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“Umm- Hi?”

You’re sitting on your wagon holding up a glass jar. Inside is a small... umm, animal? A ball of black fur, with round green eyes, a tail, and a pair of ear-like triangular shapes poking out.

Baphy called it a demon, which makes it sound scary.

It’s currently... rolling? Its eyes are completely still, but the rest of its body is spinning slowly around them. Its ears flatten against the jar’s bottom, and its tail flops as it turns.

It’s really weird.

“My name is Mary-” Oh, you already said that before, didn’t you?

“W- What’s your name?”

The demon continues rotating.

“Umm- We- We’ll be together for a while, so- I’ll call you Cookie, okay?”

The demon stops.

All motion seizes. All time stands still.

Its mouth opens.

‘Mouth’ is misleading. Hole. A pinprick of some colour deeper than the pitch black of its fur, growing ever so gradually into the size of a button.

Beyond is vastness. A place of incomprehensible proportion, a pit that stretches and breaks all sane notions of distance and space. A yawning dark against which the world you know is a speck of dust, an emptiness that drinks and drains the reality around it.

And from that infinite cosmos, that unending abyss, the demon utters a single sound:

Archives here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GFQ
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Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck3BkAMmsUM

The city of Skyhaven is really big.

Well there is that really obvious, super tall tower-castle-thing that you think is the center of the city. But even besides that there’s so many buildings that stretch up high in the distance that makes the city just feel...


There’s also constructs.

Metal men of all sizes run around the city. You see some following carts that run on rails in the ground or carrying boxes and sacks of things, another behind some kind of stall where some other travelers are gathered, and even a really small metal doll clink-clink-clinking away from a laughing child that chases it.

You remember Lexy saying the city was ‘pretty normal’. Is this what he meant?

You turn to the blue-eyed youth and deliver a Blank Stare Of Confusion.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”


“... Er, anyway. I need to be at the Academy to present Howard.”

“Strutting Module Requires Updates. Please Power Down This Unit Before Continuing.”

“Later,” the youth mutters. “Will you be alright from here?”

Mm... You think you should ask for directions to where you’re going. It’s afternoon as well, so you might need a place to stay soon.

You look into your bucket for an opinion. Weaseltia looks up with half-closed eyes, yawns, then curls up again.


[ ] Ask about where to go for your scar thing.
[ ] And do that first.
[ ] Ask about the city and where everything is.
[ ] Explore? Explore!
>[ ] Explore? Explore!
>Pet cookie.
>[ ] Ask about where to go for your scar thing.
>[ ] Ask about the city and where everything is.
>[ ] Explore? Explore!
>Wish Lexy and Howard luck!

>[ ] Ask about where to go for your scar thing.
>[ ] Ask about the city and where everything is.
>[ ] Explore? Explore!
>Wish Lexy and Howard luck!
Well you did come here because of the scar thing you have on your chest, but that hasn’t caused you any problems so far. You don’t really feel rushed.

Lexy tells you that the city has four districts. North from where you are is the Trader’s District where an open marketplace and lots of other shops are. The Scholar’s District is where he’s going and mostly has the White Staff Academy and the Skyhaven Archives.

On the other side of the city is the Maker’s District which has workshops and things, and in the middle is the Tower District, which is where richer people live and where a Council or something meets.

Lexy frowns when you ask about your scar.

“I’m not really sure where to go for an injury, sorry. You could try asking the apothecary in the Trader’s District though. If they can’t help, they might know someone who can.”

Somewhere to the side, the child you saw is running away together with the metal doll. They’re being chased by Lulette and Bob now for some reason.


[ ] Wander around one of the districts (which?)
[ ] Go to the Archives. Reading goat?
[ ] Visit that apothecary.

>Go to the White Staff Academy. The scar is magical and mere medicine won't get rid of it.
>Go to the rich people district. Rich people have the best stuff, so they might have something to help with your scar the other places don't.

