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You wake slowly as the morning sun-

1: Sets icicles dripping
2: Forces small creatures into the shade
3: Beams pleasantly through light fog
>1: Sets icicles dripping
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The winter breaks slowly Adenngard. Your home is windowless to keep cold at bay and heat indoors, but you can feel that the sun has just peeked over the horizon.
You open your eyes and stare up at the rafters of your-

1: Rented room?
2: Family home?
3: Noble hall?
4: Captains cabin?

3. Noble Hall

Feudal Lord Quest when?
>1: Rented room

We work our way there...or to ships captain
File: images-37.jpg (36 KB, 536x274)
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The rafters are high above, carved intricately and still notched from That One Archery Incident.
You yawn, stretching your arms and touching-

1: Empty sheets.
2: The dagger you keep under your pillow.
3: Your fiance.
4: A lover under each arm.
5: Your sword. Yes it's in bed with you.
>3: Your fiance.

Good to have someone you can trust..well I mean something other than your sword.

Your bride to be lies to your right.
But what race is she?

1: Wood elf?
2: High elf?
3: Human?
4: Shifter?
5: Half elf?
6: Dryad?
7: Other? (What?)
>7: Other? (What?)
>1: Wood elf

Dryad would be interesting, but wood elf today
(Flipped a coin. Elf won.)

Arryliarayliyilia Oronininiliuniali, or Ray, for short, is lying with her bare back to you.
Really she shouldn't even be in this wing of the castle. Your marriage is tricky enough to negotiate, even a rumor that you'd done half the things you have could be a nightmare for the household.
But on the other hand she is vety insistent.

1: Pull her closer?
2: Get up without waking her (roll 1d20)?
3: Other?
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>2: Get up without waking her (roll 1d20)?

Lets go inspect the castle, the early mornings are best time to take an walk after all.

You carefully shuffle out of under the blankets, gingerly swinging yourself off the bed and on to the cold stone floor.
You pad quietly towards the door, pausing only to glance back at your sleeping-
Where did she go.
You turn back to the door and see her standing there wrapped in a wolfskin with the faintest suggestion of a smirk on her lips and a raised eyebrow.
"You do know elves don't sleep. Dontcha sweetheart?"

You say/do?

Well s8nce your awake
Pull her in for kisses and ear rubs
>"I tend to forget that dear."
>kiss her and head to get some breakfast together
>>"I tend to forget that dear."
>>kiss her and head to get some breakfast together

"I tend to forget that dear"
She nods and steps closer, tilting her head back, rising on tiptoes and pressing her mouth against yours for a blissful six seconds.
You loop your arms around her waist and draw her close.
"Ready for breakfast?"
She cocks her head. "Was that a euphemism?"
"Well no-"
"Pity. And sure, as long as it's in bed."
She hands you the pelt and walks past you without a care in the world.
"Yes dear?"
"You remember that the whole reason we do the whole secret liason routine is so people don't know-"
She fakes a dramatic swoon, which you might roll your eyes at if she was wearing, well, anything really.
"So they don't know you've ravished the pure young princess?" She blows hair out of her eyes, props herself up on her elbows and crosses her legs neatly. "I've been faking innocence for thirty years love, don't tell me how to do my job."

1: What's this about young?
2: Do I have competition?
3: Thirty years? That sounds tiring.
4: (Walk out)
5: (Go back to bed)
6: (Send for breakfast in bed)
7: (Other)
8: (Combination)
>3: Thirty years? That sounds tiring.
>6: (Send for breakfast in bed)
File: downloadfile-5.jpg (37 KB, 295x498)
37 KB

"Thirty years? That sounds exhausting."
"Thirty years is an eyeblink sweetheart, now last night, THAT was exhausting."
You roll your eyes and step outside looking left then ri- ah, you see Karin the maid coming down the hall, humming to herself as she carries a tray of food and steaming tea.
She looks up from her load and sees you, her eyes open wide, her humming stops and one leg wobbles.
She's going to drop the tray!

1: Catch it! (Roll 1d20)
2: Catch her! (Roll 1d20)
3: Catch both! (Roll 2d20 and take lower result)
4: Watch.
5: Other?
Rolled 10 (1d20)


>1: Catch it! (Roll 1d20)

You lunge forward and grab the tray by the handles as Karin overbalances and falls on her rump.
She winces and rubs her backside.
Her soft,
FOCUS. Focus. Focus on, um what?

What do you say/do?

Sorry didnt see you there.
You all right?
Help her up

You move the tray to one hand.
"Sorry Karin, I didn't see you there." You offer your hand.
She stares.
You clear your throat awkwardly. "Um, thank you for the food- oh wait was this for someone else?"
She stares.
"Karin?" You thought all tieflings being red was a myth.
She just stares. Stares straight ahead. Stares at-
You knew you forgot something!

You say/do?

Forgot to change name back. This is me.
>"You like what you see?"
>Then chuckle and apologize.

You smirk. "Like what you see?"
Still obviously in a daze she half nods, then half shakes her head, then closes and opens her mouth again.
You chuckle, "Sorry if I scared you Kary"
She mutters something that ends with "b-b-breakfast-?"

You say/do?
Hand her back the tray, then head back to the room and "model" for the fiance.

You kneel, her eyes follow your lap, mouth hanging slightly open. Ray is convinced she fancies you.
She's breathing rather deeply.
It must be from the fall.
You hand her back the tray and pat her on the head. "Just try to be a little more careful in future. Okay Kary?"
You step back inside and wave over your shoulder as you close the door.
You see Ray sitting cross legged on the bed, holding an imported hand mirror between her ankles as she fixes her hair.
"What was all that about sweetheart?" She asks. You doubt you'll ever tire of her accent. At least, you hope not.
"It was Karin-"
"The maid? The one I've known since-"
"Oh! The one who wants to dine on your greatsword! What about her dear?"
You roll your eyes.
"I forgot my pants" she looks up at you "and I guess she got a little- Ray are you listening?"
"Hm? Sorry, I got distracted."
You turn and angle your hips to give her a better view. She uncrosses her legs and bites her lip, with wide eyes she sets aside the mirror.
You give her about a half minute before you clear your throat.
"Ahem, my eyes are up here?"
"I believe you." Hers don't move an inch.
"Darlin I didn't come to a land of tall mountains to stare at molehills, let your betrothed enjoy the scenery."

You say/do?

(Forgot to change my name again. This was me)
Put on loose pants, go get breakfast, proceed to do what needs to be done for the day.

You pull a pair of loose trousers out of your wardrobe and put them on, despite Ray's protests, they should be baggy enough to hide the effect your nude betrothed and Karin's reaction had on you.
As long as you don't think about it.
Like you are.
Damn it.
Ray gives you a lingering goodbye kiss. And another. And another. Finally you unwrap her arms from around your neck and head out into the corridor.
Through the broad, stained glass windows you can see the first rays of golden sunlight dripping down the western wall of the courtyard.
You take a deep breath of the chilly air and head for the kitchens.
You descend a staircase, turn left, and pause.
You hear voices, it sounds like Karin's sister Rilit.

1: Head for the kitchens?
2: Go find Rilit?
3: Eavesdrop on Rilit? (Roll 1d20)
4: Other?
5: Combination?
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Stand in hallway for a bit, try and overhear, if we can't easily or don't hear something worthwhile within a few minutes, head for kitchens.
File: images-51.jpg (22 KB, 273x538)
22 KB

You linger, curious despite yourself.
"Are you serious?!" The hissing whisper is definitely Rilit.
You hear "Shhh!" followed by mumbling.
Definitely Karin.
"Show me!"
"Use your hands! Show me!"
You creep closer, bare feet silent on the stone floor.
You peek around the corner and see that Rilit has trapped her sister in a chair with the tray of food next to her.
Usually Rilit is all manners, but she seems agitated about something.
"I've been trying to find out for years!"
Karin buries her face in her hands. "I can't!"
Rilit lets out a rather unladylike grunt of frustration. "Fine! Just tell me when then!"
She puts her index fingers together and starts moving them apart as if measuring something.
"Say when. I said say whe- are you serious ARE YOU SERIOUS?"
Whatever could they be discussing?
Maid things probably.

What do you say/do?

Walk in on them and then say to rilit isnt there some grate sword you should be rubing?
But then led her to your wepon rack
Ask her sis wjht needs to be done by as today

You approach Rilit from behind, looping your arms around her waist and resting your head on her shoulder like when you were young.
"Guess who?"
Rilit squeals in shock and immediately puts her hands behind her back, which causes them both to trail across the front of your trousers briefly.
"Milord! Good morning I-I was just explaining to Karin the-"
You feel her neck move as she swallows.
"How- how may I serve you milord?"
"Well," you say turning your head to look her in the eye, "I need you,"
"I've got a big, broad greatsword that needs a good, firm rubbing for an hour or so, preferably from you."
She looks you in the eye.
Her jaw slowly drops.
Apparently she's learned Karin's trick of turning such a fetching shade of crimson.
"Is that a yes?"
"Her head goes up and down so fast you're worried she might injure herself.
"Well follow me then!"
You leave Karin with her hands covering her ears and eyes shut.
As you walk Rilit follows close behind, babbling about something or other.
You eventually lead her into the armory, a secluded, private room.
Rilit is still going. "-so sudden! Would you prefer me to keep my gloves on or would you like me barehanded? And I know this may sound a little vulgar but if you aren't opposed I'd like to see if I can fit my mou-"
You drop a heavy greatsword on the table along with the jar of polish and a pile of rags.
"Happy rubbing!" You say to Rilit as you leave.


You pull Karin's hands off her ears. "She stopped Kary."
She doesn't meet your eyes. "-for you."
"The breakfast, it's for you milord."
She gestures with her horned head at the tray.
She must have been on her way to give you breakfast in bed when-

You say/do?
Look for what we actually need to get done. If nothing NEEDS to get done, look for a bro.

Thanks for that and mybe you can give your sis a hand she is still in there

"Thanks Karin. If you could take that up to my room that'd be perfect."
She rises, curtseys and leaves with tray in hand.
You sit back in the chair she left and think about the day ahead.
There are three main items on the agenda for today.
You need to meet with the chancellor to discuss what she called a "minor political hiccup", a group of "adventurers" (or "itinerant do-gooders" as your father called them) sent questing weeks ago have been waiting for an audience with the Duke since yesterday. Which in his absense means they want to meet with his son. Lastly you were going to meet with an old friend today.
Oh, and you did tell your fiancee say you'd eat breakfast in bed with her.
Aaand you just sent Karin to the room where your supposedly virginal bride to be was naked on your bed last time you saw her.
Oh well.

What will you do first?

1: Meet with adventurers?
2: Meet with chancellor?
3: Meet with friend?
4: Breakfast with Ray?
5: Get dressed?
6: Other?
7: Combination?
Breakfast with Ray, followed by getting dressed, followed by meeting with a friend.

Whether we meet with adventurers or the chancellor can be decided later.

4: Breakfast with Ray?
5: Get dressed?

