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Nikaeus is a nice person, you decide, and not just because his bushy gray beard is the size of his head. He has a calm way of speaking that you like listening to.

“Can I ask something?” You say.

“Of course.”

“Is Simon going to be okay?”

Hoh-hoh. “Your concern is kind, but the boy will be fine with rest. Incanting and maintaining a spell is tiring; particularly so for an apprentice whose fortitude is yet to be tempered by experience.”

You might look a bit confused. He asks a question too. “How many practitioners of magic have you met, Miss Baphy?”

You think back, counting. “A witch. A bush. A bird person.” Oh. You correct yourself. “Old man with lots of pigeons.”

A slight raise in his eyebrows. “You are referring to Grimnir, if I am not mistaken.”


“I believe he used that name as well, yes. How is my old friend faring?”

“... Birds.”

The gray-bearded man nods. “I see.”

Then he continues.

“A layman may ignore the distinction, but the term ‘magician’ refers to a student of the arcane. Grimnir is a speaker, as are, I suspect, the others you have described. The powers wielded by a magician and a speaker can be very different indeed.”

Did Elena mention something like that, too? “I don’t see anyone’s mark. That’s because magician magic and Veil-stuff are separate?”

“Correct,” Kay replies with a twinkle in his eye. “Arcane and border matters do not naturally overlap. A speaker is Veil-marked as a byproduct of practising their craft, but there is no equivalent for a magician.”

“You have one.”

Hoh. “I have spent many of my younger years travelling the continent, Miss Baphy,” the old man says. “What you can see is simply the result of one of my stranger encounters.”

He says that he might tell you the story another time.

There’s other stuff to ask and talk about. You stay in the classroom for a while, listening.

The gray-bearded man tells you that the Academy was built for teaching magic, but lots of people have trouble doing anything with a spell without going unconscious. A lot of people come here for other reasons, like Lexy for his artificy. Howard-mancy.

The class you saw was less than thirty people, and he says that’s nearly all the apprentice-level students at the Academy. Also that many of them might stop once they learn the Seeing stuff he was teaching; once they become mystics, but it still takes a lot of practice to do just those spells for long.

Magic sounds hard.


[ ] Say something? (What?)
[ ] All good. Onwards.
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Oh. I misnumbered the thread. This is #16


Previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GFQ
"Do you know what I am?"

If they don't have enough magic to cast basic spells on their own, do they have any sort of item that lets them get extra mana?
>[] say something
"Why would they stop once they learn the seeing something?"
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> [ ] Am I not a goat?
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(Ah, dialogue. My mortal enemy.)
Lulette flutters to a nearby bench and places her clay pot on it. You still have questions, and continue your talk while the fairy fetches the watering can from your bucket.

“Why would they stop after learning the Seeing thing?”

“Mystic and Border Seeing are relatively uncomplicated spells for the utility they provide, and for many they are all they need from magic. An artificer may decide to learn them to work better with enchanted materials, for instance.

Additionally, mystics are often sought-after for a variety of reasons. Mastery over the Seeing spells alone supports a well-paying profession.”

There were mystics in Silvercrest as well, you think. They were hired too.

A job for staring at things.

One more question comes to mind, but you’re still deciding on how important it is. You ask anyway.

“Do you know what I am?”

“You are the young lady who wandered into my classroom, whose company I have the fortune of enjoying.”

Kay chuckles, then looks to you and smiles gently. “I do not, Miss Baphy. I have seen many spirit-creatures and Veil-marked in my travels, but none had a mark such as yours.”

Mm. You could always ask Set again. Though you don’t really want to bonk him to make him tell you.

Oh well.

Soon afterwards, a loud clack makes you turn.

“Master Nikaeus!”

A woman appeared at the door. She’s a lot younger than Kay, but that applies to a lot of people.

She also has a very noticeable mark.

“Why are you still in the classroom, Master?”

“Ah, Carol,” the older man replies mildly. “I was simply having a discussion with the young Miss Baphy here. Miss Baphy, this is Caroline.”

