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Your name is Keiichi Hirayama. Your sister is named Airi Hirayama. The two of you are magi—humans with magic and a greater affinity for the Spirit World—and possess a bizzare tendency to cause chaos wherever you two go. Last year, through bullets, explosions and freak accidents, the two of you managed to help interrupt Japan's premier magus academy battle tournament--The Festival of Magic—thrice in a row.

To say that the Ministry of Education is furious would be an understatement. As punishment, they have forced you and your sister to undergo mandatory community service. There are ten tasks to complete and they must be all done by the tournament start date, lest you both be blacklisted from every educational institution and workplace in the entire country. You think it's absolutely retarded, but it seems like there's no choice. You and your sister must step up with your sister and overcome these trials, otherwise your future career will become nothing more than dust in the wind. The eyes of Shibuya and the spirit world are upon you both, so good luck and don't screw this up!

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Academy%20Tournament%20Organization%20Quest
Ask fm: http://ask.fm/TwilightThorn441
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwilightThorn
Character Details: http://pastebin.com/2cYpy4da

>5/10 Tasks have been completed.

>Guard the research materials from Lady Sagisawa's School of Knowledge. (3 DAYS DOWN, 6 REMAIN)
>Participate in the True Hearts' school production.

Creation: The ninth category of magic. To create, to give form, to make reality. This brand of magic is generally ascribed to disciplines that involve the formation of entities out of base components, such as alchemy or runecrafting. Yet, the highest level of Creation is said to not involve components at all; the magus simply 'withdraws the void' around the desired object. Such magic does not exist in the modern world, but it may have been used in primordial times.

Faith: What is generated by the thoughts and emotions of humanity. Spirits use them to sustain themselves and gain power. It is also used as a form of currency, usually in a base 'raw' form. The closer a piece of a faith is towards the spirit's 'domain', the more effective it will be.
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Convincing fellow magi to fight alongside you is easier than one would imagine. All you have to do is go up to them and ask.

“Airi, let’s do this.”

“Hey Michiko, want to fight a match together?”

“Nina, you look bored, let’s team up.”

“Shall we begin, dear Keiichi?”

“Florence, I swear to god, if you fuck this up I am going to kill you.”

Nine of ten times, they agree. The remaining 10% is overcome with a little bit of gentle persuasion, generally the reminder of a favour owed. This eagerness stems from a universal trait of magi: the desire to seek power, consciously or unconsciously. Offering them the chance to battle is like placing a tray of fresh cookies in front of a ravenous child.

You’re just thankful the process isn’t so complicated, because god knows enough bullshit has happened to you in the battle arena already. Sometimes, when she’s feeling bored, Nina sends you a link to the video that was recorded on your very first day at True Hearts. You sometimes muster up the courage to peek at the comments section. Submerging your head into a bog would give you less of a headache.

>>Keiichi: Ask Hideki to fight with you.

You catch him at one of the desks in the library. He’s scribbling something in a notebook, snickering and giggling to himself as he goes. He always does that when he finds something particularly interesting. You expect to see a fresh article on the amateur journalist site tonight. Maybe you’ll read it if he sends you the link.

“Hey, Hideki.” You greet, walking up to him.

“Keiichi!” Hideki gives you a grin, turning his head to look at you. “What can I do for you?”

You jerk a thumb in the direction of the battle arena. “Want to fight together? It’s been a while.”

“Sure! Hold on, let me finish this up…” There’s some more scribbling, “Okay, I’m done. Let’s go, buddy!”

The two of you leave the library and head for the battle arena. The two of you make small conversation. It’s just two boys doing boy things and not considering the opposite gender at all. Some way through the walk, Avery interrupts you.

“Eh…hey Keiichi, are you sure about this guy? He doesn’t look particularly strong…”

“As opposed to who?”
You answer, “Michiko? Airi? Nina, whose muscles are nearing atrophy from all the video games she plays?”

Avery flinches. You know this due to the gap in her chatter. “Yeah, I see your point, but this guy doesn’t seem like he’s suited for pure combat. He’s kinda scrawny, y’know?”

“One-on-one, maybe, but he’s good at supporting.”
You reply. Simultaneously, you nod and casually reply to what Hideki is saying. Talking to the spirit in the mind while communicating with the physical world is something you have learned over the course of your mentorship. Akasha-Alea actually classified it as an important real-world skill. She talked to you a lot during the initial stages of your mentorship. It was annoying. “I know from experience.”

“If you say so…”
“Don’t let it dampen your excitement.”

“Dampen? You sayin’ I’m not excited? I’m hell excited!” Avery shouts. “I’ll show you just how great of a revolver I am, damn it! You better not screw up too, got it?”

“Yeah yeah, let’s do this…”

“So how does your friend fight, anyway? What’s his magic art?”

“He’s an annoying prick.”


“That’s how he fights. I’m serious.”

The battle arenas of Shibuya are a window into the soul of their respective academies. Stonewolf’s is formal and Spartan, using the results there for its assessment of its students. In Caelestis, the participants are expected to fight beautifully as they claim victory. Lady Sagisawa’s hooks its students up to machines and records the data from the fights—all with their consent, of course. Last but not least, True Hearts, being the reliable, standard and sometimes overlooked of the Big Four, constructed its battle arena with the sole purpose of letting its students to enjoy themselves. There’s an air of casualness inside the waiting room that its rivals notably lack. It suits you just well.

To register for a fight, students must go up to one of the self-serve machines and apply for the matchmaking process. Once done, they are given a ticket and told to wait until their designated time. Each match takes from five to ten minutes. There’s plenty of arena spaces for enough students to work their kinks out every day.

>>Keiichi and Hideki: Do all of what was described above.

You press buttons on the matchmaking machines and wait for the process to complete. A few seconds later, this is what pops up on the screen in big white letters. You and Hideki stare at it.


“Wow.” You utter after a moment’s pause.

“Man, this could be a bit troublesome.” Hideki chuckles, a bit nervously. “Glad it’s not Nina.”

“Of all the opponents…” You mumble. “Yeah, this might take a while.” So much for a quick and easy match to test out Avery, eh?

“To be placed against some of True Hearts’ toughest girls…” Hideki says, “This is some luck we have, eh Keiichi?”

“Well, it might not be all that bad.” You reply. “Airi isn’t in top condition today.”

“How come?”

You don’t answer, because you suddenly realize the aforementioned girls are standing by the machine next to yours.

>“Are you ready for men to be proven superior?”
>“I’ll give you a handicap. Revolver only.”
>“Okay girls, prepare to get your ass kicked.”
>“Airi, are you sure you can do this?”
>“Let’s have a good match.”
>custom option.
>>“Airi, are you sure you can do this?”
>>“Let’s have a good match.”
>>“Airi, are you sure you can do this?”
>>“Let’s have a good match.”
I'll actually vote for
>>“Airi, are you sure you can do this?”
>>“Let’s have a good match.”
because, yeah, probably shouldn't be a dick to Airi right now
>>“Airi, are you sure you can do this?”
>>“Let’s have a good match.”
Writing now...
>Her hands are on her ships.
All hands on deck
File: classic head tilt.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
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“Hey, Airi, are you sure you can do this?” You ask, acting casual.

“Don’t worry, onii-chan.” Your sister replies, smiling. “I’ll be fine. I needed the practice anyway.”

“Your partner isn’t here.” You point out.

“Just because my partner isn’t here doesn’t mean I can’t fight.” Airi says, “Please don’t hold back on my account.”

“As if I would hold back against you and Michiko.” You say, “In any case, that’s good to hear. Don’t whine if you lose.”

“Aren’t you the confident one, Keiichi?” Michiko steps up, a prepared look on her features. Her hands are on her hips. She smirks. “I do hope the same applies to you.”

“Well, Michiko, Keiichi has beaten you more times than you have beaten him.” Hideki says, rubbing his chin. His fingers itch for his notebook. There’s the faint scent of mana in the surrounding air. It always gets like this before a fight. The trash-talk, the hints of adrenaline and the readiness for battle. “But about me against Airi? Hmm, I don’t think we’ve ever fought before.”

“I wish you the best of luck., then” Airi says, nodding.

“Much appreciated, but I think you should keep that to yourself.” Hideki smoothly replies. And now your sister’s smile is more strained. “In any case, let’s have a good match.”

“Yeah.” You agree. “Okay, we’re going to head over there for a little pre-match discussion. Don’t worry about us.”

“Bye, girls.”

You and Hideki quickly retreat to a corner of the waiting room, out of the girls’ earshot. The two of you crouch down and huddle up close.

“So, what do you think?” Hideki asks.

“I’d say we’ve got a decent chance of beating them.” You answer, “Airi doesn’t have her sword since her partner isn’t here, meaning she can’t take us on in close combat.”

“Still got her bombs, though.” Hideki says.

“Think you could take her on?”

“Maybe. I might need a little distraction. You still got your gas grenades?”

You mentally check in with your weapony. Revolver, shotgun, rifle and riot gun. They’re all there and ready to go. Only plastic ammunition, despite Avery’s complaints.


“Then it’s within possibility. The problem is Michiko, though.”
Girl's got back
File: all clear.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
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124 KB JPG
You agree. If Airi had her sword, she would be going on the offensive while Michiko supported her from behind. In this case it’s the opposite. While Michiko isn’t the fastest girl you know, her song magic is both powerful and versatile. That’s not even getting into how irritating her Ultimate Skill is.

“You know, I do have a trick that could take down Michiko. It’ll disable her for long enough for you to get some shots in.” Hideki says, speaking carefully. “Thing is…”


“If it succeeds, she’ll get real mad at us after the battle.”

“…are you going to use it?”

“Depends if it’s worth the effort. I give it an eighty percent chance of working. If you want use it, yell at me for the ‘secret trick’, okay?”

You nod. The waiting time is almost up. “Yeah, got it.”

“Alright, Keiichi, let’s do this!”

