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>You are General Nathan Oman, awakened from thirty years of cyrosleep. You are the last surviving member of the Timmerman Administration, the greatest, strongest government the United States has ever voted into office. You and the rest of the military leadership, under the guidance of President Timmerman, led the country through trying times. Times it would not have survived without you.
>And how did the people pay you back? After the dust settled and the crisis passed? By handing President Timmerman and the military command over to an international court. They were all sentenced for crimes against humanity. They were all hanged.
>Except, that is, for you and several other generals. You went into hiding. You all swore that in thirty years times you would return and exact vengeance on the world for the death of your nation.
>You have been standing at the computer console beside your cyro pod for what seems like an eternity. You only had to glance around at the other cryo pods to realize the bitter truth. The other pods, containing the bodies of your comrades, flash red. A clear indicator of their demise. You are the only one to survive the process.
>And what of your country? The console reveals your country is gone. There is no United States. Every state in the union has succeeded into its own nation. No doubt the work of the international community. Your hand tightens into a fist. You will exact vengeance on all of them. But how?
>You look around at the cyro chamber. Your recent memories are still hazy. You can't remember what this base is or its location in relation to North America.
>You take slow steps across the chamber, running your hand along the surface of General Carpenter's cyro pod. The body of your friend and comrade lies within, long dead. At the end of the chamber you rest, before pulling a lever in the wall that releases the doors.
>Lights flicker in the hallway beyond. You still can't remember the layout. After walking the hall, you encounter a map on the wall. Three arrows are present, all pointing in different directions. One leads to a hanger. One, to the armory. And the last one points in the direction of a lab.

>Go to the hanger
>Go to the armory
>Go to the lab
>go to the lab

Don't write in greentext you pigfucker
Go to the lab
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1.41 MB PNG


You decide to head to the lab, and turn left. The lights still flicker. You assume that most of the power is being channeled into the cyropods. Or perhaps, considering your comrades' conditions, not enough.
There is at least enough juice in the base to open the lab doors. You are relieved to learn this as you pull the release lever. Inside is various equipment and machinery. You recognize one of them, but not the other two. The familiar equipment is the 3D printer. It dominates an entire wall of the lab. But on the opposite side is a strange glass tube, almost big enough to house a person. Next to it is some advanced computer console.

>Approach the printer
>Approach the glass tube
>Approach the computer console
>Approach the computer console.

You size up the console as you approach it. There are some familiar parts. Holographic interface, the pentagon was using that as early as 16'. But it's too narrow to be a command console, or a central military systems interface.
Upon reaching it you wave your hand. Red light flashes across your palm, then it turns green. Your palm print has been accepted. The holographic interface hums to life.
The console turns out to be dedicated to a single program. It's a backup conciseness system. You're not familiar with it, but you notice a component floating near your head titled "Available Consciousnesses"
You open it, and are treated to a list. It's long, scrolling in front of your face at a steady pace. You realize they're names. A moment later, you realize its a KIA list.
It finally clicks. The Lazarus project, one of the pentagon's many top secret projects. You were vaguely aware of it, but had no idea it was operational. After all, the pentagon was being dissolved as you fled into cyro sleep.
It was a program that attempted to backup the brains of certain active members of the US military. You only recognize one name, and it brings back a wave of nostalgia;
Jake Malone
A notorious member of the CIA during Timmerman's administration, Malone was skilled in subterfuge and sabotage. He was as ruthless as he was excitable, and it was rumored he even had a hand in the Arab Spring. Despite his psychotic tendencies, he was also your friend.

>Select him and activate the program
>Randomly select someone else.
>Select him and activate the program

Are there other personnel in the facility?
>Select him and activate the program
You select his name. The console hums. The glass tube floods with liquid.
“H-hello?” A voice says. It emits from the walls, ringing hollow as it bounces around the lab. “Hello Jake.” you reply. “How are you feeling?”
“Nathan?” The voice says. “Nathan Oman? Is that you?”
“It is,” you say.
“I can’t see anything. Or feel anything. I should be, I should be dead shouldn’t I? I remember,” The voice grows lower. “I remember my death,”
“You are dead,” you say.
“Then, this is hell? Shouldn’t I be roasting on a spit? Or did the catholic bastards lie to me about that one?”
“No Jake, it’s not hell." You say, " You can’t feel anything because you have no body to speak of, at least not until it’s done being built,”
“You brought me back then, somehow, with science?” Jake's voice says.
“No.” you put a hand to the glass tube. The 3D printer hums to life behind you. “I found a backup of your mind."
Jake doesn't respond for a few moments. Finally, his voice echoes out from the wall. “Then I am dead,”
“I suppose so,” You say. A beeping sounds. You glance at the console. “Your body is ready, shall I put you in it?”
The tube floods with bubbles, obscuring the inside. They slowly dissipate. The tube’s glass opens, and a body falls to the floor.
"Get up Jake." You say.
The body moves, placing its hands on the floor. Jake's eyes open, and he pushes himself up. Once standing, Jake checks over his new body. His face breaks into a smile.
“I see you fixed my dick,” His voice sounds raw, and scratchy. You smirk, walking to Jake and putting your hand to his shoulder. “It’s good to have you back,”
“Why?” Jake says. “Why did you bring me back?”
“I need your help,”
“You have many friends in the CIA, or have times changed?”
“The CIA no longer exists,” you say. “And neither does the United Stated.”
Jake’s face changes, growing stony and unreadable. “How long was I dead,” It is not a question, but a demand.
“Over thirty years,” you say.
“Thirty years? But that’s impossible! You haven’t aged a day! Are you? Jake squints at you. “Are you like me? A copy?”
“No," You say. "I, as well as some others, went into cyro. I was the only one to survive and wake up however,”
“The USA, gone,” Jake says. He rubs the back of his neck, then stops and inspects his hand. “What happened?”
You explain that the union has dissolved. What was once a great nation, is now fifty or so squabbling failures.
“Christ,” Jake says, “What the hell did Timmerman do?”
“President Timmerman was hanged, along with half his cabinet,” You say. Your fist clenches again.
“This is almost too much,” Jake says. “I know I’m missing something. I died in what, 22’ right? The fuck happened?”
“Things happened.” You say.
Jake takes a moment to digest this. Finally he looks at you. "Now what?"

>Go to the armory
>Go to the hanger
>Go to the Armory

"We're going to the armory," You say. The layout of the base is slowly flooding back to you. The armory will have more then just guns and armor. There will be Big Dog Mechanized Infantry there. Not only that, but the armory links to the barracks. There might be personal there.
You lead Jake out of the lab and down the hall. After a few twists and turns you reach the armory door. You pull on the handle, and you and Jake enter a large, rectangular hall. The walls are lined with guns, armor and even uniforms. You glance at your hospital smock, then at Jake's naked form. There's large, shiny black boxes on the far side, containing the Big Dogs. And next to them is the door that leads to the barracks. You glance around. What should you do?
Get myself and Jack equipped with some of the weapons and armor (just in case) then check out the barracks and then the Big Dogs.

You run your fingers along a rack of assault rifles. It's all familiar, standard issue. You then approach a dock with uniforms hanging from it. You tear away your smock and take down some officer fatigues. After donning them you slip on some socks and a respectable pair of black boots. You then return to the gun rack and equip yourself with a holster, a Beretta and an experimental successor to the P90. You finish off the ensemble with an armor vest.
You turn to Jake and seeing he's doing something similar. He fingers a heckler and kock automatic shotgun and flashes you a sadistic grin. He then slings on some knife belts and follows your lead with an armor vest.
Fully equipped, the two of you approach the barracks door, passing the dormant Big Dogs. You pull the lever on the wall, releasing the barrack doors.
"Fuck'all!" Someone exclaims. You stare into a large room. There's a table, with about six men wearing army fatigues sitting at it. They stare at you and Jake as if a ghost has appeared.
"Fuck'all!" One of them yells. "That door was locked!"
The other men seem to snap from their stupor. One of them shakes the shoulder of the man who yelled. "Bobbi, Bobbi, that's Omen! General Omen! The sleeping ones! They've awoken!"
Hearing this, the other five men stand at attention. The man who yelled also stands, saluting. "General Omen sir!"
"Who are you," You demand. You evaluate each one. They're in decent shape, with regulation haircuts. Almost all of them have moving tattoos on their arms, depicting everything from the US flag to eagles to old military crests.
"Liberty Legion sir!" The man says. "Our fathers were assigned to guard the entrance to this base, and they passed it down to us! We are at your command!"
Jake lets out a laugh. It is not kind. "Fucking hillbilly patriots,"
You shush him with a raised hand. You stare intently at the leader of the Liberty Legion.

>Accept their service
>Sick the Mad Dogs on them
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>Accept their service
you'll need some cannon fodder . . .

