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Bread is alive.
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Links of Importance:

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight+Academy
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
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[=== Canaria News===]

Dear Mageknight Academy Students,

Feel free to explore the Island, help anyone that you find and have fun!
With Love,
Antona Catalyna de Robledo
Canaria Native and Teacher.

[Gram Roderick]
You are better off alone and you don't need anyone else. With Aria by your side, Ana in front of you and Rat on your shoulder, you continue exploring the Jungle, far away from what the other guys are doing. The weather is hot and humid, the armor is heavy but you must find and conquer this jungle. Who cares about the lost explorers or those other students? You are Gram Roderick and you got stuff to do.

After a few hours of finding nothing but plants, you start to hear the barking of Ana. You move some giant leaves around and you find a hidden temple. It looks like it’s been abandoned for centuries. You mark the location in your map and you decide to continue on with your exploring. Maybe there’s something else, other than a never explored and forgotten temple...

>+2 Investigation
>+1 Survival
>[Location: Lost Temple]
>[Choices, choices] - You can go and get an extra free action for exploring the Temple, or you can select a LAM mode run through the Temple. This critical will be counted towards your rewards.

Exploring the surroundings of the temple you manage to find a small waterfall half a mile from the temple, and a small spring. Sure, nice enough to relax, but not exactly a forgotten temple. While trying to return to the temple, hidden under some leaves, lies a crate with the Emblem of the Mageknight Academy of Madrid. It’s locked with a big padlock and you aren’t completely sure if it’s worth it to use your sword as a crowbar to try to pry it open. You manage to drag it to the Temple entrance to use as a chair.

>+1 Investigation
>[Mageknight Crate] - Locked.
[Matthieu Faust]
Vampirella was in torpor, and it seemed synthetic blood wasn’t doing it for her. Seeing no other option, you cut your wrist and brought it close to her mouth. She said she enjoyed the taste when you battled, so you figured it’d work. Lily is slightly disappointed at the fact that you weren’t going to do anything lewd to her, but she restrains herself. This was an important step in the process, after all.

The Vampiress drank deep of your blood. Just as you were feeling faint-- /just/ as you were about to pass out-- Vampirella’s eyelids fluttered open. She was clearly awake, now, with a smirk on her face. “Couldn’t resist me, could you?” She grabbed your wrist and dragged it closer to her mouth. She drank more, and more; until you felt as though you were going to pass out.

You awaken some time later, your wrist having been healed shut. You were lying on the bed, and the Vampiress was gone. The door was open, perhaps she had made an escape? You frantically get up and prepare to search for her when you hear something peculiar: the shower was running.

Suddenly, the shower stops, and the door to the bathroom opens. In front of you is the Vampiress, everything laid bare before you. The woman gives you a wry smirk. “Are you just going to stare, or are you going to get me a towel?” You oblige her, closing the door to the outside, and giving her a towel in short order. You look away, but you hear her changing into something. She tells you that you can look now, and find that she’s wearing the sundress you had bought for her.

You look to her warily, asking her what her plan of actions are from here. “Well, you’ve beaten me, and I’m clearly not strong enough to take on an entire keep of Mageknights.” She says, sitting down on the bed. “And I’m not too keen on fighting you or whoever is sent after me this time.” The Vampiress says in a tired voice. “I’m done running. So for now, I think I’ll stay with you.” The woman finishes coyly. Before you can protest, she continues. “I won’t drain any more victims, as long as you keep my appetite sated, and treat me well.” The vampiress says.

“Luckily for me, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your blood.” She says to you. “So let’s start over. My name is Celeste.” The vampiress says to you. “Please take care of me.” Celeste finishes.

>+3 Celeste
>[Quest: Vampirella] - She’s awake, and she’ll stay with you as long as you treat her well

Rumors spread quickly through the student community. Some students are talking about a small ranch near the pastures where minotaurs and holstaurs live. Intrigued, you decide to investigate.

File: Holstaurusmilk-2.jpg (73 KB, 193x295)
73 KB
Mountain Ridge Pastures is located a few miles south of Saint Cross. The small ranch covers a small area of the plains and they have a small Inn for tourist and hikers that want to explore the Snowrock Mountain. The Minotaurs and Holstaurs that live here make an honest and calm life of ranch activities, they grace the pastures and milk themselves for bottling. It’s not a secret that some people prefer the Holstaur Milk rather than regular milk, since it contains special properties.

When you get there you are greeted by a very tall Holstaur holding a small axe. Looks like she was chopping some wood behind the guest house. “Hiker? Come, come!” She calls you from afar and invites you to come inside. While inside she offers you a cold glass of milk and you start asking her question about her kind. She seems to take pride in her knowledge and starts to tell you about how the Minotaurs and Holstaurs living in Canaria came here. During the Greek Expulsion of Magical creatures in the 1300s, the Minotaurs were exiled and had no place to stay. Some Minotaurs with thick furs settled in the northern parts of Europe and some, like us, decided to come here for the warmer climate. Then, when the Saint Cross of Canaria city was settled, the Spanish government offered us lands in the island, and we accepted.

>Met: [Tinanu Silenthoof]
>Location: [Mountain Ridge Pastures]
>[Mountainridge Pastures’ Milk] - Boosts Strength by 1 tier for one combat.

[Aine Boros]
You hear a pair of students talking about a small ranch near the pastures where minotaurs and holstaurs live. You hear that the Mountain Ridge Pastures is located a few miles south of Saint Cross. Helia and Dorothy get excited about the idea of meeting Minotaurs and both ask if they can visit the Pastures.

When you get there you are greeted by a very tall and very strong looking Minotaur wearing denim coveralls. The girls are instantly fascinated by his appearance. “You hikers?” He asks with a guttural accent. “Come.” As he points his hands towards the house. “If you want climb mountain, you must pass night here.” he says. The guests house is pretty comfortable but maybe somewhat old. Inside you find a familiar face, or should I say mask, talking with a Holstaur in the kitchen. Looks like Matthieu Faust is also exploring this area of the Island.

The Minotaurs sits on a human-sized couch and you start to ask him about the mountains and the wild lands. He goes into details about the natural beauties of the Island. He mentions that the Lake near the top is rich in minerals and how the artisan of Glassbell Shores have beautiful works of art made in transparent rocks. He mentions a small cave with colored rocks near the Glassbells Shores town but he hasn't seen it in a while. You thank him for his time and hospitality and offers you a crate of Mountainridge Pastures Milk.

>+2 Dorothy
>+2 Helia
>Met: [Hilapen Toughhorn]
>Location: [Mountainridge Pastures]

>Free Action:
Accept or decline:
>[Crate of Mountainridge Pastures’ Milk] - 6 Bottles - Boost Strength by 1 tier for one Combat.

Back in Saint Cross, you turn to Helia and as you are about to ask her if she thought that maybe your family had some history in this Island when you manage to see it, a statue of a tall bronze man standing tall in a pedestal near the Patriciate buildings. He has a stern look on his face but holds a sword up and pointing towards the heavens. A plaque near the base reads: “Miquel Boros”

A small plaque under the name details how Miquel was an early explorer of the Coasts of Africa. During one of their exploration trips, he and his small crew were taken by a storm and their Galleon was grounded near the Saint Cross Beach. Instead of giving up on being rescued, he founded a town in the place where he got castaway. “A true visionary.” During his time, the town of Saint Cross started to get visitors and settlers, and became a small economic powerhouse in the middle of the Atlantic. It served as a trading and stocking point for ships traveling to Asia. All thanks to the great hard work of Miquel Boros.

A strange old man approaches you and starts to tell you a story: “Miquel Boros was a simple man, and if he liked something he took it, and if he didn’t liked something, he dropped it. During the Moroccan raids for the Island, Boros usually picked up weapons from his slain foes, from swords to cutlasses to cannons. If he found it useful, he kept it until he didn’t. His crew and soldiers took notice of this and started to follow his example. This way a tradition was born in the whole Island: take what you need and give what you don’t.” When you turn around to ask him more, he disappears. You shrug him off and you take a selfie with Helia and Dorothy.

>T2 [Photo of the Statue] - You are posing with Helia and Dorothy in front of the Boros Statue
>[Boros’ Legacy] - One Branch of the Boros Family was directly involved in the founding of the Canaria Settlement.
>[Boros’ Tradition] - The “Leave behind Something” tradition of the Island was inspired by one of your Family Members
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109 KB PNG
[Arthur Belrose]
While it does seem strange believing what a weeb says, you decide to look into it. You go around and ask anyone for information on this legendary sword and who would've thought, you end up running into weeby once more. “You want to find this katana? Well, luckily for you, i’m an expert on it! This ancient katana was left on this island during the secret Japanese death mage invasion of 1376. You can find it somewhere in the japanese ruins on the northern side of the island, in the mountains.”

