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It has been a couple days since you've aquired your new side arm and things have quieted down around home.
While initially Tia disliked Meras presence she quickly got used to her.
Granted, the reason why she is so tolerant is that Mera is just a zanpakuto spirit and therefore she isn't present for most of the time, but it's still progress.

As for Mera herself she... had some problems getting used to her new place.
Since Sofia dragged her all over the place to show Vanaheim to her new friend Mera got to see a rather large chunk of the place. And its inhabitants.
It was a text book example of "bad habits die hard".
Needless to say many people had to apologize in her stead when she drew her blade against the many, many regular hollows that walk the streets of the city.
But that is no longer such an issue since she took to staying in your knife for most of the day as of late.

Speaking of which, she's right in front of you in her spirit body while you are busy tending to her "home" with a piece of whetstone.
Mera keeps making popping noises while you maintain her physical body and you just turn off your mind to make the monotonous task go by just a bit faster.
As you keep sharpening the small knife your thoughts keep focusing on one thing: the small red-head before you.
More specifically her place of origin.

She asks you once she notices you glancing at her one too many times.

You shake your head.
I've just been thinking."

"Yeah, no shit.
But judging by your gloomy expression you weren't just trying to undress me with your eyes.
So out with it! What's bothering you?
Is it the guy I punched in the face? I already apologized for that!"

Sighing you set aside the whetstone and begin applying oil to the metal.
"No... it's not that.
I... I was just thinking about the Zero Division."

Great. Now you reminded me of them.
Thanks for ruining my mood."

"You asked for it...
But tell me Mera. What is your take on them?
Will they be a problem?"

She leans back on her chair until it's standing on just the two hind legs.
You can feel her two feet kicking the underside of the table a little as she uses them to support herself.
"I don't know.
Maybe... Okay, probably. It's actually very likely.
But as much as it pains me to say this... you can trust Nimaiya. At least he keeps his word.
And it's true that they'd punish him as well so there is no chance that he'll rat us out."

"Even still...
They want us dead."

Mera sighs as she stares at the ceiling.

"And they must be strong."

"You have no god damn idea."
She pauses for a while there.
"But why are you asking this from me now?"

"Because I've been thinking...
If they are truly that strong.... and if my other sources can be trusted... we'll have something truly huge happening very soon.
And I fear we may not be ready."

"What sources?
And what are you talking about?"
Sure it's gonna be bad when the Zero Squad attacks but-"

"Call it a hunch."
Mera grumbles in frustration.
So ye'r just frustrated because your gut told you so?!"

From the confines of your chest a purple light begins shining just barely.
"I wouldn't say it was his gut Mera, more like his heart."

"Oh... so it' was you shiny rock."

I fear that in the near future a great calamity will befall the Young Master.
One that will make those parasites you call the Zero Squadron seem like insignificant insects in comparison..."

That's not ominous at all.
And why are you so vague?
Aren't you like all knowing and stuff?"

"That's an exaggeration."

You slam your hands on the table once you finish the maintenance of your knife.
"There. Done."
Then there was silence.

Mera, a bit taken back by your sudden action, looks at you.
"So what are you going to do about this... premonition?"

"I have a few ideas..."

>Visit Yata.
>Go to Marr, the oldest being you know.
>It's time to gather some of the heavy hitters
>Other? (write-in)
>yata and marr

Two of the greatest minds of existence
>>Visit Yata.
>Gather Aaroniero, Yata, and Marr in a meeting to discuss it
Aaroniero and Yata for their intelligence, Marr for his sheer amount of experience.
>>It's time to gather some of the heavy hitters
This sounds pretty cool

File: Menoly.png (430 KB, 725x470)
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430 KB PNG
"I have a few ideas..."
You stand up and holster your knife now that the cleaning is done.
"We're going to gather a few people.
Care to join me?"

Mera shrugs.
"Not like I got anything better to do."
With that she turned into a pink fog and slowly her soul creeped its way back in your weapon.

Smiling at that you go and grab your coat.
"Oh I think you'll like it."
Not bothering to say goodbye to anyone since nobody was at home you step out of the house and close the door behind yourself.

Closing your eyes you began focusing on the reiatsu you wanted to find first.
Locked on to Aaronieros signature you took off.

After only a bit of walking you started hearing Meras complaining.
"Where are we going?"

"A friend.
I think you'll like him."

You hear her snicker.
"I doubt that."

But you don't respond to that and just smile.
You'll prove her wrong.

It doesn't take much time after that to reach the house of Aaroniero.
The large, almost spherical building with barely any windows or openings towers before you.
From the confines of your knife you can hear your fiery zanpakuto spirit admiring the large structure.

Knocking on the door you hear a familiar, feminine voice.
As you peer through the opening you see the single, green eye of Menoly looking at you.
"Oh Kaizar! Welcome!"
She opens the door widely with a huge smile on her face.
"Please come in! Don't be a stranger!"

Bowing slightly you follow her.
"Thank you Menoly."
As you enter the house and sit down on one of the free chairs you notice the girl bringing a filled coffee pot to you.

"How do you like yours?"

"Cream and with two sugars."

Pouring you a cup of steaming hot goodness she hands the heavenly beverage to you.
"Here you go! Please be careful, it's quite fresh."
Then she turns around and heads to the spiral, metal staircase with the pot still in her hand.
"Just wait a moment while I get Aaroniero for you."

"Thank you."
You take a sip from your cup and exhale with delight.
"Oh that's good!"

From the back of your mind you can hear another female voice speaking up.
"You know...
I'll never get used to hollows being more civilized than some shinigami."

"As long as you don't accidentally punch someone again nobody will mind you.
You aren't the only outsider here, you know."

"Yeah, your girl showed some of 'em to me.
Trouble is that I differ from those.... bounts? as I differ from you."

"I wasn't referring to them."
Soon enough you see Aaroniero descending the stairs.
"Ah, Kaizar!
How unexpected."

Following him close is Menoly.
Once they are down at your level they both sit down in front of you with a coffee cup in each of their hands.
You don't waste much time to begin small talking them.

"Got to say Menoly, I like what you did to this place.
Now it actually looks like someones living here."

"Ugh... don't even get me started.
I still want to re-paint the walls and replace the floor with wooden planks.
But doing just this much was such a huge pain in the ass that we decided to postpone it to a later date."

You shrug.
"At least it's livable now."

At this Aaroniero began clearing his throat in order to get your attention.
"Not that I don't enjoy you insulting my choice in living space but I believe there is a reason for why you visited us, right Kaizar?"

With a nod you confirm Aaronieros suspicion.
"Sadly, yes.
But I hope you know I don't like troubling you unless it's important."

"Oh no, you are not troubling anyone."
Menoly looks at the man sitting next to her.

"Of course.
Please, speak freely."

>Tell Aaroniero that there are important things to discuss.
>Ask your friend about Nejibana before telling him why you came here.
>Other? (write-in)
>>Ask your friend about Nejibana before telling him why you came here.
>Tell Aaroniero that there are important things to discuss.
>>Tell Aaroniero that there are important things to discuss.
looks like anons don't wanna see mera and nejibana interacting like dopeheads yet
Okay then, guess that has to be postponed


>Tell Aaroniero that there are important things to discuss.
I would have voted for it but I got here late
Same, just got here.
File: Marr.png (365 KB, 526x759)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
"The reason why I'm here is simple old friend.
I believe it's time we gathered the most... knowledgeable individuals of Vanaheim and we came up with something."

He pauses at that.
"For what purpose?"

"Assessing our strengths and comparing it to threats we are aware of, making predictions about the future, that sort of thing."

"So.... survival."

"Like always."

With a weary sigh Aaroniero looks at Menoly.
"Guess I have to go."

Menoly takes a moment to respond to that.
"Make sure to get back for dinner."

