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Walking all around the place you find yourself scratching your head with a piece of paper in your hand.
''Really wish Tia gave me the exact address of the lady with the diapers...''

But it's futile.
No matter how much you search for the stall, where Tia apparently ordered the three dozen diapers for Sofia, you just can't find it.
Sitting down at a nearby bench you let out a sigh of exhaustion.

''Damn it...
Looks like I'm going to be the butt of everyones jokes again.
I can already see Apacci: 'What's wrong Kaizar? The old lady with arthritis managed to give you the slip?'

But as you're trying to prepare yourself for the relentless roasting that's in your future you hear someone actually calling out to you.

You look up from the ground and see Starrk of all people sitting outside a small tavern, waving to you.
At first you don't make much of it but then you notice whose company he's enjoying.
Looking at the seat next to him you see the abnormally huge frame of Marr. But even stranger is his expression.
He's wearing a stupidly wide grin with a visible blush on his cheeks.
Suffice to say this piqued your curiosity so you decided to walk up to them.

Before you're in touching distance from them the smell of booze hits your nose like a brick wall and you lose your balance for a split second.
''Holy shit!''
You try to swat away the cloud of ethanol but it's futile.

We've been here for a while now.
Come on, take a seat. I could use some new company.''

Marr speaks up and he... pats Starrk on the back.

Now I'm interested.''
You take the empty seat around the round table and Marr shifts his attention from Starrk to you.

He then proceeds to give you a ''friendly'' bump to your shoulder but even that manages to dislocate the entire thing.

By now you've become pretty desensitized to pain but even you can't help but wince as you snap your arm back in its socket.
Seeing AND hearing your arrival one of the waitresses comes up to you and asks for your order.
Not really knowing what they have here you simply ask for a round of what Starrk and Marr are having.

With her out of the way Starrk speaks up.
''So... I heard you're a father now.

You look at Starrk, then at Marr then back at the first.
I wasn't aware that you knew each other.''

Starrk sighs.
''In short?
We don't.''

Marr interrupts him.

''No... and please, let me finish.
Our paths just so happened to cross and he... looked familiar.''
Marr raises his pint that looks more like a keg with a piece of iron welded to it and starts chugging the stuff that you can only guess to be beer.
He sends down the whole thing and he takes a deep breath once he finishes.

''Turns out he never drank alcohol before.
Something about 'Dulling the senses' but he took quite a liking to it.''

''Scuse me.
Yeah... we actually know each other.
But it looks like this fuck isn't remembering it.''
Marr says, his breath stinks of alcohol.
''If you'd like I could tell you the story.''

Starrk just sighs at this.
''Just ignore him.
He's too wasted to be coherent. He just keeps going on and on about a bunch of stuff that makes no sense.
Also, for some reason, he insists on everyone calling him 'Barney the friendly dinosaur'.
No idea what that is.''

You give Marr an awkward look.

He can barely contain his laughter.
''It's great isn't it?
Lang told me about it!

>Ask Marr about his ''history'' with Starrk.
>Ignore that, he's clearly wasted
>Other? (write-in)

>Ask Marr about his ''history'' with Starrk.
>>Ask Marr about his ''history'' with Starrk.
>>>Ask Marr about his ''history'' with Starrk.
So how is Lang, Mar?
>>Ask Marr about his ''history'' with Starrk.
File: Hollow_T-rex.png (235 KB, 800x429)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
''That reminds me.
How's Lang?''

She's eatin' well and she always brings me new books when I ask her.''

''Ones with a lot of pictures, I assume.''


You chuckle at that.
''It's good to hear she's well.
She missed you a lot.''

''I know.
Why wouldn't she?''

''But back to the topic.
I'd like to hear about what you have to say about Starrk.''

''I don't.''

''Hush Starrk!
Aren't you the least bit curious about what he might know about your past?''

''Heard it before.
Was absolutely bonkers even then.''

Marr cracks his knuckles as if preparing to some great exertion then he simply crosses his fingers and uses the created platform to support his frankly massive chin.
''So... Member that time you busted me out from that black hole in the ground?''

You nod.
''I 'member.''

''There was that one asshole locked up with me...

''Oh... I vaguely recall Yoruichi mentioning him at one point.''

''Yeah, well you met him.
He was the... ugh... first pile of petrified shit next to the elevator...
I think.''

Starrk speaks up.

''Anyway, that's not important.
What's important is what he was: The first of you guys that managed to imitate me.
The first human that became an arrancar.''

''That's interesting Marr but...''
You speak up.
''I don't see how that connects to Starrk.''