>+1 Investigation

>Look for the Cardboard Monster in the slums with the other City Crawlers.
>City Crawlers Section

[Dania Nanato]
>DO: Hike to the Old Order and end the Hike at Glassbell Shores
You start your hike around the Old Order. At first, you join a group with a thin redhead teacher guide showing you around all the viewing sites. The walls are engraved with some runic writings of magic. The guide talks about it being used with a defense for the stronghold. The Old Order and their willingness to fight and risk their lives for their cause was what brought them to create all things magical. You follow behind and look around but as you look closer at the runes in the wall, something triggers in you. A memory of a man running with a map of the catacombs in hand. You understand he is being chased and after a glance at the map, he finds a corner, sticks his hand on a wall and disappears. You realize that he must have put this memory on the wall for some reason. But why this memory? You look around and realize you’re lagging behind but after a few steps, a feeling of deja vu comes in and you get a terrible headache as you look around the place even more. You just follow the group and for the rest of the hike to Glassbell shores, you try to relax and get this headache off. Trying to remember the map you saw in the memory, you see some handwritten marks with an X, and marks with a check in some of the rooms and pathways not seen in the public viewing site map.

>Gain [Mental Map of Old Order Stronghold Catacombs], +5 when navigating Old Stronghold & +15 when navigating Old Order stronghold Catacombs,
>Gain [Headache], -5 for next action
>Gain [déjà vu] - Looking at the walls of the catacombs can cause headaches, roll another d100 to avoid to avoid headache when roaming the stronghold catacombs. Failing DC40 will give a -10 mod to action in catacombs and - 5 for the next turn action

Finally you arrive at Glassbell shores, a town really full of ash and glass. The ground has a faint white look and any sand or dirt areas have a beautiful clear white color which the local artisans say come from any ash the volcano lake brings up. Many shops here sell different glassware all made with different methods. Each artisan has their own technique and style in creating some. You watch them as they use the sand coating and equipment to heat and cool the materials.

Many of the shops have a minor shop in the other towns on the island, but many tourists still come here. A town next to the lake is convenient in itself, but most visitors come with special requests to the artisans. As you stay and watch for quite some time, some of the gaffers teach you a thing or two about glass smithing. One even helped you create your own glass tipped hair clip with your choice of coating and design!

>Gain [Basic Glass Smithing]
>Gain [T3 Fire (Glass-tipped) Hair Clip] - Glass enchanted fire hair clip, +3 to fire-related rolls when in use.
>Check Glassware Shops in Market

[Jozin Redregard]
Retcon: Names of the Minotaurs of the Pastures.
>Met: [Hilapen Toughhorn], Minotaur, friendly.
>Met: [Tinanu Silenthoof], Holstaur, hard-working

Before the sun is even out, you prepare yourself for the climb. You check your bags and supplies for the hike to the top. Kari knocks on your door and asks you if you are ready. You asks for one moment as you finish your backpack. Hilapen calls your names and serves you both a nice breakfast with a glass of their signature milk. “Everyone loves Mountainridge Milk.”

After breakfast, you ask Hilapen if you can do magic in his living room and he says it's not a problem. First you cast [Resist Elements] on you and you feel a tingling sensation of coziness as the cold morning starts to feel warmer. Then you ask Kari to follow what you are doing. You start to focus your energies on her and start to cast the spell. She mentions that the morning doesn’t feel as cold anymore. Success.

>+1 Kari
>[Resist Elements: Focus] - Now you can apply it to a second person if you focus your energies into him.
>[Pastures Breakfast] - Increases Stamina and Strength for the next turn.
>[Cold-resistant Package] - You and Kari are now resistant to Cold for the next turn.

File: Jozin_Adventure.png (236 KB, 1334x750)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Climbing a Mountain is not an easy task. But with Kari and the morning sun, you are sure it can be made. Her smile inspires you to go climbing. She catches you staring at her while she ties up her hair into a ponytail and say to you: “Should have brought a camera to take a picture. It lasts longer.” Her playful tone makes you laugh and you say that is time to go.

You start the ascend to the top with the first step out of the Mountainridge Pastures. The first stop in this hike is in Glassbell Shores for a small lunch before the ascend to the peak. The trail between the Ranch and the Glassbell town is nice, filled with trees and a few scattered benches to rest when you get tired. When you arrive to the Glassbell town you are greeted by a town full of ash and glass. You learn that this town it's famous for its glass artisans. One of the artisans, taking a break near the entrance of his shop say that they take orders from all over the magical world, and that tourist take their time to come here to see them working. Kari seems fascinated by the artisans and their craft. She asks you if you could stay to see a little more, but you say that both will have plenty of time to explore the town after getting to the top.

Now, the ascend to the top of the mountain is less friendly to the average hiker: The terrain is more rough and rocky, the path gets less visible and sometimes you see some rocks rolling down. But you keep on going. As you go higher you start to feel that the [Resist Elements] spell is clearly working since you are in a foot deep snow in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. While getting near the base you see a small campsite with a chest and a sign.


You open the chest and find a lot of artifacts, but one of them caught your attention. A white poncho-like garment that glows with white particles. As you try it on and spread your arms, Kari points out that the garment has a pair of wings under the arms. You decide to keep it. Kari also takes a look and finds a small dagger that emits light. She takes a good look and mentions that it is made of silver. Both of you pack your things and continue to ascend the mountain.

By the end of the day, you reached the top of the mountain and the view from here it's breathtaking. You take a look north to see the port of Saint Cross, bustling with activity as always, to the left you see the small town of the Starleaf Valley with the Starleaf Vineyards glowing like the night stars. The Twilight Jungle near the valley looks grim and dark from this point of view. Kari tell you to point south where you can see a lone tower among a desert. Closer to you, you can see the Lake, the Glassbell Shores town and the Old Order Stronghold.

File: New_Gun.jpg (258 KB, 1200x1200)
258 KB
258 KB JPG

And as you admire the landscape as you descend, you see 3 human-like creatures and a small dragon gliding near the top of the mountain and land near the Old Order Stronghold. You rush your descend near the mountain, but Kari moans about being hungry and you she decides that you should end up dining at Glassbell Shores.

>+1 Kari
>[Glassbell Shore’s Market] - Unlocked Location
>[T3 Wingsuit] - Looks like a white hoodie but has wings under the arms. Leaves a magical white trail behind you. Provides an extra T1 Elements Protection

Kari gains:
>[T2 Silver Dagger] - A small dagger that emits light and holds some holy runes inscribed.

[Zoot Martingale]
You bring that rusty piece of crap back to town. You give it to some of the Merchants to see if they have parts for it. Some say that it's too far gone to be fixed and offer to buy it off you in exchange of their merchandise. Others tell you that it would need months of works to fix it. The Brewer says he has exactly what you need and hands you a small glass bottle and says that it’s an alchemical rust remover. “That thing will strip centuries of corrosion out of whatever you apply it to.”

After asking around some more, another merchant says he has a Blunderbuss repair kit, but he’s not sure it will fit a four-barrel one. You still bought it.

>[Alchemical Rust Remover] - One bottle
>[Blunderbuss Parts] - Can be used to replace pairs of a gun. They are generic Blunderbuss parts. Fitment may vary.

>For the Market Loot see: [===Market===]

You follow the Map from the town of Saint Cross to a dark cave. It feels humid and makes your skin crawl. You take out your guns and get ready to fight anything that might come in your face…. Until you find a small sign that says [==Welcome to the Pirate’s Cave==] - Interactive Museum. You shrug and take the tour about the Pirate’s of the Old World and how they terrorized Spanish ships during the Colonial era. Everyone wanted a piece of the golden cake that the spaniards had and attacks on Spanish Galleons were commons. The museum is filled with small replicas of boats and actual guns, clothes and things used by the pirates during their raids.

At the end of the tour you buy a small plastic water gun. Hey, at least it actually works.

>+1 [Pirate’s History]
>Location: [Pirate’s Hideout] - A museum dedicated to Pirates in Canaria
>[Plastic Toy Gun] - A small replica of a Legendary weapon that shoots water.
File: Scorched-Earth.jpg (71 KB, 560x360)
71 KB
[Markus Milton]
You feel smug and confident enough to try to open a centuries old lock protecting a warlock tower with a simple [Open Lock] spell. But you never know. Maybe this time was the lucky one. Or maybe not.