You jerk your thumb at the armory. "Get dressed," You say. The men peer around you and Jake, and see the walls of guns and armor. One of them lets out a long, slow whistle.
"That's some good gear,"
"You heard the general," Jake says, struggling to maintain trigger discipline. "Go, and only take what you know how to use."
They comply, moving past you and into the armory. Jake walks into the barracks room and snags a water bottle off the table. He takes a long drink, then tosses it to you. It is not until you start drinking that you realize how thirsty you were. You finish it and toss the water bottle aside. You then follow the men into the armory and stop at the Big Dogs. With a few hand motions the Big Dogs begin humming, going through their startup protocols. You turn and see the men getting into armor and helmets, as well as checking the sights of the various rifles.
"General Omen sir," One of the men says. "Permission to ask a question?" You wave your hand in a vague gesture to proceed while you watch the Big Dogs unlatch themselves. "Where are the other generals?"
"Dead," You say. "I'm the last one," You turn to them. They're now fully dressed and equipped. They all wear armor and helmets with night vision goggles resting atop. They mostly stick to M21 Assault Rifles. "Is this all of you,"
"No sir, there's about thirty of us in the Liberty Legion, but we take turns doing guard duty of the base,"
"Where are we," Jake says, joining you in the armory.
"The Appalachian mountains, in the country of Virginia sir,"
"There is no country of Virginia," you say, your voice dangerously low. "It is a state in the union, and don't forget that,"
"O-of course sir,"
"Where are the others," You say.
"Down the mountain sir, in Creedshaw. Them and their families live there. The entrance is past the barracks, and there's a road leading down."
The Big Dogs are now fully activated and standing at attention. Their sleek, black armor shines under the armory's lamps.

>Leave the base
>Check out the hanger
>>Check out the hanger
>Check out the hanger

You cross the armory back to the inner hallway.
"Sir?" One of the men says.
"Follow," Jake says, motioning with his shotgun. They do, forming a line and walking after you. You lead them through the hall and to a flight of stairs. You don't even pause, ascending the stairs at a quick pace. You slow after about ten steps. Your body is still thawing from the cyro sleep. Jake shoulders past the soldiers and comes to your side.
"You good Nathan?" He says, his voice too low for the others to hear. You nod, continuing up the steps.
At the top is a door, and to the side of it is the release panel. You pull the lever, and the doors hiss open. Lights flicker on, revealing a long, high-ceiling. You stand just inside the hanger with the others.
The lights reveal large bay doors, closed, and single Osprey.
"Huh," Jake says. "Haven't seen one of these in a while,"
"You know how to fly it?" You ask.
Jake nods. "Sure." He turns towards the soldiers. "What about you boys. What's the chances one of you mountain militia are a pilot?" They shake their heads.
"Greg down in Creedshaw is ex-Virginia Air Force," One of them says.
You're busy thinking. You've got some men, some transportation and weapons. But it's not enough. It's not nearly enough. You glance at the men. You'll need more like them. You don't care how long you've been asleep, you know there's plenty of patriots left across the country. Not only that.....
Your hand moves to your chin. The US invested trillions in military technology. There's likely secret projects lying dormant in every state.

>Inquire about other militias
>Find a console to research other dormant bases
>Inquire about other militias
Know our layout first, we can search for secret weapons when we're ready.

>Inquire about other militias
>Find a console to research other dormant bases

most likely these men don't know much about the militias and if 30 men are waiting for you and a group of now dead generals/loyal high-ranking members, then most likely more will be waiting at other bases.

You doubt these men know much, but there's a chance the militias are are all vaguely connected.
"Are there more like the Liberty Legion," You ask. "In Virginia and other states,"
Their leader, Bobbi, cocks his head. "Well sure, but we all have to keep low. Not much contact between us, what with all our governments and foreign agencies cracking down on such groups," Bobbi taps his foot. "But, off the top of my head, there's the Minutemen in Massachusetts, the Sons of Sam in Carolina, and the American Militia in Tennessee,"
You ponder this. You could send your new soldiers to discreetly recruit these militias, but if things are as tense as Bobbi says it might be better to send Jake. But Jake is you the only man you trust right now. You want him at your side, but he'd also be able to make contact with the other militias, you have no doubt.
Can we remotely dethaw the other generals in the other bases? If not, lets research dormant bases.
Send Bobbi out, you need trustworthy men close to you, send the grunts to do the heavy lifting.
Send Jake. With the Big Dogs I don't think we have any reason to fear mutiny and as far as we know none of the regional governments know of us so we should seize this opportunity and create a geurrila movement which will weaken our enemies and potentially open up new paths to regaining power.
Ya no, Send Jake.
writing it up, one sec

You turn to Jake. "Take Bobbi and his men and make contact with the other militias. Get them ready and armed." Jake nods.
"You heard him," Jake says, turning to Bobbi. "You six are with me,"
Bobbi shifts his rifle. "We taking the bird?" He says, gazing at the Osprey.
"No," Jake says. "It's too loud. You got vehicles?"
"Whole mess'a trucks outside, reliable and ready."
"One of you get the rest of the Liberty militia up the mountain and into the base," You say.
"What are you going to do?" Jake says.
"There are other bases like this one," You say. "Secret bases the pentagon built. They have weapons." You give him a look. Jake nods, understanding. Not weapons. WMD's.
Jake leads Bobbi and his men out of the hanger. You take one last look around the room, then leave as well. You take the stairs back down and enter into the cyro room. You do your best to ignore the flashing red alarms of the cyro beds.
Reaching the console, you boot it up and root around. After a bit you find what you're looking for; an isolated backup of the Pentagon network. There's a lot of information, too much in fact. You spend an irritating amount of time going through branch-ways and file portals.
You snap out of your concentration. Turning, you see three men standing in the door of the cyro room. They're wearing military fatigues.
"Name," You say, massaging the bridge of your nose.
"Greg Shroder sir," One of the men says, stepping forward. "We received your orders and gathered in the base,"
You point at the two men flanking Greg. "You two, get the bodies out of these cyro beds and bury them outside the base. Make sure they're marked." You'll need to go back later and give your comrade generals proper burials. "You," You point at Greg. "You saw the armory?"
"Gear up the men. There should be a firing range around here. You're in charge, get the men practicing."
"Yessir," Greg says, saluting. He leaves, and the other two begin moving among the cyro beds. You turn back to the console. After a bit you find several interesting files. There are three bases under the file "Black Block" the codename for powerful weapons. You investigate the bases. One appears to be an advanced AI cybernetics program that attacks networked systems. It's in a base in Carolina. Another houses a fleet of stealth drones. It's in a secret base in Virginia. The third contains what appears to be chemical weapons.
You lean back in your chair and drum your fingers on the arm rest. God bless military spending. You only have a few men at the moment, and can only investigate one base at a time. Which one should you travel to?
Go to the base in Carolina first. A program that hurts cybernetics would be useful in the future but we can't use it unless we're ready for a full scale confrontation and while chemical weapons seem effective they'll be impossible for our enemies to ignore therefore we should focus on increasing our capacity to sneak by the separatists and attack when they least expect.
Shit I meant base in Virginia sorry.
We should grab the drones first. Not only is the base in the same state, the drones will be able to assist in combat and intelligence gathering
One appears to be an advanced AI cybernetics program that attacks networked systems. It's in a base in Carolina.

You like the idea of the cybernetics program, but after some internal debating you decide on the drone program that's a bit closer to the base. You stand and cross the cyro room. The two militia men are lifting the last body out of the cyro bed. You leave them to their work.
You hear muffled shots coming down the hall, and follow them until you find a firing range. Thirty or so men stand along the range, practicing with a variety of high caliber weaponry. You signal Greg over.
"Sir?" He says, coming to a stop in front of you and throwing a salute.
"Fifteen of your best men," You say. "Get them to the hanger. The rest put on guard rotations in the base. You're ex airforce, correct? Pilot?"
"Yes sir,"
"You have a plane?"
"Yes sir,"
"File a flight plan for your plane with the Virginia authorities. For this town." You produce a tablet, one you'd grabbed from the cyro room. It displays a map.
"Yes sir," Greg pauses. "Permission to speak?"
"Be brief,"
"My plane is a single engine cesna sir. Can't take fifteen men."
A small smile tugs at the corner of your mouth. "We will not be taking your plane," You say. "Gather your chosen men in the hanger in thirty minutes. You have that much time to file a flight plan."
"Yessir," Greg says, throwing a salute. He then turns and starts talking to two others. You take one last glance at the firing range and leave.
Thirty minutes later you, Greg and fifteen others are grouped up beside the Osprey. You are about to board.
"General Oman sir!" You turn and see two men dragging a third. They throw him down on the ground before you. "This man was caught trying to leave the base!"
"I'm sorry!" The man says, looking wildly from you to the two men who brought him in. "I've got a family back down in Creedshaw! The Liberty militia was a fun hobby, but you guys are crazy! I can't be a part of this!"
Your hand finds its way to the beretta resting in your hostler. You could jail this deserter somewhere in the base, or be merciful. Your hand curls around the handgun. Of course, if you wanted to, you could send a very, very clear message.
>Take him to someplace that can be cleaned and put a round in his brains
>Clear message, There are no traitors to America's army.
Be merciful for now. We`re just starting out and don`t fully know the loyalties of our men. Besides, these guys all know each other. So it`s safe to say we can always go after his family if he snitches...
In addition, killing him will only attract the authorities to the surrounding area
Put him to hard labor, we can't afford to risk mutiny through extreme cruelty but we cannot allow desertion to go unpunished.
It's simple. He died in a hunting trip.
Not a great idea, that will demotivate your men, Jail him till you return from the mission and if he doesn't comply with orders and tries to desert once more, put a bullet in the back of his head and give your condolences to his family as a sign of guilt when you don't really mean it

