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Old Thread >>1407953

Let me know when you are here


Having acquired the 'fax' tool made by Okaba, we go back to the Empire and give one to our think tank there, after properly explaining its use and purpose.

The sages are quite interested, but seem to think of it as a curiosity, or perhaps a interesting advance in magic theory, rather than a useful tool.

Well, let's show them how to use it, bit by bit.

Having done that, we are on our way back when Yin catches up to us.

"Sir! If you are coming to the capital, please stop by the office, would you?" - says the nine tailed vixen before taking a big sigh- "there's always documents needing your approval, you know?"
"Ah, yes. Alright. If its just approving..."

And so, we are led by the hand to the office, where Yin places a plate with documents in front of us.

There's a field report by the sage we sponsored to work on germ theory. The results are that indeed, he found diminutive monsters in the blood stream and other tissues of dead and sick people, which leds him to think that there might be some way to prevent disease spread if these incredibly small monsters can be fought somehow.

He's asking for extra funds to look into ways to do just that.

>Yes, let him go on as he has done so far
>No, we can probably set up better procedures with our rather basic knowledge of hygiene.
>Yes, let him go on as he has done so far
Other: offer suggestions such as trying alcohol, heat, cold, and various dyes. Also see if other small monsters can be used to fight these monsters, as Pets are used to fight Monsters.
>>Yes, let him go on as he has done so far
this >>1427706 also sounds good
File: Yin Aillyn.jpg (287 KB, 576x800)
287 KB
287 KB JPG

We authorize his research, and sign the document once we've added our suggestions.

Yin looks approvingly, nodding from the side.

She looks quite beautiful in her official robes... well, they've been designed by Ren to show her off for our viewing pleasure... and it works quite well.

As we look at her soft and generous bossom on display, it is actually without any lewd thoughts in mind, but purely curiosity...

>"Would you like me to milk you?" - we are intimate enough, certainly. It's a beastkin thing, right?
>Ah, instead, let's try and see if we can make good lewd use of our low desk
"I have two auroc beastkin, and I didn't know they needed to be milked. Is that common for beastkin?"
seconding >>1427792

Yup, this is pretty much what I was going to answer:

"Wha..!? Why would you think that!?" - she crosses her arms over her breasts while redder than her dress

And then she was going to explain the following...


"Uhm? Milking them? I don't think it is?" - she seems equal parts flustered and curious- "I don't know anything about their customes, but you are usually taught to do it by yourself, when you need it at all, that is... ah, you have two beastkin little sisters, but they are not of age yet..."

She pauses and thinks about it with her arms crossed -under- her breasts, obviously more relaxed.

"I don't about auroch beastkin, but... foxkin hardly produce any large amounts... I think the lionkin of the imperial guard produce a little more, but since our type (she means beastkin) is rather common in the empire, you can buy health products easily in most temples and alchemy shops. Does that help?"
"Ah... is just, they asked me to milk them..." -we reply trying to play it down
"Uhmm... I really don't know about their customs. You can probably buy a reusable milk pump at an alchemy shop or a temple, like I said before. There are quite a number of species that do produce wuite a lot, I think."

>Ah, lets take this chance to ask questions for our little sister's benefit
>That's enough, we should probably ask at a temple or alchemy shop. You know, ask a professional
>Ah, lets take this chance to ask questions for our little sister's benefit
As much as our mothers love our little sisters, they're a human and an elf, with little experience with beastkin children.
>>Ah, lets take this chance to ask questions for our little sister's benefit

>Ah, lets take this chance to ask questions for our little sister's benefit
File: yin aillyn 022.jpg (302 KB, 831x1200)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
>>Ah, lets take this chance to ask questions for our little sister's benefit

"So, you'd normally use a pump?"
"It is considered a fairly neccessary self care item for beastkin females, you know?" - she replies, trying to be helpful- "It isn't cheap, but its quite durable as long as you don't purposefully drop it or smash it. If you wish, I can show you mine at home."
"That would be useful, but how about you accompany me to buy a pair for my little sisters?"
"Alright... ah, miss Stella seems to be on the larger sizes... miss Zoe should be about my size...?" -she is mostly talking to herself, though

And so, we half escort Yin home, half go to a health shop.

