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A goat follows her whims, and finds adventure.

There are pigeons waddling around this cramped alleyway. An abnormally large number of pigeons. So many that you’re running out of places to put your feet.

You try to think about how you ended up at this point.

Early this morning you departed from a swamp. Only recently, you think maybe three or four hours ago or something, you arrived in Silvercrest, a city with really tall walls and a fort in the middle that stands out among the brick buildings.

Ashtia wanted to stay outside so you and Lulette went in first. You came here to look for the Witch Of Crows but didn’t know how to find her. Do you just go around asking for a tired girl with nice red hair?

You found a shop that had buckets on display and loitered there in envy of their shiny-ness, but then lots of people with spears came and said you were under arrest.

The mean people took your shovel and bucket. It was horrible.

Lulette came back with Ashtia, who looked different but was still fluffy, and with a man you just met called Tobias helping the four of you left the prison.

Then you were running through the narrow spaces behind the buildings, trying to leave the city to get away from the people chasing you.

Then there were pigeons.
File: grimey.jpg (403 KB, 1024x819)
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403 KB JPG

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es4q5QqmP3Y

Birds bump into your muddy shoes and ankles, shifting about and rustling their wings, taking up every bit of space on the cobblestone.

They swarm around yourself, Ashtia, and Lulette, all huddled in the corner of an alley at some dark hour past midnight. Their numbers are infinite, inscrutable; the sound of their combined cooing an oppressive wave, a face of true chaos.

You still don’t know how you ended up at this point.

The old man yanks a bird off his thick jacket, and you watch dull blues turn and churn around him.

Before leaving the swamp a rafflesia gave you a blade of grass to chew on, and that made the colours fade. But that was this morning so now you can see them again. A flow on the invisible fabric of everything.

It’s a bit distracting.

The old man is staring at you again with his left eye.

Oh. He asked who you were.

“I’m Baphy. I’m a goat.” You gesture to your friends. “This is Ashtia. Ashtia is a wolf.”

“Lulette is a fairy! Bob is a plant!”

The old man- how do you describe him? Grumpy? Crusty? Those words don’t seem that nice- closes his left eye and opens his right.

“Right, great, the hell are you doin’ in my alley?”

You don’t understand. Can you just own an alley?

“We’re being chased,” you reply.

“What? By who?”


The grouchy man starts looking around, swivelling and shoving at the ever-present pigeons as he moves. The black and white birds don’t budge at all from their spots on his shoulder and head.

It’s about now that you start wondering if you should just be standing here.

You look at Ashtia and she looks back. She’s smaller than you’ve ever seen her at the moment; that is to say, she’s a normal-sized wolf with blue-gray fur. That also means she can’t talk, but for some reason the wolf doesn’t seem to be as rushed as she was before.

Maybe it’s because there’s a crowd of fearless birds slowly encircling her. The wolf backs away.

“Then what did ya do?”

You blink. “I don’t know?”

“You don’t know a whole lot, do ya kid.”

Well, he’s not wrong.

“‘Course sometimes you get the types that try ‘n lock you up for no damn reason,” he mutters only half to you. “‘Disrupting city order’ my backside. Fah!”

He bends down and grabs a pigeon off the ground, then winds back his arm and hurls the bird straight up. You follow the animal’s path for all of half a moment before it disappears into the night sky, cooing all the way.

The old man dusts off his hands.

“Right, I’ll be going. Once I get these bastards out of the way,” he says, scowling and pushing birds off to the side with his foot. “Always more of 'em whenever you look.”

That sounds like it won’t be happening very quickly. You worry about whether you have time, but there really are too many birds to do anything else.

Ashtia is backed up against a wall now. Her avian foes hop and stack on top of each other to form towers that wobble towards the wolf. Lulette has joined the fray, standing on top of Ashtia and brandishing her clay pot’s bitey inhabitant at the cooing beasts.

Maybe you can just turn back the way- no, no, that way is also pigeons.

Nnn. Okay.

You put your things on the floor, pick up one of the birds, and put it into your bucket.

The situation has not improved.

[ ] Keep moving the birds out of the way.
[ ] Stick with the grumpy man.