Local Goat terrifies wealthy people.
File: tell me your secrets.jpg (124 KB, 960x720)
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124 KB JPG

I'll wait... say, 20 more minutes? Then roll dice to call the vote if needed.)

>Go to the White Staff Academy. The scar is magical and mere medicine won't get rid of it.

Yeah this is still running!
(Baphy Goes To School.

There'll definitely be more chances in future to run around and explore the city.)
We need a uniform and a piece of bread to carry in our mouth. Fortunately, since we already know Lexy, we don't need to search for a an utterly average milquetoast bo to slam into because we were late.
> [ ] BOOKS
(pls do not nibble)
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(Hell that took a long time. I might have to walk off actually, so the next update might be after a few hours.

Seems GFQ really will see the sporadic style of updates more often. Ha ha.


(This imagery is too good. We clearly need to be more anime.)
Hmm... You kind of want to look around, but you should probably look at the scar thing. It only hurts a tiny bit, but if you get that out of the way you’ll have no other things you have to do.

Lexy said there was an apothecary but...

“What if my wound is magic?” You ask. “Maybe the academy can help?”

The young man looks pensive. “There’s a doctor for the students at the academy that I think handles accidents and, er, failed experiments. You could try there.”

You nod. You’ll follow Lexy.

You were a bit wary near the west gate, so you’re glad to be moving. The few guard constructs there were the same as the one that attacked Lortham. Lexy said that bothered him too before; he heard that recently the city has tried sending out those constructs to patrol the roads, and they shouldn’t do anything they aren’t made to do.

But that’s something the village will report. They should have someone else arriving in the city later today or tomorrow, so the two of you can do your own things.

Where you entered the city was the border between the Trader’s and Scholar’s District. You’re lead south where the crowds thin a bit, away from peddlers selling their wares and travelers looking for inns and meals.

Red brick roofs are traded for lighter, paler colours. You see young people about, some adolescent, some just adult, and others in between like Lexy, and many of them wear dark blue robes that reach their ankles and carry bags and packs of different shapes.

The White Staff Academy is big in a city of big things. Its walls stretch to either side further than you can see, and its gate is wide enough to fit at least five Howards side to side. Above are its towering structures, at the peak of which sits a fancy clock that’s tolling for the sixteenth hour of the day.

There’s two silver constructs by the gate acting as doormen. You follow Lexy as he approaches one.

“Welcome To The White Staff Academy,” it says with an unexpectedly smooth voice. “Visitors Are Not Allowed Outside From The Seventh To The Twelfth Hour. Please Present Authorisation Or Return On The Following Day.”

“Right, right,” Lexy says, searching through the bag strapped to his shoulder. He produces a piece of paper and shows it to the construct.

It says he can go through, but when you try to follow the door-construct starts talking again.

“Visitors Are Not Allowed Outside From-”

Lulette appears and smacks the construct from above its head.

“A-A-A-A-Accepted. Please Enjoy Your Stay At The White Staff Academy.”

You continue through the wide brick path past the gate, ignoring Lexy’s worried look.

The academy has three main buildings. Lexy says the doctor should be on the second floor of the West Wing, but the youth and Howard have to leave so you’re left to search on your own. You wave them goodbye, then turn to the building you were pointed to.

The halls are filled with echoing footsteps. There’s lots of robed people around but most seem really busy. You get a few odd glances but nobody bothers you, letting you look around freely.

There’s helpful signs hanging around and you find the doctor’s room quickly; there’s a symbol of a staff with some snakes curling around it on the door. You pull it open and enter.

You’re reminded of the alchemist’s shop you visited in Silvercrest. It seems cleaner and more organised, but there’s still funny metal instruments you don’t understand and glass vials lining the walls, containing of all sorts of strange shapes and weird colours.

Sitting on a chair with her blue robe worn loosely is a scrawny lady. Her dark hair is tied into a rough ponytail and there’s dark rings around her flinty eyes. She’s chewing something that looks like a piece of bark, staring at you.

“Elt sap over there,” she points to a small jar of yellow something on the table nearby. “Tablespoon each night, should get rid of those in a few days.”

