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Waking in the arms of a giant bird, rising together in the pale light of the early morning sun and then mutually yawning and shivering your way to the top of an ancient bastille, such things wouldn’t connect as normal in the eyes of your average person, let alone the part where you then dine in the shadow of a serpent larger than any man. But naturally, life needn’t be normal to be pleasant, and from Cici’s point of view, there were no distinctions to be drawn.

She simply smiles as the warm syrup runs over her tongue with each bite of her morning biscuit, at the fact that her adoptive sister wouldn’t need to go to work today, and the subtle tickle as her Mama runs hands through her serpentine locks.

“You’ll be molting again soon,” the gorgon mother confirms, prodding the skin of the wriggling snakelings. “I guess it’s to be expected.”

“Maybe that means I’ll get taller,” Cici says with a wide smile.

After all, that meant she could reach the high shelves at the bakery and run faster, at least if the voices were to be believed, but her mother just laughs.

“You’re growing all the time, sweetling,” she points out. “Just a little bit every day is all.”

And she supposed that would have to do for now. After all, she had plenty to do whether tall or short today, planting flowers for the bees.

[“Was there anything we needed to do first though?”]

> Write-in
File: 1475856231294.png (39 KB, 366x561)
39 KB

For any new players:

Welcome to Gorgon Child Quest! Where-in you take up the role of a magical talking artifact being wielded by a young gorgon girl named Cici. Living out of the remains of a once great dungeon, the game will focus on exploration, character interaction, and learning as the voices of the players within the amulet help guide her along.

For news about quest updates, my twitter can be found here:

And the archive can presently be found here:
Better check on Okku and Jasmine. Might be good to frolic with your friends before you have to work.
Morning, Cici. Might want to check in on Okku and Jasmine.
Tea tree oil is really good for flaky scalps. It worked wonders for me.
File: manticore_cub2.jpg (16 KB, 285x350)
16 KB

“Mama, I’m gonna go check on Jasmine an’ Okku,” Cici explains, brushing crumbs off of her shirt as she heads for the stairs.

“Okay, sweetling. After that we’ll go into town and grab Katy and Hannah, alright?”

With a nod, the small gorgon goes bounding down the stairs, quickly turning a right into the tower proper and working her way toward where the small manticore kept her nest.

“Jasmine…” Cici calls softly up at the cubby perched on the wall. “Jasmine, are you awake yet?”

A soft mewl answers her question as the sound of soft pillows shifting can be heard within, the manticore cub popping out a second later and turning a lazy circle before landing near Cici’s feet.

“How are you this morning? Did you sleep well?”

The cat gives no answer, simply tilts its head at the questions before standing up and rubbing itself against the young girl’s leg, turning a slow circle around her before laying paws on her thighs.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Cici translates, picking the cub up and tucking her into her arms.

Of course, no sooner is the purring kitten in hand than Din-Din is giving her a forlorn look from the floor, but she can’t help it.

[“I wish I had more hands.”]

Unfortunately, the years of magical training that feat would require were well beyond her at the moment, and so she simply settles for going outside and attempting to find Okku in any of his normal hiding spots.

“Okku!” she calls, rounding on his own, weather-proof hutch. However, with no sound of immediate scrabbling within, she’s fairly certain he isn’t there. “Okku!”
File: basically.jpg (48 KB, 522x509)
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It’s only then that she spies her uncle making his way in her general direction, the bounding bear cub scrabbling ahead with enthusiasm.

“Good morning, child,” the small lizard greets, his voice calm and friendly though his body worse for the where with bandages wrapped around his arm and head.

“Uncle Yesh, what happened?” Cici breathes, darting in close and right past Okku. “Why are you hurt?”

“Just scratches,” he assures her. “There were some pesky weeds that needed to be pulled, and I wasn’t as careful as I should have been.”

“Mama says you should always wear gloves,” Cici notes, “an’ you should be careful not to pull too hard.”

The unknowable lizard just smiles, running a claw through Cici’s hair before preparing to head on his way.

“We’ll need to get you some oils,” he notes, feeling the dry skin.

“The voices said that tea tree is supposed to be good, but I don’t know what that is.”

“Nature is bountiful,” Uncle Yesh assures her, “but first, I have some more chores to attend to. Come now, Okku. Don’t fall behind.”

