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[For those who want to catch up quickly.]

>Setting: https://pastebin.com/yZb6BCmU

Thread 1: https://pastebin.com/FRbwWxdH
Thread 2: https://pastebin.com/iG581Xjf
Thread 3: https://pastebin.com/A08KFLK2./

[For those who want to catch up.]

>Text only, edited and formatted:
Thread 1: https://pastebin.com/4fS2jZ3F
Thread 2: https://pastebin.com/xZDjHx7K
Threads 3 & 4: https://pastebin.com/d6qj1cxd
Simulation 1: https://pastebin.com/2ANrHWRF

>Suptg full threads:

Thread 4 Summary: Your promotion to head of the accounting department became permanent. As a perk of your new position you created a sentient simulation, who chose the name Isabelle, with the plan to embody her within Jinx.

Hendrik broke the news to you that at least one of your new clients is a loophole, and so you and Claire will become loopholes as soon as the paperwork has finished. It was a longstanding goal of yours and Claire’s to become loopholes, being the reason Claire has remained as a self-sovereign.

‘Loophole’ is a phenomenon that was born out of the new state constitution of The Government. As it is Dystopian tradition, where constitutions are concerned: first drafts are final drafts. Because of this there’s always a few gray areas to be exploited. Loopholes can take advantage of the benefits of contracts, but are no longer beholden to their conditions.

He also let you know that your new position comes with improved healthcare. A major part of this is better access to bionics. He offered you and Claire the choice to get full skin implants, bulletproof and hard to cut synthetic skin that doesn’t cause a loss of sensation.

You also met Claire’s friend Alice, who works in the mechanics department of The Firm, and spent your savings buying upgrades for Jinx from her. You focused on combat potential, getting beam emitters in its hands to direct the charges from its tasers over range, a fusion core with a photon-ray gun lens, and both magnetic and friction climbing systems.

After getting home, you celebrated in a simulated English pub, with Claire and Isabelle. Isabelle got to experience what a human body feels like for the first time, having spent her simulated upbringing in an android body. As a simulation for celebration with salutation and congregation tends to do, it led to inebriation.

You left the simulation to head to bed.

Last posts from last thread: https://pastebin.com/i7EXDYcH
You lie in Claire’s bed beside her. You accidentally fell asleep in her room while exhausted from the previous days. You’ve recently woken up. After Glen came in looking for you then leaving at the sight of your situation, you accidentally woke up Claire as well.

“Good morning.” She doesn’t seem bothered at all.

“You aren’t surprised?”

“I woke up in the middle of the night to get some water.”

“And you came back to this bed after?”

“It’s my bed.”

“I see. Good morning.” You get out of bed with a yawn and walk away. “See you downstairs.”

You find Glen in the kitchen, finishing up breakfast. “Good morning.”

“Hey there. Thanks again for letting me stay over.” He looks sheepish for a moment, and you think it’s about earlier. “So, your refrigerator is amazing, its essentially a computer. It has intranet access and was already set up to order from a food distributor. I just went ahead ordered some food to start cooking. It got here like two hours ago. Hope it’s OK.” Ah, its unrelated.

“It’s fine, didn’t even know it could do that. The old one couldn’t.” You smell bacon and begin to salivate. You had a decent meal last night, but the healing process has made you ravenously hungry. You realize that your pain has mostly subsided in your ribs, whatever the doctor proscribed must have really worked.

“Well, I didn’t know you and Claire were a thing. I guess you do sort of give off that vibe.” There it is, he did misunderstand completely. You can’t really blame him.

“No, that’s not what’s going on. I was exhausted and mixed up which room was mine, that’s all that happened.” You calmly explain the truth.

“But like four hours ago I was trying to get the net browsing feature on your fridge to work. Claire came in to get water and fixed it for me. She said you were sleeping when I asked.” You just want to eat breakfast. This is too much.

“Your point?” You know his point.

“You know my point.” Damnit.

Claire enters the room. “It smells really nice in here, I thought we had no food, Glen.”

“Oh, I figured out how to order with this new fridge a bit after you went back to sleep. It’s just about finished, you can take a seat and I’ll serve everyone.”

You sit down, and Claire takes a seat next to you. “We’re running late, we both slept in. We still have to embody Isabelle today too.”

“Would it go faster if you put Jinx into a wired connection at work? I don’t know much about this stuff, but surely a fiber connection would be useful for that big of a data transfer?”

“It won’t make a difference where we do it at, fiber speeds would be limited for something like this. The merging is sending copies of Jinx’s operating systems to the s-com and then sending the merged copy back. Should take around a half hour no matter what.”

Claire finish explaining this to you when Glen places the first plate of food down onto the table, the bacon. You grab a slice and eat it by itself, Claire does the same. Next comes a plate of scrambled eggs with chunks of tomato, then a plate with heavily buttered toast. Finally, he sets down three bowls of miso soup.

“Well, we can either head to your work and see what’s up first, and then do the merge. Or we can just get it done here. I wouldn’t want to do the merge wirelessly, even a tiny amount of data loss could become a huge problem if it effects the O.S.”

“I didn’t want to spend a lot of your money. Sorry it’s so plain” Simple fare, but all cooked perfectly. The three of you take your portions and eat in a food induced silence.

“You have nothing to apologize for. That was a great breakfast.” Claire sets down her spoon contentedly, and leans back in your chair for emphasis.

“Seriously, I could get used to this. Do you want to live here?” You’re only half joking.

