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Archived Threads

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October 2008
2911771Comparison of Deep Ones and ElvesA discussion of Lovecraftian races and the place they occupy with relation to traditional fantasy.racism lovecraft cthulhu elf2008-10-30 11 
August 2009
5451781NCIS: /tg/ editionwhat strats as a question of permissible actions in RPGs swiftly gets sidetracked as two murders are investigated and a third one seems imminent. Agent Gibbs and company are called in to help work things out.NCIS, murder, collective game, hanging, phonebooth2009-08-14 17 
December 2009
7311324NCIS: 40K"Grab your gear, /tg/, we have a dead space marine." Gibbs, DiNozzo, Abby and the rest of the cast get translated into Warhammer terminology.NCIS, 40K, Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Abby2009-12-27 8 
May 2010
10048720Manfred & UmbubuA CoC character is a novelist, and story ideas are solicited. Hunter Manfred Slapworthy and his faithful companion Umbubu are the result. Call of Cthulhu, writefaggotry, racist2010-05-25 5 
October 2010
12447189Starship Troopers DiscussionVarious fa/tg/uys sit around the proverbial water cooler and discuss the strengths and merits of the Starship Troopers political system.discussion, Starship Troopers, politics, Fascism2010-10-15 9 
January 2011
13369842Ops and Tactics Alpha Build .1Sweet Soul Bro presents a modern tactical simulation game he's been working on for a year and a half. Discussion ensueshomebrew, development, criticism, modern, Ops and Tactics2011-01-02 0 
April 2011
14615734RPS Army Suggestions/tg/ debates the relative merits of the the three powerhouses of the classic game. Sadfrog says to make a RPS army system.RPS, Rock Paper Scissors, Janken, Fake Rules,Sadfrog2011-04-16 1 
July 2011
15582277Modern Fantasy Earth 2Liches and Dragons take over the thread. Also including: Deals to get rid of adventurers, a golem charity spambot, and centaur shenanigans.Advice, Earth, Elves, Racism, Lich, Centaur, Construct2011-07-15 6 
January 2012
17663365YO ELF IS SO FATWhat began as a DM inquiring about the plausibility of corpulent elves according to D&D fluff quickly devolves into a fantasy version of the Dozens. yo elf is so fat, yo drow is so black, yo dwarf is so quickly, this is probably racist but i am not sure2012-01-24 15 
August 2012
20169438Zerg Quest XCVIIThe Ihan'rii continue their test, and we continue ignoring them to bicker over nuclear weapons and whatnot. I feel like there's a dissonance of tone, here.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, Cramming for the test, Indecision, side arguments2012-08-04 7 
October 2012
21203058Ghost Ships, 2012OP from /k/ spawns a setting about ghost ship hunters in the 21st century.ghost, ship, setting, fluff, locker, reds, religion, exorcism2012-10-20 24 
July 2013
25847799Ghost Quest 11: Dark Wings SpreadDelta Phoenix rescues some civilian ships at Kilaro, and helps rebels fight the Dominion. Collective Game, Ghost Quest, Adjutant, Delta Phoenix, Assassin, RTS, Starcraft, Poor decision making2013-07-06 15 
July 2015
41325398Racism in Fantasy settingsOP asks for derogatory terms and plausible sorts of racism in fantasy worlds, /tg/ delivers.Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Orcs, Trolls, racism, specism, setting, worldbuilding2015-07-20 2 
August 2015
42075588Of roleplaying as christian missionaries and saintsAnon asks for a system to roleplay as a priest or missionary, /tg/ delivers and discusses and even creates some OC.demon, exorcism, fluff, GOD, oc, priest, smite, undead2015-08-28 3 
March 2016
46076475Exorcism Quest: Part 1!We enter Grandton, a town filled with spirits. We meet Death, get a magic book, and punch Bloody Mary in the teeth.Exorcism, Quest, Exorcism Quest, Collective Game2016-03-18 2 
46119144Exorcism Quest Thread 2We turn back from The Magician, go to the Lakehouse, meet Famine, and get a Journal!Collective Game, Exorcism Quest, Exorcism, Quest2016-03-20 2 
46250446Exorcism Quest Thread 3We read the Journal, and encounter The Lovers. We also find a Rosary.Exorcism Quest, Collective Game, Exorcism, Quest2016-03-26 2 
May 2016
108024Jara and the Valley of Secrets 21800 years later, Jara and friends play dress-up and get covered in hot glue.Collective Game, Jara and the Valley of Secrets, Asstolicism2016-05-10 15 
January 2017
51243124What is the cosmology of your world ?OP asks /tg/ what is the cosmology of their settingsetting, settings, cosmology, gods, god, religion, D&D, gnosticism, demiurge, demiurg, plane, planes, universe2017-01-16 0 
December 2017
2084097Star Wars CIS Combat Engineer Quest 1we kill a jedi with explosives, kill clones with explosives, destroy a mainframe with explosives, and win our first mission.star wars, collective game, cis, droids, combat engineer2017-12-02 2 
2165608Necromancer Aristocrat QuestWe raised our first undead and had them spar with our magically enhanced butler for a bit to get a feel for combat before QM cuts it short.Collective Game, Necromancer, Aristocrat, Puppet, Francis, Lilith, Rofal2017-12-25 3 
February 2018
2249461star wars cis combat engineer quest 2Fortifying and Digging in is scary when your droids decide to shoot ships down so they crash into the buildingsstar wars, collective game, cis, droids, combat engineer2018-02-04 1 
2307889Star WarMachine Minds Quest Act One: Powering Up. A Clone of a CIS Admiral practices jewjitsu, builds an army and just misses the death star. Good times all around. Star Wars, MachineMinds, CIS2018-02-15 15 
2317999Star WarMachine Minds Quest Act One: Episode IIAdmiral Spider E. Lee learns about the power of friendship and crazy mando chicks, and many boarding actions are had. ALL HAIL THE NCR!!!Star Wars, MachineMinds, out with the CIS, in with the NCR2018-02-18 12 
2322430Machine Minds Quest: Act 2: Rising Dragon.In which we Unite the New Confederate Rebellion.Star Wars, MachineMinds, CIS2018-02-20 9 
2328351Machine Minds Quest Act two: Dead Man's SummitIn which we meet space Big Boss and 0070 faces off with space scaramanga.Star Wars, MachineMinds, out with the CIS, in with the NCR2018-02-23 6 
2335608Kaleidoscope QuestA witch goes on an expedition for feathers from a roc.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Incredible Decision Making 2018-02-25 5 
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