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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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April 2014
31583681Kill la Kill : RequiemBeginning of a new Kill la Kill quest, complete with business suits, strange apparitions, and exposition.Kill la Kill, Hinode, Quest, Collective Game2014-04-19 7 
31729914Kill la Kill: Requiem CYOA 2MC attends a board meeting, gets a warm welcome from lost family.CYOA, Collective Game, Kill la Kill, Requiem, Hinode2014-04-26 6 
31753499Kill la Kill Quest: Requiem CYOAHinode wakes up in a hospital, and sustains more injuries than he came in with; also catches up with family.Quest, collective game, hinode, kill la kill, CYOA, requiem2014-04-27 6 
May 2014
31918196KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #4We reconnect without getting stabbed. Hooray!collective game, quest, requiem, CYOA, Kill la kill, hinode2014-05-04 8 
32070317KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #5Hinode wraps up his sisterly visit, has a few nightmares, and lives a few of them.collective game, quest, kill la kill, hinode, requiem2014-05-12 5 
32169239KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #6MC breaks a promise to a cute blonde girl and feels bad about it.collective game, quest, kill la kill, hinode, requiem, CYOA2014-05-17 2 
32352331KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #6.5The man named G materialized.collective game, quest, Kill la kill, hinode, requiem2014-05-25 3 
June 2014
32506401KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #7Hinode's luck turns around as he is able to convince his sisters isn't such a bad guy.collective game, quest, kill la kill, hinode, requiem2014-06-01 2 
32657210KLK CYOA: Requiem Quest #8Hinode finally leaves the hospital. Smiles all around! People also come back from the dead!collective game, quest, hinode, requiem, kill la kill2014-06-09 1 
December 2014
36757237Machine Civilization Thread #2We expand, find some tech and some gnolls, GM responsibility changes hands.Civilization, machine, robot, node, gnoll2014-12-14 1 
36763905Machine Civ Thread #3Number crunching pared down and the bots have a run in with some gnolls and a wizardGnoll, Borg, robot, civilization, wizard, quest, node, collective game2014-12-14 2 
36776918Machine Civilization Thread #4We put down lots of gnoll rebellion and debate ethics and have a run in with Godwin's lawCivilization, machine, robot, gnoll, slave labor, node, wizard, collective game2014-12-15 0 
36795414Machine Civilization Thread #5A plague of harpies is coming, the robots prepare.Civilization, robot, machine, node, gnoll, Mage, harpies, plague, electricity2014-12-16 1 
36840862Machine Civilization Thread #6We create some more defenses and discover lakes of petroleum to inflict fiery death on our foes, and chaos monstersChaos, lake, petroleum, civilization, robot, gnoll, crystal, mine, node, hephaestus, collective game2014-12-18 1 
April 2019
3394830Nanodesu! Quest #1Wherein we start our adventure as Inazuma, alongside Smugzuma and Miyuki!Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2019-04-02 5 
3406019Nanodesu! Quest #2In which we acquire Ooi and Kitakami, oh and somehow we were able to get advice from two odd Abyssals. Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2019-04-07 6 
3435315Nanodesu! Quest #3Wherein we meet some familiar faces, fight some new Abyssals, get to meet two very Zuiun-minded battleships, and bond with our friends!Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2019-04-26 3 
May 2019
3471311Nanodesu! Quest #4Wherein we go for a bit of exercise, talk with our older sister and start exploring the island's interior! (Short Thread)Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2019-05-03 1 
July 2019
3587324Nanodesu! Quest #5Wherein we finally journey up the hill and meet a certain narcoleptic ship girl.Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2019-07-01 3 
November 2019
3893979Nanodesu! Quest #6Wherein we continue off from last time, taking care of Kako a probably narcoleptic ship girl, and bond with Hibiki!Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2019-11-03 0 
April 2020
4159371Nanodesu! Quest: Miyuki EditionWherein Miyuki tries to go scouting, gets sent back by Abyssal shenanigans and instead bonds with the people left in the base!Nanodesu! Quest, Kantai Collection, KanColle, CannedCoalQM2020-04-06 0 
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