You dash upstairs, trying to get back to your room before Karin-
You round a corner and see the tips of Karin's twintails vanishing into your bedroom.
There goes your wedding.
There goes the alliance with the elves of the woods.
There goes your chances of-
Karin comes out and curtseys. "Breakfast in bed is ready milord!" She brushes past you with a small smile on her face.
Does she know?
You run into the chamber and slam the door behind you.
Ray is nowhere to be seen. You suppose that means she was being sarcastic about eating with you. She came for sex and left in the morning just like-
"Looking for someone dearie?"
You look up and see her laying on her back on the rafter, one leg dangling like cats tail.
You smile. "I was worried-"
She interrupts you yet again. "What?" she hooks her legs over the beam and tips herself over, hanging upside down with her hair reaching for the floor and her breasts almost reaching her chin.
"You thought she'd catch me?"
She straightens her legs, falls, spins once in the air and lands a few feet in front of you. She stands, grinning proudly with her chest heaving from her exertions.
"You're going to need to have a little more faith if you really plan to marry me darlin."
She picks up your shirt from last night, uses it to wipe a bead of sweat off her forehead and puts it on. The hem reaches halfway down her thighs and the sleeves almost reach her fingers.
She crawls up the bed and sits against your pillow, pouring two cups of steaming black coffee.

You say/do?

Sure your not a cat?
Go have breaky with her nut feed her the food.
Ask her what she is doing today

You sit down with the tray between you. "Sunbathing on a rafter, landing on your feet, are you a cat or something?"
She shrugs and sips her coffee. "I've been known to purr when stroked."
You toss a cube of cheese at her playfully. To your surprise she moves her head and catches it in her mouth. She smiles, steps over the tray and sits on your lap facing you with mouth open.
You roll your eyes and throw her a grape, she catches it easily.
"No hands!" You chide her.
She blows hair out of her face, "Fiiine" and slides her hands between your belt and trousers.
"So what are you planning on doing today?"
She smirks. "Besides lounging around in bed and getting hand fed by a half naked prince?"
You feed her a grape. "Well yes."
She shrugs. "Avoid my bodyguards, maybe go to the bazaar, maybe meet my fiance for lunch?" She presses her backside harder against your lap, slowly rocking her hips back and forth. "Maaaybe meet my fiance after lunch?"

You say/do?

Combined with

Feed her-
1: Grapes?
2: Cheese?
3: Coffee?
4: Egg?
5: Sausage?
6: Toast?
>1: Grapes?
hmm sounds like a plan kitty
but iv got a few thigns i have to do
but if your been a good kitty il give you some havey pats latter
This seems interesting.
What's the theme of this quest? What type of obstacle(s) is the protag going to encounter, and how are the player(s) expected to handle it?
>Depends what that entails
>5: Sausage?
>Emphasized with a smirk
we dont know yet as we have to yet to dressed and away from the maids and elf wife
Which is why anon asked.
well look at what we have to do
talk to some peopel on quest? probs a monster hunt.
police things, so dealing with nobles and assins
and poker with a friend
So, tasks:
Breakfast with ray - ongoing
Get dressed
Discuss politcs with Chancellor
Send the adventurers to collect 20 bear asses
Meet with the old friend
Lunch with Ray

Also, the DM obviously wants me to pick
>Feed her-
>5: Sausage?
Those don't answer the questions he asked. But the quest can simply be a slice-of-life thing in a fantasy setting.
Ah, conflicts arising from maintaining relationships with multiple people, whose wants often conflict. Got it.
Mhmm. But this is just based on what we've seen thus far. It's best if OP answers your questions himself. He could suddenly swerve the story into a war and suddenly, death and gore is everywhere.

Welcome! This quest is going to focus on adventuring/nation building, or at least that's the plan. Obstacles may include, dungeoneering, politics with the Many neighboring nations, political marriage/s etc. I encourage y'all to discuss how you want to solve them, when/if you feel like it.


All true except the adventurers were already sent out by your father some weeks ago, you're here to receive said bear asses.


It will totally be that too. I'm gonna try and keep situations coming your way but I want you guys to have some control over the tone. The first few days won't have many major developments.


If you go the harem route then definitely! Although I should warn you that while you've obviously got an advantage in your pants most women will take at least a little effort.


In fight scenes (should there be any) it will be gory if it should be. Chopping someone repeatedly with a hatchet is an incredibly messy business, shooting someone from fifty paces away is less so. Vaporizing someone with a word of power is damn near sterile.
Well it depends.

Vaporising an entire person with a word of power is probably gonna take more magic than vaporising, say, only the skin and muscles above their femoral and jugular arteries.

Power Word: Efficiency

You are welcome here.
Also if y'all want to come up with a name for our hero feel free. Failling that, I'll do it at some point.
You press a grape to her lips, she snatches it from your fingers with a twist of her tongue.
"That depends..."
She pouts. "Depends on what?"
"On what that meeting might entail."
She chews her lip for a moment, glancing around until she sees what she's looking for.
You raise an eyebrow. "Pardon?"
She rolls her eyes and bounces with impatience.
"Sausage please!"
Not what you meant, but still. You take one of the pork sausages about a hand long and you haven't gotten it halfway to her before she has her mouth wrapped around the other end, lips gently gripping it.
You swallow, she winks and suddenly sucks an inch more into her mouth hard enough to pull it out of your hand.
She sits up straight, and tilts her head back slowly until her throat is perfectly vertical.
She slides her hands out of under your belt and crosses her arms behind her back. Then, without a moments warning, she opens her mouth and lets the sausage drop.
It drops until only the tip is still poking out of her mouth, she lets out a whimper, then wraps her lips bavk around it, and slowly, throat pulsing, she draws the last of it in and closes her smiling mouth.
She swallows three more times, then looks back down at you and licks her lips.
"Was I too subtle dearie?" She asks softly while panting slightly.
You smile take her by the arms and bend her down for a kiss. "Sounds like a plan kitty"
She nibbles at your lip. "Meow"
You push her back up and drop your hands to her waist.
"But I've got some things to do before you today."
She fakes a pout. "I might cry."
You lower your hands to her thighs and slide them up to her soft, round rump, she moans softly. "But if you're a good kitty, I promise to stroke a purr out of you later." You give her a gentle squeeze. "Right now I've got to get dressed."
She swings her leg over you and runs to the wardrobe, your tunic bounces deliciously high as she does so.
"Then get over here and let me pick something for you!"

How do you want to dress?
Light Armor. Sturdy boots tho. Proper boots will save you lots of footache later.
i guse get into flashy prince shit
and go pick up the sword the maid is rubing down
File: images-87.jpg (32 KB, 333x442)
32 KB

Would this sort of outfit be an acceptable balance between light armor, regality and sword wielding?

If not, submissions are welcome.
I like it but I dunno. Defer to other people's choices.
il be done,
also we need to get a wolfy
Last call for submissions
File: mirrah_vest.png (24 KB, 193x285)
24 KB
Maybe something like this?
File: images-147.jpg (24 KB, 384x384)
24 KB
Ray buckles a leather cuirass onto your chest over furs and wool.
She steps back and looks you up and down, finger on lip and a gleam in her eye.
"Well?" You say.
"Mmmmmmmh..." She says.
You roll your eyes, only to get hit in the face by your tunic a moment later.
"I've got to get back into my things and find somewhere I can pretend I've been all night." she explains as she steps into her boots, then bends over the back of a chair to get her clothes from where she threw them last night.

You say/do?
Lore check. What's Ray's official business for being in town?
If she's a diplomatic emissary, pretend she's been sleeping in some merchant's inn. That'll work. Either that or some thieves' den.

You and Ray are a political match designed to forge an alliance between your nation and the elves of the Oldwood. Ray is here to spend a month or so living in a human castle (under strict watch to prevent any impropriety of course) and has spent most of her time here in a guest suite with her bodyguards and little sister.
Well then she already HAS a cover story, doesn't she?

It's no big deal, her bodyguards are loyal primarily to her, though it is curious that they let her go off alone...
The explanation is just so she can explain walking back to her room this early if she gets caught. The human courtiers are the prudes, not the elves.
And besides, she isn't asking you to provide a cover story, she's just talking. You're free to go on with your day.
To the day it is, then.

Who's closest, Chancellor or Old friend?

Knowing Adventurers, they have a psychic sense of our schedule befure we ourselves know it, and will come bunnyhopping around a corner the INSTANT we exit a door to a public place.

Closest as in location? Chancellor. She's always conveniently close by. Ex Adventurer.
You yourself are intimately familiar with the ways of adventurers, son of a questgiver and all that.
Might as well see what the Chancellor wants before meeting the old friend.

After giving your lover an affectionate pat on the rump in passing, you go looking for Chancellor Alyssia. Though you suspect she'll find you.
As your fathers only half elf advisor she was instrumental in arranging the marriage between you and Ray, and was appointed to Chancellor both as a reward and because she was the best woman for the job.
Ever since then she's done phenomenal work, taxes are unchanged, yet somehow she keeps finding ways to expand your treasury.
She said she wanted to talk to you as soon as you got up, something about-
"Good morning milord!"
What is it with women and interupting you today?
One hand slides into yours while another takes you by the bicep.
Alyssa smiles up at you. "You haven't forgotten our date have you milord?"
You blush. "Chancellor do you really have to call it that?"
She laughs and starts half gently-have earnestly guiding you to her office.
Once inside you take a seat on a high backed Oldwood chair, Alyssa sits opposite you on a more padded seat.
"What's this all about Alyssa?"
She pours steaming green tea into two imported cups.
"Straight to business at tea time! How on earth can you make up for such a gaffe!" She winks at you over her glasses then giggles. "I'm only teasing dear, only teasing!"
This is the woman who guides your government.

You say/do?
(Signing out for a long while)

Face plam and say you take her for tea at some point.
Want did you want me for?
You apply your hand directly to your face. "Listen Alyssa I'll take you out for tea sometime."
Her eyebrows rise. "I'll have to hold you to that milord!"
"Now what is it you wanted me for?"
She puts her cup down and rearranges a sheaf of parchments on the table. "How familiar are you with Eave village?"
"Not at all?"
"Have you ever received any notable tribute from there?"
"Well not that I'm aware of."
"Would it make any real difference to the state if everyone in it left overnight?"
"I don't understand."
Alyssa sits on the arm of your chair, leaning over to show you what looks like tax records and at least one personal letter written in what you can only assume is elvish.
"Eave is an inconsequential little hamlet on the eastern borders."
"Near the Oldwood?"
She ruffles your hair. "Precisely!" her hand slides down from your hair and the other strokes its way up your arm. She starts massaging your shoulders firmly but gently.
"There was a storm three nights past, very little snow, but a great deal of lightning and very strong wind. An elven settlement was levelled. I received a message that the survivors were assaulted by red pelt bandits."
"Didn't my father put a bounty on their heads?"
She shrugs. "Yet fifty of them carried off a trove of jade and amber."
She moves to your lap and crosses one leg over the other.
One long, smooth, soft-
She taps the page. "The queen of the Oldwood is, well, she doesn't blame humanity for all the troubles of her people only-"
"Most of them?"
She laughs softly and presses her hand against your chest.
"Quite. Eave lies a half dozen miles from the Oldwood. It has a stream or two, a donkey mill, two rows of houses and barely a hundred inhabitants, including women and children. I propose that as your father is unavailable, you relocate the inhabitants and make a gift of the land to the queen. What do you think, milord?"

You say/do?
hold off on that i wana see if i can get the advtures that are to to kill the bandits mybe that would plases her?
and you find land for them?

"It's an idea..."
"A rather inspired one I thought! So you approve?"
You shake your head. "It seems a little excessive. I'm meeting with a group of adventurers-"
Your voice trails off as she raises an eyebrow and her smile wilts slightly. "You surely don't mean the sort of mercenary vagabond gangs your father insists on enabling?"
"I'm not sure. I'm meeting them later today. If they've proven themselves reliable by completing my fathers mission I'll consider commissioning them to deal with our bandit problem."
She scoffs. "How many are they? Three? Four? Against fifty in that raiding party alone? Really milord I think you should just entrust this matter to me. Much less fuss."
She shifts in your lap, deliberately or not a certain part of her is putting pressure on a certain part of you.