The woman seems to notice you for the first time. She brushes a lock of short brown hair to the side, her stiff expression not changing.

“A pleasure. I apologise, but Professor Gent has matters to attend to.” She turns to the older man again. “A meeting was called, Master. The time was appointed yesterday.”

“Why, surely my presence is not absolutely necessary? They need not wait for this elderly teacher.”

Caroline justs frown harder.

“Please excuse us, Miss Baphy. Our discussion was delightful, but it seems it will have to continue another time.”

You take a meandering path through the Academy, heading outside into the passing afternoon. Lulette is somewhere nearby, invisible, and at some point Ashtia fell asleep in your scarf.

Though still quiet compared to the bustling of the Trader’s District, at this time of day the Scholar’s District is active. You see people carrying bags and books, talking with each other and walking to buildings behind the Academy or leaving by its front gate. You absently join the latter group, wondering how you should spend the remaining daylight.


[ ] You wonder what’s in the Archives. Books? Books.
[ ] You have another destination in mind (where to?)

(If you want to visit the Archives, you can also suggest something to look up or learn about. Or just explore.)
>Shrug shoulders bit try to hide my disappointment.

Thought Bubble: (I don't know why anyone would just 'stop' learning magic just because they learned the first useful spell, it almost seems a waste.)
[]You have another destination in mind

>I want to see if I can sneakily trail Kay and Carol, eavesdrop.
[ ] You have another destination in mind (where to?)

>We have to get our mark fixed, remember?
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(Also: >>1408656
There was a line to answer that, but I had a bit too much difficulty with making it natural.

The line was:
“Those that do not reach that point may rely on manastones to alleviate the burden of incanting, but the cost of such things makes that undesirable to most.”)
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Now this might be a profoundly stupid question but do we look exactly like the reference in the first post?
File: goat and goat.png (1.68 MB, 1254x1771)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG

(Wow. That is a very smug goat.

I've not considered the ribbons a thing and Baphy currently wears a scarf and a satchel, but otherwise yes.
File: IMG_0014.png (114 KB, 500x500)
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114 KB PNG
Less smug, has a scarf.
Curious goat is curious, but I doubt we could hide our mark all that well.


[ ] You wonder what’s in the Archives. Books? Books.

Look for a book about goats. Oh and fairys! And wolf girls. And potted plants...
File: IMG_0017.png (315 KB, 500x500)
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315 KB PNG
I colored it because, why not. Ty for cute comment :)
File: 1486278568858.png (14 KB, 400x500)
14 KB
You're most welcome! If it's not to much to ask, do you think you could also try your hand at coloring this drawing of Baphy too?

(Very cool. Thanks for the pixels!)
Then you pause, looking back at the open entrance of the main building.

You still wonder about what happens in the Academy. A ‘meeting’ might just be a bunch of people talking about boring things, or it could be anything else.

It’s the stray thought that makes you want to know. But it didn’t sound like something you could walk into, and you don’t know where Kay and Carol went anyway.

You’re still curious.

A weight on your head appears. You look up and see Bob.

“I sense mischief!” A soft, bell-like voice declares.

You blink, then look down and sniff. What does mischief smell like?

Lulette jumps off your shoulders and vanishes from sight, startling the people nearby. You follow the sound of the fairy’s laughter back into the Academy.

You’re lead to a quiet hall on one of the higher floors of the building, to a large door of fancy carved wood. Lulette hovers by it cheerfully, beckoning.

You look around, then take your boots off, leave your bucket and shovel on the floor, and tiptoe to the fairy.

Kay’s slow, kindly voice. “You know this is not within my expertise, Nel.”

Someone much younger, a voice with an even tone and a hint of confidence. “It’s not anyone’s expertise; we have almost no speakers in the city. Still I am certain you can handle the Academy, and by extension the Scholar’s District.”

“And the rest of Skyhaven?”

