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March 2009
4074532A fantastic carnivalThe party is taking a break this session, and the DM is wondering what a carnival would be like in D&D. Also, many strange magic items are posted.carnival, magic items, D&D2009-03-25 5 
April 2009
4322047ITT: Fun or joke magical items suitable for level 1 charactersIncludes lolis in bags, and menstruating Dire Bears.magic items D&D homebrew2009-04-19 6 
May 2009
4657047ITT: Useless or nearly useless magic itemsAwesome Magic ItemsItems, Magic Items, Useless, Joke, Creativity, Ideas2009-05-25 7 
4680279Quirky magic items thread (Mostly UselessMore quirky, useless, or nearly useless magic items.Items, Magic Items, Quirky, Useless, Joke, Creativity, Ideas2009-05-27 12 
May 2010
9652953ITT: Magical Items you really wouldn't want.The Blazing Bowler: A regular looking bowler hat that immolates the wearer. It doesn't give you any resistance to fire or anything, it just sets you on fire.D&D magic items do not want2010-05-06 3 
December 2010
13027252(Nearly) Useless magical items/tg/ strives to invent some of the least useful magic items in existence. But wouldn't you know it, someone will always manage to find a use for them...magic items2010-12-04 6 
13132618Guilt LizardA thread about Oglaf splits when guilt lizard turns out to be such an amazing concept.Magic items2010-12-13 3 
13238061Minor magic items/tg/ comes up with all sorts of minor items which will only be as useful as the creativity of the player allows.magic items2010-12-22 4 
13305334Mysterious OwnerA Mysterious Owner comes to show /tg/ some of his items."Mysterious Owner, Trees, magic items" 2010-12-27 7 
January 2011
13380360Seemingly useless magic itemsSEEMINGLY uselessD&D, magic items, items2011-01-04 2 
13448007Warehouse 23, BRITFAG EDITIONAnon proposes a Warehouse 23 thread , populated by underused and cheesy '60's scifi relics. Awesome ensues.Warehouse 23, science fiction, magic items, artifacts2011-01-09 3 
December 2011
17078465Extremely minor magical itemsa "bargain bin" which includes magical items of dubious usefulnessmagic items,bargain bin2011-12-02 12 
March 2013
23458310Silly Magical ItemsA great compendium of ridiculous but amusing magical items. humor, magic items, silly, magic, items2013-03-03 17 
July 2013
26007051Magic in an "everyone can use it" settingMagic is everywhere, and can be harnessed by the skillful. Setting features and mechanics are discussed.Low magic, magic items2013-07-15 11 
October 2013
27972566Technomages and Magical ItemsMagical item creation thread evolves into a discussion of a setting that blends magic and programmingtechnology, magic items, fluff2013-10-28 7 
February 2014
30001078If you had a vorpal grindstone...Using a powerful artifact to turn the world into a hellish deathtrap, but there's no need to lose your head about it.Vorpal, Wizards, Dullahans, Magic Items, Artifact, Baking2014-02-03 16 
30030833Minor magic items. Again.I hear that's what the kids be doing these days.useless magic items, magic items, minor magic items, magic, items, loot, useless loot2014-02-05 6 
March 2014
30724242Useless Magic Items"Ring of Spiderclimb: Allows wearer to climb spiders."funny, items, magic items2014-03-09 5 
December 2014
36682352Magic Items IdeasAnons come up with magic itemsMagic Items2014-12-12 3 
April 2015
39277228Post a picture, get wouldbuilding written for itPost a image of a creature, magical item or character. The anon below must worldbuild fluff for it. Awesome worldbuilding results.fluff, backstory, worldbuilding, monsters, characters, magic items,2015-04-11 2 
December 2015
44172416Modern Day Magical ItemsIn this thread /tg/ plays a little game, making up paranormal powers and properties for mundane modern day objects. Some are wonderful, some are wicked, but all are pretty weird.Magic items, modern fantasy, brainstorming, surreal2015-12-15 6 
July 2016
48256869Useless or nearly useless magic/special itemsAnons discuss and create enchanted items with fun, but almost always useless (if in hands of uncreative man), properties.magic items, useless magic items, brainstorm, fantasy2016-07-14 2 
48412026Useless Magic Item ThreadAnons come up with useless magical itemsMagic Items, Useless, Funny2016-07-26 5 
December 2017
2092597MAR Quest 1Onishi Kana beats up bullies before being teleported into a world of fairy tales and legends. Teams up with Pirates and kicks ass!MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2017-12-02 4 
2144304MAR Quest 2Kana changes clothes, trains up, and deals with the Chess's nefarious activities.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2017-12-25 4 
March 2018
2355222MAR Quest 4Kana meets with the important members of the Cross Guard and spars, while a certain Pawn wakes up to a pleasant surprise.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, Albern Aylmer, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2018-03-12 2 
April 2018
2404605Mar Quest 5Kana does her morning routine.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2018-04-02 1 
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