You take a step back.

“Oh, the horns are supposed to be there? Right. So what ails you?”

Umm... You put your bucket on the ground and point to your chest. “There was this sword that a, um, lich? A lich had. I got stabbed by it.”

“Huh. That doesn’t happen every day,” the lady replies nonchalantly. She sits up on her wooden chair and looks closer. You consider taking off your jumper, but then something in her eyes change.

For a moment there’s a spark of something in the air, but then it’s gone. The lady sits back again and waves dismissively.

“Nothin’ I can do about that. Necromancy is half spirit-stuff in the first place, and something that severe to your mark should kill.”

You tilt your head, frowning. She continues biting her piece of bark.

“Well you don’t seem dead yet. There’s someone who’s better with that kind of thing if you want to keep it that way.”

She tells you there’s a shop for alchemy supplies in the Maker’s District. The person that runs it is called Set, and he’s more knowledgeable about weirder problems like yours.


[ ] Continue the scar-fixing. Look for Set.

You can also pick any of the previous choices to wander off.
(... How did I go through one update and not realise I wrote the length of three?

> continue with the vanity quest
Didn't the witch of crows see our massive mystical power level right away? I thought we would be spooking more of these mages.
> We know where to go now, so there shouldn't be any harm in wandering a little.
> Explore the tower district. Tower's are high.

Set, huh? At least he's not named after a god of death, though I can't say a chaos god is much better.

This lady has deal with what's probably college students every day. she's probably seen some shit.

[X] Continue the scar-fixing. Look for Set.

>Scar first, is an evident weakness!
(Hello. This is phone.

I really haven't explained magic at all huh.

Wandering the academy is an option. So is coming back some other day. Might learn something then.

But yes, college doctor has long since been void of sh- to give.)

X] Continue the scar-fixing. Look for Set.

If we leave if for later someone will use it to attack us.

Is a path directly to our mark after all.
We're not necessarily going to be attacked just because we wait a little. Yes, it's obvious something is going to go wrong in this city considering what happened with the constructs in the village, but there's no reason to assume it will happen immediately.
On the other hand, wizards have no sense of right and wrong and they might see a lonely gote with power as a resource to be used. We could probably power a pretty big golem!
File: alkemy.png (25 KB, 512x512)
25 KB
You thank the doctor lady, turning to walk through the academy halls again. It feels funny here, how all the people move around so purposefully. The sense of everyone being busy makes you wonder what happens in each of the academy’s rooms, behind each closed door.

You have a thing to do right now though so you retrace your way back to the academy’s entrance, past the two door-constructs by the gate, and start moving north-east towards the Maker’s District.

The shop should be kind of close but you wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t. Skyhaven feels new to you so there’s lots to see. You pass by an old-looking building with pillars across its entrance which you think is the archives. You crane your neck up at its top, admiring its bigness and triangular-ness, before continuing on.

Even at the edge of the Maker’s District things feel different. There’s fewer decorative features on the buildings, more straight edges and brown and red bricks. There’s almost more constructs than people here, and you hear arrays of rhythmic thunks and clangs sounding out all around from their work.

The shop you’re looking for is tucked in an alleyway. Above the door is a hanging wooden sign with the picture of a flask on it. You knock.

No response. Lulette appears on your shoulders, looking quizzical.

It isn’t locked so you open the door.

You were thinking of something like the store in Silvercrest or the doctor lady’s room but here is more like a storage room. Even around the door there’s crates to every side, each filled with flasks and other things, and you have difficulty not making your bucket hit something while you step through.

There’s windows but the curtains are drawn, so the room is very dark. An unlit lantern hangs from one wall as well, though you don’t think anyone could reach it over the mess.

You approach a wooden counter.

“Wha- Oh... Must’ve- Must’ve dozed.”

Sitting at the counter is a young boy. You think he’s shorter than you, and he’s mostly covered in a dull cloak that’s being used like a blanket. He peels his cheek off the wooden surface of the counter, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

Then he looks at you.