As you cast the spell, a blue sphere engulfs the lock and makes your spell fizzle out. Then blue sphere retracts and lights up a rune engraved in the lock. It’s ancient and you don’t recognize it. But you start to hear and feel a sizzle inside your head. You close your eyes and you hallucinate a lit up fuse burning up. You take a moment and then it all clicks.

The magical fuse it’s inside you and you are the explosive.

>[Curse of Spontaneous Combustion] - DC60 - Roll once to not spontaneously combust.

Lurking around the tower you find nothing but sand, scorching sun and sand. Lots of sand. There are some inscriptions carved in the tower thick stone walls warning about great danger in various languages. Some of the inscriptions are more pictographic in nature, showing lighting strikes, skulls and fire. But there’s nothing near the base of the tower that would suggest a way to breaking in through the front door. It tastes like disappointment.

You feel a strong desire to wander around for resources since you are now really starting to feel the dehydration kicking in. You find a small water hole half a mile from the tower. And it is protected by rocks and provides a nice enough shade to rest. You take a few moments there and notice something strange. A small wooden trapdoor under the waterhole. Could be this what you were looking for?

>+1 Intuituve Pathfinding
>+1 Survival
>[Waterhole Trapdoor]

[Lawrence Birch]
You mention to one of your friends that you would like to explore the Forgotten Tower and the Scorched Earth areas of the island. She looks worried and tells you the history of how the scorched part of the area became scorched.

A long time ago there was this powerful Castilian mage, living alone in this tower working on some pretty powerful magic. During the Moor occupation of the the Iberic Peninsula, someone mentioned the island the Moors wanted a conquest here. When the Moor army made it to the Island, they went with a small army to take over the tower. The old mage decided to unleash all his power into the army, depleting the lava of the volcano and engulfing everyone in a sea of fire and ashes. They say that his tower is cursed with fire-related magic.

After that she mentions that there are pretty neat stuff at the markets and that you should check them out.

>[Scared of History] - DC30 for trying to come to the Scorched Earth area.
>[Trinket] - Take an A-Tier item or 2 B-Tier items from the Marketplace for free. Or take an S item and get a -10 debuff for buying stuff during the OVA.
File: Foes.jpg (48 KB, 620x350)
48 KB

Oblivion is a very special sentient weapon. A cursed one, at that. It’s a malicious blade, and certainly a bigger threat than you can ever know. Despite this though, you decide to look for more weapons like these. Whether it’s because you want to discover more insights into them, or because you desire more weapons like it, you’re unsure. For once, the voice you hear in your head is somewhat helpful, whispering secrets of its kind.

That’s when you hear it. There is a weapon like it on the island; namely, a ritual dagger. Legends say that before the island was colonized, the tribes participated in bloody rituals and rites to improve their power. Perfect. Now the search begins.

A couple hours later, you’re tired, battered, and bruised. You had patrolled the island in search of it, but found nothing. You didn’t have anything to show for it, too. The blade urges you to find it, but you’re tired. Perhaps you need to rest.
>Learned that a Ritual Dagger is on the island.
>[Exhausted] -10 to all strenuous activities next turn.

[Davis Malachai, The Explorer]
You and tania enter Starleaf valley following the path as it carries you by the sea of vineyards that grow all the fruits that make up the luxury exports that come from canaria. As you wander down the paths you come upon worn down building of old stone and rotted wood. As you and tania open the door(or considering the structural integrity of it break it down). Entering it you seem to be inside what was an old winery. A quick examination of the room shows you a loose brick in the structure, pulling it out causes the rest of that wall to fall away showing a secret room, somewhat cramped and adorned with a chair and an old wooden table with the crest of the moon carved into it. Searching this secret area you find a shelf with a small box on it made of metal and unlocked?

You decide to glance inside and find a bracelet made of a cool blue metallic material. It flashes quickly with a pattern of stars with a moon in the center of it all. With curiosity guiding you, you put it in and feel your entire body chill. A icy mist surrounding you.

>[Bracelet of the Wintry Moon]
>T3 Accessory
>[Cold Body] - All unarmed attacks count as cold damage as well when dealing with vulnerabilities as well as dealing a extra +3 base cold damage on a hit.
>[Chilling Touch] - On a successful hit enemies take a -10 to dodge and speed based checks this effect does not stack and lasts 3 turns and can only be refreshed when the effect ends.

You and Tana walk together to Starleaf Valley, the girl clinging to your arm the entire way. The Starleaf is specifically native to Canaria, and is what the town is named after. Each plant is covered in moisture that makes it shine like stars. The stroll is quite pleasant, and you’re quite excited to try out some wine in the valley. After all, the Starleaf wine comes heavily recommended.

But you don’t expect the place to be completely empty when you arrive. You see a few faces peer through the windows, obscured only by their blinds and curtains. When you go to knock on one of the doors, a trio of men stop you. “Hey man, sorry about that, but the Valley’s going to be… closed for a while.” The leader of the men says to you. You prepare to protest, or ask why that might be the case, but suddenly Tana tugs on your arm. She’s not saying anything, but you can read her eyes, and know that she wants both of you to leave. Right now.

You bid farewell to the man, and beat a hasty retreat. When you ask what happened back there, Tana speaks up. “I can’t say for certain, but I know dangerous people when I see them.” She says. “We can always come back for the wine later.” The girl smiles at you.

Since your foray into Starleaf Valley was a bust, you decide to head over to the Twilight Jungle. You move through the outpost, but before you get far, you’re stopped by a rugged-looking ranger. “Hold it right there.” He says. “You guys are Mageknights, yeah? What year level are you?” When you say that you’re freshmen, he frowns. “Then I can’t let you through. This place is full of dangers, even for experienced Mageknights and Rangers.”

Tana frowns, and then the ranger sighs. “I suppose if you stay on the outskirts of the jungle, you should be fine.” He says. “That, or you take the designated tourist route like everyone else, but I won’t let you deviate from that tour path.” The ranger says to you.

>As a free action, you may choose one course of action.

>Do some trekking on the outskirts of the jungle. The ranger will keep an eye on you, but you should be able to learn a thing or two. (+Pathfinding, no roll required)
>Take the scenic tourist route with Tana. Less fun, but at least you’ll be able to focus on enjoying with her. (+Relationship with Tana, no roll required)
>Try to sneak into the Jungle anyway. Dangers lurk within, but it might be worth a look. (Enter the forest with Tana, possible loot, but you will need to roll for it)
[Abby Dragfirm]
[Boat Turn]
You find Valerie over at the bar, drinking a cocktail infused with fire mana - a delicacy among mages, the Red Sunrise. The girl smiles as you approach. “Hey Abby, have you tried this drink yet? It's pretty good.” She says before turning to the man beside you. “Hm? Who's this? Did you get yourself a boyfriend?” She asks half-jokingly. Rhazias is quick to respond. “Not quite.“ He chuckles. “Good to see you again, miss Valerie.” Your roommate looks at him like he grew a second head before realizing. “You're… Rhazias?!”

The man nods, and the two converse. You explain that you had formed a summoning contact, and that Rhazias would follow you around in human form. “As long as you don't try anything funny, I'll be glad to have you around.” Valerie says to Rhazias. He is quick to reassure that he will not do anything untoward against you. You all spend some more time together just talking to each other.
>+1 Valerie

You ask your white-haired compatriot about his skills as a human, which he happily answers. “In my time as a Seeker, I’ve picked up many talents over the years. You never know what might happen, and my true form isn’t exactly subtle.” He says.

Rhazias goes on to tell you what his capabilities are. As it turns out, he’s a skilled wielder in Holy and Light magic. In both human and dragon form, he doesn’t breathe fire like normal, but instead he can expel a solution of concentrated Light mana from his lungs. On the weapon side, he’s at his best when he’s not in the thick of the fighting, as he can do a lot of damage with his shortsword-dagger combination. That being said, despite his lack of armor, his draconic resilience helps him go toe-to-toe with beefier enemies.

Rhazias then tells you that at any time, he can shift back into dragon form to unlock the full extent of his abilities, but he tells you that he doesn’t recommend it unless you’re in true danger.

Rhazias has the following stats
[Seeker of Truth] Honed by years of experience, Rhazias can find the truth and dispel lies. When the enemy uses magic to alter the perception of Rhazias or his allies, they must beat DC 50 each turn to maintain the effect. If they fail, the magic is dispelled.
[Draconic Lineage] Even when in human form, his Draconic heritage shines through. Effects that target humans specifically have little effect on him, but effects that target dragons specifically will work on him.
[Locked Potential] To ensure that you learn properly, Rhazias will hold back his true power unless you choose to completely release it via the Summoning Contract.