You say/do?
Oftentimes there are people who are touched by something greater. They are the ones we have stories and legends about. I should be able to tell if they are the kind I wish to employ.

"Many of those vagabonds are destined for something greater. The ones who were "enabled" as you put it are the ones the bards still sing of."
"And if these ones aren't?" She folds her arms.
You shrug. "I'll know when I meet them."
She sighs and adjusts her spectacles. "Well. It's a relief to know our prince is such an astute judge of character. But please," she leans closer, forcing you to choose between her coy gaze and surveying some of the most fertile hills and valleys in Addengard. "consider my proposal. An archer without a full quiver is a dead archer, surely it can't hurt to have a backup plan? What do you say my prince?"

You say/do?
Question: given the doors and windows in the room and our position within it, is there any chance of someone walking in and seeing us before we see them?
Because if the answer is no, I say we grope the fuck out of this massive cocktease woman's boobs in retaliation.

You glance around the room, the only windows, are high and narrow, with a several storey drop outside.
Past Alyssa's neck you can see the door, closed but unlocked.
How do you wish to proceed?
Mh, we'd see the door open and have time to ract, but
>several storey drop outside
You gotta help us here author: this is a fantasy setting, That could mean everything or nothing. We can't know but our charater would.

Does the prince estimate that it's virtually impossible (say 98%) for anyone we know is at the castle (most notably our "cat" gf) to suddenly lean in from outside the window?

If so I say we go for it and, as we do a double grab, tell her
>"I say it is a good back up plan, one I'm quite pleased and thankful for."

(Its a window in a castle wall. Unless you outright sit her on the windowsill and go at it there's zero chance of anyone seeing through there.)

You make your decision.
You stealthily slip your left arm around her waist, as with the right you toss the pages back onto the table.
She looks at you quizically. "My prince? What are y- AH!"
Your left hand closes around her left breast like a wolf trap, squeezing the mazzive piece of flesh mercilessly. She reaches for your wrist even as your right hand starts kneading her right tit like a bakers loaf.
Alyssa lets out a sound you've never heard from her before, a small cry of shock, a tiny bit of pain and a whole lot of primal, unconcealable pleasure.
"I'd say it's a good back up plan." You give her another savage squeeze, her legs kick, knocking her slit dress open to the mid thigh as she lets out another cry, covering her mouth with her hand.
"A plan that I'm quite pleased," another squeeze, another shuddering cry, "-and thankful for."
She pants, gazing at you with wide, (Frightened? Lustful?) eyes, her cheeks red as roses, her enormous bosoms heaving under your fingers, it astounds you that the fabric can hold her.

You say/do?

Not the only one that can play this game missy.
Give her one last nipple twist then leave
(Well, for all I know, we could have humanoid avian guests)

Mission accomplished!
Let's gently hoist her to a standing position and get up ourselves.
>"Remember: sit on a dragon and you'll get yourself singed."
Short pause.
>"If that was all, I'll be on my way."
Turn and take one slow but deliberate step.
*oh yeah, if she doesn't say anything, we continue off and out of the room with the same measured stride.
Would be awkward to take only one step and stop.
(Fair point. None at present.)

You slide one finger into the gap between the front of her top and the valley of her cleavage.
"Oh?" she gasps.
You pull down, the fabric briefly catches on her nipples-
-before rolling down the rest of the way, leaving what looks rather like twin melons bobbing in front of your face.
Now, your fiance has a body most women would kill for, and a rack you'd kill to get your hands on.
But Alyssa? Hers could easily be twice Rays size. Massive, supple, soft as pillows and heavy as hens. These things have taunted you for years, payback is past overdue.
You slide your hands to the base of each tit and start working your way up, fiercely groping and squeezing every delightful inch.
Alyssa's eyes have a vacant look to them, she rests her head on your shoulder, her breath hot on your neck.
She shudders as you pass the half way mark then lets out a genuine cry as you finally close your hands around the front of each breast. You see one of her hands about to slip under her skirt, you bring your index and middle fingers together on both hands, trapping her nipples.
She lets out a deep groan, grabs hold of you at shoulder and knee and shudders. Her wide, round ass shifts beautifuly back and forth on your Addengard greatsword.
She drives her face into the crook of your neck, biting the collar of your leather armor, you feel her lips brush your throat.
Time to finish this.
You grab her nipples and twist hard, but slowly in opposite directions.
She tenses, then lets out a deep, contralto groan that makes the hairs stand up on your neck. As she starts to wrap her arms around you you move your hands to her lower back and legs, lifting her princess style.
She giggles and pulls closer, attempting to put one of her legs over your shoulder and placing a long, lingering kiss on your neck.
But then, you put her down, steadying her as she wobbles.
Her eyes are shining like a priestess before her God, not a half elf politician before a man half (?) Her age.
"Now remember," you say sternly, "sit on a dragon and you'll get singed."
She giggles like a village girl. "Is that what I was sitting on?"
You give her a pat on the shoulder and a brief smile. "Now if that's all you wanted from me I'll be on my way."
Her face falls. You turn away and take one long step-
"w-Wait!" You feel her hand on your belt.

You say/do?
If you want more, you'll have to wait.
(Also as a warning QM, too much risque content in a quest will get it deleted.)

Duly noted. What you just saw is as bad as I'd ever let it get. Sex = fade to black.

I'll be writing up the next segment soonish.
I... never said to do most of those things. But it hasn't gotten us discovered so no complaints here!

There were other requests, I just averaged them :)
You turn and look her straight in the eye.
You can see her searching your face.
"You're-" she says with a squeaky voice, then clears her throat. "You're not just going to leave me like this are you? Highness?"
You pry her hands off. "If you want more, you're going to have to wait."
She regains some composure, at ease with brokering a deal. "Very well," she starts trying to squeeze her bosoms back into her top, her eyes never leave yours, "until when?"

You say/do?
>Lean in and whisper, "let's make a wager. If my plan fails where yours succeed, Ill make sure you cant stand the next day."
You lean towards her, she starts breathing faster and wraps her arms around your neck.
"Let's make a wager." You whisper.
"Oh you know how I love a good wager your highness."
You put your hands on her waist, then let them slide out to her broad, full hips. "If your plan succeeds where mine fails," you let a few fingers slip into the open side of her skirt, exploring the silky expanse of her thigh, "then I'll make sure that you can't stand the next day."
She pulls back slightly, she sticks her tongue out as she thinks it over. "Hmmm, but what if your plan works oh prince?"

You say/do?
>"Then we'll find a way to put that tongue of yours to work, won't we?"
*a different way

Wouldn't want to imply our chancellor doesn't have a way with words.
Guys we gots a wife.
I was thinking of blue b as lling with making them think of secy times but real make them do work like that maid earlyer.
Lest just say youl have to take the day off
You smile. "Well then, we'll have to find a different way to put that tongue of yours to work," you grip her ass under the skirt and pinch, "now won't we?"
Her eyes widen and she licks her lips, glancing down, then back up at you. She giggles sweetly, that's the Alyssa you know.
"Your highness" she tales your other hand and presses it against her rear, "you're making me want to lose..." she wraps her arms around your neck and pulls your mouth against hers.

You say/do?
Well, depends on just how free the love of the 'not prudish' elves is. She would probably know, actually. If she helped set up our marriage, then would she be asking for more if she thought it might sabotage it? Or is she just so thirsty she's willing to be the secret mistress?

QM said harems are on the table, but I do share your concern for not betraying the wife-to-be. We could tell her we'll have our tea date and leave her wondering between now and then (and during) if we intend to do anything else.
I'm glad to see y'all discussing this. Would you like me to redact the last segment until you've made up your minds?
Perhaps? I'll let others weigh in. Personally, I think that if she was willing to tease us so much, then we should at least give her some payback first. At least until we know more about what legit, not-backstabby options we have. I won't lie, though, I did like our line, and I'd like her.
I support kwuAnon on all fronts until further notice.
Who said I wasn't serious? ;)
No. Leave it as is.
Well, to help with the decision making process;
1: Wood elves are significantly more lax than your countrymen when it comes to sex.
2: You don't know how lax they are in regards to infidelity. Ray might be heartbroken, she might be jealous, she might be amused, she might be aroused. You don't know, you haven't asked.
3: Alyssa is not a wood elf. She is a deceptively cunning woman, but also living amongst a race where all the men her age are wrinkled and weary.
4: You just forcefully groped a woman with extremely sensitive breasts and fetishes for groping, being ordered about and dominant young men. At this point she does not give a shit about who has first dibs on you and yes she is trying to become your secret mistress.
5: If your people found out about this there would be an uproar. Polygamy is permitted, even encouraged in the royal family, but there are Right and Proper ways to do it.
6: As silly as she acts, Alyssa has kept secrets for you before, although she usually asks something in return.
She's a plump sub.? Woah.
I can also get behind the bait-and-switch. Let's tease until we know how soon-to-be-wifey feels. If we're already smexy prince, let's also be smart prince.

Yeah, we can leave it as is. Right now, all we did was some heavy petting and a kiss. Now we leave her to cool off a bit.

>fetishes for groping, being ordered about and dominant young men
We could always have her dress sexy or like a maid for a day or forgo undergarments with only us knowing.

The plumpest and the subiest.


Well you've successfully driven Rilit and Alyssa into "just bend me over" territory, so you better figure out a plan B for if future wifey wants to keep the crown jewels to herself

Cool off, touch herself in her office, what's the difference?

Just be warned that if you do that you will never be rid of her.


As I was saying, if you're all okay with the current state of affairs,
You say/do?
Fair enough.

Hmm. I'd like to keep holding her while telling her that we have to think of the kingdom first, despite how tempting she is. We can't go behind Ray's back before we're even wed, and have to at least see what she thinks of other women.

If she doesn't think Ray would like it or doesn't like that answer, then we could always task her with thinking of a way to convince her. Let's see how cunning she can be.

I may be over thinking this, so I welcome feedback.
Your head swims briefly as your bodies rub together. Finally you tug your mouth away and look down thlughtfully at the grinning beauty in your arms.
"What is it milord?" She giggles and licks your lips.
"You know," you say as you thoughtfully knead her ass cheeks with both hands, "as prince, I have to put the good of my nation first, above all in fact."
Her smile grows a little concerned looking. "A-and milord?"
"And I can't go behind my fiance's back before we're even wed, no matter how tempting the things that I find there are." You run one hand up her spine then back down again.
"I'll have to ask how she feels about me using other women before I play with you."
She pouts and stamps her foot. "But-!"
"If you don't think she'll approve you're welcome to try and convince her yourself."
She frowns and draws you closer still, her mouth inches from yours. "But she's just a girl! She doesn't know what she wants." Her voice lowers. "I'm a woman. I know what I want. Can't we just keep it our little secret?" She shakes her rump in your hands, rubbing her tits across your chest in the process.

You say/do?
Look at her sternly and firmly say "no" with a cold look.

You give her a stern, fatherly look.
She starts breathing faster.
"No." you say coldly.
She looks an odd combination of dissspointed and oddly, aroused?
"But highness!"
You frown. Her gaze wavers. She presses her face against your chest and lets her arms fall to your biceps.
"As you say, your highness."

You say/do?
That'd be a bit of a faux pas. I suggest "firm" rather than "cold".
*ah, too late. Oh well, she didn't take it badly.
Well, we didn't turn her down completely. And judging by her response, she might end up wanting us more.