“Just be careful,” Cici calls. “Don’t get hurt anymore!”

In any case, with cub still in hand and bun not far behind, Cici returns to the tower top where her mother and Vivi are still waiting for her.

[“I wonder if we should take Jasmine to town. Maybe she’d be able to make friends with the other cats!”]

> Write-in
We probably shouldn't just yet. When she's a bit less rambunctious, then we'll think about it.

Anyway, go offer Din-Din your shoulder and get ready to visit town.

Oh yeah, did you give the preserves to that Oni we met?
File: Vivi the Crow.png (452 KB, 1280x1431)
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452 KB PNG

“So, you good to go, squirt?” Vivi asks, dusting herself off for the road.

“Mhm, just one thing first…” With that, Cici carefully lowers Jasmine to the ground, disengaging her claws with care. “Be a good girl while we’re gone, okay?”

Jasmine doesn’t seem to register why she’s been let down, instead pawing at Cici’s leg a few times in an effort to resume the ride.

“When you’re older, we’ll take you into town,” Cici promises. “Maybe you can follow Okku an’ Uncle Yesh instead.”

Jasmine’s ears twitch a bit at that. Whether she realizes the meaning of the message or not is anyone’s guess, but all the same, she turns to leave, gently rubbing her form against Vivi and drawing an uncomfortable shiver before flapping off the side of the tower.

“I hope she isn’t mad,” Cici reflects, scooping up Din-Din now in her place.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine,” Mama assures her. “She’s probably just hungry.”

Cici quietly prays for no more surprise snacks from her little manticore when she returns, shuddering slightly before following the others down the stairs.

It’s a quiet walk this time of the morning on the way to Agatha’s farm, nothing but the soft swish of farm implements already plying the fields and the chirp of songbirds taking flight.

“So, how’s work at the mail been, Vivi?” Cici asks. “Have you been having fun?”

“Yeah, it’s been great,” she confirms. “I’ve met lots of other harpies and made plenty of friends on my delivery routes already.”

“I wish I could go with you…” Cici murmurs. “’Cept I can’t fly.”

“It’s okay, little sis,” Vivi promises. “Maybe I can bring them by to visit here or maybe you’ll learn how to fly with magic.”

“I can’t even boil water right now, though,” Cici admits.

Then again, she hadn’t been trying that hard lately, either. There was just so much to do and so little time for one young girl. In fact, it seemed that even her dreams were taking a break to help her recoup from the daily exhaustion. Still, there was never a doubt that any moment spent had been worth it, and as the fates would align, the girls are already there waiting for them at the farm, waving as they see the family approach.

“Mornin’,” Kate says enthusiastically.

“Good morning,” Hannah echoes.

And after a quick check to make sure they have permission, the now much larger retinue turns back toward the forest.

“Hmm. We have a busy day ahead of us,” Mama muses as they walk, patting the pouch of seeds on her belt. “We have twenty-three packs of eight seeds apiece and twenty more seedlings to plant besides. Do any of you girls know how many plants total that is?”

Cici scratches her head a couple of times at that, before turning to the voices.

[“Do you know?”]

> Write-in
That's twenty-three times eight, which is one hundred and eighty four.
Plus twenty more seedlings, is two hundred and four.
Nuh-uh, no cheating. You have to do it yourself, otherwise you'll never learn it yourself.
Ignore this one. You got this.

Math is important. You gotta learn fair and square.
File: math.jpg (23 KB, 400x332)
23 KB

“Two-hundred and four,” Cici repeats without thinking, but then frowns as the other voices pitch in.

“Very good!“ Mama starts, but Cici stops her mother short.

“I’m sorry, Mama, but I cheated,” she admits guiltily. “One of the voices told me the answer…”

“Hmm. Well, honesty is just as important…” she muses. “How about this instead then, and no cheating this time: Let’s say that each of those apple trees over there in Agatha’s orchard grows thirty-four apples a month. If Agatha has thirteen trees, how many apples would she have at the end of the month?”

Cici and the other girls once again furrow their brows in concentration as they consider the question. This one was harder than the last one, with more numbers to add and ones to carry. However, if she broke it down into two smaller problems, ten and thirty-four would make three-hundred and forty. Then if she multiplied three by thirty-four she’d get-

“I know!” Hannah says happily.