"I'll try."
Then Aaroniero leans in and hugs his girl.
Once the two separate he looks back to you.
"I assume we go to Yatas..."

"Not so fast.
There is one more person I want to get."


You give him a vicious grin.
After leaving his house Aaroniero is in utter shock from what you said to him.

"You can't be serious!
Him?! Why HIM?"

"Because he is older than all of us combined.
Whether you like it or not he probably knows more than we do."

"But he's an imbecile!
He doesn't care about knowledge unless it's related to punching things!"

"You'd be surprised.
I'd call Marr many things: brutish, simple, sometimes wise.
But he is not an idiot. Him not caring about something doesn't mean he can't comprehend it."

"Damn it Kaizar!
I'm telling you that this is NOT a good idea."

Although your friend kept this up for a while he suddenly ceased once you got within earshot of Marr.
To your surprise the big man is not actually busy pounding the ever loving crap out of anyone at the moment, nor is he working out.
He's simply laying on a large rock and relaxing while Lan is busy feeding him grapes.
Truth be told you didn't even know that he can stay still for more than five minutes.

But just as he's about to eat another piece of fruit, another thing you didn't think he ever does, he looks at you.
"Oh... if it isn't Mr Hotshot himself.
The fuck do you want?"

You hear Mera chuckling in the background.
"Heeey! I like this guy!"

"Well Marr, honestly I came because I think I need your help."

"Hoh? Really?
That's a first!"

"What do you say then?"

"What do I get in turn?"

"We'll think of something.
I'm sure you have a few ideas."

"Ohoho! So you'll owe me?
I'm okay with that.
Fine. I'll help you.
What do you want anyway?"

"You, me and a couple other guys will think of ways to better kill people."

Hearing that Marr let out a mile wide smile and decided that he's going to help you for free.
Mera and Wang-Lan rivalry for Marr's affection

both get cucked by Unohana
i'm just wondering when we developed spirit grapes
What if they are grapes from SS? Or real grapes? Real grapes would taste like crap to hollows though, right? Ghost grapes from a ghost human winery? Goo magic.
Some stuff came back on its own I guess.

I'm sitting here wonder if we have grapes why has nobody made wine?

Beer's all well and good, but sometimes you've got to be a classy drunk.
Are you implying beer isn't classy?
>Frog hollows
Wait, I figured it out maybe.
Viruses can be used to alter genes.
Yata's probably been altering some idun seeds so that they produce different types of fruit that are similar to the ones you can find on earth.
Which means we might have trees growing fruits that ordinarily would only appear on things like bushes...or straight out of the ground. Watermelon tree, anyone?
I love how you guys are hung up on grapes but nobody even questions where coffee beans came from
Because our meaty Dino friend wasn't sitting there eatting Coffee Beans. He was eating Grapes.

Does he eat Coffee Beans in the same way?
I'm gonna grape you in the mouth
Probably because there was a whole thing of yata tinkering in his lab and trying to get the taste profile right
The tricky part of the whole process was not getting Marr on your side, rather convincing him not to smash anything while on your way to or inside the lab itself.
Luckily he found something to occupy his mind.

"Hey Kaizar...
Nice knife you got there.
Did ya nick another one from those sucker reapers?"

Mera heard that.
What does that mean?"

You mumble to yourself as quietly as possible.
"Not now Mera!"

Aaroniero also speaks up but you are certain he heard you at least partially.
"Yeah... now that he mentions it.
What's with that?"

"I'll tell you guys later.
For now let's just focus on getting to the lab."

After knocking on the reinforced doors a few times you found Hao opening the door for you.
"Ah Young Master!
Do you seek an audition with sensei?"

"Yes Hao.
Please tell him it's urgent."

"Will do."

Not even bothering with the warning signs you entered the complex and your two attachés followed your example.
Quickly you entered the cafeteria because it's unlikely you'll find a big enough table and chairs in the actual lab itself.
Shortly after you each took a seat the grumpy scientist also made his entrance.

"Okay... so what gave you the bright idea to disturb me during a very delicate expe-"
But the moment he saw both Aaroniero and Marr with you his voice gave out.
"That... that changes a few things.
Care to explain what's going on?"

"Take a seat.
We've got important things to discuss."

Yata turned to his assistant and spoke up.
"Hao go and finish the sequencing without me.
And if you mess it up even just a TINY bit I'm going to squeeze you into a toaster and hook it up to a nuclear power plant!"

"Understood sir!
You can leave it to me!"

"Oh fuck me...."
Yata sits down with a fearful look on his face.
"Okay Kaizar, if we hear any loud sirens going off.... run."

With the greatest minds of Hueco Mundo all gathered up in one place you can finally begin.
Cracking your knuckles you begin speaking.

Now that we're all here we can begin.
I have... grave news to tell you."
You take a deep breath before continuing.
"I'm sure you are all aware of our relations with Soul Society."

Marr speaks up.

"Well... I hesitate to call it good but we won't just start killing each other out of nowhere."


"But... I recently discovered a sort of sect within the Shinigami.
The Zero Division."

Both Marr and Aaroniero spoke up simultaneously.
Coffee is the gift from the gods, so clearly the soul king just magicked a fuckload of them to rain from the sky at some point.
He grinds beans with his teeth and boils them with pure rage
God Bless

You know for a second I forgot that Aaroniero had a shinigami's memories so he'd actually already know about the fuckers.

And of course Marr would know about them considering how fucking old he actually is.
>"Some faggot called me a dinosaur. Now everyone does!"
"I'm sorry. What?!"
Yata speaks up in surprise.

"They are bad news bird man."
Marr funnily enough begins educating the professor.
"Not even I want to mess with 'em."

"He's right."
Aaroniero takes over from him.
"I... only have vague memories of rumors from Kaien Shiba.
But if the legends are true then they are stronger than the rest of the Gotei 13 combined."

Now it's your turn.
"They are real.
And they probably want our heads mounted on a wall... then there is the other thing."

"You've got to be kidding me!"

"I fear they may not be the only threat.
I can't explain it very well. I just...
I just know that when the time comes the 0 Division won't be the worst of our problems.
That's the reason why I brought you here.
You are the most talented individuals I know. If anyone can come up with a solution then it's you."

Looking over at them only Yata was capable of keeping his cool and either because he doesn't know better or because he simply doesn't care.

>Yata, I hate to ask this but we might need some weaponized science.
>Aaroniero... I think you know what I want. (Reveal Mera to the group)
>If we want to grow stronger then you are our best bet Marr. Do you have anything for us?
>Ask them all to give their opinions and pick afterwards
>Other? (write-in)
>>Aaroniero... I think you know what I want. (Reveal Mera to the group)
>>Aaroniero... I think you know what I want. (Reveal Mera to the group)
>>Aaroniero... I think you know what I want. (Reveal Mera to the group)
Is Marr's opinion on not wanting to mess with them come from when he was bullshit strong or does it come from him now that he's weaker than he was before?

>Ask them all to give their opinions and pick afterwards

>Yata, I hate to ask this but we might need some weaponized science.
>Aaroniero... I think you know what I want. (Reveal Mera to the group)
>If we want to grow stronger then you are our best bet Marr. Do you have anything for us?
>Ask them all to give their opinions and pick afterwards

>Ask them all to give their opinions and pick afterwards
He tangled with them once.
Back in his prime.

Then he got Ichibe'd
>Aaroniero... I think you know what I want. (Reveal Mera to the group)
>Spoilers are black for a reason
ok, changing vote after bit of consideration

>Ask them all to give their opinions and pick afterwards
I wouldn't mind an omake of that fight some day. Just to see how squad zero reacts to how freakish swole Marr was.

