doing things a little differently here, so instead of voting on every action, we post an episode at a time with full illustrations and brief animatic recaps of the previous episode. Think of it like watching a TV show and voting what you want to happen next during the credits. If that sounds like something you're interested in, then enjoy the quest.

We had a new face last chapter, and this one is no different - now that we're getting into the action, a number of characters should be popping up left and right. The only question is which ones can be trusted?

RECAP: http://youtu.be/5Bbe7qSMG4k

SUP/tg/ ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Digimanz

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Episode 4: Bear mans and battle plans
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"Uuuuh... Eenie meenie mienie..."


Yeah... gonna need some help on this one.
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Wyatt jumps off the side of the platform and makes a beeline for the circus, following the direction given to him by his phone. At first, it seems like it would be easy enough to find where you're going with a compass, but when you don't have an actual destination or a map, all you have is a constant direction with no sense of distance. The end result is running tent to tent, building to building, and every location in your path to see if that's where you're supposed to go. He makes his way in the most direct line he can, under tents and through windows, until he finally comes to a large and rather imposing structure that looks like it's for major events.

Music drifts out of the entryway, similar to what was heard coming from the train station back home. As he passes over the threshold, a spotlight immediately hits him, causing him to have to cover his eyes.

"GREETINGS," booms a voice through an old-fashioned megaphone. "WELCOME TO OUR SHOW, WYATT AND L-- Um... kill the light a moment." The offending light shuts off, and Wyatt's eyes begin to adjust to see a rather oddly shaped clown at the end of the entryway aisle, balancing on a large ball. "Isn't there supposed to be two of you? You DO have a sister, right?"

"I do. Well, did. I mean, I STILL do, but--"

The clown starts to make his way over. "Whoa, whoa. Slow down. Just start from the beginning, and maybe I can help you."
File: 4.png (387 KB, 1000x1433)
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It's then that Wyatt can see why the clown was so odd looking (as if they all aren't odd looking as it is): this clown also appears to be a monkey. He begins flailing his arms and back-pedaling. "Whoa whoa whoa, no. I've got enough monster animal people to deal with today. I came here looking for something that could help me deal with the one that has my sister."

"One that... has your sister?" The clown looks genuinely confused at this, taking a seat on his ball. "Can you tell me more about it?"

Wyatt glares. "Why, so you know which one of you gets the kidnapping bonus in their paycheck?"
"Well, I'm not aware of any others," the clown says with a shrug. "If you're saying an animal person took your sister, it's nobody that I know, and that means that they probably aren't a part of our show. So now tell me: what happened once your train arrived here?"

Wyatt recounts the events, and the clown listens intently, with an expression growing ever more concerned. "...and then I got here, which I think is where I'm supposed to find Cub Man or whatever to help me go get my sister back so that we can get out of here."
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"Oh dear, that does sound distressing. It appears our little party has a crasher, and she is up to no-good."

"You don't know who it is?"

"You said her name was... Croak-o Ma'am?"

"Pretty sure."

"Was it, perhaps, Kurokomon?"

"That's entirely possible."

The clown folds his arms and lowers his head. "Well, if that IS who it is, then there is a very serious issue at hand. But the good news is," he says, throwing his arms up, raining confetti down everywhere, "you've come to the very best place for help!"
"I'm... skeptical," Wyatt mutters, brushing colorful paper bits off his shoulder.

The clown waves a hand at Wyatt's concerns dismissively. "Now now, you haven't even heard what I have to say, ooor," he leans over, patting the giant ball he's still seated upon, "seen what I have to show. Allow me to introduce..." He rolls backwards on the ball, slipping out of sight behind it before the ball bursts into a giant smoke cloud.
File: 6.png (186 KB, 1000x877)
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As the plume makes it's way upward, the clown can be seen again, gesturing toward two odd points of light. Each one seems to be surrounded by gridded spheres, with pixelated patters flashing across their surfaces. In a moment, the points of light begin to take shape within their spheres, growing in size until they fill the entire space. Suddenly, each sphere explodes, sending out shards of energy that simply fade away as they gain distance. As the light show dims, there stand two small creatures: one a bipedal bear and the other a tiger on all fours.
File: 7.png (1.14 MB, 1000x995)
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1.14 MB PNG
"Cubmon and Kitmon!" Spotlights from above illuminate the pair, as an unseen band plays a very elaborate fanfare.

NAME: Cubmon
TYPE: Data
LEVEL: Rookie

NAME: Kitmon
TYPE: Data
LEVEL: Rookie
SPECIAL ATTACK: Cat Scratch Flurry
File: 8.png (183 KB, 1000x851)
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183 KB PNG
Wyatt offers a very small and confused clap as he stares at the scene before him. "Okay, so, you have circus animals. Did my phone lead me to this tiny bear cub like THAT was gonna help me get my sister back?"