The pumps are made from various materials. Copper, wood, and even gold, it seems.

Obviously, wood is the cheapest.

Do you know why gold is the best material of antiquity for piercings and jewelry? That is because it is rare, beautiful, and most importantly, it doesn't rust nor allows for bacterial growth.

Honestly, copper is much the same, but its color dulls quickly and so its not seen 'as noble a material'.

Still, a metal suction cup with a small hand pump attached right against it.

There are no hoses or soft parts. As expected of something made solely of metal. Besides, its made of expensive materials so its as small as it can be.

Looks difficult to use, as well.

Well, we can probably make some rubber hoses and suction cups, plus a simple stopper of rubber will make the pump work a lot better... yup, now that we know what these look like, we have a pretty clear idea on how to improve it.


"Uhmm.. what's the typical age for girls to need such a thing?"
"Around 14? I'd say somewhere between 13 and 16. It depends on the person and the species."
"Stella is 12... I guess she might need one soon."
"Are you buying this one?" - she looks at the luxurious gold pump in our hand
"No, I'll take the copper one."

She looks a bit dissapointed.

Well, we just want to take it apart and make sure we understand its workings. Is not like we are actually giving it to Stella.

"Thank you for your purchase." -says the clerk as we pay him

Once we are outside the store, we explain we just want it to disassemble and study it.

"I see."
"You've never seen rubber before, right? Its softer and warmer, I think it'll be a good material to replace some parts with."
"That sounds quite nice. I'd be interested in such a thing."

Well, rubber is quite common in the healthcare industry of our old world. Hoses, the tip of baby bottles, suction cups, medical tools.

Yes, we should introduce a new product into the market. It's been a while.

The last time was ... the fridge for the dwarf's ale, was it?

>Let's start looking at making a rubber pump as a side project
>"Ellie-sama help us!" - let's explain to Ellie what we want and ask her to do it.
>Let's start looking at making a rubber pump as a side project
We are going down in history as the guy who invented cold beer, warm titties, & deoderint. And thousands of kids aren't we.
>>Let's start looking at making a rubber pump as a side project
Let's not forget about it and let it lay by the wayside like so many of our other projects.
File: princess aritsu 2.jpg (590 KB, 750x1000)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
>We are going down in history as the guy who invented cold beer, warm titties, & deoderint. And thousands of kids aren't we.

Any problems with that?


Well, it's for our super cute fluffy-eared little sisters so there's no way we'd forget.

Let's write it down just in case.

Alright, with that in mind, let's go home.

It's a ship and not a home? silly, home is where the heart is.

And our three sweethearts are in the ship, so there you go.

We emerge in front of Aritsu. She was watering the little tree we use as our [Treestride] destination.

Ah, I don't want to go into clichés and say "its natural as an elf" but... well, I guess someone had been watering it so far.

Right, we forgot to do it ourselves, after all.

Let's reward our cute elfie.

"Welcome home." -she says with a smile, her pointy ears wiggling a little as she smiles


Let's grab her and kiss her.

"..I'm home." -we say after letting go of her lips.

We're still holding her, though

"Ah, how envious." - says Mako as she stands up and walks over from the desk

Let's kiss her too,

Aritsu is soft and petite, while Mako is the curvy soft type. They're both wonderful.

Lyann isn't in the cabin right now. Apparently she's late from dungeon-diving.