“Very good!” Mama compliments, “but just wait until the others have an answer as well, okay?”

Cici breathes a sigh of relief as she gets back to it. If she multiplied three by thirty-four, she’d get one hundred and two, and then if she added that… In the end, surprisingly, it isn’t Kate that winds up last, but Vivi, the crow harpy finally just giving up the ghost a few seconds after Katy announces she has her answer.

“The answer is four-hundred forty-two,” Hannah proclaims, Cici nodding along after doing one last count of her head snakes.

“Ah, dang it!” Katy whines.

“Now, now, girls. It’s fine,” Mama assures the troubled two. “You just need to practice is all. A little work with your multiplication tables each day, and you’ll have no trouble.”
File: mail harpy.jpg (44 KB, 512x362)
44 KB

Needless to say, the prospect of days spent inside studying draws more than a couple of groans, but that momentary pitfall is soon lost in a deluge of other conversation.

“Wait, you’ve flown how far in a day?!” Katy demands of the harpy.

“I think the most is a little over thirty,” Vivi says after counting on her feathers. “We had a couple of deliveries to rush out and were a bit short-taloned. Some girls do a hundred miles every day though.”

“That’s crazy!” Katy exclaims.

“But kinda neat,” Cici adds.

“It all really comes down to the wind,” Vivi points out. “It’s like the difference between walking uphill and downhill all the way. Then there are some girls who can make their own wind with magic!”

“Maybe you can learn how to do that one day,” Cici suggests.


But it’s only then that the girls realize that Mama has stopped, her eyes scanning the tree line with concern as she eyes something shifting in the distance.

“You girls stay here,” she commands, gentle but firm before darting toward the now visible grove of the bees.

[“I think I see a person, but he must be really tall…”]

> Write-in
That's probably that oni woman's brother. If he comes over, don't be rude. He has a growth condition, and he's lead a tough life.
Pretty much this. Just remember to be polite, listen to your mom, and things should be okay.
Ah, it's probably the oni's brother.
But he really shouldn't be walking around alone; either his sister or Yesh should be with him.
File: 1485025166172.png (367 KB, 315x935)
367 KB
367 KB PNG

“She seemed worried,” Katy notes.

“Hopefully it’s nothing serious, though,” Vivi says with a shrug.

[“I should probably explain…”]

“Um, well… You guys remember the oni lady I mentioned last time?” Cici probes.

“Ah, crap,” Katy curses. “Think they’re messing with the bees? Also, holy crap, I think I can see her now! Why the heck is she so big?!”

“That’s her brother,” Cici answers simply. “The voices say he’s real big, but not a bad person. He’s also friends with Okku, so maybe he’s helping Uncle Yesh with something.”

And if Cici’s eyes aren’t deceiving her, she can spy a certain red-skinned individual also moving behind the fence, though whatever words Mama has to say to the pair are lost on the wind. Still, resolute in the fact that they’ll know what’s going on soon enough, the girls simply sit tight until the snake woman comes slithering back.

“Are the onis helping Uncle Yesh and the bees?” Cici asks, getting an odd look from her mother.

“Well, they’re presently digging up the land for us,” Mama explains. “It will honestly save us a lot of time that way so that we can go straight to planting. I don’t exactly want you girls in there while that’s going on, though.”

“We should go get the preserves then,” Cici suggests. “That way we can say thank you and welcome at the same time!”

It isn’t a long trip to make their way home and back with jars in hand, adding a basket of vegetables, bread, and meat for completion’s sake. Yet as they once more catch a glimpse of the fence line, it seems that the onis are already done, the tall, red woman standing outside with something more plow than rake slung over one shoulder.

[“Should we go over and say hi or let Mama do it?”]

> Write-in
Ehh...passing by and waving, maybe a quick hello shouldn't be too bad.
Actually, scratch that, the other girls might get a bit too scared. Let your mom introduce you all.
We probably should go over and say hi. Best not to be rude.
She already knows you, so it should be fine to go over and greet her.
File: Mishael.jpg (454 KB, 1500x1850)
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454 KB JPG

“Do you guys wanna say hi?” Cici asks the other girls, getting a spectrum of reactions.

“Yeah, sure,” Vivi says casually, but the other girls are understandably and visibly shaken.

“N-no,” Katy mutters. “I think I’m good here…”

“I’ll stay with Katy,” Hannah insists.