WEW lad. Good job, Hyosube, your bullshit is really bullshit.
You da best mang.
Okay, listening to their offers wins but just barely


And prepare yourselves lads.
I still want the Mera thing to happen.
I just don't think now is the time.
Although Mera might be able to give us a bit of insight herself
i agree
i'm gonna pass out from medication soon, lads
this plantar fasciitis has been fuckin with me too long so i took a doctor approved knockout cocktail just to get some rest

remember to always vote for the most interesting options and to stay fresh my dudes

you doin' great spooky i love you man

peace out
"Okay guys.
I want to hear your takes on this.
But please, before you do take your time to think things through.
Aaaand... Aaroniero."


You take out your knife and place it on the table.
"You asked me about this.
I suppose it's as good a time as any."
Turning your attention from Aaroniero to Mera you speak up.

With a puff of smoke your zanpakuto spirit shows up once more.

"Kaizar... this is-"

"A zanpakuto spirit, yes.
Mera. Please introduce yourself."

"Hey nerds.
Hiuchigashima Mera's the name.
I'm the zanpakuto spirit of this slimy bastard here."

The reactions are very much mixed.
Aaroniero is merely surprised while Yata is almost fully erect and Marr just doesn't care.
After some thinking however Aaroniero acts first.
Tugging at his sides he places his sword on the table as well.
Meras eyes go wide in surprise.

"D-Don't tell me-"

"Her name is Nejibana.
And yes, she is like you."
Then your friend turns his attention to you.
"What is the meaning of this?!"

"I told you that I encountered the Zero Division.
What I failed to mention is that one of them wanted to have an audience with me in private.
That man is the one responsible for the creation of the Zanpakuto and... well he wanted to experiment on ours.
Me and a member of the Exequias got a few "gifts" from him.
He got an upgrade to his existing sword and I became Meras partner."

Aaroniero pauses for a moment.
"And you can just jump out like that?"

"Pretty neat, huh?"

He raises Nejibana just a bit.
"Sadly, shortly after Muramasas demise she lost the ability to materialize."

You think about it for a moment and then poke Nejibana and purple reishi begins to radiate from the sword.
After about 3.5 seconds the light fades and you speak up.
"Go ahead Nejibana."

With an effect similar to Meras but with a blue cloud instead of a pink one Nejibana appears.
"W-Wow... thanks.
I didn't know you can do that."

"Me neither a few days ago."

"Whoah... so you also got tangled up with a hollow?"

"What? Are you worried you are not special anymore?"

After that quick little exchange the two of them went away from the table to discuss a few things and you returned to the matter at hand.

"So Aaronniero...
This was my idea.
Maybe using your sword, mine and maybe that of Nash we could replicate this."

"I see...
So you want to upgrade the swords of our troops, using us as templates.

"Would you be willing?"

He puts his finger on his chin and begins thinking.
"I don't have any objections against it.
If we both do our fair share of the work."
Sleep tight little anon.
I hope you'll get better
>while Yata is almost fully erect

Did we hear a thump and just chose to all ignore it?
the table fucking lifted, we just all expected it
Probably yes, also the cracks that spread out on the wood work.
>implying the table didn't jump up and bounce off of Marr's pecs
Both of you look at Yata expectantly.
"Would it be possible to reverse engineer this?"

I could repopulate the planet with Marrs ancestors if I wanted to!"

"Please don't.
Those guys were assholes and I DON'T need the competition!"

Yata resumes after coughing a bit.
"Erm... yeah... So I could do that.
But that means I couldn't work on my idea."

"Which is?"

"Advanced weaponry.
Mass produced biological weaponry based on individual hollow abilities."

"Mustard gas?"

"That too.
But also advanced materials from which we can develop extra armor for the soldiers.
And high velocity projectile weapons."


"No mere guns.
Things that can accelerate things like Balas.

You pause for a moment.
"But you couldn't work on that and the Zanpakuto at the same time."

"I don't think that'd be possible.
Those swords are fucking finicky."

With a nod you acknowledge what he said.
Then you turn to Marr who has been rather silent with the rare exception of a few snarky comments.
"What about you Marr?
You are awfully quiet there."

I'm no egghead Kaizar.
I can't give you anythin' fancy like that.


I understand one thing.
You want power. I respect that.
But you are strong. Freaky strong.
And I know only one way that you could get stronger than this."
Marr begins to sweat and show signs of fear.
"But you won't like it."

Does it hurt?"

"I-I... can't say more than this.
B-But if you do this then you'll won't be able to do any of this gay shit.
You'll be lucky if you survive."

You start thinking things through.


>Marrs plan
>Aaronieros plan
>Yatas plan
Honest question, Why can't we and a select few others go with Mar to undertake this, While Yata works on kit for our grunts and our 'special' forces get the sword stuff?
Okay, you make a fair point.

Yata can work on shit while you work out with Marr.
But the other stuff is still off limits
>Marrs plan
>Yatas plan

Sorry spook, but it sounds like Yata can continue while we fuck off with Marr. Hell bring a few others with us, it'll be great
So its Us with Marr, and yata doing his gun's sense we need Mera to help out with the forging of swords? Thanks for clearing that up.


>Marrs plan
>Yatas plan
That's correct.
Sorry for fucking up like that. I keep yawning like crazy because I can't get enough sleep in this fucking heat
Sounds good.

>Marrs plan
>Aaronieros plan

I want to give the hollows zanpakuto just because it means that when all of this is over and done, and Soul Society is shitting themselves over their lack of manpower in handling the cycle of life and death, we can show up with a squad of arrancar who can also do the job and be like 'Yo' and blow everyone's minds.
>>Marrs plan
>>Aaronieros plan
wait, so can we get Yata working on Zanpakutos while we fuck off, or is it that we leave him on gun duty while we leave?
If you leave Mera you can
>Marrs plan
>Aaronieros plan
Railguns would be awesome, but next step in evolution sounds better.
damn, we just got her, too. Not sure if she'd be down for that. Good to have confirmation though, thanks.

sticking with my vote.
>>Marrs plan
>>Yatas plan

Hollow Mg42s please!
>Tfw everybody wants to get our swords to have souls
>Tfw nobody realizes thats how the Arrow fags stole shit.

Can we please our own thing and not just sword shit?
what even is Aaronieros plan?
I dunno man, I really like the sword spirits aspect of Bleach.
turn hollow swords into true zanpakutos
They literally can't because hollow juice gives them cancer
Thats fine but its a hindrance when we can out-think all the enemies on the field with new shit. Shock everybody more.

I refuse to believe big G can't pull bullshit out of his arse.
Wouldn't that run the risk of locking Resurrecion like with Shikai?
I have no idea
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Okay since it's a tie and I don't want to wait longer we'll leave it up to the dice


>Marrs plan
>Aaronieros plan

Marr's plan because we've always jumped at the chance to grow stronger and I don't see that stopping now when every bullshitter under the sun is going to be gunning for our asses.

Aaronieros plan because as the Sword fucker said bankai was basically them aping Arrancar release states in order to power up their own faction, then we broke that fucking limit with Segunda and ran with it. I want to see what happens when we throw bankai into that cauldron of what the fuck and watch their shitty little minds melt when we bust it out to wreck their shit.
"Yata I want you to begin production immediately.
Items like those would offer far more utility to our troops.
And I believe they need that more than power."



Then you turn to Marr.
"And you!
I think we are going to go train."

Marr pauses for a moment there.
"You are going to regret this."

"I'll be the judge of that."

Marr inhales deeply and closes his eyes.
"Very well.
I'll go get ready and so should you.
Be prepared. We may not come back for a while.
Or... at all."

What will I need?"


You chuckle at that.
"So... should I leave my sword behind as well?"

"You can.
You won't need it."

After agreeing with the others on your course of action you left Yata and Aaroniero alone so that they may discuss anything that comes to their mind.
In the mean time you called back Mera and then sought out Tia and Sofia.
It took a few minutes for you to explain the situation to them and that you may not return for quite a while.