>Let's do some cute lewd stuff with Mako
>Let's do some bridal training with Aritsu. As in, let's train her into lewd stuff
>As we did with Aritsu x Lyann, let's have some Mako x Aritsu to have them get along while we work on the pump
>Let's FF to the next day
Lets ask them about their day and what they got done, as well as getting an update on things from Aritsu.
>As we did with Aritsu x Lyann, let's have some Mako x Aritsu to have them get along while we work on the pump

I hope Lyann doesn't get mad we didn't wait for her before sharing Aritsu.
seconding >>1428126
File: best elf swimsuit is best.jpg (3.61 MB, 5935x4069)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
>Lets ask them about their day and what they got done, as well as getting an update on things from Aritsu.

>>As we did with Aritsu x Lyann, let's have some Mako x Aritsu to have them get along while we work on the pump

"My day?" - Aritsu is still blushing while we hold her
"Yes, what did you do today?"
"Alright. I understand, so, let me go first."
"No. I like holding you. So no"
"Uhh... alright, I understand." -she says while blushing ruby red, her ears' tips dropping quite low towards her shoulders

After finishing classes, she checked the schedule of the chess club, refilled the 'fridge' we placed there, had lunch with Dawn, Mako and Kya, then went to work on the lab.

"As for progress reports" -she says- "The team on the shields has managed to theoretize a smaller power source, but it would be half the size at almost twice the price... ah, please don't grab me there..!" -she protests feebly as we feel her shapely bottom and kiss her shoulders
"Nope. I like holding you like this. What else?"
"Uuuh... i-I understand... ah!"

She shivers a little as she continues

"The biology team thinks that they could produce a toxin or poison, but the materials would also be quite expensiv-aaAh!" -she moans out adoringly as we nibble on her ear's tip
"And the probe team?"
"You want me to contin-ah!?" -she shivers
"Yes, please do."
"The caster probe is basically a simple magic trap added to the probe. It will trigger upon proximity, so it was actually the easiest p-aah! President, please cut that out already, I'm going to get mad!" -she admonishes us as she punches our chest softly
"Alright, alright, just one more kiss."

So, we kiss her with a long loving kiss while bending her backwards and holding her in our arms.

"Ah... I made it." -she says softly

What are we, some kind of monster?

"Ah, Eldric is a kissy-grabby monster. - says Mako

Did she read our mind!?

She helps Aritsu sit down on the bed and fans her a little bit.

"Ah! Is it my turn?" -she says
"Yes, so, what did you do today?"

We sit down on the chair by the desk, a leg on either side of the backing as we lean on it.

"I, don't get grabbed and kissed?" -she says with a curious expression
"Umu.. I have a feeling the teachers would punish me if I do that."

She doesn't seems to get it. Well, to her, Ami andMai are nothing but sources of gentleness and affection, though.

"Well, after classes, lunch, then classes at home, and then, mail! That's it!" -she declares proudly

Right, she has those palace classes at home, and she reads a lot of mail from the citizens of the empire. Right.

"Was it a lot of mail?"
"Uhmmm" - she seems to think about it- "About this high?"

She's holding her hand at about her chest height.

Wait, is that from the floor!? That's quite the height of letters, you know?

"You worked hard. Good job."
"Yes! Aritsu also worked hard!" -she replies
"Yes, you both worked hard. Good job."

File: Lyann070.jpg (214 KB, 800x600)
214 KB
214 KB JPG

"Therefore, kiss." -she declares

Ah, it was a cute kiss

Well, its not as if we haven't done alot more than this already, but lets take it slowly for now.

"I'm home." - Lyann enters through the cabin's door

Eh? She didn't [Treestride] did she?

"Welcome home!" x3

"Love, where did you come from?"
"Uhm? I was dungeondiving with Zoe, Kya, Dawn and Honoria."
"Yes, but, how did you get onto the ship?"
"Well, you know how you can teleport to and from the adventurer's guild to any dungeon floor you've locked your keystone with?"
"And do you remember how Okaba gave us that keystone that links to him, if he's nearby?"
"And that there's teleporters in the keep?"
"I made one."
"A keystone you can 'lock' to any place. I locked one to the garden back home, and the ship's deck."

