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Under the rule of a dictator, the Anurians, only recently caught in a devastating have united and begun expanding, claiming land for their new Empire.

The Emperor of the Anurians, Drexel the First, is uncontested master of the 4th Galactic Quadrant and his puppet Qadash Aadhya sits on the throne of the Kingdom of Faerlyn.

The Principality of Sylva, bordering Faerlyn, is being invaded by the combined forces of the Anurians and the Faerlyns and calls for aid from the Greater Galactic Commonwealth.

Seeing as their buffer states have been falling one by one to the Anurian advance, the unprepared Commonwealth has no choice but to bring what it has to bear and intervene on the behalf of the Principality.

Now the Commonwealth forces under the command of General Gallagher rest at the border system of Kraledo before advancing into enemy space.
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1.39 MB JPG
You are

>[ ] James Gardner. You never knew your parents. You were a poor orphan from the industrial districts of Cardinium, the capital of the Commonwealth. You joined the army at a young age as you saw no other way to survive. Climbing through the ranks despite your status as a commoner and an orphan to boot, you have become an officer and entered the strange world of nobles and men of higher education than you who often sneer at your rough manners and ungentlemanly conduct. You are a career soldier however and have something that many of these noble officers do not have. Experience. Experience you will be using to command your new squad.

>[ ] Gordon Flemming. You have joined the army seeking glory for yourself and your family. As a nobleman, buying an officer's commission was no big deal for your father and now you have joined the Commonwealth forces with a fancy officer's uniform and your own squad to command. You have spent time studying the ancient classics and you are sure that with some foppery and whim and your damn good intelligence, the goddess of victory will smile upon you.
>[ ] James Gardner
>James Gardner
>James Gardner
>>[ ] James Gardner.
You, Lieutenant James Gardner, have been summoned to the flagship of the Commonwealth forces, the HMS Heracles where General Gallagher himself resides. You nervously pace around the turbolift as it takes you up to the general's study. You were never too good with these nobleman types although you were certainly glad that the General had faith in a common man such as yourself and elevated you to be an officer.

The turbolift dinged as it reached its destination. You made sure your stuffy uniform was in order as the doors opened before you headed out.

As you near the door to the study, you hear shouting coming from within.

"...cannot possibly expect me to serve as-"

You knock on the door. The angered yelling ceases at the sound.

"Come in," you hear the general say.

You open the door and enter the sparsely decorated study. Other than the massive amount of books and paperwork strewn about, there were no personal touches in the room. At the desk sat the general himself. A tall wisp of a man with sharp facial features, he was one of the Commonwealth's youngest and most promising generals at only 38 years of age.

"Captain Gardner, I'd like you to meet Mr. Gordon Flemming," the general said "He is to be your First Lieutenant."

You are confused.

"Excuse me sir," you couldn't help but say "Captain?"

"Ah yes," the general said matter-of-factly "I just promoted you."

Ah, that'd explain the outrage from the young man besides you. You could already feel your headache coming.
Although he was a brilliant leader, General Gallagher had no head for politics. He had gotten in trouble more than once because he made the wrong person who had the right connections angry. It seems he has gone and angered yet another nobleman.

"Sir, surely you meant to give the post of captain to this strapping young lad," you say to try and salvage the situation.

"Nonsense," the general said "This is a most important posting and you have been serving with me since I began my military career Jim. You are my most trusted soldier."

Ah that did it. You could feel the anger and animosity emanating from the boy (for lack of better word to describe the officer) next to you. To be snubbed for an important position and by a commoner no less.

"General are you trying to insult me and my family!" Flemming exploded "I have friends at Cardinium you know! And so does my father!"

"Well we're orbiting Kraledo right now and until we have pushed the Anurians and their Faerlyn friends out of Sylva, there is to be no personal correspondence lest the enemy intercept your messages," the general countered his voice growing harder "Now I've tolerated your insubordination for long enough. Thank your father that he is such an important nobleman or I'd have had you flogged for you insolence."