“Okay. We’ll be back in a second, then.”

And with that, the trio make their way toward the fence where Yesh and the two giants await. Cici wonders where Okku might be as well, only then noticing that one of Mishael’s fingers is gently scratching the bear cub on the head from his position cradled in his other hand, the size difference making Okku look no bigger than a mouse.

“Hello again!” Cici greets enthusiastically as they come near, waving to the giantess with a wide smile.

“Why she say again?” Mishael queries of the oni.

“It’s fine, Mishael,” the woman sighs. “I met the little one earlier. Her name is Cici.”

“Hi Cici!” the big one greets with a grin of his own, bending down with his knees still leaving him towering over everyone. “I Mishael an’ this bear friend!” Okku looks curiously at Cici as he presented in front of her in an outstretched palm, making no real attempt to escape before he is reeled back in. “You friend bear too?”

“Okku is part of our family,” Cici agrees. “I’m glad you two get along.”

“Bear friend bring honey and play with Mishael,” Mishael confirms. “But tiny lizard say honey bad, cuz hurts beeses. Honey bad, but flower good.”

“Farmers make lots of honey you can buy though,” Cici points out. “An’ I don’t think that hurts the bees.”

“I farmer now,” Mishael declares proudly. “Me an’ boss too.”
File: oni7.jpg (47 KB, 564x755)
47 KB

“Wait, what do you mean boss? Is that your sister?”

“Boss-sistah. Sistah-boss. Boss help Mishael.”

“Oh right, that reminds me,” Cici remembers, turning to the oni. “What’s your name?”


“Mishael is Mishael, but I don’t know your name. Is it Boss?”

“Heh,” she chuckles. “Hehehehe. Might as well be, runt… But, nah, I guess when it gets down to it, I just never really needed one. Not like I had many other people to talk to but the big guy here.”

[“Hm. Not having a name is sad…”]

> Write-in
You could always ask if she wants one, and you can point out that she now has you and your mother to talk to.
That's kind of sad...

Ask her if she wants one (I recommend Lily), and that you're here to talk to if she ever wants to come by.
You should ask her if she wants one.
Having a name is important; it anchors you, helps to solidify your sense of self.
File: Oni_1d183f_5725288.jpg (77 KB, 634x800)
77 KB

“Do you want one, though?” Cici asks.


“Would you like to have a name? After all, you’ll be talking with me an’ Mama lots an’ I’m not sure if you’d want us calling you boss.”

“Well, before we go getting me a new name, who’s this one or the two huddled over there?” she inquires.

“This is Vivi,” Cici introduces. “An’ that’s Hannah. An’ that’s Katy. An’ this is Din-Din.”

She nudges her chin toward the rabbit dozing against her chest.

“Heh, now that’s funny,” she laughs, looking down at the fluffy hare. “But what about me?”

“Um…” Cici stops to think for a second. “The voices think Lily is a good name.”

“Not the worst I’ve heard, but let’s keep going.”

“Well, um, you’re red. An’ you’re really strong… I don’t really know strong names, but Mama grows roses and those are red.”

“A rose by any other name-“ Uncle Yesh begins, but the oni just laughs, rising to her full height.

“Would still smell like sweat and shit right now,” she finishes, wiping a hand on her pants before running it through Cici’s hair. “You’re cute kid. Don’t let anything change that.”

With that, she seems ready to walk off again, prompting Mama to speak up.

“Pardon. About our agreement…”

“It’s been taken care of,” she dismisses. “Me, Mishael, and the shrimp there spent all of yesterday cracking skulls. Sure, full clean-up will take a while longer, but we’ve lopped off the head of a couple of snakes for your majesty.”

“I’m not… It’s not…”

“And you’re a little bit cute when you’re mad… Anyway, Mishael, let’s get out of here and leave these girls to their plants. We’ve got supper to catch.”

“Want cow…”

“Well, people in hell want ice water. Probably gonna be squirrel stew again.”

Mishael murmurs grumpily at that but otherwise falls in behind her, depositing Okku on the ground before walking over the fence as though it weren’t even there before the two depart into the forest.
File: IxrKYGQ.png (250 KB, 700x1000)
250 KB
250 KB PNG

And with this, I've gotta sleep. Will pick up Thursday (hopefully earlier than today).
Night, OP. See you around.
Thanks, Bananon!
CUUTE! Keep up the good work! Rest well.
File: picnic.jpg (86 KB, 849x566)
86 KB

“WAIT!” Cici recalls at the last minute, moving to follow with basket in hand. “Don’t leave yet! We brought you a present!”