He looks back and forth between you and Claire, then grins. “Thanks for the offer, but I like having my own place. Even if this place is huge and new, I want something that’s mine. By the way, what were you guys talking about before? Merge?”

“Mike decided we should make the android into a neural net synth. We are at the stage where we are going to merge the neural net with the android.”

“What? That happened fast. So, I have to call it Jinx now?”

“No, you have to call ‘her’ Isabelle.” He just rolls his eyes.

“Hey, man, you lose a few more body parts, people are going to start questioning if they need to call you Glen.” That was too far but you can’t take it back now.

“You got me there I guess. I’m not a bad guy, I just have issues with droids. Sorry for being a dick.”

“No, I should be apologizing. That was an awful thing to say, and uncalled for.”

“It’s alright. I’m going to clean up.” He stacks the dishes and heads for the kitchen.

>Take Jinx to work with you and report to Hendrik.
>Embody Isabelle now and call in to work.
>Ask Glen to stay with Isabelle here, and then bring her to you.
>Write in.
>>Take Jinx to work with you and report to Hendrik.

“Let’s just head to work as fast as we can.”

“It’s good that we’re so close now. I’ll go get Jinx, I think we left it in the simulation room.”

“Alright, I’m going to go get cleaned up really quick. I’ll meet you in the office.” You head to your room, your actual room this time, and take a quick shower. You only have one suit in your new dresser; you’ll need to go shopping soon.

The office is about the same as your old one, a waiting room in the front, a reception room behind that, conference rooms behind those, a dining room, a situation room, and two proper offices with desks. Claire is already there waiting with Jinx.

The trip to The Firm is quick, though there’s more traffic than last night. Claire parks the mag-lift and you hurry off to Hendrik's office, sending Jinx once again to mechanics.

Hendrik seems happy to see you. “Good morning you two. I expected you would sleep longer after yesterday, but you’ve always full of surprises. It’s good you’re here though, of your clients, Alfonzo, has had his employee call to make an appointment, they’ve been waiting on hold for you to show up.”

“They’ve been made aware I’m here correct?”

“Yes, Alfonzo should be here in an hour. Beyond that, another of your clients, Charles, has sent a request for you to go to this address-” Your phone pings. “-at eight o’clock.” It’s 10:45 a.m.

“Your other peacemaker client, Wilson, and that Seeker of Truth, Ezekiel, haven’t contacted you.

>Ask about bionics and your improved healthcare.
>Ask Hendrik something else. (What?)
>Contact one of your clients. (Who?)
>Ask to be excused and go embody Isabelle.
>Write in.
>>Ask about bionics and your improved healthcare.
"When would I be able to get the skin implant, if I want it?" It did sound promising.

"The earliest would be after your meeting with Alfonzo."

"What other bionics can I get now?"

"Well, once you become a loophole tomorrow, there's nothing to stop you from getting any kind, but until then you can also opt for some general mods."

"For no charge?"

"For no charge we can offer, skin, retina for you, amplifier for Claire, in lung re-breather, toxin filter kidney replacement, and also most joints can be replaced."

"I'll have to think on it."

>Scheduled sugary. (What and when?)
>Talk to Claire about bionics.
>Ask Hendrik something else. (What?)
>Contact one of your clients. (Who?)
>Ask to be excused and go embody Isabelle.
>Write in.
>ask to be excused and go embody isabelle
"Does my improved healthcare offer any other benefits besides bionics?"

"You plan now has coverage in most medical facilities within the city. You also will have access to contemporary medical technology if you're in a life or death situation."

Most tech, including medical is nearly a millennium old. Things invented after that period are often prohibitively expensive, but they do exist for things like medical and military tech.

"We'll let you know about the bionics, Hendrik. But we have something to do before Mike's client gets here."

"I understand. You'll be using conference room three for your appointment."

"Thank you, sir." You exit after Claire.

Alice is waiting outside of the mechanics department. "Good morning, Claire. I have your android all prepped for the merge."

"Thanks, Alice." She ignores you continuing to talk to Claire.

"This is exciting isn't it? This technique for making A.I. is the newest one, I've never even seen a real synth before."

"Yes, its going to be unpredictable. But I've heard good things about it online."

Alice leads you into the back, where Jinx's shell is opened up, cables snaking out into the wall. She and Claire end their conversation when you arrive.

"Alright lets start the process. It should take around half an hour or less."

>Ask Alice about android parts and prices. (What parts?)
>Ask Alice about something else. (What?)
>Ask Claire to connect your phone to the s-com partition.
>Call a client. (Who?)
>Talk to Claire about Isabelle.
>Write in.
>>Ask Claire to connect your phone to the s-com partition.
Getting advanced
"Hey Claire, do you think you can do anything about my phone? On the way over here I realized that the phone is running an actual operating system."

"I suppose they wanted to give you the ability to do anything a computer can with your phone just in case."

"But the hardware is struggling to support it. Its always lagging. Is there some way you can fix it?

"I can't think of anything besides scaling the OS down that will work for that."

"Is it possible for it to offload the processing to the s-com partition we have? Like you did with Jinx?"

"I've already done something similar with my tablet. I don't know if your phone is capable, but I can try." You hand Claire your phone and she spends most of Isabelle's merging tapping away on its tiny screen.

Its around five minutes until Isabelle is merged. "Any luck?"

"I had to re-write a tiny bit of the OS, but it should be work." She hands you back the phone, and you see now that it no longer has any lag. There's two new programs installed on the homepage.