So Gallagher did have a limit to his patience. That was surprising.

The threat shut the officer next to you up rather quickly.

"Now Captain," he said nodding to you and with extra emphasis at the officer next to you "Lieutenant. You may be wondering what I called you here for."
"The Royal Armory has acquired a new weapon that could give us an edge in battle against the enemy. It's different from the energy musket you are used to captain," the general said "They call it the energy rifle. More damaging than your energy muskets, far more accurate and with a greater range. Reliable and durable to boot."

You feel one of your eyebrows go up. That does certainly sound good.

"If it's so good, then there is certainly a reason why it hasn't been adopted yet, correct?" you ask.

"Correct Jim, sharp as always," the general replies "These rifles are expensive to build and have yet to be tested in battle. In addition, their signature dynamo takes a while for a soldier to wind up and therefore has a slower firing time than the energy musket in use. They were about to reject the offer by the Baker Firearms Corporation and continue using the usual energy muskets had I not stepped in."

You take a second to digest this.

"So these new rifles, they need to be tested," you say "and I assume that's what me and the Lieutenant are here for."

"Yes," the general says "I am creating an experimental rifle regiment and I have chosen some of the best shots we have to be in it, with you in charge. If anyone could bring out the full potential of the rifle, it is you Jim."

You are flattered with how much trust the general has in you.

"Sir, I will not let you down," you say "Thank you for bestowing such an honor on a common man such as myself."

The general laughs.

"Hah, common man?" he says "If men such as you were common, we wouldn't be in such dire straights. You will find your new regiment waiting for you our planetside base. You are dismissed."

You and the young officer to your side salute and exit the room. As soon as the door closes and you are out of sight of the general, the animosity you felt from the young officer returns at full force.

>[ ] Be diplomatic. It is better to make friends with your second in command.

>[ ] Be aggressive. Show him who is in command here. No noble brat will boss you around.

>[ ] Ignore him. Go to the planetbound shuttles in silence.

>[ ] Write in
>Be diplomatic
>>[ ] Be aggressive. Show him who is in command here.
>Rest assured, I will not damage your reputation. If there is an opportunity, I will even make it look like you are the one pulling the strings. But I expect authority to be respected when it is required.
>>[ ] Be diplomatic. It is better to make friends with your second in command.

If he gets out of line then.

>[ ] Be aggressive. Show him who is in command here. No noble brat will boss you around.
File: heroes and men galaxy map.png (1.43 MB, 1024x1024)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
I did a galaxy map while I waited for votes.

Red = Commonwealth
Light Blue = Sylvia
Purple = Faerlyn
Blue = Anuria
Yellow = Kingdom of Vrobia
Orange = The Vevarian Principalities
Gray = The Sloyes Empire

Also I have college classes tomorrow so I'll probably go to sleep in about an hour.
Wow. Sylvia is super fucked.
The Hyperspace Lanes shown in the OP image create natural chokepoints. It really depends on how you guys decide to play. You can either flip the war or lose the other half of Sylvia.
Btw, I'll add that the red occupied areas in the OP picture corresponds to the purple and dark blue occupied areas in this map.

Need a tie breaker
Well my write in would just lead to a 3 way tie.

>[ ] Be diplomatic. It is better to make friends with your second in command.
Don't suck up to him, just tell him if he can prove himself, we'll put him in charge of a unit and be able to command them as he pleases cough* on the front line cough*.

If we can do both, this is a good idea.

almost 8am here were i am at.
>be aggresive

>[x] Be diplomatic.
>>[x] If he gets out of line, be aggressive.

"So let's get a move on then, shall we?" you say to your lieutenant.

A harrumph was the closest thing you got to an answer. Taking that as a yes, you begin walking to the turbolift. You try to think of a way to mend ties with the young officer when your thoughts are suddenly interrupted with him speaking up.

"So how did a common man manage to become an officer?" Flemming asked "Blackmail? Some sort of secret that would ruin the general should it get out?"