You stare at the center of his forehead. You could put a bullet in it right now. You do not suffer weak men. And yet....
Your hand leaves the beretta and you look at the men who brought him in.
"I want him cleaning the base, afterwards, find a place to detain him." You look down at the man on the floor before you. "What is your name,"
"Terry," The man says.
"Terry, I want to make something very clear." You say. "I am going to bring this country back from the brink of destruction and reunite its scattered peoples. And I will do it with patriots like the Liberty militia. When I return from this mission, I will expect an answer from you. You are either with us, or against us. You are either for the reunification of these scattered states. Or you are a traitor like the rest of them." You signal the men and they grab hold of Terry. He stares at you in bewilderment as he's dragged from the hanger.
You look at your men. "Anyone else who wishes to leave, now is the time." They stare back at you solemnly. None move. "Very well. Here is the mission. We're taking the Osprey to the Hitchfield Military Base, nestled in the Kuraton valley east of here. We will land in a suitable spot and hike towards it through thick woods. The base may be controlled by the Virginia authorities. Or maybe it is undiscovered. Either way, be ready for trouble. Do I make myself clear?"
"Sir yes sir!"
"Very good," You say, turning to the Ospery. "Load up men,"
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That's it for tonight boys. Thanks for your participation, you guys rock. If you're interested, check back tomorrow at 11 central time america for tomorrow's starting time. Likely the same time as tonight.
that was unclear, I'll be posting tomorrow at 11am the time at which I'll start back up tomorrow night.
>Every state in the union has succeeded into its own nation

how am I to take your serious
>Doubting how SUCCESSFUL they were
It would have been more realistic if there were half a dozen to a dozen nations existing out of the carcass of the old USA, regional powers.
That could be good, also multinational corporations strip mining the states dry for resources. Vultures upon the carcasse of Uncle Sam
File: 1491533883886.jpg (231 KB, 1920x1041)
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231 KB JPG
My Father's Country resumes tonight, 8pm central time
File: 150421-F-UL677-525.jpg (458 KB, 4236x2894)
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458 KB JPG
You stare out the viewing plane of the Osprey as miles of forest flow beneath you. In the twenty or so minutes you've been in the air, you could almost trick yourself into believing nothing has changed since your cyro sleep. Quaint towns and dominating cities, from the east to the west. A growing technology sector, and the greatest military the world had every known.
But you know. Outside this forest, there were new governments, backed by foreign interests. Heavy regulations, strict laws, all imposed by an international community who dared to deny the US's sovereignty. They'd all had their fun divvying up America. But now the bill for their transgressions was coming due. You tighten your grip on the barrel of your M21.
"General Oman sir,"
You look up to see one of the Liberty Legion soldiers standing in the aisle. The soldier holds his gun close, while hanging on to the hand grip above him.
"Speak," You say.
"We're approaching the LZ"
You nod. "Get the rest of them ready," You say, gripping the handle and pulling yourself up. You can feel the plane shifting to the left as the propellers rotate. After another sharp turn the Osprey slows, almost hovering to a stop in the air. The back door opens, and two of the Liberty militiamen toss ropes out the open bay. You walk to the front where Greg and another man are piloting. "Refuel!" You yell over the noise of the engines. "Then come back and find a suitable place to land! 3 hours!"
Greg nods, and you turn back to the rear of the plane. Fourteen or so soldiers are repealing down the ropes. You grab hold of one and jog out the back, turning at the last moment and repelling off the Osprey. The ground rushes up to meet you, and you land with a thud on the soft dirt. You signal Greg and the Osprey disappears into the air.
A quick glance around the woods shows it rained recently. The forest is a deep, expansive green, and the birds are chirping loudly now that the Osprey has left.
"Who's the most combat experienced," You say. An older man raises his hand. "Name," You demand.
"Keith Lee sir, three long-ass tours in southern Mexico back in 23'"
"You're second in command for the rest of this mission," You say. You point north. "We're headed up that mountain range. The entrance won't be too far up, but you need to be on constant lookout for patrols. We don't know if the base is a known asset to the authorities."
You and your men trek up the soft earth through thick pine. After two hours, the light begins to fade. By the third hour its set, and your men don their night vision googles.
You finally reach the perimeter of what the computer said was the Hitchfield Military Base. You have several options now. You stand at the treeline, and the entrance looms ahead. Two steel doors carved into the side of the mountain. You're too far away to spot if there's anyone guarding the massive gates.

>Simply approach with your men, spread out and ready.
>Sneak along the edges with your men, stealthily and slowly approach
>Some men approach, some hang back at the treeline covering
>Sneak along the edges with your men, stealthily and slowly approach

You split your men into two groups, and lead the left column in a wide circle around the treeline. The slope is steep by the entrance to the base, you can effectively edge along it like a wall. Your men approaching from the opposite side will do the same and wait for your signal.
After an agonizing amount of time spent inching along the treeline and then the wall of the mountain, your pointman spots it. He signals hostiles ahead. You take out your night scope and zoom in. Ahead are two towers built on either side of the steel doors. There are flood lights hanging from them, but they're not on. Men are in the towers, with a few more mulling about on the ground.

>Give the signal to attack
>Try and get closer
>Reveal yourself and demand to speak with them.
>Try and get closer

I wonder if they are militia cause the lights aren't on.

You inch closer, then see the men suddenly move. The floodlights burst on, swiveling away from you and pointing in the opposite direction. The right flank has been spotted, which means whoever's guarding the entrance has night vision capabilities.
Your right flank panics at being bathed in light, and several rapid shots are heard. One of the headlights shatters, but the other remains on. The guards at the entrance begin shooting. Their weapons sound high-caliber.

>Get closer, use the right flank as a distraction
>Open fire from your side, catch them between both flanks
>Open fire from your side, catch them between both flanks

Your men are good, you'll give them that. No sooner do you give the order to attack then they break away from the wall and begin firing. The sharp staccatos of gunfire fill the night. The guards slump down in the towers, some falling to the ground below. The men at the entrance fall quickly as well, taking shots and crumbling. After all the men are dead both flanks of your soldiers meet at the entrance.
"Find me a survivor!" You bark, waving your hand around. "And someone give me causalities!"
"Two sir," Keith says. "One dead, one wounded."
You pause to strategize. You could interrogate the wounded man, or approach the door and see if it's a Pentagon command interface, which you would have access to.
>Have the second in command interrogate the man while we check the door.

"Keith," You say
You jerk your thumb at the wounded man some of the Liberty soldiers are moving. "Have some men secure the perimeter and get rid of the bodies, then go find out what he knows,"
Keith smiles. "Yes sir,"
You point to two soldiers. "With me," you say. They fall into step behind you as you approach the massive steel doors. It only takes you a few minutes to find an access panel. It is indeed a pentagon interface system. You hold your hand over the panel, and red light sweeps across it. After a beat it turns green.
You take a few moments to swipe through the command sequence, and the doors rumble open at a slow crawl.
Kieth comes up behind you. "They're Virginia armed forces sir. None in the base, they haven't been able to open it. But there's a whole bunch more over the mountain, and they'll be on us in a minute if the alarm is raised,"
"Then we won't raise the alarm Captain Lee," you say.