You grunt in reply. Grinning, the two of you bump fists together. It is brotherly and awesome. Then you both get up and head to the arena.

“Quite a crowd today…” Airi muses as she steps out into the sunlight.

“It’s the first time you and your brother have fought this year.” Michiko answers. She scans the crowd, blinking slightly. “I’m not surprised.”

The usual procedure begins. Shake hands with your opponents. Declare the vow of fair play and healthy competition. Stand on your end. Stare your opponents in the eye in an effort to psyche them out. It doesn’t work for these girls, but it never hurts to try. Be faintly aware of the whispers from the stands, dredged up from your past reputation. Wait for the bell.

Hear the bell ring.

You summon Avery in your palm, Hideki takes out his notebook. Michiko whips out her microphone stand and the battle begins.

>Engage Michiko in combat.
>Engage in Airi in combat.
>“Hideki, use the secret trick!”
>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>Fire gas grenades from the riot gun.
>Hold your position and wait.
>Custom option.
>>Engage in Airi in combat.
>Fire gas grenades from the riot gun
>Engage Michiko in combat
>Engage Michiko in combat.
Jump right in I guess. Airi is going support so better to take out Mitcher first then. I think.
>Fire gas grenades from the riot gun
Disable Michiko's singing, then take out Airi
Hey Thorn are you Japanese?
I think he's just uber-weeb. To the point of accurately emulating a translated LN.
>>Engage Michiko in combat.

Party time.
Shit, you got me.
No seriously do you live in Japan?
File: 1474148170233.jpg (83 KB, 540x810)
83 KB

The moment she hears the bell, Michiko brings her microphone to her mouth and belts out a note. As expected from her, it's very well crafted. The wave of energy rushing towards you is not. Cursing, you retreat backwards and force mana through your hands and up Avery’s body.

“Woah, what is this? It feels super cold...”

More notes burst free from Michiko’s mouth, quick and frantic. Music plays from the microphone stand; a high tempo, energetic song backed by electric guitars and rapid drumming. It’s song you’ve heard many times. It’s a deadly song, one that Michiko memorized from start to finish. You see her body, along with Airi’s, become shrouded in a vile orange light.

The air shifts and shimmers faster and faster. Slices and punches of pure sound energy ripple towards you and Hideki. He splits, dashing towards Airi under a hail of exploding throwing knives and shuriken, tearing pages from his notebook. Crimson plumes of smoke burst in and out of existence like ethereal balloons. He’ll be fine. It’s always been undecided who’s faster out of Hideki and Airi. You, however, need to do something about the barrage of attacks. One of them nicks your shoulder, ripping your sports uniform and drawing blood. In the distance, Michiko smiles with satisfaction and launches into the second act of her song.

Scowling, you fire the Anti-Mana Bullets you’ve stored up. A tremendous series of bangs—three of them—echo from the barrel. Avery screams in glee, the cries echoing around your skull.

The special bullets rush towards the sound attacks and strip them of their power. On the flip side, force is lost from the bullets themselves and Michiko sidesteps them with ease. That’s okay, though. For an instant, her singing falters. The music drops in volume somewhat. That’s all you need.

You place Avery by your side and reach into your hyperspace for your grenade launcher. You hoist it up, aim and squeeze the trigger. Twin canisters fly towards Michiko, leaking smoke. Airi notices, lets out a frenzied growl and summons more throwing knives in her arm. She is then forced to dodge as Hideki rushes against her, a small scrap of paper in one hand and a taser in another. More explosions echo in the distance.

Michiko's eye widen, but it's too late. The canisters explode. Tear gas fills Michiko’s lungs. She coughs and chokes, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her body disappears in the whiteness, now a pale shadow. This is something she expected from you, however, and she responds by stumbling towards the edge of the cloud. A different song plays from her microphone. She sings through the discomfort. The orange vanishes, replaced by a pale green. It is a comforting aura of restoration.

You’re not going to let that continue for any longer. Before Michiko can recover, you are going to put a few bullets into that body of hers!

>Roll 1d30 to accurately land your shots.
>Best out of three.
Rolled 4 (1d30)

Rolled 13 (1d30)

Rolled 1 (1d30)

File: 1468697206438.png (20 KB, 510x556)
20 KB
RIP Hideki probably
We suck
We're off to a great start!
Rollicking good start, this.
Rolled 14, 23, 26 = 63 (3d30)

>>Hideki: Roll.
wow hideki is good
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117 KB JPG
You draw Avery once more and fire the remaining three shots in the barrel. You would have liked them to strike Michiko in the front and send her tumbling back into the tear gas cloud. This doesn’t happen, because Airi flings a knife at your feet at the last second. The small explosion rips your aim off its hinges. All your shots go wide, much to your and Avery’s annoyance (“The hell you doin’ Keiichi?”) and Michiko’s pleasure. She smirks, wide and proud.

“Go, Micchan!” Airi calls. You don’t see what happens next, but from your sister’s high-pitched shriek and the faint smell of burning flesh it’s clear he did something with that taser of his. The reason why you don’t see is because Michiko switches songs yet again on her stand. The beats rise up, faster and faster. Retrofuturistic notes amidst electronic percussion rings out through the arena. Michiko coughs one last time, before standing up straight, her eyes ablaze with determination.

In one instant, she’s at the front of the gas cloud. In the next, she’s rushed towards you, her stand bearing down upon you.

You manage to block with your riot gun just in time. You see her bloodshot eyes, her frenzied smile, her golden-blonde locks trailing the side of her head. She pushes down with her might. You resist. You remain in that position for a few seconds. Then Michiko notices and begins drawing breath.

Damn it, this is seriously bad! If Michiko screams here, it’ll basically be the equivalent of dropping a grenade between the two of you. She’ll be damaged as well, no doubt, but she’s got ENDURANCE while you have substantially less of it.

What do you do?

>Wield your STRENGTH and try to break free.
>Kick her in the shins.
>Use Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>Ask Hideki for the secret trick.
>Yell something distracting.
>Custom option.
>Custom option
>Wield your STRENGTH and try to flip her around so her scream isn't facing you!
>>Ask Hideki for the secret trick.
In the nose
>Kick her in the shins.
>Yell something distracting.
Seconding this
File: multiple red lights.jpg (159 KB, 1280x720)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Shit, you think to yourself, you need to come up with something fast. Then an idea pops into your head. It might damn you, but what other choice do you have?

“Hey Michiko!” You shout, over the music.

“What?” Michiko shouts. Her grip tightens on her stand. Your arms are burning with the pain. You take a deeph breath.

Here goes nothing. “You slip is showing!” You roar.

It actually works. Michiko freezes in place. Her assault falters. Mouth set in a grim line, you lean you head back. Then you slam it forward with all the STRENGTH you can muster.

>Roll 1d30 to headbutt.
>Best out of three.
Rolled 16 (1d30)

Rolled 2 (1d30)

Rolled 11 (1d30)

Rolled 4 (1d30)

In the distance, Hideki finds himself with a red chain wrapped around his wrist. Before he can react, he is tugged straight towards Airi. Exploding tags are nestled in her palms. She flings them at Hideki. He responds by ripping out pages from his notebook and tossing them at the tags.

The clash is a draw. One of Hideki’s pages lands on Airi’s forehead and one of Airi’s tags lands on Hideki’s chest. The tag explodes, predictably, enveloping Hideki in a cloud of dust and heat.

The paper attached on Airi’s forehead resonates with activated mana. The intricate patterns inscribed within shine white. Airi notices, with horror, that an object is emerging from the insides of the paper. The paper then splits it half, allowing the object to pop open and empty its contents onto her face.

Her vision turns dark and slimy.
Oh god no, this is scary.
Rolled 11, 24, 15 = 50 (3d30)

>>Hideki: Roll.
Did Hideki steal all our good rolls?
I think he only inked her.
Your forehead crashes against Michiko’s nose. Pain screeches likes a flash of lightning. You stagger back, your vision swaying. Michiko stumbles, her nose burning red, a small trickle blood leaking out from a nostril. Yet, her hold on her microphone stand does not waver.

She swings it down in a wide arc. You fumble for your shotgun and squeeze the trigger, wild.

The tip of the staff smashes into the side of your head. You are knocked back, your head ringing. The plastic buckshot slams into Michiko’s torso. She is flung onto her back.

You feel a hand grasp yours. Hideki is by your side. His chin and neck are covered in burns from the blood explosions, though he doesn’t seem particularly fazed by it. He hoists you up. You wince as you climb to your feet.

“You okay?” He asks.

“Yeah.” You grunt back. You squint to the distance. “What’s on Airi’s face?”

“Mud and ink.” Hideki smiles. It would not look out of place on the devil himself. “My own special combination. She won’t be able to see for a while. If we want to take down Michiko, now’s the time.”

“Where’s your taser?”

“Dropped it, unfortunately. I got the chance to set up some of my traps, though.”

You see the blonde girl struggle back up. She’s bloodied and beaten, but not defeated. She launches into another song, singing of emptiness and sorrow from a young teen girl’s heart. It’s cheesy, generic and sends an assault of invisible punches and slashes your way. You and Hideki twist and turn around the attacks.

Is Michiko going to use her Ultimate Skill? With her partner incapacitated at the moment, she might. If that even comes to fruition…you might not be able to win.

“Then use your own Ultimate, dumbass!” Avery shouts inside your head. "Or tell your partner to use his Ultimate!"

No, Hideki's Ultimate isn't suited for one-on-one combat, much like himself. Still, it might be useful here as a distraction...

“Keiichi!” Hideki hollers across the blowing wind. “What’s the plan?”

>Let Hideki engage Michiko.
>Tell Hideki to activate his Ultimate.
>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>Lure Michiko towards the traps.
>Take out Airi while you have the chance.
>Tell Hideki to recover his taser.
>Custom option.
>>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.

