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Flying across the wasteland is a white blurr.
Fast and deadly, not even the wind dares to stand in its path.

As you move at break-neck speeds you ignore all that you come across and focus on your objective.
The Quincy.

But as your senses pick up something you stop abruptly and start focusing.
If what you picked up is correct then your job just got a whole lot more troublesome.
Concluding that you are not mistaken you slowly release your hold over your energy and start leaking your reiatsu.
The signals you picked up take notice of this and they alter their course in your direction.

Soon enough four arrancars appear on the horizon and you start frowning.
Ggio Vega appears with only a fraction of his unit, all of them in their resurrección, all of them injured and only one of them possesses all of his limbs.

Blood dripping from the stump of his left arm Vega approaches you.
Y-You came!"

"Officer Vega!
What's going on?
What happened?!"

"We... we walked into a trap Sir!
Those damned Quincy lead us straight into an ambush!"

"So it was all a set-up?"

"Y-Yes Sir...
They set it up for our strongest and smartest fighters!
We didn't stand a god damn chance!"
Vegas voice cracks and gives out.
"Choe and Nirgge... They are dead!
Got slaughtered like... some sort of animals!
In our rage we unleashed our Chimera but it was useless!
That damn monster! H-He just devoured Enkidu like he was a snack!"

"Did you just say DEVOUR?!"

"Yes Sir...
When we saw it we just.... froze.
Once we snapped out of confusion we ran for it."
He grasps the area where his arm got severed.
"And we didn't have any serum left to fix these..."

Frowning at this you slap each of their stumps with a generous clump of goo, except Luppy who appears to still have all his arms, and watch as their flesh slowly gets restored.
"Do not consume yourself over this soldier!
They were warriors, just like you. They knew what they signed up for.
But you should retreat for now, assist the others in the defense. We repelled the invaders but we can't know for how long.
In the meantime... let ME handle this mess!"

"Thank you Sir!"
Vega nods and signals to his underlings.
"All of you, retreat!"
Then he looks back at you.
"One more thing Sir...
I know it's a lot to ask but..."

"Out with it Soldier!"

"Charlotte... he's... probably alive.
We saw him being captured by the enemy.
And judging by that sadistic bastards tendencies he's probably still alive.
Please! Save him!"

In an attempt to suppress your rage you smile at Vega.
"That's a bit of a useless request isn't it?
I would've done it anyway!"

Wiping away those few tears that began to form under his eyes he bows deeply to you.

Giving Vega a thumbs up you kick the ground as hard as you can and shoot off to where Vega and his fellows came from.
On the way there you clench your hand into a fist in anger.
"I promise Vega.
I will!"
Once you started feeling the hiding Quincy you stopped in your tracks.
As you slow down to a walk you start pondering why exactly the Quincy captured Chuhlhourne, or why him for that matter.
You suppose it must be because he was the most physically powerful of Vegas group so he had to be isolated.
And if Vega is to be believed then he is being tortured even now.

Standing just outside of the Quincies field of vision you start thinking about how to do things.
According to Ggio there is a trap set just for the likes of you.

>Walk in with righteous fury. Blow up everything and break the trap as it springs to life
>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.
>Walk up to them and demand they show themselves.
>Other? (write-in)
>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers
sneeki beeki, also I dont want to tangle with what took down an chimera
>>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.
>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.
>>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.
>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.
Okay that's a very decisive victory for going in sneeki beeki like

Start rolling for stealth. Best of 3
DC 15 because the Quincy are quite gimped when it comes to things with no reiatsu
Crit 25

Rolled 5, 7, 8 = 20 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 8, 3 = 12 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 7, 5 = 17 (3d10)

Okay, that's an easy pass.

And while I'm typing decide if you want to Hitman a few mother fuckers along the way or if you want to go in "non-lethal"
Hitman, they deserve it.
Killing some on the way seems appropriate
Deciding that the best course of action would be to lay low and avoid the brunt of the Quincy forces.
But hiding your spiritual pressure alone won't be enough on its own, you have to put more effort into this if someone elses life is on the line.
So without leaking out a trace of reiatsu you crouch down and make your way towards the trap that was set for you.

As soon as you approach the area you begin to see signs of the outsiders.
Toppled quartz trees and rocks strategically positioned to guide the unsuspecting victims of Vanaheim straight into a trap.
Thanks to Vegas warning however you know to ignore it.
Carefully looking around as to not alert anyone you take off your jacket and bury it under the sand.
Without your coat making any extra noise you move on.

Approaching the spot from the side you almost immediately see what happened here.
A few bunkers dug into the sand reveal small openings from which the quincy could open fire at anyone foolish enough to get in between them.
Looking at the death zone you see signs of digging.
Mines. You think to yourself.
Clever. And not something most people would expect this day and age.

Slipping into one of the bunkers you overhear some of the soldiers inside.
"Did you hear something?"

"The door?"

Two sets of footsteps can be heard rushing to you.
They stop at one of the walls that have a hole drilled into them.
Both look at the open doorway in confusion.
But eventually one of them gets bored and he makes his way out.
Looking at him you see that he's quite nervous.

He makes his way to the door and looks around.
After checking the outside area he slams the door shut.
Must be the wind."

But just as he finishes that you drop down from the ceiling and quickly grab hold of him.
Turning your poor hostage around in order to use him as a meat shield you point at the tiny opening from which his partner is looking at you and blow his brains out with a single Lágrima.
Then you turn your attention to the guy in your hand and snap his neck.

One less threat.
After dealing similarly with the bunkers and trenches that got in your way you snuck past most other hostiles without much trouble.
It appears that past the initial choke point the enemy didn't bother to erect too many defenses.
Their overconfidence will prove to be their downfall.


Most Quincy only became somewhat aware of your presence when cold shivers ran along their spine as you practically breathed on them.
Those that were unlucky and had posts assigned to them that you simply couldn't sneak past you eliminated.
Hiding in the shadows you knocked on a wall or tossed a rock to make some noise and lure your prey closer.
Dispatching of them was easy after that.

Creating a very thin but highly durable thread of mucus you choked your prey to death.
And with the abundance of hollow reishi the quincy turned out to be self cleaning.
Once you got past all the small fry you finally found your target.

One man stood in the middle of what you the enemy base, surrounded by his soldiers.
Getting closer and closer revealed these regular Quincy to be deathly afraid of their commanding officer.
Standing tall with his hat and round glasses he was eerily familiar to the former Reichsführer, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler.
That and his actions together were enough to make your blood practically boil.

A strange white structure stood before the commanding Quincy.
Looking like a white cell made entirely from reishi and housing the captive Charlotte it stood there ominously as the Quincy kept sliding a variety of pointy objects through the "bars" and into Chuhlhournes flesh.
But as you prepare to unleash untold amounts of devastation you see the head quincy turning around.