>Take all your soldiers with you inside
>Leave some outside
>Leave some outside

"Half at the entrance, half with me," You say to Kieth. He signals to several men, then follows you into the yawning darkness of the base. The night vision googles reveal large ceilings held up by massive support beams. Row upon row of drones line the room, covered in white tarps with the american flag adoring the center.
"Beautiful," You say. "We need to get these back to our base,"
You hear a noise and the entrance, and see one of the soldiers running in. "We can hear an alarm on the other side of the mountain! They must know we're here,"
You suppress a flash of anger. You need to move these drones, but you may not have time. You will not, under any circumstances let these drones fall into the false authorities of Virginia.
You run over to the central command hub and access it with a right swipe of your hand. The command sequence is locked, or possibly corrupted, as nothing you do opens the start sequence.
"Damn them," You say, smacking the console.
"Sir?" Keith says.
"I can't get in," You say. You look around the room. Your men brought enough demo charges. You could easily destroy this base and deny your enemies a new stealth drone fleet.
"Jed here is a techpierce sir," Kieth says.
"A what," You say.
"You know, a man who," Kieth motions in the air. "Can do all that shit with the tech,"
"Can you," You say, turning to the man Kieth points out.
Jed steps forward. "Sure sir, but I'm guessing if I mess up some bad things are going to happen,"

>Destroy the fleet
>Let Jed work the console
>Let Jed work the console

"Go," You say, motioning at the console. Jed runs over to it, and his eyes flash red. You instantly understand. The man known as Jed is augmented, something that has surely grown in popularity during your sleep in cyro.
Jed begins sweating, a silent battle happening in a datalink between the militiaman and the console. After a tense moment, Jed relaxes.
"I'm in," He says.
"Turn them on, get them back to our base," You order. You point at Jed. "Get on the radio, let them know to open the hangar doors back at the home base. And too be expecting the drones." You pause. Radio contact was dangerous. On the other hand, the enemy were already on the way.
The drones hum to life. The men who came with you begin tearing off the tarps. Its time for you to figure out your own escape.
The men finish tearing off the tarps and the drones roll forward. You signal Kieth to have the soldiers follow you. You and your men run out of the base as the drones roar out overhead into the night air. You can see bright lights in the woods, and the sound of several approaching vehicles.

>Take a stand at the entrance fortifications
>Retreat into the woods towards the Osprey LZ
>Retreat into the woods towards the Osprey LZ
>Retreat to the woods towards the osprey
>>Retreat into the woods towards the Osprey LZ
Maybe leave some demo charges on a timer to destroy the base and any information left behind

You motion all the men with you as you charge towards the woods. The drones continue to pour out of the base doors. The lights in the woods reveal themselves to be tanks.
You and your men make it into the tree line just as the anit-infantry guns open fire. Wood flies and chips around you, but you pause as your men continue to run into the woods. You take shelter behind a thick tree, ducking as wood splinters in your direction. You peer out from the tree. The wounded man from the Liberty militia is lying on the ground. The tanks are rolling around the entrance, but he's near you and you have a clear shot.
"Sir!" You turn. One of the militia men is motioning for you to hurry. You turn back towards the distant wounded man. You can't let him compromise your plans.

>Leave him, run into the woods
>Take the shot
>Take the shot
How loyal are our troops?
And how injured is the man?

You take aim. The soldier urging you to hurry is behind you. These men have just met you, and have sworn allegiance. They killed Virginian armed forces for you, and seemed to do it with gusto. On the other hand, they are all from a small town, and likely know each other. You cannot fail.
>>Take the shot
cant leave a goat herder alive if he has critical intel. compassion gets you killed.

>Pew pew.

Your gun cracks once, then you turn and charge into the trees. You catch up to the other soldiers and dodge through branches and brush bathed in the green light of your googles. Two loud roars are heard, and the trees to your left explode. Another shell whistles to your right, impacting in a grove ahead. You continue onward.
After a steep slope and another hard climb, you reach a cleared meadow where an Osprey sits. Upon seeing you the engines start up. You and your soldiers move up the ramp, the bay door closing behind you. The soldiers take their seats inside, and you tear off your night vision googles as you move up towards Greg.
"Successful sir?" Greg says, flipping switches in the pilots seat.
"Get this bird in the air," You reply.
The Osprey takes off, and sails over the treetops. In the distance you can just make out the end of the drone fleet as heads towards your base.
After a time spent flying, the familiar shapes of the mountain range that houses your base appear. The Osprey circles around once, then enters the hanger. A Liberty militia soldier guides the Osprey to the only clear spot left in the hanger. The rest is taken up with tightly packed stealth drones.
You pat Greg once on the shoulder and head out. "Unwind, your men did well," You exit the Osprey and shout at one of the men. "Get those hangar doors closed, and find a mechanic to check over those drones."
Two of the men salute and jog away. You cross the hanger and descend the stairs. After a few turns in the hallway you arrive in the cyro room. The beds are empty, and no longer flashing red in a grim reminder of your comrades' fate.
You sit down at the console and pull up the base communications hub. It is becoming familiar to you now, easier to navigate. You open a line with Jake Malone.
"Sir," His voice carries through the console.
"Report," You say.
"Minutemen are with us, so are the Sons of Sam. They're both arming up with as much secrecy as redneck mountain militias can muster. I'm headed to Tennessee now to contact the American Militia. How did your mission fair."
"There were causalities," You say. "The Virginian armed forces were aware of the base. But we ultimately achieved our goal."
"Say, Nathan," Jake's voice crackles through the computer. "I was thinking, you could have used me on that mission, right?"
"Of course," You say, picking at a nail.
"Well, why not just download my mind into another body? Have another one of me. I mean, you can do that right, you have my conciseness."
You stop picking at your nail. You could do that. Why not have another Jake around? The man was a cold blooded killer, the best in his field.

>Revive another Jake
>Pass for the time being

>Revive another Jake
>Revive another Jake
You can call them Jake1 and Jake2 :)
Okay, rant time: I tried to give this a chance, but I'm calling it now: It turns out the real villain is... AMERICA. The International Community is actually doing what's best for everyone, Timmerman was a monster who ate Muslim children alive on national TV and we're basically Cobra Commander. There will be no hint of the secessionist states being corrupt or the infighting causing suffering, exploitation of the US by ruthless multinationals, that the execution of the cabinet was questionably justified or extenuating circumstances or anything else that would actually incentivize resistance by actual competent people. Because, just like in reality, if the worst thing the Occupying UN does is impose environmental regulations, then your "militia" is going to be a bunch of old fat dudes and losers playing in the woods, you only get real people if there's a real cause.

Go ahead and prove me wrong, but I predict no ambiguity, no real gray areas, and the conclusion to be "BUT WHO WAS THE REAL EVIL EMPIRE... REALLY?" and thinly veiled jabs at the current Administration given how we're being lead up to at best morally ambiguous choices at every turn and nudged in the direction of shooting our own men and executing irregular deserters. It's so tired and cliche it tastes like cardboard. I hope to be proven wrong, but I expect less than nothing and know I will still be disappointed.

"I like it," You say, rising from the console. "Keep me posted Jake,"
"Yes sir,"
You leave the cyro room and head towards the lab. The 3D printer hums to life, and the tube floods with water. The same sequence as the first time is initiated begins, and you find yourself making a similar speech about Jake's mortality to the new copy. Jake being Jake however, he quickly adapts and jumps on board with your plans. The pair of you leave the lab, and you catch Jake2 up to speed.
"A drone fleet you say," Jake2 says, rubbing his chin. "How interesting. And a whole bunch of hillbilly militiamen to boot,"
"I'm getting tired of you making the same jokes the first Jake already made," You say, entering the armory and shedding your armor vest and M21. You keep the beretta. Once in the barracks you find one of the Legion soldiers cooking food. Upon seeing you he offers you a bowl of chili. You accept, it, then notice a bottle of whiskey on the table. You point at it.
"Who's is this," You say.
"Yours if you want it sir," The cook says.
"An appropriate answer, soldier," You take the whiskey and the chili and carry past. Jake follows. You find what you're looking for in a sidehall of the barracks; the officers command room. It's a low ceiling and circular, with the center being dominated by an advanced holographic projector. You locate a chair and sit down. Turning, you stare up at the rather large back wall. A massive american flag hangs there. You pour yourself a glass of whiskey, then pour one for Jake.
"To the first of many victories," Jake2 says, raising the cup towards you. You raise yours, then you both throw them back.
"Ahh," Jake says, wiping his mouth. "So now what?"
You begin eating the chili and ponder the question. There were the other two secret bases, with the cyberwarfare weapon, and the chemical weapons. But you are not sure how well the states communicate with each other, and whether you are catching someones attention with your movements. You need more intelligence.
You could also concentrate on Virginia, and strike military targets here. You are quickly gaining the capability to do so.

Ah, I apologize, this quest might not be for you. You've hit the nail on the head, and what you're saying is in indeed the entire point. America isn't really the badguy, but this quest simulates your role as a vengeful general striking back at those who you perceived wronged you. You could very well be a villain, the classic rouge general. Or if you want to play it straight as the noble hero reuniting his country, you can think that too. I apologize if I was unclear in the beginning
>Cyberwarfare weapon

Chemical just makes us out to be a bad guy.
Study the states in which the bases are located with. Any intel could lead to an advantage or something we could use when we attack the bases.