Also, Hideki is the man
>>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>>Lure Michiko towards the traps.
We can probably do both.
>>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>Lure Michiko towards the traps.
>Tell Hideki to recover his taser.
>Once he has it, Take Airi OUT
>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>>>Activate Akasha-Alea’s Infinity.
>>>Lure Michiko towards the traps.
File: come at me.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
>>Keiichi: Tell Hideki about your plan.

You accomplish this through small words and gestures, all the while trying not to get blown back by Michiko’s notes of terror. Hideki listens, contemplates, then smiles and gives you the classic thumbs up. With mutual agreement, the plan is set into motion.

In the distance, Airi slams a tag on her forehead and detonates it. A hot, burning burst of agony pulses against her facial skin, but the tactic worked. Her vision is restored. She smiles, tired.

Her vision then disappears as Hideki runs up and slams another piece of paper on her head, resulting in more ink and mud to pour down her face and ruin her sports shirt beyond repair. She screams, full of fury In desperation, she flings throwing knives at Hideki, except he is no longer there. So is the dropped taser on the ground.

You reload Avery, then encroach towards Michiko. Your eyes meet.

“Hey, Michiko.” You begin.

“What, Keiichi?” She asks, singing out the words. The air shoves towards you and you evade.

“Are you going to use your Ultimate?”

“Maybe I am.” She continues to sing. “Do you think you can beat it?”

“Maybe.” You answer. You remember the last time you encountered it. Boy, what a monster it was. “Depends how strong mine is. It’s gotten better.”

“Is that so?” A crescendo. The air crushes down upon you like a gigantic hammer. You aim upwards and empty Avery’s cylinder. The attack dissipates.

“Yeah, that’s right. I don’t about you, though." You bluff, keeping your eyes hard. "Yours might’ve gotten weaker. It’s just a hunch I’ve gotten from watching you…”

Michiko’s lip curls. Her fists clench. “Those are some big words, Keiichi. Then how about I show you my Ultimate now!” Leaping backwards, she raises a hand to the sky. Her microphone is at her lips. A big, battle-crazed smile on her pretty features. The air swirls around her in a spiral, surrounding her in a beautiful, silver aura. Her eyelashes flutter.

“Everyone, it’s so good to see you!” She crows. Her figure is covered in sparkles. All the eyes in the crowd are on her. “Listen up, because I, Michiko Tsukiwaki, am giving you an exclusive performance! This is my song, the Heat—”

“Now, Hideki!” You shout.
File: be still.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Hideki grins and slams his foot on the ground. There’s a spark of magic. The arena floor tremors. The dirt shifts. Then there's an uproar.

Dozens of paper pieces, ones that Hideki buried earlier while distracting Airi, spring up towards the ground. They all converge towards Michiko like a flock of angry, filthy seagulls.The girl swings her microphone stand around, sending waves of sound towards them. Some are knocked back and flutter to the ground, immobile. The rest latch onto her skin. They drip with an ugly, purple light.

Instantly, Michiko feels a wave of exhaustion wash over her. Her grip on her stand is slipping. The temptation to sink to her feet and kneel is becoming stronger and stronger. The insides of her mouth taste foul. Her hands hurt. Her feet sting.

“You…this again!” Michiko groans. Her Ultimate is broken. She shivers. “Damn you, Hideki!”

“Go, Keiichi, go!” Hideki shouts.

“Get ready, Avery! Eight seconds!” You yell to your revolver. “Here we go!”

“Wait, what are we doing?”
No time to respond. Bullets first, explanations later! You shove the remaining mana into your palms. You feel your mentor's strict, yet caressing embrace on your soul. You aim and glare at your target. Then you squeeze the trigger over and over again.

“Keiichi, what the hell is this?”

“This is Akasha-Alea’s Infinity!”

“Akasha-what? Where is this ammo coming from? What is this power? My body is so, so hot! Holy shit, this feels so goooood!”

Try as Michiko may, she cannot evade the power of Akasha-Alea and her young mentee. Or the endless wave of bullets on her point, for that matter. The result is clear; she is completely, thoroughly and truly defeated.

Elsewhere, Hideki shoves the taser on Airi’s skin. He activates the last remaining charge. She drops like a ton of bricks.

Victory is yours.
Alright, I'm taking a lunch break. Be back in 30 mins...
I'd feel bad, but we all know that the girls were secretly sabotaging our dice rolls.
We kicked a surprising amount of butt. Well, Hideki did. He really put in the work in this match.
File: baby sees dat ass.jpg (107 KB, 446x810)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>Hideki just inks her again

The cheeky fuck.
File: you're naughty.jpg (17 KB, 178x172)
17 KB
>My body is so, so hot! Holy shit, this feels so goooood!”
>My body is so, so hot! Holy shit, this feels so goooood!”
My little revolver can't possibly be this LEWD.
Back and writing...
Say, Thorn, since we have Homura and Kyouko, is Michiko going to get Kyosuke? I know she just sings instead of playing an instrument but I still gotta ask.
Akasha-Alea's image is Homura due to the black funeral dress and gun thing. Avery's image was a last minute decision but I think it fits. I probably won't use the rest of the puella magi designs unless I have a good reason to.
Good to know, thanks.
If for whatever reason we get a sword, Sayaka needs to be its spirit. Call her, I dunno, Alex or something.

Then she and Avery can get tsun-tsun with each other, causing Keiichi endless torment.
>“Akasha-what? Where is this ammo coming from? What is this power? My body is so, so hot! Holy shit, this feels so goooood!”
a-avery please
>using a sword
> ever
Come on son.
File: airi neutral.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
The match concludes with a victory for you and Hideki. The crowd claps. You hear comments about how cool it was. You also hear comments about how repulsive your tactics were and that the first-year and second-year girls should stay away from you as much as possible. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Now that the fighting is over, it’s time to behave like reasonable, civilized human beings worthy of True Hearts. Hideki walks over to Airi, who is still struggling with the muck on his face. He reaches for a page in his notebook, takes apart the seal and withdraws a small spray bottle. He douses Airi’s face in the liquid. The filth bubbles and hardens, allowing Airi and Hideki to scrape it off in huge chunks.

“Sorry about that.” Hideki says to your sister. He extends a hand. “No hard feelings, right?”

Airi stares at him for a second, expression flat. Then she sighs and takes his hand. “Yes, no hard feelings.” She says.

Hideki shrugs. “I wouldn’t have stood a chance if you had your sword with you.” He says.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Airi muses. “You’ve gotten a lot better since I last saw you. I never imagined you could put slime inside a paper seal.”

Hideki grins, “Well, I’ve been practicing. That trap I set for Michiko was something I learned from Cat, too.”

"You really outplayed us." Airi smiles. "Good work, Hideki."

"Hey, your brother helped as well. He did most of the damage."

Over on your end, you approach Michiko. She was knocked unconscious from the barrage of bullets, but managed to wake up when the end-of-match bell rang. Her hair is a mess and her microphone stand has disappeared. You pull her to her feet. What do you say?

>“Good game.”
>“I didn’t mean what I said back then.”
>“Great singing, as always.”
>“Want me to take you to the sick bay?”
>“Hey, your face is all dirty. Hold still.”
>Custom option.
File: sad chibi wolf god.png (114 KB, 400x400)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>“I didn’t mean what I said back then.”
>“Want me to take you to the sick bay?”

>Sword-spirit sits in Keiichi's room all day, unused and out of sight
>“I didn’t mean what I said back then.”
>“Great singing, as always.”
>“Want me to take you to the sick bay?”
>“Hey, your face is all dirty. Hold still.”
>>“Good game.”
>>“I didn’t mean what I said back then.”
>>“Good game.”
>“Great singing, as always.”
Unused in the sense that's it's dead because Akasha-Alea murdered it.

No, if I lived in Japan I'd be writing this as a light novel. It would probably never sell or wind up as the target of /a/'s hatred, but it's the thought that counts.
File: all the money.jpg (44 KB, 620x351)
44 KB
Or you could get published, get a cheap as fuck anime adaptation, rake in that anime dough and lose your faith in humanity!
>having faith in humanity
I guess somewhere in Oceania. It's the only other place I can think of someone having a lunch break at 9 PM EST.
Speaking of Akasha-Alea and murder, I am surprised the topic of her fucking killing Avery and turning her into a lifeless familiar.
Like is no one eles concerned about this enevitablity?
>Good game
>Want me to take you to the sickbay?
Why would she? Avery is an oddity, killing her wouldn't yield any info. And isn't Avery supposed to be given back once the job is done, around the same time that Akasha-Alea returns from her work?
Nah mate, she was our gift for looking after the shit.
No Avery is our reward for doing the mission.
And if my memory is right Akasha-Alea fucking kills every weapon spirit of her kind, more or less for shits and giggles. Avery is gonna fucking die unless we do some bullshit for Akasha-Alea to calm her blood lust.
I suggest chocolates, and us doubling up on or training.
“Good game.” You tell Michiko. “Uh, I didn’t mean what I said back then.”

“About what?” Michiko asks.

“About your Ultimate. It’s still probably stronger than mine.” You rub the back of your head bashfully. “I know you’re proud of it, so I’m sorry I insulted it.”

“No, it’s okay. I realized that when I was being pounded by your bullets you were only saying it to distract me.” Michiko heaves a sigh. Her body shudders with her fatigue. Even so, she manages to give you a small, respectful smile. “Good game, Keiichi.”

“Great singing as always.”

“Thank you.”

“You look tired. Want me to take you to the sick bay?”

“Keiichi, how frail do you think I am? I’m not Nina. Don’t sweat.”

The two of you shake hands. It’s always like this. In the arena all you can think of is beating the shit out of each other, but once the red haze fades and all cools down you’re all back to being friends again.

“That was awesome, Keiichi!” Avery cries. “Hey, what was that technique you used? It felt amazing. Can you use it again?”