The first is an encryption program that contains all the classified data she transferred over to the partition. The other is Isabelle's program.

"I think its going on line right now." Alice grabs your attention away from your phone.

How do you greet Isabelle?
>Tell her your happy to see her, but need to prepare for your appointment with Alfonzo.
>Promise you will get her an expressive face.
>Make Claire jealous. (How?)
>Have Isabelle test her new combat upgrades to get acquainted with them.
>Write in.
>Tell her your happy to see her, but need to prepare for your appointment with Alfonzo.
>Promise you will get her an expressive face.
Isabelle’s eyes glow blue as she becomes aware. The almost familiar voice she speaks with is higher pitched than Jinx’s was. “I feel funny. Where am I?”

“That’s because you’ve merged with your bodies operating systems. You’re in real life now.” Claire explains, watching Isabelle’s program on her tablet. “Everything seems fine. Congratulations Isabelle, your merge was a complete success.”

“I’m happy to hear that. It’s nice to see you Claire.” A simple smiley face appears on the transparent titanium disc above her waist which covers her fusion core.

“I’m really happy to see you Isabelle, but we have an appointment soon with an important client soon. If you come with us to the conference room you can get filled in on it while we prepare.” You hate to have to rush, but you need to stay professional to keep these clients.

“Alright. I’m happy to see you too Mike.” The smiley changes to a neutral expression before flashing back into place at the word ‘happy’. You can’t help but smile yourself.

“Goodbye, Alice. Thanks for the help.” Claire heads for the exit.

“Don’t I get to meet Isabelle?” Alice seems upset you’re leaving so soon.

“You’ll have plenty of time for that. Did you find an expressive face for her yet?”

“I did, but it will cost 4,500 finance credits.”

[Data credits: 1675 on card / 180,000 in account) [Finance credits 8000 on card / 25 in account] [17 data credit = 1 finance credit]
>Order the part.
>Hold off on it.

“Alright, I’ve played back our conversation with Alfonzo over my amplifiers, having this new phone is convenient.”

“Wow, you’re already doing things for yourself. Impressive.” You ignore the jab.

“So, Alfonzo wants to re-organize our defenses. He wants the peacemakers to become full time city protection. And wants to form a militia from the populace. I’m guessing he will give us an objective to get the ball rolling on one or both of those.”

“Those are tall orders.”

“Maybe we should plan ahead and make an offer of service.”

“Might be a good idea. I don’t think he’s completely sold on our worth.”

You reach the conference room, and have a short amount of time before Alfonzo arrives.

>Listen to Alfonzo and ask what he wants from you.
>Offer to convince other peacer Captain-commanders of Alfonzo’s plan.
>Offer to convince faction leaders of Alfonzo’s plan.
>Offer to find leaders for the militia from among the populace.
>Offer to find support for the militia from among the populace.
>Write in.
>>Offer to find leaders for the militia from among the populace.
>Order the part.
>>Listen to Alfonzo and ask what he wants from you.
“How are you liking the real world, Isabelle?”

“It’s not too different from what I know, but it’s exciting knowing that this is all really happening. Your work seems to be a lot safer than I was led to believe.”

“Well, this is just the safe part of it, everything you were taught to expect will still likely happen.”

“Also, I really miss being in a human body like before.”

“I can’t do anything about that, but after this meeting your new face should have arrived in the mech bay. We can head over and have it installed.”

“Thanks a lot. I know it’s costing you money.”

The light above the door opposite the one you entered turns from red to green. You press a button on the table, and the door opens with a clicking sound. Alfonzo enters, wearing plainclothes, with an escort of two peacers in power armor. He takes a seat, and they stand in position on either side of him with their sting-casters held casually.

“Hello Alfonzo, I apologize for making your employee wait on hold.”

“It’s fine, he doesn’t mind, it just means he’s not out doing real work.” He laughs at his own comment.

You chuckle as well. “Very well, I’d like to thank you for making this appointment. The Firm won’t let you down.”

“Have you given any thought to my plan?”

“I have, I’d like to offer to search the populace for appropriate leaders for the militia. I think that would be a good starting point, but I’d also like to hear what more you have to say. I’ll help any way I can.”

“Well, I think a major block in the road to this, is that for it to work well we would need participation from all four quadrants.”

“Can’t there be one militia from each instead?” Claire asks.

“I’ve considered that, but if that was the case there’s a chance that some quadrants would stay behind to take advantage of the others who do leave.”

“What’s most important is that we don’t cause more harm to the city from forming this militia, than the city already causes itself when the peacemakers are gone.”

“You said ‘a’ major block. What are the others you have thought of?”

“There are a few. Some of the peacemakers, even from my company, are warmongers. They won’t be content to stay here and let others do the fighting. I still don’t know how to deal with this. Also, I still need to convince the other companies, and the populace.”

“If we spin it the right way they will follow anything.”

“I think they will come around to the idea, we can’t just keep being known as ‘purge city’. Having some order makes us too vulnerable to its absence. We are just too close packed in this city for it to work.”

“What can I do to help, right now?”

“Your idea to find leaders among the populace was good, do that first. Keep me updated on your progress.”

It’s 12:30 p.m.

>Ask Alfonzo something specific. (What?)
>Say goodbye and head for the mech bay.
>Say goodbye and go to Hendrik's office.
>Say goodbye and call a client. (Who?)
>Say goodbye and call Glen.
>Write in.
>Ask Alfonzo something specific. (What?)
What would be your preferred job requirements for possible militia leaders?
What would you recommend as a good starting point to find these leaders?

