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/qst/ - Quests

I have a simple fun idea for a quest:
What if we could roleplay our characters that we had drew so we could go on a simple quest.

All we could do is to use our imaginations to transform yourselves to the drawing that you pick before we could think out a questline.

For starters, we need to create one or more characters using this simple sheet:

>Describe Yourself in 10 words:

Once you fill out this simple sheet, you could either upload your drawing as a character icon or just draw it yourself.

To start our adventure, I need seven to fifteen party members to prepare.
File: fcarnaryshaded.png (12 KB, 162x166)
12 KB
I'll start first.

>Name: Herman
>Species/Race: Avian (Carnary)
>Describe Yourself in 10 words: I'm a canary who gained fatness from a lab experiment.
File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
>three leg johnson
>the man with the longest dick in the world
Um... Hi???
Ummm.... Welcome to the party, Three Leg John.
Does anyone else want to play?
File: sketch-1505587273576.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1912)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
> Mr Bell
> Not a Fairy
> Born the wrong race and gender Mr Bell is now a male ogre.
._. Whoa... O.O You look like a Terminator who banged Tinkerbell on steroids.
What did you just say to me?
Uh... Never mind then.
Okay, whooooo's next?
Come on, people! My fat ass doesn't want to laze around all day.
Sooooo... While we wait for more members, let's have a little chat.
Mr. Bell, how are you doing today? Are you excited for the quest?
Who you calling little fatso?
Because of all the weight, I have in my belly. I look like that because I was involved in a science experiment where they test some intellectual enhancement on birds.
How are you?
Three leg john, how's it going today?
It seems that a lack of people hasn't been joining the game. And I apologise for bumping the quest frequently.
File: image.jpg (287 KB, 960x720)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Sea monster
Love swimming each moment of my life make things dance
Hello Herman
Hello, Pink. Whatcha doing today?
making trees dance for my amusement

I was going to make a group photo for our quest is that ok?
Yeah, that's alright.
Ok ,
how have you been?

(I'll be back and forth doing response and the pic )
I'm waiting for other people to join the quest. Although, Pinks, you look adorably cute.
aw thanks,
yeah hope more come,so far I've gotten us in the pic since the other guys haven't reporsted but I'll include them anyways.
Yeah, might as well.
File: image.jpg (159 KB, 1777x1000)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
If you want me to add more to the pic lemme know.
I know I'm out of place being a sea monster but why not have fun.I can make places of interest towns or camps if you want like cutscenes
Yeah, might 'as' well too, Pinks.
Ok, now who's next?
Would someone stand up to join me?
Also, nice picture.
Thanks had fun with it
If anyone would be interested in this simple quest (Jokingly nicknamed The DeviantArt RPG Quest), all you need is a drawing (or burrowed fanart) and a simple character sheet to join me (The Fatso in the room) and the others so we could begin this damned quest.
The RP is moving to the /TG/ boards. I'll archive the session so it won't get lost.
So my move to /TG/ didn't go so well XD. Well never mind. THE RP LIVES!
Heyo! It's Herman, I've heard a rumor about a conspiracy about something, eh, unspeakable or something.
I'll tell ya a story if someone would give me some bird seeds.
File: image.jpg (42 KB, 416x625)
42 KB
I have some
I also made a new character for anyone who wants to use her.
*Eat the seeds* Ahhhhhhh....

Thanks, now I had heard a conspiracy about a god who controls the machines like they're people or somthin'.
Hmm tell me more of this god...
could it be a utopia rising to crumble our world?
Ah, well my pinkly little friend is a benevolent god forged by stone and blood through the beating steels of metal. We'll never his real name as of yet, but most people call this unknown god as Novalcus. Novalcus, the god of the Cold Steel.
Okay folks, if you want to join the journey with me, read the top.
Oh my..I'm shaken a smidge yet feel at ease.
here have more seeds my avian friend.
*tosses seeds*
*Eats more seeds* Ahhhh, That's much better...

Now, I'm waiting for more people to join up to a minimum of seven to fifteen by the maximum party member count.