“It's Akasha-Alea's Infinity and lets me fire endlessly for eight seconds. I’m glad you're enthusiastic about it, but try not to get addicted to it or anything. So, do you trust me more now?”

"Yeah, I do. You're better than I expected. More reliable, as well. My old master was way stronger, y'know!"

"That's because he was an adult, more like..."
You say, "I hope you learned not to underestimate Hideki."

Lunch is almost over. It’s time you and the rest got back to class. Airi hands everyone some mana restoratives and you swallow them down with a bottle of water. Together, you all exit the arena fields and into the waiting room, chatting to each other. Of course, nothing in your life is ever simple.
File: empty swingset.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
The scenario is thus. A brunette boy and a black-haired girl, both second years, limp out of their arena field, their bodies covered in light wounds from a quick Collapse match. The boy is not particularly happy about the result, but seems as if he’ll get over it in time. If only his partner shared his sentiments. Her expression is thunderous.

“Uh, so we lost, but it’s cool. We’ll just have to come up with a better strategy—” The boy states. He is cut off.

“Shut up.” The girl snaps.

“W-what?” The boy gasps.

The girl falls silent.

“Hey, say something…”

“This is your fault.” The girl growls.

“What do you mean, it’s my fault?” The boy demands.

“We lost because of you. If you hadn’t buffed me with the wrong spell, that time I could’ve blazed past his shield and knocked him out…”

“What? Hey, are you blaming it on me?” The boy grumbles, now clearly irritated.

“Maybe I am.”

“You…what’s gotten into you? That hurts, y’know.”

Once again the girl does not respond.

“You know, you made mistakes too. You charged forward at the beginning at almost got yourself knocked out!”

“I told you, that was for a pre-emptive strike! Didn’t I say so at the beginning?” The girl exclaims.

“That was a stupid plan and you know it!” The boy shouts.

“It would’ve worked if you had coordinated with me well!”

“There you go with blaming me again!”

“Shut up! You’re so annoying!” The girl yells, shoving her friend away. Angered, the boy responds with a shove of her own. The two of them clash.

>Intervene. You don’t like to see this happen.
>Intervene. It’ll piss your detractors off.
>Do not intervene. It’s none of your business.
>Let Michiko and/or Airi take care of it.
>Custom option.
>>Intervene. You don’t like to see this happen.
> Fire once into the air to get there attention
>>Intervene. You don’t like to see this happen.
Girl sounds like a bitch.
A bayonet maybe?
>>Intervene. You don’t like to see this happen.
>Instead of finding faults with others, affixing blame, try to go through what went well, then work backwards. Play to your strengths.
I thought there just weren't any other firearm spirits, not that Akasha was ultra murder.
>Intervene. It’ll piss your detractors off.
>>Intervene. You don’t like to see this happen.
>> Fire once into the air to get there attention
>Intervene. You don’t like to see this happen.

No shooting into the ceiling. That's just irresponsible.
>Intervene. You don't like seeing this happen.
Nah dude, Akasha-Alea is fucking nuts. There are no more gun spirits cause old girl systematically murdered and absorbed all of them.
File: stare.jpg (173 KB, 1920x1080)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Now you're just being a conspiracy theorist
>Let Michiko and/or Airi take care of it.
Sounds like we either need to double check the archives or get a lore ruling.
File: keiichi neutral.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
You find your feet are dragging themselves over to the bickering duo. This is another one of those times where you wonder what has possessed you to perform your current action. A malignant spirit? No, such excuses are foolish. The truth is, you’re doing this because it’s brought up some unpleasant memories from the past. There’s also a part of you who wants to spit in the face of all of those who call you and your sister delinquents, but that’s minor at best.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” You walk over, putting a halt to the argument. The boy and the girl stop and stare at you.

“You…you’re Keiichi Hirayama.” The boy states, as if he can’t believe what he’s hearing.

“Nice to meet you.” You nod. “Now, care to tell me why the two of you are making such a fuss?”

“How is this any business of yours?” The girl hisses.

“Because seeing two partners fight against each other just doesn’t sit right with me. Also, I have nothing else to do.” You answer. “So, you there…”

“I have a name, you know.”

“Okay, what’s your name?”

“…Tamiko.” The girl says, grudgingly. “He’s Ryo.”

“Nice.” You nod. “So Tamiko, Ryo, care to tell me why you’re blaming each other instead of working over the battle like reasonable people?”

“Who are you to tell us such things?” The girl named Tamiko challenges.

>“The guy who will in the Festival of Magic.”
>“The guy who beat Michiko Tsukiwaki minutes ago.”
>“The guy who thinks fighting among friends is stupid.”
>“I have more experience than both of you.”
>"I'm your upperclassman."
>“Is giving advice a crime now?”
>Custom option.
>>“The guy who beat Michiko Tsukiwaki minutes ago.”
>>“The guy who thinks fighting among friends is stupid.”
>“The guy who beat Michiko Tsukiwaki minutes ago.”
>“Is giving advice a crime now?”
>The guy who could kick both your asses for acting like shit heads alone.
>"The guy who thinks fighting among friends is stupid."
This. >>1303660
>The guy who could kick both your asses for acting like shit heads alone.


>“He was an Americans firearms designer, living from 1855 to 1926. He developed many types of military and civilian firearms, cartridges and gun mechanisms, most of which are still used today. To list some of his achievements, he invented the telescopic bolt for semi-automatic weapons, designed 128 firearm patents and developed the M1911 pistol.”

>That…actually sounds pretty neat. “Okay, so he’s a very influential gun designer.”

>“One of the most influential, yes. He may very well be the greatest firearms designer who ever lived. Some humans even worshipped him as a saint. The man was so well regarded that a spirit of his likeness appeared in my realm, seeking my throne.”

>“Whoa, really?”


>“And you killed him.”

>“The man was long dead. The challenger was merely a spirit born on the faith directed to him. I did not kill the spirit; rather, I assimilated it, like the others.”
Okay, so Akasha-Alea isn't a murderer so much as she devours any fool who challenges her throne

Better tell Avery to shut her trap around Akasha-Alea then
The part that bothers me is that two-fold.

1) I don't believe for a single minute that EVERY OTHER GUN SPIRIT was after her throne. Sure there was probably a few that stepped up, but there had to be or than a few that was perfectly fine with her rule that still got "assimilated". So unless we make a good case for her, she might still be endanger.

2) What does it mean to be assimilated? We know that all the spirits that she assimilated are now lifeless servants in maid outfits, that might not be physical death, but I can argue that identity death is far worse anyway.
File: C0bxGtWVIAAHDIg.jpg (75 KB, 740x994)
75 KB
“I’m the guy who could kick both your asses for being shitheads alone.” The two of them flinch at your words, despite Tamiko looking as if she wants to rip your throat out. Okay, that probably wasn’t the best way to put it. Still, you’re kinda pissed at them, the girl especially. “Seriously though, I have more experience than the both of you. I beat Michiko Tsukiwaki minutes ago by working with my partner.”

“That’s me!” Hideki call out, raising his hand.

“I know that fighting among your friends doesn’t solve shit. It just makes the situation worse. So Tamiko, Ryo, if you want to win next time, figure what went wrong together and work on that. Most of all, trust your partner.”

“Trust?” Tamiko repeats, as if the word is foreign to her.

“Yeah, trust. I trusted my sister, I trusted Michiko, Hideki and Nina. Heck, I even trusted Florence Rutherford not to screw up whenever we fought together. Wouldn’t trust her outside of the arena, but that’s the beside the point.”

“Wait, you really fought with Florence Rutherford?” Ryo blurts out.

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Wow…so the rumours were true, after all…”

“That’s not important.” You say, “Are the two of you going to make up with each other and learn to work together.”

Ryo shoots a quick look at Tamiko. “Maybe. If she’s willing…”


“Hey, Tamiko?”

“…fine, I guess.”

“That’s good.” You say. You refrain from smiling. You doubt the situation is going to resolved this quickly, but at least the girl is willing to consider accepting the olive branch. Behind you, Michiko raises her hand to her chin. She ponders. Recognition flashes across her irises.

“Tamiko….Tamiko…” She mutters. “Wait, are you Hanako Hiraga’s little sister?”

Tamiko flinches. “You know my sister?”

“I hang out with her in music class. She’s talked about you.” Michiko steps over, her look one of concern. “Hey, are you feeling alright? Do you need someone to talk to?”

“That’s…that’s not necessary.”

“They say I’m a good listener. It’s no big deal. I enjoy taking care of my underclassmen.”


"Keiichi's blunt, I know, but he's got a point. You do need to learn how to work with your partner."

Before Tamiko can answer, the bell rings. Taking that as a sign of release, the girl scarpers off before Michiko can say anything else. The boy named Ryo follows her, shooting you all an apologetic look.

"Oh well," Michiko sighs. "I'll have to catch up with her later."

"That's was kind of you, onii-chan." Airi remarks.

"Well, I wouldn't put it that way." You grumble. "Seeing them annoyed me."

"Just be honest with yourself, man." Hideki says, slapping you on the back. "Come on guys, let's get out of here before we get in trouble."
File: scattered chairs.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
The rest of the afternoon flows past. Half-way through the second-last period, Michiko looks up from her phone at you with a sour face. “The production practice is cancelled today.” She grouses. “Why?”

“Why are you asking me?” You respond, privately counting your lucky stars.

“Guess we’ll have to make do with Wednesday…” Michiko mutters to herself.

“Wait, what do you mean, we?”

“Of course I mean ‘we’.” Michiko says, hotly. “You’re in the production too, Keiichi.”

“I was hoping you would forget.”

“Not a chance, Hirayama!”

You decide to walk home with your sister and Michiko. Normally you would take a detour to the bus stop Michiko frequents, then split up after seeing her off. This is another thing that does not happen. When you reach the bus stop, you have to check you haven’t entered the wrong neighborhood. To say that the stop is broken is like stating that Shibuya gets a bit warm in the summer.