>Say goodbye and head for the mech bay.
We did say we'd install it after the meeting.
“I will get to work on that as soon as I’m able, but do you have any requirements for the leaders? Any specific type of person you’re looking for.”

“They need to be able to get others to follow them. They need to not have ulterior motives.”

“But everyone has ulterior motives.” You almost laugh, but stop yourself.

“Fine let me re-frame that; their ulterior motives need to not outweigh their usefulness.” One of the peacers leans down to say something unheard into Alfonzo’s ear. You focus in and catch the tail end. “-in our district.”

“Was there anything else?”

“Military experience would be useful, or any connections that can be used to help fund, organize, and recruit for this.”

“Alright. Do you have any suggestions for where I should start looking?”

“I’ll take care of finding someone in my own quadrant. Stick to the others. Also, the walls would be a good place to recruit from, if you can manage to find a leader among them.” You think back to your time spent living inside the walls of the dome in the slums there, among the poor.

“I’ll make sure to avoid your quadrant then.”

“Also, The Foundry has connections with loner compounds outside the dome. Those madcaps could be powerful additions to the militia if they could be convinced to leave their strongholds.” That’s a big ‘if’.

“No promises there, but I’ll see what I can do. I’ll keep you updated.”

“Have a peaceful day.” He leaves and his entourage follows.

“Alright, let’s go see if your new part is in.”

You head to mechanics and find Alice working from her exo-frame again. She sets down what looks like a tank, before hopping down. “You’re back quick. Your delivery came in just minutes ago, haven’t even looked at it yet.”

[What material is the new face made of?]
>Synthetic flesh over metal
>Ceramic over metal

She returns with the package and opens it. “OK, Isabelle, it’s nice to meet you. Claire built your mind, but I essentially built your body, or at least put it together. Aside from your core components that is.”

“Thank you for all of your work, this body is much nicer than what I had in my simulation.”

“You had the default from your operating system, that was your original body before the one you have now.” Claire fills you all in.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult to attach this new part.” Alice goes through the process of detaching the old phantom type mask, before doing some work on the connectors bellow. “I won’t have to do many modifications, this should only take me like twenty minutes.”

>Talk with Claire and Alice. (About what?)
>Go to Hendrik for a job.
>Call a client. (Who?)
>Call Glen.
>Look up something on your phone. (What?)
>Write in.
>Ceramic over metal
It's like Isabelle's current face, just with miniservos in the appropriate spots. It even can download skintones and makeup options.

>Go to Hendrik for a job.
“Let’s go check in with Hendrik while she works.” Claire suggests.

“Sure, we have time.”

Once you get to Hendrik’s office, you find that the door is locked and wait outside. After a few minutes, an angry looking woman with long scarlet hair slams open the door and darts past you, muttering incomprehensively. You don’t bother to try to pick up her voice with your amp. You peek into the office, hoping to not see an assassinated Hendrik within.

You’re met by the grim but unharmed face of your boss. “Come on in. Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine we weren’t waiting long.” Claire speaks first.

“The meeting with Alfonzo went well. We have a game plan now. We were wondering if you had any side work we could do while out.”

“Remember you still have that meeting with Charles at eight.” It’s around 1:30. “But there is something you could help with. That woman who just busted out of here is your new assistant. We are making Claire your partner as soon the loophole paperwork comes through. She’s fresh from The Government, and not a loyalist to the old regime like us.”

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“She’s an infiltration expert, but she badly screwed up her last job. They sent her to work here as punishment, and told me she wants her old position back so much that she won’t go rogue on us. But I’m having doubts. Track her down and gain her trust somehow.”

“That is a lot to ask. She sounds awful, I hate Gov lovers.”

“How are we even supposed to track her down, she’s an infiltration expert she could get to anywhere in the city if she wanted.” Claire looks about as annoyed as you feel.

“She’s got a brain chip. You can just track her.” He lists off an alphanumeric string for Claire to type into her tablet. Your phone vibrates and you see the tracking program on you phone, apparently, she’s rigged remote access.

“Your android is outside, I’ll let her in.” Hendrik pushes a button and Isabelle enter the room.

“That Alice lady kept asking about Claire the whole time she repaired me, so I left when she finished.”

“How’d you know where to find us?”
“Your devices are connected to the partition that I’m on. I just followed the wireless transmissions here.”

>Tell Hendrik you can’t do this job right now and go recruit for Alfonzo.
>Leave to do both jobs.
>Call someone. (Who?)
>Look up something on your phone. (What?)
>Write in.
>>Leave to do both jobs.
We're amazing
>Leave to do both jobs.

It's not a completely unreasonable work load, lets track our assistant down first and then swing by the walls and begin getting and idea of the current movers and shakers there, then swing back for our meeting at 8
>Leave to do both jobs.

What'd she ask about?
>What'd she ask about?
What Claire is like when not at work and if her and Michael are a couple. Isabelle just had to keep saying she doesn't actually know anyone very well yet.
>>1549137 (You)
Isabelle’s face looks much the same as before, but now smiles at you. “I’m glad you’re figuring things out like that for yourself. You can’t see electromagnetic waves, can you?” Claire asks her.

“No, I just sort of, know where they are.” Must be weird for her.

“So, will you take the job or no?”