“Hi. I’m Baphy. Are you Set?”

There’s an odd pause.

“Er, yeah. Yes. How- How can I help you?”

You set your bucket down and gesture to yourself. “I have a scar. Doctor lady said to talk to you.”

The young boy seems at a loss. Also nervous.

“I, uh- That isn’t what I do here. I just sell tools for alchemists.”


There’s something strange about him.

You walk forward.

He freezes solid.

You lean forward with your hands on the counter.

Faded colours shift around him, hiding a darkness.

You keep leaning forward, your nose almost pressed to his in your scrutinising.

With a very, very small step, he inches away.


Messy hair a midnight black. Irises gleaming crimson red. His skin pales to an unnatural pallor, and you know that if you could look past his lips pressed shut you would see a pair of sharp white fangs.




[ ] Menacing stare.
[ ] Questioning stare.
[ ] Blank stare.
>[ ] Blank stare.
File: goat and goat.png (1.68 MB, 1254x1771)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
That'll be today's last update. Thread will continue tomorrow at the same time. Thanks for showin' up!

I am keeping in mind the votes for visiting parts of the city. Even if the vote doesn't go through they do make me think about different scenarios and events.

Currently I'm undecided as to how much EXPLORING will happen. I don't plan on punishing anyone for not chasing the overall plot though. There'll be more chances to look for random interesting events or learn about whatever you want.

Anyway, do vote for that choice so I know where to start, and see ya'll tomorrow!
Thanks for the comfy!
>Blank stare.
I don't think we care that he is a vampire going from our reactions to the other things that people were scared of like cookie and the elemental thing and the witch.

Oh but maybe mention to him that
>It's a magical scar
Or something

Although if he actually can't do anything about it why did the doctar lady send us here, as a goat to the slaughter?
>Blank stare.

[ ] Blank stare.
[ ] Boop UNDEAD in the nose.
[ ] "Let's try this again, my name is Baphy, I got stabbed by the sword of a litch and I got a nasty magical scar. Will you help me?"

>[ ] Blank stare.
Waiting for an answer, not caring about the sudden change.
You stare at him.

“Uh- No, wait, it’s not-”

You lift your hand, not breaking eye contact. He stops.

You stretch out a finger and poke him on the nose.

The vampire bursts into motion, jumping back and vaporising his form into mist. Or tries to; you react by pushing yourself onto the counter and leaping onto him while he’s still corporeal, smacking into his waist and dragging him to the ground.

You sit atop the him, staring.

“Wait wait wait I just run my shop! I haven’t done anything!”

Mm. He’s unburied. His mark looks wrong. Him being here is wrong. You should put him back.

Some instinct tells you that and your sight agrees. The colours around him are too dark to be natural.

But if he’s not doing anything bad then that should make it okay, right?

But he’s unburied.

You raise your hand above your head, fingers tensed like claws, and cover it in green fire.

Maybe you should remove him, just in case.


You stand behind the wooden counter, swaying from side to side quietly.

After Set insisted that he really, really is just a shopkeeper you decided to stop. You’re watching him with his palms pressed into and leaning against the wall, panting heavily.

He doesn’t need to breathe. Why is he doing that?

The pale, young-looking boy turns around, seeming kind of frazzled. “Did you say why you came here?”

Nod. “Doctor lady said you can help.”

“You mean the nurse at the Academy?”

Nod again.

The vampire sighs and groans at the same time. Sigh-groans. “I was clear, really damn clear,” he mutters half to himself, “when I said to stop sending people to me. And why her. Why this.”

You tilt your head, not understanding.

“Okay, okay. Do you know what Aatane plant is? Give me a bunch, and I’ll make something for that hole you’ve got.”


Oh. You remember. A bush gave you a grass-like leaf when you were in the rafflesia village. It was bitter. Your guidebook says that’s called Aatane.

“Buy some from a peddler or go to the river out east, doesn’t matter. I don’t keep any here so find some yourself.”

Set leans against the counter. “That’s all you wanted, right?”


