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March 2014
30868705Island Orc Civ part 7Not a full installment of the series. Had to end it prematurely. In this one the humans invade the Orc Island and Gra'Ghus assembles defensive forces to fight them off.civ thread, civ, island, orc, orc civ, island orc, humans and orcs,2014-03-16 0 
October 2014
35347888Shmeh Orc civ day 1Shmeh hosts a new civ threadshmeh,civ quest, collective game, orc civ2014-10-07 0 
February 2019
3251301Orc Civ Quest 1The beginning of Orcish history in the mountains, as agriculture is discovered and a tribal confederation formed. Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-02-15 5 
3265338Orc Civ Quest 2We invent new medical treatments and a dark pact is made with the King in Yellow.Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-02-20 1 
3281794Orc Civ Quest 3Guinea Pigs are domesticated, geomancy discovered and our first battle with the Pinkskins occurs...Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-02-27 0 
March 2019
3302305Orc Civ Quest 4A non-aggression pact and trade agreement is brokered with the Kingdom of Kilketch, and OP takes a break.Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-03-08 2 
3329070Orc Civ Quest 5Geomancy is refined, the Orclympics have begun and we finally have clothing!Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-03-15 5 
3351611Orc Civ Quest 6An eventful period for the Confederacy, as population booms occur, the Bulkar are conquered and a true system of government is formed!Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-03-23 0 
April 2019
3373385Orc Civ Quest 7The Orcs invent a writing system, infrastructure is improved and population breaks the 1000 level!Collective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-04-02 1 
3412334Orc Civ Quest 8The Orcs encounter the King in Red, and the quest ends up going on hiatusCollective Game, Orc, Orc Civ Quest, 2019-04-18 1 
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