“Chance doesn’t favour us, speaking frankly, but I’m doing what I can.”
File: waves.jpg (506 KB, 1024x1024)
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506 KB JPG

A stray strand of colour. You feel something funny, but you can’t tell what.

“How much time do you believe we have?”

“I’m not certain, but assume little.”

“Then good fortune to you, Nel. It appears your own role is more difficult than the one you have given me.”

You draw away from the door, now feeling a little bit bad for eavesdropping.

You don’t really get the stuff they’re talking about either. But something about the second voice was


Lulette seems satisfied. You pick up your things and put your boots back on, then trace your steps back down the stairs.


[ ] Visit the Archives.
[ ] Wonder if Set is done with the plants.
[ ] Somewhere/something else (what?)

(A magician needs to cast a spell to see marks.
That doesn't mean Baphy wasn't noticed.)

I'll reiterate my previous vote.
>[ ] You wonder what’s in the Archives. Books? Books.
>Look for a book about goats. Oh and fairys! And wolf girls. And potted plants...
Wow, these are some cute goats!

I'm worried about our scar... I want to explore, but I also want to heal ourselves as soon as possible.
>[ ] Wonder if Set is done with the plants
That was cute I'm sorry that we feel bad about eavesdropping.

>[]Archives - maybe something about marks.

Sure I could give it a try.
Ty :)

>[]Archives - maybe something about marks. And magic!

Can we do magic?

[X] Visit the Archives.

Goat Magic!
Rolled 21 (1d100)

>We try to do magic... we summon a sheep.
>We cry at being a disappointment.
File: IMG_0019.png (127 KB, 400x500)
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127 KB PNG
Don't be surprised if this sucks cause accurate colors and shades are not something the screen I'm using does well.. :S. I see the image on other screens and am like 'aaaack how is that so dark and cooler 9as in cool hues not cool looking XD
"That's a lot of pink."

"I am a pink goat."
Ahh, don't worry, I love it!
Lovely job! Baphy a pink now.
Thanks everyone
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67 KB
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Zl4EGLoiI8

You should go back to Set soon, you think while walking through the Scholar’s District. It’s late afternoon, and you think he said to come back around this time.

Before you get to the Maker’s District you come across the a wide and towering white structure lined with pillars on either side of its entrance. Then you go inside. Because fun.

Set won’t mind if you visit him later. He’s a vampire.

The inside is as grand as the outside. The smooth marble flooring is unblemished even with the many pairs of feet walking or leaving. You enter into a kind of foyer, but it’s looking past it that lets you see the scale of the building.

Forward is a vast hall lit by candles and rays of fading sunlight. On either side are rows of bookshelves that fill up the space, stretching up higher and higher towards the ceiling. Spiral staircases climb to thin walkways crisscrossing overhead. Ladders that slide and move reach from those walkways to lean against the shelves, and you see more robed people climbing them to scan through thousands upon thousands of papers, books, and scrolls.

You’ve reached the Skyhaven Archives.

Drawing your attention back to nearby, you start looking around the foyer. To your right there’s a big desk or counter, and on it is a pig-tailed adolescent girl. She’s sleeping on the table with her cheek against its surface, drooling slightly.

Also on the counter, as well as standing, sitting, or trotting around the counter or stumbling through the foyer, are little metal constructs.
File: littleconstructs.jpg (53 KB, 468x431)
53 KB

They all look like they’re supposed to be human, and they’re all too short to reach your knees. Otherwise, there aren’t many similarities between them.

Most have round heads split in the middle into an always-open grin, but on those heads are all sorts of things: you see a top hat, a wheel, a bucket, and other odd shapes. Some of their bodies show rotating cogs or have keys stuck into their backs, others are designed to look like they’re wearing dresses. Then there’s some that are actually wearing clothes, tiny imitations of the frilly outfits you’ve seen in the Tower District.

You see some people talking to one or three of the constructs. A handful of them waddle up to you. Their funny heads shake up and down and they talk with warbled, high-pitch voices.

