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Archived Threads

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August 2008
2388010Thousand Son and GuardswomanDrawfaggotry brings out the original writefaggotry to a tear-jerker story. Also, Macha wrestling. Thousand Sons, baww, d'aww, macha.2008-08-21 4 
January 2009
3323726Troy McClure: 4e CombatTroy McClure comes to inform little Billy - and /tg/ - of the wonders of 4e combat.Simpsons, Troy McClure, 4e, 4th Edition, D&D, Dungeons and Dragons2009-01-05 7 
April 2010
9411077Sons of Primarchs revistedMore discussion of Daughters of Primarchs which reverts back to the original idea of Sons of Primarchs towards the end.Sons, Primarchs, Daughters2010-04-25 0 
9420971More Primarch Daughter StuffMore primarch daughter stuff, debate over which ones are waifu material, and a bit of trolling on the side. All in a day's work, really.Primarchs, Daughters, Sons2010-04-25 0 
August 2010
11618035Carry On My Wayward Sonsome very well written 1k Sons fictionsThousand Sons Chaos 40k2010-08-12 36 
11689755Confessions of A Wayward Son (Part II)the epic continues. Thousand Sons 40k Writefag2010-08-16 23 
11789156Confessions of a Wayward Son VIWorld's Slowest Writefag continues the sagaThousand Sons, Writefag2010-08-23 23 
January 2011
13665924Thousand Sons discussion/tg/ chatting about the Thousand Sons, making several unexpected fluff connections.40k, Tzeentch, Thousand Sons2011-01-27 4 
April 2011
14650217Rising Sons 3Further discussion of samurai spess marinesrising sons, rising, sons, 40k, space marines2011-04-20 2 
14681874Rising Sons part 4More art for the Rising Sons stuffRising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter2011-04-22 0 
May 2011
14974910Rising Sons thread 5More discussion on the chapter.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-19 -2 
15052506Rising Sons thread 6Honestly, a bit crapper then usual. Archived for clarity's sake.Rising Sons, Japan, Space Marines, Fluff, Homebrew Chapter, Deathwatch2011-05-26 1 
August 2011
16115726Uplifting Primer 2: The Nid EditionA friendly Guardsmen explains why the Tyranids aren't as scary as we think 40k, nids, tyranids, propaganda, truth, guardsmen, guardsman, imperium, humor, teaching, lessons, informative, IG, Imperial Guard, Imperial Guardsmen2011-08-30 4 
November 2011
16864773Waiting for TG Meta Quest: Server Migration EditionWaiting for Thread 14, Server Migration leaves us waiting for couple days. We discuss tactics, wishlists, and ideas.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons2011-11-07 6 
16877258/tg/ Meta Quest 14We are able to open negotiations with Ahriman with the help of the Knights Inductor. We capture and interrogate an agent of the Shipper Union. And we find out that instead of wizards, we got a vaudeville act when we asked for Aurors.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons2011-11-08 10 
16887973/tg/ Meta Quest 15Ahriman says Ring of Power or no deal. We try to brainstorm how to sneak into Barad-dr to steal a Ring, when someone mentions Ringil, the sword of ice that crippled Morgoth, Sauron's boss. And thus was born a plan to retrieve Ringil from its resting place and troll Sauron as distraction, in order to steal a Ring.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons2011-11-09 15 
16891353/tg/ Meta Quest 16It takes us a while, and the ghost of an elf face-palming at us, but we finally solve the final riddle protecting Fingolfin's Cairn and Ringil. Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons, Fingolfin2011-11-09 15 
16899605/tg/ Meta Quest 17Darius Forte, newly promoted Hero from among the Knights Inductor, takes possession of Ringil. We then pick up some other magic swords, and prepare to troll Sauron.Collective Game, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Editors, LotR, Tolkien, Reasonable Marines, Ahzek Ahriman, Thousand Sons, Fingolfin, Gurthang2011-11-10 13 
January 2012
17723250Chapter Quest IX - Storm Within the StormRising Sons decide to rush to help their vassal-world Nordgrim that is about to be locked within a warp storm, but when they get there, things are even worse than expected.Chapter Quest, Quest, Chapter, Collective Game, Rising Sons, Adeptus Astartes. zombies, Chapter Master, Space Marines, Warp, storm, Nurgle, Witchhunters, feudal2012-01-29 12 
February 2012
18043629WHFB Lizard Men Thread/tg/ discusses various things about WHFB Lizard Men (the Slann being Stonemasons for example).Lizard Men, WHFB, Warhammer, Stonemasons, Parody, Song2012-02-21 16 
April 2013
24354372Chapter Creation Thread IIThe chapter created the day before gets slightly tweaked, more details come out of the wordwork and we get ourselves a solid name.40k, Chapter Creation, Mourning Sons2013-04-20 3 
24377710Mourning Sons IIIThe Mourning Sons Chapter Creation thread goes underway, unfortunately not much gets done.40k, Mourning Sons, Chapter Creation2013-04-22 1 
24415174Mourning Sons IVAnother Chapter Creation thread for the Mourning Sons40k, Chapter Creation, Mourning Sons2013-04-23 3 
24456795Mourning Sons Thread VMourning Sons fluffing continues, some good work. We may change foundings to unknown.40k, Chapter Creation, Mourning Sons2013-04-26 1 
May 2013