While we wait, I would spend some more time chatting with pinks.
Oh sorry was busy painting *hides brushes*
so Herman how are things so far on land?
So far, nothing much. Still waiting for more party members.
I'd thought we would go to an inn to look more members for hire.
In the meantime, I have decided to make additional rules for the RPG/QST.
Anyway, we have arrived.
Any possible allies you see?
*peeps through window*
hmm looks like the place is filled with bounty and cloaked types,best be sharp
Let's go inside and drink some ale before we could hire someone to join our quest.
Ok *bounces silently *
*Opens the door and heads to the bartop.*
Hey, bartender! Gimmie some ale and some bird seeds.

*A Bartender look at the two customers and glares at them like he was bored.*

Bartender: "Okaaaaay.... That will be a nickel and a half."
File: image.jpg (88 KB, 730x528)
88 KB
Hmm *glances to the side*
*nudges Herman*
Whispers * is that an oracle in the corner?
Might be... *Throws the change at the bartender.*
Should we approach them?
File: image.jpg (68 KB, 730x528)
68 KB
*eyes go back to Herman*
Never mind,thank you *pays*
this ale tastes a bit strange
I'm not sure if the oracle charges fees but it's worth a shot.
Alright then, just give me a moment.
*Drinks ale* Ahhh.....
Now, we'll ask the oracle.

*He walks off from the bartender to see what the oracle was doing.*

Ummm... Excuse me, may I ask a simple question?

Oracle: "Yeeeeessssss????"
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 730x528)
93 KB
Oracle:oh my!
*mighty strength burst out of the oracles sphere*

the orbs glow slowly fades*

Pinks:chuckles* at the shocked oracle
Pinks:I'm sorry,

Oracle:No worries ,what question did you wish to ask?
I wanted to know where the god lives.

*The Oracle froze with dread as the orb drops to the table*

Ummmm.... Did I do something awful to you?

Oracle: Do you mean about the god of cold steel?
File: image.jpg (81 KB, 730x528)
81 KB
Oracle:*looks around* it seems the power my orb omitted attracted too much attention.

Pinks:we should take this conversation elsewhere

Oracle:yes such a powerful question leads me to believe we must gather in secret,*whispers* meet me in the Ether Asylum,*gives map* (the oracle flees the inn)

Pinks:should we get outta here...

Bar tender:so..you managed to talk to the Oracle *whispers* tell you what I'll tell this crowd the Oracle put on a show for us you guys escape.
I know danger when it comes from an oracle.
Okay, mister, if you say so... While we're at it I think we need more people to join before we advance to the Asylum.

>OOC: You know that we are still open for more party members, read at the top.
While I'm waiting, let me finish the ale and some birds seeds that ordered.
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 730x528)
75 KB
True we'll have more time to converse with double the people gathering,now that the Bar tender is offering free ale.

now..how should we go about this, any ideas on who we should pick first?
Now let me see since the two party members didn't come with us (Because of lack of response no less), I think we should hire an explorer (or explorers if there's more than one) first and then a healer before we could advance.
What di you think, Pinks?
>OOC: Good morning, I hope that today there might be more people joining on this quest.
Let's find a healer first
they might join us,knowing the circumstances
Increasing our numbers and influence .
for now let's ask the bartender what's in the back room.
to look at the map the oracle gave us.
Good point.
>OOC: I need one anon player to join as a healer.
File: image.jpg (102 KB, 1024x768)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Hey bartender!

Bartender:hey you guys I bought you time why haven't you left?

Pinks:we need more party members to recruit,sorry.

Bartender:well I can't be mad,look at you guys,
oh um sorry..I didn't mean it like that,did you guys need anything?

Pinks:yes we would like to use your back room for privacy.

Bartender: ok,make it quick unless it's about the oracle then take your time,while you're back there I need my broken bottles in a pile.Stack them in a corner I'll give you guys what I can as a reward like seeds or something.
File: image.jpg (106 KB, 1024x768)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Ok. I have the back room reserved,how goes the search?
So far, nothing, unfortunately. Unless if other players are interested in playing this quest.
we'll just give it some time,should we go to the back room to go over the map?
or just sit and keep an eye out?