“Good afternoons!” “You found the us!” “Congratulatories!” “Jubilance!”

Lulette jumps to the floor. The fairy is taller than the constructs, too. You crouch down.

“Hi. I’m Baphy.”

“Lulette is Lulette! This is Bob!”

The little metal men hop about almost randomly.

“First meetings!” “Introductings!” “We are much pleased to see you!”

Then they all come together, bumping into each other haphazardly until they make a somewhat-neat line in front of you.

“Very welcomes!” They say in the same voice, but with odd tones and different timings. “What do you want to ask of the book gnomes of the Skyhaven Archives?”


[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
+[ ] Goats.
+[ ] Ask for something about magic.
+[ ] The thing Archie said. Also... Heimy? Look up Themia.
+[ ] Find something about marks, speakers, and Veil-stuff.
+[ ] Something else (what?)

[ ] Talk to the gnomes (about?)
[ ] Ask about the sleeping girl.
File: grimey.jpg (430 KB, 1024x819)
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430 KB JPG
That's all for this session!

I will leave that vote up and continue this thread the day after tomorrow at the same time, so in around 42 hours. See you then!
>[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
>+[ ] Goats.
>+[ ] The thing Archie said. Also... Heimy? Look up Themia.

>[ ] Talk to the gnomes (about?)
> -[ ] Hats.
> -[ ] Odd speech patterns.
> -[ ] Oh. Also, what makes gnomes different from the other cpnstructs we've seen?
> [ ] Ask about the sleeping girl.


G'night Mitty
This. Curious goat is curious.
>[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
>+[ ] Goats.
>+[ ] The thing Archie said. Also... Heimy? Look up Themia.
>+[ ] Find something about marks, speakers, and Veil-stuff.
>[ ] Talk to the gnomes (about?)
> -[ ] Hats.
> -[ ] Odd speech patterns.
> -[ ] Oh. Also, what makes gnomes different from the other cpnstructs we've seen?
> -[ ] Ask about the sleeping girl.
[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
>+[ ] Goats.
>+[ ] Campfire magic!
[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
+[ ] Goats.
+[ ] Find something about marks, speakers, and Veil-stuff.
[ ] Ask about the sleeping girl.

That's some top cute stuff
Yes, yes it is. I'm glad Drawanon is here too
We goats yet?
We're always a goat but no he isn't back yet
Tomorrow, Mitty said.
>[ ] Books. You wanna find out about something.
>+Something about plants.
>+Hmm. Undead maybe?

>[ ] Talk to the gnomes (about?)
> -[ ] Hats.
> -[ ] Odd speech patterns.
> -[ ] Oh. Also, what makes gnomes different from the other constructs we've seen?
Lulette turns to you and points to the line of four. “Can we keep them?”

“We belong to the Curator!” “No kidnapping!”

The fairy’s mood is unabated. You’re not sure she heard at all.

“Why do you have funny hats?” You ask the metal things.

“We have normal hats!” “Ordinary hats!” “Always hats!”

Um. You decide to ask something else. “What’s a gnome?”

They speak in cheery unison. “A gnome is a gnome!”


Ashtia stirs and pokes her head out. She examines the situation, then retreats back into your scarf.

You point to the wooden counter some distance towards the foyer’s wall, and the girl lightly snoring atop it. “Who is that?”

“That is Rose! She comes here after Academy doings!” “Slacking!” “Skiving!” “But she is sleeping, so she is not working!”

A few of the gnomes on the counter are tottering around the girl. You watch them call her name in their tinny voices while poking her cheek and pulling at her hair or robes.

“Nnnuheh,” you barely hear the girl mumble, sleeping through the efforts of the gnomes. “Let- ever-burning flame fall... Grand Meteor~ Huheheh...”

You decide to leave her be.
File: words.jpg (93 KB, 940x528)
93 KB

You have some things you want to know more about. The gnomes are here to help people find books, so you talk to them and they do that for you. The quartet of little constructs leads you into the Archives, up a staircase and across walkways to spots on the bookshelves they just seem to know.