"I'm sorry honey.
I know I keep disappearing like this but-"

Listen, you don't need to apologize.
As long as you promise me that you'll return safe and sound."

You smile at that.
"Heh. Just who do you think I am?
There is nothing in this world that can keep me away from you."
Then you turn your attention to Sofia.
"Are you going to be okay Pumpkin?"

She nods.
"Be safe Father."

You ruffle Sofias hair before your departure.
"I will!"

After saying farewell to your family you departed with Marr as your companion.
What you didn't know is that shortly afterwards Aaroniero relayed what you've been discussing at the lab to Tia and she quickly decided to do her own part and decided to start training with Sofia for a while.

Marr is being serious, so this is either going to be very ridiculous, or we're going to have a bad time.
it's time, boys
Time to be the Hollow King
The journey through Hueco Mundo wasn't particularly long but it wasn't thrilling either, so time seemed to flow really slowly as you walked.
It became even worse when you left the verdant forest and entered the still desolate wasteland that surrounds the oasis.
What was only about a 30 minute trek felt more like it was a couple hours long.

However once you arrived at your destination it seemed all too familiar.
Why have you brought me here?
Negal won't offer me much to grow Marr.
I could probably withstand it now."


The Tyrant then went ahead and broke the seal once again.
This door was quite peculiar in this regard. Even though it is broken open time and time again the gravity of Negal attracts all manners of debris from the surroundings to the resulting wound, sealing it once more.
It is behavior such as this that gives Negal the impression that it's actually alive.

But shaking such thoughts off you descend after Marr as he falls down the hole.
Landing heavily you look around and conclude that the place is still as unnerving as it ever was and begin generating light via a stable Cero just so you could see Marr.

"So... what's the plan?"
You ask him while holding the red orb of energy.

Marr doesn't answer and instead begins walking in circles.
Once he completes his lap he stops and points off into one direction.
"That way.
We're going that way."

Following the giant you started noticing a few things.
First is that Marr gradually slowed down as he walked, perhaps out of caution or out of fear, you aren't sure.
And the second.... is that the gravitational pull of the place was growing stronger.


With all materials perfectly absorbing light it really felt otherworldly.
And the more time you spent there the more you started to remember this place.
The same old fear began to show itself as cold sweat began rolling down your forehead and your heart rate slowly quickened.
Quick fits of panic made you quite jumpy as your mind attempts to perceive what can not be comprehended and you see shadows moving around within the darkness.

"G-God damn it...
I forgot just how fucking scary this place is."

Told ya you'd regret it."

As you kept going you could feel the pull growing stronger and stronger.
After a while your knees started to hurt as they had to support more and more weight for longer and longer.
The pain coupled with the unnerving sensation that something is in that impenetrable darkness and that something is watching you was enough to make you second guess your previous decision to follow Marr.
File: Spoiler Image (354 KB, 1022x720)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
You aren't sure how long have you walked in the abyss.
Moments? Minutes? Hours?
It was impossible to tell. All you knew is that the gravity was growing ever stronger.
And you figured out the one word that best described it.

"T-This is... this pressure-"
Realization dawned on you.
"Spiritual pressure."

Marr just grunts, his breathing irregular and heavy.
"We're here...
Now. Be very... quiet."

Before you even had a chance to comprehend what Marr just said you felt something.
The ground began quaking all around you with your senses alerting you that even the ceiling was shaking.
Marr slowly but assuredly reached out to your hand and snuffed out the Cero with his fingers, like he would a simple match.
A deep bellowing voice filled the emptiness and shook you to the very core of your essence.

"Ah... here you are."

The thing before you was monstrous to say the least.
His body the size of a mountain, his fangs like greatswords and his eyes full of fury.
Its body seemed to glow eerily within the pitch blackness with a dim light, illuminating his terrible features.

A dragon standing on two legs, with tattered and torn wings, his body covered from head to toe with million upon millions of hollow masks.
Not one inch of his skin was exposed.
But there was a living being under there as evidenced by its slit, beady eyes.

"You who dared to walk in here.
Step forth."
The voice was calm, yet it commanded such authority that you couldn't help but obey its command.
Both you and Marr then collapsed, your legs gave in under the increasing pressure and the creatures persuasion.

It took a few moments to look at you then spoke up.
"Ah... the beast pretending to be man returns.
And he brought a guest..."
The beasts finger moves and points at you, each of its movements feel like they carry enough force to destroy cities.
"You... I do not know you.
The animal wouldn't dare to return here. Not on his own volition.
Speak. Why have you come here?"

>"W-What are you?"
>"I-I seek power."
>"I wish to defend Hueco Mundo"
>Other? (write-in)
>"I-I seek power."

Short sweet and to the point.

We want power pure and simple, what we do with it is our business, but at the bare face of it we want to become stronger,
>"W-What are you?"
Actually fuck it switching my vote,.
>"I-I seek power."

And so we're lead into the lair of a new beast. It may take the form of a dragon, but is it more than that? Is it a Hollow? Something older and more primal? Do we even want to know? We need to tread carefully here gentlemen.

>"I seek power."
>I wish to defend Hueco Mundo
>I seek power
Both accurate
>>"I wish to defend Hueco Mundo"
>"W-What are you?"
>"I-I seek power."
>"I wish to defend Hueco Mundo"
Nigga what is that

Why do we have an eldritch diety buried in our back yard
Well the shinigamis have their eldritch husk, why not us?
Okay so "I seek power" wins

Now time for some dice rolls
3d10 and best of 3
DC:18 Crit 22

Rolled 3, 7, 9 = 19 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10 (3d10)

Rolled 9, 1, 1 = 11 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 9, 1 = 17 (3d10)


May Wiggles and the Dark Gods bless my roll

No crit but we made the grade.
"I-I seek power."

The creature raises a skull that he has for an eyebrow.
You. Came here.
For power?"
The creature pulls its hand back and clenches it into a fist.


"The insolence!

The gargantuan fist comes flying at you with such force and speed that you see the air condensing around it as it penetrates the sound barrier.
You suspect that if that thing hits you it's all over for you and for Marr.
And you realize that there is very little that you can actually do to stop it, even if you combine your might with that of the T-Rex right beside you.
So rather than pointlessly resisting or trying to run away you simply close your eyes and think of your wife and child.
A single tear rolls down your cheeks and provides you solace as you fear for your life.

However just as you braced for impact you don't actually feel a thing.
For a few moments you sit there confused and your eyes still closed but you eventually gather up the necessary courage and open your peepers.
What you see makes you even more scared than before as the creatures massive fist, or more accurately a single massive digit of one finger is mere inches away from your face, standing perfectly still.

Reflexively you reel back a bit and look to the side, seeking anything that is not that wall of flesh and bone that's before you.
And to your relief you see Marr next to you but it appears he attempted to run away.
Not being able to talk you turn your head back once you hear the beasts fist moving once more.
As the massive hand returns to its owners side the monster speaks.

You didn't move.
You were scared for your life, like all beings.
And yet you didn't move. Why?"

"W-Were you going to stop your fist anyway?"

"Answer the damn or I won't next time."

Inhaling deeply you collect yourself and speak up.
"I didn't move because I knew it's pointless.
If you wanted to kill me I couldn't fight back nor could I run away.
If there is no point to either of them, then why bother? I'd rather make peace than attempt something that is futile."

There is a few moments of awkward and heavy silence between you and the beast.
But it eventually speaks up.
"It's refreshing to see a human capable of rational thinking.
That animal next to you... he'd cling onto life even when his doom is certain. Like most humans.... but not you."
Now with that said the monster takes a more relaxed position, its fist no longer raised.
"You've impressed me... Kaizar Soize."
>theres a fucking super hollow on the bottom of hueco mundo
holy mother of almighty fuck.
"Y-You know my name?!"

