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Warm. Soft. Dark.

That's how lying in bed would feel like if you only added 'Blissful' to the list. Somewhere
nearby people are talking people's things, the kind of stuff that is not interesting and not

Of course, good things never last.

You witness the white shape form amidst the darkness, stained only by vague shapes of
light caused by the morning. First, it grows an arm. Then a leg pops with a tiny explosion.
The feet, the hands, the breasts, and tights; the head comes last. Massive golden hair
spawns with a flash, twirling and shrinking until it looks like a tiny cloud.

Finally, a bright, scolding stare.

"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine," you spit, scratching your butt.
Welcome to a quest about scorching, raging autismo and daily life. You are Emil, a 16 y/o
guy with a slightly twisted take on reality. Black hair, tall stature, curious eyes; you used to
dress like Sonic at elementary, where you spent your days beating the living shit out of

And, so far, a few interesting things have already happened:
-You met Trish, the 'flat tomboy tsundere asshole' drawfag that offered to train you in the
ways of the normies in exchange for vile currency but quickly repented.
-You met Romina, the 'sweet ara ara dere dere' who you realized that, after something like 16
years, lives right next to you. Even though you've always went to the same school.
-You have a GERLFRIEND, Lumina the 'goth eeeeh idunno', who spent the night on an
inflatable banana while you slept in your cozy bed in the same room.

And, in your humble opinion, it's starting to look like a harem.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=He-ey
The voices won't stop, not even as you stick your head in the arm hole of the sweater. The
sound comes from a small hole on the floor that connects your room with the kitchen.
Which is right under your foot. You usually slide a slim stick with into it to let your mother
know you are hungry without having to yell. Kneeling, you rest your ear on it.

It's your mother's voice.

"-...I'm not really a scientist, haha" you hear from the hole. The way she's talking is way too
soft. "I work in the lab, but, I... clean things. Get things in place. Make coffee for everyone."

"Why are you telling me this?" It took you like two seconds to figure it out, but that voice is
your girlfriend's.

"You are so smart!," your mother says, and you guess she's smiling. "You would have figured
that out on your own. A-an I want to be friends with you. Friends don't lie to each other."

"Aren't you Emil friend's, then?"

"He's so proud of the whole scientist thing I'm- I've been going to college for one and a half
years now. It won't be a lie anymore. So.... can you..."

You hear a loud "HMMM....". It's Lumina.

"Only, and only as long," Lumina says, "as you make more of that tea with mint and honey."


Pfff, woman. You shake your head with a bright smile. Your mother must think Lumina is here
to steal her research or something. That's so paranoid of her. It's not like some goth girl
could just fool /you/, out of everyone. You sigh: this is gonna be hard.

----------------------------- =w= --------------------------

The street turned into a steadfast river overnight that, while not that deep, is still
enough to sink your shoes. The sky is still gray and threatening as you walk to school, side by
side with some goth girl that's wearing your mother's rubber boots. Which fills you with
utter envy, as your feet feel wet and cold. When Lumina turns to look at you in the eyes,
you look away.

"Shouldn't we hold hands?" you hear from the opposite direction.

...This gets you thinking. Wasn't that what couples do? Do you, like, have to do it? Why
would anyone do that?

"PFF, but why?!" you ask, returning a shit-eating grin at Lumina, who seems as calm as
usual. "We are going to the same baka place!"

The girl shrugs. "I'm not sure? They seem to do that all the time. Maybe one of them has its
eyes closed?"

Hmm, that makes sense.

"But why would you close your eyes while you walk?" you ask.

And Lumina punches the palm of her hand.

"It's a token of confidence!" she states, firmly. "One walks with the eyes closed while the
other guides."

OOOOOH, so that's why!!!!

"Amazing!" You spit out, fully turning towards her. "I ever figured that out."

Lumina closes her eyes as she puffs her humble chest, proudly.

"But, you ask, "who guides'"

Lumina opens her eyes, a bit quizzically.

>"You guide."
>"I guide".
>"We should practice later."
>>"You guide."
>"You guide."

"You guide," you answer at once. You used to run with your eyes closed a lot during
elementary. At least before the month you spent at the hospital.

Lumina grabs your hand. Hers feels wet and cold, so yours should feel warm to her. Your
guess might be right since she's slowly interlocking her finger with yours.

You test the grip, moving your hand back and forth. The movement drags Lumina around as
if she was dancing.

"Aight," you blurt out,"let's roll."

"Close your eyes."

You oblige.

Darkness feels odd without Snacks; there's nothing to look at here. And it's not like when
you are lying in bed with your eyes shut tight. Because in bed you are thinking on something
else and, right now, you are focused on this darkness.

"Ready?" says a voice somewhere near and far. "Let's roll."

You start moving. The cold breeze scratches your face, your neck feels fresh, her hand is
warming up, and, somewhere, someone is yelling at a barking dog. Your feet feel heavy
every time you take a step. It's nice. But the change in light is making you flinch.

Finally. you stop and open your eyes, gasping.

"What's wrong?" Lumina asks.

"Feels like my face is about to hit a wall all the time," you state, glancing at her.

"But, look ahead," she says, and you do. "There's nothing you could hit with your face
head on". And she's right.

"Right," you close your eyes.

Yet as she leads you again, you flinch and your eyes go wide. Lumina notices. And you notice
she did.

All she does is puff a cheek, though. "Don't you trust me, Emil?"

"Nah," you say.

She puffs the cheek again, furrowing her slim eyebrows."Are you a coward?"


"Then try!"

"Your turn."

"If you hit something on the way," Lumina warns, calmly pointing a finger at you, "I'll do
anything you want once."

You think it over, scratching the chin. "No!", you yell with a big smile.

