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Archived Threads

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May 2009
4489267Orlando Furioso? What is this feminist bullshit?Epic satire, with some uneducated fa/tg/uys not getting it.satire, literature2009-05-07 9 
4489468How to make characters love an NPCA truly magnificent thread with many ideas on how to make the PLAYERS, not the playable characters, fall for an NPC. Includes a masterful summary short of a scientific dissertation by Dr. Baron von EvilsatanDnD, Dr. Baron von Evilsatan, Love, NPC2009-05-07 8 
June 2009
4734623Dungeons and Dragons: Satan's ToolWe discuss of DnD is a tool of Satan and send letters to evangelical Christians.dungeons and dragons, satan, christians, evangelicals, hell2009-06-01 2 
July 2009
5110242Cyberpunk Home InvasionOP is playing an honourable mercenary in a cyberpunk game. He awakes to find an intruder in his house, and she's only the first unwelcome guest he'll have this evening.cyberpunk orphans dickery itsatrap2009-07-06 7 
5234013Meta Quest QuestSatire, apparently.Satire2009-07-23 3 
August 2009
5317007Adventurer Mission StatementWhat the actual Mission Statements of Adventuring Parties would beAdventurer, Mission Statement, Mission, Satement2009-08-02 1 
September 2009
5881187NobleDark GrimBrightness!Someone makes an odd sentence construction. Anons bicker for a while. Then, Dr. Baron von Evilsatan arrives and generates win.Dr. Baron von Evilsatan, Evil, Satan, Noble, Dark, Grim, Bright, Grimdark, etc, too many tags, oh god how did this get here.2009-09-16 17 
January 2010
7717423Knights of Bloodsteel/tg/ has fun with names.fantasy, humor, satire, wtf2010-01-22 12 
October 2010
12499346SELENE Satellite AIA.I. Initialized. Model S-378 Standalone Intra-Galactic Satellite SELENE standing by. Query? We are a satellite around a planet, with amnesia, nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure.Roleplay, AI, Satellite, Quest, SELENE2010-10-19 9 
May 2011
14916461Thread about Elf Rape Wat Do threads.Long winded and detailed story involving a moral dilemma about the female fey in the picture. Usually involving a catch-22 situation where the askee will be forced to fight while horribly outnumbered and possibly die if they do not molest and have unwanted intercourse with said female fey.elf, rape, satire2011-05-13 16 
September 2011
16436924Deus Ex: MagickaA new spin to the Deus Ex series- magipunk. The main character, one mean satyr with a meaner kick named Ann O'Bedlam, awakes to find that her limbs have been replaced magically augmented metallic limbs. Deus Ex, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Goat, Satyr2011-09-27 2 
November 2012
21470115Random Encounters Reverse pickpockets and satan worshippersSatan, random encounter, greentext, murderhobo, 2012-11-07 11 
21643172Kamen Rider Henshin - the Tokusatsu RPGAn anon posts about his work for a Kamen Rider-inspired game, and takes on a nick. Much discussion of game mechanics and potential design takes place within.Kamen Rider, Design, Homebrew, Tokusatsu, Faggot Rider, roll202012-11-18 5 
May 2013
24993469Kenyan teacher asks about D&Danon claiming to be kenyan school councilor asks about D&D/Pathfinder, TG offers reasonable adviceKenyan, D&D, Pathfinder, Satan, advice2013-05-23 37 
July 2013
25872894Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread OneA civilisation thread about a tribe of trolls sitting on a mountain. Goblins are taken prisoner and a war is in the offing.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-07 36 
25892379Mountain Troll Civilisation: Thread 2 (Part 1)Gronk, the fearless leader of the Children, battles the chieftain of the God Eata trolls and, with the secret of fire at his command, emerges triumphant.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-08 24 
25898050Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 2 (Part 2)A shaman named Ragnar has joined the tribe, Moruk finallay returns and a Dwarven mine is located. A new war will surely follow!Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-08 21 
25912720Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 3A great raid is pulled off against the new goblin camp, a diplomatic messenger is sent to the dwarves and aggressions are made towards the south lands. The next thread will see two important missions come to fruition.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-09 21 
25921130Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 3)Part three of a very well run daily civ thread. Collective Game, Civilisation, Insect, Rozoollim2013-07-10 6 
