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Archived Threads

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July 2012
19918297Sad Feels from CampaignsA thread in which the saddest tales from /tg/'s tabletop games are told, including Solaria and Carna of the Inquisitionsad, feels, rpg, tabletop, tales, stories2012-07-18 14 
September 2012
20883057Shy-chan Quest 3Shy-chan suffers a panic attack so massive she ends up in the hospital.Collective Game, Shy-chan Quest, all my feels2012-09-26 7 
October 2012
21044136Lich's Employee Quest pt 8Sir Daniel goes south and deals with Salin, the illusionist.skeleton quest, Hydra, Salin, illusions, feels2012-10-08 11 
21190429That Feel: The Saddest Thing I KnowOP needs a tragic background story for a character. Halfway through the thread a Dane tells the story that he calls 'The Saddest Thing I Know', /tg/ doesn't have time to brace before the impact and is blown away by what can only be described as possibly the worst feel ever.That Feel, The Saddest Thing I Know, First World War, World War 1, Denmark, Danish, Dane, worst feel ever, feels, sadness, storytime2012-10-19 21 
June 2013
25571101tormtrooper Quest Part 5: Proving grounds ( part 2)We take down a jedi by sacrificing ourself and become memorialized Stormtrooper Quest, where is part 4, feels2013-06-21 17 
August 2013
26647044Academy Quest VHairy McTerrorcastle makes some friends, and tells a special someone how he feels.Collective Game, Academy Quest, Magic, Feels2013-08-16 22 
26703929Academy Quest VIMcTerrorcastle discovers it's not all roses and sunshine at the Academy, before going on a date with Ariane.Collective Game, Academy Quest, Magic, Feels2013-08-19 23 
September 2013
27380539Eclipse Phase And The Infinite Sadness/tg/ plays around with the Eclipse Phase lifepath chargen system again. Sadface The Turksquid ensues.why, feels, eclipse phase, sci fi, chargen, awesome, characters, rolling2013-09-23 24 
March 2014
30956046Mr. Rogers Birthday 2014It's Mr. Rogers birthday again. I hope you enjoy the feels as much as we did.Mr. Rogers, Neighborhood, Love, Understanding, Feels, RIP2014-03-21 26 
May 2014
32187362The Story of CharlesWe are told the story of Charles, and get saddened because it's sad.Collective Game, Charles, The Story of Charles, Sad, Feels2014-05-18 0 
June 2014
32620360Old man Wizard feels trip.GM accidentally makes a feels induced plot hook for his players with a senile Wizard NPC. Cue people writing fluff and telling the GM he did good.feels, rpg, tabletop, fluff2014-06-07 144 
August 2014
34068856The Robin Williams Memorial/tg/ mourns Robin Williamsrobin williams, mourning, the feels, oh god the feels, i want to die2014-08-11 92 
December 2014
36623693Cyberpunk Civilian LifeAnon asks what citizen life in a cyberpunk world would be like. A discussion on freedoms vs effectivity, multiple already existing works of cyberpunk and feels-inducing stories takes place. Also a bit of on-topic discussion, cyborg lawyer hiveminds, recommendations for how to make insects edible and a discussion on christ figures in fiction.cyberpunk, worldbuilding, writefag, feels, insects,2014-12-07 5 
36902382Space Horror Campaign ConceptOP proposes a scifi campaign based off Alien and the Thing. Discussion derails into Dave, the PTSD-suffering AI that isn't a killer no matter how much it seems like one.Campaign, Scifi, Space, Horror, Worldbuilding, AI, Feels, Subverted Expectations2014-12-22 13 
February 2015
38134463Space Crusade Quest#9We talk to the Holen and learn shes just like us. Then feels.Collective Game, Space Crusade Quest, Scarlet Queen, Slaves, Spess Elves, Feels2015-02-17 5 
March 2015
38593402Space Crusade Quest 20We have a PTSD flashback to Remina, talk to Horok, then we have feels.Collective game, Space Crusade Quest, Scarlet Queen, PTSD, feels2015-03-10 2 
38649130In Memoriam: Sir Terry Pratchett/tg/ mourns and remembers.Terry Pratchett, mourning, feels, sad, try not to cry, cry alot2015-03-12 66 
38650607In Memoriam: Sir Terry Pratchett, Thread Two/tg/ continues to mourn and rememberTerry Pratchett, mourning, feels, sad, try not to cry, cry alot2015-03-12 21 
38649163In Memoriam: Sir Terry Pratchett, Thread Three/tg/ is given a stickied thread in which to hold the wake.Terry Pratchett, mourning, feels, sad, try not to cry, cry alot, good night sweet prince2015-03-12 27 
November 2015
4353898140k Feels threadA collection of moments from 40k and spinoffs that gave /tg/ the feels.40k, feels,2015-11-12 8 
March 2016
46101967Humanity's Last WordsAyy lmaos ask the last human what our species's epitaph should be. /tg/ discusses.feels, heartwarming, munchkin, worldbuilding, cloning instructions, you just lost the game, extinct,2016-03-19 6 
December 2016
914005Speedster Quest - Episodes 3~6Your name is Bee Artemisa, and you are the fastest woman alive. Live Fast, Flirt Hard, and keep your harem happy. Speedster Quest, The Flash, Alternate Universe, Cozy, Feels, Harem, Yuri2016-12-14 1 
June 2020
4287846Body Horror Quest - 44th VeinQM BHOP finds out his mother's health is in critical condition, and stops the session early. Feels are shared, Anons send their condolencesBody Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 5, irl INTERRUPT, Mother, feels, 4 is death2020-06-11 6 
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