We've had honestly forgotten Lyann is actually monstruously smart, uh?

"So, how much does it cost? Can we make more?"
"No, you ... ah, rather, its personal. You have to make it yourself and it would only work for you."
"I see."

So, its not something that will ever become a trade goods.

I wonder if it runs on her own personal mana? Does it use a % or a base amount? Honestly, market wise it would be better if its a % of our current mana, but for us, it would be better if its a fized amount.

The most mana expensive skill is 100mp after all, which for us is pretty negligible, but for the general population is a ludicrouns amount.

>Let's welcome her and work on the pump
>Let's set the pump aside for now, and work on seeing if we can copy her keystone
>Let's set the pump aside for now, and work on seeing if we can copy her keystone
It's a useful item to have, especially since we will need to teleport to more places when we take control of our various companies.
>>Let's set the pump aside for now, and work on seeing if we can copy her keystone
>Let's welcome her and work on the pump

>Let's welcome her and work on the pump
Shame on you guys for not wanting to mailk all of your girls

And the senpai we will have
This is for thr health and well-being of millions
Do you not care for your beast kin?
>>Let's set the pump aside for now, and work on seeing if we can copy her keystone

"Ah, Can I copy your notes on it?"
"Sure, hold on... " -she grabs a notebook from her [Inventory] and hands it to us

It's pretty complex

"These are the basic structure and magic circles that make the base for it. You need to assemble them mentally and then 'push' them unto the keystone before you can do anything else..."

Eh? It looks quite complicated already.

Let's sit down at the desk for this.

"Once the base is in place, you need to actually physically engrave the stone. I used your magnifying glass for it, and a base from jewelcrafting, see?"

So, it's also a manual job.

"And when you lock it to one place, you need to use as clear a mental image as you can. It's better if its a place you've experienced deep emotions in."

We're bad at touchy-feely stuff... well, she probably means we need to have a clear isea of where we are.

To begin with, the ship is moving, so coordinates wouldnt work, right?

But maybe that would make it easier to link to a fixated place.

She leans in from the side to try and give pointers. Ah, her handwritting is really beautiful yet orderly, uh?

When we try to do calligraphy, each individual letter comes out aesthetically pleasing, but put together it somehow looks messy for some reason.

Isn't that weird? How come the added result of good parts is a mess?

Anyway, her notes are ... they're adressed to us.

So, she worte them down assuming we would read them, uh?

For example, there's one that reads: "You need to draw parallel magic circles with a connecting mana conduit between them. Think of it as a Phneymmann equation. You like the Pneummann equation."

"Ah, this note..."
"Yes?" - she looks at us expectantly
"Did you wrote to yourself like this?"
"Of course not. I assumed you would need these."

Let's look elsewhere in the notebook...

...yep, every once in a while, we can see notes adressed to us.

So, she assumed we would borrow her books to study at some point?

Are all her books like this? I'm sorry I didn't ask you for your notes in all this time!

Aritsu walks over and leans unto our other shoulder...

She's making affirmative sounds while nodding.

Did she understood things with just a brief look?

These girls are scary.

"Ah, please let me read on my own."
"...alright" - Lyann backs off right away
"You... alright." - Aritsu heads over to the small mana stove and starts brewing some tea

We can hear the rustle of clothes. I guess they're changing for bed.

>Let's have them 'cuddle' with each other to move along their skinship while we study
>Let's just study
>Let's have them 'cuddle' with each other to move along their skinship while we study

>Let's have them 'cuddle' with each other to move along their skinship while we study

Also then paint them like your french girls
>Let's just study
Stop being such a lazy bum.
>>Let's just study
We are still studying ether way
File: Lyann action.jpg (471 KB, 700x525)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Guess Im rolling for it

1 - have the girls increase their intimacy for when we are all one family, and study meanwhile-
2 - Just tuck them to bed and study
File: Lyann 071.jpg (186 KB, 773x999)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

Aritsu is standing by the bubbling tea pot, while Mako practices her guqin and Lyann tries to be helpful by pointing here and there when she thinks we have troubles... it's all really distracting.