"Bah... of course I do.
This realm. It is mine. All mine.
You could say that it is my flesh.
Nothing happens here that I do not know of.
And there is no creature who has unchained the slumbering beast within whom I do not know."
It signals with its hand in a more casual manner.
"You may sit now."

Looking over your shoulder you see Marr who is still unsure if he should run away or not.
"Come one Big Guy.
It's okay."
Hesitantly he sits down next to you and when he does you bounce up from the ground a bit.

Then the behemoth speaks again.
"Now then.
You said that you want power.

"Y-Yes that's right."

"For what purpose."

You swallow hard.
"I just wish to protect Hueco Mundo."

"From what?
It seems to me that you have ample strength to defeat anyone out there."

"I... I just know that I need it."

"Do not try to obfuscate that jewel of yours.
I am well aware of it, I could feel its stench from miles away."
Then the creature closes its eyes.
"But to tell you the truth... you are not wrong."
The creature opens its eyes again.
"You will need all the strength you can muster. If you wish to live that is."

"I-If you don't mind me asking.
Could you tell me what's coming?
I only get vague dreams and premonitions, nothing concrete."

"An... abomination.
A testament to humanities ignorance and greed.
And that's all I'm willing to say. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it."
The monster waves with its massive hand.
"But before I go on I assume you have questions.
So ask away, while I still have patience."

"What are you?"

"Ah the most important yet irrelevant question.
I am the primordial being who birthed this realm.
I bear no name and no title. I simply am.
Beyond that not even I know where I came from.
But that doesn't matter."

"So... you're God?"

I am the End.
The darkness here and everything that falls in IS me. What you see on my skin are all the masks of hollows past.
When one dies in Hueco Mundo their mask sinks beneath the sand and makes its way here. To me.
I am this realms past, present and inevitable future."

"Sounds like a God to me..."

"What is a God?
Is it an all powerful being residing over all creation? Because that I am not.
Is it but a mere being controlling a large area? If so, you are just as much a god as I am.
But enough theology for now.
You came here with a purpose. Power, is it?
I can give that to you. However.... all things have a price."

And what is yours?"

"Are you aware of those that call themselves "The Royal Guard"?"

"I'm familiar with them."

"That is your price.
Swear fealty to me.
Do as I say and I shall give you what you desire.
The power to stand up and be strong."

>I have some questions first
>Other? (write-in)
Ah fuck, I dont trust this guy.

We haven't bowed before to anybody but a guy holding people hostage. Won't do it now for power.



Haven't bowed to anyone before besides one cheeky cunt, he was holding people hostage then. Gave him super cancer, won't do it for Scaley Barry here
I'd rather not

Power given in such a manner is worthless anyway. That shit has to be earned or it won't help you worth a damn.

Same reason we don't just use the Hogyoku to go full retard godmode, and I'm pretty sure this bloke understands that and is giving us a trick question.
"Power in exchange for slavery? Seems a bit counter-productive, nien?"
okey doke.


Also roll 3d10.
Best of 3, no dc
Rolled 2, 1, 9 = 12 (3d10)

Rolled 7, 1, 7 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 7, 10 = 25 (3d10)

Rolled 6, 6, 6 = 18 (3d10)

File: diplomacy.jpg (71 KB, 250x368)
71 KB
Rolled 8, 5, 9 = 22 (3d10)


Triple Nat1s HO!


File: 027_1491800305.png (872 KB, 1500x2154)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
Oh hai Satan, how are you ya old bastard?
File: 0A0uhBk.jpg (89 KB, 784x708)
89 KB
That'll do

Also, when I read the description I was expecting Nito except a hundred feet tall and with hollow masks instead of skulls
File: bleach_kek_2.gif (349 KB, 480x325)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
"I refuse!"
You speak without a second of hesitation.


"I've never bent my knee unless it meant protecting those close to me!
And I certainly won't start now!"

"Are you sure?
What I offer will save your life, the life of those you care about.
All lives in fact."

You stand up.
"You ask me to serve you!"

"All I'd ask is for you to deliver righteous judgment for those that'd play God and pretend to be his servants.
Something you'd do on your own volition anyway."

"Is slavery the price to pay for POWER?
If yes, then I'll deny you a thousand times if need be!
No deal!"

There is an awkward silence between the two of you.
But eventually the monster laughs up.
He points at you.
"I will not forbid you from remaining here and using this place as you see fit!
Let's see how strong you can get alone Kaizar Soize!"

Both you and Marr are so caught off guard by this that you can't even react to this.
Eventually however you gather up the courage to speak.
"So... you intended to do this?"

My offer was true.
And I would've stood by it.
In turn all you had to give me was blood. The head of the Royal Guard on a silver platter.
But this is oh so much more interesting.
It seems my patience has finally paid off! It's about time you showed up!"

You pause yet again.
"So... wait.
Don't tell me there is some stupid prophecy or something where I'm the chosen one."

"No! Don't be ridiculous.
You just happen to be the first person here who fits the mold perfectly.
A human of great virtue and skill!
And your accomplishments speak for themselves. You dethroned Baraggan the defiler, slain Aizen Sosuke the beholder, bested Marr the breaker of laws and restored Hueco Mundo to its former glory!
You truly are a worthy candidate!"

Candidate for what?
And... did you just say restored Hueco Mundo?
If that was such a huge problem why didn't you do something about it?!"

"Nothing that concerns you. Not now anyway.
As for Baraggan and his grave crime...
It was not task to undo his profanity!
If one man was capable of bringing ruin to this realm then it stands for reason that one could undo it.
The only shameful part is that it took this long..."

"You sound surprised.
Need I remind you that Baraggan was nigh invincible?"

"And yet you prevailed.
You won where many failed or didn't even try...
Time and time again you won, not only through brute strength but with wit and quick thinking.
The strong shouldn't make up excuses for the weak Kaizar Soize!
Remember that!
I'd say that's a pretty good result.
Now all we need to do is bench press him. Just bench press the entirety of Hueco Mundo. Don't even think about it, just do it.
Why is Grapha-san so based?

Training in those catacombs was nothing short of brutal.
With even the slightest movement requiring your full attention and ample strength it was quite challenging even if you forget about the fact that your sparring partner was Marr.
The only thing that made it even remotely bearable is that your opponent was just as affected by your surroundings as you were.
Maybe even more so with his extra muscle mass.

But as you kept going on and on you noticed something.
Even with your distorted perception of time it was clear that you fought for quite a while and yet... neither of you have shown any signs of exhaustion.

To test out this little theory of yours you begun amping up the intensity of your training.
With nearly tripled speed and the constant use of very demanding techniques you still didn't feel exhaustion at all.
So with your seemingly unending stamina and your ability to heal virtually any wounds you were capable of doing a remarkable amount of training in relatively little time.

The only reason why you EVER stopped is because you heard the nagging voice of Mera and the Hogyoku in the back of your mind.
"P-Please Kaizar....
Enough! I need a break!"

"Young Master I urge you to listen to her!
I'm sensing... strange things in here.
Reishi manipulation, time distortion and reality warping amongst MANY other things.
You clearly got carried away so please, take some rest!"

Reluctantly you sigh and look at Marr.
"Okay, it's time for a break."

"Hmmm... very well."
Following that the big dinosaur simply stood in place and kept staring at his own fists for the entire break.

You on the other hand had other things to occupy your mind with and turned your attention at Mera.
She was clearly in pain, despite your continuous healing and she was suffering from a slight burnout.
"Are you okay?"

"No! I'm NOT okay!
You've been at this for 14 hours!
Now your reishi feels like hot magma is being injected into my bloodstream!
Every bit of my body aches like someone dropped a steam roller on me and I smell like I spent the entire day in a sauna!
SERIOUSLY?! How the HELL aren't you tired?!"