''Sh! Sh! Sh!''
He puts his finger to your mouth as he hushes you.
''Let me finish!
But he wasn't that big of a deal.
Sure he could get HUGE but I mean come on! Guy was just a chicken that grilled himself.
Nothing impressive.
BUT! Butbutbut!
There was this one guy...''
He leans back on his chair and looks up at the sky.
''Oh those were the days.
Back then I was big... could eat whatever I wanted.
And the whole world was mine.''
He points at Starrk.
''Until this guy showed up!''

I can remember it like it was yesterday.
One of the best fights of my life!''
Marr is... actually crying?
You were not sure he was even capable of such but here he is. Reminiscing about the good old days, smothering a single tear of joy.

''It was beautiful!
From out of nowhere he came!
We fought for seven days and seven nights... and in the end?
I had to run away! Me!
I got sloppy and careless after doing as I pleased for thousands of years.
So I ran. And ran. And ran and ran and ran.
Until I couldn't run anymore.
If it wasn't for this guy kicking my ass so well I may never have noticed it.
Those beautiful little pygmies.''
He pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts but then he resumes.

''You see... He was special.
Not like Arturo, that little asshole.
He was... the first human to go hollow.''

There is a long and awkward pause after that.
Eventually Starrk speaks up just as the tension was getting unbearable.

''Told you that he was nuts.''

See, he was the reason I WANTED to be like you guys!
Well... he made me realize that hummies are awesome but still!
If it weren't for this guy then we'd have no Arrancars, no nuthin'!''

Starrk just sighs at this.
''Yeah. No.
Not buyin' it.''
He shuffles around on his seat to face you.
''Please don't tell me you seriously believe this guy...''

>I don't know, Marr doesn't usually lie.
>Yeah, this is just a bit too insane.
>Other? (write-in)
>>I don't know, Marr doesn't usually lie.
>>I don't know, Marr doesn't usually lie.
>>I don't know, Marr doesn't lie.
>I don't know, I can't think of a time Marr has lied to me yet.
>>I don't know, Marr doesn't usually lie.
Eh, we're (un)living examples of the world's insanity. What's a bit more bullshit level revelation gonna change?
Very well

''I don't know Starrk.
I don't think Marr ever lied in his life.
Frankly, he might be unable to comprehend what lying even means.''
You pause for a moment and look at the Arrancar before you as he peers deep into his mug.
''I find it more odd that you who lost all memories would simply turn a blind eye over the first thing he ever found which relates to his past.
Are you scared Starrk?''

He chugs down what's left of his booze and speaks up.
I'm just not inclined to believe something so outrageous.''

''Look at us Starrk.
Marr is a living dinosaur, I'm a monster in human skin.
Almost everyone living in this forest is some sort of an aberrant. And that's not limited to just our realm.
Is it really that hard to believe something like that?''

But let's say I believe him.
Does that change anything? I'm still here and I like it here.
I see no point in trying to dig up the past, especially when it means that I went completely insane after thousands of years of loneliness and had to tear my own soul apart just so I wouldn't be so alone.''
He then stands up and calls out to the waitress.
''Excuse me! I'd like to order another round for these two!''
Then Starrk looks at you.
''I promised this guy that I'd buy him a few drinks and I'll do the same to you but if I keep going my tab will get insane and then the Chief would have my head.
Now, if you'll excuse me...''

He readies to go away.

>Stop him
>Let him go
>Other? (write-in)
>Stop him
>I'll cover, stay and chat.
I'll support:
>>Stop him
>>Where is Lilynette anyway?
We didn't really spend much time with him did we? Aside from the few drinks as stated in the social links.
Yes that is true.
which is why I decided to include him now
Sorry for the slow start, I had to inject my caffeine into my system.
Now I should pick up the pace

File: Manly_Horse.jpg (92 KB, 545x389)
92 KB
He stops in his tracks.
''Sit down and let's just have a chat, shall we?
I'll cover for you.''

He sits down, obviously irritated.
''Shouldn't you be with your daughter right about now?''

I'll have you know that right now my wife is indulging herself with Sofia.
And believe me I'd rather be with my family than with a freshly blooming alcoholic and the posterboy for depression but it's pretty obvious that you could use someone to talk to.
Well, we're here now so why delay?''

''Very well...
What would you like to talk about?''

''Let's see...
I haven't seen Lilynette in a while.
What's she been up to?''

He pauses for a moment.
''She's... she's good.
Despite her saying otherwise she enjoys the company of other kids.
I guess... they are sort of kindred spirits.
Last I heard she even managed to make friends with those two bount kids.''

''You sound... distraught.
If the girl is enjoying herself then what's the harm?''