> See The Veil
[ ] The movement, the flow. Try to focus on it.
[ ] It’s distracting. Try to not think about it.
>> See The Veil
>[ ] The movement, the flow. Try to focus on it.
May as well try for magic again. It may help us more than just moving birds by hand.
>Keep moving the birds...
>The movement...
>Stick with the grumpy man.
He seems like he knows what he is doing. Right?
>The movement, the flow. Try to focus on it.
Maybe it is moving to a particular tune. If it is a frentic tune maybe we can sing it down a notch and put the birdies to sleep. Or fail a roll and get our eyes gouged out, whatever.
File: waves.jpg (506 KB, 1024x1024)
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506 KB JPG
Still, you can’t just stand around.

You carefully wade your way towards your friends and interrupt a duel between Lulette and a pigeon, picking up the bird and placing her in your bucket. Then you reach down to one of the feathery siege towers huddling up to Ashtia and grab the bottommost bird, collapsing the wobbling structure and causing its components hop and fly away. The pigeon in your hands coos at you, its cry lost in the symphony of a hundred of its brethren, and you place him in your bucket as well.

You stand up and look around. This doesn’t seem to be working.

The cantankerous old man grumbles while he makes his way towards your end of the alley. The blue around him is dull but strong. A rippling eddy through somewhere that isn’t here, trailing into the space around him.

You feel that sense of nostalgia again. A familiarity that you can’t place.

> See The Veil: Roll 1d100, DC65
Rolled 88 (1d100)

Rolled 62 (1d100)

my favoritest most cutest goat quest is back!
Rolled 7 (1d100)

Jesus that was almost bad.
Joy! I'm finally caught up on the comfiest quest ever!
File: twins.jpg (16 KB, 500x496)
16 KB
The black and white birds carry a presence as well, but much smaller than that of the gray-haired, gray-bearded grouch. You watch, tracing the flow.

The colours follow the pigeons. Their movements are haphazard, random, pulling at the wisps of smoky energy and twisting it through the space. It follows the crabby old man as well, a stronger flow in one direction each time he shoves a bird out of the way with his hands or feet.

The pigeons are loud, but you couldn’t hear their noise when you were running through the alley before. Maybe you were just distracted, but you couldn’t sense them at all.

You refocus when the old man steps past you, and move to try free Ashtia from the remaining pigeons. You don’t know how many you can fit in your bucket but the wolf is starting to roughly nudge the bird stacks with her muzzle, knocking them down into flailing balls of feathers.

“I know, I know, shut up,” the old man says to the black pigeon on his shoulder, who ruffles his wings in response. His voice is gruff and gravelly, though it’s difficult to hear over the birds.

“Another one in a day, bah,” he mutters. “Crows, a goat, a wolf- place’s turning into a zoo.”

You push a group of birds behind you and Ashtia is finally able to step away from the wall of the narrow alley. Lulette vanishes for a moment then reappears on your shoulders.

You blink, and realise what you heard.

You spin around but the old man isn’t there. Walking to the corner of the alley and looking both ways shows nothing but darkness, except to the right you can see a few feathers still drifting in the air.

You can still hear the cooing noise, but it feels like it’s without a source. Muted and distant.


[ ] Continue through the city quickly. You’ve spent enough time.
[ ] Continue through the city carefully. You don’t know if you can just outrun your pursuers.
[ ] Chase after the old man. You have questions.
>[ ] Chase after the old man. You have questions.
>[X] Continue through the city carefully. You don’t know if you can just outrun your pursuers.

We're wanted now. Or unwanted. Or something like that.
(I can't seem to write quickly today. I plan on sticking around at least a little bit longer to make up for it though.)

(Ah, so close.)

(Welcome back, welcome, and thanks!)
I have no idea what is going on. Did he just dissapper into thin air or did he walk away while away while we were distracted.
>Continue through the city quickly. You’ve spent enough time.
I guess. If the mage sees us we are screwed.
>Continue through the city carefully. You don’t know if you can just outrun your pursuers.
>[ ] Chase after the old man. You have questions.
Kinda sounds like a new magical ally.
Unless we're really close to the exit, we may as well follow him. Perhaps he can guide us to safety
But if he is magicking the birds (or the other way around) wouldn't it just be a bigger target for the mage who is looking for us?
I wanna be friends with the old birb.
File: blaa.jpg (16 KB, 236x344)
16 KB
(I'm really unsure whether I should be clarifying anything, considering it's... in character to be a bit confused.

Anyway, I think I should call it for continuing carefully since there's 3 supporting going through the city.)
Yeah, I was afraid of that. Its probably a high-risk high-reward option.

