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File: character choice.png (948 KB, 2943x1582)
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Hey I'm back. Choose a character.

threads so far:

>Continue with Charley
File: up.png (57 KB, 632x776)
57 KB
You will continue with the Cyberpunk Security guard Charles 'Charley' Chambers.

You've just found a bloody smear in the shape of a human at the bottom of an underground cooling tower, where you have been asked to investigate a fallen person.

Then you heard a metallic sound, and the last command was to look up, and to dodge.

So you look up.
File: dodge.png (193 KB, 948x1004)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
and you dodge.
Can we still try to catch her?
Rolled 24 (1d100)

I guess you can try, yeah. Roll your fast (+30) against the situation (+45)

I need you to roll 2d100s, first decides which roll I take, second is the roll itself. Beat my roll+modifiers, higher is better.
Rolled 38, 21 = 59 (2d100)

She means augmetics and beer to us! Fall well, virtual dice!
Fuck you, virtual dice.
I'll give you a few minutes to see if maybe somebody else rolls to surpass you before updating
File: crappy catching.png (86 KB, 582x578)
86 KB
you hurl around, realizing that it's Doctor Ming that's hurling down toward you, but...
File: ded.png (403 KB, 1498x1140)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
, but you're too slow. With a sickening sound of bone breaking and flesh being compressed, the body hits the polymer floor.
Her monitor is still showing a pulse.
>Use our radio to call for help.
Call for help. Try to stop bleeding in meantime.
File: taking pulse.png (225 KB, 662x602)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
You check up on Doctor Ming, trying to still whatever bleeding there is, but realize that a life support augment has taken over her body, reducing all bodily functions and cooling her down. You know this kind of augmentation is worth insane amounts of money and it doesn't seem like something a scientist would be able to afford.
Despite it though, it looks bad for Ming. Not only has she broken most bones in her body, but there is also a small, circular hole in her forehead. Not something a fall would do.

you radio in to the Yu-Wei-Sec-Desk, and as soon as you give your serial number, your overseer takes over the line.

"I've got someone injured in Cooling tower C in the inner sector, I need..."

"What the hell are you doing there?" you get cut off by your overseer. "That's several levels above your clearance rate! What is going on?"
>There's an armed intruder on the premises and a heavily injured scientist. Requesting backup and medical help. Details later.
File: wrist map.png (240 KB, 1404x947)
240 KB
240 KB PNG

"Alright, well I don't want you implicated in anything like this as little as you do, so there are two options for you. No human guards are allowed in the inner sector, but I could have maintenance drones sent to pick you up and get you out of there. That would mean you, and this department for that matter, would have to deal with getting chewed out for trespassing the inner sector and take the punishment.

Or you could see if you can get through the drainage pipes into the reprocessing plant, where I can send some guys to get you. It's your choice."
>Let maintenance drones pick up Ming
>Retreat through the pipes.
>Also, there's someone with a gun out here. Right where human guards can't go. How convenient
File: looking.png (114 KB, 502x590)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
alright, you make your way to the drainage pipes, and I'll take a break and maybe later some more people are gonna join.
I'm here, if you wanna continue at any point.
>Continue towards the drainage pipes...?
File: everything is normal.png (289 KB, 1516x1407)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
you continue down to where you know the drainage pipe to open up, and you remove the cover. The pipe smells like bleach, but you can see it sloping a few meters down, where it assumes a horizontal path. You could probably jump in and start crawling.

Behind you you hear something lgihtly hitting the floor, maybe maintenance drones landing in the distance?
>Jump in and start crawling
Get ouuuuut fuck the mission.
File: sliding down.png (116 KB, 569x684)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
as you slide down, something weird comes into view.
File: nice.png (129 KB, 981x1005)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
as you look up, a mass of flesh, metal and wires, that can only be described as grotesque, shaped up to something akin to a claw, reaches into the pipe.
Keeeeeeeeep slidinnnnnnngg

I dont want to risk getting grabbed by that thing.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

alright, roll your fast, which is +30, against its fast which is ?????

rules as given here: >>1635417
Rolled 45 (1d100)

Crawlinggg in my skin
Rolled 78 (1d100)

Here's the second dice, sorry.
Hard to beat a 100 though
Rolled 85, 17 = 102 (2d100)

Have to at least try
File: oh no.png (114 KB, 632x962)
114 KB
114 KB PNG

you slide faster, but the arm somehow extends to a tentacle-like grabbing mass, and holds onto your mechanic arm. You slip down and now hang suspended in mid air, held by the abomination, the flesh of which curiously extends towards you, as if to explore the metal of your hand.
>Shoot the thing.
Rolled 36 (1d100)

roll your fast then.
Rolled 84, 97 = 181 (2d100)

>I need you to roll 2d100s, first decides which roll I take, second is the roll itself. Beat my roll+modifiers, higher is better.
>Rolled 36 (1d100)
>Rolled 84, 97 = 181 (2d100)
Rolled 8, 1 = 9 (2d100)

Holy shit this fucking roll
>Rolled 84, 97 = 181 (2d100)
>Rolled 8, 1 = 9 (2d100)
Good thing we're on a 2d100 system for this occasion.
File: BANG.png (159 KB, 624x744)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
With a meaty squishing sound, your CompactGauß rips a hole into the strange arm, which contracts, its flesh shivering and its claw letting go of you.
File: weee.png (132 KB, 868x692)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
and you quickly slide down the slope down the pipe.
>Brace for impact
File: ehhh.png (81 KB, 689x523)
81 KB
you land, and will come out at the reprocessing plant once you follow the pipe down to its destination.