Fortunately, it seems that her voice catches their attention, Mishael and the oni exchanging some words before she wanders back and casually hops the fence.

“Umm…” Cici looks through the basket as if to remind herself what all is in it as the oni comes near. “We brought you preserves an’ vegetables an’ bread… That way Mishael doesn’t have to bother the bees to get sweet stuff.”

“That guy’s sweet tooth is gonna be the death of me,” the oni comments idly, squatting down to Cici’s level before tenderly taking the heavy basket in one hand. A few clawed fingers of the other then ruffle through Cici’s scalp. “Thanks, kid.”

“You’re welcome!” the little gorgon says happily, waving as the oni once again hops the fence and hits the trails on her way back home.

Finally, at that point, it seems that everyone else is comfortable falling in behind her: Katy, Hannah, Mama, Vivi and Cici herself finally taking the time to notice the transformation the fenced-in area has undergone since last they’d been here. Rich black earth lies along every inch of the fence line now: tilled, wet, and soft, with another circle running the region around the rock.

“This is amazing!” Cici cheers.

“And it will certainly save us quite a bit of time in planting,” Mama adds. “All we’ll have to do is transfer the seedlings and sow the seeds at this point.”

[“Geeze, I’m just glad their finally gone,”] comes a distinctive buzz, Brienne hovering away from the hive and making touchdown on Cici’s hand.

> Write-in
Aw, come on, Princess. Sure, the proletariat can be a little uncouth in their speech, but they're still good workers.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

They're okay, but can't blame you for wanting some peace and quiet...relatively, anyway. Still, they're at least good muscle and straightforward.

Rolling for physical projection.
File: angry_bee_girl.jpg (178 KB, 900x1842)
178 KB
178 KB JPG

“Hi Brienne!” Cici greets, once again relying on the voices to translate as dying sparks flare from the bracer. “I hope you’re feeling well today.”

“Hello Cici,” Brienne returns. “Tell her that I am well, but the rest of what I say may not be for her ears. You see, true, the two giants are strong: there’s no doubting that, but they are also cursed. It hangs on them like a shroud, much as it did the smoldering bear. I fear they have drawn power from dark places, and that it shall not be undone until they themselves follow.”

“Ah right, Brienne, this is Vivi!” Cici adds, presenting the bee to the harpy. “She works with the mail! And Vivi, this is Brienne. She’s a bee princess!”

“Uh… Nice to meet you?” the harpy comments nervously.

“Oh, Brienne, if you would,” Mama adds. “Tell your mother I’d like to speak to her after the planting has been taken care of.”

“There are too many of you who do not speak our tongue,” Brienne sighs. “Relay my greetings, my gratitude, and acquiescence as relevant.”

With that, the little bee flutters off into a knothole, disappearing from sight before another form comes darting in from the tree line, Jasmine zooming by at top speed with a curious buzzing coming from behind her ears.


[“I THINK I’M GONNA BE SICK!”] Itsy adds, though she doesn’t sound particularly upset about it.

[“Umm… Should we stop them? Also, do you have any advice for planting?”]

> Write-in
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Guys, let's try and separate from the bracelet to first make sure Cici doesn't hear what we have to say.
File: 1mG25Gz.jpg (58 KB, 497x820)
58 KB

Alright. So, you manifest. What next?
> Write-in
Let Jasmine and the sisters have their fun.
Follow your mother's example when planting.

And relay Brienne's regards.
Pretty much this. Cici shouldn't get TOO used to having us in her head all the time, I feel. Having solo time is important!
File: chaos.jpg (20 KB, 320x320)
20 KB

Summoning up their will power, the voices persist, once again feeling their world view distort and the magic within the bracer take a noticeable dip as they manifest in the material world.

“Gah! What the heck is that?” Vivi shouts, pointing toward the suddenly appearing sphere of chaotic energy.

“Oh, this is the voices,” Cici notes casually. “They learned a new trick.”

“That’s so cool!” Katy says, trying to catch the little globe of light before it ducks nervously out of her reach. “Did they learn anything else, like how to shoot lightning or move stuff with their minds?”