Pondering action.
Hold her tenderly while reciting a fond memory of her from your youth. Assure her of how much she means to you, and promise that you'll take her out for the finest tea the kingdom has soon.
I don't know exactly what, but aren't we supposed to leave and go do things now? Princely things, that is?
Sure, we can do that. I was thinking of that as a final kindness before we left. How about:

>You comfort her with hugs and fond memories before leaving to meet with the adventurers
Ok, supporting.
You smirk.
She raises an eyebrow. "Milord?"
You bring one hand back to her chest. "I was just thinking about when I was shorter."
A slow smile spreads across her features. "You mean when I'd bend over to hug you?"
You grin. "I always wanted to just pin you down and grope you senseless."
She kisses you again, lingering for just a moment. "I always wanted you to."
You press your smile against hers.
Half a minute later you manage to detach her. "I'll see you for tea some other time."
She sneaks in one last kiss. "Don't forget!"
You turn and reach for the door only for it to be opened by one of Alyssa's secretaries, who immediately bobs a curtsey at the sight of you.
You pull the door shut behind you, but not before hearing "Milady did you cry out earlier?"
That fulfilled a few of your teenage fantasies.
Not all of them, but a few.

Where to now?

1: Meet an old friend?
2: Audience with adventurers?
3: Look for someone? (Who?)
4: Other? (Write in)
Bless you for using some of my favorite images for these lovely ladies.

>Audience with adventurers
If they're a headache, then meeting with an old friend would be great to look forward to.
I wonder what's going to happen to this quest if the protagonist's wife-to-be can be convinced to let him have sex with others, perhaps even enthusiastically so, only for him to later find her merrily getting gangbanged by a group of guards ("We heard about the open relationship, m'Lord, how wonderfully progressive of you!").
I could easily see that making the quest implode.
If any courageous anons want to try and convince her that this is a case where double standards should apply, I suggest brining up the matter of certainty of motherhood vs uncertainty of fatherhood. This setting presumably has no DNA testing.

If you like Ranou and Houtengeki you're gonna love this quest :) It won't be all of the character art but it'll be most of it.


That is an understandable concern. What's this about certainty of motherhood vs uncertainty of fatherhood? I mean, I know what it means, but I mean in relation to convincing her she should let her husband sleep around.
>Meet an old friend?
>in relation to convincing her she should let her husband sleep around.
Oh, it's more in relation as to why she shouldn't.
Basically the idea is: if he sleeps around but always comes back to her and she doesn't mind this, they can still have a happy family without the doubt of whether the children they are raising are theirs or not.
If she sleeps around however, his male brain will constantly eat at him with the doubt that he may be raising someone else's kids.
Some say this is the reason women have a easier time forgiving purely carnal escapades than men do, whereas their greatest concern tends to be that their man might fall in love with another woman and therefore leave them permanently (the reason why men, to this day keep using the line "she meant nothing it was just sex!" is because it's been known to work on occasion. Not the other way around because knowing that she cheated on you without even any emotional basis, just for sex, tends to get men even more riled up).
From an evolutionary standpoint, this mechanism exists because men who did not concern themselves with the origin of their progeny ended up getting outbred. We are "wired" to think this way, so even with the certainty of DNA tests, a man will still be tremendously bothered by the notion that his woman may not be faithful.

I see I see. I hadn't heard it put like that.

Okay so we have a tie between old friend and adventurers. Anyone care to break it?

Also, I meant to ask this earlier, but without diving too far into d&d, what class would you like to be?
Either a Mastermind Rogue, a College of Lore Bard, or a Battlemaster Fighter.
(Note: I am using 5e since that is the first PDF I have on file, anyone who has a better idea from 3.5 is welcome to say so.)
Duty before fun, Adventurers first, then friend.

Class, uh?
Wonder what class would be most befitting a prince.
Is there such a thing as a Mastermind Fighter? Because that sounds awesome.
(Pick whatever class has the skillset you want. I was considering letting you guys build yourself as a 5e character if you like?)

You decide to meet the adventurers first. Duty calls and all that. You look suitably regal without flamboyance in your leather. But where do you intend to meet them?

1: Throne room, formal, surrounded by guards?
2: Your fathers study, maps, chairs and maybe brandy?
3: The gates, you'd rather not let them into your castle?
4: Your room, at least you'll be comfortable?
5: Other?
>2: Your fathers study, maps, chairs and maybe brandy?
Showing rather than telling helps adventurers.
How about
>2: Your fathers study, maps, chairs and maybe brandy
>surrounded by guards

Or is there not enough room?
You decide to meet them in your fathers study, a tall, octagonal room with thin windows facing east and west high above. As it's still early and at the best of times the windows scarcely illuminate the table, you have the chandelier lit by Lasi; Karin and Rilit's little sister.
She greets you with a cheery "Good morning highness!", lowers the chandelier to just above the table, then climbs onto the table and stands on tip toes with her back to your favorite seat and starts lighting the candles with a taper.
You'd think with your father's budget you'd be able to afford longer skirts for the staff.
Hm. Oh well.
In the center of the table is a map of Addengard about ten feet wide, with the dark ribbonn of Oldwood to the east, silver spikes to signify the high elf republics to the north, the encircling mountains to the north of that, the ocean to the south and Felheim to the west.

You say/do?
Set up the basics of what we need done on the map, but not in a way where they would be able to tell at a glance.
>You'd think with your father's budget you'd be able to afford longer skirts for the staff.
Daddy knows what's up.

Or what's under.

Maybe. But you doubt he'd bother himself with such domestic details. The steward handles that, and the steward literally just does whatever Alyssa says.
>the steward literally just does whatever Alyssa says.
That explains it then.
Near your fathers seat are several boxes, each full of different colored tokens. You take an amber coin carved with a tree and place it on the western limits of the Oldwood to represent the elven outposts general area. Near it you place a wooden house about the size of two thumbnails between two streams to represent Eave village. You fish out a few red stone pyramids to represent sightings of the red pelts, you'll put those on when the adventurers arrive.
You look up from your work to see Lasi lying on her front a few feet away with her head propped up on her hands and her feet swinging back and forth.
"What are you doing milord?"

You say/do?
Shit, and here I am vastly more familiar with Pathfinder and 3.5. So I'll follow QM's advice and start thinking of what our guy should be good at.

We're clearly good with the ladies, so something that plays to high Charisma? Bard or Paladin? Archetype/Prestige class? Paladin of Bahamut, bitches

Or do we want to be magically adept? Maybe we're from a line of powerful sorcerers, and that's why the elves approved of our marriage.

I see world building opportunities with our choice, though I am also interested if this is a thing >>1303581. Ain't nothing wrong with a simple, strong fighter.

I'll look through some books later for inspiration.
>Make up a scary story about some monster you're preparing to defend against, then boop that cute fucking nose with a map piece.
>Has the servants wear skimpy outfits.
>Knows the men and Lords would get worked up and struggle not to make advances on them.
>Imagines herself as one of them, with a lord who reached his limit.
UNF. Best half-elf Christmas cake keeps going up the list.
I was thinking headpat, but that works too.
While rereading I noticed that the sister maids we grew up with have horns. So I'm guessing that non-humans are pretty common in our kingdom or at least well accepted in the castle?
I know what you're thinking but trust me: booping the horns is not as cute as booping the nose.

(Without going full sjw, your nation does have a bit of a fixation on "purity", though that's usually in regards to nationality and bloodline not race. Because of this are several groups who strongly oppose the prince marrying a non human, but the tiefling maids have mostly been accepted in the castle.)

You smile and lean on the table. "Well you see, there's a big, mean old monster hiding in the dark, scary Oldwood and-"
She frowns and hits the table with her fists. "Highness I'm not small anymore! Stop making fun of me you...you meane!" she squeaks, then crawls over and sits on the table in front of you, folding her arms and crossing her legs, the latter of which probably wasn't a good idea on her part.

You say/do?
Just a short note, they made paladins better in 5e by doing two things.

1) Paladins are no longer tied to Gods directly, but to an Oath they swear. The Oath can be to a god, an element, or even an idea, but the Oath is an integral part of them. They no longer have to follow anything other than how they perceive the Oath.

2) Paladins can be of any alignment, so long as they follow the tenets of their Oath. (Yes, this means that you can do a Chaotic Evil Paladin of Vengeance, so long as they continuously hunts things more evil than themselves.

Cough and point to her skirt, and then say "I am planning to have some adventurers take care of some problems that have been interfering with us and the elves. "
>Cough and point to her skirt
Rather than coughing, we should maybe connect it to her statement? Like "Then why do you still act and pose yourself like a little kid would?"

Also I don't care when, but that nose is getting booped, dammit!
"Then why do you still act like a little girl then?" You ask and point to her skirt.
She looks down, frowns and uncrosses her legs, letting them dangle off the table.
"I can't help that I'm shorter than my sisters! Or that my voice is higher! Or," her left hand absentmindedly goes to her chest for a moment then she points a finger at you, "But I've grown an inch this year! So pretty soon you and I'll be eye to eye! Nose to nose! Mouth to-" she shakes her head, "You get the idea."
You poke her on the nose. She squeaks, the rubs it, "Meanie!"
You roll your eyes then tap the map next to her. "I'm just preparing to send a band of adventurers to take care of the bandits that attacked the elves in the east. And well, us too just not as recently."
Her eyes widen, "That sounds important!" she wriggles her nose.
You nod. "It is."
She nods. "I have another question."
She opens her legs. "When you pointed down here, did you mean my skirt," she takes her skirt by the hem and lifts it to her stomach, revealing a pair of black underthings with a tiny bow over the front. " or my underwear?"

You say/do?
"I meant how you sit you goof."
QM, remember, to much lewd means that thread is shut down.
You poke her nose again, despite her complaints.
"I meant the way you sit you goof."
To your relief she drops her skirt to rub her nose. You know she doesn't mean anything by it when she does stuff like that, but that doesn't mean everyone else does.
She glares at you. "It's not my fault these things keeo getting shorter! I don't notice as much cause of my blood, but most of the maids spent all winter fighting over fire lighting duty! I don't know what the steward was thinking."
You hear the main hallway door open and shut, you'll have company in about thirty seconds.

You say/do?
I hope you don't mind me adding to your post again Toruc, but I'm gonna:
"you were totally exposing yourself, without giving it any mind. Like a kid."

Anyway, I don't think a described panty shot is going to get the thread closed, not after what happened earlier.

Besides, we still need to have that discussion with gf.
*oops too late again.

So, did we get guards to escort the adventurers or are we going to be alone in the room with them (and the maid I guess, for what that matters)?