The boy's imagination sure was something.

"I think you read too many women's tales," you say to him "I simply served under the general when he was a freshly minted officer in the colonial campaigns. I saved his life a few times and he mine. All there is to it."

"Hah, so you use the poor general's kindness to secure yourself promotions over your betters then?" Flemming laughed.

You sigh. This boy was incredibly stubborn about his disdain for you.

"The general has a misguided need to pay back his so called 'debts' to me and saw fit to promote me because of my skills and experience," you say as you reach the turbolift.

Before Flemming could respond, the lift doors dinged and opened. Both of you go in and you press the button to take you the the shuttle bays.

"Now I know how important honor and glory is for you noble types," you say "and I am willing to let you say that you were the one behind our victories, God willing we have any. But should you continue to act like an immature child and put the lives of me and my men in danger, I will shoot you myself. I am the captain here so you must listen to my orders."

The boy was starting to get on your nerves and you couldn't stop yourself from getting a little bit angry. Looking at the boy's expression, you weren't surprised to see that your outburst hadn't shut him up at all. Unlike the general, he had no respect for you as you were but a mere commoner. An oddity in the world of officers

Before he could reply to you however, the turbolift doors opened as you had reached your destination. The din of the machines and idle conversation in the shuttle hangar met your ears. Looking at Flemming, he had composed himself and looked nothing less than the perfect gentleman.

The message here was clear. He would not be caught dead fraternizing with a common man such as yourself where he could be seen. There was no further conversation to be had here. You shrugged your shoulders. At least he had shut up now.

The two of you board the officer shuttle heading down to the Commonwealth base on the surface of the planet. You take your seat on one of the reclining chairs and could feel yourself sinking into the softness. The spacious shuttle was far more posh than anything you were afforded as a common soldier. It was almost disgusting how lavish it was. Still, you might as well enjoy it. You lean your head back and take a quick nap as you wait for the shuttle to fill up and head to Kraledo.
You are roused from your short nap at the sound of a voice over the shuttle speakers.

"We will be landing at Kraledo base in 5 minutes," the voice said.

It seems you had awoken at a good time. You look around. It seems that the officers have congregated into their cliques. It reminded you of the descriptions you had heard of a high school. The main difference was the lack of women and the copious amount of wine being drunk by the socializing officers.

You knew that had you not been asleep, you still would not have been invited to join one of these groups. It was fine by you, you had your own kind of people you liked to hang around with and these posh officers certainly weren't it.

You look outside of the shuttle window, yet another luxury that wasn't afforded to the common soldiers in their own shuttles and took in the view of the planet you were about to land on. While a habitable world, Kraledo was significantly closer to its sun than Cardinium or even ancient Terra. The equator was blisteringly hot deserts and a few muggy jungles on the islands. The north and south poles were dominated by deciduous forests. In between these two, was the chaparral forests, by far the largest biome on the planet and the most populated. There was relatively little water on the surface with the so called "oceans" being little better than overgrown seas and lakes.

The Commonwealth had hastily constructed a base near the planet's capital which meant that you would be staying in the chaparral area until Gallagher saw fit to move the forces and advance into enemy held space.

You feel turbulence as the shuttle hits the atmosphere. The view outside of your window becomes tinged with red and orange as shuttle's shield systems protect you and the passengers from the massive heat created from the air friction.

As the turbulence ceases, the geometry of the shuttle shifts to be more aerodynamic and you have a relatively gentle flight to the base.

The shuttle touches down and the door opens as the stairs unfold. You and Flemming exit the shuttle and the hot, dry air slams into you like a truck. You had been in the air conditioned and humidity controlled atmosphere of a space ship for too long, you reflected.

Well now that you were on the planet, it was time to decide what to do.

>[ ] Meet the locals. You have never met a Sylvian before and it would be nice to know exactly who you are going to fight for.

>[ ] Meet the person in charge. It would a good idea to check in on whoever is in charge of this base. Being friendly with important people never hurt.

