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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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November 2011
17060234The Ballad of Big Boss: OriginsA young knight is betrayed by his allies. /tg/ gives him epic advice on how to get his revenge. For he is...Big Boss.Big Boss, That Guy, Eyepatches, Betrayal, SNAAAAAAKE EAAAAATER2011-11-30 17 
June 2012
19549715Mahou Shounen Quest 136Team fight against the Basics class. Pull no punches, take no prisoners, show no mercy.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting spacelaid, still mad?, yep2012-06-19 21 
July 2014
33659918Warhound QuestJack, an elite mercenary, kills a whole bunch of people for money.Collective Game, Mercworld, Warhound Quest, Mercenaries, Eyepatch Girls2014-07-26 13 
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