“I don’t think so,” Cici admits. “This just lets them look around and talk to people without me.”

Speaking of which, the voices waste no time relaying the messages to the various parties involved before settling back around Cici’s head.

“Something tells me they’ll develop other gifts as time goes on,” Yesh notes as he wanders in through the still open gate. “It’s simply the way of things.”

“Uncle Yesh, I was wondering where you went,” Cici calls. “Thanks for helping with the garden.”

“It’s no trouble child,” the miniature lizard man assures her. “Besides, I think that this would be the perfect spot to grow some medicine for our neighbors.”

“So, you found some?” Mama asks, somewhat excited.

“It wasn’t easy,” he admits, pulling out a strange, warped looking flower, “but fortune favored us near one of the bandit encampments.”

“What’s that?” Hanna asks, leaning in for a closer view.

“This is a flower known as troll’s bane,” he explains.

“Wait, are you planning on killing those guys?” Katy demands.

“Dear child, no. A poison can be a medicine depending on the doses given, and it’s in the interest of the larger of the pair to take some for the health of himself and the forest.”

“In any case, if we’re going to get this done before dark, we’ll need to start now,” Mama notes.
File: dirt.jpg (491 KB, 900x600)
491 KB
491 KB JPG

And so, with nods of agreement, the group begins several hours of planting, hands both small and large taking to the dirt, rolling seeds into neat rows and gently unbundling roots with care before settling them in the dirt. Even Okku contributes a little, whether on purpose or on accident, the curious cub routing through the ground and tilling it with his snout as he fishes out bits of left-over roots and bugs.

Of course, though the ground is soft, it remains dirty and sweat-inducing work. Earth collects beneath fingernails and smudges across shirts and pants, but the girls find plenty of occasion to smile in each other’s’ company as they soak in the morning sun together, a nearby lake providing all the water they need to give the seedlings a fresh lease on life and themselves a bit of refreshment along the way.

In the end, circles of forlorn dirt speckled and spotted with the occasional green shoot and the evidence of fresh sown seeds is the reward for all their hard labor come mid-afternoon. One could even say that the clearing was uglier by far than when they started, but the smiles of those that then make to leave are those that appreciate that all great things have humble beginnings.

However, before Cici herself can leave, a shadow darting from the corner of her view lets her know Jasmine is returning, the cat landing with her characteristic spring right next to her as two dizzy bee-girls, sway dangerously on her back.

[“H-hi, Cici…”] Bitsy drones.

[“Are you already leaving?”] Itsy inquires woozily.

> Write-in
Yes, but only because we had a big work day and it got late. We will be back soon, i promise!
File: bee girl 2.png (244 KB, 1045x1178)
244 KB
244 KB PNG

“Neat! And you guys did the thing again!” Itsy comments as the voices approach and explain.

“Maybe I can take a nap and come back later,” Cici suggest, “but right now, I’m really tired.”

“So is everybody else,” Vivi assures the gorgon with a hug, “but it was still fun.”

[“Alright then,”] Bitsy concedes.

[“See you later!”] Itsy waves.

With farewells taken care of, Cici and family go back home, their feet feeling oddly heavier than when they had made their way out just a few hours ago. Neither Katy nor Hannah seem that interested when baths are offered after lunch, unfortunately, taking the first opportunity to flee back home and have a change of clean clothes.

For the enlightened, however, hot water and a long soak ease a day’s worth of tension in minutes, the fresh floral scent of soap and lye filling the air and handily replacing the odor of manure and sweat.

“Vivi, we need to get you a better bag,” Cici mentions, poking at a bruised spot as she helps the harpy scrub her back. “You’re gonna end up hurt.”

“I like my bag, though,” Vivi complains, hissing as Cici scrubs near her shoulder. “Mom gave it to me when I left.”

“Well, we could always just add better padding where you bear the weight,” Mama points out. “Trust me when I say that a little extra padding will immensely reduce soreness.”

“Umm…” Vivi shifts uncomfortable at the comment as she stares at the older woman, her expression a little nervous. “Speaking of padding and soreness, I… um… I needed to ask you something…”

“About what?” Mama asks.

“Yeah, about what?” Cici repeats.

“You know what, it’s nothing. Never mind,” she retracts.