If we go to the back we could ask the Bartender to keep an eye out for us,knowing the kind of visitation he receives,He should know when to spot a healer.
I'll wait in the back room, you'll keep an eye on a healer for hire.
File: the worst.png (64 KB, 803x512)
64 KB
Race: Mirdaw (homebrew)
I want peoples stuff, because I suck.
(did you want me to make a map? I have one pre drawn )
(Yeah, it's fine.)
*Just then, A customer came at the bar top.*
Bartender: "What do ya want for your serving, sir?"
>(OOC: I'm Waiting.)
File: Markus.png (30 KB, 730x726)
30 KB
Name: Markus
Species: Human

Iam a healer that is socially akward and shy

(btw, my it's my first time visting this board, im sorry if I do any mistakes)
>(OOC: It's okay)
*A while later another customer came in, this time a healer arrives.*

Bartender:"Oh boy, we got some two customers on board for some ale, heh."
"c-could I get a-" *starts sweating* "a drink,please"
Bartender: "Oh sure you can, after all, it's free ale day!"
*Gives Markus the ale drink*
*sips on it*

*it tastes horrible*

"t-thanks it is uh really great, do you know a p-place around here where I could seek shelter? I-I have some problems with orcs, they r-really dislike us humans"
Bartender: "Shelter? There are no shelters in that town except for the inn or a visitor home just about a few blocks ahead."
"Oh-I think i'll stay for a while, iam not fit enough to go alone, iam weak,I can heal, but I can't fight"
Bartender: "Well book yourself in, lad. It'll cost you about 20 nickels for a 7-night rest."
File: image.jpg (112 KB, 1024x768)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
*walks to bartender* I will pay for him.
Bartender: *whispers*hey found you guys a healer,he's weary.

Pinks:No worries

Herman,I fell asleep sorry.

anywho this is our map,Red circle is our current location,up to the right we have the bazaar (find items of all sorts,inside the bazaar,you may enter the stone building which has a dungeon called Ether Asylum,on the map to the left is the Scorched planes,nothing inhabits the dry, desolate land only echoes,whispers and hints of what your fate is from fallen warriors(you will find loot etc on many of the dead,they don't need it)
On the map close to the Bazaar you will find a wall with two guards,talk to the guards from time to time maybe they have unfinished business or need you to recover something from the Scorched planes,On the map past the wall you will find a floating tower which the Oracle will inform you about.On the map to the right you will find a boat with many cruise members of royalty (maybe one wishes to give you either gold or grant you an audience with the royals informing them of what the Oracle has told you)
On the map to the upper right you will see groups of travelers camped looking for other groups to join.
That's all for now,sorry if any info given was confusing.
(It's for fun )
Okay, so now we found our healer. That's what we need to venture through the asylum. Buuuut, who's this black guy sitting on the bar top aside from our healer?
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 730x726)
75 KB
Pinks:well the least I can do is pay for his...

Bartender:yeah he paid for his stay here while we talked..he's a bit shy.He had a run in with some orcs,pretty much out of breath.Let him have some sleep he might be in the mood to answer some questions for you later on.

Pinks:fair enough.
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 730x726)
93 KB
Hmm...*whispers*hey bartender who is the guy in black?

Bartender:Not sure he says his name is Bloop,he likes swords..other than that I gathered not much,he's a Mirdaw and likes strangers items.

Pinks:ok thanks,I'll check on Herman see how he's doing.

Bartender:no problem ask him if he wants to clean up the broken bottles and put them in a corner ,I'll give you guys seeds as a reward or gold,you guys choose.

Pinks:*walks in back room* hey Herman since we have a healer in our midst did you get a good look at the map?
Also the Bartender wants to know if we want to clean the broken bottles back here,he'll reward us with seeds or something.
Yes, pinks. I have looked at the map that leads to the asylum, do you say that there are guards in the city walls?

Also, If the bartender wanted us to clean up the broken bottles, I guess that we could spend a little time cleaning before we head out.
File: image.jpg (179 KB, 750x1000)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Good,not really the city is more open to trade and any visitors,alright let's get sweeping Ill use my beak to toss you some pieces of broken bottles,you look abit different..it must be the focus on the map to our next destination,I'm also excited *smiles*
I hope the healer is feeling better he ran into orcs you know.
He was thirsty didn't like the ale at all,maybe we could find some water while we're cleaning I mean look at all the barrels there has to be water in one of these,we could ask him later on if he would want some.
Yeah, that would be fine, pinks.
*Wakes up*

"Where am I?" *looks around* "A-and who are y-you guys?" *start to sweat" "A-are you accomplices from the orcs?"