25933487Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 4The new slaves are put in their place and the trolls receive a grievous insult from the dwarves.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-10 21 
25942865Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 4)Part 4 of the Rozoolliim's Saga.Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-11 7 
25965135Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 5)Part 5 of the Rozoolliim's Story. The attack on the Hive!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-12 5 
25993977Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 5War between the trolls and dwarves breaks out, and several victories are won inside the dwarf mine.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-13 20 
26018608Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 6)Part 6 of the Rozoolliim's saga. The counter-attack on Kaalun! A lone stranger in the desert! Tunnel worm attacks!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-15 5 
26030864Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 6The dwarves are sent running still further and Gronk shows that nothing is beyond his power, by eating a god.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-15 22 
26040556Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 7)Things are slowed down a bit as civilizations are built up again. Hazim and the citizens of Kaalun are dealt with. Possible marauder attack soon!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-16 4 
26072197Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 7The dwarves are defeated and the Children of the Mountain adopt the mine as their new home. Gronk has a new son, one quite unlike the others.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-17 20 
26093727Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 8After being sent out, Ragnar returns with news of three other troll clans. Gronk, then, decides to challenge all their leaders to a free-for-all battle for total dominance over all the mountain's trolls.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-18 20 
26100534Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 8 (Part 2)The battle for dominion over the mountains begins, and Gronk makes an early victory. By the end of the thread, only two chiefs are still standing.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-18 18 
26114680Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 9The duel is finished, Gronk emerging victorious. Gronk then heads back to the mine and begins preparations for his next conquest.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain2013-07-19 15 
26174012Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 10Mating rights are given to Moruka and the winner of a contest, and Vulug returns from Märlas with news.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-07-22 12 
August 2013
26373695Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 11Gronk readies the trolls for war while maintaining discipline in his wayward trollkin son. At the end of the thread, the stage is set for the attack on Märlas.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-08-01 9 
26411470Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 12The battle kicks off, a new sport is invented and an attack comes from a rear.Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-08-03 7 
26528490Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 13Märlas is taken and the spoils are to be divided. Vulug asks for a particular female, while The Scrivener tries to tempt his audience with a little teaser for next time. Civilisation quest, Children of the Mountain, Collective Game2013-08-09 8 
26563709Mountain Troll civilisation: Thread 14A mysterious messenger from the east arrives at Märlas to both congratulate the Big Papa on his victory and request the tribe's help.Collective Game, Civilisation Quest, Children of the Mountain2013-08-11 7 
26554137Conversation QuestA man interrupts our owl story at dinner. We lose our mind.Collective Game, Conversation Quest, Owls, Insane2013-08-11 55 
November 2013
28176952Mountain Troll Civilization: Thread 15Gronk returns to /tg/, learns some new magic and begins negotiations with the undead. He also cooks up a cunning plan with Moruk.Collective Game, Civilisation Quest, Children of the Mountain 2013-11-08 3 
28286757Mountain Troll Civilization: Thread 16A duel is fought and a few new things are learned. Gronk decides who will rule in his place while he seeks adventure and glory in the east.Collective Game, Civilisation Quest, Children of the Mountainb2013-11-14 1 
September 2014
34936025Pansexual Tucute Bunnykin Quest 1we Fight the Patriarcy rather ineffectively and try to sneak to play a video game.Satire, Collective Game, Pansexual Tucute Bunnykin Quest2014-09-17 11 