"Alright, listen, I just need to think abou it on my own, alright?" - we say tp the redhead after giving her a little kiss- "Just go to bed soon and I'll figure it out."

At some point, Aritsu changed out of her school uniform into a coquetish short silk dress and simple sandals. She brings us some herbal tea and places it next to the notebook.

Ah, she smells really nice... ah, the tea too!

This is really distracting.

They're too alluring and distracting!

"Alright, thanks but that's it."

We head over to Mako and give her a kiss, take her instrument from her and take her clothes off before we carry her to bed, then repeat the process with Aritsu and Lyann.

Aritsu and Lyann are giving us a very embarrassed look, while Mako seems to have the right idea.

That's right, we're really just tucking them in.

After a kiss to each, we cover them with the blankets, and sit back at the desk.

"Eh...?" - Aritsu
"Fuu..." - Lyann
"Good night." - Mako

Alright, let's focus now...

(lets continue tomorrow, hopefully)
File: lyann morning ha.jpg (85 KB, 1200x1235)
85 KB

In the end, we sort of saw the shadow of the possibility that maybe we could craft our own [Free Keystone] in a couple of days, as long as we kept at it.

Ah... how does Lyann's head work? It's as if she started by what she wanted the final result to be, and worked backwards from there.

Or rather, is she actually the genius type that needs to slow down for the rest of us? Uhh... her int stat is ... ah! We are finally approaching her level. Just 30 to go...

Well, at this point, 30 distributed over 11 classes is practically nothing, though.

Her int is slightly lower than ours. Well, she raises mainly the slave class so her physical attributes are actually higher than ours... it's a bit hurtful that we are (slightly) weaker than the super shapely and cute girl, you know?

If our intelligence is higher, shouldnt we have an easy time understanding her super-easy-to-read notes? I guess there's still a talent barrier to get over, stats or not.

Anyway, let's at least get a nap time to rest before sunrise.

And so, we moved into the bed and happily cuddles up with our beautiful fianceés. Ah, if we wake up before them, let's wake them up with some loving.


Or that was the idea, but we were the ones waking up with a "Ah!" as our lovely redhead woke us up as she prefers to do, her soft, ruby red lips wrapped around our child's base.

"Good morning" -she says happily as she continues to lick and kiss at our child's head
"Ah, morning."

Sadly, we don't have the time to 'properly' greet her back, since it looks like they actually let us sleep a little longer than usual.

Just so you know, I'm not actually grateful. I would have preferred to go through our usual routine of washing and dressing them up, you know!?

Ah... well, it was a wonderful waking up all the same, so let's face the day with a smile.

After classes today...

>Let's go to the office in Eopolis and keep learning about the rockisthip business
>Let's go to the office in Mantequira and work with Yin
>Let's go to the Jade islands and start seeding the plant monsters to welcome the [ERROR]s when they arrive
>Let's go check the succubus and get the glass business started
>Let's go to the office in Eopolis and keep learning about the rockisthip business
So much work to catch up on, that we lazed away while we timeskipped.
>Let's go check the succubus and get the glass business started
>>Let's go to the office in Eopolis and keep learning about the rockisthip business
>Lets go to the jade islands and start seeding the plant monsters to welcome the [ERROR]s when they arrive
File: aritsu princess.jpg (63 KB, 564x844)
63 KB
>>Let's go to the office in Eopolis and keep learning about the rockisthip business
>>Lets go to the jade islands and start seeding the plant monsters to welcome the [ERROR]s when they arrive
>>Let's go check the succubus and get the glass business started

Well, let's install the fax in the lab first... there we go.