"That's quite far enough!"
Looking straight at you with that wicked smile of his.
"You've done well getting this far but I'm afraid you made one critical error.
You killed my men.
While it's true that I can't detect you specifically I'm more than capable of noticing one of their signatures disappearing."

Spitting on the ground and cursing your bad luck you step forward and start cracking your knuckles.
Immediately the low ranking quincy line up before their leader.
They all aim their weapons at you.

"You'll have to get through us if you-"
A spear pierces his chest from behind, the same spear that his commanding officer was holding just a second ago.
The confused soldier turns around in shock, coughing up blood.


But he doesn't get an answer.
Instead the leading Quincy just turns the spear a few times while it's in the other ones chest.

"I hate it when fools like you step out of line."
He gives a quick glance to the rest of his men and they all flee in a fit of panic.
"Now then...
I believe it's time for introductions!
Quilge Opie, Executive Hunting Captain of His Majesties holy army.
Your executioner."
>Your executioner."

Joke's on you, fuccboi, you can't kill what's already dead.
"And seeing as I'm well aware of your abilities..."
He continues.
"I believe it would be inappropriate to hold back against you!
Hmmm... I should have some left..."

Quilge then removes his white glove, revealing a black one adorned with the Quincy cross underneath.
He moves his other hand around and touches a metal protrusion on the glove.
Pulling free the pin his the cross on his hand begins to glow strongly and he erupts in a pillar of reishi.


Once the light fades your eyes go wide in surprise.
The once human quincy is gone and in his stead stands a literal monster.
Muscular and horrifyingly disfigured with muscle, his wings bear a pair of eyes squirming in pain.
With his cold smile replaced with a savage, toothy grin he looks at you.

"Vollständig: Biskiel!"

>Be straightforward and assault him.
>Stay back and analyze him for the time being
>Go for Charlotte and attempt to free him
>Other? (write-in)
>>Stay back and analyze him for the time being
>>Stay back and analyze him for the time being
>>Stay back and analyze him for the time being
Roger roger.

Now roll 3d10 once more.
Best of 3: Dc-17 Crit-22

Rolled 10, 4, 1 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7 (3d10)

>>Stay back and analyze him for the time being
Rolled 2, 9, 5 = 16 (3d10)

Rolled 1, 2, 8 = 11 (3d10)

Oooh that's gonna cost ya.
You guys had a VERY lucky streak up until now.
This was bound to happen sooner or later
File: Quirge_Opie.png (82 KB, 382x401)
82 KB
Not wanting to chance it you decided to hang back and observe your opponents moves so you can formulate a plan later.
It's not so unusual for you, seeing how you haven't fought a quincy in a long while and the knowledge you gained from that wasn't even that extensive to begin with.
Using Sonído you make a quick dash backwards in an attempt to get some more distance between you and your opponent.

"Where do you think you're going?"


You gasp as your opponent appears behind you and strikes you with his monstrous, hulking hand.
His backhanded swing hurt you, a lot. Unusually so.
As you are flung across the field you spit up some blood.

Quilge uses Hirenkyaku to close the distance between the two of you.
He raises his sword and strikes you as hard as he could, severing one of your arms.

A sword may be an unusual weapon for a Quincy but it clearly worked out for Opie.
Standing up with one limb missing you look at your dripping blood and wince.
Focusing your reishi you sprout a new limb.
"That Blut Arterie of yours is quite a pesky thing...
Cut right through my iron skin."

Looks like we are not the only ones with Daten on our enemy.
But knowing this won't help you.
Not when I'll make the so called King of Hueco Mundo kneel and lick my boots."

You shake your head and draw your blade.
"You'll die trying!"

But just as you say that you see a bolt of reishi quickly making its way to you.
Although you saw it coming you were too slow to react to it.
The Heilig Pfeil misses your arm and hits your sword instead, knocking it out of your hand.

"Oh no..."
Quilge grins at this.

One more Hirenkyaku and he's standing right atop your blade.
He raises his sword and points it at you.
"Like I said.
It won't make a difference.
Did you forget that Quincy primarily use ranged weaponry?"

Raising his sword he materializes two extensions to the guard of his sword and forms them into a bow.
He fires you with a volley of spirit arrows, each more powerful than the last.
Each bolt causing a considerably sized explosion upon impact.

Assaulted by so many attacks at once you are left grasping at your wounds.
With every heartbeat you feel yourself losing quite a lot of blood from all the holes in you.
Are we gonna have to bust out assault mode? Been a while since we had to do that. Hey, in Schnellgang since we vent all that heat, what does that do for Mera? Man, he went HAM right off the bat. Genre savvy bastard he is.
His grin wider than ever before Quilge begins flapping his wings and starts to fly. Basilisco still in his possession.
Once in the air he raises his hand.

From every direction the Quincy soldiers that remained idle up until now all open fire on you, showering you with arrows of light.
The bolts pellet your skin even further, wounding you greatly.

"You are a remarkable specimen, Kaizar Soize!"
Quilge speaks up from above the barrage.
"But even your remarkable regeneration can be overcome with... sufficient firepower.
Once you can't stand anymore... I'll lock you up in a nice little jail.
And indulge myself. Endlessly.
You'll end up cursing that immortality of yours sooner or later."

He raises his hand and the arrows stop.

In the middle of all this you stand with barely enough flesh to support you.
Though most of the arrows weren't strong enough to penetrate your skin, some were.
And with their continuous fire they did considerable damage to you.
Bloodied and drained from the strain the Einherjar are putting on your body right now you look around you.

The Quincy surround you.

>Focus on retrieving your sword.
>Drag that bastard down from there.
>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
>Other? (write-in)
>>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
>>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
>Use Mera. Feur Frei
Burn them all.
>>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
> move
I dont fancy standing still.
>Use Mera. Feuer Frei
And leave a mucus decoy.
Oh, and fire a low power cero downwards to create a cloud for cover

>Use Mera. Feuer Frei

Let's see how flamable they are


Also, roll some 3d10s
Best of 3
DC: 14 Crit: 19

because of the write-ins
Rolled 7, 7, 10 = 24 (3d10)

Rolled 3, 2, 7 = 12 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 2, 1 = 10 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 10, 6 = 24 (3d10)


One batch of flash-fried Quincies coming up!
File: 1471996851765.png (124 KB, 5000x2571)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: damage-control.png (8 KB, 241x148)
8 KB
They activated Kaizar's trap card.
Realizing that you don't have the luxury to wait for your wounds to heal you make your move immediately.
Pointing your hand at the ground you let out a particularly strong Bala and conjure up a storm of dust around yourself.
Seeing this Quilge begins to panic.


Another stream of arrows is unleashed and they make their way to you, this time Opie also joins in on the assault.
They see your silhouette being hit by their attacks and their morale rises.
Quincy cheers fill the area as they see you fall.
But Opie isn't as positive.