>[ ] Meet your regiment. You came here on this planet to get acquainted with the people you will command and test some weapons. This should be your priority.

>[ ] Try talking with Flemming again.

>[ ] Write in.

You only have enough time to do two of these options.
I'd like to add that the energy rifles will be referred to as dynamo rifles from now on. That was meant to be their original name but I had made a typo when I was writing earlier and accidentally called them energy rifles. Just an FYI for later on so no one gets confused.

>[ ] Meet the person in charge. It would a good idea to check in on whoever is in charge of this base. Being friendly with important people never hurt.

>[ ] Meet your regiment. You came here on this planet to get acquainted with the people you will command and test some weapons. This should be your priority.
This. Prioritize who you're fighting alongside; hearts and minds can come after tactical efficiency.
supporting this

We need to get our fellow officers gathered up and talk shit out. Then we need to meet our regiments and form a proper defensive perimeter.

File: JCND6Ka.png (34 KB, 464x551)
34 KB
I'm in the middle of writing the update, but in the mean time, here's an unfinished picture I drew of Gallagher to confirm that I'm alive.

Update S O O N.
He needs a monocle and a pointy goatee. True foppery
Fuck I forgot which one was Gallagher. Never mind.
>[x] Meet the person in charge.
>[x] Meet your regiment.

"Come with me Lieutenant," you say to Flemming "We're going to check in with whomever is in charge."

Flemming gives you no acknowledgement but you know he is following behind you as you head to the building in the center which you assume is where you'll find your target.

As you get closer, you see that your assumption is correct. Soldiers go in and out of the mostly complete structure carrying papers and what not, presumably orders from the person in charge.

You squeeze your way past a junior officer who was exiting with some brand new orders and look around the room. The squeaking fan makes slow revolutions and ineffectually pushes stagnant air around. You notice a half open door with the label "Brigadier Timothy Hogan". That's got to be it.

You approach the half open door and knock.

The short, portly older man with an impressive mustache stops signing the many documents on his desk and looks. That must be in.

An awkward silence permeates the space between you two as you stare at each other.

"Well?" the man says slightly annoyed "What are you waiting for? Are you going to enter or are you just going to waste my time?"

"Ah sorry sir," you stammered, caught off guard.

You enter the room and remove your hat. Flemming does so as well.

"Captain James Gardener," you say "I've been recently promoted and assigned to a regiment here."

Hogan raises his eyebrow.

"Gardner, huh? I've heard of you," he said "Gallagher's pet commoner. I'll just get it out in the open that I do not agree with raising an officer from the ranks, but while you're here, I won't let that get in the way of the duties we must preform."

"Thank you sir," you say.

Hogan nods and then motions at Flemming.

"I'm Lieutenant Gordon Flemming," he says "I have been assigned to work under Captain Gardner."

You notice he has some difficulty saying that last part. A small smirk appears on Hogan's face and disappears just as quickly as it appeared.

"Flemming hmm?" he says "I am acquainted with your father. Never knew there was a young Lord Flemming running about though."

"Well, I hope to make a name for myself sir," Flemming says.

"Ah, looking to step out of your father's shadow eh?" Hogan says "You'll come to regret that you know. War isn't as pretty as the stories make it seem."

You are afraid that Flemming will find something to take offence to in Hogan's words, but remarkably, he stays calm.

"I'm prepared for what I must do sir," Flemming says genially.

"I hope for your sake that you are," Hogan sighs.

Then turning to you he asks "So what are you here for?"

>[ ] You want to get acquainted with your direct superior on this planet.

>[ ] You want to get all the information you can get on the current situation.

>[ ] Write in
>[ ] You want to get all the information you can get on the current situation.
>>[ ] You want to get acquainted with your direct superior on this planet.
>>[ ] You want to get all the information you can get on the area and tasks in your designated operation zone
>You want to know if there's anything Hogan will want to know specifically about the new weapon
>[ ] You want to get all the information you can get on the current situation.