24997191/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - 1Ring Speaker begins a new playthrough of an old /tg/ favorite, King of Dragon Pass. Soon the Sky Sons are raiding, feasting, and having terrible personal relations with others.collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-05-23 3 
July 2013
26097793/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 2After far too long, we return to the Sky Sons. Things are rough to begin with, but after learning a powerful ritual, luck begins to turn around. Will it hold?collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-07-19 0 
26194946/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 3Things go rather poorly for the Sky Sons, though things start to turn around with a new year and a few new cows. If things hold up, the clan will be turned around.collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-07-24 1 
26237478/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 4The Sky Sons rebound from despair into glory, thanks to a sucessful Hero Quest. Humakt be praised!collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-07-26 0 
26335235/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 5Weal and woe visit the Sky Sons this year. Successes and failures in raids and trading, though we always remain honorable. Curse the Vostangs!collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-07-31 0 
August 2013
26473540/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 6The Sky Sons recruit a bunch of new workers, make allies and fail to smite the Vostangs. And next thread will begin with a hero quest!collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-08-07 0 
26513061/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 7Disaster strikes as our clan chief is slain in a hero quest. The Clan ring is rearranged to avoid Eurmal's wrath, and we find a big-ass hole.collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-08-08 0 
26529711That Guy Ruins Psion CampaignA GM tells a player to minmax or gtfo, so along comes a wizard that destroys the universe.Psions, Henderson, 2 full Hendersons, full Henderson, Henderson, That Guy, That, Guy, asshat, plot derailment, total plot derailment, TPK, plot, derailment, rocks fall2013-08-09 43 
26605417/tg/ plays King of Dragon Pass - The Sky Sons 8The Sky Sons endure much hardship and chaos assaults, but survive them and end up building on their fortunes. Praise be to Urox!collective game, king of dragon pass, sky sons, glorantha, ring speaker2013-08-14 0 
September 2013
27006646 Mourning Sons Chapter buildingFurther fleshing out of the Mourning Sons.Morning Sons, Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Warhammer 400002013-09-04 1 
October 2014
35525093Lessons in Knighthood Quest 1Nicole, who is totally a human and not any kind of non-human, applies to be a knight.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-14 31 
35561568Lessons in Knighthood Quest 2Nicole explores the palace, and critically fails the darkness.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-16 24 
35603743Lessons in Knighthood Quest 3Nicole hugs her commanding officer, and meets the mage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-18 22 
35643439Lessons in Knighthood Quest 4Nicole goes to class. Life lessons from an orc, and dinner with an elf maid.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-20 20 
35664501Lessons in Knighthood Quest 5Nicole turns hyper, and demonstrates epic ninja skills.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-21 22 
35722822Lessons in Knighthood Quest 6Nicole goes shopping, and gets lots of exposition.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-24 20 
35766755Lessons in Knighthood Quest 7Nicole meets the Duke, who is nice, and her new instructor, who is not so nice.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-26 20 
35807005Lessons in Knighthood Quest 8Nicole goes for dinner with the Duke. Also, she has no idea how to massage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-28 20 
35827734Lessons in Knighthood Quest 9Nicole proves her worth against William, and saves Clarissa's life. All in a day's work.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-29 21 
35869090Lessons in Knighthood Quest 10Nicole deals with the aftermath of the previous thread, and stops Victor from doing something silly.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-31 18 
November 2014
36218009Lessons in Knighthood Quest 11Nicole and her commanding officer's day off.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-17 20 
36260511Lessons in Knighthood Quest 12Nicole learns a bit more exposition, and meets her new partner in the City Watch.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-19 23 
36300942Lessons in Knighthood Quest 13Nicole sees her cop partner in action, and gets slightly envious.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-21 17 
36405550Lessons in Knighthood Quest 14Nicole chases down a mysterious shadowy cheaty figure via freerunning across the city.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-26 20 
December 2014
36658249Lessons in Knighthood Quest 15Nicole deals with a temporarily depressed mage, before having a lunch conversation with the cleric.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-09 18 