It’s almost evening.

[ ] Yup. Go somewhere (where?)
[ ] You have a question for the vampire (what?)
File: nom.jpg (54 KB, 535x800)
54 KB
(You could walk the city's districts, visit the Archives, look for a place to stay.

Finding Aatane plant means going to the Trader's District or wandering outside the city. Baphy doesn't really have money, but she did get a locket last thread that can be traded.)

[ ] You have a question for the vampire (what?)

"First the Lich, now you, why is there so many undead around? Is someone doing it? Oh and the golems... are they made from dead people? I saw one armor bleed."
- [ ] Could I borrow some money from you? I will pay you later.

Mod Boss goat, give her monry or she will rekill your undead self!
Where are we now in relation to the other districts exactly?

>"First the Lich, now you, why is there so many undead around? Is someone doing it? Oh and the golems... are they made from dead people? I saw one armor bleed."

That seems a touch out of character for our Goat.

"Lich, vampire, bleeding armor, why?"

Kek. Yeah.

(Not sure if I made a mistake or something, but the constructs from before didn't bleed. They were bloodied, sure.

I'm also thinking about if borrowing money is in character.)


(Baphy is in the Maker's District, just north of Scholar's. Tower is the center of the city, Trader's is on the other side.)

this >>1346126 and
> Make your way through the Tower district to reach the Trader's district. Is there anything interesting going on?
> Yup
> go to the river out east to look for some Aatane
(My bad, I should've called the vote. I'm a bit out of it today.)
You do have a question or two.

“Are there other unburied here?”

“What? No, I don’t think so,” Set replies, taken aback. “I mean I don’t keep track, but I haven’t noticed any.”


“Can I have money?”



Set tells you he has something to do for the night. You stare at him until he says he hasn’t taken blood for centuries, and you leave the vampire’s store.

Lulette reappears on your shoulders, frowning. “He feels weird.”


You figure the Trader’s District is your next destination. You don’t really have money, but it might be useful to look at how much you need for Aatane plants. Set also told you he doesn’t know how much you’d need.

So more is better? Something like that.

It’s also getting dark, and that part of the city seems to be the place where you could find an inn.

You think about your path through the city so far, and make your way north-west. Lexy told you about its layout so you’re pretty sure you should reach the Tower District this way, and going across that should let you reach the Trader’s District.

You feel a bit confused.

The scenery changes again. Work and labour’s ever-present rhythm is left behind for a kind of calm silence. The fewer people walking the streets sport cleaner outfits, and hold themselves with prouder posture.

The buildings, too, see a similar change. Larger, taller structures, railings of brass and bronze, glass windows with ornate frames.

The tower at the center of Skyhaven is closer. There’s two huge mechanisms attached to circular rails that seem to flank the tower, giant metal arcs that reach as high as the tower itself and loom over the rest of the city.

You can hear the distant echo of their tick, tick, tick even here. You wonder what they do.

“You! You’re late!”


You blink and face forward again. You’re at the tall fence of a really fancy mansion, standing by a smaller entrance some distance from its main gate. In front of you is a portly lady in a black outfit and white apron.

She eyes your shovel. “A fitting prop, I’ll give you that. Get inside now, the others are already half-way prepared!”

File: somethinglikethis.png (936 KB, 1280x824)
936 KB
936 KB PNG

Everything is shiny.

Huge tables arranged on the well-trimmed grass inside the mansion’s walls, covered in black sheets with brass candles lit and flickering brighter as the sun goes down.

On several, big silver plates with foods you’ve never seen before displayed decoratively enough that you don’t think they’re supposed to be eaten.

On another, glass cups and goblets around a silver fountain of flowing red liquid.

Crowds of people everywhere, talking and laughing. All wearing decorated outfits, buttons and frills and straight sleeves and things.

Except for a second crowd of people who are dressed in much, much weirder clothing. Pumpkins, tattered cloaks, bat’s wings, bones and teeth, all sorts of bewildering accessories.

