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Previous Thread: >>1563053

. New players are always welcome!

In this quest you assume the role of an aspiring student who is about to enter the Mageknight Academy. You must hone your skills, make some friends (and perhaps also some enemies) and fight battles in order to prove yourself worthy of graduating as a fully fledged Mageknight! Each year (every 100th turn) your character will be tested by the academy to see if your character is progressing well and meeting the Academy's high standards. After the 3rd year your character will head off into a their first mission for a final test.

How to Join:
New players must fill out their character sheets. The sheet must include the following information:
>Anyone can join at any time. Latecomers and laggers are given bonus action points to catch up with the other players.
1) Your character's full name
2) Your character's backstory, appearance and any other useful information.
3) You are given 3 Skill Points. Choose 1 starting spell and 2 other skills or spells.

How to Play:
1) Each turn you will be given 2 [Action Points]. Post your character sheet and your chosen actions along with a 2d100 roll.
>Normally your roll must pass the [Difficulty Challenge] of 25 in order to succeed.
>Getting a 10 and below is a [Critical Failure] while 91 and above is a [Critical Success]
2) All players must wait for the "TURN GO" post before submitting any actions posts. After which you must post your actions only to that post.
3) After all actions are processed and a new turn begins, update your character sheet.
Acquiring and Improving Spells & Skills:
1) Study, research, explore, train or take classes to discover and learn new spells.
2) Training an already learned spell or skill will raise it further to the next tier once enough [Progress Points] are accumulated.
4) The progress threshold is based on the Fibonacci sequence (1,2,3,5,8,...)
>Usually Spell and Skill tiers are named as Basic => Intermediate => Advanced => Expert => Master
>Alternatively you can label the tiers as T1, T2, T3 and so on.
>Passing the 1st year exams unlock Tier 6 to 10; 2nd year exams unlock Tier 11 to 15
>Progress threshold needed for the 6th tier and above becomes a stable 10 points.

Spellcrafting involves fusing spells with various skills, knowledge and even other spells that your character has learned together creating a new spell or skill.
>The name of the resulting new spell will be determined by the QM. By default it will be "Cast A B C..."
>Your dice roll will affect the result of the spellcrafting. Lower rolls will result in weaker or negative version of the intended spell and vice versa.

Social Interactions:
1) Role playing with other players is a free action. Role playing with NPCs, however, will cost an action point to do so.
2) Collaborative Player-to-Player actions like trading, tutoring and PvP, will cost an action point to do so.

1) The battle starts with an initiative roll by each player. This tells the order of the actions of each player in the round. The initiative roll also resets every round and a new initiative roll will be needed every turn
2)The next phase is the attack, where the player with the highest initiative roll gets the chance to take an attack action. The player he attacks can also take a reaction and attempt to block, dodge or even counter attack with a spell or skill.
3)To land an attack, the attack roll must be higher than the defense roll. After landing a hit, The damage is calculated with relevant skills and traits using a 1d(1+ modifiers) roll.
4)This continues as everyone gets a chance to attack, resetting the round and this will be done until a player gets downed.
Links of Importance:
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
Rolled 73 (1d100)



Free action: Hand out membership cards to everyone who promised to join the engineering club, including zav and Nicolas Penn.

>Attend: Engineering class.

>Do: alright, maybe searching around the junkyard for scrap metal wasn't a good idea. Let's try searching for magic conducting metal and copper wire online. there has to be a magical metal dealer somewhere on the internet.
Rolled 11, 13, 79, 31 = 134 (4d100)


>Free Action: Pick item set 3

>Go find in the woods where the Deertuar said the rocks with Pappiliodya's life essence was thrown in. [Survival T1]

>Give my family a call. See how things have been.

>Supposedly, using all 5 spoons together can make a legendary dish. I shall attempt to make a legendary dish using the entire set of my artifact spoons! [Legendary Spoon Set, Cooking T5]

>Look in town to see if any new and potentially rare artifacts. Maybe I can get lucky and snag one for cheap. [Artifact Theory T2, History T1]
Rolled 58, 89 = 147 (2d100)


Name: Abby Dragfirm
Backstory: Abby lived in the mountain with her family which was known to have had connections to old wyvern in the far past. Now she has to go into the city school into a new world and become the magic user that her family expects her to be


>Go to nice open place and learn to quickcast my Conjure Scales.
Modifiers: T4 Conjure Scales
>Go To open grounds again and do the Dragon summoning ritual to summon an Elder Red Dragon! Use [Bound Summoning Mode] so it won't go wrong. I just want to learn Ancient Draconic
Modifiers: Intermediate Dragon Summoning Ritual [1/3], [Bound summoning] mode, Intermediate Summoning theory, Basic Ancient Draconic, Basic Modern Draconic.
"Thank you. You are always so kind."