She rolls her eyes. "Coward."

Right next to her, Snacks is going mental. Your very own personal phantom is blinking
frantically as she points at Lumina. A drop of water falls over your face, you look up; there's
no roof or ledge around.

Yet you know. "Ffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnee," you say.

Everytime light flickers in your darkness you grip Lumina's hand tighter- but you keep
walking in stride. By now both your hands are sweating. You chuckle; what if both your hands
were 'swearing'?

The next flash of light makes you stop, but you don't open your eyes.

You hear a cheerful yet rather cold voice from afar. "You are doing great, come on!"

"I can't! I-I'm going to hit something!"

"No, you won't! Trust me!"

You curse couples all around under your breath as Lumina keeps dragging you across
the darkness.

After a while, however... you win. While the passing lights make you flinch, you become
better at enduring the impulses to stop. You still do, though, it's just that, once you notice,
you force yourself to keep on walking.

Just like it always was.

This time, however, it's not you that stops.

"What's going on?" you ask the darkness. You squeeze with your hand to check if Lumina is
still there; she is.

"Hey, Emil," and the whispers comes right from your ear, "open your eyes."

You do... then squint. Light feels so heavy that you end up staring at the floor. Your eyes
slowly peek from your eyelids as they get used to brightness again.

So... you really didn't hit anything on the way here. Wherever this is. Seems you trust
Lumina a bit more than you used to.

"What is it?" you ask, and no one answers. When you finally look up you find, a few feet
from where you are, a tomboy tsundere drawfag. Trish's stare is fixed upwards;
following reveals a cat.

"Neko," you mumble. That's when you realize, squinting your mouth, that the cat is stranded
over a tree. On a whim, you look away; it seems you got pretty far away from the main
street, the one that goes straight into school.

"What's going on?" you ask Lumina, and she shrugs.

Trish isn't moving. At all.

>Help Trish.
>Mock Trish.
>Scream as loud as humanly possible, over and over.
>Help Trish.
>>Help Trish.
Assist the damsel in distress.
Like a knight of yore.

No knight proud of his name has ever turned down a damsel in distress.

And you won't.

"HEY WHATSAP NIGGA?" you shout while bending your arms and legs. "AYAY YOYO LIL

When Trish turns to look at you, it's as if she got forty years older all of a sudden.

"Autismo," she states, peacefully. "Fuck off".

It's only then that Trish notices Lumina, who gleefully waves at her while keeping an entirely
neutral face. Slowly, Trish blinks.

"Autismo," she repeats, facing Lumina. "Fuck off".

"What's going on?" you ask, staring at the cat as you walk near Trish, who grimaces as you
get closer. "Is that your cat?"

Trish opens her mouth widely. "FUCK-"

"Hi Trish," Lumina says.

Trish's mouth is left gaping, but then her eyebrows frown."And what in the name of fuck
are /you/ doing here?"

"I'm his girlfriend."

Trish pauses, her eyes somber. "Do you also eat dog shit to keep the streets clean?"

Lumina simply shakes her head. When Trish turns, she finds you meowing at the cat. It's a
white, fluffy cat, and it's stranded at the top branches. It mews back, but, besides that, it's
frozen in place.

"So, why don't you get a ladder or something?" You ask Trish, scratching your chin as you
measure the tree from under it. "That cat is like glued there."

"If I leave," Trish says, a bit too calmly, "that other fuck over there is going to climb and kill

She doesn't point with her fingers, but, when you follow her stare, you notice the eyes of
another cat hidden in some bushes.

"That one over there, is one mean motherfucker I've been chasing after," Trish
admits, solid in place. "If I let down my guard one sec, that fuck will run past me, climb the
tree, and kill that other retard over there. I can't move."

You put on your beast shit-eating grin as you cross both arms over your chest, enjoying the

Trish gives you what you would define as 'a very cold glare'. "Why, oh, why are you talking
like that?"

You roll your eyes. "Nothing, jk lol."

"Trish," Lumina says, her two fists balled up and under her chin, "we could stay here so you
go get help. We are two, we can deal with it."

"OR," you state loudly, attempting to exert your authority as the man of the relationship, the
bringer of bread, "we could leave her here and get help ourselves!"

"From where the fuck," Trish blurts out, "Will you get help?"

You shrug. Trish sighs. Hard.

"You two best not fuck around, then," she says, solemnly. "I-"

"DUUUH, it's just a cat, fuck it and come with us!" you blurt out, excitedly. "Let's hit da class,

...Trish's glare says more than she could ever.

>Stay here, guard the cat.
>Go get help, leave Trish here.
>"Haha, very funny", The Witcher 3.
>>Go get help, leave Trish here.
You have been given a most righteous quest.
RESUMING TOMORROW! ahsdajkshdajksd!
>Stay here, guard the cat.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Aight guys, fuck you.

1: >>1725337
2: >>1727172
3: You climb the tree.

Yet her burning eyes will never be enough to quell your determination- the essence of a
Hero of Justice.

"Then you go!" you yell, even more excited. "We stay. We two. Cat be one. We win."

"Why, why do you have to talk like that". Trish sounds so defeated. Her eyes barely move as
you drag Lumina by the hand towards her. Once each of you is on both sides of her, Trish sighs.

"Fuckin' fine!" the tsundere drawfag says, dashing away with both hands in her pocket.
She turns only one last time to look at the top of the tree, at the cat slowly meowing at her.
Her eyebrows furrow wildly, and she's quick to vanish without a trace.
As for you and Lumina, well... you are just standing there.

"We are spending a lot of time together," you say, all of a sudden. "Do boyfriends do that?"

Lumina opens her mouth, but "hmms" right after. "We could have asked Trish."