34985736Civ Game: The Forgotten Clan #1An ancient clan of vampires awakens on a floating island poisoned with magic. How will they survive? Will they reform their civilisation?Collective game, Civ, Civilization, Civilization Quest, Civilization Game, Civ Game, Vampire Civilisation, Vampire Civ, d202014-09-20 1 
35007398Civ Game: The Forgotten Clan #2Lots more research is done. Insanity is cured and Plants are on detox. However an insect hive is on the assault.Collective game, Civ, Civilization, Civilization Quest, Civilization Game, Civ Game, Vampire Civilisation, Vampire Civ2014-09-21 1 
35024657Feminist (Dys/U)topia QuestGordon the white, cishet, truscum, male finally leaves his solitary education cell after 13 years.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Collective Game, Satire, Patriarchy, Feminism, Trap, Bro2014-09-21 30 
35042105Modern Satyr Quest #1A boy wakes up with horns, and has a weird day at school.Modern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-09-22 14 
35047360Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 2Gordon manages to save his balls, as well as taking on a brand new job opportunity.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-09-22 20 
35103459Modern Satyr Quest #2A boy gets into trouble for using his powers.Modern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-09-25 10 
35111271Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 3Gordon finally makes his way into the mines. After infiltrating the ranks of the miners, he finds the resistance group and their hidden base.Collective Game, Satire, Patriarchy, Feminism, Trap, TRIGGER WARNING, Bro, Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Commando, Tacticool2014-09-25 22 
35154876Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 4Gordon finds out that someone has set him up the bomb and has done something incredibly dangerous for personal gain.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-09-27 21 
35214066Modern Satyr Quest #3A boy makes an enemyModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-09-30 13 
October 2014
35336993Modern Satyr Quest #4A boy discovers more about himselfModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-10-06 12 
35347618Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 5Fair courts are fair, and our hero gets a vacation with a slightly creepy woman and a punk rebel. UMI DACollective Game, Satire, Patriarchy, Feminism, Trap, TRIGGER WARNING, Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest2014-10-06 15 
35424215Modern Satyr Quest #5A boy figures out some tricksModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-10-10 12 
35484559Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 6OP is forced out of his comfort zone, and the MC's good nature works against him as he's forced into a rather sticky situation.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-10-12 8 
35505671Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 7Gordon goes explorin' and ends up a bit deeper than he would have liked...Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-10-13 6 
35653923Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 8Our hero finishes exploring the inner workings of the island and has to endure a painfully awkward car journey.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-10-21 7 
35665026Modern Satyr Quest #6We acquire booze and play with AndreaModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-10-21 10 
35767917Modern Satyr Quest #7Danny inducts his first handmaidenModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-10-26 11 
35858211Ghostbusters: Japan Quest Episode 41 The curtain rises on the first act of the finale...Or something like that.Collective Game, Ghost Busters, Japan, Sato, Rei, Kali, Gramps2014-10-31 14 
November 2014
35911541Modern Satyr Quest #8Danny awakens new powersModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-11-02 7 
36117622Modern Satyr Quest #9Danny patches things up with AlmaModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-11-12 8 
36122453Modern Satyr Quest #10Danny has a family dinnerModern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-11-12 7 
December 2014
36744825Grombworld Evolution Game/tg/ directs the evolution of 5 small organisms, starting in the shallows of an ocean.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-14 2 
36761184Grombworld Evolution Game 2Surface life becomes difficult with a long-term drought.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-16 2 
36802090Grombworld Evolution Game 3Evolution continues on this desert world.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-17 1 
