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November 2011
16817316Farming Quest IIt starts with Bill, son of John, and a murder of the lord's messenger to fertilize the soil. Who knows where it will go? Plans for wheat-baron/wheat-lich with Transmuted wheat and Necro-labor/wheat-Danish-farmer-union-slash-mafia were talked about.Collective Game, Farmer Quest, Agriculture, Bloody Murder2011-11-03 13 
16865876Farming It Quest IIWe continue with Bill making deals with fae, and then comes the elf who is part bloodhound, or spicehound, and we get to ask a second favor from the fae... It's gonna be bloody.Collective Game, farmer, Farming It Quest, bloody murder, Khorne farming, fae, elf2011-11-08 7 
16900817Farming it Quest, Pt III, to kill a godwe've been told to kill a lord, go to a festival, and somehow manage to get into a fight with a monster in the woods. Bloody farming, farming it quest, farmer2011-11-10 6 
February 2012
18056305Farming it reduxIn which we turn into a chrysilad. Bloody farming, farming it quest, farmer, Collective game2012-02-23 5 
February 2014
30540055Frank the Balor FarmerA new (potential) piece and character for awesome writefaggotry emerges from an intelligent discussion on allignment biassing and NPS moralsDnD, Balor, Farmer, Carrots2014-02-28 6 
November 2015
43718046A Farmer's Quest Part 1Follow the life of Farmer Joe, who had lost his family home to the king, and thus travels to the city of Aldres in search of a better future. Collective Game, Farmer's Quest, Quest2015-11-19 4 
43734131A Farmer's Quest Part 2Farmer Joe, after a day of harsh adventure, finds himself traveling around the woods ahead, fighting against many a foe and feeling bitter injury. Also healers to bully.Collective Game, Farmer's Quest, Quest2015-11-20 2 
43799887A Farmer's Quest Part 3Joe the farmer finally arrives in the City of Aldres with his companion, David, where he meets new friend, finds work, and even joins the adventurer's guild. Collective Game, Farmer's Quest, Quest2015-11-24 3 
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