I'll say a couple of guards escorted them. You can send Lasi away, or to get drinks, or whatever.
Send Lasi away to get drinks, and tell her that she is right about the skirts.
As she walking away, add, "ADULT drinks."
You step back Lasi slides off the table.
"You're right about those skirts," you say, "and you can tell the steward I said that."
She beams and goes on tip toes, "Thank you my lord!" you lean and let her plant a kiss on your cheek.
"Now go fetch drinks," you tell her, she curtseys and walks off, "ADULT drinks!" you call out after her.
She pokes her tongue out at you and keeps going.
A pair of guards enter the room, mail jingling as they take up positions on either side of the door.
"Presenting the company of the six fingered hand!" One of them announces as the adventurers enter the room.
It just occured to you right now that they always seem to go everywhere in single file.
First through the door is a young woman who obviously wanted to go last.
She's also quite obviously spent at time in at least one of your country's prisons.
She glances at the ceilling, then you, then does an awkward sort of half nod-half crouch that you suppose is meant to be a curtsey. You nod back.
Next is a smiling woman with a shield on her arm and a sword at her side. Her hair is tied in a stylish but functional manner, and there's an unmistakable confidence in her stride and smile that marks her as their leader.
She raises a fist across her chest and bows neatly. "Your highness! Thank you for agreeing to meet with us. I am Caliope Highwall, this," she gestures to the first girl with an apologetic smile, is Heiu. Also allow me to introduce-"
>"You're right about those skirts," you say, "and you can tell the steward I said that."
Quick make a mental note to later tell the steward to pretend to humor her but not change anything!
"Theaphrasti, conjurer of the Hohen household,"
A young woman walks in. Book in hand and wearing a colorful outfit that includes a belt loaded with a dizzying array of magical paraphernalia.
Caliope clears her throat. "Thea?"
She looks up from her book, looking a little flustered until Caliope gestures to you and Thea smiles shyly. "Hi!" she says softly with a little wave.
"Hi." you say.
A blonde man about your height and age walks into the room. Unlike the others he's unarmed and looks uncomfortable with the fact.
Caliope points in his general direction, "And here we have-"
A woman in a green outfit covered with gold or brass ornaments suddenly backflips into view from behind the blonde man who immediately applies his hand to his face.
Her hat falls off in the flip, but she catches it and sweeps it before her as she bows elaborately.
"Lisarina! Princess of performer to princes!" she trots up to you and nudges you conspiratorily, the guards take a half step forward.
"Or at least I could be princey, you know, if you've got a job opening."
Her party collectively groan.
"Not that I need the money or anything."
The man waits for a moment then opens his mouth to speak-
"Sorry!" a woman comes running in. She's obviously of a priestly order, she has a small carved staff in one hand and is wearing a white robe that was probably designed to display chaste modesty but is powerless to hide a chest that rivals that of your fiance.
Caliope smiles warmly. "Did you have to be late?"
The priestess smiles back. "Did you have to be so adorable?"
"Not in front of royalty!"
The blonde man glances at you, his face stoic. "Believe it or not they're both straight."
One of the guards swears quietly.

You say/do?
Ooo, they look fun.

>"Believe it or not they're both straight."
Two for one. Got it.

Two ideas:
>"An interesting company you have, Caliope. Does it have a name?"
>"Make yourselves comfortable while drinks are being fetched. Wait. Hohen? Didn't your family win honors at the last Arcanapol High Circle?"
Heiyu nods. "It's true, I checked."
You turn to Caliope. "An interesting company you have here Caliope, what did you say its name was?"
"The company of the six fingered hand!" Lisarina announces dramatically and leans against the table. "Named for how the five of us work together like five pieces of an inseperable whole, while my brother follows us around like a vestigial extra pinkie."
Her brother smiles.
"Anyway!" Caliope says. "We've done as your father asked of us milord! Felharrow is rid of blights and the oaks that spawned them fell before us. Obviously we couldn't carry it here to prove it to you, but rest assured! The task is done." She cocks her head and smiles. "A task for which we were promised payment?"

You say/do?
Argh. You said their name in their introductory post. Thanks for bearing with a brain fart.

So, sure. Obviously! First, let's just pull up the detailed contract that our father made sure to draft since he's used to dealing with adventurers, hmm?
Simple enough: we tell them that they will be paid what was agreed upon and a little extra for being so perfectly on time.
Then we offer them to continue our mutually beneficial collaboration by taking care of that bandit problem for us.
Actually pulling up the contract is a good idea, I don't mind combining it with mine >>1306887 if there are no objections.
Nah. I mean, things'll lead to the bandits eventually, I just want to make sure these guys are on the up and up. I secretly hope that they actually did complete the job but something embarrassing happened to the proof that they just don't want to talk about or something. QM fiat, of course.
So get there but not in any rush.
Ok. We did say we would evaluate them.
You nod and smile. "Naturally! You'll be paid all that was promised, plus a bonus for punctuality."
"UM," Lisarina raises her hand, "You can just give that to me I'm our treasur-ow!"
Caliope gives her another gentle jab in the ribs then bows to you. "You are too generous highness!"
"Don't tell him that! He'll change his mind!" Says Lisarina.
It suddenly occurs to you that while you put little pieces on a map quite nicely you completely forgot to see if they had any form of legal documentation that you should be referring to regarding their payment.
It's as this occurs to you and just before the pause becomes awkward that you hear high heels on stone and turn to see Alyssa's secretary entering the chamber.
She smiles and curtseys beautifully to you and your guests before handing you a scroll and leaving.
As you unwrap the scroll a folded note falls out onto the table.
You pocket the note and open the scroll. "A moment you say."
"Of course highness." Caliope says and stands at ease.
You open the scroll and see your fathers simple, precise handwriting.

'Should the Six Fingered Hand Company remove utterly the threat of blights from the fief of Fenhollow And return Alive they shall be compensated four thousand kingmarks for their service to the crown.
They shall not negotiate payment anew upon completion nor seek additional reward in gold, silver, copper or titles.


King Basil the Unbending'

Beneath this is an elaborate, almost unreadable flourish clearly added later;


Is that scented ink?

You say/do?
We come from good stock. :)

And damn you're making it hard to be chaste here.
Kill Fuck Marry: Kitty+Rilit+Alyssa edition
Okay, so it doesn't look like there were any conditions to be met (bring back such and such as proof).
They were not to renegotiate payment but it's certainly within our power to give them a little bonus.
What do you guys say, will an additional 200 hundred kingmarks be reasonable?

Uh, is that supposed to mean our father had her? If so, that makes her off limits as far as I'm concerned. One does not NTR their own dad.

Anyway, time to bring up the bandits issue?
200 is fine. I was thinking 600, which would be 100 for each, but 200's cool.

I, uh, don't know if that sets her off-limits since it's not like she stayed around as concubine or anything. I get the impression our dad just had the same effect on women we do and took advantage of any opportunity he had. Considering our tiefling maids, it wouldn't surprise me if we're part incubus

The greater issue for me is taking her after refusing the (far more alluring) Alyssa. We could always just tease her a bit by bringing her over to "inspect the fine print". Or smirk at her over the parchment and say that we see she earned a title. We don't have to do either if people don't want, I just thought it'd be amusing.

Otherwise, yes, bring up the bandits issue while their payment is prepared. Maybe briefly read the note as drinks are delivered in case it's more than a love letter?
Oh, I wasn't suggesting we're gonna do anything with any of the group's members right now.
I don't want to agitate the anons who requested we clear things up with the gf before we decide if it's ok for our MC to sleep around.
I was speaking of the indefinite future (probably after they return from dealing with the bandits).

I suppose it's possible the king's had first serving of every woman in the castle.
That's a bit creepy though from the protag's point of view.
*cue Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade clip*

>smirk at her over the parchment and say that we see she earned a title.
I'm okay with that.

>read the note
And that.
Always read the note. And hug Tom.
You glance over the page at Caliope and smirk.
"Well besides the title you earned,"
Caliope's tilts her head, confused. "Title milord?"
She steps over and you hand her the document, gesturing to the small print.
Her cheeks turn the color of embers and she takes on a furious expression mixed with no small amount of confusion.
She sniffs, presumably smelling the ink.
No more confusion.
"Lisa!" she hisses.
Lisarina moves to stand behind you. "What?! You didn't expect me to sign MY name did you? That would have been so embarrassing!"
"ANYWAY," you interrupt, "besides the agreed amount, I think you've earned a bonus of say, 600 kingmarks? Which-" you give a guard a meaningful look. He comes to attention then marches out, "will be delivered shortly."
"DRINKS!" Lasi cries out as she enters, staggering slightly under the weight of a tray of pewter tankards brimming with ale.
She sees you have company. "Um, I mean; here are your drinks highness."
She serves you first, followed by Caliope, Lisarina, Thea and the man, who regards her outfit with an eyebrow raised, which coming from him you regard as a shout of approval.
Your eyes meet.
He raises his tankard slightly with new respect in his eyes.
You nod back. "Now, there is another matter, should you be interested in earning another reward."
"Always!" Lisarina says, then sips, then burps, then giggles.
Caliope glares at her briefly then turns back to you. "Consider us interested sire."
You turn to the map. "Have any of you been to the Oldwood?"
Lisarina leans on the map. "Only in the theatres and the bards stories."
You point at the amber piece. "A few days ago there was a terrible storm over Oldwood, an elf encampment was destroyed, and the survivors were looted by," you place a red pyramid on the amber coin, "the red pelt bandits."
"Dumdumdum!" Lisarina adds. "Sorry highness carry on."
"How many of them?" Caliope says.
"Fifty at that attack alone. There's probably more, or so says our intelligence. They carried off a trove of jade and amber." You place red markers one by one on the map, over a dozen pyramids crowd the eastern border by thentime you're done.
"Those are just the attacks where people died."
Caliope nods, seemingly unafraid. "We'll take the job highness, and if you don't mind, I'LL sign this contract."

You say/do?
>600 kingmarks
>200 is fine.
Not gonna complain over something that's apparently trivial, but this better not come bite us in the ass considering no one had actually prompted an extra amount that's over a fourth of the total intended reward.

Anyway, our response.

>No objection from me. I trust you won't find it as embarasssing as she did?
Delivered in a tone of friendly jest.

I'm going to have to say, Caliope's confusion may have subsided but mine has only grown.
Why is it Lisarina would have been embarassed by signing herself?
Are contracts between members of the opposite sexes usually stipulated by fucking like rabbits in this country?
Hopefully Caliope's response will clarify this.

On a side note, how do we make an estimate of what would be a fair amount to pay them for this job?
I wouldn't even know if it's harder or easier than the last one.

I'm in transit so I'll be writing the next segment in a min.

1: I meant 200. I fucked up.
2: I should have had another coffee before I posted. Lisarina volunteered to negotiate the last contract with your father. The others agreed because bard.
She wasn't actually worried about being embarrassed herself, she figured that someone would end up reading it in to someone and saw an opportunity to embarrass Caliope. The fact that your father didn't notice her signing a different name probably indicates that he was otherwise occupied at the time.
A good point you raise. If I'm understanding correctly, Lisarina signed the document along with the king. They also fucked, which is why she didn't sign her own name. Pretty funny, actually. I guess our dad just has mad game and/or she's always down for a romp? I don't smell foul play, but it is kind of odd that Caliope wouldn't be the de facto signatory.

As for the pay, can we just say we offer them a fair amount? Since the QM gave us the 4,000 figure, I trust him to fairly fill in the blanks here, as well.

Should I also assume that since we didn't read the note that it isn't important to this matter? I'm fine with that if so.

I'm okay with the action above. We can also ask if they want to rest for a bit before heading out again. Get to know them some more after we've met with our old friend? Maybe hear details on the mission they just completed? I like Caliope's character, but we haven't seen much from the others except for Lisarina.

Thanks for the clarification. We have a fun kingdom, it seems.

Bard signed cause bard negotiated, or rather "Negotiated" with king Dad.

Also I forgot the fucking note.


It's good to be the king.
You nod and smile. "Hopefully you won't find it as embarrassing as she did."
She gives you a look that genuinely (though briefly) makes you fear for your life, then smiles. "One can only hope."
You have Lasi fetch parchment, pen and ink off the shelves. As you wait you discretely check the note. Written in a luxurious, flowing hand are the words;

'I had a feeling you might forget this. Hopefully you won't forget our wager as easily.