''It's... not that.''

''Oh, I see.
She doesn't spend that much time with you now that she has other friends.
Is that it?''

''You... could say that.''

''So... the solution is simple.
If she managed to find some friends then so can you.''

''It's easy for you to say.
You have friends, a family.
All of whom have absolute trust in you and would even die for you.''

That's an interesting observation.
But you forget that for every friend I made, I also got myself plenty of enemies who'd do anything just to kill me.''

Marr raises his jug.
''He's right.
This lil' lizard always had a knack for getting under your skin.''

Many of my 'friends' started off as enemies...''
You turn your glass around on the table.
''Did your boss ever tell you how I met him?''

''Can't say he did.
Or... perhaps I was asleep. Hard to tell.''

It's actually pretty funny.
He's my oldest associate.
I met him at a train station and he got between me and my train.
Guess what I did!''

''I like where this is going!''
Says Marr.

''I headbutted him so hard his mask almost shattered.
Then on the train he started acting tough again, so I tore off his limbs one by one and ate them as they kept regrowing.''

''Holy shit...''
Starrk wonders at your story.
''I-Is this true?''

You draw a cross over your heart.
''Scouts honor!''

That's fucked up.''
>That's fucked up.''
"Story of my fucking life, right here!"
File: Thunderwitch.png (168 KB, 480x322)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
''Story of my fucking life, right here!''

Marr loses his shit at this.
Just goes to show you! Violence! Solves! EVERYTHING!''

Starrk mutters.
''He holds you in such high regard!
Every time we mess up he goes 'Kaizar wouldn't fuck up like this!' or 'Kaizar would have done better!'.
How the hell did he put that behind himself?!''

You're genuinely surprised by that.
This is the first time you've heard anyone mention this bit of information.
''Well... I offered him a personal invitation way back when Vanaheim didn't even exist as a sign of peace...
Aaaand I guess there was that time when I saved his life.
People change Starrk. Or at the very least they come around.
The point is that unless you go out and meet others you'll never make any friends. And who knows?
Maybe you make an enemy or two but those people might become your closest comrades in the end.
You never know.''

''Y-you saved his life?
Well that explains the boss' wife as well...''

''Please! For the love of everything sacred!
Don't tell me Cirucci is also a fan of mine.''

''Erm... I wouldn't go that far.
But you're one of the few people she never talks shit about.''

''Eh... that's as good as it might get I suppose.
Still, that might be fear.''

''Could be.''
Starrk concludes.

Marr raises his tankard and drinks another round.
But when he finishes he speaks up.
''You know what you need Wolfie?
A good old rousing round of beating the shit out of someone in the Arena!
Fuck knows we could use some actually good fighters. Things are getting pretty boring with just me and that six armed prick.''

''I'd rather not.
Too much of a hassle.''

''Come on!
You might even get a few fans!
If people realize what a badass you are they'll just flock to you!
You couldn't scrape them off of ya even if you tried!''

You raise an eyebrow at that.
>You know, that actually sounds pretty smart Marr. I'm proud of you!
>Maybe something a bit less destructive would be better. Otherwise it's not a bad idea
>That's a terrible idea
>Other? (write-in)
>>You know, that actually sounds pretty smart Marr. I'm proud of you!
>You know, that actually sounds pretty smart Marr. I'm proud of you!

>Dino pets.
File: 1443704386013.jpg (62 KB, 400x531)
62 KB
>You know, that actually sounds pretty smart Marr. I'm proud of you!
>Mention wanting to have a go at him
We can have a friendly spar to boost his popularity and make sure he hasn't been slacking off too much all these years
>>You know, that actually sounds pretty smart Marr. I'm proud of you!
A bit of violence might do you some good.
Just let me make some arrangements to get proper barriers erected.

Hey, Spooky, did Kaizar ever learn some spells? Or was he too busy with all the bullshit going on and too freaked out regarding the pregnancy to do so?
He tried them once and he fucked it up.
The goo requires a lot of mastery to control but that means he pretty much boxed himself in.

Anything that out of his comfort zone is simply out of the question for him
Sounds like Kaizar is being a bitch. We technically 'live' forever. Why wouldn't he be able to get good.
Because being good at everything simply doesn't exist?

Kaizar pretty much commited to mastering his own powers and that leaves very little wiggle room.

But I'll provide you with an opportunity if you so desire.
The dice will be the one to decide the outcome

Well I mean. If you live forever, why wouldn't you have the time to master it all?
File: Rick_and_Morty_Chris.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1090)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
''You're immortal right?
which means your life's infinite!
Okay, well then that means there is a 100% chance you'll do everything!''