File: cruise-cocktail.jpg (17 KB, 300x200)
17 KB
>Base Vitality: 10
>Base Mana Reserves: 7
>T3 Stamina
>T3 Mana Reserves
>T4 Natural Armor
>T4 Dual Wielding
>T3 Shortsword Proficiency
>T3 Dagger Proficiency
>T3 Stealth
>T5 Investigation
>T4 Light Breath
>T4 Draconic Theory
>T4 Conjure Dragon Wings
>T4 Flight
>T3 Light Theory
>T2 Shining Arc
>T2 Light Barrier
>T3 Divine Theory
>T3 Smite
>T2 Divine Sense
>T2 Lay on Hands
>T2 Weapon Binding Ritual

[Boat Turn]
Searching for Natasha wasn’t not an easy task initially, but once you get your bearings, you navigate the ship with ease. You manage to find the girl lounging around in one of the recreational areas. The martial artist sees you and flashes a grin. “Oh hey Abby, how’re you doing?” After you exchange greetings, you both walk around the ship.

“Hm? My hobbies? Why’d you want to know?” She says with a hint of wariness in her tone. You explain that you just want to get to know her better, since you don’t really know too much about her. The girl relaxes somewhat after that. “Well, I’m really passionate about Martial Arts, really. Aikido, Taekwondo, Karate, you name it.” Natasha smiles. Oddly enough, whenever you probe into her family or personal life, she deflects the question, changing the subject to something else.

Still, you intended to learn more about her, and you do. Apparently, she and her family have lived in Madrid all their life, and she’s never left the country. Naturally, she jumped at the opportunity this time around to go and visit Canaria, even if it is technically a Spanish colony. You exchange stories and information, and all in all, you do enjoy your time with her.
>+4 Natasha
>[Cautious] Natasha enjoys your company, but she’s wary around you. -5 to the next interaction with her.

Following Valerie's advice, you try some of the drinks at the bar. You do have the wisdom to grab something mild instead of something heavy, thankfully. It's too early to be drinking too much, after all. You spend some time relaxing on the port side deck. While you don't feel particularly relaxed afterwards, you did enjoy your time there.
Starleaf Valley is a quiet vale filled with farmlands and vineyards. The Starleaf plant native to Canaria is grown here exclusively. In addition to the farmers tending to their crops, you see water mages hydrating the crops with water. The plants glisten with moisture, and it's then that you realize why the plants are called Starleaves: because of the dew, they look like stars in the sky, though you imagine it'd have a greater effect at night. After sightseeing a little, you push on towards the town proper.

You ask the locals about the fruit, and even give them a try. Most are quite impressed by the sweet, yet delicate tang. The exoticness of the fruit only furthers that effect. As you're asking around, Rhazias speaks up. “We've got company. Watch yourself, miss Dragfirm.”

You turn around and spot a trio of men. There's a rugged, yet friendly looking man who appears to be the leader, and two men that look very much like brutes. You look behind you, and see that the local has evacuated indoors. What is going on?

The leader smiles at you. “Ya don't look like a local, so you must be one of those Mageknights, yeah?” He asks. You tell him that you are, and ask for his name. “Where're my manners? The name’s Chris. Nice to meet ya.” He says, giving you a firm handshake. You introduce yourself, Rhazias, and even Vussora to the man. “Figured. You stick out like a sore thumb around here.” In an instant, his tone changes, and his face contorts into a scowl.

“I'll get to the point kid, I don't want you advertising your damn fruit around here. This is our turf.” Chris says to you. You try to say that you weren’t advertising anything, but he looks unconvinced. “We’ll be taking that, thank you very much.” He continues. You spot Rhazias quietly summoning daggers to his hands, cleverly hiding his arms behind his back. Vussora moves behind you, frightened due to never having been in such an encounter before. The two thugs draw… crossbows?! You can see the surprise on Rhazias’ face. “Miss Dragfirm… I’m afraid you’ll have to surrender your produce.” Your dragon companion says to you. With no other choice, you hand over the rest of your Fey Fruits, causing Chris to smile.

“Thank ya kindly.” He grins. “Now leave, will ya?” The man says. Rhazias pulls you away, and you both exit the town. You walk for a while before he speaks up again. “I apologize, miss Dragfirm.” Rhazias says. “When I saw their weapons, I knew that these thugs weren’t some run-of-the-mill criminals.” He continues, causing you to look on in confusion.

“Their crossbows… They’re crafted for a singular purpose: to kill dragons.

>[Appropriated] Your [Basket with 12 Moonlight fruits] was stolen by the Starleaf Valley Mob.
>[Guarded] You’re certain that the Mob won’t let you return to the Valley so easily. All rolls regarding Starleaf Valley are DC 40 until you can find a way to deal with them
File: Glass_Store.jpg (202 KB, 954x768)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
They say that volcanic soil is the richest soil of all, and they’re right. Silvershade town is absolutely buzzing with activity. Farmers toil the land while miners work the earth. Glassblowers make a spectacle out of their craft, creating intricate and beautiful glass objects. Local artificers and wizards help too, perfectly and precisely etching runes and glyphs onto the glass surface. The result is a beautiful glass vase, inlaid with obsidian and mana-infused sigils. After this, the process repeats itself.

You’re not here for glassware though, but rather for jewelry. Thankfully, the town’s mines make it easy for such things to be gathered, and there’s much silver underneath the town(thus the name). You head over to a small local jeweler store, supposedly renowned for it's quality. A young boy greets you as you enter.

You ask the boy where the shopkeeper is, and he tells you that he is in fact the shopkeeper. Surprising, considering that the lad can’t be any older than ten. You ask him that you’re looking for some earrings, and he obliges you, directing you to a large selection of earrings, each one crafted from polished silver and obsidian. He asks you to take your pick.

Note: magical earrings do not work unless you wear both earrings as a pair. Mixing and matching two different sets of magical earrings will either result in nothing happening, or in strange and chaotic magic.

>Pick two from the following(one pair goes to you, and the other pair goes to Valerie. You may select two of the same pair of earrings)
>[Earrings of Flame] Grants T2 Fire Resistance, and T1 Fire Magic Proficiency.
>[Earrings of Lava] Once per battle, you may activate this to change the damage type of any attack that your perform to Fire damage. If you select a Fire-based skill, instead add +2 to the damage roll.
>[Earrings of Warmth] Once per battle, when you deal Fire damage to a target, you may heal yourself for a 1/3rd(rounded up) of that amount.
The Ironwood forest is a beautiful place. There’s beauty in its silence, its serenity. With trees that tower up high into the sky, you can’t help but feel at peace here. It’s nice and cool here in the forest, in contrast to the island’s warm, tropical nature. You push forward towards the heart of the forest, hoping to find some sort of native civilization.

Unfortunately, you’re unable to find any within the forest. Perhaps they had all left? You did however, find something interesting: a totem in the center of the forest. It looks hand-carved, each “block” having a face on each side. There are seven ‘blocks’ total, each one representing a different beast. It emanates an aura of power. You touch it, and you’re suddenly filled with energy. Your vision becomes clear. You hear familiar voices, but they sound distant. You can smell the flowers, the trees, and the grass beneath your feet.

You head in the direction of the voices, and you see Angelica, Ean, and Platina. You also see a little girl who huddles next to Angelica as you draw near. It turns out they’re harvesting the bark, wood, and fruit from the trees without cutting them down. Maybe you can go talk to them.

>Location: Ironwood Totem
>Learned spell: Heighten Senses
>You may RP with Ean and Angelica

After meeting up with Valerie, you explain your plan to fly up to Snowrock Mountain and check out the Mineral lake. Your roommate smiles. “That’s a long way up, you sure you can handle it?” She asks, to which you nod. You’ve lived on mountains, but this is new terrain. You’re going to fly for extended periods of time with all of your gear. Quicker than hiking up the mountain, but still. Rhazias assures you that he’ll catch you guys when you fall. With that out of the way, you begin the ascent.

A couple hours in, and you’re still making the ascent. It’s difficult because instead of gliding from location to location, you have to actively keep beating your wings to gain a higher altitude. Rhazias hasn’t broken a sweat, and Valerie looks only slightly winded. Vussora seems to be having the most trouble, but he is only a whelp, after all. You keep flying, spotting a few hikers in the distance.

During the third hour, even Valerie looks like she’s going to give. Rhazias recommends that you rest for a bit, and you do. This trip has been arduous enough already, so a short break is appreciated. Valerie takes a moment to stretch her legs, while Vussora takes a quick nap. FIve minutes later, you’re all up again, flying towards the top of the mountain.
File: Peletier.png (76 KB, 450x600)
76 KB
You all eventually reach the top, tired and sweaty(barring Rhazias, who is completely fine) despite the freezing weather. The mineral lake here looks like it’s freezing cold, but at least it’s still in liquid form rather than solid ice. Before you do anything though, you all decide to rest and recuperate first. You feel like you’ve done some solid flight training today.