"Watcha looking at?" You fold the note as Lisarina tries to peer over your shoulder.
Lasi lays everything out on the table.
Using your fathers contract as an example, you pen a new deal.
But first,
"How many blights did you have to kill? Might I ask?"
Caliope turns to Thea, who counts on her fingers. "Six hundred and seventy seven."
You blink, legitimately shocked.
Thea smiles briefly. "It took us one month, three days and fourteen hours."
If that's a four thousand mark job...

'Should the company of the six fingered hand remove utterly the threat of the ree pelt bandits from kingdom, and return the majority of stolen jade and amber to the kingdom of Oldwood, to the written satisfaction of the elves, And return Alive they shall be compensated, 2000 kingsmarks for their service to crown and country.
They shall not negotiate payment anew nor seek additional reward for the service performed upon their return.



(What is your name?)

we are a prince?


Also I was trying to save time by writing that for y'all but if you want to add or remove anything from the contract then feel free.
Silas? Lyall?
No objections here.

Anyway, I've got to say I'm growing to increasingly dislike this group. If they're not lying about their accomplishments they are formidable and will no doubt win us our bet.
But I'm not really interest in hanging out with them. Consider: we have Lisarina who's not above using sex to increase her paycheck, then counterfeits the signature of her boss to make it look like it was her (we wouldn't have known any better had we not commented on it, and nevermind the legal implications of a false signature which we are willingly overlooking). Then there's Caliope who apparently thinks it's a riot to belittle her younger brother in front of their employer but then flashes murderous intent over an obvious joke. And then there's Heiu who's difficult to read but seems to be socially awkward to the point of mutism.
Didn't get any bad vibes from the others, but hanging out with these three doesn't exactly cast them in the best of lights.

Now this is only an initial impression and I'm not going to "reeee" if other anons do wish to spend time with them, but I figured I'd point this out because this is a quest, and sometimes there can be subtle clues that things (or allies) may not be as they appear on a superficial look.
How about an extra u? Tauius.

No connection to the Warhammer 40k race. I'm thinking it's neat given the nature of the quest if our protag's name sounds like the Latin word for bull.

Not gonna comment on any of this too much (because character spoilers) but unless I fucked the names up it was Lisarina who mocked her brother, also Caliope was faking the whole murderous intent thing. She didn't mind what you said, just wanted to make you think she did.
Lastly I'm not gonna comment on Heiu's social skills (or lack of them) bit she isn't mite. She said a whole sentence before :)
Thanks for sharing. Seriously. We're supposed to be getting a read on them, after all. Might not be a good one. I think it's too soon to make any final verdicts, but it's a good discussion to have.

From what I see, they're a capable group with a dedicated leader who tries valiantly to make them behave in the halls of power. She could have taken our joke as propositioning her, after all, but she treated it with her own joke. How right or wrong that view is remains to be seen.

I like Gerard and Silas. Tauius has too many vowels lined together for my taste, but I like the bull idea. Taurmas or Taumas? (like Thomas, but based on taur)

In the vein of Silas, another aristocratic name? Percival?
Oops, my mistake on the brother issue.
The fake murderous look is interesting. Normally you'd think twice before giving such a look to a person of noble blood and she's given one to a prince, meant to be perceived as such (not as a joke) for shit and giggles.
That can be seen as good and bad. Shows she has some serious cojones, but also that she is not all that respectful of royal authority.

Taumas seconded.
So far Taumas is the only one with multiple votes. Any other ideas? Or is everyone okay with it?
>Shows she has some serious cojones, but also that she is not all that respectful of royal authority.
PC status = confirmed.

Also I forgot to mention; what makes you sure that Lisarina used sex to increase the paycheck? Maybe the king used it to decrease it?

Just saying, like father like son :)
While we patiently wait for FMKER, I want to put out one last call for names if people don't like Taumas.

Also, has anyone given any more thought about what class we'd like to be? Also, if we want to go 5E or use something like Pathfinder or 3.5? It'd be nice to be able to kick ass, but I kind of like the idea of having some arcane might. Of course, skill-happy classes like Bard or Rogue would help us in a number of different ways, too.
Bard and togue just don't seem very prince-like. The former would be more reasonable as someone that gets hired by nobility rather than being one of them and the latter clashes with the very nature of a prince which is that of drawing attention to themselves (especially someone as charming as our Prince Taumas).
That's a funny typo, given the quest we're dealing with (adventurer with a rogue tongue?).
I can get behind dropping Bard and Rogue as options. So that leaves us with a martial or spellcaster (prolly arcane) class.

A martial class would make us the ass-kicking prince who can go and slay dragons or defend our bevy of beauties (or fight alongside them), but there's also a part of me that likes the idea of us having some kind of magical bloodline. We'd be the charismatic tower mage type, who instead of going out adventuring to improve our skills had good tutors and lots of time and space to study.
I'm open to both possibilities.
Just did a quick Google search though and it turns out there actually was a Noble base class in Dragonlance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_alternative_Dungeons_%26_Dragons_classes#Campaign-setting_specific
so we could look into that.

I also found this which seems interesting:
Just so y'all know, I've only played 5e d&d. Iiterally more familiar with Exalted than pathfinder.
Also if we do end up doing 5e I'll let you be the regular human +1 to everything and have a free feat. Because feats are fun

Also you are now Prince Taumas

To clarify, I have played games besides d&d, but I've only played 5th edition d&d.

Also there is a magic system independent of class in this. It's limited but still.
Nevermind the discussion above. I'd like to choose Zenith.

I have run one Dragon Blooded campaign in which I basically did to canon and the rules what Alyssa wishes you did to her this morning. I doubt I'm equipped to run solars.
I would however be totally willing to run using the Exalted attribute+ability system. Though it would probably end up more like scion (in feel, not in mechanics).
Well, for me it comes down to what you feel most comfortable running. I just love Exalted. We're not anywhere I recognize in Creation, though, so canon is out the window. I'm fine with that, by the way. Still, I get the feeling that's not what you had in mind for the quest?

Besides, if magic is a separate system, I'm fine with being a martial that's good with some spells. We could even come from a line of Paladins that are oathbound like >>1305372
said. That would account for our high Charisma, and maybe even our "blessing." Just a thought. Any ideas are welcome!
We're oathbound to spread our seed as much as humanly possible or more.

The deity of Addengard does call for the propogation of the human race, marriage and Addengard dominating in its diplomatic dealings so
Hmm. You know, that sounds like important information that a certain fiance would know. So if Ray got engaged to us knowing that, I don't see how harems could ever be off the table. Still work, of course.
"So what's your god called?"

>he founded the Addengard royal family by forbidding them from kneeling to anyone but him.
>the nobles of the nation were assembled and ordered to worship before the current, tyrranical king as a God
>one of your ancestors kneeled, his knees broke instantly
>the others drew hidden weapons, hacked their way to the king, beheaded him, fought off the rest of the nobles and badabingbadaboom

Also if you believe the savage pagans who originally lived where Addengard now stands he ascended from being a minor spirit by murdering a deity, feeding him to dogs then eating the dogs (thus ascending without breaking his own law against cannibalism).
So our god is metal as fuck? Awesome.

>one of your ancestors kneeled, his knees broke instantly
Just so I understand clearly, are you saying that when our ancestor kneeled and his knees broke, it was proof of his blessing by their god and thus his royal lineage, which in turn gave the other nobles license to kill the ruling monarch?
Did you mean to quote
that post? (Instead of mine)
Because if so, I absolutely agree.

His avatar is usually made of metal and his holy substance is iron. So yeah.

Your ancestors were forbidden by your deity frm kneeling to anyone but him. When they were ordered to kneel to the mad king all but one of them refused, the one who kneeled had his knees magically broken the second they hit the ground.
The others took this as a sognal that "oh shit we didn't collectively hallucinate that metal guy" and did what they had to to not be put to death for treason.
Which in this case was regicide.

Actually I think he was saying that if Ray knew you were sworn to bed as many women as physically possible when she agreed to marry you, then she should be okay with you starting a harem.

And I feel like I should clarify the polygamy situation in your country.
Polygamy is legal. For many generations it was traditional for the king to have a wife from every territory in the empire. Your great grandfather did. Your grandfather only had one wife. Your father has had two, but that was remarriage after the first died. Although he did take his wife from a new territory as per tradition.
Some people claim that the nation went downhill in your grandfather and fathers reigns because they didn't bind the country through marriage.
Others approve and want monogamous kings from here on out.
Either way, during the engagement to his first wife (who must be a virgin) the king must remain abstinent. If he can't stay faithful for that long, how can he stay faithful to his country?
However these are just traditions. More of pleasant images to portray to the public than actual law.
After your marriage though no one will riot if you have an extramarital relationship or six.
So when is the marriage scheduled to happen? Days from now? Weeks? Moths?

A date has yet to be fixed, but you and Ray have been engaged since Autumn.
>yet to be fixed

So author, pre-marriage chastity aside,
are you gonna let us pull that off?
As a way to solve the Ray consent matter, I mean.
It kind of goes against what we said to Alyssa (that we needed to clear things up with Ray) but maybe as just a one time formality? ("Hey, uh, dear, just wanted to make sure and I figured this would be a good time: when you agreed to the marriage you realized the implications of my oath, right?")
That would explain why we felt confident enough that we'd get the Ok to go ahead and make our wager with her.

If you guys actually want that as your Paladin oath then ok. I kind of thought it was a joke. Just try to word it in a way that's slightly less silly sounding maybe?
It was a joke, until >>1310680 suggested we could use this to solve that little conflict.
I'll try to think of a better way to word it.
The way I see it, it's one thing to be oathbound to spread you seed. It's another thing to leave your future wife in the dark while doing so. If this is part of our culture, I can't imagine we need to go skulking in the shadows about it.

Not to say we have to go crawling back to Ray before every sexytime, but considering the situation (and how OOC we didn't know what she knew, etc.), I think it's a good idea to make sure she understands what she got herself into.

I shall indeed ponder something more befitting our death metal god. I can see it being something like swearing to spread the strength of humanity, and especially those our Lord has blessed, to all the lands. Maybe there are certain cultural assumptions attached to that in regards to how many women we shag, but who are we to question the will of the people? Will think on it.
All in favor of Taumas the paladin? If so, you can write up an oath or I can do one for you.
We can at least give a nod to Exalted with the title Bull of Heaven.
>"I, Prince Taumas of Addengard, solemnly swear to strive for the flourishing of my kingdom as well as that of my royal bloodline, making it my personal duty to beget fruitfully and with any whom are willing and deemed by me worthy of contributing to it."

How's that?

Taumas the Bull of Heaven it is. Unless anyone objects?


"Royal seed is too precious to plant in one field. It must be sown on all luscious hills and planted in every fertile valley"- Your grandfather.
Your oath does him great honor.
Also an oath usually has 2 or 3 components, but harem building is a solid foundation to build on.

Next segment in a bit.


Prince Taumas, the Bull of Heaven.

You hand it to Caliope who scans the document, then bites her lip.
"Is something wrong?"
"Well," she says slowly, "I don't mean to appear greedy milord, but 3,000 marks would be closer to our standard price for such a task."
"It splits better six ways." Lisarina adds.
"Well, here's an idea." you say. "How about the six of you stay in the palace as guests for a few days. Maybe a week? You can rest from your adventures and we can discuss payment further."
Thea shoots Caliope a look. Caliope turns to you, smiling. "We'd be honored highness! I speak for all of us when I say thank you for your generosity."
Well that seems to take care of that.
You see Lisarina reading the contract behind Caliope.
"Bull of heaven?" She mutters quietly.