36837181Grombworld Evolution Game 5The ice age finally begins to dissipate. Thread 4 has the wrong title. Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-20 0 
36874815Grombworld Evolution Game 6A period of relative peace and HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE descends upon the planet, but not for long.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-22 1 
36914923Grombworld Evolution Game 7Harmony ends. The event table returns the world to rage.Collective Game, evolution, evogame, Grombworld, kerp, sat, pholl, gromb, fennet2014-12-26 0 
37018860Modern Satyr Quest #16 (I think)Securing the party and the Scion of Athena awakens.Modern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2014-12-28 8 
January 2015
37631279Modern Satyr Quest #I dunnoDanny gets a pair of servants.Modern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2015-01-26 10 
February 2015
37769489Modern Satyr Quest #let's say 20Danny awakens another scion.Modern Satyr Quest, Collective Game, Smut, Lewd,2015-02-01 10 
37935956DBZ Human Quest #59Kaguya talks to his parents, tries to patch things up with Vegeta, and begins training under Mr. Satan himselfCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Human, Dragonball, Saiyan, Vegeta, Nappa, Bulma, Yamcha, Doctor, Brief, Satan, Goku, Gohan, Capsule, Corp, Caroni, Parozhki2015-02-08 12 
37941118DBZ Human Quest #60Kaguya faces the daughter of Mr. Satan in a surprisingly intense matchCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Human, Hercule, Videl, Mr., Satan2015-02-09 13 
37959577DBZ Human Quest #61Kaguya takes on Mr. Satan in a battle for the ages!Collective Game, Quest, dbz, Human, Mr., Satan, Hercule, Videl, Caroni2015-02-09 13 
37982846DBZ Human Quest #62His training at the illustrious Satan Castle complete, Kaguya speaks with a trusted mentor, and works to develop new techniquesCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Kami, Popo, Mr., Satan, Hercule, Videl, Gohan, Vegeta, Nappa, Icarus, Goku, Krillin, Master, Roshi, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Vegeta2015-02-11 12 
March 2015
38436985DBZ Human Quest #88Cell and Kaguya meet in the ring, and exchange some words before the tournament.Collective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Korin, Piccolo, Yajirobe, Cell, Videl, Hercule, Satan, Saiyans, Goku2015-03-03 9 
38567543DBZ Human Quest # 94After a tasty meal, Kaguya and Videl continue training, then make a trip to the pastCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Lookout, Android, Sixteen, Icarus, Videl, Hercule, Satan2015-03-09 9 
38630544Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 6Bella and Alirye kick some ork arse, Aila performs a super-duper-extra delicate field operation and jams Bella's severed arm back into place, and, most importantly, Bella does some one-liners. Oh, and Aila barges in and ruins the lewd mood Alirye and Bella had been cultivating.Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, Collective Game, Warlock, Hylophobia, Orks, Catgirl Techpriestess, Awkward conversations, mood-ruining, lewd-interrupting, power nap2015-03-11 6 
38736171DBZ Human Quest #102The Cell Games beginCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Saiyan, Namek, Android, Pirozhki, Caroni, Hercule, Satan, Videl, Icarus, Nappa, 16, Gohan, Goku, Yamcha, Cell, Junior2015-03-16 11 
May 2015
39848768Fenrir's Goblin Civ pt.1The jungle Goblins set out to strengthen their homely clearing; but with mishap after mishap, they don't make much headway. There's promise though, and the chance to become something great.collective game, goblin, civ, fenrir, thread, civilisation, jungle2015-05-09 1 
October 2015
42949396NEET Quest Episode 1What begun as a simple quest for a girlfriend turns into deals with the devil, shady Gregslists ads, unorthodox job interviews and finally, murdering an innocent man. Longer summary at the bottom of the thread. Neet Quest, Neet, Adventure, Quest, Satan, Collective Game, 2015-10-08 4 
43075074NEET Quest Episode 1.5Calhim meets a strange magical man after masturbating. He warns Calhim about John and asks him to kill John and damage his fellow cultists with a grenade he provides our hero. Upon meeting the "Satan's sons" cult, Calhim tosses a grenade into their ranks and books it home for the night. Short Episode. We will see what happens next time...Neet Quest, Neet, Adventure, Quest, Satan, Collective Game, 2015-10-14 1 
November 2015
43490968Thoughts?All is not well in the lands.Thoughts?, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Goatmen, Rape, Civilisation, Catan, Bob2015-11-09 10 