What the hell is that and why is it holding a putrid hotpocket as a handgun?
The testicle monster is called Shleemypants, an immortal time traveler, and that's his gun Chris.
He'll turn you into a third trimester fetus from 30 yards
Also, a link:


I am both disgusted and highly amused.
''You know what, Marr?
That actually sounds pretty smart!
I'm proud of you.''

He blushes and starts stroking the back of his head.
''Awww thanks.''

Starrk looks at you in dumb confusion.
''W-Wait, seriously?''

But it might have to wait.
If it's you then we'd need to erect a ton of barriers.''

''That seems... a bit excessive.''

''Not if you throw me in the mix!''

Marrs eyes shine up at that.

''Think about it Starrk.
There are precious few people who'd pose a challenge to you.
And you can bet that it will boost your popularity if it's a public match against me.''

I might give it a try.
Lord knows I haven't had a good exercise in a while.
Okay then, it's decided!
When do you want it?''

Maybe tomorrow?
I'm sure the people responsible for the defenses would appreciate if we gave them plenty of time.''

''Then it's settled!''

''Oh... one more thing Starrk!''


''I also got another idea that might interest you.''

''S-should I be scared?''

Have you ever considered a pet?''

''A... pet?''

''I'm sure if you asked Yata nicely he'd give you a dinosaur that could survive in your proximity.''

''You think?''

Hell, he'd probably appreciate the challenge.''

I'll think about it.''

Feeling satisfied, you stand up from the table.
''Well I'm glad I could be of assistance to you.
Come swing by my home tomorrow whenever you're ready for that match.''

He nods in acknowledgement.
''Thanks, will do.''
Then he stands up as well.
''Now if you'll excuse me, I'll make sure Barney the friendly genocide here gets home without breaking anything.
Or else the boss might get mad at me.''

With things settled you see Starrk off as he tries to and fails spectacularly in trying to carry Marr on his shoulder.
It was an amusing sight at first but it quickly got old and so you decided to return to your previous problem.

''Now then...
Pay the tab, Kaizar!
Yeah, don't be a dick and pay up. Wait, w-what even is our currency?
There isn't one.
It's a trade based economy since nothing holds as much value as food and you can't exactly carry large quantities of that around.
Pay the tab.

Love you too spooky.
Oh right I forgot. Thought we were gonna use something like those spirit orbs from brave souls for some reason
Nice digits by the way.
Are you gonna pay your tab or what?!''
The manager screams after you as you ponder.

''Oh... sorry.''

After a particularly embarrassing exchange you handed the man a vial of your own goop and told him to dump it in his next batch of booze.
Quickly realizing what you just gave him he bowed before you and apologized profusely.
You could almost hear his satisfied snicker as you left, almost.

Now with that over you can devote yourself to the matter at hand.
However you're still not sure about where the old hag might be.
The only thing you're certain about is that you won't become everyones laughing stock, not if you can help it.
So you decided to take the easy way out and headed for the lab to ask for some directions.

Walking the path you've become so familiar with, you reach your destination in no time.
As you get to the massive metal door you decided to ring the bell.
But to your surprise, nobody answered.

''Huh... weird.''
You look at the door and knock it with your hand.
Most interestingly it doesn't appear to be closed, meaning someone must be inside.

Finding the whole situation to be rather unusual you pushed the metal door open with relative ease and walk inside.
For a few moments you don't find any signs of activity from the place.
However soon enough you feel a mouth reaching around you from the back and covering your mouth.
As the white limbs pull you aside you hear a faint whisper coming from behind you.

''I'm sorry young Master!
But I had to intervene.''

What's going on?!
Is everything okay?''

''No, everything is not the okay.
But soon it shall be.''

''What does that mean?!''

''I'm afraid I can't explain.
However I can give you the answer which you seek.
The old lady can be found on 13th street. I believe she completed your order and has prepared the requested pieces of cloth.''

''Erm... thanks?''

''You're welcome!
But now that you got your answers please leave immediately.
I must attend to things now.
And please... be very quiet.''

>Do as he says
>Hold on! What's going on here? (join Hao on his mission)
>Other? (Write-in)
>>Do as he says
>>Hold on! What's going on here? (join Hao on his mission)

Yeah no, Hao what the fuck is going on?
>>Do as he says
Disappointed wife >>>>> being a fucking busybody
>Hold on! What's going on here?
Just some information for starters would be good.
>Do as he says
Oh boy
To be fair it's more Kaizar being overly frustrated with his inability to do menial tasks than anything else.