Em: "Yah, but she's coming back."

Lu: "Yah."

Em: "How long do you think she'll take?"

Lu: "I'm thinking a good while."

Em: "Man, I should have gone. I'm the fast incarnate."

Lu: "Nono, it was a good choice. She knows a lot of people!"

Em: "Oh hey you right nigga."

Brutally, silence settles among you. Both Lumina and you are focusing on the big, yellow
eyes under the bushes. Nobody talks; not even the cat meows anymore.

Wait... wasn't silence a bad thing for a relationship? You glance at Lumina; she's
gently "hmming" under her breath, her index finger scratching her chin.

Maybe she's thinking the same.

>Say/do something (What?)
>Wait for her to talk
>Say/do something
Ay bby u want sum fuk?

There's a reason it's called an "awkward silence" now that you think of it. You don't feel
awkward, though. Silence is nice. But hey; you've got a girlfriend now.

"AIGHT BABY, U WANT SUM FUCK?" your inner Flava Flav (that everyone has) asks

Lu: "Excuse me?"


Lumina scratcher her hair with her very white finger. Her eyes focus somewhere else.

Lu: "But, can we fuck and guard the cat at the same time?"

Em: "Yeah. No. Yeah."

Lu: "Wouldn't Trish murder us and rape our butts with each other's guts?"

Em: "Eeeeh we are kinda off the road, so I guess so."

Yet, her eyes are still unfocused, and she's doing that finger-fidgeting in front of you.

"Oh!" Finally, she raises a finger. "What about a kiss?"

You turn to the big, yellow eyes that lit the darkness under the bush.

"I dunno," you babble. "Dat cat looks pretty mean."

"But, we can do it fast," Lumina suggests.


>Kiss her fast.
>Kiss her long and deeply.
>Don't kiss her, focus on bad eyes.
>Kiss her fast.
JKASDHJKASD been busy as shit, updating soon
Dont worry man

You grant the yellow eyes one final defiant glare; it's your life that's at stake now. Sure,
that's one big motherfucker inside the bushes, but hey, at least it's not Trish. That cat might
climb the tree- Trish would kick it down.

Yes, indeed. Your life and that of the little cat, meowing faintly on a branch, are linked. You
soon feel the silent fellowship flow through your veins.

"Emil?" It's Lumina, bringing you back to reality. "Have you ever kissed anyone before?"

"DUH, of course," you rumble, crossing both arms over your chest. "I kiss my mom all the

Staring straight at you, Lumina places a finger in her lip. "Here."

Em: "Yeah!"

Lu: "Who?"

Em: "My mom!"

Lumina tilts her head to the side, her eyes widened. Somehow, she has never looked any
cuter before than right now.

Lu: "Um, I think we are talking about different things."

Em: "Yeah I guess. I was talking about how I kiss my mom on the lips all the time. What
about you?"

Eyes a bit wider, Lumina tilts her head to the other side, dragging her hair along. You give
the yellow eyes another sharp glare. No, you won't, fag: no you won't.

Lu: "B-but, weren't kisses a couple thing?!"

Em: "Duh. I guess?"

Lu: "But I never kiss my mom!"

Em: "Why not?"

Only her eyes move away. "I never really see her."

It's like she lost her focus now. You watch Lumina sulk in silence for a while.

"DUDE, FUCK THAT, LETS KISS," you bellow, your fists clenched.


Small silver linings make their way across the dense gray as far as the eye can see. One of
those gets between you and Lumina, letting the dust particles all over her face.

"So anime," you mumble to yourself.

You just freeze there staring at her, drooling like a sleeping retard. It's Lumina the one that
takes the step, gets on her tip toes, and pulls your nape against her.

It was just a peck on the lips.

You look around, at your arms, at three, and finally at her. "I don't feel any different," you
state, the air around feeling wet but warm.

"Me neither," Lumina says, shaking her head.

Em: "Hmm..."

Lu: "Hmm...!"

That's when you lock eyes.

>All in.
>Look away.
>All in.
But keep some keep some decency, we are in public

Those unfamiliar with the basics of cringe have but one magical benefit: they /do/ things. Any
things. Of course, doing anything without proper measurement is not something a good
friend would advise you to do (unless it's a really good friend). But, every once in a while,
a russian will put on a blindfold, spin, and then aim at the apple in his ol' buddy's head with a
BB gun.

And hit it.

Soft. That's the only word etched in your mind as Lumina presses her slim body against
yours. Darting back and forth, your eyes keep checking and rechecking your reality. You are
kissing a cute girl, after all.

As for her? Well, Lumina may not be the kind to hesitate that much. After all, she justs keep
on digging in your mouth with her tongue. It's only then that you realize you are running out
of breath.

Firmly, you place both hands on her shoulders and push Lumina away- by the end of it, she's
gasping worse than you.

Lu: "So," Lumina says, a bit agitated, "did you see anything sparkle? Did the air turn pink?"

Em: "Nope, I was looking."

Lu:"Did you feel your heart beat?"

Em: "Nope."

Lu: "Are you desperately in love with me now?"

Em: "Duh, no."

Lu: "Did you feel anything special?"

Em: "It felt wet."

Lumina's feet shakes into the ground as she squints towards somewhere else. "Yes, it did.".

She goes into "hmm!" mode, still tapping her black shoe against the floor but in slow and
fluid motions. "And it's not even raining flowers..."

"Duh, we fucked up," you state, worried.

"Oh!" Lumina lifts a finger. "You mean there's another way to do it?"

"No, look!"

At the top of the tree, the small, white cat is not alone anymore. Its eyes are exorbitant and its
mouth is stuck open. Another cat, a black and brown beast twice its size, buries the white
body under his weight. While it shakes frantically.