Once the dust clears his worries become a reality as they see the pile of goo they've been busy destroying.
Quilge doesn't have enough time to react things start happening so fast around him.


Vaulting over one of the quincy you draw your reserve weapon, Mera, and speak up as you slit the fuckers throat.

You hear her roaring in the back of your mind and for once you completely agree with her.

Meras blade flares up with heat and she shoots a jet of fire straight down the Quincys throat, setting him ablaze.
The poor guy died almost instantly as his heart got incinerated alongside most of his blood.
But his still standing and burning body left a grizzly example to his fellows.

Using Sonído in quick succession you move between the men and shank each one that you come across in more and more violent manners.
Eventually enough blood is spilled that the rest of the soldiers scatter in fear.

Quilge screams at his men.

Realizing his efforts are wasted he turns his attention back to you and using Hirenkyaku he closes the distance once more.
He'd rather die than to let this opportunity go to waste where he managed to gravely injure you.
Raising his sword your blades clash and reishi scatters around like sparks.

"You! What is that weapon?!"

Grunting as he pushes against your blade you plant your feet firmly on the ground and speak up.
"You don't have daten on that, do you?
Well... let me tell you something Quilge...
Your little Jagdarmee isn't the only thing capable of gathering intelligence!"
Opie gasps as you begin pushing harder against him and blood begins to pour out of the few wounds you still have.


"This power of yours is fading."
You look the quincy dead in the eyes.

Clearly shocked by your statement Quilge looks at his muscles and sees them deflating.
His eyes betray his emotions, he's running out of time.
You push harder...
Harder and harder, until the Quincy is being pushed back.
A quite large pile of sand is built up by his heels when he finally stops you.

His veins blow with an eerie glow.
You smile at this.
"Ah... Blue Arterie.
How annoying...

Quickly pulling your head back you whip it forward to headbutt the quincy.
Ah yes, Blunt force, The bane of all armor.

Ah brutal violence, is there no problem you can't solve?
monk's bullshittery.
File: Quilge.png (287 KB, 391x479)
287 KB
287 KB PNG


The sweet sound of shattering bones hardly if ever felt this satisfying to you.
Your opponent reels back, grasping his face as blood pours out of his nose.
But as he composes himself he looks back at you and sees your palm closing in on him.

Grabbing his head you slam him into the dirt and then grind him into it.
As you force him to eat more of the soil you lean in closer.
"It's so bothersome when your defense and offense are hooked up to the same power source and can't have them both on at the same time.
Isn't it?!"

"H-How do you-"

You silence him while preparing Mera with your free hand and try to stab him repeatedly while he switches to Blue Vene for the added protection.
"You see... that's the difference between you and I.
When I have information on you. I make the most of it.
While you have it on me..."
You lean in closer
"It doesn't fucking matter."

Sheathing Mera you quickly let go of the fools head and move your hands to his wings.
Furiously you begin to pull on them until the reishi constructs are torn away from Quilges body.
While it didn't really cause any physical damage to him his reaction was still quite full of dread as you did, so it must be bad for him.
Taking a bite out of each of his wings you then toss them aside as you chew on the reishi.

"Funny... for being the devil this will be my first time to actually kill an angel."
You crack your knuckles as Opies wings disintegrate.

Using Hirenkyaku he quickly moves out of the way now that you aren't holding him in place and he slides onto his feet.
Standing up he assaults you, his previous fear gone.
"You just don't get it, do you?!"

You ask him as you draw Mera and point it at your charging enemy, showering him with fire.
His defensive technique protects him from your attack however and he takes a swing.
Quickly ducking under his sword you jab Mera into his stomach and let her toast him again while you reach around him and retrieve what's rightfully yours.

Noticing this Quilge quickly runs away from you once more as you swing Basilisco.
A blade in each hand you stare him down.
"At least you know when you're about to be gutted like a fish!
Now... let's end this!"

>Release your sword.
>Use Assault mode
>Stay as is and beat him into submission with two swords
>Other? (write-in)
Nah man...
If it doesn't work you're just not using enough
>Aw hell he came back again. Well, I guess I'll just permanently cripple him this time.
>Use Assault mode
If it has no drawback after use
>Stay as is and beat him into submission with two swords
Beat him to submission and then death eith 2 swords
This, Marrs scuffle with the monk was proof that enough brute force can solve anything.
>>Use Assault mode
>>Show them what a fear eater is *devour him*

Turn him into a new breed of HeLa cells.
>Release your sword.
>>Use Assault mode

Kill him dead and piss on his corpse.
>>Use Assault mode
Okay guess Assault Mode wins


And do the final roll for the fight
best of 3
DC:15 Crit 23
Rolled 9, 4, 8 = 21 (3d10)

Well, alright then.

How does Mera interact with Assault Mode, anyway? I'm expecting a nuclear holocaust at the very least.
Rolled 5, 4, 10 = 19 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 10, 4 = 23 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 7, 1 = 12 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 5, 3 = 17 (3d10)


Whelp... this is a thing now.

Make a choice!

Do you want MANLINESS? Or smarts?
I just heard about this quest and read all of it in one sitting. First time life and I get to see a brutal crit!
Smarts. Show him why we earned our titles.
File: IMG_0806.gif (618 KB, 400x229)
618 KB
618 KB GIF
I want manly smartness
File: 027_1491800305.png (872 KB, 1500x2154)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
File: sealofapproval.png (67 KB, 365x404)
67 KB
With me!
Smarts, we are a monster of wealth and taste.

Besides, he doesn't deserve a quick death.

I vote for the option that causes the most agony for our enemy.
Okie smarts win by 1
File: Spoiler Image (545 KB, 760x570)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
Raising your sword you speak up.
"Mend and Maim..."
Quickly transforming before the quincy you take a moment to observe him.
He's clearly afraid.
But he's mistaken to do so.
After all, you're not done.

Changing the focus of your power from external to internal your blood begins to heat up.
Steam begins to pour out of your pores as the pressure in your body grows.
The transformation is complete... and it has explosive results.
With Assault Mode fully active you dash faster than the eye can perceive and deck Quilge straight in the face.


As the quincy was sent flying you followed him and continued your onslaught.
But unlike every other time you used this technique before... you have a weapon now.
With Mera in your hand you deliver slash after slash after stab.

Due to the massive increase in power Quilges Blut Vene was now inadequate to stop your attacks.
All it managed to do was slow you down a bit.
So with your knife in hand you continue to turn this man into minced meat.
Grunting as Assault mode is taking a toll on your body you hear Mera in your mind.

"H-h-h-hold on just a second!
What is going on?!"

"Not now Mera!"
You grumble at her.
"Just keep scorching!"

"O-oh! Yeah! You got it!"