36775190Lessons in Knighthood Quest 16Nicole joins the elf maid in her secret study spot, and then has dinner with the Duke and the very sleep-deprived mage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-15 21 
36851380Lessons in Knighthood Quest 17Nicole finally gets the mage to sleep, only to wake her up not long afterwards when the archaeologist visits.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-19 18 
36998422Lessons in Knighthood Quest 17Nicole learns why elves are so afraid of elves.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-27 16 
January 2015
37175405Lessons in Knighthood Quest 19Nicole fills out lots and lots of forms. Also she gets a message from the underworld.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-05 18 
37238346Lessons in Knighthood Quest 20Nicole discusses options with the mage, and then has the best coffee of her life.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-08 17 
37370288Lessons in Knighthood Quest 21Nicole finally gets custody of the ring while on very little sleep.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-14 18 
37524145Lessons in Knighthood Quest 22Nicole finally manages to get some sleep, which is something of a minor miracle.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-21 20 
37697647Lessons in Knighthood Quest 23Nicole finally meets the Golden, and promptly sends her into a panic.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-29 17 
February 2015
37896728Lessons in Knighthood Quest 24Nicole reports back to the professor, waves at some dwarves, and finally finishes the day.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-02-07 18 
April 2015
39420184Night Wolves and Wayward Sons Creation/tg/ creates a couple CSM Warbands. One is made of Berzerkers riding giant daemonic bears, the other uses giant sand worms to terrorize its enemies, which include the aforementioned bear riders.Chaos Space Marines, Custom Warband, Night Wolves, Wayward Sons2015-04-18 3 
July 2015
41435790Exterminator Quest #4collective game, exterminator questA stupidly short quest, called off for QM reasons.2015-07-24 3 
February 2016
45396744Thousand Sons Exile QuestA Thousand Sons sorcerer, exiled from Imperium and Traitors alike, reminisces prior to an adventureThousand Sons Exile Quest, Collective Game2016-02-13 8 
February 2017
1106119Multi-Civ Quest 3Things start to get magical then OP gets burnt out. New Management happens.Civ Quest, Factions, Hardcore Survival, Butterlord, Seasons2017-02-06 1 
September 2017
1833623Star Wars: Sons Of Kamino Episode IYou are born into a world of escalating war as a clone named C/C 9904, or as your brothers call you, Monk.collective game, Kov, star wars, clone trooper, Sons Of Kamino, 2017-09-14 3 
1867160Star Wars: Sons Of Kamino Episode IIYou're a clone and OP is a faggotcollective game, Kov, star wars, clone trooper, Sons Of Kamino, 2017-09-24 2 
January 2018
2233134411Alright, here's the 411, some gangsta just walked in and started dissing your fly girl! What are you gonna do about it, eh?Collective Game, 411, the simpsons2018-01-16 5 
December 2018
63599494Sector Creation Thread 1/tg/ begins the first of many threads to make another Sector for the Imperium to collect Tithe from, beginning with a Toxic Agriworld40k, Rolls, Planets, Agriworld, Forbidden, Inquisition, Poisons, SCIENCE2018-12-27 2 
March 2019
3358095Persons of Interest #1Start to Persons of Interest. The protagonist finds out his abusive father has mind-control abilities. Can he save his little sister?Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-03-31 9 
April 2019
3390130Persons of Interest #2Chris also needs to deal with the legal consequences of his actions while assuring of his sisters mental well-being and how to move forward.Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-04-07 7 
3425382Persons of Interest #3In the hospital, Chris spends his time learning more about his abilitiesPersons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-04-23 4 
May 2019
3469065Persons of Interest #4Sorting out some more issues, like their father's funeral, Chris gets ready to move to a more permanent residence. Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-05-20 4 
3525922Persons of Interest #5Finally moving on, Chris and Cam move in with the Millers in the new city of Tall Oaks.Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-05-31 3 
June 2019
3571317Persons of Interest #6Chris and Cam get to know their new Foster Family a little better.Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-06-30 3 
July 2019
3648083Persons of Interest #7Shopping adventure ensues, but not without its hickups, and not without your powers being questionedPersons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist, Slice of Life2019-07-24 5 
August 2019
3742378Persons of Interest #8Coincidences keep aligning for Chris to get a coupon for a free massage. What's the worst that could happen?Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist, Slice of Life2019-08-27 0 
December 2019
3989374Steamed Hams But it's a Christmas Survival QuestWell Anon, you are an odd fellow. But I have to admit, you steam a good quest. Collective Game, Simpsons, Steamed Hams, Aurora Borealis2019-12-25 5 
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