Tia won't even get mad if he's late.
She'll laugh at her husband but that's about it
>>Hold on! What's going on here? (join Hao on his mission)
Okay, joining Hao won by 1.

File: mila_rose___gold_lion.jpg (155 KB, 800x626)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
''Hold on a minute!
Just what's going on here Hao?!''

''Very well young Master.
But please... be very, very quiet.''
Then he closes his eyes and you feel a slight tingling in the back of your neck.
''Like so.''
You hear his voice but don't see him moving his mouth.

Before you could speak up he covered your mouth and you could hear his voice in your mind once more.
''Right now the Hogyoku serves as the link between our minds.
Only speak with your thoughts. It may be difficult but I'm afraid it's necessary.''

You close your eyes and try focusing your thoughts on the sentence you want Hao to hear.
''Like this?''

It's not the best but we'll have to work with it.
Now... come.''

He releases you from his hold and starts sneaking towards one of the labs.
Carefully you decide to follow him as he starts streaming information directly into your brain.

''Mila Rose has come to me with a request.
She said she needs my help with a crucial matter.
And I decided to answer my calling.''
He stops before a locked door and he signals for you to come closer.

He opens the door but only slightly.
What you see inside shocks you as an angry Yata and an even more furious Mila Rose are inside arguing with each other.
The roaring voice of Mila Rose practically causes small quakes in the room.

''NO! Because YOU are obviously not listening to me when I say 'no' so I don't see why should I care about anything you say!''

Hao just shakes his head.
''They've been doing this for an hour now.''

Staring in disbelief you try asking questions from Hao.
''Okay... so what am I watching?''

''Mila Rose closed off all the exits for the room.
Only she and I have the keys needed to open any of them.
She's determined to mate with the Doctor despite him wishing otherwise.''

And why did she need you for this?''

''I'm here as insurance.
If all else fails or if Sensei gets out I'll trip him over so Mila Rose can, and I quote 'pounce on him'.''
Yata is so smart, his mastered his cock. His in a higher plane of existence now.
And all you do is stand there like a know-it-all douchebag!
That I could get on my knees and beg for you... Just so you'd give me a reason!

''Shut... up...''
Yata grits his teeth and you can see the glass in his hand cracking and shattering.
His blood starts running all over the table as he's slowly loosing control.

Well you'd better give me a damn good reason!
Because I've HAD IT with you!
Why... Won't you... LOVE ME?!''

Yata smashes his fist into the table, using all of his might.

And silence falls on the room like a heavy blanket.



''I'm... infected with over a hundred different sicknesses at the same time...
And you want to have an intimate relationship with me?!
Did you consider it even for a second that if you get a FRACTION of those what would happen to you?!
Well let me tell you a little something Rose! It's not something I'd like to watch!''

''S-since when?''

''Since always!
Where do you think I keep my viruses?!
I'm not immune to any of them! Only to their effects!
I was never meant to live together with others! Because I didn't need human interaction before!
Do you think I like this?! That it doesn't eat me up from inside watching you being neglected?!
I... I love you. More than I though I could anyone. And that's why there can never be anything more serious between us.
Because if I did anything to you I couldn't live with myself anymore!''

Rose doesn't respond for a good while.
''I-Isn't there something you could do about it?''

Yata lets out an exhausted sigh and presses a button.
It's clear that he's emotionally drained as he retrieves the vial that the switch summoned.
This is the cure.
I... made it a while ago. On the off chance that I might need to become clean.
If it became impossible for me to house these any longer.
But in turn my immune system would be ravaged. I'd be living on borrowed time.''

''Then... what-''

But before she could finish Yata put the vial back where it came from.
''No... I still got work to do.
I... need these. It's only thanks to me and Kaizar that all of this exists...
And I won't stop until it's finished!''
His a Quarian.
You stare dumbly at the tiny gap in the door.
Then you switch your attention to Hao who appears to be quite puzzled.

''Yes... that does complicate matters.
A simply tripping won't be sufficient it seems.''

Now it's your turn to cover his mouth and drag him safely away from the door.
Having the privacy of Yata and Rose restored you drag Hao literally out of the building and raise him up by the shoulders.

''You won't speak of this to anyone.
You won't mention it and you won't trouble either of them!
Got it?''

''Understood young Master!
But what do you wish to do?
Doesn't this trouble you as much as I?''

>It does but it's their private matter
>Yes and I just want to know one thing: Can I fix this?
>No. It's not my place to interfere. Yata can make the decision for himself.
>Other? (write-in)
>>Yes and I just want to know one thing: Can I fix this?
Not really.
It's like a quarian being fucked by someone who has every know lethal disease know to man.