I concur that we'll want to know if the commander has any opinions on how to utilize the new weapons system. Dynamo Rifles probably won't be as useful "conventionally" as they would be in another role, due to their longer charge time and better accuracy and range. Makes them less suitable in a weight of fire contest as part of a constituent line from the sound of it.
Going to sleep in about 30 minutes because classes.
>>[ ] You want to get all the information you can get on the current situation.
>[x] You want to get all the information you can on the current situation

"Well sir, as you might already know, I've only been promoted recently," you say "so I'd like to have a quick rundown on the current situation."

"Quick rundown. What curious expressions you common folk have," Hogan remarked "Well, there isn't very much to speak of. Despite the complaints of the soldiers, this boredom is a blessing. The Faerlyn are a cowardly lot and have halted their advance once we stepped in and secured what remains of Sylvian space. Now we're just playing chicken on this border world here."

You had seen the star maps. The combined forces of the Anurians and the Faerlyn had rushed across the border and taken half of Sylvian space in the course of just a couple of days. They had only been halted by the intervention of the Commonwealth. Other than the skittish enemy commander that had retreated from his position on the left portion of the star map, the front had remained relatively unchanged. The Commonwealth held the two systems that the enemy needed in order to advance further which gave the Commonwealth a defensive advantage. The enemy would have to attack two heavily defended systems if they wanted access to the hyperspace lanes required to continue their campaign. You give a quiet thank you to who or what ever created the hyperspace lanes and made them the way they were.

Now you wait on this bulge in the front for either General Gallagher to give the order to advance or for the enemy to lose their cool and attempt invading.

"That isn't to say that we have been doing nothing however," Hogan continued "We routinely send out patrols to make sure that no enemy ground forces have landed without our knowledge and have been pumping out Zephyr particles at combat density since we got here. The men are complaining that they cannot connect to the Hypernet because of all the disruption, but sacrifices must be made if we are to prevail. Additionally, we have intercepted several scouting ships and have had our own scouts intercepted. It seems that the enemy has also been pumping out as many Zephyr particles as they can because our scouts reported so much interferrence that their instruments could gather nothing from any of the enemy held systems."

"So we know nothing and they know nothing," Flemming says.

"Simply put, yes," Hogan says "I wish there was something more that I could tell you."

You take in the information. This means that the Commonwealth still has the element of surprise should the Faerlyn and Anurians attack. That also went the other way should the Commonwealth attack.
>>1524086 (forgot my trip)
"About the new weapon," you ask "Have you seen it be used?"

"Ah yes, those newfangled dynamo rifles," Hogan said "They are rather interesting. I saw a demonstration being given to the men. It's a powerful weapon in the properly trained hands. If technology keeps improving at this rate, energy weapons might become as efficient as our regular weapons. Considering the reload time for the weapon I saw fit to attach your company to the 60th Praetorian Regiment of Foot under the command of a Colonel Arthur Ross. Although considering the size of it, company is being rather generous."

A regiment from Praetoria was it? You had heard good things about soldiers from that planet. Wait, what was that about the size of your company.

"Excuse me sir?" you ask.

"Ah yes, your so called 'company'," Hogan said "Gallagher couldn't very well hand over command of a large group of men to a mere commoner. The other officers and their friends on Cardinium wouldn't allow it. Your 'experimental company' barely has any men. Four last I counted. They are damn good soldiers however. I'm sure in the coming battles, should you prove yourself, you will be allowed to have more men."

You sighed. Of course things wouldn't be that easy. There was always a complication.

"If I were you, I'd stick to skirmish tactics," Hogan said "Hit and run attacks like the insurrectionists in the colonies tend to use. Just do well and I will see about having more men transfer into your company."

You nodded.

"Yes sir, thank you," you say.

It was a good idea to have met with Hogan before you had gone looking for your company. You were liable to not have found them at all considering it was only four men. Not to mention the nasty surprise it would have been should you have found them.

"Where could I find my so called company, sir?" you ask.

