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/qst/ - Quests

After a night of merriment and casual conversations you find yourself staring down at your morning cup of coffee with baggy eyes.
You didn't get much sleep after your improvised birthday party stretched way into the next day.
Now you're faced with this cruel reality: You've not experienced a hangover like this in the last ten years or so.

Groaning in pain you take a sip of the sweet black liquid and feel it practically being assimilated by your blood.
At this your wife immediately jumps on the opportunity to berate you a bit.
''I told you to drink plenty of water.''

''Ugh... I know...
Just... please let me agonize a bit longer.''
With vigor you send the remainder of your drink down the hatch.

She asks you.

''No... But at least now I feel like I can start the day.''

Without saying as much as a word Tia puts down a glass full of water before you.
Not feeling like arguing with her you quickly chug it down.
After finishing it you your time to catch your breath.

Something's definitely off...''

W-What do you mean?''

''The more I look at you the more it seems like there is more to this than mere hangover.
Okay Kaizar. Out with it.
What's on your mind?''

''Honestly? I'm nervous.''

''Nervous? About wha-
Oh no.''

''Now, just hear me out-''

''No you won't!''


''Listen. Dante will have enough problems as is without you butting in on his first date.
I know you're worried about him but you should just let it happen.''

You stare down at the table.
A part of you knows that she's right, but on some level you still want to go there.

>Fine, I'll stay out of it
>Okay, I'll just watch and won't interfere
>Go and help him anyway
>Other? (write-in)
>>Okay, I'll just watch and won't interfere
>>Fine, I'll stay out of it
>Okay, I'll just watch and won't interfere
>okay I'll just watch and not interfear
File: tatsuki_chan_by_nutid.jpg (60 KB, 750x600)
60 KB
''Okay, okay...
I get it. I promise I'll stay out of it.''

''You're beyond help.
Very well. Go ahead and watch.
But I'm expecting a detailed report.''

You spring up despite your headache and salute to her.
''Yes Ma'am!''

After getting dressed and fasten Basilisco to your belt ''just in case'' you walk out the front door.
But before you turn around to close the door Tier pulls you back and gives you a kiss on the cheek.
''Be well!''

You smile back at her.
''Thanks, you too.''

You walk through the streets of Vanaheim until you reach a pretty isolated area and flick the air with your finger and see the fabric of space unfold before your eyes as the Garganta opens up.
The time it took you to cross over was considerably lower than before as you are already a bit anxious about the whole thing and therefore decided to hurry up, least you miss anything.

As you step through the portal you find yourself in Karakura town at night.
The air is as dry as ever and mostly devoid of reishi, making it a bit uncomfortable to breathe.
After adjusting to the air you close your eyes and begin sending out pulses of reishi in the hopes of locating your grandson.
Sadly Karakura town is still bustling with individuals who have a rather high spiritual presence so your job is not too easy.

That Yata is getting too good at making gigai!''
Mumbling to yourself you give up on your endeavor and change your target.
This time you try to pinpoint Tatsukis reiatsu and succeed almost immediately.

You begin your mad dash towards their location while trying even harder than usual to keep a low profile you fly to their location.
As you soar high above you spot the two kids walking towards a small family diner.
Confident in your ability to remain undetected you begin your sharp descent and quickly hide behind a corner so the kids don't notice you.
But just as you lean in to take a peek you hear a loud noise coming from behind you.


The yell scares the ever living shit out of you.
At this Tatsuki looks up in surprise and speaks to Dante.
''D-did you hear that?
Sounded like Ichigo...''

Dante also perks up at her mentioning that name.
The strawberry?
You're probably just imagining things, that guy leaks reiatsu everywhere...''

''Yeah. I guess you're right.
God... I can't believe I'm bringing him up now of all times...''

''So. Erm...
What's the deal with you two?
Did you-''

''Oh no! God no!

And that's about as much as you hear of their conversation as they walk out of your hearing range.
With the coast clear like that you let go of Ichigos mouth and he begins coughing and grasping for air.
After managing to breathe normally once again he screams at you.

''ARE YOU-''
You put your hand over his mouth again.

You damn idiot!
Do you want to alert them?!''

A voice can be heard from behind Ichigo.
''He's right Kurosaki!
You almost gave our position away!''
Uryu berates his erm... cousin? You aren't too sure about their exact relations.

But now that your primary targets are out of the way you can take a closer look at the youngsters who managed to get you scared.
Uryu and Chad are both standing behind Ichigo and all of them are wearing their casual clothings.
Honestly you feel a bit embarrassed about not noticing them before due to your tunnel vision and due to their apparent cloaking ability.

After managing to get Ichigo to shut the hell up you finally speak up.
''Okay... The hell are you kids doing here?
And how did you manage to hide your spiritual pressures?''

''Obviously we're here for the same reason as you.''
Uryu answers your question.
''And it's one of my spells that managed to hide our presence.''

You sigh after hearing that.
''Fuck... I don't believe three kids got the jump on me like that...''

''What are you talking about?!''
Ichigo joins in on the conversation, now that he's not liable to reveal your position.
''You're the one who just divebombed right next to us!''

''That's enough Kurosaki!''
Ishida stops him again.
''This is actually a great opportunity!''
From within the confines of his backpack Uryu then produces a pair of binoculars and hands it to you.
''Since you were in the army I assume you know how to read someones lips, correct?''

You look down at it and then back at Uryu then back at the binoculars.
Admitting defeat you take them.
''Ugh... fine.
But I'm warning you, my skills might be a bit rusty.''

He gives you a confident smile.
''That's more than enough!''
>inb4 we can only read lips in German
>"They are speaking gibberish, talking about hippos and flying chairs and some sort of italian food I haven't heard of."
File: tattoo_tatsuki.jpg (196 KB, 559x790)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Following the two kids with your 3 cohorts you go to one of the local diners and hide in a nearby bush.
Each of you pulls out their binoculars and looks at the kids through the window.
In your shame you can't help but speak up.

This feels soooo wrong...
I mean. I was prepared for this but doing it in a group makes it so much worse.''

''Just shut up and try translating already!''
Uryu orders you as a few passerby's see them snooping around and give them weird looks.
At least they can't see you.

''Okay, okay.
Let's see... They are talking about...
They are speaking gibberish, talking about hippos and flying chairs and some sort of italian food I haven't heard of.

The kids look at you with in absolute disdain and Ichigo speaks up.
''H-hey... don't tell me you can only read lips in German...''

You pause for a moment.
''Oh. Ooooooh.
Now it makes sense...
Fucking translator.''

Everybody gets depressed at this and puts down their binoculars.
''Well so much for that...''
Ichigo speaks his mind.

You begin stroking your chin as you slowly start formulating a plan.
But then you feel something, a shift in the fabric of space.
The kids aren't aware of it since they aren't as attuned to that sort of stuff as a hollow.

You speak up.
''I think a few hollows are about to show up...''

''H-how do you know?''
Chad asks you.

''I just know.''

>One of you should deal with it (pick one)
>I'll handle it
>Let's draw straws
>Other? (write-in)
>>Let's draw straws
>>Let's draw straws
>Let's draw straws

Did anyone remember to bring straws?

If not, then when everybody's distracted, we can enact silent "nose goes" rules, and whoever is the slowest gets to investigate.
Stopped reading a little after Aizens-turn-into-goop bit

Whats been going on? whos the new big bad?
Okay then,

Start rolling 1d4
Taking the 3rd roll only, if you roll a 1 you go away

Rolled 3 (1d4)

Rolled 4 (1d4)

there is no big bad atm.
But both the royal guard and Jesus were name dropped last thread
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Currently slice-of-lif-ing it up, waiting for the inevitable Shit hitting the fan. Also, sort of truce with SS.
You start rummaging through your pockets and retrieve 4 toothpicks from them.
The kids stare in disbelief at this.

''H-hey Kaizar.
Why do you have toothpicks on you?''

''Dental hygiene is no laughing matter!''
Then you break one in half and start shuffling them all around.
''Now then. Each of us draws one and whoever gets the short one goes after the hollow.

They each nod and draw from your hand.
As luck would have it it's Chad who gets stuck dealing with the pest problem.
He doesn't waste any time and begins charging in the direction of where the hollow will appear.

After he leaves the area however you get back to thinking.
Focusing on the tip of your finger you produce some mucus and you fire it off at the restaurants window.
Then on your end of the thread you form 3 cone shaped and hardened extensions.
They follow suit and speak up in surprise.

''It! It's actually working!''
Ichigo begins gushing over your solution to the problem.

''Yeah but there is just too much noise.
I can barely make out what they are saying!''
Ishida complains.

''Both of you shut up!''

Now focusing all your attention on the matter at hand try your best to listen to the conversation.
Ishida is right, the fact that you can hear everything that's going on inside is very distracting but at the moment you don't have a better solution to the problem.

And truthfully it might not even matter as their conversation is pretty standard and... well, boring.

''Oh Tatsuki-chan!
It's been so long!''
A short and a bit overweight lady walks up to the young couple, presumable she's the owner.

''Good evening Kaneko-san!''

''My, my, how have you grown!
Last time I've seen you, you were about this big!''

''Erm... well...''

''Oh dear, don't even try to apologize!
It's no problem at all! I'm just so happy to see you again.
And my, what a dashing young fellow you came here with!
I can't believe you are actually having a date Tatsuki-chan! I'm so happy for you!''

''Heh... well Kaneko-san this is-''

But Dante doesn't let her finish and instead stands up and bows slightly to the elderly woman.
''Dante Bergson miss.
And the pleasure is all mine!''