You like looking over the sides of the walkways. The bookshelves don’t let you see far in a lot of places, but being in the middle of them all is somehow fun too.

They’re like big rectangle-trees.

There’s tables and chairs in the deeper, quieter parts of the Archives. The gnomes guide you to one and leave you with a small stack of four books.

“Merry readings!” The gnomes say. You wave as they waddle their way back through the shelves to the foyer.

You turn to the desk you were lead to and pull out the chair, sitting down.

There’s no-one walking around where you are. There’s a fair bit of space, and a nearby bookshelf makes your little corner feel closed-off and cozy.

You stand from the chair and pick up your books, putting them on the ground then lying down in front of them on your stomach. The smooth stone flooring is a little cold, but you don’t mind.

You glance at the book at the top of the stack. It’s smaller than the others and has a label on it that says it’s scribed from an original.

The title is: Explorer Tenwall’s Journal On The Weirder Fauna And Flora Of Tireas.

You think the gnomes picked this when you asked for something about goats. You’re not sure why. Maybe they didn't hear you right?

Lulette is next to you also lying down, humming while flipping through a heavy book open in front of her. It’s in a language you haven’t seen before.

You take the journal and put it down, and start looking through the rest of your pile.

> Reading!

[ ] One that’s about how to start learning magic.
[ ] Veil-stuff. Kinds of speakers, some stuff about marks and spirits.
[ ] Look through the journal. Maybe there’s something interesting.
[ ] A book about Themia. Mostly how it ended.

(Might not get through them all. Jus’ a heads up.)
>[ ] Look through the journal. Maybe there’s something interesting.

Hiya mitts
File: sheeep.png (788 KB, 708x1000)
788 KB
788 KB PNG

(Good mornin' anon)
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JFG_bKg5lE

The next thing on the pile isn’t really a book, but a bunch of papers bound together at one side.

... That’s what a book is. But this one doesn’t feel like a book. It doesn’t have a cover.

In the middle of its front page, in big blocky letters: A Guide To Magical Aptitude For Plebeians.

You continue through the pile.

The next, ‘A Treatise On The Border And Those Who Speak’. It’s one of the two more book-like ones, and doesn’t look very easy to read through.

The last of the pile is ‘General Theories On Themia And Its Fall’. You were kind of thinking about Heimy and his shouting in the Trader’s District, though Archie also talked about it.

The previous empire, Themia.

You set them in front of you, then go back to the explorer’s journal and start leafing through. It’s small but has lots of entries, each talking about a different creature or plant in a rough but thorough fashion. There’s sketches, too, and you recognise some.

Bakunawa, rafflesia, kobolds. People you have talked to and friends you have made.

You find an entry on bushjacks and learn that they digest things quickly, and the Imp’s species are kept for collecting the very strong acid they make in their mouths. You consider being more careful around Bob.

That makes you flip through the pages quicker, until you find one with the sketch of a cheery girl with gossamer wings.
File: fairy.jpg (252 KB, 571x800)
252 KB
252 KB JPG

‘It depends on the place you’re at but you can talk many a folk who’s only heard of one kind of fairy, which is normal ‘cause finding the buggers isn’t easy. I can’t say these are the only types, but here’s what I’ve learned from long hours spent talking to some and trying to figure out which bits of what they’re saying are actually true.

There’s four Fae Courts, one for each season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Or there could just be Summer and Winter, because it’s real hard to tell between a Summer and Spring fairy and a Winter and Autumn one. Telling between Summer and Winter is easy ‘cause Winter have purple skin. They’re also less excitable, but fairies are always excitable.

The other type is one that common folk know as a normal fairy or a noble. The normal fairies are the ones that are small enough to fit in your hand, and the fairy nobles are bout the size of a kid.

Now I’m damn sure calling them noble is misleading. Fairies don’t have some kind of structure or hierarchy or whatever. What it actually is is the normal fairies are children and the nobles are adults.