As you keep making rounds around the Quincy you deliver more and more searing slashes to his body, leaving deeply scarred and often burnt tissue behind.
With your final push you ramp up your speed and after the final sequence you land and watch as the gusts of wind keep twirling and raising your victim higher and higher.

Since his body has been decimated to such an extent you highly doubt he'll be capable of remaining conscious for long.
And yet he stands up.

Panting from the pain you can see the agony as it's settling on his face.
He manages to utter the words despite how much he's suffering right now.
His uniform in tatters, his flesh lacerated and singed in many places. He's a complete and utter mess.

"Know this you hollow scum! The soldiers of His Holiness fight till the bitter end!
As long as a single drop of blood remains in my body I'll use every ounce of my power to defile you!
I won't rest until the day I or you DIE!"

You can't help but shrug at that.
"In that case you could save me the trouble and kill yourself.
Because this fight is over, whether you see this or not."

"I agree!"
He lets out one of his wicked smiles as he reaches into his pocket.
Producing a silver tube from the depths of his uniform he chuckles at you.
"Want to know the difference between us hollow?
When I die, I'll return to my maker and he'll reward me for slaying You!
While you'll be busy rotting in Hell! Waiting for the moment when we send the rest of you ANIMALS to join you!

He lets go of the silver tube and it begins to fall.
Do we have a get out of jail free card?
Ya. It's called we passed the check
I think that was the crit
I severely doubt the crit was get blasted in the face while a german prick screams Alluah Akbar.
File: 499The_Jail.png (378 KB, 425x426)
378 KB
378 KB PNG

The tube lands and by the sound of the impact it landed on metal.
Glowing. blue liquid pours out of the tube and onto the Quincy trap.
For a brief moment a set of strange lights begin to glow...
And then they quickly fade.

Opie just stands there dumbfounded.
He looks down at the device before his feet and begins kicking it furiously.

"Looking for this?"
You take out a silver handle from behind your back and start twirling it around.


"I came across one while beating you up.
Thought it might be important so I nicked it.
I mean come on... I moved faster than you could perceive me.
Is that really so surprising?"
All the color gets drained from Quilges face and he becomes almost as pale as his own uniform.

Clenching your fist hard around the device you crush it into an unrecognizable mess and drop it at the ground.
The Quincy now sweating bullets attempts to turn around and leave but you quickly use Sonído to move up to him and kick his legs so hard they get severed from below the knee.

"Not even you can animate yourself if there is nothing to animate!"
You growl at him and lift him by the head.
Twirling Mera around you jam her into him as hard as you can and then let her do her work.
With all of his organs severely damaged he falls to the ground as you let go of him.

Coughing up a generous amount of blood Quilge speaks his last, dying words.
"Heh... Guess I won't make you happy Your Majesty...
Still... this son of yours died with his pride intact...
As for you... you dirty, pathetic hollow! I'll take great pleasure in your agony!
For you see... I *cough* am Quilge Opie! Sternritter J: The Jail!
When I die... your friend there will be trapped in my jail... FOREVER!
I hope his slow and painful death by dehydration will haunt you for years to come!"

You frown after hearing that and stand tall once more.
As Quilge laughs his ass off with his dying breath you walk up to his so called "Jail" and put your hand on it.
Closing your eyes you begin to focus and the cage disappears in a flash of purple light.

"Thank you Hogyoku..."

"Don't mention it Young Master!"

The last thing Quilge saw before dying was his precious, invincible cage disappearing.
In the end... what killed him... was a broken spirit.
Can we store this guy so yata gets to do yata things?
Absolutely rekt. Feels good.
File: Kaizer in a top hat.png (484 KB, 1115x1026)
484 KB
484 KB PNG

My revenge Boner, it knows no bounds.

Breaking a man's spirit as he lays there, destroying his final desperate act of loyalty, there can be no finer cruelty.

Satan would be fucking proud
With Charlotte freed from his prison you can finally see the full extent of the damage he has received.
Judging by his appearance he was subjected to a wide variety of torture methods while inside the Jail.
He flutters his eyelashes as he looks at you.

"Oh... my knight inn shining armor!
Kaizar Soize in the flesh!
Oh... but please avert thine eyes my savior!
My body... is such an ugly mess. Please don't torture your eyes by subjecting them to me."

"You're wounded.
At least let me take care of you!"

These are nothing compared to the scars etched into my soul!
I've let down my teammates... they *snivel* they died because of me!
If I was not captured then maybe...
Please... leave me here,
I do not deserve to come home when my lay dead."

>So what? You'll stay here and die? How will you avenge them then?!
>They targeted you because you were strong.
>You are not the one that killed your friends! I know it's hard but you need to calm yourself!
>Other? (write-in)
>>So what? You'll stay here and die? How will you avenge them then?!
>So what? You'll stay here and die? How will you avenge them then?!
>They targeted you because you were strong.

>Also Stop being fucking gay you fruit cake.
>So what? You'll stay here and die? How will you avenge them then?!

Laying down to die is an insult to those who made their sacrifice so that you could survive. That is your duty to them: Live!
>>So what? You'll stay here and die? How will you avenge them then?!

What kind of an asshole doesn't repay his debts before he dies?
>>So what? You'll stay here and die? How will you avenge them then?!

Get off your ass, you aint the first guy to lose people and you won't be the last.

You want revenge, So do I.

So let's kill the fuckers responsible, not sit here and whine about it.

(Actually kind of pissed they killed the Squad, those jokers were pretty alright and I liked their synergy. Even worse because a damn Quincy did the killing they won't even reincarnate in S.S so we can't grab them again.)
They'll reincarnate when we kill Quincy Hitler Jesus, presumably, since he's just a big ol' mass of souls.

Man, can you just imagine the population crisis SS will have? We'd honestly be doing them a favour by scooping up a chunk of the new reincarnates and turning them.
Could have sworn that when a quincy kills a hollow they "Evaporate" or some bullshit like that.

Then again this wouldn't be the first time Kubo, well, Kubo'd his own Setting's rules for shit and giggles.
I recall everybody was saying that everything any quincy kills gets eaten by Quincy Jesus, but I guess maybe Kubo Kubo'd that out of the water.
"Are you serious?!"


"You're content sitting here and dying on your own?
So you're telling me that your team mates sacrificed their lives for you to do something like that?
Tch... Then be my guest!
But while you're on that I'll be out there avenging them and repaying my debt to those that have fallen!
I'll carry on and fight for what THEY believed in!"

Hearing your words the light begins to shine in Charlottes eyes once again.
He closes his eyes forcefully and tears fly all over the place.
"I see... How blind have I been!
Forgive me Sir! I shan't let you or my friends down!
I promise!"

You nod.
"That's very good Charlotte.
Because we'll need your strength.
Now come and let me treat your wounds."