''Oh, how formal!
Tatsuki dear, I see you found yourself a very proper man at last!''


''Now, now don't get too upset dear!''
The chubby woman giggles to herself.
''Now then. Here are the menus sweethearts!
Browse it to your hearts content and I'll be back in just a moment!''

After the lady finally leaves them alone Tatsuki snaps at Dante.

Did you really have to embarrass me like that?''

''Honestly? Yes.
Because I think you look cute when you blush like that.''
What follows is perhaps one of the most cut-and-dried conversation you've ever seen.
Both of them basically recounted their past, what lead up to them being here today, that sort of stuff.
Naturally since Dante never had what you'd call a ''proper education'', since schools still don't exist in Hueco Mundo, he has a lot less to talk about.
His life is more like a series of barely connected events strung together like a rosary of stupidity out of which he only mentions the more significant events whereas Tatsukis is a straight line, easy to recount but often times a bit boring because of that.

What you found to be typical Dante behavior however happened after they got their food.
Your grandson being the little miscreant he is, often snuck out into the living world whenever he felt like it.
Everybody knew that yet nobody called him out on it because he was never caught in the act.
But because of this he managed to assimilate quite a lot of things from various cultures, such as the ability to eat with chopsticks from Asians.

However he's perfectly willing to pretend otherwise at the moment.
He fumbles a few times with his food, forcing Tatsuki to intervene and correct him.

Ishidas eyes widen at this.
''That... clever bastard!''

You and Ichigo both ask him.

''He's pretending to not know how to eat properly!''

''Wait! He's tricking Tatsuki into holding his hands?!''

''Yeah Ichigo... it's not exactly rocket science.''
You give your remark to Ichigo.

''But Uryu, how do you know that?!''

''He begged me to share my bento with him on more than one occasion!
I've SEEN him eat with chopsticks before!''

You can't help but chuckle at that.
''Heh, textbook Dante.
Don't worry about it too much though.
You share your food with him and he'll be indebted to you for his entire life.''

''Tch. Is he aware of that?''

I'm sure he'd give his arm for you after that.''

''But... why?''

You shrug at that.
''No idea.
He loves to eat and places great value on food.
Pretty much anyone who shares their food with him is a friend to him.''

But just as you finish your sentence you feel something hitting your head.
You look up in confusion and put your open palm forward.
After feeling a few drops of rain hitting your hand you begin frowning.
At this Ichigo begins rummaging through his stuff.

''Man it's good that mom packed us umbrellas!''

''Yeah but...
Do they have one?''
You ask them.
''I didn't see either of them carry one.''

Do you want to do anything about this?
>No. This is fine.
>Find an umbrella
>Try to clear the clouds
>Other? (write-in)
>Other? (write-in)
>If Dante can't be a man try to clear the clouds but until then let's see what he can do.
>>No. This is fine.
>>No. This is fine.
>No. This is fine.

It helps us think.
After the boys finally open up their umbrellas they just keep staring at you in mild confusion.

''Erm... don't you wanna...
You know, get out from under the rain?''

''No thanks. I'm fine with water.
I was just worried about them.
Besides, I think that Dante got this.''

''If you say so.''

After the kids finally finish their meals they pay the bill and start packing their stuff.
Just as they start shuffling around you quickly dissolve your temporary listening device and signal for the boys to start moving since it'll be harder to remain undetected with two freakin' umbrellas.
Moving to somewhere a bit harder to see you keep watch over the two kids as they leave.

Although it's difficult to do so, due to the massive interference by the rain, you try your best and focus on the conversation of Tatsuki and Dante.

''I suppose there isn't anyplace nearby that sells umbrellas this late into the night, right Tatsuki?''

''I don't know...
We might get one at the convenience store though.''

''Where's that?''

''Erm... That way.
But it's about ten minutes away.
We might as well drown by the time we reach it.''

''Heh... Better get to it then!''

''A-are you serious?''

After this Dante begins to take off his jacket and hands it to Tatsuki.
''Hold onto that for me, I'd hate to get it dirty!''

''W-Wait! Are you really going to make a run for it?''


''But you don't even know where it is or how it looks like!''

''So? Just tell me where to go!''
Dante begins stretching his legs as he speaks.

Tatsuki sighs at this.
''Just go straight that way until you hit a wall, then right and finally go left on the first crossing.''

''Got it!''
Not wasting any time your grandson enters a mad dash through the pouring rain, laughing all the way.

And while Tatsuki claimed it was about ten minutes away, presumably by running, Dante made the trip in just five.
Upon his arrival Arisawa is left dumbstruck as Dante is completely drenched.
After taking a few deep breaths he simply hands the umbrella to Tatsuki.

''Here you go!
All done!''

''Wow! You're a good runner!''

''Well if you get chased around a lot like I do you get good at running eventually.
Oh... and I almost forgot to give you this as well!''

Following this sentence your grandson pulls out something hidden behind his back.
A single red rose pelted and battered by heavy raindrops.
It's not the prettiest flower to be sure, but the gesture is what matters.
And Tatsuki is sufficiently taken back by this.

''W-what is this?
Where did you get that?!''

''On the way back I took a short detour.''
''I hope you don't mind!''

Tatsuki begins to blush furiously at that but she eventually caves in and takes the flower.
''T-thank you...''

''Awww. You're blushing again!''

''No I'm not!''
She tosses Dante back his jacket and the boy puts it back on while laughing.

After he puts it back on they open the umbrella and start walking along the rainy streets.
Though barely visible it looks like Tatsuki is actually snuggling up to Dante as they practically go hand in hand.
Ichigo gets visibly upset at this.

''T-that! Can't! What?!''

What's the matter with you?''
Ishida asks him.

''Yeah Ichigo.
I mean, what did you expect was gonna happen?''

''I thought- I thought that Tatsuki would just blow him off like all the rest!''

She's clearly not going to.''

The gears are visibly turning in Ichigos head.
''Screw this!
I'm going home!''

''Oy, Kurosaki!''

You put your hand on Ishidas shoulder.
''Leave him be.
If he's upset by this he shouldn't have come.''

''You're right...
Well? Shall we follow them or do we collect Sado?''

>Keep tailing them
>Find Chad
>Other? (write-in)
>>Find Chad
>>Find Chad
But call Dante to say to use protection.
>Find Chad
>inspect the large smear on the walls that was once a hollow/
>>Find Chad

>Meanwhile in Chadverse: Ten thousand hollows and three arrancar
>Find Chad
Let's leave the kids alone for now, no need to keep hovering like a creeper.
>Find Chad
>Waiting in anticipation
Stop wasting valuable replies! Your gonna make us hit the bump limit faster!!

Isn't that like... 300 posts?
I don't think we'll ever reach that
>tapping in wait
700 posts iirc.
Nah more like double that or something. Was just messing around while spooky writes.
I believe in the spook, but I think it's just cause /qst/ is so new, relatively speaking.
File: la_muerte.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
''Yeah... I think we should find Chad.
Any more of this and it becomes creepy...''


''And then we can go and have ourselves some drinks!''



''We are still minors.''

''Bah, details!
I say this is the perfect time for some celebration!''

''Just out of curiosity, how old were you when you first drank alcohol?''

''I'm German, my mother practically lactated beer.
But, in truth, I was 14.''

''Now I get everything.''

I'll let you know that practically every European is given alcohol WAY before their 18th birthday!
Hell, in many cases it's the parents who give it to them!
You know, as a deterrent.
Kids usually are turned away from alcohol because of the taste and if you forbid them from consuming alcohol they'll just be tempted!''

''Whatever you say.''

After that the two of you went out in order to find Chad.
It wasn't a monumental task as simply calling him via Ishidas phone proved to be sufficient.
Apparently he just got done with the clean up.

Uryu then shuts his phone off and looks at you.
''He says everythings okay.
He just got done cleaning up the stragglers.''

''And? Where is the meeting point?''

''At his location.
It's best if only one of us moves around, less likely to miss each other.''


It took a few minutes for you to reach Chads location and when you did you were honestly shocked.
The hollows apparently chose a pretty remote location in the forest as their point of entry.
Which is lucky because if what Chad did here happened in a more populated area the collateral damage would be pretty fucking high.

Hollow blood painted the nearby trees red. Trunk, leaves and all.
Behind Yasutora, embedded in the ground is a gillians mask with a skull motif carved into it.
Although from where you're standing it looks like it was punched into it.

In the middle of all this stands Yasutora, his clothes stained with hollow blood.
It's honestly disturbing just how thoroughly he's covered in viscera.
Uryu gasps at the sight.
800 posts and/or 3 days.
That's a bit overkill if you ask me.

I don't think any single thread can gather 800 posts on /qst
planefag and his many IP's, QD and Graves, and a few others but they haven't ran in along time.
You haven't seen Pokemon quest then?
I really do forget how young you are in the whole questing area compared to others.
Sadly, no.
I hardly if ever start reading any new quests.
It's hard enough to keep up with the ones I do read as is.
MSPQ (usually 1000 over a week since coming to qst, sometimes 2000) we discuss the system mechanics and make lots of mechs in that one a lot though since we use the mekton zeta ttrpg
Audit quest (regularly 2000) lots of player participation in that one so lots of discussion of ideas for the dungeon the mc runs. the quest runs very rarely though.
Pokemon quest (800 or so) runs regularly.
Are any of these /qst originals?