"They're stationed at a nearby farm at the moment," Hogan said "They've been assigned guard duty. Now is that all?"

"Yes, thank you for your time," you said saluting.

Flemming also salutes. Hogan dismisses both of you with a lazy wave of his hand muttering something under his breath. From what you gather, he wasn't one for protocol despite his rank.
That's our homey the General.
So five people, Fleming doesn't count yet. Awesome.
After asking around, you manage to get directions to the farm that your so called company was stationed at. Company was stretching it however. This "experimental company" was just a fireteam with one extra member. Two if you counted Flemming and you certainly did not. You had no idea what Gallagher was thinking.

The farm was on the outskirts of the base although it was a fair bit closer to the planetary capital. Marching in the heat, you and Flemming managed to work up a small bit of sweat. Soon however, you could see it.

As you approached the small farm on the hill, you could barely make out a small shape running into a dilapidated barn through the overgrown grass. Once you reach the small gate in the wooden fence around the farm you hear the unmistakable sound of an energy bolt being discharged, although it sounded rather strange compared to the usual. Slightly distorted if you had to describe it.

A plume of dust and soil erupted mere inches from your feet as a rather high pitched sound came from Flemming's direction. It seemed that the boy was not ready for this at all.

"Who goes there?" you hear a voice shout from the barn.

Squinting, you could make out who shot at you. A man was perched on the roof of the barn and was pointing his weapon at you. It looked different than the usual energy musket. For one, the barrel was far short and you could see a small handle sticking out of the side. So this was the dynamo rifle you assumed. The man wore a khaki camouflaged uniform that although was different from the standard colorful uniforms used in combat between major empires, was entirely at home in colonial warfare. In fact, this appeared to be the exact kind of uniform that you and your fellow soldiers wore in the colonial campaigns. No doubt that this man was part of your "company" and that Gallagher was behind this.

How do you respond to his question.

>[ ] Identify yourself and get to business.

>[ ] Identify yourself and scare the poor man a little.

>[ ] Write in
>>[ ] Identify yourself and get to business.
>>[ ] Identify yourself and get to business.
We've got a war to fight and we haven't even met our fireteam yet, lets leave antics for later.
aye, this.
>identify yourself and get to business
if I were you I would identify yourself and learn the dynamic in the groups. who works well together who doesn't, and I make sure they know you will step into the mud with them and the ywill do the same for you

Sorry lads, my professor assigned some extra homework out of nowhere so I spent all day working on it. Update tomorrow.
what will be will be
>[x] Identify yourself and get to business

While you would love to mess around and spook the man who just fired off a warning shot, there was a war to fight and you needed to get down to business as soon as possible.

"Captain James Gardner, the man stuck commanding your sorry asses!" you shout back "And your Lieutenant as well!"

The man leans forward to get a better view of you and Flemming. Realizing his mistake, he quickly clambered down from the barn roof and ran to the fence to unlock it for you.

Now that he was closer, you could see more of the rather tall man's features. He was darker skinned and rather tall but on the thin side if you were honest. He had a 5-o'clock shadow and his face and hands were dirty, as if he had been doing some physical labor recently.

He quickly got the fence opened and stepped aside to allow you and Flemming to enter. You considered breaking his balls a little for shooting first (at his superior no less) and asking questions later but decided not to. You were at war here and there were more important things to do.

The sharp intake of breath you heard coming from Flemming's direction indicated that he thought otherwise. Before he could open his mouth, you held your hand out.

"There are more important things to do than yelling at an over vigilant watchman Lieutenant," you said.

Surprisingly, Flemming headed your words. Perhaps he was simply too tired from the march to bother arguing with you.

"Now who might you be?" you ask the soldier.

"Rifleman Miles Lee, sir!" the soldier says.

Well now you have a name to a face.

"Well Rifleman Lee, I could have you punished for your reckless action earlier, but I realize we are fighting a war right now, all our sensors are down and we don't know if the enemy has landed forces on this planet from right under our noses," you say trying to calm him down, seeing how nervous he was "so I'll let this slide this one time. Please be less reckless next time."