For some reason, you’re in this second crowd.

You’re in a black dress with really long sleeves. There’s white cloth bandages wrapped around your leg and arm, tied and kept in place by clips made to look like little skulls. There’s a bigger pumpkin clip on one side of your head, and they put a fake eyeball at the tip of one of your horns.

Your hair has been brushed to cover your right eye, and patches of your skin have been painted gray. It’s weird.

The other people in costumes are moving around the crowd, making weird sounds and saying weird things and-

You’re confused.


[ ] You think you’re supposed to be scary. Try to be scary.
[ ] Acquire foods.
[ ] Wander around, stare at people.
File: littledemon.jpg (27 KB, 500x428)
27 KB
(I feel like my average update length is increasing slowly.


So uh, evidently I'm not managing to run this as a session. There'll be more updates throughout the day.


Also Ia! Ia! Cookie fhtagn!)
>[ ] You think you’re supposed to be scary. Try to be scary.
> Lulette can help us! Ashtia too! And Bob, of course, he can be the most terrifying of all.
>[ ] HELP
>[ ] You think you’re supposed to be scary. Try to be scary.
>[ ] Acquire foods.
>[ ] Wander around, stare at people.
I think our standard disconcerting ogle should be sufficiently unnerving.
>[ ] You think you’re supposed to be scary. Try to be scary.
> Lulette can help us! Ashtia too! And Bob, of course, he can be the most terrifying of all.

>[confused goat noises]
> [Confused goat noises]

>[ ] You think you’re supposed to be scary. Try to be scary.
> Lulette can help us! Ashtia too! And Bob, of course, he can be the most terrifying of all.
>>Thinking it better have the fairy steal food and the wolf be a cute ferret.
You keep looking around, wide-eyed, trying to absorb all the stuff that is happening.

They didn’t take your shovel and bucket. This is good. You peek into the bucket and see Ashtia.

She didn’t manage to escape either. She’s still in her weasel form, and a little collar with bat wings coming out of it is strapped around her neck.

She returns your look, and has no answers.


You watch the other people. The costumed ones, entertainers, though some who weren’t in that group are also wearing clothing and accessories themed around scary and creepy things. You think they’re pretending to be unburied, and you’re supposed to do that too.

Why? You don’t really get it, but they seem to be having fun and making other people laugh.

There’s a pair of young children running around nearby, brother and sister maybe. You see Lulette run across the grass in front of them, holding up her clay pot.

Bob is wearing a small skull around its head. “Roar!” The fairy shouts.

The sister, the older of the two children, laughs and drags her brother away from the scary(?) fairy who chases along, making the skull’s jaw clatter up and down around the plant with a rattle-rattle-rattle.

The two children bump into you and look up.

Um. You raise your hands, waving the dress’ overly long sleeves about.


They squeal, the older giggling madly and the younger actually afraid, and scamper off in the other direction. Lulette veers her path to give chase and you follow, hands still raised, Ashtia leaning over the edge of the bucket as its contents clank along with your exaggerated run.

You have no idea what you are doing.

The sun is gone now and the sky is dark. Time passed but you lost track. You spent it running after various children in the area and staring at people.

‘How precious!’ They said. You think they liked your costume.

It's a quieter moment now. You’re tired. You don’t really feel tired, but you’re tired.

You notice someone is standing on some sort of wooden stage placed on the mansion’s grassy lawn. A woman with wavy hair in a black dress wearing a tall pointy hat.

You quickly notice one of her legs are different, in that it’s metal. Not armoured but rather something that reminds you of one of the city’s constructs, rods and gears and plates with the shape and function of a leg.

She’s talking to everyone so they stop talking to listen. Apparently this is her birthday celebration.


[ ] Foods time.
[ ] Relax for a bit. Maybe listen.
[ ] Meander about. Look for interesting things.
[ ] Other?
>[ ] Relax for a bit. Maybe listen.
>[ ] Meander about. Look for interesting things.
>[ ] Relax for a bit. Maybe listen.
>[ ] Meander about. Look for interesting things.
>[ ] Get food
>[ ] Look at the woman mark?
>[X] Meander about. Look for interesting things.