But I'm fine with playing it safe too. We can always come look for him again, under better circumstances.
You have no idea what to make of what just happened.

You should probably keep going.

Ashtia nudges you and you turn, picking up your shovel and bucket. The latter is a little bit heavier than you remember, and a sound makes you look down.

The three pigeons you picked up are still there, cramped together. One seems to be asleep, another is standing on Bob’s watering can and cooing at you, and the last is examining a leaf of Angel’s Siperweed at the bottom of the bucket.

Okay then.

Ashtia heads to the end of the passage where it opens to the city, and you follow as she plods carefully across the empty street. The slow pace makes you fidget, but moving quickly without making a lot of noise would be difficult with your bucket.

There’s a shuffling, and one of the pigeons flies up to settle onto the head of your shovel. Another hops onto the ground next to you, keeping pace energetically, and the third perches on the rim of your bucket.

It’s like having bodyguards, except small and not remotely threatening.

Ashtia’s guidance leads you past a familiar marketplace and towards a wider road going through the city. There’s barely any people, most of the city’s inhabitants being asleep at this hour, and the stillness makes it easy to notice when you get close to the gate.

Through the gaps between buildings you see orange torchlight shivering against stone.

Lulette makes a quiet sound then climbs off your shoulders and disappears. Ashtia stops and sniffs the air. She moves into an alleyway and you follow as quietly as you’re able, the pigeon at your side mimicking your slow steps. You keep inching forward until you can see the gate.

The are four people immediately by the gate, two in heavy-looking metal armor and helms. They flank two others, one large fellow wearing leather with a spear in his hand and another older man wearing a cloak.

The two in the center are talking, the older one with a crisp and authoritative tone. The larger man sounds rough and loud, but nervous.

You also hear a few pairs of footsteps. Some moving further away, others coming closer.


[ ] Rush, surprise, make a break for it!
[ ] Sneaky. Opportunity. Distraction?
[ ] Bonk your way through!
>[ ] Bonk your way through!
Crows and pigeons... Baphy: Friend of the birbs.
>[X ] Sneaky. Opportunity. Distraction?

Can Lulette help? Sure she can.
>Sneaky. Opportunity. Distraction?
Lulette, grab that guy's cloak and throw it over his head. Ashtia, growl and be all threatening and get their attention. Birds, fly round their heads a bit. Us, run past flailing our multi-purpose shovel.

Was that old guy a glimpse of our future? Disconnected from reality, surrounded by animals that are only partially co-operative and communicative.
>Sneaky. Opportunity. Distraction?
Fey pranks have a way of distracting people.
Well, I gotta go do things. Sadly they are less comfy than this quest. I'll play catch up later

Thanks for running, boss.
>[ ] Sneaky. Opportunity. Distraction?
Lulette to the wreck-skew!
File: fairy.jpg (638 KB, 905x1000)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
The people in armour might be able to take a bonking so you don’t think you can just fight your way through. Trying to sneak past them would be hard too; you see a smaller gate across the cobblestone road and to the side, but they haven’t neglected that.

You creep a little bit closer, moving to the wall and hugging your shovel close. The large man in leather seems to be trying to placate the older one, who’s talking with a mix of exhaustion and anger.

“Even that it’s nearby is now a fact I can scarcely tell! By the gods I am going to strangle that bird-brained old fool the next time-”

Ashtia is holding herself low, and seems to be waiting for something. You keep watching.

Then, without warning, the older man’s cloak is lifted up and pulled over his head.

“Guess who!!”

Oh. Of course.
File: flyy.jpg (9 KB, 360x230)
9 KB

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ClcFbMk0o

The guardsmen react, shouting and drawing or brandishing their weapons. The older man frees himself with a frantic struggle and the invisible fairy’s bell-like giggling leads almost everyone’s attention down an alley on the opposite side of the road.

The two men in heavier armor are still by the gate, looking very surprised but refusing to abandon their post. Ashtia bounds forward and leaps onto one, knocking him down while you run forward.

You turn your head to a loud cooing in time to see a pigeon flop out of the air into your bucket, having been pushed off by another pigeon that’s taken its place at the head of your shovel.