As you can see from my terrible drawing, I need a serious break.

I hope you guys are enjoying it so far.
I'm personally enjoying it quite a bit. Take your time.
yeah I'll probably not update till tomorrow. Too tired.
File: reprocessing plant.png (235 KB, 956x1024)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
You emerge in the reprocessing plant, dormant cooling liquid glistening a few feet bellow you, even now, almost completely spent, emitting a shivering coldness. By all accounts, this pool should be empty, as the cooling pits it is connected to were out of use, as you can attest. But that's a worry for another day, you just narrowly evaded a very unpleasant fate.

On the far side of the pool, Sgt. Stitches, your Overseer is waiting for you, as one of your colleagues on a boat comes to your rescue.
>Wave to our comrades
>Wait to be rescued
>Wonder why the spent coolant is so cold when it should be warm. How long ago was this cooling pit last in use?
Also, that thingymabob spurted some love juice when we shot it right? We should keep a sample of that.
File: Sgt..png (232 KB, 998x1269)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
you hail the boat and it sets you over the chilly liquid.

Stitches is waiting for you on the other side, looking at you disapprovingly.

"I took the liberty of calling in sick for you. you weren't here today, so you couldn't have done anything."

>How long ago was this cooling pit last in use?
You can never know with the inner sector, but officially, nothing has been in need of deep cooling since the last batch of warrior class semiautomatic cyborgs was sold months ago. They weren't a big hit.
File: hand.png (63 KB, 708x523)
63 KB
You indeed still have some of the goop on you, a little spec of flesh still riling and moving, as if searching for something like an insect looking for something to grab onto.

you decide to bag it.
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
When you fall, try to roll on floor. Will hurt and limit body movements
Ask the boss what is he going to do about whoever is running around a restricted sector with a gun.
File: sgt2.png (72 KB, 566x553)
72 KB
will do.

"Tell corporate. It's my ass on the line now, however they got the gun in there, they had to have bypassed Yu-Wei-Sec. But now that it's in there, we're not the institution to take care of it."
Tell him about the thing we saw up there and show him the sample.
File: blabla.png (132 KB, 900x509)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
oh hey, something went on while I was out shopping.


You describe the abomination and tell him about the sample, and he shows clear signs of discomfort the more you get into it.

He remains silent for a minute after you've finished your explanations and then says:

"Look. I have no idea what happened up there, and I'm not too keen to find out. This inner sector bullshit is outside of our jurisdiction, and as dangerous as this sounds, I can't just waltz into corporate with that information without revealing how I got it. Besides..."

He pauses.

"Listen, I think you'd be best adviced if you just left this be. I'll increase security within the perimeter as much as is seemly, but this is simply not our business."
Go into our office and drink some coffee to calm down.
File: coffee.png (101 KB, 578x446)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
you go into your office, get a nice cup of cof-like and calm down.

You go through the events of the day again in your mind. Ming clearly has more to her than it seems, her story doesn't add up at all. Why was she almost murdered? That 'almost' isn't a sure thing either.

Then that... Thing. Metal, flesh, wires, all pulsing around, you've never seen anything like it. You don't know what's going on in deep research, but this seems to be majorly out of hand.

And Stitcher, turning a blind eye towards it completely. He's an animal of habit. Might kill him, you recon. He wants you to just drop it and act like nothing's happened.

Speaking of which - you shouldn't be here anyways. He marked you sick. Officially, you're not in Yuland Weytani right now, you're at home with the flu or something.
>Go home, buy a beer on the way, google "weird flesh-metal thing"
File: beer.png (310 KB, 1699x1170)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Rolled 10 (1d100)

you get yourself a beer and you do a cheeky groogle.

The first one goes well, but for the second one I want you to roll smart (+20) against how difficult to find this information is (+40)
Rolled 1, 72 = 73 (2d100)

My rolls here were consistently horrible.
Nobody else roll!
File: wrist wiki.png (137 KB, 1236x983)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
so much for my hilarious porn joke.

You get a result that excludes the metal part, but kind of relates to the way the flesh was behaving.

Turns out there is a theory in DNA-splicing that one could create matter that, instead of evolving in cycles as a bigger organism procreating, simply seeks out DNA to incorporate into its own on a cell-by-cell basis.

The research for this has been halted for years now, as it has been conclusively shown to be a completely self-destructive mechanism every time, but the matter would behave like the sample of flesh in your pocket does.

Nothing about metal in the article though.
Google incidents at cooling facilities in our and other corporations.
File: very exciting drawing.png (120 KB, 792x1124)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
There are hundreds of results, a lot of stuff needs cooling. There's one from Yuland-Weytani a few years back when a half finished batch of warrior class cyborgs wasn't properly cryogen'd and went berserk with half baked weaponry.

There's a whole factory that got blown up because highly volatile chemicals were kept above reactionary temperature.

And dozens of smaller incidents all over.
Search for job opportunities for the inevitable case of YW firing you/exploding/causing zombie apocalypse/other.
alright, I'll cut this googling orgy short and stop the thread here. Dunno when I'll be continuing with a new thread, but i do have the semblance of free time the next few weeks, so it won't be long.

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