I reckon people calling them nobles is why they keep making up long titles for themselves.’

The letters feel kind of unfamiliar. Reading is slow. You stop there, looking next to you.

Lulette isn’t purple, you consider.


[ ] Look for something specific in the journal (what?)
[ ] Pick up another book
+[ ] Magic
+[ ] Veil
+[ ] Themia
File: boop.jpg (92 KB, 600x401)
92 KB
(We be in lazy mode. Fitting 'cause I'm sleepy.)
>[ ] Pick up another book
>+[ ] Themia


Would've showed up earlier if not for homework/forgetting the session would still be in the old thread.
>[ ] Pick up another book
>+[ ] Veil
Though I have no strong preference one way or the other.
>[ ] Pick up another book
>+[ ] Veil
You also haven’t heard Lulette call herself something weird. Lulette is just Lulette.

You close the journal and pick up the book on Veil things and open it. Then you frown, because its words are harder to read.

There’s some stuff about how marks can’t be seen normally, about how interacting with the Veil makes someone marked, and that strong speakers and spirit-creatures have really noticeable ones. You already knew that though.

You flip forward and find a part on Veil-magic. The book says speakers are called that because they always make things happen through a spirit’s power, and- Oh. There’s a part that’s written from someone talking. The letters are lighter.

‘It’s all about how you talk with them, see? Thas what the other labels come from.

You all say I’m a druid ‘cause I just ask. Then yer got shamans, who give offerin’s and play nice before askin’. Witches are the same, except they butter up that one old hag an’ her friends.

(Section omitted. The Speaker exclaims something impolite to a nearby bird before continuing.)

Warlocks are different ‘cause they work with Outsiders. Or you all call them demons, don’tcha. Ain’t met many of that kind of fella, but they’r always the weirdest of the-'

The transcription ends there. The book continues on to talk about demons, explaining that unlike spirits that live inside the Veil, half here and half outside the world, demons are things that come completely from outside.

You don’t get much further before deciding to close the book. It has tiring words.


[ ] Maybe you should go to Set.
[ ] It’s not really late. Pick up the book on Themia.
>[ ] It’s not really late. Pick up the book on Themia.
Meh, Set can wait just a wee bit longer. What's he gonna do, die of old age?
>[ ] It’s not really late. Pick up the book on Themia.
How long could it take, right?
>[ ] Maybe you should go to Set.

I would like to read a book written by a fairy. It might need to be a picture-book.
File: another time.jpg (203 KB, 1500x844)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
You take a glance around you. There’s windows high up, letting orange light spill through wherever the bookshelves don’t stand in the way. There’s round metal lamps on the walls and you see a gnome construct place a small ladder under one. It climbs up to to reach a button or switch, pushing it repeatedly with metallic clicks until it alights before climbing back down and continuing on.

Ashtia left your scarf and became a gray wolf, and you catch sight of her roaming around in the dark. She has been sleeping all day, so maybe she’s exercising.

You yawn. It isn’t late, but you’re kind of tired anyway. You do need to go back to Set... but you don’t think he minds if you wait until night.

Because he’s a vampire.

You shift the books around until the Themia one is in front of you, then open it. The letters on its pages are a little bit different from the others, and you can read them quicker.

Themia was a huge empire that covered the northern half of the continent. It was dominant, and most known for its advanced use of the arcane. Its constructs walked city streets and patrolled between towns, mechanical vehicles carried its people zooming across a network of roads, and its manastone-engine cloudships conquered the skies.

The book is more about what happened at the end though.

Two centuries ago the empire was destroyed. Lots of details were lost, and the book says that what’s written in it is collected from writings and murals made after the event.

The Fall Of Themia. The reason was apparently because of a magical ritual that was being held over the city’s capital; Archie said the same thing, you remember.

You hold an open palm over your mouth and yawn again, then turn the page.