“We’ll do our best, sir. But I don’t know what I can say to get a statist to trust me.” You throw up your hands in an exaggerated manor.

“I think I have an idea.” Claire tells you as you turn to leave.

“Wait, I shouldn’t have to say this, but Claire, don’t try to hack her chip. There’s safeguards against that.” Hendrik has spun back around in his chair to address you again.

“How safe are we talking?”

“Very unsafe, just don’t try it, OK?”

“I won’t.” Hendrik sighs and spins back around more slowly.

You all leave the office and make your way to the rented mag-lift. You restock on ammo on the way, bringing both of your guns with you. They will likely be unnecessary due to Isabelle’s weapons, but it never hurts to be careful.

Claire plugs her tablet into the vehicles computer and flies out of the hanger while tracking the fleeing woman. “He never gave us a name, did he?”

You use your phone to fast forward through the conversation with your amp. “No, he did not.”

“Where is she headed?”

“It looks like she left the building shortly before we did, and was able to almost immediately find and steal a vehicle on The Firm’s ground floor. We need to turn around.” Claire pushes the lift into a sharp U-turn, causing several other vehicles to swerve and stop. “It’s faster than ours, this is built for defense not speed. Hopefully she will land somewhere and we can catch up.”

“So, what are we going to do when, if, we find her? Any idea?”

“Well I’ve been forbidden from trying to hack her, so I really don’t know. Maybe have Isabelle restrain her? Keep her in the lift and bring her back with us after we visit the walls.”

You follow her direction, and see that she has landed in your old building, the fallen one. By her speed she now moves on foot. “What is she doing there?”

“I heard it was stabilized today. They plan to suspend it from the nine surrounding buildings tomorrow, and then rebuild the base from bottom up.”

“She’s stole another vehicle and is travelling again.”

>Try to follow her in the lift.
>Wait to see where her end goal is then go in.
>Wait and intercept her when she tries to leave the building.
>Write in.
>>Try to follow her in the lift.

Claire's and Alice sittin' in a tree...
“I’m heading into the building, we have a chance to catch up if they stop. Hold on to something.” Isabelle just mag-locks her feet to the lifts floor, so you grab on to her. Your glad you did as Claire pulls the lift through a tight passage into your old building and in doing so must spin the vehicle onto its side and then back.

The lift is reoriented soon after. The screens on the walls of the room light up to display a 3d field of view on the outside. The marks of repair are obvious in the buildings structure, reinforced concrete patches with cable sutures everywhere. It’s mostly deserted, but some people can still be found walking around on the horizontal walls or climbing ladders.

“Where is she now, I need to focus on piloting.”

“It looks like she’s reached the old Firm complex and stopped. She’s moving again, she found a way in.”

“Alright, we’ll be there soon, I can plot a course. I’ll only need minimum adjustments now that the rubble is mostly gone.”

“So, you ready for the dangerous part of the job now Isabelle?” You realize your still holding onto the android and let go.

She looks down at you with an unsure face. “I’ll do my best, just like you promised your boss.”

“That’s all I can ask.”

“We’re here. How are we doing this?” She unplugs her tablet.

>We go in straight after her, the way she entered.
>Use the employee entrance, and go to the surveillance room.
>Wait here for her to leave, and catch her.
>Split up. (Who goes where?)
>Write in.
>>Wait here for her to leave, and catch her.
>>We go in straight after her, the way she entered.
Either of you want to swap over? Or are you fine with waiting? I really don't like rolling to decide.
>>We go in straight after her, the way she entered.
>Wait here for her to leave, and catch her.
“Let’s stake her out. She has to leave eventually.” Claire sets the mag-lift to idly hover and switches over to the tracker window.

“Can you access the video feed from the security cameras from here?”

“I should be able to for some. Not the one’s in high security rooms or hallways though.”

“Let me know when you get a lock on her, I’ll call Hendrik for some info.”

You put the phone on speaker and call your boss. “Michael, have you found her?”

“Yes, sir. But we have failed to capture her so far. She brought us to the Firm complex in the old building. She’s inside, we’re trying to figure out what she’s doing. We’re going to intercept when she leaves.”

“Nice work, why did you call?”

“Any idea what she would want from this place or why she would go here?”

“I don’t have much info on her, only what the higher ups sent over.” He pauses and you hear a frantic series of clicking on the other end. “Her data seems to be gone from the system.”

“Can you at least give me a name?”

“Centauri, she goes by Tauri.”

“I have a visual. She’s restarted the old system computers. I should be able to find out what she’s doing soon, but it might take a few minutes.” She puts her tablet into full holo mode and begins typing away in the air, thin laser lines projecting towards each of her fingers.

“A screen on the wall of the ship facing away from the Firm complex now shows footage of the woman, she moves from computer to computer, never staying very long at any one.” You hold up your phone so that Hendrik can see this as well on his end.

“Whatever she’s doing it’s too late to stop her. I don’t know what happened to her info, but I really have to insist you bring her back in now.”

“I understand. I’m closing the line now.” You hang up.

You take over from Claire and slowly, carefully, guide the lift in manual until you come across the vehicle that Tauri had taken. It’s a mag-bike, ideal for quickly traversing the tilted building. “I’m into the system. I’ll see what she was looking at soon.”

On the camera, Tauri has settled in on one of the computers, giving it all her attention. In a moment she screams in frustration, though you have no audio to confirm that. She picks up a chair and throws it at the computers screen. “Or not. Can’t win them all.”