After fixing the wounded arrancar up you lead him back home.
This time you walked straight past all the obvious traps.
With nobody to spring them on you they were harmless.

As soon as you, or more accurately Charlotte, were away the Quincy began cleaning up after themselves.
Pristine white flames began burning behind you pretty much at the moment when your signal was far enough.
And for once Hueco Mundo experienced what it felt like for light to illuminate the darkness.
After all traces of the Quincy and their hunting party was erased the fire also died out.

Upon your arrival you were greeted by the hard working citizens of Vanaheim who all decided to pitch in at the reconstruction of the wall.
To your and Charlottes surprise Ggio and his squad were also nearby being treated by medics, more for the emotional damage and less for the physical one.
All of them with the exception of Luppi spring up when they notice their flamboyant teammate once more.

Allowing them to have their tearful reunion to themselves you made your way to those you have business with.
Starrk appeared to be the one leading the construction effort, being the most powerful arrancar around and therefore the one at the top of the foodchain.
As you let out a bit of spirit energy he turns to you.

So you're done."

"How did it go?"
Lillynette asks you.

"Not good."
You shake your head.
"Vega lost two of his men.
One got captured but I managed to rescue him."

"That's good."
Starrk adds.
"And I'm guessing those responsible for this are now wishing they were never born."

"Or they are dead."


"But yes."
You pause for a bit.
"Can I leave things in your care?
I should get back to the living world as soon as possible."

"You don't need to leave anything to me.
Aaroniero should be on his way as we speak."

Then take care.
And don't let the weak ones go out like that again."

He nods.
"Of course."
After a quick trip through the Garganta you pop into existence in the Urahara shop itself and almost give Tessai a heart attack.
He grumbles for a bit about how they should re-activate Ururus hunter killer mode just so you wouldn't be so problematic all the time but eventually he leaves in order to get Urahara, or at least notify him of your presence.

To your surprise both Urahara and Yata make their appearance with your bird companion being the first to speak.
"So... how did it go?"

"Better than expected.
Worse than I'd like."

"Guess that about sums up how things usually are..."

"True... We uh... lost a few people."

"Nobody important I presume."

"Two Exequias elites. One tortured.
The rest is about two dozen regular soldiers...
Can't recall the exact number."

"As I thought. Nobody important.
And the enemy?"

"Let's just say we lucked out that the enemy is self-cleaning and/or magical.
Because we'd have a lot of corpses to get rid of."

"Eh... just stick em in the ground,
Trees could always use some more nourishment."

You shake your head as you chuckle at that.
"Anyway... how are things on your front?
Found anything yet?"

"Ye... I found out I want to give Mr Hat and Clogs here ALL the AIDS."

"Awww come on! You know you love me!"

"The only thing I'd love is sewing every orifice of your body shut!
But uh..."
Yata turns nervously back to you.
"Yeah... actually.
We found something.
You... probably want to sit down first...."
Awwww, such a wonderful friendship they have.

Oh boy.
Is this going to be an angry sit down, a bewildered sit down, or a sad sit down
This, I kinda worried about what kind of seat we're gonna have to take.
Listening to his advice you grab a stool and sit down while leaning against a wall.
Strangely enough it's Urahara that begins.

"So I assume you know a bit about the Quincy already.
Given how you've interacted several times with the Kurosakis."

"Let's say that I do."

"So you're aware how a Quincy is quite literally unable to go hollow.
When exposed to hollow energy most being hollowfy, except them.
Instead their souls begin to wither away and die in a process aptly named 'Soul Suicide'.

You nod.

"Well... that was the thing that got us interested.
How is it possible then that a hollow acquired quincy powers?
It doesn't make sense!"

Yata steps forth after this and clears his throat.
"So we did extensive analysis on his body and after cross examining it with Mr Child Rapists data on the Quincy and my knowledge of hollows... we found something.
Trace amounts of Quincy cells were within his body.
Though they were all dead or dying we managed to calculate when he was exposed to them and exactly how many of them entered his body."

"And the results were quite scary.
His body had an abnormal amount of Quincy cells, almost rivaling that of Ms Kurosaki herself...
So this man was exposed to an incredibly pure strain of Quincy genetic material that, despite dying almost instantly, managed to somehow alter his genetic structure.
Basically he was... no longer human."

"Like the Quincy."

While I was aware that the Quincy can not be classified as 'human' this was a bit much even for me."

Hearing all this you sigh.
"Guess I'll have to pitch in then...
I know where he got the genetic material.
He drank from the blood of the King of All Quincy, His Majesty as they call him."


I spoke with Ishida Uryu about this once.
He theorizes the Quincy were not something natural, rather a thing that was deliberately made by someone."

"Oh dear..."
Urahara sighs.
"I suppose this confirms our suspicions.
I think we can state it with great certainty that someone or... something created the Quincy from humans.
And all the unique properties of the Quincy point in one... slightly worrying direction."

Yata drinks deep from his flask and finishes Uraharas train of thought.
"Somebody intended these suckers to be the next step in human evolution.
Someone that wanted to create 'Perfection' and to whom the concept of hollowfication was not an acceptable thing."

The Quincy Soul Suicide must be a failsafe...
So the great work doesn't get tainted by the hollows."

You can't help but chuckle at this.
"So... we're literally fighting a race of Übermensch?!
Oh boy... these guys really want to die. Don't they?"
File: 164Quincy_Zeichen.png (121 KB, 307x296)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Yata chugs what's left of his booze.
"Hell... If you wanted to we could commit a full scale genocide against these cretins.
They fuck with us? The thing that gives them cancer?
I say we gather everyone in Vanaheim, have them jerk off into a canister, strap a bomb to it then deliver it to their doorstep.
Problem solved!"

You turn to look at him and frown.
"I'm not too keen on committing genocide Yata."

"I agree."
Urahara adds.
"Though it may seem rational, to answer bio weapons with bio weapons.
We must not forget that despite their *ahem* unique condition these are still people."
Then Hat and Clogs glares at you.
"And as I recall a certain other group of unnatural monsters have been arguing this very thing not too long ago."

"You give me a stare like that again and I'll poke your eyes out Urahara!
I've told you I don't like the idea!"

"Good. Good.
Just making sure we're all on the same page."

Yata shrugs at this.
"Don't throw out the idea just yet.
We could still make the universal Fuck You button.
Nobody said we'd have to push it! It's just better to have insurance against a sect of fanatic, genetically engineered Neo-Nazis.
Or... are they regular Nazis? I don't fucking know..."

Urahara looks at you expectantly.
"Well Kaizar?"

>Make a weapon of mass destruction. Just in case.
>I want to end this before it escalates out of hand. Let's do it.
>No. I won't sink that low. Never again.
>Other? (write-in)
So I guess this pretty much confirms that fullbringers are the next step in evolution also.
They are natural evolution that happened when they got exposed to a certain outside stimuli.