Dawn seems to like it a lot for some reason. She won't make copies of her face, will she? Ah, but if she wants to fax us copies of her bum, we don't mind, though.

Anyway, let's go to the office.

This time, we are taking Aritsu with us, though.

Of course, we got her the perfect secretarial clothes. A miniskirt with a white silk shirt and a matching jacket, plus a lacey tie. Of course, her hair is tied back in a bun behind her head.

Why isn't it a ponytail, you ask? Hah! Obviously, is the gap when she undoes it and her long , soft golden hair cascades, you know?! The gap is love, the gap is life.

We also took Nina with us, obviously.

Afterwards, it looks like Aritsu really liked the work. Nina doesn't likes it or hates it. I guess she's competent, but not crazy about organizing stuff?

Of course, we had our pets go to the local dungeons in the meanwhile, so we could sponge exp off th-- I mean, so they could further level up.

Uhmm... the desk seems to be the right height and size. It's also quite solid. This is good, because reasons.

Aritsu is shivering like she got a bad feeling, somehow.

Is she psychic? She's blushing brightly and her cute pointy ears are aiming down to her shoulders. Maybe she really is psychic.

We're finally getting the hang of the business, but its mentally exhausting, even with three people.

By the way, we assigned the remaining harpy casters to customer service. They're selling tickets and taking cargo requests now. Assigning all of them would have left too big a hole in our pet's parties, so let's start witht he casters for now.

After all, there's Lyra and Fahima to replace them right now.

Ah, I wonder if we should eventually cycle all the harpies out of the parties so they can grow up (mentally) by interacting with people and having responsibilities, or if it's fine to leave them as they are?

Now that we have Moccha and Crema to tank, we will soon be able to switch the harpy tank as well. We'll need some replacement for the rangers, though.

Uhmm which monsters are famous for being good archers...


I have this vague feeling that I'm biased in this sense for some reason, but I can't think of anyone else.

>Let's replace the harpies in the exp parties with other monsters, and give them the chance to develop (mentally).
>It's fine as it is right now

By the way, any monsters you can think of that would be good ranged attackers? Monster girls preferred of course
>Let's replace the harpies in the exp parties with other monsters, and give them the chance to develop (mentally).

>Ranged attack monsters
Gorgons, centaurs, dryads, elves, maybe certain beastkin. The succubus could learn to use ranged weapons, and there's Miel II and other fairies.
>>Let's replace the harpies in the exp parties with other monsters, and give them the chance to develop (mentally).
File: fashionable centaur.png (1.26 MB, 844x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Gorgons ... dont we assign them a bow because of the movies?

Centaurs are not "monsters" in our continent. We would have to "hunt" one in the southern continent.

Dryads... thats pretty much what Flora is.

We already civilized the succubus too.

What else is there? Should we look for centaurs (the feminien seems to be kentaur) in the southern continent?

I really like this pic and have been wanting to use it
File: centaur demihuman.jpg (541 KB, 810x1080)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Alright so let's see... we want to replace the harpies to let them grow smarter, right?

So we have 10 harpies...
4 casters
4 ranged attackers
2 tanks

We already assigned the casters to work, and can move out the tanks next.

Uhmm... Should we get a ..whats the word for a group of horses or centaurs? herd? Should we get a kentaur herd?

>Sure, let's go hunting
>No, instead how about (monster name here)?
Honestly though, I think we are fine atm

Let's see..

4 ranged harpies
Miel II

That's 12 people(?), so we actually have 2 too many since we need to make them 5 ppl grouns so theres a slot for us to drain exp from them.

We could cycle out two ranged harpies no problem. Plus theres character inflation to worry about
You're missing Aurora and Kiyana, as well as Squidward (though finding a dungeon he can navigate in is hard; maybe we should use a Shrink debuff on him?).
>Sure, let's go hunting
>Other: bring the two Great White Mantis guys that Ren gave us into our Menagerie.
We keep forgetting about those guys.
That was on purpose since we are going to use them as lab assistants and squidward is too big.