“She’s coming back out the way she came, we can hover above the entrance and drop down on her.”

“I say we just land on the bike so she has nothing to flee in, and then intercept her on foot. We do have Isabelle.”

“I don’t know what she’s capable of, even if she has no weapons.”

>Try to drop down on her.
>Crush the bike and go in.
>Send Isabelle to incapacitate her.
>Write in.
>>Crush the bike and go in.
Shame. It's a real nice bike...
>>Crush the bike and go in.
“Alright, she’s almost reached the exit we have to move fast. Smash the bike and we have her.”

Claire takes over the controls and sets the lift to descend rapidly, but to remain three feet above the ground. It’s jarring, and ends with a loud crunch, as the bike is compacted into the small space.

“Move out. Make sure not to kill her.” The door to the mag-lift slides open and the three of you hustle out and sprint towards the opening Tauri has made in the wall. She must have found some sort of explosive, because she’s entered through a hole blow into the wall.

You head through the hallway much more slowly to keep down noise, and stop once you reach a turn. Trying to be silent. Your phone tells you she is heading your way. You remove your belt to use as a restraint, you don’t want to have Isabelle have to taser her. The little blip on the map that shows her position passes over yours.

“She’s above or below us.” You let out in a loud whisper.

A silhouette drops down from the ceiling a way back down the hallway, closer to the exit than you are. It hits the ground and sprints. Stealth no longer necessary you shout out in surprise. “Isabelle, light this hallway up.”

Her core lights up the entire hallway like a giant flashlight being turned on, and you see Tauri’s scarlet hair flying as she runs. You’re all running now in chase. “I’m not in range to taser her but I can likely get into it.” Tauri leaves the hallway, out of sight now.

“Go ahead and try.” Isabelle picks up speed and is soon past the threshold as well.

You push yourself to the limit and are soon outside as well. Tauri has made it to your lift, and has blown the door off its hinges. She leaps for the open doorway, but is struck by a snap of electricity arcing out jaggedly through a cylindrical path. She flies through the doorway and you hear a thump then a crash as she lands stunned. Isabelle lowers her arm with a final crack of electricity.

You pull out your phone calling Hendrik. It’s 4:45 p.m.

>Bring her directly to The Firm for Hendrik.
>Question her about what she wanted.
>Tie her up and go to the Dome for Alfonzo.
>Write in.

[Going to go get some dinner, will continue posting when I get back.]
>>Question her about what she wanted.
>>Tie her up and go to the Dome for Alfonzo.
Your belt back in place around your waist you take a look at the damages to lift. The doors lie a few feet away, scorch marks on their edge. The lift bears similar scars where the doors were connected to them. It doesn’t seem to be something you can fix.

“Isabelle, could you bring these inside please?’

“Can do.” She lifts one and carries it inside. You follow her take a seat rear the pilot module. Tauri lies at your feet, tied up with spare computer cables. Smaller cables encircle her wrists and ankles. Isabelle returns outside for the second door.

“This thing will have no trouble flying like this, right?

“It shouldn’t.” Claire is plotting the quickest route to the outside.

Isabelle returns, and you lift off gliding through the air. Corrugated metal sheets slide down over the empty space caused by the lack of doors. “That’s convenient. I suppose this is an armored vehicle.” You note your surprise to no one in particular, waiting for the Tauri to come to.

“I might have used too high a voltage. That’s the first time if fired those, it all happened so fast.” Isabelle sounds worried. “What if I burnt out her brain chip?”

“I’m sure those things are insulated, don’t worry.” Claire reassures her.

“She has been out a while now.” You’re almost out of the building. The three of you sit in silence for the rest of the distance to the outside.

As you leave the building she begins to stir. She blinks a few times and then begins to swear.

“That’s enough of that!” You shout her down. “You either don’t realize the position you’re in, or you realize it too hard. Speak when spoken to.” She goes silent, glaring up at you from the ground.

“I’m Michael, this is Claire. Starting tomorrow, you’re going to be our assistant. Get used to it.”

“Why did you come to The Firm’s old location? What was your aim there?” You wait for an answer, glaring back at the troublesome woman.

“I’m not telling you anything.”

“Fine, have it your way. We’ll take you back to The Firm as you are and hand you over.” You make your bluff to see if it has any effect. “You help us, we can help you, so spill it.”

Her eyes go large. “Your full of shit. You can’t help me, no one can.”

“Try me. I’m going to be above whatever passes for law around here, starting tomorrow.”

“My last mission wasn’t a screw up, it was a set up! I just needed the proof!”

“That’s what you wanted from those computers? You weren’t deleting you own files?”

“Deleting my own files, what kind of nonsense is that.” You’ve said too much.

“I’m asking the questions here.” Tired of her glare, you roll her onto her side, facing away from you, with a foot. “Is that what you wanted from those computers? Proof you were set up?”

“Yes. But it was all gone, all of it wiped. Every computer node. You wouldn’t believe me anyways if I told you.”

“Again, try me.” She goes silent, and remains silent the rest of the trip to the walls. No matter what you say or do, she won’t say another word. You don’t torture her, that’s not your job. Besides, Hendrik wants you to gain her trust. She’s not making it easy when she won’t even respond.

Claire knots another cord through her ties and fastens her to the wall opposite the damaged doors. You leave the vehicle in disgust, equal parts at your prisoner behind you and the scene in front of you. The slums haven’t changed a bit since the last time you were here. It’s been years, and you push the memories back, far into the recesses of your mind.