"What are they doing?" Lumina asks,

"I don't know," you reply.

"oh-ohohoh OH FUCK," the big cat bellows.


"Is-is it killing it?" Lumina asks, looking straight at you.

"Eh... I dunno."

As the meowing goes on, slow but powerful, you really, /really/ consider your options.

>Grab girlfriend, leave country, change name to Yaroslav Kalashnikov.
>Try to stall cat, throw rocks at it or something. Wait for Trish.
>>Try to stall cat, throw rocks at it or something. Wait for Trish.
>Try to stall cat, throw rocks at it or something. Wait for Trish.
if that fails, climb on the tree

You stare in awe at the scene, your features frowning less out of disgust than curiosity. Yet, it
has to stop. Firmly, you bend to pick the nearest rock around then sling it with strength and
caution towards the strange scene.

It hits the white cat square in the face.

"Man, I suck," you state, without the slightest hint of shame.


Next to you, Lumina's arm recoils as another rock rests in her hand. It flies, but it fails to reach
the branch and goes over the wooden fence behind the tree.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," you hear from the other side.

The big cat keeps on gasping as the rocks keep on raining, and even though it ignores most that
hit it one finally manages to get its face flat. Still grabbing onto the smaller cat, it balances left
and right back and forth, until both finally fall flat into the ground. You and Lumina stare at each
other; nodding, you both get near to check.

When you do, the big cat goes into a frenzy and dashes between Lumina's legs and is fast to
vanish into the corner. The same corner from which, five seconds later, comes Trish still
looking behind her.

"What the fuck," she asks, quietly, "happened here?"

Fortunately, she finds you holding the poor, poor white kitty in your arms (since it could barely
move). But, yeah.

>"Trish, how do kisses work?"
>Let Lumina talk.
>"Eeeeeeh-" (write in!)
GUYS, I'll be here all weekend, gimme some schedule so can roll hard even if we are just three little fucks!
>"Trish, how do kisses work?"
I'm a Europoor, but I'm usually here when awake
>>Let Lumina talk.
She seems more coherent.
File: ITSOGRETIME.jpg (63 KB, 415x418)
63 KB
Rolled 3 (1d3)

I guess it's that time of the year!
1: >>1737617
2: >>1738724
3: You kiss Trish.
How much spaghetti are we going to spill?
The path is clear, and no man worth his balls should ever complain about that. Without a
word, you walk up to Trish. As you do, her frantic eyes focus on the small thing resting on
your arms, breathing slowly in and out. The worried tomboy reaches out to take it from your

and that's when you kiss her.

Your lips over hers, you clutch tightly to the thing on your arms. Instead of burning defiance, you
find careful deliverance. When you pull back, her face remains blank.

And it's very quick to twist into a powerful grimace, filled more with disgust than rage.

"How did that feel?!" Lumina asks from behind you, far too eagerly.

You shrug. "Wet."

"What the FUCK," Trish asks, quietly, "were you two stampeding autismos just talking about?"

Gently, Lumina pushes you away. "Trish, how do kisses work?"

Trish blinks thrice, then frowns as she looks at each of you repeatedly. Finally, she rolls her
eyes and face-palms.

"J-just tell me what happened here," she asks, her voice muffled by her hand.

"We kissed but nothing happened," Lumina rushes to explain. "We couldn't even get flowers
to bloom around us."

"No," you hear from behind the hand, "this shit ain't real. You two utter tards aren't actually a
fucking couple."

You and Lumina look at each other. "Then what are we?" your girlfriend asks.

"J-just, just two utter tards," Trish clarifies gently, her hand still firmly pressed against her face.
"Just two utter tards."

"SEE?!" You bellow, the cat shaking up and down as you dance. "I got my qtie goth gf
without your help! Fuck you, Trish!"

Slowly, the hand slides off her face, revealing a stone-like expression that startles you.

"Why is the cat down?" Trish asks.

"It jumped," Lumina simply says, hiding your words behind hers. "But it seems to like Emil!"

"Meow," the cat warns, weakly.

"All I know, autismo," Trish says, turning around, "is that someday you are gonna have to let that
cat go."

She walks away. You think this over for a while, long after she's gone. Once the implication hits
you, your mouth goes wide.

(Cont in a while!)
Institutional regulations, however stupid may seem to the newest generation, thrive steadily
across time from their reliability alone. Sure, some of these laws may seem done to the
tastes of a single particular individual and may come off as painfully strict and arbitrary. Or even
opressive. One would do well to consider, however, that, despite these old guidelines,
bringing an animal to school would still be frowned upon out of simple and sheer common
sense. Even though circumstances may vary. Even though the cat is cute.

But since Ado is pressing professor Walker's face against the blackboard you really aren't
that worried.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!" The boys clap and cheer, tumbling down their desktops and
taking their shirts off. Ado grins carefully, confident in his ability to melt his teacher's face
into chalk.

But Walker spins his arm, spins, and judo-grabs Ado's head under his armpit. After careful
measure and deliverance, the teacher /slams/ his hand against its butt like the whip of an
angry god, sending him flying and screaming. Then, Walker takes his shirt off, revealing a slim,
muscular body.

Duh, why do they have to be so noisy all the time, you wonder. The cat meows in response,
still too weak to fight its way out.

Walker bares his teeth, shutting his eyes tightly. "...boooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOYA!" he
howls, throwing his colorful sweater out of the way. "AIGHT MAH BOYS, TODAY WE

From her desk, Coldhearted stares in honest boredom as Romina clutches her arm tightly.
Walker slashes the blackboard with a chalk, half his face still white with powder. Ado recovers,
patiently stretching his glorious muscles.