It flaps its wings rapidly and with a clank you set your bucket on the ground, grab your shovel with both hands, then swing it down hard overhead. The pigeon sails through the air at ridiculous speed and smacks spread-eagled into the front of the guard’s helm, causing him to drop his sword and stumble back while you drop your shovel and then rush forward to push the guard with both hands, making his armour clatter loudly against the ground.

There. Opportunity made. Sneaking successful!

You steady yourself as best you can and grab your shovel and bucket, then join Ashtia who’s running over to the smaller side gate. When you reach her side the wolf drops a small iron key into your hand and you use it to unlock the gate, yanking it open then holding out your bucket behind you for a now-dizzy pigeon to drop inside.

Lulette reappears in front of you holding up her pot, Bob stretching up open-mouthed in triumph, and you make your first and definitely temporary retreat from the city of Silvercrest.
>Sneaking successful!
Don't ever change Baphy.
File: goat and goat.png (1.68 MB, 1254x1771)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
And session paused!

I'm going to try continue this tomorrow at the same time, so check back in about 18 hours time. 'Course any announcements or changes to plan will go up on twitter.

Thanks for showin' up!
Whew. So that pigeon guys prescence obscured our's but they know him so they either aren't after him or they have given up on catching him.

Thanks for running!
inb4 pigeons have anti-scrying properties.
Triumphant plant!

Or he just doesn't have a witch mark. The fairy would have said something about that.


Omake: Birds


The Owl watches the goat girl but does not make any noice, even if the pidgeons look tasty.

She was told to watch the goat so she watches over the goat. The goat is an idiot but then, not everyone can be an owl.

The owl wonders how tasty the fairy would be, but also knows is not worth the trouble. Eating a fairy? She must be getting hungry.

The goat can wait, she goes to hunt some mice.

Ten minutes later and and full stomach, yes she can tell time, who can't. She can't find the goat.


"Oh you can talk?" says an annoying voice.


"You of course."


"Don't plan dumb, I know you aren't a regular bird."

The owl turn her neck and looks behind her, a crow? wonderful. Those nasty things are not only inferior to owls but they also want her shinnies!

"So... want to help me curse a few idiots? It will be fun!"

How impudent, does she think that she is a mercenary or something?


"No one, just kidding. I just talk, that's it... although sometimes I make people go crazy, that's fun. All you have to do is just yo repeat something they don't want to hear all the time."


I can do that too, who cares?

"Oh look, that's a stupid goat!"

The owl looks, why is that goat playing cards, wait, is winning? Must be fools luck!
File: this.png (14 KB, 400x500)
14 KB
The idea of fanwork is pretty alien to me, haha. Thanks for writing!
File: most useless form.png (1.41 MB, 1059x1500)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
The moon is out, shining from above the clouds to the water surface.

You’re by a rocky outcropping at a quiet lakeside, a while from the tall stone walls of Silvercrest. It’ll be closer to morning than to midnight soon, but you don’t feel tired.

You're with your friends. One is explaining things to you.

“Your Veil-mark is really obvious,” Ashtia says, “and that’s a problem. Only by general location, but I could probably track you from two hundred paces away from mark alone. We should assume the city’s mystics can do the same.”

Nod, nod.

“There’s ways to hide it. For now,” Ashtia reaches into your bucket and withdraws a pigeon. “We can borrow that old man’s spell.”

She picked a pigeon that’s awake, unlike its brother and sister. The bird tilts its head and looks at you curiously.

Ashtia explains that the flock of birds the grumpy old man had with him was his way of hiding his presence, and the wolf noticed that the trio of birds with you were doing the same thing earlier.

“It’s not very effective with just three of them. Mystics will still notice you by sight and close proximity, but it’ll have to do.”

The bird shifts and ruffles its wings when Ashtia places him back in the bucket. The wolf sniffs the air before speaking again.
File: lakeside.png (494 KB, 1024x655)
494 KB
494 KB PNG

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRgdp8hOqec

“Rest, Baphy. We can’t go back today. I don’t think it’s wise to return tomorrow either, but somehow I don’t think you have the patience to wait.”


The marking running across her collarbones to her back starts to glow. “The spirit’s not happy about being overworked,” the wolf says, touching the ink. “So I’ll be sleeping as well.”

Soft light dances around her, and your friend again looks like a normal gray-furred wolf.

You stay up, seated on the grass. Ashtia watches you for a while, then retreats to a spot on the grass and curls up to rest. Lulette appears soon after to use the wolf as a bed.