Every inch of the stop, from the seats to the glass windows, has received the wrath of an unknown vandal. Glass shards lie on the pavement. The metal seats are twisted and bent beyond repair. All the security wards, common as they are, have been reduced to nothing more than bits of ink covering the damaged walls. There’s graffiti, too. Tons of it, scribbled in a thick, black ink.


Whoever wrote this must really hate your academy. You inspect a drawing. It’s a caricature of a man in a suit. The man’s face has also been replaced with crudely drawn penis. Surrounding him are various profanity, almost illegible. Some of them are even in different languages.

“I think that’s our principal.” Airi says.


“The hairstyle matches.”

You look at your sister, wondering how exactly she arrived at this (correct) conclusion.

“Ugh, vandals.” Michiko moans. “Can’t they keep their anger to themselves?”

She tosses her hair, staring down the street. “Guess I’m walking home today. So much for catching that livestream tonight…”

“Do you want us to come with you?” You ask.

“No, I’ll manage. It’s not like we’re in the middle of the night. I’ll have to find a different way to get to school, though.” She nods at you and your sister. “See you guys tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you.”

“Bye, Micchan!”
>leaving her to walk home
really Keiichi and Airi?
You realize she's going to get jumped now yeah?
I think that's pretty much a given.
File: modern cafe.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>>Some time at night...


“Yeah, Airi?”

“We have a problem.”

“Spit it out, then.”

“We’re almost out of food.”

“Wait, how come?”

“Because of Avery, that’s why! The girl eats far too much! Onii-chan, you need to control her eating habits.”

“Okay, that is a problem. I’ll speak to her. Do we have anything for dinner tonight?”

“No, I’m afraid not. We’ll have to eat out.”

“Really? That’s not too bad.”

“You shouldn’t be celebrating this! Eating out is more expensive than cooking at home. Didn’t I tell you that?”

“Let’s go to MgRonalds, then.”

“That’s unhealthy! Besides, didn’t your mentor tell you not to eat fast foods?”

“Shh, I want to indulge myself while she’s not here.”

“Just pick a restaurant from our usual selection, please…”

“Hey, how about this place?”

“No, I think it was converted into an all-you-can-eat buffet a few weeks ago. Let’s try—”

“All you can what, now?”

“Oh…Avery. When did you get here?”

“Keiichi, what was your sister talking about? All-you-can-something-something?”

“Um, nothing, nothing!”

“I know you said something! Come on, tell me!”

“Um…that’s….Avery, are you hungry?”

“Yeah, I am. What about it?”

“Do you want to grab dinner? There’s this lovely noodle bar down the corner. Let’s go there now!”

“But you haven’t—”

“If we don’t hurry, we won’t get any good seats. Come on, onii-chan! Grab your coat and we’ll be off.”

“Wait, I don’t get it! What were you talking about?”

“The less you think about it, the better you'll feel. Let’s just go.”

“Uh…okay…I still don’t quite understand…”

File: airi cheerful.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
[10th of May (TUESDAY)]

Airi receives the good news when she’s making breakfast. She picks her phone. Her eyes goes wide. Then she slams it down on the table top and rushes into the dining room, her movements full of excitement. “Onii-chan, onii-chan!” She cries.

“What’s up?” You ask, looking up from a newspaper. Over in the lounge room, Avery is watching television. She discovered it last night and promptly fell in love with the thing. Didn’t seem to like those magical girl shows Airi has fondness for. ‘Where the heck are the dudes being thrown out of windows’, she asked. Weird.

“I received word from the hospital! They’ve finished operating on Shesmur! They say I can pick him up tonight!”

“Seriously? That’s great!” You say, smiling. Even though the blood spirit made a mess of your tracksuit, you’re glad to see him safe.

Airi nods. “I know. Oh, I’m so happy. I’ve missed him so much.” She breathes. “I’m going tonight. Nothing is stopping me.”

>“Alright, I’ll come with you.”
>Have fun, then.”
>Custom option.
>>“Alright, I’ll come with you.”
>Michiko make it home alright? This acting thing is going to smooth and I half expected the delinquents to try and mob her walking home.
>>“Alright, I’ll come with you.”
>“Alright, I’ll come with you.”
"Alright, I'll come with you.

With that, the decision is made.

[Select your perspective]
>Keiichi Hirayama.
>Airi Hirayama.
>>Airi Hirayama.
>>Airi Hirayama.
>Airi Hirayama.
It's been a while.
>>Keiichi Hirayama
Just cause I don't care much for the bratty spirit myself either.
>Airi Hirayama
>>You are now Airi Hirayama.

The rest of the day is spent in a state of restlessness. You fidget in your seat. You pay less attention in your class. The food that goes down your mouth is reduced in taste. You write on your assignment papers and promptly forget about them upon putting them in your folder. The only thing you can think about is your partner. Shesmur, Shesmur, dear Shesmur whose bond with you cured your anemia, gave you the strength to move around, helped you reconcile with your twin brother and made you truly live.

Indeed, your reunion with your spirit partner is cause for much celebration. Hugs are involved. Lots and lots of them. Your brother stands to the side, trying not to drown in the saccharine atmosphere. You don’t care. You are too busy massaging Shesmur’s body and whispering sweet nothings to him. His yips of delight are music to your ear.

“We’ve successfully purged all the toxins from his body. He’s a little woozy from the painkillers, but he should be fine tomorrow.” A nurse lectures. “Until then, you shouldn’t let him fight.”

“Yes, I’ll do just that. Thank you so much.” You say, bowing in gratitude.

“It’s our pleasure.”

Shesmur barks and transforms into his scarf form. You wrap it around your neck. You feel the comforting embrace of the cloth and the pulse of your partner travelling up your skin. Now you truly are complete.

“Come on, Shesmur, let’s go home.”

That doesn’t happen for a hell of a while longer.
File: night view 2.jpg (528 KB, 1280x720)
528 KB
528 KB JPG

Keiichi spots the man a few minutes after you depart from the hospital. It’s hard not to notice a pair of eyes directed at you, intense and focused like the scope of a sniper rifle. He’s tall, with a gaunt look and a sharp face, dressed in a brown coat and a top hat. On the surface, he’s just like any ordinary restless lower-class salary man. Yet, there’s a certain depth to his casualness and the way he’s always slinking around in the background of your vision, no matter how quickly you move, is definitely not a coincidence.

He comes up to you two at a traffic crossing. You detect the scent of old nicotine and foodstuffs. You try and not let your trepidation show.

“Evening, miss, young lad. Fine night today, eh?” He says, with a demure grin.

“Hm-hmm.” You grunt back. Familiarity from the unfamiliar. Never a good sign.

“It’s the perfect night for a walk. Nothing like the fresh city air for a man’s lungs.” The man chuckles to himself. “What are you up to this fine night, young miss?”

“I’m sorry, but who the hell are you?” Your brother asks, his tone on edge.

“Just an ordinary working-class man.” The man replies. “Care to answer my previous question?”

>“I’m afraid it’s none of your business.”
>“Please leave, or I will call the police.”
>“My name is Mai Nakahara.”
>Keiichi: Punch the man in the face.
>Custom option.
>>Keiichi: Punch the man in the face.
>>“I’m afraid it’s none of your business.”
>>“Please leave, or I will call the police.”
>“My name is Mai Nakahara.”
If he doesn't buy it-
>Keiichi: Punch the man in the face.
I'll second this.
Yeah, sounds like a plan.
File: abandoned area.jpg (389 KB, 1280x720)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
“My name is Mai Nakahara.” You state, calmly as you can manage. You shoot Keiichi a look. He understands. “This is my younger brother Takuma. Pleasure to meet you.”

“I see, I see.” The man nods. “Pleased to meet you two, Mai and Takuma. What school do you go to?”

“Caelestis.” Your brother replies. “It’s a nice place.”

“It is. Did you know that I used to teach there? Made a lot of fond memories with the kids there. How is old missus Toru, by the way?”

This is obviously a test, one that you can’t answer because you both aren’t students of Caelestis. Your brother looks tempted to deck the man in the face and have the two of you leg it. You silently urge him not to. Yet, you find yourself at a loss to his question. If you can’t properly come up with a good response, what will happen to the two of you?

Something flashes green in the corner of your eye. It’s the street crossing light. Fate must be smiling upon your family today. Backing off quickly, you say, “I’m very sorry, but I must be going.”

“We’ve got a home to get back to.” Keiichi adds.

“Have a nice night.”

The two of you quickly walk across the crossing before the man can draw another breath. You both dive deep into the night crowd, mingling among the party-goers and the overtime workers. The man’s rugged coat vanishes in a sea of portable electronics, fabric colors and footstep sounds. You power-walk down the boulevard, making a detour through shopping mall and across a bridge above a small highway. It’s only after you’ve moved past a few blocks that you begin to relax a frction. Even then, you hurry your pace along the regular route back to your apartment.

“You’re a certainly a rude young pair, standing up a gentleman like that.”

Of course it wouldn’t be this easy…is what your brother is probably thinking right now.

“Now now, don’t be in such a rush.”

The scene is a street corner, deserted and murky in the night. You and your brother stand in the shadow of a lamppost, its silvery bulb flickering rapidly. From within the shadows outside the faint light is the outline of the man, the red glint of a lit cigarette in his fingers.

“You’ll stress out your heart. That’s not good.” He says, tossing the cigarette to the side of the road and smiling, revealing stained molars. A truly hypocritical statement, if you ever heard one.

“What do you want?” You say, your hand on your scarf.

The man puts up his hands, in a gesture of peace. You don’t buy it for a second. “Come on, can’t we have a friendly conversation? Chat a bit, here and there?” He says. It almost sounds like a whine.

“If you want that, go to a bar or something.” You reply. “A grown man like you shouldn’t be chatting up a high school girl.”
File: body_outine.jpg (132 KB, 1920x1080)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
“You sound like a stalker.” Your brother growls. “Want us to call the cops on your ass?”