Quincy are artificial
>Make a weapon of mass destruction. Just in case.
Have it as a plan Z. it will only activate if EVERYONE dies
>Make a weapon of mass destruction. Just in case.
>>No. I won't sink that low. Never again.
>No. I won't sink that low. Never again.

You're forgotting, Yata. Kaizar is literally a walking nuclear option for the Quincy. The Einherjar are tiny hollows. If he gets into Silbern and unleashes Segunda Etapa over the entire plane, every Quincy immediately undergoes Soul Suicide.

But I reckon a few of them can be saved, so genocide isn't a good option. Askin wasn't too much of a prick, Bazz is okay, and the majority of the scrub Quincy are just brainwashed mooks. Kill their God and they might snap out of it.
>>Make a weapon of mass destruction. Just in case.

'Merican here, even a left leaning joker like myself knows the benefits of a nuke in the pocket.

Better to have it and not need it and all that.
building a bomb wins

>Make a weapon of mass destruction. Just in case.
Sighing you look at Yata.
"Do it."

Urahara snaps at you.

"Let me finish!
We'll make one but it's our last resort.
Under no circumstances will we use it unless we have no other options left!
Or do you think we should all wear hazmat suits so the poor quincy have no chance of being infected by us?!
We are all walking bio weapons against them. Especially me!
I'm a walking warcrime waiting to happen.
But this is still war! Now is the one time where we must capitalize on things like that."

"Yeah, yeah. I see your point.
Fine. Do as you plese."

Meanwhile Yata whips out his communicator.
"Goodie! Now if you'll excuse me I have a call to make."

Quickly you turn to Yata in surprise.
"Surely you aren't actually planning on making Hao build it?"

"First off, don't call me Sherley.
And second... don't underestimate him. He's like a backup of my brain on a living USB drive.
Plus I have that Bount guy running around.
I'm sure they can whip up something while we hold the line here."
Aaaaand that's as far as I can go for now.

Archive's up as usual.
And throughout the next week I'll be writing your Omake requests.
So be on the lookout for those

In the meantime... See you goons next week (hopefully)
I'll try to end the summer not with a whimper at least
thanks for the thread.

See ya spooks, thanks for the carnage
thanks for running, spook. you helped me through a rough day today
Just think. Every quincy arrow that strikes us slowly but surely allows us to further adapt to quincy energy. Every arrow that pierces our flesh builds a growing immunity to subsequent arrows.
Adaptive physiology is ridiculously OP on something as durable and immortal as Kaizar.
Feels good
The einherjar themselves adapt alongside him.

Imagine eventually being shot by a quincy and the einherjar immediately dissolving it into harmless reishi to feast upon and multiply with.
>get shot a thousand-ish times by quincy brigade
>dust clears and there is a gelatinous cube of goop
Omake #1: An unusual meeting

"I'm very grateful you al made it in such a short notice."
Spoke up Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto as he commenced this emergency Captains meeting.

"Awww shucks! Thanks Yama-jii!
But it's hard to be late when the messengers literally threaten our lives if we don't show up."

"Yeah... what's this all about Old Man?"
Zaraki grumbled in response to Captain Kyorakus comment.

"Both of you! Be quiet!
The commander-"

The commander abruptly cut off Captain Sui Fengs speech by slamming his staff against the ground.
Then he quickly clears his throat and lowers his volume.
"Now... as you were informed by the messengers, this meeting is of great importance.
We, the Soul Society, as of now are at War."

"About time I say..."


The various captains began murmuring amongst each other but they all stop once the Commander slams his staff once more.
"Just now... a group of individuals have infiltrated my chambers to deliver to me a declaration of war.
These men claim to be.... Quincies."

Yet again the Captains become uneasy.
They either mumble to themselves or speak those that are close to them about this.
Needless to say, they are confused as most of them believed the Quincy to be nearly extinct.
For the sake of clearing up the confusion Captain Yamamoto allowed them to talk things out for a while.

Once things got reasonably quiet he spoke up and his fellow captains fell silent.
"I understand your confusion but I'm not finished yet.
You may discuss things in detail once we are done here...
So... Your orders are clear: Starting now we are at full alert.
I order you to go back to your own divisions and make all the necessary preparations.
Since we do not know their location the only thing we can do is prepare for their assault."
He then looks at the captain of the 4th division.
"Captain Unohana... this goes double for you."

She nods.
My entire divisions grounds shall be at your disposal."

Captain Ukitake raises his hand at this.
"Commander... if I may speak for a moment.
What about the hollows?
I'm sure that if we asked them for help they-"

"Captain Ukitake..."
Asato speaks up at this.
"I hope you're just joking about this!
That goes against everything the shinigami stand for!"

Yamamoto clears his throat at this.
"Actually... that's another thing I wanted to inform all of you about.
As of now the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo are no longer enemies... but allies.
Until the war ends at least."

Everybody looks at the commander in absolute shock.
Captain Kommamura is the first one to speak up.

"We aren't the only ones the Quincy declared war to...
In fact Kaizar Soize contacted me not too long ago.
And he proposed that we temporarily cease all hostilities until we have this common enemy to worry about."

The Central 46 won't stand for this!"
Captain Asato is struggling to form his thoughts into words.
File: Captain_meeting_2.png (380 KB, 735x477)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
"In times of War all power is temporarily transferred to the Commander of the Gotei 13.
Once this crisis has passed I'll gladly take full responsibility and accept the judgment of Central 46.
Until then things go as I say!
It's bad enough that we are at a full scale war without having to worry about a force like the hollows striking us in the back!
Now unless you have other complaints I'd like to elaborate on the situation.
For the time being we have full access to Hueco Mundo, the hollows won't disturb us.
But in turn the same goes for them. All hollows that know the passphrase: 'The End lies in the deepest abyss.'
All others are to be killed on sight."

"What do you mean by all others, Yama-jii?"

"According to the hollows themselves the Quincy also have arrancar soldiers at their disposal.
That is why the passphrase is necessary.
Now then... Any questions?"

A few Captains such as Asato, Ashido and Kommamura raise their hands but the commander just ignores them.

Now all of you! DISMISSED!"

Omake #1: THE END
Don't thank me my dude.
I wouldn't be doing this if you guys didn't enjoy it.

I just aim to please.
But I'm glad I was of service to you
That's a nifty side story and still thanks spooky.
ha yanamoto ignoring the salty captains
There comes a time when you need to tell the whelps to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.
Omake #2: Walkies

Wrapped around a tiny lizards tiny neck is nice and pink, tiny thread.
The tiny thread had its other end tied around a tiny girls tiny hand.
Walking together through the market the tiny girl was lead by her tiny pet.