The air is crisp here, different from the city. The lake is still, serene. You look into the night sky, at the faint colours that drift on inexistent wind.

> See The Veil
[ ] Think about the things you see.
[ ] Think about your own presence.
> think about your own presence
What kind of goat are we that a mystic can sense us anyway?
>think about your own presence
A magic awesome goat with lots of cute!
[x] Think about your own presence.

What are we? Are we a scary goat?
No! We are a cute goat who loves friends and happy stuff.
>[ ] Think about the things you see.
we gotta learn to play with the pretty lights and colors.
File: lines.jpg (709 KB, 1024x1024)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr0tIVYOHzU

You see them around your friends as well. On Ashtia and her markings. Whispering around Lulette. A spark in the clay pot, for the stone and the quiet spirit.

There’s a spreading undercurrent. Ghostly, pale green, faded but strong. Ripples in elsewhere, like a beating heart.

You don’t really know what you look like to others, but you are starting to understand why they ask you who you are. What you are.

People think you’re big and scary. You’re just a goat, though. You don’t want to be anything else.

You shake your head. The waves are still there, as they always have been.

Ashtia said someone can hide their mark, so you wonder about that.

The grouchy old man had his birds and they spread and pulled out his mark. He used that to make a bubble, a boundary that was hard to look through. Ashtia said the pigeons with you were doing the same thing, but you wonder what that looks like for you.

Closing your eyes, your thoughts are drawn inward.

They’re about being smaller. About soft, slow pulses; deep, calm breaths.

It’s still, and you almost fall asleep to the feeling.

You open your eyes and see the waves again. They look fainter, but only for a moment.

Someone could teach you, you’re sure. But right now you’re searching for a certain girl in black robes.

You look at the moon a little more, bright and solitary in a dark night, before joining your friends on the grass.


[ ] Search for signs of the Witch. Find out about the city through your own eyes.
[ ] Try to find the grouchy old man. He hides, but maybe you can call him out.
[ ] Learn about the rebellion thing. Something is happening in the city.
>Search for signs of the Witch. Find out about the city through your own eyes.
>[x] Search for signs of the Witch. Find out about the city through your own eyes.

The witch is helping fix the swamp, and that's good. The old man doesn't want to be found, and rebellions are complicated things.
>Try to find the grouchy old man. He hides, but maybe you can call him out.
The witch seemed pretty confident that she can screw over the city by herself.
> Learn about the revolution thing...
[ ] Try to find the grouchy old man. He hides, but maybe you can call him out.
File: nn.png (407 KB, 500x332)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
(I really should be calling votes. Though at the same time, I kind of like just leaving it and letting people vote late.


I'm including an option for the resident pigeon man.)
You think your rest only lasts a couple of hours, and you find yourself awake again around sunrise. The others rouse themselves and together you make your way back towards the city.

The first time you entered was through the west gate so Ashtia guides your group to the other side of the city. It takes a while and gives you a bit more time to think.

There’s something happening inside the city. Tobias said it was a rebellion, and you do vaguely remember hearing about it from others. You think it was Ikaros, or Claritia, or both who said that people didn’t like what the Baroness was doing lately.

That sounds complicated though. It probably is related to the witch; she did say she wanted the city to fall; but it isn’t something you really want to be involved in.

If it’s a big deal, you’ll probably learn more about it one way or another while you’re here.

The grouchy man might know something or might be able to help, but he’s hiding. He also doesn’t seem like he would just lend you a hand.

You think you should return his pigeons at some point. You have a feeling he wouldn’t mind if you didn’t.
File: weasel.jpg (61 KB, 640x430)
61 KB

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCd0UrutDX4

The road through the east gate is much wider and the area around it is more crowded. It’s still early in the morning when you arrive but already there’s caravans slowly moving through. Each is stopped at the gate; you see the city’s guards go through and inspect the wagons before letting them into the city.

There’s a general air of frustration about the drivers, merchants, and people outside the city walls.

Ashtia is suddenly disappears after being wreathed in light. You spend a moment confused, then something scampers up your leg and hops into your bucket.

A tiny weasel with gray-brown fur.

While an extra-cute Ashtia contends with avian attentions you trace a path by the tall stone walls of Silvercrest. The pigeons soon stop harassing the weasel and take the spots from yesterday; at the head of your shovel, perched on your bucket, and hopping along by your side.