“A bar? I would’ve said a mixer. And boy, that’s a nasty insult you’ve given me.” The man fakes a sigh. He shoves his hands in his pockets. “It’s not good to lie, either. Kids these days…”

“What lies have we told you?” Your brother asks.

“Your names and school, for one. Fine, since you’re in such a hurry, let’s cut to the chase. Where are the goods?”

“Excuse me?” You blink.

“Where are the goods? Don’t keep a gentleman waiting.” The man says again. There’s a threatening touch to his voice now. You edge backward, trying not to let your nervousness show.

“Fond of using that word, huh?” You brother spits.

“Answer me, or I’ll have to use force.” The man warns, staring at you. His eyes catch your movements, from the tensing of your legs to the twitching of your fingers. “I don’t particularly like using force on a pair of kids, you know.”

“I don’t know what these goods you speak of are. Neither does my brother” You lie. Your eyes flicker around the area. It’s clear what this man wants. And it means you need to get out of here and back to your apartment, where this man will not be allowed to enter without invoking the wrath of a high spirit.

“Don’t play dumb. The goods that were stolen from our laboratory. Don’t act like you don’t know.” The man says, no humor left in his voice.

Once again, you both leave without pause for his next word. This time, you run. You force mana into your legs and sprint as fast as you can. Past the streetlights, past the cars, past the buildings looming overhead like giant stone tree trunks. You run and run until your legs sweat and burn from fatigue. You run into the entrance of a park, a shortcut to your home. It's deserted, save for the two of you. And then you find that the man in the hat is already in front of you both.

“You kids really have no respect for your elders, don’t you?” The man sighs, clicking his tongue. “Listen kids, I’ll cut you a deal. Tell me where the goods are and you both won’t get a lengthy hospital stay.”

“Once again, we don’t know what you are talking about.” You say back.

"Screw it, sis." Your brother snarls, drawing his revolver. "Let's just take this guy out and go home."

The man groans with faux remorse. “Have it your way.”

Then he goes as rigid as a statue.
File: Toxic Avenger 0.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
You blink and stare. Your brother gapes. The man’s eyes wobble in their sockets. A small, strangled noise emerges from his chapped lips, a ‘gghk!’ sound. His knees bend and he collapses to the ground. A crunch rings as his nose breaks against the pavement.

You see something small and thin sticking out of the back of his neck. Several other of those somethings whoosh through the air towards you. You dodge and they slam into a wall. Their coating is shiny, reflecting against the moonlight. Needles.

Another figure strides towards you. Feminine and short and wearing a gas mask similar to one your brother has when he fights with his riot gun. Her fist is clenched and a trio of needles are tucked in between the gaps, similar to how you position your throwing knives. You tense up, again.

“Akira Shimor.” The girl breathes. Her voice is muffled through the mask, almost mechanical-sounding.

“What?” You tense up again.

“Abe Nakajima. Florence Rutherford.” The girl drones. Your brother's eyes widen at the mention of the last name.

"Who the hell are you?" He demands. The girl merely nods her head slowly.

“Ah, that’s recognition. Perfect." She pauses for a second. "Alright then, let’s take these kids out and get paid.”

As she says this, something reaches out from beneath the concrete and swallows the body whole.
Question, why do you tend to double post and immediately delete one? I can't see the difference.
Finally this is done...thanks to everyone who participated. I think we covered a lot of important ground today. There was additional stuff I wanted to post (mainly concerning Avery) but I didn't get the time to fully finish them. They'll probably be posted in the coming days. Check back on this thread every 24 hours or something.

Next thread will be on the 1st of April, 9:30 pm UTC start. I'm sad to say it'll be a normal thread and not a troll thread. Maybe next year when this quest has picked up steam.

Usually because there are small spelling mistakes or gramatical errors that piss me off and make me want to fix them. I know I should do this before I post (and I do try) but sometimes it happens.

I shouldn't delete the ones that have choices in them, though.

Goddammit I made mistakes in the previous version of this post and had to redo it. I really should go to sleep.

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That'll be it for today. Now I have to crash on my bed and go to sleep.
Thanks for running, Thorn
Enjoy your rest, man.
Thanks for running, I didnt get to post, but it was fun.
Thanks for running Thorn

So we're dealing with a runner fixer squad?
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running.
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cheers, boss

had to conk out earlier but now i'm back
Nina Takai tends not to fight. Oh, she could, if she wanted. She could grab her opponent’s arm with her magic art and dislocate it with a single thought. She could enter a double battle by herself and defeat the opposition by slamming their heads against each other. She could train on her lonesome, sweep through the preliminaries and reach the finals of the Festival of Magic, where prestige and riches would shower upon her from hungry sponsors.

But Nina prefers not to. She’d rather sit on the sidelines and play through imaginary battles on her handheld electronic devices. The graphics are prettier to look at, there's less sweat involved and the games contain background music, which reality sadly lacks.

She does enjoy watching others fight, at times. Keiichi and Airi’s fights are particularly worth viewing. The siblings attract all sorts of opponents and it’s interesting to see them figure out how to get around the magic art of the week. The only problem is that Keiichi often gets fed up near the end and activates the spell that makes him fire his guns like heavily armored space marines in gritty space operas, which isn’t always the most entertaining way to end a fight. Still, the looks on the faces of people who witness this tactic for the first time are usually worth a smirk or two.

She’s wandering around the academy campus when the notification comes up on her phone, telling about the match involving Keiichi and Hideki against Michiko and Airi. She attends. She sits up high in the stands to get a good view as always. The fight goes just about the way she expected; Airi is crippled without her blade, balancing the sides, Keiichi fires off his tear gas as it’s fireworks time at the school festival and Hideki is a cunning shithead whose tricks blind Michiko’s partner and traps her into halting her trump card.

The small, spiteful part of her thinks how amusing it is to see the blonde girl flail about in desperation and then get shot dozens of times in a scene that invokes déjà vu in the audience. Then again, Nina understands what they say about glass houses and all that. Michiko treasures her Ultimate. That’s more than Nina can say about herself.

She sees Keiichi and others walk out of the arena and towards the waiting room. Maybe she’ll join them. Oh, but she’s on a secret optional boss fight on the game she’s playing. It’s trickier than she expected. Still, she could put it on hold. Just a little more damage with the main character…oh, the thing transformed. This is truly unexpected for the genre. Are those instant-kill spells? She has to get her units into proper position, figure out the monster’s weaknesses, watch the flashy animation she’s seen hundreds of times and whoops, her friends are out of sight, everyone else has left and lunch is about to end.

Oh well.

It’s not like Keiichi and Airi will be offended by what she did. She’ll catch up with them before the teacher arrives.
She hops off her seat and makes her way down to ground level. She strides around the entrance of the
arena, ensuring to stay as much as she can out of the sunlight. Her uncle would be devastated. She doesn’t care.

Two second-years dash past, ignoring her. There are headphones stuffed in Nina’s ears blasting electronica, but she manages to catch a bit of what they shout.

“Damn that Keiichi guy…”

“Tamiko, wait up…”

Her first thought is about what Keiichi has done to piss off a girl again. Her second thought is concentrated on the item the black-haired girl dropped from her pocket. Neither of the two notice the item flutter to the ground like a drunken butterfly. They vanish into the distance without a single look back.

Nina walks over and inspects it. It’s a small plastic bag, about the size of the center of her palm. It’s empty, save for a few specks of dust inside. The immediate conclusion her mind brings is that it’s for medicine, but the bag is unlabeled, nothing like anything she’s seen in the hospital.

Since when do amateur fighters carry these sorts of plastic bags around? Or True Hearts students for that matter. It’s suspicious. The bystander effect grips her, urging her to drop the object in the nearest bin and forget about it. At the very least, she should put it out of her mind completely.

Still, it’s a suspicious object and Keiichi is involved.

“Which means he’ll need the bag later.” She mumbles to herself. “I wonder if I can convince him to watch my videos with this…”

She weighs her options for a while longer, the warm rays of the sun shining upon her. She fingers the bag, tracing over the artificial smoothness and the ridges in the broken seal. In the distance, a warning bell sounds, reminding the students that five minutes remain until the class. Nina thinks for a while longer, then makes the decision. Nodding to herself, she gently drops the bag inside her blazer pocket.

The final bell wails. Job done, Nina trudges in the direction of the classroom, her attention once again focused on the game on her phone.

At least she caught our match. That's what matters the most.
[9th of May (MONDAY)]

One of the boons of being the son of a former military magus is the connections it brings. To put simply, your mother—one Yukari Hirayama—is the sole reason for the sweet discounts you receive when purchasing your gear, as well as the privilege of storing multiple firearms in your apartment as a minor without earning the ire of the law. You remember your mother stating that convincing those government officials to provide the appropriate paperwork could be a tricky business. She then proceeded to do it anyway.

Of course, these connections only extend so far. You know this. Your sister knows this. Your new revolver spirit does not.

“Sweet, it finally came in.” You say, upon seeing the cardboard-brown package placed at your front doorstep. ‘.44. Magnum’, the label reads.

“Onii-chan, we have to go now.” Airi calls from the hallway, where she is tying her shoelaces. You pick up the package and head back inside, still wearing your outside sneakers.

“Give me a second, Airi. I need to reload Avery.”

“We’re going to be late! Hurry up!” Airi cries.

“You go on ahead!” You shout back, already half-way to the kitchen table. “I’ll be with you in a minute!”

There’s not enough time to properly store the ammo in the usual places, so you settle for taking out a few boxes of ammunition, opening them and storing the contents into your hyperspace. They vanish from your reality and are consumed by Akasha-Alea’s embrace. You then take out your new revolver, open up the mechanisms and proceed to fill it up.

The moment you finish filling the cylinder with cartridges and slide it back into place is the moment when Avery starts shrieking.

“Keiichi, what do ya think you’re putting in me?” She yells, her voice high and shrill.