What you read again mirrors what Archie told you. As ‘divine punishment’, or from being attracted to the ritual somehow, some people, creatures, or entities appeared. You keep going, and the book provides something transcribed from an ancient journal.

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqK3AUzpCtA

‘It took ten days for their work to complete.

The first was the Storm over the east. Cities were lost under its destruction, and in a night the lifeblood of the empire’s industry halted.

The second was the Usurper. The whisperer that slew our kings, the liar that turned heroes against their homeland.

The third tore apart the barriers of our great capital. It was called the Grand Sorcerer, and it outmatched a thousand of the empire’s finest Magi.

The fourth and last was presaged by the once-fallen rising. It was given the name the King Of Ghosts, and it’s unliving army was without mercy.

Under the hands of these Heralds, a once great empire was turned to ash.’

Other writings, paintings, or carved murals tell similar stories, but the book notes that some portray things very differently, their makers having their own perspectives on the Fall.

Also, apparently the storm is still there: ‘Even those untravelled and without education may have heard of the Churning Sands, located north-east of the Azeran mountains.’

Maybe you’ll go and see it someday.

You rest your head. From what Archie said, you think you are related to this. Or at least you lived through it.

It’s weird, knowing that there’s a big space of time that you don’t know. Things you saw, things you did. Things you no longer remember.

It’s with these thoughts swirling around that you drift off into a dreamless sleep.
File: black.jpg (20 KB, 959x538)
20 KB
This is far from ideal.

You pace across the room, passing the window over and over. Skyhaven stretches out below in the dying light of dusk.

You have dealt with enemies before, but those occasions required little more than a well-aimed spell. This time the threat is crafty, capable of infiltrating the city and remaining undetected.

It’s an Outsider. You don’t have much skill with the Veil, but even so there has never been one capable of slipping by. This is a first, and the safety of your city is compromised.

Time has been short, but even if you were given longer there’s little more you can do.

If you act as yourself you risk tipping your hand. If that happens your enemy will escape and the threat to your city remains. Thus you must act within the limitations of a human, and that gives you few options.

You have spoken with the Curator and the Archmagus. Those places should be safe, yet despite further efforts you cannot say the same for the rest of the city.

What you have detected coincides with conclusions drawn from reports of rogue constructs. With or without that knowledge you cannot prevent everything. The correct decision is to let your city bleed.

The correct decision pisses you off.

Your sister is here. Even wounded she is far more capable than you with problems of this nature, but you’ve decided against contacting her for your own foolish reasons.

You cannot avoid dragging her into this. You may have to rely on her abilities.

You reach up and pull your hair away from your eyes, sighing.

The peace is ending. You’ll fight to reclaim it.

Then you’ll go straight the hell back to sleep.
File: sleepy goat.jpg (115 KB, 850x1063)
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That's the end of thread #16 of A Goat-Girl's Fantasy!

Announcements at https://twitter.com/boxofmithril
Archives at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GFQ

Not totally sure when next thread is, because I'm kinda alternating between quests. As always there'll be announcements for new threads.

Thanks again for the art! It's really, really cool to get that kind of support.

Thanks everyone for showin' up and reading, and see you next time!
Thank you for running as always. I'm wondering what Baphy's brother is doing in this city...
Thanks for the thread
File: shock.gif (1010 KB, 420x420)
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1010 KB GIF
>that fairy
0/10 game would not recommend still haven't uninstalled though
Thanks for running
I actually don't know where it's from. Can only read the 'Valkyrie' at the bottom. What game?
It seems pretty clear that he's protecting it. For some reason.

We're too old to sleep with him when we're done protecting it, aren't we?
File: Backstage_Pixie.png (265 KB, 640x896)
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265 KB PNG
Valkyrie Crusade, a mobage only good for collecting art of cute anime girls. Fairy is called pixie, and I have no idea why she's human-sized in pic related.
Doesn't look like she's human sized there, check the size of the dress the female in the background is holding.
Oh shit, nice catch.

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