Walking in rhythm with her humming Sofia was in a good mood while she was taking Captain Wiggles for a walk.
Many of the people visiting the bustling marketplace turned their head as the little girl walked past them with her little pet on a leash.
Some found it adorable while others, weird.
But she paid no attention to them and kept walking, where she did not know.
Eventually she entered one of the many labyrinthian alleyways and got lost in one of the many similar looking corridors.
Little did she know that she'd find something quite interesting very soon.

She reached a clearing between the buildings which had a couple of blue trees standing in the middle of it, around them a playground.
"What's this place?"
She asked Wiggles.

Barking quickly the tiny amphibian lead her inside.
Once in the compound the good Captain quickly scuttled and climbed on top of Sofias head.
The little girl not minding the minute amounts of slime trickling down her hair and making it shine walked inside, still confused.

One of the kids noticed her and jumped off of the forts towers.
He called out for her.
"Who are you?"

"I'm Sofia.
Who are you?"

"I am the king of Hueco Mundo!
What business do you have at my castle?"

"You are the king? I didn't vote for you."

"Kings aren't voted dummy!
The strongest man is always the king!
And if you want to enter my castle you have to pledge yourself to me!
You can become one of my knights!"
He points up at the castle from which six children poke their heads out.

"They are all your knights?"


"That's not very smart.
No civilization can be sustained with war economy for too long.
If you don't have servants performing the necessary menial tasks your knights will quickly starve."


"I'm saying that a feudalist lord needed peasants working the fields and servants within the castle itself.
They were basically bullies subjugating others so they could live in relative luxury while those under them slowly withered away."

"Wow... you're no fun!
Do you want to play or not?"

Sofia thinks for a moment and nods.

"Very well!
I shall dub you Sir Talksalot!"
But as he said that something caught the kings attention and he started showing signs of fear.
"Oh no!"

Sofia turns in the direction her new ruler is looking and saw several larger children approaching the playground.
"Are they hostile invaders?"

"No you dummy!
They are the big kids!
Quick! Hide!"
The king tried to grab onto Sofias arm and drag her away forcibly but after Wiggles hissed at him he quickly changed his mind.
Instead he signaled his fellow playmates and they all hid while Sofia just stood out there in the open.
File: Spoiler Image (216 KB, 500x386)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
As the big kids approached their "leader" quickly stepped up to Sofia and threatened her.
"Hey Dweeb!
We are the ones that are gonna play now!
So scram!"

Sofia looks cautiously around then points at herself.
"Are you talking to me?"

"Yes! Now get lost!"

"Ah I see.
So you are bullies."
She takes a moment to close her eyes and think things through.
"Very well."
Leaving the older kids she walked up to a trunk in the ground and put her elbow on it, raising her hand up in the process.
"If you can beat me in arm wrestling I'll leave."

This got a laugh out of her would be bullies.
You got guts lil' girl!

As the bully knelt down on the other side of the wood trunk he grabbed Sofias hand and thought to himself.
"Okay GO!"

He screamed and began pushing against Sofia with all of his might but her arm didn't budge in the slightest.
Instead when Sofia exerted even a little bit of power the boys arm quickly hit the wood.
Sofia slowly raised both her arms up into the air in joy.

The friends of the bully wasted no time making fun of him.
What's wrong? Why so chivalrous all of a sudden?
Could it be you fell in love with the girl?"

But the head bully barely even realized that his friends were mocking him.
Instead he was busy bulging his eyes out and sweating.
"W-We should run!"


The kid stood up and bolted faster than ever before in his life.
His fellows looked at the girl in confusion at first but later they also ran for it when Wiggles screamed at them threateningly.

Slowly coming out of their little hidey holes the other arrancar kids rushed Sofia quickly.




Mildly confused, Sofia takes a moment to take in what just happened around her.
"Very well. I accept the position.
And my first order of business will be to design a heraldry for our queendom.
Bring some paint and paper. I'll pick the best design you make."

Omake#2: THE END
How many kids will be named Kaizar? Popular name soon, i bet.
Obviously Captain Wiggles had the best design
I can't wait till Wiggles becomes Hollow God
Yes, but because most people are idiots about 90% of those kids will end up being Kaiser

I think you'll enjoy what I have in store for the good captain during the blood war
So many confused quincy as this tiny salamander thing blasts gigantic holes into the landscape...

It'll be glorious.
In b4 captain wiggles fodderizes the quincy king hard.
File: Urahara_Shoten.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Omake #3: Precipice of insanity

Urahara candy shop.

In just one of the many secret rooms found within this building two of the greatest minds of this generation are currently busy performing autopsy on a deceased arrancar with strange powers.
But to say that the situation is a bit tense wouldn't do it justice.


Hearing this Urahara immediately drops Yatas tool and takes two steps away from the satchel.
Just by being in one room with the very angry arrancar he figured out that he's not bluffing.
He takes a sip of his coffee while resuming his break before responding to Dr Garasu.
"Okay, okay!
No touching. Got it.
You know, I just wanted to examine them.
I can't remember the last time I saw such fine instruments of torture..."

"Hmph, probably when you cooked up one half of an eldritch abomination in your so called 'laboratory'.
More like a crack den if you came up with something like that."

Urahara took notice of that.
"Oh... so you know.
How much did Kaizar tell you exactly?"

I figured it out on my own you fucking rapist.
Now, if you don't have anything better to do other than bothering me with obvious bullshit everyone knows you could drag your useless ass here."
Then Yata grumbles to himself so Urahara doesn't actually hear it.
"Not that you know just how badly you messed up with that stupid rock..."

"Fine! I wouldn't want leave anything valuable with you anyways.
Not after I saw how shoddily you handle valuable specimen.
Are you sure you're a doctor and not a butcher playing pretend?"

"Oh like how you pretend to take care for these children instead of molesting them?"

They ceased their little verbal fight for a few minutes so they both could focus on the task at hand once more.
Urahara keeps focusing on the arrancars circulatory system while Yata remains fixated on the organs.

"Any sign of deformities?"
Hat and Clogs asks.

Nothing unusual.
But I'm finding unnaturally high amounts of Quincy reishi residue in his liver...
Either the Quincy were kind enough to feed their pets with their own or something else is up."

"Well I think I found something.
Check this out."


"Blood for the quincy is very important and not only because of religious reasons.
They value the purity of their bloodlines and have several techniques which utilize it.
Here... see?
This arrancar has quincy red blood cells..."

"Mmmyes... but they are all dead.
Is this normal?"

"No, not at all.
But it's especially weird how these didn't disappear while in a hollows system.
They didn't undergo soul suicide..."
Yata frowns at this.
"So what the fuck does that mean?"

"Well... honestly I do not know.
I believe this might be because this blood originates from patient 0. The source.
So these cells must be different from the regular ones.
But this is just a hypothesis."