>[T3 Fly] - Fly can be listed at T3
>[Vussora gains] +1 Flight Proficiency.
>Location: [Snowrock Mountain Top]

Remember to support your school in today’s semifinals!
~Marching Band Teacher
With the Marching Bands presentations you can’t find Vivi anywhere. Maybe she’s supporting her school or maybe she’s in her room practicing some water stuff. Who knows? But with the big event going on, the school feels… crowded. There are so many humans reunited in a single place. The small interior hallways feel cramped as the students rub against your aquous body, you start to feel distressed and you feel reactions in your body you haven’t felt, as more and more people come and go you feel like you are about to burst, you let a scream out and the students around you make some space as you let a burst of acid around you damaging the marble floors of the Academy. Luckily none was hurt, but you have been called to the principal office.

>Spell: [T1 Acidic Reaction] - Drops Acid around you. At the moment, only works in distress as a natural reaction.
>[Detention] - You have been detained at the Mageknight Academy of Toronto. - Spend the Next Action talking with the principal
>Met: [Peletier] - Mageknight Academy of Toronto Principal

You manage to find the best sound system to make your body (and everything in a half-mile radius) jiggle to the beat of your music. But it’s quite on the expensive side. Even as a slime with a Royal Funds account, you simply don’t have enough to buy it. Bummer.

[Joshua Gram]
Welp, I don’t know how you do it, but you managed to go /south/ instead of north. Well, this is something that could happen to anyone I guess. But you left without telling anyone where you were going

>[Welcome to Niagara Falls] - You are now located in the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls.
>[Far from Home] - You can not keep up with the news until you go back to the Mageknight Academy of Toronto. Sure, you can metagame but please don’t
>[Crowds] - 2 Turns Remaining - Faculty assumes you are within the range of the Mageknight Academy of Toronto
>[Lost Student] - Triggers after [Crowds]- No one knows where you are or where to find you.

The wilderness near the Niagara Falls home some small communities of lone wolves. FInding tracks of them is difficult but you manage to find some and follow them back to a deep woods section. You decide to cut the chase there because you were losing track of where you were.

>+1 Tracking
>[Clue: Wolves Tracks]
File: Ironwood_Seeds.jpg (36 KB, 595x507)
36 KB
[== Madrid Ironwood Logging Company==]
>You can RP as a Free Action when making actions near Angelica.
As a reminder, Angelica can control the dialogue/actions of her followers (Rosenberry and Platina) when replying to RP..

[Ean Hawthorne]
Deciding to acquire some of the wood from these special trees you grab some of your sharper implements and get to work. You cut off slivers from the trunk of the tree going slowly and taking your time, partially due to the difficulty of actually getting iron wood of trees, partially so you don’t accidentally overdo it. Making sure to take some samples from multiple trees so the harm isn’t too severe you also grab a few branches as well.
>[Ironwood Bark]: x3:Samples of bark displaying an unusual property of toughness similar to refined metals such as iron. T2 Material.

After taking the time to acquire and store your ironwood samples you get to work collecting seeds. Seems these trees spread their seeds using fruits makes sense considering the fruits are heavy and the seeds too once you manage to cut one open.
>[Ironwood Fruit] x2:Fruit that’s similar in shape and size to a peach though somewhat more firm in your grip, taste and effects of eating it are unknown. Inside the fruit at the core is an ironwood seed that can be planted or used as T2 Ammunition

[Angelica Shanyrria]
Not wanting to miss out you start collecting the ironwood as well. Not too long into your collecting you get a knack for getting the tough bark off the tree as well as which branches are easiest to take off. Pretty soon you’ve collected a plentiful stock of the bark without having to overexert yourself.
>[Ironwood] x5:Samples of bark displaying an unusual property of toughness similar to refined metals such as iron. T2 Material.

After you finish grabbing your wood you start collecting the actual seeds for you to grow near your own tower. You start to meticulously pick up what appear to be the fruits of the ironwood trees noting their hefty weight as well as the fact that the seed itself seems to be as tough as iron as well as having some weight behind it also. Maybe later you can try eating one. After all what could go wrong eating random magical fruits?
>[Ironwood Fruit] x2:Fruit that’s similar in shape and size to a peach though somewhat more firm in your grip, taste and effects of eating it are unknown. Inside the fruit at the core is an ironwood seed that can be planted or used as T2 Ammunition
File: Jungle.png (1.19 MB, 1270x714)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
[=== Twilight Jungle Expedition ===]
>You can RP as a Free Action.
As a reminder, Zav’s followers (Red Forest) and (Jack Passer) are visible to both of you and you may interact with them, but it will yield no relationship points. Zav can control the dialogue/actions of his followers when replying..

[Zav Erdna]
>Upon hearing the missing investigators, Zav was intrigued. It reminds the young man of his investigation stories alongside adventuring tales about a group of explorers, but in this case it is some type of odd mix of story genres. It doesn't stops the knight of course, taking the map he had received from the ranger he goes with his party to the investigators missing location.
[Devin Hines]
>With the other students with me interested in forming the party, I proceed with them into the forest towards where the missing investigators went on the map. [Survival T1, Invesigation T1, Tracking T1, Map of the Area]
[Emilia Neunhause]
>Do: Continue the search for the missing investigators. I doubt we will see any locals, but we might be able to ask them if we see any. I keep looking out for danger (T2 Danger Sense Tattoo)

You guys all agree to head to the place where the investigators went missing. Considering your Mageknight training, you know it's your duty to protect the world from the rogue magical incidents that sometimes happen. And this is one of those times.

Zav, you lead the way holding the map in your off hand and your family shield in your other hand. Devin, you have an arrow ready to shoot, just in case. Emilia, you are at the back with your Panzerfaust in shoulder. You could feel more comfortable with your grenades, but with this difficult think it's a better idea to have a more reliable way to aim. Zav, you start having difficulties with the plants and ferns, so you take a moment to place the map in your backpack, take your sword out of the sheath and use it to cut through the vines and huge leaves. After a long march, you guys get to the marked coordinates on the map.

You are in a small opening near a small pond that connects to a river. This place doesn’t look out of the ordinary. There are no signs of combat or anything unusual. In fact the atmosphere feels soothing and relaxing.

[Emilia Neunhause]
>Activation of the Psionic Tattoo of Dangersense

Emilia, you tap the weird tattoo on your back and you feel your consciousness spread through the jungle floor. You feel a connection with everything living in the area, every plant, every insect, and every parrot. You feel how the wind moves the leaves with the breeze and frogs croak in unison. You feel the calmness of the alligators sunbathing and you go back to your body, sensing everything along the way again. During the trip back, a strange being made of magic connected to your conscience and to the magic of the tattoo. It’s a shaped like an angel and shows a very high capability of fight but neither you nor the tattoo considers it as threat to you party. For Zav and Devin, they think you spaced out for a few seconds.

>[Mysterious Silhouette] - You sensed a strange and powerful creature roaming the jungle, but the tattoo doesn’t registers it as a threat.

>[Huh?] - The Tattoo faded after its activation and use.

[Zav Erdna]
While everyone takes a break at the pond, you radio back to the tower and give them an update about the party. You mentioned how Gram stick for a while, maybe because you were in the Turret range of vision and after that he buggered off without saying absolutely anything. You mention that he took a pierced helmet. After that you clearly detail that you and the party went and arrived to the last known location of the investigators: a small spring. Finally you mention that you are still alive and haven't found anything else other than plants and small bugs.

The ranger thanks you for the update and you decide to ask him more about the investigators. He mentions something about being a Mageknight secret but you press on him mentioning how you are also Mageknights, students, but Mageknights none the less. He spills the beans. He mentions that there have been sighting of a powerful being attacking people strange to the area, especially people foreign to the area. Three Investigators accompanied by a pair of Mageknights came to the area to scout the area, find the being and learn from it. But we lost communication afterwards. You press the matter but he tells you that's all the information that he has available.

>+3 Investigation

File: Trapdoor for traps.jpg (263 KB, 900x600)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
[Devin Hines]
While you see Zav chatting along with the ranger, you decide that is time to search for something for search for the investigators, you go around the spring and cast [Detect Artifact] a few times. You detect a pair of [Steel Armor breast plates] and a pair of [Steel Swords]. But they are underground, or at least that is what you can feel. You channel your spell some more, giving it more power and range, and you also seem to feel a chest nearby.