The Hogyoku answers instead of you.
"The Master is clearly feeding on this beings residual energy.
A testament to the beasts strength that even such crumbs of his power are enough to satiate two of the strongest arrancar in existence."

Well I don't give a shit!
I can't take this anymore!"

"Okay okay Mera, calm down.
I understand how you feel and will stand down now."

Mera sighs with relief.
"Phew... thank you Kaizar."

"Don't mention it."
You turn your attention back to Marr.
"Hey Biggie!
We're leaving!"

"Huh? Wha-
Oh... okay."

Then you turn to the beast.
"Would it be a problem for you if we came back?"

"You? No.
Others? Perhaps.
But I do so enjoy watching you like that.
So I may... tolerate their presence."

Taking a proper bow before the behemoth you speak.
"Thank you for your help."
Aaaaand that's where I have to call it quits.

Archive's up and I'll do these promised Omakes during the week.
I may even do a little extra.

But until next weeks thread: See you guys later
>I may even do a little extra.

Noice. Have a nice week, Spooky.
Thats fucking nifty. Thanks for the run.

Also can one of the Omakes be with yata handing out the gear and getting people up and running on it.

See ya next week spooky
Thanks spooky!
Eight and a half hours. Nice.
>Extremely high gravity training
>Nonstop action for hours on end
>Constantly feasting on the End's reiatsu to supercharge ourselves
>Einherjar working overdrive as they also feed on its reishi to reproduce insanely fast and fix us up even faster than normal
Kaizar's going to end up fucking stronger than Marr was before he entered, with more reiatsu than starrk, a harder hierro than nnoitra, the fastest sonido in all the land, and this all is WITHOUT fusing with the hogyoku yet!
I usually never doublepost but I had a decently brilliant idea
While we're down here, we should take the opportunity to perfect that partial einherjar-controlled state we used against aizen. Where it's like, helping to guide us.

That being said, we absolutely should be training almost exclusively in second release, since the End is mitigating our drain right now.
Fuck that, go FULL blast.
>Inb4 a couple dudes take Grapha-san's offer and we start trying to kick their asses due to being decent measuring sticks.
Omake #1: The War in Heaven


Blood runs like water on a rainy day and the soil laps it up with great hunger.
The landscape and all the buildings that used to dot it lay in ruing.
Bodies and their parts are sprawled all over the place, painting a grizzly image.
And a laugh is the only thing that can be heard as nothing else dares to make a noise.

Marr laughs as the viscera begins to coagulate on his body.

But his demands are left unanswered.
This displeased him greatly.
What's wrong?
I know you meatbags are listening!
He looks around, his eyes lock onto a girl whose legs are stuck under the roof of a collapsed building.

He slowly walks up to her and the girl is trying to free herself more desperately.
This time she doesn't care if she tears off her own limb if it means she'll get away.
But it's useless.
She doesn't know this due to her systems being flooded with adrenaline but her legs don't work anymore.
Terrified beyond expression she looks up once the shadow towers over her.

Marr casually grabs hold of the building and without effort launches it at the walls protecting the Seireitei.
Although it didn't do much the shinigami on the other side surely heard the sound of the impact.

Following that the Tyrant leaned forward and grabbed the girl by the neck.
The girl didn't as much as a peep, partly due to being frozen in fear and partly due to her windpipes being sealed up.
With just the flick of his thumb Marr broke her neck and began chowing down on her, her blood began flowing out freely.
Letting out loud slurping sounds as he drank deep from the carcass he only stopped once he heard a strange, whistling sound coming from way above him.

Abruptly stopping in the middle of his meal Marr looks up and sees a tiny black spot approaching him rapidly.
Just barely acknowledging the imminent threat he tosses the corpse in his hand and cracks his neck.

As the Tenchuren got dangerously close to the rampaging hollow Marr lets out a smile and raises his knee to kick the huge stone pillar.


The massive pillar made of Sekki stone began cracking and once the faults encompassed the entire structure it exploded in a million tiny pieces, expelling its content from the Tenchurens bowels.

Some of them had more trouble than the others but all members of the Royal Guard managed to land on their feet.
Kyrio looks up, more than a little surprised.
"I-It broke?"

"Hmmmm... It's going to be difficult getting back now...
But! At least we understand what all the fuss was about."
Ichibé concludes.

It's a good thing I brought mah gurl Sayafushi just in case!
Now let's waste this foo'!"
Oetsu draws his blade from the tank on his back.
File: Azrael_Echant_Dragnov.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
"Sorry to butt in Oetsu!"
Kirinji steps forth.
"But this guy is mine!"
He looks down at the ground and kicks a pile of rubble in front of him.
"This is Junrinan..."

Oetsu looks around in surprise and sighs.
"Damn... didn't realize that...
Okay Kirinji. He's all yours.
Just... be careful man."

"You got it."
Kirinji turns to Marr who has been patiently cracking his neck and knuckles up until now.
"I'm gonna mount your head on the walls of my spring you son of a whore!"



With a loud scream Tenjiro raised his Zanpakuto and began spinning it around, summoning forth deadly waves from the ground itself.
As the water washes over the battlefield and eventually Marr itself it became apparent just how hot the waters were as a loud sizzling sound could be hear whenever it made contact with something.
What little remained of the surrounding buildings started to sink as their lower portions started to melt.

But to Kirinjis shock when the waters disappeared the hollow was left standing, his clothes mostly in tatters and his body steaming hot, but intact.
"In that case..."
With another sound of exertion now instead of water, blood poured out of the nearby rocks.
Yet again, it had little effect.

Marr simply looked down at himself a bit confused.
"First you wash me and then cover me in blood?
Wasn't that a bit pointless?"

Kirinji raised his feet and with his toes removed the wooden sheath of his blade.
"Flash from Illuminating Heavens! Kinpika!"

His sword let out a brilliant flash of light as it got released and Kirinji disappeared.
But once the obscuring flash faded away his position was revealed once more.


"I-It can't be!"
He gasped as he noticed the hollow holding the blade of his polearm between his finger and thumb.

But before he could finish the sentence Marr obliterated his body from the waist up with a single punch.
"You cowards with your tricks are all the same...
You piss me off!

Following Kirinjis apparent demise Shutara and Kirio looked at each other.
"Can I count on your assistance Lady Hikifune?"

"Of course Dear!"

Both of them pull out their respective zanpakuto and speak up.
"Perce and skewer! Shokki!"
Shutaras wakizashi turns into a tiny needle.

"Begin the preparations for the great feast! Jikininki!"
And Kirios traditional katana in turn transforms into an oversized spoon.

The two ladies, learning from Kirinjis example, charge at their target much more cautiously.
While Hikifune begins encircling Marr, Shutara makes her way straight at the demon.


Marr charges the incoming lady, fully intent on punching her face clean off.
But as soon as his fist connects he notices something strange.
Instead of the typical shower of blood and guts he is greeted only by threads of cloth.


He quickly turns around, relying on his guts to lead him to where the shinigami probably is.
Shutara shows her back to her enemy, not caring about him at all.

"What? Just because you can use your bitch tricks like that you think you can just ignore me?!

He roars at her.
I can ignore you because you are a just a foolish beast.
Nothing more."


"I assume you also didn't realize that I fixed your outfit for you.
You don't need to thank me.
Even a beast deserves a proper funeral."

Marr looked down in shock at his clothes.
They look almost as if they were brand new, even though Kirinjis assault almost destroyed them.
Sadly he didn't have much time to marvel at them as the clothes themselves assaulted him, piercing almost every inch of his body.
But as he was about to make a snarky remark on how little it hurt he found out the true reason for this attack when he realized he couldn't move.