I find it hard to imagine anyone building a sizable audience here
Last thread is sitting at 803 posts. it gets there, regularly.
Audit is I'm pretty sure, but the QM/drawfag Larro has done a lot of other quests and had a solid following before hand...
MSPQ started on tg...
I think Pokemon (island adventure) started here but the QM ran a previous pokemon quest on tg that was decently popular so had people from that.
Hmmm... interesting.
I'll have to check out some of these then
Much in the same vein you are left in a bit of a shocked state at the sight.
''C-Chad... how many hollows were there?
I thought it wouldn't be more than like... 2...''

He shakes his head.
''At first there really were only two.
But as I finished them up more and more came.
In the end even one big one showed up.''

You stare at the barely intact gillian mask behind Chad and can't help but marvel at the boys work.
''Okay then...
I suspect they were attracted to all the bloodshed you were causing.
Good job cleaning all that up!''

Thank you.''

>As a reward let me invite you to my place for some free food!
>Are you interested in having some fun? (Go and bully Urahara in the middle of the night)
>Okay, I'll see you kids home and then I'll fuck off as well
>Other? (write-in)
a few caveats/ warnings:
The current Pokemon quest has a focus on relationships rather than becoming the league champ since that's what the last quest did, expect waifus (5-6 options right now) and a waifu war somewhere in the future.

MSPQ (Mecha Space Pirate Quest) also has waifus, 5 at once to be exact which the mc is due to marry soon, yes all of them. Such are the benefits of being a space pirate admiral. the quest can be a bit hard to get into without understanding the system behind it, plus we're running a tournament of player submitted mechs right now so that might be a bit confusing. Familiarity with mecha shows recommended.
On the plus sides, the mc pilots a mech that punches everything to death while blasting 80's rock music

Audit is a pretty lighthearted dungeon management based draw-quest and runs every... 2-3 months or so it feels like.

>As a reward let me invite you to my place for some free food!
>>As a reward let me invite you to my place for some free food!
Soul food. Literally!
>As a reward let me invite you to my place for some free food!

It's Hollow cuisine, so you know it's real good "soul food!"

But in all seriousness, this is a bad pun and no food is actually made of souls.

Okay, I kinda get their popularity now but I'm not really into waifu focused stuff.

But I do love draw quests, especially the ork ones.

I guess my next quest won't be very popular either.
Oh well, it'll still be fun (hopefully)
>>As a reward let me invite you to my place for some free food!
>As a reward let me invite you to my place for some free food!

the waifu's aren't the focus in MSPQ but they're are a core chunk yeah, right now were trying to build a new space nation in the asteroid belt region while the solar federation (whos actual acronym i always forget) is at war with a extra-solar-colony lead by a surviving gene modded ubermensch "green man" whose kind were responsible for one of the ugliest wars in human history in the setting. we're sorta playing the 2 groups off each other while trying to build a 3rd neutral power.
File: 8ca.gif (1.04 MB, 500x352)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF

We'll back you up spoopy

For me what defines a quest is how it's written, and you write quests good.
whats your next one?
A somewhat high-fantasy setting which will be a fair bit dark (not grimdark mind you, it's not a parody)

Think... Berserk with more prominant magic and just a bit less dark
does our wife/girlfriend or whatever get raped infront of us like in Berserker?
sounds good, i'm going to be massively paranoid about betrayal by friendly characters though.
No. (or at least I don't have it planned)

The MC will pretty much start off as a jaded mother fucker who suffered some pretty heavy trauma before he hit puberty.

That's the idea.
Like playing against a DM with a massive boner for PKs, except the DM here will be the world

So a bit like the Dragon's Dogma setting, then?

Though that may not be saying much as the game's universe only got 5% of the planned setting fleshed out.
Hey, Dragons Dogma was still fucking good IMO.
Sure it was flawed but I think it was just the typical Capcom campiness.
And fuck me if Dark Arisen wasn't freaking amazing.

But yeah, Dragons Dogma and a sort of middle ground between post and pre-dragon
You clap your hands together.
''First things first, Uryu shut down my initial idea so here's my new one.
Both as a reward for doing an astounding job, Chad, and as a way of celebrating the success of my grandson I hereby invite both of you to my home for some soul food!
That's... not to be taken literally.
No food is actually made of souls, I promise.
Erm... well... the same way how vegetables aren't technically made out of shit...
You get the idea!''

At this the two boys just keep staring at you in confusion.
''A-are you joking?''
Uryu asks.

''No. I'm completely serious.''

''Erm... Well what do you say Yasutora?
I personally don't have anything against it but...''

''Honestly, I'm interested.''

''You are?''

The large boy nods.
''Father Bergson said fullbrings originate from hollows.
Perhaps if I visited Hueco Mundo I could learn more about my abilities.
And the food sounds nice too.''

Uryu appears to be lost in thought after that.
Eventually he caves in under the pressure and sighs.
''Very well. I shall accompany you.
But I'm afraid I must pass on the food.''

You blink a few times at that.
''Why? Did you eat already?''

''Not sure if you know this but hollows are poisonous to us quincy.
I heard that even the smallest amount of hollow reiryoku getting into our system can kill us.''

Wait a second. Now that you mention it...
I killed a quincy once and his soul just... vanished.''

Uryu nods.
''It's called soul suicide.
But tell me, who was this quincy?''

''Nobody you'd know.
He was the overseer of one of the death camps.
So... wait. You're saying just the tiniest infection can kill you?''

''Not necessarily...
I heard it takes time if the infection is indeed minute.
And I also heard about a method that can revert it but it's... I don't know what it is.
Either it's forgotten, forbidden or frowned upon. So I couldn't figure out much about it.''

You pause for a moment, trying to take in all that he said just now.
''I'm impressed Uryu...''

''About what?''

''You telling me all this.
What got into you?''

You've just proven already that you won't use this against me.''
Please don't even think about writing someone the mc has feelings for getting rapped in-front of him, stuff like rape and ntr is how you lose followers fast.
You close your eyes for a moment, turn away from the boys and start opening the Garganta.
''Thank you Uryu.
I'll try my best not to betray your trust.''

As you step through the portal you begin constructing the walkway for you to cross.
In consideration of the two humans following your steps you created even a set of rails to keep them from falling.

''Watch your step!
You don't want to get lost out there!''

Chad swallows nervously as he stares into the endless dark.
''Why? What happens if we fall?''

You just shrug.
''Never seen it happen before.
You could wash up at any random part of space, or get torn up by the torrent of reishi swirling below.
All I know is that you don't want to find it out.''

After a pretty slow walk you arrive at Hueco Mundo and with the flick of a finger the Garganta opens up once more.
The azure glow coming from the forest almost manages to blind the kids whose eyes have begun to adjust to the darkness around them.
Once their eyes are functional they take in the pristine blue scenery with mouths agape.

''Welcome! To my World!''
And I think that's a good spot to stop at.
But don't worry, I'll continue tomorrow.
Thanks for the run spooky, Have a good night.
Don't worry. I never planned on doing that.

1.) Cuckold is for faggots
2.) Rape should only be written in either a Grimdark or Grimdumb setting, anything else will look either tastless or as attention whoring, possibly both

And while I consider myself a grade A asshole, I wouldn't do the Berserk thing and having Casca raped by Griffith before Guts
Many thanks for the run Spook, and glad to see someone else other than me actually enjoyed Dragon's Dogma somewhat, though i have to say the lack of already in place fast travel took alot of the proverbial wind out of my sails after awhile.
Didn't you have the eternal ferry stone?
Playing with that wasn't too bad.

Heck I found placing my own fast travel points into the world ingenius.

And it's an understatement that I liked Dragons Dogma. I fucking loved it.
The experience of slaying giant monsters never was and likely never will be as satisfying as in DD
I didn't have the eternal on my first two full playthroughs of the game, I don't remember if that came specifically with dark arisen or not, I just remember not having it, but it was a cool game regardless, i'll have to play it again someday when i have a better PC, the one i've got now is sorta shit, also did you ever play Shadow of the Colossus? I always thought of that as the premier giant monster crawly stabby wahey game for the longest time.
The eternal stone came with Dark Arisen.
An absolute must have, both the DLC and the item.

And no, never played shadow of the colossus.
But as lovely as it sounds it's not appealing to me.
I enjoy combat where I can reduce the enemy to bloody chunks through visceral fighting.
And in SotC the enemies are more like puzzles/platforming segments you must solve rather than actual battles.

Dragons Dogma resonates with me because you can climb a cyclops or an ogre until you reach his head and then gouge his fucking eyes out with a shiv.
How the heck can you survive the annoying AI's,zombies,long distance and fucking sudden griffins?

ALso what class?
>annoying AI's,zombies,long distance and fucking sudden griffins

Wakestones, proper pawn inclination setup, consumables, and travelstones!

Seriously, properly set up pawns are some of the smartest AI helpers I've ever seen in a game before. It's just that documentation is next to nonexistent for them and that nobody bothers to try and build their pawns correctly unless they're really particular about it.
I tried but i just....it's pretty difficult.
Especially when going to that female only bandit camp. Damn that chimera.

But the engine and gameplay is pretty dope. Its just an unpolished gem but still a fun game
I absolutely love Dragon's Dogma, But I hate that I have to play a magic class for over 100 levels to make a decent build. (eventhough it can oneshot everything forever)
There is an option that turns off the Pawn speech so their retardation doesn't hurt me that much.
And I never EVER rely on an AI in any game, prefering to go solo everywhere.

Yes, I never use summons in Dark Souls

The zombies are not even that annoying, I could name about five enemies that are ten times worse than them.
Except on Bitterblack Isle. Fuck the zombies there.

Long distance is not really a problem for me, I love exploration and it makes the world feel large.
Also, Eternal Ferry stone.