Uhmm I wanted to evolve him into a scilla but was denied... maybe look for a raid-type dungeon with a huge boss? That way they can just make the one large party and jump all in together.

Oh right the mantises. I think we should look for a raid-type or a special dungeon. You know how in modern MMORPGs sometimes theres dungeons with just the one raid boss (that spawns adds, though) right?
Oh, what about a Manticore? Either the original mythic beast, or the monstergirl version?

Also we wanted an undead for experimentation reasons, and see if we could evolve a skeleton or zombie.
The problem with finding a Raid Dungeon is that no one has ever mentioned such a thing.
We were supposed to ask Tapas about XP boosters and places to grind lots of XP, but we never got to ask him even though we made mention of it many times.
>Manticore monster girl

I havent seen that yet.

Alright let's get to it. So, go ask about it and get raid dungeons info, then send our pets as a group, right?

I guess we're just sending the whole group together after that.

Everyone alright with it?
File: IMG_0032.jpg (167 KB, 736x1196)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Here's a picture of a manticore monstergirl.

As for the Raid, I think Eldric would want to come along personally, in order to gauge the difficulty himself and make sure it's safe enough for the girls.
I alright with whatever going on right now.
>So, go ask about it and get raid dungeons info
Info about raids, raid dungeons and bosses, raid loot, and any xp boosters like Cards, special items, or Jobs.
File: heavenly empire centaur.jpg (933 KB, 1730x1113)
933 KB
933 KB JPG

After the day's work at the shipyard (it's really the HQ of the rockitship cargo ships, though), we go with uncle Wolfric for dinner at his place.

Sadly. neither Alard nor Stella are around, since they went on that trip together with Alard's mothers.

Grandpa is quite happy to see us, and dinner is bacchalao fillets with white sauce and pashed potatoes.

There's also plenty of salat, as well as white and pink wine, though we only let Nina and Aritsu have fruit juice... actually, Aritsu is older than us for 4 years so it should be fine...?

Let's still keep her from it. It's not a bad thing to take care of our cutesy golden haired fianceé.

As we ask about experience gain and such, uncle Wolfric is a bit lost, but grandfather mentions how our slaves and pets should be getting 60% increased exp from our Scion II class.

Well, that's nice and all, but we want something that will help us, though.

"Uhm... how about using a keystone to jump straight to a deep dungeon floor? I haven't used some for a while." -offers grandfather- "Would the floor 500 be too much or too little?"

Eh? 500? Just how deep does the keep's dungeon go?

"I'll accept it gratefully, but I was hoping for somewhere large enough for large monsters."
"Is that so?" -he thinks about it for a while- "I know of two such places, but they're just an arena-type of place. Would that be good? They're not something you can solo regardless of your level, so I haven't used it much."
"How so?"
"You need to follow some especial actions as a group in order to beat the monsters there. Well, if you fail, you run out of time and are just teleported out, though."

Ah, that does sound like what we want.

"Please tell me about those places."

Grandfather asks Tupac to show us the old journals about dungeons, and to assist us with what we're looking for, so the old butler is fetching the relevant ones for us.

It may sound small, but since the library is quite large, it is really helpful.

As it turns out, there's actually five such places, one per continent.

Wait... western continent, eastern continent, southern continent... I know there's a large enough island to the north to be thought of as a continent, but we're missing one.

It seems the ocean between the continents counts as one? Did it sink?

Or is it because there's sea races?

Apparently it was about the size of Australia. So, way bigger than Atlantis, then.

The norhtern arena needs you to take down several ice crystals at the same time, matching the color the boss monster is at the time, before it begins taking damage.

Indeed, if its several crystals at the same time, it's not something you can really do by yourself as a warrior.

I think a Wujen eastern wizard could do it by cascading a spell to hit all the crystals, but I somehow doubt it would be able to also tank the boss' attacks in the meanwhile.