(Sorry guys ;/ I was sleeping and in school, I need to log off in two hours, I hope we can make some progress in that time)
Don't worry we are not accomplices of the orcs,we wanted to see if you are feeling better.
please calm yourself.
"Thank you, yes Iam feeling better, even though I still am a little bit paranoid"
File: image.jpg (143 KB, 750x1000)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Earlier *
phew,we did it! now to claim our prize.

Bartender hey just wanted to check on you guys,oh! It's so clean in here,thanks a bunch!
here is your reward.

Pinks:thankyou for the gold bartender!
by chance would you have any water back here?

Bartender :yes I do top shelf just use the latter and you'll get the barrel which smells neutral .


Bartender:I think the healer is almost awake,here*hands over mug* when you find the water use this,serve him yourself ask him a few questions if he's ready.


Bartender:leaves the room*

Pinks:ok shelf,*smells barrels* ok I found it,*gently puts barrel on the floor*ok Herman,*grabs mug,fills with water* let's go to the healer make sure he's alright.
No problem ,let me introduce myself I'm Pinks,this is my feathered friend Herman,nice to meet you..I think the bartender said Markus? is that right? if you don't mind tell us a brief story of what happened to you.
"Oh-y-yeah sure, so I-am Markus and I am a trained healer, b-but the village where I was teaching the secrets of yigao ( tree of life) is heavily pacifistic, so when the nearby orcs attacked, we couldn't do much" "W-we tried to get as many children out of the village before they came, and then we fled, now a small group of orcs is still after me. I don't know how to m-move on, I-I can't go anywhere because Iam simply too weak to defend myself"
File: image.jpg (102 KB, 750x1000)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
just in case you wanted a drink we brought you water.
we also wanted to ask if you'd be interested In joining our group.
A group of orcs? Why are they trying to get you?
How terrible,you can join us if you'd like company we'll let you think about it,Herman and I are staying here at the inn for a few nights if we can help in any way let us know.Bartender lets us help him around,giving us rewards,we could use some help,you'd benefit if you want to lend a helping hand,
it might clear your mind of those orcs focus on something else for a while.
we'll leave you be for now,hope you feel better Markus.
Pinks:*walks back in*listen Markus,this won't be easy for you to hear,it's far more important than those orcs this goes beyond what chaos they did to the village more of great concern and troubles,Herman and I met an Oracle not long ago we simply wanted to ask a question about the god of cold steal the orb the oracle had shook with immense force,the oracle told us the question was of great power and importance we agreed to meet the oracle in the Asylum please understand this question about the god could either mean saving all life in existence or letting it crumble to dust think about it,one village compared to all life we know good or evil this is about standing up to know who you truly are not just a trained healer,a pure soul who wants to help a great cause pacifism or not,you have moved on to a new stage in your life new experiences.Thank you for understanding just give it a thought we could use your help on our quest it would be a delight to have you join us.*walks out of room and closes door*

Bartender:how'd it go?
Pinks:the healer is in distress and needed someone to talk to.
Pinks:I gave him a reason to join our group but I'm uncertain,he came from a pacifist village that was ravaged by orcs,this is his decision I cannot force someone like that to join us if he will not stand up against what we may have to face.
Bartender:well we all move on our own ways,life is strange that way not too complicated.
Pinks:true,anywho did you have anymore things for Herman and I to do?
Bartender:yes,have a drink it's free
Pinks:*laughs* no thanks
Bartender:ok,other than that a woman seems to have lost her wring it fell through one of the planks into the basement,I'm sure she'll pay well,the basement isn't too big I only use it for aged wine I reserve it for my big customers .
Pinks:ok I'll ask Herman if he wants to help,maybe I'll ask the healer if he wants to join,I mean it's inside the inn no reason to fear.

Bartender:here *gives candle* it's a little dark down there.

*walks away to Herman* hey Herman did you want to go with me to find a ladies wring ?bartender says she'll pay well.oh I'll slip this note under the healers door,see if he wants to come with us.
Sure, I'll follow you.
Ok let's go upstairs to see if the healer is sleeping
*upstairs* hmm I guess the healer is still sleeping.
alright to the basement we go!

Bartender:the basement will be in the back under the table I just opened the lock,tables already moved.