"SO BE DIS NIGGA CALLED 'THE ARCHINEGGES'," Walker says, still drawing,

Walker smashes the chalk into the ground, suddenly sweating. The drawing behind him is a
a beutiful and accurate depiction of a lever whose handle is the world and its many continents.

"Guys," Walker says, suddenly calm and steady, "everything be a lever. Ain't eva no shit that can't
be moved. Watch."

Ado instantly goes into boxing position, beckoning Walker to blow his ass by swinging
together the four fingers of his hand back and forth. When the teacher lunges at him, Ado
crouches and goes, successfully, for a football tackle- that the teacher stops, uses to grab Ado
by his waist, and-

Basically, he just ends on top of him. All around him, students nod in agreement and write in
their sketchbooks, the mood suddenly a tad more serious.

"And dats how levers work," Walker states. "The real lesson here boyz, u slimy white boyz ass
aint doing shit if are out of balance." Then he nods to himself as if he was his only public.
"Balance be important."

"HHMASHDMHA," Ado agrees, his face buried into the floor.

Walker nods absent-mindedly.

When Maki, the physics teacher made almost entirely of coffee, enters the room, she finds
desktops tumbled, a brawl, and Ado sharing a red drink with Walker, both talking lively. The
coffee lich doesn't even blink as a guy is slammed into her desktop- she just pushes it
away with her feet.

You glance at Trish; the drawfag seems peaceful, doing his drawing thing as Valery talks
loudly right next to her.

The class goes on uneventfully. While absolutely disregarding the norm is the norm
around here, nobody wants to be stuck in school for another year, so nobody ever fucks with
Maki. The archipelagos quickly scatter and reform, each tribe now back together in its own
land, with its own business.

"Ooooooooooh," the sound at your side startles you so much you yelp out loud. "An Emil."

From the desktop at your right, Priscila's calm eyes are perfectly focused on yours. It makes
you feel uneasy.

"And," she goes on, "a cat."


"A little cat," Priscila adds, her voice and manners as unreadable as ever.

"W-what do you want?" you ask her, then remember to smile, then stop smiling, then smile
again showing all your teeth, then wink at her, then frown. Yet her face is as ever.

"Ooooh. A trick question," Priscila says. "I don't know what I want. What do you want, Emil?"

...You seriously ponder about this. Suddenly, you find yourself looking at Mina's long blonde

>"T-that." You point at Mina.
>"A PS4."
>"Help." You point at Trish.
>Eeeeh... (write in)
>I dunno.
Always faithful and loyal, we will not get get corrupted by he hair

"Lumina?" you ask, even though this should be an answer.

Priscila stares longly at you, not saying a word and not changing her manner either. Right
now, you really are wondering how this social thing works.

"Ooooooooh. Lumina." Priscila says, a half-dead grin dressing her face as usual. "I want a
hat," she says slowly, "that says 'Read me'."


"I don't know," she says. "Why do you want Lumina?"

"I dunno," you reply, a bit out of your depth. "Sex? Butt sex?"

"Oooooooh, butt sex," Priscila nods without hurry. "That is very interesting."

...She keeps staring straight at your eyes. And even though it's kind of alluring, you really
want out of this one. Reaching out for a means to safety, your mind focuses somewhere else...

And it's Maki. "-which is basically how the Tartaglia triangle works. Now, I want one of you
to step forward and solve this equation, if no one wills I'll pick one of you myself..."

You stand up, so fast your desktop is lifted up. You are sweating. Having someone look
straight /into/ really is the worst. Yet as everyone turns to look at you at the same time
you wonder what's better.

The only one you are looking at, though, as if asking for salvation, is Maki. "Yes, Emil?" she
asks, her sharp voice softened by the surprise.

>"I-I can solve it!" Smile hard, look at everyone. You don't really know the answer.
>"I just farted." Sit back.
>Point at Priscila and have a meltdown.
>"Can I go to the bathroom?"
It should work
No nono.
You have to be confident and assertive.
>"I have to go to the bathroom."
Then leave.
Some guy had a wii u so I spent the whole day playing smash 4 for the first time in my life. Postan tomorrow, likely I won't have as much shit to do.

It's as if every bone inside your head went frozen, and talking meant breaking the ones
melded together by the cold. Same with your thoughts.

Yet when you need it the most, a soft voice whispers "Bathroom. I have to use the
bathroom'. As if anyone could here across realities.

You nod at Snacks, which makes Maki frown an eyebrow. "I HAVE TO USE THE
BATHROOM," you rumble.

Maki finally frowns both eyebrows. "Son, is that a cat?"



"Happy for you," she says dejectedly. "Go."

You make your way past the clusters of desktops, clutching that white ball of fur close
to your chest. On your way out you glance at Trish; she's not looking at you.


For whatever reasons you ended up in the bathroom anyway, not actually doing anything
besides staring at yourself in the mirror. Black messy hair, brown baggy eyes, and the face of
an ecstatic fanatic religious zealot about to serve his god by being thrown from a catapult
into an enemy city, of high walls made of gray stone.

That's you. Whatever that means.

So who's the one behind you, peeking from over your shoulder? What is Snacks?


"Yes," you answer, your voice deep and coarse. "Yes."

The door to the bathroom opens. Enduring the temptation to hide in a stall, you stand your
ground and puff your cheeks. Until you realize that's Trish over there. Your face goes pale as
a scream gets stuck in your throat. On the other hand, she just seems slightly annoyed.

"Wh-what do you want?!" you cry, taking a step back as you hide your chest behind the
broken cat.

"...To pee," Trish says, emphasizing the word.

"Pee somewhere else!" You shout loudly, brandishing the cat like a flag.

One of her eyes twitched. "Do I go to the men's bathroom?"