File: centaur armor 001.jpg (221 KB, 850x601)
221 KB
221 KB JPG

In order, each arena needs you to...

North - You need tot ake down several crystals in order, matching the color of the boss to break its invulnerability

Weat - There's a complicated puzzle required to spawn the boss. You need to solve it while under attack by waves of monsters

South - There's several levers that need to be pulled at the same time in order to kill the boss, whom is otherwise invulnerable and will constantly pour cc and damage on all party members.

East - Two large bosses need to be killed roughly at the same time, or they both respawn at full health. Since the bosses are in different rooms, you need to time the kills with your friends.

Central - A vast chamber with two bosses. One deals damage while the other heals it. the healer is invvulnerable while the brute is alive, but his spells can be interrupted. Of course, the brute will stop the group from doing so, thus you need to keep them both busy at the same time.

Uhmm... indeed, you can't solo these dungeons. They are all boss fights, as well.

Ah, they each drop unique cards, it seems, but their info isn't here... pity.

Let's go and check the....


...arena first.
File: centaur knight.jpg (965 KB, 1450x1500)
965 KB
965 KB JPG

Looking for information in the northern ... boss dungeon? instance? Let's call it instance, I think.

We find that it is near a dwarven city by the name of Thanirdale. Uhm, our rockitships do go there, so let's send a tree to the Thaniddale rockitship docks and [Treestride] there once it arrives.

Of course, we'll also do the same with the other instances, if possible.

Sadly, the central (underwater) instance is a no-no, but it looks like our ships reach near every other dungeon.

It will take five days for the next ship to arrive there, so we'll have to wait for a bit.

Well, we are getting the hang of the ship's schefules and work, so it was a well-used day.

Ah, we still technically have some time left if we go to Mantequira...

>Let's go work with Yin
>Let's go "work" Yin
>Let's go visit Ren
>Let's go see how the aurochs are doing.
>Let's take a rest on our island manor.

I did think about a naughty scene with either Lyann or Aritsu, though, but its mildly S/M so dont know if you guys would be interested.
>Let's go work with Yin
>>Let's go "work" Yin
>>Let's go work with Yin
File: yin aillyn 013.jpg (336 KB, 750x1250)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
>>Let's go work with Yin
>>>Let's go "work" Yin

"Sir? You showed up just yesterday, though? Ah! I'm sorry! I meant welcome! Yes!" -she looks a little flustered

Well, we usually just show twice a week.

"Ah... you will come again this week, right?"

There we go. She's probably worried about how much work will stack up if we don't show up again for 6 days in a row.

"Yes, of course."
"..alright." -she looks truly relieved.

Well, she's doing her best to look calm, but her tails just look so fluffy and happy, they really give her away

Well, she's a hard worker, we can put up with that much from her.

"So, what do you have for me?"
"Yes! The Language Square you ordered has been built. Do you want to go see it?"
"Already? It's been just three days."
"It used to be a plaza?"
"Ah, its been repurposed.Alright. I don't think I need to see it. What else?"
"There is a report about pirates in the northern seas. The Navy wants to send the newest rockitship after them but since its technically not their yet..."
"Why now?"
"Well, it hasn't been delivered yet. It's still in the docks. It is operational, however."

>Sure, let them use it. Its meant to be their anyway
>Let's wait until it is actually operational. Too much money to waste it
>Let's wait until it is actually operational. Too much money to waste it
>>Sure, let them use it. Its meant to be their anyway
We need to have it test its weapons.
>>Sure, let them use it. Its meant to be their anyway
Thread description?
With Lyra, Crabby, and Squidward, and the items we have, we should be able to have a rock-it ship take us to over the underwater raid instance, then swim down to it.

We could even consider building an artificial island or really big ship/mobile port to act as a trade hub/resupply point for ships.
New thread >>1448533

>Thread description?

I guess a good name would just be "Administrative Work Advance"?

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