It's just fucking boring and overdone is the problem. If there were legitimate grievances or injustices to fight against, this could be interesting, the US forcefully Balkanized by supposedly benevolent foreign intervention, but your reply here betrays that you're not even really going to give us the option of redeeming the Cause and resurrecting all that is good about the old USA, just delusionally believing we're in the right when we're actually a warmongering terrorist. Reality is never that cut and dried, to a lot of modern Romanians Vlad the goddamn Impaler is a national hero who fought for freedom against the Ottoman Empire (debatable, but you get my point).

This quest isn't for me, not because I can't imagine the US as less than morally spotless, but because the set-up here is about as compelling and thought provoking as chewing wood. It's the political statement equivalent of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4RuB3gT8t0

This is just... Unbearably basic. Playing a one-dimensional villain isn't fun unless you go all the way and literally roll Cobra Commander or post the intentionally over-the-top Trump Quest you know you want to (but won't, because people might have fun and MISS THE POINT). Maybe give us a reason why Timmerman turned to erecting giant gold statues of himself stomping orphans to death with confiscated Social Security money or whatever the hideous crimes and downfall turns out to be when you've worked yourself up to the reveal. The main problem is the lack of choice: I've run Quests, the multiple-choice format is what you do when you don't want things going off the rails, like maybe quietly contacting the Virginia government and seeing if they'll just join our cause or figure out what's going on before we shoot people. Instead, choo choo.

You bring up the communications hub in the officers room. The holographic projector hums to life. "Jake," You say, making contact.
"Sir," He says, his voice crackling through the projector.
"Change of plans," You say. "I want you to link back up with the Sons of Carolina. How effective of a fighting force are they."
"Eh," Jake says. You can hear the shrug in his voice. "They're decently armed, eighty strong. Didn't get a chance to ascertain abilities, but I wouldn't expect much."
"It will have to do," You say, swiping at the display. "I'm sending you the coordinates of a base housing an old pentagon weapon we need,"
"Got it," Jake says.
"This is," Jake2 says, putting a hand to his forehead. "Certainly weird. But effective, I'll admit,"
You ignore Jake2, and send the coordinates to the prime version. "Keep me posted," You say, the log off. You turn to Jake2. You need to gather intelligence and study the other states. But how to go about that? You could spend time with the Liberty Legion and grill them about the outside world, though they would only know surface information. Or you could spend time at the officer's console and try and gauge the current climate with the internet and research. You could even send Jake2. You scratch your chin. You could send more Jakes, if you really wanted to. All it would take is making more.

>Interview militia
>Officers console
>Send out more Jakes
>Interview militia

We should probably get some officers
>Officers console
Or just have an army of Jakes lead them but I don't trust the printer to always bring out good copies
>Interview militia
It'll probably be nice for these men to have their leader speak to them on non-authoritative terms
jfc kill yourself you colossal fucking signaly faggot and crawl back under whatever fucking sub reddit you came from.
Why can't he just select someone else for the revival procedure, like maybe another general or high ranking member to help out?

"Jake," You say, booting up the officer's console.
"Yes?" Jake2 says.
"Get me some of the militia men, bring them in here. I want knowledgeable men who keep up to date with current events,"
Jake2 nods and leaves the room. You gaze into the officer's console display, parsing through data files. The Pentagon was dissolved decades ago, but its systems seemed to have continued gathering data. Including the ones in this base.

After some time spent browsing, you have several useful bits of info. The country of Virginia, as well as Tennessee and Carolina, all have a strong military presence. Kentucky does as well, but lacks any air capabilities. There is also the presence of interpol and chinese intelligence agencies in certain parts of the surrounding states, including Virginia. Their specific locations are unknown, but their activity has been noted. On top of that, multi national corporations have been given tracts of land in a lend-lease operation in order to extract resources.
There are enemies everywhere.
You turn to see Jake2 with several militia men. "Good," you say, standing from the chair. "Thank you for coming, please sit," You motion at chairs in front of you. They take their seats, and you pass the whiskey bottle the man on the left. "I have a few questions for you. First, how strong would you gauge this states armed forces is?"
"Fairly strong," The man with the whisky bottle says. He takes a drink and passes it to his comrade. "They got the abrams and the bradleys and everything else that was stored up in fairfax and bowling green,"
"And the current climate," You ask. "Do the nation states get along?"
"Hell no," the other man says. "Everybodies pissed. There's all sorts of problems with who gets what powerplant and mines, and everytime a fight threatens to break out the foreigners step in."
"Yeah, and sometimes gas is too fucking expensive, or there's food shortages." the third says.
"Thank you men," You say. You point at the bottle. "Please, finish that,"
You leave the officers room, and Jake2 follows. The two of you traverse the base until you reach the lab. You bring up the Lazereth protocol and scroll through the list.
"Recognize any of them?" You say to Jake2.
"Sure," Jake says, squinting at the names. "Some other CIA operatives, some special forces it looks like."
You nod. You didn't recognize any officers on the list. Apparently the project never made it past the special operatives phase. It never hurts to bring back other operatives, but Jake is the only one you know and trust.

>Create another Jake
>Choose another agent or special forces
>Choose another agent or special forces
>Choose another agent or special forces

"Of the names you recognize, what do you know," You say.
"Uhh, let's see," Jake2 says, squinting at the screen. "Those two CIA agents I've worked with, Bean and Summers. Bean's an arab looking guy who knows a buncha languages, Summer's some sort of James Bond type, pretty capable agent. I'm better obviously, but hey, he's good for niche jobs. Then there's four special forces guys I recognize, green beret types. All of them pretty good, one's a demo expert, anothers one of those cybernetic warriors the pentagon was working on."
You look at the 3D printer and bring up the material levels. By your estimates you have enough material to build three more people. You could do three of one person, or three different people, are any combination thereof.
>Save it for now, But look for ways of getting more Materials.

You leave the console as well as the lab.
"Nathan?" Jake2 says, catching up to you.
"There's not enough material," You say, walking through the halls back to the officers' room. You pass several soldiers on patrol, and they stop to salute you.
"So we need more material for the 3D printer," Jake says.
"Exactly, I'm hoping our friends with the whiskey bottle know more."
You enter into the officers' room and find the trio still drinking the bottle. They hasten to stand up and throw salutes.
"At ease," You say. "Where might I find more 3D printer material, organics."
"Well, the closest city is Morgansville," One of the men says. "And they've got industrial parks."
"We'd have to raid there," Jake2 says. "I'm guessing that stuff is tightly regulated."

You could organize a raid with some of your forces, including the Big Dog mechanical infantry.

A notification appears on the holographic display. You wave your hand, and Jake1 appears.
"Sir, we've got a problem," Jake1 says. "The Carolina forces are on a high alert, they must have gotten wind of our last raid. There's at least a full division surrounding the base,"

You lean on the console and stare at an overhead map of Carolina. You could reinforce Jake1's forces with other militias, and assault the base. Or utilize your new stealth drone fleet. Or you could make more Jake's and have them attempt to infiltrate the base.
Yeah our forces are still pretty small so it's unlikely we'd need any XOs other than the two James.

Supply operations would probably be something we should focus on especially with the hundred or so new militia coming
File: 1491089217298.jpg (258 KB, 2680x1802)
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258 KB JPG
I'm going to take a break for the night, I'll address everyone's answers tommorow, and post in the morning when I'll be continuing the quest. Thanks for playing guys, you rock
>Utilize the Spy drones and have the Jake 1 get access to its feeds, while we hit an industrial park with our Jake2 and some milita. The Rest and ourself head to get the other bunker.

i'm enjoying it.
So I got a weird vibe from this, why exactly is this boring or bland as cardboard? I get that we're apparently acting as a terrorst/cobra commander type, but from what I've been reading it looks like we had to undergo some radical changes to deal with some tough times that lead to the other international powers and the public itself to hand us over to them on a plate.

Was it a war with a foreign power that we had to do some tough calls like in 'Nam?

Was it civil disorder on the scale of a civil war that lead to other nations offering aide and helping to restore America or at least break things up?

Still a bit confused as we don't have a full account of what's going on and what we did that was so god awful. Hell even the soldiers in our current base are saying that everyone's mad because everyone is debating on who gets what and as soon as any one starts to fight foreign powers come into settle it.
Don't worry about the faggot anon.
I'm liking this thread, and will follow it in the morning.
Supporting this anon choice.
File: Cobra Freedom.png (47 KB, 1710x840)
47 KB
I'm liking this quest so far, please continue!