"Men?" Your mouth gapes as if reality was powering through it. Yet you glare at her. "W
Well, that would make sense for you!"

Quietly, Trish looks at you from feet to toe as you hold your cat steadily, prepared to block
her blows with it. It ends with a sigh.

"Don't shit in the sinks," Trish warns, then leaves.

You wait until there's not the slightest trace of her footsteps to put the cat down.


Now that she's away this place feels empty, it feels dangerous. Like a poorly lit alley in the
middle of the night. The class is almost done so nobody would notice if you don't go back...
which leaves you with so many choices that it feels like you had none.

So what now? What's important?

>What do you do?
Go back to classroom?

Having everyone stare at your face, even if it's only right after you enter the door, is enough to
make you swallow... and there's also the deal with the cat.


Going back to class, yet, is still what makes the more sense. You can't (you won't be able
to) keep hiding from Priscila, and you can't run from Trish. You clench your teeth: for some
reason, Trish had to leave class at the same time that you did. And unless she went into the
men's bathroom, odds are she's waiting for you to get out. So maybe she's waiting for you

Man, fuck kisses.

"Oh yes, hahaha, why..."

Oh crap, some voices are coming. Soft, vivid voices: GIRLS. Well fuck mi amigo, it's
amazing how fast you ran out of choices.

>Walk out of the girl's bathroom, greet the girls, try to have sex.
>Hide in a stall.
>Scare the girls once they walk in.
>Walk out of the girl's bathroom, greet the girls
no sex pls, only with Lumina

Well. Fuck it.

"HI GIRLS!" you say, then giggle in a frenzy. "TOUCH MY PUSSY."

It's two girls you've never seen before, both bearing black hair, one with glasses, the other
a few wrinkles. Both stare at you funny.

"Who the fuck are you?" asks Wrinkles.

"T-touch my pussy," you mumble, sweating. "P-please, touch my pussy."


They share a look between them.

"Did you just come out of the ladies room?" Glasses asks, subtly taking a step back. "Is
that a cat?"

"No," you reply. "That's why have glasses, HAHAHAHAHHAA!"

"I've just seen you come out, what the fuck is wrong with you," Wrinkles says, shaking her
head. She seems so angry; maybe she's horny? "Oh my god. We have to report this
fucking creeper."

"What's your name?" Glasses asks. "What's your name?!" she repeats.

Sweating bullets, you turn to look to one side, then to the other.

"Hey," Wrinkles says, flicking her fingers in front of your face really loud, "what's your
name? We can find out if you don't tell us, you won't get away with this."

Out of sheer desperation, you turn around to leave, but Wrinkles grabs you by the arm in full
force. It hurts.

"Hey. Listen to me when I'm talking to you, ASSHOLE," Wrinkles yells.

To your surprise, Glasses walks behind you and stays there.

>"Why haven't we had sex yet?"
>Punch her in the face.
Fart loudly.
That'll show them to touch other people.

And she's right in the perfect spot. You close your eyes and clench your teeth.

"What is he doing?" you hear from behind you.

"He's all red. Are you embarrassed? Hey, you little fuck." Wrinkles grabs you by the hair and
tries to lift you, but she lacks strength. "Holy shit, can you fucking look at me?"

...to your surprise, nothing's coming out. And you rather stop before something does.
Sweating and now gasping, you finally look at Wrinkles. The girl doesn't look like a mean
bitch, and that's rather unsettling.

"What. Is. Your. Name." Wrinkles repeats, her eyes hard and unwavering.

>"Emil. Emil Suisan."
>"F-f-fuck you bitch!"
>Run away.
J-james Br-brockavich.

"J-j-j-james Br-brockavich?" you blurt out, raining spit over the girl's face. She instantly
grimaces and cleans her face with a sleeve.

"Why do you lie, stupid?" Wrinkles asks, firm as a rock. "You are Emil. Everyone knows."

Oh, you think. So you are one of the popular guys.

"T-then why do you ask, silly!?" you say, smiling, not smiling, and then smiling with all
your teeth as you look away.

"Oh my god, this stupid just called me silly," Wrinkles shakes her head. "Oh. My. God."

"Then why?" Your arm is dragged, but you resist.

"Dude, fucking move, we are going to the principal's", Wrinkles says, pulling your arm
wildly. "Hey, you! Help me!"

She's yelling to one of the upperclassmen. His face stern and hair blonde, the guy walks up to

"What are you doing?" he asks.


"He was INSIDE our bathroom," Glasses says from behind you. "INSIDE."

The guy looks firmly at you, his eyes frowning. "Did the same thing yesterday. There was a
girl inside. She told me wrestling was fake and I told her to fuck off. She was right." He looks
away from you, towards the wonderful sky behind the roof and clouds. "I can't go back
now. But I'm thankful."

"HEY, YOU," it's Glasses shouting now, but towards yet another guy, "Help us! This piece
of shit here was in our bathroom and is trying to run away."

"NO IM NOT!" you yell.

This time it's a slender, tall man with skinny jeans, fake white hair, and glasses. "So you
were then."

"Yeah," you admit.

"Then go to the principal's," the man reply, "and get your just punishment. Or I'll drag you

"GO," Wrinkles yells.

"GO!" Glasses yells.

"GO!" they keep on yelling, and it's starting to become unbearable. The slender man senses
your intent and clutches your arm firmly- and actually starts to drag. You resist all you can,
and now they-

"Calm your perky tits," you hear behind Wrinkles.

Both relief and despair join in a wonderful new sensation, instead of going against each other.
When Wrinkles turns around she finds Trish standing, as usual, hands in the pockets of her
yellow sports pants and bending forward as if she had a hump.