Pinks:thank you,this is fun *passes candle to Herman* alright let's watch out where we step or we could break the item we are looking for.
Lead the way Herman
*Walks down to the basement and looked around while carrying the candle.*
Did you find everything, pinks?
Hmm...I think I see something in the corner *walks toward the item slowly*hey I think I found it*picks up*
Interesting a wring made out of wood with an embedded jewel...alright Herman let's get back to the bartender.
*Walks back upstairs.*
Bartender, I think that pinks has found a lady wring.
Bartender: "Thank you, Herman. I'm sure that woman would be proud-"
*Suddenly an Axe was thrown in the window and flings towards the ale barrel. Then an orc knocked down the window.*
An Orc: "Okay, where's that twerp priest, can anybody show us the way to get him?"
Why would you seek a priest?
An Orc: "Because the Lord wants information, and according to his orders we must capture that priest alive."

Lady:oh bartender *hands heavy bag* it's a sign of
my gratitude *the bag comes with a royal insignia on it and a scroll/note*

Lady:*turns towards An Orc with a stern look,
her wring glows with fury*
*lifting her hand the planks swiftly rise off the floor and dart towards the Orc severing the Orcs head*

Lady:I don't want anymore commotion I'm here to have a good time and enjoy the free ale!

*all who saw the feat displayed before them cheered,while some went off to bed*

Bartender:Lady who are you?

Lady:please call me Mirage I'll tell you more once the healer has awoken.I have good news for him.

Pinks:what's the news?

Mirage: it's a long story,I passed a village for my monthly duty but nobody was there for me to read the royal scripts.I was going to leave then I heard a child scream "Markus!"I searched the area calling out to the child,"do you need help!?"I then passed some stone slabs,underneath I heard the child coughing I got her out,I asked are you ok?
she responded with a tight hug and cried please find Markus.I asked where everyone went she replied by pointing out in all directions,my knight and healer came chasing after me "Lady Mirage!"
quickly my priest spotted the child and fully restored her,both gasping for breath asked "what are you doing here!
I'm here for my duty I quickly look up to them and asked for their help finding the villagers,we argued but due to our current situation I managed to "bribe them"so as a group we stuck together finding a few Orc camps we brought the child as our compass looking for whoever she knew the sound of we decimated all the camps freeing the people,we managed to find all the villagers I asked them,please who is this "Markus"And which direction did he run off to?
the people couldn't stop thanking us I blushed a few of them pointed out this area so I told them to travel with the rest of my company back to my ship on the sea since we had little to cover here after they boarded I sent out small groups to finish my royal duties.they are very peaceful people I'm glad I didn't stop looking for them,as I traveled towards the inn I saw smoke my group scouted the area finding nothing but an abandoned camp as we left I started hearing sticks crack I quickly turned around and saw a group of Orcs after destroying them we obliterated the campsite,getting closer to the inn and I sat down at one of the tables,that's when that Orc smashed the window so I made a plan I had my priest and knight stay hidden outside to surprise our guests should we have anymore encounters I would tell them to listen to my request for my wring to the bartender,that's when I got my wring back and I'm very thankful.the scroll I gave you is my royal duty complete it's basically an invite for anyone who wants to board the ship of royals you can bring anyone with you.the note I gave you is from the villagers I brought two one for Markus and one for documentation and proof Markus is alive to take back with me.
Mirage: don't worry I'm going to show the note to the villagers on the ship,oh yes what are the names of the heroes who retrieved my wring?

Bartender:*points*Herman the Canary and Pinks they're right there.

Mirage:thank you both I'll staying the night to Guard Markus I have a gift for him.*shows* yes it's a wring just like mine!
The reason I'm giving it to him is to contact us when we reach the ship,it can show the wielders face and body, the villagers will be so happy when they see his face.
The wring cannot be stolen either it protects the user at all times don't worry it is unbreakable,you are Markus's friends I presume?

Pinks:yes we are why?
Mirage:ok I will place both of your hands on this wring before giving it to Markus,"I bless this wring with trust,love and loyalty, there now you both may use the wring if any of you use the wring wrongfully against each other or should Markus betray you,same applies to you both the wring will not work.

Pinks:but you just killed an Orc

Mirage:as a royal I'm allowed to limit the power of a wring should it be given to another.
Pinks:oh ok
Mirage :I forgot to mention the wring I gave you has resurrection abilities.
Bartender:hey I don't mean to interrupt but my floor is kinda gone..
Mirage:oh sorry about that I'll have it fixed *mirage waves her hand like before backwards*
Bartender:wow! Thanks
Pinks:hey Mirage
Mirage yes?
Pinks :we need to see the oracle
Mirage:alright do you have a location where this oracle is?
Pinks:yes *whispers* the Ether Asylum.