A quarian can easily survive minor exposure.
But not something that can kill even a krogan
>Yes and I just want to know one thing: Can I fix this?

Why must you make it rain Spooky?
I'm guessing just drowning him in goo won't solve this problem?
>Yes and I just want to know one thing: Can I fix this
>>It does but it's their private matter
Only if you did in Segunda and even then you have a huge risk factor to consider.
Yata has so many viruses, each doing a different thing, that the goo might be incapable of handling them all at once.

And if you went all out on it you might fuck up the process and trigger the cancer growths in him.

Yatas power is basically the antithesis of yours
>Yes and I just want to know one thing: Can I fix this?
Hōgyoku our problems away. We did it once we can do it again!
File: Hogyoku.jpg (27 KB, 540x350)
27 KB
''Tell me one thing Hao...''


''Can I do something about this?''

''You should know the answer to that question already young Master.''

You sigh in frustration.
On some level you already knew he was going to say that but hearing it still managed to infuriate you a bit.
''Then I'll ask it differently.
What are my options?''

''Anything your heart desires.
Wiping Senseis body and memory clean so he never knew about his powers to begin with?
Spontaneously curing him of his affliction but creating a serum that gives his viruses back should he need it?
Make Mila Rose impervious to any and all viruses?
They are all valid options and not your only ones.
If your will is strong enough you could do anything.
Whether Sensei will notice your interference or not is also up to you.''

You look down at your chest and can practically feel the anticipation of the Hogyoku.
Each pulse sends the energies of the arcane orb coursing through your body, ready to jump at any moment.
Letting out a sigh you start weighing your options.

>Just boost Mila Roses immune system
>Cure Yata of his affliction
>Erase Yatas memory alongside his power so he doesn't miss it

Do you want to do be covert or upfront about this?
>>Just boost Mila Roses immune system
>Just boost Mila Roses immune system
>>Just boost Mila Roses immune system
Also make so that they can have a child as well
Okay then


Also, roll 3d10.
Best of 4
Dc is 10
Rolled 9, 4, 7 = 20 (3d10)

File: IMG_0033.jpg (38 KB, 375x305)
38 KB
Rolled 10, 8, 8 = 26 (3d10)

Rolled 4, 6, 10 = 20 (3d10)

4th degree inter-dimensional warp fuckery.
Even greater than one that wiggles used.

One of the benefits of the plotrock
But judging by your usual luck with rolls I'd say it's about time I cranked up the average DC to 20.
File: IMG_0096.png (276 KB, 952x852)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
They funny thing is I've rolled only twice this quest.

My first being that roll used for Wiggles.
See, he promises to do that only in a blue moon, please don't do it papa spook.
I'm just fucking with you.

Believe me if anyone is happy for the high rolls it's me.
Some other quests get laughably bad rolls that are sometimes comedic, other times quite tragic.

For example: Shinigami Savant Quest might be about a savant but that same person just so happens to have the shittiest of luck as the dice gods love making a mockery of her
Yeah, sometimes riku just seems to forget how to drink tea, or breathe for that matter, it just sets quite the comedic tone at times.
I'm just hoping that Queen will play it off as some malevolent deities fucking her shit up, since gods became so prominent in the story.

Having all that misfortune caused by Nyarlathoteps 4th dimensional warp fuckery would be a pretty metal.
Indeed, and sometimes, from the few lines of aizen's point of view, him contemplating about how many of his plans were thwarted by such an unbalanced fellow. Queen just does it, no matter which way, it works.
I seem to find the same spark in your writing,
keep on you mighty lemon.
You have no idea how happy that makes me.
It was that quest that made me start at all.

It's true that I lost some interest in it however.
But that's mostly with the themes no longer mixing well with me.
After the focus shifted completely at Shinto from Buddhism I was no longer enthralled by the quest the same way
With a heavy heart you decided to not beat around the bush and instead stormed in the building.
The previous loud exchange is nowhere to be found and it's instead replaced by a crushing silence.
Judging by the heavy atmosphere within you decided to knock before entering the room, if only to ease their surprise.

Not even waiting for an answer you fling open the door and you can see the surprised look both on Franceska and Yata.

''O-oh... Kaizar...
Listen, it's not really a good time so if you could-''

''Yeah. I know.
Mila Rose hoped that if she ropes Hao into her little scheme she could get the jump on you.
And thanks to him I also witnessed everything.'''

You were spying on us?''
Mila Rose snaps at you.

''Glass houses Rose.
Yata spies on everyone.''

''He's right you know.''

''But that's not why I'm here.
I spied on you yes, but that also made me learn about your... problem.''

I don't need your pity Kaizar.
I'm fine! I'll work something out.''