"What the fuck do you want?" Wrinkles rumbles, standing between you and her. You
can see Trish from over her shoulder.

"That tard over there," Trish says, pointing at you, "is special eds. Fuck with him at your own

"Then," the guy in skinny jeans says, "just shut up and walk away."

"So you can beat up a retard?"

"Someone," Wrinkles says, relentlessly, "has to do something."

Which makes Trish smile. "That? 'That' is what you think is the 'something'?" The tomboy
leans even more forward, smiling even more. "How much did your parents beat the shit out
of you?"

Jeansman stands in front of you as well, his fist trembling. "Fuck off."

"Should I?" Trish looks straight at you, suddenly a tad more serious. "Should I go,
Emil? Tell me- what should I do?"

"-Help me!" you bellow. Even though you could beat the shit out of all of them single-handedly.

"Tell me," Trish goes on, so hard she drowns everything anyone else was saying, "why
should I help you?"

>...why should she?
>Sweat profusely.
>Swing at Mr. Skinny jeans.
Run away yelling
Snap at Wrinkles and Trish. I mean what the fuck do they want from us? We didnt do anything wrong and they keep bulling us. It's time we act like a real man and stand our ground. We fought a lot of bullies before.
Aight boys, it's that time again.

1: >>1748615
2: >>1750414
3: You spin like Zangief from Street Fighter.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

asdasdasd so smart

Everything has a limit. If you keep filling up a bag, it either breaks or overflows.

You don't want to break.

"What the FUCK is wrong with all of you?!" you erupt so hard that Wrinkles is visibly shaken.
"What the FUCK do you want from me? No." you shake your head, "YOU fuck off. YOU."

Despite being shaken, Wrinkles seems to wink at someone before fixing her eyes on you

"What, you little bitch, are you going to hit me?" the girl gives you a smug smile so smug
it's almost cute. "Hit me, little shit. Do it."

"That's a NO, Emil," Trish says. "Don't fall for that shit."

"And who the hell wants you here? Who are you?" Jeansman goes straight to Trish, who is
little less than phased. "Fuck off, this is none of your business."

Your blood is rushing so fast it almost makes you dizzy. There is no reason for you to put up
with this kind of shit. This is not fair.

"Come on, asshole," Trash calls, completely ignoring the guy right in front of her face. "Give
me a good reason to help you."

loudness, making everyone but Trish flinch.

pushing the Jeansman out of the way so hard the guy slips and falls on his butt.


"IT DOESN'T MATTER!" Trish keeps on shouting, her face visibly red. "IT'S NOT OUR

Jeansman stands. "Hey, you fucking bitch you-"

The way Trish stares at him would make a grizzly bear shit itself and learn spanish to
apologize. It's not a grim stare, or even hostile. But it manages to convey her full, absolute
disposition to completely bury one of her arms in the man's ass should he say another word.
Shaking, the man simply stands there.

And Trish turns back at you. "Then tell me. /Fucking/ tell me, Emil, why would everyone
put up with your shit?"

Because they dont have other options? Nobody cares enough to teach us how to act less autistic, so they shouldnt be surprised when we actually do something autistic.
If nobody calls the firefighters to stop a wildfire when is still far from a town, nobody should get angry or annoyed when the fire has arrived and is starting to burn the town.
Let the autistic wisdom flow.

There are so many words rushing to your mouth at the same time that they get stuck from every
angle. It is open wide, as your eyes tremble with rage- but nothing comes out.

"Because they don't have another option. Nobody cares enough to teach me how to act
less autistic, so they should not be surprised when we actually do something autistic."

It's not you, and you said nothing; its Snacks, hands around her mouth as she stands next to

"Because they don't have other options," she says.

"B-because they... they don't have other options," you repeat. Your voice is heavy and
rash. Trish looks at you very intently.

"Nobody cares enough-"

"-to teach us how to act less autistic," you repeat, "so they-

"so they shouldn't-"

"-be surprised when we actually do something autistic."

You are talking to Trish, and she's hearing /you/. Neither Wrinkles nor Glasses say a word and
Jeansman seems set in looking as cold as he can.

"Go on," Trish demands.

Your phantom nods at you, smiling warmly as you gasp. "If nobody calls the firefighters to stop
a wildfire when it's still far from a town," Snacks says as if talking through a megaphone,
"nobody should get angry-"

"-or annoyed when the fire has arrived and is starting to burn the town."

"BUT," Wrinkles shouts, making you flinch, "IT'S NOT OUR FAULT THERE'S A FIRE!"

"And yet, it's coming this way," Trish states, solemnly. "You'll puke a lung someday if you
keep repeating things aren't fair. Things /aren't/ fair. Justice is a wish."

"Then we'll put out the fire, and that's fucking it!" Glasses yells, playing along with the analogy as

Trish chuckles. "And you'll fight fire with fire?" she asks. "He'll keep coming here, he'll be here
with us, and trust me, you don't want an angry retard on your trail."

"We can have him expelled," Wrinkles says, sharply.

"Yes. Yes, you can," Trish adds while shaking her head, which confuses you a lot. "You can
send the fire somewhere else. You don't care as long as it's not your forest, do you?"

"All this shit is making me sick," Jeansman warns, "he's an idiot and did something wrong.
When someone does something wrong, you punish him. AND THAT'S IT."

"That's what makes me puke the most about you lot of people," Trish says, suddenly taking a
firm step forward. "Everything is either black or white. You don't know gray. You don't know
colors. Now," Trish seems a bit tired, "fuck off. I want to talk with this guy alone."

"Who the fuck," Wrinkles takes a step of her own, "do you think you are?"

Trish dims her eyes. "Are you brave?"

"You fucking bet."

"Come closer. I won't hurt you."

"Fuck you."