Griffins: Them and flying enemies are my favorites.
Climbing on them as they fly off and beating them until they crash into the ground is one of the most satisfying things ever.

Please, I never had problem outside Bitterblack Isle.
Maybe a bit when I first entered Post Dragon but that's it
Oh, and I forgot about my class:

I started out as a warrior and switched over to magic knight (never again...)
Then I switched back to warrior.
It was one of the most boring things I've ever done even if Dragons Maw is one of the most fun skills ever.

But after entering Bitterblack Isle I was forced to switching over to something more nimble since brute forcing your way through Dark Arisen is simply impossible.
That's how I ended up being a Strider and my life was changed forever.

Seriously, playing strider was one of the most fun things I've experienced in a while.
Especially after it became viable to climb on monsters
I quite like Magic knight, Assassin is also one of my favorites.
I personally only use Assassin now.
Metal golems broke me. Also always bring conqueror talismans with you to bitterblack.The dire gouge assassin skill with 3 conquereors popped kills daimon in roughly 30 seconds. Awakened is still a bitch though.
I dunno, I got bored of spamming two maybe three skills pretty fast.

Kek Golems.
Some of the easiest shit of my life.

But those fucking ghost knights on Bitterblack Isle or Death?
Fuck them all to death!
>Ghost knights
Bring mages that arent just heal/buffsluts Meteor gibs them.
It's about climbing monsters all day. So fun.
Fuck death with a rake, haven't met the knights yet.
File: Monster_img_18.png (513 KB, 639x625)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
It's these dickholes!
I think they are even a meme in the Dragons Dogma community.

Their mere existence is capable of giving a man cancer
''Welcome! To my 「World」!''

The two boys just keep staring, though Ishida seems to be a bit more taken back than Chad.
''This... this is!
None of the records say anything about this!''

You can't help but let out a coy smile.
''Why thank you!
I've been working very diligently on it!''

However, unlike Ishida, Chad takes in the sight a bit easier.
Probably due to the fact that he didn't have any expectations about the place.
You see him kneeling down to the ground and placing his hand on the soft soil.
His expression changes a bit and furrows his brows.

''Is something wrong?''
You ask him.

''It's... strange.''

''Strange how?''

''Ever since the Garganta I felt something...
Something deep inside me has been stirring.
It was getting... restless, anxious.
I felt like... like I was coming home after a long vacation.''
He moves his hand a bit and you see the soil under his hand shifting in reaction to his spiritual energy.

''Heh. I guess Hueco Mundo feels the same way.
It looks like it's welcoming you.''
You turn your attention back to Uryu.
''But now I'm wondering Ishida.
What exactly did you hear about Hueco Mundo?
Just for curiosity's sake.''

''Not much.
Only that it's mostly an empty wasteland.
How did you do this?!''

You smile at that.
''I can't answer that.
But I can give you a good tour of the place!
Just to show you the extent of my handiwork!''

Now would be the ideal time to decide how you want to handle the little tour of the place.

>Just take them to the dining area.
>Take them to somewhere specific (Options: Dining area, The Lab, Market)
>Try and find someone to introduce to the kids (who?)
>Other? (write-in)
>>Just take them to the dining area.
>>Just take them to the dining area.
>Take them to somewhere specific (Options: Dining area, The Lab, Market)
>Try and find someone to introduce to the kids (who?)

Pesci seems to be the most mundane amongst our cadre of followers, so he'd be the least likely to freak them out.

Forgot to specify to take them to the dining area. It's probably where Pesci is anyway.
To the first tree, where it all began. Recount a small bit of the tale of how you were still without any purpose other than surviving, travelling with your group and just meeting nel's group, and your efforts to make a hunting grounds by hollowing out a quartz tree. And how you made your secret discovery after a terrible fight withwhat is now your subordinate, Aimee. It may also do good to explain that aizen, in his dickishness, moved the city from its original location to las noches.

It should be interesting for them. And give them some perspective - only a few decades ago, we were a hobo fighting for our life.

I'm also good with this, too:


This, along with immersing them in the mundane aspect of Hueco Mundo (i.e. seeing hollows acting like normal people with gossip and idly complaining about work and food) should leave a strong impression on them.
Okay, the dining area clearly won but I'm also including this:>>1278239

We shall dub them the Cancer Knights!
Curious that Chad would feel that way, but Souls are strange things after all.
Not really.
Chad had the same reaction in canon when arriving in Hueco Mundo

His fullbring resonates with the world, since it's hollow in origin
So then it's more or less Chad specific? Alright then I can accept that. I was gonna start wondering if the other Fullbringers had/would have similar reactions.
That's the entire point.

That all fullbrings are formed when hollow energy is given to a young child and it develops over time into a fullbring.

Ginjo even said so in canon.
So all of them would react similarly
Ok so I was right when I was thinking that Fullbring is basically the halfway between a Hollow and a Human. So how does that work for visoreds vs arrancars? Is the separation point based on what they started as? or are they actually more similar than previously believed?
You weigh your options carefully before choosing the appropriate course of action.
In the end you decided on taking the boys to Pesci since he's the least likely to freak them out.
Confidently stroking your chin you speak up.

''Okay kids!
I promised you a dinner and I intend to keep that promise!
Now then, please follow me!''

They both nod and start following you through the streets.
At the moment Vanaheim is a bit more quiet than usual but that's fine.
Leading them through the streets was a lot less arduous than you expected, probably due to the fact that the citizens got desensitized to the presence of humans thanks to the bounts. Even if just a little.
The problem was with the kids.

''Please don't stare at people!''
You grumble to them.
''It's just as rude here as in your world.''

Uryu apologizes.
''It's just that I didn't think I'd see this many arrancars!
Wasn't your kind supposed to be rare?''

''Was is the key word.
Since we discovered the method of safe arrancarification our numbers started to swell.
But don't think they are all like me or my friends.
Most of them barely got any extra power from their transformation.
It's more of a thing they do for the sake of convenience.''

''Is that the reason some people don't undergo it?''
Chad asks.

Some folks have gotten used to their new forms and in fact, prefer it to having a human body.
But there is no real stigma against either type.
I've even heard about regular hollows and arrancars living in the same household.''
You leave things at that and you see that people are paying less attention to your little guests, so it probably had an effect.

After but a few more minutes you finally reached Pescis special little place and see him chopping up the ingredients for todays dinner.
You walk up closer to him and eventually he sees you approaching.
With knife in his hand he waves to you.

''Hey there Boss!''

''Good day Pesci!
I brought some guests!''

He leans to the side in order to take a good look at the two humans walking behind you.
Although a bit surprised by this, Pesci is already used to your shenanigans so it doesn't last long.
He puts down his knife and starts cleaning his hand with a towel that he put aside.

Once he finished he came out from behind his counter.
''Hey there boyos!
I'm the local chef. Please, just call me Pesci!
Everyone does.''
He extends his arm to the humans.
An Arrancar is a hollow assuming a human form by fragmenting their own mask.
It's one of the evolutionary paths a hollow can undertake and not artificial (In canon there were natural arrancars as well as the further development of Arrancars as demonstrated by Ulquiorra)

But a Visored is completely man made.
Basically Aizen created weird modified hollows that attacked, infected the shinigami.
The end result is that the hollow fuses with the shinigamis Zanpakuto, effectively altering the very core of their powers.
And in like 90% of cases it's lethal.
Only Urahara managed to stabilize a few of them.

But of course there is Junichi.
He is more or less a stable hybrid between humans and hollows.
That's only possible due to the benevolent nature of Kaizars power
It's less halfway and more 'Mostly human with a very tiny bit of Hollow that they have unconsciously made their own and grown into something new'
Arrancars = Natural Evo
Visored = Manufactured/Forced Infection/Injection
Fullbring = Somewhat Natural Evo after a small Infection/Injection
If I'm gettin all this right.
So what's that mean for the otherside, I know Berry Boy has quincy and shinigami powers as well as his hollow abilities but what about just shinigami/quincy combinations, is that possible as well?
Also i guess i should add, are Quincies actually human? or something else since Yhwach is a thing? My Bleach knowledge isn't as good as I thought
File: 1464226546551.jpg (2.77 MB, 1200x5000)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
Ichigo is a freak of nature though. It's the reason he doesn't just immediately soul suicide because of Hollow + Quincy.

Quincy can steal Bankai at their highest level, which I guess sort of counts. It never came up in canon, but I assume it's possible for a quincy to become a shinigami, or more accurately there's no reason they can't.

Quincy + Hollow is impossible without massive amounts of science, though.

Somebody posted it in one of the earlier SSQ episodes, I don't know where it originates though.

Helped me understand the whacky interplay between the Bleach races, though.
Ya i've seen the pic before but it's good to have a refresher cause this shite is so confusing at times, and also interesting because of the possibilities
Also that just makes me wonder how the Quincy soul suicide thing actual works, why are hollows such an anathema?
I don't think it was ever elaborated on, and since Bleach is a closed book, it probably never will be.

Shame. The setting is great, it's most of the characters that fall flat.
File: 166Arrancar_watch.png (314 KB, 696x520)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Chad takes the initiative and shakes Pescis hand.
The reaction of your friend is priceless.

''I'm Yasutora Sado.
But people usually call me Chad.''

''H-hot damn lad...
You've got a strong grip!''
Pesci turns to you.
''Are you sure he's human?''

You laugh at that.
''As far as I'm aware.''

Then it's Ishidas turn.
He takes a step forward but doesn't shake Pescis hand and instead bows slightly before him.
''Ishida Uryu, a quincy.
A pleasure.''