This is not enough. And for a third time you channel your spell, but instead of thinking about artifacts and objects you think about humans. First you feel Emilia, a few yards away from you, and you feel the same ping you feel when you successfully detect an artifact. You try again and this time you can feel Zav. Huh? You start to both worry and feel an immense joy. Does this mean that you can find people too now? For the last time, using the mental location of where the underground artifacts pinged, you try your new spell and you successfully feel four people near the armor and swords. You feel that two of the persons are wearing the armor. But, how do you get to them?

>+1 [Detect Artifact]
>+1 [Tracking]
>[Cast: Detect Body - Human] - A spell that can detect the presence and location of the human body in an area. At the moment doesn’t gives the characteristics of the person.
>[Clue: Human Bodies] - You found 4 people underground, it feels like a cave system.
>[Half Full] - All this experimenting left your mana reserves at half. Mana points restore at a rate of 2 per turn.

[Emilia Neunhause]
While Zav talks to the Ranger on the Radio and Devin is concentrated and channeling spells, you decide that the best idea is to scout the area. Keeping an eye on things in case something happens. You have some sort of peace of mind knowing that the mysterious powerful being found in this area was far away and it didn't count as a threat, but you want to still be sure.

You hear some rustling from a bushes and the best idea you get in that moment is to throw a rock. A red parrot comes out flying and you hear the rock bounce around. Huh? You approach the bush carefully and you discover a small opening in some rocks that lead down. Is this a cave? You decide to not go down before telling the guys first.

>+1 Survival
>[Mysterious Opening] - Does it leads underground?
[=== City Crawlers ===]

[Arthur Belrose]
>Look for the Cardboard Monster in the slums with the other City Crawlers.
(Relaxed +5, Basic Investigation +1, Basic Urban Monster Hunting +1)
[David Zatta]
>Look for the Cardboard monster
>If I find it, use my darkness and sense-removing stuff to incapacitate it. Ester could stun/taunt or shimmy her blubber at it or something.

Arthur’s major success made this possible.

Ester, Arthur and David, you have formed a group in search of the Cardboard Monster in the slums near the East entrance of the city. You can feel that this place has a different vibe from the rest of the city: the place has a more industrial feel with warehouses, rundown buildings and some grittiness that does not compare the the touristic areas of Saint Cross. You are weary of everything and anything, since the monster could attack at any moment and could come from anywhere. Every little nose the city makes is nerve wrecking and letting your guard down could mean the difference between life and death. Arthur, with your knowledge of Urban Monster Hunting, you manage to teach David some stuff. Things like urban critters, like stray cats or rats crawling out of trash cans, can be deceiving to the ears of a normal person, but you, Arthur, know how to recognize those kinds of things.

After a few hours of finding nothing but rats in the dark, you almost feel like giving up. Ester is moaning about her feet hurting and that she wants to go home. “Come on David, I’m tired already. Let’s sleep last night, please...”.

A scream cuts the air of the night; a scream of true pain and agony, the sounds of a dying man. You ran to the origin of the frightening sound, and you finally see the beast face to face, feasting on the guts of a man that has been slashed to bits. Arthur, you lock eyes with him trying to find some semblance of humanity left in the windows to the soul of the beast. Ester quickly reacts and bashes the beast with her huge shield, stunning it. David quickly casts his Darkness Spell depriving him of his sight.

The beast is stunned and incapacitated: this is the opportunity to strike.

[=== BATTLE SCENE ===]
>[Gains will be reported after the fight]
Gem Vendor:
>1 [T5 Wand of Ice Storm] - S+ - d25 damage in an area.
>1 [T5 Heart Amulet] - S+ - Boosts Stamina levels by 2
>1 [T4 Ring of Counterspells] - S+ - This Bronze Ring shivers when vampires are nearby.
>1 [T4 Bracelet of Companionship] - S+ -
>2 [Concealing Pocket] - Your own Pocket pocket-dimension.
>1 [T3 Jade Tiara] - A - Boosts Earth Spells and Conjurations.
>1 [Black Pearl] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Dark and Water abilities and spells when put on a weapon or instrument.
>2 [Blue Quartz] - A - Crafting Item - Boosts Water and Mana abilities and spells.
>3 [Hematite] - B - Crafting Item - Boost Blood or as a connection to the Earth Plane.
>2 [Malachite] - B - Crafting Item - Boosts Protection and Earth Spells.

Brewer and Enchanter:
>2 [Potions of Rage] - S+ - Doubles Strength and Stamina for 1 Combat
>1 [Bottled Misfortune] - S -
>1 [Scroll of Binding] - S - Enchantment - Makes an item unable to be removed by the wielder unless it is at 0 Vitality.
>1 [Scroll of Fire Aspect] - S - Enchantment - When infused into a weapon, lights the opponent on fire.
>1 [Oil of Weapon Enchantment] - A - Boost the enchantment of an item by 1 Tier.
>1 [T2 Bottle of Common Wine] - A -
>1 [T2 Bottle of Starleaf Wine ] - A -

Weapon and Armor Maker:
>1 [T3 Luck Blade] - S+- The seller isn’t sure about its magical properties
>1 [T4 Holy War Axe] - S+ - Foes slain by this weapon fade and vanish.
>1 [T4 Compound LongBow] - S+ - Grants an extra 2 strength
>1 [T3 Bastard Sword of Light] - S - This sword emits light
>1 [T2 Heated Armor] - S - Provides T3 Cold Resistance.
>1 [T3 Frost-Forged Steel Chainmail] - S -

Book Seller:
>1 [Curing Critical Wounds] - S+ - A War’s Surgeon experience
>1 [Tome of Leadership and Influence] - S+
>1 [Book of Curing Serious Wounds] - S -
>2 [Scroll of Silence] - S -
>3 [Identifying and detecting Ores and Minerals] - B
>1 [Dictionary of Medical Afflictions] - B
>6 [Nurse’s Handbook] - B
>2 [Scroll of Cold Resistance] - B

Glass Artisan Shops - [Only Available in Glassbell Shores]
>1 [T2 Water Hair-clip] - +2 to water related actions
>2 [T2 Fire Ring] - A shining red-colored glass ring, +2 to Fire related actions
>2 [T2 Blueglass Mana Ring] - Holds 2 mana reserves that can only expended all at a time. Recharges once a day
>1 [T3 Ice Earrings] A blue icy-looking pair of earrings, +3 to Ice related actions
>1 [T3 Earth Earrings] A smooth brown glass-marble stone pair of earrings, +3 to earth actions
>3 [Glass Telepathy Earrings] - Each paired piece will give them the ability to talk to each other. (Breakable)
>2 [Bottomless Glass Bottle] looks like a 500 ml bottle but can really hold up to 5 liters of liquid. Anything put inside not liquid will cause it to break.
>1 [T2 Sunglasses] - Protects from strong lights, charms, taunts, and illusion magic.
>1 [T3 Eyeglasses] - Improves sight related actions by 3, Can see invisible Objects

Salvage and Miscellaneous Seller (B-Tier):
>1 [Large Glass Chandelier]
>9 [Sacks of Wheat]
>1 [Small Sack of Corn]
>5 [Pack of Fishnets Stockings]
>1 [10’ Pole]
>1 [Gas Lamp]
>4 [Bag of Incense]
>2 [Unframed paintings]
>1 [Ivory Drinking Horn]
>2 [Vial of Perfume]
>1 [T1 Silver Shortsword]
>1 [Rabbit Fur Shortsword Scabbard]
>2 [Porcelain Vase]
>1 [Leather Hunter Cap]
>2 [Dragonscale Amulet]
>2 [Carved Wooden Staff with Silver Details]
>10 [Bags of Rare Spices]
>2 [Tents]
>3 [Sleeping Bags]]
>1 [Sarcophagus]
>2 [Drinking Glass sets]
>1 [Glass Plate Sets]
>1 [Empty Fish Bowl] - Is really bigger in the inside!

Tattoo Shop:
>[T2 Runic Tattoo of Darkvision] - A - Permits the user to see in the dark.
>[T2 Tribal Tattoo of Energy Ray] - A - Lets the user shoot an Energy ray from its hands.
>[T2 Tattoo of Protection] - DC8 - Roll a d10, if the roll passes the DC. It may block half of the damage dealt.