“Let’s go search for someone important.”

The thrumming of moving water can be heard clearly, the passing water serving as active support for the otherwise impossible structure. Most of the colonies waste water is filtered through a network of similar domes.

>Search in the slums above where the Recyclers live.
>Search in the slums below where democracy reigns.
>Search in the water purification workers district.
>Go to the basement sea ring, where saltwater fish are bred.
>Write in.
>>Search in the slums below where democracy reigns.
You lead your group to an elevator, ignoring the stares of those you pass. You’d parked in the water purification district for a reason. These wretches would risk life and limb to break into a vehicle like that, on the off chance it contained valuables. And those thin metal doors probably couldn’t hold up to a plasma torch.

“Let’s head down to the democratic Commonwealth of Bordercity.” In Dystopian fashion, the poorest of the poor still had a sense of humor enough to use the name.

The elevator here is free, a rarity, but a necessity, as even a single data credit would be too much to charge the residents here. As the capital building is a different world from the inner city, this outer city too was a place far removed.

“Alfonzo better appreciate this.”

“He will, but only if you do a good job.” Claire teases.

“Right, right, appreciation is predicated on something worth appreciating. I understand that much.”

You pile into the cramped elevator, Isabelle having to crouch slightly. It skids its way down the shaft after you punch in a destination on its grimy mechanical keyed buttons. The trip is curved, fitting with the geometry of the dome’s wall, but even so it makes decent time. It’s a sliding oil bearings type, rather than relying on the pre-modern tech which is standard through the city.

The doors slide open and you step out into the Commonwealth. The lighting is even but dull, and the walls gleam slickly in it with what you hope is water. The air smells clean enough, not great, but certainly cleaner than the air above.

In the distance, you see a congregation of people, all holding candles. On the other side of the slightly curved corridor you see a neon light with most of the letters working. “B__LS BOOZ_” with an open doorway below it. A man in shabby clothes is making a wobbly dash towards the elevator from the direction of the sign.

“Shpare a chredit sur?” The man is very drunk, but holds out a data card in his shaking hand.

>Give the man some credits in exchange for information. (What?)
>Search for a more reliable source at the group of people.
>Search for a more reliable source at through the doorway below the sign.
>Continue past either way. (Group is right, sign is left.)
>Write in.
>>Search for a more reliable source at through the doorway below the sign.
Don't want to interrupt a funeral or anything.
“It looks like you’ve had enough to drink. Get out of our way.” He shakes his card a few more times. Picking up the side of your jacket with the pistol, you lift an eyebrow at him. He scurries off back the way he came, defeated.

“That way seems promising, even if he wasn’t.” Claire eyes the sign, and you nod in agreement.

Once close enough you see that the sign once spelled out ‘Bill’s Booze’ in a brighter period of its life. You step through the open doorway and find a hallway that leads from it. You follow it until you find a metal door with a rotating wheel for a handle, it reminds you of the door from an ancient submarine movie. You grab onto the wheel and find that the door is already unlocked. You pull it open and are hit with the smell of acrid tobacco smoke.

The room is better lit than the outside and you can see that here may well be over a thousand people here in this long, high-ceilinged back room. It’s perhaps forty to fifty feet across, but must be a quarter mile long. Some gamble, others sing songs, and groups gather around fist fights. Mostly you notice they smoke, drink, and talk, with an emphasis on drink.

“Interesting crowd.” Claire murmurs so that only you and Isabelle can hear.

You all approach the bar, your group gathering more than a few stares.

“What’ll you be having, sir and madam?” The bartender you approach, there are many bartenders, is as gruff as he polite.

>Order drinks and ask for information. (What?)
>Don’t order anything and ask for information. (What?)
>Offer to pay for information. (What?)
>Write in.
>>Order drinks and ask for information. (What?)
So, what's going on with the group of people outside, the ones holding candles?

I've been asked to help find some people who'd be interested in stopping these attacks from Utopia. Someone with some background in the military, who wouldn't mind starting up a militia for this quad. I'm thinking you might be someone who knows someone.
“What do you have?”

“We got beer and liquor on tap. Liquor comes in brown or clear.” He cleans a mug with a rag.

“Two beers, two brown liquors.” You pull out your card and he charges a modest four data credits. Then he pours out your drinks, setting them down on the bar. You sip your beer, and decide it must be at least ten percent alcohol.

“You have any idea what that group outside with all the candles is about?” You drop the shot glass of brown into the mug and it mixes with the beer, Claire does the same and takes a long drink from hers.

“They’re Seekers of Truth, holding a vigil to mourn those who died during death week.” You take another drink, finding the beer improved with the added shot.

“I figured as much.” You lie. “So, you seem like a guy who knows people.” His face takes a downcast look. “No, not like I’m not looking for drugs or women. I’m down here trying to meet someone who wants to end these ‘death weeks’ for good.”

“I’m listening.” He polishes the glass a bit slower now, distracted by you.

“Someone with a military background, or who’s at least got some experience like that. We’re looking to form a militia to take care of defending ourselves without relying on the peacers.”

“Miguel fits your mold. Haven’t seen him around here since last month though, for all I know he’s gone and gotten himself killed.”

“Is this Miguel someone that people will follow?” You finish your beer, Claire having finished hers much earlier.

“They’ve followed him to their deaths in droves back in his day.”

“Any idea where I can find him?”

“He lives about ten miles out, down the fork to the right.”