We need a Cobra Commander-tier outfit at some point. Like a ballistic face mask, or a cape
It's gong to be a late one tonight boys, 11pm central time is when we'll be starting, and it seems everyone's agreed to go with >>1665485

I purposely left it vague. Things happened, some tragic, some necessary, but it's really up to the reader, and history, to decide whether any of it was justified. But more will be revealed as you come into contact with the authorities of the new world order

You've summoned the Liberty Legion into the hangar. Row upon row of stealth drones hums as the bay doors open. A massive American flag hangs behind you.
"Listen up men," You say, standing in front of them. Jake2 stands beside you, inspecting a Famas he found in the armory. "We've gained allies, now it's time to flex our power. Half of you will be accompanying myself to Carolina to assault a base and Carolina forces positioned there. We will be backed up by the Sons of Carolina and the drone fleet," You motion at the humming machines. Your militia men nod. They are visibly impressed and emboldened by the advanced weaponry you acquired. "The rest of you," You say. "Will accompany Jake here to Morgansville to assault an industrial park for some much needed resources. You are to be fast, striking quickly and taking what we need before the Virginia authorities have time to react. Do I make myself clear?"
"Sir yes sir!"
"Excellent," You say. "You've done me proud so far, and now I ask you to continue." You throw a salute. "To the restoration of our great country!"
"These United States!" The men yell in unison.

The men move out, splitting off into two groups. You and fifteen others board the Osprey, and Greg starts the engines. In a few moments you are airborne, the drones rushing out behind you to escort your journey. You're sitting next to Greg, with your GPS tablet in your lap.
You have one of several options with how to attack. According to Jake1, he and his forces are positioned fifteen miles from the Carolina base in the mountains. You could join them, and move forward in a full assault with the drones covering you from the air.
Or, you could try for a stealthy approach, moving your some 90 men down the mountain and into the valley containing the base.
Or, you could send the drones ahead, softening up your target at the risk of losing some to the Carolina Air Force
>Or, you could try for a stealthy approach, moving your some 90 men down the mountain and into the valley containing the base.

I want us to destroy/soften the Caroline Air Force a bit before sending the drones, be it having the man plant bombs on the planes, or take down the pilots before they start up the planes,
>Stealthy approach

We don't really have the means to replace anything yet.

You instruct Greg to land on the far side of the mountain, then radio Jake1 that you will be hiking to his position. The sun is rapidly setting, sending out vibrant oranges and purples across the sky. The trees below your Osprey are bathed in the fading light.
At least your nation remains in some aspects.
Greg reaches the mountain just as the sun dips below the horizon. He lands quickly, dropping you and your men off. You secure your night vision googles over your faces.
"Sir!" Greg says over the roar of the propellers. "Am I waiting here?"
"Return to base," You motion with your hand. "I'll radio for pickup,"
Greg nods, and the Osprey lifts into the air. You and Keith lead the men at a slow trot into the woods. It takes four hours to make if over the peak and rendezvous with Jake1.
"Nathan," He says, nodding at you. You and your men have just emerged into the clearing Jake and the Sons of Carolina occupy. You give your new militia a quick glance. They appear well enough armed, though not as well as the Liberty Legion. What gives you pause is that only half of them have night vision googles. You mention this to Jake.
"Yeah, they armed themselves," Jake says, shrugging. "It's like Rumsfield said, you go to war with the army you have,"
You ignore him. "Get three squad captains in front of me," You motion at Keith. "Get over here soldier," The captains and Keith are quickly summoned. "This is a stealth mission, twenty men to each commander. A mile apart, you are to creep down the mountain in four groups. Once within range, you will wait for my signal. Am I understand?"
"Sir," The captains say, nodding.
"Good," You say. "Find yourselves twenty men you trust and brief them,"
The captains move out, and you turn to Jake. "Those without googles are worthless to us," You say. "Do we have tracer rounds?"
"We do, and photoflash rounds for mortars. We could turn this whole mountain to daylight if we wanted to,"
You rub your chin. If you use the photoflash rounds all your troops will be able to attack, regardless of their lack of nightvision googles. But if you do so, the Carolina forces will immediately know they are under attack.
You could also play it strictly stealth, and get as close to the base as possible. Doing so however, risks getting discovered, and then half your forces are disadvantaged in a night-time fight. You assume the Carolina forces all have night vision capabilities.
>Have the night vision creep ahead, with the ones who don't set up to provide cover to target any muzzle flashes once night kicks off.
Supporting this anon >>1668615

"I want the men without googles to hang back and support from the mountain slope," You tell Jake. "Those with night vision will move ahead,"
Jake nods and jogs off to seek out the captains. You stand in the center and watch as the men give their gear a final checkover. Your hand finds its way to your beretta, and you draw it slowly.
"Men!" You shout. "It's time!" The captains throw up hand signals and lead your soldiers into the thick treeline. You follow at a brisk trot, moving to the front where Jack leads.
"So you got those drones right?" Jake says as you side up to him.
"They're hanging back for now," You say. "But I'm handing you control," You tap your temple where a net-buddy rests. Control is wirelessly transferred to Jake. You then repoint your rifle forward. The massive line of soldiers moves silently down the mountain slope. At a signal from the captains half suddenly break away, finding cover. The rest continue onward into the dark.
"This is about as close as we're gonna get before they spot us," Jake says. "They've got to have all sorts of advanced optics and motion detectors on this mou-"
Jake's words are cut short by several loud booms. You hear whistles, and scream at your soldiers.
"Take cover!"
The dirt rises up around you. Trees buckle, and flashes of fire overwhelm your night googles. You find your balance, tearing the googles from your head.
"Hostiles ahead!" Men are yelling. Your soldiers open fire, the woods fillings up with sharp staccatos. The Carolina forces fire back, and several more booms follow.
"Their fucking artillery will tear this mountain apart!" Jake says. "Let me use the drones, or let's charge!"
>Use the drones
They will cover us while we pop the Carolina forces.
File: 1435973098051.jpg (609 KB, 2250x1500)
609 KB
609 KB JPG

Jake hunkers down behind a tree, his eyes turning white. You and the rest of your soldiers fire upon the Carolina forces. You can tell they're entrenched, and several abram tanks are rolling forward.
The enemy is bathed in light. You and your soldiers fall down, a blast wave rocking through the valley and sending the trees shaking. The men with night vision googles scream and rip them from their heads. You stumble, catch a tree and steady yourself.
"Jake!" You yell. "JAKE!"
"Right here Nathan," Jake says, coming up to you and grabbing your shoulder. Your eyes clear, and you turn on him.
"What did you do!?" You demand.
"Well," He says, grinning. "Those stealth drones had hellfire missiles, and I decided to cut this conflict short,"
You break away from him and stare at the base. Smoke rises into the evening air, the stench of blasted earth and twisted metal wafting in the breeze.
"You just let every unit from here to Columbia know we're here!" Your hand tightens on the pistol. You should shoot Jake, here and now. You can always make more. Your anger is distracted by the cheers from the soldiers. They shake their guns in the air and begin moving forward. You stare out again at the destruction, and then start walking as well.
"Radio the men who hung back and get them up here," You say. You catch sight of one of the squad captains. "Secure the perimeter!"
Your soldiers hurry past the destroyed Carolina fortifications. The only remaining evidence of any resistance is the smoking husks of the abrams.
You and your men reach a pair of massive metal doors leading to a large metal building. The building disappears into the mountainside, much like the Hitchfield base. You take stock of your situation.
Carolina reinforcements are likely on their way. You could secure the base and defend it, but you would eventually need an exit plan. You could also retreat the majority of your forces, and enter with only a select few.
Or you could take all your men and enter, making sure to be in and out as quickly as possible.
>In and out as quickly and effectively as possible.
Call back our osprey, load up wounded men and looted equipment while we go inside.

Maybe we can stay with the Liberty legion a bit instead of going straight back to our base.

Can we send our drones to attack the NC air force preemptively? It might raise the alert and threat level on us.

Also, why can't we just buy some of the bio 3d print stuff? Stealing it is a bit overt....
I wasn't very clear about is, but earlier Jake drops a line about organics material being tightly regulated
So Anon, what should we do after this mission? Learn more about the current situation? Sit back and relax a bit

Also have Jake give us a heads up how close the Carolina forces are to us. He can check on his drones, while we're inside.

Supporting, if our drones attack NC air force while they are on the ground it'll be helpful but, risk us losing some drones. So maybe they protect us while we go in and out,
>Liberty legion
I think you mean the Carolina militia, and we could.
Honestly we don't have much of a choice but to retreat and lay low for awhile after this.
We can't be out in public since our face is a general face, so no to that. We'll either have to sit on the computer learning from the internet, or send Jake to be our eyes and ears.

I would like us to have a robot that's look like a normal human Joe, in which we remotely control, like our head is wire up to see and hear what it does out in the public. That why we learn first hand what's happening and bring people to our group with words from the leader himself.