>[LOCKED] - Seen by Matt
Rolled 94, 58 = 152 (2d100)

Davis Malachai, the cold handed

>Take the scenic tourist route with Tana. Less fun, but at least you’ll be able to focus on enjoying with her. (+Relationship with Tana, no roll required)

>Visit the Snow Rock Mountain with Tana and have some fun in the snow.
[Boosts: T3 Tana Ashworth, T3 Bracelet of the Wintry Moon]
>After the stop at Snow Rock Mountain, head to the Ironwood Forest with Tana.
[Boosts: T3 Tana Ashworth]
Rolled 66, 11 = 77 (2d100)

Name: Lawrence Birch

Char Sheet: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/character-sheets/lawrence-birch

Status Effects:
>[Scared of History] - DC30 for trying to come to the Scorched Earth area.
>[Exhausted] -10 to all strenuous activities next turn.
>[Trinket] - Take an A-Tier item or 2 B-Tier items from the Marketplace for free. Or take an S item and get a -10 debuff for buying stuff during the OVA.

>Free Action:Take 2 B-tier Items. buy [Hematite] and [Malachite] Crafting Materials
>Look everywhere for the Ritual Dagger! [Relevant Modifiers: Basic Tracking, Expert Investigation.]
>Find Julie and Talk with her some more. Accompany her where she plans to go.[Relevant modifiers: T4 Best Friends]
Rolled 95, 35 = 130 (2d100)


>Free action
Accept the delicious looking milk
Ask where they get it from/how they get it to be like this?

>Do:Spend time at the beach with choco. Hopefully he enjoys the beach more then he did that time with the other animals

>Do:More time with choco. Maybe we can go swimming and deep sea diving?

I have a T4 relationship with choco if it's relavant as well as T3 animal husbandry
File: Hidden Temple.jpg (40 KB, 620x472)
40 KB

>Start LAM
Seeing the strange, clearly ancient temple, I decide why the fuck not, let's check it out. Maybe there's something in there I can use. Taking the lead with Aria bringing up the rear, we make our way into the temple.

You enter the dark dungeon.

The first thing you notice when you enter the dungeon is that the floor is uneven in places and makes it difficult to run or charge. Nothing out of the ordinary for an abandones temple.

The leading hallway is long and then breaks to the left. This reveals two options:

>Going right
>Continue straight on.
With no idea of where they're going, straight ahead is as good a way to go as any other.

You continue through the straight corridor.

the corridor breaks to the right after the crossroad. Then breaks to the left and then again to the right. This path lead you to a stone door. It seems locked.

>Locked Stone Door Found
Rolled 71 (1d100)

Can't open it. Can't go around it. Not going back. Only way then is to go through it.

Smash the door.
>T5 UG Prof
>T1 Swordsmanship
>T2 Strength

The stone door moves a little bit and chips in the places you hit. The door falls and reveals a massive rectangular door with pillars in the center. To your left you see a Wooden Door. To your right you see another Stone Door and in front of you you see a simple Wooden Door.

You try all three and all of them seem locked.

>Left Wooden Door
>Right Stone Door
>Front Simple Wooden Door
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Investigate the doors. Perhaps I might find some clue, no matter how small, about what may be behind each one, or if they are trapped.

>T2 Investigation

You check all of the doors.

The Left Stone Door is locked. But based on the amount of dirt behind it you assume it is a dead end.

The right one is stuck under what it looks like a misplaced stone. But as you examine the door closer, you notice that the stone its actually a trigger for some sort of magical trap, and a pretty powerful one. Also, you notice that this door also looped you back to the starting hallway.

The Front Door is simple and fairly thin with no complex mechanical artifacts or magical triggers. Just a small iron lock.
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Well, that pretty much decides that. We'll take the front door. Just smash through it. Should be easy enough.
>T5 UG Prof
>T1 Swordsmanship
>T2 Strength
The door breaks into pieces with just a single swing of your blade.

This reveals a small corridor.

To your left you see a small corridor that leads to a dead end. You continue through the corridor that bends and twists disorientating you from any sense of direction.

After walking for what seems like a few solid minutes, you arrive to another crossroad. In front of you, you see another long hallway and to your right you see burning torches in iron sconces

Let's follow the torches. But let's also take note that in this clearly quite old temple, they are burning.
You continue to the right. This is another laberynth like hallways that breaks to the left, then two times to the right and one final way to the left. Over your head you see a narrow shaft that leads to the outside. You can see some blue, and you assume its the sky.

This hallways leads to a Wooden Door that looks in very good condition. Naturally it is locked too.
Rolled 44, 29 = 73 (2d100)

Guess we need to knock a little harder.
>T5 UG Prof
>T1 Swordsmanship
>T2 Strength
The door chips in but offers resistance.

Rolled 78, 50 = 128 (2d100)

This door is an eyesore. Disappear. This door. This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.This door.
>T5 UG Prof
>T1 Swordsmanship
>T2 Strength
I think we don't want to be all night here fighting a door. Counted both rolls as damage.

You give it two more hard whacks and the door falls of it hinges. It is still salvageable.

-11 Door HP

The door reveals a long room but with nothing prominent in it. Someone has scribed something in runes you don't understand.

There are three doors here. One in front of you, one to your right and the one you came in from.

[QM Note]

Players not in LAM or COMBAT, are still free to post their actions.
Abby Dragfirm


>Pick: Earings of Warmth for me and Earings of Flame for Valerie
>At the top of snowrock mountain. try harvesting some of the minerals. Harvest some of the lava or any materials possible.
>Find something for Roseberry in the places of the island. I need something for her maybe something she herself can absorb or use help to improve herself.
Rolled 85, 40 = 125 (2d100)

Forgot the dice
Rolled 82, 46, 83 = 211 (3d100)



>Third Roll is for the DC of Deja Vu

>Look for Fire-Enchanted Arrows. Incendiary or explosive are both good. And maybe get the Glass Fire Ring in the Glassbell Market.
([Headache] -5 for next action)

>Sneak in to the Catacombs and explore them. I need to know more about this man.

- [Mental Map of Old Order Stronghold Catacombs] +5 Navigating Old Stronghold & +15 Navigating Catacombs

- [Déjà Vu] - Looking at the walls of the catacombs can cause headaches, roll another d100 to avoid headache when roaming the stronghold catacombs. Failing DC40 will give a -10 mod to action in catacombs and - 5 for the next turn action)

Equipment for sneaking in
- [T4 Ironwood Composite Bow and Quiver] - Made of Ironwood. Use strength as a bonus. In case needed, it can also deal melee damage.
- [T3 Fire (Glass-tipped) Hair Clip] - Glass enchanted fire hair clip, +3 to fire-related rolls when in use.
- [T1 Heat-Resistant Earrings] - Helps keep fire out of you.
- [T1 Catlike Enchanted Pair of Boots] - Covers the soles in a thin layer of mana to minimize sound.
Rolled 14, 66 = 80 (2d100)

First ask Aria if by some odd chance she recognizes the runes.
>First roll is for her reading them, if I can't roll for her, just ignore dice.

After that, investigate the doors. It worked out well the first time.
Angelica Shanyrria

>DO: With her business now concluded in the Ironwoods, Angelica decides to head over to the Twilight jungle and see if anything interesting was there. She did recall hearing about people going missing there...
(Tree Stride +4, Nature +2, Blessing of Fey +5)

>DO: Once there, start investigating for... anything really. There must be many things interesting about the place.
(Tree Stride +4, Nature +2, Blessing of Fey +5, Investigation +4)
Rolled 33, 11 = 44 (2d100)


Fook, forgot to roll.

After finishing the conversation with the forest ranger, Zav immediately became suspicious of the place where recently arrived with his party, to be more precise he became a little more cautious due to having acquired the information that there is something more in the jungle, besides animals and insects, and this would not be plants.

“Guys I have more information about the missing investigators. According to the ranger, the investigators were scouting the area accompanied by a pair of Mage Knights when they suddenly lost communication with them” giving a sign the young knight continued “From the report, the creature was recorded attacking people before, which concludes that they are around here with that creature.”

With this Zav started to give orders to Jack

"Jack keep the Red and the other kid next to you by all times, there's something dangerous in this jungle.”

Giving a small nod, Jack took a more defensive position while positioning himself to better protect the two girls. You could tell that Red percepted what is going on, because she was first to warn her friend of the danger, smart kid.

“Both of you found anything? Any information is welcome.” Said the young man to the group.
Yes, you have control over your party members for actions and you can roll for them.

Aria doesn't recognizes the runes. She says its probably some sort of heretic language by a primitive culture. Aria mentions that there's a ruined chainmail shirt near the other side of the room. She also mentions that the FRONT door is located on the north side of the room.

You check the other doors.