You might look a bit conspicuous. You hope people visiting the city are used to goats.

When you entered the first time you were allowed through the gate but you don’t know if it’s safe to talk to the guards this time. You watch them inspect a wagon, asking the person at the reins questions and receiving curt answers.

Lulette hops off your shoulder and beckons you before disappearing. You glance around furtively and notice when the closest guard watching the gate sways and shakes her head.

Despite the noise your bucket makes, and being a walking zoo, that lets you enter the city without being harassed.

You do run into the same problem you had the first time you entered though. You don’t know how you’re supposed to look for the Witch Of Crows.


[ ] You catch a hint, and trace it deeper into the city.
[ ] You run into a friend.
[ ] You find a flock of pigeons.
[ ] hint
extra-cute bucket weasel!
Nnn... I want to pick them all, but I guess
>[ ] You find a flock of pigeons.
>[x ] You find a flock of pigeons.
>[ ] You catch a hint, and trace it deeper into the city.
Didn't that guy that was in prison say there was a inn somewhere where the resistance or rebellion or whatever was located? Maybe she is hanging with those folk.
civil unrest doesn't seem very cute though
>You find a flock of pigeons
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSf99lc3LKM

You quickly move off the main road away from the caravans. The city is waking up, building up to its bustling rhythm, and you want to avoid attention.

So you stick to the alleys again. Lulette reappears on your shoulders and Ashtia jumps out of your bucket. The weasel changes back into a wolf, and both of you start looking around.

The city has few colours, and you don’t find anything to follow. You aren’t even sure what to look for but you keep at it, walking through the narrow spaces, passing by barrels, drying laundry, locked doors and closed windows.

It takes a while before you finally catch something.

A cooing.

That word will probably be stuck with you for a very long time.

You pick up your pace, following the muted sound. You think you’re moving west, closer to the center of the city, but the twists and turns of the passageways make it difficult to keep track. Despite minutes passing the sound is still barely audible, and you don’t feel like you’re getting any closer.

But then you take your next step, and suddenly everything is feathers.

The three pigeons with you dive back into your bucket, which you raise along with your left hand to cover your face. It’s like moving through a particularly fluffy windstorm, and it takes almost dozen trudging steps before you’re through.

A corner to two back passages of the city. A square space, wide compared to the path it took to reach and filled with all sorts of half-recognisable things. Old crates and broken-down furniture, probably-mouldy pillows, sheets of cloth bundled or strung up randomly. Papers, ruined books, trinkets of metal and ceramic and wood, and an almost knee-high figurine of a gnome wearing a pointy red hat.

There are, of course, pigeons absolutely everywhere.

Standing upright in a comparatively-clear spot of ground is a rod or staff of ebony-like material, split into two at the very top and marked with red ink. Perched on top of it is one of the only birds in the place with black feathers. A crow.


You drop your bucket as something flies through the air and smacks you in the face. You raise your now-free hand and grab the thing off you, a pigeon that looks a little dazed from being used as a projectile, and meet your assailant.

You see the gray-haired, gray-bearded grouch, hand still outstretched from his throw. He stares, then closes his right eye and opens his left.

“Oh. You. What do you want?”

Your meetings with him are always going to be at least this weird, you think. Not that you mind.
"fluffy windstorm"
hehe. birbs.
birb projectiles.
Let's tell him we want a hug.
Ask if he know's the Witch of Crows? that looks like one of her sticks, and one of her crows
File: sleepy goat.jpg (115 KB, 850x1063)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Thread #9 reaches its end. Thanks for reading!

Usual stuff: Archiving this thing here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GFQ
And twitter is https://twitter.com/boxofmithril.

Things have gotten slightly odd with regard to schedule. Next thread might be on Sunday (or Monday for some of you) or a bit later - I'll make an announcement as always.

May your dreams be of feathers and goats!
Thanks for the comfy
yay! ty for running
File: happytwoyearsago.png (161 KB, 460x460)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
>Sunday (or Monday for some of you)
Wait no, that doesn't sound right. It'll probably be Saturday for some of you?

Time zones.

Gah. Twitter. Announcement. Whatever.

And thanks for participating!
File: Baphy right now.jpg (393 KB, 1600x1200)
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.How do I birb the way you birb? Also have you seen our other birb? She's a crow.
Thanks for running dude!
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Ask him if he's been introduced to Rue yet.

Thanks for walking OP.

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