Pesci nods in confirmation.
''Aye. Be careful about that lad.
Many people are paranoid about your kind, moreso than the reapers.''

''Did my people cause a lot of harm to you?''

''Not us, no.
But people often carry grudges from their old lives.''

''I see...
But if it pleases you, not many of us are around anymore.''

''It doesn't.
I have nothing against your kind.
Your people assaulted me and I assaulted them.
I'm sure nobody has the right to be upset in that situation.''

Well, that got dark quickly.
In a vain effort to try and fix the mood you patted Pesci on the back.

''Anyway, Pesci.
I promised the boys a meal.
Could you help us out?''

''A meal?''

I think we all deserve it after today.''

Pesci looks up at that.
''Wait... Did something happen to the bambino?''

You laugh at that.
''Stop worrying Pesci!
I'll tell it all in detail. But stories are much better after a nice dinner, wouldn't you agree?''

Now Pescis mood is lifted as well.
''Oh that's good to hear!
I was worried about the boy. Okay, I'll see what I can whip up.''
But Uryu coughs at this to get your attention.
''Huh? What's wrong boy? Do you perhaps have an intolerance?''

''Erm... no.
Well, not quite.
I'm a quincy so I don't think it's safe for me to eat your food.
It's actually very dangerous for us to be in the presence of hollow reishi.''

I... didn't know that.
How about a glass of water than if nothing else?''

''I'll... try.
But if I sense hollow energy from it I'll have to refuse.''

''Okay then.
Please sit down while I make something for you!''

Then as Pesci goes back to his kitchen you help the boys to the closest table around.
However just as you settle down you hear an unmistakable noise coming from the streets.
In mere minutes the banes of your existence, the Tres Bestias, arrive.
Their bickering can be heard even from where you're sitting.

Apacci starts shouting to you.
They stop arguing for a little while and walk up to you.
''Did you come to schmooze some food out of Pesci as well?
Also, who are your friends?''

>Introduce them and ask the Tres to be gentle
>Ask them nicely to leave, least they scare the boys
>''Do you want to sit with us?''
>Other? (write-in)
Oh don't you worry!
That's just one of the things I want to un-fuck about the final arc
>''Do you want to sit with us?''
>Introduce them and ask the Tres to be gentle
Then i'm gonna go ahead and theorize that it has to do with keeping the enemies of the quincy from stealing/assimilating their abilities that Yhwach himself put in place.
>>Introduce them and ask the Tres to be gentle
>Introduce them and ask the Tres to be gentle (with Uryu, I'm sure Chad is fine.)
>Introduce them and ask the Tres to be gentle
>Introduce them and ask the Tres to be gentle
File: 1294867966744.jpg (448 KB, 531x1500)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Here you go mate. Took me some time but I finally found it! As expected, /a/'s theories were superior to how they played out in canon.
Where does Quincy play into that
Back in the day nobody really thought the quincy would play a huge part in the series.
Since... they were supposed to be near extinction.

Though I suspect a few paranoid people did suspect the Quincy to be the final enemies
This is fantastic, I can't wait to go through all the new shite this zip file will give me.
Ya but i'm sure a few paranoid people in this quest think that our wife is actually just Aizen after all this time, more lucky guess than anything, though arguably with more viability.
Meaning this more as a joke but could you imagine the mindfuckery if that happened?
I guess back then they perhaps fell under the "humans" tab as >>1278494 said. Who could've guessed all the stuff that the last arc gave us.
Kubo would never have wrapped up those plot threads anyway. He needed to be stopped before he created more of them.

Much as I would like the setting to explore them, it's better to just leave it up to fan interpretation at this point.
File: 1225423756334.png (1.26 MB, 647x2850)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I'm 2 seconds into these files and i've already lol'd
File: galactickubo.jpg (379 KB, 477x699)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Well that is true. Still, ending everything so abruptly and ""covering"" plotholes the way he did just leaves a bad aftertaste. To me at least.
Glad I could help.
''Apacci, let me introduce you to Yasutora Sado or Chad.
And this guy next to him is Ishida Uryu. They are humans and our guests.
So please be on your best behavior.''

''Hah! Aren't we always?''

You sigh at her saying that.
''Well guys, allow me to introduce you to the Tres Bestias.
Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose and Cyan Sung-Sun.''

Uryu nods and Chad follows suit.
''A pleasure.''

''Care to sit with us?''

''Heh! Of course!''
Apacci then quickly takes her place next to Chad.
And somehow you suspect that she wanted to do this the entire time.
She speaks up as she has to look up at Chad.
''You're a big guy!''

''For you Apacci.''
You grumble as the rest of the Tres sit down.

Sung-Sun takes her seat next to Uryu while Rose sits next to you.
And after they all settle down Sung-Sun points out the elephant in the room.
''So nobody is going to talk about how we have a quincy here?''

''Damn it Sun!''
Rose snaps at her.

''What's wrong you hairless gorilla?
Someone had to ask it.''

You take Roses side and glare down at Sung-Sun.
''I've said that they are our guests.
Do we have a problem with that?''

Not losing her usual cool she simply looks you dead in the eye and speaks up.
''No. No we don't.''

''Jeez Sun, you can be such a buzzkill sometime.''
Apacci then turns back to the boys.
''So... did you guys got on Kaizars fun train as well?
Were you forced or did you come voluntarily?''

Chad is the one that starts replying to her.
''We were offered free food...''

''Oh... you too?
Don't worry about it.
He basically suckered in the entire population of Las Noches with the words ''Free Food''.
It happens to the best of us.''

You smirk at that.
''Still better than accidentally pressing the ''Kill me'' button on the guy who's best described as a walking, talking weapon of mass destruction.''


''Oh? So you're saying if you were sober it wouldn't have happened?''

''Erm... Yeah, good point.''
But as this is going on you hear Pesci calling out to you.
''Hey Boss!
Could you help me out a bit?''
You stand up and go to the kitchen area.
''Could you help me with serving these?''

Picking up two plates you go and put down one for Chad and one for Apacci, normally you'd have given it to Uryu but since he's not eating you'll serve the closest person instead.
After giving everyone their plates you sit back down and begin eating.

Chad looks at his plate in mild confusion.
He stares at the assortment of multi-colored fruits and vegetables and then swallows hard.
''Do... you actually eat this?''

''It might look odd at first but trust me it's good!''
Apacci pokes him with her elbow.

Uryu meanwhile is busy staring at his glass of water.
You look up at that and ask him.
''Is something wrong?''

''N-no... it's just weird.
This feels exactly the same as the water in Soul Society...''

You raise an eyebrow at that.
Putting his theory to the test he takes a quick gulp of the water.
''Be careful, if you get sick we don't have anyone who could help you...
Well... actually we do but you don't want that.''

After closing his eyes and exhaling in relief he speaks up.
''Don't worry.
I was right. This is almost exactly the same.''


He nods.
''I'm sensing some odd reishi particles in it but it's not hollow in nature.
This is just reiryoku enriched water, nothing more.''
He then begins observing the plates of the others.
''Excuse me, Mister Pesci.
Could I trouble you with making another plate?''

Pesci looks up from his food.
But are you going to be alright?''

But now I'm very curious.''

''Okay then.''
He stands up and goes back to the kitchen.

''Sorry for troubling you!''
The young quincy apologizes furiously.

''Don't be. I love cooking more than anything.''

Sighing with relief Ishida looks back at you.
''Okay Kaizar.
You managed to pique my curiosity.
How did you manage to do all this?''

Not wanting to speak while eating you shovel the remainder of your meal in your mouth and quickly send it down the hatch.
After clearing your mouth with a napkin you look him straight in the eye.
''Do you really want to know?''


As you take a deep breath in preparation you notice the Tres stopping their own feasting as they focus on you.
Now that you think about it's very likely that they haven't heard your exact story up until now.

''It began about sixty years ago...
But that doesn't matter.
I came to Hueco Mundo some time after that.
By that time I was already a Gillian.''
You turn to Pesci.
''Isn't that right Buddy?''

''Yeah Boss!
But don't leave me out!''

''Oh of course, how could I forget?
I met the big guy over there in the human world.
My first ever friend. He's been with me through thick and thin.
He followed me to Hueco Mundo right after I transformed.''
>he rode me for miles, Its was the time of our life.
>the only one who has rode me even more then my big friend over there is my wife.
Please, we have kids present, and also Chad and Ishida.
>Implying Kaizar cared
File: 148495-bleach586.jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
59 KB
Ishidas eyes go wide at this.
''You became a Menos in the living world?
I've never... Wait!
You... You are the hollow who fought my masters mother!
Aren't you?!''

You frown at that.
''I wasn't aware that he's the son of that woman...
Small world, I guess.
What are you going to do about it?''

''Is it true you actively hunted her and her family?''

She was the one hunting me.
And I didn't do anything about her family.
I went to Hueco Mundo afterwards and almost never visited the Living realm.''

Uryu folds his arms.
''Then I won't do anything.
This has nothing to do with me.''

You shuffle around your chair a bit and lean back so you can get a better look at everyone.
''Smart. Now... where was I?
Of course! Hueco Mundo.
It was here that I met my adopted daughter Alex.
The three of us then did together what we did alone up until that point. Survive.
And of course they rode me for miles, Its was the time of our life.
The only one who has rode me even more then my big friend over there is my wife.
But it was tricky because none of us knew what to do in Hueco Mundo. Then we met Neliel and her friends.
Since we were so similar we joined forces. We started by trying to carve rooms into the large quartz tree that we used as a base.''