Dania takes a seat on the rather small dining table that Zav has in his room.

"I found it kinda funny that I still feel somewhat creeped out by him, even tho he has been living with us for a few weeks now. " Dania forces a chuckle as she says this. "But with work I think I have managed to connect with him, I think. I'm not sure how to explain it but I think I have managed to know how he feels. I know he feels surprised right now, because it's his first time exploring out of my room."
File: Zav's Room.jpg (28 KB, 505x305)
28 KB
The young knight takes his place in his seat by the chair's of the small dining table. By the other side of the room he could see Red occupying herself with a small Tv as she watched the programmation.

"It is good to hear that, but..." taking a small look around his room searching for the familiar, Zav continues "Where's is him? For what you are saying he is with right now, however i can not see him." From his point of view, the knight only sees that he only can see his guest and familiar in his room and he does not remember seeing the girl entered with any relative.
File: Firefly.png (44 KB, 347x330)
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"Oh, he sometimes takes refugee in the pockets of my sweater." Dania pushes the small firefly–like familiar from below the pocket and Firefly comes out flying. "He's cuter in this form! And people don't ask me if he's my little brother."

Firefly does a lap around the room, radiating blue-light. Dania looks at him, closes her eyes for a few moments and then smiles. "He's surprised. Also he's interested in her." As Dania says this, Firefly is orbiting around Red's head.
File: hunter.jpg (18 KB, 500x400)
18 KB
Rolled 29, 95, 89, 2 = 215 (4d100)

Name: Zoe Romain
Bio: Seeks ghouls and other walking dead to put down. Was once a literal ghoul until the Divines intervened to both cure her condition and set her on a monster hunting path. Was installed in a secret paramilitary organization to spy on targets, but now wants to make the killing blow instead.

Magic: Shadow Stalking

Knowledges: Monster Lore

Skills: Crossbow Proficiency

Actions {Contact the local hunter cells for a SitRep; Build up a Safehouse; Find a local nightclub full of walking undead; Silently stalk anybody suspicious}
Red appears to take notice of the guest, once she expressed surprise after taking notice of the visitor, but she came to get accustomed quickly to the visit taking the chance to start playing with the other familiar. It's quite unusual for Zav to see Red interacting with someone, to tell the truth these are being the first people she comes to interact with over the last few days who do not want to sell her something or hurt her.

Recalling his last meeting with Dania, the young knight remembers something mentioned during the previous conversation, and stats talking as he watches both familiars playing.

"During our previous encounter you mentioned something about his form, as i recall something about him resembling a child without a head" the young knight returns his attention to the young miss as he continues to talk "could you explain this to me?"
Hey there, glad to have some newblood here. You should head on over to the Discord. We'd love to have you there. You can help answer some questions we've got about your character, and you can ask us about the setting.

"Well, it's kinda hard to explain. Most of the time he stays in the firefly form. And at least that was how I saw him at first." Dania takes a look good at how Firefly flies around Red as she giggles. "He just started following me and well, he decided to stick with me. This was way back in the Amsterdam Cave. Also I think the water of that cave was magically tainted or something, because it had a dim blue glow, and after I took a dive trying to save Adal, I saw Firefly in his true form, as a headless child."

"After that, I can only see him in his true form when it is around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. or when I touch Adal's sword. The one that he stole from an undead knight back in the cave. Its weird I don't know how to explain it either. "
Taking in consideration what Dania said, he quite remembers reading something about that during his time in Amsterdam before it was invaded by hordes of demons. By the girl's description the familiar is most likely some type of dark spirit or even a human spirit, also know as ghost but he still needs more information before drawing conclusions.

Giving a thoughtful look Zav starts his inquiry about the boy "By your description the spirit in question could fall in some categories, either he is a dark spirit or some type of lost human spirit." taking a stop to take a breath, the young knight continues to talk with certain degree of worry and some pity "And maybe, if he really is a ghost, I could only think what happened to him during his life to continue to stay on that plane, poor boy. That's why for this measurement could explain where did you find him? I any more information to give something more solid."
Correcting this sentence
[..,]That's why for this measurement could explain where did you find him? I any more information to give something more solid."
[..,]That's why for this measurement could you explain where did you find him? I need any more type of information to give you something more solid."

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