Mirage:oh I've been there one time,I'd be glad to take you,where is Markus?
Mirage:well let's get him into our transportation, the faster we go the better oracles are very fascinating.I'm surprised you found one to speak to.Ask your friend Herman if he's ready to leave for the Bazaar into the Ether Asylum.
Pinks:Herman you ready to leave this place?
Mirage saved Markus's people.

Mirage: if Markus doesn't wake I can have my knight and priest put him into our transportation...*Mirage's wring starts to glow not in offense but passiveness * *a image of Markus's people appear*
Mirage:hi guys what's wrong?
Villagers: an oracle came to tell us Markus must remain with you,we would be grateful if you followed the wishes of the oracle.
Mirage:ok Markus is alive

Villagers:oh thank goodness may we see him?

Mirage:ok *whispers* where is he?

Pinks: he's up stairs I'll show you*opens door*shh he's sleeping.

Mirage:he's asleep right now sorry guys.

Villagers :that is fine,we will see you again Markus
that was all we had to say for now,thank you and safe journey's *image disappears*

Mirage and pink*leaves room to go down stairs*

Mirage:well you heard me we need Markus for the oracle to see.
Pinks :hey Herman let's be on our way to the Asylum we've been here long enough.

Mirage:ok let's get Markus in the transport*whistles* ok guys we're taking Markus be very gentle he's sleeping.
Knight and priest:ok

*our party is now on transport to the Bazaar to get into the Ether Asylum* we say our goodbyes to the bartender and have fond memories.

Mirage:if you guys want we can come back anytime.
Pinks thank you.
File: image.jpg (115 KB, 1024x768)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Updating the map of current location,
Well current location while going back and forth to the in at night.
So now what we are going to plan next?
currently we are heading towards the Oracle,
as a party.

but first
*our party has arrived at the bazaar*
the bridge falls open revieling enormous stone buildings,merchants and strangers of all sorts.
Markus still sleeps withing the transport protected by the wring,
we have gained new allies for protection,(knight,priest and Mage )we do not know of the names of the knight or priest.
our party will always be together.
Look for deals from merchants,be it weapons,food or artifacts(they might have quest items)

When Markus awakens we will tell him the events that followed in the above page.
Good point.
Pinks:well we made it Herman,we should go to the oracle first
*the party heads into the stone building,our footsteps echo within the Asylum*
Pinks:thank you for bringing us here

Mirage:no need for thanks,my duty is to help when or where I can.

Pinks:so I forgot to tell you Markus is rather distressed at the moment.

Mirage:His village was torn apart,it's natural he would be.

Group:*heads towards the final door*

Pinks:alright what should we do before we enter?

Mirage:we wait for Markus to awaken,explain to him of what I did for his people

Knight and priest:*cough*

Mirage I mean what we did for his people.

Pinks:so what if he has too many questions?

Mirage:we simply listen,let him regain his composure.Pinks,Herman.When Markus awakens we want you to explain,tell him the wring I gave him can communicate with the villagers we saved.
Yes, Mirage. I'll wait for him to wake up.
Mirage: thank you Herman and Pinks.

Pinks:no problem.
So now we are at the entrance of the asylum, would you mind getting me some bird seeds along with some equipment, pinks?
File: image.jpg (175 KB, 1024x768)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Oh,sure brought a small bag thanks to the bartender*hands over seeds*
what kind of equipment do you need?
I would like to have some basic armor and weapon for the party along with medicine just in case if someone would get harmed.
File: image.jpg (126 KB, 1024x768)
126 KB
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Ok lemme ask Mirage maybe she has items like that *goes to Mirage*hi would you happen to have armor and weapons?

Mirage:we have ..novice armor and plenty of medicine,no need to worry of injury this place crawls with little to no dangers ,thankfully I'm adept with buffing armor.*gives Herman novice armor*
Pinks:*equips armor*

Mirage:now let me increase your defense!
"I call upon rays of unity to engulf these two with immense defense!
there ,your armor is on our level.
Pinks: alright let's move
Mirage:prepare yourselves
* our groups heads in*
Pinks: hey what about our weapons?