We are the most curious of goats.
>Foods time.
“My friends, thank you dearly for attending; I truly hope you have all enjoyed yourselves tonight.”

You decide to walk around while the lady speaks. The scene is still, people are paying mostly listening, and you quietly end up at one of the tables of food.

You pick up a glass of soft bouncy orange stuff, and try it with a tiny metal spoon taken nearby. It’s sweet, and tastes like fruit. Ashtia hops onto the table and Lulette drops onto your shoulders, so you spend some time feeding your friends.

Nearby a man and a woman are talking in half-whispers.

“It must have been awfully costly to attach. Costly to maintain as well, I’d imagine.”

“Of course, yet still; a body as tough as a construct even only in part. I almost envy her.”

“Well if nothing else, the young lady has become a pioneer of sorts.”

You think they’re talking about the woman’s metal leg. You haven’t seen anyone else with something like that, so you guess it’s unusual.
File: fairy.jpg (638 KB, 905x1000)
638 KB
638 KB JPG

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VGYSTM0eg4

You finish the gelatinous thing, pick up your shovel and bucket and start walking around again, but nothing takes your attention before that portly lady in the white apron appears. She calls for you in whispers and drags you by the arm away from the crowds of people in candlelight and through a plain entrance into the mansion.

You join the other entertainers, having your costumes taken and the paint washed off your skin. Back in your familiar jumper and mismatched socks you end up receiving a folded piece of paper with a single gold coin wrapped inside.

There’s some quiet chatter as everyone thanks each other and says good night, then you’re marched out of the mansion.

The stars are out, the streets are lit only by dim lamps. The city is in the midst of falling asleep. The group of entertainers disperses and you’re left with little more than the quiet ticking of Skyhaven's tower.

Lulette becomes visible again. “That was fun.”

You think you were dragged here by mistake, but now you don’t really mind. Something different from what you have been doing so far.

You’re tired after it all, but new things are interesting. You had fun too.
File: sleepy goat.jpg (115 KB, 850x1063)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
That’d be the end of thread #14 of A Goat-Girl’s Fantasy.

Usual stuff is
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Probably will have similar timings for next thread, next week.

And one more choice to end on as well, to decide on where to go:


[ ] Trader’s District, find an inn.
[ ] Outside the city. East, to that river.

Thanks for reading!
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Also, I’ve been thinking about this quest’s mechanics.

That stuff has fallen to the wayside, evidently. I haven’t been calling for dice rolls anymore, and though I intended to try use a more RPG-like approach to GFQ I ended up just writing the way I normally write - story rather than game, plot rather than scenario.

That’s not really usual for quests, and has its pros and cons.

I don’t really have a conclusion to that - just something I’ve been mulling over.
> [ ] Trader’s District, find an inn.

Nnnn... the mizerly part of me says to sleep innawoods to save money, but on the other hand I don't much like the idea of wandering around outside at night.

Whatever works, Mitty. It's true that having dice rolls to determine outcomes adds a bit of randomness and adventure to the plot, but it's equally true that such things can lead the plot off the path the author intended or that the players desired. If you very specifically have a story you want to tell, then it's fine to be mechanics light. Of course, I'm not advocating dropping them entirely. I've had a lot of fun with the rolls and skillchecks we've made in this quest.
>Trader’s District, find an inn.
Sleep now, adventure tomorrow.

While the rolls did net us a fairy it seems traffic has died down and rolling would slow it even more. Could be a plus what with sporadic updates rather than full runs.
>Trader’s District, find an inn.
To sleepy to go swimming.
>[ ] Trader’s District, find an inn.
Without dice is fine. Your storytelling is what I'm here fore.

Mirrors my thoughts. I'm doing slower updates more often and dice would fit less for that, but there's been quite a few cool moments born from rolls.

I'll figure it out eventually.


>[ ] Trader’s District, find an inn.

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