"Yes sir, thank you!" Lee says saluting.

"Oh come on now, none of that," you say "I'm a common man, same as you."

Once again, Lee seems embarrassed by his mess up.

"Gardner, while you are a commoner, a certain decorum is expected from an officer, do not become so familiar with the ranks," Flemming pipes up.

You sigh. It seems Flemming has found his voice once again.

"I'll keep it in mind," you say "Now let's meet the rest of this sorry excuse for a company. Could you take us there?"

"Yes sir," Lee says "Follow me."

Lee walks off and you and Flemming follow. Lee leads you to the farmhouse. As you approach it, you hear some yelling from within.

"Anything we should be concerned about?" you ask.

"Ah it's probably nothing," Lee says with resignation.

It mustn't be the first time this has happened. You reach the door and Lee opens it for you. What greets you is a strange sight.
>>1530449 (forgot trip again)
"That rabbit is mine, fair and square little girl!" a burly man who is more hair than person bellows.

"Finders keepers!" a younger voice says.

You look around for the source but have no luck finding it. You lower your line of sight, being clued in by the man mentioning a little girl. Right near your feet is what you assume is the little girl. Dressed in overalls and a flannel shirt, the only hint that the child is female are the girlish pig tails. In her hands, a rabbit leg. Judging from her sticky face and a rabbit leg you see already thrown away, you assume she already ate the other leg.

To the side, you see the other two people in your "company" cheering them on and judging from the money they were holding, likely betting on the outcome of this showdown. One was freckled with short hair, likely even younger than Flemming. The other was the striking image of what you thought of when you pictured an absentminded professor.

"The only thing you'll be finding is a long and unpleasant time out young lady!" the bearlike man said before diving at the girl.

She jumped away with unnatural grace. Now that you look at her longer, you notice that her face is off from a normal human's. The eyes a bit too big, the ears longer, the features longer and more angular. Is she perhaps one of the Sylvians you were here to fight for?

Well you could ponder that later because at the moment, you have a massive man currently heading straight towards you with no way to stop himself with the momentum he had built up.

He bowls right into you and both of you end up outside outside on the dusty ground. The wind is knocked out of your lungs by the large man.

"Oh, what's this then?" the large man says noticing you under him.

He quickly gets up and helps you to your feet, futilely dusting off your uniform.

"Ah well, it would have gotten dirty in the field anyway," he said after seeing that his massive hands were doing a better job knocking the wind out of you than cleaning your uniform.

"Now who might ye be?" he asks.

Flemming stares horrified at this lack of professionalism and the audacity of these mere rank and file soldiers to be so familiar with their commanding officer.

>[ ] Write in
>actual punishment delayed until someone can tell us what's going on
>Lieutenant, do you want to deal with the girl? No? Fine, as long as she stays quiet while we get a full explanation.
"I am your commanding officer, captin gardner, so if you would stop hitting me and let me breath I can get a better idea of this units capabilitys. and if you don't stop...ILL HAVE YOU USED AS THE FRIGGIN TARGET PRATICE FOR THE NEW RIFLES.

now that that's done all of you get in line, wepons at the ready"
That is SIR to you Corporal, and it is Captain Gardner! This is Lt. Flemming!
*Gesture to him formally.*

Now, I demand a clear explanation ONE AT A TIME, what is going on here!
*Point to the girl*
You! Jessica Rabbit, start talking.
forgot to add, i dunno the guys rank, he may be a Sargent even. You can correct that for me.
tis a bit rude, but I like the idea. but drop the formality. these guys would appreciate a relatable commander
rip in pepperoni quest
I'm waiting for this thread to die to make a new one. I have the update written already.
You could do that now if you wanted to. There are other quests with multiple active threads at once. If you do make a new thread, you should link the previous thread to that one for thread notifications.
Well here's the thread.

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