You say/do?
>"Royal seed is too precious to plant in one field. It must be sown on all luscious hills and planted in every fertile valley"- Your grandfather.
I thought gramps was the one who departed from tradition and only had one wife. Did you mean great grandfather?
The other component to the oath (the potentially martial one) is striving for the flourishing of the kingdom.

>Thea shoots Caliope a look.
...the fuck was that?

>"It's a family thing. Old traditions."

I suppose we shall instruct Lasi to assign them rooms?
Yeah we can keep massaging it. Maybe a tenet to never back down from a threat? Just trying to think of what our god is like. I suppose we should name it at some point, like Oath of <insert>.

Depends on the look? My first thought is Thea is suspicious that we're trying to shortchange them by bribing them with some plush room and board. We saw it, so what say you, QM? Are our pally senses tingling?

I was thinking of making light of our title, as well, but I'd also like to see if mentioning we're an 'adventuring class' would pique their interest.

Something like:
>"Oh, that. It was bestowed on me as part of my Paladin's Oath to <insert god's name>. Lasi? Prepare some rooms in the guest wing, would you?"

So this whole oath thing started because it's been pointed out that in 5e Paladins were given those to replace their connections with Gods.

But to make >>1310325 happy, could we maybe include some magic feats that our metal deity might bestow upon us if we do some good paladining?
Like none right now but increasing proportionately to how much we help the kingdom prosper and how many ladies we knock up?
Between Paladin spells and the custom magic system the QM said would be involved, I'm pretty happy. Still, I like your idea.
>"Hey, Prince. Been watchin' you. Fuckin' T&A, man. Nomsayin'?"
>"Thanks, Lord. Just doing my best."
>"Bitchin'. Here, pound it."
>*fist bump of divine blessing*
An attempt was made:
-=Oath of the Progenitor=-

-Sow the Fields
Beget fruitfully and with any whom are willing and deemed by yourself and your Lord to be worthy of contributing to your lineage. Through your blood you honor all.

-Shade Not the Crown
Bend knee to none but your patron, for you are equal to any man.

-Set the Upright Path
Be an an example of fairness and honor to those beneath you. Care for them as a father for his children, and fend off evils that might befall them.

-Tend to the Hearth
Foster joy and love in those who have given you their trust and faith. Reserve for them your greatest mercies and compassion, and for those who mean them harm your harshest wrath.

-Let Nations Tremble
War when needed, but always maintain the respect of your neighbors. Strive for the flourishing of the kingdom, and be ever vigilant in search of ways to further your glory.

Critique welcome.
>-Shade Not the Crown
>Bend knee to none but your patron, for you are equal to any man.
This part does not need to be included in our paladin oath, it's already a sacred rule for our whole family under penalty of magic knee shattering.

I guess I'm okay with the points that expand on our duty towards the country and its people, although it seems a bit restrictive. I was hoping to avoid the dreaded lawful good paladin stereotype of "must always -always- do the right thing. And enforce that others in our presence do it too."
Sometimes the greater good of many requires a bit of dickery.
I'm assuming you mean Set the Upright Path. We can change that to be less restrictive of actual behavior. My original thought was for it to represent our duty to our people.

More than that, though, you make a good point about our royal duty. I clearly made it a part of the oath, but I guess we don't really need to. Unless we wanted to codify the parts of our divine mandate that aren't enforced by knee breakage? How much of our oath is our patron, and how much is what we've decided for ourselves? If more the latter, what is it that drives us?
>How much of our oath is our patron, and how much is what we've decided for ourselves? If more the latter, what is it that drives us?
Hadn't thought of it that way.
I suppose we can keep Shade not the Crown then, I just didn't think it needed since it's kind of like swearing "break not thy knees", kind of already expected. But this things are all about form, so it's not unreasonable.

As for driving inspiration, wanting to be more like our ancestors perhaps? The belief that the old ways were best for us and our people?
Not gonna interrupt the discussion but-


Yes. You'll get divine boons, but as you put it; you have to further your kingdom and expand your harem to earn them. He awards bonus points for pregnancies and marriages.
Well, there's room for thought in that. Shade Not the Crown could be expanded, for example. Instead of the magically-enforced behavior, it could be an attitude. Not of arrogance, but to hold always hold oneself as proper royalty, even when that royalty isn't apparent. Or something. That feels more fitting for an oath, anyway.

Is wanting to be more like our ancestors appropriate to us? I mean, maybe it is. I'm just thinking about how we're marrying an elf. Does that break from tradition? QM would have to answer that. Maybe the old ways were simpler, and we're trying to bring them back without their current baggage? Or maybe we're trying to uphold their spirit while innovating in order to grow and expand? Thinking out loud here.


This puts Alyssa's antics in a whole new light, since I find it hard to believe she wouldn't know of what our big man in the sky likes if she's our chancellor.
>can change that to be less restrictive of actual behavior.
As far as I'm concerned as soon as we've seen to that the quest is good to resume.
Everything else I'm fine with.

The old ways were basically "do whatever is best for the people. If you conquer someone marry someone from there. If you are going to conquer someone also take a wife from there. If you're going to make peace-"
The old ways were simpler and they have gained a lot of baggage.

Also Alyssa was aware of this, but she also knew you were expected to keep it in your pants until marriage.
She also didn't give a fuck. That's your fault.


Okay first revision:

-=Oath of the Progenitor=-

-Let Nations Tremble
Strive for the flourishing of the kingdom. Be ever vigilant in search of ways to further your glory, whether through diplomacy or war.

-Shade Not the Crown
Bend knee to none but your patron, for you are equal to any man.

-Set the Upright Path
Be an example to those beneath you. Care for them as a father for his children, and fend off evils that might befall them.

-Tend to the Hearth
Foster joy and love in those who have given you their trust and faith. Reserve for them your greatest mercies and compassion, and for those who mean them harm your harshest wrath.

-Sow the Fields
Beget fruitfully and with any whom are willing and deemed by yourself to be worthy of contributing to your lineage. Through your blood you honor all.

Set the Upright Path and Tend to the Hearth may be a tad redundant. Perhaps they should be combined into one?
Hmm. Yeah, I can see that. We can really just rid of Tend to the Hearth, in that case. Four oaths is fine, unless there are other ideas? An oath to not let insult or injury lie unanswered?
An oath to let no skirt go unlifted, no panty gone unseen.

Nah, just kidding.

How about we just take some things from Tend Heart and add them to it like this:

-Set the Upright Path
Be an example to those who have given you their trust and faith. Care for them as a father for his children, and fend off evils that might befall them with the harshest wrath.
Woiks for me!
Alright then.
Author! We done here!
File: images-65.jpg (13 KB, 260x194)
13 KB

Wrong fucking pic my fingers are tok fucking big for this fucking phone.
A vision of things to come, perhaps? No complaints here.
Taken the words right outta my mouth.

"To come"
I wonder if it would be a good idea to migrate this quest to a yellow board. I know there have been quests that did take place on one, but I don't know if it's still allowed (I believe it was before qst was established?)
You smile at Lisarina. "Oh that? That's just the title I earned by taking my oath as a paladin."
"What oath?" Lisarina asks. The priestess smiles and whispers something in her ear, then winks at you.
Lisarinas eyebrows shoot up and her cheeks color slightly.
"Anyway," you say. "Lasi?"
"Yes milord?"
"Please show these brave adventurers to their rooms." You turn to Caliope. "Please feel free to ask any of the maids if you need anything."
"I will." The blonde man says.
Lisarina punches his arm
He smiles.
Caliope rolls her eyes, she and the man bow and leave, followed by Lisarina who blows a kiss, Thea who waves shyly before returning to her book, and the priestess who curtseys, you wonder if you're imagining it or if she's deliberately swinging her hips as she departs.

Well, that's that handled.

Now what?

Yellow board?

Oh right. I remember now. Sure, I'm down for that. If y'all can find one quest friendly then sure.
I believe we have an old friend to meet, don't we?
Or should we first go discuss things with the wife? (For all we know, old friend may be a hot chick)

It's what boards which allow NSFW content are sometimes referred to.
/d/ /aco/ any place that would allow a quest like this
File: 1490620607694.jpg (162 KB, 800x800)
162 KB
162 KB JPG

Tgchan huh? That looks ideal. If everyone else agrees then I'd be happy to post there in future.

>might actually get to post the Karin and Rilit hentai pics
Just give us a link if you do and there won't be objections from me.

Perhaps though it's best to wait until after we've got the clearance from Ray (forgive me if I dare assume we likely will). We're not going to go NSFW until then and it'll give everyone a chance to express their opinion.
Eh, if it's a hot chick as well as an old friend, then they probably aren't going anywhere. I think we can meet them first.

I'm also fine with moving somewhere you'll feel freer. Never been there, so don't know what the audience is like.

You shake it we'll bake it, miss cleric.
The fact that she knew about our oath probably explains the look she gave Caliope when we offered them to stay. Like "You do realize he's going to try to mount us all, right?"
(Minus Lisarina's brother, of course)
Thea gave her the look, and I thought she was the wizard rather than the busty priestess?
I need a tie breaker guys. Meet with your friend or have lunch with the wife ( And have the after lunch meeting with her if you decide she's been good.)
Dammit, why do I suck so much at keeping track of who in this group does and says what?
I suppose we can meet the friend now, that'll give you (and anyone else) more time to consider the move to NSFW land.

There's six of them. It's natural.

I'm pretty much sold on the move. I just want to make sure I don't leave all the readers behind.

Next segment in a bit
Off to sleep so I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow.
File: images-67.jpg (19 KB, 442x333)
19 KB
Sweet dreams anon.

You leave the study and head for the main hall with a spring in your step.
You're about to meet with one of your oldest friends.
Charlotte Brightstead trained alongside you when you were just children. She's one of the few women you genuinely regard as a friend. You owe her more than most people realize.
The first time you dropped your trousers in front of a girl you didn't know what to expect.
Maybe "ooh!" Or "aah!" Or maybe even "It's so big!" If you were lucky.
What response did you actually get?
"It's too big..."
This was flattering the first and second time. But after the fourth girl your confidence was shattered. You firmly believed that your Gift was a curse.
But then after a particularly long day of grappling practice, Charlotte came into your room and made you an offer you couldn't refuse.
Sure she was scared at first, and with both of you being virgins it was far from erotic. But thanks to Charlotte that night (and many others) you learned how to be gentle with a first timer, how to turn your size into an advantage and that this whole "love-making" thing was something you were really really good at.
Lessons that you have relied on many times since then.
It's as you're lost in thought like this that you suddenly become aware of footsteps echoing yours.
You start to turn only to feel something cold and sharp tickling your ear.
"Awake yet your highness?"

You say/do?

Uh, Paladin powers activate?
>You grab the blade with your bare hand as you twist around and rush toward her voice. You lean her backward and off balance with the blade, but catch her by the waist before she falls. You lean down, close to her face as you channel divine energy to heal your hand. "Not even lunch and I've got a beautiful woman in my arms? Let me get back to you on that."
You snatch the blade barehanded and turn, rushing towards her.
You see her eyes widen, she takes a step back and overbalances.
You catch her by the waist and lean her back, bringing your face to within inches of hers.
You feel her breath on your face and gaze into her beautiful amethyst eyes.
You raise her chin with your finger.
"Not even lunch and I have a beautiful woman in my arms? I'll have-" something hits the side of your face, hard, your ears ring, your vision swims and you fall to the ground, lying across her stomach, which you feel rising and falling rapidly.
She's laughing at you.
She's laughing at the Prince.
"Your face! Your face when I hit you!" She crosses her eyes and sticks her tongue out. "Oh! Oh that was terrible." She props herself up on her elbows and grins. "Speaking of terrible; 'not even lunch and I have a beautiful woman in my arms?' How you've ever landed a girl besides me I'll never know."