As the clothing Shutara gave him skewered him like an iron maiden the actual needle like protrusions stayed in his body, locking his muscles in place.
Seeing this Kirio made her move.
"Excellent move Shutara Dear!"

Once she was close enough her spoon began to glow red with heat.
With all of her might put into the swing she hit Marr straight in the chest with her over sized utensil, searing the hollows flesh.
As Marr screamed in pain Hikifune began smiling.

"Awww don't be like that you big baby.
After all, the worst is yet to come!"

With flame in his gut Marr started feeling a growing pain in his body as the Ruler of Grain literally began cooking his insides.
Pouring all of her reiryoku into Marr, Lady Hikifune began rapidly slimming down as the preparation kept going.
Once she lost all of her excess fat she stopped her attack and Marr fell over.
His screams of pain have long since stopped.

Sweat pouring down her face Kirio fell on her knees in exhaustion as Shutara slowly walked up to her.
Extending one of her many prosthetic hands she lent aid to her fallen comrade.
"Are you alright, Lady Hikifune?"

"Yes Dear. Thank you for asking....
It just... took more time than expected. That's all..."
*huff puff*
"If you didn't pierce his skin beforehand... I don't know what would've happened to me!"

With that Kirio stood up with help from her fellow Guard and leaned heavily on her spoon.
"It... It's done."

But just as she said that a deep, gravely voice spoke up.


The earth erupts with enough force to send most of the surrounding area into the sky.
One upward punch and now there is so much debris in the sky that it blocks out the sun.
All that rubble flies higher and higher until they, alongside the remains of Kirio and Shutara disappear from sight.

Oetsu can't help but whistle at this.
"You see that boss man?"

"Hmmmm yes...
They hit the ceiling."

"Erm... not wanting to be that guy but...
Don't you think-"

"Say no more.
I agree.
Time to end this."

Ichibé steps forth.

Marr breathing through his teeth looks at him with bloodshot eyes full of rage.
He licks some blood off the side of his mouth and speaks up.
"If you attack the king... make sure you kill the king... Bitch."

Ichibé raises his paint brush and speaks up.
"I believe you've cause enough harm for one lifetime beast....
Time to put you down.
Now... Blacken! ICHIMONJI!"

As the brush transforms into a blade it releases a torrent of ink straight at the arrancar.
This infuriates Marr.



With but one punch he sends out a shockwave so powerful it splits the entire tsunami of ink and even reaches the Sekki stone wall behind it.
This time actual cracks begin to appear on the massive construct. And that was only from the air.
But that doesn't matter as a spectral hand appears above Marr, squashing him like a bug.


With his opponent pinned to the ground he sprays him with ink which flows freely through the reishi construct.
Ichibe looks at his now paralyzed opponent in disgust.

"You had quite a strange name there.
Not sure if I could even pronounce it or not.
But no matter. You are nothing now. A nobody.
And all you'll get is a nameless, unmarked grave.
Nobody will remember you, Dog. Remember that...

But as the monk stared down at his opponent he saw something strange.
The color white.
Slowly letters appeared.
They looked... primitive, unrefined, more like chicken scratches.
But it was there.
It read: Marr

Ichibe Hyosube got so entranced by this that he barely saw the hollow swinging its arm.
But through sheer luck he managed to dodge the attack.
However this little slip allowed Marr to slip into the Garganta and leave for good.

The monk began scratching the back of his neck as Oetsu walked up to him.
"I uh.... didn't think he could give a name to himself."

"Shiiet man don't blame yourself.
I didn't even know that's possible."

"Truth be told... me neither..."

"So... what say you Nigga?
Should I resurrect the others?"

The monk nods.
"Yes. Say their names and let's be on our way.
It'll be a while before we can return home..."

Omake #1: The End
God damn
So marr, when we met him with aizen...was a weakened marr stripped of his original name and power?
His power was the exact same.

His name just changed.
Back in the day he used the same "name" he had as a dinosaur.
The word representing his individuality
Oh, okay
That misunderstanding was due to my lack of in-depth knowledge of ichibe's bullfuckery
It's pretty fucking ridiculous, let's just leave it at that.

Not even I'm entirely certain how his powers work.
But I know that his ink just erases your name, rendering you powerless. A non-entity basically.
Only in his "Bankai" can he actually modify your powers by giving you a name of His choosing
File: CYY-ZR5W8AEVpgB.png (114 KB, 295x311)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
What's to stop him from naming himself God?
That he'd have to ink himself to do it.
But once he does so his mind blanks out.

With no one to rename him he'd just stay there for ever and ever as a breathing statue
File: Untitled.png (56 KB, 277x236)
56 KB
Now that's something I really, really want to do to him now.
Quite possibly the most ironic punishment besides outright erasing his name.
I came. Eat shit, you fat bearded fuck. Hope you're ready for more weird shit to happen to that ink of yours.
File: 2jfh2.png (1.55 MB, 1024x1391)
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1.55 MB PNG
Omake #2: Arms Race

Vanaheim laboratories, testing chambers, 1600 hours.

Doctor Yata Garasu has done it again.
He has developed what he believes will change things for ever.
But now that he has developed the working prototypes for what Kaizar requested he needs to test them.
And for that reason he invited some members of the Exequias for the initial trials.

"Okay *burp* you useless sacks of shit!
On the table you'll see the things that need to be tested!
The first is the body armor! Go to the back room and you'll each get one of the prototypes!
Now get to it!"

Although a bit confused they eventually leave and when they do they are greeted by Hao who outfits each of them.
Once the soldiers have the armor equipped they return to Yata.

"Erm... Dottore...
These are a bit... tight."

"That's why it's called testing you git!
Right now you are nothing more than living mannequins!
I need to test how well they fit, how much they restrain your movement!"

"B-But I thought we are here to test their effectiveness."

Taking a deep breath Yata stepped to a rather large device with a very long tube at the end of it.
"You want stress test?
Okay! Step in front of this you maggots!"
But none of the soldiers are brave or stupid enough to actually do it.
"Thought so!
Okay maggots, listen up!
I've already tested the armor and they work!
They won't make you invincible or anything but hopefully they'll keep you meatbags alive for long enough to at l east take down someone with you.
Oh and just in case some of you are retarded, no it doesn't protect where it doesn't cover you.
So protect your joints for fucks sake!
Now then...
Keep wearing that while I go over the weapon and give your feedback AFTER I'm done with everything.

They all nod unanimously.

Onto the weapon then."
With a snap of Yatas finger a weapon rack ascends from the floor, revealing one rifle for each arrancar.
Hesitant at first they each pick one up once they see that the doctor won't murder them for it.
They each look at these new armaments with curiosity.
File: NCR_Ranger_concept4.jpg (73 KB, 990x1100)
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Meanwhile Yata lights up a cigarette before speaking again.
"These semi automatic rifles are just prototypes, so they won't be deployed any time soon.
And before you even ask, no we can't make them automatic.
You weaklings would probably die from it if we did..."

"W-Why? Are these dangerous?"

"No if you know your limits."
The doctor points at the pump at the underside of the weapons.
"Are any of you fools familiar with pump action shotguns?"
Only one arrancar raises his hand.
"Oh Christ...
Okay you idiots!
Basically how it works is that each gun has a mechanism inside that's responsible for accelerating spirit projectiles.
Meaning it makes a bala or cero go faster. And yes, you have to make those so this thing can fire them.
After you form the projectile you must pump the weapon BEFORE each and every single shot.
Basically the "pump" sucks the reiryoku out of your body and negatively charges these pieces of spirit energy conducting metals inside.
These "Magnets" repel anything spirit material that approaches them from a certain direction and they are aligned so they propel the energy through the barrel of the gun."