‘Right from entering here, or exiting?”


“Thank, here’s a tip.’ You hold out your card and transfer the man twenty credits.

“Good luck.” He walks away to other patrons.

>Stay in the bar and do something. (What?)
>Head outside to the seekers and do something. (What?)
>Find transportation to Miguel’s area and search for him.
>Write in.
>>Stay in the bar and do something. (What?)
Learn a bit more about this Miguel guy. What'd he do in the military, battles he was in, attitude towards the peacemakers, shit like that.
This Miguel guy sounds like he has potential. If someone like him frequented this bar some of the people around here must know of him. “I want to ask around. Let’s try one of the groups gambling.

“Probably the ones most willing to talk.”

You find a nearby group playing cards and buy in at twenty-five credits to sit. Claire and Isabelle stand behind your chair. The dealer passes out cards and you turn to the woman sitting next to you. “Any luck tonight.”

“More than usual, what’s it to you?”

“Just making conversation.” She chuckles at that. “You know military guy, Miguel? Used to come by here sometimes?”

“Everyone knows Miguel, what about him?” Your hand is garbage and you fold.

“I miss that old bastard, probably fell down drunk and died.” A man from across the table mentions.

“You know good war stories of his?” This gets some laughs from around the table.

The woman you spoke to answers. “That old windbag never stopped telling them.”

While you gamble the table takes turns telling his stories., interrupting each other and making corrections or arguing over them.

His first battle was six hundred years ago, an intercity skirmish in his home city of Wavebreak. Wavebreak is a city built over a crater filled with saltwater where the inhabitants live in the thousands of barges that float there. “His guys blew up the whole barge! To this day they say their still finding pieces of fish on roofs from that.” He led the poor of the city in a revolt which almost succeeded, but they lost and he was exiled.

After that he joined up with a group of disposed loners, and the madcaps went around raiding loners in their strongholds. “They terrorized those lonely bastards in castles and left a trail of destruction two thousand miles long before the old Governments enforcers broke ‘em up.”

But his antics didn’t end there, he joined the winning team. “He found his way into the enforcers, crazy bastard. Spent the next century killing commies.” Through sheer charisma he convinced a whole chapter of enforcers to abandon the league and join him to attack a small city. They actually managed to win and captured the city. “Gov’ just kept sending more enforcers at them until they lost the city, but he escaped before it fell, tough sunuvabitch.”

He finally fled here, to Border, defeated. And took up residence in the slums. “He found an army here eventually, tried to conquer the outer city, planned to hold the water hostage. Course he lost control of the message, his people abandoned him. Still never shut up about how close he was though.”

He’s since laid low for the last two hundred years, telling his stories and getting free drinks for.

You’ve lost all your chips, and stand. “Thanks for the stories everyone.”

>Stay in the bar and do something. (What?)
>Head outside to the seekers and do something. (What?)
>Find transportation to Miguel’s area and search for him.
>Write in.
>>Find transportation to Miguel’s area and search for him.
If your still here, how much longer are you staying?
Probably going to need to head off soon, but one more update wouldn't hurt.
“This guy sounds like a great candidate.” Claire approves.

“Why did you throw the game, you had chances to win?” Isabelle asks.

“I’m not going to take these people money, I got the information I wanted.”

You ask around and find that on the other side of the room there’s an exit that leads to a cable car service. After walking the length of the place, you find it and hop into a car, punching in ten miles of travel distance and paying a credit for it.

“Anyone here know where to find Miguel?” You just approach the first group of people you see after leaving the car. You get a flurry of answers.

“He should be at his place”

“Haven’t seen him around in a few weeks though.”

“He lives up on the ridge over there.”

“Why are you trying to find Miguel?”

“I bet he owes you money.”

“You assholes just sent a bill collector at that poor fool.”

You excuse yourself from the group ignoring their questions, and follow their directions. A quick elevator ride later your up on the ridge overlooking the buildings below. You ask more people for directions and find the house you’re looking for eventually. You check your phone. It's 6:15 p.m.

The building is made of metal sheets held together by taught support cables, the whole affair a rusted mess. You bang on the door for a while with no answer, but your banging eventually opens the door. You hope you didn’t break anything, but go inside anyways.

“Can you light it up it here?” Isabelle illuminates the room with her core.

In the light, you see the ground is littered with alcohol containers. The rooms of the first floor are all empty and appear to be in disuse. You find some stairs and take them, eventually coming to a room with a closed door, light peeking out from below.

You knock and this door opens as well, showing a room with a greater density of spent bottles littering the floor. On a soiled bed lies an old man you assume is Miguel. From the stories you had gathered he was around six hundred, but he must have gotten low quality anti-aging treatments. He looks absolutely ancient, like what you would see when watching old movies with biological elderly in them.

He’s stirred from your nocking and sits upright. The moment he catches sight of you he pulls a rail-gun from beneath the sheets, with a quickness you wouldn’t have expected from someone who looks as he does. The railgun looks as old as he does, caked with filth. But the glow of energy still escapes the patina.

How do you handle the situation?
>Write in.
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That's if for tonight. I will likely update tomorrow, or post when the next thread will be tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.


Goodnight if you're still here. Thanks for sticking around.
>Question her about what she wanted.

If her answers aren't satisfactory then
>Bring her directly to The Firm for Hendrik.

Firm business has to come first

>Relax, I'm with the Government and I am here to help.
Next thread will be on Saturday.
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