Cubmon huffs, pounding his fists together and giving Wyatt an angry look. "You want I should give ya a sample of what I can do? Moppin' the floor with someon' like you would be easy street!"

"Besides," Kitmon chimes in, sitting primly and looking far less riled up than her associate,"It's not our fault that nobody's digivolved us to something that you would approve of."

Wyatt stares blankly. "I am hearing a lot of things that make no sense to me today."

The clown appears from behind Wyatt, creeping him out ever so slightly as it places a hand on his shoulder while interjecting. "I truely wish that we had the time to explain all of this, but as you mentioned, your sister is in some pretty serious trouble. I think that you'll find that these two can be very helpful as your new digimon partners!"

"Look, I know I gotta hurry, but Cubmon, digimon, digivolve... I have no idea what any of this means," Wyatt replies, exasperated.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to just trust us for a moment, and I can tell you anything you need to know once you and your sister return safely. For now, hold your phone and say 'execute digivolution'."

Wyatt holds up his phone, never taking his eyes or his skeptical look off of his instructor. "Uh. Okay, phone. Execute digivolution?"

The phone registers the command with a chime, closing the compass window and opening a new one, and speaks as the text appears on screen, "Digivolution OK!" Under the words, a single green box is lit up.

"Now," the clown continues, "press that button at the bottom."

"You mean the only one?" Wyatt replies as he presses the icon with a thumb.
File: 9.png (159 KB, 1000x788)
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His attention is suddenly drawn to his phone as the screen flashes bright white while emitting a high pitch whistling sound; he struggles not to drop it from the surprise.

Meanwhile, Cubmon is engulfed in another of those gridded spheres, and begins to glow similarly to how he first had when he appeared. This sphere, however, was much larger, and as the light inside grew to capacity, it once again burst open, revealing a very imposing bear with what appeared to be cybernetic arms. This creature also stood on two legs, but was hunched over in a much more animalistic fashion.
File: 10.png (587 KB, 1000x498)
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That's more like it! The name's Ursamon, buddy. Someone's messin' with MY team? That's grounds for a beat-down!

NAME: Ursamon
TYPE: Data
LEVEL: Champion
File: 11 12.png (698 KB, 1000x1633)
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698 KB PNG
"Wow! Now THAT'S more like it," Wyatt exclaims, clenching his fists in excitement.

"Yeah, I'm pretty impressive, I know," Ursamon responds cooly.

"Can we get on with this? I don't want to be the only one not getting to have any fun," Kitmon adds, sounding rather bored.

"Yeah, whatta we standin' around for? Hey buddy, let's get goin'!" Ursamon grabs Wyatt and unceremoniously flips the boy over his head and onto his back, but not without complaints. As he crouches down and braces to take off, Kitmon gracefully leaps up and takes a place behind Wyatt. Once all are aboard, Ursamon looks over his shoulder. "You got any directions here?

"Find Lexi," Wyatt commands his phone, and once again, he has the compass showing him the way. He points it out to Ursamon. "This way!"

"Alright, hold on, you two. I ain't gonna take this slow!" Ursamon takes off like a rocket, causing his passengers to desperately search for something to hold onto. In a moment, he's out of the entry aisle, across the center ring, up the grand stands, and bursting through the side of the tent.

As they leave, the clown is left alone, a little upset about the new exit, but mostly concerned about the task that lays ahead for the three. "Good luck, everyone."
File: 13.png (196 KB, 1000x745)
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Ursamon continues his somewhat reckless path over and through anything in his way. "So, uh... it's Wyatt, right?"
"Y-yeah," he manages to respond, bouncing around on the giant bear's back.

"We got some kinda plan here? I mean, personally, I'm thinking full frontal assault. Walk right up to this loser and start swingin'!"

"We d-don't know any--yeee!" Kitmon scrambles to put her claws into something to gain hold of her runaway ride. "...anything about our opponent. Shouldn't w-we try watching for a b-bit and forming a strategy?"
File: 14.png (340 KB, 1000x1408)
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"Oh, well uh... Hmmm..."

Showdown at the Station
Spying and Sneak Attack
File: TBC.png (211 KB, 1280x800)
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211 KB PNG
Do you dare with the bear, or see this and that with the cat? Find out next week on Digital Wonderland!

Feel free to ask the cast anything you want to help you make your decision. Answers will be posted Saturday night, and voting closes Sunday night.
This quest sucks ass. Why would anyone care about a story where the decisions probably don't matter and the QM doesn't care to get anyone involved in the choices. We didn't get to pick a character or any information or how the digimon looked or the setting or anything else and from the look of it you really want to make a cartoon or visual novel anyways so do that.
Voting closed for the week. Thanks for participating, and see you Friday.

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