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November 2009
6929465D&D critters in modern settingSee the title. Also, an interesting side discussion about culture and the music it would give rise to.elves, elf, human, humans, dwarf, dwarves, modern, fantasy, music, kobolds, gnolls, halfling, gnome2009-11-30 2 
March 2010
8330221Nukes, Dragons, and WritefagsStarts off with a really nice piece about a dragon talking about the modern world, followed up by various other modern setting with fantasy element pieces.Dragon, Trinity, Modern, Fantasy, Gnoll2010-03-01 9 
March 2011
14245154Sorcerer Quest 4Melane Kiried wakes in her own body once more, and works her diplomatic magic to come face to face with the Ripouse Confederation's mysterious patriarch.Sorcerer, Quest, Collective Game, Gnoll2011-03-15 5 
14290836Sorcerer Quest 6We use master oration to stir the burning heart of justice present in all good creatures to get us some gnoll-ish allies.sorcerer, sorcerer quest, quest, collective game, gnolls, JUSTICE2011-03-19 5 
14320455Sorcerer Quest 7Feasting is had! We plot our next course of action, meet our master spy-goyle, and then INFODUMP. Now we actually have a good idea what the hell is going on!sorcerer, sorcerer quest, quest, collective game, gnoll, gargoyle, INFO2011-03-22 5 
14375710Sorcerer Quest 9We go back in time to experience life as Algers. But the question is, can we get back to the future?Sorcerer, Quest, Collective Game, Gnoll, Doc Brown2011-03-27 5 
April 2011
14500694Sorcerer Quest 14We talk with a couple of ripouse, Rejek and Yumea, and Orpheus finishes spying for us. Next time, we will come face to face with Kresis, chief of the Sunsplitters.Sorcerer, Quest, Collective Game, Sorcerer Quest, Lizardman, Gnoll2011-04-07 5 
14562748Sorcerer Quest 15We finally met up with Kresis, and man, he has a LOT to say. Looks like we'll have to take out some hydra-dragon hybrids to secure his help. In the meantime we, the players, are left to ponder the meaning of justice.Sorcerer, Quest, Sorcerer Quest, Collective Game, lizardmen, gnoll2011-04-12 5 
14712324Gladiatrix Manager Quest 3In which Gneutered turns down a deathmatch, coaches said deathmatch anyway, has her fighters take on a dire jackal, makes a pile of money, and gets ready for a party.party, gladiatrix, manager, quest, female, gladiator, gneutered, gnoll, lizardfolk, SSssS, Slicks, Antonina, Septimia2011-04-25 7 
August 2011
16095404Let's play Musical AlignmentsI know, I know, it's an alignment thread, started by a tripfag. but I mean, there are some good thematic songs in here. Hell, it has its own public youtube playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFFA2BBD38B0A1ED also, White knight fags are now called Don Quixote (plural - Don Quixotes). deal with it.espagnoll, music, alignments, deal with it, youtube2011-08-28 -4 
June 2013
25678818The Advancement of Gnolls: Civ 1Gnoll civ game; a band of gnolls form a gang in a town with wizards, goblins, and a relaxed city guard captain. Lion King references and humor abound.Collective Game, The Advancement of Gnolls, Civ, Quest2013-06-27 2 
25697397The Advancement of Gnolls:2 Gnoll HarderWhen the Gnolls work more and more in the city and eventually help protect thier home from a Goblin raid and become a guard outpost with two more 'friends' that move in.Collective Game, Gnoll, Civ, Quest, Insanity, Bonegnaw2013-06-28 6 
January 2014
29728264Gnoll Society WorldbuildingDiscussion on what gnoll society should be like, taking inspiration from the hyena and writing some interesting mythology.worldbuilding, gnoll, gnoll society, hyena, D&D, races, pseudopenis2014-01-23 5 
February 2014
30152843Oversized Weapon Quest 12Your sidequests spawn more sidequests. You meant another elemental and take his trial by fire!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Gnolls, Elementals2014-02-10 27 
30334263Oversized Weapon Quest 13I prefer my elves medium rare! Meet some wacky gnoll guy.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Gnolls, Roasted Marshmellows2014-02-18 25 
April 2014
31553537Gnolls, how do they even work?In which a DM responds to a player's request to fuck a Gnoll female, which turns into a discussion of the ethical and social impacts of Gnolls on societyGnoll, Furry, Sex, Anatomy, National Geographic, What is this, I don't even, DM, Urethradicks2014-04-18 7 
December 2014
36757237Machine Civilization Thread #2We expand, find some tech and some gnolls, GM responsibility changes hands.Civilization, machine, robot, node, gnoll2014-12-14 1 
36763905Machine Civ Thread #3Number crunching pared down and the bots have a run in with some gnolls and a wizardGnoll, Borg, robot, civilization, wizard, quest, node, collective game2014-12-14 2 
36776918Machine Civilization Thread #4We put down lots of gnoll rebellion and debate ethics and have a run in with Godwin's lawCivilization, machine, robot, gnoll, slave labor, node, wizard, collective game2014-12-15 0 
36795414Machine Civilization Thread #5A plague of harpies is coming, the robots prepare.Civilization, robot, machine, node, gnoll, Mage, harpies, plague, electricity2014-12-16 1 
36840862Machine Civilization Thread #6We create some more defenses and discover lakes of petroleum to inflict fiery death on our foes, and chaos monstersChaos, lake, petroleum, civilization, robot, gnoll, crystal, mine, node, hephaestus, collective game2014-12-18 1 
July 2015
41454821GnolCivGnoll Civ threadGnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-26 2 
41479623Gnolciv2Gnoll Civ part 2Gnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-27 1 
41525023Gnolciv3Gnoll Civ part Gnoll,Civ Quest,Civ Thread,2015-07-29 2 
August 2015
42094022How do you successfully parent a gnoll? Several different people's (and settings') takes on gnolls, either as creatures in the wild or a PC racegnoll, setting, fluff, race2015-08-28 5 
December 2016
50724053Gnolls, Nurture or Nature, Furry Waifus.What starts off as a thread about gnolls goes through all kinds of weird subjects.Gnolls, Nurture Nature, /d/ickgirls2016-12-22 -3 
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