Chad points up at the large tree in the middle of Las Noches.
''That one?''

You look up at it.
''Yes. But this is not the original location.
That bastard Aizen teleported our entire base here at some point.
Buuuut before that... I got the shit beat out of me once.
It was bad. I lost consciousness for over a week. But thanks to that discovered that I can make plants bloom.''

Uryu looks at you in shock.

''Eh... doesn't matter.
Turns out it was food. And everything else you see before you.
My power was capable of restoring the long dead vegetation if used for long enough.
Soon enough word spread of this discovery and a small band of hollows began to gather up here.
That's when Aizen stepped in. He pretty much enslaved us all.
Now he's dead and we are free to finally live in peace like we originally wanted to.''
You pause for a moment to take in the expression of the others.
''Any questions?''

Chad raises his arm.
''What happened to the one beat you that badly?''

You can't help but laugh.
''She's pretty much my underling after I completely outgrew her in terms of power.
The best part is that she was actually loyal to Aizen, so we got to beat the shit out of her more than once!
We gave her the option to leave but apparently she got used to the comfortable life in here.
So she has to put up with us bossing her around.''
You crack your neck a bit.
''But yeah, that's pretty much it.''

Finishing your little tale the others are either completely taken back by it or just simply don't care.

>And you Uryu? I'm interested in what you quincy actually are.
>Chad? How do you feel about telling stories?
>Girls? Care to add anything?
>Other? (write-in)
>>Girls? Care to add anything?
>And you Uryu? I'm interested in what you quincy actually are.
>Chad? How do you feel about telling stories?
>And you Uryu? I'm interested in what you quincy actually are.
>Girls? Care to add anything?
I still think Escamas would still be a good fight for Uryuu and Aimee would be a good fight for Chad.
It could be a good training fight to see how they're progressing, perhaps.

...Man, the arena really IS one of our best tourist attractions. It's just so useful and entertaining.
>Chad? How do you feel about telling stories?
>Girls? Care to add anything?
>Make an off handed remark about how the Quincy's are just boring so you doubt Uryu can tell a story teasingly.
>>Girls? Care to add anything?
After looking over them and getting tired of the silence you look at the girls.
''What about you Ladies?
Care to add anything?''

They don't seem to be too moved by your question.
Well, to be fair, Apacci appears to be lost in thought.
Eventually however she decides to speak off.

''You know what?
Yeah! Because I'm kinda mad about you not mentioning us!''

''Heh. If I mentioned everyone we'd be here for a while.''

''Still! I think we are at least worth mentioning!
So... Get this!''
Apacci points at you.
''Imagine the three of us living our peaceful lives, serving Mistress Harribel-''

''Wait... Isn't Harribel the name of Kaizars-''

Apacci clears her throat after that little explosion.
''As I was saying, we lived our peaceful lives. Just the four of us.
When all of a sudden this blonde little shit strolls in through our front door!''

''And imagine my surprise when you dropped a five ton boulder on my head.''

''You lived, didn't you?
Anyway, this arrancar asshole comes and recruits us into his fold.''

You speak up again.
''All I-''

''Let me finish Kaizar!''
She turns back to the humans.
''So... we get roped into all that mess you've heard before.
And not only that but we are introduced to this massive network of conspiracies where two guys are trying to compete with one another about who has the bigger dick and who can fuck the other more thoroughly!
In the end we join with Kaizar in hopes of overthrowing that massive asshole Aizen!
Not only that but also Kaizar ends up getting married to Mistress Harribel, netting us another sibling and perhaps the worlds worst nephew in the process!
And! AND! Now that Aizen is no more it turns out that we'll get either a new brother or sister as well!''

Then there is silence.
You look at Apacci and decide to speak up.
''May I interject?''

''No, not yet!
So... To summarize:
Our old lives were taken from us in exchange for a shit ton of fighting, an actual family that I personally love to death and finally a quiet and frankly happy life both for us and our mistress!
So while these two bitches are too proud to ever say this I'll just speak for them as well: ''Thank you Kaizar Soize''.''
She raises her glass for you.
''Thanks for making life suck just a little less for all of us!''
Apacci is really flat chested
nah dog she aint that flat at all, she just doesn't have a super bust like most in the bleach universe
File: Ep224CiervaReleased.png (451 KB, 400x571)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
This! This is flat?!
Using a release to increase your bust size is cheating, tiny tits
With respect to who? Rangiku?
File: baitodesu.jpg (69 KB, 415x570)
69 KB
Im not making this shit up
She clearly uses her resurrecion to amp up her titty game

Anime character design at it's finest. Also Mila Rose has a serious case of manjaw in that first image.
... push up... fur? A very supportive bodysuit?
File: aizen-bait.png (31 KB, 625x626)
31 KB
I'm just using you as an excuse to post stuff at this point desu.

Here have another.
Following her example the other two Bestias also raise their glasses and so does Pesci.

''I'll drink to that!''
Mil Rose speaks with a big smile on her face.

''Fine... I suppose you earned a toast Sir Kaizar...''
Sung-Sun also caves in.

Thanks girls! And Pesci.''
You stand up and walk over to Apacci.

She gets visibly worried and begins to panic.
''H-h-hey! The hell are you doing?!''
But you ignore her and pat her on the head.
Initially you wanted to ruffle her hair but then you remembered she'd probably be cross for having her hair ruined.
She gets a bit annoyed and slaps your hand away.

''OY! Don't get any funny ideas now you creep!
I'm not your daughter! And if you call me that I'll break your nose!

To your surprise Mila Rose comes to your aid, if only to annoy Apacci a bit.
''Strange... I remember hearing you mutter ''Thanks mom'' when Mistress tucked you in one night after you came home too tired to even walk.
Doesn't that make Kaizar by extension your father?''

''S-shut up Mila Rose!
If that's the case then it includes you as well!''

''Okay, okay!
I think that's enough girls!''
You try to defuse the situation.
''If this keeps up Apacci might pop an artery and then both her eyes will be red!''

Following this you sit back to your place and the girls slowly follow suit.
With the tension slowly disappearing you turn your attention to the humans.

''So boys.
What do you think about our little history?
Also, how was the food? If you keep quiet about it I'm afraid Pesci might get anxious.''

It was okay...''
Chad is the first to give his opinion.
''But I'm used to eating food with a lot more spice.''

''I... didn't really feel any flavor coming from it.
But I must admit this fruit contains an extraordinary amount of reiryoku.
Do you mind if I take a few back home?''


''Us Quincies rely more on external sources of energy.
Since our own power capacity is small and hard to expand.
But I think I could turn this into something that I can use...''

''Like what?''

''Like... a battery of sorts.
Something I can use in a pinch to give myself some extra energy to work with.''

>I don't mind but in turn I'd like to learn more about the quincy.
>I'm not too comfortable with that
>Other? (write-in)
>>I don't mind but in turn I'd like to learn more about the quincy.
>I don't mind but in turn I'd like to learn more about the quincy.

Mutual science
>>I'm not too comfortable with that
File: sealofapproval.png (67 KB, 365x404)
67 KB
You're having way too much fun with your new reaction images
>I don't mind but in turn I'd like to learn more about the quincy.
And make an offhand remark about them growing thanks to our juices or something.
File: fsjal-mayuri.png (67 KB, 299x276)
67 KB
Dude, don't even get me started.

This is a gold mine!
i'll back this mad man >>1279089
Yeah. I messed up.

After giving it a lot of consideration I concluded that the fruit technically should have no effect on the Quincy.

Mostly due to the fact that it was never a substitute for hollow meat but Plus meat
File: newaizenchairtea.jpg (10 KB, 182x195)
10 KB
>I don't mind but in turn I'd like to learn more about the quincy.
Don't think I don't know, this stuff is gr8,
That is highly un-Kubo of you right there.
You won't fool me with your wily GM ways
You're trying to throw me off the trail
We poisoned ishida with a slow-acting infection
In a few months we'll need to stabilize him before soul suicide which will require using the hogyoku, which is good because I really want us to use it more to become in tune with it
Honestly I agree with the fact that we should test out the Hogyoku some more, though I can't remember any of the ideas i originally had in mind.
what's un-kubo?
The fact that I messed up or that I admitted it or that I apologized?
You wound me!
I never was a GM!

>writing the poison into Ishida
Was having a laugh but I guess that you didn't leave it ambiguous so the readers start marinating in their own imagination. That sort of thing.
File: since-when.jpg (205 KB, 978x1134)
205 KB
205 KB JPG

I'm fine with doing that 99% of the time and in fact I often do.
But not when it's because of a mistake.
You should have had Uryu be a special snowflake who is somehow immune to soul suicide, thus asspulling a solution to a seeming lore conflict, and getting away with it without anyone being any the wiser.

Your Kubo is weak
File: idontknow.png (20 KB, 201x199)
20 KB
I'll take that as a compliment
>implying Uryu isn't already a snowflake only in the version of a walking exposition and asspull dump
''Sure. Go ahead.''
You reply to Ishida.

''W-Wait... just like that?''

''No, of course not.
If you really wish to have some of our fruit then I expect something in turn.
Like some information about the Quincy.
Truth be told your clan is still a bit of an enigma for us.
So things like your history, culture or anything would be welcome.''

''That's... surprising.''

''What is? Wanting to learn more about you?''

''No. I was expecting you to ask me about our fighting techniques.
You know, ways to combat us and our weapons and not our history.''

''You'd be surprised just how much ones history can reveal about them.
And it's not like you asked us about our weaknesses.
So I think this is more than a fair trade.''