“Can you say that again but not make it sound so wrong?” You groan.

“What are you talking about?” She asks, sounding confused, before getting angry again. “Forget that. What sort of ammo d’you think you’re reloading me with?”

“What’s wrong with the cartridges I’ve got?” You ask back.
File: avery.jpg (281 KB, 800x600)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
“They’re made of plastic, damn it!” Avery complains. “This girl is suited to firing actual metal!”

Since when do revolvers have preferences, is what you think at first. Then it slowly makes sense. Since Avery’s old master was most likely an adult, he would’ve been able to fire metal ammunition and be legally okay doing so. You, however, are bound by much different regulations. Since Avery is now hissing like a frustrated cat, you attempt to explain your situation as best I can.

“Avery, I’m not allowed to fire metal ammo during normal hours. It’s fine if I do it at the firing range or in emergencies, but other than those times I have to use plastic ammo.”


“Because the law says so.”
You sigh, scrunching up your mouth in distaste. “Something about how they don’t want minors shooting random people on the street, even though most magic arts becoming lethal weapons when trained to a high level. It’s bullshit, I know, but I can’t do much about it. I’m already considered lucky to be able to buy firearms without much repercussion.”

“Why does the law insist on fucking over all of my masters?”
Avery cries. If she were in 'human' form, you imagine she would be slamming her fists on the table and wincing in pain. “It’s just like when those shitty higher-ups blocked our operations…my head is boiling just thinking about it!”

“We can complain about it together.”
You pat the revolver gently. It’s all you can do, really. You’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in the past, but not even you are desperate enough to break this particular law. Avery is still moaning and griping, but at least she seems to understand.

“Ugh, feels like I’m being coated in oil…” She grumbles as you set out to rejoin your sister. “These plastic bullets are so weird.”

“Maybe you’ll get used to it over time.”
You offer.

Avery snorts. “Pfft, I doubt it…”
And then Keiichi used Akasha-Alea's Infinity in the battle, which put Avery's complaints to rest. Somehow. More content will follow tomorrow, most likely. Goodnight, everyone!
Thanks for the afternoon update.
Ah jeez, those two seem like big trouble instead of tiny trouble now.
File: going loud.gif (953 KB, 500x375)
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953 KB GIF
Question, does Infinity work on the riot gun? Can Keiichi fire an infinite amount of tear gas canisters for 8 seconds?
File: 1474152644422.jpg (874 KB, 1735x1736)
874 KB
874 KB JPG

QUESTION: cover of prince charming&Juliet when

Tomorrow! I need to do a few more takes, sorry!


QUESTION: You mentioned that one of your friends is sometimes a pain to hang around with. If that’s the case, why do you persist? He or she doesn’t sound like a good friend if they’re making trouble for you all the time?

Ugh, I knew a question like this would pop up. Partly my fault; I didn’t word what I said properly. I was going to add stuff at the bottom, but now that this question is here I might as well answer it so that my followers see it.

Allow me to clear up some misconceptions.

First of all, I won’t deny that my friend is a troublemaker. He does have this bizarre, compulsive tendency to get into all sorts of unbelievable situations. The thing is, if you told him he has a troublemaker to his face, he would agree with you. He’s very aware of his situation and him and after knowing him for a while, we both know there’s not really a lot we can do about it. Believe me, we’ve tried.

The ‘trouble’ he finds himself in is a lot different to what you’re thinking, I bet. It’s not the put-tacks-on-the-seat or the harass-this-girl kind of trouble. That’s juvenile crap. What my friend gets up to is much more complicated than that. Explaining it all would take up more words than what’s allowed on here.

Alright, he gets into fights, starting them a good amount of times, but he’s not alone in that. I mean, I get into fights. Tell me a magus who doesn’t get into a fight and I’ll point you towards the Department of Things That Never Happened!

Sometimes, I get caught up in his messes. They are frustrating, they make me work up a sweat and they generally seem totally incomprehensible at first glance. But I’ve noticed there’s always a hidden reason that makes everything seem justified at the end. He even ends up helping people, too. Sorry, you’ll simply have to take my word for it.

At the end of the day, I don’t really mind. It’s time I spend with one of my friends. Why should I complain about it?
File: 1411370049686.jpg (14 KB, 479x361)
14 KB
Dammit. If she keeps writing about us in her blog we're just going to end up with a horde of angry fanboys looking to slit our throats.
File: a74dcd2.png (482 KB, 799x914)
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482 KB PNG
Yeah, my friend isn’t perfect. He’s blunt as a hammer, a complete blockhead at the worst of times and has no fashion sense at all. We’ve had our grievances and gotten into fights over the silliest of things. In fact, I hated his guts when I first met him! But he’s honest and motivated and he’s stuck with me through some difficult times. There’s a passage from a book I read as a child about a group of friends who bond together after they face danger and survive. I can’t recite it word for word, but it reminds me a lot of us.

Would it make my life easier if I stayed away from him? Without a doubt it would be. But I don’t want to. People do that enough already. My friend’s tendency to cause trouble hasn’t gone unnoticed by others in our school. A year has gone by since he attended and now people avoid him like he’s some sort of boogeyman.

There was a time where an out of control spirit was charging down the hallways of our school. Everybody was scared of it, but my friend cast a spell that destroyed the spirit in an instant. And nobody congratulated him for that. They just watched him walk away in silence. He was putting that ‘cool guy’ act in front of everyone, saying ‘what a pain in the ass’ the whole thing was to me, but I knew from his body language that he was feeling dejected. He was sad that people were avoiding him.

If others don’t stand by him, who will? My friend has gotten used to how people treat him, but I think that’s not an excuse.

…I’m sorry if I sound very defensive. It’s just that sometimes I wish my friend would get the respect he deserves. He's actually one of my closest friends, too. I feel like I don't have to put on as much of an act around him. There's not a lot of people I could say that about.

Besides, it’s practically my responsibility to stick with him. I mean, look at the rest of the people he hangs out with! A mischievous dick who climbs walls for fun on the weekends and a NEET in the making! Someone has to be the voice of rationality, because those two sure as heck won’t be!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this question. Thank you and goodnight.
File: study books.jpg (432 KB, 1280x720)
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432 KB JPG
[10th of May (TUESDAY)]

You spend the rest of the night deciding to be a responsible student for change. The moment you get home from the noodle bar, in which your sister tearfully departed with yen for half a dozen solid bowls of udon, you plonk your ass down at your desk and take out your school books. This is not the most enjoyable way you could be spending your time, but a hefty backlog of work has piled up and if you leave it for any longer Airi will freak.

You start off by polishing off a bunch of leftover mathematics questions. Mathematics is your best subject and you owe Akasha-Alea’s constant lessons on ballistics for it. Physics is your second best for the same reason and you finish the worksheet on that quickly. Next up is history, which is also something Akasha-Alea made you study frequent in your youth. Unfortunately, none of her lessons had much to do with the Meiji period.

Last but not least is English. You despise English, but the essay is due tomorrow and you’d rather not sit in the detention hall after school. You scribble a bunch of words down and hope you can catch Airi or Hideki in the morning to review it.

You stare at the clock. It’s nine at night. In an hour it’ll be time for you to sleep. Since you’re on your desk already, you decide to grab a book from a small shelf and flick to where a paper bookmark is. Like your teachers, Akasha-Alea assigns you reading material. Unlike your teachers, the books your mentor give are actually somewhat interesting.

When you study or read, your sister and your parents leave you in peace. They respect your boundaries. They hope you make the most use of your time. They must be grateful you are taking the chance to settle down instead of running around outside shooting things. You have spent many evenings in this tranquil state of studious relaxation.

“Hey Keiichi, whatcha doing?”

Avery is not accustomed to the traditions of your family, or the rest of your living space for that matter. You’ve noticed she approaches everything around her with curiosity that is not unlike a child’s, in spite of her early adolescent body shape and her tendency to go on tangents involving her old master’s job, which are mature in topic.

“Reading some stuff Akasha-Alea assigned me.” You reply, looking up to face the redhead. “It’s some autobiography about a famous Australian sniper.”

“What’s an autobiography?” Avery asks, tilting her head

“You’ve never heard of one before?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

Avery shakes her head. “It’s a type of book, right?” She guesses. “That’s what you’re holding.”

You frown a little. Well, you suppose being stuck as a gun doesn’t give one the chance to visit a library. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s a book that goes into detail about a person’s life. What they did, how they lived, their family, the fights they gotten into and stuff.”
File: avery again.jpg (206 KB, 850x1118)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
“That sounds cool!” Avery cries, latching onto the last part of what you said. “Can I read it?”

“Sure. Don’t let the bookmark fall out, though.” You flip the book to the beginning and hand it to Avery. She accepts it with glee, gazes at the first page and her expression immediately collapses into a frown. She stares at the page for several seconds, squinting.

“Something wrong?” You ask.

She looks up. “Keiichi, do you have this in English?” She moans.

“No, I suck at it.” You reply. “What, can’t you read Japanese?”

“Not really.” Avery scowls. She tries to read again. Her lips move silently and slowly. She then stamps her foot on the ground, frustrated, and tosses the book on the desk. It lands with a small thump, the pages spilling randomly. “Gah, can you really blame me? I grew up America. I was raised on English, damn it! My old master only came to Japan about two something years ago. I didn’t get proper time to get used to you Japs’ culture, alright?”

She sucks in a deep breath before folding her arms and continuing her rant. “Seriously, Japanese is so weird! Why are pictures characters? How does a straight line mean ‘one’? What happened to a good ol’ fashioned Latin alphabet? I don’t get it at all!”

“Sounds like you already know a bit of Japanese, huh…”

“Yeah, I picked a bit up while we were here.” Avery replies, grunting. “It’s still confusing though. It took me long enough to learn English by watching my old master do shit, y'know!”