You say/do?
Heh. I like her.

First thought:
>Oh, it's on. Give her a reminder that we know all the spots where she's ticklish
>Laugh with her, then help her up while discretely massaging an erogenous zone we know she has on her hand. Act innocent while she wriggles.

Unless people want to make an issue of her laughing at the Prince? I think an old friend has the right, but maybe not in the middle of the hallway?
Laughing is reasonable. Hitting across the face less so. I don't think I've seen any setting in which non-nobles can get away doing that to a noble, let alone a royal.

But the tickling reprisal sounds okay.
You open and shut youaw experimentally, the ringing in your ear stops. "You just struck the crown prince of Addengard."
She gives your backside an affectionate squeeze. "And I've done far worse in training. Why highness? Are you going to punish meE NO STOP-!"
Your assault is sudden and merciless. You know her body like you do your own, and even under half plate your fingers still find her weak points, sending her into fits of uncontrollable giggles.
Fairly soon you have her writhing, her hands clawing at your back and legs kicking on either side of you as she giggles like a schoolgirl and vainly tries to pull you off.

You say/do?
>Stand proudly over her, declaring yourself the mighty victor of this perilous duel. Claim her dignity and her lunch plans as your spoils. Also, help her up.

Were we just meeting with her for the hell of it or did she come to see us? If the latter, ask what she wanted to talk about, if anything.

Also, >>1316499
Fuck yeah Princess Lover
Support is given.
You stand and grin down at her triumphantly."I declare myself the victor of this perilous duel!"
She fans herself and flutters her eyelashes. "And what shall you claim as your prize oh fearless knight?"
You offer your hand and lift her to her feet, putting one arm around her waist.
"Your dignity, and your lunch plans."
She rolls her eyes. "Last time you answered very differently."

You say/do?
>"I did. And perhaps I will again the next time."
If she still seems disappointed after that, we can explain the situation with Ray, otherwise no need to bring that up right now.

"I did. And perhaps I will again, next time."
She frowns. "I don't see how considering you haven't tied the knot yet. Speaking of which, your fiance, how does your blushing bride to be feel about your oath? Are you and I ever gonna, you know, again?" She cringes. "Please tell me she isn't as frigid as that first candidate. Your cock would freeze to her lips!"

You say/do
>If she still seems disappointed after that, we can explain the situation with Ray

I think we trust her enough to explain that we're willing to go behind the rules, but not here in a hallway where anybody may listen in.

(Fuck. Missed that.)

You take her by the hand and lead her to a more secluded corridor.
You turn to her and smile. "She's not frigid. To say the least."
She smiles. "So that's why you took me somewhere private! And to think I got all excited. So you've been breaking the chastity rule then?" She shakes her head. "Naughty boy. How is she?"
"She's well."
She punches your arm. "In bed you idiot!"
"Enthusiastic, very enthusiastic, flexible, open to experimenting, just a little submissive,"
She grins. "Sounds like your type."
"-and quick."
"Ooh. How quick?"
"She has difficulty reaching ten minutes. But she's never finished fewer than three times in a night. She has energy and willpower, but I guess elves lack stamina?"
She winces. "Like rabbits?"
"How's her head?"
"Excellent. Whatever you may say about elven stamina, their dexterity is incredible. Plus, like I said; enthusiasm."
"Has she made it the whole way down yet?"
"Barely an inch away. She can swallow a sausage whole, but-"
"Sausages are thinner, right. What are you gonna do about your oath?"
"I was going to tell her today, see how she felt about it, and then respect her wishes of course."
She raises an eyebrow and smirks. "And you decided to invite your old fuck buddy to lunch with your fiance? Gosh, planning a threesome just in case?"

You say/do?
>"I was going to tell her today, see how she felt about it, and then respect her wishes of course."
Are we actually allowed that? Maybe by renouncing our status/carreer path as paladin? I mean, upholding their core oath in its entirety is pretty much cardinal to a paladin, isn't it?

>"And you decided to invite your old fuck buddy to lunch with your fiance? Gosh, planning a threesome just in case?"
The invitation was made before the quest begun, when we didn't have control of Taumas, so what was the plan? Have lunch with both? With just one of them? (Going to see the other afterwards)
And if both, why did we think it was a good idea to introduce the old fuck buddy to the bride to be at this point in the relationship?

I suppose we could decide on these things ourselves, but I'd rather not mess up the backstory if there's any risk of this happening.

Well I mean you don't have to. Ignore that bit I need coffee.

You agreed to meet her before the quest started. You invited her to lunch just now. It's an hour or two before noon.
Right, I'm being a moron again. Seeing as I can't remember something that literally just happened a couple posts ago, it's probably best if you tell me: do we already have plans to have lunch with Ray?
If not, then we can see her afterwards.
If we do we should probably play the I'm a doofus part (shouldn't be hard, at least for me) and tell Charlotte we hadn't really considered how it might be kind of awkward and that maybe it's best we have lunch together tomorrow instead.

You wince. "I hadn't considered that. Maybe we should have lunch tomorrow? Sorry Charlotte, I'm an idiot."
She nods. "You are. And don't worry, I probably won't interrupt your little date."
She grins. "And I probably won't wait introduce myself to her by sitting naked in your lap and shoving my tongue down your throat."
"What? I said probably!"
You roll your eyes. She puts her hand on your chest and gives you a determined smile. "But WHEN you convince her to let you follow your oath, I want to be at least number three on your threesome candidate list. Got it?"

You say/do?
>"It's a deal! And a date."
How much time before lunch? Can we hang out with her or would we be late?

You have over an hour until lunch.
Let's squeeze her ass a little, too.

Now! With sex aside, how about some intrigue? If she trained with royalty, then she must have a position or be a knight of some kind? I want to ask her how things are doing outside the castle and in other lands. Oh! Maybe she just came back from a mission we sent her on.
Sounds good, let's ask her how she's been doing. It's both polite and interesting.
You move your hands to her waist then slide them under her coat, running your fingers over the fabric, marvelling at the way it clings to every contour of her beautiful ass.
Granted it's not nearly as big as Alyssa's, but it's flawlessly round and perky. You could bounce a gold piece of that ass.
And you have.
"It's a deal! And a date." You give her backside one final squeeze, but before you can pull away she takes your hands by the wrists and holds them against her.
"Don't stop. I've missed your hands." She gives you a quick peck on the lips then leans in and starts kissing your neck.
After a minute where the only sound is her soft sighs you give her a quick pinch to get her attention. "So, the mission?"
"Hm? Oh right. Um. Well about that-"
She sighs. "I need more men! Not in that way you pervert. We can't cover enough ground. The chimera hasn't attacked a settlement since bluebrook, we find a maimed deer or a few dead sheep here and there, but we can only search potential lairs one at a time, or risk losing our advantage by splitting up." She sighs. "Otherwise it'll take us another fortnight and we'll still be searching."

You say/do?
Feels a bit like being put on the spot: we don't know how many men we've got to spare. Maybe the prince does.
If he doesn't either, we can promise to find her more without going into the specifics (such as how many and in how much time).
Hmm. Yeah, I don't really see a reason to tell her no. Maybe if we ask for more info? We've kind of got a blank slate here.
You're caught a little off guard. You aren't exactly sure about the state of your forces.
"How many men are we talking about he-"
She cuts you off with a kiss. "Well, you remember that the Chimera's on Bardin island right? Well the peasants aren't exactly fond of the military, which is why I was sent." She winks, "Everyone loves a paladin! The locals had already raised their militia when I got there, I skimmed what excess troops (about twenty spearmen) I could and started the hunt. The problem is that if I take more men from the milita I'll be exposing the peasants to danger. But if I take troops back with me then the rabble rousers will claim we're using the beasts attacks to tighten your grip."
"You're kidding."
She kisses you again. "I wish I was. I genuinely think this could result in riots. Riots in multiple towns. Which I would be able to put d pubwn but-"
"But you'd need more troops."
"Exactly. On the other hand, if your soldiers kill the beast, it will prove the malcontents wrong and foster support for the crown." She ruffles your hair. "You see the dilemma?"

You say/do?

"Which I would be able to put down" my fingers are too big
File: no.png (27 KB, 246x162)
27 KB
>rabble rousers will claim
I say we give her the troops she needs to get rid of the chimaera and put down any riots.
>The locals had already raised their militia when I got there
Ha! Our people do not dawdle when threat looms. We are a kingdom of wolves, not sheep! Sounds like we could benefit from bait. Maybe we need to have a meeting of the, uh, minds with Charlotte and our guest wizard or priestess.

Not completely against this, mind, but let's consider where our choices lead. Inciting riots would probably give us a political opponent from within to deal with. Could be fun. We could also decide to go out ourselves to deal with it, opening the avenue for adventuring options. Looking into some more nuanced solution might expose things we wouldn't have found otherwise. Like, maybe the chimera was planted by a foreign power in the expectation that we'd clamp down despite protests. Not saying the QM should do this, but I love exploring situations like this.
>political opponent
You mean revolutionary. This ain't no democracy.
My opinion is that if we act like we're too timid to send in troops, we will appear weak.
Okay. We'll tell her we plan on doing that.

However, I'd still like to have us ask priestess or wizard about chimeras. Even if QM doesn't have it go anywhere, it gives us an excuse to visit them. Besides, we postponed our lunch date until tomorrow, so Charlotte won't be leaving right away. At least, she has reason not to.
Cool. But just so we're clear, I'm not adamant on this. Feel free to debate furhter or suggest a compromise if you're not convinced.

And sure, we can ask her about it.
Appreciate it. I'm still thinking. But without flat-out declaring things into existence, we need more info, or some workaround like only having Charlotte take troops who were from that region so it feels like a suppression and more like sons coming back to help.
<less> like a suppression
Sorry, by 'still thinking' I didn't mean you had to wait on me. We can go with a provisional "I'll give you troops and deal with the repercussions if nothing else, but let me look into some things and think on it" if you want.
>without flat-out declaring things into existence, we need more info, or some workaround like only having Charlotte take troops who were from that region so it feels like a suppression and more like sons coming back to help
Waiting for QM to give us some info about that.
File: ConjurationWIZARD.jpg (61 KB, 750x600)
61 KB
Responding in a min
File: images-139.jpg (28 KB, 470x313)
28 KB

Wrong pic again
Fuck it. I think I'll just post a new thread this one is gonna gets archived.

Thanks for playing everyone!
Cool beans. Post a link when you do, would you?
Now, let's try and draw in some more people!
Well, if the quest is gonna relocate to tgchan, perhaps we might as well go now? And find new people there?
Works for me.
Although, come to think of it, I would have rather had the oh-so-crucial lunch with Ray here, to finsh laying down the foundations of the quest without too many cooks pulling the recipe in different directions.
I feel like as soon as we clear things up with her, then the quest can truly begin.
>then the quest can truly begin.
To clarify, I don't meant to say I've not been having fun so far, I have. But we've been kind of pussyfooting around. Once the only thing we have to worry about is to maintain secrecy from everyone BUT our wife to be and whomever we're currently bedding, I believe we'll be able to be quite a bit more daring.
New thread!: >>1320965

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