"Greg," You get on the radio, hailing him.
"I'm sending you coordinates," You say. "Get here quickly this is a med evac."
The captains have found you and are now waiting for orders. "Get some men to gather the wounded," You say. "Get them ready, an Osprey is on it's way. The rest with me," You motion Jake to follow you as you find the control panel for the gates. You allow yourself a smile when you do; it's another Pentagon era system.
"Jake," You say as you access it it. "I want you to stay out here and monitor the drone fleet. Cover us while we're inside." You turn to him. "I don't have to tell you we're expecting company,"
Jake nods. "Got it Nathan,"
The doors creak open, rust showering down around you. Your soldiers all point their guns towards the widening darkness.
"Secure the base!" You yell. "Be ready to roll out quickly!"
Your men move into the base at a focused pace. You're at the forefront, sweeping your mag light back and forth. The base is considerably smaller then the one in Virginia. You quickly find it's circular, with several rings of hallways and room encircling a large, central lab. Once in the lab your eyes narrow. The various equipment and access consoles are unfamiliar to you.
"Nathan," You hear Jake's voice on the coms.
"Status," You say.
"Bad news, they got F40's, at least a squadron of them."
"What else is approaching," You say, moving from console to console in the lab.
"Nothing, seems the Carolinians are confident the F40's are sufficient,"
"They are," You say, finding what looks like a command console. "Those planes will destroy the drone fleet in a moment, then level this mountain and us inside it,"
"I'm not so sure Nathan," Jake says. You can practically hear the grin on his face. "I've been rooting around these drones, you have no idea what they're capable of. And we outnumber those overpriced lemons.

>Let Jake engage F40's
>Retreat the drone fleet and your own forces
>Surprise them from behind with the drones resting under the tree's.
>Let Jake engage F40's
I trust he can do it. While we work in getting the loot, quickly.
This also.

"Those drones are our only air and recon capabilities," You say, sitting at the command console. "Don't lose any, be smart about this."
"Oh I'll think of something creative," Jake says, then cuts the channel. You root through the files and find the cybernetics program quickly. It's encrypted, and massive. It rests in a core below the lab.
"Demos, over here!" You yell around the lab. Two soldiers break off from the far corner and trot over, unslinging their packs.
"Sir?" One of them says, stopping before you.
"I want this floor gone," You say. You turn around. "Everybody clear out!"
You and your men retreat out into the halls and seal the lab doors. You check in with Jake.
"Status," You say into the comlink.
"I'm hiding the fleet in the woods, the F-40's just made their first flyover."
"What?" You say, wrinkling your brow.
"I'm waiting for their second fly-over, then I'll spring out the drones and catch them from behind,"
"What do you mean you're hiding them in the woods?" You say.
A soldier runs up to you. "We're ready sir," He says.
"Detonate it, now," You say. Jake's voice crackles back over the comlink.
"I mean I hid the drone fleet under the tree canopy. It's easy once you get a hang of the propulsion system. Op! There's the second flyover. Gotta go Nathan, I'll let you know when they're all dead,"
Nathan cuts the line again, and the hallway shakes violently. After a beat you reopen the lab, and smoke billows out. The charges have decimated the floor, and opened a crevice leading down to a metal holding-tank.
You jump down into the crevice, and two soldiers follow suit to cover you. Once by the tank, you find the access panel initiate the unlocking sequence. Smoke billows out from the tank as it slides open. The crevice drops in temperature. You spy the core resting inside the tank, and rip it out from a tangle of wires and cables.
The soldiers help you back up, and you sound the retreat.
"Jake," You say. "Status,"
"Well, those Carolina airmen are tricky. One was hanging back. Now I annihilated the first five, but that sixth one came up and got the drop on three of the drones before I took him down,"
"Any more reinforcements coming?" You say.
"Yeah, they got an armor division making its way up the highway towards you,"
You and your soldiers exit the base. You summon the captains and think we'll they run over to you. You could either retreat as far as you could, ferrying the men back with the Osprey though several trips. Or go to ground in Carolina for awhile, wherever the Carolina militia hails from
File: 1417813689677.jpg (443 KB, 1920x1200)
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443 KB JPG
I gotta hit the sack. I'll post tomorrow morning when we're starting tomorrow night, then address everyone's votes. Thanks again readers, you make this awesome.
>Get the Cybernetics out, with men that were from Virginia through a few trips. The rest will go to ground here in Carolina until we too can pull out either by car or helio.
Its been good so far, but I'll be honest. I'm not sure how these kits are gonna be enough to bring down a state without full scale invasion from its next door states.
I got that part previously, I just wasn't sure to what degree. I figure we could try and have a front business, and siphon the extra stuff for our printer on the down low.

Get the wounded and important stuff out on the helo, all the able bodied men go with the Militia, and we learn about the world while "laying low".
Maybe we can watch the news about our new organization that is taking hold.
Sidepost Meta Post
"Jake's Back Baby"

The highway stretches on into a distant curve. A convoy of trucks roars down the pavement, sharing the highway with a series of semis. In the lead truck, a large beast of a vehicle spewing smoke into the air, a Liberty Legionnaire named Erik drives. Next to him sits Jake, resting his head against the window and gazing at the passing trees. In the rear of the cabin sit two other militiamen, rather young and nervous.
"Ha," Jake says suddenly.
Erik clears his throat. "Sir?"
"Billboards." Jake says, still leaning his head against the window. "You guys still have billboards."
"Yessir we do," Erik says. He taps his steeringwheel. "Mr. Malone sir?"
"Just Jake is fine,"
"Mr. Jake," Erik says. "Can I ask a question?"
"Ain't you supposed to be up in Carolina right now? With the general?"
"I am," Jake says, watching another billboard pass.
"Right, see, I'm a bit confused on that part. A lot of the boys been trying to figure it out too. How you can be in two places at once and all,"
"What, you fine folks don't have 3D printers in Virginia?" Jake says, moving his head from the window and straightening up. "Little behind the times are we?"
"Well, nosir," Erik says, adjusting his collar with one hand. "We have em. It's just, they don't print, you know, people. With working minds and personalities and all that,"
"Hmm," Jake says. "It's a pentagon thing. You know the pentagon? Famous for spending trillions on weapons people will never see?"
"I know the pentagon sir, back when we were the united states,"
"Right, well the pentagon came up and asked me if it was okay to implant a neural collector pin in case I ever died. I said sure. Then I died. Now I can be brought back, many times I might add. A whole army of me, subverting the powers that be."
The two young militamen sitting in back shift. They're clearly uncomfortable. Jake turns back towards them. "Either of you young bucks got some gum?"
They shake their heads no. Jake turns back forward.
"Mr. Jake," Erik says, turning the wheel and guiding the truck along a curve. The convoy of following trucks does the same. "You remember dying?"
"I do," Jake says.
"What was it like?"
"The fuck kinda question is that?" Jake says. "Do rednecks in the future ask crazy questions now? Back in my time they minded their own,"
"Ah, well sir," Erik says. "This being my first...raid and all, I thought maybe you'd have some insight,"
"Yeah yeah," Jake says. "Don't scare the kids in back any more then they already are,"
"Not scared," One of them says, his voice low.
"Sure," Jake says. An uncomfortable silence threatens to lengthen. Jake sighs. "It's loopy,"
"Sir?" Erik says.
"You feel loopy, giddy. You start dying, your body knows it see? So all these chemicals start flooding your brain and you feel higher then a smackhead."
Erik nods his head, digesting the information. "If I might be so bold again sir, how did you die?"