"If I wanted to," Trish says softly, "not even the walls would save you."

It sounds all macho and anime, you think, but coming from Trish it feels so literal you can't
help but swallow. Wrinkles hesitates; she walks up to Trish.

The more Trish whispers in her ear, the paler Wrinkles' face gets. Even Wrinkle's wrinkles
are going white. It's surreal; the mean girl just turns around and leaves, followed, without a
word, by the other two. You watch them vanish into a corner. They didn't even turn around.

"Should I leave too?" It's the blonde guy from before, the one who sighs every time he spots a
Luchador. Was he there the whole time?

Trish nods. "And pretty please, take the god-damned cat with you. I'll pay you, whatever."

Blonde guy nods, but when he goes for the cat he finds you clutching it.


"Emil," Trish doesn't say another word.


>Give cat.
>Keep cat.
>>Give cat.
And be sad.
But don't say a word.
This, also the autistic wisdom went bretty gud

Silently, you give the cat. It's his shield now; you hope he uses it to defend those he holds most


"So where do I take this cat, eh?" Blonde guy asks.

"Leave it in the art storage room," Trish says. "I'll carry it home later. Buy it a banana; that's
what the fuck eats."

Blonde guy winks at you before he leaves. You watch it follow the same corner Glasses and
Wrinkles did. It's like he's walking in slow-motion.

Then, he's gone. You are now alone with Trish.

"I want to live," you declare, fully honestly.

One of her eyes twitches. "How many fucking times do I have to fucking say that I'm not going
to fucking hit you?"

"One more," you say, then bend like is customary in japanese tradition.

Trish sighs. "I'm not going to hit you. Not unless you do."

The slim girl rests her back against the wall... and slowly lets it slide through it. By the end of
it she's sitting on the floor, covering her face with both hands.

"B-but you said, the cat-"

You hear a soft voice behind the hands. "You don't have to take everything at face value. That
terror you felt is what happens when you don't understand social interaction. It lets your mind
think anything could happen."

"B-BUT," you insist.

"Some retards would punch you in the face for a kiss- but we are grown-up motherfuckers. At
some point in life, Emil, you just can't afford to be an autist anymore."

You remember the dream with the train. Stuck in your mind, you don't realize Trish hasn't said

>Say something?
>Wait for her to talk.
>>Wait for her to talk.
>Wait for her to talk.

And that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

Yet, what would you say?

What is a person supposed to say in this kind of situation?

What is the norm? What is expected?

What are you supposed to do?


All of your doubts die at as you notice the weakness of her voice. Slowly, yet firmly, Trish
wraps her arms around her head.

"Awww, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk," her voice is muffled, but the intent? The intent is still
there. "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk....."

"WHAT'S WRONG?" you ask, wondering if you should be worried.

Trish peeks from between her arms but goes back in. It's only after a while that she finally
forces herself to stand as if she was just getting out of a warm shower. She seems...
really, really tired.


"Y-YES?" you rush to say.

"From now on," Trish starts, slowly, "you'll follow my every word, and, if there's a letter of
you don't understand, I'll drill it into your head."

You consider what to say, but it proves futile. Watching you hesitate, Trish goes on.

"You'll get a job," she says slowly, "dress like I tell you, talk like I tell you, eat like I tell you,
laugh like I tell you, shit like I tell you. Do you hear me?"

Doubting, you nod. Trish nods as well, albeit slowly.

"Step out of the line," she goes on, "and I'll be worst than those little shits. Way fucking
worst." She pauses, her dim eyes very fixed on you. "Because those fucks only hate what
they see of themselves in you- and I can hate what's underneath."

You don't even shake anymore. Why in the ten-thousand fucks-who the fuck does she
think- why would you put up with-

And yet, Snacks smiles behind her. It's a big smile; she seems proud of you.

"Trish believes in you," Snacks says.


You behold the somber drawfag in silence, trying to picture where the road would end. It's foggy;
you've never been good with the far future, as it holds many things scary.

But... Snacks looks so happy. Being a phantom and all, she has her own ways to show it. Like
when her light flickers slowly with the sounds a flute would make if you blew into it from a small
distance. It's ominous, but that's just how she is.

Trish seems unphased. "Emil."

"Ok," you think, and say it with a nod. You don't want to talk. Making promises is scary; you
change your mind a lot, and you'd rather do it without someone shattering your ribs with an

"Starting tomorrow," Trish says, "you HAVE to come to me." She pauses. "If you want to take
a step back, say so right fucking now. Think chains."

"I won't," you blurt out as if puking. "I don't want to be an autist anymore!"

This seems to give life back to Trish's eyes, maybe too much of it at once. That glimmer
fades slowly. You don't see it flicker, as Trish simply pushes herself from the wall, and walks away.

You watch her vanish at the corner as Snacks hugs you from behind.

AIGHT GUYS, yet another thread done. Snails died between each post but whateva, that's college for
you. So how was it? Gimme that sweet, rough critiscism.
Amazing quest, even if we are in three its going really good

Thanks man, but I'd like to know what I could be fucking up. You guys should tell me. It will help a lot.
Well, I hope you do not plan to make tings too lewd
I'm not a smut writer, don't worry. If we ever get to that (and knowing Emil) it will be more
like watching a film about electro-negativity than porn.
Shit, I'm enjoying it too much to see flaws.
When things are slow, have some background or something?
But I love science.
Like a lot.

>When things are slow, have some background or something?

Like writing stuff about characters that aren't even there? Sure, why not.
Yes please.
Oh, and maby some background on the area this is taking place, like places to go ands things to do. And I have been up too long. 4 AM ARGH

Also yeah, good idea. I'll add some lore between posts when jack-shit of anything happens.

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