Mirage:what weapons,would both of you like?
we have spears,axes,swords,we also have elemental shields,lightning,fire,water,wind they won't harm you we have a very crafty blacksmith back on the boat
Pinks:I will use an axe*grabs * and a water shield *grabs*
what weapons do you want to use Herman?
I won't mind using a sword and a lightning shield. *Wears Novice Armor and grabs both the sword and lightning shield.*
Mirage:Remember I've only been here once things could've dramatically changed.
*our group stops*
Mirage:*ponders*if I remember correctly we'll find undead,demonic spirits,and a shadow lord.
*pauses* ah yes!,our priest Helios helped me fend off many hordes here,his "banishment of darkness" should secure our safety better.

Helios: I haven't used that in a long time Mirage..
Mirage:oh it should be easy,try it out now.
Helios:well I'll try..
Mirage :good because here come the undead!
Helios:what!?*quickly Helios raises his staff shouting* Banishment of Darkness! ,a dome of pure light covers the whole party.
Helios: *looks around* and finds no undead
Mirage:just testing
Helios:*takes a deep breath and sighs* Mirage you need to stop frightening me.
Mirage:sorry,just wanted to show everyone you still had the skill to help us through.
Mirage :here is our plan,Herman and Pinks you will cover our sides Helios will remain mid-center holding up his spells,I will cover our backside using the land to throw off the enemy's movements and cast my Aura of Nature spell,this will summon an extra shield for all of us and impale the enemies on sharp earthen spikes,very useful against the undead,our warrior Gin will be our frontal defense using his holy sword to ward the undead into the opposite direction of our party.

Gin: can I tell a story ? all I do is walk like I'm a child holding a flashlight afraid of the dark.ooh maybe I can taunt them with silly faces whilst we walk.
Mirage:*sighs*Gin this is no time for jokes
Gin:oh yeah?tell that to Helios,sure he found your test hilarious.
Helios:Gin we need to concentrate on reaching the oracle
Mirage:yes that is our primary goal
Mirage: we only encounter undead for the first part,I will let you know when the second part of the plan comes in motion before we reach the demonic spirits,the last part will be harder..thankfully I planted a holy tree in each location last time I came here with Helios and Gin.
Mirage:before we fully enter I want to say thank you Gin and Helios,doing all of that work to save innocent lives.
Gin:you're welcome..*turns to Mirage*hey I didn't mean to act like a jerk when we talked about the plan.
Mirage:no worries both of you where tired after all that I'm just glad you slept before we got here.
Helios:before I cast my spell is everyone ready?
Mirage:yes let's all get into our positions.
*the party forms a position*
Helios:*raises his staff *Banishment of Darkness!
*a dome of pure light covers the party*
Mirage :Aura of Nature!*Earthen shields form around the party*
Gin:*raises his sword*
Pinks and Herman firmly hold position
*the group starts to enter the innards of the Asylum*
*moans of undead draw near*
Mirage:keep your guard up here they come!
*the undead surround the group,Mirage casts her spell* fifty undead impaled from the backside the earthen shields take some blows,for Pinks and Herman,Gin firmly wields his sword *the undead now fill the sides,Mirage casts her spell again she clears the trail behind her leaving nothing but impaled undead,the ground behind her heaves,slowing down the undead on the sides Herman strikes the undead on his side splitting them in half and bashes them with his lightning shield the putrid smell of burned rotten flesh rises in the air*
Pinks uses the water shield to push enemies back and strikes with an axe severing bodies of the undead as they fall back in from the push.
Helios remains calm ,the party draws near the center of the first part Herman and pinks keep striking and bashing,
The party seems to imitate the acts of a boat on water parting waves of undead.
Helios:we're almost to the second part I can see the Holy tree!
Mirage:good the wave of undead should thin down quicker.
Helios:*raises his other hand,waving it to Herman and Pinks and casts a spell*Holy Bane!
*Herman and Pinks weapons slice rapidly through the undead thinning out the sides swiftly.the undead keep bashing against the earthen shields they break!Mirage cast her spell again,before the undead hit Herman and Pinks,they both slashed through the undead with lightning reflexes,the earthen shields reappear.
*the group has cleared the whole area of undead*
Mirage:don't break formation yet,scan each position you hold.
*the group looks in each direction they hold*
* the group looks to Herman's side and see the last threat of the first part,a gigantic undead!*
Mirage:cast her spell *it pierces the undead giant pinning it against the wall,she then uses her spell two more times to pierce its arms and legs.
*the creature moans *
Helios casts his Holy spell on Herman and Pinks.
The group nears the creature swiftly.
Gin: Herman,Pinks run up the separate spikes dice the creature into bits with me!
*all three party member runs up to each separate spike,Herman quickly slashes through half of the giants body,Pinks doing the same,Gin delivers the final blow and all three dice the creature with no trace of it left.
Gin:good job guys
Mirage:yes,all of you did a fantastic job!
Helios:let us reach the Holy tree we should be safe.
*the party reaches the Holy tree safe from all harm*
Mirage:alright guys the tree keeps us all safe with it holy power.
Gin:thank goodness
*Suddenly, the room started shaking by the sounds of a walking medium-sized giant.*
W-w-what in the world was that?
Okay, since are no more responses. I call this chapter finished. Now let's cool us down for a couple of days before I could continue the story on thread #2. I'd hope you have enjoyed the quest thus far.