Jake doesn't answer for a bit, instead staring out the window.
"I was shot," Jake says finally.
"I said I was shot. In the back. Like a bitch." Erik nods again, clearly unsure of what to say. After announcing the fact of his death, Jake seems fit to continue. "I was in Yemen, at a local government office. Making sure the right people had the right guns. And this little fucking shit, no more then ten years old, somehow gets a gun past security and sprays everyone in the room. Including men."
Jake rolls down his window a bit and spits out it. "So I joined a long and proud line of africans and goatfuckers to die by the AK47. The Great Value brand of automatic rifles."
"Oh come on," Jake says, turning and seemingly snapping out of his melancholy. "Great Value? There's no chance in fucking hell Wallmart doesn't exist anymore. That would be some dystopian shit,"
"We're here," One of the young militiamen says, peering at the windshield. Jake looks to see a sign welcoming them to Morgansville. A slow smile spreads on his face.
"Sir, the exit for the industrial park is coming up." Erik says.
"Keep going, we need to drop off some special packages first," Jake says. He turns to the two militiamen in back. "The first rule of operating in a first world country is this; distract the authorities."
The truck convoy drives down the interstate to the edge of Morgansville. Jake radios for the last two trucks to park outside a powerplant. They park their trucks, then get out and squeeze into other trucks in the convoy.
"There," Jake says, peering at the parked trucks. "Now let's put some distance between ourselves and all those explosives."
"Sir?" Eric looks alarmed, the first genuine expression Jake could make out under his beard.
"The trucks," Jake says. "There are explosives in them. Now drive."
The convoy heads back to the industrial park. After a few miles, a massive, distant explosion is heard. It rumbles through the chassis of the truck, bringing a smile to Jake's face. "Don't matter if it's Somalia or Staten Island, it all blows the same," He says, more to himself then anyone.
A security gate appears ahead, and the lead truck comes to a stop.
"The hell is this?" The guardhouse operator says, peering out the window at the convoy of trucks.
"If you couldn't tell this was trouble, you honestly deserve this," Jake says, and points a pistol out the window. "Now open the fucking gate,"
The gate opens. Jake fires once, and the operator slumps back onto his duty chair. The trucks role through.
"Listen up," Jake says on the radio. "We're looking for tanks of C1X-30, artificial organics. When you find one, radio over one of the tanker trucks and start filling, now sound off and confirm!"
"Truck 2, confirm,"
"Truck 3, confirm,"
"Fury of Virginia aka Truck 4, confirm,"
"Truck 5, confirm,"
"Truck 6, confirm,"
Jake nods at hearing all the squad leaders. He grips his automatic shotgun. "Let's do this boys,"
File: 1492044859094.jpg (200 KB, 1024x768)
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200 KB JPG
My father's Country resumes tonight, 11pm central
Computer is updating, posting in a few
"Wounded and Liberty Legion to the Osprey," you say, moving quickly through the hallways with the cylinder. "Carolina captains, get your men to ground immediately, prepare for a massive response from the authorities"
You exit the base, eighty men streaming out behind you. The sound of the Osprey is heard, and Greg touches down amongst the destroyed Carolina fortifications. The wounded are quickly loaded, and then the Liberty Legion follows behind into the bird. You are the last to enter, and the Osprey takes off into the air. The sun is just starting to rise, and in the the distance you can just make out the Carolina tank column rolling up the interstate. You look down. The Carolina militia is already gone, somewhere in the woods. You take out binoculars and get a better view of the surrounding land. There doesn't appear to be any enemy forces, but you worry the Carolina army will do everything in it's power to hunt down those fleeing into Apalchia. You wonder if you should leave the drone fleet to protect them from the air. The militia would be well taken care of, but youd risk discovery if the Carolina airforce has any advanced radar capabilities. It might be better to take the drone fleet back with you and hope the militia can fend for itself.
>Take the drone fleet back
The Carolina militia knows this land better than us, so they can handle themselves.

But we should try to send a drone off in the opposite direction of the Carolina Militia to get some air force off the militia's tail. Just try to take some heat off.

"Jake," You say, moving back through the Osprey. Your friend is sitting towards the back, leaning his head against the metal wall. You can tell he's deep in concentration controlling the drone fleet. "Jake," You say, tapping his soldier. His eyes open, though they're milky white.
"Nathan," He says.
"Get the drone fleet headed in an opposite direction," You say. "Draw away any F40's that may cause our ground forces trouble,"
"You got it," Jake says, then closes his eyes.
You move back up through the Osprey and take your seat in the copilots chair.
A while later the Osprey slows down and hovers into the hanger. Once landed, the wounded are rushed out. You follow out afterwards.
"Jake," You say. He sides up next to you. "Recall the drone fleet and take this," You hand him the cybernetics core. "Get it to the lab, wait for me there,"
"Nathan!" You turn to see Jake2 jogging up to you. He slows upon seeing the other Jake. "This," He says. "This is weird,"
"You bet it is," Jake1 says. "But effective,"
"I said the same thing!"
"Alright," You say, breaking it up. "Did you get the organic material?"
"Yeah," Jake2 says. "In and out, no causalities. But listen, I've been monitoring the airwaves since I've been back, and Virginia is on high alert. The country surrounding the base is crawling with soldiers, they're really hunting for us Nathan."
You nod. It makes sense, you've been rather busy since your reemergence. It might be time to lay low. "Both of you," You say to the Jakes. "Follow me to the Officer's command room,"
As you walk, you weigh your options. You need more intel. And skilled personnel. You could probably perform a raid at another base far away from Virginia and Carolina if you really wanted to, or you could stay low and take research intel and personal.
>Could stay low and take research intel and personal.

We could lay low, and for intel we can check the internet, and ask the militia of the news. We should use the things we have at hand to find out what's happening around us, like news stations, newspaper that type of thing
Also with the Organic Material, we should pop out some new bodies, for our skilled personnel.
Something we should do while we lay low.

Last time we had for 3 people, and with the raid we now can print much more. This could be the skill personnel of our group.

You sit down in the command chair in the officer's room. The holographic command display is booting up. The lights of the machines dance around, displaying files and rootpaths. The two Jakes sit down in front of you. Jake1 toys idly with the cybernetics core in his lap. Keith, Greg and Bobbi enter the room, dressed down in army fatigues. They throw salutes, and you motion for them to take a seat.
"I'm sure it's obvious by now," you say, pouring the six of you drinks and passing them around. "But the men gathered here are what I consider my command staff. Jakes, you know your roll, Bobbi, Keith and Greg, you are now officially captains." The men all nod. Both Jakes knock back their drinks. The holographic display finishes booting. With a wave of your hand several newscasts appear. One of them is on a natural disaster happening in Alabama. The other two detail the attacks on the Hitchfield Base and the Carolina Base. "Hm," You say, taking your shot. "They have certainly noticed us,"
"We're gonna be drawing attention now," Bobbi says, fiddling with his empty glass. You pass the bottle to the Jakes, who refill their glasses and then pass it on to Bobbi. "Interpol and all them. They got field teams everywhere, special types of field teams."
"What do you mean," You say.
"You know," Bobbi says, refilling his glass and passing it to Greg. "Like secret agents and stuff, european green berets with special skills,"
"Chinese got em too," Keith says. "I heard a month ago they were operating in Arizona. Texas said if they got any closer they'd launch every nuke they owned up Beijing's ass."
"Then we'll need to be on high alert for these teams," You say. "That means everybody in the base, sealed and on high alert. Monitoring with every tool we have." The men all nod. "Jake," You say, looking at Jake2. "I want you in the lab finding me skilled personal to print. Jake," You turn to Jake1. "Drop off that cybernetics core in the lab, when this Jake prints of some technicians we'll have them look at it,"
"No techs," Jake2 says.
"What?" You say.
"The Lazursus project database," Jake2 says. "It's only soldiers and CIA field operatives. No scientists or anything like that,"
You nodded. It was time to look at the big picture you are realizing. There are all sorts of opportunities for your forces to start infiltrating existing institutions. You would need to start recruiting scientists as well. But how to go about doing that?
It would all depend on who Jake prints. You need more infiltrators and saboteurs. And a skilled SEAL squad wouldn't hurt.
"Bobbi," You say. "Go through the Liberty Militia and find me, what was the word? Techpeircers. Men going with tech." Bobbi nods. "Keith," You say, turning to the other man. He's staring at the holographic display, distracted. Greg nudges him.
"Ah, sorry," Keith says, coming to. "They denied that doctor man parole," He says, motioning at the holographic display.(cont')
File: 1492277416754.jpg (277 KB, 2048x1351)
277 KB
277 KB JPG

You glance at the newscast briefly, and are about to turn back when you do a doubletake. The words "mad genius" catch your eye. It's the description the newscasters are using.
"Who is that man," You say, pointing at the holographic display,"
"Dr. Manning," Keith says. "Smartest man out there,"
"He's also insane," Greg adds. "A real mad scientists. Did all sorts of horrible things. Invents weapons, experiments on people. They got him in Massachusetts right now, but they gonna ship him over to the Hague for trial in a week."
You stare at the image of the doctor intently. You know this man, but you can't place from where. You quickly give up, and wonder if it would be worth it to spring the mad doctor from jail before he's transferred over seas.

You must also decide what personal to print. Special operatives? CIA infiltrators?
Furthermore, you must decide what Jake1 should do while Jake2 is printing recruits
And finally, what should the Liberty Militia be doing around the base? And what should be done with Terri, the man currently confined who tried to escape the base?
Alright, we're going to get that mad genius. Also print out another Jake.

Jake 2 print up special operatives so we can attack the envoy quick and clean, in and out.

Afterward CIA infiltrators, if we have enough material
Jake 1 will plan the envoy strike with the special operatives.

The Liberty Militia will be training under the watch of Jake 3, and Terri, he will be given a choice to join or a bullet. If he joins, he's job is cleaning man.
I've got to crash now, but tommorow, Sunday, will be a new thread and pretty much an all-day run of the quest. Stay tuned for things to accumulate and ramp up
Go through the list of men and print some green berets and spec opts to improve the militia

Try and recall where you remember the mad scientist from, go over some scientists names for black projects.

Get jake2 and some technicians to work on the AI core and get it up and running.
>>1673647 new thread new adventure
Kek, I always laugh at these twits who never get the point of quests like this.

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