''Very well... then allow me to-''

I'd like to warn you of something!
Since both of you ate of it already it's not that big of a deal but just so you know all of these fruits originate from me and my ''juices''.
Just a warning about what you're trying to bargain for.''

The two boys look a bit shocked and Uryu looks like he threw up a bit in his mouth.
After coughing a bit he looks at the others.
''You knew?!''

''Of course dumbass!
Everyone knows! And we're kinda used to it.''

I think I can share with you what I know.
Sadly it's not much. Only things I've gathered from our history books and our folk lore.''

You nod in acknowledgment.
''That's fine.
It's still more than we know.''

Uryu then takes a deep breath and tries to recall his knowledge about his clan.
>My 「World」
goddamit spooky
File: yeah-right.jpg (12 KB, 308x305)
12 KB
>The two boys look a bit shocked and Uryu looks like he threw up a bit in his mouth.
>like he threw up a bit in his mouth.
Just what I was hoping for. Thanks spooky
File: 565Young_Yhwach.png (22 KB, 190x205)
22 KB
''It all began over a thousand years ago, but I can't give an exact date.
Once, in a remote village, a baby was born.
This newborn was thought to be doomed by everyone, including his parents, for he could not see nor hear nor speak or even move.
But despite all that death avoided the young child.
And to the shock of all those that beheld it, it turned out that the baby was blessed.
All those who came in contact with it found their wounds both physical and mental mended.
The sick became healthy, the meek became might and the weak became strong after touching the newborn.''

''What the-''
You can hear Apacci murmur to herself.

''What none realized however is that the child was not holy but cursed.
All who touched him turned up dead shortly afterwards.
And the reason for their miraculous rejuvenation and eventual death?
The child was capable of distributing its soul amongst those that came in contact with him and upon their demise those fragments returned to him, with interest...
Thanks to this, the boy... the man eventually became able to see, hear, speak and move like all others around him.
They called him... Yhwach.
And he was... the first quincy. The King and Father of all Quincy.''

You frown at that as you recall Vajras words.
''I've suffered defeat thrice!
The King of all Quincy!''
You shake the memories away and try focusing on Uryu again.

''Unlike the people of his time, he did not care for creating a powerful house to claim as his own.
Instead he wandered the land, siring more and more children. Spreading his blessing, his blood.
Eventually Quincy kind became widespread and they eventually started conquering the land around them.
Under the rule of His Majesty the Quincy prospered...''

''Erm... call me crazy but...
That's bullshit!''
Apacci speaks up.
''It's a nice story if a bit fucked up, don't get me wrong.
But none of that bullshit happened! If it did then how come NOBODY knows about this?!''

Uryu just looks at Apacci without changing his expression.
''A thousand years ago the shinigami almost managed to eradicate all Quincy.
Only a handful of us were left alive because we remained neutral in the war.
Out of those most houses were in Europe, none in the New World and one or two scattered around in Africa and Asia.
Keep in mind that the Quincy managed to conquer almost anything they wished, they were so powerful.
If the shinigami could wipe them out with ease, don't you think it'd be childs play for them to alter the records of history?
But if you're still skeptic I'll tell you this, I've studied writs made by my ancestors.
All papers said the same thing, regardless or geographical or chronological differences.
No discrepancies whatsoever. Isn't that a bit odd?''
File: Quincy2.jpg (194 KB, 900x485)
194 KB
194 KB JPG

''But this is pretty much it for our history.
Well... our origin at least.
The rest you know. My kin overstepped their boundaries, exterminating hollows and upsetting the balance of the world.
Then the shinigami wiped most of them out.
I'm afraid even I don't know much more about our history.''

You nod.
''I see. Thank you Uryu.
That was still very much welcome.
You've given me plenty to think about.''

He clears his throat.
''I'm afraid I'm not done yet...''

''Come again?''

''I'll... share a bit of our culture...
If you don't mind.''

You furrow your brows as you sense some ulterior motive from Uryu.
''Go on...''

''There is... a tradition in my clan.
My elders believed in the purity of the Quincy Blood. The source of our power.
Do you know what they said? That since our blood is a gift from Yhwach himself... it must be preserved...''

You mutter.

On a purely logical level, it made sense.
All Quincy are direct descendants of Yhwach. But even his children can only be considered 50% Quincy, only he was entirely pure.
And it was a fact that those who had their blood diluted by having one human parent became considerably weaker.
So... They invented two names: The Echt and the Gemischt Quincy...''

You clench your fists so hard that you can almost feel your blood escaping.

''It was obvious. The closer one is to the King the more powerful they are.
And weakening the blood was looked down upon. The Gemischt Quincy became... lesser in the eyes of the pure.
So... in order to keep the bloodline pure they arranged marriages between the other houses.
And since all of Yhwachs direct descendants were siblings that meant incest.''

''That's... disgusting...''
Apacci speaks up in horror.

''Is it though?
The only natural purity a quincy can achieve is 50%.
Anything less than that and they can't be considered Quincy anymore.
It was, by all means, logical.''

You look up at that.
''You just said something interesting...

He nods.
''There is a way... or rather, there was a way to get even closer to his Majesty.
An ancient rite where a child partakes from his fathers blood.
Only the most powerful Quincies whom Yhwach chose himself were granted such an honor.''
He then takes out his cross and starts turning it in his hand.
''I... am Gemischt.
My father was Echt but my Mother wasn't.''
He then looks up at you.
''So let me ask you something Kaizar...
Did you find anything odd in this whole thing?''

>Yes (write-in)
This is going to nopeville real quick
>Yes (write-in)

>>Yes (write-in)
"Yes. Very Nazi."
>Yes, it sounds uncomfortably close to what the Nazi's we're attempting to achieve during the War, Not to mention this isn't the first time I've heard of a King of Quincies. Quick question, why do you keep referring to him as "Majesty"?
Yeah, your people seem to suffer from a terminal case of Nazis. Fortunately, there is a cure. Unfortunately, the cure is war with insert disdain and hate here the fucking Slavs
I'll give you guys a bit more time.
And I'll tell you that while true this is not the important thing
>Why did the quincies need to be wiped out? What's all this stuff about the balance of souls Uryu?
Was Hitler an Echt Quincy?
This one is better.

But still not good enough.

So king Quincy is still dicking about if Quincies still have powers.

Also wouldn't Gemischt quincies be better investments for him? Because he gives less powers to them, but still noms their whole soul anyway
>Uryu exactly how do you know about this rite?
and i guess as the final question
>Is this Yhwach still alive?

People who partook of Yhwach's blood could breed and create Quincy that broke that 50% purity barrier?
Oh, are we rolling with the aborted plot thread wherein all hollows killed by Quincy are eaten by Ywach?

Does that have some sort of connection to the whole Soul Suicide thing? Seems to have had a lot of focus in this episode.
I pretty much treat that as canon.
Makes a whole lot of sense to me
This is news to me, but it makes sense, the whole "Total Destruction" of the soul never really made sense to me.
You nod.
''A few things did stand out.
For starters, this sound eerily like the Nazis...''

Uryu sighs.
''While I share your opinion on that it's nothing more than a coincidence that two similar empires like that sprouted from the Fatherland.''

Well there is something else that has been bugging me but it's more related to your history than this...
So I think I'm out.''


''Very well.''
Uryu closes his eyes.
''Then I'll ask the important question myself.
Kaizar... As I said before my father is an Echt Quincy...
Don't you think that over a thousand years of inbreeding would produce at least some sort of an adverse effect?''


''In all records detailing my ancestors not one of them suffered from any genetic defects...
Even though most of them were usually very closely related.
The only time I found anything was when I began tracing back my lineage from my mothers side...
Whatever Quincy blood actually is, it seems to have a much larger effect on the human body than we realize.
So... Couple this with the fact and that the Father of Quincies just magically appeared one day...
What do you get Kaizar?''

''That... the quincies were... made by someone.''


Your eyes grow ever wider at the implications.
You swallow hard and finally ask the only thing that you can muster.
''Uryu... Tell me...
Did the shinigami really kill the Quincies because they threatened the balance of the worlds?''

''I don't know...''

Is the King still alive?''

''Not yet.''


''It's written as such?
900 years until He regains his form.
90 years until He regains his mind.
9 years to regain His power.
And only 9 days until he regains The World.''
And I think that's as far as I can go.
Thanks for playing! And have a good day!

Archive is up and I promise not to be a lazy shit and I'll edit the pastes for real this time.
Also, if you want any omakes done start posting.
I might do one or two next week.

And as a reminder: Asking questions from in game characters are still a thing.
Just make sure to put meme arrows before the name of the character you want to ask something from.
here's a random question about the city it's. Are they're any Vasto lords in the city or did they all go Arrancar before they got to that point? I doubt their is but I would find it interesting.
File: 1459008875114.png (86 KB, 1500x1000)
86 KB
Fantastic session Spooky, i'm hype for the upcoming stuff involving the Quincy.
There aren't any.
They are still rare as fuck
any Adjuchas close to becoming one... now that I think about it how does the city handle it when someone goes from a hollow to a Gillian or a gillian to an Adjuchas? how would they react to an Adjuchas turning into a Vasto lord?

I'm guess them going from Gillian to Adjuchas isn't to bad but I would like to imagine they're or at least one or two homes without a roof now because someone turned into a Gillian.
So what were your impressions before and after seeing Hueco?
Same as above.
Not too jealous about Dante and Tatsuki now are ya? Or are you still holdin a grudge against a guy ya barely know?
>Tres Bestias
Reactions to seeing Kaizar worried about something?
How you guys feeling about quincies now?
also for an Omake how about something like Ggio's Bootcamp or something? Show us how a newer hollow goes about joining the exequias.
Most Menos typically tear their masks off.
Especially the Adjuchas because on some level they are still scared shitless of reverting to a Gillian.