The door to your right (East) and the door in the front of the room(North), are unlocked. You don't open them right away by just by lightly touching them you can tell that they aren't locked.
Go check out and grab the chain mail, and any of the wood from the door that's probably salvageable.
Let's try the Front(North) one.
At this point any guess is as good as another.

>[Ironwood Door] - Badly damaged but can be used as a crafting item
>[T1 Damaged Chain Mail Shirt] - In its current state, only provides minimal protection to the sides and back.


You open the front door as you would have open another door. As soon as you take a step the floor caves below you revealing a 15 feet deep pit.

[Split Second Action] - You have one roll to save yourself.
Rolled 64 (1d100)

>T3 Speed

You manage to use your quick reflexes and speed to jump to the other side without an issue.

The Hallways splits into 2 sections.

Rolled 68 (1d100)

Let's play it a bit safer.
Ask Rat to check out the Left side, carefully, and come back. If it sees anything even remotely questionable or dangerous, immediately come back.
>T4 Speed

You instruct Rat to go Left. He runs to the left and disappear on the darkness of the dungeon. You worry each minute it passes but after a relative short wait, rat comes back un scattered but a bit dirty. He doesn't pulls you to come or anything.
>He doesn't pulls you to come or anything.
Right it is then.
The hallway is short and takes a break to the left. You find a big door with a skeleton motif and a large keyhole. The door has a magical glow.
Rolled 91 (1d100)

Try opening a portal on this end and what I assume is the otherside of the door.
Don't go through it yet, just see if I can get past the door like this.
>T5 Spatial
>T1 Twin Door
A portal opens up and you can clearly see the other room: everything is light up with no visible walls or ceiling with pillars that look like they reach the heavens. The floor is flooded with ankle-deep water. Water drips through the portal to the hallway.

You throw a small pebble and you see it bounce and ripple the water on the other side of the portal.
File: Heaven Hell Lets Rock.jpg (111 KB, 1600x1200)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Welp, let's do this shit.
Enter the portal all at once.
Rolled 6, 5, 2 + 1 = 14 (3d6 + 1)


Looks like the door enchantment was still active even when you go through the portal. You and Aria get paralyzed the moment you get into the room. Ana gets sick by the putrid smell of the paralyzing magic that has struck you and Aria. And Rat seems unaffected.

As you lay there frozen in front of the door you see something emerging from the center of the room. It looks like some sort of humanoid. Is that armor? And an Ultra Great Sword?

This Knight in front of you has something uncanny about it. It looks so strange... but so similar to you. Aria tries to speak but between the Paralysis you can only make the words "LOOKS [...] YOU"


==QM notes:==
Gram - turns paralyzed
Aria - turns paralzyed

Ana - Turns Sick (-10 to all rolls regarding attacks)

Rat is not affected.

DC40 for breaking the Paralysis.
Rolled 71, 30, 67 = 168 (3d100)

Resist rolls
>First me
>Second Aria

Your strong will and desire to survive makes you break free of the paralysis almost immediately. Aria struggles but she doesn't breaks the spell and she is still affected by the status effect.

With you free, you go back to Pupper and tell her to be strong for you. That she can break free of the spell and she gets up immediately.

With three fourths of your party ready to fight you...

> [Write in]

[Fight will me done in the Discord #Battle_Arena]
Take position in front of Aria, in case the enemy tries to go for the defenseless one. Have Rat stay behind her in case it can port, and have Ana try and help Aria break the para.
Rolled 53, 46 = 99 (2d100)

Well, with that adventure in the temple done, let's keep exploring.

>Explore Jungle.

>Explore Jungle.
Devin lets out a breath, a little drained by the discovery and testing of his spell. Turning to Zav engaging him, Devin begins to tell him and the others what he found.

"I have detected that there are four people underground currently," he informs them. "It's more than likely the lost investigators we are searching for, if I had to guess."

Bringing his hand under his chin, he began to think, speaking his thoughts aloud to the others. "With that being the case, they feel like they are in an underground cavern...that begs the question of how they got down there. And how we are going to get to them ourselves."
Rolled 58, 59 = 117 (2d100)



> DO: Trade in my Conch Shell, 2 Arm Casts and Pile of Ash for a Bottomless Glass Bottle and some food.
> DO: Give Kari some food and tell her to stay here and go for some minotaur hunting. I want to make my own drinking horn.
"Judging by what you say this possibility can be high, as well as the possibility of the creature being there as well" Giving a worried look to the light-haired man, Zav continued with his speech ""If that creature find us I can not guarantee your safety, and judging for what that thing has defeated to get to the investigators, this would not be an easy fight."

"That is why I must ask if both of you are sure that you both want to risk your lives in this investigation, for it is not the guarantee that you both will live neither that there's loot by the end of this, I already made my decision of risking my life to rescue these people, now the rest is with both of you."
Rolled 91, 81 = 172 (2d100)


>I've got the bark and the seeds, but now I just need some wood. Something I can work into a staff.

Relevant Mods: +3 Nature Theory, +3 Herbalism, +1 Gardening Book, +1 Research Notes

>Visit the Fishermen Citadel. Perhaps I can pick something up that can improve my Water magic.
Rolled 84, 52 = 136 (2d100)

>There's mountains here. Maybe I can find some very pure water up here. And Joy would like that, I think.
>Have a nice stroll around Mountainridge Pastures with the girls, have nice picnic on the soft grass.
"That's not all. I found a rather deep hole over here. If you say you sensed something down below us, that's probably where they are." I consider telling them about the angel-like being I discovered, but instead decide to keep it to myself for now.
Rolled 84, 10 = 94 (2d100)

Name: Glubl
Background: Glubl grew up idolizing humans, especially the mageknights who occasionally fought monsters out in the jungle. When they got the chance, they joined in for the academy. Things didn't work out so well at the Brasilia academy, so he was transferred to the Madrid academy to get him away from some not so nice folks.
Spells: waterblade T1
Acidic reaction T1 (talk about heart burn)
Abilities: Dash T1
Duel Monsters Proficiency T1
Traits: amorphous T2
smooth speaker T1
Reputation T2
Equipment: Giant bag of moose jerky T2
Canada magnet
Lie’s Spare Duel Monsters Deck
Contacts:[Magic Creatures Interest Group]
T1 Friendship with Alexandra (1/2 till T2)
Vivianne Delafontaine
1. Detention: "I'msosorryI'mnotusedtocrowdedbuildingsyet."
2. Well maybe I should look for music that resonates with my body, instead of a sonic cannon.
Rolled 80, 64 = 144 (2d100)


Before entering the opening to the cave, the young man decided to examine the Sparrow Knight, although he was already accompanying him for some time, Zav did not knew much about his nature much less about the power he possess. Using his knowledge that he acquired at various sessions of study, the spiritualist starts to exam Jack.

Knowledge of Spirits (T4)
Spirit Magic Theory (T3)
Elemental Theory (T1)
Jack Passer Georgius, the Sparrow Knight (T2)

Total = 10

Jack's trait:
[Hidden Potential] - This spirit’s stats are exceptionally high, but are unknown until you identify it.


"Well, there is only one way to find out if this is accurate, I will go ahead alongside Red and Jack to verify and possibly try to rescue the investigators and avoid the creature if possible."

Said that, the young man starts to decend to the cavern where the investigators are supposed held on followed by Jack and Red in this exactly order, on the cave using his magic to illuminate the place and his skills, Zav starts to search for the missing people in the hopes of rescuing them

Light Spell (T2) + 1 From Zenith Lance
Light Magic Theory (T3)
Animal Sensory Control Theory (T1)
Animal Sense Control (T2)

Total = 9
Rolled 3, 41 = 44 (2d100)


>Go down into the cave system and look around the area to see if I can find anything on what is all down here besides us and the investigators. [ Survival T1, Tracking T1, Investigation T1, Monster Hunting T1]

>Cast Detect Body: Human in order to find the right direction we need to be heading. [Cast: Detect Body: Human, Tracking T1, Investigation T1]
Rolled 54, 47 = 101 (2d100)


Seeing the tracks of a wolf, Joshua considered for a moment, then decided it would be best to go back and rad more on Dire Wolves.

Before this, though, he's going to take a picture of Niagara Falls. Nothing could compare to the sight before his eyes.

> Return to Toronto to read up on Dire Wolves
> Send the Toronto post card to Serena, his mom.

Caption: 'Wow! Never would have thought I'd be coming so close to home, if you can count being on the other side of the continent, haha! Love you!'
Rolled 45, 34 = 79 (2d100)


>Emilia follows them down the hole, taking up the rear guard. She wasn't the best fighter, so it was better for her to stay here.

>While walking through the cave, she attempts to look for clues as to what was down here, or the purpose of this hole.
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