''But why though?''
You raise your hand and purple energy begins to dance between your finger, like starlight trapped in the strands of goo running between your digits.
''I have the solution already.''

Yata points at your hand and you can see just a hint of anger in it.
''No! You're not going to... use that... Thing on me!
No way!''

You let out a fiendish smile.
''I never intended to.''

H-Hold on! You don't mean-''

''Mila Rose!''
You turn to the woman.
''What if I told you I can help you?''


Yata yells at you.

''If you so desire-''
You continue.
''I can make it so you're completely immune to any and all disease.
Naturally that includes all the ones Yata has, or ever will have.''

You can see Mila Rose giving the question at hand some serious thought.
But before responding to you she looks at Yata.
''Listen, I get it. You don't like being overshadowed by anyone.
But... just this once. Can't you tolerate it?''

''Ugh... fine!''
He caves in under the pressure after taking a good, hard look at her.
''Just do it when I'm not looking!''

Without further ado you beckoned Mila Rose to come close while Yata looked away and made a truly valiant effort to not peek.
By placing your hand on her forehead you've established the connection to her, now things should be a lot easier.
''Now... make your wish Rose.''

''D-does it come true if I say it out loud?''

''If you believe so then you'd best not say it.''


In that brief moment you could feel the greatest desire of Mila Rose before you.
Her hopes and dreams became as easy to read as an open book.
Finding the exact wish you needed wasn't all that difficult as it was in the forefront of her mind.
Adding your own desire to the mix you could practically hear the words echo in your mind.

''Grant them happiness, like you did to me O Hogyoku!''
The light then slowly starts to feed and the surge of energy subsides.
Mila Rose looks at you in confusion.
''That's it?!''

You give her a smile.
But if I were you I'd wait a day.
Just to be safe.''

Then she does the unthinkable and actually hugs you.
''Thank you!''
You can feel tears running down from her eyes and onto your shoulder.

Not knowing how to react you pat her on the back and urge her to let go of you.
''There, there Rose.
There, there.''

After separating yourself from Rose you walked up to Yata who finally stops pretending he didn't watch the whole thing.
''Hey... erm... thanks.''
He says.

''No problem, my friend.

He points at the door.
''Get the fuck out of my lab!''
I love our passive aggressive bird.
AAAAND I'm done for the day.

Sadly, I might have to redact my previous statement about being able to do a second session tomorrow.
Sorry about that.

Now feel free to ask any questions you may have or omake suggestions.
As I'm probably gonna be able to do them the next week.

Until next time!
local man defeats marr in eating contest
may or may not be dodonchaka
thanks for the run.
It's cool thanks for the thread
With that role did we just ensure any child is genetically immune to all diseased as well?
I'm more concerned about if Mila is going to get the same "immunity" Yata has.

If Yata has literally every lethal disease that means he has a few nastier ones that can be transmitted through shit like coughing. Even casual contact. She'll pick all of those up.

This begs another important question. If Yata got cut and spilled his blood on someone and it got into their eyes or mouth or any open wound, that would potentially give them every single disease ever, right? It's no wonder he secludes himself. And no wonder why he'd never partake in the arena. Him getting hurt is potentially lethal to others. Sucks to be him.

So if Mila gets the same immunity type that Yata has, and the kid inherits that then anyone the kid gets with is ded as fug.
Likely not. We bolstered her immune system. That means her immune system probably just destroys the fuck out of the foreign/malignant viruses and bacteria.
Not fully true while her immune system now protects her she will still be a carrier for the illnesses like typhloid mary, she was immune to typhloid fever but passed it on to many others
Not if the kid takes after their mother power-wise.
Or takes after Yata and due to the wish picks up some weird conscious control thing.
Kind of like disease based Einherjahr.
You think Yata and Mila's kid would come out as a gryphon?
That's...actually really fucking ikely. Some sort of corvid gryphon hollow. I'm gonna see if I can find art of that.
OKAY THEN! It is in fact a thing that exists.

Aaaaaaaand like 99% of the art of it is furry bestiality porn.

Why do I do this to myself?
This is.. actually very fucking cool.

It's funny how you should mention that.
I originally intended on revealing this bit of information about Yata in combat.
where someone managed to inflict damage on Yata and paying dearly for it.

But I'd like to clear up some confusion:

This is correct.
Mila Rose now has an immune system that can purge almost any malignant entities from her body.
This was needed so any ''potential'' child would not be attacked by the viruses of Yata.