If there any consensus about it, leave a comment.
It's been wonderful,I was going to finish the battle today but that's fine.
*the giant wanders aimlessly *
Mirage:don't worry,plan first,we will enter the second part containing demonic spirits.
Helios:I will bless everyone's weapons,spells and armor,destroying the demonic spirits.
Gin:good plan
Mirage:we will stay in the same formation like before.Now that all our equipment is blessed this should speed up our goal.
Pinks:what about the giant?
Mirage:once Helios blesses us we will attract the giant and it will enter the room with Dominic spirits,the Demonic spirits will then attack the giant killing it.
Gin:alright! easy kill
Mirage:alright everyone focus like before,Helios bless us please.
Helios:*raises staff*I bless this party with holy weapons and holy defense!
Helios:there all is ready.
Mirage:Pinks, Herman,use your shields to strike the giant.
Pinks and Herman *raise shields*water shoots from Pinks shield then lightning from Herman's
*the combined attack attracts the giants attention,quickly following the group*
the group enter the Demonic spirits domain*
hoards of demonic spirits approach the party.
Helios:casts,Banishment of Darkness!*a dome of pure light covers the whole party*
the giant rushes into the room,demonic spirits notice it.swarms of demonic spirits attack the unknowing giant,killing it in a hurricane of demonic spiritual energy.
this buys the group extra time.
Mirage:casts,Aura of Nature!*holy earthen shields protect the party*
Helios:casts,Holy Bane!*Pinks,Herman and Gin,attacks gain swiftness*
*spirits that killed the giant now come from behind*
Mirage:casts *Aura of Nature!,holy earthen spikes shoot out of the ground piercing all the spirits from behind,killing them*
Gin:*swings and slashes *demonic spirits blowing them to the sides *the demonic spirits are weakened*
Herman and pinks slash with blessed weapons and shields*
Herman has more room *raises shield*blasts of holy lightning shoot out from Herman's shield,giving the group room to move.
Pinks:*raises shield*holy water splashes the demonic spirits ,some of the holy water covers the party giving them a boost in defense.
*demonic spirits nearly slash Gins neck,his sword now covered in holy water wipes them out *
Helios:keep going,*casts*Holy Bane!
*the party attacks quicker while buffed with holy might*
*Herman fends off more groups of demonic spirits with his sword*
Mirage:good job, Herman,pinks I'm going to summon holy spikes to your sides,blast them with your shields,this will shatter the holy spikes creating a holy potent aura in the air killing a huge amount of spirits.
Mirage:*casts*Aura of Nature! *holy earthen spikes summon to Pinks and Herman's sides*
Pinks and Herman *raises shields,shooting water and lightning on both sides!
*the holy spikes shatter,holy aura fills the room*
the demonic spirits are killed from both sides.
Mirage:we are nearing the entrance towards the next room,the Holy tree is only a few steps away.
Gin:I don't see anything harmful.
Helios:Let's proceed
*the group looks in all directions*
No enemies in sight
*the group now stands under the Holy tree*
Helios:*heals all party members*Here Herman have some seeds *hands over seeds*
*all party members have a wonderful feast,as they finish Mirage ponders the next move*

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