Sticking out his tongue the doctor smothers his cigarette on his own flesh.
"Okay you maggots, I hope you understand everything because if you dare to bother me with your stupid questions I'll use YOU as the training dummy for the upcoming test!"
Yata then turns to his assistant.

"Yes Sensei?"

"Here is a rubber ball.
Now go play with it at the end of that long hallway over there."
Once Hao was out of the picture he looked at the soldiers.
"Okay meatbags!
Get familiar with the guns and start shooting at him.
And don't you dare to stop until you can't feel your arms anymore!"

Omake #2: THE END
Can we get a description of the gun?
>Alex gets equipped with one of these
>Her ceros and balas are double-accelerated exponentially
>Her energy attacks move so quickly that they're physically impossible to perceive
Time traveling balas... Mein Gott
I wonder if we can break casualty using this...
File: Already Dead.jpg (29 KB, 640x432)
29 KB
Something similar to this.
At the moment they are functional but that's about it.
They aren't ready yet so they look like garbage

>"We don't serve faster than light particles around here!" Said the bartender.
>A tachyon walks into a bar
File: STALKER gauss rifle.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1362)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Can I interest you in a finished product/prototype v2?
You know, I sat around for a bit and thought about it. We've got three out of the four horsemen themselves
Who specifically?
Death- ?? (maybe kaizer?)
War- Marr
Pestilence- Yata

Well master Spook see this anon here >>1777369
>Quincies have Ginto capsules for spells
>Yata develops Onmyodo mortar shells and hand grenades to drop AOE spells wherever troops and mortar groups please, regardless of the user's skill with magic
>Quincy bangle technology is employed in the guns to provide less drain while simultaneously powering up stored ceros/balas even further by drawing in reishi from the area
>Quincy bangle technology is ALSO employed to produce emplacements that absorb all the ambient reishi in an area to deny Quincies of an ideal environment to use their abilities, alongside preventing a select few shinigami techniques. Energy may or may not be funneled elsewhere, such as an artificial cero cannon.

Elsewhere, in the 'field tactics' area
>Four individuals hold open a garganta (two at opening, two at exit) for a huge emplacement gun to fire through, allowing it to fire on any position without needing to be moved into place, and allowing for relatively quick target switching
>Trained menos are guided by handlers to extract any moderately wounded individuals, and intercept any high-tier attacks that they can reasonably react to in time with Negacion

any of you other lads got ideas
Sadly the Quincy not only have a complete collection, they have several replacements and even a few guys that can fill the quote alone...

But otherwise yeah
Yata you mad man however why not use the soul sand or the rocks from the SS that absord spirit power and have the gun harness that instead of base line ceo's
... How exactly are we going to get that?
Isn't the same in ghost Mexico the same as the walls? Toss it into a oven or something and make it into a bullet.

Pretty sure if we had walls of this shit everywhere we'd be unable to lift a fruit. And as far as I am aware no one ever says where it comes from.
Warning: The following Omakes canonicity is left up to the player. Reader discretion is advised.

Omake #3: Tough Love


The ground quakes at the sound of the impact.
Dozens of shinigami scatter as debris flies past their heads.
But once they collect themselves and a few high ranking officers appear they begin to investigate the apparent attack on Soul Society.
Only to find an unwelcome guest in the middle of the new crater that formed.

"Mmmmm.... my bad."
Marr speaks up as he scratches his head.

*cough cough*
"I can't believe we messed up the landing that badly.
Lan points at the stowaway on Marrs other shoulder.

Oh?! So it's MY FAULT now you twerp?!"
Mera snaps at the tiny arrancar girl after her remark.

"Both of you, shut up!
Looks like we got company."
Marr speaks as he looks around.
"Well... I kinda wanted to get some warm-up first so...
I guess these will do."


He attempted to stand up but the second he put weight on his leg his shin bone pierced muscle and skin resulting in an open fracture.
As the gigantic beast fell on his face Wang gave voice to her concern.

What's wrong?"

Guess that broke..."
He looks up at the confused shinigami.
"Hey you!
Go and get me a medic!

Scared beyond belief the reapers scatter and attempt to reach out to the 4th division for assistance.
In but a few minutes an entire crew arrives with a massive stretcher in tow.
Looks like they came prepared.

It didn't take them too long to transport the injured arrancar and his two attaché.
Once the terrified medics put Marr down on one of the beds they evacuated the area in a fit of panic while trying to get some of their higher ups to clean up this mess.
The unfortunate victim that they found was none other than Lieutenant Isane.

Nervously the girl stepped into the room where the Tyrant has been temporarily placed and she's greeted by a rather strange sight.
Two girls, one with red hair and the other with black kept arguing with each other while the grievously injured Arrancar was busy stuffing his mouth with whatever food the nurses provided him with.
He didn't seem to care all that much about the girls.


"Oh yeah?! Well if it wasn't for some clumsy bitch who threw a hissy fit the second she saw me then he probably wouldn't have landed the way he did!"

"Erm... excuse me!"
Isane spoke up in a confused manner.
But... would you mind explaining what is going on here?"

It was standard procedure for the medics to inquire about the victims injury.
Not only because of medical reasons but also because it quickly ended such commotions.
File: Ep241Isane.png (316 KB, 669x478)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
As the two girls stopped bickering between each other Isane began patching up Marr.
But it was Marr who actually started speaking up.

I thought I'd pop over to visit one of my friends."

Isane looked confused.
Friends? You? I'm sorry but...
Hey aren't you the man who aided Kaizar in the battle with Aizen?"

"Yuup! That's me.
And I came to visit Zaraki Kenpachi!"

Oh.... now it suddenly all makes sense.

And I tagged along because that sounded fuckin' awesome!


Sorry to disappoint you, bitch! But I don't take orders from you.
And if I find something interesting I'll go check it out!
And maaan... this big guy here looks like he can put on QUITE a show!

Mera pats Marr on the shoulder and Lan looks like she is fuming with rage.

Please don't disturb the patient.
And... I'm sorry but who or... what are you?
I-If you don't mind me asking.

Sorry but I do mind.
But I can say that I live with the hollows.
That's all there is to it.

But just as Mera finished her sentence the door to the room slid open and an... interesting figure stepped through.
"Isane dear... I request you that you stop now.
I'll handle this."

"Y-Yes Captain Unohana!"
Not wasting a second Isane ran out of the room. And the building.

Now with deadly silence filling the room one could practically see sparks flying from the eyes of the captain and the wounded arrancar.
It's the big lady herself!
How do you do? I haven't seen you for a while Old Lady.
Not since you so lovingly pointed your sword at my throat back when I was tied to a chair!"

"I see your time in Muken hasn't changed your attitude Tyrant.
And... what's that? A wound?
Now how did that happen?"

"I fell."

"I see...
I guess I should patch that up.
Shouldn't I?"

"Oh shut up you old hag and just punch me in the FACE already!
You know you want it! I know you want it!
Let's throw down!
Come on! Just thinking about you makes my old woundsthrob!"

But without saying another word or opening her eyes Captain Unohana calmly walked up to Marr and started treating his wounds.

"Awww... bummer!"

Unohana leaned in closer to Marr.
"I heard what you came here for.
You'll leave after I'm done with you.
That one... is mine."

"Heh... you drive a hard bargain there sister..."
Marr pauses for a moment.
But you owe me for this!"

I'll see what I can do about that."

Meanwhile this exchange is going on Mera and Lan look nervously at each other.

"Hey erm... Does this make you feel... uncomfortable?"


"Oh good! Glad I'm not the only one!"

Omake #3: THE END
And with this I'm tapped out.

Sadly that "special project" will have to wait a little longer.
and apparently I need to be careful with formatting.

Christ it's like programming all over again.
Leave one key out and everything gets fucked
Nice to see Marr respects the rules of Dibs.
Marr is, if nothing else, a straight shooter. He gets to take on whoever survives, after all.

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