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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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March 2008
1440633Codex: Angry MarinesA complete custom Angry Marines codex.Angry, Marines, Codex2008-03-31 21 
August 2008
2448450New ANGRY MARINE CODEXBeta version of new and fukken improved ANGRY MARINE CODEX. Also, discussion about new rules and characters for AM. Angry Marines, codex2008-08-28 10 
October 2008
2753800AMC 5thThe Angry Marine Codex fixed for 5th edition and tactical holes filled. (last beta codex had literally no weapons that could kill a land raider)Angry Marine, Codex2008-10-07 6 
August 2009
5359618Religion war-gamingFa/tg/uys discuss religions and history under the guise of a wargame codex debate.religion, codex, wargame2009-08-06 3 
January 2011
13494279Codex: Squats IIIn which Matt Ward is apparently writing a new Squat codex. Who knew?Squats, 40k, Matt Ward, Codex2011-01-12 2 
February 2011
14068752MegatonhammerAnother "race is OP" complaint thread. Codex creep and...Gorons?zelda, crossover, Codex, creep2011-02-27 6 
14076640Megatonhammer part IIIn which /tg/ gets shit done, and starts to build an actual game(s). Also, Goron are OP in Twilight editionzelda, crossover, Codex, creep, homebrew2011-02-28 3 
March 2011
14120080Tau Codex Fixing/tg/ passes around ideas to fix the Tau Codex, many good ideas are discussed.Tau, Codex, 5th Edition, 40k2011-03-05 -2 
14243796A fa/tg/uy Chaos Codex?Some guy proposes /tg/ write a Ward-level Chaos Codex. Preliminary crunch ideas are bandied about.40k, Chaos, codex, homebrew2011-03-16 2 
April 2011
14634988Maugan-Ra and Kaptin Badrukk: Tyranid Slayers, Cops.A question of Eldar fluff turns into a discussion of how future 40k Codices should be structured, and the ultimate buddy cop duo is forged.maugan-ra, fluff, 40k, codex, badrukk2011-04-19 2 
September 2012
20759908Codex: Sisters of Battle I/tg/ takes a look at the sisters and awesome ensuessisters of battle, game design, codex, sororitas, awesome, act of faith, acts of faith, sensei, living saint2012-09-18 9 
July 2014
33413732Chaos Sisters Fandex Ep3Third attempt at a chaos sisters of battle fandex after /tg/ sperged out previously.chaos, sisters of battle, corruption, fandex, sperglords, edgy, dull, codex, fan,2014-07-15 -2 
November 2014
36478590sob codexcodex of sobbingcodex2014-11-30 -2 
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