Yatas powers work VERY similarly to yours.
Namely that his zanpakuto doesn't only house a large portion of his power but also his most lethal virus strains that NEED to be contained somewhere safe.
Basically every virus that has even a remote chance of wiping out the city (like every airborne one) is not located in his body for obvious reason

In addition he frequently experiments with them so he has an absolute control over them and so they maintain a sort of equilibrium and don't wipe each other out.
we really are a perfect duo

Also, question: Do yata's virus's count as being hollow reiatsu? Because if so, that is going to FUCK UP the vandenreich
Yes, yes they are.
But you shouldn't rely on them unless you're planning on using ''scorched earth'' tactics.
As he can make entire areas uninhabitable for quite long periods of time
Having a last resort, even when that last resort is "fucking gas it all" is still preferable to having NO last resort.

Worst comes to worst, by combining his plagues with our super cancer, we can probably make the entirety of hueco mundo uninhabitable in a final act of spite.
Considering the war Kaisar fought in was one where "Gas it all" was not just considered a viable strategy but also still taught in lessons about tactics?
I'm not saying he wouldn't do it, I'm saying that it should be your last resort.

Now that I'm thinking about it...
Here's an idea:

Virus bombing the enemy and then deploying death squads in hermetically sealed armor.
Like so
Sounds like fun.
The question is would Chlorine gas work on the quincy? because if so they are FUCKED
Since, the quincy like to cosplay as nazis, they aren't ACTUAL NAZIS. Kaizar's gonna have to show them how shit is done
I mean... there is no reason it wouldn't.

well... maybe not on Askin.

In truth the lil' dudes were never really the problem.
Even most of the Sternritter were extremely specialized to fight Shinigami.

The Schutzstaffel was and will be the problem.
I mean... only one of them was beaten without an asspull and even that's up for debate
I am STILL salty kubo just fucking ignored the whole "Hollow reiatsu causes quincy to fucking explode" bit
There is a LOT of shit one can be salty about during the 1000 year blood war arc...
The Schutstaffel you say? well i think i can see Kaisar being more than just a little annoyed at that choice of name.
Thanks Anon, my idea was basically less "symbiotic nanomachines" and more "selective symptoms" allowing the kid to set up, experiment with and sort of write in hotkey commands to their own (maybe others?) biology by way of tailor made, possibly highly infectious disease.
Whether or not they would CHOOSE to share though that's mostly up to them.

Or hell, I don't know, just standard horrible diseases, but with certain aspects of it tuned to be beneficial.
Which doesn't mean it ISN'T the ultra-mega-death-flu. Or a crippling autoimmune disorder.
But in their case it's temporary and for now they don't need night vision goggles.
>inb4 yata and mila rose have a daughter that takes after her in looks and personality but shares yata's love of SCIENCE!
>Inb4 her prize possession is a 50s muscle car she restored and hassled her dad to help with to get him out of the lab from time to time.
>Inb4 "eh, spirits, the living, cars, they're all basically energy, wires, parts and fuel"
File: shiny_and_chrome.jpg (174 KB, 1440x798)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
So... the kid's a grease monkey and is a mixture of Yata and Mila Rose.
Also, his released state is a sort of corvian gryphon...

It'll probably fill Hueco Mundo with improbably large and dangerous vehicles as they'll form the Cult of Speed and shall roam the desert Mad Max style.

>On a completely unrelated note:

I'm getting more and more pissed with my laptop...
It took up the habit of randomly saying:
''You want me to connect to the wi-fi?
Naw man. Go fuck yourself''

I'm practically at my wits end.
Hopefully this won't interfere with future questing.
But be prepared for me to start late/skip sessions ''just in case''
all good Spooky, Also. Thanks for confirming they gonna have a son.
Same thing's happening to mine.

My advice, grab an external usb wifi adapter, that way your computer has another way to access the wifi in case your internal adapter burnt out.
Thanks for the advice, I'll check it out

I didn't confirm it. That was me accidentally typing ''his''.
I haven't decided yet whether I want it to be a boy or a girl.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

leave it to dice gods
1 for justice
2 for glory
well.... yeah.
That's a more fair thing to say.

The dice have been gracious with us up until now.
So it's probably for the best if I don't change things and just leave stuff like that up for the dice
I am a tad concerned but pretty hopeful that my initial kneejerk reaction of assuming their kid was going to be screeching "ENGINEER EVERYTHING" at regular intervals seems to not have been shot down straight out of the gate.
inb4 HOLLOWOOD theme park and thrill rides. You know, for tourism.
File: that's_no_pickle_pee.jpg (115 KB, 753x1061)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
I mean... I think I do a pretty good job of including anything that's not an obvious shitpost.
But maybe I'm wrong.

also... I found a thing

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