The arrancars system should still consume these over time, as evident by the liver.
Unless the King can regenerate his lost blood like Kaizar can I don't see how they can tap him often enough to supply an army of arrancar with a steady amount..."

"Not if the dead cells are somehow capable of reproduction."

"Normally I'd say you are full of shit.
Right now however I'm more amused by the fact that something dead is potentially more reproductive than you are..."

"Charming... coming from someone obviously single."


"Wait... SERIOUSLY?!
Who in their right mind-"

"Don't know. I often ask the same question."

"B-But! I'M A NICE GUY!"

"Oh you are nice. But you are still fat and gay."

"B-Back to the matter at hand!
So... what do you make of this?
This arrancar has been processing Quincy cells at an alarming rate, yet his blood is still so full of them.
Any ideas?"

Aren't quincy stupidly prideful regarding their heritage?"
Urahara nods.
"Aaaand they hate us like the bubonic fucking plague...
I have a hard time believing the King himself would sink low enough to feed them his blood directly."

Urahara pauses for a moment.
"So... they were deceived and given a modified strain?
An interesting theory... But if it's not true-"

"Then the truth is too fucked up for us to comprehend.
Take your pick."

I'll go with the deception, thank you."

"See? You DO have some semblance of intelligence after all!"

"Can I have some?"
Urahara points at Yatas flask.

"Eat my ass shinigami!"

Omake #3: THE END
Omake #4: Birth


A figure opens its eyes.
It finds that they hurt. He never opened them before.
The light sears them, like a million javelins of light impaling them.
Though it has only two eyes they see so much more than those of others. It is a nauseating sensation, being aware of so much at once.

Several dark figures stand in the light.
With its vision blurred they appear as nothing more than shadows in a half of luminescence.
As they open an orifice on their bodies they release vibrating waves of air.
This signal is picked up by two holes that are close to the entities eyes.

"Look. It worked."

The sensation of sound is just as painful to the entity as was that of sight.
Though it can not comprehend the meaning behind the words, or indeed if they have any or if they are called 'words' at all the being still senses their intentions.
These it understands.

[green/]"We must be quick.
Before it becomes aware."[/green]
Another figure speaks up and the others nod.

Suddenly the beings mind is filled with the sensation of pain once more, although it is millions of times more intense than before.
Still it doesn't move a muscle, it doesn't know how and it honestly doesn't care. The sensation of pain is a new one and though slightly uncomfortable it's nothing too bad.
So it remains motionless, not caring about both of its limbs being cut off and its heart removed in an instant.


With theses body parts separated from the whole they quickly sprang to life.
Having a lot less flesh to work with made it easier to master their use.
One arm immediately buried itself into the ground and disappeared into the shadows while the other forcibly shot out its nerves and wrapped them around the heart.
Then those two also disappeared as they slipped between dimensions.


"Hmmm... something we did not anticipate.
No matter, the core is still here. And it's stable.
Without hands it can't exert any control over anything while its lack of heart will prevent it from moving, period."


"They won't be a problem.
Such insignificant fragments can be safely ignored as long as we have this.
If the core dies so will they. Those things will surely grow a mind sooner or later and when they do they'll realize that going against us is suicide."

"I hope you are right Osho.

"Do not worry Kuchiki-sama, Shihoin-sama.
We are now in total control. That's all that matters.
Now I hope I can count on you to notify the three other families.
You'll have a lot of work to do."

As do you.
The man identifying as Kuchiki spoke.


With that the Monk put his hands together in a praying motion.
Slowly a cocoon of crystal began to encompass the floating figure.
As it did the entitys wings retracted into its back.
File: soul_kang.png (82 KB, 290x415)
82 KB
"Ura Bakudo: Saishodō - Mugen"

The spell was cast. The Soul King was sealed and suspended in the air.

As this happened the Reio just stared.
Any sense of pain or discomfort were gone.
But it paid no attention, its mind was too occupied by all the other things it saw.
By the time his visions got under control and he tried to move a muscle he realized he couldn't.

Suddenly he became aware of the situation it was in.
But it didn't disturb him.
Coming to terms with his condition immediately he became content waiting. Watching.

As the Monk finally left in order to begin the construction of the Royal realm with the aid of the nobles the Soul King didn't even bother to look at him.
His eyes were too occupied by something, or someone else.
The one being that remained in the room.
Although the Soul King didn't know this, he was the only one capable of even noticing his presence.

Aizen Sosuke.

The young boy walked up to the Soul King.
He watched the entire process of its creation. He watched as people were dragged in one by one, butchered like animals at a slaughter house.
Then as the corpses got flayed, torn apart and their peaces piled together he got shaken to the core of his soul.
He couldn't help but look as the Monk used his massive spirit appendages to grind them up and squish the bits together as dozens of noblemen chanted as part of an otherworldly ritual.
And now that the blood dried up the tantric ritual completed and the circles were washed away he could finally go up to this... thing.

He slowly extended an arm and touched the cocoon like prison.
The Soul King didn't even react to his presence at all.
He could not keep it together any longer and the contents of his stomach evacuated.
He threw up at the steppes leading to the Reio. The vomit was then soon diluted by his snot and tears.
He completely broke after witnessing the demonic orgy of violence and sex. Only by sheer power of will was he capable of remaining sane up until now.

Now filled with anger, the hand that remained at the Soul Kings seal now got clenched into a fist.
His fingers bled as he scratched the barrier as hard as he could.


"I... I!

With snot and tears still running down his face he began walking away from this crime against nature.
But he turned back just at the exit, before the sealing got completed and the realm separated from the rest of Soul Society.
"I'll become the next Soul King.
I'll fix this world! I promise you... mother."

Omake #4 THE END
Looks like things really didn't end up like anyone planned

To be fair if he wasn't such a dick about it and told people the truth Aizen wouldn't have been as fucked as he was.

But that's what happens when you get a god complex I suppose.
>"Oh you are nice. But you are still fat and gay."

Yes Papa Franku is pleased.
What limb did we return to it?

You exorcised a fragment of the Mimihagi and it returned to the complete entity
Oh. I thought that fragment was the guys arm?
We exorcised a fragment of mimihagi and returned it to the complete entity that is MIMIHAGI. Mimihagi has yet to return to the greater whole that is the soul king.
>Aizen Sosuke.

>The young boy walked up to the Soul King.
>He watched the entire process of its creation. He watched as people were dragged in one by one, butchered like animals at a slaughter house.
>Then as the corpses got flayed, torn apart and their peaces piled together he got shaken to the core of his soul.
>He couldn't help but look as the Monk used his massive spirit appendages to grind them up and squish the bits together as dozens of noblemen chanted as part of an otherworldly ritual.
>And now that the blood dried up the tantric ritual completed and the circles were washed away he could finally go up to this... thing.

O neat
I expected better of you, next time please put the link to the next thread.


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