January 2016
44674890Saturday Morning QuestA quest centered around running a SatAM cartoon block, in a world that is not quite exactly like ours.Collective Game, Saturday Morning Quest2016-01-10 6 
44748707Saturday Morning Quest 2Saturday Morning Quest 2Collective Game, Saturday Morning Quest2016-01-13 7 
February 2016
45582928Satan and the Websters #1Satan plays a gig.collective game, satan, the websters, simmons, music2016-02-22 9 
March 2016
45946430Satan and the Websters #2We pick up with "Trucker", OC quest gets what happens to OC quests.collective game, simmons, satan, trucker2016-03-11 2 
April 2016
46770366Cult RPG creationThread based on helping create a new RPgCult, Cults, Occult, Satanic, Alien, RPG-systems2016-04-19 0 
May 2016
84719Wizard QuestAdventure on a stick.Wizard Quest, pixies, dwarf, goblin, satan2016-05-08 11 
April 2017
52911245FOODFa/tg/uys discuss gastronomy, interesting (and somewhat pointless) fluff ensues.food, fluff, conversation, D&D, Pathfinder, Fantasy2017-04-29 7 
April 2018
58996490Angel DiscussionOP asks /tg/ how to make benevolent yet creepy angels. Many religious examples are given. Portrayals of Lucifer thrown in for good measure.FEAR NOT, angel, religion, lucifer, satan2018-04-10 6 
2467869PantheonQuest 1: Birth of a GodAnons take control of Karagon, the Owl God of knowledge, and experience a variety of adventures.PantheonQuest, Pantheon, Karagon, Owl God, Syss'syeth, Snekbro, Satrigo, Owlmen, Owlman2018-04-24 7 
September 2018
2876951Spider-Man of Tokyo Quest, Issue 1A bomb injures Takuya Yamashiro and kills his dad. After a blood transfusion from Peter Parker, Takuya becomes the fabulous Kamen Spider!Marvel, Spider-Man, Tokusatsu, Master Weaver, Collective Game2018-09-14 4 
October 2018
2941009Spider-Man of Tokyo Quest, Issue 2Our hero's date with Hitomi is interrupted by a kaijin attack. Also, Takuya hides a body.Marvel, Spider-Man, Tokusatsu, Master Weaver, Colle2018-10-11 2 
2961547Space-Civilisations #1Civilisation thread... but in space.civilisation, quest, thread, space, sci-fi2018-10-27 1 
November 2018
2992603Space-Civilisations #2pls archive it daddycivilisation, quest, thread, space, sci-fi2018-11-07 1 
3044883Ben 10 Quest #2Wade visits an Animal Sanctuary and faces two fanatical villains. And Wade's date with Julie is rudely interrupted by alien bounty hunters.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2018-11-19 5 
December 2018
3064430Ben 10 Quest #3Wade battles a powerful witch in New York, befriends Kevin Levin, and he discovers a shocking revelation about his past.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2018-12-02 5 
3090697Ben 10 Quest #4Wade gets abducted by fake aliens and makes some real alien friends. He also comes in contact with a sinister alien entity.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2018-12-11 3 
3108760Ben 10 Quest #5Wade acquires his eleventh alien, battles Vulkanus, makes a new deal with Verdona and fights some freaks at a carnival!Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2018-12-19 2 
3121804Ben 10 Quest #6Wade acquires a mentor, battles his childhood heroes, goes on a date, chases after some southern carjackers and fights the Forever Knights!Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2018-12-29 2 
January 2019
3149184Ben 10 Quest #7Wade teams up with the Secret Saturdays, battles mythical monsters, befriends the Omnitrix's A.I., and encounters one of Kirby's old foes.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-01-15 2 
3187139Ben 10 Quest #8Wade meets Kirby's wife, obtains a new charm, breaks into Incarcenon, meets his creator, and confronts Empress Attea.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-01-31 3 
February 2019
3230446Ben 10 Quest #9Wade returns to Earth to reunite with his family, find Kevin's mother, save his friends from the Forever Knights and fight the Negative 10!Ben 10 Quest, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-02-11 2 
3259521Ben 10 Quest #10The Ultimate Albedo Special is held! Wade visits his parents and finally meets his twin sister.Ben 10 Quest, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-02-21 2 
March 2019
3289851Ben 10 Quest #11Wade finally gets together with K8-E, joins the Plumbers on patrol, deals a devastating blow to Evo-Corp, and becomes an internet sensation!Ben 10 Quest, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-03-04 2 
3320609Ben 10 Quest #12Wade receives a mission from the Galactic Council in order to prove his loyalty.Ben 10 Quest, Collective Game, sci-fi, action, adventure, slice-of-life, Saturday Morning Action2019-03-17 1 
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