[“Vivi’s acting weird…”]

> Write-in
Encourage her to ask your mother in private. It's probably about some of the organs and systems reaching maturation in her that you biologicals have.
It's nothing to be ashamed of and perfectly natural, but people always seem to have hangups about them.
i can cover my ears if you dont want me to hear, its ok. I'll even turn around so you cant say i read your lips later.
File: gorgon_child.jpg (117 KB, 457x700)
117 KB
117 KB JPG

It seems that you can still hear Cici’s thoughts, even when assuming corporeal form, sharing your thoughts and hers at a distance. You can also speak with Vivi directly, though the harpy seems less than happy about that given the sour look she shoots your way.

“It’s okay, Vivi,” Cici says. “Whatever’s going on, the voices say it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of. You can ask Mama about it later, though, when I’m not around.”

“Ugh… I…” she sighs as she looks at Cici’s earnest expression before turning to Cassandra. “How do you even deal with them when they get that big?”

“Pardon,” the distressed snake woman asks.

“It’s cuz she has organs an’-“ the crow clamps a wing over Cici’s mouth.

“My chest has been getting bigger, and I don’t what to do about it,” the red-faced girl finally blurts out. “The other girls are starting to notice, it hurts when I fly for too long, and… and…”

Mama scoops the confused harpy into a hug, making shushing sounds all the while.

“We’ll go to the tailor’s tomorrow,” Mama promises. “And though you may not want to hear it right now, everything really will be alright.”

“It’s just dumb,” Vivi whines. “I don’t even want these stupid things.”

“Just give it time, dear,” Mama councils. “I know it’s uncomfortable right now, but I assure you that it is all part of something wonderful and beautiful. It’s not something you should be afraid of.”

Cici rubs her chin.

“Ah I get it. Vivi is mad cuz her chest is getting squishier.”

A talon is very shortly dunking her under the water.


A bit more bathing, embarrassment, and a lot of forgiveness later, the two girls are down for an evening nap, letting the soreness in their arms and legs and the troubles of the day be forgotten in soft blankets as the sun drifts closer to the horizon. In the end, the first orange rays of dusk are crawling over the world as they rise, bellies growling for an early feast as they contemplate what to do with the rest of their evening.

> Write-in
Get to reading, Cici. You need to keep up with your studies.
File: moon2.jpg (215 KB, 1807x1080)
215 KB
215 KB JPG

“I should probably study,” Cici concludes, patting off her clothes before heading downstairs. “I still don’t know lots of stuff…”

“Hmm… Well I have a couple of books that you could read,” Vivi confides as she falls in behind her.

“First, I’ve gotta practice writing, though, then math…”

A busy, but not unpleasant evening follows as Cici studies in the soft glow of a magical candle, her brow tensing, fingers tapping, and legs swinging impatiently at times but her focus remaining consistent as she works her way slowly but surely through the subjects she needs to know. With the voices there for a bit of assistance in spotting errors and Mama and Vivi there to explain things, at least she doesn’t want for mentorship or company.

And the proof of those efforts is in the results. Her hand-writing has been getting cleaner and smaller for some time now, her multiplication table recitals more fluent, though the voices can feel her nervousness as Mama begins talking about the higher concepts still to come. Algebra and calculus, cursive writing and grammar, it all seems so intimidating, but she’s assured by the time it comes to that she will be ready.

In any case, with a head full of numbers and fingers stiff from writing, she feels satisfied in an evening of hard work as she curls up next to Vivi. Tomorrow would give her plenty more opportunities to experience fun and interesting things, after all.
File: 15b.jpg (237 KB, 595x720)
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237 KB JPG

So, how many people are knocking about at his point? The thread is looking rather short. So, I'm tempted to keep going. Then again, we are kind of at a decent stopping point. Let me know.
still popping in now and then in between other goings on.
File: bun_nap.png (426 KB, 1135x1600)
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426 KB PNG

Yeah. Let's end it here for now. Hope you guys had fun.
Uggggh, I was trying to phone post a bit, and I couldn't.
Sorry, I was driving and couldn't post until I checked in.

It's fine, anons. Bad/inconvenient days happen. I don't want to promise running tomorrow, but I might if the mood takes me. Just watch twitter.

Good night, can we appear in your dreams?
Thanks bananon
I Should be saying I´m lurking and enjoying reading per usual

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