“Which means you learning it isn’t impossible.” You mutter to yourself. “Hey Avery, do you want to learn Japanese?”

“Do I really have to do that?” She says, making a face.

“Because you’re living in Japan and everyone will think you’re a dumbass if you don’t.” You reply.

“Oi!” She snaps, shaking her small fists. “Keiichi, you callin’ me a dumbass?”

“No.” Okay, that’s a lie. Part of you is via implication. And there have been several times where Avery has shown considerably less knowledge about ordinary things than the common person. “But other people will.”

Avery doesn’t seem completely convinced by this, so you continue. “Also, what if you need to read something in a battle but can’t? You might lose a tactical advantage.”

“Ugh, that’s good one.” Avery grumbles. “But, hey, can’t you read it for us?”

“Yeah, but I might be busy looking in the other direction.” You counter.

“Another one. Blast!” Avery admits. She shuts her mouth and thinks. Her foot taps against the floorboards a few times. You pick up the book and skim through a bunch of old pages until Avery speaks again. “Fine. Say I wanted to learn your language. Where do I start?”
File: a small head tilt.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
That’s a good question. You have no experience in teaching, nor can you spare the time to do so. Airi has her own duties to attend to as well. It looks like self-study is the best method for Avery now. Shoving this book you’ve got at her and calling it a day would be irresponsible, though. There should be something simple enough for Avery to get started on. A quick scan of your bookshelf reveals the answer.

“Here, take this manga.”

“Manga? Oh, I’ve heard of these. They’re Japanese comic books.” Avery accepts the book and opens it up. “Hey, why is the ending at the front?”

You tell her that manga is supposed to be read from right to left, then hand her a dictionary to go along with it. “The manga should be simple enough for you read. Use the dictionary if you find characters you don’t understand.”

Avery scans through the manga. This time there’s more recognition on her features. Your decision was the right one. “How long is this gonna take me?” She asks.

You shrug. “Hell if I know. Take your time with it.”

“I bet I can finish this by the end of the week!” She brags, smirking and lifting her head up with pride. She grabs the books and holds them to her chest. You look at her, expression neutral. “Eh, what’s that look on your face? You doubt me? Watch me, Keiichi!”

With that, she scampers out of the room to the living room, which has quickly become her favourite place in the apartment for its plush sofa and lack of distance towards the television set. You silently pump a fist at a job well done. In a single move, you have given Avery a way to spend her time outside of pestering you, as well as a way to increase her understanding about the new country she finds herself in. Aren’t you the responsible one? Your mother would be so proud.

You return to your reading material with a smile. Maybe you should ask her to write something next. Then again, considering that Avery apparently never possessed hands before you acquired her, that might not be the best idea.
And here comes the rumors.
I was going to make Avery completely illiterate, but that's going way too far.

To answer your question, yes. However, magi are superhuman, meaning that tear gas won't affect them as much as regular humans. Case in point: when used on Michiko, all it did was make her stumble around, cough and cry a bit. A normal human would suffer more pain, have difficulty breathing, vomit and perhaps even go blind--much severe symptoms. The effectiveness of tear gas is inversely proportional to the amount of ENDURANCE possessed by the target.

There's also the fact that Akasha-Alea's Infinity's mana cost is not calculated per second; it takes a chunk of Keiichi's mana from the start. Cancelling the technique half-way through won't converse any mana. Also, Keiichi doesn't know how to combine his Anti-Mana bullets with it yet.

Tomorrow will feature Akasha-Alea. And maybe some more Avery as well. We'll see. Good night, everyone!
>How does a straight line mean ‘one’?
I know it's not a vertical line, but FUCK
>Avery learning nip
She's in for suffering now.
>>Be past Keiichi Hirayama.


Your name is Keiichi Hirayama and two months have passed since you contracted with Akasha-Alea, your new mentor. During that period, you have learned the basic protocols of firearms usage, exercised more than you have in your entire life and visited your mother’s firing range to get your grubby teenage hands on some basic sidearms and bolt-action rifles. Your legs have burned, your hands have blistered and you have taken your first steps towards a precipice overlooking the entrance for a whole new reality.

What you have not done is magic.

Okay, that’s a lie. You successfully completed a few mana-involving exercises spread across a number of weeks, but those mean very little. The exercises are regarded by the general magic community to be some of the most basic around. They are meant for those who have yet to reach the double digits. In other words, your control over your magic is equivalent to that of a primary schooler.

For reference, your sister managed to complete the same exercises half a decade ago, faint-headed from sickness and lying all day in bed!

Why your mentor has refrained from teaching you magic, despite awakening some of the MAGIC POTENTIAL in you upon formation of contract, is a mystery. Because of Akasha-Alea's general strict demeanor, you are afraid to ask. You are usually too busy to do so anyway. Part of you has resigned itself to not being taught magic for a few more months. Perhaps, even for the rest of the year. It is an unrealistic expectation, but you are still a child.

Luckily for you, things will change, soon.
File: autumn.jpg (169 KB, 1280x720)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
It’s a cool autumn day. A small gale blows, detaching soft orange leaves from a nearby maple tree. A thin of layer clouds obscure the sun up high. You sit on the soft, drying grass in your backyard, gazing around at the scenery. Your mentor is sitting a few feet away, facing you. Right now, you’re feeling a little confused, because this is usually the time where your mentor makes you practice your firing, or asks you some questions about the knowledge you have learned.

Instead, she produces a metallic-looking suitcase and pops it open. Inside the case are a cluster of white prisms that radiate with a pale, ghostly light.

“What are these?” You state the obvious.

“Implements for your next training.” Akasha-Alea says, gesturing towards the prisms with her hands. The edges of her black funeral dress spread out around her. Her long black hair sways in the breeze. Her gaze is steady and observant, as always. “Now, do you remember what I said about Anti-Mana Bullets?”

“It’s a technique that makes bullets withstand magical effects and entities.” You recite from the texts Akasha-Alea gave you to study. “Because of this, magus hunters often use them to fight other magi.”

“Correct, boy.” Akasha-Alea says. Her expression does not change. You have learned she is not one to give out praise over trivial matters. “I believe it’s about time you learned how to use them.”

You blink, your mouth opening slightly. “Seriously?”

“Yes. You have already demonstrated the capacity to move mana in third-dimensional space through your previous exercises. You are now ready to begin this.” She states.

Excitement swells in your belly, tensing up the muscles in your stomach. This is like a dream come true. Sure, firing and learning about all those guns was cool in a way, but using magic was part of the reason why you signed up for Akasha-Alea’s menteeship in the first place. It now seems worth it, more than ever.

“You know how opposing polarities cancel each other out, yes? Anti-Mana Bullets work with the same principle. The offending magic is one polarity and the energy of the Anti-Mana Bullets is the other; thus, they nullify the magic that attempts to affect them. Spells have their energy stripped away, negating them. Magical defenses have vulnerabilities formed within them via the degradation of their mana. At the highest level, Anti-Mana Bullets can negate magic of most arts, elements and intensities.” Akasha-Alea lectures. “Knowing this, what element do you think the Anti-Mana Bullets use to perform their function?”
File: Void2.jpg (293 KB, 1600x1000)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
You think on the question. If magic arts are paintings, then elements are the colors that breathe life into them. They have strengths and weaknesses and knowing how they react towards each other is a key component of winning battles. Airi has blood, your mother used wind and the old man from down the block controls wood to assist his patients. But what element serves a technique that negates all other magical techniques? You can’t think of one. It all seems rather ‘general’, for a lack of a better word.

You voice your thoughts towards your mentor.

“You’re on the right track.” Akasha-Alea says. “The element Anti-Mana Bullets possess is ‘void’, otherwise referred to as emptiness or the absence of existence. It is the void that nullifies the opposing magic.

“While the void can theoretically counter all elements of magic, its nature is weak by default. An emptiness may seem intimidating at first glance, but if it is small in scope it can be quickly filled by anything. Thus, applications of void require extra effort and mana to get any use out of them. If you apply a fragile void towards your Anti-Mana Bullets, then they will be easily overpowered. But if you apply it with strength, then it will become a terrifying presence that will grind your opponent’s offenses and defenses to dust.”

She pauses for a moment. “Do you understand all of this?”

You nod, slowly, not speaking a word.

“You seem rather intimidated.” Akasha-Alea observes. She exhales a gentle breath. “Listen boy, I would not have asked you to learn this technique if you had no potential for mastering it. When I said you were ready, I meant it.”

You shift in your spot. “Do you really think I have affinity for this ‘void’?” You ask, grimacing.

“Yes. Why do you think I was observing your exercises so intently? It was to seek out your affinities. You'll do fine.” She replies. Without waiting for an answer, she takes out a prism from the suitcase and hands it to you. Despite the light pulsating from within, the object is cold to the touch.
File: head tilt up.jpg (506 KB, 1280x720)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
“Your next task is to snuff out the light in these prisms using the void element. Watch…” Akasha-Alea says. She cups another prism in her hands and concentrates. Instantly, the entire prism turns black as coal. You let out a faint ‘oh’ at the sight. “It will also give you the opportunity to practice the flow of your mana, as this prism must be attacked from all sides.”

You cradle your prism, inspecting it from all sides. “How do I start?” You ask.

“Like how you all magic is used.” Akasha-Alea replies. “First you must visualize it. The void element speaks of hollowness, emptiness and desolation. Have you experienced anything like that before?”

Yes, you answer privately, and not just in a dark room at night. Of those times, some have been when you were watching your very own sister.

"I'll do my best." You say to your mentor, looking at her straight in the eyes. She nods, a small hint of approval within.

“I don’t expect you to finish this task in a single day. Take as much time as you like.” Akasha-Alea states. Her eyes narrow and her tone grows sharper. “Do not exhaust your mana, or you will be punished...”
Akasha's a good teacher, best girl. Keiichi uses some creepy magic then huh.
SO what elemental types are there?

What are our freinds and family's typings?

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