Buuut... there is one guy...

Hollows becoming Menos is not that rare and the Exequias typically have it under control.
Should a hollow exhibit signs of metamorphosis the closest police officers kindly take them to the top of one of the pillars and inject the guy with concentrated Idun extract to speed up the process.

But should an Adjuchas turn people would still lose their shit.

I... didn't expect much.
So I was pleasantly surprised and a bit intrigued.

It reminds me a lot of the more rustic parts of Mexico so I feel a bit at home.
I also saw a tattoo parlor. I wish to check it out.

N-no! Shut up!

(And yes, your first guess is right. He's jealous as hell)

>Kaizar getting shocked
PESCI! Get the liquor!

Eh... We never really had trouble with the doves before so we didn't have a grudge against them.
But this shit? This is sick
>still scared shitless of reverting to a Gillian
really, I thought with a steady stream of food an the fact that they no longer need to eat each other or worry about being eaten that fear of turning back to a gillian would be far less of a concern. Also isn't most of the exequias we've seen so far outside of people important enough to have names been Adjuchas or have I simply been misreading arrancars as adjuchas?
After decades, perhaps even centuries of living in fear it can get really hard to get rid of old habits.
That and paranoia forces people to go for the safe option.

The Exequias almost exclusively have arrancars, many of whom weren't even Menos.
But yes, a large chunk of the main force is made up of Adjuchas class Menos who turned into arrancars.
now that I think of it what would that templar hallow think if he came across this city? Seeing hallows acting as something more then just mindless beast.
Something between ''does not compute'' and ''Deus Vult!''
so a lot like the SS did but with less of a clear head or at least someone to talk him down? Good to know. Oh and speaking of the SS if they decided to hit us full force right now, how screwed would we be? I mean they outnumber us by how much and their captains are still probably tough enough to tear apart most anyone other then us and our closest friends apart. that and once they find a way to get into hueco mundo we don't really have any way to keep them from just popping up inside the city.
File: Spoiler Image (480 KB, 480x640)
480 KB
480 KB PNG

I assume by full force you mean 100% nothing held back, balls to the wall, all out assault.

In that case it goes something like this:

Though you have smaller numbers the average strength of the hollows is still vastly higher than the average strength of the reapers, so it quickly devolves into a Quality vs Quantity argument.
And then there is the home field advantage, all the defensive measures in place, the actual training of the units so they can function as a unit, all the chimeras, etc...

But none of that shit actually matters because of this fucker!
so we'd actually stand a ghost of a chance as long as long as we make good tactical plans and the dice favor us and as long as the head captain decides to hang back. Good to know.
Thankfully, an all-out war will never happen.
Some captains are heavily inclined to try to prevent that, and may or may not choose to not participate or actively oppose it in the name of the shinigami universal rule: MAINTAIN THE SOUL BALANCE. Wiping out vanaheim would probably require at least a small genocide of plusses in soul society. Vanaheim's existence is ultimately really, really good for soul society's balancing. Anyone aware of that would definitely be very, very hesitant to call for mass extermination of vanaheim.

Plus, destroying it destroys the fruit and sends shit back to megacannibalism.
I mean... if the shinigami modus operandi wasn't ''Fight the enemy one on one'' the talented captains alone (Shunsui, Ukitake, Yachiru, Mayuri, Kenny, Little Bee etc) could win the war albeit with bretty big casualties.

However if you are named Old Man Genocide you don't really give half an ounce of fuck about trivialties like that.
He alone could carry an entire war if he got really, REALLY pissed.

But as >>1282742
pointed it out, it's these same captains that actually realize how beneficial having a stable hollow population really is.
Before they couldn't really do shit about the chaotic and unstable hollow population and if their numbers dwindled, which it often did, they had to do some cullings in the Rukongai and NOBODY liked doing that.
Heck, they often kept it a secret from even most captains
so how hush hush is the hollow city in the soul society?
Only certain lieutenants and authorized personnel are even aware of their existence.

Mind you, people weren't exactly well informed about Hueco Mundo anyway.
And since the shinigami almost never recon the place it's mostly an enigma to them.
Until the day Ashido returned.
he's like captain level in power right? also we ditched his sword in SS right? Did he ever find it again?

He's not merely captain level.
In canon he was stated to have Captain level reiatsu with his sword sealed.
He's a fucking beast

No, he didn't or at least not yet.
However he submit a formal request for an asauchi AND... I have plans for him
well he be the one to finally replace the old man?
That's unlikely.
He has the power to do it for sure however since he hasn't been around for hundreds of years he doesn't have the influence nor does he have the trust of his fellow comrades.

The Captain Commander must be able to both lead and inspire all shinigami, he must be the prime example to all shinigami.
To put it bluntly, he lacks the necessary skills to become the leader
so what is the SS dossier on us right now anyways?
Not much changed from last time.
But they made 3 addendums:

-Ukitake wrote down any relevant information he managed to get from you during your conversation

-whatever Ashido managed to scrape together by looking at Vanaheim from a considerable distance

-And it was made public knowledge that Rike and Takeshi are your wife and son
huh, also what ever happened to those fullbringers that we didn't kill? They ever call Asher or did they just fuck off and do their own thing?
Ye they did.
Asher even mentioned them sometimes.
Also the pastebin refers to them
So did us taking his sword get him to develop extensive anti-hollow unarmed martial arts?
Can we be expecting to see a new training course for shinigami?
Yes and Yes
Now there's two captain level shinigami who specialize in never using bankai/shikai

I wonder who would win, him or kenny
Goes to show how fucking nuts Shinigami must have been before asauchi were invented.
Omake: The one that has Momo in it

It was a quiet day at the 5th division offices.
And the usual tedium of paperwork didn't help much.
So with a heavy heart and a mind dulled to the point of no return Hinamori found herself slamming her forehead into the table before her.

She screamed up in a manner very unlike of her.

But just as fate would have it in that instant the front door slid open with none other than Captain Kyoraku standing on the other side with a frankly terrified expression on his face.

''Erm... i-is it a bad time Hinamori-chan?''

In her mild confusion she began scrambling around the mountain of paperwork before her.
''C-C-C-Captain Kyoraku?!
M-m-my deepest apologies!
I didn't mean to-''

Shunsui then took a step in and began trying to calm down the flustered lieutenant.
''It's okay Hinamori-chan!
If anyone then I can understand the pain of paperwork!
But my, even in such a sorry state you still look wonderful!''

''Thank you Captain!''
She let out a smile, even if briefly.
Then she moved out from behind her desk, her wheelchair creaking a bit.

Captain Kyoraku looks at it for a moment but he's quick to avert his eyes.
''I see you are still in that dastardly thing...
How long 'till you finish your therapy?''

''The doctors said I'm doing great!
At last I'll be able to walk around in a few months, albeit with crutches.''

''Baby steps Hinamori-chan.
But it's still good to hear that you're doing alright.''

''Thank you Captain.''
Then she kept staring at Kyoraku for a little.
''Erm... but don't tell me you've come here only to check up on me.''

''Oh yes...
How could I forgot?''
Kyoraku slaps his forehead.
''I actually came to tell you something important.
The decision has been made... we've finally found a new captain for the 5th division...''

Momo looks a bit shocked after hearing this.

''A fellow named Ashido Kano.''

''I've... never heard of him before.''

''Neither did we for that matter.
He just showed up one day, claiming he lived in Hueco Mundo for the last couple hundred years...''

Momo takes a moment to think things through then erupts angrily.
''With all due respect Captain!
How could such a man be made a Captain?!
How can a stranger be trusted with such an important position?!''

''You don't understand Hinamori-chan.
It doesn't matter if he can or can not.
The man showed us his capabilities. Last time I've seen Hakuda like that I almost crapped my pants, pardon my french.
And that was because it came from the Captain Commander himself...
You must understand Captains are first and foremost our strongest fighters...
And the means of becoming a Captain are also at fault here.
He got ten recommendations right off the bat... by all accounts he passed the test.''

Hinamori looks practically mortified at this.

''I understand your confusion...
And that's why I came today, to deliver the news so you can begin preparations...
Have a nice day, Hinamori-chan!''
Poor momo. Getting shoved off to deal with edgy mcnofriends.
File: -not-a-challenge.jpg (197 KB, 758x704)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Because nobody likes Momo.

I don't dislike her, she could have been a lot more interesting though. Like Inoue, but that will never happen, not in this quest anyway.

She isn't that bad. She's just not that interesting.

Eh... I found her incredibly dull and boring.
The only thing I ever felt about her was mild annoyance over how retarded she was when it came to ''Aizen Taicho!!!!<3''
She always seemed to me to be the Whipping-girl, for lack of a better term. As far as Orihime goes, I still ship her with Berry boy, just wish she had more development as a character instead of just getting bigger tits.
To be honest, she probably became that because Shiro had the hots for her and the easiest way of hurting him was hurting Momo.

Kubo disliking him was amusing but it affected other characters as well, that's for certain
Well I'll agree on the fuck Toshiro front, don't know why he's so popular, he always comes off as an arrogant lil shit who just wins by pulling stuff out his ass. Wonder where I've heard that one before? Goddammit Kubo.
The same reason why he turned into a bishie in the final arc.

Unfortunately fangirls did a LOT of shit...
Like not letting Byakuya die, rendering his defeat by As Nodt pointless

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